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ONLINE ONLY: Swarovski, Dolls, D&D Figurines

Mon Nov 29 - 10:00AM

643 Kriner Road, Chambersburg, PA Click to Map

Gateway Gallery Auction Inc.

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Auctioneer ID#: 1042

Phone: 717-263-6512

License: AH001982

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Timed Online Only Auction

Swarovski Crystals, Madame Alexander & Robin Woods Collector Dolls and Vintage Dungeons & Dragons Figurines

Bidding Opens Monday, November 22 at 10:00 AM

thru Monday, November 29 at 10:00 AM

Will sell at Gateway Gallery Auction, located at 643 Kriner Road, Chambersburg, PA via Timed On-Line auction beginning Monday, November 22 through Monday, November 29.

SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS: (32) cataloged lots including SCS editions, Swan, Blue Jay, Macaw, Wonders of the Sea, Power of Elegance Panther and many more!

COLLECTOR DOLLS: (75) cataloged lots including Wendy’s Tea Party, Alice in Wonderland, Rosie the Riveter and many more!

D&D FIGURINES: All from the 1980s, unpainted and complete. Many still shrink wrapped.

BIDDING NOTE: Items start ending at 10:00 AM. If a bid is placed within the last (1) minute, the auction will automatically extend for an additional (1) minute.

TERMS: Cash, Check, Visa, MC, Discover, PayPal accepted. 13% buyer’s premium discounted to 10% for cash or good check. 6% PA Sales tax. All items sold as is where is. No refunds.  Bidding based on given description/photo. We will do our best to provide accurate descriptions - condition reports available. Gateway Gallery Auction will not be held responsible for any omissions or errors in spelling/context etc.

PICK-UP: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (Nov.30, Dec. 1, Dec. 2) from 8 AM – 5 PM. Closed daily from Noon – 1 PM. Deadline for pick-up is Noon on Friday, Dec. 3. Failure to pick up the times in the specified time window will result in a forfeiture of the items without refund.

SHIPPING: Limited shipping available. All items shipped via UPS or USPS priority mail insured for bid amount.


1          Swarovski Figurine:  Blue Jays, no box

2          Swarovski Figurine:  French Angelfish, w/box

3          Swarovski Figurine:  Chrome Green Macaw, w/box, 9600 NR 000 011

4          Swarovski Figurine:  Swan, w/box, 1141713

5          Swarovski Figurine:  Sea Goldies, Topaz, w/box, 1083778

6          Swarovski Figurine:  Wonders of the Sea, Eternity, Sea Turtle w/Coral & Fish, has mirror & plastic stand, w/wrong box

7          (2) Swarovski Figurines:  Butterfly Fish, 9600 000 141, small top fin broken on one fish, w/plastic stand & box; Camaret Fish w/stand, 9601 030 601, w/wrong box

8          Swarovski Figurine:  Emperor Angelfish, Metallic Blue Stripes, 9600 000 153, w/box

9          Swarovski Figurine:  Butterfly Fish, 9600 000 141, w/box

10        Swarovski Figurine:  Eagle on Granite Base, w/box, 9600 NR 000 073

11        Swarovski Figurine:  Green Rosella, Jonquil, w/box, 0901601

12        Swarovski Figurine:  Power of Elegance Panther on Granite Base, w/box, 0874337

13        Swarovski Figurine: Kingfishers, Blue Turquoise, 9600 NR 000 116, w/box

14        (3) Swarovski Figurines: Hermit Crab, 7644 NR 000 012; (2) Little Turtles, 7632 NR 000 002; Sea Shell, 9100 NR 000 024 (all have original boxes)

15        (2) Swarovski Figurines:  Christmas Star Tree Topper, w/hanging stand, 5064262; Poinsettia, 0905209 (both in original boxes)"

16        (4) Pcs. Swarovski:  SCS Renewal Gift, Starfish, 7400 NR 200 502; SCS Diamond, 9100 NR 000 325; SCS Gift, Hanging Medallion Earth, light brown, spring loaded, 9100 NR 000 093; SCS Small Paperweight w/Swan, 9100 NR000 529; (all have original boxes)

17        (4) Pcs Swarovski: SCS 25th Anniversary Birthday Cake; SCS Paperweight Membership Gift; Treasure Chest w/Blue Seashell, 9100 NR 000 014; Red & Blue Heart Paperweights, w/Small Vile of Crystals, box is not the right one (all have original boxes)

18        (3) Swarovski Figurines:  Elephant, box is damaged; Copper Squirrel, 9100 000 382; (3) Baby Penguins, 0209588; (all have original boxes)

19        (2) Swarovski Figurines: SCS Red-Crowned Cranes, 1142860; Dragonfly on Leaf, 7615 NR 000 004 (both have original boxes)

20        (4) Pcs. Swarovski:  Zodiac Sign Paperweight, Libra; SCS Paperweight w/Etched Horses, 9100 NR 000 458; SCS Gift, Flower w/metal center and green stem, 9100 NR 000 399; SCS Membership Gift 2017, Wildflower w/Yellow Center, 5244642; (all have original boxes)

21        Swarovski Figurine:  Baby Shark, 7644 000 007, in original box

22        Swarovski Figurine:  Butterfly on Flower, 9100 000 027, in original box

23        (3) Swarovski Figurines:  Swan, 7633 NR 063 000; Swan, 7633 NR 050 000; SCS 100th Anniversary Swan, small; (all in original boxes)

24        Swarovski Figurine:  Grizzly, 7637 NR 000 006, in original box

25        (3) Swarovski Figurines:  Laying Fawn, 7608 NR 000 001; Blue Dart Frog on Leaf, 9100 NR 000 128; Penguin, 7661 NR 33; (all with original boxes)

26        Swarovski Figurine:  Stag, w/metal antlers, 7608 NR 000 004, in original box

27        (4) Swarovski Figurines:  The Lovlots Fish, Shelly & Sam, 1119916; Baby Sea lion, 221120; Baby Mini Seal; Turtle; (all have original boxes)

28        Swarovski Figurine:  Hoopoes, 9100 NR 000 102, in original box

29        Swarovski Figurine:  Puffins, 7621 NR 000 008, in original box

30        Swarovski Figurine:  Malachite Kingfishers, 7621 NR 000 010, in original box

31        Swarovski Figurine:  Kudu, Annual Edition 1994 "Inspiration Africa", in original box; 1994 SCS Annual Edition "Inspiration Africa"- The Kudu VHS tape, w/certificate

32        Swarovski Price Guides, VHS, Etc.: Swarovski Silver Crystal, 2000 Millennium Edition, 1st Edition; Retired Swarovski ""SCS"" Silver Crystal, Collector’s Edition #3 2003-2004, signed by author; Figurines and Home Décor, Spring /Summer Collection 2015; Warner's Blue Ribbon Book on Swarovski, Vol. 1-3; Warner's Blue Ribbon Book Color Edition Swarovski Silver Crystal, 2009; Swarovski 100th Anniversary SCS VHS tape; SCS 25th anniversary CD; (2) Swarovski leather luggage tags;  (4) pairs Swarovski white gloves; Swarovski House of Cats Lovlots cards, unopened; Swarovski Surprise Pouch of Multi-Color Crystals; Packet of Decorative Swarovski Christmas Stars

33        MA Celebrates American Design: 0-inch; 25590 in orig. box

34        Victorian Skater: 10-inch; 1155 in orig. box

35        Claudette: 10-inch; 1123 in orig. box

36        Gibson Girl: 10-inch; 1124 in orig. box

37        Flower Girl: 10-inch; 1122 in orig. box

38        Victorian Bride: 10-inch; 1148 in orig. box

39        Anastasia: 10-inch; 1125 in orig. box

40        Nicole: 10-inch; 1129 in orig. box

41        Paulette: 10-inch; 1128 in orig. box

42        Colleen: 10-inch; 1121 in orig. box

43        Alice in Wonderland:  8-inch; 13000 in orig. box, 1997

44        Wendy's Tea Party: 1997 Premier doll, 8-inch; 79030 in orig. box w/MADC Premier accessory set, ltd ed.

45        Doll w/travel case and misc. accessories:  Wendy tours the Factory 8-inch w/outfits; Aqua net scarf; Wendy Loves 8-98 outfit

46        Weeping Princess-Korea:  8-inch international; 11104 in orig. box

47        Mail: 8-inch international; 11565 in orig. box

48        Salute to the Century: 1999, 8-inch; in orig. box

49        Christmas Eve: 8-inch; 10366 in orig. box

50        1951 Mystery Dance: 14-inch; in orig. box

51        Tiny Tim: 8-inch; 18001 in orig. box

52        MADC Boutique: 8-inch; 79550 in orig. box

53        Rosie the Riveter: 8-inch; 17530 in orig. box

54        75th Anniversary Wendy: 8-inch; 2242? In orig. box

55        Red Riding Hood Topsy: 8-inch; 14555 in orig. box

56        Robin Woods Mary Louise: 14-inch 1993 designed by Robert Woods, in orig. box

57        Pittsburgh Originals Sarahande: 14-inch 1995 designed by Chris Miller in orig. box

58        Robin Woods Gloria: 8-inch Christmas Angel, 1991, #257 of 100 in orig. box

59        Pittsburgh Originals Gabrielle: 14-inch 1994, designed by Chris Miller, #2 of 1,000 in orig. box

60        Robin Woods Angelina: 14-inch Christmas Angel, #101, 1990 JC Penney exclusive in orig. box

61        Robin Woods Noelle: 14-inch in orig. box

62        Robin Woods Elizabeth St. John: 14-inch 1989 #104 in orig. box

63        Robin Woods Juliana: 14-inch Juliana Christina Penelope; #168 in orig. box

64        Robin Woods Christmas Love: 14-inch 1991 JC Penney exclusive in orig. box

65        Polly Pigtails MADC 1990 Club: 8-inch in orig. box

66        Madame's Sketch Book: 8-inch #79190 in orig. box

67        MADC 1989 Club Doll: 8-inch Wendy in orig. box

68        MADC 1989 Club Doll: 8-inch Wendy in orig. box

69        Wendy Loves Being Best Friends: 8-inch 67S in orig. box

70        Wendy's Best Friend Maggie: 8-inch 79481 in orig. box

71        MADC Premiere 1993: 8-inch Homecoming in orig. box

72        Wendy Joins MADC: 8-inch 79552 in orig. box

73        (2) Madame Alexander dolls: 1995 Doll Club Convention "A White House Wedding" #425/950 79517 in orig. box; 1995 Doll Club Convention 1886 Flower Girl 1886 #425/950 in orig. box

74        Diamond Pixie Premier: 8-inch 79370 in orig. box

75        Starlette Glamour: 8-inch 80000 in orig. box

76        Little Miss Bea: 8-inch Companion Doll Club Convention 2000, 26410 in orig. box

77        Going to MADCC: 8-inch 2645 in orig. box

78        MADC Premier: 8-inch 1991 "Spring Time" in orig. box

79        Wendy Tours the Factory:  8-inch 79611 in orig. box

80        MADC Premiere 1992: 8-inch "Wintertime" in orig. box.

81        Millennium Wendy: 8-inch 25155 in orig. box

82        Setting Sail for Summer: 8-inch in orig. box

83        Annabelle: 8-inch in orig. box Belk/Leggett exclusive 2283/3000

84        Caroline: 8-inch 58S in orig. box Belk/Leggett exclusive #2909/3606

85        Lil Christmas Candy: 8-inch 100348 in orig. box

86        1993 Winter Angel:  8-inch 65-S in orig. box

87        Giselle: 18-inch in orig. box; needs some repair

88        Father of the Bride: 10-inch 24623 in orig. box

89        My Little Sweetheart: 8-inch "A Child at Heart" in orig. box

90        Mrs. Claus: 8-inch 93-7 in orig. box

91        Wendy Loves FAO: 8-inch for FAO Schwarz, in orig. box

92        Vermont Maiden: 8-inch "The Enchanted Doll House" w/jug, orig. box

93        Miracle on 131 St Wendy: 8-inch 10420 w/orig. box

94        Lil Christmas Cookie: 8-inch 341 w/orig. box

95        Beddy Bye Brenda: 8-inch for FAO Schwarz, in orig. box

96        Belk's Holly: 8-inch for Belk/Leggett, in orig. box

97        Princess & Pea w/mattress: 8-inch, 1993 for Dolly Dears, #376/2400

98        Yuletide Angel Tree Topper: in orig. box 54847

99        Pink Victorian Tree Topper: in orig. box 854

100     Toy Soldier: in orig. box 481

101     Coco Belle Époque:            18-inch in orig. box; needs some repair

102     Angel Tree Topper:  in orig. box

103     Antique Angel Tree Topper: in orig. box

104     Tara House: 14990 in box

105     Magazine Launch: 18-inch in orig. box 27285

106     Millennium Ball Alex: 18-inch in orig. box

107     (2) Masterpiece Edition by Grenadier:  War Mammoth of the Undead Legion; Death Dragon of the Undead Legion (both shrink wrapped/NIB)

108     (4) Grenadier Models Julie Guthrie's Dragons:  Red Dragon; Chaos War Dragon; Hydra Dragon; Black Dragon (all shrink wrapped/NIB)

109     (3) Grenadier Models Julie Guthrie's Dragons: Armored Dragon; Golden War Dragon; Dragon with Treasure; Green Dragon (all shrink wrapped/NIB)

110     (4) Grenadier Models Julie Guthrie's Dragons: Fire Dragon; Skeletal Dragon; Blue Dragon; White Dragon (all shrink wrapped/NIB)

111     Grenadier Models Dragon Lords:  Teronus the Ultimate Dragon (shrink wrapped/NIB)

112     Grenadier Models Dragon Lords: The Invincible Dragon (shrink wrapped/NIB)

113     (3) Grenadier Models Dragon Lords: Spectral Dragon, box opened, appears complete; Sea Dragon, box opened, appears complete; Platinum Dragon II, shrink wrapped/NIB

114     Grenadier Models Dragon Lords: Spectral Dragon II, box opened, appears complete

115     Grenadier Models Dragon Lords: Elven Dragon, box opened, appears complete, instructions have some staining but are readable

116     (3) Grenadier Models Dragon Lords: Shire Dragon, box opened, appears complete; Copper Dragon I, box opened, appears complete; Copper Dragon II, shrink wrapped/NIB

117     (2) Grenadier Models Dragon Lords: White Dragon, box opened, appears complete; Red Dragon, box opened, appears complete

118     (4) Grenadier Models Dragon Lords: Green Dragon; Black Dragon; Black Dragon II; White Dragon II (all boxes are opened, all appear complete)

119     (2) Grenadier Models Dragon Lords: Silver Dragon, box opened, appears complete; Silver Dragon II, shrink wrapped/NIB

120     (2) Grenadier Models Dragon Lords: Gold Dragon, box opened, appears complete; Gold Dragon II, shrink wrapped/NIB

121     (2) Grenadier Models Dragon Lords: Iron Dragon; Platinum Dragon (both boxes are opened, both appear complete)

122     (4) Grenadier Models Dragon Lords: Green Dragon II, shrink wrapped/NIB; Blue Dragon II, shrink wrapped/NIB; Red Dragon II, shrink wrapped/NIB; Blue Dragon, box opened, appears complete

123     (2) Grenadier Models Dragon Lords: Bronze Dragon; Bronze Dragon II (both boxes opened, both appear complete)

124     (2) Grenadier Models Dragon Lords: Brass Dragon, box opened, appears complete; Brass Dragon II, shrink wrapped/NIB

125     (2) Grenadier Models Dragon Lords: Wyvern Dragon; Chaos Dragon (both boxes opened, both appear complete)

126     Grenadier Models Dragon Lords:  Guardian Dragon, box opened, appears complete

127     Grenadier Models Dragon Lords:  Frost Dragon, box opened, appears complete

128     Grenadier Models Dragon Lords:  Dragonlisk, box opened, appears complete

129     Grenadier Models Dragon Lords: Wind Dragon, box opened, appears complete

130     Grenadier Models Dragon Lords:  Storm Dragon, shrink wrapped/NIB

131     (2) Grenadier Models Dragon Lords: Swamp Dragon, box opened, appears complete; The Dragon Lord, w/paperwork, in blister pack, opened, appears complete



Phone (717) 263-6512, (800) 315-3265, AY002190, AH002001

Auctioneer John F. Kohler, Jr. AU000507L

Auctioneer Heather R.  Kohler AU005651

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