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Wed Nov 10 - 08:00AM

401 Elizabeth Street, Towanda, PA Click to Map

ROAN Inc. Auctioneers & Appraisers

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Phone: 570-494-0170

License: AU-000777-L / AY-000087-L

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Contents from the property located at
401 Elizabeth Street, Towanda PA 18848

To Include But Not Limited To:
Miniature Lamps & Parts 
Standard Oil Lamps & Parts
Hanging Parlor Lamp & Parts
French Couaillet Freres & 
Matthew Norman 
Brass Carriage Clocks & Other Clocks / Parts
Ladies Vintage Hats & Accessories  
Small Amount of Jewelry /  Gold Scales
Gold & Gold Filled Eye Glasses
Antique Industrial Dress Form 
Vintage Sewing Machines &  Related  
Antique Dolls & Related  
Vintage & Other Toys
Framed Art Prints / Mirrors 
Large Amount of Glass & China Wares
Iron Wares 
Modern Household
Kitchen / Cook / Bakewares
Large Quantity of Locksmithing Materials
Steel Tool Chests & 10 Drawer File Cabinet
Other Drawer Units and Organizers
Large Assortment of Hand Tools and some Garden Tools 
Hardwares  / Drawer Pulls
Assorted Garage & Barn Finds

401. (5) White milk glass miniature oil lamps: Hong Kong & others, ages vary, applied floral decorations and plain, chimney on plain with flea bites; 7 ½’ T – 9” T overall – all as found
402. (3) ‘Cosmos’ miniature oil lamps: clear, frosted and painted (base only), conditions/originality vary; 10 ½” T – 9 ½” T overall – all as found
403. Fairy lamp: ‘S. Clarke’ pattern glass base with cranberry glass Nailsea shade; few tiny flea bites/roughness @top rim; 5” T - as found
404. Pair of clear Bullseye miniature oil lamps with hand painted flowers: look to be an exact match, 9” T - as found
405. (3) White milk glass miniature oil lamps: one with hand painted floral decoration; ‘Block & Dot’ with small factory flaw/burst bubble @base; light flea bites on chimneys; 7 ¾” – 8 ½” T – all as found
406. (3) Colored miniature oil lamp bases: pink diamond quilted satin glass; blue satin glass and pale blue/green Northwood quilted phlox; 8” – 9” T – all as found
407. (6) Clear pattern glass miniature oil lamps: (4) matching (only chimneys match); (2) others’ foreign & others; 8” T – 7” T – all as found
408. (6) Metal/glass miniature oil lamps: Hong Kong & others; some painted; green glass lamp with broken chimney – large chip; 10” T – 7 ½” T – all as found
409. (11) Hong Kong colored glass miniature oil lamps: styles & patterns vary; conditions are good with light to little age/wear; 4” T – 7 ½” T – all as found
410. Painted porcelain & brass opium oil lamp: 5 ½” T; few flea bites on clear shade
411. (6) Clear miniature glass oil lamps: ‘Greek Key’ -shade with large chip @fitter; ‘Handy’; ‘Coin Dot’ finger lamp, Hong Kong pieces, etc.; 7 ½” T – 9” T – all as found – quality & conditions vary
412. (6) Hong Kong miniature oil lamps: milk glass, frosted painted, etc.; quality and conditions vary; 9 ¼” T – 4 ¾” T – all as found
413. (8) Miniature lamps & bases only: (4) bases only – no burners or chimneys; (4) w/chimneys and/or shades; painted lamp with replaced shade – all others – quality, conditions and sizes vary – all as is
414. (6) Milk glass miniature lamps: some hand painted, acorn & other burners; quality & conditions vary; flea bites, etc. on some chimneys; 7” – 8” T – all as found
415. (7) Miniature & Junior size oil lamps: milk glass, cranberry flash coin dot, clear fish scale – cracked, P&A cranberry Hornet Hobnail swirl – shade with crack, (2) finger lamps – one with cracked chimney, few Hong Kong; sizes & qualities vary; 7 ½” – 11” T
416. Lot of (21) miniature oil lamp chimneys: includes one or two clear shades also; sizes vary
417. Tray box lot of miniature lamp parts, etc. shades, wicks, burners, shade ring holders, and early (50’s) newspaper articles about miniature lamps
418. Asfour Crystal (Egypt) cut lead crystal oil lamp figure; enameled floral ‘shade’ added; 7” T
419. (3) Clocks: small Seth Thomas mantle clock with key & pendulum, 13” L X 7 ½” T; blue & white porcelain French style vanity clock, chip @left corner, 8 ¾” T; late
Westminster ‘Linden’ battery operated clock – We do not sell clocks as running
420. Fynetone Co. small size steeple clock with printed landscape/home/figure scene, 9” T – We do not sell clocks as running
421. Matthew Norman Swiss made brass carriage clock, 11 jewel, unadj., with key – We do not sell clocks as running
422. French Couaillet Freres brass carriage clock: complete with key, leather covered, silk lined carrying case – some wear to case; very nice piece – We do not sell clocks as running
423. Waterbury Gingerbread Kitchen Clock: paper face – water stains, with key; reverse transfer decoration on glass door; 19” T – currently running but we do not guarantee clocks as working
424. Waltham 8-Day Dashboard Car Clock: brass coated chrome case, case #43418 – currently running but we do not guarantee clocks as working
425. Tray box lot of (7) glass & ceramic/pottery ‘hats’: (6) vase, (1) ashtray – few simple chips/flea bites
426. Tray box lot of (6) glass baskets: (5) clear – some with etched flowers; (1) Westmoreland milk glass – sizes vary
427. Tray box lot of (10) small glass baskets: mostly clear, (3) colored, sizes vary
428. Acme L&M early adjustable iron base dress form: underside of base marked ‘Acme L & M’, brass patent tag -earliest date 1908, 68” T
429. Ladies Lot: painted wood & iron clothes tree, Victorian button front jacket, silk lined Chinchilla capelet and (2) faux fur coats
430. Large lot of (19) vintage & other ladies hats in hat boxes: some feather, fur, floral, etc. – conditions, ages & styles all vary
431. Group of (10) Hat Stands/rack with few late woven hats: wall hanging four-place hat rack, (2) floor model stands and miscellaneous counter top stands
432. Victorian walnut hanging mirrored hat rack; 31” W X 27” T
433. (2) Tray boxes of ladies accessories: shoe forms & stretchers, vintage & antique gloves, few colors, few aprons, wig styling head mold, etc.
434. 1950’s Buster Brown and Mary Jane department store mannequins; both redressed, 26” T each
435. Tray lot of hand painted Limoges & other porcelain vanity top pieces – all in forget-me-not pattern – some matching others not; few with hairlines, chip, lid missing, etc.
436. (2) Tray box lots of porcelain & china wares: dresser boxes, ladies items, few head vases, Royal Doulton ‘Celeste’, other porcelain figures
437. (2) Trays of flower figures and porcelain miniatures: Aynsley, Italy & other flower figures – some small chips, hairlines, etc; miniature vases, shoes, china wares, etc.
438. (2) Trays of miscellaneous vintage perfume bottles, sachets, and bottle stoppers: French & other various makers, mostly empty some with little perfume and one of (25) ‘oil lamp’ perfumes – Lander & Avon, others
439. Tray of ladies accessories: porcelain hat pin holder with (10) antique hat pins – including one with garnet, (7) vintage Bacorn, Elmira NY perfume/scent bottles,
small amount jewelry findings and vintage ‘Art Carved’ ring box with various pairs of clip earrings
440. (3) Riker display boxes of ladies costume & fashion jewelry: necklaces, earrings, chains, pendants, pins; enamel Victorian pearls, Gutta Percha, etc.
441. (5) Pieces Gold/Silver: 14kt yellow gold antique eye glasses with case, (2) sterling pencils – one on sterling chain; (1) silver plated pencil and (1) Sheaffer gold-filled pencil – all marked
442. (3) Riker display boxes of ladies jewelry: some sterling, gold-filled, costume, etc. – antique to modern
443. Men’s Lot: Knox black top hat, hinge top case of tie clips & bars, cufflinks, etc. and Riker box of organization/fraternity pins, findings, etc. – some gold-filled and others
444. (2) Trays of Avon perfume/cologne bottles: many pieces of various age, description & size -most empty
445. (2) Trays of Avon perfume/cologne bottles: many pieces of various age, description & size – most empty
446. Group of (9) pair of antique & vintage eye glasses – gold-filled & other frames, most with cases; Dr. Frank W. Hayes, Williamsport PA & others; some loose pieces/odds/ends
447. Group of (3) pair and one single of Chalk ware pieces: Parrots, Sun Bonnet Boy & Girl black faces and Easter Bunny; little wear on most
448. Group of (6) Chalk ware wall pieces: Busson’s England Boat Man; Sara Gamp; Chet & others – light/little wear on most
449. Group of (10) pieces – some pairs – of Staffordshire and Staffordshire type animals – dogs, lamb, cats, bear, etc.
450. J B. VanSciver Co. mahogany double glass door bookcase: (4) adjustable shelves, with keys, some loss to each door jamb – some loose pieces with
451. Extra Large Lot of Christmas Decorations & Collectibles: animated figures; (2) table top trees; antique & other ornaments, stockings, tree skirts and much more!
452. Nice Lot of Goebel Hummel & Dept. 56 Snow Babies: Goebel – (2) Goebel Annual Crystal Glass Plates 1978/1979 in original boxes, 1980 Goebel Glass Bell in original box, 1984 Little Fiddler collector plate, Merry Wanderer wall plaque, figures: Little Playmates, Market Boy & Girl, Angels, others; Dept 56 Snow babies 1991 Collector’s Showcase Magazine AND (1) B&G Copenhagen 1980 Christmas plate, New in Box
453. (2) Teddy Bears: Steiff #0155/38 Santa Bear with Toy Bag, original ear tag and button; and 100th Anniversary of the Teddy Bear ‘Teddy’s Teddy’ in original box
454. Large Lot of various trains, accessories and related: Lionel – 621 engine, Gang Car; various Hong Kong cars & engines; Bachman N scale pieces; various Atlas cars; MRC N Gauge control; Aurora Hobby Transformer 4949, etc.
455. (5) Pieces Marklin Germany train set
456. Large Lot of vintage and some antique toys, board games, sports collector cards, etc.: Monopoly, Checkers, Topps Baseball & Football cards, few as is tin litho toys, McDonalds, Pez and other collectibles
457. Group of Boy Scout items: canteen with carrier, hat, compass, scarf, Girl Scout knife and (2) tin camping cups and flashlight
458. Marx ‘5’ tin litho tractor; light rust & little wear
459. (2) Box Lots of many toy cars/vehicles: Tootsie Toys, Nylint race car cast iron – train, trucks, horse & wagon, etc. – approximately (88) pieces
460. (2) Large Box Lots of Hot Wheels & Nascar cars/vehicles: Hot Wheels – late 60s, 70, 80s, 1990, 200 and various Nascar collectible cars – approximately (129) pieces
461. (2) Large Box Lots of various Matchbox cars: mostly 60’s – 70’s; (2) carry cases, approximately (75) pieces
462. (2) Large Box Lots of cars/vehicles and collectibles: Ertl – John Deere & others; Tonka and other various; approximately (50) pieces
463. Large group of approximately (18) small celluloid, plastic & cloth dolls: 8 ½” – 2 ¾” T; various descriptions; Japan, Germany, Hong Kong & others – some as is
464. Large group of approximately (72) bisque ‘Penny’ dolls/’Frozen Charlottes’ and similar; various descriptions and styles; 2” – 5” T; few as is
465. Large group of (18) dolls: M. Alexander, Godey & Alex-Kins: Little Women & others; vinyl, some as is
466. (2) Large Box Lots of various dolls: composition, vinyl, cloth, plastic; Effanbee & others; some as is - size/age vary
467. (3) Large Box Lots of various dolls ad doll related items and accessories: Dolls include Little Angel- Rider, broom dolls, stacking dolls, others; Accessories & related include parasols, hangers, antique & vintage doll clothes, wigs, some later & other shoes, and doll stands
468. (2) Pieces Antique Doll Furniture: wooden bed with woven headboard & footboard, antique quilts, and bedding with framed story about the bedding (early 1900s) 22” L X 14” T; and fancy Victorian doll buggy with cloth parasol, wooden & metal wheels, light damage, 30” L X 25” T
469. (2) Antique Dolls: Grace Putnam Bye Lo Baby – blue glass sleep eyes, cloth body – crier not working, celluloid hands – one with damage, in antique white clothing, head good, 13” L; Nippon baby – blue glass sleep eyes, composition body, late replaced wig, nice doll, head good, 19” L
470. Antique blonde china shoulder head doll: cloth body, leather arms/legs, painted features, 13” L
471. Antique China Head Doll Lot: (2) china shoulder head dolls – one dressed (16” T), one not (14” T) – both with cloth bodies, china arms and boots and (3) china shoulder head only – black hair, both as is and blonde with hat
472. (4) Antique Dolls: CM Bergman BBII bisque head – CBJB, needs restrung, blue glass sleep eyes, antique clothing, 21” T; AM390 bisque head, could use new string, loose eyes, older clothing, 18 ½” T; unmarked bisque head, blue glass fixed eyes, kid body, bisque arms – finger broken, older clothes, 19” T and composition head doll, painted features, brown glass eyes, cloth body, antique clothes, new wig, 16” T
473. (5) Children’s Mannequins: (2) Nazareth Dept. Store – one marked Nazareth Hi- Chair to Hi-School, and three others include one black, 17” – 34” T
474. (8) Pieces Doll Furniture include: ‘Pet’ rocker, small wooden bed, reproduction Windsor style chair & bench, small homemade stool & painted blue high chair, armoire, and chest of drawers
475. (2) Flat Top Doll Trunks: one large with tray, hinges & locks, with painted remnant, handles missing, 20” L X 12 ½” T X 11 ½” D; and small paper covered with tray, some loss
476. Child’s/ Doll China: large service for (12) transfer decorated German tea set and variety of other china ware pieces – occupied Japan and others
477. Tray Box of black bisque & other dolls and figures: approximately (21) pieces – some as is; sizes & makers vary, and pair of chalkware heads
478. Nice group of black memorabilia include original ‘Mammy’ doll kit, vintage – new in box; ‘Mammy’ & Little Boy Fairco puzzle with original box; framed postcard, few paper advertising/music sheets include Pepsodent ‘Amos & Andy’, Robertson’s Mincemeat, Fairbanks Gold Dust, The Queen of Charcoal Alley, etc., Johnson Hat Co. hat hook, printed table cloth and dancing puppet
479. (9) Pieces Thames vintage black clown wares: cookie jar, teapot, sugar, (2) creamers – one without lid, ash tray, salt and (2) small personal creamers; paint wear to most; and (3) Black Memorabilia reference books
480. Large Box Lot of black related collectibles: ‘Toaster’ dolls, homemade ‘Golliwogs’ reproduction art prints, Dinah’s Shack glass tumbler, knick knacks
481. (3) Antique footstools: (2) with cross stitch tops – one with little loss and other in old (dirty) upholstery – would be nice re-done!
482. Large group of vintage & antique tablecloths, runners, scarves, crocheted doilies, pillow cases, etc.
483. Large group of later linens: tablecloths – all sizes, linen & other hand towels, chair pads, etc.- some holiday, etc.
484. (2) Large totes of vintage & other bedding: (2) nice Bates & Bates type spreads – one king, one full/double; other cotton spreads; well-loved patch quilt and few small/doll quilts and miscellaneous throw pillows – crocheted & others
485. (10) Antique/vintage advertising needle books: The Blue Ribbon Needlebook, The American Army & Navy Needle book, and others
486. Child’s Singer sewing machine in original case, Model #2285, with group of nice vintage and antique baby/child’s clothes – christening gown & others
487. (2) Trays of vintage & other related items include pin cushions – occupied Japan & others, thimbles, ‘Thread-a-Matic’ in original box, figural advertising tape measures and more
488. Bell Portable Sewing Machine in hinged case includes original instruction manual (rough), foot pedal, attachments, and directions
489. (2) Wooden printer’s draws – great for displaying miniatures and lot of (34) stamps – Christmas, Animals, People, etc.
490. (2) Tray boxes of miscellaneous advertising and interesting smalls: advertising tins – Redline Auto Fuses, Schrader Tire Valve Cores, No 4 Ventor Air Valve, postcards, wooden nickels, World’s Fair box, paper items, etc.
491. Illuminated glass door curio cabinet; mirrored back, four glass shelves, 79 ½” T X 27 ½” W X 12” D
492. Victorian mirrored-back marble top walnut chest of drawers: glove boxes – loose, repair/reglue to mirror harp @pegs, comes with (2) keys, small break on one candle holder, 79” T X 36” W
493. Queen Anne style camel back loveseat: mauve Damask type upholstery with (2) throw pillows; 52” W X 35” T
494. Victorian white china hanging parlor lamp: fancy brass frame transfer decorated font & shade, electrified, 40” L X 17” W
495. Victorian white china hanging parlor lamp: transfer decorated & hand painted font holder, brass font, matching shade with heavy damage & repair
496. Nice lot of brass wares: miscellaneous candlesticks, few clear bobeches, desk pieces, calendars, etc.
497. (3) Like new Lincoln Log sets: approximately (590) pieces total – Frontier Junction, Fort Redwood and Woodland Express
498. Mid 80’s Atari XE gaming system: console, keyboard, joystick light gun, switch box, power supply and (2) games – Bug Hunt and Flight Simulator II - with some manuals – comes with Play Station 2 – console, one controller, Rampage 2 game
499. (2) Large boxes of newer lamp parts: burners, shade rings, brass caps, harps, electrical, etc.
500. (2) Boxes of antique & other lamp parts: burners – Eagle & others, wicks, cast iron bracket lamp pieces, finials, hanging lamp parts, shades, large amount of prisms
500A. (5) Boxes/approx. (58) miscellaneous oil lamp chimneys: size & styles vary
501. (6) Vintage & Antique Table Lamps: pair of French blue dancing lady boudoir lamps, pair of clear hurricane lamps with prisms, heavy iron table lamp with silk shade and light blue cased glass table lamp with floral shade, all electrified; sizes vary
502. Large lot: table lamps, candle lanterns, electric candles, loose shades, oak side table with magazine holder -water stains on top surface but sturdy and Magnavox console stereo unit, (2) mismatch TV tray stands
503. (4) Clear lamp fonts with burners and chimneys; burners include Queen Anne No.2, Banner & others
504. Lamp Lot: one complete cast iron bracket lamp with bracket, clear font, milk glass shade & chimney – electric & one unmatched – cast iron bracket and miscellaneous font with chimney & burner
505. (4) Clear oil lamps – antique & not; one font, three lamps – one with late milk glass shade
506. One-piece mahogany illuminated corner cupboard: glass door top over blind door base, with key; 74” T X 30” W
507. Group of (5) antique & other frames: (2) mirrors/ (3) color litho prints – sizes range 32 ½” X 29” – 24” X 17 ¼”
508. Group of (13) mostly Godey & few La Moda French fashion-colored prints; sizes vary; few unframed
509. Large Group (2 boxes) of miscellaneous framed prints, few cross-stitch pieces, some empty frames – sizes, quality & conditions vary
510. Large Group (2 boxes and 2 trays) of miscellaneous frames, loose/unframed prints/paper items, etc.: new document frames, various size photo/art frames, few Valentines, cigar advertising papers, etc.
511. Group of (5) framed prints and (1) painting: set of (3) European scenes colored lithos on silk – artist signed; colored print of Creekside landscape in Spring – artist signed; floral print in attractive deep gilt frame and painting on velvet of European landscape; sizes range from 21” X 17” – 15” X 17”
512. Pair of framed floral still life paintings on milk glass: one pink flowers, one yellow flowers; both possibly artist signed (very faint/illegible) in matching velvet lined frames; 28 ½” T X 16 ½” W overall
513. Large group of miscellaneous wash set pieces: wash bowls, pitchers, waste pots, toothbrush vase, mugs, etc. – much/most mismatched, many as is – pieces
514. Group of (11) wall pockets: all colorful, Made in Japan, few figural, sizes & subjects vary
515. Group of Czech ‘bird’ wall pockets: sizes vary
516. Group of (11) wall pockets: various designs & sizes
517. Group of (7) colorful bird wall pockets/planters – one heavily repaired
518. Group of (8+) wall pockets and few vases: various designs, styles
519. (3) Wallace Nutting framed prints: all signed, ‘Hollyhock Cottage’, interior scene of woman by fireplace – faded and small landscape; sizes vary 11” X 13” – 4 ½” X 5 ½” overall
520. Tray lot of miscellaneous animal & bird collectibles & knick knacks include (2) Jim Beam Cat bottles
521. Group of china & glass wares: vases, yellow satin glass rose bowl, Lenox ashtray, porcelain candlestick, glass domes, etc.
522. Large lot of colored glass and china wares: cobalt glass; green, ambeer & other toothpicks, match holder, etc.; flower frogs, miniature Toby mugs (Japan)
523. Large lot of collectibles, decorative and related: knick knacks, plate stands/racks, decanters, wooden & other boxes, trash cans, small hanging rack, etc.
524. Cast Iron Wares: various sad irons and cobbler’s anvil
525. Small group of vintage and antique desk items: paperweight, blotter, ink bottle; (2) figural pencil holders
526. (2) Large hanging mirrors: one with floral etched border: 40” L X 30” W with one beveled 24” X 36”
527. Large group of decorative shelves, accent shelves; various style & sizes
528. Oak bow front china cabinet: mirror-back with three glass shelves
529. (2) Sarouk type rugs: ivory ground & red ground (stained) – both approx. 52” X 26”
530. Dark blue Sarouk type rug: 48” X 25 ½”
531. Group of (6) rag & hooked rugs – sizes vary
532. (4) Throw/runner rugs: Sarouk type & others – sizes, style & conditions vary
533. (7) Small area & throw rugs, piece of carpet – sizes, styles & conditions vary
534. (4) Rugs: room size discoloring & staining – approx. 10 ½” X 12” and small area wool carpet mauve floral 42” X 68” with (2) very similar mats
535. Mahogany full size high poster bed from John Wannamaker, Philadelphia
536. Nice antique walnut chest of drawers: two-drawer glove box top with cut out gallery over three drawers; porcelain escutcheons, 52” T X 41” W X 19” D
537. (2) Pieces antique mixed wood furniture: single twin size headboard, some light veneer loss and one-drawer/two-door wash stand with cut out gallery
538. (2) Pieces furniture: 7-drawer PA House style cherry lingerie chest and Victorian walnut corner what-not stand – split in one shelf
539. (6) Hanging knick knack what-not shelves: (4) walnut/mahogany; (2) mirrored back, painted
540. Wedgwood ‘Groups’ partial service (10) with many serving pieces/approx. (88) pieces blue & white transfer decorated dinner china, attractive pattern; little to no damage, (2) boxes full – (10) 10 ¼ “ dinner plates, (13) 9” dinner plates, (12) 7” dessert plated, (11) 6 ½” bread & butters, (9) 8” luncheon plates, (2) oval vegetable bowls, (1) 14” platter, (1) 9” square server, (1) 11 ½” platter, (5) coffee cups, (12) saucers, covered tureen, gravy boat, 12” separated dish with handle, sugar bowl, (2) creamers, covered 4 ¾” bowl, tea pot, 8 ½” bowl, 9 ¾” X 8 ¼” oval bowl & 14 ½” platter
541. Sango ‘Dynasty’ partial service (10)/approx. (67) pieces green floral dinner china; little to no damage; (2) boxes – (12) 10 ½” dinner plates, (9) 7 ¾” luncheon plates, (11) 6 ½” bread & butters, (7) footed coffees, (3) 5 ¾” saucers, (2) sugar bowl with two lids, (2) creamers, (11) soup bowls, (18) 5 ½” dessert bowls, (1) 16” X 11 ½” platter, (1) 12” X 8 ½” platter, (2) round 9” bowls, (1) oval vegetable bowl
542. Late Johnson Brothers Stoke-on-Trent Ironstone ‘Watermill’ complete service for (12) blue & white dinner china; like new – 9 ¾” dinner plates, 8” luncheon plates, 6 ¾” bread & butters, 6 ¼” bowls, cups & saucers
543. Set of (12) fancy gold band Haviland Limoges formal dinner plates; light wear to transfer decoration; one with chip to bottom rim
544. Large group of gold band bone & other china wares: Limoges, Oxford, Foley, Noritake, etc.
545. (2) Pieces Flo Blue: Melbourne platter, 18” & Doulton Burslem ‘Madras’ open vegetable bowl, 9 ½”
546. (2) Trays/ (15) pieces cloisonne’, enamel & related wares; plates, bowls, opium bottle, etc.
547. (11) pieces hand-painted & other china wares: German puzzle or trick mug with lithophane base & others
548. (2) Console sets: floral etched glass set, and Portugal gold band white china set
549. (10) pieces cut glass: various cut patterns, most with chips, broken teeth, etc. – sizes, pieces vary
550. Pattern Glass: (19) various pieces; few with light damage
551. Group of kitchen collectibles: counter jar, antique ice cream scoops, candy containers, etc.
552. Large group of kitchen collectibles, knick knacks, utensils, children’s kitchen items, etc. – (6) boxes
553. Extra-large lot of kitchen wares: trays, cookbooks, pie plates, dishware, small appliances, etc. (10) boxes
554. Extra-large lot of miscellaneous kitchen glass & related: dish & glassware, counter jars, pressed glass, etc. – (9) boxes
555. Large group of vintage rolling pins and various enamel wares – mostly loose lids, few pie & other plates
556. Kitchen Aide stand mixer with manual and some attachments
557. Large lot of odd china wares: Royal Doulton, Wedgwood, Rose Point & others
558. Large box lot of miscellaneous stoneware and crockery pieces – approx. (16) pieces – salt glaze, Halls, brown stoneware, sponge ware, etc.; few with small chips, etc.
559. Huge lot of miscellaneous Franciscan ‘Apple’ dinner ware: (105+) pieces – mostly serving pieces/about (16) pieces with damage *photo is example only; (5) boxes
560. Antique shaving mirror with some accessories
561. Furniture lot antique & other: child’s oak convertible high chair/rocker with worn pad, child’s slate, oak one-drawer/two-door wash stand – gallery back missing, handmade oak corner table, (3) miscellaneous chairs and metal folding table
562. Large lot of cast iron wares: food grinders, food molds, primitive items, odds & ends
563. Antique painted softwood six-leg extension dining table with (5) leaves: old green paint, some gold detail, one leg in need of repair
564. Lot of mostly jelly canning jars and few others – (9) boxes/totes
565. (3) five-gallon & larger glass water bottles/jars
566. Large household lot: ironing boards, irons, sweepers, few rugs/mats, laundry bag, etc.
567. Large house hold lot: -*NOT THE WASHER & DRYER SHOWN IN PHOTO – ONLY THE ITEMS ON/AROUND/BEHIND* footbath, scale, cameras, radios, desk/office supplies, wicker bathroom accessories, paper shredder, cassette tapes, small electronics, medical advertising items, etc.
568. Large decorative items lot: Easter decors, baskets, faux plants, birdcage, etc.
569. Large sewing related lot: Kenmore sewing machine, Mini-Lock R-850 serger, miscellaneous fabrics, patterns, accessories, sewing machine table, etc.
570. Miscellaneous collectibles lot: postage stamps – US & foreign 70’s 80s, etc.; Mondial Brevettata lighter, woven table rug & box lot of old books
571. Ten drawer grey steel card file / all but one drawer w/ dividers; 25”w x 28”d x 59”t
572. Furniture Related Lot: steel two drawer lateral file; (2) iron mesh stands; (2)
wooden children’s desks; (3) wooden file boxes
573. Box of clock parts: dials, springs, keys, etc
574. Lot of flowerpots/planters: ceramic, pottery, woven bark, etc.
575. Box lot and organizer chest of beads: jewelry making related, wooden, metal, plastic, etc.
576. Box of cameras: Argus 35mm/others
577. Lot of vintage framed prints, pictures, frames – various conditions and descriptions
578. Antique oak hanging medicine cabinet w/ mirror front: 13”w x 20 1/2” T x 5 ¾” deep
579. Open walnut mirrored back illuminated etagere corner display cabinet; 31”w x 59”t x 12”deep at center
580. Lot of (5) framed vintage menus and a packet from T/S Bremen Cruise ship
581. Box lot of metal plant hangers, shelf bracket, plant trivet…
582. Lot of antique block molding planes, wooden levels, slaw cutters, pcs,
583. Tray box lot of antique & other padlocks, keys, booklet
584. LARGE LOT of vintage locksmithing tools, locks, tumblers, pins, hard wares, door locks - many NIB – Schlage, others; key machines, makers, mortise locks, etc.
585. Large lot of vintage tumbler pins for auto locks & box of locks for Chrysler, Ford, others
586. Lot of antique hand saws: (3) wooden bow saws, several hand wood/carpenter’s saws, hacksaws, etc.
587. Lot of (5) various antique toolboxes (1 – is old ammo box); floor model – 2pc; machinists, other
588. Tabletop lot of boxes: cash register, wooden drawers, bird houses, few canning jars, draftsman’s set, (2) cigarette lighters, assorted interesting items
589. Large box lot of antiques / primitives / tools: bottle capper, wooden fishing bobins, (2) stove pipe dampers, food grinder parts, (2) fishing reels, singletree, hitch, etc.
590. Lot of country primitives / lanterns: (2) barn lanterns, fuel can, Zerex tin; (2) pair steel ice skates, brass blow torch
591. (2) Rag Rug Runners: porch type; approx. 3’w x 10-12’ long; some wear/holes
592. Lot of primitive country items: iron & wooden wrapping paper stand from country store, tools, sickle, hay hook, draw knife, staple puller, oil cans, etc
593. Lot of (7) small wooden boxes / furniture drawers / related fixtures: iron & other hooks, casters; wooden finials, knobs, etc.; brass & iron scale weights, etc.
594. Lot of wooden & one metal box/ drawer / crates: various sizes & descriptions
595. Assorted furniture lot: all as-is – Victorian platform rocker, stand base, accordion doorway gate, (2) shelves….
596. (2) Vintage wooden case table radios: larger Zenith w/ ivory grill front; Philco ptd blue/green w/ faded plastic face and less a knob - *not guaranteed working
597. (2) Primitive / antique wooden toolboxes: a farrier’s box from a wooden crate; carpenter’s saw/tool carrier
598. Box lot of (3) counter-table-top scales & related: brass opium type w/ wooden box (box as is); set of brass Sto-A-Weights
599. Large bench table-top lot of hard wares / nut, bolts, fasteners, screws, organizers full, etc. (lot of goodies!)
600. Lot of (3) wooden drawer / boxes of many drill bits, wood beam augers, files, related
601. Garden tool lot: post hole digger, Craftsman elec. leaf blower, partial roll aluminum flashing, cultivator, leaf rakes, etc.
602. Lot of primitive & other wooden and metal drawer units / metal lock boxes; (3) large wooden w/ painted surfaces; various sizes
603. Large bench-top lot of antique and other hand tools / garage / shop items: wooden & other levels, lg. steel wedge, threaders, sm. vises, wrenches, shears & snips, ext. cords, pulleys, putty knives, box of electrical, much more!
604. Lot of (5) boxes of tools: a large grey steel box of assorted tools along w/ (2) totes & (2) boxes of assorted tools
605. Lot: (2) Stop signs; Enders metal propane-camp stove w/ o.b.; steel milk can strainer; ‘Hot Shot’ cattle prod w/ orig. tube
606. Large lot of mirror glass pcs / chrome racks: lg, small, a lot NIB mirror glass for crafts, furniture – various sizes, (2) chrome free-standing racks for wash cloths, display, (2) small metal clothing racks…
607. (2) Items: vintage steel wheelbarrow w/ hard rubber tire and a new steel burglar extending bar window block
608. (3) Items: large antique softwood frame w/ glass sides display showcase (no back) – 39”w x 25”deep x 20 ½”t and (2) wooden silver/flatware chests go with
609. Steel two drw/two door cabinet w/ grey/white formica top
610. 3pc pntd. white steel porch suite: pr. swivel arm chairs & sm. matching round glass top table – surface rust / needs restrapped
611. Antique glass beaker: footed w/ scale in red, spout top; 20 ¾”T



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