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  • Lot# 1 - WWll war ration book four

    Lot# 1 - WWll war ration book four

  • Lot# 2 - WWll trench whistle

    Lot# 2 - WWll trench whistle

  • Lot# 3 - American legion and vfw hats

    Lot# 3 - American legion and vfw hats

  • Lot# 4 - Viet nam era u s army first aid

    Lot# 4 - Viet nam era u s army first aid

this is a small collection of different items for military to beanie babies, wwll items, viet nam, old coins, 60,70 and 80s music. 1930s milkshake mixers, video games, vintage pocket watches, straight razors, some items are very rare

1 - WWll war ration book four 2 war ration books. In excellent shape considering their age.

2 - WWll trench whistle Official military brass whistle made in the USA has original chain

3 - American legion and vfw hats VFW post commander hat life member American Legion honor guard hat

4 - Viet nam era u s army first aid kit Land manufacturing, u s army first aid kit. With all contents

5 - Military helmet insert Viet nam era helmet insert

6 - Military ammo pouches 2 viet nam era small arms ammo pouches. Still in great shape

7 - Military mess kit Really nice military mess kit, used before mre’s.

8 - Military canteens Canteens from 2 different eras of the military

9 - Military pouches 3 military pouches. 2 are first aid detesting pouches the other one all I can read is the date 1953

10 - CSA southern honor cross grave maker An exact replica of the turn of the century confederate iron grave markers

11 - viet nam era tent pegs 1956 Elrod tent stacks

12 - Military tent/poncho stacks 24 tent/poncho stacks and a few ropes.

13 - 1952 military fuse rocket dummy m-405 Korean War era fuse rocket dummy m-405 dated 11-52. These were used for practice training

14 - Military MASH unit tent hammer This is a military large tent stack hammer. Used for MASH and kitchen units. Has writing on it

15 - Pre-WWll valentines cards Vintage valentines cards from students

16 - Pre-WWll valentines cards Vintage valentines cards from students

17 - Pre-WWll valentines cards Vintage valentines cards from students

18 - Pre-war valentines cards Vintage valentines cards from students

19 - Pre-WWll valentines cards Vintage valentines cards from students

20 - Pre-WWll valentines cards Vintage valentines cards from students

21 - Pre-WWll valentines cards Vintage valentines cards from students

22 - Pre-WWll valentines cards Vintage valentines cards from students

23 - Pre-WWll valentines cards Vintage valentines cards from students

24 - Aqua man comics Group of aqua man comics in plastic covers

25 - Group of Spider-Man comics Group of 5 Spider-Man comics including the 30 anniversary of Spider-Man

26 - Mixed lot of comics Turok, justice league, iceman,

27 - Group of spawn comics Lot of 5 spawn comics, includes 4 #1s

28 - Legends of the dark knight Lot of 5. Batman legends of the dark knight

29 - Wolverine comics Lot of 5 wolverine comics all in plastic sleeves

30 - 5 sports classics magazine 1950 5 sports classic magazine in pretty good shape for its age

31 - Wolverine comics Lot of 5 Wolverine comics

32 - Red hood arsenal Lot of 5 red hood arsenal comics in plastic covers

33 - Group of mixed comics Avengers, Thor, x-man, night glider

34 - Group of DC comics Lot of 4 DC comics and zombie zero preview

35 - Xbox 360 games Lot of 4 Xbox 360 games, Medal of Honor, sniper, assassins creed 1&2

36 - Xbox 360 games Lot of 5 Xbox 360 games. Guitar hero ll, rock band, marvel ultimate alliance, madden 09, nfl tour

37 - Pop hero Funky pops Batman tv series the joker #44.

38 - Marvel funky pops Marvel #28 Logan funky pop.

39 - PlayStation 2 games Lot of 4 PlayStation 2 games dark alliance ll, destroy all humans 1&2, LOR the return of the king

40 - Nintendo games 2 nintendo games tresure planet, Mario kart super circuit and a GameCube memory card

41 - Star magazine Special memorial issue of the star magazine. Princess Diana, August 31 2022 will mark the 25th anniversary of her death. This is a great addition to a collection

42 - Motown music Lot of 6 albums Michael Jackson, Jackson 5, tina turner, commodores, the supremes, nat king Cole

43 - 50-60s music The four seasons, bobby vinton

44 - The osmonds Lot of 6 osmond albums

45 - 60-70s music Lot of 3 albums, bread, beach boys, the monkeys

46 - Mixed music Lot of 5 albums. Leif Garrett, emerson-lake, Eddie money, Melissa Manchester, Emerson lake & palmer

47 - Story albums Lot of 3 story albums Peter and the wolf by Walt Disney, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer by Peter Pan records, the chipmunk song by diplomat records

48 - Country music albums Lot of 5 country music albums Barbara mandrel, willie Nelson, Johnny cash, Tom Jones, willie Nelson and ray price

49 - 1950 Lionel train set 1950 Lionel train set in original boxes and original shipping box. No. 50. Gang car No. 6462 gondola car No. 6019 remote control track set(wires cracking) No. 6357 caboose No. 2046W. Tender with whistle No. 6464 western pacific box car No. 6415 tank car No. 2046 engine All books. Rare find

50 - Military infantry manual 1959 US Army infantry troop leader manual, in great shape

51 - Dummy rounds WWll Lot of 3 dummy rounds from WWll 20mm m21a 1943 131 e 1943 37mm m17 1942

52 - Misc military items WWll garrison, machine gun cleaning kit. Not complete, military map of Germany

53 - Military ammo can WWll 30 cal. M19 ammo can by Rudy in great shape

54 - Miniature pewter plates Lot of 10 miniature pewter plates. Was told they were made in Holland. But don’t quote me on that. Lol

55 - Miniature pewter plates Lot of 10 miniature pewter plates was told they were made in Holland but don’t quote me on that

56 - Flute Tribal flute from Columbia south america

57 - Jamaican bamboo rod Vintage 2 piece Jamaican bamboo rod by horrocks ibbotson company

58 - Cigarette case Late 20s early 30s cigarette case by swank does show wear.

59 - Vintage 8mm camera Bell & Howell zoom reflex 8mm camera mid century This camera has early animation capability. Come with case, and 2 film cartridges.

60 - Vintage ford wrenches Antique vintage FORD open end wrench tool. Car M -(1)

61 - Frankoma pitcher Nice frankoma pitcher. Does have a hairline crack and flea bite on lid

62 - Shirley temple creamer Cobalt blue Shirley temple creamer

63 - Knives Lot of 3 knives

64 - Knives Lot of 4 knives and a cigar cutter

65 - Knife princess Di A nice tribute knife to princess di, we are coming up on the 25th anniversary of her death

66 - Knives Misc lot of knives.

67 - Hammer Geo. D. Schwartz Mfg crafting hammer with elk antler handle. Very rare

68 - License plates License plates and trims off a 1965 mustang

69 - Coca cola 2-3" Coca Cola fridge magnets

70 - 70s & 80s rock band albums Foreigner, lover boy, queen, pat benatar

71 - Bates 501 Vintage bates 501, address finder never used in excellent condition

72 - Lord of the ring Lot of 3 LOR pewter figures I believe they are from the monopoly game. And Excalibur casino lady of the lake gaming token

73 - Occupied japan figurines Lot of 3 occupied japan figures

74 - Vintage doll furniture Set of table and chairs vintage doll furniture. Made in Japan.

75 - Tex ritter Autographed photo of Tex Ritter and Flash from monogram studios Hollywood California. Around 1938 Comes with original mailing envelope

76 - The lovable sweethearts of WWVA Vintage 1938 introduction of the radios only blind twins, Maxine and Eileen newcomer.

77 - Doll furniture Vintage doll dresser

78 - American legion garrison hats Meigs county DAV aux hat and legion hat. Great condition

79 - 1920 Waltham pocket watch This is an American Waltham hand-rolled railway clock produced in 1920-21, it was adopted as a railway clock in the US and was used as a railway clock before a domestic clock was manufactured in japan.

80 - Westclox pocket watch 1950s westclox pocket Ben watch.

81 - Hampden diadem watch Hampden diadem gold filled duver case.

82 - Lucerne Swiss made fob watch Vintage Lucerne ladies fob watch

83 - Lift arm lighter Vintage 1920s lift arm light

84 - Blue glaze straight razor 1920s blue glaze straight razor with hand carved ivory handles. Very sharp.

85 - ERN straight razor 1920s ERN straight razor made in Germany ivory carved handle

86 - Case straight razor Vintage CASE 11/16" square point red imp straight razor

87 - Boatswain whistle Pre WWll boatswain whistle this item is sterling silver

88 - Siren whistle Early acme siren whistle. Solid brass. Works great.

89 - Pre-WWll compass 1930s military compass made in occupied japan. Works great

90 - Vintage bottle Rochester germicide co bottle. Pat. Jan 25, 1888

91 - Misc lot Kerry/edwards campaign button Mobilgas patch Elvis button and pin L&m cigarette light

92 - Vintage WWll post card WWll needle point post card in awesome shape

93 - WWll post card WWll post card needle point. From France

94 - WWll post card WWll post card needle point from France

95 - WWll post card WWll souvenir post card from France

96 - WWll silk hanky WWll silk needle point hanky from France

97 - 1940s French post cards Lot of 1940s French post cards

98 - Souvenir pictures Lot of 1940 souvenir photos of canton Ohio, WV, Niagara Falls Tennessee mountains

99 - Holy land Holy land mementos. Christmas greetings from Bethlehem. 1959

100 - Silk souvenir 1940s silk souvenir from Italy

101 - 1940s silk pillow case 1940s silk pillow case. Was told it was purchased at camp shenango some of the trim has came loose

102 - Vintage post cards Vintage post cards from France. 1940s

103 - Army post cards Lot of 5 1944 army post cards.

104 - WWll US Army post card book 1940s US Army humoristic post cards

105 - WWll US Navy post cards 1940s US Navy humoristic post cards

106 - 1940s silk table cloth 1940s silk table cloth bought in Africa during WWll

107 - 1940s silk table cloth 1940s silk table cloth was bought during WWll in africa

108 - 1930s milkshake mixer Gilchrist no. 22 milkshake mixer with factor cup. Plugged in and works

109 - 1930s milkshake mixer 1930s Hamilton Beach no. 10 milkshake mixer with factor cup. Plugged in and does work

110 - 1930s milkshake mixer 1930s Arnold’s no.15 milkshake mixer with factor cup plugged in and works

111 - Colibri pocket watch Colibri pocket watch Swiss quartz

112 - Knives Lot of 4 pocket knives.

113 - Knives Lot of 4 knives

114 - Knives Lot of 4 pocket knives

115 - 48 star flag 2. 48 star flags. 1 is 4’x6’. The other is 4"x6”

116 - Th new 52 Lot of 7. New 52. Batman comics

117 - The new 52 Lot of 10. New 52 Batman comics

118 - The new 52 Lot of 10. New 52 Batman comics

119 - The new 52 Lot of 10. New 52 Batman comics

120 - Dc comics Lot of 10. DC. Red hood comics

121 - DC & Marvel comics Lot of 10 comics

122 - DC & Marvel comics Lot of 11 comics

123 - DC comics Lot of 7 DC comics

124 - DC & marvel comics Lot of 10. DC & Marvel comics

125 - Lot of mixed comics Lot of 10. Mixed comics

126 - Art Deco ashtray Vintage Art Deco greyhound ash tray

127 - 1922 silver peace dollar 1922 silver peace dollar.

128 - 1923 peace dollar 1923 peace dollar. 90% silver

129 - 1923 peace dollar 1923 peace dollar. 90% silver

130 - 1890 morgan 1890 morgan silver dollar

131 - Ben franklin 1951 Ben Franklin half dollar

132 - Ben franklin 1954 Ben franklin half dollar

133 - Walking liberty Lot of 3, walking liberty half dollars. 1942, 1943, 1943

134 - Morgan dollar 1896 morgan silver dollar

135 - Oil painting Original oil painting of civil war general John Buford by artist Mark Maritato. Comes with letter and receipt from original sale. Professionally framed

136 - 1993 beanie baby 1993 magenta Patti beanie baby, one of the original 9, never played with has all original tags

137 - WWll extreme weather sleeping bag US Army Air Forces artic sleeping bag down filled the Army Air Forces was disbanded in 1947.

138 - Viet Nam memorial drawing Viet Nam drawing by Gary Fussner. Signed and dated. 1 of a kind

139 - Desert storm drawing Drawing by gary fussner signed and dated

140 - Vintage dolls Lot of 3 vintage dolls Woman missing arms

141 - Vintage medical 1930s. Medical device.

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