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Christmas Online Auction #214

Thu Dec 09 - 06:00PM

794 West Bagley Road, Berea, OH Click to Map

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  • Lot# 1 - 12 VTG mercury glass ornaments-

    Lot# 1 - 12 VTG mercury glass ornaments-

  • Lot# 2 - Box of 18 VTG glass/mercury gla

    Lot# 2 - Box of 18 VTG glass/mercury gla

  • Lot# 3 - 6 VTG oversized mercury glass o

    Lot# 3 - 6 VTG oversized mercury glass o

  • Lot# 4 - Shiny Brite Poloron box of 10,

    Lot# 4 - Shiny Brite Poloron box of 10,

Handline's Auction 
is having an 
Online Christmas Decor Auction #214 

Auction will run from December 2nd through Dec 9th 
1st lot will close on Dec 9th at 6pm 
Auction pickup will be Sunday Dec 12th 

This auction contains a lot of items seen before in Auction #209 due to a bidder that did not pay. We have Charles Dickens Beyers Figurines, Mercury Glass Ornaments, Shiny Brite Ornaments, Hallmark Ornaments, Vintage Green and Red dot Glass 7pc Set, Various Christmas Decorations, Santa Lighted Blow Mold, Vintage and Modern Christmas Lights, Waterford Christmas Ornaments, Crystal Nativity Set, Ceramic Christmas Tree, Clip Bird and Own Ornaments, Liberty Fall Village Pieces, David Frykman Figure Kitschy and more..

1 - 12 VTG mercury glass ornaments-mica/indents Variety of vintage mercury glass ornaments made in USA, West Germany. Hand painted, frosted in mica and stenciled in glitter. Shapes include traditional balls in various sizes, as well as balloon/teardrop shapes. Spectacular ornaments, including rare pale pink indent with bright pink center of indent. White mica in a scattered striped pattern. Must haves for your vintage collection.

2 - Box of 18 VTG glass/mercury glass ornaments In Pyramid box and advertised as "Jumbo" ornaments. A variety of colors and manufacturers, including Rausch and Shiny Brite. One blue ornament is a stenciled Shiny Brite with "Christmas Greetings" and a ribboned bell on both sides. All ornaments have caps and are in very good vintage condition.

3 - 6 VTG oversized mercury glass ornaments/Franke The Franke box is in excellent condition given its age. The box includes "Advertised in Life" on the box. The 6 large ornaments are not Franke, but a variety of manufacturers. One of the red ornaments has a cap labeled West Germany and is stenciled in white and green . "Made in U.S.A." is on the cap of the large red ornaments. Two other ornaments have caps that are illegible. The blue ornament has a West Germany cap. The green ornament has a Shiny Brite Made in U.S.A. and is beautiful stenciled in white mica, with homes and churches and has "Merry Christmas" and thin pine trees. Gorgeous ornaments for your vintage Christmas collection.

4 - Shiny Brite Poloron box of 10, incl 2 Joyous Noel 10 Vintage mercury glass and other glass ornaments. All are red with various patterns of glitter and stenciling. 2 are Shiny Brite from the 1950s that has "Joyous Noel" and music notes on one side and an organ and choir boys on the other. All baubles has their caps. Caps have Shiny Brite, Rauch, West Germany on them and others have no identification. Used vintage condition.

5 - Christopher Radko Shiny Brite Ornaments in Box 9 glass ornaments in the vintage American 1940's design. Each is stenciled with traditional Christmas scenes from the iconic Shiny Brite ornament line.

6 - Box lot 9 VTG ornaments incl. mercury glass Including pink/cream ombre, red/blue gold glitter striped swirled, green striped glitter, gold glitter indent, 1981 Merry Christmas Friend, 1979 ANRI Art of Juan Ferrandiz Mother and Child Series and 1978 Schmid Christmas 1978 "Heavenly Trio" by Sister Berat Hummel, 5th limited edition.

7 - Box lot of VTG mercury glass ornaments Some Shiny Brite and others Rausch. Various colors, including purple, teal, blue, red, gold, pink and ones with patterns. Includes cream to pink ombre, gold teardrop, red glitter stencils, silver glitter stencils and light pink with patterned gold mica style glitter. All have caps, but may not be original caps.

8 - Box lot of VTG mercury glass ornaments gold/red Various manufacturers and majority are Shiny Brite. Rausch also part of lot. Silver and gold glitter. Includes Aqua to gold fade/ombre w/gold glitter. Includes hand painted and stenciled made in Poland.

9 - Box lot of MCM and VTG mercury glass ornaments MCM/1950s atomic age hard plastic ornaments, including rare "disco ball" in net teardrop, possibly made by Bradford. Gold ball and silver netting. Hard plastic silver zeppelin. Flared blue, pink, silver and green striped hard plastic bells. 3 of the hard plastic silver bells have cutout patterns or ribbons and bells. Also includes 3 mercury glass ornaments.

10 - VTG Christmas Angel Tree Topper-lighted-Kitsch Kitschy angel is perfect for the top of your vintage tree. She is in working condition with chenille and lights as her arms. Sheer white netting for wings and gold sequins. Appx 7" with hard molded head with blond bob and blue eyes. Circa late 1940s-60s.

11 - Box of 18 VTG glass/mercury glass ornaments In Pyramid box and advertised as "Jumbo" ornaments. A variety of colors and all have Rausch caps. Pyramid box is in very good condition.

12 - Box of 4 VTG hand painted mercury glass ornaments In Rausch The Victoria Collection box, but only 1 of the ornaments is from that collection. The 3 other ornaments are must older have caps Made in USA. One is pink to gold ombre, others are hand painted, vertical striped that alternate with glitter. One is yellow with gold and silver glitter alternating stripes. Pale green has yellow and black glitter/mica alternating stripes. All in beautiful vintage condition.

13 - Box lot of VTG gold mercury glass & bulb packs Over 15 vintage gold mercury glass ornaments in various shades of gold and from Shiny Brite and Rausch. One Rausch has gold glitter scrolls all around. All have caps, but may not be original caps. Lot also includes 3 NOS boxes for replacement light bulbs. One from Gold Circle and another from Woolworth's.

14 - Box lot of VTG plastic deer and lambs Two light plastic lambs to add to your Nativity set. 1 white plastic deer. Trio of matching MCM deer for your holiday display. One is standing, one sitting and one laying. In excellent condition with original gold collars and all points of the antlers are intact. Some paint wear, but amazing vintage condition.

15 - Box lot VTG icicles/tinsel & large tree apron 4 boxes of Christmas icicles. Box graphics are amazing on 2 of the 4 boxes. There is another bundle of tinsel, with NOMA Twinkle Flasher Plug.

16 - Christopher Radko Shiny Brite Ornaments in Box 9 large glass ornaments in the vintage American 1940's design. Each is stenciled with traditional Christmas scenes from the iconic Shiny Brite ornament line.

17 - Bradford's Glass Designed Classics-indents 5 brilliant ornaments are all original and in the original box. Red, blue, green and magenta with silver glitter scrolling around the indents. Like new condition.

18 - Box 12 VTG mercury glass ornaments. In Shiny Brite Poloron box, but box contains Shiny Brite and Rausch. Silver, gold, red and pink. Glitter snowflakes on gold; gold glitter patterns on bright pink, gold ball with snowflake stencils and another with holly leaves and berries in white stencil.

19 - Box lot mixed MCM hard plastic & mercury glass 15+ ornaments, including gold mercury glass balls and Shiny Brite indent with silver star and bright pink center. Hard plastic disco balls in blue, green and silver. MCM/atomic age. Flared hard plastic disco bells and more! All have caps, but may not be original caps.

20 - Box lot MCM & mercury glass ornaments-Sputnik Vintage Christmas ornaments. Over 10 mercury glass ornaments in various sizes and colors. Includes 2 oversized balls/baubles. Another is gold to deep pink ombre. Hand painted Shiny Brite mica sugar snow capped gold ball. MCM/atomic age hot pink Sputnik hard plastic ornament, with all spokes intact.

21 - Box of 12 red mercury glass ornaments/Paragon Box All ornaments have caps, but may not be original caps. Vintage Christmas ornaments. The glazing of the ornaments is spectacularly beautiful and a cracked pattern. Amazing condition!

22 - Box lot VTG mercury glass ornaments, incl bells Various sizes and include hand painted Shiny Brite. Vintage Christmas ornaments. Pink to gold to blue ombre, as well as gold to purple ombre. MCM hardened plastic green bell with hand painted yellow and pink stripes. Made in Austria molded bells with gold glitter and more. All have caps, but may not be original caps.

23 - Box lot MCM & mercury glass disco balls & figural Mixed lot of hand painted Shiny Brite, large, medium and small mercury glass in hot pink, silver, red and blues. Also included is small round Chinese lantern figural. Hardened plastic blue disco balls, hand painted green bell, silver bell with cutouts and more.

24 - Box of VTG 9 large mercury glass ornaments, Indent Majority of the caps indicate Shiny Brite manufacturer. All are red or silver. One red indent with gold glitter 6 pointed star in gold glitter around the indent that is red and silver. 3 ornaments a mica stenciled is a leaping reindeer and pine trees. Another red ornament is of a stenciled horse-drawn stagecoach in a winter scene. All have caps, but may not be original caps.

25 - Sears Imperial Collection 3/4 plus triple indent Vintage Christmas ornaments. In original Sears, Imperial Collection box that is in very good condition. 3 of the 4 original ornaments are included. Blue, green and yellow blown glass are all star indents ornaments with stenciled white mica scrolls encircling the indent. Top of these ornaments are marked West Germany D.B.G.M. Fourth ornament is a rare hot pink triple indent with multi-colored flower indents. All in spectacular condition!

26 - Pyramid box of gold glass/mercury glass ornaments Vintage Christmas ornaments. All ornaments have caps, but may not be original caps. The glazing of the ornaments is spectacularly beautiful and a cracked pattern. Amazing condition! The ornaments do not match the box.

27 - Box of 12 red mercury glass ornaments/Paragon Box All ornaments have caps, but may not be original caps. Vintage Christmas ornaments. The glazing of the ornaments is spectacularly beautiful and a cracked pattern. Amazing condition! The ornaments do not match the box.

28 - 10 VTG blue mercury glass balls in Pyramid box Some Shiny Brite and others Rausch. Vintage Christmas ornaments. Various colors, including purple, teal, blue, red, gold, pink and ones with patterns. Includes cream to pink ombre, gold teardrop, red glitter stencils, silver glitter stencils and light pink with patterned gold mica

29 - 20+ small maroon/burgundy/wine ornaments Various mfg., but all similar color. Some have caps and some do not. Various used condition.

30 - Box lot of VTG Shiny Brite, Sputnik, mercury glass Iconic hard plastic MCM, atomic age Sputnik ornament in red/pink with all spokes intact. Hot pink teardrop. 1980 Hummelwerk large blue Nativity globe/ball ornament. Shiny Brite pink/red sugared mica ornament. Cream Shiny Brite with red glitter. CBK replica "Merry Christmas" ornament. Rausch gold/silver glitter ornament. Red disco ball. MCM hard plastic red bauble with red glitter interior. Vintage ceramic double indent ornament with holly berries and mistletoe.

31 - VTG Clip On Owl ornament w/real feathers Appx 5 1/4" and has feathers on a paper pulp mold that is hand-painted. Feathers are in amazing condition and all tail feathers appear to be intact. Clip on is attached, but wobbly. Double layered eyes are intact. Incredible condition given age.

32 - VTG West Germany gold clip on glass bird ornament This rare clip on ornament is in incredible condition! Has original Made in West Germany sticker on the bottom of the spring clip that serves as the feet of the bird ornament. No damage on the body of the bird and has extensive tail feathers made from gold tinsel. Appx 7" long.

33 - 6 large Shiny Brite sugared mica glass ornaments Vintage ornaments. All have Shiny Brite caps and are large and matching. Each is coated is reddish-pink sugared mica down appx 4/5 of the way down the ornament. Bottom 5th is a smooth circular space at the bottom of each ornament. Incredible condition given age and style!

34 - 12 VTG gold mercury glass small ornaments #1 Vintage Christmas ornaments. All have caps, but may not be original caps. Various ages, including one with beautiful patina and a USA cap with 555 on the cap. Come in beautiful vintage Shiny Brite box with classic graphics. Various vintage used condition and beautiful additions to your collection.

35 - 12 VTG gold mercury glass small ornaments #2 Vintage Christmas ornaments. All have caps, but may not be original caps. Various ages, including three with a USA cap with 555 on the cap. Come in beautiful vintage Shiny Brite box with classic graphics. Various vintage used condition and beautiful additions to your collection.

36 - Box of 12 red mercury glass ornaments/Paragon Box Vintage Christmas ornaments. All ornaments have caps, but may not be original caps. The glazing of the ornaments is spectacularly beautiful and a cracked pattern. Amazing condition! The ornaments do not match the box.

37 - 5 VTG mercury glass ornaments Shiny Brite Two of the five have Shiny Brite caps. The other three do not have any stamped markings on the caps. One is entirely pink. Other 4 are hand painted with swirling vertical and horizontal stripes. The vertical stripes are outlined with silvered glittered mica. Ornaments in the box do not match the box.

38 - 1986 Byers' Choice Carolers Santa burgundy/white 13" Santa figurine is dressed in a loose burgundy robe, covered with a white cloak. Cloak is trimmed in glittering silver. The robe is trimmed in black border. The beard is rabbit fur. The bushy eyebrows are worn a bit. The packages that should be included are missing. There are minor chips in the base. The dark green base is different from many of the other bases. It is textured and bumpy versus the other green bases that are smooth. This indicates that the piece is an earlier manufacture. The back is signed "Byers '87."

39 - RARE 1991 Byers' Purple Robed Father Christmas Incredibly rare, retired piece is a must have addition to your Byers' Carolers collection! Father Christmas was only produced from 1991 to 1992. Additionally, the green base is signed "Byers 91." He is holding a wicker basket, filled with greenery, fruit, wrapped presents and a drum and horn. The original tag is still attached and tells the history of Father Christmas.

40 - Large blue/white Santa in sleigh w/kids/reindeer New in box. Never displayed. Appx. 17" long, 10" tall and 4" wide. Santa is in white with light blue hat and gloves. Boy and girl are in matching outfits and have books and gifts around them. 4 reindeer are in matching blue blankets, bridles and bell wreaths. Sleigh is in matching blue/white with silver runners. A huge bag of toys is on the back of the sleigh.

41 - Box lot MCM disco ball/bells/bulbs/mercury glass 6 silver & 1 blue MCM/atomic age hardened plastic balls and one silver disco style zeppelin. Hard plastic silver bell with cut-outs, red bell with hand painted yellow stripes. 2 NOS replacement C-7 1/2 bulbs. Christmas lamps/candelabra base.

42 - Box lot MCM disco ball/bells/bulbs/mercury glass 7 red MCM/atomic age hardened plastic balls and one silver disco style zeppelin. Hard plastic red flared bell and one standard bell. 2 mercury glass balls-blue and teal. 2 NOS replacement C-7 1/2 bulbs. Christmas lamps/candelabra base.

43 - Box of 12 VTG large mercury glass ornaments Vintage Christmas ornaments in tones of red and gold. Caps are from Shiny Brite, Rausch and possibly others. Various vintage condition. Some have gold glittering stencils in holiday patterns. Shiny Brite mica stenciled crosshatch and polka dot patterns. One ornament is gold/green and the cap is stamped Poland. Gold Shiny Brite with snow capped frosted sugar mica. Starburst black mica on gold.

44 - Long horizontal Shiny Brite box w/5 mercury glass Rare Shiny Brite box with a Christmas tree on each side of the box. 2 hot pink baubles, 2 green baubles and one gold to hot pink and purple ombre ornament. Beautiful condition.

45 - VTG Shiny Brite box of 8 mercury glass large balls 3 of these vintage Christmas ornaments are hot, bright pink. One is hot pink with snow capped frosted sugared mica and another is pink to gold ombre. Two are gold and the last is cream and blue with light blue snowflakes on top half and lower half has white and yellow polka dots. Bottom of the bauble is silver. All have caps, but may not be original caps. In vintage Shiny Brite box that is used vintage condition.

46 - 15+ blown glass/mercury glass VTG ornaments Vintage Christmas ornaments including Shiny Brite, blown glass from Austria and more. Various ages. Includes bright pink/green vertical stripes w/gold glitter, cream to yellow ombre with silver glitter, cream, red, silver, gold, blue and cream Shiny Brite w/silver mica style glitter.

47 - Box of 12 red mercury glass ornaments/Paragon Box All ornaments have caps, but may not be original caps. The glazing of the ornaments is spectacularly beautiful and a cracked pattern. Amazing condition! The ornaments do not match the box.

48 - VTG 1950s Free standing Christmas Angel 14" tall Made in Japan and in incredible condition. Made on a wire form and hand painted nylon faces, string lashes, pearl halo and silk (?) dress in cream. Exquisite craftmanship on this beauty! Some very minor spots on the cream dress, but this angel is a great piece of MCM Christmas decor.

49 - 15+ VTG Christmas ornaments glass/ satin Amazing ornaments in this box lot! One small clear glass ball is non-silvered and has a very worn cap that says Germany. Made in U.S.A. red figural bell, gold pine cone/grape cluster figural. Others are Shiny Brite and Made in U.S.A. caps. Greenbriar Studios, Wilton, NH, satin with red cardinal wrap on white satin. Coca-Cola vintage Santa, circa 1966 oversized glass bauble. Hand painted XL glass ornament with poinsettia, pine cones and gold glitter. Several amazing mercury glass ornaments in red, gold, blue, aqua and bright pink. Various ages and condition consistent with vintage Christmas ornaments.

50 - 4 NIB 70 LED Multi-color 70 LED lights green wire Made by Good Tidings and advertised as Ultimate 70 LED Lights, multi-color bulbs and connect up to 20 strings end to end.

51 - 4 NIB 70 LED Multi-color 70 LED lights green wire Made by Good Tidings and advertised as Ultimate 70 LED Lights, multi-color bulbs and connect up to 20 strings end to end.

52 - Box lot 20 VTG mercury glass balls Shiny Brite + Multiple sizes and colors, including green Shiny Brite teardrop. Caps included are Shiny Brite, Made in U.S.A, Japan and blank caps. Various vintage condition. Colors include silver, gold, bright pink, pale pink, green , red and light/aqua blue.

53 - 20 VTG Christmas balls/bulbs Shiny Brite/Rausch Various sizes, colors and styles. Include several different caps. Hand blown and hand painted, including bell figural and MCM/atomic age had plastic green bell. Shiny harlequin style in red, blue and pink with gold glitter. Mica frosted and stenciled, including XL 1976 gold stenciled bauble. 2 packs of 4 replacement bulbs, D33 and C7 1/2.

54 - Lot of holiday décor, vintage & modern misc. Includes 9" retro style sugar coated candle. Popular in the 1970s, this candle shows a small child with back-button pjs open to show part of a bare bottom, looking up the chimney for Santa Claus. Also included in lot are ceramic figurines and bells.

55 - 3 VTG HOMCO Toymaker elves Made in Taiwan Adorable MCM pixie/elven figurines. Hand painted ceramic/porcelain. Two of the three still have original HUMCO sticker on the bottom. Each is numbered 5618 on the bottom and has a cross swords (?) mark under the number. In amazing condition given their age. One has a red cap and pants with green jacket/shoes and is holding a brown teddy bear. The second is in a red cap and pants with green jacket/shoes and is playing a drum. The third is wearing a red jacket and shoes with a green cap and pants, sewing a football. Still has original thread! No chips or cracks and some very minor paint wear.

56 - Misc. Christmas lot Dickens Collectibles Towne Series Land's End Boathouse, lighted porcelain house; Old World Stained Glass Cardinal Night Light and trio of vintage felt stockings.

57 - VTG 7 piece green/gold Bohemian/Czech/Italian Set Wine/liquor/cordial decanter is crafted in the style of mid-century barware. The gold gilting show signs of tarnish, patina and wear, which only adds to the unique beauty of the set. The stopper is clear glass and part of the bottom insert appears to be broken. It may or may not be part of the original set. Many sets like this have different styles of stoppers. Decanter and glasses have gorgeous scrolling leaves and flowers. There are small red circular appliques on the decanter and the glasses. Glasses are 5" tall.

58 - Misc. Christmas lot Christmas/holiday photo albums, greenery centerpiece, baskets, vintage Dutch style tin tray, paper mache angel, mini tree. Lots here for your decorating needs!

59 - 2 boxes Bradford Mouth Blown Glass Ornaments Each box has 16 ornaments each. One box is entirely vintage cream. The glass bulbs are all in beautiful vintage condition.

60 - Green metal decorative cut-out sled w/evergreen Appx 24" x 12" x 4" and for display purposes only. Green with gold edging and a rope attached for pulling. Needs surface cleaning, but no dents, but minor surface rusting. Cut-outs are of a Christmas tree with ribboned bells at the top.

61 - Decorative Snowman sleigh w/metal runners Meaures appx. 24" x 14" x 6 1/2" Used condition and for display only. Snowman is against a night sky with snow tipped evergreens. Need surface cleaning.

62 - 20+ VTG ornaments/Poland/USA/West Germany Hand blown and hand painted mercury glass. Red mercury glass with hand painted cottage with black mica glitter. Gold indent with gold glitter stars from West Germany. USA Shiny Brites. VTG West Germany pine cone cluster figural with mica sugared snow. Mini Shiny Brite mercury glass bells. Red, gold, silver, blue, green and gold to purple ombre. Pink to gold to blue ombre. So many beauties in this lot! All have caps, but no guarantee that they are the original caps. A couple of newer ornaments included.

63 - Misc. Christmas lot Small 7" ceramic Christmas tree, Old World style glass rose ornament, trimmed in glitter; wooden snowman seasonal décor, set of Christmas cheese spreaders; vintage style sleigh with plastic greenery, porcelain Santa figurine and large plastic mistletoe balls-heavily glittered.

64 - 25+ VTG glass/mercury glass Rausch/Shiny Brites Includes indents, figural, bells in green, gold, hot pink, teal/aqua, purple/gold ombre, pink to gold to blue ombre. Hand painted bell with silver glitter. CBK glass ornament. Hand painted large teardrop mercury glass with robed figure carrying Christmas/evergreen tree. Made in Poland. Gorgeous ornaments for your vintage Christmas collection!

65 - 4 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2001 "Curious the Elf" is a rare collectible as it was not available for sale, but was given as a thank you to people attending the Hallmark Gold Crown Store for attending the Ornament Premiere and for being a Hallmark National Keepsake Ornament Collector's Club. Designed by Tammy Haddix. 2001 "Wiggles" wooden turtle ornament, by Sharon Visker. 2001 Mistletoe Miss, 1st in the new Series, by Nina Aube. 2001 Skating Sugar Bear Ball, by Linda Sickman.

66 - 6 Miniature Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2014 "Cool Icicles", 2nd in Series, by Nello Williams. 2013 "A Visit from Santa", 5th in the Series, by Tammy Haddix. 2014, 6th and final in "A Visit from Santa" Series, by Tammy Haddix. 2013, "Season's Treatings", 5th in the Series, by Sharon Viskar. 2013 "Skating Santa" Limited Edition, by Julie Forsyth. 2013 "Santa Cupcake, by Edythe Kegrize.

67 - 5 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2001 "Mitford Snowman Jubilee", celebrates "The Mitford Snowmen: A Christmas Story" by Jan Karon. 2001 "Noche de Paz" angel, by Linda Sickman. 2001 "America for Me", by Julie Forsyth. 2001 "Grandson" by Sharon Pike. 2005 "Angelic Trio" miniatures, by Tammy Haddix.

68 - 20+ VTG ornaments/double indent/bells/figural Another amazing lot of hand painted, hand blown mercury glass and others. Shiny Brite, Rausch, West Germany, Germany. Various ages and vintage condition. Hand painted red double indent with white flowers, horizontal yellow and green stripes. Gold, silver, purple, red, gold to purple ombre, blue to gold to pink/red ombre. Small hand painted wooden humming bird ornament included. Gold frosted mica figural pine cone and Shiny Brite bells. So many additions for your collection. All have caps, but may not be original caps.

69 - 20+ VTG mercury glass balls/bells & Christmas Nail Shiny Brite, Rausch and more. Includes a newer snowman ornament. USA, West Germany (?) and Austria blown glass. Some hand painted and on double indent. 2 bells. Various ages and condition. Colors include red, gold, blue, aqua, red, purple to gold ombre and purple. Also included is a NIB The Christmas Nail, made in Taiwan, and includes the story of the tradition.

70 - Shiny Brite box of XL mercury glass baubles/balls Gorgeous collection of vintage mercury glass Christmas ornaments. Shiny Brite, Hallmark, Premier Glass Work and possibly others. Made in U.S.A. and Made in U S of A on caps. The caps on some of these and the styles and condition indicate 1930s-1940s production. Silver/pink bands with yellow mica hearts, horizontal stripes and wavy band. Cap is uniquely marked "USA 10 10 10 ." Silver with gold, pink and green stripes with mica stencils of bells, lit candles, stockings, candy canes and Christmas tree. Green, blue, hot pink/orchid, silver are among the colors. Absolutely amazing condition given their age and the crackling of some of the glazing is incredibly unique and unusual.

71 - 25+ Christmas VTG & new glass/mercury glass Shiny Brite, Rausch and more. USA, West Germany, Austria and more. Fleur de Lis stencil. Mica/glitter frosted snow capped pale blue mercury glass. Hot pink to gold to hot pink ombre mercury glass. Gold teardrop, mouth blown glass. Glitter foam ball. Austrian bell. Colors include blue, red, gold, green, purple (newer) and red top/rounded diamond mercury glass Shiny Brite. Vintage ornaments are in vintage condition!

72 - 2 VTG mini-light sets in original boxes Appear to have never been used. Frank's 100 Ultra Bright long-life miniature lights. Multi-colored bulbs, green cord. Box is in amazing condition. Second is a GE Super Bright String-A-Long 100 indoor/outdoor miniature style bulbs. Box is in like new condition. Multi-colored bulbs and green cord.

73 - 10 VTG Rausch/Shiny Brite mercury glass ornaments Vintage Christmas ornaments in red, blue, aqua and gold. Have Shiny Brite and Rausch caps. Various ages and condition consistent with vintage, used condition.

74 - 30+ miniature/feather tree ornaments & bead angel Variety of different sizes, colors and ages of small, round Christmas ornaments. Also included is a small hand-crafted beaded angel that is appx 1 1/2" tall. Perfect lot for the small tree.

75 - 12+ VTG MCM/atomic age hard plastic ornaments Green, gold and hot pink disco balls. Silver, gold, green, blue bells and flared bell. Bells are various sizes and include disco style flared bell, hand painted bells with horizontal strips. Also included is a small bird ornaments that was originally a clip on ornament and is missing the clip, but still has both legs. Hand painted flocking and real feathers. Amazing condition.

76 - VTG West Germany gold clip on glass bird ornament This rare clip on ornament is in incredible condition! Has original Made in West Germany sticker on the bottom of the spring clip that serves as the feet of the bird ornament. No damage on the body of the bird and has extensive tail feathers made from gold tinsel. Appx 7" long.

77 - Santa riding animals tabletop décor NWT 2018 CVS figurine is of Santa Claus and a small boy sitting atop an oversized white rocking horse. Measures appx 11" tall x 10" long at the rockers. Like new condition and has original tag. Second piece is an American Folk Art piece by Williraye Studios and is of Santa riding a giant chicken. Appx 9" tall , it sits atop a wheeled cart. The chicken feet show evidence of cracking and attempts at repair.

78 - Huge box lot of Christmas ornaments-new & VTG Mercury glass, blown glass, shatterproof, red mica stencil, hand painted, Shiny Brite, Rausch and more! A treasure trove for the vintage Christmas collector.

79 - Huge box lot of Christmas ornaments-new & VTG Mercury glass, blown glass, shatterproof, red mica stencil, hand painted, Shiny Brite, Rausch and more! A treasure trove for the vintage Christmas collector.

80 - Shenandoah Designs A Keeper of Christmas 1996 Red hair and mustache on this collectible shelf sitting figurine, who holds a small evergreen Christmas tree that has Peace and Goodwill ribboned around it. A candle lit lamp hangs on a pole. Shenandoah Designs International, Inc. lined edition 2680 of 6000.

81 - Kitschy fun VTG décor box/disco ball/MCM Vintage Shiny Brite ornament box is rescued and given new life with a background of glitter snow, a gold MCM harden plastic disco ball ornament with holly leaves/berries. A musical Christmas tree is labeled "Noel" and hammer strike wooden bells. A Santa/Father Christmas figurine gazes at the Christmas tree while carrying a pack of toys on his back.

82 - 4 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2004 "Snowflake Fun", by Edythe Kegrize. 2004 "Yule Express" by Linda Sickman. 2004 "Cookie Doe" by Edythe Kegrize. 1994 "Secret Santa." All are in like new condition in original boxes.

83 - 4 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2003 "A Christmas Story A Visit From Santa" by Tammy Haddix. 2005 Special Edition Ornament Premier "Rocking Horse" by Linda Sickman. 2002 "A Song for the Lamb of God" with special motion feature, by Ken Crow. 2004 "For a Friend" by Sue Tague. All are in like new condition in original boxes.

84 - 4 Hallmark Keepsake Snowball and Tuxedo Ornmts 2007 "Here's the Scoop" by Julie Forsyth. 2010 "Snowflakes with Style" by Joanne Eschrich. 2010 "Ten Terrific Year" Special Edition, by Joanne Eschrich. 2011 "Snap Happy Friends" by Joanne Eschrich. All are in like new condition in original boxes.

85 - Trio of oversized clear hand blown glass ornaments White frosted glitter snowflakes are hand painted on each. One round ball/globe/bauble, one teardrop shaped and one raindrop shape. Purchased at Pettiti Gardens and never displayed.

86 - 4 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2014 "Kisses for Kacey" by Kristina Gaughran. 3 "Mischievous Kittens" Collector's Series: 2004, 2005 (2). All by Nina Aube. All are in like new condition in original boxes.

87 - Boldog Karacsony/Merry Christmas/Hungarian Ball Beautiful Christmas ornament for celebrating your Hungarian heritage/ancestry. Eastern European. Large light green bauble has holly leaves and berries on each side of "Boldog Karacsony." Vintage condition and gorgeous!

88 - Box lot of misc. Christmas/holiday ornaments Several different colors and styles. White and gold glitter glass balls, snowmen, icicle angel, gold, red/pink mercury glass, 1999 Campbells, 1978 vintage Schmid and many others.

89 - 4 large candles, molded into Christmas shapes Each candle is still wrapped in original plastic. Santa Claus is the largest at appx 7" tall. 2 white polar bears wearing red/green striped caps and scarves are appx 6 1/2" tall. A caroling snowman is appx. 6" tall. None have been opened or used. There are some tears in the plastic wrap covering.

90 - Vesele Vianoce/Merry Christmas/Slovak Ornament Beautiful Christmas ornament for celebrating your Slovak heritage/ancestry. Eastern European. Large light green bauble has holly leaves and berries on each side of "Vesele Vianoce." Vintage condition and gorgeous!

91 - Fishing ornament lot for the angler in your life Oversized Old World frosted 7" fish; Old World style creel, filled with fish; Santa & bear fishing in a canoe, painted like a fish; tacklebox ornament and more.

92 - Lot of 6 Santa Claus theme ornaments Includes hand painted clear glass globe, Father Christmas as an evergreen tree, Santa as a candy cane, Santa faces and more.

93 - Motorcycle/biker/rider ornament lot, incl Hallmark Lot of 4 motorcycle themed ornaments, perfect for stocking stuffers. One is an Old World style ornament of Santa riding in blue jeans and a red/white Santa style vest. Some minor paint wear. 1987 Hallmark "Joy Ride" Christmas ornament shows Santa Claus with one of his trusty reindeer out and about on a green motorcycle. The reindeer wears a blue scarf and the wheels turn. Is missing 1 pipe. Santa and Mrs. Claus riding a bright red glitter motorcycle and look incredibly cool with black boot and black shades! Customizable motorcycle in black and silver/chrome with flames coming from the tires.

94 - 2020 Harley Davidson Factory Ornament/NIB HDX-99203 Harley Davidson Motorcycle Factory Ornament comes in original box and never displayed.

95 - Kitschy fun décor box/bubble let/mistletoe snowman A vintage Pyramid ornament box is given new life with a backdrop of glitter cotton snow, a biscuit bubble light, MCM red glitter bird and adorable mistletoe/holly berry snowman. So much fun in one lot!

96 - 2 matching family of 6 customizable ornaments/deer Ready to be customized for you and your family. 2 adult reindeer and one has a red nose, just like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer! 4 children. Easily customized with a Sharpie style pen.

97 - 2001 Santa's Workbench Victorian Cheesemonger The lighted porcelain house is titled "The Cheesemonger" and is part of the Victorian Series by Santa's Workbench Collection. It is the new 2001 design.

98 - NIB Santa Cookie Plate & Jug Set Handpainted Santa plate is 7" x 6.5" and the ceramic milk jug is 7" tall. Both are the perfect size for leaving cookies and milk for Santa after he comes down the chimney.

99 - VTG 3 porcelain wise men, made in Taiwan, R.O.C. The 3 kings or wisemen are what you need to complete your Nativity scene. Each is appx. 8" x 5" and ride atop camels as they follow the Star. The wisemen are bringing the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. There are no cracks or chips in these pieces and are in protective bubblewrap in the original box.

100 - Batman action figure Christmas ornament DC Comics Plastic Batman is in a jumping/fighting stance with right arm/fisted. Blue cape and grey outfit with black gloves/boots. Appx. 5" long. In good, used condition.

101 - 3 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments Fairy and angels 2011 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Club, Special Lighting Effect "Starlight Angel" by Kristina Gaughran and Edythe Kegrize. 2008 Madame Alexander Series "Follow Your Dreams Angel". and 2010 Bluebell Fairy, both by Kristine Kline-Gaughran. All are in like new condition in original boxes.

102 - 2 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments "SNOW" 2013 "Let It Snow" collection "S is for Snow!" and "N is for Nip in the Air." Both by Tammy Haddix. "

103 - 4 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments/Miniatures/2 year 2001 Porcelain blue and white "Graceful Reindeer" set of 3 ornaments by Kristina Kline. 2001 Child's Age Collection, "Baby's Second Christmas" by John Collin Francis. 2003 "Here Comes Santa" set of 3 miniature ornaments. 2005 "Angelic Trio", set of 3 miniature ornaments, designed by Mary Hamilton.

104 - 5 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2010 "A Pony for Christmas" 13th in the Series, by Linda Sickman. 2006 and 2011 "Mischievous Kittens" Series, both by Nina Aube. 2007 "Rocking Horses: A 10-Year Reunion" trio of miniature rocking horse ornaments, by Linda Sickman. 2006 "Cool Decade" Series by Tammy Haddix.

105 - Misc. ornaments-Christmas pickle/attorney/lawyer Lawyers Advise circular ornament; customizable female attorney/lawyer ornament; cut glass globe and the Christmas Pickle! Used, but good condition.

106 - 4 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2005 "Shake It, Santa!" by Sharon Visker. 2005 "Here Comes Santa" 1987 Woody-Special Edition, by Ken Crow. 2002 "Woodland Friends" by Nina Aube. 2004 "So Much To Do!" by Nello Williams. All are in like new condition in original boxes.

107 - 2 hand painted, blown glass West German ornaments Both large globe/ball/bauble ornaments are a frosted white and are hand painted and signed "Jane 81." One is of a white cat, wearing a red/white Santa cap. The second is a horse drawn sleigh in the snow. Both in used, but good condition.

108 - Trio of fruit themed ornaments-blown glass One is a hand painted pale green glass globe/ball/bauble with what appears to be either oranges or grapefruits. The other two are matching Old World style blown glass frosted ornaments in the shape of a half of a pink grapefruit. All are in like new condition.

109 - VTG handcrafted/painted Father Christmas/Santa Amazing lacquered piece is painted wood and stands 22" tall and appx 9 1/2" wide at the base. He has a textured beard, mustache and eyebrows that stand up in relief. The wood is in excellent condition and there are no chips or cracks. He is carrying a small evergreen tree and packs filled with toys. No artist signature, but other similar pieces date to the 1970s. Amazing free-standing vintage piece.

110 - Handcrafted 25" snowman wall hanging décor Christmas/winter themed décor. This hand crafted, hand painted snowman head wears as large black top hat that has a cardinal nesting on the brim, against a red/black plaid hat band. Long carrot nose and 16" at the widest point of the hat brim. There is a hole for a pipe or other attachment. Like new condition and never displayed.

111 - Butterfly ornament lot 2 Old World style blown glass ornaments, highly decorated in glitter and sequins. 2 Pale lavender and white/silvered and spectacular peach/bronze hand painted butterfly. Ideal gifts for the lepidopterist!

112 - Bottle brush tree/Santa kitschy box décor Vintage Pyramid ornament box is used as the backdrop for this diorama style decorative box. Each box is individual and unique and backed with vintage glitter snow cotton. This has a Santa standing beside a 16" silver bottle brush tree that is decorated with vintage placement bulbs. A peach and silver reflector flower is high in the right corner. A giant snowflake is also included.

113 - Candy Design Carl Larsson Norway Pixies/Gnomes One boy and one girl and both are dressed for the snow in red caps and snowflake red/white mittens. Both have the upturned noses characteristic of these figurines. 3"-3 1/4" long. Nordic/Norwegian/Scandinavian Christmas décor.

114 - Pair of Baseball theme ornaments-S'Mores & Mom One of the ornaments is "The Original S'Mores" Midwest collection and is of a baseball player in a blue and red uniform #4. The second is a KSA "Baseball Mom" with keys, #1 and glove w/baseball. Both are in very good condition.

115 - 19" Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Holiday/Christmas Large plush Mickey was produced by Mattel and Arcotoys. Mickey is dressed in green pants that have a rip in the right knee. A red and green striped long sleeved shirt with "M" monogram. Has moldable wire in his ears.

116 - 2011 Cleveland Museum of Art Blown Glass XL Globe Fragile and beautiful, this hand painted, blown glass ornament is in blue and has the world renowned Cleveland Museum of Art painted as it would look in late spring or summer. Amazing detailing and has upper loop for hanging on ornament stand or on the tree.

117 - 2017 Hallmark Hopeful Father Christmas Blown Glass Made in Poland and designed by artist Joanne Eschrich. In shades of rich red and gold on cream. Father Christmas is in relief and is in burgundy velvet robe and hat. He holds multiple instruments in gold and cream. This stunning Hallmark Keepsake ornament for your home.

118 - 2 Hallmark-Kringle Trolley & Sleeping Pooh/Piglet 1994 Kringle Christmas Trolley is one of the Magic Hallmark Keepsake ornaments. Is also labeled Jingle Bell Lane Snow Express. Santa is the trolley conductor and has penguin passengers. Also is a 1997 Walt Disney ornament showing Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, sleeping in a green chair while waiting for Santa with milk and cookies.

119 - Lot of 3 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2014 "A Springy Surprise" is the 2014 thank you gift for Keepsake Ornament Club Members and is by Julie Forsyth. 2013 "A Spring Surprise" by Nina Aube and Jim Kemme. All are in like new condition in original boxes.

120 - 15" wooden snowman nutcracker-Jo-Ann's Rustic style snowman is in a flecked cream and is wearing a plaid scarf and black top hat with a checkerboard hat band. Has a clear teardrop light in hand. Like new condition.

121 - 4 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2005 "You've Been Caught" by Katrina Bricker. 2003 "Grandson" by Sharon Visker. 2003 "The Decision" by Nina Aube. 2003 "Kris Kringle" by Sharon Visker.

122 - Hand painted White House blown glass ornament Amazing craftsmanship is in this huge ornament! A stylized reproduction of the United States White House has snow glittered on painted evergreens. Stars decorate a dark blue sky. Extremely fragile and amazing beautiful. Display your patriotism openly this Christmas with this beauty. No chips, cracks or other damage.

123 - 5 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2008 "Snow What Fun Sledders" Magic features sound ornament. 2010 "Snow Happy to Serve" Noel Nutcrackers Series, by Tracy Larsen. 2012 "Season's Treatings" Series, #4 by Sharon Visker. 2007 "Peppermint Pup" by Sue Tague. 2006 Limited Quantity "Frosty Friends." All are in like new condition in original boxes.

124 - 4 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2007 Ornament Club "Holiday String-Along" by Sue Tague. 2006 "Snow Fort Fun" by Kristina Kline. 2006 "A Winter Perch" by Edythe Kegrize and Julie Forsyth. 2006 "Ready …Set…Grow" by Edythe Kegrize and Julie Forsyth. All are in like new condition in original boxes.

125 - Snowman décor-plush tissue box, votive holder 19" tall plush snowman holds a 6" x 6" box saying "Let It Snow" with snow capped evergreen trees. Wears a red brimmed, blue and white cap and scarf and red mittens. Can be used for tissue boxes, pot pouri, holding Christmas ornaments or other decorations. Also included is a Sakura glazed porcelain Snow Angel Village Snowman Votive Candleholder. 3" x 3 1/4" x 6" appx measurements. No chips or cracks or other damage.

126 - 2 boxes VTG NOMA Bubble Lights Re-live your childhood with these nostalgic lights! Boxes are in poor condition, but the graphics are still beautiful and whimsical. One set of the light work when plugged into an outlet. The second set a plug that is damaged and is not working.

127 - Hallmark Polar Express Talking Plush Santa w/bell From the 2004 movie "The Polar Express", this Santa says "Magic of Christmas Lies in Your Heart." The button to trigger the saying is on his right hand. His left hand holds a jingle bell. Needs batteries. A couple of very minor spots on the white of the Santa suit.

128 - 3 Mr. Jingleling Plastic Hand puppets If you missed out on them in the last auction, grab these while you can. Mr. Jingeling would see hundreds of children each day at Halle's Department Store as he counted down the days between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

129 - NIB Santa's Workbench Fancy Fiddle Music Shoppe This lighted porcelain house is part of the Santa's Workbench Collection Interior View Series. New 2001 Design. In original box.

130 - Harley Davidson 105th Anniversary Ornament 1903-2008, 105 Years of Great Motorcycles. Black glass ball/globe/bauble is in like new condition and original box that has some minor crush.

131 - VTG "Metalized Plastic" Paramount Lantern Lights Very Rare string of working lantern lights. 1 string of lights. The ones with bulbs are in working condition. The lanterns are easily removed for changing the bulbs. The graphics of the box are still beautiful, but the box is in shambles. Still a great find and addition for your MCM or vintage collection.

132 - 2014 Harley Davidson Glass Santa Ball Ornament Comes in original box and is in like new condition. Santa is cruising through the sky on a vintage green/white motorcycle. He is dressed in a black motorcycle jacket and cap. The back of the bike has a sack that is loaded with presents.

133 - Kitschy fun VTG décor box/honeycomb snowman Vintage Pyramid ornament box is used as the backdrop for this diorama style decorative box. Each box is individual and unique and backed with vintage glitter snow cotton. This has a Santa standing against an unrolled scroll: "Santa is so jolly because he knows where all the naughty people are." A little paper snowman has a honeycombed white paper tummy. A handcrafted beaded Christmas tree is in the bottom center and a vintage pick decoration is topped with a vintage blue Shiny Brite top shaped ornament. Green and silver metal flower and blue and silver mercury glass ornament also.

134 - VTG XL silver mercury glass bauble w/USA 1919 cap Very unusual and unique cap has a 19 on each side of the opening. The exact age of this ornament could not be determined. Do your own research. Hand painted with teal/aqua and creamy gold bands. Frosted with mica and glitter in repeating oval pattern. Amazing condition!

135 - 4 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2010 Ornament Club "Branching Out in Style" by Linda Stickman. 2006 1st in new Yuletide Treasures Series "Santa" has a "Magic" pull-string motion, by Joyce Lyle and Edythe Kegrize. 2006 "St. Nick" by Nina Aube. 2007 "Welcome, Friends!" by Linda Stickman. All are in like new condition in original boxes.

136 - 5 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments There are 2 Grandson, 1 Granddaughter and 2 Child's 3rd Christmas... All very nice and cute ornaments

137 - 3 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments All 3 are "Joy In The Air" and artist crafted by Anita Marra Rogers.

138 - Box lot misc. Christmas décor & Coca-Cola 1990 1990 Coca-Cola green bottle 3 1/4" with green holly leaves and red berries and large red bow atop the green bottle. A maroon plush hanging pillow w/gold twisted trim "NOEL" and dark blue plush hanging pillow w/gold twisted trim "I Believe". 6" hand painted ceramic "Holiday Wreath" bowl with script Merry Christmas , evergreen sprigs, holly leaves and red berries.

139 - Golf lover ornament lot/stocking stuffers Perfect for the golfer in your life. 4 golf themed ornaments including the 19th hole, golf cart and bucket of balls.

140 - Cupcake/baking ornaments/stocking stuffers Snow in Love cupcake snowman tin, snowman mixing batter w/strainer hat, Santa head cupcake, poinsettia topped cupcake, teal/white cupcake. Perfect for the baker in your life.

141 - VTG XL red mercury glass bauble w/USA 1919 cap Very unusual and unique cap has a 19 on each side of the opening. The exact age of this ornament could not be determined. Do your own research. Hand designed with waves design at top and bottom, hashtag and polka dot flowers stenciled in white mica. Amazing condition!

142 - Family/dad Christmas ornament lot Includes Craftsman Robo Grip tool ornament with 3 polar bears; green "Dad" ball, ceramic "Dad" star/doll ornament; snowman couple w/heart; and family of 4 customizable ornament carrying a Christmas tree.

143 - 1973 Duncan Ceramics kitschy Santa Claus Amazing vintage condition and incredibly well painted! No chips or cracks. Dressed in iconic red /white Santa suit with black boots and a black toy sack. Appx. 10" tall.

144 - 2014 Novelty Trading Corp. Pat Olson Snowman Appx 14" tall and covered in glitter style snow, this adorable Styrofoam snowman comes bearing gifts. Red/white striped stocking cap and lime green scarf with red polka dots.

145 - VTG hand painted Santa newel post, 12" tall. Hand crafted, oversized newel post/banister post is painted in such a way that gives texture to Santa's beard and mustache. Bright blue eyes and a red plaid scarf encircles his neck.

146 - 5 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments Angels/Fairy 2004 "Kaleidoscope Fairy" by LaDene Votruba. 2003 "Angel of Serenity" by Patricia Andews. 2003 "Sweetest Little Angel" by Kristina Kline. 2004 "Angel of Compassion" by Joyce Lyle. 2003 "The Gift of Peace" by Sue Tague.( Needs to be repaired)

147 - Customizable family of 6 ornate-people & stockings Ready to be customized for you and your family members. One ornament is a family outside shoveling snow and making snowballs. 2 adults and 4 children.. The second is a Christmas tree at the bottom of a staircase that is hung with 6 red glitter stockings. Easily customized with a Sharpie style pen.

148 - Food/cooking/take-out ornaments/stocking stuffers 2010 baking Christmas cookies ornament, a gingerbread lady shelf with miniature whisk, gingerbread cookies on a tray, snowman faced spoon ornament and "When in doubt…Order take out" Fun, whimsical ornaments, perfect for stocking stuffers.

149 - Kitschy fun VTG décor box/penguin/cardinal Vintage Holly ornament box is in used condition, but rather than the garbage, it has been upcycled into this fun, kitschy piece of Christmas art! Backed with white glitter snow cotton, it has a vintage flocked empower penguin dressed in a top hat and bearing a gift. A red feathered cardinal looks up at the penguin. A sprig on holly leaves and berries decorated the bottom corner. A vintage mercury glass ornament with a stenciled flower serves as a moon.

150 - Kitschy fun VTG décor box/angel topper/vtg garland Vintage Shiny Brite ornament box is upcycled into this fun kitschy Christmas decoration. NOMA Christmas tree angel topper is missing her wand, but she still has her radiant star dropped background. She still has her crown and the stars sprinkled on her robe are in great condition. Vintage pink garland and miniature feather tree sized gold ball ornaments. A double layered metallic flowers in peach and silver highlights the upper left corner. The backdrop is white glitter snow cotton.

151 - Cats & kittens galore! Stocking stuffers/ornaments 11 cat/kitten themed ornaments. Some are angel cats. Creamy white cats, calico cats, black cats, gray cats, tabby cats, tiger cats and orange St. Nicholas Square photo ornament.

152 - Misc. ornaments-Cable cars, snow boarding/skiing San Francisco Powell & Hyde St. cable cars. One is missing part of the 6 in 2006. Herbal tea, skiing, snowboards, treble clef and angel round out this misc. lot of stocking stuffers or ornament gifts.

153 - Kitschy fun VTG diorama décor box/chiming Santa Made in a vintage Pyramid/Rausch ornament box and with vintage ornaments and kitschy roly poly chiming Santa, made in Hong Kong. Silver bottle brush tree and hand painted and stenciled mercury glass ornaments. So much fun in one lot!

154 - Customizable family of 6 monkeys/Bah Humbug Ready to be customized for you and your family members. 2 adult monkey and 4 little monkeys are just hanging around with dangling legs. Easy to customize with a Sharpie style pen. Also included is a long fabric stocking that is topped with lumps of coal for the Scrooge or Grinch in your life. Great stocking stuffers!

155 - Lot of Animal ornaments, VTG gold glitter bird Whimsical black bear in fishing gear and pole. Black-capped chickadee, mother chimpanzee with baby, male lion with lion cub.

156 - Lot of various ornaments, incl Irish cross, dogs Hang in there till Christmas puppy in a wreath, miniature dogs in wreaths, Santa, computer ornament.

157 - Customizable family of 6 ornaments-frogs & people Ready to be customized for your family members. One shows a family of 2 adults and 4 children wearing bright red, white and green winter clothing. They are wrapped up in Christmas lights. The second is a whimsical family of frogs, with 2 adults and 4 children. Both easy to write on with a Sharpie style pen.

158 - Customizable reindeer family of 6 ornaments Ready to be customized for your family members. 2 identical ornaments so there is one for you and one for a friend. 2 adult reindeer and 4 young reindeer. Both easy to write on with a Sharpie style pen.

159 - Pre-WWII celluloid hand painted Santa w/sleigh Incredibly rare antique celluloid molded Santa Claus is dressed in red and in a cream sleigh with green hand painted runners. A large reindeer/caribou pulls the sleigh. The sleigh is piled full of presents. This piece is marked made in Japan and has an unknown maker's mark about that. Appx 3 1/2"-4" long and 2" tall. Circa 1930s.

160 - 1998 Waterford Crystal Angel Ornament In it's original box and insert, this 1998 4th Edition and comes in a red, brushed velvet box and its original, thin, outer cardboard sleeve. Belongs to a larger Waterford Crystal Angel Ornament Collection.

161 - Trio MCM Homco, made in Taiwan Santa/Elf mice Adorable trio of vintage Homco Santa Claus/Christmas mice are appx 3 1/2" tall and each is numbered 5405. Each one holds a Christmas/holiday themed item: sack, Christmas tree and stack of presents. Great reminder of Christmas past! Two of the three are in excellent condition. The third shows signs of a broken Santa hat that has been repaired and is missing a very small piece.

162 - Box lot of misc. Christmas/holiday décor Includes protective green tarp/covering, rock-n-roll Santa and rose pink/gold Father Christmas figurine.

163 - Holland mold ceramic Christmas tree w/holly base Appx. 14" tall with the base, which is very unique-holly leaves and red berries on a white background. The tree is decorated with traditional style bulbs, many of which are loose. Beautiful piece of vintage Christmas décor. It is in working condition and comes with appropriate light bulb.

164 - Trio of VTG Hungarian Cranberry/gold ornaments Brilliant and elegant cranberry blown glass ornaments that are etched/frosted with a leaf branch and gilt dashed droplets. Bell shaped ornaments are rimmed in gold gilt around the bottom. Red rhinestones dot the etched branch. appx 4 1/2" long. Clear glass loops at both top and bottom. Each has a gold toned jump ring around the bottom loop.

166 - Lot of 7 Hallmark Miniature Collector's Series All are from 2004 and 2005. "Antique Tractors" "Snow Cozy" "Christmas Bells" "Sleepy-Time Mouse" "Let It Snow, Man!" "1935 Timmy Racer" and "Cookies Anyone?"

175 - 12" Wooden carved, rustic Santa Claus Unknown mfg or artist. Beautiful addition to your rustic/wooden décor. Father Christmas/St. Nicholas/rustic décor

181 - Vintage 1950s Gurley Candle Choir - Set of 3 Set of 3 1950s Gurley Novelty Co. Candles. Each is in quite good condition but may have some flaw(s) such as discoloration, bending/tilt, loss of color, slight melting, etc. Wicks and labels are still in tact. Gurley choir Boy in Red gown. Measures 1.5" W X 3.0" H. Gurley choir Girl in Black gown. Measures 1.5" W X 3.0" H. Gurley choir Girl in Red gown. Measures 1.5" W X 3.0 " H. Comes in a small vintage Christmas patterned box that measures 5.5" x 3" x 1.5"

189 - 2012 Byers' Santa in Sleigh w/Caribou Santa is Coming to Town, courtesy of a brown and white caribou pulling his sleigh. The sleigh is intricately carved and carries an evergreen pine Christmas tree and a fruit decorated wreath. 18" from the front of the caribou to the end of the sleigh. Sleigh is 10" x 6" x 5" Santa's beard is rabbit fur. The caribou is also fur covered.

190 - Lot of 12 Hallmark Keepsake Miniature Ornaments 2002 ornaments: "Angel in Training" "Jingle Belle" "Santa Jumping Jack" "Christmas Bells" and "Ice Block Buddies". 2003 ornaments: "Snow Cozy" (2) "Antique Tractors" "Bunny Skates Maxine" "Christmas Bells" "Kitty Catch" "Clever Cardinal". All are in like new condition in original boxes.

192 - 5 Hallmark Keepsake Miniature Series All from 2002 and 2003 editions. All are miniatures. 2002 ornaments: "Sugar Plum Faries", "Dream", "Five Tiny Favorites". 2003 ornaments: "Here Comes Santa", "Presents of Angels."

193 - 10 Hallmark Keepsake Miniature Series 1990 "Little Frosty Friend Little Seal" 1994 Keepsake Ornament Collector's Club "Sweet Bouquet" 2003 "Puppies on the Doorstep" "Afternoon Tea" 2005 "Antique Tractors" 2006 "Firehouse No. 2006" 2013 "Jolly Birdhouse" "Red-Headed Woodpecker" "One Sweet Gingerbread Boy" 2015 Petite Treat. All are in like new condition in original boxes.

194 - 5 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2001 "All-Star Kid" photo holder by LaDene Votruba. 2001 "Our Family" photo holder by Joyce Lyle. 2003 "Just For You" by Nina Aube. 2004 "Granddaughter" and "Grandson". All are in like new condition in original boxes.

195 - 6 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 5 are part of the "Child's Age Collection" 2003 "My First Christmas" 2004 "My Second Christmas" 2005 "My Third Christmas" 2004 "My Fourth Christmas" 2005 "My Fifth Christmas". 2004 "Happy Birthday, Jesus!". All are in like new condition in original boxes.

209 - 3 Hallmark "Sweet" Keepsake Ornaments A trio of sweet treats! The larger ornament "Chocolate Moose" is from 2012, while the two smaller ornaments, "Milk Chocolate" and "A Sweet Treat" are from the 2011 collection. New in box!

210 - 4 Hallmark "Horse" Keepsake Ornaments These four ornaments are all titled "A Pony for Christmas," a series showing teddy bears on horseback that started in 1998 and continues to this day! The largest is from 2006, with two from 2011, and one from 2012. One of the 2011 ornaments is marked 'repaint' and shows a different horse/teddy bear combination. Adorable for an equestrian or collector.

214 - Lot of Decorative Glass Ornaments 5 silver glass bulb ornaments from Noelle in original box that would hold 12. Also in this lot is a full box of hand decorated glittery ornaments from Christmas Trimmeries by Bradford. Another full box of glittery decorative ornaments, Pyramid brand, in a variety of shapes. Great set!

215 - Faux Mistletoe Mini Wreath in Gold Box Beautiful 6" wreath in original gold foil box with clear front plastic. Wreath is vaguely heart shaped, and covered in ivory berries with faux Douglas fir surrounding. Like new, with a gold colored hanger for easy decorating for the holidays. No known manufacturer.

224 - 3 Hallmark "Bear" Keepsake Ornaments Gift Bearers was a limited series, running only from 1999 to 2005. This lot contains the 2004 and the 2005 bears, which were two of the final bears! Also included is a 2005 Polar Bear ornament from the "Too Sweet!" series, eating shaved ice with a small purple penguin. Adorable bear batch! New in box.

225 - 3 Hallmark "Angel" Keepsake Ornaments Joyful Tidings was a line of 5 angel ornaments released in 2005. Still in their original boxes, we have 2 of the 5 - Cordelia and Arianne. This lot also included a third angel themed ornament entitled "Angel of Friendship," released in 2012 that reads "Sometimes friends are family, too." Perfect for an angel collector or a dear friend during the holidays.

227 - 3 Hallmark "Snow Buddies" Keepsake Ornaments This collection of snowmen and their cold weather friends began in 1998. Contained in this lot is the 2007, with a snowman and a husky playing. 2009's ornament is a snowman giving a Christmas cookie to a seal pup, and 2011 is a snowman feeding or petting a reindeer baby!

238 - NIB 2015 Animated Santa's Sleigh Santa Claus is coming to town on one of his trusty reindeer! In the background, there are two glittery pine trees with a 'Merry Christmas' banner. When the button behind his sleigh is pushed, lights come on, one of eight songs play, Santa moves the reins and the reindeer moves his head. Tested and functional. New in original 2015, like new condition. Measures 10" by 5" by 9 1/2".

239 - Lot of Miscellaneous Christmas Decor items In this lot, we have two 9 1/2" Noma brand Christmas candles in tan, with electrical cords and a bulb, in their original bags. Tested and functional. There is a Hallmark Christmas ornament out of its box, identified to be the final in the Gift Bearers series, 2005 bear in all white. He is wrapped in bubble wrap, as he is fragile. The other two pieces are tin Christmas pieces; one is a bowl and the other is a rectangular container with a hinged lid. The dessert bowl could also be used as a cookie plate for Santa!

246 - 4 Hallmark "Friends" Keepsake Ornaments This lot of Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments show some of the Christmas staple icons. 2013's 'Little Reindeer,' 2015's 'Snow Better Friends' showing a snowman holding a striking red cardinal. A second ornament from 2015 is titled 'Hanging with Teddy' and was a member exclusive that year! Lastly, 'Tippity Tap Toy Soldier' is shown with a large blue and white snowflake drum. Great condition in their original boxes.

247 - 4 Hallmark Miniature Keepsake Ornaments These are miniature ornaments, and each box contains an ensemble of three. 'Purr-fectly Contented' is a set of cats stretching from 2004. 'See no Humbug,' 'Penguin Races,' and 'Peace, Hope, and Joy' are all from 2005. 'See No Humbug' is snowmen doing the 'see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil' poses. 'Penguin Races' are three penguins on sleds, while 'Peace, Hope, and Joy' contains an angel, a dove, and a snowflake. All are in like new condition in original boxes.

249 - 2012 Byers' Choice Toddler in a Red Wagon Adorable toddler sits in a little red wagon, with a small Christmas tree in the back. This piece was released in 2012 and is in beautiful condition. The toddler is wearing a blue snowsuit with a white hat and boots. This is a mixed media piece; the wagon is metal, the wooden slats around the tree are wooden, and the tree is covered in fake snow. Great decor piece!

251 - Disney's Tigger "Pouncin' is what Tiggers do best" Tigger is shown here pouncing on a happy snowman while wearing a Santa hat, on a blue and purple base. This piece is part of Walt Disney's Showcase Collection, produced was Enesco, LLC. Measures 5" x 4" x 5".

257 - Clearly 24% Lead Crystal 9 Piece Nativity Set Beautiful styled nativity figurines recreates the scenery of the Holy Land's desert landscape. All figures are included and in good condition.

259 - 3 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2006 "Ready for Sledding" by Edythe Kegrize and Julie Forsythe. 2007 "SnowBuddies" 10th Anniversary Ed. By Tammy Haddix. 2008 "Stanley T. Starr" by Joanne Eschrich. All are in like new condition in original boxes.

260 - 3 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2006 "Bunny Hug" Special Edition and Limited Quantity Ornament by Tammy Haddix. 2011 "Love Grows" Nature's Sketchbook by Marjolein Bastin. 2010 "Season of Beauty" Nature's Sketchbook by Marjolein Bastin.

261 - 3 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2004 "Sweet Tooth Treats" Series, 4 miniatures by Nina Aube. 2006 "Sweet Tooth Treats" Series 4 miniatures by Nia Aube. 2007 "Kitchen Angel" Special Edition Limited Quanties, by Sue Tague. All are in like new condition in original boxes.

262 - 5 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2013 Ornament Club Member Exclusive "'Tis the Season" 2 ornaments by Sharon Visker. 2014 "Merry Makers" Collection by Rodney Gentry and Sharon Visker. 2016 "Friends Make the Season Brighter" by Nina Aube. 2016 "Sweet Snow Angel" by Tammy Haddix. 2016 "Sweet Toot Tuba" Limited Edition by Anita Marra Rogers.

263 - 4 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2004 "My Christmas Slippers" lighted and battery operated by Tammy Haddix. 2005 "Santas From Around the World-England" by Edythe Kregrize. 2003 "Snowman Surprise" by Ken Crow. 2003 "Merriweather"

264 - 4 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments from 2015 2015 Snowball and Tuxedo Series: "15th Anniversary" and "Wrapped Up in Friendship" both by Joanne Eschrich. 2015 Limited Edition "Tippity-Tap Toy Soldier" by Anita Marra Rogers. 2015 "Hangin' with Teddy" member exclusive by Julie Forsyth. All are in like new condition in original boxes.

265 - 2 Hallmark Keepsake Collector's Series Ornaments 2005 Mary's Angels Series "Forsythia" BY Robert Chad. 2004 Snowball and Tuxedo "Fancy Footwork" by Joanne Eschrich. All are in like new condition in original boxes.

266 - 12 Hallmark Keepsake Miniature Ornaments 2009 Local Club Repaint "Home Sweet Home" Special Edition. 2012 "Sweet Mouse" by Katrina Bricker. 2011 "Penguin Power" Santa's Holiday Train by Ken Crow and Kristina Gaughran. 2009 "Frosty Rider" by Robert Chad. 2011 "Cool Caboose" Santa's Holiday Train by Ken Crow and Tammy Haddix. 2011 "Littlest Angel" by Katrina Bricker. 2009 "Festive Santa" by Don Palmiter. 2010 "Smiling Soldier" by Kristina Kline-Gaughran. 2006 "Santas From Around the World-England" by Edythe Kegrize. 2011 "Festive Santa" by Nina Aube. 2011 "Reindeer Rider" Santa's Holiday Train by Ken Crow and Sharon Visker. 2010 "Birth of a Savior" by Edythe Kegrize.

267 - 4 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2013 Madame Alexander Series "Sending Christmas Cheer" by Debra Murray. 2013 Fairy Messengers Series "Daisy Fairy" by Kristina Gaughran. 2013 "Cookie Cutter Christmas" by Nina Aube 2013 Mary's Angels Series "Poinsettia" by Robert Chad.

268 - Large lot of mostly VTG blown glass ornaments Majority of this lot are vintage ornaments that include Shiny Brite mercury glass. Included are dual-sided indents and bell shaped with mica frosting and stripes. Frosted stencil mercury glass Shiny Brites are also included. Czechosolvakian and West German ornaments included. A few more modern ornament crafted in the Old World Style are included. West German shooting star indent ornament is also included.

269 - Large lot of VTG blown glass ornaments Mostly from West Germany and Czechoslovakia. Includes set of 8 West Germany clear glass Christmas bells that are intricately frosted and stenciled. 2 Shiny Brite dual-sided mercury glass indents with mica frosting. Small Czech mercy glass bell has had clapper replaced. 1920s Czech handblown glass teapot is incredibly rare and beautiful! The handles are not intact and you can see the breakage, which is unfortunately typical for these incredibly delicate ornaments. Still an amazing piece for your pre-WWII Christmas collection.

272 - Box lot vintage blown glass ornaments Gorgeous old world style ornaments. Made in Poland and West Germany. A couple include the star shaped hanger loop. One large blue mercury glass globe is West German DBGM, with original plastic cap. Spectacular coloring, shapes and condition on these beauties! Also included is a 4-5" mercury glass figural ornament that is handblown glass as evidenced by the pontil point at the bottom of Santa's beard. The figure is the head and face of Santa. His beard and hair are silver, while his mustache and eyebrows are frosted white mica. The age of this piece is evident and it is styled in the figural of the early 1920s. Incredible piece for your vintage Christmas collection!

280 - Basket of Miscellaneous Christmas Décor A great set to start your decorating. This lot includes a handpainted square tablecloth (34" by 34") with poinsettias and leaves, a shatterproof blue and gold ornament (10 1/2" long), as well as an ornament that you can put potpurri in, decorated with a goose! All of this is in an adorable padded Christmas themed basket.

281 - Handcrafted Lighted Nativity Set with 17 Figurines Handcrafted Stable with 17 porcelain or ceramic figurines, showing baby Jesus in the manager, surrounded by mother Mary, father Joseph, the 3 wise men, an angel and a handful of animals! There is also some greenery to be reattached to the sides, removed for storage, but this can be easily done with super glue. Light is tested and works, includes a backup. Barn itself appears to be handcrafted, but well done with detailing along the front and sides. Figurines are all in good shape, with few imperfections.

283 - Vintage Ornament Figurines and Bulbs Box contains 10 vintage figurines and bulbs. Stand outs from this lot include an Old World style Santa, dressed in white robes with gold detailing, an Old World snowman dressed for the winter chill, as well as a top-styled ornament with an ornate design and ornament cap labelled 'Germany'. There is also a gold 'indent' ornament that was made in West Germany! Other ornaments are labelled on their cap, stating where they were made, and include Taiwan, Columbia, and Poland. Some patina due to age and storage, but would look great in a vintage collection, or on your tree!

284 - Lot of Unique Miscellaneous Tree Ornaments This is a collection of older style ornaments from all over the world. A two piece set of stenciled snowmen and Christmas scenery is on bulbs made in Poland, a clear teardrop shape with glitter made in Italy, several Old World style ornaments from Germany are all included. There are also two pieces from West Germany (1949-1990) There is also an angel with molded tin wings with a spiral at the bottom. All are in good condition, some imperfections due to age and storage.

285 - 5 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments Ready for the winter cold? This is a selection of modern Hallmark Ornaments themed around the cold weather friends, from 2013-2016. There is also a mystery keepsake ornament just labelled 'Frosty' from 2013. 2014 is titled "Frosting Frosty Friend" and is a small child holding a frosting bag. Also includes three mystery ornaments! Adorable collection!

286 - 4 Hallmark "Bear" Ornaments Nick and Christopher was a collection from Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments that only ran from 2004-2008, showing a brown bear and his mouse friend going on adventures. This lot has 2 of them, 2005's "Up for Fun', and the final 'Speedy Delivery' in 2008. Also in this lot is 'Branching Out in Style' from 2010, showing an adorable snowman with ornaments hanging from his arms, and "Trimming the Tree," which is a snowglobe scene depicting an family decorating their Christmas Tree, from 2006. All are in like new condition in original boxes.

292 - 3 Hallmark "Snow Buddies" Ornaments Contains 3 boxed ornaments from Hallmark's Keepsake collection. 2 of these 3 come from the "Snow Buddies" line, showing a snowman hanging out with a different animal friend each year. 2011 is a small reindeer, and 2015 is a beaver. Lastly, there is a 2015 ornament depicting an older snowman teaching a smaller one how to ice skate, with a puppy at their feet. Great for a snowman fan!

294 - 2 Hallmark Ornaments Catching Snowflakes is an ornament released in 2006 that was only made in limited quantity. It is a special edition, showing a child in a snow flurry with a puppy, with a snowflake hanging over his head. It also lights up! A second ornament, from 2016, is titled "A Gift for You" which is a bright red cardinal holding a small green gift box.

300 - Disco Ball Ornaments with Pink Mini-Tree Skirt Coming in a variety of sizes, these disco balls (silver mirrored balls) are in great shape and would be beautiful catching the light on your Christmas tree. Also in this lot is a hot pink mini tree skirt with square sequins stitched into the tulle on the bottom. Skirt is 14" in diameter and is meant for a smaller Christmas tree.

301 - Box lot 1999 "Liberty Falls" Collection Sold by Dillard's Department Store. 5 individual boxes hold 11 separate collectible figures. Marketed as "All In One", this collection was designed to reflect a growing American frontier town, specifically Liberty Falls, Colorado. Also known as The Americana Collection. Lot includes: Sinclair Hotel, Sinclair Carriage House, Liberty Church, Liberty Social Hall, Gadiel Home, Gadial Studio, Winthrop's Carpet Mill, Winthrop's Warehouse, Ornithologist's House, Ornithologist's Dove Cote and "The Oldest Tree."

303 - Large brass & cut glass hurricane candle holder 11" tall, which includes the heavy brass, felt bottomed base. The cut-glass hurricane depicts traditional holiday/Christmas imagery, including a Christmas tree w/star and garland wreath. It houses a large red pillar candle. This piece is extremely heavy! There are no chips or cracks in the glass. Needs surface cleaning. Perfect piece for your Christmas mantle.

304 - VTG MCM "spaghetti" ceramic Christmas Angel Kitschmas collectors, this one is for you! This mid-century Christmas angel is dressed in a long green dress that is covered in a red hooded cloak. The cloak is trimmed in which "spaghetti" style trim. She is all ready for the Christmas holidays and is holding a "Merry Christmas" wreath over one arm and bringing the gifts of "Blessings" and "Joy" wrapped up as presents. Her wings are trimmed in gold gilt, as is the Blessings package. Appx. 4 1/2" tall, she is in excellent condition! Wings are intact and only miniscule wear on the gold tipped wings. This vintage kitsch is currently highly collectible, so this piece makes the ideal gift for the collector in your life.

305 - 3 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments, 2 other ornmts 1998 "New Home" by Ed Seale. 1996 "Time for a Treat" by Linda Sickman. 1983 "Sneaker Mouse". 1992 "Rocking Horse" Series. 12th in Series. Ornament is in the box, but without the protective wrappings. 5th ornament is a diorama style ornament "Here Comes Santa Claus.." It shows Santa coming down the chimney with a bag filled with toys. A white cat and pair of purple mice sit in front of the fireplace. The sides of the ornament are heavily detailed in a relief style with Santa, a decorated Christmas tree, presents, etc.

325 - Williraye Studios Santa with Geese This figurine shows Santa holding a small Christmas tree in his hands, with his famous bag on his back. However, this bag contains two geese and a Christmas present. Santa is in a red winter coat with snowflake detailing on it, with big black boots. On the bottom of this figurine, it states that it was created in 2015 by Williraye Studios, made exclusively for Coynes. Great condition, like new! Measures 8" tall.

332 - Thomas the Train Hallmark Ornament Thomas the Train Engine is based on the London Brighton and South Coast Railway 0-6-0E2. Released in 1995, Thomas is painted his traditional bright blue with red and black highlights. This ornament is in like new condition, with its original box.

334 - Little Red Riding Hood Hallmark Ornament Done in the style of Madame Alexander, ornaments in this collection are done in the style of this artist. Little Red Riding Hood was an ornament made in her Brothers Grimm series, from their famous fairy tales! She is shown wearing a green dress, a red cape with a hood, and her basket of goodies for Grandma. Beautiful ornament, beautiful condition. Brand new in original box and packaging.

338 - 1992 Hallmark "Carousel" Ornament Done by Tobin Fraley in 1992, this was the first in a collection of carousel ornaments fashioned after the carousel décor from 1895-1925. Our horse was done in the style of Charles Carmel, a carver. This is a heavy duty ornament with a brass stand if you'd rather display the horse than hang it on your tree. Hand painted porcelain. Like new in original box, which is slightly torn.

340 - 2005 Hallmark "Snow Day Magic" Exclusive Member Exclusive from the Keepsake Ornament Collector's Club in 2005. This is a delicate and beautiful porcelain ornament showing a child hugging a snowman inside a snowflake. This ornament should also light up, but batteries are dead. Like new condition, in original box.

344 - 10 Hallmark Miniatures All of these are miniature ornaments. Includes 'Lil Locomotive' (2009), a member exclusive 'So Cute in a Boot!' (2010), and 'Deer-ly Loved Cookie' (2012). Also in this lot are two from a series called "Santa's Holiday Train" from 2011 and 2012. This ornaments can be attached to the other members of the series to form a real train of ornaments across your tree! All are in like new condition in original boxes.

347 - Vintage Lot of Old World Style Ornaments In this lot are a turkey and a wrapped gift box that were crafted in Poland. There are also four ornaments created in the Czech Republic, including a blown glass Christmas tree in red, green, and gold, two bulb ornaments that are adorned in glitter in beautiful designs, as well as a cream tear drop ornament. Lastly, there are 3 ornaments that were produced and stamped in West Germany! Two of these feature roses on their sides, on the flip side from the roses there is a woman on one, and a butterfly on the other. Also from West Germany is an Old World Style church. Awesome collectibles!

348 - Lot of Vintage Unique Ornaments This lot also includes ornaments crafted from across the globe. There are four from West Germany, one from Poland, and one from Italy. From Germany, there is a bulb with bronze mica designs on a pink background with regular white mica near the top. There is also an angel ornament in silver with gold and clear opalescent beads as décor. There is one indent ornament in green with a small designed 'indent' in the front middle of the banner circling it.

351 - 6 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments from 2007 & 2011 2007 "Peppermint Pup" by Sue Tague. 2007 "Welcome Friends" by Linda Sickman. 2011 Ornament Club Ornaments "A Sweet Treat" by Kristina Gaughran and "Snowshoe Snowman" by Sue Tague. 2011 Granddaughter and Grandson ornaments, both by Nina Aube.

352 - 6 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2006 "St. Nick" by Nina Aube. 2007 "Peppermint Pup" by Sue Tague. "Welcome Friends!" by Linda Sickman. 2011 "Christmas Cupcakes Series Simply Irresistable" by Ruth Donikowski. 2011 "Seasons Treatings Series" by Steve Goslin and Sharon Visker. 2012 "One Sweet Cookie" Special Edition by Kristina Gaughran.

354 - 3 Hallmark Keepsake Collector's Series Ornaments 2003 "Mistletoe Miss" 3rd and final in the Series. By Nina Aube. 2003 "Jack-in-the-Box Memories" Series. "Pop Goes the Snowman" by Sharon Visker has both music and movement. This is the 1st in this series. 2004 "Toymaker Santa" Series, 5th in Series, by Ken Crow.

354a - David Frykman The Oldest Angel w/ handbells The iconic "Oldest Angel" is walking/marching atop a cloud while ringing a handbell in each hand. His smile is beatific as benefiting an angel. Meaures appx. 5" x 4" x 3" and is in very good condition, but needs minor surface cleaning.

355a - MCM Molded Plastic Bird Figural Light Bulbs #1 Very rare! These Yule birds were designed to be substituted for regular bulbs in holiday Christmas light stands. There are 2 yellow and 1 green bird in this lot. Appx. 4" from beak to tail feathers. These birds are incredibly detailed with visible feathers, black eyes and black beak. There are small holes placed throughout as part of the design to allow the light shine through the body of the bird. Very good vintage condition.

356 - 2 Hallmark Keepsake "Snow Buddies" Series 2004 and 2005 of the Hallmark Snow Buddies Series. Each features a snowman with a forest friend, including a fawn and an owl. Both ornaments are by Tammy Haddix.

356a - MCM Molded Plastic Bird Figural Light Bulbs #2 Very rare! These Yule birds were designed to be substituted for regular bulbs in holiday Christmas light stands. There are 1 yellow and 1 green bird in this lot. Appx. 4" from beak to tail feathers. These birds are incredibly detailed with visible feathers, black eyes and black beak. There are small holes placed throughout as part of the design to allow the light shine through the body of the bird. Very good vintage condition.

357a - Box lot 5 MCM Lighted Ice Snowball Bulbs Advertised by GE as "Lighted Ice: D30, 120 Volt and as fitting regular C-71/2 Christmas string sets. One blue, 2 green and 2 pink. These have not been tested and 4 come in original sleeves. Great addition to your MCM Christmas collection.

358 - 2014 Hallmark Keepsake "Santa, Look at Me!" set Set includes a book that tells the story of the 3 segmented, gingerbread cookie ornament.

358a - VTG Santa Figural Ornament Very fragile and thin vintage ornament of Santa carrying a small Christmas tree. Measures appx. 4" and hs a small chip at the ornament hook opening. The ornament hanger does not appear to be the original as the fit is not snug. Ther are signs of crackling and minor damage which is consistent with age. Research indicates that this ornament is early to mid-20th Century.

360 - Box lot 9 glass Christmas Ornaments VTG + modern This lot contains Old World Style ornaments that are more modern in mfg. Other ornaments still have the tags and were made in Poland. Gorgeous red and cream patterns on some are indicative of Hungarian origin and others have "West Germany" on the ornament cap. The bottom tip of the Old World Style shatterproof Santa icicle is broken. Otherwise, there is no damage to the ornaments in this lot.

361a - VTG West Germany Mica Frosted Bird Clip Made in West Germany, this blown glass bird ornament is in incredible condition given its age and style. The mice/glitter/snow effect is still intact over most of the body of the bird. It's colored aqua, pink, yellow and white over a silvered body. The long tail is still intact. The pine cone style clip is in working condition. Meaures appx. 6" with the tail. Gorgeous! A must have for your MCM tree!

362 - 4 Liberty Falls Collection Buildings in orig boxes Part of the Americana Collection, these buildings depict the old western, frontier community of Liberty Falls, CO. This box set includes: Vaudeville Music House, Mountain Nugget Gambling Hall, The Price House and a bonus accessory-"The Price Wash House."

365 - 4 Liberty Falls Collection Buildings in orig boxes Part of the Americana Collection, these buildings depict the old western, frontier community of Liberty Falls, CO. This box set includes: First Bank of Liberty Falls, Palm Reader's Cottage, Haunted House and bonus accessory-"The Haunted Cemetary."

370 - Waterford Holiday Heirloom Small Gold Ball Part of the Waterford Heirloom Ornament Collection. Some sites describe the pattern as being "Peacock." There is no tag or box with this beautiful piece! Still has the green and gold Waterford ribbon. The ball is patterned with red panels that appear to be a dress and is vertically segmented by gold glitter stripes.

371 - Waterford Holiday Heirloom Lismore Coleen Egg Absolutely spectacular! Gorgeous! Not enough superlatives to describe this ornament! Brilliant colors of blue, green and red highlight the shape and texture of this piece. Still has the green and gold Waterford ribbon. No damage to this piece.

372 - Waterford Holiday Heirloom Millennial Ball 2000 Rare limited edition for the turn of the new century. Hand numbered 794/5000, this oversized globe ornament welcomes the new century with "2000" in brilliant red, outlined in gold glitter. Gold paint scallops the top and bottom of this piece. An incredible piece for anyone looking to replace any 2000 commemorative ornament that failed to survive the infant, toddler, child, tween and teen years of your twenty-something young adult!

373 - 1990 Hallmark "Christmas Limited" Cast Metal Train Very rare and unique Hallmark Keepsake Collector's Club Limited Edition ornament. Still in its original box, this Christmas train engine is bright blue and trimmed in red, green and gold. Made of cast metal, it also comes with a solid wood display stand.

376 - 2 boxes 25 Count Christmas Blue/Red Light Strands Two like new boxes of Christmas lights, one in blue, one in red. Both have been tested and are fully functional. Still in original box with original packaging. Measure 24' per box.

377 - 4 Hallmark "Snowman" Ornaments A set of four snowman ornaments! Two of them are celebrating the year 2015, featuring a snowman curled up in the numbers. "S is for Snow!" shows a snowman with the letter 'S' holding a sign saying 'Let it…' from 2013. Lastly, a patriotic snowman, dressed as Uncle Sam saluting, from 2012. Like new in original boxes with original packaging.

379 - 4 Hallmark "Friends" Keepsake Ornaments Featuring some of our favorite Christmas staples! A 2014 member exclusive shows a jack-in-the-box leaping from his box, titled "A Springy Surprise." Third in the Heavenly Belles collection, 2015's "Holly" is an angel like figurine singing in a white dress with "The Holly and The Ivy" across her front. Next is 2015's "A Pony for Christmas" from the line of the same name. Lastly, we have another "Holly" who is a small angel dressed in green, 28th in the "Mary's Angels" series. All are like new in box, with original packaging.

380 - 3 Hallmark "Snowball and Tuxedo" Ornaments Shows a classic Hallmark duo of a polar bear named Snowball and small penguin, Tuxedo, exploring their wintery world. This series was started in 2001 and continues today. In "Cold Day, Warm Friends!" they share a cup of cocoa. "There's no Fun like Snow Fun!" shows Snowball making Tuxedo into a snowman! The most recent one, 2016, shows Snowball and Tuxedo have just finished wrapping a gift just for you, in "That's a Wrap!" Like new in original boxes.

380a - 2014 "Andy's Car" from Nostalgic Buildings line 31st in the Nostalgic Houses and Buildings series, started in 1984. One of Hallmark's longest running series, and highly sought after! This ornament features Andy's Cars, a new and used car lot, with a Christmas tree peeking out through the window. Like new condition, in original box.

381 - "Five Golden Rings" Hallmark Keepsake Ornament On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… five golden rings! A beautiful colorful bird ornament celebrating the fifth day of Christmas, with a gold tone "5" pendant hanging off of him. Great condition, in original box.

381a - 2011 Christmas Window Hallmark Keepsake 9th in the Christmas Window series from Hallmark, started in 2003. This ornament shows a child and his puppy window shopping at a sporting goods store, with the child's heart set on the bike in the window. Like new condition with original box and packaging.

382 - 2 Hallmark "Outdoor Friends" Ornaments "Merry Chris-moose" shows a moose with a strand of Christmas lights tangled in his antlers from 2012. "Big Top Bear" is from a tin toy line of Hallmark Ornaments and is constructed of pressed tin. This is a bear standing on a ball while playing the cymbals, with a rotating ball! Like new condition in original box.

383 - 4 Hallmark "Santa's Helpers" Ornaments This lot is a collection of 4 ornaments that could be from Santa's workshop. Santa is up first in "Toymaker Santa" which shows him working on, and eating from a miniature toy oven from 2014. He is 15th in the line of toymaker Santas. Also helping Santa is an elf, in "North Pole Tree Trimmers" he is helping decorate a tree. This ornament is from the series of the same name and is first in this line from 2013. Next are a rocking horse (Santa Certified, 2015) and a nutcracker titled "Cool Icicles" from 2015 as well. The rocking horse was made by Santa himself and stamped with 'Santa Certified' on the horse's saddle. This ornament is 3rd in the Santa Certified line. The nutcracker was 3rd and final in the line of the same name. All are like new condition in original packaging.

388 - String of Christmas Light and 3 piece Angels First in this lot is a 24' strand of Christmas lights in multiple colors, blue, red, orange and others. The highlight of this lot is a 3 piece set of Lenox crystal angels, in like new condition in original box. Each angel is dressed in angelic robes, with outstretched wings and halos.

389 - Lot of Assorted Vintage Christmas Ornaments Standouts from this lot include a Hallmark Keepsake Ornament from 1993, shaped as a heart that opens up to reveal a winter scene with "Christmas brings a gentle peace that enters every heart" on the backside. There is also an 'indent' style ornament in all red with silver glitter detailing. The Holy Family (Mary, Joseph, and Jesus) are also found in this lot, still with a tag attached, in beautiful condition. A handmade ornament from this basket is a green sequin partridge, just missing his pear tree, with pipe cleaner feet. Lastly, we have a vintage Santa, who is handmade from paper, yarn, and styrofoam. Great lot for some variety on your tree!

391 - BK 1998 Blown Glass Snowman Ornament Designed in an Old World Style, this ornament shows a Snowman, dressed in his winter garb, holding an armful of gifts for the children! Stands about 5" tall, and includes original box and packaging. Ornament cap says "BK"

392 - BK brand Blown Glass Christmas Tree Ornament Standing 5" tall, this Christmas tree is sculpted in an Old World Style. In a brilliant green with glitter details on the bulbs and tree limbs. This tree is also decorated with small gifts and candy canes. Ornament cap says "BK". Comes in a possibly original box, in great condition for decorating or collecting.

393 - BK brand Blown Glass Snowflake Ornament Beautiful and glittering snowflake, with some paint chipping and glitter shaking off. 3 1/2" tall by 3" wide. Ornament cap says "BK". Comes in original box.

394 - VTG 6 Piece Vintage Salt and Pepper Shakers All of these come from Japan, labeled by a sticker on their base. There are 3 sets (6 pieces) in this lot. The first set is a kissing Santa and Mrs. Claus from the 1960s. They come with plugs at their bottom to fill with salt or pepper. Like new condition, no crackling or aging. The second set is a Santa and Mrs. Claus holding the letters to spell out "NOEL". These are made of ceramic and were produced in Japan as well. The paint is crackling along the bottom. Only Mrs. Claus' cork is intact; Santa's is missing. The last set is a duo of Santas, one holding a candy cane above his head and the other with a bell in his hand. These are in good condition, but have paint imperfections on their bases and around one Santa's middle. Bell Santa has his cork, candy cane Santa does not. Each stand about 3 1/2" tall. Great for table decor or use!

398 - 1991 Kris Kringle Figurine in Lenox Porcelain This is a beautiful Kris Kringle figurine, manufactured in 1991 by Lenox.  It features Santa Claus, wearing a red tunic and white fur trimmed overcoat.  He holds a tree in one hand and rings a bell with the other.  To his left is a sack full of toys and gifts.  Metallic gold is painted on his sleeves, hem, bell and some jingle bells that hang at his waist.  He is made of bisque porcelain.  His eyes are shiny and realistic. Beautiful condition in his original box and packaging. The bottom of his boot shows that he is made of Lenox porcelain and was produced in 1991.

400 - Box of Miniature Mercury Glass Ornaments Also known as feather tree ornaments, these small ornaments were made in Japan pre-WW2, circa 1930s-1940s. There are 18 miniature red mercury glass ornaments in this box. They are in good pre-owned condition, considering age and storage. The caps are marked Japan, when examined closely. Only one cap is missing, the rest have some pitting and wear. Great collectibles!

404 - 1989 Hallmark Keepsake Magic Ornament Rudolph 1989 Hallmark Keepsake Magic Ornament Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Artist Robert Chad. Rudolph nose shines red and the sleigh has green blinking lights. Plugs in easily to any of the light bulb sockets on a miniature tree light string. Use only with standard U.L. listed light strings of 3.5 or 6-volt bulbs. Item #QLX7252U

409 - 1987 Hallmark Keepsake Christmas is Peaceful 1987 Hallmark Keepsake Christmas is Peaceful. Artist: Ed Seale Hand Painted Bone China Limited Edition Hand-Numbered #29948 Item #QXC4512 *The box is not the original box, and instead says "Christmas in Gentle"

410 - 1988 Hallmark Holiday Heirloom Silver-Plated Angel 1988 Hallmark Holiday Heirloom Silver-Plated Angels Atop a Lead Crystal Bell. Artist: Duane Unruh Second in the Holiday Heirloom Series, and was a Club member exclusive limited edition, out of 34,600. Item #QX406-4

412 - Lot of Vintage Decorative European Glass Ornaments Lot of Vintage Decorative European Glass Ornaments - 1 Box of (4) Gold Finely Crafted European Glass Ornaments. Sold by Sears, Roebuck and Co. 1 Box of (4)Champagne Colored Bells Finely Crafted European Glass Ornaments. Sold by Sears, Roebuck and Co. 1 Box of (4) Glass Bulb Ornaments in a Christmas by Krebs box. Two of the ornaments appear to be Rauch.

416 - Santa Claus with multifunction and I.C Music Vintage Walking Santa Claus in original box. Rings bells and plays 3 songs; Jingle Bells, Santa Claus is Coming To Town, We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Uses 2 C batteries. Untested. Measures approx 10"

417 - Bronner's Christmas Green/Gold Glass Deer Ornament Bronner's Christmas Wonderland Green/Gold Glass Reindeer Ornament. Made in Hungary. Stamped "Bronner's Hungary". In original box. Measures 4" x 4" x 4"

419 - 2005 Holiday Classics Collection Snowman Coasters 2005 Innovage Holiday Classics Collection Snowman Coaster Set - 6 Coasters and Decorative Holder for neat Storage. Quality Hand-Crafted Construction Featuring Hand-Painted Adornments with Cork Insets. Charming Holiday Centerpiece. In original box measuring 4.25" x 7" x 7.5"

421 - Hallmark Keepsake Lighted Angels Bulk 2008 Hallmark Keepsake Let It Shine Candle lights up. Sentiment reads: "All is calm...all is bright." #QXG7201 2015 Hallmark Keepsake Let It Shine Light & Sound Artist Robert Chad Press the button to see lantern glow and hear a version of "This Little Light of Mine" #QG01347 2009 Hallmark Keepsake Candle of Peace Artist Joanne Eschrich Candle lights up. Sentiment reads" Sleep in heavenly peace" #QXG6535

423 - Hallmark Keepsake Cute Ornaments Bulk 2012 Hallmark Keepsake Exclusive VIP Gift Stocking Stuffing #AD4227 2014 Hallmark Keepsake Limited Edtiion A Chris Mouse Christmas #QXE3766 2014 Hallmark Keepsake Member Exclusive Dangle All The Way #QXC5171

424 - Hallmark Keepsake Angel & Snowman Bulk 2011 Hallmark Keepsake Mary's Angels Viola 24th in the series. #QX8727 2008 Hallmark Keepsake Mary's Angels Rosemary REPAINT 21st in the series. #QX7074 2013 Hallmark Keepsake Let It Snow "W" is For Welcome, Wonder! Artist Tammy Haddix #QRP5942 2013 Hallmark Keepsake Let It Snow "O" is For Ooooh! #QRP5935

425 - 2009 "Subzero Serenade" Hallmark Ornament 2009 Hallmark Keepsake Subzero Serenade Artist Kristina Kline-Gaughran #QXG6022. This ornaments shows three penguins huddled around their igloo singing. Adorable! Like new in original box.

426 - Hallmark Keepsake Misc Angels/Flowers Bulk 2014 Hallmark Keepsake Simple Gifts 1st in the Natures Sketchbook series by Marjolein Bastin. #QX9526 2014 Hallmark Keepsake Pansies Stand for Thoughts #QHG1236 2005 Hallmark Keepsake Collectors Series Mary's Angels Forsythia 18th in the series Designed by Mary Hamilton #QX2315 2013 Hallmark Keepsake Heavenly Bells 1st in the Heavenly Bells series, Artist Edythe Kegrize #QX9212 Box is slightly color faded.

428 - Hallmark Keepsake - Partridge in a Pear Tree On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me… a partridge in a pear tree ornament! Beautiful ornament from the Hallmark Keepsake "Twelve Days of Christmas" line. This partridge has a blue head and multi-colored body, with a pear hanging beneath it.

434 - Box lot Misc Christmas ornaments/décor/plush Includes 6 1/2" diameter holiday tin that is great for sharing cookies and candies. Several small 1970s-80s wooden cutout ornaments, painted as bears or other animal scenes. Also included are vintage hardened plastic icicles in red, blue, green and clear. New Nativity stylized pin and rustic style snowman are also included.

437 - 2 Hallmark, 1 American Greetings ornaments 1995 "Sail Into Christmas" Forget Me Not American Greeting Ornament. Hallmark Keepsake Ornament 2001 "Santa's Toy Box" by Robert Chad. 2003 "In Excelsis Deo" folding ornament.

438 - VTG Commodore Musical Jack-In-Box Used vintage condition. This music box has a jack in the box that moves up and down to the musical tune. Contains a toy train and bouncing ball, all surrounding the Christmas tree. There is signs of wear given age and use. Tested and fully functional.

439 - 2 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2001 New Collector's Series "Kris and the Kringles", 1st in the new Series, by Ken Crow. 2010 "Sleigh Ride" "Magic" ornament that plays Ella Fitzgerald performing parts of "Sleigh Ride." By Ken Crow artist.

449 - Lot of Assorted Vintage Christmas Cards A basket of assorted empty Christmas cards. Contains over 45 cards in at least 35 different styles, with some duplicates. Also includes envelopes.

450 - Box of Vintage Assorted Ornaments This lot contains a variety of older style ornaments. One notable ornament is a delicate Hummel/Goebel collectible from 2000, still in its original packaging. There are several other ornaments in this lot, but there is a bear from West Germany in great condition. Lastly, there is a 1991 National Geographic Society ornament, completely in gold tinted metal.

451 - Vintage 1970s Bradley Big-Eye Doll Standing 13" tall, this doll has beautiful features and a red velvet dress with matching Santa Style hat. Her dress is decorated in holly, and she holds holly in her left hand as well. These dolls were made in Korea, and have a plastic base to aid in standing her up. Some slight discoloration, but otherwise good condition.

453 - Gold and Silver Sequin Metal Christmas Tree No known manufacturing information. This metal tree is decorated with gold and silver sequins and glitter throughout. It has three tiers of swirling branches and a star permanently affixed to the top. Great for décor!

457 - 1987 Hallmark Keepsake Carousel Reindeer 1987 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament Collectors Club "Carousel Reindeer" Handcrafted ornament dated 1987 Artist: Linda Sickman #QXC5817

460 - 1987 Hallmark Holiday Heirloom Limited Edition This 1987 Hallmark Keepsake ornament is lead crystal with silver plated details. Artist: Duane Unruh. This ornament is first in the Holiday Heirloom series. All ornaments in this series were issued in limited editions. The edition size for the 1987 ornament was 34,600. #QX4857

461 - 1989 Hallmark Lighted Unicorn Fantasy - Lighted 1989 Hallmark Lighted Unicorn Fantasy MAGIC - Lighted Artist: Dill Rhodus. This ornament features a shimmering unicorn inside a lighted, crystal gazebo. Plug ornament into any light bulb socket on a standard miniature tree light system. #QLX7235

464 - 96 Hallmark Keepsake 101 Dalmations Holiday Wishes 1996 Hallmark Keepsake Disney's 101 Dalmations Holiday Wishes Collectors Plate Ornament #QXI6544

468 - 2012 Hallmark Keepsake "Winter Park" Ornament Beautiful winter white ornament features a peaceful winter scene of cutout trees in muted whites and grays. Topped with year dated charm for 2012.

479 - Vintage Ceramic Santa Claus Coin Bank Great for décor or for intended use as a coin bank! Has his rubber stopper. He has spaghetti style trim on his hat and outfit. There is also a lot of shiny gold detailing on his jacket, boots, and on the bell in his hand. The coin slot portion is in the shape of his toy bag. Stands approximately 6 1/2" tall, in good condition!

488 - Vintage Santa Figurine with Fur Coat This Santa is carrying grapes, wine, a gingerbread cookie as well as a bag of goodies! There is a bell attached to his hat that still rings. Figurine is made mostly of plastic, other than his beautiful fur trimmed coat. Stands 12" tall, no known manufacturer. Great for the wine lover in your life!

491 - 14" Tall Resin Santa with Long Beard Another version of our favorite Christmas character! This Santa stands about 14" tall (including his hat) and has a very long beard down to his base. His hat with a sprig of holly hangs over his eyes and his glittery beard covers the rest of his features. Very cute decor piece!

492 - Toymaker Santa Figurine This incredibly detailed figurine of Santa Claus making toys for the children, with toys gathered at his feet. He is made of textured resin, with a hollow base. No imperfections or chips, like new condition. No known manufacturing information. Stands 9" tall.

493 - 4 Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments 2012 Hallmark Keepsake Grandson Artist: Tom Best Item #QXG4694. 2007 Hallmark Keepsake Grandson Artist: Nina Aube Item #QXG6197. 2003 Hallmark Keepsake Love Ya, Grandma! Local Club Event Exclusive Magnetic Photo Holder Item Artist: Kristina Kline #QXG8917. 2016 Mary's Angels Miniature Honeysuckle Angel Member Exclusive Artist: Robert Chad Item #QXC5161

500 - Duo of Hallmark Keepsake Animals 2007 Hallmark Keepsake Natures Sketchbook 5th and final in the series, Designed by Marjolein Bastin Sculpted by John "Collin" Francis Item #QX7177. 2007 Hallmark Keepsake Peaceful Animals VIP Gift Designed by Gary Head Sculpted by Patricia Andrews Item #AD4081AI

500b - 2010 Hallmark Keepsake Lady Cardinal 2010 Hallmark Keepsake Lady Cardinal The Beauty of Birds Special Edition Artist: Edythe Kegrize Item #QXE3046

503 - VTG rustic Father Christmas/Santa on wooden stand Unbranded 22" Father Christmas is wearing a patchwork tapestry coat and hat. He stands atop a 5" x 5" solid wood base. He is carrying a green bag thrown over his shoulder filled with presents for the good children and wooden sticks for the bad. A large teddy bear hangs from his right wrist. Hard plastic face and hands. Very full curly beard and in very good condition.

504 - Lot of 2 VTG Father Christmas table top figures Both of these Santa/Father Christmas figures need a little TLC. The tallest is 22" tall and is wearing a long burgundy robe with a full length, fringed tapestry hooded, sleeveless cloak. The robe is tied with a fringed gold rope belt. The robe actually flows out from underneath the beautiful tapestry cloak. The hand show signs of chipping and have been repaired. His head wobbles a bit. The second figure is dressed in a more traditional red coat and hat and is appx. 20" tall. The coat is heavily damaged and show signs of repair attempts, but probably needs replaced. There is also worn spots on the green pants. The face, hands and boots are ceramic and in good condition. Made in Taiwan for Midwest.

510 - VTG Winter white Father Christmas Tabletop Figure This St. Nick/Father Christmas/Santa is dressed in winter white, all trimmed in silver with the exception of his blue mittens. He stand atop a 6 1/2" square solid wood base that matches his clothes. Original tag from Cozad's is still attached to the bottom of the base. His coat and hood are time with winter white faux fur and a decorative silver border, as well as silver pine trees and other winter trees. His boots are silver and show some wear and need surface cleaning. He has a very full beard and is bringing winter weather with him as he carrying snowflakes and oversized icicles in this pack, as well as a frosty white Christmas tree. Slight discoloration on certain spots of the coat.

511 - VTG Father Christmas in Velvet Table Top Figure 19" Father Christmas/Santa is dressed in rich dark green and burgandy velvet that is trimmed in faux fur and embellished with gold detailing. A braided red, gold and white rope belt encircles his waist. He is ready for holiday decorating and is holding an evergreen garland. It is unkown if this garland is the original one from the time of manufacturing. His face and hands are a molded plastic and his face features bright blue eyes and a bushy mustache and eyebrows. He has a very full beard that has numerous spirling curls. His core is a plastic cone that allows him to stand unaided, but show signs of wear and use. Excellent condition and great for your Santa/Father Christmas collection.

515 - 18" Table Top Father Christmas w/ teddy bear Sold by CVS, this Father Christmas/Santa figure is dressed in red and green felt. His long coat is pattered red, green, red, with a faux fur border at the bottom and ends of the sleeves. His matching cap is also trimmed in faux fur and ends in a working jingle bell that announces his arrival to your door. He is bringing decorative greenery and a large teddy bear. Figure is in very good condition.

518 - 23" Victorian VTG Father Christmas/Santa Figure This large Father Christmas/Santa is designed to be displayed on a table top, but is large enough that he can be placed on the floor and still make a statement. He is dressed ina adark green velvet robe that is belted and trimmed in gold loop cording. His floor length rove is a dark scarlet red and trimmed in faux fur. He carries a large present that is wrapped in green velvet and embellished in gold cording and ribbon. He also carriues a large working jingle bell. His hat matches his cloak. The hands and face are made of hardened plastic and are in good condition. The interiosr is a plastic cone that needs to be reshaped in order for his to stand unaided. Very good vintage condition.

535 - 2002 Hallmark Mini Christmas Tree w/ Decorations 2002 Hallmark Keepsake Christmas Tree w/ Decorations Miniature tree with 5 tiny ornaments, garland, and tree topper. Artist: Kristina Kline Item #QX4476

542 - Lot of Cute Christmas Collectibles First is an adorable but heavy duty hand bell, made from cut glass or crystal, decorated with wreaths. There is also a ceramic candy or nut dish, shaped like a Christmas tree made by Hallmark! Also in this lot are 3 Shiny Brite ornaments in blue and green with glitter detailing. There is also a handful of greenery and red glitter springs to making a wreath or finishing your centerpiece. Also, approximately 20 metal ornament hooks. Lastly, there is an ornament shaped like a peach, covered in glitter, made in Czechoslovakia, and a glass polar bear made in Thailand. Great condition!

547 - Old World Style Santa in Purple Jacket with Staff Standing 13" tall, this Santa figurine is dressed in a muted magenta fur floor length jacket and matching hat. His full beard spills onto his chest and hides a portion of his face. He is shown with a staff and bells in his left arms, and a gift with flowers in the other. No known manufacturing. His face appears to have been repaired but isn't immediately noticeable.

551 - Vintage Radko Redesign of Shiny Brite Ornaments Contains 12 beautiful ornaments in their original box and packaging. These are based on the original 1940s designs of Shiny Brite ornaments, redesigned by Christopher Radko, produced in 2014. Perfect condition, make them yours today!

573 - Large lot Christmas misc. Vintage and new Includes leather strap of sleigh bells, 8 red satin balls/baubles, Martha Stewart Sugar Plum Dreams candy cane ornaments, red/green "welcome" hanger, vintage teddy bear door knob hanger, sleigh filled with decorative red apples and much more!

584 - 1971 Vintage Blow Mold 34" Santa Santa stands 34" tall in his traditional red Santa suit and hat, standing in a small snowdrift, carrying a blue present and a blue bag. Includes the electrical cord to plug him in so he will light up! Some scuffing of the paint, but it doesn't take away from his beauty. Tested and fully functional. Created by Empire Plastics Corp in 1971, made in the USA.

593 - Mr and Mrs Claus Dancing Sequined Ornaments This famous pair is seen dancing, dressed in their Christmas finest. They are made of flocked plastic and have sequins decorating their lower half and their headpieces. They are hard to come by, especially in such good condition. Other than minor discoloration on Santa's jacket, there are no visible imperfections.

596 - Vintage Collection of 3 Small Angels This lot is 3 small vintage angel ornaments. One is a stained glass in a metal frame in brilliant colors. The other is very small, made in Japan, with a pink and blue ornament in each arm, with small paper wings. She stands only 2" tall! The last one is the most beautiful, with gold wire as the frame and shell stained glass making up her body. She also holds a gold harp in her hands and has a pearl for a head. Stands only 3" tall. there is a broken bar attaching her wings but it does not affect her structure.

626 - Trio of Rustic Santa Figurine Ornaments & Bow Rustic, country style Santa's each have a star incorporated in the ornament. One Santa is in a red robe, another is in a blue robe and the third is in red and white and appears to be fishing for a star. Also included is and burgundy and gold velvet bow with a plush Santa in the center. The bow is embossed with bright gold winter scenes including snowman, trees, snowflakes and more. Bow is appx. 16" x 9 1/2".

630 - Renaissance Style Santa/Father Christmas Figure This tabletop figure stands 16" on a solid wood base. He is dressed to copy the high Renaissance style and clothing of brocade and velvet. His long cloak is a plush burgundy and embelished tapestry with gold trimmings. His shirt is purple and gold and he has a "bejeweled" belt buckle. The opulensce of the Renaisance is evident in the richness of his clothing, complete with faux crystal/diamond tip on the end of his hat. He carries a cream and gold chest for his treasures. He also carries a double chained thurible/censer which served to hold burning aromatic incense. Used, vintage condition. Shows evidence of minor repairs and the gold booted feet need to be more securly attached to the wood base. A unique and rare Santa figurine. Hands and face are hard rubber.

640 - 1996 Hallmark Keepsake Parade of Nations Plate 1996 Hallmark Keepsake The Olympic Spirit Collection Parade of Nations Collectors plate with display stand. A portion of the proceeds helped fund the 1996 Olympic Games Artist: unknown Item #QHC8194

649 - 2 Miniature Hallmark Ornaments This blue bunting was created in 2015 as part of the "Beauty of Birds" collection, started in 2009. Intended for a tabletop Christmas tree or a small accent to a bigger one. Great condition in original box. 2010 Miniature A Friendly Sort of Gift Winnie The Pooh Piglet Ornament, Comes with original box

654 - Collection of Vintage Ornaments This lot contains 10 Shiny Brite vintage ornaments, in a variety of colors and sizes. There is also a bulb ornament labeled "HD" on the ornament cap, showing the three wise men searching for the baby Jesus on Christmas night. The last two bulb ornaments are silver and gold with silver detailing around the whole thing. In terms of shaped ornaments, there is a flocked plastic mouse, a bugle, a saxophone, and an Old World style Christmas Tree.

657 - Lot of Vintage Glittery Glass Bulbs & More Lot of Vintage Glittery Bulbs some are Shiny Brite, others are unmarked, vintage glass bulbs. Some are painted with glitter. Some misc ornaments are also included.

691 - RARE! Davey and the First Christmas PopUp Book This 1950's book is in amazing condition given its age and pop-up style! Authored by Beth Vardon and illustrated by Charlo Byt, it tells the story of Davey and his donkey Tim who get the manger ready for what ends up to be the birth of the Christ Child Jesus. This paperback book has a soft cover and is bound with plastic comb spiral binding that is intact. The interior of the front cover shows Tim with a basket on his back, which serves as the gift tag. There no writing on the "To" or "From" on the basket. The whistle that originally came with book is not included, nor is the game board stars or instructions for the "Going to Egypt" game that is on the back of the book. The first pop-up of Davey feeding Tim an apple is in excellent condition and works properly. The second pop-up of the traditional Nativity scene is in excellent condition and works properly. Also included is a folded figure of Tim, that stands when assembled. The covers and some of the pages have creases, but there are no rips or tears.

696 - Large lot wrapping paper/VTG/new/unopened Includes 2 unopened 5' x 40" snowflake patterned cellophane basket wrap. 3' x 6' Snowman Door Decoration, in original packaging. Over 550' of new, unopened Christmas/winter themed wrapping paper. Also included are several partial rolls.

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