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Stiches in Time Vintage Clothing Online Auction

Sat Jul 02 - 07:00PM

Main St, Plymouth, OH Click to Map

Steve Bolen Auctioneer

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  • Lot# 1 - 1940's/1950's 3 suits

    Lot# 1 - 1940's/1950's 3 suits

  • Lot# 2 - 1950's-1980's 3 boleros

    Lot# 2 - 1950's-1980's 3 boleros

  • Lot# 3 - 1960/1970s poly/cotton jacket

    Lot# 3 - 1960/1970s poly/cotton jacket

  • Lot# 4 - 1940s 2 suits

    Lot# 4 - 1940s 2 suits

Stitches in Time store Online auction...... Stitches in Time located In North Central Ohio is a well known store for a wide variety of vintage clothing and accessories ranging from mid 1800's to mid1980's. After over 40 years of traveling the country doing shows and appraisals, buying and selling Shirley Wolf will be liquidating her personal collection consisting of thousands of pieces. This will be the first of several auctions. All vintage items are sold as is, all sales are final. FOR BIDDING GO TO WWW.STEVENBOLEN.HIBID.COM

1 - 1940's/1950's 3 suits 1950’s navy suit jacket (The Higbee Co – Cleveland) label is Oscar of Beverly Hills 1940’s red wool suit jacket (Label is Bobbie Brooks) 1940’s white linen suit jacket (made in California Hollywood Premiere & Styled by Lyn Davis)

2 - 1950's-1980's 3 boleros 1950’s white cotton weave bolero jacket (Label is Dutchmaid Ephrate in PA) 1950’s white linen sleeveless bolero 1970/1980’s white brocade evening bolero (Label is Scott McClintock) size 10 all original tags, original price is $134 from Kaufmann’s

3 - 1960/1970’s poly/cotton jacket 1960/1970’s poly/cotton jacket black with magenta and purple. Green and lavender embroidered all over floral (The Foreign Look/Philippines) size 12

4 - 1940’s 2 suits 1940’s lavender gaberdine suit (label is NB Brook Tone – tailored by Nan Buntly of N.Y.) 1940’s blush blend suit

5 - 1940/1950’s 2 afternoon dresses 1940/1950’s lavender blue rayon afternoon dress. Size large, bust-46 waist-38 1940/1950’s silver and black woven pattern taffeta afternoon dress. Bust-42 waist-32

6 - 1940’s 2 day dresses 1940’s maroon cotton velveteen with lace trim day dress 1940’s navy rayon semi-sheer day dress

7 - 1940’s 4 skirts 1940’s 4 skirts – black gaberdine straight shirt, 1 taupe flare skirt, 1 brown gaberdine 7 gore flare, 1 grey with blue shadow plaid straight with front pleat

8 - 1940’s 2 nurse’s uniforms 1940’s 2 white cotton nurse’s uniforms. 1 is labeled Paul Jones DeLuxe Poplin

9 - 1950/1960’s afternoon dress and dress with jacket 1950/1960’s magenta silk afternoon dress 1950/1960’s blue linen and organdy 2-piece dress with jacket (label is B. Siegel Co-Detroit)

10 - 1950’s 3 day dresses 1950’s grey/taupe/brown plaid lined wool day dress (Label is Merley) 1950’s red wool day dress 1950’s purple wool day dress

11 - 1940/1950’s 2-piece jacket with pants and jacket 1940/1950’s sage green wool 2-piece jacket with cuffed knee length pants (Label is Dalton’s) 1940/1950’s taupe and brown shadow plaid lined jacket

12 - 1950’s suits 1950’s brown wool tweed 2-piece man style suit (Label is Sancarlo Linae New York, NY Made in Italy) size US-40, Italy-48, France-44 1950’s brown, beige, maroon plaid 2-piece double breasted walking suit. (Label is Jaeger-London Made in Great Britain) size 12

13 - 1950’s 3 skirts 1950’s 3 skirts, grey wool pencil skirt, gold wool pencil skirt, navy linen straight skirt

14 - 1960’s 2 day dresses 1960’s tangerine and white drop waist with pleated skirt day dress (Label is Young Junior Best & Co.) 1960’s pink shantung shift style day dress

15 - 1970/1980’s skirt and blouse and 2-piece dress with jacket 1970/1980’s black and white floral print 2-piece skirt and blouse with reversible wrap style. (Label is Parts for Marjer Enterprises) 1970/1980’s black and white linen 2-piece dress with jacket (custom tailored by Nardis of Dallas) size 14

16 - 1970/1980’s suit and day dress 1970/1980’s red rayon/polyester 2-piece suit with faux leopard collar, cuffs, and buttons (Label is Granite) size 14 1970/1980’s red rayon/poly day dress with black and white check trim. (Label is R&A collections) size 12

17 - 1960’s two 2-piece suits 1960’s 2-piece black and white check cotton suit (label is 5-point American Golfer) 1960’s 2-piece red, yellow, black, and white plaid wool suit with pleated skirt (country set by Margit)

18 - 1960’s suit and 1980’s 3-piece suit with blouse 1960’s 2-piece cranberry with green trim chennile knit suit. (Label is Umbator Parves Feinstein) 1980’s 3-piece multi pinks woven tweed suit with pink silk blouse. (Labels is Talbots) size 8

19 - 1960’s 2-piece dress and jacket and 2-piece d dressand coat 1960’s 2-piece pink linen dress and jacket. (Label is Andre Barrerau-New York-McMullen Linens) 1960’s 2-piece hot pink shantung A-line dress and coat with silk lining (label is Modiste East, custom tailored in Hong Kong) size 14

20 - 1970’s 3 skirts 1970’s white polyester knit maxi skirt. Maroon acrylic knit maxi skirt 1970’s new old stock with original tags Dotty Mann of Cleveland size 18 1970’s ivory maxi shirt with gore flared bottom (Label is Jamboree-New York) size 12

21 - 1960’s-1980's skirts 1960’s black crepe straight skirt size 7/8 1960’s tan wool pleated skirt 1980’s grey suede leather with knit joinery trim (Label Lianne Von Fricht for Jane)

22 - 1980’s dress pants 1980’s light chocolate polyester pleat front pants (Label is Fundamental things) size 12 1980’s white linen look polyester pleat front pants (Label is Leslie Fay Sportswear) size 16 1980’s ivory rayon/polyester pleat front stirrup dress pants (Label is Particulars by CounierParis) size 16

23 - 1960’s 2 cocktail dresses and skirt with blouse 1960’s black sateen cocktail dress with rhinestone buttons (Label is Abe Schrader) 1960’s black linen and sateen slip style cocktail dress 1960’s black satin 2-piece skirt with pearl and silver beaded blouse

24 - 1960’s/1970’s party dresses 1960’s salmon pink sheer nylon over taffeta party dress with shirred scoop neckline with back drape 1970’s mint green polyester crepe party dress with front skirt drapes (Label is Lilli Diamond - California) size 14

25 - 1950’s 3 pairs of pajama pants and 1920’s kimono 1950’s 3 pairs of pajama pants. 1 blue satin, 1 black satin with red cuffs, 1 turquoise with pink trim satin 1920’s silk crepe kimono with black, white, and grey floral embroidery on front and back

26 - 1930/1940’s 4 bed jackets 1930/1940’s 4 bed jackets - 1 pink quilted with peplum, 1 pink rayon with embroidered applique, 1 pink and blue sweater knit, 1 pink dotted Swiss with lace trim (Label is Miss Barbizon)

27 - 1950’s 2 robes and 1940’s bed jacket 1950’s 1 blue quilted nylon robe with floral embroidered and lace pocket 1950’s yellow with purple floral print nylon/rayon robe with fabric rose (Label is Evelyn Pearson lounging apparel) size large 1940’s Pastel blue rayon bed jacket with eyelet (Label is trim/tailored by RoJene)

28 - 1960’s prom dress and evening gown 1960’s magenta satin prom dress with nylon net underskirt 1960’s black sheath style evening gown

29 - 1900’s day dress and nightgown 1900’s blue with gold floral print cotton day dress 1900’s white with red floral tape trim cotton nightgown

30 - 1890’s/1900’s day dresses 1890’s white with black print and lace trim cotton day dress 1900’s white cotton with lace cuffs and trim day dress

31 - 1910’s 3-piece skirt, blouse, jacket and day dress 1910’s 3-piece black and white cotton skirt blouse jacket ensemble 1910’s raspberry color linen with patterned silk collar and cuffs lace trim day dress

32 - 1900’s two 2-piece blouses and skirts 1900’s 2-piece white cotton batiste blouse and skirt with embroider and eyelet lace 1900’s 2-piece white cotton skirt with embroidered and lace trim blouse

33 - 1900’s two 2-piece skirts and blouses 1900’s 2-piece white cotton with pintuck and lace trim skirt and blouse 1900’s 2-piece white cotton with embroidered and lace trim skirt and blouse

34 - 1930’s ivory wedding gown 1930’s ivory slipper satin wedding gown and slip with wax floral headpiece

35 - 1960’s white wedding gown with train & headpiece 1960’s white nylon with lace over taffeta wedding gown with detached train and lace & pearl headpiece

36 - 1960’s ivory evening gown and coat 1960’s ivory with gold brocade evening gown and coat size 5

37 - 1960’s two 2-piece suits 1960’s turquoise linen 2-piece suit with box jacket pleated skirt (Label is Glenhaven) size 7-8 1960’s lavender wool 2-piece suit size 14

38 - 1960’s two shantung silk suits 1960’s royal blue shantung silk suit size 8 1960’s red shantung silk suit size 9-10

39 - 1960’s 2-piece silk suit 1960’s navy with white trim 2-piece silk suit (Label is Utah tailoring – Mills) size 8-9

40 - 1960’s 2-piece dress with jacket 1960’s navy shantung 2-piece dress with jacket (Label is Betty Hartford) size 9

41 - 1950’s day dress and evening dress 1950’s red wool day dress with button trim on shoulders size 11-12 1950’s red velvet with white satin bodice evening dress size 7-8

42 - 1940’s taffeta prom gown 1940’s yellow taffeta prom gown with sheer insert and boat neckline size 7

43 - 1910’s white graduation dress 1910’s white cotton organdy with embroidered ruffle trim blue ribbon sash graduation dress size 6-7

44 - 1890’s wrapper dress 1890’s indigo blue with white dots wrapper with white muslin inner bodice

45 - 1900’s day dress and 1870’s wash dress 1900’s black, grey print stripe day dress (Label is Queen City Suits) 1870’s black with white print homespun wash dress size 12-14

46 - 1900’s afternoon dress 1900’s yellow silk with silver metallic embroidered trim afternoon dress. With some repairs.

47 - 1960’s white sweater and vintage yellow sweater 1960’s white with green Dublin High School letter sweater Vintage yellow cotton sweater (Land’s End) size large

48 - 1930/1940’s 3-piece black tuxedo 1930/1940’s 3-piece black tuxedo with satin lapels (Burdine’s – Miami Beach Palm Beach, Miami)

49 - 1950/1960’s white linen dress jacket 1950/1960’s white linen dress jacket with Imperials embroidered pocket patch (Label is Spiegel) size 38

50 - 1970’s 3-piece suit with reversible vest 1970’s light blue plaid 3-piece suit with reversible vest. Jacket-46, pants waist-38 pants inseam-31 ½

51 - 1970’s sport coat with pants and pin stripe suit 1970’s beige sport coat with tan pants (Label is Haggar) Jacket-44, pants waist-38, pants inseam-31 ½ 1970’s blue with red and grey pin stripe suit (Label is Hart Schaffner and Marx) Jacket-46, pants waist-40, pants inseam-30 ½

52 - 1950’s sport coat and 1970’s pinstripe suit 1950’s light blue sport coat size 44 1970’s charcoal grey with blue pinstripe suit (Label is Adams Row by Richmond) Jacket-44, pants waist-38, pants inseam-28

53 - 1960’s suit and 1970’s sport coat with pants 1960’s black and blue shadow plaid suit (Label is Westerfield by Robert Hall) Jacket-42, pants waist-34, pants inseam-28 1970’s tan faux suede sport coat with brown pants. Jacket-38, pants waist-32, pants inseam-31

54 - 1930-1950’s two vests 1950’s copper color brocade vest size 40 1930/1940’s black faille tuxedo vest size 36

55 - 1970’s 3 versatile scarves 1970’s 3 versatile scarves that can be worn over the head, around the shoulders or around the waist. One is gold semi sheer with gold threads and fringe, one is hot pink with purple fringe, white semi sheer with gold threads and white fringe

56 - 1920’s two day dresses 1920’s black satin with beaded floral pattern on the bodice. Size large 1920’s black crepe wrap style day dress. Size large

57 - 1940’s two evening gowns 1940’s sage green crepe with silver braid and rhinestone trim evening gown (Label is Melodie Fashions Inc.) 1940’s black taffeta with black net and rhinestone over lavender shoulder straps and back bow evening gown

58 - 1940’s & 1950’s prom dresses 1950’s lavender nylon net and lace strapless prom dress with lace jacket 1940’s plum color taffeta with green velvet ribbon trim prom dress (Label is Havenstein)

59 - 1970/1980’s prom dress and 1970’s maxi dress 1970/1980’s pink moire taffeta Southern Belle style prom dress (Label is Jessica McClintock) Size 3 1970’s ivory linen with lace inserts and trim maxi dress (Label is Young Edwardian by Arpeja)

60 - 1960’s satin prom dress and ?? 1960’s pink satin prom dress

61 - 1950/1960’s day dress and suit 1950/1960’s multicolor bold plaid shirt waist day dress (Label is Kerry Brooke) Size 16 1950/1960’s black and grey weave linen suit with black braid trim (Label is David Crystal Fashion, The Sophia Lustig Shop-Toledo)

62 - 1940’s/1950’s 3 skirts 1950’s navy wool straight skirt 1950’s black and white check gaberdine straight skirt 1940’s chocolate brown gaberdine pleat front skirt

63 - 1940’s skirt with bolero jacket and 2 suit jackets 1940’s black crepe 9 gore skirt with bolero jacket 1940’s black wool suit jacket (Label is Tailored Junior) 1940’s avocado green wool suit jacket with back bow

64 - 1960’s dress with jacket and 2-piece suit 1960’s black wool crepe dress with jacket (Label is T.Jones) size 9/10 1960’s black gaberdine 2-piece suit (Label is Lady Lucy original)

65 - 1960’s dress and jacket and 1970’s maxi dress 1960’s navy, green, white crepe 2-piece dress and jacket (Label is Rie-Go-Inc.-Chicago) 1970’s navy paisley print maxi dress

66 - 1960’s 2-piece suit and suit jacket 1960’s navy ribbed knit 2-piece suit. Size large (46-36-46) approximate 18-20 1960’s magenta wool with navy trim suit jacket (Label is Rie-Go-Inc-Chicago, Custom Casuals New York)

67 - 1960’s day dresses 1960’s black crepe sheath style day dress 1960’s 2-piece black and white check over rose taffeta with organdy ruffle at the neckline

68 - 1950’s jacket and 1960’s evening dress 1960’s cranberry velvet with white satin collar and cuff evening dress 1950’s pink satin figural brocade jacket with ruched collar and cuffs (Label is Made in China)

69 - 1960’s afternoon dresses 1960’s black silk crepe with white cuff, neckline with bow trim (Label is Albert Nippon – Made in Hong Kong) Size 8 1960’s beige shantung afternoon dress (Label is 28 shop – Marshall Field & Company)

70 - 1960’s walking suit 1960’s red, navy, beige wool tweed walking suit (Label is Pendleton – Portland, Oregon) Size 12-14

71 - 1960’s day, evening and afternoon dresses 1960’s taupe silk shantung with silk lining day dress 1960’s flesh color crepe pin tucked evening dress (Label is Davidly Goodstein) 1960’s white with navy floral pattern light weave afternoon dress (Label is Morty Sussman for Mollie Parnis Boutique)

72 - 1960’s day dress, knit top and coat dress 1960’s beige boucle knit day dress 1960’s turquoise wool mohair knit top (Label is Kimberly-Beth Fritz of the Drake) 1960’s ivory shantung coat dress with silver bead and rhinestone trim

73 - 1960’s two 2-piece dress and jacket 1960’s pastel blue knit 2-piece dress and jacket (Label is Rie-Go-Inc-Chicago) 1960’s Red, white and blue knit 2-piece dress and jacket (Label is Rei-Go-Inc-Chicago)

74 - 1900’s 2-piece dress 1900’s maroon linen 2-piece dress with lace and embroidered braid trim collar, neckline, and cuffs. Covered button trim bodice, sleeves, and skirt

75 - 1900’s 2-piece dress 1900’s mint green linen 2-piece dress with lace insert neckline and cuffs shirred waist to hips on the skirt

76 - 1920’s two hats 1920’s taupe velvet with chenille trim and brown ball hat pin cloche 1920’s green woven fabric with grey braid trim and deco celluloid pin cloche

77 - 1920’s tan felt and royal blue felt hats 1920’s tan felt with brown velvet ribbon celluloid hat pin cloche 1920’s royal blue felt with all over French knot design and bow trim cloche

78 - 1920/1930’s slouch hats 1920/1930’s black satin with black and white grosgrain ribbon band slouch hat 1920/1930’s black felt with maroon velvet band and bow slouch hat

79 - 1960’s 3 cloche style hats 1960’s green velvet with copper color satin ruched crown cloche style 1960’s brown velvet with grosgrain ribbon band cloche style hat (Label is Gerchi Original) 1960’s purple patterned knit with side bow cloche style hat (these 3 hats have a 20’s look but are 60’s throwback style)

80 - 1930’s 3 hats 1930’s white pique with button centered flowers around the crown 1930’s navy horsehair braid with pleated ribbon fan, pink, blue velvet flower 1930’s black felt with silver side buckle

81 - 1930’s beret style hat & brown felt hat 1930’s black velour beret style with gold accent pin 1930’s brown felt with feather trim on turnback brim

82 - 1940’s navy and white straw hat and navy hat 1940’s navy and white straw (Label is Simpsons of Canada) 1940’s navy shirred crepe with velvet band and white bead side trim

83 - 1940’s two hats 1940’s black horsehair braid with peach satin overlay bakelite hat pin (New York Creation) 1940’s maroon felt roll brim with sequin gold stud brim (Label is Fairfield Felts Neuman Endler Inc)

84 - 1940’s ivory wool hat and lavender straw hat 1940’s ivory wool with black feather side accent 1940’s lavender straw with green velvet band and large rose side accent

85 - 1950’s pancake style hat and black linen hat 1950’s blue linen with white floral trim pancake style 1950’s black linen with velvet brim trim and white floral side accent

86 - 1940’s brown suede leather beanie 1940’s brown suede leather beanie with all over embroidered names and attached cracker jack and whiskey bottle charms. It was popular during the 30’s and 40’s to embroider your friends names or sayings on hats, blouses, and jackets. This hat was done in 1941 by a New Jersey high school girl.

87 - 1950’s beige, yellow, and ivory linen hats 1950’s beige linen with flower trim 1950’s yellow linen pork pie style with white flower trim 1950’s ivory linen pork pie style with grosgrain and velvet band and side accent (Label is Lazarus of Columbus)

88 - 1950/1960’s 4 hats 1950/1960’s pink and black floral half hat (Styled by Paris Creations Made in Japan) 1950/1960’s black straw pillbox with red rose side accent 1960’s black linen and all over verling and large white rose bubble cloche 1960’s black felt velour with vinyl band and bow bubble cloche

89 - 1950/1960’s white straw hat and 3 pillbox hats 1950/1960’s white straw with white flowers around the brim (Label is Wesco) 1950/1960’s yellow with white all over flower and net pillbox 1950/1960’s yellow all over floral pillbox (Label is Milbraw Exclusives) 1950/1960’s tan with pink and green floral print linen with beige and brown straw braid over rolled brim pillbox

90 - 1960’s box lot of 7 hats 1960’s box lot of 7 hats – tan pillbox with net, navy straw pillbox, black linen with flower and netting, pink straw with velvet band and flower on the trim, white straw roll brim, ivory straw brimmed bubble cloche, ivory straw brim with flowered crown and ribbon band

91 - 1950’s beaded box style purse and clutch purse 1950’s white beaded box style with fold over top and buckle at snap closure (Label is DeLill – Handmade in Japan) 1950’s turquoise rubbed velvet with silver metallic embroidery clutch purse (Made in India)

92 - 1930/1940’s gold mesh 3-piece set 1930/1940’s gold mesh 3-piece clutch (Duramesh) coin purse (Whiting & Davis) glasses case

93 - 1930/1940’s gold mesh clutch purse 1930/1940’s gold mesh clutch purse with rhinestone clasp (Label is Whiting & Davis)

94 - 1930/1940’s silver mesh clutch purse 1930/1940’s silver mesh clutch purse with rhinestone clasp (Whiting & Davis original box)

95 - Dresser tray with assorted accessories Pink plastic dresser tray with assorted accessories

96 - 1870-1950’s brush and mirrors and powder box 1950’s gold embroidered back brush and mirror/1910 gold Exora powder box, 1870/1880’s ivory Gutla Percha ornate floral pattern hand mirror

97 - 1920’s boxes, combs, button hooks, manicure set 1920’s 3 celluloid boxes, 2 hair combs, 2 button hook, 1 folding manicure set

98 - 32-piece dresser set 1920’s 32-piece Ivory Pyraline dresser set

99 - 1920’s 9-piece Art Deco dresser set 1920’s 9-piece Art Deco dresser set

100 - 1900-1930's comb, soap dish, brushes, and mirrors 1900’s black ebony wood comb, brush, soap dish, clothes brush and two 1920/1930’s hand mirrors

101 - 1910-1950 4 hair combs 1910-1950 4 hair combs

102 - 1920’s combs, and hat pin 1920’s 3 pieces - back comb, side comb with blue rhinestones, and rhinestone hair pin

103 - 1910’s 2 rhinestone back combs 1910’s 2 rhinestone back combs

104 - 1920’s 3 side combs and 3 hair pins 1920’s 3 side combs and 3 hair pins

105 - 1920’s 2 blue with rhinestone back combs 1920’s 2 blue with rhinestone back combs

106 - 1910’s 2 back combs 1910’s 2 back combs

107 - 7 assorted rings 7 assorted rings

108 - Jade necklace and bracelet Jade necklace and bracelet

109 - Rhinestone necklace and bluestone necklace Gold with rhinestone necklace, lavalier with bluestone

110 - 1960’s two necklace and earrings sets Gold floral necklace and earrings/1960’s Lisner necklace and earrings

111 - Assorted jewelry Assorted jewelry

112 - 1950's 1 pearl, 1 rhinestone necklace & earrings Blue rhinestone necklace and earrings/1950’s pearl necklace and earrings (Japan)

113 - 1920’s black glass multistrand bead necklace 1920’s black glass multistrand bead necklace – 30 inches long (Label is The Halle Bros. Cleveland)

114 - 1950’s 3-piece rhinestone set 1950’s 3-piece rhinestone necklace, bracelet, and earrings (Smart Set-Fifth Ave)

115 - 1950’s two rhinestone necklace and earring sets 1950’s blue rhinestone necklace and earrings 1950’s gold with orange rhinestones necklace and earrings (Coro)

116 - 1940/1950’s 5 boxes – rhinestone jewelry 1940/1950’s 5 boxes – rhinestone jewelry. 2 necklaces & earrings/necklace and 2 pins/2 bracelets and earrings/5 pins

117 - 1920-1950’s crystal & bead necklaces and earrings 1920-1950’s 5 boxes – black and crystal necklace/purple bead with 2 sets of earrings/pearl and orange bead necklace/green and white glass bead necklace/gold and pearl bead necklace and earrings

118 - 5 boxes – necklaces 5 boxes – necklaces, 1 amber color heart necklace/1 orange bead/1 multicolor bead/1 red rhinestone/2 silver with turquoise/1 sterling with abalone inlay

119 - 1950/1960’s 5 boxes – pins 1950/1960’s 5 boxes – pins, 3 blue rhinestone/2 pearl rhinestone/4 green rhinestone/black and white glass/black rhinestone pear and apple

120 - 1930-1960’s 5 boxes - bead necklaces 1930-1960’s 5 boxes – green bead/multicolor/black glass/carnelian bead and white/black/blue/green bead

121 - 1910-1960’s 5 boxes - bracelets and necklaces 1910-1960’s 5 boxes – coral rose bracelet and earrings/green and clear glass bead/pearl and gold link necklace/white bead necklace/gold and coral lavalier

122 - 1920-1960’s 5 boxes – crystal bead necklaces 1920-1960’s 5 boxes – crystal bead necklaces, amber/blue/pink/clear and red & pink

123 - 1920-1960’s crystal bead necklaces & earrings 1920-1960’s 5 boxes – crystal bead necklaces, 2 with earrings

124 - 1950-1960’s 5 boxes – crystal bead jewelry 1950-1960’s 5 boxes – crystal bead jewelry, 2 with 4 earrings/2 with 2 bracelets/1 with pin and 2 earrings

125 - 1940-1960’s 5 boxes – 4 rhinestone jewlery 1940-1960’s 5 boxes – 4 rhinestone pin, 2 rhinestone earrings, 1 porcelain pin/rhinestone pin and earrings, rhinestone pin, 2 gold amethysts/2 white bead earrings, blue rhinestone pin and earrings, gold with rhinestone pin/blue rhinestone necklace and earrings/2 gold with blue rhinestone pins.

126 - 1920-1950’s 5 boxes of jewelry 1920-1950’s 5 boxes – 4 copper earrings, 1 pin/"star” pin and earrings and rhinestone pin/4 rhinestone pins, 1 set of earrings/2 sterling earrings, 2 sterling pins/4 rhinestone pins

127 - 1940’s assorted pins 1940’s assorted pins, including political Wilkie for President, military and others

128 - 1920-1960’s 5 boxes – bracelets 1920-1960’s 5 boxes – bracelets, silver/enamel/slide/shell/Siamese

129 - 1910-1960’s 5 boxes – necklaces 1910-1960’s 5 boxes – necklace, pink paint porcelain and rhinestone/gold locket/gold with jade cross/yellow rhinestone/gold and topaz color rhinestone

130 - 1950’s white, crystal bead necklace and earrings 1950’s white and crystal bead necklace and earrings

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