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Day 2 Hazelcorn Phonograph Collection

Sun Dec 12 - 10:00AM

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  • Kammer & Reinhardt Hand wind Disc

    Kammer & Reinhardt Hand wind Disc

  • Berliner Hand wind Disc Phonograph

    Berliner Hand wind Disc Phonograph

  • Berliner Hand Wind Disc Gramophone

    Berliner Hand Wind Disc Gramophone

  • Berliner Open Works Disc Phonograph

    Berliner Open Works Disc Phonograph

Lot: 2001 - Kammer & Reinhardt Hand wind Disc Gramophone

Circa1891 Berliner patent. All original machine with the exception of the belt and turntable felt. Oak base in original finish. Earliest version of the strap reproducer shows patents from several countries with dates ranging from 1887 to 1890. Original record hold down and rare brass listening tube sphere. Ultra rare paper mache horn and elbow in good condition with likely gold touchup and slight damage to the edge of the bell. Measures 13? x 7.75? This machine is featured on page 27 of the Talking Machine Compendium.

Lot: 2002 - Berliner Hand wind Disc Phonograph

Machine appears to be made from both original and reproduction parts including both wood and metal parts. Nice original reproducer with SN 8591, stamped E Berliner?s Patented Nov 8, 1887, May 7, 1888. Wood base and travel arm are stamped in wood with patent dates. Record hold down appears to be original. Comes with nice original funnel horn with 90%+ original paint and striping with new leather elbow. Nice representation of a rare and historical machine. Needs new rubber tube O ring belt. 9.5? x 15 3/4". $2000-3500

Lot: 2003 - Berliner Hand Wind Disc Gramophone

As described on page 34 in the Talking Machine Compendium, it states ?A hand driven Berliner Gramophone originally sold for $15.00. This reasonably priced machine inaugurated Berliner?s activities in the United States?. One issue with early machines is that they are often found incomplete, having gone through 1 or 2 generations of ownership. When an incomplete machine is found, rarely are the parts available to complete it. Most collectors feel that a complete machine with some reproduction parts is better than an incomplete machine. Once replated, an original nickel part looks brand new and new wood can be refinished. When describing this machine, we are being honest saying this is a partially original machine with reproduction parts to complete it. Some items are clearly new and other parts are aged. As far as original parts, the turntable, the record hold down, the travel arm resting post, and wood travel arm appear to be to have aged more than other parts. The reproducer is clearly new as is the elbow and Bakelite stepdown pulley, but the metal casting that supports the pulley appears to be original. The nickel turntable flywheel shows signs of age. The travel arm is stamped PAT?d May 6 1890. An oak base has several patent dates stamped into it. The funnel horn is an older reproduction and measures 16? x 10?. Machine would need new O ring belt. Base measures 15.375? x 9.75?.

Lot: 2004 - Berliner Open Works Disc Phonograph

At first glance this machine appears to be an early Victor toy model but further investigation shows that it is made with Berliner parts i.e. support and travel arm, top wind, etc. It paints a picture of a Berliner machine that has been scaled back allowing Berliner to undercut it?s competition. It has neither cabinet or a spring cover. There is no identification of any kind with the exception of a repro decal for the Gramophone & Typewriter Co Ltd. Has original top wind crank, support arm with almost no original plating left. Oak travel arm is original with VG original plating and finish. The reproducer is a J serial No. 49028. Original record hold down with little original plating. Motor winds and runs. Original leather elbow. Horn is a 15? X 10? all black bell horn with original paint with a few touch ups and 2 gold stripes on the body and a gold stripe on the lip of the bell. Horn is excellent in both body and bell. Oak base measures 9? X 11?. An extremely rare variation on a Berliner phonograph.

Lot: 2006 - Berliner JS Disc Gramophone

Produced in 1899. Serial No. 468. Overall nice original condition. Original finish oak base with VG decal. Original paper label on base 75%. Good nickel plating on parts. JS stamped on both motor cover and reproducer. Original crank and record hold down. Original black horn with 2 red stripes. Paint 80% - 85%. Turntable has new felt. Motor winds and runs. This is the machine pictured on page 86 of The Talking Machine Compendium.

Lot: 2007 - National Gram O Phone Magazine Ad

Full page ad circa 1900 in Munsey's Magazine for the New Model Gram-o-phone for $15. Has old tape repair to bottom right corner. Measures 6" wide, 9.25" tall.

Lot: 2008 - Victor Type A Disc Phonograph

Victor Type A Circa 1901 serial No. 14587. All original machine. Wood base and travel arm in original finish. Metal parts have small plating loss but machine is very presentable. Original crank and record hold down. Reproducer stamped C 4546. Original black 15? horn with 9.5? bell stamped Pat. Appl?d For with 95% original paint. Horn has threaded end with new leather elbow. Measures 9? X 11?.

Lot: 2010 - Berliner Record Case

Oak record case has varnish overcoat. Fair nickel on parts. Original latch. leather strap is a replacement. Lid opens and correctly folds back. Original record partitions intact. Holds 21 7? records. Remnants of original owners record list inside of lid. Measures 9.25? X 10.25? X 8.75? tall.

Lot: 2011 - American Berliner Trademark Disc Phonograph

Original finish oak cabinet with original decal that reads ??Berliner Gramophone?? and patent dates from 1887-1895. All exterior parts appear to be original with overall +85% plating. Motor spring barrel stamped with the words ?J PATd March 22, 98 16681?. Original reproducer marked ?J 11268?. Back of reproducer is the word ?PAT. APD.? with the date February 19, 1895. Support arm has unusual mount with 2 pins and a screw with knurled nut on the cabinet. Motor winds and runs. Original funnel horn has been repainted but has almost no dings or dents, bell has some dents on the inside edge. Horn elbow is original. A great example of one of the most famous phonographs.

Lot: 2013 - Berliner Ratchet Wind Disc Gramophone

Circa 1896 Original finish oak case. All original nickel parts have very good original plating. Seldom seen original strap reproducer with no serial number but stamped E. Berliner?s Patents with dates 1887 to 1895. Original metal horn support. Motor winds and runs. Early original funnel horn, approx. 15?X 10? , with original leather elbow. Horn outside 85% original paint with both original gold stripes. Inside of bell has been repainted. Case measures 9.75? x 9.75?. An excellent example of a very desirable machine.

Lot: 2014 - Mahogany Berliner Trademark Disc Phonograph

Unusual and rare Berliner trademark phonograph in mahogany case. Case has been nicely refinished, spring barrel is marked ?LG 999?. The original decal is present but very little can be read, see photos for more details of it. Dealer metal plate reads ?Liege France?. Nickel plating is worn on the spring barrel and is about 80% present on the support arm. Crank appears to be reproduction, turntable appears to have original felt which is worn, and comes with a flip over break with good nickel. The record hold down is original with about 50% plating. Travel arm appears to be original and is equipped with a Gramophone and Typewriter Ltd Concert sound box with the SN 82876, Made in USA. Original nickel-plated horn measures 14.5? long x 9.75? bell has only a few minor dents in the body and a very nice bell. Original elbow with very old clamp to ensure it stays on the reproducer.

Lot: 2015 - Berliner Gramophone Ratchet Wind Model

Original oak finish, wood base has been re glued. Nickel parts have good original plating, original J reproducer SN 17888 Pat Date Feb 19, 1895, horn support appears to be replaced. Motor is somewhat running but is not up to speed and noisy. Horn is original funnel horn, approx. 14.5? X 10?, original elbow, some light scratches and slight surface rust. Horn overall very presentable with good gold stripes. Case 9.75? x 9.75?.

Lot: 2017 - Berliner European Trademark Disc Phonograph

Made by Gramophone & Typewriter Ltd. circa 1897. In outstanding original condition. Original finish oak case with beautiful decal and round celluloid trademark emblem on front as well as a metal dealer tag marked Dalton & Sons, Leicester. All parts are original with 95% plating with the exception of the record hold down and crank which shows light pitting and little nickel plating left. Reproducer is a long throat concert marked Gramophone & Typewriter Ltd. London Berlin Paris Serial No. 104037 and stamped Made in U.S.A.. Original 15? X 9.5? nickel horn in VG condition with minor dings and repro leather elbow.

Lot: 2018 - Berliner Montross Disc Phonograph

Serial No. M1095 Circa 1898. Frank Seaman contracted with Levi Montross to produce an alternative to Johnson?s Improved Gramophone. A suit was brought by Johnson in 1898 and each unsold Montross machine received a metal plate with an M and consecutive numbering. This machine is M1095. The oak case has original finish and retains the original decal stating ?Berliner Gramophone? with the last patent date of 1895. Also the address for National Gramophone Company was intentionally scratched off. Nickel parts are in VG to excellent condition. Oak travel arm appears to be a reproduction but the reproducer is original model J serial No. 136 stamped Pat Ap?d For and E. Berliner?s Patent Nov 8, 87, May 15, 88 on back. Support arm rod is a possible replacement but has original bracket on case. Record hold down is original. Motor winds but needs servicing (lubrication). Original crank, brake, speed control, and arm rest. Turn table felt is a replacement. Original 15? X 9.5? funnel horn with original red stripe on body and lip of bell. Original leather elbow.

Lot: 2019 - European Berliner Trademark Disc Phonograph

The only identification on this model is original dealer decal on the side that indicates it was purchased in Paris that reads ?Co. Francais and Gramophone ? Paris ? Brevold G.G.D.G. en France ? et dans les princioaux pays?. The most unusual part of this early machine is that it has a rare mahogany case instead of the normal oak. The wood cabinet and travel arm are finished in a high gloss varnish. All metal parts have been re nickeled. It has the correct reproducer marked ?Gramophone & Typewriter LTE London ? Berliner ? Paris?. Reproducer SN 21313. This machine features an unusual start/stop connected to the exterior spring barrel. Winding crank is original but meant for a later machine. Horn is all nickel plated, 15? long x 9.75?. Has original leather elbow showing some age and weakness. Body of horn shows very minor dings and good plating. Bell has some dents and crinkling with some plating loss. Overall a beautiful machine in a mostly unknown mahogany cabinet.

Lot: 2021 - Victor Talking Machine Co. Stock Certificate

Unissued certificate marked SPECIMAN 00000 for Convertible Preferred shares in the Victor Talking Machine Co. In excellent condition. Measures 11.25" wide X 7.25" tall

Lot: 2022 - Victor Type B Disc Phonograph

Circa 1901serial No. 8009. Oak cabinet with original finish. All parts appear to be original, plating on crank is mostly worn off. Original record hold down has about 20% of the original plating. Leather elbow is a replacement. Motor runs but will need lubrication. Comes with flip over break and wood carved Fleur de Lis on the side. Original long throat concert reproducer. Horn is an original black body and brass bell that measures 15? x 9.5?. Body of the horn has about 80% of the paint on both inside and out with some minor dents on the brass bell. Desirable by any collector that knows the Victor trademark logo.

Lot: 2023 - Berliner Record Case

Oak record case has varnish overcoat. Fair nickel on parts. Original latch. Original leather strap present but broken. Lid opens and correctly folds back. Original record partitions intact. Holds 30 7? records. Remnants of original owners record list inside of lid. Measures 9.25? X 10.25? X 8.75? tall. $500 - $1,000.

Lot: 2024 - Canadian Berliner Trademark Disc Phonograph

Canadian Berliner Trade Mark Gram-O-Phone Pat 1897 serial No. 1522. Original finish wood case and travel arm in VG condition. Original colorful decal. Has all original parts with good nickel although spring barrel cover shows some plating loss. Motor winds and runs. Original paper setup directions 60% intact on bottom of machine. Reproducer marked E. Berliner?s patent 1897 Serial No. 17016. All original early heavy brass horn 14.5? X 9.5? with no dents and original leather elbow. Base measures 9.5? X 9.5? $2,500 - $3,500

Lot: 2025 - Berliner Disc Phonograph

Made by R.L Gibson of Philadelphia for Frank Seaman who wanted to have a wider variety of phonographs on the market. This used the same support arm, travel arm, reproducer, and much of the hardware that was Berliner but other parts are unique to Gibson. No Serial number is present, however underneath has the original paper instructions and says ?Berliner St. Catherin?s St. CAN.?. Although this paper is highly informative, it appears to be a copy of a similar machine. Nice oak case which has appears to have been polished from the original finish and has small spits where someone did not align the screws properly and split the wood. Uses typical Berliner top wind motor. Motor runs but sits low and scrapes. Quarter sized rip in the felt. All wood and metal parts appear to be original like the flat sided crank, leather elbow, and reproducer. Reproducer reads ?Automatic Reproducer Sound Box PAT?d March 24 1903?. Horn is all brass original horn measuring 14? long x 9.5? bell. These machines were very short lived and to find an all-original example is rare indeed.

Lot: 2026 - Victor Style No. 6 Disc Gramophone

Circa 1901. Decal reads Gramophone Company Ltd. Metal support arm is a replacement. Travel arm is original, some metal parts are re-nickeled. Re-nickeled bed plate, repro elbow. Single spring motor runs, cabinet appears to be original finish, no wood oil drip guard present. 14? nickel plated horn, 9 3/8? bell with red painted interior. Exterior horn plating is rough and denting in bell. Reproducer incomplete

Lot: 2027 - European Berliner Knockoff Disc Phonograph

An odd but attractive European phonograph. Appears to be a knock off of the Berliner trademark phonograph and like other European machines, it has added on ornate designs to give it a bigger eye appeal vs the more plain looking American models. There are no markings of any kind on the phonograph, not even a serial number. Oak base which has separated on 2 corners appears to be original finish, base measuring 9.25? x 9.25?. Spring barrel mounted in the rear like the Berliner design and winds from the top. The plating overall is in above average condition as are the fancy accoutrements on all four sides of the case and on the travel arm. The turntable is made from wood with a brass piece to fit over the turntable shaft. Motor winds and runs, has side break reproducer resembles early closed faced concert and has no markings anywhere. Support arm is original and has 90% of its nickel plating. Leather elbow is reproduction. Comes with reproduction horn that measures 15? x 10.25?.

Lot: 2029 - Deutsche Grammophon German Disc Phonograph

Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft was founded in 1898 by German-born United States citizen Emile Berliner as the German branch of his Berliner Gramophone Company. The company was the German affiliate of the U.S. Victor Talking Machine Company and the British Gramophone Company,. Motor appears to be a Victor trademark style motor with modifications set in a stylish wood case. Original finish case has the German Victor decal as well as a GRAMMAPHON decal. Machine has a 7? turn table, support arm appears original and unique to this machine, travel arm is original and like the Berliner trademark supports a Gramophone & Typewriter concert reproducer. Reproducer Serial No. B18706. Original straight crank included and original record hold down. Original nickel plated European horn with the throat painted red, 4 repairs have been made in the horn for unknown reasons. Otherwise, slight dings and dents. New leather elbow. Horn measures 14.5? x 9.75". Case measures 11.5? x 10?. This machine appears on page 123 of The Talking Machine Compendium.

Lot: 2030 - Canadian Berliner Disc Phonograph

Berliner Gram-O-Phone Canada Ltd. Type E circa 1902-1904 serial No. 2455. Motor is concealed in an oak pyramid-like cabinet with original finish. Finish needs some restoration. Machine has original metal ID plate. Atop the oak cabinet is a thin metal motor board with speed control knob and bullet brake. Support arm is similar to the Victor R phonograph. Oak travel arm is a possible reproduction. Original long throat concert reproducer reads ?Automatic Berliner Sound Box PAT. APPLIED for 1902?, SN 5316. Bedplate and metal parts on this machine have little to no plating as does the crank which is original. Motor winds and runs. Horn is 14.5? X 9.5?. Has original threaded elbow and the horn is stamped ?PAT. APL?d for?. Brass bell is in very nice condition and body of horn has some dings and dents. Cabinet measures 12.25? x 11.5?. An early phonograph in a very interesting case.

Lot: 2031 - G&T Type 6 Disc Phonograph

G & T type 6 circa 1902. Nice original oak case finish. Original decal, The Gramophone Company Ltd. Replated bed plate, record hold down and metal parts of travel arm. Motor runs, crank original but plating poor, reproducer is a nice reproduction. Original all brass horn, 14.5? x 9.5? with original leather elbow. Overall nice condition with light dings. Case measures 9.5? x 8.75?.

Lot: 2032 - Victor Gramophone & Typewriter Type C

Victor G&T Type C Circa 1901. Appears to be placed in special European cabinet, decorated on all 4 sides with cherubs and brass corner columns. Figurines are Bakelite. The C was the first Victor phonograph that could play the new 10? records. Support and travel arms appear to be original. Comes with original concert reproducer. No felt on the original turntable, original leather elbow, original crank, and original all brass horn. Horn measures 14 5/8? long x 9 3/4" bell. Replacement record hold down. Some reasonable wear to wood case. Measures 9 1/4" x 10?.

Lot: 2033 - Gramophone & Typewriter Disc Phonograph

G&T Ltd. Circa 1900. Ornately carved oak cabinet in nice original finish and 75% decal with joint separation on one corner. All parts appear to be original. Nickel on parts at 75%. Reproducer reads Gramophone & Typewriter Ltd. London-Berlin-Paris and serial No. 46808. Also stamped Made in U.S.A. 8? turntable with possible replacement felt. Original crank. Machine winds and runs. Missing leather stop on brake. Comes with original all nickel 15? X 9.5? horn with minor dings and original leather elbow. A beautiful cabinet style seldom seen in the USA. Measures 11.25? X 11.25?.

Lot: 2034 - Victor Monarch Special Disc Phonograph

Serial No. 12658. Oak case has been professionally refinished with ornate carvings all around which all seem to be in good condition. Motor is an original early 3 spring which winds and runs, parts appear to be all original, nickel plating is above average, pin striping on back bracket is about 70%. The owner appreciated accessories and placed on the machine a brush to take off the dust and a slide to control the volume which was not used by Victor till some years later. Volume control works as intended and is dated 1904. Horn is an original Music Master horn with no decals. Horn has been nicely refinished to match the machine but has some separations in the wood panel in 3 places allowing light to be seen through it. Has original elbow. Case measures 12.25? x 12.25?. Sought after due to the unusual ornate cabinet and strong motor.

Lot: 2035 - Victor IV Disc Phonograph

Circa 1908 Serial No. 44406. Mahogany cabinet in nice original finish with minor dings. Nickel on parts very nice. Pinstripe on back bracket at 40%. Correct Exhibition reproducer. Original 2 spring motor, Original oiling diagram inside case. Original crank with mahogany knob. Cabinet missing 1 back corner column. 3 extra holes have been drilled into back of cabinet (see photos). Comes with a Smith repaint MG horn and original elbow. $1,500 - $2,000

Lot: 2036 - Victor VI Disc Phonograph

Serial No. 5785. Mahogany wood case has been professionally refinished. The gold plating seems to have been redone some years ago but has aged to a dull gold. Plating on corner columns seems to be about 50% present. Back bracket pin striping seems to have been redone. Has original nickel 3 spring motor and original gold slotted crank. Exhibition reproducer with brush attachment and a built-in volume control. Unusual Gfell wood horn is mahogany on the outside to match the machine and spruce on the inside with ribbon stripes inlaid on seams and a new decal on the outside.

Lot: 2037 - Vitaphone Disc Phonograph

Circa 1899 by A.T. Armstrong, Plainfield, New Jersey. Oak case in original condition with a split in one corner and a 3? section on the bottom molding. Retains original celluloid tag reading, ?American Graphophone Co. 1886-1887?. Bedplate retains about 70% of the original gold paint, cast in the bedplate are the words ?Vitaphone Patented?. Support arm and bracket appear to be original with excellent plating. Original crank and record hold down have about 60% of the original plating. Motor does not run, has original travel arm down to the aged rubber tube that prevents the horn from being scratched. The reproducer is marked only by the words ?PAT?d July 11, 99?, stamped on the face of the reproducer. Horn appears to be repainted and striped but has original leather elbow. Case measures 8.75?x 8.75?. A rare example of early phonograph history. This machine is pictured on page 72 of the Talking Machine Compendium.

Lot: 2038 - Vitaphone Type 25 Disc Phonograph

Circa 1911 serial No. 1069. Pat. Canada. A seldom seen machine with an unusual violin wood arm which transmitted the sound vibrations from a needle, through the wood to a stationary sound box and diaphragm mounted below the horn. Tone arm original and in working order. Oak cabinet appears to be re varnished with 50% original Vitaphone decal on front. Original parts show some nickel loss. Motor winds and runs. Original 20.25? X 15? Vitaphone ?BABY? oak horn by Music Master with original decal in excellent condition, original stepped horn connection, and removable elbow.

Lot: 2039 - The Vitaphone Co Stock Certificate

Certificate No. 73 for 50 shares of common stock in the Company circa 1911. Certificate is in the name of Thomas F. Barry and signed by C. (Clinton). B. Repp founder of Vitaphone as President, and J.H. Greene as Treasurer. Certificate in Excellent condition. A scarce phonograph company certificate. Measures 11.5" wide, 8.25" tall.

Lot: 2041 - Wonder Double Bell Disc Phonograph

Circa 1898 Extremely rare Wonder Double Bell Talking Machine made by the C.G. Conn Co., the famous musical instrument maker. The machine was offered in 1898 at $18, undercutting the popular Berliner phonograph. Its gimmick was a double horn which supposedly doubled the volume.. These machines were short lived being manufactured for no more than 6 months in 1898, ceasing production in June. The wood cabinet appears to be original finish but is likely rubbed out to expose the grain. Wood does not have any major issues. All parts appear to be original, but the turntable appears to be re-plated. Horns are an early pair of seamless brass horns that are attached to each other for stability. Single reproducer appears to be original and in good condition and is not marked with any information. Case measures 9.75? x 9.75?. An excellent example of a very rare machine. This machine is pictured on page 64 of the Talking Machine Compendium.

Lot: 2042 - Wonder Double Bell Disc Phonograph

Manufactured by C.G. Conn of musical instrument fame. This is the other version of this short lived phonograph. The original finish oak cabinet has square mitered corners as opposed to the rounded corners of the other version. The top has a cast metal bedplate and the crank, although correct for this machine, is very similiar to a Columbia style. The 2 horns are steel with original black paint and gold stripes on the outer bell. This is a 100% original machine down to the turn table felt. The case measures 9.25" X 9.25". The horns are each 15" long with an 8" bell. This version appears on the customer request information card sent to C.C. Raymonde on Oct 2, 1900 (Lot # 2042 A). Don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to own this machine.

Lot: 2042A - Wonder Double Bell Phonograph Reply Card & Ads

A 5 X 7 cabinet card sent out by C.G. Conn Co. to a C.C. Raymonde of Wilmington Delaware in Oct 2 of 1900 replying to his inquiry about the Wonder Double Bell phonograph. One side of the card pictures a WDB phonograph in 2 different positions. It should be noted that this is the 2nd version machine with painted steel horns and mitre joint cabinet. The reverse of the card has a fill in the blank form and a "certificate of test" area where a J.P. Broekes has hand written a note extolling the virtues of the machine. He signs his name as an "Expert". Also included is a page from an 1899 McClure's Magazine which advertises the Wonder Double Bell and an 1898 ad for the Double Bell that has been laminated . It is interesting to note that an ad for Columbia cylinder phonographs appears on the reverse of the Wonder Double Bell ad. The card is in VG condition considering its age and rarity with an old tape repair to one corner. The McClure's ad is in VG condition.

Lot: 2043 - Zon-O-Phone Glass Side Disc Phonograph

Nice all original machine. Oak case in good original finish. 14.5? all brass horn with 9? bell has light dings. Celluloid tag reads National Gram-O-Phone Corp. 874 Broadway New York Universal Talking Machine Co. Serial No. 3821. Measures 10.25? X 9? X 5?5? $4,000 - $6,000

Lot: 2044 - Zon-O-Phone Type B Disc Phonograph

Made by National Gramophone Corp. Universal Talking Machine Co. New York. Beautiful original oak finish, original support and tone arm with good plating. Original unmarked reproducer. New horn support cradle. Overall good plating. Original crank and motor runs. Original all brass horn 15? X 8.75? in very nice condition. Base measures 9? x 10.25?. $2,500 - $4,000

Lot: 2045 - Zon-O-Phone Type A Disc Phonograph

Offered in 1900 for $25. Glass sided Zonophones are always a favorite among collectors. The public enjoyed seeing the machine workings and were common in the coin op and other mechanical devices. Oak cabinet is in very nice condition, there is one inch and a half crack in the corner of the glass that is not very noticeable on one side. Cabinet sports its original celluloid tag with the date of September 28, 1898. Made by the Universal Talking Machine Co New York. SN 7238. This is a beautiful machine having all original parts, turntable has original felt with the spring-loaded pin which corresponded an indentation in the back of the record which helped keep the record from slipping under the weight of the reproducer and horn. Original closed face reproducer. To make this machine even more spectacular, the machine has the original adapter to use a horn twice as large as the original one the model would normally have come with. Plating on horn crane is better than average. Motor winds and runs. Original brass horn is 22.25? x 11.5? with minor dings and dents. A very ornate and eye appealing early phonograph.

Lot: 2046 - Zon-O-Phone Grand Opera Disc Phonograph

Circa 1903. Top of the line machine with a beveled side glass panel that allowed viewers to see the workings of the machine. Machine retains original finish that has been cleaned and polished. The Universal Talking Machine Mfg. Co. and Grand Opera decal are both in very nice condition with only a little bit missing. Ornate cast bedplate, original crank, motor winds and runs. Support arm, travel arm and reproducer appear to be excellent reproductions. All brass oversize horn measures 28.75? long x 13.625? bell. A very desirable machine by collectors.

Lot: 2047 - Columbia AJ First Style Disc Phonograph

Introduced in 1901, this is the only model disc phonograph Columbia made that wound from the top. Oak cabinet in excellent original finish and excellent decal. Original aluminum support and travel arm. Reproducer has age but no markings whatsoever and missing the thumbscrew. Dove tail support arm bracket on case has a small crack. Original crank. Repro turntable. Machine winds and runs. Original leather elbow. Black and brass bell 15.5? X 10? horn with 95% paint and very nice with only a few minor dings. $1,000 ? $1,300.

Lot: 2048 - Columbia Disc Graphophone AJ Variation

Appears to be a variation of the first style AJ circa 1901-1902. The cabinet sides and top lift off for servicing the motor but has a 10? turntable. Support arm and travel arm are quality replacements. Crank, turntable, and reproducer are original. Leather elbow has been replaced. Single spring motor runs, but turntable scrapes cabinet. Horn is 14 1/4? long x 9 3/8? bell and is stamped PAT. APL?D FOR. Horn is reduced at the small end to accommodate metal elbow. Turn table felt has been replaced. Measures 10 3/4? x 10 3/4?.

Lot: 2049 - Columbia Type AK Second Style Disc Phonograph

Circa 1903. The second style AK came in an ornate cabinet. The original finish oak case and decal are in good condition with slight separation at the corners. A dime size round tag on the case reads Made in the U.S.A.. Metal bed plate in good shape with some paint loss. Original crank with 40% nickel plate. Original turn table with original felt. Machine winds and runs. Original aluminum support arm, bracket, and travel arm. Columbia stamped in both sides of the wood travel arm. Original Columbia long throat reproducer marked Columbia Phonograph Co. New York U.S.A. with last patent date of 1905. Nickel on reproducer is very nice. Original all black 14? X 8.5? horn with 2 gold stripes in very nice condition with 90+% original paint with a few very minor dings. Original brass elbow. Measures 9.5? X 8.75?

Lot: 2050 - American Graphophone Co Stock Certificate

Unissued preferred certificate marked SPECIMEN No.0000 from the early 1900's. In excellent condition. Measures 16" wide X 7.25" tall

Lot: 2051 - American Graphophone Co Stock Certificate

Unissued preferred certificate marked SPECIMEN No.0000 from the early 1900's. In excellent condition. Measures 16" wide X 7.25" tall

Lot: 2055 - Columbia Graphophone Mfg Co Stock Certificate

Certificate No. 03079 for 50 shares of preferred stock issued to Harris Winthrop & Co, redeemed on Aug 24, 1921. In good condition with 3 vertical folds, browning and minor paper loss to the top edge, and 2 cancellation holes. Measures 12" wide, 8" tall

Lot: 2057 - Columbia Graphophone Mfg Co Stock Certificate

Certificate No. 063555 for 1 share of common stock issued to Jacqueline DeCoppet redeemed on July 25, 1923. In good condition with 2 cancellation holes. Measures 12" wide, 8" tall

Lot: 2058 - Columbia Graphophone Mfg Co Stock Certificate

Certificate No. for 1 share of common stock issued to Stella C, Megrue on Jan 3, 1921. In very good condition with 3 vertical folds and 2 cancellation holes. Measures 12" wide, 8" tall

Lot: 2059 - Columbia Graphophone Mfg Co Stock Certificate

Certificate No. 056845 for 50 shares of common stock issued to Harry B. Friedburg on March 3, 1922. In good condition with 2 vertical folds with browning on folds and 2 cancellation holes. Measures 12" wide, 8" tall

Lot: 2060 - Tabletop Disc Phonograph with Zoetrope

Unknown table top disc phonograph used by Howard as a zoetrope demonstrator. It is a small wood cabinet machine, reproducer is marked LaVelle. Comes with an original zoetrope attachment. $100 - $150

Lot: 2061 - Victor Victrola XX VTLA

This impressive machine with its elaborate red mahogany cabinet has been stripped and professionally refinished. Carvings and implied moldings are all in tact. Has original cabinet hardware with some minor chips and dings, mostly on the corners. Crank side of the machine has evidence of some sort of repair, see photos for more details. Has gold round hole exhibition reproducer, tone arm is fitted with an after marked volume and mute assembly, original gold plating is worn, see photos. Original winding crank is rusted and pitted, motor winds and runs. Comes with 9 original record storage boxes which are well worn form years of use, several of which contain records as well as various loose records. Also included in the accessories drawer are needle tins, Victor needle cutter, reproducer presentation box, and other various parts and accessories. Most interesting of all is the original bill of sale.

Lot: 2062 - Brunswick Model 35 Upright Disc Phonograph

Very nice Circassian walnut cabinet on legs, has been refinished or at least rubbed out at some time. Bow front grill has 3 repairs on the left side. Internal record drawers intact. Gold tone parts, except for reproducers. Comes with two nickel finish Brunswick reproducers for playing needle Pathe and Edison records. No power cord available so motor is untested. Measures 49?h x 24?w x 25?d.

Lot: 2063 - Elaborate Inlay Custom Upright Phonograph

This cabinet with its beautiful inlay with its original brown coloring and a lightly alligatored finish has a few nicks and chips. Most likely a custom "one off" made by an unknown maker. Inlay is on all four sides and including the inside under the top cover. Most interesting of all, inside of the top cover has an inlay plate depicting a female dancer. See photos of it. Upper portion of the cabinet has 2 elaborate inlay speaker doors that have a "W" in the center and the 2 delicate grills are nicely intact. Internal horn is made of various panels, most likely spruce. Cabinet knobs are also inlayed. Record storage area has 4 compartments. This machine is fitted with Victor phonograph parts which is often the case with high end one off, has Victor motor, tone arm and Victrola No. 2 reproducer with average gold plating. Top motor plate is a lighter color and possible replacement.

Lot: 2064 - Custom Cabinet Victor Disc Phonograph

This is a custom cabinet disc phonograph using Victor parts and motor and an exhibition reproducer. Mahogany cabinet has carved sides and lid and gives the appearance that it is separate from its base, although it is not. Attached mahogany base, has applied carvings on both sides. Single front door for album storage (none included). Unique 3 drawer needle storage box attached to inside of door. Machine has internal horn with no front grill so door must be open for volume. Original finish on cabinet in very good condition but lid has two splits in top. Machine winds and runs. Measures 50"H x 20"W x 18.5"D.

Lot: 2065 - Large Off Brand Upright Phonograph w/ Inlay

This outstanding upright phonograph in a red mahogany cabinet with an elaborate mother of pearl and brass inlay, depicting a plant like theme. For the most part, the inlay is in tact. Red mahogany cabinet appears to be professionally stripped and refinished in a high gloss finish some time ago but is overall in good condition with some minor marks. Most likely a custom build one off, machine bears a maker's tag from the Independent Talking Machine Co. New York. Behind the 2 speaker doors there is an elaborate grill that is in good condition. Lower record storage has 2 shelves, original glass knobs, and cabinet sits atop 4 impressive claw and ball feet. Reproducer, tone arm, other various metal parts have been painted gold. Note the tone arm might not be original to the machine. Original winding crank, motor winds and runs. Also included are various spare parts including reproducer, needle tin, and speed control, may or may not be from this machine. A real beauty.

Lot: 2066 - Framed Victrola Advertisement

Full color litho, advertising Victrolas, dealer J.N. Harry of Berwick, Penna. Framed under glass, in overall very good condition. Ad measures 21"w x 11"h, overall frame 24"w x 14"h.

Lot: 2068 - Columbia Grafonola Tin Litho Dealer Sign

Colorful tin litho dealer sign for Chas. W. Norton of Farmington, Maine. Sign made by L.D. Nelke of New York. In overall good condition with some light scuffs, good corners, no rust. Measures 23.675"w x 17.675"h

Lot: 2069 - Kimball Phonograph Embossed Tin Litho Sign

Embossed tin litho dealer sign for J. F. Thyen of Arenzville, IL advertising Kimball upright disc phonographs. Note that the dealer name is printed and not embossed. Sign made by the Elwood Myers Co. of Springfield, OH. In overall good+ condition, bent corners and some scuffing and a few paint chips. Measures 35.685"w x 11.75"h

Lot: 2070 - Lot of Advertising Hand Fans

7 piece lot includes 6 hand fans and 1 paper Valentine. Fans advertise phonographs, records, and radios, Valentine depicts 2 children with a horn speaker radio. All in very good condition.

Lot: 2072 - Emerson Phonograph Co Stock Certificate

Certificate No. 130 for one hundred shares issued to Frank Kinsey on July 6, 1915. Certificate is signed by V H (Victor Hugo) Emerson as President. Emerson was the chief recording engineer at Columbia. He left Columbia in 1914 and formed Emerson Phonograph Co. the following year. In very good condition with 2 vertical folds. Measures 11.5" wide, 7.75" tall.

Lot: 2073 - Diamond Disc Shop Inc Stock Certificate

Unissued stock certificate No. 50. There is no available information about this business other than it was Incorporated in New York in the late teens. Certificate in excellent condition. Measures 11" wide X 8.5" tall

Lot: 2075 - Mahogany Bow Front Disc Record Cabinet

Attractive cabinet appears to be a high quality reproduction, finished in brown mahogany, interior has 2 compartments with 2 wooden racks. See photos.

Lot: 2076 - Mahogany Music Cabinet w/ Gold Capitals

This elaborate mahogany cabinet with its highly figured front door and handsome columns are unusual and the finish appears to have been stripped and refinished some time ago. Most likely a sheet music or piano roll cabinet. Sits atop four bun feet. Columns with their painted wood capitals and bases are inspired by the Victor VI horn phonograph and would make a good companion to that model.

Lot: 2078 - Clark Johnson Type Long Throat Disc Reproducer

Untouched original reproducer has 90% nickel plating. Missing original thumb screw but has a replacement in its place. Long throat has several marks and original locating pin. Back is marked with patent information and European counties. See photos.

Lot: 2079 - Victor Concert Long Throat Reproducer

Original Victor concert long throat reproducer that has been rebuilt and replated some time ago. Missing needle thumb screw. Replaced locating pin. Has crisp clean knurling.

Lot: 2080 - Lot of 3 Victor Exhibition Reproducers

This lot contains 3 Victor Exhibition reproducers. 2 nickel plated, 1 gold plated. All three have triangular needle holes. The 2 nickel plated have their original back flange while the gold plated has the screws but no back flange.

Lot: 2081 - Exhibition Long Throat G & T European Reproducer

Untouched in original condition. This European Victor type reproducer is marked Gramophone and Typewriter, has round needle hole with original thumb screw, long throat back flange that is missing its locating pin.

Lot: 2083 - Columbia Long Throat Disc Reproducer

This reproducer that appears to be an original that has been rebuilt and replated. Has spring lever and needle chuck. Long throat and locating pin.

Lot: 2084 - Columbia Long Throat Disc Reproducer

This reproducer that appears to be an original that has been rebuilt and replated. Has spring lever and needle chuck which sticks and needs attention. Long throat and locating pin.

Lot: 2085 - Columbia Long Throat Disc Reproducer

This reproducer that appears to be an original that has been rebuilt and replated. Has spring lever and needle chuck which sticks and needs attention. Long throat and locating pin.

Lot: 2086 - Lot of 3 Various Disc Reproducers

Lot consists of 3 disc reproducers, one long throat Pathe Gutta Percha hill and dale with Pathe marked diaphragm and back flange, one long throat European reproducer marked Matador Starkton, and US marked Symphonic. Interesting lot.

Lot: 2087 - Columbia-Style Long Throat Disc Reproducer

Unmarked and untouched as found reproducer has spring lever type needle chuck, long throat with needle pin, 50% nickel plating remaining, needs rebuilding.

Lot: 2088 - Universal Talking Machine Co. Reproducer

Most likely a Zonophone 1901 "V Concert". Untouched and in as found condition marked Universal Talking Machine Co. Has original thumb screw, diaphragm and retaining rings. Has 60% original plating with usual wear, long throat with locating pin.

Lot: 2136 - Neutrowound Breadboard Radio

Circa 1927, this "shielded breadboard" style radio was made by the Neutrowound Radio Mfg. Co. of Homewood Illinois. Seldom found in this nice of original condition. The streamline metal case on wood board has original blue crackle paint with orange under finish giving it a look that was definitely ahead of its time. Set is battery operated. All tubes and nickel plated tube covers present. All knobs present and in good condition. Original cord present. This machine uses an eternal speaker, not supplied. Electronics untested. Measures 33.5" long, 6.5" tall, 9" deep.

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