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Auction Date Oct 26 Auction
134 Deborah Drive
New Braunfels, TX
Time TBA
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  • Lot# 1 - Winchester M-1 Garand

    Lot# 1 - Winchester M-1 Garand

  • Lot# 2 - Colt Model 1911 U.S. Army Savag

    Lot# 2 - Colt Model 1911 U.S. Army Savag

  • Lot# 3 - Deactivated World War I Hand Gr

    Lot# 3 - Deactivated World War I Hand Gr

  • Lot# 4 - Colt Police Positive .38 Specia

    Lot# 4 - Colt Police Positive .38 Specia

Auction Listing
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Burley Auction Gallery is proud to present the Texas Museum of Military History Auction/The Sam Nesmith Collection, Saturday, October 26th 10:00AM. Sam Nesmith was an archaeologist, curator & researcher for the Alamo, the Institute of Texas Cultures, & the Texas Memorial Museum before becoming the director & curator of the Texas Museum of Military History which currently supplies many museums with artifacts including the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin. Sam was an active member of the Company Of Military Historians, Sam authored & co-authored numerous publications and books on Texas and Spanish Colonial era archaeology & history. Sam took part in numerous excavations at the Alamo Plaza & the Goliad battlefield. The vast collection features hundreds of rare & historic firearms, Serial No. 75 Colt 1911, plus a rare Singer 1911, & many more rare historic firearms. Hundreds of identified military uniforms from the Civil War to WWII. American WWII uniforms, early British, Imperial Japanese, Nazi German, French & Italian WWII uniforms. Over 40 WWII leather flying jackets, Texas colonial bronze cannon, Vietnam War guns & uniforms, & MUCH more! Many of the items have been displayed in numerous museums throughout Texas. 15%BP TX#15184 Auction Preview Friday, October 25th Noon-6:00 PM & Saturday 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM Auction Start. Please make plans to join us to join us for the auction on Saturday, October 26th

1 - Winchester M-1 Garand U.S. Winchester M1 Garand .30-06 rifle. 24" barrel Serial no. 1233151

2 - Colt Model 1911 U.S. Army Savage Arms Contract Savage contract 1911 .45 caliber, marked with S stamped inside bomb burst for Savage Firearms Co. Serial No. 324784, 1918 production year.

3 - Deactivated World War I Hand Grenade Collection all inert

4 - Colt Police Positive .38 Special 4" barrel, checkered rubber grips. Serial No. 85442 manufactured in 1911.

5 - San Antonio Arsenal Marked Colt Official Police 38 "S.A.A." on left side of receiver. The left grip butt is marked "H.S.A.A.", along with "27" on the butt of the gun. Serial no. 556763

6 - Colt U.S. Army Model 1917 .45 D.A. Revolver 5.5" barrel, walnut grips. Butt is stamped "US Army Model 1917, No. 390"

7 - U.S. Property Marked Smith & Wesson .38 Revolver Left grip marked "58". "United Stated Property" on frame. 5" barrel. Serial No.908221

8 - Smith & Wesson DA Revolver .32 WCF 6" barrel. There is an "H" engraved to rear of trigger guard.

9 - Kansas Militia Marked Savage Model 1863 Musket Savage contract 1863 .58 caliber musket. 40" barrel with "1863 PROPERTY OF STATE OF KANSAS" & "NOT TRANSFERABLE" stamped on the top. With bayonet.

10 - Colt Model 1863 U.S. Marked Rifled Musket 40" barrel, .58 caliber rifled musket, with bayonet.

11 - U.S. Springfield Model 1863 Musket Dated 1864 40" barrel 58 caliber,

12 - U.S. Marked P.S. Justice Rifled Musket Phillip S. Justice rifled musket made in Philadelphia in 1861. .69 cal. Brass patch box marked "L.W." inside, three band single shot percussion rifled musket. 39" barrel, unique shaped bowed trigger guard, two-leaf folding rear sight.

13 - U.S. Harper's Ferry Model 1841 Mississippi Rifle Dated 1845 on lock plate. Clean bore, 42" bbl. Stock is stamped with a "2" on left side , "29 C" on butt, and has an upside-down cross carved into it.

14 - Confederate 1863 Richmond Civil War Musket 40" barrel, with sling.

15 - Kerr Revolver 31st Mississippi Regiment 5.5" barrel, Marked "JAO 31 Miss Reg" on grip (31st Mississippi Regiment), British import. Very Rare

16 - P.J.Fagard Percussion Revolver Civil War era English import, very popular with Confederates SN 2177 on barrel, 134 on frame, 6.5" octagon barrel

17 - Colt Model 1851 London Navy Cased Manufactured 1851, 7.5" barrel .36 caliber, ivory grips. Case is not original. Sharp markings and cylinder engraving,

18 - Colt Model 1862 Pocket Police Revolver .36 ca., engraved backstrap not number matching, ivory grips, 4.5" barrel,

19 - U.S. Waters Model 1836 Flintlock Pistol 8.5" barrel, .54 cal., breech is marked "U.S., E.B." with a "P" for proved, Left stock is marked with "EB" for Elizur Bates (inspector for Waters) and "M.P.L." for Mann Paige Lomax (Major in U.S. Army and inspector for Waters Arsenal 1837-1843). The m.1836 pistol was available for all army officers and very popular with the U.S. Dragoons.

20 - H. Aston Model 1842 U.S. Marked Pistol 1851 Marked "1851", 8.5" barrel .54 cal. brass hardware, swivel ramrod

21 - U.S. Navy N.P. Ames Model 1842 No2 Boxlock Pistol 6" barrel, marked "N.P. AMES SPRINGFIELD MASS", "USN 1845", "RP" for inspector Richard Paine, "P" for proved. Rare USN marked. Museum notes of attributed to being carried by sailor on an ironclad in the Mississippi River during the Battle of Vicksburg, but no provenance documentation. Was acquired in Vicksburg. Only 2000 were produced between 1842 - 1847.

22 - Adams Prototype English Percussion Revolver No markings other than barrel & cylinder proof marks. circa 1855. 5" octagon barrel

23 - Engraved Adams / Tranter .44 Percussion Revolver 6" barrel, checkered wood grips. "E Berthod" scratched into frame. Very popular with Confederate officers, these were often brought in by blockade runners.

24 - Engraved Adam's Patent .44 Percussion Revolver 6.5" octagon barrel.

25 - Remington Model 1858 Army Revolver 8" octagon barrel, .44 cal. Lock issues

26 - Remington Army Model 1858 Army Revolver 8" barrel, .44 cal percussion converted to fire cartridges

27 - Confederate H. Deringer U.S. Model 1814 Rifle North Carolina Confederate marked U.S. contract H. Derringer Model 1814 rifle dated 1819 on lock plate, converted to percussion .54 cal., 36" barrel marked "US,NC". Attributed to John W. Russel Co. E 26th North Carolina. Was picked up on the Gettysburg Battlefield in 1863 by Jacob Hoke of Chambersburg according to the notes in the patch box.

28 - US Springfield Model 1816 Dated 1833 Texas Marked percussion conversion from flintlock. 42" barrel, Bayonet marked "TEXAS" with star

29 - Buckhorn Saloon Marlin-Ballard Schuetzen Rifle Marlin Ballard patent Nov 5 1861 German Schutzenfest .40-60 Ballard rifle. Known as the "Off-Hand Model" when introduced in 1876. This example hung in the Buckhorn Saloon for years. Attributed to Frederic Groos, founder of Groos National Bank, San Antonio Texas. No provenance documentation. Double set triggers, 30" octagon heavy barrel.

30 - General J.F. Hollingsworth's S&W .44 Magnum 4" barrel engraved on left side "BRIG GENERAL JF HOLLINGSWORTH", right side engraved "FROM THE MEN OF THE 1ST INF DIV". The receiver frame is engraved on the right with the Great Seal of United States, the left side has "THE BIG RED ONE" 1967

31 - Maj. Gen Hollingsworth's Presentation S&W .38 Smith & Wesson Airweight .38 special with carved ivory grips, engraved "AnLoc April 1972, PRESIDENT THIEU TO MG HOLLINGSWORTH". Thieu was president of South Vietnam from 1965 to 1975. The Battle of An Loc lasted April- June 1972.

32 - General Hollingsworth's Officers Cap Flag Holster Brigadier General Hollingsworth's Officers Cap, Holster (scratched into the back of the holster) & Flag.

33 - 1968 Captured NVA North Vietnamese Army Flag museum tag notes "Delta Co. II Corps 1968"

34 - Gen. Hollingsworth Captured NVA Takarov Pistol Takarov dated 1967, a standard Soviet handgun of the period. a hand written note in the holster states that this pistol " was captured by General Hollingsworth in Viet Nam from an NVA Colonel". With holster & spare magazine.

35 - Presentation Captured Vietnamese SKS Rifle presentation captured North Vietnamese rifle. Stock painted with shield unit emblem with Colonels rank and "R.S. Burley stamped into the stock". 20" barrel, with bayonet & sling.

36 - 82nd Artillery Colt Detective Special .38 1966 The left side of the frame is engraved "From the NCO's 82'D ARTY", right side "Robert N. Starr 10 Jan 1966"

37 - Lt. W.A. McManus S&W Official Police .38 Revolver "PERSONAL PROPERTY" is engraved under 3" barrel, cut trigger guard. Backstrap is engraved "LT W.A MCMANUS U.S.N.", butt is engraved "36TH CONSTR. BATT."

38 - U.S. Marked Smith & Wesson .38 Special Loyalty & Courage Shield emblem on right side frame. 4" barrel. There is a "3" stamped over a "5" on the butt. 3 notches are are scratched into the backstrap. 4" barrel.

39 - U.S. 1 / 9th Cavalry Marked S&W .38 Special Smith & Wesson Model 10-5 .38 special. "1/9 CAV" engraved on the left side of receiver as well as "U.S." Backstrap is engraved "L.G.B." 4" barrel

40 - Colt New Service .45 Revolver 5.5" barrel. Right framed is stamped with a "C" surrounding an upwards arrow.

41 - U.S. M-1A1 Rifle 7.62mm Circa 1974. Stock is marked with Eagle cartouche, with period sling and military configuration with flash guard. Manufactured by Federal Ordnance. Serial no. 22266

42 - USMC Vietnam War Remington 870 Trench Shotgun 12 gauge, 18.5" barrel with Teflon finish. Left side receiver marked "U.S.M.C.", right side marked "M.O.T. 1A 47" for Mobile Observation Team 1 Alpha, issue number 47. With sling. Very rare from Republic of Vietnam used by secretive unit that operated close to enemy position and called down artillery fire from battleships & cruisers.

43 - Winchester Model 1200 USAF Experimental Shotgun 12 gauge, 18" barrel, Marked "PROPERTY U.S.A.F.", "10-67 U.S.A.F. E.E.T."

44 - Captured WWI 1918 Erfurt Karabiner 98 Rifle World War I 1918 Dated Erfurt Karabiner 98 Bolt Action 8mm Rifle. 24" barrel, with bayonet & leather sling. Stock is carved "TROPHY OF AUG 20TH, 1918."

45 - German Mauser 98 Rifle Extended Magazine Extended magazine & rear sling swivel, 29" barrel, receiver dated 1916.

46 - U.S. Navy Winchester Lee Model 1895 Straight Pull Serial No. 4092. 28" barrel, Marked "U.S.N." The Navy purchased near 7000 Model 1895 rifles in 1898 & 1899. They were used by the Navy & Marine Corps during the Spanish American War, The Boxer Rebellion, & Philippine Insurrection. Rifle has Navy markings.

47 - U.S. Winchester Model 1917 San Antonio Arsenal 26" barrel, .30-06, with bayonet and leather sling. Stock marked "S.A.A." for San Antonio Arsenal.

48 - Savage Enfield No.4 Mk I US Marked with Bayonet Enfield No.4 MKI .303 caliber bolt action rifle, made by Savage Manufacturing Company in 1943 and stamped "U.S. Government Property". 25" barrel, with detachable magazine.. Stamped "DP" for drill purpose. These rifles were manufactured under Lend/Lease by Savage for Enfield. A number of them were sold to the U.S. government and were used in guard duty in areas where the .303 caliber round was readily available. These were used in North Africa as well as other theaters where ammunition for American arms was in short supply.

49 - Model 1906 Lee Enfield BSA MK1 25" barrel, with bayonet & canvas sling.

50 - U.S. Springfield Model 1903 U.S.M.C. Marked U.S. Springfield Armory Model 1903 Stock is marked Headquarters 1st Battalion/ 4th Marine Regiment. The 4th Marines were known as the "Old China Hands" because they spent most of 1901-1940 in China. 24" barrel.

51 - U.S.M.C. Marked Rock Island Model 1903 Rifle U.S.M.C. Marked Rock Island Arsenal Model 1903 .30 cal. "U.S.M.C." & "FJA" marked in stock. 24" barrel stamped , leather sling. SN manufactured in 1906 with the improved heat treatment.

52 - U.S. Remington Model 1903-A4 Sniper Rifle WWII 24" barrel, fitted with Weaver M73B1 sniper scope on Redfield mount. The barrel is stamped "RA" over a flaming bomb burst, followed by "2-44". According to museum notes, the serial no. 3409404 falls in the range of first block production snipers in 1943. U.S. marked sling dated 1944.

53 - Rare 1921 Prototype Springfield 1903 Carbine Rare 1921 Prototype Springfield 1903 carbine ordered by Col. Thales Lucius Ames. The receiver is stamped "S A" and numbered "EX.002". Redfield rear sight. Barrel is 20"in length, with "S A" and date of "5-21" stamped on the end. The only other known example, "No. 2" prototype documented in NRA's American Rifleman, has a barrel date stamped "6-21".

54 - U.S. Smith-Corona Model 1903-A3 Bolt Action Rifle 24" barrel. "RA" barrel dated "12-43".

55 - U.S. Rock Island Model 1903 "Bushmaster" Rifle U.S. Rock Island Model 1903 .30-06. Stock is marked "Ft. Clayton" and has "JSP" over a crest. 18" barrel. Manufactured in 1907. The "Bushmaster" guns were arsenal altered at Ft. Clayton for use by the canal guards on the Panama Canal.

56 - Model 1920 Armory Locking Gun Rack M1903 Rifles "ARM-LOCK, Model of 1920" iron gun rack that originally came from the Ft. Sam Houston Arsenal. Holds 20 Model 1903 rifles, has caster wheels.

57 - Eddystone U.S. Model 1917 Manufactured May 1918, the stock is carved with "P" above infantry crossed rifle insignia, with "28" underneath. "MA" & "7" is embossed in the left side of stock. "P" & "28" can be seen on the buttplate. 22" barrel with period leather sling.

58 - Krag-Jorgensen Model 1899 Carbine U.S. 6th Cavalry .30-40 Krag. 22" barrel, Marked "6 CAV TP K" on trigger guard and stock, Marked "T. LANGE" on stock. Was issued to Troop K of the U.S. 6th Cavalry & was carried by the regiment in the Philippine Islands 1901-1903.

59 - US Marked Krag-Jorgensen Model 1892 .30-40 Krag 22" barrel, with carbine ring

60 - Presentation Colt US Army Model 1917 26th Cavalry Presentation Colt Model 1917 revolver with silver butt-plates engraved "26TH CAV. CAMP STOTSENBURG. AMPANGA P.I." on the left side, & "COL. H.LA. T. CAVENAUGH. 1922" on the right. marked "U.S. ARMY MODEL 1917, No. 175955". 6" barrel .38 caliber.

61 - 26th Cavalry US Marked Winchester Model 1912 U.S. Marked Winchester Model 1912 pump action 12 gauge shotgun. Stock is marked "Property of 26 CAV." 26" barrel

62 - Lt. Charles Bowers' U.S. 26th Cavalry White Dress Complete U.S. Cavalry (2) white mess dress tunics & (1) trousers for 1st Lt. Charles Russell Bowers, born 19 august 1915: graduated U.S. Military Academy class of 1939. Served as 2nd Lt. with Troop A, 26th Cavalry, then promoted to 1st Lt, on 9 September 1940. C.O. Recon Patrol, 26th Cavalry P.I. Killed in action on North Manilla Road, 24 December 1941. Posthumously awarded the Purple Heart.

63 - U.S. Army 10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers Tunic U.S. Army Tunic for Tech Sgt. circa 1930's, 10th Cavalry Regiment, Headquarters Company. Very rare distinctive unit insignia for 10th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers, Expert marksman. Breast pocket has a Machine Gun, Rifle , Sword, Pistol D, and Pistol M medal. Ribbon bar has a possible Mexican Border Service ribbon (faded), and WWI Victory Medal.

64 - WWI 9th Cavalry U.S. Army Tunic U.S. Army Tunic, WWI, 9th Cavalry Regiment. Saber Qualified Patch on both sleeves. Rare patch on lower right sleeve is possibly for a machine gunner using the French Chauchat, which is the light machine gun used by the French Units. The 9th Cavalry never served with the U.S. troops in WWI, they served with the French.

65 - WWI French Observation Balloonist's Tunic c.1917 French WWI Horizon Blue Observation Balloonist's Service Dress Tunic c.1917 with rare baloonist badge.

66 - WWI French Lafayette Flying Corps Tunic & Cap Lafayette Escadrille, Non-Commissioned Officer's tunic & Kepi, c.1917. American volunteer pilots in the Lafayette Escadrille wore French uniforms, like this non-commissioned officer's tunic. The pilot who wore this tunic was a sergeant designated by the gold chevron above each cuff. The circular wreath with gold wings and star found on the right breast, is a French pilot badge, and the winged star on the collar represents the Aviation Section of the French Air Service. The gold chevrons found on the shoulder have different significance; the chevrons on the left shoulder indicate 18 months of service, and the ones on the right shoulder indicate two wounds received in combat. The ribbon bars on the left breast are of a Medaille Militaire, a medal awarded for meritorious behaviors and acts of bravery, and a Croix de Guerre, a decoration awarded for acts of heroism. The Lafayette Escadrille was a squadron of the Lafayette Flying Corps.

67 - WWI Identified 1918 U.S. Air Service Flight Suit Written in flap "1st Lt. Geo. P. Atkinson Amer. Ex. Forces, France."

68 - WWI U.S. Leather Flying Jacket Lt. Towsend F. Dodd Boyville / Spalding Horsehide Jacket attributed to 1st Lt. Townsend Foster Dodd, 1st Aero Squadron. 1916. This jacket purchased & worn by 1st Lt. Dodd when he served with the 1st Aero Squadron in Mexico flying "Jennies" during 1916 1st Lt. Dodd was one of the first military aviators, served with General Pershing in Mexico, set several endurance records and served in WWI. He was the first U.S. pilot to receive the Distinguished Service Medal. After the war, he was posted to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio as Chief of Material and Assistant Chief of Supply, Air Service. Dodd was killed in 1919 during a New York to Los Angeles transcontinental air race. The first Army airfield, within the boundaries of Fort Sam Houston, was named Dodd Army Airfield in 1982.

69 - U.S. WWI Spalding RFC Pattern Flying Jacket No. E Long, worn by E. H. Abram. 1918. Inside tag: "A.G. SPALDING & BROS". Personal name printed in ink, "E.H. Abram" but is badly smeared. Has WWI French aeronautical map in front pockets.

70 - WWII A-2 Flying Jacket 425th Night Fighter Sq 425th Night Fighter Squadron, D. L. Church. 1943, Brown leather nametag impressed in silver with "D.L. CHURCH". Tag reads: " TYPE A-2, DRAWING NO. 30-1415, A.C....N535 ac 29191, PROPERTY AIR FORCE U.S. ARMY, BRONCO MFG. CORP., NEW YORK, N.Y.". Size tag underneath: "42". Lining has stenciled in white the winged star and "ARMY AIR FORCES". Nametag on left breast, beneath in a painted caricature of a black P-61 firing two machine guns and being ridden by Bugs Bunny for the 425the Night Fighter Squadron. 1st lieutenant's leather bars sewn on on both shoulders(silver paint has worn off)

71 - WWII USN/USMC G-1 Leather Flying Jacket VMF-124 VMF-124 Corsair. 1943. Size: 38. Contract tag is missing. Painted on back of jacket with oil base paint - yellow oval with white star and red center with front view in the center of a skull with F4U Corsair bent wings on either side. This whole insignia is for VMF-124, a Marine F4U fighter squadron in the Pacific during WWII who was known as the "Whistling Death". It was the first Marine Corps squadron to be based off of an aircraft carrier, the USS Essex, and participated in the battles for Guadalcanal, Lingayen Gulf, Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

72 - WWII A2 Flying Jacket 47th Fighter Sq. JP Brunette 47th Fighter Squadron, J.P. 1943. Leather name tag stamped: "J.P. BRUNETTE". Below the hang up strap is printed in ink "BRUNETTE". Tag reads: "TYPE A-2, DRAWING NO. 30-1415, ORDER NO. W535 A.C. 27798, J.A. DUBOW MFG. CO., CHICAGO, ILL., PROPERTY AIR FORCE U.S. ARMY, 36". On left breast is a stamped leather nametag for "J.P. BRUNETTE". Below nametag is a painted on leather 47th Fighter Squadron Patch(showing a winged insect - TURNIP TERMITE- with yellow body, orange face and legs, yellow green ears and wings riding a large, yellow, jagged lightning bolt toward dexter base on an all blue disc. Jacket had lieutenant's bars on each shoulder which are now missing. Brunette flew a P-51D named "HAIRLESS JOE" in the Pacific theater.

73 - WWII A-2 Flying Jacket 471st Bomber Squadron Vintage original jacket with repainted patch. 471st Bomb Squadron, Captain. 1943. Left breast: painted "471st BOMBARDMENT" with blue on white scroll, Bomby the Bear in black on a yellow circle standing on a white cloud and throwing a aerial bomb. Tag: "TYPE A-2, DRAWING NO. 30-1415, ORDER NO. W535 A.C. 2779, J.A. DUBOW MFG. CO., CHICAGO ILL., PROPERTY AIR FORCE, U.S. ARMY 38". Embroidered captain's bars on both shoulders. Remains of AAF decal on left shoulder. The 471st flew B-52's out of Greenville, SC on anti-submarine patrol and looking for shipwrecks on Atlantic Coast. Repaint

74 - WWII A-2 Flying Jacket 44th Fighter Squadron Vintage jacket with contemporary painted 44th Fighter Squadron patch. 1942. Left breast: red and black vampire bat painted on leather with a scroll below marked "44th FIGHTER". embroidered 1st lieutenant bar on right shoulder and missing from left shoulder. No name on jacket. The 44th Fighter Squadron was stationed at Bellows Field, TH during the Pearl Harbor attack and was later moved back to Wheeler Field. The unit was at Guadalcanal, New Guinea and the retaking of the Philippine Islands during WWII. Repaint

75 - WWII A-2 Flying Jacket 54th Fighter Squadron 54th Fighter Squadron, 11th AF. 1942. Tag: "TYPE A-2, DRAWING NO. 30-1415, CONTRACT NO. W535 AC-27752, ROUGH WEAR CLOTHING CO., MIDDLETOWN, PA, PROPERTY AIR FORCE U.S. ARMY". Size: 38. Marked in red on the inside lining is the number"25". Left breast has a painted on leather patch for 54th Fighter Squadron depicting a leopard with boxing gloves exploding a bomb with the title "54th FIGHTER" below. Left shoulder has embroidered patch for 11th Air Force. Right shoulder has a circular patch with black seals on a white circle with red and green Aurora Borealis and "ALEUTIAN ISLANDS". Each shoulder has embroidered captain's bars. Repainted patch

76 - WWII A-2 Flying Jacket 346th Bomber Squadron 346th Bomb Squadron, E.A.Z. 1942. Tag reads: "TYPE A-2, DRAWING NO. 30-1415, A.C. ORDER NO. 42-10008-P, CABLE RAINCOAT CO., PROPERTY AIR FORCE, U.S. ARMY". Small tag has a size of "36", beneath tag is stamped the initials "E.A.Z." On left breast is a dark blue disc painted on leather with black 500lb GP aerial bomb intertwined with a yellow and brown Diamondback rattlesnake. Flying B-17's, the squadron transferred from the American Theatre to the MTO where they were stationed in various air bases in Algeria, Tunisia and Italy. The first unit first served with the 12th Air Force and then was assigned to the 15th Air Force, with assignments including bombing oil refineries, marshaling yards, aircraft factories and other strategic objectives. The 346th was awarded two DUC's during WWII for engagements in Sicily and Austria.

77 - WWII A1-2 Flying Jacket 36th Pursuit Squadron 36th Pursuit Squadron, 1st Lt. Lawrence O. Brown. 1938. Left breast: Chenille, embroidered patch of the "Flying Fiend" of the 36th Pursuit Squadron, consisting of a yellow cloud with blue border showing a brown, fiend's head with blue cat's whiskers, white teeth and a red tongue dripping blood, wearing a blue flying helmet with white and blue goggles. The 36th Pursuit Squadron received 3 DUC decorations during the war. The A1-2 jacket was the immediate predecessor to the famous A-2 leather flying jacket. This jacket was worn by Lt. Lawrance O. Brown of Ohio, He soloed in 1931 and had the rank of 2nd Lt. In August of 1938, he was named a 1st Lt. Brown was a temporary major in 1941 and promoted to Lt. Colonel in March of 1942 with senior pilot ranking the same year. He made colonel in August of 1942 and retired in 1948.

78 - WWII A-2 Flying Jacket Sidney S. Woods Fighter Ace Repainted vintage jacket. 61st Fighter Squadron, Arizona Rattler, Sidney S. Woods. 1942. Painted in white block letters across shoulders: "ARIZONA", Tag: "TYPE A-2, ......POUGHKEEPSIE LEATHER, ......POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y., PROPERTY AIRFORCE, U.S. ARMY". Size: 40. Painted on left breast on a tan circular disc is the 61st Fighter Squadron patch consisting of a bulldog wearing a British type C flying helmet and goggles holding a lightening bolt in his mouth. Painted on the back of the jacket is the word in white caps "ARIZONA" with a diamondback Arizona rattlesnake dripping blood from its fangs, a green cactus is painted on the lower right side, on the lower left is painted five enemy aircraft crashed in flames. The jacket belonged to Sidney S. Woods, who was born in San Marcos, TX and graduated from the University of Arizona. He was an ace with the USAAF and served in both the Pacific and European theaters with several kills. He was shot down in 1945 and spent the last few months of the war in a German POW camp. He also served in the Korean War. Repainted

79 - WWII USAAF A-2 Flying Jacket 449th Bomb Group 719th Bomb Squadron, 449th Bomb Group, 15th Air Force, 2nd Lt. Albert A. Levingston. 1943. Tag reads: "TYPE A-2, DRAWING No. 30-1415, A.C. No. A33-038 AC-1761, PROPERTY AIR FORCE U.S. ARMY, BRONCHO MFG., NEW YORK, N.Y.". Size: 38. "ARMY AIR FORCES" and winged star stamped on upper lining, the number "11300317" is stenciled beneath the winged star on the lining. The name "ROBERT A. VIAU" is stenciled on the bottom of the lining. On right shoulder is an Italian-made incised red, white and blue American 48 star flag. The right breast has a rare early Italian-made incised "XV" for the 15th Air Force Patch with "A. A. LEVINGSTON" incised around the bottom of the shied and "NEW HAMPSHIRE" incised along the top. Left breast has an Italian-made incised gaggle patch with Mt. Vesuvius for the 719th Bomb Squadron joined with the incised shied of Pegasus with an aerial bomb behind for the 449th Bomb Group "Flying Horsemen", the entire patch is surrounded by 35 incised aerial bombs for missions flown my 2nd Lt. Albert A. Levingston. The left shoulder patch is a Italian-made incised patch for the 15th Air Force showing a winged star with "15" above it. 2nd Lt. Levingtson was a navigator in a B-24J aircraft. The unit received 2 DUC citations for combat in Bucharest, Romania on April 4, 1944 and again in Ploesti, Romania on July 9, 1944.

80 - WWII USAAF A-2 Flying Jacket 491st Bomb Squadron 491st Bomb Squadron, 341st Bomb Group, CBI, Staff Sgt. Walter U. Stachler. 1943. Leather name tag on left pocket with "W. STACHLER" and Chinese chops stamped on the tag, the name is above 491st Bomb Squadron Patch. Tag reads: "TYPE A-2, DRAWING NO. 30-1415, A.C. ORDER NO. 1756, PROPERTY AIR FORCE U.S. ARMY". Size: 36. On lining is stenciled a black square and inside the square is stenciled "A P 3". Printed in black ink on the lining is "S-0617". Right breast has the 341st Bomb Group patch painted on leather of a tiger head and eagle within a "V". On left breast is Stachler's name tag with Chinese chops and a painted, circular patch of a horseshoe around a stake with horizontal speed marks for the "491st Ringer Bomb Squadron". Right shoulder has locally-made leather on leather full color CBE patch. No rank present. Inside lining on the left is a U.S. Flag 5-language Blood Chit. On the right side is a Chinese Flag Blood Chit with Chinese chops. No ship's name present but was undoubtedly a B-25H. Staff Sgt. Walter U. Stachler was an armorer-gunner on the top turret of a B-25 H of the 491st Bomb Squadron.

81 - Smith & Wesson DA Revolver British .455 Webley British proof marks all over, 6.5" barrel, checkered walnut grips. "5.16, 48.RFC (Royal Flying Corps), 60" marked on rear below hammer.

82 - U.S. Army Model 1917 Smith & Wesson D.A. .45 Left side grip is marked "J.H.P." right side shows a crest. Butt is stamped "U.S. Army Model 1917, No. 26579", 5.5" barrel.

83 - U.S.S&W "Victory Model" .38 Australian Lend Lease U.S. Smith & Wesson WW2 "Victory Model" Double Action .38 Revolver. Top strap is stamped with "U.S. Property" and a bomb burst. "GHD" proofs. Right frame contains a broad arrow with a "DD" for Australian Department of Defense. Blue-black military finish, walnut grips, 5" barrel. These were originally made for the U.S Government, where they were generally issued as a side arm to aircrew or other combat personnel. A small number of them were sold to the forces of Australia as Lend/Lease. This is one of that group.

84 - U.S. Army Model 1909 Colt D.A. .45 Revolver "U.S. Army Model 1909, No. 31286" stamped on butt, 5.5" barrel. "RAF" & "FB" stamped on right side of frame.

85 - WWII U.S.M.C. Colt Commando .38 Guadalcanal 4" barrel, left grip carved "GUADALCANAL NEW GEORGIA BOUGAINVILLE". U.S.M.C. marked on butt, and "RAC" marked on left grip butt.

86 - WW1 U.S. Marked Colt 1908 Vest Pocket Pistol Rare US Property marked Colt 1908. Manufactured in 1913

87 - WWII Colt Model 1903 Pistol British RAF Identified British proof marks, "RAF" on frame, Sold to British govt during WWI, inside rubber grips is carved "CDR. L.G. Bingham, R.N." Commander Bingham served in the Royal Navy Air Service.

88 - WWII US Property Marked Colt 1903 .32 ACP Stamped "U.S. Property". U.S. Property marked 1903 Colt Pocket Automatics were issued to OSS agents and general officers during WWII.

89 - U.S. 26th Cavalry Marked Colt Model 1911 Colt U.S. Army M-1911 .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol. Stamped serial "No.183240", "PROPERTY OF 26TH CAV. REGT. MODEL OF 1911. U.S. ARMY." On right side is scratched "Frank H. Bunnell 26th Cavalry." Attributed to 1st Lt. Frank Hinton Bunnell, 26th Cavalry Regiment (Philippine Scouts). The 26th Cavalry purchased them form U.S. Govt. around 1928 and is a rare example of Colt owned by the regiments. Lt. Edwin Ramsey of the 26th Cavalry led the last cavalry charge of the U.S. Army on January 16th 1942 carrying Model 1911s instead of sabers. After the successful charge, managed to escape into the mountains & spend the next 3 years fighting the Japanese & alongside the Filipino guerillas,

90 - U.S. Colt Model 1911 Serial Number 75 Serial "No.75" stamped on the right side of frame, on the right side of the slide is stamped "MODEL OF 1911. U.S. ARMY". Stamped on the repair on the right side of the frame is "C.C". Stamped on the left side of the frame is "PATENTED APR.20 1897" and below is stamped "SEPT. 9. 1902. DEC.19.1905 FEB.14.1911". Left side slide also has the address stamp, frame is marked "UNITED STATES PROPERTY". Blued finish, 5 inch barrel, checkered wood grips. Has early magazine with lanyard ring on the frame, and a second lanyard ring on the clip. Two-toned blue magazine. This is a very early production model and probably carried on the Mexican border, then carried in France during WWI. According to Sam Nesmith's inventory notes, It was carried by a Captain of 5th Marines, 2nd Marine Division at Belleau Wood. There, the pistol frame suffered shrapnel damage, the weapon was so popular with the owner, that he requested that is be repaired and returned to him. The frame is Combat Center "C.C." stamped.

91 - Singer Model 1911 A1 Rare Rare Singer contract Model 1911 A1 in good working order. Serial no. S800181. Only 500 were produced for the U.S. Government by Singer during WWII under contract order W-ORD-396. Serial number range S800001-S800500 The majority were issued to U.S. air crews.

92 - WWII Remington Rand U.S. Model 1911 WWII Remington U.S. M-1911 Marked "UNITED STATES PROPERTY NO. 1792824", "REMINGTON RAND INC. SYRACUSE, N.Y., U.S.A., Marked CO2 T.D on frame, "FJA".45 caliber semi automatic pistol.

93 - WWII Springfield Armory U.S. Model 1911 308th BG Springfield Armory U.S. M-1911 .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol. Attributed to Sgt. Jim Stimson, waist gunner on a B-24 in South Pacific of the 308th BG 5th AF. . It was reconditioned & reissued to Sgt. Stimson in 1942. Dated 1913 The condition of the gun is due to the high humidity of the S. Pacific during the war.

94 - Colt Model 1911 Canadian Import Colt U.S. Model 1911pistol. Canadian import with European spelling, " COLT AUTOMATIC CALIBRE 45". It was supplied to His Majesty's forces around 1939, possibly going to Canada. 45 caliber semi-automatic pistol.

95 - U.S. Colt Model 1911 Savage Arms Contract Colt U.S. M-1911 Savage Arms contract .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol. Stamped "S" inside the bomb burst for Savage Firearms contract. Manufactured in 1918.

96 - U.S. 26th Cavalry Marked Colt 1911 Holster & Belt Holster marked "26 Cav. M.G. S." on the inside is written "Cpl. Yantosa". Web belt is marked "26 CAV. M.G. TROOP S."

97 - Colt Model 1873 Single Action Army Revolver 5.5" barrel, .45 cal., Serial no. 63413 except backstrap (not original) "JH" engraved on backstrap

98 - Colt Model 1860 Army .44 Revolver Maryland Cavalry Mixed serial numbers, 8" barrel. Backstrap is notched for shoulder stock. Museum notes attribute revolver to being issued to Co. "I", 1st Maryland Volunteer Cavalry.

99 - Colt Model 1861 Navy Revolver 75" barrel, mixed serial numbers. The right grip has "1849" carved into it, the right grip has three X's.

100 - Colt Model 1855 Root Side Hammer Revolver 3.5" barrel

101 - U.S. Harpers Ferry Model 1816 Flintlock Rifle 1818 36" barrel, cal .54 lock plate dated 1818

102 - US Marked Harpers Ferry 1851 Percussion Rifle 33" barrel, Marked "79" on trigger plate, "60" on brass cover, "59 I.R.G." on stock

103 - U.S. Harpers Ferry Model 1855 dated 1859 40" barrel, with plug, letters scratched into stock hard to read

104 - U.S. Springfield M1866 Trapdoor Carbine Indian Leather wrapped grip, which appears sinew sewn. 21" barrel. Serial unreadable. Was purchased from the Wounded Knee Reservation in the 1960s

105 - U.S. Springfield Model 1870 Trapdoor Carbine "24" is stamped on barrel near rear sight, "US" and "17" stamped on butt plate. 22" barrel.

106 - U.S. Springfield Model 1870 Trapdoor Navy .50-70 32" barrel

107 - U.S. Springfield Model 1873 Georgia National Guard 32" barrel. Buffington rear sight. Inspector marks "SWP" and dated "1884" and "1893". Marked "RB/2" and stock marked "GA", which indicated this was issued to the Georgia National Guard in the 1890s.

108 - U.S. Springfield Model 1873 Carbine 22" bbl, manf 1880.

109 - U.S. Springfield Model 1873 Trapdoor Carbine 22" barrel. Manf 1874

110 - U.S. Springfield Model 1884 Trapdoor Lock in crisp, good condition. Crisp rifling on 24" barrel, with some pitting in one spot. "69 A" stamped on top of barre stock, stamped "1886". Leather sling stamped "U.S. Arsenal Benicia". clear cartouche on stock.

111 - U.S. Mills Cartridge Belt Brass slider buckle stamped "US" inside oval, inside stamped "ANSON MILLS , PAT. FEB.1, 81" c.1900

112 - NY New York National Guard Mills Cartridge Belt Brass slider buckle stamped "NY" inside oval for New York National Gaurd, inside stamped "ANSON MILLS, PAT FEB 1,1881. T.C. ORNDORFFSOLE MANF. WORCHESTER, MASS"

113 - U.S. .30-06 Cartridge Belt One tan Mills Cartridge Belt with slots for (100) 30.06 cartridges. The ones that are present are dummies. Has stamped "US" slide belt buckle, which detaches from the belt at both ends of the buckle. No markings on belt, pre-WWI during the Philippine Insurrection.

114 - Remington Rolling Block Rifle

115 - Remington Rolling Block Carbine "MODE" and "13" marked on left side of receiver, "3" marked on buttstock. 23" barrel

116 - Winchester Model 1873 .38-40 Winchester Model 1873 .38-40, 20" barrel. Allegedly taken from a member of Pancho Villa's Army fleeing into the U.S. in 1920. Attributed to being confiscated by a Quarantine Rider for the Dept. of Agriculture. Was traded to Phil Goodrich in the early 1960s for yard work. Sam Nesmith acquired from Goodrich. Serial no. 356777B

117 - British Leicester 1st Volunteers Battalion Tunic

118 - British Officer's Uniform

119 - British The King's Liverpool Regiment Tunic

120 - British Royal Irish Fusiliers Officer's Tunic

121 - British Cameron Highlander Tunic & Belt

122 - British Prince of Wales Volunteers Officer's Tunic The South Lancashire Regiment, Prince of Wales Volunteers

123 - British Cheshire Regiment Officer's Tunic

124 - British Ceylon Light Infantry Officer's Tunic English Officer's Scarlet Frock Tunic for a Lt. with the Ceylon Light Infantry, c.1880. Red tunic with dark blue collar, cuffs with silver lace, has shoulder knots and single pip for Lt. for Ceylon Light Infantry. Silver buttons with elephant and palm tree. Early style with low collar, Very Rare tunic from small militia unit made up of tea planters.

125 - 1880s British Army Officer's Tunic Buttons marked 1872

126 - WWII British Paratrooper Helmet

127 - WWII Imperial Japanese Army Enlisted Field Cap Japanese stampings on inside liner.

128 - WWII Imperial Japanese Army Field Cap No stampings on inner liner.

129 - WII Imperial Japanese Navy Khaki Service Cap Japanese stamping on inside of liner

130 - WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Officer's Service Cap Dark blue Navy Officer's service cap. Tan lining has smeared Japanese stamping.

131 - WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Field Cap Has burlap lining and neck protection attachments.

132 - WWII Japanese Army Tan Field Cap w/ Earflaps

133 - WWII Chinese Nationalist Army Tan Field Cap Has dark blue inner lining.

134 - WWII Chinese Nationalist Blood Chit 11" x 14" framed

135 - WWII Australian Blood Chit 11" x 14" framed

136 - Collection of 16 CBI Army Air Corps Patches Various design and manufacture

137 - WWII CBI Army Air Corps Leather Blood Chit Came off an A-2 jacket

138 - U.S. WW2 Army Air Corps Type B-2 Flight Cap Regular Army Air Corps Insignia for Thumper #73 with Aviator sunglasses and earphones for pilot. Has captain's bars on insignia patch.

139 - WWII U.S. Major General Huebner M-1 Helmet Liner Brigadier General Big Red One Division

140 - WWII Browning Hi-Power Mk. 1 9mm Inglis 4.5" barrel, Birmingham proof marks, Butt stamped "KFS ATL.GA", with original wood stock holder marked "S.A.LSTD./1944". These guns were used by Canadian paratroopers and Chinese Army.

141 - WWII Winchester M1 Garand U.S. Winchester M1 Garand .30-06 rifle. 24" barrel. Stock is marked "OGEK" & "WRA, GHD". With period WESTERN MFG leather sling.

142 - WWII US Springfield M-1 Garand 1942 With US marked muzzle cover 24" barrel, strap marked "M.R.CO 1942"

143 - WWII M-1 Carbine with US Stamped Canvas Case .30 Cal, 17" barrel, "KY ARLINGTON, VA." on barrel, Crossed Cannons Arsenal stamp on stock, extended magazine

144 - WWII U.S. Inland Paratrooper M-1 Carbine 1943 "SINCLAIR" carved into the stock. 18" barrel with folding stock, original canvas holster dated 1943. Has early flip-type L sight with Type 1 barrel band wood. One of the earliest M1 A1 Carbines known and is the type made for paratroopers.

145 - WWII M-1 Carbine Ammo Boxes & 3 NOS Magazines still sealed in paper.

146 - WWII Winchester M-1 Carbine .30 18" barrel, "102" on grip bottom

147 - WWII Inland M-1 Carbine Canvas Scabbard 1943 from Inland Division. .30 cal, 17" barrel, with canvas holster marked "U.S." and "LUB. PROD. CO. 1943", with Crossed Cannons Arsenal stamp on stock.

148 - WWII Johnson M1941 Automatic Rifle.30-06 22" barrel, rotary magazine, bayonet, free floating recoil assembly. Was a USMC weapon favored by paratroopers. With scarce bayonet & bayonet scabbard.

149 - US Marked Canadian Ross MK II w/US Marked Bayonet 28" barrel, .303 cal, Stamped "US" on bottom of stock with proof mark, includes Ross Rifle bayonet with US markings. Serial no. 13531

150 - WWII US Marked Remington Shotgun 5th Air Force Marked "US" on stock, Carved and painted 5th Air Force on stock, Carved "Boppo Dick" in stock. "Boppo" Dick was the pilot of the B-25D-20 "Tondelayo" and flew missions in the Pacific in 1944. 18" barrel, 12 ga.,

151 - U.S. Remington Model 11 Shotgun 18" barrel, parkerized

152 - WWII U.S. Ithica Model 37 Trench Shotgun "Feather Light" 19" barrel with heat shroud & bayonet lug., 12 gauge circa 1944. With quick release sling swivel

153 - U.S. Marked Remington Model 10-A Trench Shotgun Remington made 3500 of the Model 10-A version for issue to U.S. troops during World War I. "US" and flaming bomb stamped on left side of receiver. Airborne "AA" patch logo painted on stock with "26". Numbers matching barrel & receiver. 22" barrel. Wood heat shroud.

154 - U.S. Winchester Model 12 Trench Gun & Bayonet Winchester Model 12 Trench Gun, 12 gauge 20.5" barrel, with leather sling & U.S. marked M1917 bayonet.

155 - WWII U.S. Stevens M520-30 12 Gauge Trench Gun 20" barrel, with bayonet & sling. Has hold-back band on trigger guard for rapid fire along with rapid fire clip -very useful in close confined of Pacific Theater which allowed firing as fast as it could be pumped.

156 - Winchester M1897 Trench Shotgun 31st INF HQ U.S. marked shotgun. "HQ 31 INF." on butt. With heat shroud & bayonet lug. 12 gauge.

157 - WWII Ithaca Model 37 Military Shotgun 20 " barrel, 12 gauge, parkerized.

158 - US Marked Savage M720 Semi Automatic Shotgun 25" barrel, 12 gauge, with US ordinance marked rubber stock cover "US B200968

159 - WW2 U.S.A.F. Type D1 Painted Flight Jacket Attributed to Lt. Col Walter "Mike" Fellenz of San Antonio, TX, during the liberation of the Dachau Concentration Camp, Germany. Size medium. Vintage authentic jacket. Age of artwork unknown

160 - W.E. Nixon 471st Bomb Squadron A-2 Flying Jacket 471st Bomb Squadron, W.E. Nixon, Jr. 1942. Tag: "TYPE A-2, DRAWING NO. 30-1415, ORDER NO. W535 A.C. ac 28560, POUGHKEEPSIE LEATHER COAT CO, INC., POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y., PROPERTY AIR FORCE, U.S. ARMY". Size 42. Leather tag reads "W.E. NIXON, JR.". Left breast: Embroidered on felt 471st Bomb Squadron patch with Bomby the Bear. Sgt. Nixon was the top turret gunner on a B-25 in South Carolina and used to patrol for submarines and shipwrecks along Atlantic Coast.

161 - A-2 Flying Jacket 409th Bomb Squadron 409th Bomb Squadron for a 1st lieutenant. 1942. No tag. Left breast: Black and white running Panda bear holding a white bomb. Both shoulders: silver foil 1st lieutenant's bars. Marks on left breast where missing name tag was. Squadron flew B-24's in the ETO before moving to the MTO and participated in Operation Tidal Wave. Touched up

162 - Col. Miller's Flying Circus A-2 Flying Jacket 531st Bomb Squadron, 380th Bomb Group, 5th Air Force, "Col. Miller's Flying Circus", Staff Sgt. James J. "Johnny" Wilson. 1942. Tag: "TYPE A-2, DWG. NO. 30-1415, A.C. CONTRACT, NO.W 535 ac-23382, CABLE RAINCOAT CO, BOSTON, MASS". Size: 38. Very heavily adorned. Below jacket tag is name "E.F. Vanek." Right breast: painted name "PUG", Left breast: winged bullet of Aerial Gunner with "JOHNNY" below. Below that is brown name tag with silver air crew wings "J. J. Wilson". The front also features several paintings of Japanese flags, planes and a tally of missions along with a large 5th Air Force Patch by Jacob Rohner of Melbourne. On the back is "Col. Miller's Flying Circus" along with "380th B.G.P." and "531st B.SQ". Also are the remnants of "CELEVES" and "BALIKPAPAN", in addition to paintings of a seal, a clown, 5 flags (U.S., Chinese, Australian, British and Dutch), with Donald Duck dressed in a blue jacket and wearing a blue, navy cap, standing on a cloud carrying a lit, round black bomb and a finned, aerial bomb. The jacket belonged to Staff Sgt. James J. "Johnny" Wilson, a top gunner on the 531st Bomb Squadron B-25 J Liberator. In the left front pocket is the lucky rabbit's foot that was carried by Johnny on his missions.

163 - Maj. General George C. Kenney's A-2 Flying Jacket attributed to 9th Bomb Squadron, Major General George C. Kenney. 1942. Tag: 'TYPE A-2, DRAWING NO. 30-1415, A.C. ORDER NO 39-2951P, WERBER SPORTSWEAR CO., NEWBURGH, N.Y." Size: 44. Left breast: 9th Bomb Squadron patch. Shoulders: two silver colored cardboard 5-pointed stars. Left Shoulder: Army Air Forces decal with winged star. Missing name tag. Belonged to George C. Kenney when he was an air corps commander for Douglas MacArthur. Kenney was the head of the U.S. 5th Air Force and also a senior air commander, heading up all Allied units in the Pacific. Repaint

164 - 708th Bomb Squadron A-2 Flying Jacket 708th Bomb Squadron, Sgt. Homer Carl Smith. 1942. Printed in black ink between tag and hang up strap: "HOMER CARL SMITH". Tag: "TYPE A-2, DWG. NO. 30-1415, A.C. ORDER NO. 42-16175-P, PERRY SPORTSWEAR INC., NEWBURGH, N.Y., PROPERTY AIR FORCE, U.S. ARMY". Size: 38. Left breast: composite leather and painted patch for 708th Bomb Squadron and is an early version of the patch with a B-17 in silhouette dropping 2 dark red bombs with yellow stripes (later versions had 3 bombs). The 708th Bomb Squadron was involved in raids on marshaling yards, submarine pens, roads, bridges, naval installations, missile sites, German cities and participated in the Big Week along with supporting the beaches at Normandy. They also were involved at St. Lo and the Battle of the Bulge and Operation Varsity. Touched up in some places.

165 - 341st Bomb Group Lt. Toplon's A-2 Flying Jacket 341st Bomb Group, 22nd Bomb Squadron, "Sweet Patootie, 1st Lt. David Toplon. 1942. No tag. Stenciled inside: :Lt. David Toplon, 0-681853" (plus a Chinese Chop), "D. TOPLON, 0-681856, A.C.R., SWEET PATOOTIE, AF 20229225". Left breast: 341st Bomb Group painted patch of an eagle flying, above patch is stitch marks from former name tag and above marks is a stenciled Chinese Chop. Inside jacket are two blood chits attached to the lining and made into pockets. Right side: Chinese national flag with some tearing containing Chinese Chops. Left side: U.S. flag blood chit containing characters in Chinese and Burmese. Both shoulders have remains of stitching of lieutenant's bars. Jacket belonged to Lt. David Toplon, a bombardier and navigator aboard a B-25 named "Sweet Patootie" of the 22nd Bomb Squadron of the 341st Bomb Group based in India and China. The group received a DUC for developing and using a special (glip) bombing technique against enemy bridges.

166 - "Heaven's Devils" 749th Bomb Sq. A-2 Flying Jacket 457st Bomb Group, 749th Bomb Squadron, 1st Lt. Frederick C. Ernest. 1943. Left breast: "FRED" painted in yellow with red trim above a Bugs Bunny head. Right breast: painted 457th Bomb Group shield insignia and "FAIT ACCOMPLI". Back: painted B-17 G with tail markings for 457th Bomb Group on a cloud below "HEAVEN'S DEVILS", below it are painted 30 bomb tallies in orange for missions in groups of five each. The jacket belonged to 1st Lt. Frederick C. Ernest, co-pilot from Sour Lake, TX. Left front pocket has My Military Missal booklet. The 456th Bomb Group was based out of Glatton Airfield in England and flew 237 combat missions between 21 February 1944 and 20 April 1945. 16,915 tons of bombs were dropped and 86 B-17's were lost with 739 airmen killed, missing or prisoners of war.

167 - WWII U.S. B-10 Cloth Flying Jacket 5th Air Force Gray Pile Lining and Brown Mutton Collar. 5th Air Force. 1944. Left breast: Australian-made patch by J. Romer for the 5th Air Force. Left shoulder: marked with stencil of winged star and "Army Air Force". Gold 2nd lieutenants bars on shoulders. Tag: "TYPE B-10, SPECIFICATION NO. 3157, SIZE 40, STOCK NO. 8300-470710, CONT. NO. W30-053 A.C. 965 L.S.L. GARMENT CO., PROPERTY AIR FORCE, U.S. ARMY". Jacket was used by aircrew in southwest Pacific during WWII.

168 - Lt. Col. W.J. Fellenz B15A Jacket Dachau Liberator Gray Pile Lining and Brown Mutton Collar. Attributed to Lt. Col. Walter J. "Mike" Fellenz, 22nd Infantry Regiment, 42nd Division. 1945. Left shoulder: Winged Star with "Army Air Forces" stenciled on it. Right shoulder: U.S. embroidered 42nd Division Patch. Tag: 'JACKET, INTERMEDIATE FLYING, TYPE B-15A, SPECIFICATION NO. 3220-A, SIZE 40 REGULAR, STOCK NO. 8300-470734, ORDER NO. (33-036) 45-5107-AF, REED PRODUCTS, INC. Silver Lt. Col oak leaves on epaulettes. Card in left pocket reads: "Sunday, April 29th, 1945. Dachau was liberated by I Company, 222nd Infantry Regiment, 42nd Division, followed shortly by troops of the 45th Division. With the first liberating groups was Lt. Col. Mike Fellenz, who was later named American commander of the liberated camp. LT. COL. WALTER J. (MIKE) FELLENZ, 0-23055" The jacket was originally an AAF flying jacket that Mike had traded a pilot for. A story, told to Sam Nesmith, Jr by Mike Fellenz involved one of the prisoners at Dachau. Apparently on the first or second day after the liberation, one of the prisoners asked Mike what the patch was on his right shoulder. Mike told him that it was his unit's patch, which is a rainbow. The prisoner looked up at Mike and said "Yes, I know what a rainbow is. A rainbow is hope....and America was our hope." The jacket was purchased by Sam Nesmith Jr from Mike Fellenz in 1970.

169 - WWII Lt. Alden R. Crawford's A1-2M Flying Jacket 4th Composite Group, Philippine Division Aviation Section, 1st Lt. Alden R Crawford. 1937. No tag. Stamped inside in black: "MARTIN LEATHER (co) A1-2M". Left breast: Brown leather on leather name tag with "A. CRAWFORD" stamped in silver letters. Right breast: leather sewn on leather full color patch for the 4th Composite Group. Left shoulder has a red colored Norman shield. 1st lieutenant bars on each shoulder. This A2 style jacket is converted from an A-1 leather flying jacket. The work was done by Martin Leather Company at either Clark or Nichols Field. The jacket was worn my 1 Lt. Alden Rudyard Crawford on his second tour of the Philippine Islands from 1937-1939, where he served with the 4th Composite Group and was the commander of the 3rd Pursuit Squadron at Nichols Field. Crawford became a major general at the end of WWII. This is the only known example of an A1-2M conversion jacket and was converted to fit the more popular design of the A-2 jackets. In the Philippine Islands, jackets were in short supply and they used the A1 in early years.

170 - USN/USMC G-1 Leather Flying Jacket VMF-114 Vintage authentic jacket with contemporary painted artwork on back. F4U Corsair, VMF-114 with 5 kill marks. 1942. Back: painted Navy/Marine pilot wings above a cloud with a blue, early F4U Corsair with 1942 period insignia. Below the cloud are five kill marks, making him an ace. Painted below: "VMF-114". Tag: "JACKETS INTERMEDIATE, BAUERO U.S. NAVY, SPECIFICATION M 422A, WILLIS AND GEIGER INC., CONTRACT Nos. 290A" Size: 36. For its action in Peleliu, the squadron was nicknamed the Death Dealers. Repaint

171 - A-2 Flying Jacket 49th Bomb Sq. 15th Air Force 49th Bomb Squadron, 15th Air Force. 1943. Tag is missing. Left breast: painted black and gray wolf head on red disc for 49th Bomb Squadron. Left Shoulder: Italian made leather on leather composite 15th Air Force patch. Has Silver 1st lieutenant's bars on both shoulders. The 49th Bomb Squadron lost 100% of their aircraft on Mission 150 to Steyr, Austria Aircraft Factory. Most of the crews were either killed or captured as POW's. Repainted patch

172 - U.S. Navy G-1 Leather Flying Jacket VPB-32 VPB-32. 1942. Left front: painted in dark blue is the North, South and Central American continents, with gold Navy Pilot Wings. All of this is painted on a sky blue disc ringed with black and red rim with compass points. No name is present. Vp-32 flew PBY Catalina Flying Boats.

173 - U.S. Navy G-1 Leather Flying Jacket VF-3 Squadron VF-3, "FELIX". 1942. Back: painted with Felix the cat holding a round bomb and marked "SQ. VF-3" and the name "FELIX" across the top. No air crew or name present. Tag: (1st line illegible), "BUAERO U.S. NAVY, SPECIFICATION V-422c, H. & BLOCK, CONTRACT No. NXsa-5134". Size: 36. The VF-3 personnel served on the USS Saratoga and USS Yorktown until Midway and then were transferred to the USS Enterprise.

174 - 729th Bomb Squadron A-2 Flying Jacket 729th Bomb Squadron, 452nd Bomb Group. 1943. No tag. Left breast: stitching from previous owner's name tag and the 729th bomb squadron patch, both now missing. Right breast: Black leather strip with owner's name but missing portions "GEORGE...IB...NIR". On back: B-17 G painted in full color with square L tail markings for the 452nd Bomb Group. Below in green and red are 25 bomb tally mission strikes. Below tallies painted in white script "THE RIGOR MORTIS EXPRESS". The 452nd Bomb Group flew b-17 Flying Fortresses from Deopham Green, Norfolk, England from January 1944. They hit strategic sites in Germany and supported ground force movement after D-Day. The Group was awarded a DUC for bombing a jet fighter base in Kaltenkirchen, Germany on 7 April 1945 under intense pressure from enemy fighters and anti-aircraft flak. The original owner was a sergeant gunner with the B-17 G "The Rigor Mortis Express"

175 - U.S. Navy G-1 Flying Jacket R. "JJ" Jones VS-42 VS-42 for R. Jones "JJ". 1938. Above right pocket: painted "JONES R." in white. Above left pocket: painted "JJ" in light blue. Back: painted on a diagonal in a red oval are a gray, diving seagull with yellow beak wearing a pair of black earphones and holding a yellow bomb. Below is "VS-42" painted in white. Tag: "BUAERO U.S. NAVY, G-1 FLIGHT JACKET, SPECIFICATION 55J14 (AER), CONTACT No. N383s-5299, BURJAC SPORTSWEAR INC., SIZE 40". This jacket was worn by an SBD Dauntless crew member. The crew participated with the USS Ranger in strikes in Norway and Morocco during Operation Torch in 1942. The VS-42 participated in an attack on a German freighter, which it sank.

176 - WWII British Fighter Pilot Flight Suit

177 - WWII 531st Bomber Squadron Painting World War II, 531st Squadron emblem 1943-1945, flew B-24's. Australian painted emblem hung in the 531st Squadron Ready Room. 21" x 24" framed.

178 - WWI U.S. Army Air Service Leather Flying Helmet Marked on the back for the U.S. Army Air Service, along with "Trng. Det."

179 - US Army Air Corps Leather Flight Helmet & Goggles

180 - WWII Imperial Japanese Fur Lined Flight Helmet

181 - Collection of U.S. Army Air Corps Flying Gloves Pair Australian 1942 marked, U.S. Army Air Force, England marked pair, U.S. N. marked pair, and pair of wool lined mittons.

182 - Leather Flight Helmet & Goggles

183 - French Leather Flight Helmet E. Gueneau & Cle 6, Fauborg Saint-Honore -Paris 8

184 - Pair of US Army Air Corps Leather Flight Helmets One marked with USAC Type B-7 goggles

185 - Collection of 5 Early Flight Helmets

186 - 5 U.S. Army Air Forces Flight Helmets

187 - U.S. Army Air Forces Leather Flight Helmets

188 - Two US Army Air Forces M3 Flak Helmets Pair of M3 flak helmets used by USAAF bomber crews during World War II.

189 - U.S. Navy G-1Flying Jacket Lt. W.D. Bill Lang III worn by Lt. William David "Bill" Lang III, USNR. No I.D. tag or markings/patches. Lt. William David "Bill" Lang III was born in 1924 in Winters, Texas. He flew F6F Hellcats but never made it to the Pacific. He was killed in an aviation crash on May 24, 1957 flying out of NAS Sand Point in Seattle. His Grumman S2F lost power on takeoff but he was able to maneuver the plane away from a school and crash on the beach, there were no survivors. He was Sam Nesmith's cousin.

190 - Korean War U.S. Navy H4 Fighter Flight Helmet U.S. Navy H4 Fighter Flight helmet & rubber goggles, c.1950's. It has the USN with outspread wings on the front of the helmet. The microphone, ear phones, & oxygen mask are missing. The H-4 was used by USN and USMC pilots in the middle of the 50's.

191 - Korean War USN/USAF G-1 Flying Jacket Mig Alley Vintage jacket with contemporary painted artwork."MIG ALLEY". 1952. Left breast: "MAX" painted in white. "MIG ALLEY KOREA" painted in orange on the back with a yellow outline of a map of Korea. F-86 Sabre painted on back with yellow stripes on fuselage, wing and tail. Tail of aircraft marked "U.S. Air Force 22856". Fuselage marked "FU-856" and has USAF markings on fuselage and wing. Three profiles of white MIGS with red stars painted on bottom (representing three North Korean aircraft downed), No I.D. tag. Attributed to 1st Lt. Harold W. Rodemocher, "B" Flight, 336th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, 4th Fighter Interceptor Wing, his nickname was "MAX". Repaint

192 - USN/USMC G-1 Flying Jacket VMFN542 Bat Eyes Korea Vintage jacket with likely modern painted back. Radio Operator Svoboda, VMF-N-542, "Bateyes", Korea. 1951. Right front: painted in white is a pair of eyes with "VMF-N-542" above the eyes and "BATEYES" below. Left front: painted USMC aircrew member wings and name "SVOBODA". Left shoulder patch: 3rd Marine Air Wing (red triangle with gold wings) and EGA. On back: painted "KOREA 50-51" with map of Korea and "VMF-N-542 USMC", below is "TIGERCAT" and "F&F-3N". The map marks the 38th parallel with a red line and had red dots with the names of the airfields. Also labeled is the Sea of Japan and Yellow Sea. Svodoba was a radio operator for the Marine Night All-Weather Squadron 542 of the 3rd Marine Air Wing. They flew night interdiction and fighter missions in F7F-3N Tigercats, twin engine heavy fighters. Repaint

193 - WWII D-1 Leather Bomber Jacket Lt. R.M. McNutt Lt. R. M. McNutt with 86th A/C. 1942. "Lt. R. M. McNUTT" and "86th A/C" painted on front left pocket. Tag: "TYPE D-1 JACKET, SIZE MEDIUM, SPEC. NO. 94-3084, ORDER NO. 42-22266-P, PROPERTY AIR FORCES U.S. ARMY, WERBER SPORTSWEAR CO., NEWBURGH, N.Y.". Painted on back, reclining semi-nude with brown hair, blue briefs and red high heels. "ROS..."(for ROSIE) painted on top of back and partially obscured by repair patch.

194 - WWII D-1 Bomber Jacket "Take Cover" 9th Air Force 9th Air Force "Take Cover". 1943. 9th Air Force patch painted on right shoulder. Army Air Force decal on left shoulder. Tag: "JACKET TYPE D-1, SPEC. NO. 94-3084A, ORCER NO. 43-3608 AF, WERBER SPORTSWEAR CO., NEWBURGH N.Y., PROPERTY AIR FORCE U.S. ARMY". Separate small tag below large tag appears to read "C". No name on jacket. Painted 9th Air Force patch on right sleeve. On the back is painted a seated woman wrapped in flying jacket wearing a flying helmet, goggles, black stockings with russet colored high heeled shoes with "Take Cover" painted in yellow script above her. White bomb tallies of 10 are painted on the right side and 18 are painted on the left side. All painted figures are in oil based paint. The 18 bomb tallies and the separate 10 bomb tallies painted on the back indicates two different tours of duty.

195 - WWII "Bad Dog" D-1 Bomber Jacket 9th Air Force "Bad Dog", 9th Air Force, 386th Bomb Group, B-26 worn by R. Klingman. 1942. Tag: "TYPE D-1 JACKET, SIZE MEDIUM, SPEC. NO. 94-3084, ORDER NO. 42-22266-P, PROPERTY AIR FORCE, U.S. ARMY, WERBER SPORTSWEAR CO., NEWBURCH, N.Y." Left breast: "R. KLINGMAN" Back: "385th" painted with 5 bomb tallies on lower back with aircraft with invasion stripes for D-Day. 9th Air Force, 386th Bomb Group.

196 - WWII Captain Bob Salyer Glider Pilot Jacket WWII Captain Bob Sayler from Waco Texas glider pilot jacket. Painted 4th bugs bunny on the back

197 - WWII U.S. B-15 Cloth Flying Jacket with Fur Lining 1945. Winged star with "Army Air Forces" stamped inside left lapel. Tag: "JACKET, INTERMEDIATE FLYING, TYPE B-5.4., SPECIFICATION NO. 3220-A, SIZE 38, STOCK NO. 8300-470732, CONT. NO. 33-038.45-8966, ARNOFF MFG. COMPANY".

198 - U.S. Army 7th Army DressTunic

199 - U.S. Army Dentist Uniform, Hat, & Sword

200 - Bronze Bow Chaser Cannon Found in Galveston Bay circa 1780. Smooth bore bronze 4 pounder cannon with 3 inch bore, muzzle to cascabel is 31" with mid-mounted 2" trunnions 16" behind muzzle. First and second reinforce rings and muzzle have been channeled. Muzzle notched for direct sighting. Sits on a fabricated wooden garrison carriage with quillion and 4 wooden wheels. Was dredged up from Galveston Bay in the vicinity of The Strand in 1931 or 1932. It was in the approximate position of where a number of Jean Lafitte's ships were sunk during a massive hurricane on September 12, 1818. The gun was likely used on the privateer brig CONCORD. The gun was cast in South Carolina during the American Revolution. Was acquired by Sam Nesmith from the Institute of Texan Cultures in 1977.

201 - 16th Century German Steel Flanged Mace circa 1580 singing mace. Very highly tempered steel. No maker's marks visible. Was used by Italian noble family for battle as well as for dress. 22-1/2" L. An American pilot of the 15th Air Force serving in Italy in 1944 was billeted with Italian family and they presented him with the mace after his tour. Was later acquired from his family by Sam Nesmith.

202 - British Royal Scots Greys Fusilier Uniform

203 - British Scots Guards 3rd Regiment Uniform 1870s-WWI

204 - Scottish Argyll Sutherland Highlander Dress Tunic Scottish Argyll and Sutherland Highlander Volunteer Battalion Dress Tunic for a Captain. The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders was a British Army infantry regiment formed in 1881. Has regimental badge of an elephant inside a wreath on collar, each shoulder has a silver bullion knot with three gold pips for a captain.

205 - British Scottish Seaforth Highlander Uniform Uniform circa 1885. reproduction helmet

206 - British King's Own Scottish Borderers Uniform authentic 1880s uniform. reproduction helmet

207 - WWI British Black Watch Uniform

208 - Canadian Royal Highlander Uniform

209 - Canadian Scottish Princess Mary's Uniform

210 - British Royal Fusiliers Officer's Uniform

211 - Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Scotland Dress Tunic Red scarlet broadcloth coat with silver bullion trim and dark blue facings on the collar and Dundee gauntlet cuffs. Silver bullion wire epaulettes display a gold Scottish thistle and leaves. Collar and cuffs have silver wire bullion embroidery of thistle and leaves. Tunic is double breasted, with buttons in groups of twos, displaying a king's crown & wreath. Epaulette buttons display a Victorian Crown and wreath. There is a white lining displayed on the coattail. With matching plumed hat.

212 - British Army W. Kent 4th Volunteers Tunic "4 V, W. Kent" on epaulettes,

213 - British 16th Queen's Royal Lancer Tunic 16th The Queen's Royal Lancers

214 - British Artillery Uniform Tunic High Ranking

215 - 1870s British Artillery Full Dress

216 - Brunswick Smooth Bore Percussion Rifle 39" barrel, back action lock, original caliber was .70 has been bored out to a smooth bore .75. Lockplate stamped with a rampant lion for the British East India Company. Has Sanskrit numbers on butt plate tang "4/43". Was issued to the Gurkha units from Nepal and originally came from the arsenal of the Royal Nepalese Army in Kathmandu, Nepal.

217 - WWI U.S. Army Uniform Earl P. King 359th Infantry U.S. Army tunic & trousers for Earl P. King, WWI, 90th Division, 359th Infantry Regiment, L Company, Texas/Oklahoma Draftees National Army. Has the Very Scarce National Army collar brass. The left pocket contains his service book, dated 1917 and filled with handwritten time line of his service in the war. One wound stripe, 1 year overseas stripes, 2 battle stars on his WWI Victory Medal Ribbon Bar.

218 - U.S. Army WW I Uniform H.W. Miller 29th Infantry Tunic, ammo belt, & gas mask carrier.

219 - USMC M1917 Helmet Wake Island Defense Battalion M1917 helmet marked 1st Defense Battalion, Wake Island, D.Davis.

220 - Collection of (9) USMC Stetson Type Campaign Hats

221 - USMC Model 1917 Helmet & Liner Model 1917 USMC helmet w/ liner and chin strap. EGA enlisted badge is attached to front of the helmet. This is early WWII probably 1939-40.

222 - USMC Model 1917 2nd Division Helmet m.1917 USMC helmet that is missing the liner and the chin strap. "7 E 34" is engraved on the inside back rim of the helmet. It has the USMC EGA badge attached to the front and below that, a black square with white 5-pointed star inside, and an Indian chief head inside the star for the USMC 2nd Division.

223 - WWII USMC M-1 Helmet & Liner 2nd pattern c.1943-44, possibly S. Pacific use.

224 - WWII Medic M-1 Helmet repaint

225 - U.S. M-1 Helmet "BUCK" U.S. M-1 Helmet painted "BUCK" along the front, along with a red cross

226 - WWII U.S. M-2 Paratrooper Helmet "Nerbert S. Kaufman, 12267842" is written on the sweatband.

227 - WWII U.S. Army 3rd Infantry Lieutenant M-1 Helmet Dual painted 3rd Infantry insignia left/right side, white spade painted on backside.

228 - WWII USAAF M4A2 Flak Helmet

230 - U.S. Army 26th Cavalry F Co. White Mess Dress U.S. Army Enlisted White Mess Dress for a Sgt. 26th Cavalry, F Company, 15 years service stripes on left sleeve. circa 1940.

231 - WWI U.S. Army 10th Cavalry Tunic U.S. Army Tunic for a corporal, 1930's, 2nd Cavalry Division, 10th Cavalry Regiment, F Troop. The ribbon bar contains WWI Victory Medal, Mexican Service. Expert Marksman medal in Pistol M, Pistol D, Rifle, & bayonet. 15 year service stripes on left sleeve.

232 - Erfurt 1890 GEW 88 Bolt Action Rifle 29" barrel, 8 mm

233 - WWI Imperial German Camouflage Helmet Model 1916 complete with liner & strap. Exceptional WWI camouflage. verified authentic

234 - WWI Imperial German Helmet with Bullet Hole No liner, has head-shot shrapnel/bullet hole through back.

235 - WWI Imperial German Model 1916 Helmet Crack on right side, "G62" stamped on inside

236 - WWI Imperial German Pickelhaube Helmet marked 1916 & Umbreit on the inside of helmet.

237 - German Imperial Pickelhaube Helmet

238 - Pre-WWI Austro-Hungarian General's Tunic

239 - WWI Imperial German Tunic with medals. 1914 Iron Cross badge

240 - Imperial German 2nd Garde Division Grenadier Tunic 2nd Garde-Grenadier,. Oberst(Colonel), 1914. Berlin Army Corps III. 2nd Garde Division, tunic m. 1910. (Waffenrock) 2nd Garde, Gardekorps Div.

241 - DMW 1900 American Eagle Luger .30 Caliber 4.75" barrel Serial no. 10656

242 - Danish Bergmann-Bayard 1910/21 Pistol Very rare Danish Bergmann 9mm largo, only produced a total of 2,204. Correct wooden grips, 1924 production date. Haerens Rustkammer 1910/21

243 - WWI German Naval Broomhandle Mauser Pistol 7.62 mm, 5.5" barrel, adjustable rear sight. Frame marked "DWM". German Naval markings, WWI production, includes wooden combination holster. This was possible carried on Zeppelins, which were under the German Navy jurisdiction.

244 - Nazi German Strumabteilung Mauser M1914 Pistol 3.5" barrel, "A C SERDLD" scratched in frame, brass Strumabteilung ( Storm Detachment) symbol on grip. Was the Nazi Party's original paramilitary. 7.65 mm. Serial no. 413628

245 - WWII Nazi Marked Mauser K98 Bolt Action Rifle 1942 24" barrel. Receiver dated 1942

246 - 1911 Erfurt Imperial German Luger 9mm Pistol 4" barrel Imperial German Army marks. Serial no. 6971

247 - WWI 1917 Imperial German Artillery Luger 9mm Excellent condition, all numbers matching gun. Dated 1917.

248 - 1935 Mauser Luger 9mm Serial Number 8 All matching serial number 8 (except magazine). Serial number stamped "8" on frame & throughout, marked "G", "S/42", "W154" with Mauser eagle (#176), 1935 proof date, 4" barrel

249 - WWII Captured Nazi SS Walther P-38 Pistol Left side stamped "CYQ" for Metallwarenfabrik Spreewerk, Berlin-Spandau, triggerstrap "II/3 SSrunes Pz" with wolf's hook for Das Reich SS Division. Has SS soft holster with stamping inside of SS runes, marked inside with "SS eagle 88", "KANE MIKRUIT", SS cap eagle, sigrunen stamping and "S.S. Sturm 6/96" in Gothic script. Captured by 36th Division vet during the Battle of the Bulge from the SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment "Deutschland"

250 - WWII Nazi German Luftwaffe Camouflage M1935 Helmet German m,1935 double decal helmet 1943 three-color camouflage. paint touched up on shield rest is all original with original liner & strap.

251 - WWII Nazi German Gauleiter Officer Uniform Tunic NSDAP Ort Level, Gauleiter officer's tan tunic, Circa 1941. Tan wool body & collar, brown collar tabs with light blue piping around outside signifying Ort level. Each collar tab has a gold eagle, swastika & four gold pips. Ribbon bar above left breast for : Honor Cross of the World War 1914/1918 with crossed swords for front line service, Karl Troop Cross 1916 and Austrian Military Merit Cross 1914-1918. Has original badges on and below left breast pocket, on pocket is NSDAP Nazi party badge, War Cross, and Silesian Eagle 2nd Class (awarded to Freikorps Oberland members for service against Silesian Uprisings in the 1920's) On bottom of left breast pocket is a WW1 Black Wound Badge 3rd Class and an SA Sports Badge. Original NSDAP Command arm band for "Gauleiter" (district leader), armband has black swastika outlined gold bullion embroidery on a white circle also outlined in gold bullion. Armband is also bordered in light blue piping.

252 - WWII Nazi Kriegsmarine U-Boat Leather Jacket Gray leather body and standing collar. Both shoulder straps for Junior Officer are present without decoration Shoulder straps have dark blue underlay with straight, gold braid on top. The shoulder strap braid has small, blue chevrons for sub-lieutenant. Gold-plated Kriegsmarine buttons with anchors. Take up straps have been removed to prevent snagging on equipment. These jackets have been seen on illustrations of U-boat crews.

253 - WWII Nazi Kriegsmarine U-Boat Mechanic Jacket Kriegsmarine Foul Weather Jacket. Black leather body and standing collar, no insignia or name present but probably for a petty officer. Five gold Kriegsmarine anchor buttons down front, cuffs have take-up straps with two Kriegsmarine buttons on either side. Remains of a white tag is on the inside neck lining. Black leather jackets were especially worn by U-boat mechanics in the engine room, as the black didn't show oil stains as much.

254 - WWII Nazi Polizei Dress Tunic & Trousers Polizei dress tunic & matching pants for Senior Sergeant, c. 1941. Gray-green body, with brown collar, epaulettes & cuffs(all with grass-green piping). Silver & green braid on epaulettes, with two silver pips on each. Polizei eagle on left sleeve. Ribbon bar above left breast pocket for: WW1 Iron Cross, Honor Cross of World War 1914-1918 with crossed swords for front line service, Long Service and Good Conduct award for Polizei, and an unidentified orange & white WW1 decoration. Upper left pocket has a nice early domed NSDAP Party badge, a reproduction WW1 Iron Cross First Class, and a WW1 Black Wound Badge. A very nice quality uniform, with original shoulder boards added on..

255 - WWII Nazi German Adolf Hitler Stationary Card Authentic WWII Adolf Hitler stationary card. Card measures 4.75" x 7.5", in 9.5" x 11.5" frame

256 - WWII Nazi German Luftwaffe Afrika Pith Helmet Afrika Korps Luftwaffe Pith Helmet Red liner. Stamped "ERNER PAUSE & CO. BERLIN. C.2" Rare & mint, verified authentic.

257 - WWII Nazi German SS Panzer M43 Field Cap verified authentic

258 - WWII Nazi German Officers Visor Cover verified authentic

259 - WWII Nazi German Visor Cover

260 - WWII Nazi German Kriegsmarine Side Cap

261 - WWII Nazi German Green Wermacht Tunic Edelweiss Edelweiss flower patch right shoulder sleeve, 94 on shoulder straps

262 - WWII Nazi German Leather Luftwaffe Pilot Jacket

263 - Nazi 37th Jager Light Infantry Major Dress Tunic Service Dress Tunic for Major of the 37th Jager Light Infantry Battalion, c. 1942. Sage-green body, dark green collar and collar tabs with two silver bullion bars on each tab. Silver knots for Major, metal "37" on each epaulette for the 37th Jager Light Infantry Battalion. Silver officer's Army eagle above right breast pocket, left pocket has General Assault Badge.

264 - World War II Nazi German Flag 29" x 54"

265 - WWII Nazi German Luftwaffe Over Seas Cap verified authentic

266 - WWII Nazi German Panzer Over Seas Cap Pink piping

267 - WWII Nazi German Luftwaffe Herman Goring Tunic Lufftwaffe Herman Goring Regiment tunic for Sgt Major of Flak. Red piping around epaulette & collar. HG white collar tales w/ 4 gulls on each, officer's style bullion Luftwaffe breast eagle. 1939-45 War Cross in left button hole. Left pocket has reproduction Luftwafffe flak badge. Left cuff has officer quality bullion crossed cannon for Ordnance Sgt., right cuff has reproduction "Herman Goring" cuff title. Body is dark blue, very high quality as found in officer's tunics. Silver lace on epaulettes w/ 2 silver pips on each epaulette.

268 - WWII Nazi German Visor Cap Size 55 1/2

269 - WWII Nazi German Siemens Portable Radio Original Nazi Propaganda WWII Luftwaffe Siemens Portable Model K32 GWB Radio. Measures 7.5" x 12.5" x 17"

270 - WWII Nazi German Luftwaffe Visor Cap

271 - WWII Nazi German Wermacht Visor Cap verified authentic

272 - Nazi 3rd Mountain Battalion Wermacht Tunic Wermacht Tunic for Sergeant of 3rd Mountain Battallion, c. 1941. Sage-green wool body, has the early pointed shoulder straps, rather than the later rounded ones. Dark green collar and shoulder straps with silver bullion lace around shoulder straps and collar for a sergeant. Shoulder straps have a metal "3" for 3rd Mountain Battalion. Regular embroidered gray cloth collar tabs with dark green waffenfarb. Has white and gold Edelweiss on dark green oval, trimmed in silver bullion on right shoulder. Gray embroidered Army eagle above right breast pocket that has been re-applied , reproduction General Assault badge on left breast.

273 - WWII Nazi German Luftwaffe Flak Artillery Tunic Nazi Luftwaffe Flak Artillery Original Tunic for a Private, c. 1943. Blue-gray wool body, collar, & shoulder straps. Red collar tabs with single gull on each tab. Red piping around shoulder straps. Reproduction Luftwaffe Flak Badge on left breast, whitish-gray embroidered Luftwafffe eagle on right. Lower sleeve has an 88 Flak Artillery Badge embroidered with wings & wreath. Owner's initials "RP" on inside tag lining.

274 - WWII Nazi German Wermacht Musician Dress Tunic Wermacht Musician's Full Dress Tunic for a Sergeant with the 6th Cavalry Regiment, c. 1941. Sage-green, wool body with Musician's gold & silver swallow's nest on both shoulders (probably a bugler). Has dark-green collar, shoulder straps, & Brandenburg cuffs. Silver braid around collar and shoulder boards for Sergeant. Gold embroidered "6" for 6th Cavalry Regiment on both shoulder boards. On right breast is a tan background (found on some DAK uniforms) with a silver bullion Army eagle. There is an area on left breast for a ribbon bar & badge (possibly for horsemanship).

275 - WWII Nazi German Police Visor Cap First pattern police cap badge.

276 - German WWII Leuchtpistole 42 Signal Flare Pistol 26.5 mm cal, marked "euh", which stands for- C. u. W. Meinel-Scholer, Klingenthal in Sachsen

277 - WW2 German Afrika Korps Winter Pith Helmet Red liner and sweatband has been replaced, stamped "GERMANY" and the initials "JHS". Excellent condition. dual verified authentic.

278 - German Nazi WW2 Afrika Korps Pith Helmet German WWII Afrika Korps Summer Tan Pith Helmet. Has red liner inside, leather strap is broken on one side. Sweatband dated 1941 on inside

279 - WWII Nazi M1934 Helmet Fire Police Double Decal

280 - WWII Nazi German Hitler Youth-Luftwaffe Helmet M1935 helmet. Beaded, Decal inside "EIGENTUM DER REICHSHAUPTSTADT BERLIN 1939" (Property of the Reich Capital Berlin), Stamped "Q64" on inside, Size 64, with liner and strap, Combat Luftschutz. Possible repaced water label decal eagle, real helmet & line verified authentic

281 - WWII Nazi German Hitler Youth Flak Helper Tunic circa 1944 late war production. Shoulder straps are black with red piping for artillery & a silver bullion stripe at the bottom of each strap & single silver pip on each strap indicate a rank of "Oberkameradschafsfuhrer". Black patch with a blue LS eagle & blue swastika. Sudolt Overdonau Hitler-Jugend patch. Lutfwaffe flak badge. Interesting late issue uniform, with fake badging.

282 - WWI German Nazi Wermacht M1935 Helmet German m.1935 helmet for Wermacht Infantry. It has the double decal with the Heer Army eagle on the left side, and the tricolor shield on the right.

283 - WWII Nazi German Visor Cap verified authentic

284 - WWII Nazi SS Black Dress Tunic & Trousers Original base uniform, with "1" on shoulder straps that were added after. Reproduction badges & collar tabs. The Eagle has been re-stitched.

285 - WWII Nazi German Legion Condor Tunic Original uniform, with reproduction badges & cufff title.

286 - WWII Nazi German Wermacht Officer's Tropical Tunic Wermacht Officer's Tropical Tunic for 1st Lieutenant of Artillery, c. 1941. Body is of pliable, tan fabric for tropical areas like Mediterranean or N. Africa. Has the high standing, green collar with silver bullion collar tabs and two red stripes on each tab. Has red piping around base of silver epaulettes, each epaulette contains one gold pip for 1st Lt. Officer quality silver bullion Army eagle over right breast pocket, left breast pocket contains decorations of Iron Cross 1st Class, Black Wound Badge & a Silver Army Flak badge for anti-aircraft. Two pleated pockets with flaps on the upper front. Two larger, lower patch pockets are pleated with pocket flap and one on each epaulette. Has detachable inner white linen shirt collar, French cuffs. North Africa Army Flak units were often used for anti-tank batteries. Possible foreign made tunic, has original cloth, with fake badges. The wound badge is real.

287 - WWII Nazi German Afrika Korps Tunic & Trousers Nazi German 3rd Pattern Afrika Korps tunic & trousers. Original insignia, possibly re-sewn

289 - WWII Nazi German Afrika Korps Brown Tunic Unusual Tropical variant Luftwaffe. Real eagle, with reproduction badging and added false cuff title.

290 - WWII Nazi German Afrika Korps Tan Tunic Unusual tropical variation. Has re-sewn Eagle, and has "46" on epaulettes.

292 - WWII Nazi German Navy Officers White Tunic

295 - WWII Nazi German Blue Medic Uniform Shirt

296 - WWII Nazi German Navy Sailor Uniform

297 - WWII Nazi Corporal Radio Operator Luftwaffe Tunic Luftwaffe Tunic for Corporal Radio Operator, c. 1943. Blue-gray rough wool body, collar, & shoulder straps. Golden-brown piping around shoulder straps, golden-brown collar tabs with two metal gulls on each. Left sleeve has a single silver chevron for Corporal. Left cuff has a Luftwaffe specialty badge for Qualified Radio Operator. Iron Cross 2nd Class Ribbon in 1st left button hole. Reproduction Luftwaffe Ground Combat Badge on left breast, right breast has white embroidered Luftwaffe eagle. Near mint condition original uniform.

298 - WWII Nazi Luftwaffe Tunic Communications Private Luftwaffe Tunic for a Private in Communications, Air Signals School, c. 1942. Blue-gray wool body, collar and shoulder sttraps. Golden-brown collar tabs for Communications, golden-brown piping around shoulder straps & collar. Has embroidered golden-brown monogram on shouler straps "NS" for SIgnals School. Right breast has a white embroidered Luftwaffe eagle. Has French cuffs, on front are 4 pleated pockets with flaps, silver buttons(4 down front of tunic, one on each pocket flap, and one on each shoulder strap). Incomplete tag liner reads "Rohd &...Uniforms...Berlin C2, Klosterstrasse....". Near mint condition.

299 - WWII Nazi German Officer's Tunic Original uniform, Pilot's badge is reproduction. 3 gulls on yellow collar tabs

301 - Nazi German Third Reich Leather Motorcycle Helmet German eagle and Nazi crest with Hochland Edelweiss badge on left side, size 60, "BUSSE MANZ" stamp on inside, with liner and strap. verified authentic

302 - WWII Nazi German Leather Motorcycle Helmet missing Nazi eagle plaque

304 - WWII Nazi German SS Fez verified authentic

305 - Nazi Marked Luger Holster & Dummy Luger Dated 1936, with metal Luger form likely used for making holsters. The holster has nazi eagle proofs.

307 - Nazi German WWII Luftwaffe Tropical Field Cap bill exhibits wear

309 - WWII Nazi German M1940 Helmet Single Decal verified authentic. M-40 reissue EF64 Mint exceptional single decal

314 - WWII Nazi German Luftwaffe Officers Short Tunic 4 gulls on collar, yellow piping. Wing & propeller patch on sleeve, Reproduction Luftwaffe badge.

316 - WWII Nazi German Wermacht Tunic Green wool red piping,

317 - WWII Nazi German Officers White Tunic

318 - WWII Nazi German Wermacht Tunic Green wool with yellow piping, crossed swords badge

319 - WWII Nazi German Medical Corps Field Tunic Major Medical Corps field tunic for a Major, probably surgeon, c.1941. Body is tannish-green in color and of tropical weight (probably for use in N. Africa or Italy). Epaulettes are of matte, silver cords on dark blue background with gold rod of Aesculapius overlay. Has dark green, fold down collar with silver bullion collar tabs. Collar tabs contain dark blue center stripes for medical. Army silver bullion eagle over right breast pocket. On left breast pocket is a reproduction silver War Merit Cross Badge with crossed swords & swastika. On front are four, pleated patch pockets with flaps. Gray metal field buttons (five down front of tunic, one on each pocket flap and one on each epaulette). Very unusual tunic with original insignia, possibly foreign made.

322 - WWII Nazi German Luftwaffe Penant Flag 8.75" x14.75"

324 - WWII Nazi German Green Wermacht Tunic Metal "10 " button on epaulette,with "33"

326 - Panzer 5th Regiment Tunic for Lieutenant c.1940 Herring-bone twill, reed-green body and collar. Has silver gray bullion epaulettes with a metal "5" for the 5th Panzer Regiment. Epaulettes have pink Panzer piping, no collar tabs present. Right breast has heavy quality silver bullion Army eagle. Two pleated pockets with flaps, gray painted metal buttons (5 down front of tunic, one on each pocket flap and one on each epaulette). This HBT work jacket belonged to Lt. Rolf Kupfer, who was killed in Russia 1944. Lt. Kupfer served with the 5th Panzer Regiment 5th Light Division AFRIKA KORPS (later renamed 21st Pz Div.), first as a sergeant, then a Lt. throughout the entire North African Campaign, and towards the end was wounded and evacuated to Germany.

327 - WWII Nazi German Navy Green Flak Artillery Tunic Paris made, Coastal Artillery Anchor buttons, reproduction flak artillery badge left breast.

328 - WWII Kriegsmarine Light Gray Work Jacket & Pants circa 1942 Nazi German Herring-bone twill, light gray body and collar on jacket. Has matching pants, no insignia present. Five Kriegsmarine, gray buttons with no anchor down front. Two lower patch pockets on front, no markings. Almost mint condition.

329 - WWII Nazi German Long Green Wool Overcoat Wound badge left breast

330 - WWII Nazi German Long Wool Overcoat Imperial buttons on epaulets number 56 on them

331 - WWII Nazi German N.S.K.K. Helmet Nazi German stamps inside

332 - WWII Nazi German Brown Shirt & Trousers NOS New old stock

333 - WWII Nazi German Flag 29" x 34"

335 - WWII Nazi German Visor Cap

337 - WWII Nazi German Visor Cap Inside marked Marquardt & Ebert Ludwigsburg Strindrukfret

344 - WWII Nazi German Field Cap verified authentic

346 - WWII Nazi German Political Officers Visor Cap inside of cap is marked: Stirndrukfrei Duetches Reichspatent Replaced sweatband. verified authentic

347 - WWII Nazi German M1934 Luftschutz Helmet With water interior label. Luftschutz was the air protection warning service was a civilian service to warn the public of impending air raids.

348 - WWII Nazi German Luftschutz Helmet Has Front "Luftschutz" decal and Nazi Swastika and Eagle decal on left side, Partial stamp on inside "..e-Stahl..." Luftschutz was the air protection warning civilian service to warn the public of impending air raids.

349 - WWII Nazi German Huge Swastika Banner 9 ft x 15.5 ft

349A - WWII Nazi German Large Swastika Banner 6ft x 9ft 4 in

350 - WWII Imperial Japanese Type 94 Nambu 8 mm Pistol 4" barrel

351 - WWII Imperial Japanese Arisaka Rifle 26" barrel, 7.7 mm, has wire mono-pod and anti-aircraft sights.

352 - WWII Imperial Japanese Arisaka Carbine Rifle Arisaka carbine with 19" barrel, bayonet & leather sling.

353 - WWII Imperial Japanese Arisaka Rifle 26" barrel

354 - WWII Imperial Japanese Japanese Flag 25.5" x 34"

355 - WWII Imperial Japanese Leather Flight Helmet

356 - WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Officers White Tunic 3 chrysanthemums on shoulder epaulette.

357 - WWII Imperial Japanese Blue Tunic Yellow collar tab with 1 Chrysanthemum.

358 - WWII Imperial Japanese Pilot Officers Tunic Rising Sun emblems in left pocket, Red collar tabs with 1 silver star. Flight Wing patch on left breast.

359 - WWII Imperial Japanese Paratrooper Tunic & Pants Red collar tabs (3 stars), parachute patch.

360 - WWII Imperial Japanese Officers Tunic Red collar tabs with 3 stars, sleeve has 2 stripes & 3 stars

361 - WWII Imperial Japanese Officers Tunic Red collar tabs with 2 silver stars

362 - WWII Imperial Japanese Sgt. Maj. Dress Tunic circa 1930

363 - WWII Imperial Japanese Infantry Tunic Crossed infantry rifle & 3 on collars

364 - WWII Imperial Japanese Army Tunic

365 - WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Wool Tunic

366 - WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Landing Force Jacket Japanese Imperial Navy Landing Force tan jacket. P.O. 3/CL. Line Forces.

367 - WWII Imperial Japanese Tunic

368 - WWII Imperial Japanese Tunic, Pants, & Mitts

369 - WWII Imperial Japanese Work Shirt

370 - WWII Imperial Japanese Helmet

371 - WWII Imperial Japanese Tropical Helmet

372 - WWII Imperial Japanese Hinomaru Flag With Kanji 15.5" x 19.5" Covered in Kanji writing

373 - WWII Imperial Japanese Flag 58" x 86".

374 - WWII Japanese Rising Sun Silk Flags (2) Both are approx. 23.5" x 36"

375 - WWII Imperial Japanese Flags (1) 14" x 15.5", (1) 11" x 17.5", (1) 21" x 24"

376 - WWII Imperial Japanese Helmet

377 - WWII Japanese Special Naval Landing Force Helmet Yellow painte anchor on front

378 - WWII Imperial Japanese Hinomaru Flag With Kanji

379 - WWII Imperial Japanese Army Officers Tunic Red 58 on collar tabs, 2 stars on shoulders

380 - WWII Imperial Japanese Summer Field Tunic Japanese Summer Field Tunic c.1941 for a Lieutenant Junior Grade

381 - WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Tunic Japanese Navy 2nd Depot, Okayama Branch 1945. Size (M)

382 - WWII Imperial Japanese WWII Rice Bowl & Saki Set

383 - 2 Philippines Constabulary Fez Hats

384 - M-1 Carbine Philippine Island General Headquarters 17" barrel, Marked "PI GHD" for Philippine Islands General Headquarters, "CH" carved in stock, "0541393" carved in stock, "602 TD" on bottom of stock, "P" on bottom of stock

385 - Colt 1878 US .45 Revolver Philippine Constabulary 6" barrel, "U.S." marked, stamped "J T T", "RAC", used by Philippine Constabulary. Only 4,600 model 1878 revolvers were produced under contract in 1902. The .45 cal was was preferred as the usual .38 cal was insufficient to stop maddened Moros during an attack.

386 - WWII Chinese Nationalist Air Force Tan Field Cap Tan liner is stamped with a "10" and Chinese Chops. On the bill are 25 bomb mission tallies, 4 Bactrian Camels, and one crash. On the inside of bill is marked "Donald Bonnell, China Burma India Theater (possibly 105) Aero Squadron". Dual verified authentic

387 - WWII Chinese Leather Pilots Jacket 1940. Tag is missing. Inside has an individuals name in Chinese below "48". Back: painted a 12 pointed Chinese Kunming Tang sun and surmounted by the Chinese Aviation Section insignia of three crossed arrows with six barbs between two eagle wings. Below is a pen and ink sketch of a Chinese style tiger and Chinese chop.

388 - WWII USAAF Leather A-2 Flying Jacket China ATC Hump Pilot, CBI, Ira Conrad Larkin. 1944. Stamped on lining is a black circle and inside the circle is stamped "AN P198". Written in black block letters on the lining is "I. C. Larkin, Palatka, FLA". Right shoulder has CBI-made leather-on-leather USAFF patch. Left shoulder has CBI-made leather-on-leather CBI patch. Left breast has golden brown disc containing the Wright Brothers Monument at Kitty Hawk fo the ATC(Air Transport Command). The back has leather sewn on leather blood chit of U.S. and Chinese flags with six line Chinese characters and the owner's initials "ICL" printed on the blood chit.

389 - WWII U.S. Army Leather A-2 Flying Jacket 1942. Tag: "TYPE A-2, DRAWING NO. 30-1415, A.C. RODER NO. 42-18246, PROPTERTY AIR FORCE U.S. ARMY, SIZE 44" Next to tag is a Black Outlined Square with a black outlined circle inside a square and inside circle is stamped "AN 198" . Leather name tag stamped in gold with "Richard M. Waters, Jr.". Inside on the lining is stamped in black: "Waters, R.M........." Has partial Army Air Forces Decal on left shoulder.

390 - WWII B-10 Jacket 507th PIR 17th Airborne Division For a Major, 17th Airborne Division, 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment. 1944. Left breast has a circular white patch with a black spider wearing a parachute harness painted on patch for 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment. Left shoulder has black and gold eagle talon patch with separate Airborne tab for the 17th Airborne Division. Right shoulder has embroidered American Flag patch for Invasion Status. Tag: "TYPE B-10, SPECIFICATION NO. 3157, SIZE 42, STOCK NO. 8300-470715, CONT. NO. W30-053 A.C. 935. L.S.L. GARMENT CO., PROPERTY AIR FORCE, U.S. ARMY". For Major with the 17th Airborne Division, the jacket was worn during Operation Varsity, the jump across the Rhine, in 1945 by the 17th Airborne Division. This was the last combat jump in the European theater during WWII. Age of patches unknown

391 - WWII USAAF B-15 A Green Cloth Flying Jacket With Gray Pile Lining and Brown Mutton Collar. 1945. WInged Star with "Army Air Forces" stenciled on left sleeve. Label inside showing it is for a B-15A. Size: 40. Jacket tag: JACKET, INTERMEDIATE FLYING, TYPE B-15A, SPECIFICATION NO. 3220-A, SIZE.......40, STOCK NO. 8300-47734, ORDER NO. (33-038) 45-5101-AF, SOVEREIGN MFG. CO., PROPERTY, U.S. ARMY, AIR FORCES

392 - WWII U.S. Mark I Bomb inert

393 - WWII Mk I Bomb inert

394 - U.S. 2.75 Inch Rocket MK48 Mod 3 Dummy Round inert

395 - Collection of WWII U.S. Aircraft Training Bombs Inert

396 - Collection of Deactivated Artillery Shells Inert

397 - Collection Of Mortars & Training Bombs (1) US Dummy BDU 28/B Aerial Fragmentation (Cluster) Bomb, (1)Mortar Round. All inert

398 - WW2 M86F Telescope for M18 Antitank Rifle Near mint WW2 M86F telescope for M18 57mm Recoilless Antitank Gun with original M-76 carrying case. Serial number 24004

399 - Army Airborne & Special Troops Guidon Flags Airborne Special Forces Training Group C Company banner flag 20" x 31", Special Troops banner flag 19" x 29"

400 - US 46 Star Flag & US Naval Banner U.S. 46-Star Flag, c.1898 5ft x 8ft. Naval flag 15 inches x 9.75 ft.

401 - WWII US Army Captain Clint Hearn's Cavalry Uniform U.S. Army Cavalry tunic, pants, field cover, and leather riding boots w/ spurs for Captain Clint Hearn of San Antonio, Texas, 4th Armored Division, 602nd Tank Destroyer. Ribbon bar contains Bronze Star, Purple Heart, American Campaign, ETO with 3 battle stars, WWII Victory Medal, Occupation Medal.

402 - WWII Lt. Clint Hearn 602nd Tank Destroyer Helmet U.S. Model 1938 Painted Tanker's Helmet for the 602nd Tank Destroyer Battalion worn by Lt. Clint Hearn of San Antonio, Texas

403 - WWII U.S. Army 10th Mountain Division "Ike" Jacket U.S. Army Infantry "Ike" jacket and field cap for a corporal, 10th Mountain Division with the VERY SCARCE Ski Qualified Badge on both the jacket and cap. Italian service. The ribbon bar has Bronze Star, Army Achievement Medal, Purple Heart, 1940 Activation, Good Conduct 9 years. Enlisted, ETO with 2 battle stars.

404 - WWII U.S. Army Full Colonel Tunic 82nd Airborne U.S. Army Tunic for a Full Colonel, 82nd Airborne Division, Parachute Infantry Regiment, CBI. Ribbon bar has Distinguished Service Cross, 1940 Activation, American Campaign Medal, ETO with 1 battle star.

405 - WWII U.S. Army WWII Tunic Field Artillery Major U.S. Army Tunic for a Major, WII, Field Artillery. Ribbon bar has Distinguished Service Cross, Legion of Merit, Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Mexican Campaign Border Service.

406 - WWII U.S. Army Tunic 1st Lt. 45th Division MP U.S. Army Tunic with MP Armband for 1st Lt. Military Police, Oklahoma National Guard. Rare Military Police Badge specific to the 45th Division, Badge No. 302. Ribbon bar has 9 years good conduct enlisted service, 1940 National Emergency, American Campaign.

407 - WWII U.S. Army Tunic Gen. Eisenhower Staff Officer U.S. Army Tunic for a Full Colonel, General Headquarters, General Staff (Eisenhower's Staff), WWII, four years of combat service bars on left sleeve. Ribbon bar has Distinguished Service Cross, Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Mexican Service, WWI Victory Medal with 4 battle stars, American Campaign, ETO with 1 battle star, Asiatic Pacific with 2 battle stars, WWII VIctory Medal, WWII Occupation Medal in Germany, Philippine Liberation Medal with 2 battle stars.

408 - U.S. Army Tunic & Pants Capt. 1st Armored Division U.S. Army Tunic & Pants for a Captain, 1st Armored Division with a 2nd Pattern Armored Collar Badge. Ribbon bar has Army Good Conduct for Enlisted, ETO medal with 4 battle stars, WWII Victory Medal.

409 - WWII U.S. Army 3 Star General Tunic & Riding Pants U.S. Army Tunic & Riding Pants for a 3-star General. Embroidered stars on shoulders. Ribbon bar has Silver Star, Distinguished Service Cross, Purple Heart, Mexican Service Medal, Cuba Service, Indian Wars, WWI Victory Medal with 6 battle stars, Army of Occupation. This General was still on duty in 1940.

410 - WWII U.S. Army Captain 2nd Infantry Division Tunic U.S. Army Tunic for a Captain, 2nd Infantry Division, 15th Field Artillery Regiment, c.1940. Expert Marksmanship Badge for Field Artillery.

411 - U.S. Army Armored Infantry Captain Uniform 1930s U.S. Army tunic and pants for a Captain, Armored Infantry, c.1930's. Rare 1st Pattern Armored Tank collar insignia.

412 - WWII U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Lt. Colonels Uniform U.S. Army tunic and pants for a Lt. COl, 82nd Airborne Division. Ribbon bar has Purple Heart, 1940 Activation, ETO.

413 - 1930s U.S. Army Major 2nd Infantry Tunic U.S. Army Tunic for a Major, 1930's, 2nd Infantry Division, 9th Infantry Regiment. Ribbon bar has Mexican Service, Occupation in Germany after WWI, WWI Victory Medal with 3 battle stars, WWI Croix de Guerre from French during WWI.

414 - U.S. Army Lt. 2nd Infantry Tunic & Riding Pants U.S. Army Tunic & Riding Pants for a 1st Lt., 1930's, 2nd Infantry Division, 23rd Infantry Regiment. Croix de Guerre Unit Citation shoulder cord.

415 - WWII U.S. Army Lt. Col. Merrill's Marauders Tunic U.S. Army Tunic with belt for a Lt. Col, Merrill's Marauders, WWII. CBI, embroidered Signal Corp collar insignia and embroidered U.S. on collar.

416 - WWII U.S. Army 2nd Lt. White Mess Dress Tunic U.S. Army Mess Dress White Tunic for a 2nd Lt., Coastal Artillery.

417 - WWII U.S. Army Captain 2nd Cavalry Tunic U.S. Army Tunic for a Captain, 2nd Cavalry Division, c.1930's. Ribbon bar has Distinguished Service Cross and the WWI Victory Medal.

418 - U.S. Army Cavalry Captain Tunic & Riding Pants U.S. Army Tunic & Riding Pants for Captain, c.1930's, 66th Infantry. Ribbon bar has Mexican Punitive Expedition, WWI Victory Medal with 4 battle stars, WWI German Occupation Medal.

419 - U.S. Army Infantry Captain Tunic & Riding Pants U.S. Army Infantry Tunic and Riding Pants for a Captain. Ribbon bar has WWI Victory Medal with 1 battle star, American Campaign Award, Cuban Passification, and the Philippines.

420 - WWII U.S. Army Major Corps Of Engineers Uniform U.S. Army WWII Tunic and Riding Pants for a Major, Army Corps of Engineers. Ribbon bar has WWI Victory Medal with 2 battle stars(battle stars are missing), overseas duty stripes,

421 - WWII US Tank Destroyer Master Sgt. Ike Jacket U.S. Army "Ike" Jacket for a Master Sgt. in a Tank Destroyer unit. It has Very rare collar brass of a half-track with a 75mm artillery piece mounted on the back. Expert badge in sub-machine guns.

422 - WII U.S. Army 69th Signal Battalion Tunic U.S. Army tunic & shirt for a private, ETO, one year overseas combat bars on left sleeve, Honorable Service Award Patch for an honorable discharge. Signal Corps collar brass & 69th Signal Battalion motto" Voix De Commande".

423 - U.S. Army Infantry Tunic 2nd Marine Patch Korean War era U.S. Army Infantry tunic, Korean War, Mariscal Division, three years combat bars and three years overseas duty service stripe. What is very unusual is the 2nd Division USMC patch on the lower right sleeve. He probably served with the 2nd Marine Division during WWII, then joined the Army for the Korean War.

424 - Korean War U.S. Army Amphibious Operations Tunic U.S. Army Tunic for a private, Amphibious Operations Combat Patch. 2 years combat bars and 3 years active duty stripe. Honorable Service Award patch for an honorable discharge.

425 - U.S. Army 1st Cavalry Division Tunic U.S. Army Tunic for a Staff Sgt. 1st Cavalry Division, 5th Regiment, Headquarters Company. Expert Marksmanship Badge in Pistol M, Rifle, Pistol D.

426 - U.S. Army Tech Seargent. 2nd Cavalry Tunic

427 - WWII U.S. Army Frank Peregory Medal Of Honor Tunic U.S. Army Tunic for Medal of Honor recipient Tech Sgt. Frank Peregory, 29th Infantry Division, 116th Infantry Regiment, Company K. Posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions in Grandcampe, France 8 June 1944, where he was single handedly responsible for the capture of a heavily trenched squad of over 30 Germans.

428 - WWII U.S. Army 3rd Armored Division Tunic U.S. Army Tunic, WWII, 3rd Armored Division. He was a WWI veteran with 2 years service combat chevrons on left sleeve. Missing lower front button.

429 - U.S. Army 5th Cavalry Mounted Machine Gun Uniform U.S. Army Tunic and Pants for a Sgt. 1st Class, 1930's, 5th Cavalry Regiment, Mounted Machine Gun Unit

430 - U.S. Army 1st Cavalry Mounted Machine Gun Tunic U.S. Army Tunic for a Sgt., circa 1920's, 1st Cavalry Division, 7th Cavalry Regiment with the Garry Owens collar badges, Mounted Machine Gun collar badge, Expert Qualified in Pistol D, Rifle, and Machine Gun. The ribbon bar has Mexiccan Service, WWI Victory Medal with one battle star, Occupation Ribbon, one year chevrons on left sleeve for Europe Occupation Duty and 2 service stripes for 6 years on left sleeve.

431 - WWII U.S. 101st Airborne Ike Jacket U.S. Army "Ike" Jacket for a 1st Lt., 101st Airborne Division, WWII.

432 - WWII U.S. Army Anti-Aircraft Enlisted Tunic U.S. Army Enlisted Tunic Artillery, Anti-Aircraft Collar Brass Company B, circa 1940.

433 - WWI U.S. Army 90th Div. Signal Corps Uniform U.S. Army WWI Tunic with Riding Pants, Signal Corps, 90th Division, Texas/Oklahoma Draftees. One wound stripe on left sleeve, and 1 year overseas service stripes on left sleeve. Ribbon bar has WWI Victory medal with 2 battle stars.

434 - WWI U.S. Army Infantry WWI Tunic & Cover Rainbow Division Patch on left shoulder, Machine Gun D Company Collar Brass, one wound stripe and 6 months overseas service stripe.

435 - U.S. Army 1st Cavalry Staff Sgt. Unifrom U.S. Army tunic & pants for a Staff Sgt., 1930's, 1st Cavalry Division, 5th Cavalry Regiment, B Troop.

436 - WWI U.S. Army 5th Cavalry G Troop Uniform Sergeant, 5th Cavalry Regiment, G Troop.

437 - WWI U.S. Army 7th Cavalry Tunic

438 - WWI U.S. Army Chemical Corps Tunic collar brass for poison gas, one wound stripe.

439 - WWI U.S. Army 90th Infantry Division Uniform U.S. Army tunic & riding pants, WWI 90th Infantry Division, Texas/Oklahoma Draftees, 360th Infantry Supply Company collar brass, one year overseas service stripes on left sleeve.

440 - WWI U.S. Army Medic Tunic 18 months overseas service stripes, and one wounded stripe.

441 - US Army 5th Cavalry Visor Cap

442 - Collection of 6th Tank Battalion Guidon Flags (8) flags 18" x 29"

443 - WWII British Royal Air Force Flag 44" x 95"

444 - Collection of 8 British & American Pith Helmets 7 British & 1 American

445 - Joseph Lamotte French Flintlock Pistol 9.5" barrel, engraved, marked "Joseph Lamotte Laine" c. 1700s

446 - British Snider-Enfield .577 cal Rifle with Bayonet , 35" barrel, British proof marks

448 - WWI British Royal Scots Uniform

449 - WWI British Royal Tank Regiment Tunic

450 - WWII British Kings Royal Rifle Corps Brigadier King's Royal Rifle Corps Brigadier tunic dated 1939. Manufactured Welsh & Jefferies, 15, Duke St, St. James, S.W. With leather belt.

451 - British Medical Staff Tunic 1880s "Medical Staff" buttons, crown on epaulettes.

452 - British Royal Engineers Lt. Dress Uniform 1855 British Royal Engineers Volunteer dress tunic & pants for a Lieutenant, c.1855.

453 - British Officers Green Tunic

454 - British Royal Fusiliers Officers Tunic & Trousers Flaming bombs on collar tabs, gold epaulettes.

455 - British Indian Army Service Corps Officers Tunic

456 - WWI British Army Major Gen. C.E. Pereira Tunic **Only Ribbon bar present, no medals**Major General Cecil Edward Pereira, C.B., C.M.G.. Tunic form London, 1913. Born 24 July 1869. Appointed 2nd Lt. in Coldstream Guards, 3rd Battalion, 1890. 1st Lt. in 1893, Captain in 1899, and Major in 1905. Special Extra Regimental employment, 1896-97. In Uganda Protectorate, 1898-1900. With the Rhodesian Field Force, 1900-1901. Awards: Order of the Bath, Order of St. Michael & St. George, East and West Africa Medal(1887-1900) with "Niger 1897" bar from expeditions to Egbon, Bida and Florin. The East and Central Africa Medal (1897--99) with "Uganda 1898" bar for expedition against the Ugandan Somalis. Queen's South African Medal (1899-190) with "Rhodesia" bar for operations with the Rhodesian Field Force in 1900, the "Elandslaagte" bar for actions at the Battle of Elands River from August 4-16, 1900. The "Transvaal" bar for operations west of Pretoria in 1900, and the "Cape Colony" bar for operations in 1901 and until May 31, 1902. The King Edward's So. African Medal (1901-1902), with "So. Africa 1901" & "So. Africa 1902" bars. The 1914 Star with "5th Aug-22nd Nov, 1914" bar and rosette. The British War Medal (1914-20), The Victory Medal for WWI, and the King George V Coronation Medal(1911). Foreign Awards: The Brilliant Star of Zanzibar, 3rd Class, for action in Uganda, 1898. Officer of the Belgian Order of the Crown, from the Belgian Congo in 1897. Belgian Croix in 1897. Belgian Croix de Guerra (1914-18) and the French Croix de Guerre, with Palm (1914-18).

457 - British Army Beef Eater Tunic

458 - British North Staffordshire Regiment Tunic

459 - British Army Welsh Guards Dress Uniform Tunic Palms on collars

460 - Early British Army Sergeants 2V Cordon Tunic "2V, Cordon" on shoulders

461 - Martini-Enfield Carbine .303 Martini-Enfield .303 British Rifle. 21" barrel, fitted for bayonet.

462 - British Martini Enfield 1876 Rifle .455 British Martini dated 1876 .455 caliber. 33" barrel, with original leather sheathed bayonet.

463 - British Tower 1859 Percussion Rifle w/ Bayonet 39" barrel, British proof marks, "RM ENFIELD 1" stamped on stock, bayonet marked "476" and proof.

464 - Nepal 1837 Brunswick Musket & Sword Bayonet 36" barrel bayonet displays the Nepalese interpretation of the East India Company Rampart Lion, Lotus carved on stock as Buddhist religious symbol, three Sanskrit numbers on forward part of brass trigger guard.

465 - British Enfield 1922 Mk V Rifle 25.5" barrel, British proof marks

466 - British Webley & Scott No. 1 Mk. III Flare Pistol 6" barrel, British proof marks,

467 - British Webley Mk VI Double-Action Revolver Blued finish, 6" barrel, .455 caliber. Replacement lanyard ring. Grip has Squadron No "161", "RAF" stamped on left side of frame. c.1918

468 - Webley British Bull Dog Revolver 2.5" Barrel,

469 - Queen's Own Royal West Kent Reg't Embroidered Belt "1st 5th Batt. QUEEN'S OWN ROYAL WEST KENT REGT., JHANSI INDIA 1914 1915"

470 - WWII British & New Zealand Flags

471 - WWII Russian Mosin Nagant Bolt Action Rifle 29" barrel dated 1929, with canvas sling. Standard Russian infantry rifle for WWII.

472 - WWII Soviet Helmet

473 - WWII Soviet Red Army M52 Helmet & Liner WWII Soviet Russian Red Army M52 Helmet with liner and chin strap. The number "58" is stenciled in black on the inside of one flap of the liner.

474 - WWII Black Russian Helmet

476 - Russian Nagant M1895 7.62 mm Revolver 4.5" barrel, "gas sealed" cylinder, Russian marked, WWII issue, with holster. Modern import marked.

477 - New England Westinghouse M-91Mosin Nagant New England Westinghouse M-91 Mosin Nagant 7.62 x 54. 32" bbl. Rare contract of 1915. Pre-bolschevic

478 - Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 Sniper Rifle with PU Scope 29" barrel, 7.62 mm, all numbers matching including scope. Manufactured as a sniper rifle in 1943. Has proper turn down bolt and sniper scope has leather covers for lenses.

479 - Russian Model 1909 Mosin Nagant Mixed numbers gun, 32" bbl.

480 - WWII Russian Mosin Nagant Rifle 1944 20" barrel. With bayonet and sling. 1944 WWII production.

481 - WWII Finnish SKY M-27 Mosin Nagant Rifle 27" barrel dated 1940. 7.62x54mm

482 - RE Model 1917 Bolt Action .303 Rifle 26" barrel. Stock dated 1917, with leather sling. The only manufacturer mark is RE.

483 - French Lebel Model 1886 M93 Bolt Action Rifle 32" barrel, with leather sling.

484 - WWI Berthier MLe Model 1907-15 Bolt Action Rifle Berthier Model 1907/15 8mm Leble bolt action rifle. Bolt & stock both marked "39030", barrel is stamped 23966. Barrel length is 31", dated 1917. With leather sling.

485 - WWI French St. Etienne MLe Model 16 Carbine Rifle French St. Etienne Model 16 carbine rifle - 8mm Lebel. 17" barrel, saddle ring, fixed for bayonet.

486 - WWII French MAS Model 1936 Rifle German Captured French MAS Model 36 bolt action rifle chambered for the 7.5×54mm French cartridge. Numbers matching, 23" barrel, stock is marked "janvier" (January) 1939. Serial no. 31649. Marked on buttstock with LK5 German proof below designates it as German captured.

487 - WWII French Automatic Pistol Model 1935A 4.3" barrel, 7.65 cal. WWII era, scratched "D O H" on frame

488 - French St. Etienne Model 1874 DA Revolver 11mm. 4.5" barrel, with original holster

489 - WWI French Uniform for Heavy Machine Gun 1st Lt. WWI tunic, trousers, & cover for 1st Lieut. Carrieu, Heavy Machine Gun Section, 59th Line Inf. Reg't,. Argonne Sector, June 1916, 2 yrs service. C. de G., 1914-18, mentioned in dispatches.

490 - WWI French Army Lt. Colonel Artillery Tunic French Tunic for Lt. Colonel of Colonial Artillery. Legion of Honor (Fr), Croix de Guerre 1914-18 (Fr), Croix de Guerre 1939-45(Fr), Bronze Star (U.S.) Medal for Bravery(Montenegro/Yugoslavia).

491 - WWI French Officers Black Tunic

492 - WWI French Army Horizon Blue Grenadier Tunic Flaming bomb on collars.

493 - WWI French Horizon Blue Tunic

494 - WWI French Blue Wool Tunic "7" on collar tabs, 2 bars on sleeves

495 - WWI French Horizon Blue Tunic Blue collar tabs with"1" and two stripes.

496 - WWII French Navy Tunic Anchors on collar tab, 1943 Franc note in left breast pocket.

497 - WWII French Navy Officers Tunic Naval anchors on collar, GITOM medal on right breast button.

498 - WWII French Navy Green Tunic Red shoulder cord, Pin/badge right breast pocket.

499 - WWII French Army Green Tunic

500 - WWII French Navy Tunic Paratrooper Patch paratrooper patch on right breast

501 - WWII French Commandos Marine S.A.S. Tunic "Commando Jaubert" badge on right breast under "Parachutist" badge. 2nd Commando Special Air Service (S.A.S.) patch

502 - French 3rd Marine Infantry Parachute Reg't Tunic "Etre Et Durer" motto of the 3rd Marine Infrantry Parachute Regiment badge on right breast pocket button.

503 - WWII 6 French Helmets

504 - WWI French Cavalry Helmet Canvas cover with cross on front

505 - 1880 French Hussars Tunic "Aristod Boyer Marseille" stamped inside

506 - British 19th Hussar Reg't Blue Tunic

507 - British Uniform Tunic

508 - British Uniform Tunic

509 - British Unifrorm Tunic

510 - British Uniform Tunic

511 - British Uniform Tunic

512 - British Navy Tunic Anchors on collar tabs, embroidered piping on sleeves

513 - Pre-WWI Italian Officer's Blue Dress Uniform

514 - US Model 1912 Holster For Colt 1911 Pistol "US" stamped on outside flap inside incised double oval, below stamped "56". Back is stamped "HEIDRICH" and another unreadable stamp.

515 - U.S. Army Eagle Snap Pouch Mills Web Belt 1918 Has built in metal hangar. Stamped outside "41" and "MILLS" 1918" on inside. Snaps have U.S. Army eagle on them

516 - US WWI Web Belt Army Eagle Snap Pouches Snaps have U.S. Army eagle on them

517 - US WWI Web Belt 9 Army Eagle Snap Pouches Snaps have U.S. Army eagles on them

518 - US WWI Mills Web Medic Belt with Accessories 1918 Snap covers stamped "APR. 1918" and "MILLS" in bullet outline. 2 large snap pouches, 1 has metal container with 5 black containers, 1 unmarked, 1 "PILULAE CATHARTICAE COMP" with pills, 1 "MISTURA GLYCYR" with pills, 1 "PULV. IPECAC ET. OPIL 324 MGM" with pills, 1 "QUININE SULPAS. 200 MGM" with pills. Smaller pouches contain a glass bottle with black stopper and a small metal box marked "MEDICAL DEPT U.S.A." containing needles. Snaps have U.S. Army Eagle on them.

519 - US WWI Army Web Belt with Slide Buckle 1918 Inside stenciled "C-S" and "SEPT. RUSSELL(inside an oval) 1918". Belt has 3 large snap pouches, 2 marked "MAY 1918" and "MILLS" inside a bullet outline and "PAT JAN 29 01 JUN 16 07". Also has 9 smaller pouches

520 - WWI US Army Mills Web Belt 1918 12 small snap pouches, 1 large pouch with 3 snap compartments. Stamped "NOV. 1918" and "MILLS" inside a bullet outline inside snap cover.

521 - WWI Horizon Blue French Tunic & Medals "Valeur Et Discipline" 1870 Medal, 1914-1918 Cross with 1 star, Grand Guerra 1914-1918 MEdal.

522 - WWI French Horizon Blue Tunic Red "103" collar tabs, red shoulder cord.

523 - WWI French Horizon Blue Tunic 3 stripes on sleeves, USMS anchor buttons.

524 - WWI Marine Aviation Victory Prop Tip with German Cross and WWI Marine Aviation Rondel painted on front. "FRANCE 1918", "BOB SIXS FAYETTE OHIO". 21" x 8"

525 - WWII U.S. Navy, G-1 Leather Flying Jacket 1945. No I.D. Tag, no markings or patches. Condition issues

526 - Pre-WWII U.S. Army Burlap Tropical Visor Cap U.S. Army Burlap visor cap, c.1930's Philippines or pre-WWII. All of the inside support has been removed in order for the officer to wear his headphones over his cap.

527 - WWII Collection of 4 Leather Flight Helmets (1) U.S.N. marked, (1) Australia marked, (2) unmarked.

528 - WWII Collection of 7 U.S. Flight Caps (5) U.S. Army Air Forces Type A-9 Flight helmets, (1) USAAF Type B-2 wool-lined leather cap size 6 7/8, (1) marked "Property of Flight Test Dept." & "Handley Page Aircraft Co."

529 - WWII Royal Air Force Flying Helmet & Gauntlets Leather flight helmet manufactured by Frank Bryan, London dated 1939, size 6 1/2-6 3/4. Horsehide white leather Trooper gloves marked RAF.

530 - WWII RAF Type-C Leather Flight Helmet & Goggles Ref. No. 22c/880 flight helmet with Mk VIII gogggles

531 - WWI RAF/RFC Leather Flight Helmet & Goggles Rivets marked "NEWEY BROS LTD., BIRMINGHAM"

532 - WWI Chicago Glove & Mitten Co. Helmet & Goggles

533 - WWII USAAF M-4 Leather Covered Flak Helmet Marked on inside tag "L. Miller, Parachute Division" Yellow star on top.

534 - Vietnam War U.S. F-4 Jet Pilot Flight Helmet Viet Nam War, 497th Night Owls black jet helmet with sun visor and oxygen mask. Painted in white are the words "PHANTOM NITE PHIGHTER" and the name "WILLIAM". Also painted in white is a little phantom wearing a tall hat, cape, tennis shoes and is shooting the middle finger. This helmet was used by the 497th Night Owls, who flew F-4's and participated in all night missions. The planes flew so low to the ground, the bellies were painted black in order to prevent detection from the lights of the North Vietnamese Army.

535 - U.S. Vietnam Era Flight Helmet "Playboy 16" U.S. Black, Jet Helmet, Sun Visor and Ear Phones, Vietnam War. On the front painted in gold, is "PLAYBOY16" and "CPT. MCKENNA". "16" painted on the microphone. Over the left and right ears are painted the white playboy rabbit and in gold paint "PLAYBOY 16" around the rabbit. Visor is trimmed in gold paint. On the back of the helmet painted in gold, is a coiled Cobra. Inside that is a black Playboy rabbit with a woman painted in white between the rabbit's ears, wearing only black long stockings, high heels, and evening gloves.

536 - Vietnam War U.S. 17th Air Cavalry Flight Helmet U.S. Jet Helmet, Sun Visor and Ear Phones, Viet Nam War. 7th Squadron, 17th Air Cavalry Regiment HHT (Headquarters and Headquarters Troop) patch painted on the front. Has a fluorescent strip across the top and around the back of helmet.

537 - Vietnam War Era U.S. Navy Jet Helmet w/ Visor U.S. Navy Jet Pilot Helmet with Sun Visor, Vet Nam War,. Has Navy Aviation Wings painted across the front and decorated with flames. Missing the oxygen mask.

538 - Vietnam War U.S. Flight Helmet U.S. Air Force HGU-2/P Flight helmet manufactured by Consolidated Components Corporation. With sun visor, has Air Force Aviation Wings painted across the front, missing oxygen mask.

539 - Vietnam U.S. Army 1st Cavalry 2-Star General Tunic U.S. Army Class A service Dress Tunic, for a 2-star General with the 1st Cavalry Division (patch needs to be attached). Viet Nam Era. Two silver bullion stars on each shoulder strap, green bullion "US" on both sides of the collar. Tailor-made, with ribbon awards.

540 - U.S. Army Dress Uniform Special Forces Colonel U.S. Army Dress Whites (Tunic & Pants) for a Full Colonel. Infantry Collar Brass are present, and Special Forces Badges can be seen on both shoulder straps. (3) Unit Citations Awards above the right pocket, Combat Infantryman Badge with 2 awards above the left pocket. Ribbon Bar awards for: Distinguished Service Cross, 2 Silver Stars, 2 Bronze Stars with COMBAT V for Valor, Air Medal, 2 Army Commendation Medals, 4 Purple Hearts, Army Good Conduct, National Defense, Viet Nam War Service with 3 campaign stars, Local Viet Nam Ribbon and Distinguished Service Award Vietnamese. Senior Parachutist Badge on flap of upper left pocket. Above right pocket are boxed ribbons for: Army Meritorious Unit Commendation, Viet Nam Civil Action and Viet Nam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation.

541 - Vitenam U.S. Army Ranger Sgt 1st Class Tunic U.S. Army tan shirt for Ranger Sgt. 1st Class Saavedra, Ranger tab on upper left sleeve. Above right pocket are Vietnamese Jump Wings, below this is a Unit Citation. Patch clipped to right pocket shows he was on staff of the 23rd Infantry, Americal Division. Has U.S. Jump Wings above the left pocket along with the Combat Infantry Badge. has Expert Marksmanship Badge for Rifle on flap of left pocket. Extensive Ribbon Bar awards.

542 - Vietnam U.S. Cavalry Helicopter Flight Helmet

543 - Vietnam U.S. Helicopter Flight Helmet

544 - USMC MC-1 Tanker Helmet Vietnam or Korean era Gentex MC-1

545 - Vietnam War Camouflage U.S. Helmet Helmet band is marked "RAND HELMET, CAMOUFLAGE, US" Scarce helmet cover patter.

546 - Vietnam U.S. Airborne Embroidered Shirt Embroidered on back "WHEN I DIE I'LL GO TO HEAVEN BECAUSE I'VE SPENT MY TIME IN HELL." Airborne 68/69.

547 - Vietnam War Viet-Cong Shop Made Pistol 4.5" barrel, appears to be 9mm.

548 - Vietnam War Viet Cong 306 Division Flag Dated 1972, hand stitched & embroidered, measures 50" x 67"

549 - Vietnam War Captured Mosin Nagant Rifle 21" barrel marked 1960, with bayonet. Brought back from Vietnam.

550 - Collection of (8) Army Guidon Flags Special Forces Some Special Force units

551 - Vietnam War Era Flight Helmets

552 - Vietnam U.S. 1st Cavalry/545th MP M1 Helmet Liner

553 - Vietnamese Marine Corps HQ Division Flag VNMS, HQ Div., Song Than 1968-1975. 38" x 46"

554 - Two U.S. Vietnam Embroidered Jungle Hats "Vietnam" embroidered on front, top has "Fuck Communism" embroidered over Confederate Flag, with "R.T.-GA" underneath.

555 - Vietnam War Camouflage Helmet

556 - Vietnam War Collection of Jungle Hats

557 - Vietnam U.S. Army Painted Tanker Helmet

558 - Vietnam US Army General Sam Williams' Flags Williams was born on August 25, 1897, in Denton, Texas. He fought from Pancho Villa to Vietnam.

559 - Vietnam War Era USMC Flags (2) measuring 18" x 22", (1) measures 50" x 67".

560 - Vietnam Era Deactivated Grenades & Claymore (4) hand grenades, (1) M18 A1 Claymore (still contains steel shot), (1) M18 Yellow Smoke

561 - Colt AR-15 SP1 .223 Rifle 20" barrel, with period sling and five magazines.

562 - Colt AR-15 SP1 .223 Rifle 16" barrel with flash suppressor, sliding stock and sling.

563 - Beretta Model 92FS 9MM Beretta Model 92FS 9MM with U.S. marked M-12 Bianchi holster.

564 - Norinco Type 56S Rifle 7.62x39 Norinco 56-S 7.62×39mm rifle, like new in box with accessories.

565 - Chinese SKS 20" barrel, with bayonet & sling.

566 - Vietnam Era M16 Training Rifle "Rubber Duck" with sling.

567 - Thompson Submachine Blank Gun Model 1921 Thompson submachine blank gun. Manufactured by Modelgun Corp, Japan.

568 - Colt Model 1873 Single Action Army Revolver 7.5" barrel, standard trigger guard has been replaced with 1851 Colt Navy trigger guard, incorrect grips.

569 - Engraved Allen & Thurber Pepperbox with homemade cigar box case.

570 - Engraved Marston Baby Pepper Box Revolver 2.5" barrel

571 - Sharps Pepperbox Pistol 2.5" barrel, 4 shot, .22 cal. Marked "C. Sharps Patent 1859", spur trigger, brass frame with silver plating, black grips with scroll design is bas relief.

572 - Sharps Pepperbox 3" barrel

573 - Sharps Pepperbox 3.5" barrel

574 - Remington O/U Derringer

575 - Remington Smoot No.1 5-Shot .32 Revolver Nickel plated, 2.75" barrel. Mechanical issues

576 - Remington New Model Army .44 Revolver 4.75" barrel, cut down barrel

577 - Engraved Forehand & Wadsworth Revolver Engraved, pearl grips, 2.5" barrel.

578 - Eagle Arms Brass Frame Revolver 3.5" barrel. Butt stamped "AFC"

579 - American Standard Tool 7-Shot Revolver 3" barrel.

580 - Philadelphia Derringer Single Shot Percussion 2.5" barrel, with bullet mold. .41 cal

581 - Philadelphia Derringer Single Shot Percussion 3.5" Barrel

582 - Engraved Flintlock Pistol 6.5" barrel

583 - Belgian Liege Flintlock Pistol 4.25" barrel, Marked "A-Maie A-Leige", engraved

584 - Percussion Single Shot Pistol 10.5" barrel

585 - Mass. Arms Co Percussion Belt Revolver 5" barrel, Maynard Patent

586 - Mass. Arms Percussion Belt Revolver 6.5" barrel, engraved

587 - Eli Whitney Navy Revolver 7.5" octagon barrel. Lock issues.

588 - Starr Army Double Action Revolver 6" barrel

589 - Engraved Pinfire Revolver 4.75" barrel

590 - U.S. Civil War Belts & Buckles

591 - Engraved Double Barrel Percussion Shotgun 34" barrel, fish-head hammers, checkered grips.

592 - Full Stock Percussion Musket 45" barrel, .64 cal, 1/2 octagon barrel, engraved, carved stock

593 - Single Shot Percussion Pistol 4" barrel

594 - Single Shot Percussion Pistol 3" octagon barrel

595 - Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless Pistol .32 cal Nickel plated, pearl grips, belonged to a little old lady that kept it in a sock.

596 - Ruger Mini-14 .223 Rifle 18" barrel with flash suppressor. Soft case, 7 magazines total included.

597 - Ruger Mark II .22 Pistol with manual

598 - Ruger 10/22 .22 Carbine Ruger 10/22 Carbine .22 long rifle. Like new in box, 18" barrel.

599 - Ruger Model 10/ 22 .22 Carbine Excellent condition .22 lr , with 18" barrel

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