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Mon May 16 - 10:00AM

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Phone: 304-233-3168

License: WV 722

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  • Fenton Purple Slag Glass Cat

    Fenton Purple Slag Glass Cat

  • Fenton Ball & Lattice Opalescent

    Fenton Ball & Lattice Opalescent

  • Fenton Swan & Cattail Ruffled Edge Vase

    Fenton Swan & Cattail Ruffled Edge Vase

  • Burmese Rose Pattern Basket

    Burmese Rose Pattern Basket

Lot: 1 - Fenton Purple Slag Glass Cat

10.75” tall, a real rarity

Lot: 2 - Fenton Ball & Lattice Opalescent Iridescent Epergne

Ruffled Edge Epergne 10.5” tall

Lot: 3 - Fenton Swan & Cattail Ruffled Edge Vase

8” Iridescent Vase

Lot: 4 - Burmese Rose Pattern Basket

8” tall

Lot: 5 - Fenton Pink & White Basket

10.5” tall

Lot: 6 - Red Slag Rose Bowl

4” tall 6.5” diameter

Lot: 7 - Fenton Flower Vase

8.75” tall

Lot: 8 - Fenton Two Piece Snowman

7.25” tall

Lot: 9 - Pair of Jade Cathay Imperial Candlesticks

3” square

Lot: 10 - Fenton Heart Shaped Lidded Berry Pattern Trinket Box Candy Dish

8.5x7.25” 2.25” tall, Iridescent box With flowers & strawberries

Lot: 11 - Fenton Hand Painted Basket & Vase

10” basket and 6” hand painted artist signed vase. Basket looks like it has a repair as pictured

Lot: 12 - Fenton Hand Painted Basket & Vase

10” basket With a opalescent blue ruffled edge and twisted handle

Lot: 13 - Fenton Cattail & Lily Pad Vase

7” lavender ruffled edge vase With lily pads, flowers & cattails

Lot: 14 - Fenton Peachblow Style Ruffled Edge Vase

8” vase With label

Lot: 15 - Two Blue Optic Style Cruets With Stoppers

7” cruets With applied Handles and a nice polka dot design

Lot: 16 - Fenton Santa & Hobnail Fairy Lamp Lot

5.5” ruby Santa and a 5” hobnail style orange fairy Lamp. Unmarked

Lot: 17 - Two Fenton Green Iridescent Bells

7” bells, one hand painted With a butterfly top and the other is a drapery Pattern With a opalescent edge

Lot: 18 - Fenton Coca Cola Hand Painted Bell

6 & 4.5” bells, 6” bell has coca cola lady and a smaller hand painted flower Pattern bell

Lot: 19 - Fenton Hand Painted Bell Lot

Three 6 to 7” bells, a pink flower bell, a sea bottom scene and a hand painted dragon fly bell.

Lot: 20 - Fenton Burmese Basketweave Rose Pattern Basket

10” tall, 2003 Heirloom Optics Collection signed by Frank Fenton

Lot: 21 - Boyd’s Bear Jointed Wood Figure Lot

Uncle Bean’s Gen-Yoo-Wine Wobbles The Boyd's Collection jointed bear, 11” giraffe & rabbit

Lot: 22 - 4 Vintage Camark Pottery Climbing Wall Cats

4 cats, 10 to 16” long

Lot: 23 - Fenton Blue Iridescent Hand Painted Vase On Glass Stand

7.25” vase plus stand, diamond Pattern With a painted flower

Lot: 24 - Fenton Hand Painted Artist Signed Vase

9” vase With Fenton Sticker

Lot: 25 - Fenton Burmese Peacock Vase

8” vase

Lot: 26 - Fenton Hand Painted Opalescent Dragonfly Vase

9” opalescent ribbed fluted edge hand painted vase With a dragonfly and flowers

Lot: 27 - Fenton Black Opaque Daffodil Vase

7.5” artist signed ruffled edge vase

Lot: 28 - Fenton Black Opaque Violet Cluster Vase

8” Artist & Fenton stamped Vase

Lot: 29 - Fenton Case Glass Highly Decorated Vase

10.5” 95 Fenton Hand Vase With ruffled edge top

Lot: 30 - Fenton Burmese Bell & Vase Lot

6” bell plus a cameo style 5” vase With a minute chip on top

Lot: 31 - Fenton Hobnail Opalescent Basket

8” twisted handle opalescent ruffled edge basket.

Lot: 32 - Fenton Iridescent Flower Art Glass Vase

10” Heirloom Optic Collection 2003 Collection signed by some Fenton's

Lot: 33 - Fenton Pink Iridescent Opalescent Rose Bowl

4” tall Lily of the Valley Pattern Rose Bowl

Lot: 34 - Fenton Case Glass Flower Hand Painted Vase

7” flowered bulbous Vase

Lot: 35 - Fenton Pink Opaque Incised Girl With Flower Vase

Petal style top With incised Girl With flower. 7.25” tall limited edition of 1500 vase

Lot: 36 - Burmese Strawberry Pattern Basket

Artist signed 7” basket

Lot: 37 - Fenton Rose Pattern Hand Painted Dresser Trinket Lidded Box

56 of 200. 6” diameter 4.5” tall swirl Pattern With hand painted Roses

Lot: 38 - Fenton Ruby Santa Fairy Lamp

5.25” tall

Lot: 39 - Burmese Dogwood Pattern Fairy Lamp

4.25” tall, Burmese top and clear bottom, this is how we found it, might be a marriage

Lot: 40 - Fenton Burmese Rose Pattern Fairy Lamp

4” tall

Lot: 41 - Mosser Glass Flower Pattern Iridescent Fairy Lamp

3.5” tall

Lot: 42 - Fenton Burmese Butterfly Flower Pattern Lidded Jar

5.75” tall

Lot: 43 - Fenton Rose Pattern Footed Iridescent Candy Jar

4.75” tall

Lot: 44 - Fenton Honor Collection 3 Piece Opalescent Flower Fairy Lamp

7” Vaseline Opalescent striped ruffled edge hand painted fairy Lamp

Lot: 45 - Fenton Fish Pattern Smoke Glass Fairy Lamp

4.5” tall

Lot: 46 - Cathay Imperial Glass Dynasty Jade Empress & Lu Tang Mandarin Bookends

7.25” tall

Lot: 47 - Jade Imperial Cathay Lidded Box & CONSOL Bowl

7.25” tall

Lot: 48 - Fenton Opaque Santa

8” Santa carrying his sac of toys

Lot: 49 - Fenton Burmese Hand Painted Southern Belle

8” Southern Belle With bonnet

Lot: 50 - Fenton 100th Year Praying Angel

7.5” tall Burmese Style Angel

Lot: 51 - Fenton Snowman Fairy Lamp

7” Artist Signed Colorful Snowman

Lot: 52 - Fenton Girl Holding Teddy Bear Figure

7” Girl holding Teddy Bear

Lot: 53 - Fenton Hand Painted Hippo

3” tall

Lot: 54 - Fenton Hand Painted Panda Bear

3.25” tall

Lot: 55 - Fenton Blue Hand Painted 75 yr. Celebration Vase

75 Year Celebration 9” Vase

Lot: 56 - Fenton Opalescent Swirl Lilac Vase

9.5” tall Vaseline multi color flower vase

Lot: 57 - Fenton Peachblow Style Flowered Compote

7” tall flowers around the bowl and base

Lot: 58 - Fenton Hand Painted Opalescent Edge Iridescent Vase

Hand painted flower Pattern 6” vase With diamond design and opalescent rim top

Lot: 59 - Fenton Opalescent Swirl Dogwood Pattern Pitcher

8” swirl pitcher With applied Green reeded handle and ruffled edge

Lot: 60 - Fenton Iris Jack In The Pulpit Vase

10.5” one of a kind hand painted vase

Lot: 61 - Fenton Burmese Swan Vase

8” ruffled edge top vase With a swan & cattail motif

Lot: 62 - Fenton Burmese Flowered Basket

9.5” white flowered basket

Lot: 63 - Fenton Green Iridescent Fish Vase

6.5” goldFish With bubbles Iridescent Vase

Lot: 64 - Fenton Burmese Dogwood Pattern Basket

9.5” flower & squiggly design

Lot: 65 - Fenton Burmese Hobnail 1996 Giftshop Basket

8” basket designed for gift shop sales

Lot: 66 - Fenton Peachblow Style Hand Painted Basket

8” basket With hand painted Roses and violets

Lot: 67 - Fenton Amethyst Hand Painted Flower Vase

8.25” grape & leaf diamond Pattern vase

Lot: 68 - Fenton Opalescent Rose Art Glass Vase

7” Opalescent Lattice Rose Pattern Vase

Lot: 69 - Fenton Case Glass Twisted Handle Flour Basket

8” orange flower iridescent Basket

Lot: 70 - Fenton Burmese Dogwood Pattern Basket

8” tall

Lot: 71 - Fenton Turned Handle Flower Basket

Lilac colored flowered basket With iridescence

Lot: 72 - Fenton Blue Iridescent Hand Painted Fan Base

5.75” tall 7.25” wide

Lot: 73 - Imperial Red Slag Toothpick & Rooster Lot

Two Toothpicks and a 4.25” rooster

Lot: 74 - Imperial Red Slag Eagle Mug & Compote Lot

6.25” tall compote and a Eagle Star 4” mug

Lot: 75 - Blue Fenton Artist Signed Vase

4” ruffled opalescent edge flower Pattern vase.

Lot: 76 - Fenton Blue Iridescent Flowered Basket

7.5” tall

Lot: 77 - Fenton Ornate Green Handled Blue Flowered Pitcher

5.75” tall applied Green handle flowered ewer

Lot: 78 - Fenton Peachblow Style Pineapple Pattern Fairy Lamp

7” tall

Lot: 79 - Fenton Burmese Swirl Design Flowered Basket

9” dogwood hand painted vase With a swirled red Pattern

Lot: 80 - Fenton Opalescent Flowered Basket

8” opalescent ribbed and turned handle

Lot: 81 - Fenton Burmese Flower Pattern Rose Bowl

4.5” tall pink ruffled edge top Rose bowl

Lot: 82 - Fenton Red & Opalescent Perfume With Heart Shaped Stopper

5.5” tall

Lot: 83 - Fenton Burmese Hand Painted Cat

This is a show stopper. 11” tall

Lot: 84 - Fenton Peachblow Style Jack In The Pulpit Vase

6.75” opalescent ribbed vase

Lot: 85 - Fenton Burmese Folded Lip Bowl

2.75” tall 5.5” wide folded lip bowl

Lot: 86 - Fenton Ruffled Edge Flowered Vase

5” tall

Lot: 87 - Green Opalescent Lattice Vase

4.5” tall

Lot: 88 - Fenton Opalescent Vaseline Basket

8” opalescent drapery Pattern basket With swirled handle

Lot: 89 - Fenton Peachblow Style Strawberry Pattern Compote

3.25” tall

Lot: 90 - Fenton Peachblow Style Rose Bowl

3.5” ruffled edge Rose bowl

Lot: 91 - Fenton Hummingbird Iridescent Heart Shaped Trinket Box

1.5” blue iridescent Heart Shaped box

Lot: 92 - Two Fenton Hand Painted Birds

One has a gloss unpainted finish and the other has a matte flower Pattern finish. 6.5” wide

Lot: 93 - Fenton Butterfly Ring Holder

4.5” tall iridescent hand painted butterfly ring holder ????

Lot: 94 - Fenton Santa Fairy Lamp

5.25” tall

Lot: 95 - Fenton Hand Painted Flower Pattern Bird

Vaseline colored 7.5” wide bird With hand painted flowers

Lot: 96 - Fenton Hand Painted Angel

6” tall, one still in the box

Lot: 97 - Fenton Hand Painted Hen On Nest

Hand painted top on Green bottom. This was together when we found it, looks right With the Green on the bottom of the top but the top fits a little loosely on the bottom.

Lot: 98 - Two Hand Painted Fenton Heart Shaped Trinket boxes

4” wide 1.75” tall artist signed

Lot: 99 - Three G.G. Weiderseim “CampBell’s Kids Artist” Framed Prints

Three 9.5x11.5” prints in inlaid frames, could be the steal of the sale

Lot: 100 - Butcher Block Table Lot

A 3x4’ table top plus three butcher block pieces, 12x25” 21x25” & 32x21”

Lot: 101 - Early Oil Lamp

Oil Lamp and a glass pumpkin

Lot: 102 - 7 Fiesta Bread Plates

7.25” diameter

Lot: 103 - Two Fiesta Bud Vases

6” tall, one still in the box

Lot: 104 - Fiesta Ivory Pitcher & Vase

9.5” vase & 6” pitcher

Lot: 105 - Fiesta Pink Tea Pot

9.5” tall

Lot: 106 - Blue Fiesta Tea Pot

7” tall

Lot: 107 - Fiesta Mug Lot

Five 3.5” mugs

Lot: 108 - Fiesta Blue Tea Pot & Mug Lot

6” mug & a 5” tea pot

Lot: 109 - Fiesta Orange Chip & Dip Set

12.5” Plate and a center dip bowl

Lot: 110 - Fiesta Orange Gravy Boat & Ornament Lot

3” ornament

Lot: 111 - Fiesta Pink Disc Pitcher

7” tall

Lot: 112 - Fiesta Plate & Bowl Lot

9 & 10.5” plates, a small saucer and two dessert bowls

Lot: 113 - Fiesta Mug Cup & Pitcher Lot

3.5” disc pitcher and 3 mugs/cups

Lot: 114 - Fiesta Salt & Pepper Lot

Four salt & peppers, a vase and a ???, one shaker has a chip on the bottom

Lot: 115 - Contemporary Santa Pottery Lot

3 stoneware style Santas plus Santa on a reindeer

Lot: 116 - Contemporary Santa Pottery Lot

4 Santas, 8 to 10” tall

Lot: 117 - Wheeling History Books Lot 1

WV in the Civil War and the Great Ohio River Flood of 1937

Lot: 118 - Wheeling History Books Lot 2

The Wheeling Family, a Celebration of Immigrants & their Neighborhoods, Volume 1 & 2

Lot: 119 - Wheeling History Books Lot 3

Legendary Locals of Wheeling and a Wheeling Trade Card Book

Lot: 120 - Wheeling History Books Lot 4

WV Civil War Soldier book plus Three Men-At-Arms Series books

Lot: 121 - Wheeling History Books Lot 5

WV Civil War Soldier book plus Three Men-At-Arms Series books

Lot: 122 - West Bend Sarah Coventry 30 cup coffee Maker

Fine Fashion Jewelry, nice kitchen display piece

Lot: 123 - Tonka Truck Lot

Mighty Tonka Hydraulic plus a smaller piece

Lot: 124 - Porcelain Flow Blue Cake Plate In Box

The Rose décor should make the cake taste better

Lot: 125 - Viking & Pilgrim Glass Lot

8” Green Viking compote With label plus

Lot: 126 - Blenko Candlestick Holder Lot

Two With labels and the oval ones might be Blenko

Lot: 127 - Single Door Metal Utility Cupboard

15” wide 63” tall

Lot: 128 - Double door Metal Utility Cupboard

30” wide 63” tall

Lot: 129 - Three Jim Shore Figures

7 to 12” tall

Lot: 130 - Three Jim Shore Figures

as pictured

Lot: 131 - Two Jim Shore Figures In boxes

Let the Magic Begin (witch) and Angel quilting

Lot: 132 - Three Jim Shore Figures In Boxes

Santa/Pear Tree, Snowman With String of lights & Santa Nutcracker Figurines

Lot: 133 - Three Jim Shore Figures In Boxes

Santa/Cane, Santa Holding Star & Santa Birdhouse Figures

Lot: 134 - Boyd’s Bear Lot

Some unopened in boxes

Lot: 135 - Boyd’s Bear Lot

Some unopened in boxes plus two Disney Showcase Collection Figures

Lot: 136 - Cracker Barrel Green Santa Cookie Jar

12.5” Plate and a center dip bowl

Lot: 137 - Fenton Green Iridescent Fish & Duck Pattern Vase

7.5” tall

Lot: 138 - Fenton Green Iridescent Butterfly Pattern Lidded Dish

2” tall 6.5” diameter

Lot: 139 - Fenton Green Iridescent Cat Candy Dish With Lid

8” tall With label

Lot: 140 - Fenton Green Iridescent Compote With Fish Handles

5” tall, all these Green pieces have labels

Lot: 141 - Fenton Green Iridescent Vase & Candy Dish Lot

8.5” vase and a 4” square candy Dish With a Fish finial

Lot: 142 - Germany Childs Circus Dish Set & Fenton Lot

Childs Tea Set marked Germany With circus scenes plus a lidded Heart Shaped unmarked Fenton Dresser Dish

Lot: 143 - Two Totes Full of Christmas Items

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments, stuffed animals, Angel, Shiny Bright Ornaments plus

Lot: 144 - PETCO Training Cage Plus Table SCLoth/Pillow Lot

A 400 series pet crate pus Christmas, tablecloths & pillows on top of it

Lot: 145 - Two Totes of Easter Items

Two Totes of Easter Items

Lot: 146 - Two Totes of Easter Items

Two Totes of Easter Items

Lot: 147 - Two Totes of Easter Items

Two Totes of Easter Items

Lot: 148 - Crafts & Laundry Basket Lot

Craft kits, Patterns, materials plus a cloths basket full of goodies

Lot: 149 - 4 Country Style Maple Seat Chairs

Painted white With maple refinished seats

Lot: 150 - Vintage Childs Playskool Rocker and Magazine Rack

Vintage Childs Playskool Rocker and Magazine Rack

Lot: 151 - Box Full of Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments Plus

Box Full of Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments Plus

Lot: 152 - Box Full of Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments Plus

Plus a laundry basket full of linens & misc.

Lot: 153 - AnnaLee Doll Christmas & Candle Lot

7 Annalee Dolls, figurines, puzzles and misc.

Lot: 154 - JCPenney MCS Series Hi-Fi Stereo

Model 2242 Includes owners manual, stereo and two speakers. Stereo includes turntable, tuner, amp, dual cassette player and a Digital Compact Disc Player

Lot: 155 - CD Lot

Brad Paisley, Barry Manilow, Sheryl Crow, Jewell, Neil Diamond, Christmas, 5 dozen plus CDs

Lot: 156 - Entrance Way Table

26” tall 4’x15” top

Lot: 157 - 50 Year Anniversary Clock Lot

Happy 50th Anniversary Mom & Dad, if you need one you in luck. Throwing in some misc.

Lot: 158 - Wreath & Craft Lot

A fancy wreath and a 23” wood craft church

Lot: 159 - Table and Lamp Lot

Nice brass Lamp With 6 glass panels plus a particle board table

Lot: 160 - Imperial Smoke Glass Paneled Sherbet Lot

15+ 6.5” Henry Ford Style Sherbets

Lot: 161 - 7 Imperial Ruby Glasses

7 Imperial Ruby Glasses

Lot: 162 - Cobalt Blue Glass Lot

A 6” compote, a optic style pitcher With applied handle, powder jar plus

Lot: 163 - 3 Piece Coffee & End Table Set

2x4’ 16” tall coffee table plus two 22x26” 21” tall matching end tables

Lot: 164 - Dining Room Buffet

3 drawer two door 54” wide 39” tall buffet. Queen Anne style legs and some nice hardware

Lot: 165 - 9 Piece Duncan Phyfe Style Dining Room Set

Includes a table With Duncan Phyfe style legs, two extension boards and 6 Rose Carved chairs

Lot: 166 - Dining Room Arm chair

upholstery matches the last lot (dining room Set). 34” tall

Lot: 167 - Cherry Drop Leaf Gate Leg Table

28x42” top 30” tall With 19” extensions on each side. One of the gate legs needs glued on bottom. Table is very clean and has a nice finish

Lot: 168 - Butterfly Flower Leaded Glass Style Lamp

Has a tree trunk style base With a butterfly flower motif shade. Newer Lamp

Lot: 169 - Blenko Amber & Clear Glass Vase

13.5” tall With amber color glass base and top rim, has no sticker

Lot: 170 - Blenko Green Bulbous Vase

15.5” tall

Lot: 171 - Blenko Cobalt Hand Crafted Vase

13.5” vase With clear Handles

Lot: 172 - Blenko Green & Clear Hand Crafted Vase

8.5” tall With label plus a Green glass base and Handles

Lot: 173 - Pilgrim Glass Vase Lot

13” vase With label plus another décor piece

Lot: 174 - Fenton 8.5” Hand Painted Candy Box

Cobalt blue With a winter snowman scene

Lot: 175 - Cobalt Blue Hand Painted Lot

could be Fenton or West Moreland. A hand painted candlestick and button/daisy Pattern skillet plus two other pieces

Lot: 176 - West Moreland Hand Painted Lattice Edge Plate Lot

8.5” plates With snow/girl/dog scenes

Lot: 177 - Fenton & Viking Plate Lot

Viking Christmas scene 8.5 & 9” plates plus a Fenton Christmas Plate

Lot: 178 - Fenton Pinecone Hand Painted Basket

11” basket With Fenton Label & Price tag

Lot: 179 - Blenko & Crackle Glass Vase Lot

8” crackle glass amber ruby vase and a 11” Blenko amber base fluted vase With roughness around the top

Lot: 180 - Fenton Green Opalescent Vase & Basket Lot

7” ruffled edge opalescent leaf & flower motif basket and a 3.5” bowl

Lot: 181 - Fenton Burmese Pitcher With Rose Basket Weave Pattern

7” vase With reeded handle and Fenton Label

Lot: 182 - Fenton Fairy Lamp and Vase Lot

4” ruffled edge hand painted flower vase and a 6” fairy Lamp

Lot: 183 - Fenton Blue Iridescent Fish Vase

6.5” tall With

Lot: 184 - Artist Signed Vase Lot

A pair of artist signed 7.5” vases, 6.5” ruby and 8” amber vases, a Green basket and a art glass small bowl

Lot: 185 - Hand Painted Fairy Lamp Lot

3 Pilgrim Glass pieces, a 8” fruit motif milk glass base fairy Lamp, frosted hen on nest plus

Lot: 186 - Hand Painted Opalescent Rim Fenton Basket

10” basket With hand painted sunflowers and the label

Lot: 187 - Fenton Gold Speckled Rose Pattern Vase and Bell Lot

7” bell and a 6” vase

Lot: 188 - Fenton Gold Speckled Rose Pattern Basket

7.5” basket plus another basket

Lot: 189 - Fenton Heart Shaped Trinket Box Hand Painted Lot

Cherry/Berry & White Flower Trinket boxes

Lot: 190 - Fenton Bowl, Hat & Music Box Lot

A ruffled edge 6.5” Flower design bowl, hat and a music box bell

Lot: 191 - Fenton Three Foot Leaf & Flower Rose Bowl

4” tall

Lot: 192 - Fenton Ruffled Edge Iridescent Flower Pattern Vase

5.25” tall

Lot: 193 - Fenton Vase Lot

3.5 & 4.5” vases, the Green vase With a blue rim has a Fenton sticker on it and the taller one is artist signed

Lot: 194 - Fenton Swan Pattern Vase

8” tall With ruffled edge top and a Fenton Sticker

Lot: 195 - Fenton Basket Lot

6.5 & 7” baskets

Lot: 196 - Fiesta Lime Bulbous Pitcher

8” tall

Lot: 197 - Fiesta Lime Disc Pitcher

7.5” tall

Lot: 198 - Fiesta Oval Plate Mug & Shaker Lot

9.5x13” oval plate, a pair of 5” shakers and a Fiesta Kitchen Theme Mug

Lot: 199 - Fiesta Lime Bowl Lot

9.5” serving bowl plus 7 & 5.5” bowls

Lot: 200 - Fiesta Lime Plate & Disc Pitcher Lot

10.5” plate, 9” shallow bowl and a small disc pitcher

Lot: 201 - Closet Shelf Lot

Decor glass bottles, Christmas, Lamp shade, Doll plus

Lot: 202 - Hamilton Beach Drink Master New In Box

Box was never opened until I checked it, new in box With brochures, Model 727W

Lot: 203 - Country Drop Leaf Square Leg Painted Table

29” tall 22x42” top, has a rounded leaf on one side and none on the other

Lot: 204 - Pilgrim Glass Vase and CONSOL Bowl Lot

11” slag style bowl 5” tall and a 10.5” bottle vase. CONSOL bowl has a label and small chip on top

Lot: 205 - Fenton Rose Bowl & Candlestick Pair

Green Glass bowl & candlesticks With a gold flower decoration

Lot: 206 - Two Fenton Iridescent Baskets

A 7.5” Green opalescent basket With a lavender handle plus a 7” basket. The 7.5” basket has damage as pictured

Lot: 207 - Two Art Glass Style Hurricane Vases

6.5 & 8” tall

Lot: 208 - Frosted Opalescent Swirl Electrified Lamp

17” tall With a nice ruffled blue edge

Lot: 209 - Fenton Opalescent Swirl Blue Rimmed Bowl & Vase

10” diameter bowl and a 3.5” tall vase

Lot: 210 - Fenton Heart Shaped Lidded Dresser Dish

7.5x8.5” Iridescent berry Pattern Heart Shaped Dish

Lot: 211 - Fenton Hand Painted Cherry flower & Leaf Bowl

9” diameter

Lot: 212 - Pilgrim Glass Style 14” Owl Vase

No label but it could be pilgrim glass. Rare brown amber glass piece

Lot: 213 - Carpathian Art Case Glass End of Day Style Vase

9” tall With sticker, made in Poland

Lot: 214 - Fenton Blue Glass Lot

11.5” bud vase and two Fenton marked bowls, 8 & 9.5” diameters. Slag style bud vase, opaque flower Pattern bowl and a opalescent leaf flower bowl

Lot: 215 - Fenton Silvercrest Hand Painted Vase & Bowl Lot

4.5 & 6” vases and a 7.25” ruffled amber edge bowl

Lot: 216 - Ruffled Edge Early Art CaseGlass Vase

Pink Green & white 8.5” vase With minute silver flakes

Lot: 217 - Fenton Case Glass Highly Decorated Vase

7” vase With hand painted flowers and gold relief

Lot: 218 - Lenox Lot

Lenox 6” sunflower vase, triangular bowl and swan plus a Willow Tree angel and a damaged Hummel

Lot: 219 - Fenton Powder Box Lot

A 4” diameter lidded powder box, a shoe and a 7” girl holding a bouquet

Lot: 220 - Fenton Fairy Lamp Lot

A 6.25” art glass bunny With a butterfly on its nose and Fenton Fairy Lamps, bases & tops may not match

Lot: 221 - Don Drum Gallery Sunshine Art Glass Bowl

3 leg 7” diameter bowl

Lot: 222 - Fenton Butterfly Basket & Covered Candy Lot

6.5” footed basket and a 8” orange candy Dish

Lot: 223 - Fenton Winter Scene Cardinal Fairy Lamp

5” tall

Lot: 224 - Fenton Cranberry Hand Painted Fairy Lamp

5” tall

Lot: 225 - Sportsmaster Stainless Steel Penknife

Made in the USA. 9” opened

Lot: 226 - Franklin Mint Fredericksburg Robert E Lee Limited Edition Knife

7” opened

Lot: 227 - Bin Full of Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

Bin Full of Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments

Lot: 228 - Bin Full of AnnaLee Dolls

Bin Full of AnnaLee Dolls

Lot: 229 - More Details To Come

More Details To Come

Lot: 230 - Box Full of Fenton & Glassware

Box Full of Fenton & Glassware

Lot: 231 - Box of Seasonal

Christmas & Christmas

Lot: 232 - 3’ Feather Tree

If you call yourself a antique collector you should have a feather tree

Lot: 233 - 30 Pieces Plus Imperial Candlewick

Two cake stands, compotes, candlestick and misc.

Lot: 234 - Imperial Sweeny Bowl Lot

Two 7”, 12.5” and a couple of bottoms

Lot: 235 - Fenton Art Glass Iridescent Vase

A blue rough finish, almost crackle glass 12” vase

Lot: 236 - Brass Fenton Amethyst Flower Shade Lamp

19.5” tall

Lot: 237 - Fenton Hand Painted Bell Lot

Dogwood bell music box,, Manger Scene & Winter scene bells

Lot: 238 - Fenton frosted Blue Dragon Footed Candy Dish

Unmarked and could be Fenton, 7” tall With a shell finial and three dragon/Fish legs

Lot: 239 - Viking & Fenton Fairy Lamp Lot

A Viking 4.75” smoke glass fairy Lamp, a Green Fenton fairy Lamp plus some parts

Lot: 240 - Cobalt Viking Fish Dragon Candy Tray

5.5” tall, 10” diameter

Lot: 241 - Large Fenton Jade Iridescent Flower Pattern Tray

14” diameter With Fenton sticker

Lot: 242 - Box Full of Fenton Boxes

Everyone knows a items value doubles when its in the box, here’s a couple dozen Fenton Art Glass Boxes

Lot: 243 - Fenton & Misc. Box

Don’t let these next 15 lots go by, we need to clean up and these boxes are stacked

Lot: 244 - Pink Depression & Misc. Box

Pink Depression & Misc. Box

Lot: 245 - Fenton & Shelf Contents

Fenton Manger Plate and farm scene vase plus several other pieces

Lot: 246 - Fenton & Viking Lot

Don’t go asleep on these

Lot: 247 - Cranberry Pilgrim Glass Box

A couple pieces are chipped but its good quality glassware

Lot: 248 - Cobalt Pilgrim & Blenko Glass Lot

Vases, bottles, a bird, glasses & misc.

Lot: 249 - Blenko & Clear Glass Lot

Heavy Glass Candlesticks, a frog , Lamp, Santa & misc.

Lot: 250 - Milk Glass & Imperial Cathay Lot

Vases, compotes & frosted glass pieces

Lot: 251 - Clear Glass Lot

Early Column Candlesticks plus

Lot: 252 - Pilgrim Amber Glass Lot

A large Pilgrim bulbous vase plus another one, pink depression pitcher plus

Lot: 253 - Fiesta Lot

A orange covered serving bowl, cups, mugs and a pink candlestick

Lot: 254 - Christmas & Boyd’s Bears Lot

Wrapping paper, Boyd’s bears in boxes plus misc. Christmas

Lot: 255 - Corncob Style Blenko Vase

11” vase graduates from a brown base to a lilac top

Lot: 256 - Cobalt Viking Fish Dragon Lidded Candy Dish

6.5” tall, dragon footed candy With a shell finial

Lot: 257 - Frosted Fenton Fish Bowl

3.75” tall 8.25” diameter artist signed bowl

Lot: 258 - Char-Broil Quantum Commercial Gas Grill

This hasn’t been used for a couple of Years. A little elbow grease and you’ll have yourself a real cooker

Lot: 259 - Tryme Brand Wood Fruit Crate

Oranges Grapefruit

Lot: 260 - More Details To Come

More Details To Come

Lot: 261 - MacDonalds Pizza Hut 1980s Return of the Jedi Star Wars Glass & Starwars Sleeping Bag Lot

At least 3 Return of the Jedi glasses, ET glasses and Hamburglar Series glasses plus a sleeping bag

Lot: 262 - Lodge 4 QT. Iron Skillet With Lid

Marked USA 8cf on bottom

Lot: 263 - Domestic Rotary Sewing Machine With Cabinet

Plus the drawer contents

Lot: 264 - Pair Of Filing Cabinets With keys

Two 2 drawer filing cabinets

Lot: 265 - Two Drawer Heavy Duty Filing Cabinet

Must have been a WVU fan

Lot: 266 - 5 Metal Foldup Chairs

4 matching plus a odd chair

Lot: 267 - Heritage Collection Dickens Village

4 buildings, 14 pc village Landscape plus other pieces

Lot: 268 - Game & Season Series DVD Lot

Seasons of Sex and the City, Mary Tyler Moore Show plus several good movies

Lot: 269 - Two End Of The Day Art Glass Spatter Glass Vases

8 & 9” tall

Lot: 270 - Fenton Angle Lot

A red & pink 6” slag style and a clear iridescent 7” angle

Lot: 271 - Fenton Hand Painted Butterfly/Moth

4.5” hand painted moth With sticker and artist signed

Lot: 272 - Fenton Moth on Stand

3.5” pink & white unmarked moth on brass stand

Lot: 273 - Boxed Fenton Nativity Shepherd Set

Hand Painted two Shepherds and a lamb, Shepherds are 4.5 & 6.5” tall, artist signed and hand painted

Lot: 274 - Minolta Maxxum Stsi With Case & Three lenses

Was bought in 2000. Body comes With a attached 28-80mm lens, a 100-300 mm zoom which was all together in the case and we’re adding a Quantaray Sequence 70-210 mm zoom which was in a different Room of the house.

Lot: 275 - Purse Lot 1

8 purses, most of these are new, some have price tags $150 plus

Lot: 276 - Purse Lot 2

8 purses, most of these are new, some have price tags $150 plus

Lot: 277 - Purse Lot 3

8 purses, most of these are new, some have price tags $150 plus

Lot: 278 - Purse Lot 4

8 purses, most of these are new, some have price tags $150 plus

Lot: 279 - Purse Lot 5

8 purses, most of these are new, some have price tags $150 plus

Lot: 280 - Purse Lot 6

7 purses, most of these are new With tags

Lot: 281 - Purse Lot 7

7 purses, most of these are new With tags

Lot: 282 - Purse Lot 8

7 purses, most of these are new With tags

Lot: 283 - Oak 4 Door Ball & Claw Display Cabinet

Two adjustable inner shelves, nice clean oak piece With ball and claw feet. 50” wide 42” tall

Lot: 284 - Early Heavy Brass Floor Lamp

58” tall, heavy floor Lamp With a swirl bottom & lower finial

Lot: 285 - 3 Tier Glass Shelf

41” tall 27” wide chrome finish glass 3 tier shelf

Lot: 286 - Cracker Barrel Reproduction Jade Santa Plate

Jade glass reproduction 11” Santa plate

Lot: 287 - Libbey Fiesta Goblet & Glass Lot

Eight 7” goblets, eight 6” and two 4.5” glasses

Lot: 288 - Precious Moment Figure & Christmas Ornament Lot

7 boxed figurines and two Lead Crystal Dated Ornaments

Lot: 289 - Lenox Ornament Lot

6 Lenox boxed ornaments, one Wedgwood ornament plus misc.

Lot: 290 - Spode & Art Glass Lot

Spode, Annalee, candlesticks, art glass and a Viking 17” bud vase

Lot: 291 - Oak Roll Top Desk With Chair

10 drawer roll top desk With fancy brass pulls plus the chair that was used With it. 47” tall 50” wide, roll top works

Lot: 292 - Maple One Drawer Night Stand

2’ tall 14” wide

Lot: 293 - Oak Style 6 Shelf Bookcase

5 adjustable shelves, doesn’t include the items on it. 32” wide 79” tall

Lot: 294 - Picture Lamp & Fan Lot

A couple needlepoint pictures, dresser Lamps With butterfly shades, crafty Uncle Sam, fan plus

Lot: 295 - Seasonal Pillow Lot

Pillows cover all the seasons, Halloween, 4th July, winter plus

Lot: 296 - Lot of Boyd’s Bears & Stuffed Animals

Three trash bags full, a set of boxed Boyd’s bears, Annalee plus

Lot: 297 - More Details To Come

More Details To Come

Lot: 298 - Comfortable Grey Love Seat

66” wide, the sofas and chairs were bought 6 or 7 Years ago. I tried it out (Don’t tell Jim) and its comfortable and looks like it was well cared for.

Lot: 299 - 3 Piece Bed Room Set

Includes the bed and two matching night stands

Lot: 300 - Picture & Nesting Bird Lamp Lot

A 32x36” flower picture, two other pictures & a metal nesting bird Lamp

Lot: 301 - Boyd’s Porcelain Doll Lot

12+ Porcelain Dolls, mostly Boyd’s Limited Edition Dolls

Lot: 302 - Boyd’s Noah’s Ark Lot

Wooden Noah’s Ark With some paired animals plus others plus you get a round table

Lot: 303 - Crockpot, Plastic & Glassware Lot

A Rival Crockpot, swan & decorative glass plate & bowl Lot

Lot: 304 - Tin Rooster Decor Lot

Three tin roosters, pot holder, s/p plus

Lot: 305 - Saw Level & Screwdriver Lot

Plus chisels, rubber mallet, crowbar plus

Lot: 306 - Rachet Socket Set Lot

Socket Set, screwdrivers, hammer, pipe wrench, chalk line, stapler plus

Lot: 307 - Hardware Lot

Caulking, plumbing, nails, screws, 220 range hookups, plus

Lot: 308 - Craftsman Tool Box & Contents

Tool box, crescent wrench, channel lock, wire cutters

Lot: 309 - Drill Bit & Door Hole Cutout Lot

Lots of drill bits, cutouts, extensions plus

Lot: 310 - 1980s Construction Miners Helmets

Green and Patriotic helmets

Lot: 311 - Spode & Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Lot

Getting close to the last of the ornaments

Lot: 312 - Osmond's & Museum Collection Annalee Doll Lot

2 Museum Collection Annalee Dolls & Limited Edition Fine Porcelain Donnie & Marie boxed Dolls

Lot: 313 - Annalee, Boyd’s Bear & Hallmark Ornament Lot

Christmas is only 8 months away, best to save now

Lot: 314 - Blenko Christmas Lot

Blenko candlestick, Santas, a rocking deer and boxed home interiors

Lot: 315 - Tin Cutout & Craft Lot

Angel, Easter, Halloween & Patriotic tin craft cutouts plus

Lot: 316 - Slide Projector Picture & Christmas Lot

Slide Projector & screen, picture, Christmas ornaments, night stick, foldup chair plus

Lot: 317 - Foot Locker and Old Newspaper Lot

A wood box With Handles plus old newspapers and magazines

Lot: 318 - LE Smith Halloween Plate Lot

Plates, trays, a new box of cutlery, Pumpkin Plate Plus

Lot: 319 - Pair of Wood Bookshelves

Pair of 2’ wide 29” tall bookshelves

Lot: 320 - Glass & Stainless Table

20x26” top 19’ tall glass top and bottom table

Lot: 321 - Tote & Christmas Lot

Three totes, one filled With bulbs, carolers, Annalee, Beanies plus and you’re also getting some Wearever Cookware

Lot: 322 - Lane Cedar Chest

Nice and clean inside, includes the key and needs a little work. If you live in Georgia, you probably don’t want to buy this and deal With the shipping charges

Lot: 323 - Fenton Art Glass Ribbed Vase

5.75” ribbed vase that graduates from blue on the bottom to cranberry on top

Lot: 324 - Fenton Hand Painted Rose Bowl & Deer Lot

A Ruffled edge 3.25” bowl and a winter scene deer With a chip on the ear

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