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Wed Dec 08 - 06:00PM

17 Holden Road, Columbia City, IN Click to Map

Metzger Property Services

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Auctioneer ID#: 2004

Phone: 260-982-0238

License: AU10200057

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Bid now through Wednesday, December 8, 2021!
Pickup December 9, 2021 at 17 Holden Rd, Columbia City, IN 46725!
Auction Manager, Brent Ruckman: 260-609-2155


1 Carol D Binkley
100 Marble elephant and donkey
101 Coca-Cola truck assortment
102 US mail trucks
103 Bird figurines and wood mailbox
104 Garden gathering josh guge Danbury mint
105 Autumn chorus Josh guge Danbury mint
106 Winter gathering Bob guge Danbury mint
107 Pecking order josh guge Danbury mint
108 Family outing Danbury mint
109 Porcelain bird bell
110 The Patriarch Danbury mint
111 Waterfront gathering Danbury mint
112 Thomas Kinkade painter of light candle holder
113 Bohemian glass cruet Handpainted
114 Cut to clear Ruby cruet
115 Carmel slag glass cruet
116 Porcelain mini pitcher and vase
117 Norman Rockwell and assorted figurines
118 Battery operated Christmas village
119 Thomas Kinkade Battery operated Christmas village
120 Thomas Kinkade Battery operated Christmas village
121 Thomas Kinkade Battery operated Christmas village
122 Clown statue signed
123 Figurines assortment
124 Boyd’s bear assortment
125 Canine and deer, miscellaneous
126 Dog figurines
127 Collectibles assortment
128 Boyd’s bear assortment
129 Boyd’s bear assortment
130 Brass table lamp
131 Side cabinet 35x14x29
132 Handpainted hurricane lamp works
133 Stamp kit
134 DVD and VHS assortment
135 Seiko wall clock battery operated
136 Three assorted Collectors plates
137 Solid wood entertainment cabinet 48X60X24
138 Toshiba DVD / VHS player
139 Fenton Cranberry pitcher 7in
140 Fenton Cranberry Weave vase Handpainted 7 1/2
141 Fenton Cranberry Jack in pulpit vase
142 Fenton Cranberry Handpainted vase
143 Cranberry Blown glass basket
144 Fenton Cranberry basket
145 Fenton Cranberry Thumbprint pitcher 8in
146 Fenton Cranberry Coin dot 8in vase
147 Cranberry splatter vase
148 Marble top plant stand 16x29 marble just sits on top
149 Marble top brass plant stand 12x17
150 England Lazyboy Sofa 86in with pillows and throw
151 Thomas Kinkade cobblestone Christmas lane VI 29x22
152 Collectibles assortment, mit, scope, pocket knives, belt buckles
153 Brass table lamp
154 End table 23x27x29
155 CDs and player
156 Tri tier marble stand 29x12
157 Electronics miscellaneous
158 Brass sheet music holder
200 Glass top metal side table 15x20
201 Wood table with glass top 19x26
202 Decor lamp
203 Glass curio cabinet, glass side doors on one side, lighted 24x73x13
204 End table drop leaf 26x29x21 no contents
205 Twin bed with metal frame includes bedding but no other contents
206 Jan hagara figurines
207 Jan hagara figurines
208 Jan hagara figurines
209 Jan hagara figurines
210 Jan hagara figurines
211 Jan hagara figurines
212 Jan hagara figurines Musical
213 Porcelain tea set
214 Jan hagara figurines And plaque
215 Jan hagara collector plates & holders
216 Jan hagara collectibles, showcase
217 Kenton print 16x20
218 Needlepoint art 18x23
219 Thomas Kinkade painting 16x14
220 Thomas Kinkade painting 16x14
221 Thomas Kinkade painting 10x12
222 Religious picture 15x12
223 Possibile dreams 19in Santa bisque doll
224 Santa figure resin
225 Two Santa dolls
226 Santa figurines assortment
227 Christmas tea miscellaneous, plate
228 Two Boyd mohair bears
229 Pictures and doll clothes patterns
230 Wood shelf and contents 16in
231 Metal shelf and Bear contents 36x14x11
232 Jan Hagara signed and numbered print & fans, clown figure, Asian figure, wood shelf
233 Christmas ornaments and decor
234 Easter decor
235 Mirror 16x31
236 Decor miscellaneous assortment
237 Jan Hagara signed and numbered Print, collectibles plates, candles
238 Bear assortment
239 Holiday express train set
240 Fabric Mache Santa 10in
241 Fabric Mache Santa 10in
242 Fabric Mache Santa 10in
243 Fabric Mache Santa 10in
244 Fabric Mache Santa 10in
245 Jim shore first taste of spring bunny figurine
246 15in Santa figure resin
247 20in Santa figure
248 15in Santa figure
249 15in Santa figure
250 30in Santa figure
251 16x21 Santa picture
252 Pfaltzgraff winterberry snow globe
253 Jim shore Santa figure 10in
254 Santa glass and ceramic figurines
255 Tea set assortments
256 Fenton Handpainted basket 8 in
257 Iridescence glass basket 8in
258 Fenton pink basket 8 in
259 Fenton iridescent  basket 6 in
260 Fenton iridescent  basket 8 in
261 Fenton Handpainted basket 10 in
262 Fenton Handpainted iridescent basket 8 in
263 Fenton Handpainted basket 6 in
264 Fenton custard  basket 6 in
265 Two Handpainted Fenton fairy lamps
266 Two Fenton fairy lamps
267 Fenton fairy lamp
268 Fenton Bear & basket
269 Fenton satin shoe
270 Fenton covered trinket dish
271 Fenton Handpainted vase 5 in
272 Fenton coin dot vase 7 in
273 Fenton Handpainted vase 10 in
274 Fenton Handpainted rose bowl  3 in
275 Fenton weave pitcher 6in
276 Fenton Handpainted pitcher 6 in
277 Fenton Peach Blow bell 5in
278 Fenton Handpainted bell 5 in
279 Ruby Glass bell Handpainted
280 Porcelain Santa doll 19in
281 Oak wall shelf 36x24x2
282 Oak wash stand
300 Blue swivel rocker
301 Newspaper assortment 1960s
302 Oak library table with drawer 42x26x29
303 Two Jan Hagara prints signed and numbered
304 Hp printer/copier, miscellaneous
305 Wood collectors shelf 12x18x52
306 Jan Hagara signed and numbered Print 24x18
307 Cedar chest 44x18x20
308 Thomas Kinkade collectors plate
309 Four Collectors plates
310 Doll wood table and chair
311 Boyd’s town village assortment
312 Collectibles assortment
313 California porcelain ladies figurines
314 Bookshelf 9x24x58 no contents
315 Bookcase 24x11x38 no contents
316 Wood doll harp 16in
317 Mini glassware/porcelain  assortment
318 Doll stepback cupboard with porcelain contents
319 Daisy Powerline 880 bb/pellet gun
320 Large assortment of Novels and assorted books,including Oke, kingsbury, wick,
321 Empty Boyd’s bear boxes and Bears
322 Tin containers assortment
323 Reference Books, Dolls, Fenton, quilting, Jan Hagara
324 Six Collectors plates
325 Robert Raikes Bear 13in
326 Porcelain doll 25in
327 Porcelain doll 25in
328 Two porcelain dolls and baby buggy
329 Porcelain composite doll 25in with chain mail purse
330 Porcelain doll and metal chair and small comforter
331 Doll 25in
332 Plastic Doll 30in
333 Porcelain doll 26in
334 Porcelain doll 22in
335 Porcelain doll 22in
336 Doll 22in
337 Two Porcelain doll 18in
338 Doll and Clothes assortment
339 Bessie Pease Doll print 18x22
400 Porcelain composite doll and wood chair
401 Porcelain composite doll 24in
402 Porcelain composite doll And rocker 18in
403 Porcelain composite doll 18in
404 Porcelain composite doll 24 and 10in porcelain doll
405 Porcelain doll and wicker chair
406 Cloth doll and wood chair
407 Two porcelain dolls 22in
408 Raggie dolls and chair
409 Bear assortment
410 Porcelain doll 22in
411 Two Porcelain Dolls 22 & 18 in
412 Two Porcelain dolls 20 & 15 in
413 Two Native American plastic dolls 15in
414 Cloth dolls
415 Ideal toy articulating doll, Two  porcelain dolls
416 Doll collection contents of three shelves
417 Three Porcelain dolls 10 & 8 in
418 Porcelain dolls, and figurine
419 Three Porcelain dolls 18in
420 Three Porcelain dolls 18,15,10in
421 Three Porcelain dolls 17in
422 Three Porcelain dolls 10,15,17 in
423 Three Porcelain dolls 14,17,20in
424 Three Porcelain dolls 15, 12 in
425 Three Porcelain dolls 20in
426 Three Porcelain dolls 17in
427 Barbie Assortment some with boxes see pics
428 Collectors plates and hummingbird
429 Two  Porcelain dolls 16in
500 Fenton Handpainted glass Deer
501 Fenton Handpainted Figurine
502 Water pitcher  Handpainted
503 Silver crest Fenton Handpainted compote
504 milkglass bird Handpainted
505 Fenton Handpainted Candle holders
506 Fenton Handpainted Silvercrest bowl
507 Fenton Handpainted Ruffled edge pitcher
508 Fenton Handpainted Trinket box
509 Fenton Handpainted Vase 7in
510 Fairy lamp
511 Fenton Handpainted basket iridescent 8in
512 Fenton Handpainted Basket 11in
513 Fenton Handpainted 10in vase
514 Fenton Handpainted basket 9in
515 Fenton Handpainted Basket 7in
516 Fenton Handpainted Vase 8in
517 Fenton Handpainted Pitcher 10in
518 Fenton Handpainted 7in basket
519 Fenton glass shoe
520 Glass Shoe carnival glass
521 Fenton Handpainted Shoe
522 Blue glass jar 11in
523 Fenton pink iridescent basket 7in
524 Fenton Handpainted 8in vase
525 Fenton Handpainted Bell purple crest
526 Fenton basket 7in
527 Fenton Handpainted 9in vase
528 Fenton Handpainted Milkglass shoe
529 Fenton Handpainted Shoe
530 Fenton Handpainted Bird
531 Fenton Handpainted 7in vase
532 Fenton Handpainted Fairy lamp
533 Fenton Handpainted Vase 7in
534 Fenton Handpainted 8in vase
535 Fenton Handpainted Pitcher 8in
536 Fenton Handpainted Pitcher 7in
537 Fenton Handpainted Vase 8in
538 Fenton jack in the pulpit vase 8in
539 Fenton Handpainted Basket 10in
540 Fenton Handpainted Silvercrest bell
541 Fenton Handpainted Woman figurine
542 Fenton Handpainted Vase with glass butterfly adornment 9in
543 Fenton Handpainted Silvercrest server
544 Fenton Handpainted Iridescent vase 8in
545 Handpainted hurricane lamp
546 candleholders, shakers
547 Fenton Handpainted Santa Claus figurine
548 Milkglass reading lamp
549 Fenton Handpainted Basket 6in
550 Fenton custard satin covered dish
551 Fenton Handpainted custard satin covered dish
552 Fenton custard satin vase 5in
553 Fenton custard satin basket 7in Handpainted
554 Fenton custard satin vase 7in Handpainted
555 Fenton custard satin basket 7in Handpainted
556 Fenton custard satin Rose bowl 5in
557 Weather station
558 Girls at the piano print 23x27
559 Cane seat chair
560 Glass Vases and miscellaneous
561 Table with leafs 66x41
562 4 chairs
563 Recliner
564 Signed painting 30x36
565 35x16x26 stereo
566 Hutch 50x16x78
567 Signed picture 18x22
568 Cabinet with glass inserts 29x15x73 1/2
569 Couch (no contents on couch included)
570 Wash stand 20 1/2x 9 1/2x 39 1/2
571 Recliner
572 Side table
573 Collectible plates
574 Sugar and creamer and small vase
575 Small tea cup and plates
576 Serving Bowls and plate
577 Angel figurines
578 Footed bowl and plate
579 Carnival glass footed dish and candy dish
580 Carnival glass candy dish
581 Candy dish
582 Glass tray and Corsages
583 Decorative plate on stand and vase
584 Coffee table (no contents on table are included)
585 Kodak carousel transvue 149 slide trays and assortment
588 Book assortment
589 Game assortment
590 Vizio 26 in TV
591 Elgin clock
592 Duck assortment
593 Lamp
594 Shelf 33x15x30
595 Shelf of dolls
596 Shelf of dolls
597 Bell assortment
598 Bell assortment
599 Candle holder
600 Bell assortment
601 Side table
602 Pillow assortment
603 Silverware
604 Saw painting
605 Placemats, flag and linen assortment
606 Fur outerwear assortment
607 Blankets and sheet set
608 Quilt and linen assortment
609 Pillows
610 Lamp
611 Trinket assortment
612 Thomas kinkade picture 19x17
613 Doll size school desk and teddy bear assortment
614 30 collector plates (no other items in the picture are included)
615 2 vases
616 2 candy dishes
617 2 candy dishes
618 Candy dish
619 Shoe and vase
620 Vase and covered dish
621 Milk glass serving bowl
622 2 milk glass candy dishes
623 2 milk glass candy dishes
624 Milk glass pitcher and vase
625 Milk glass serving bowl and covered dish
626 2 milk glass candy dishes
627 2 milk glass candy dishes
628 Milk glass cruet and candy dish
629 Milk glass candy dish and pedestal bowl
630 2 milk glass candy dishes
631 Milk glass basket and candy dish
632 2 milk glass candy dishes
633 Punch bowl set
634 Christmas dishes
635 Trifle bowl, basket and assortment
636 Hand painted Fenton vase
637 Nesting dish
700 Deco shelving and contents
701 Wall  decorations
702 Holiday decorations
703 Floor lamp
704 Vases
705 Wooden bench
706 Wall decorations, bird houses, plates
707 Table and contents
708 Table lamp
709 Nativity, weather station wall hangings
710 Hexagon table and contents
711 Boyd's bears
712 Glass top table and contents
713 Bear assortment including green mountain bear
714 Bear assortment including Boyd bears
715 Basket of bears
716 Precious moments and shelf
717 Holiday decorations
718 Ceramic gazing ball pedestal
719 Faux recliner
720 Bears including Amy and Barton's creek
721 Ceramic scotty and pup
1000 2 door refrig condition unknown
1001 Contents of refrigerator
1002 Yearbooks, poker chips, misc
1003 Painted dresser
1004 Shotgun pitted
1005 2 metal wardrobes
1006 Aluminum extension ladder 16 '
1007 Metal shelf and contents
1008 Sports cards, balls
1009 Metal shelving and contents
1010 Asst pictures
1011 Asst pictures
1012 Wooden storage box
1013 Jackets, mini blinds, misc
1014 Elect trimmer, brooms, misc
1015 Wooden tool box and tool contents
1016 Asst tools
1017 Asst tools
1018 Tool assortment
1019 Bench grinder
1020 Wooden tote , block plane and wrenches
1021 Knife assortment
1022 Hardware assortment
1023 Craftsman cordless drill
1024 Craftsman electric drill and accessories
1025 Finish sander and drill
1026 Hardware
1027 Small slant front desk and contents
1028 6' fiberglass ladder
1029 Lawn chairs and floor fan
1030 Saw and level assortment
1031 Assorted tools and hardware
1032 Electrical cord
1033 Bungie's T wrenches
1034 Baseball glove, IU posters, misc
1035 Plastic stack chairs
1036 Faux recliner
1037 Fabric recliner
1038 Adv thermometer, gauging tools
1039 Stereo records
1500 Blender, muffin tins, spring form Contents of cabinet
1501 Housewares assortment, egg plates, miscellaneous
1502 Juicer, mugs, pressed glass
1503 Hall pitcher and snack sets
1504 Holiday ware and tins
1505 Coffee pot and waffle iron, Angel food cake pan
1506 Silverware assortment
1507 Pots and pans, bakeware, collebdar
1508 Coffee maker, toaster, roaster, electric knife
1509 Ceramic canister set
1510 Hamilton beach toaster oven
1511 Four enamel splatter ware dinner plates 10in
1512 Churchill English dinnerware
1513 3pc. Porcelain tiered server no center hardware
1514 Breakfast table and 2 chairs Dropleaf 25x42x30
1515 Columbia city Courthouse drawing Signed and numbered 24x19
1516 Jan Hagara collectibles, trays, porcelain, tins
1517 Microwave cart
1517a Kenmore elite microwave
1518 Corell bakeware, crockpot, George Forman grill
1519 China tea set and porcelain tea pot
1520 Brass floor lamp 50in
1521 Signed oil on canvas 24x28, creek print, framed art
1522 Four porcelain pitchers and tea pots
1523 Lenox butterfly cups & saucers, made in Japan chocolate pot
1524 Cups and saucers, tea pots including Royal Albert, Staffordshire, Japan
1525 Christmas dishes and miscellaneous
1526 Hutch 36x18x61
1527 Collectors plates assortment
1528 Toothpick assortment and cruet includes wood shelf 12x18x3
1529 Oil lamp with wall bracket
1530 Mikasa decor glassware


Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval. All bidding is in US Dollars (USD). Cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express, Wire Transfer ($25 fee added to each Wire). $5 MINIMUM if you would like to pay with a Card. Any invoices paid with a card that are less than $5 will be rounded up to meet the minimum requirement. Statements made sale day take precedence over all other printed materials. Your credit card on file will not automatically be charged following the auction. You may pay with cash, check or card (4% convenience fee for any type of card) when you pick your winnings up at our specified time and location for the auction listed above. IF YOU DO NOT COME TO THE LOAD OUT TIME LISTED ABOVE, YOUR CARD ON FILE WILL BE CHARGED FOR YOUR PURCHASE TOTAL PLUS THE 4% CONVENIENCE FEE. There will be a $5 DECLINED CARD FEE added if the card on file must be charged and declines.

If you do not come to the load out time listed above, your card on file will be charged for your purchase total plus the 4% convenience fee.  


If your purchase must be hauled by Metzgers, there will be a minimum of a $20 service fee added to your invoice.

Items not paid for after 10 business days will be resold.

Items not picked up within 10 business days will be resold at new owners expense, even if paid for.

Pickup will be December 9, 2021 by appointment only! Your invoice will be emailed to you when the auction closes and will have pickup information and exact times attached! Book a pickup time slot via the link in your winning email!

** If you do not receive an email please check your junk mail! If you are unable to do so call the Office to schedule your appointment! 260-982-0238.

Shipping is available on small lots. Buyer is responsible for paying for items in full prior to being allowed to pick-up or have items shipped. Shipping costs include cost of shipping plus a $10 minimum S&H fee . Buyer is Responsible for all Shipping/Handling Charges incurred including fees charged by delivery service for incorrect addresses. For out of state buyers with an invoice total of $500.00 or greater, we may ask that funds be in a certified form with either a Certified Check, Money Order or Wire Transfer ($25 fee added to each Wire).   We will email you if need to pay in this manner when we send your invoice.

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