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Auctioneer Ronald Gilligan Auctioneering 814.237.0189
Auction Date Oct 25 Auction
210 Deibler Rd.
Pa. Furnace, PA
Time 09:30AM
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Friday, October 25, 2019 - 9:30 AM (Centre Co.)

(53) Guns Including (38) Good Old Winchesters - Winchester Ammo in Original Boxes

Winchester Collectibles – J. Unertl Target Scope - Vintage Tin Litho & Other Toys

Collector Cartridges - Tonka US Army Toys - Roy Rogers & Lone Ranger – Cap Guns

Winchester Knives - Collection of (31) Good Vintage BB Guns - Die-Cast Toy Tractors


Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner will conduct a Public Auction located at the Baileyville Grange Hall 210 Deibler Rd. Pennsylvania Furnace, PA. 16865.  From State College, take Rt. 45 West to Pine Grove Mills & continue 5.5 miles & turn right onto Deibler Rd. to auction on left.  For sale will be the following...

            Winchester mod. 1895 Take Down 30 Army lever act. #412354, Winchester mod. 1873 32 W.C.F. lever act. long rifle w/ octagon barrel #624359, Winchester mod. 1885 22 Long lever act. w/ octagon barrel #76633, Winchester mod. 1885 32-40 lever act. w/ octagon barrel & Marble's tang sight #31581, Winchester mod. 1886 38-56 W.C.F. lever act. long rifle w/ octagon barrel #129926, Winchester mod. 1892 32 W.C.F. lever act. long rifle w/ octagon barrel #284763, Winchester mod. 1894 32-40 lever act. long rifle w/ round barrel & tang peep sight #914600, Winchester mod. 1894 pre-64 30-30 Win. lever act. #2131191, Winchester mod. 1894 32-40 lever act. long rifle w/ round barrel & #23097, Winchester mod. 1894 30-30 Win. N.R.A. 1871-1971 lever act. musket #NRA48356, Winchester mod. 1887 12 ga. lever act. shotgun #33505, Winchester mod. 75 22 LR bolt act. target rifle #55422, Winchester mod. 52B 22 LR bolt act. target rifle #63416, Winchester mod. 59 22 bolt act. single shot rifle, Winchester mod. 61 22 pump rifle #158091, Winchester mod. 94 "Commemorative Centennial: A Century of Leadership 1866-1966" 30-30 cal. lever act. long rifle w/ saddle ring & octagon barrel #10641, Winchester mod. 94 Ranger 30-30 Win. lever act. carbine w/ original box #6186836, Winchester mod. 94 Cowboy Commemorative 30-30 Win. carbine w/ saddle ring #CB9983, Winchester mod. 94AE 45 Colt lever act. carbine w/ saddle ring - original box - & large loop lever "Trail's End" #6240254, Winchester mod. 94 32 Win. Spl. Wrangler lever act. carbine w/ saddle ring - original box - hang tag - & large loop lever #5116006, Winchester mod. 94 30-30 Win. Legendary Lawmen lever act. carbine w/ saddle ring & 16" barrel in original box #LL04468, Winchester mod. 94 38-55 Win. Legendary Frontiersmen lever act. long rifle w/ original box #LF16917, Winchester mod. 94 30-30 Win. lever act. carbine w/ saddle ring & 16" barrel #5086929, Winchester mod. 94 pre-64 30-30 Win. lever act. #2222441, Winchester mod. 94 30 W.C.F. lever act. long rifle w/ octagon barrel #913858, Winchester mod. 70 Featherweight 30-06 Sprg. bolt act. w/ Bushnell Sportview scope #G1519420, Winchester mod. 97 12 ga. full choke pump shotgun #824589, Winchester mod. 60 22 bolt act. single shot rifle, Winchester Super X mod. 2 12 ga. 2 3/4 - 3 - & 3 1/2" Magnum Invector Plus choke camo semi-auto shotgun (Team National Wild Turkey Federation) w/ original box #11AMZ03756, Winchester mod. 67 22 single shot bolt act. rifle w/ finger groove, Winchester mod. 1902 22 Short & Long bolt act. single shot rifle, Winchester mod. 69A 22 bolt act. rifle, Winchester mod. 72 22 cal. bolt act. single shot rifle, Winchester mod. 02A 22 S-L- and L.R. single shot bolt act. rifle, Winchester mod. 74 22 Short semi-auto rifle #110631, Winchester mod. 04A 22 S-L-L.R. bolt act. single shot rifle, Winchester mod. 12 12 ga. 2 3/4" modified choke pump shotgun #814935, Winchester-Western mod. 353 .177 cal. Precision air pistol w/ original box, Springfield Armory M1 Garand 30-06 cal. semi-auto #005 of 500 NRA Tribute rifle #7103485, Remington mod. 41-P The Target Master 22 cal. single shot bolt act. rifle, US Springfield Armory M2 22 cal. bolt act. target training rifle #2894, US Remington mod. 03-A3 30-06 cal. sporterized bolt act. rifle #3568390, J.M. Marlin/Ballard 22 R.F. lever act. target rifle w/ Schutzen action - Winchester barrel - double triggers - & Redfield peep sight #15077, Henry mod. H004MS Military Service Tribute 22 L.R. lever act. rifle w/ original box #MS03448, Henry mod. H004CM2 Coal Miner Tribute 22 L.R. lever act. rifle w/ original box #CMT02607, Remington New Model Army 44 cal. percussion revolver w/ octagon barrel, H & R top break 5-shot 32 S&W revolver, Hopkins & Allen XLI double action 22 cal. revolver, H & R Safety Hammer 32 S&W 6-shot revolver, US Revolver Co. 32 S&W revolver #20497, C.Z. Uhersky mod. 81 flare gun, R.F. Sedgiey Mark 5 10 ga. signal pistol (US Navy), Erma-Erfurt 26.5 mm flare gun w/ German War Eagles #2241B…… AMMO: THE FOLLOWING AMMO IN ORIG. WINCHESTER BOXES: Winchester .30 Army full patch in orig. box – 458 Win. Mag. – (2) 220 Winchester Swift – 44 Win. Center Fire – 32 Auto Colt 7.65 mm Browning full patch – 32-20 Win. – 32 Smith & Wesson – 25 Auto – 32 Colt New Police Smokeless – 38 S&W blanks – 22 Win. Mag. – Winchester Bicentennial 30-30 – 45 Auto Colt full patch – 45 Auto Colt – Law Enforcement Ranger 12 ga. rifled slugs – Winchester 1987 12 ga. target loads celebrating 21 years in Australia – box 12 ga. Heavy Lead load – 4-box set Winchester AA 12 ga. Commemorating the USA 2008 Shooting team – Legendary Frontiersman 38-55 Win. – Legendary Lawmen 30-30 – box Black Diamond 12 ga. – 410 ga. rifled slugs – Super-X 410 ga. rifled slugs – old Winchester 12 ga. shotgun ammo – 25-20 Win. – 45M 1911 – 405 Win. 150 Year Commemorative – 45 Colt 150 Year Commemorative – 30-30 Win. 150 Year Commemorative w/ Teddy Roosevelt – Alberta Diamond Jubilee 38-55 – 8 x 57 mm Mauser – Super Speed 348 Win. – 7 mm Full Patch – 30 Gov’t. model 1906 Pointed Full Patch – Super Speed 22 LR – Leader Staynless 22 LR – Super–X Xperditer 22 LR – 22 LR H.P. – 22 Short – C.B. Cap – Wildcat 22 – Boy Scouts of America 22 LR – 22 cal. blanks – original tin of W.R.A. percussion caps – 35 Win. – 308 Win. – 303 British – Super Speed 8 mm Mauser – Super Speed 30 Win. – Super Speed 303 Sav. – 33 Win. – 30 Gov’t. 1906 Pointed Expanding – 38-55 Win. – 32-40 Win. – 8 mm Mauser – Super Speed 30 Rem. – 30 Win. Model 94 Soft Point – 401 cal. Winchester self-loading model 1910……OTHER AMMO: UMC 45-70 Gov’t. – UMC 32 Win. – UMC 25-20 Win. & Marlin – Canuck 25 Stevens Short – Lake City 5.56 mm blanks – box Remington 303 British – 1967 & 1968 30 cal. Match – box Civilian Marksmanship Program 22 LR Rimfire – Western Super Match 38 Spl. Mid Range – brick of Old Western Scrounger 22 Win. Auto for mod. 1903 – Remington UMC 40-82 Win. & Marlin – Remington 30 cal. M2 – 1962 & 1967 Lake City 30 cal. Match – 1970 7.62 mm Nato Match Lake City – Twin Cities Arsenal 30 cal. M2 – vintage boxes of 22 Short – 22 LR – Super Match Mark III – 22 LR Palma – assorted cartridges of 45-70 – 40-70 – 50-70 – 57 Snider…..US 1942 long bayonet in sheath, USMC Camillus fighting knife in sheath, bandoleers of 30 cal., 50-cal. rounds, 30 M1 Garand & 30 cal. stripper clipsWWI Army helmet w/ liner, metal Lt. General license plate off JeepMarines coffee table book, WWII The Fate of Europe 4-book set, fancy working Elgin pocket watch, Timex Indiglo men’s wristwatch, 10kt. gold filled US Marine Corp. ring…

            Original Civil War canteen Mfg. by “Dorff” Phil., PA. 1863-1865 w/ original blue Union cloth cover – orig. strap - & orig. cap, J. Unertl #11081 1 x 9 target scope, vintage table-top solid brass telescope w/ tripod (made in Italy), WINCHESTER: Winchester AA Bird Busters poster, Winchester tractor trailer Limited Edition Peterbilt coin bank, Winchester Ammo Series adv. truck in orig. box, Winchester mod. 94 Special Edition 1957 International R-190 1894-1994 Centennial delivery truck w/ orig. box, Winchester knives in orig. tins, small brass Winchester Rifles & Shotguns plaque, modern Winchester iron matchholder, old Winchester brass lock w/ key, (9) Winchester knives in orig. boxes each depicting a Winchester shotgun, Winchester Gun Oil tin, Winchester hunting knives, Winchester marble, Winchester dice, Winchester tie tack, Winchester shot shell knife, Winchester screwdriver, Winchester mod. 9422 Cheyenne carbine hang tag, hard to find Winchester mod. 52 or mod. 75 10-rd. clip, Winchester & DuPont powder cans, Winchester model 1895 Commemorative 100th Anniv. box truck in orig. box, Winchester Ford mod. A delivery van w/ box…..display board of (38) assorted loaded cartridges from 25-20 thru 458 Win….BB GUNS: early 1900s Daisy mod. H 500-shot lever act. BB gun, vintage Daisy No. 111 mod. 40 Red Ryder carbine lever act. BB gun w/ Daisy No. 300 telescope sight, vintage Daisy double barrel cork gun, old Daisy "Little Daisy" cork gun, vintage Newell Repeater Atomic 5 ping pong ball gun, Ultra-Hi mod. BB76 "The Pioneer" percussion style BB gun, vintage Ben Franklin mod. 347 pump BB gun w/ wooden stock, old Benjamin mod. F BB gun, vintage Sheridan mod. C Silver Streak .20 cal. pump BB gun, vintage Sheridan CB Blue Streak .20 cal. pump BB gun, Daisy mod. 95 lever act. BB gun, Daisy mod. 960 lever act. pop gun, Daisy mod. 1105 lever act. BB gun, vintage Daisy mod. 75 Scout lever act. BB gun, Daisy mod. 1938B Red Ryder 25th Anniv. w/ the NRA lever act. BB gun, Daisy mod. 21 double barrel BB gun, Daisy mod. 1938B Red Ryder lever act. carbine BB gun w/ original box, Daisy mod. 1938B Red Ryder Limited Edition #340/1125 NRA Edition lever act. BB gun w/ original box, Daisy mod. 1894 lever act. carbine BB gun w/ saddle ring in original box, vintage Daisy mod. 107 pump BB gun, vintage Daisy mod. 25 Variant 13 pump BB gun, Daisy mod. 99 Champion lever act. BB gun, wooden stock No. 160 BB gun made for Daisy in Scotland, Daisy mod. 105 lever act. BB gun, old Daisy cork gun, Wyandotte cork gun, vintage Daisy mod. No. 177 target special BB pistol, vintage Daisy mod. No. 177 Bullseye target BB pistol, Daisy mod. 188 BB pistol, vintage Boone .173 cal. BB pistol, Crosman BB pistol.....Daisy Red Ryder No. 1936 adv. knife w/ orig. box, Daisy Treasure Chest of BBs, vintage Western-Winchester BBs, Daisy Bullseye BBs…..TOYS: Tonka Army Jeep w/ company, Tonka spotlight, Tonka Army utility tracto, tin litho US Army troop truck, Hubley Kiddie toy race car, Marx US Army No. 3 wind-up tank, Wyandotte pressed steel Ford coupe, pressed steel tractor trailer tanker, vintage Nifty tin litho Buttercup & Spare Ribs Copyright by Jimmy Murphy pull toy, Sun Rubber Co. Mickey’s Tractor w/ Mickey MouseRoy Rogers Chuckwagon w/ Roy – Dale - & Bullet, Aurora 1967 Lone Ranger & Tonto, Lone Ranger 10¢ April & May comic books, Roy Rogers and Trigger 10¢ comic book, vintage photo of Lone Ranger & Tonto, tin Davy Crockett clicker gun, vintage plastic Davy Crockett flintlock toy gun, Fire King Davy Crockett mug, vintage Davy Crockett belt buckle, old coonskin cap, Davy Crockett 10¢ comic book, pair Hubley cap guns, pair Rodeo cap guns, Hopalong Cassidy milk glass cup, tin litho Space Jet Ray gun……1934 John Deere A in orig. box, 1937 John Deere G in orig. box, McCormick WD-9 tractor in box, Farmall A White Demonstrator tractor in orig. box, Toy Tractor Times Ford 9N in box…No Internet, absentee, or phone bids will be accepted - no buyers' premiums.  Terms: Cash or Check only by conclusion of auction.  Food & Restrooms Available day of auction - tents if needed.  Auction by: Auctioneers: Ron J. & Ron S. Gilligan & David C. Zentner, #AU339-L & #AU3430-L & #AU5442-L.



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