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Sun Jun 26 - 05:00PM

1604 East St., North Manchester, IN Click to Map

Metzger Property Services

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Auctioneer ID#: 2004

Phone: 260-982-0238

License: AU10200057

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Bid now through Sunday, June 26, 2022! Lots begin ending at 5:00 pm!
Pickup at 1604 East St., North Manchester, IN 46962 on June 27, 2022 - Loadout will be in the afternoon, by appointment only!


5 Longaberger Laundry Basket
6 Longaberger Book Keeper Basket with Personal Solutions Flatware Container
7 Longaberger Bread Basket with liner and Garter
8 (3) Longaberger Baskets including 1993 Inaugural Basket, Discovery Basket 1492 - 1992
9 Magazine Basket and Provincial Pencil Bag
10 Longaberger Basket with Two Handles
11 Longaberger Wildflower Basket
12 (4) Longaberger Baskets (one is Century Celebration Hostess Appreciation Basket)
13 Longaberger Rectangle Basket
14 Longaberger Medium Gathering Basket
15 Longaberger pantry Basket with 2 Leather Handles
16 Longaberger Market Basket
17 Longaberger Happy Easter
18 (2) Longaberger Baskets , 1- Basket from the nest
19 (2) Longaberger Baskets
20 (2) Longaberger Baskets with Ghost Ornaments on Lids
21 Longaberger Large Gathering Basket
22 Longaberger Hostess Mail Basket
23 3- Longaberger Baskets including - Success Start Basket, Lucky You Basket, One handle Basket
24 Longaberger Bread Basket
25 Longaberger Large One Handle Basket
26 1999 Hostess Serving Tray Collectors Club Edition
27 Longaberger Family Legacy Basket
28 Longaberger Picnic Basket
29 Longaberger Accent Basket
30 Longaberger Extra Large Picnic Basket
31 Longaberger Canister Crock with Personal Solutions Container
32 2002 Father’s Day Daddy’s Caddy Basket
33 Longaberger Measuring Basket with protector
34 Longaberger Craft Keeper Basket with insert and Protector
35 Longaberger Small Picnic Basket
36 Longaberger Large Desktop Basket with Protector
37 Longaberger Card Keeper Basket
38 (4) Longaberger Baskets
39 Longaberger Large Sweetest Basket
40 Longaberger  Spoon Basket with divider and Longaberger Success Start Basket
41 Longaberger Bread Basket
42 Longaberger Pot of Gold Basket
43 Longaberger May Basket
44 Longaberger Success Basket
45 Longaberger Book Keeper Basket
46 Longaberger Double Handled Vegetable Basket
47 (2) Longaberger Baskets
48 Longaberger Century Celebration Collectors Club Edition basket
49 Longaberger Small Desktop Basket
50 Longaberger  Spring Basket with Protector and Serving Solutions Container
51 (3) Longaberger Collectibles Basket
52 (2) Longaberger Terragon Baskets and Longaberger Small Cracker Basket
53 Longaberger Blue Basket
54 3- Longaberger Baskets including - 2003 Hostess Appreciation Basket , 2002 Dresden Basket and Saffron Booking Basket
55 Longaberger Square Americana
56 Longaberger 9”x13” Basket with Serving Solutions insert
57 Longaberger Basket with lid and handle
58 Longaberger Egg Gathering Market Basket
59 Longaberger Twin Handle Basket
60 Longaberger Spring Basket
61 Longaberger Classic Back Porch Basket
62 Longaberger Pantry Basket with Personal Solutions container
63 Longaberger J.W. Collection 1990 Edition Berry Basket
64 (3) Longaberger Woven Baskets with leather handles
65 Longaberger Pedastal Vase Basket
66 (3) Longaberger Baskets
67 Longaberger Large Recipe Basket and Button Basket
68 Crisco American Baking Celebration Longaberger Basket and Fabric Liner
69 Longaberger Classic Sewing Notions Baskets
70 Longaberger with Lace Cloth and plastic Protector
71 Longaberger Woven Tradtions Bread Basket
72 Longaberger Autumn Pail with Pumpkin Patch Tie On
73 Longaberger 12” Generation Basket
74 Longaberger Bakery Basket
75 (3) Longaberger Baskets
76 Longaberger Collectors Club Harmony Basket No. 2
77 Longaberger Small Market Basket
78 Longaberger 8”x8” Basket with serving solution trays
79 Longaberger Proudly American Darning and Button Basket with protectors
80 Longaberger Darning Basket
81 Longaberger Holiday Cheer Basket with plastic protectors
82 Wire Decorative Pumpkin
83 Longaberger Woven Fruit Bowl with serving solutions container
84 Longaberger Envelope Basket with Proudly American Salt & Pepper liner
85 Longaberger Collectors Club Edition of the Longaberger Homestead Basket
86 Longaberger Collectors Club J.W. Collection Minature 2002 Edition Corn Basket
87 Longaberger Small Tote with Cabana Stripe Liner and Longaberger Hostess Sage Booking Basket with liner
88 Longaberger Inaugural Basket
89 Longaberger Strawberry Basket and Longaberger 2005 Hostess Appreciation Basket
90 Longaberger Medium Market Basket
91 Longaberger woven Memories Legacy Basket with lid, liner and protector
92 Longaberger Love Letters Basket with Lid
93 Longaberger Century Celebration Basket
94 Longaberger Basket with Chalk Board Lid
95 Longaberger French Picnic Basket
96 Longaberger 8”x8” Basket and Longaberger Swing Handle Basket
97 Longaberger Heartland Tall Key Basket
98 Longaberger - Dash Away Sleigh Basket, Button Basket , Small Key Basket
99 Longaberger Single Handle Basket
100 Longaberger Large Vegetable Basket
101 Longaberger Medium Vegetable Basket
102 Longaberger Serving Basket with Swing Handles
103 Metal Candle Lamp
104 (3) Longaberger Baskets
105 Longaberger Holiday Sleigh Basket
106 Longaberger Generation Basket
107 Longaberger Gathering Basket and Longaberger 1997 Inaugural Basket
108 (3) Longaberger Medium Gathering Baskets
109 Longaberger Seeing Circle Basket with Swing handle and lid
110 Longaberger 2001 Inaugural and Hostess Baskets
111 (4) Longaberger Baskets 1 is a J.W. Collection Miniature 1999 Edition Two - Pie Basket
112 (2) Longaberger Collector’s Club J.W. Collection Miniature 2002-2003 Edition Cake Basket
113 (2) Longaberger Collectors Club Harmony Baskets
114 (2) Longaberger Baskets with liners
115 Longaberger 2001 Members Basket with liner and plastic protector, and Fall Basket
116 (4) Longaberger Horizon of Hope Baskets and Boyd’s Bear
117 Longaberger J.W. Collection 1991 Edition Corn Basket
118 Longaberger 9”x13” Basket
119 (4) Longaberger Baskets and Tie On
120 Longaberger Serving Basket with felt disks
121 Longaberger Woven Memories Basket and Jelly Bean Basket with Tie On, liner and protector
122 Longaberger Hostess Shining Star Basket
123 Longaberger Stuck On You Basket with Lid, Horizon of Hope Basket with Lid,  Small Single Handle Basket, Button Basket
124 Vintage Longaberger 1994 All American Candle Basket with Liner and Protector, Longaberger Blue Ribbon Bread Basket with liners, protectors and Tie On
125 Longaberger Woven Bowl with Serve Solutions container, Longaberger Single Handle Basket and Longaberger Leather Handle Basket
126 (4) Small Longaberger Baskets
127 Longaberger American Holly Candle, Longaberger Commemorative Christmas Collection Basket Ornaments
128 Longaberger Collectors Club J.W. Collection Minature 2002 Edition Corn Basket
129 Longaberger 2001 Whistle Stop Basket with 2 liners and Tie On
130 Longaberger Gathering Basket with lid
131 Longaberger 2001 All-American Sparkler Basket with liner and protector
132 Longaberger Autumn Basket with Liner, protector and Tie On
133 Longaberger Collectors Club 2001 Whistle Stop Basket
134 Longaberger Collectors Club Harbor Basket 1998 Collectors Edition
135 Longaberger Mug Rack 24”x5”
136 Proudly Longaberger Bag
137 Envelope Rack NIB
138 Longaberger 8”x8” Basket and Button Basket
139 Longaberger Collectors Club Sewing Basket
200 Longaberger NIB Classic Blue Serving Platter
201 Longaberger NIB Star Dish -Blue
202 Longaberger Mugs NIB - 1-Ivory, 1-Green
203 (2) Longaberger NIB S/2 Dessert Bowls - Blue
204 (2) Longaberger All American Pie Plates NIB
205 Longaberger All American 8”x8” Baking Dish NIB
206 Longaberger Collectors Club Harmony Basket NIB
207 NIB Longaberger assorted Tie Ons, Pewter Oranaments, Wall Hook
208 NIB Longaberger American Holly Large Serving Bowl
209 (19) Longaberger Pottery Dinner Plates
210 (4) Longaberger Pottery Luncheon Plates
211 (18) Longaberger Pottery Salad Plates
212 Longaberger Pottery Pitcher
213 Longaberger Pottery Mixing Bowls
214 (2) Longaberger Woven Traditions Classic Blue 1-pint Crock
215 (4) Longaberger Pottery Bowls
216 Longaberger items- Cookie Molds, Bread Basket Brick, Falling Leaves Pewter Napkin Rings, (6) Stainless Steel Butter Knives and decorative Tin
217 Longaberger assorted items - Table top easel, 2003 hostess appreciation pin cushion lid, Tie-on, wooden dividers, miniature eggs and miniature Pewter ornaments and more
217a 2-Guaranteed 500 grains Of solid sterling silver bars by the Franklin mint in cases
218 NIB Longaberger Pottery Small Star Dish Ivory
219 Longaberger Medium Good or Summertime Boardwalk Basket
220 NIB Longaberger Cinnamon Clove Candle and 2-pack Votive Cups Candy Corn
221 (2) NIB Longaberger miniature 8x8 baking dish pedestal stand
222 Longaberger assorted lids - 2001 Inaugural, 2001 hostess appreciation, Tic - Tac - toe
223 NIB Longaberger assorted Lids - Red Let It Snow, 1998 Red Glad Tidings, Harbor, Red 1998 Winter Wishes
224 NIB Longaberger Collectors Club J. W. Collection Minature 2001 Edition Bankers Waste Basket
225 NIB Longaberger Collectors Club 2000 Edition Renewal Basket
226 NIB Longaberger Tree Trimming collection 1999 Peppermint Basket, 2001 Twinkle, Twinkle Basket, 2002 Treats Basket
227 NIB Longaberger 2 quart Crock Ivy, 2 quart Crock Butternut
228 (3) NIB Longaberger Pottery American Holly Lunch Plate
229 NIB Longaberger Collectors Club 2001 Edition Renewal Basket
230 (2) NIB Longaberger American Holly Candles
231 NIB Longaberger Sleigh Runners
232 (2) NIB Longaberger S/2 Dessert Bowls - Ivory
233 NIB Longaberger Country Estates Collection Medium Saddlebrook Basket
234 (2) Longaberger Baskets with Liners, Tie Ons, ornament
235 (2) NIB Longaberger Collectors Club 2002 Edition Renewal Baskets
236 NIB Longaberger Minature Flag Basket Collectors Club 2002 Collectors Edition
237 (2) NIB Longaberger S/2 Dessert Bowls Ivory and S/2 Dessert Bowls Sage
238 NIB Longaberger Collectors Club Harmony Basket
239 NIB (4) Longaberger Mug Covers and Traditional Holly Pillar Candle Holder
240 NIB Longaberger One Pint Salt Crock -Blue
241 Longaberger 2002 Classic Large Easter Basket, woven basket
242 (2) Longaberger 2001 Autumn Reflections Small Daily Blessings Basket, 2001 Autumn Reflections Medium Daily Blessings Basket
243 (4) Small Longaberger Baskets
244 Longaberger Long Tissue Basket with lid
245 (3) Longaberger Baskets
246 Longaberger 2001 Christmas Collection Red Shining Star Basket
247 NIB Longaberger Pottery 2 pack 20 oz. Pasta Bowls - Green
248 NIB Longaberger Pottery Extra Large Mixing Bowl - blue
249 NIB Longaberger Pottery 2 pack 20 oz. Pasta Bowls - Green
250 (6) Longaberger Pottery Saucers - Blue
251 (6) Longaberger Pottery Salad Bowls - Blue
252 (2) Longaberger Pottery 10” Pie Plates - Blue
253 (2) Longaberger Pottery Covered Casserole Dishes - Blue
254 Longaberger Pottery Utensil Crock - Blue
255 Longaberger Pottery Cookie Jar - Blue
256 Longaberger Pottery 4 pack Luncheon Plates - Blue
257 Longaberger Button Basket and Classic Back Porch Basket
258 Longaberger Christmas Collection 2000 Edition Deck The Halls Basket with protectors
259 Longaberger Holiday Hostess Red Winter Wishes Basket
260 Longaberger Christmas Collection 2000 Edition Green Deck the Halls Basket
261 Longaberger Pottery Blue Tray 16”
262 Longaberger Pottery Small Pitcher- Blue
263 Longaberger Pottery Woven Traditions Classic Blue Small Covered Dish and Longaberger Blue Pottery Woven Traditions Small Juice Pitcher, Longaberger Pottery Woven Traditions Sugar Dish -Blue
264 Longaberger Pottery Woven Traditions (2) Mugs and (6) Coffee Cups
265 Blue Longaberger Pottery Woven Traditions Spoon Rest and Heart dish
266 Longaberger Pottery Woven Traditions Salt and Pepper Shakers and Loaf Pan
267 (4) Blue Longaberger Pottery Custard Ramekins
267a (4) Longaberger Baskets - Christmas Collection 1998 Edition Glad Tiding Basket, Button Basket, Little Joy Basket, Cracker Basket
268 Longaberger Pottery Woven Traditions - (4) Saucers, (8) bowls, (8) Cups
269 Longaberger Milk & Cookies for Santa Gift Set in box
270 (4) Cornflower Longaberger Pottery Cereal Bowls
271 Longaberger Pottery Woven Traditions Blue - (4) Mugs, (4) Luncheon Plates (4) Dinner Plates
272 Longaberger Serving Solutions Containers with lids
273 Longaberger assorted Lids - (2) 2001 J.W. Mini Bankers Waste, little Love
274 Longaberger assorted Lids - (2) Collectors Club Whistle Stop, Deck The Halls -Green, Hostess Appreciation, Envelope
275 Longaberger Classic Back Porch Basket with Divided Insert and protector
276 Longaberger Small Serving Tray Basket with Serving Solutions pan and lid
277 Longaberger Baskets including - Classic Small Recipe Basket, Hostess Sage Booking Basket, 2002 Hostess Appreciation Lucky Charm Basket with lid, 2001 Sweetheart Red Love Notes Basket
278 Longaberger Small Gathering Basket
279 Longaberger Classic Window Box Basket
280 Longaberger Whitewashed Tall Tissue Box
281 Longaberger Generation Basket with Lid
282 Longaberger Cake Basket with Liner and Protector
283 Longaberger Cracker Basket with liner and protector
284 Longaberger Mother’s Day Basket
285 Longaberger Wrought Iron Originals for Your Home with Three Baskets
286 Longaberger Cake Basket with Liner and Protector
287 Longaberger Red Jingle Bell Basket with Liner and Protector
288 Longaberger Autumn Harvest Basket with Liner and Protector, May Geranium Basket with Liner and Protector
289 Longaberger Large Recipe Basket, Natural Small Berry Basket, Natural Easter Basket
290 Longaberger Pottery Blue Woven Traditions Tea Pot and Tray
291 Longaberger Ivory Mixing Bowl, Cereal Bowl and Pie Plate
292 Longaberger Ivory Large Covered Casserole Dish
293 NIB Longaberger Collectors Club “Snow Days” Ornaments - (1) 2000, (2) 2001, Longaberger Pewter Santa Key, Longaberger American Holly Pewter Napkin Rings
294 NIB Longaberger American Holly Vase
295 (4) NIB Longaberger Heart Pillar Candles
296 Longaberger Collectors Club Harmony Basket in box
297 Longaberger Pottery (2) Pottery Heart Plates, (1) Pillar Candle Holder, (1) Sweetest Heart Candle Plate, all in boxes
298 (2) Longaberger Pewter Star Ornaments
299 Longaberger Peony Flower Pot and Saucer
300 (3) Boxes Longaberger Pottery Holly Mugs
301 (3) Longaberger Baskets, ceramic sunflower dish
302 (2) Longaberger American Holly Lunch Plate in box
303 (4) Blue Longaberger Pottery Woven Traditions Dinner Plates - in box
304 Longaberger Purple Accents Basket
305 (3) Blue Longaberger Pottery Woven Traditions Mugs in box
306 2 pack Longaberger Pottery Ivory Mugs in box
307 Longaberger Pottery Eggplant Mug - Souper - Single in box
308 (4) Longaberger Pottery Woven Traditions Soul/Salad Bowl Blue in box
309 Longaberger Pottery Mugs - (2) Blue, (1) Butternut, (1) Ivory in boxes
310 (2) Longaberger Homestead 2 qt. Crocks in boxes
311 (4) Longaberger Leaf Dessert/Pie Plates
312 Longaberger Pottery Blue 8x8 Baking Dish in box
313 Longaberger Pottery Butternut 8x8 Baking Dish in box
314 Longaberger Pottery Ivory 3 piece Place Setting in box
315 4 pack Longaberger Pottery Luncheon Plates butternut in box
316 Longaberger Large Serving Bowl - Blue in box
317 Longaberger Pottery Mugs - (1) Cornflower, (1) Ivy, (1) Sage all in boxes
318 Longaberger Pottery Small Blue Juice Pitcher in box
319 Longaberger New Traditions Stoneware Crock Cornflower in box
320 Longaberger Blue Pottery Pitcher
321 Longaberger Square Basket with Tie On and Serving Solutions container
322 Longaberger Pottery Butternut S/2 Dessert Bowls and  Cornflower S/2 Dessert Bowls all in boxes
323 Longaberger Pottery Ivory Rectangular Serving Tray in box
324 Longaberger Pottery Platter - Spring Floral Pottery Collection in box
325 Longaberger Pottery Trivet Blue in box
326 Longaberger Market Basket with liner
327 Longaberger Falling Leaves Pottery Vase in box
328 Longaberger Pottery Blue 4 pack Stackable Bowls in box
329 Longaberger Bread Basket with 4/way protector
330 (3) Longaberger 2 quart Crock Lids in boxes
331 Longaberger Pottery 2 quart Sage Crock in box
332 Longaberger Pottery 2 quart Paprika Crock in box
333 (2) Longaberger Horizon of Hope Baskets with Boyd’s Bear
400 2- Longaberger wrought iron basket racks
401 Longaberger wrought iron bakers rack and longaberger paper tray basket with lid
402 Large longaberger vase
403 Longaberger bell hanger rack in box, longaberger  small metal  basket rack
404 Longaberger weekender basket NIB
405 Longaberger2- Handled Block party basket with liner
406 Longaberger laundry basket with plastic liner and liner
407 Longaberger basket Lid assortment
408 Longaberger Hope chest basket with liner
409 Longaberger pottery dishes,4-bowls NIB, 4- cups NIB ,4-plates NIB, 4- saucers
410 Longaberger Tic Tac toe cake basket with game pieces
411 Longaberger cake plate blue, NIB
412 Longaberger country Estates collection large Saddlebrook basket in box
413 Longaberger spring floral pottery collection bowl NIB
414 Longaberger 2- Handled gathering basket
415 Longaberger wrought iron sleigh basket rack
416 Longaberger woven drum crock NIB
417 Longaberger 2- Handled Round basket with square bottom
418 Longaberger 2- Handled basket
419 4-longaberger  lids,2- Hope chest lids, hostess Sleighbell lid , Founders market basket lid
420 Longaberger basket liners
421 Longaberger basket liners
422 Longaberger basket Liner assortment
422a Longaberger placemats
423 Longaberger lids , basket stand table top NIB
424 Longaberger covers,4-9” x 13” baking dish covers,4- Loaf dish covers,4- 8” x 8” baking dish covers
425 Longaberger  plastic basket liners, Basket Tray  assortment
426 Longaberger plastic basket inserts, trays, plastic liners assortment
427 Longaberger hamper basket with lid and plastic liner 17” x 17” x 22”
428 Longaberger lid assortment
429 Longaberger lid  assortment, And accessories
430 Longaberger basket 2000 edition Spring Meadow basket, NIB
431 Longaberger holiday fruit basket
432 Large Longaberger basket with lid, plastic insert, liner
433 Longaberger wrought iron 5- Tier shelf 10 1/2” x 15 1/2” x 38”
434 Longaberger wrought iron corner shelf 11” x 15” x 29”
435 Longaberger wrought iron corner shelf 11” x 15” x 29” with three corner baskets
436 Longaberger wrought iron corner shelf 11” x 15” x 29”
437 Longaberger wrought iron table 27” x 15” x 20 1/2”
438 Longaberger Wrought iron end table 16 1/2” x 16 1/2” x 24”
439 Longaberger Wrought iron corner shelf 11” x 15” x 29”
440 Longaberger wrought iron corner shelf 11” x 15” x 29”
441 Longaberger wrought iron basket Stand 14” x 24” x 15”
442 Longaberger double pie server rack 8” x 11 1/2” x 16”
443 Longaberger foundry Bakers rack 10” x 15” x 16”


Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval. All bidding is in US Dollars (USD). Cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, Wire Transfer ($25 fee added to each Wire). $5 MINIMUM if you would like to pay with a Card. Any invoices paid with a card that are less than $5 will be rounded up to meet the minimum requirement. Statements made sale day take precedence over all other printed materials. Your credit card on file will not automatically be charged following the auction. You may pay with cash, check or card (4% convenience fee for any type of card) when you pick your winnings up at our specified time and location for the auction listed above. IF YOU DO NOT COME TO THE LOAD OUT TIME LISTED ABOVE, YOUR CARD ON FILE WILL BE CHARGED FOR YOUR PURCHASE TOTAL PLUS THE 4% CONVENIENCE FEE. There will be a $5 DECLINED CARD FEE added if the card on file must be charged and declines.

Items not picked up during the scheduled load-out times will be charged a $10 convenience fee (per invoice) for delayed pickup.

If you do not come to the load out time/day listed, your card on file will be charged for your purchase total plus the 4% convenience fee. 


If your purchase must be hauled by Metzgers, there will be a minimum of a $20 service fee added to your invoice.

Buyer is required to bring their own packaging, help to load and/or equipment for loading.

Items not paid for after 10 days will be resold.

Items not picked up within 10 days will be resold at new owners expense, even if paid for.

Pickup will be in the afternoon on June 27, 2022 by appointment only! Your invoice will be emailed to you when the auction closes and will have pickup information and exact times attached! Book a pickup time slot via the link in your winning email!

** If you do not receive an email please check your junk mail! If you are unable to do so call the Office to schedule your appointment! 260-982-0238.

Shipping is available on small lots. Buyer is responsible for paying for items in full prior to being allowed to pick-up or have items shipped. Shipping costs include cost of shipping plus a $10 minimum S&H fee . Buyer is Responsible for all Shipping/Handling Charges incurred including fees charged by delivery service for incorrect addresses. For out of state buyers with an invoice total of $500.00 or greater, we may ask that funds be in a certified form with either a Certified Check, Money Order or Wire Transfer ($25 fee added to each Wire).   We will email you if need to pay in this manner when we send your invoice.

Auction Listings provided by Although the information published herein is from sources deemed reliable, expressly disclaims any liability for errors, omissions or changes regarding any information provided for this auction. Potential buyers are urged to verify auction date, time, and content directly through the auctioneer's website or by contacting the auctioneer directly. The terms and conditions of the auction may or may not be published in this listing. ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS AND OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS MADE THE DAY OF THE AUCTION ARE BINDING AND TAKE PRECEDENCE OVER ANY INFORMATION FOUND HEREIN.