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Ephrata, PA
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Lot: 301 - S.E. Hess watercolor & ink Fraktur

ca. 1850; small still life watercolor in blue and red flowers in blue handled milk pitcher with simple white and red border and oval white vignette with red flowers; the bottom is noted in pen "Made by S.E. Hess" and mounted in a complex molded

Lot: 302 - Copper wheel & wrought iron pie crimper by R.

ca. 1850; copper hand filed pie wheel mounted by pin rivet in wrought iron stem, marked "R. Gibble" blacksmith with turned wood handle, 1"d wheel, 6 1/2"l; Condition: Good

Lot: 303 - PA coiled rye straw sewing basket

ca. 1830-1880; fine form footed coiled rye straw basket with sloped side, open work scalloped edge, interior double-tight wrap rim and openwork edge thin wrapped scalloped worked coil and includdes original black velvet heart pin cushion, 10 1/2"d, 3

Lot: 304 - Riggle work decorated tin spice box

ca. 1830; early coffin top small rectangular spice box with original riggle work decoration to lid with hearts in corner and central compass work pattern of six interlocking circles, 6 1/4"x 3 3/4"x 3"; Condition: Box lid loose; box unpainted;

Lot: 305 - Large wallpaper hat box

ca. 1860; oval milliner's box lined on interior with papers from Philadelphia (including one article specifically about death of Gov. Willard of Indiana who died 10/4/1860); high sided box with tan based wallpaper, large blue and tan flowers, bottom

Lot: 306 - 2 hardwood scrivner's straight edge rules

ca. late 19th-early 20th century; rosewood bevel edge straight rule with notch ends and paint decoration of gray/green and gold edge, two urns of flowers and owner's name in banner textbox "T.E. Ney", 15"x 1 3/4"x 1/4", Condition: chip from 1 corner;

Lot: 307 - Tool decorated & signed G. Mayer wrought iron

ca. 18th-19th century; large two-tine butcher fork with wrapped hook hanger on flattened top handle, with simple hollow punch tool decoration and marked on reverse by maker "G. Mayer", 17"x 2"x 1 1/4"; Condition: Some surface light pitting, but

Lot: 308 - PA redware apple butter crock & brass candlestick

ca. 19th-early 20th century; bulbous redware aple butter crock with clear glaze, small manganese specks in glaze on dark redware base, rounded lip, interior & exterior glaze, attributed to Chester Co., 4 1/4"d, 4 1/2"h, Condition: pre-glazing flaw to

Lot: 309 - Brass spring loaded fleam in leather box

ca. 18th-19th century; brass fleam (or blood letting tool) has spring loaded lancet with spring loaded blade that has side spring catch trigger, fleam engraved with rose/flower design and marked "Kolb", has original hinged lid wooden case with

Lot: 310 - Cast & wrought iron waffle iron by George Mayer

ca. 18th-19th century; rectangular two-part waffle iron case with embossed Geo. Mayer on outside of iron and interior with common/traditional grid that is accented with "X" on wells; the iron has a wrought iron hinge tong type handle with hooked

Lot: 311 - Oval wallpaper box remnant

ca. 1820-1860; medium oval wallpaper box base with no lid, having a stitch seamed bottom, cardstock band with interior green paper covering and exterior with tan/cream ground wallpaper with burgundy and white large floral design; Condition: Missing

Lot: 312 - 2 Brazilian tribal pieces

ca. early-mid 20th century; tribal woven basket attributed to Wai-Wai tribe of Brazil, wicker style with use of various grass and tree fibers weaved on splint staves, black charcoal accent to the outside, and the rim with 2 lower rods and rope weave

Lot: 313 - Lot of wrought iron thumblatches & parts

ca. early 18th & 19th century; early PA thumblatch with upper dominant cusp, upper cusp has closed "budding tulip" design with slender stem from floral tip, lower bean or round cusp, flat strap handle with tool decoration, including a rattail latch

Lot: 314 - PA softwood peg rail

ca. early-mid 18th century; very early yellow pine peg rail with hand cut upper and lower side bead molding and three hand-cut and carved notch peg/hooks; rail unpainted and unsealed, retains original hand forged nails with back of rail appearing to

Lot: 315 - B. Barns pewter basin

ca. 1815; pewter basin with "B Barns/ Phila" and "BB" eagle touches (Blakeslee Barns), 9"d, 2"h; Condition: typical wear

Lot: 316 - Chippendale period mirror

ca. 18th-early 19th century; PA cippendale mirror with softwood secondary woods and rosewood and mahogany veneers, line inlay banded mahogany frame with cock's bead molded edge, bracing to crest, apron and ears are all early period hand-shaped and

Lot: 317 - Small Stiegel type mug

ca. late 18th-early 19th century; small blown Stiegel type mug with polychromal (black, blue, red, green, yellow and white) enameling on colorless glass, applied strap handle and flared foot, scarred base and typical bird, flower and foliage motifs,

Lot: 318 - Blown colorless glass wine & pattern-molded

ca. early 19th century; trumpet wine with a plain stem, flat foot and scarred base, 2"d, 4 1/4"h, Condition: good; pattern-molded syllabub glass with eight twisted ribs, short knobed pedestal on a flat foot and a scarred base, 2 1/4"d, 3 3/4"h,

Lot: 319 - 2 blown in a mold glass bottles

ca. mid & late 19th century; small eight sided dark olive glass bottle with tooled rounded rim, rounded shoulder with elongated panels and a scarred base, 1 3/4"x 5"h, Condition: 1/4" rim flake & dirty interior; four sided green-aquamarine glass

Lot: 320 - 4 miscellaneous English earthenware items

ca. 1845-1860; covered octagonal base teapot with brown transfer of scholar, teacher and tools and elaborately impressed medallion on base, 6 3/4"x 5"x 6 1/4", Condition: (2) 1/4" lid flange flakes, much flaking of lid ledge flange, overall wear on

Lot: 321 - English pearlware covered teapot & sugar bowl

ca. 1830; English Staffordshire pearlware boat form covered teapot and sugar bowl with orange star flower design with green foliage and black details, 5 3/4"x 5 1/4"x 6 1/4" teapot, Condition: 5" mid section horizontal line, 1/4" spout rim flake;

Lot: 322 - Miscellaneous English earthenware

ca. 1810-1855; pearlware molded green shell edged plate, impressed "Herculaneum", 9 3/4"d, Condition: 1/8" rim edge flake; pearlware handleless cup and saucer with stylized blue floral motif, 4"d, 2 1/2"h cup, 5 3/4"d, 1 1/4"h saucer, Condition: cup

Lot: 323 - Ralph Buckwalter folk art walking stick

ca. 1985; carved by Ralph Buckwalter (West Earl Twp., Lancaster Co.) with bright color green painted jumping bullfrog as handle of stick and slithering diamond back rattler snake wrapped on lower shaft of stick with round pin eyes, 8 1/2"x 2 1/4"x 34

Lot: 324 - Early framed embroidered sampler

ca. 1803 dated; attributed to Burkholder-Bennetch family: with fringed border, cross-stitch blue silk border, top with simple small colorful letter line of capitalized letters followed by two lines of maker's name with no breaks, follwed by large

Lot: 325 - Unframed & unsigned sampler

ca. 1839 dated; cross-stitched in brown, blue and light blue thread on loose woven homespun linen fabric, with central floral basket design, large case letter upper line, lower case letter on left border, numbers in right upper corner, stylized

Lot: 326 - Uncommon hooked rug with Native American's hunting

ca. 1900-1920; hooked wool yarn on burlap backer with gray background, red horned charging cattle or bison, 2 primitive hunters (one with spear & one with bow & arrow), 30"x 17"; Condition: Rug's edge is fraying & has extensive fading from original

Lot: 327 - Early full length show towel by Maria Bauman

ca. early 19th century; early homespun linen sampler with red/pink cotton thread cross-stitch and applied darned network in tulips and star design apron with lower fringe, hemmed sides, three upper floral baskets, maker's name, uncommon two blooming

Lot: 328 - Pair of homespun & embroidered pillow cases

ca. 18th-early 19th century; matched pair of homespun linen, hand stitched pillow cases with matched pattern of central four connected diamond block desin, two star blocks in upper corners, two diamond blocks in lower corner, small upper and lower

Lot: 329 - Ornate show twoel by Elizabeth Kaufman

ca. early-mid 19th century; homespun linen towel with hemmed sides, blue and red cross-stitch and wrap-stitch emboridery, darned and knotted fringed on top, two large flower baskets with birds on either side of center star in upper field, two lines

Lot: 330 - Blue ladies quilted petticoat

ca. mid-late 19th century; solid navy cotton fabric petticoat with blue and white ticking top, blue 1/2" ribbon tie cord, brown and white checkerboard pattern fabric liner, fine light blue stitch quilting to lower portion and 8 lines of brown stitch

Lot: 331 - 2 homespun linen show towels

ca. mid-late 19th century; dated 1836 long towel with initial "MK(?)", three homespun linen panels with little to no embroidery, two interior darned and network panels with red and white drawnwork and stitchwork stars and floral vase designs, lower

Lot: 332 - Early homespun linen feedbag of Jacob Horst

ca. 1800-1830; heavy woven hemp on linen bag for grain made from 38" wide loom bolt, hand-stitched edges, elongated opening with original tie cord, block print stamp of "Jacob Horst" in square box with round ball corner marked "N2", 19"x 58";

Lot: 333 - 3 textile pieces

ca. 18th-19th century; fine woven wool white shawl with fringed edge, ornamental box interior and diamond/star design border, 43"x 35", Condition: some soiling, only 1 minor hole noted; blue and white check homespun linen table runner with white

Lot: 334 - Small homespun linen sampler

ca. 1820-1850; by Elisabeth R, small hemmed edge sampler with top line of upper cased letters embroidered in blue and white thread, second line with maker's first name, floral designs in urns with blue, tan, brown and red threads, ladderback chair,

Lot: 335 - 2 homespun linen textiles

ca. 19th-20th century; wedding show towel of "SH & AG", undecorated with upper and lower network three weft and three warp wrapping with white interwoven work of central tulip with bird urn, central design, two off-setting floral baskets, two upper

Lot: 336 - Homespun feed/grain bag of George Kiehl

ca. 1802-1832 (patent date); hemp or heavy linen fabric bag made from 36" homespun bolt, hand stsitched bottom and side, top hand stitched hemmed and has bound tie string holes, wooden block print stamped for George Kiehl with two stars on either

Lot: 337 - 2 brown check fabric aprons

ca. late 19th-early 20th century; brown and white check cotton fabric long apron with pleated edge, waist with long ties and hemmed bottom, made from three stitched pieces, 20"x 35" with 28" ties, Condition: very good; three color brown check cotton

Lot: 338 - 2 rolls of homespun linen

ca. 18th-early 19th century; 34"w loom bolt of homespun non-bleached linen fabric, 34"x 102", Condition: very good, possibly designed for feed bags, fabric appears dark but is natural fabric color; early narrow loom diagonal block weave overshot

Lot: 339 - 2 pieces of punch card needlework

ca. mid-late 19th century; both needlework cross-stitch on punched cardstock paper back: unframed small square card with flower basket design of 6 colors (red, brown, orange, green, blue, yellow) with yellow cross-stitch border, 4 1/2" x 4 1/2",

Lot: 340 - Fishing net shuttle with documentation

ca. 1830 with 1857 date on documentation; narrow hickory splint fish net weaving needle/shuttle with rare sheet of documenation included, document states "Used by great grandfather Stabley when uncle Christian was a boy - about year 1857, by Grandma

Lot: 341 - Engraved house date stone from Samuel Huber

ca. 1783 dated; engraved rectangular sandstone block with thombstone notch band or text block, interior reading "Samuel Huber" illegible (?) Hausfrau and dated 1783, expertly carved by tombstone carver with smooth face and additional two compass star

Lot: 342 - Tray recess carved datestone from Benedict E.

ca. 1800s; recessed tray carved datestone from sandstone block completed in German script "Built by Benedict E. Schelm & E (?) in year (illegible)", 17 1/2"x 15 3/4"x 5 1/2"; Condition: extensive wear to lower block, removed from home & wife name &

Lot: 343 - Candlestand

ca. 1835; small round top over a rectangular pedestal with a door pull under top, pedestal pegged to the stylized base, resting on shoe type feet, a very unusual and early primitive in green paint, 14"x 12 1/2"x 33 1/2"; Condition: age crack to top,

Lot: 344 - English ironstone Gaudy Welsh Seeing Eye group

ca. 1856; English Staffordshire ironstone Gaudy Welsh Seeing Eye pattern decorated in typical blue, copper lustre, green and burnt orange: handleless cup and saucer with reverse of saucer impressed with 1856 registration diamond date and "E Walley

Lot: 345 - English earthenware Historic Blue transfer plate

ca. 1830; with blue ink back stamp of spread eagle "E Pluribus Unum/ The Baltimore & Ohio/ Railroad" (incline) by Enoch Wood & Sons with shell border and circular center of incline, 9"d; Condition: glaze losses on cavello edge & erosion in center, 2"

Lot: 346 - English earthenware Flow Blue & Gaudy Welsh

ca. 1860-1870; ironstone type flow blue brushed Morning Glory design with copper lustre detailing: twelve paneled luncheon sized plate, 8 1/4", Condition: 1/8" rim flake; 14 and 12 paneled handleless cup and saucer, 3"x 3 1/2" cup, 1 1/4"x 5 3/4"

Lot: 347 - 2 pieces of English earthenware pink transfer

ca. 1835; scalloped rim luncheon size plate impressed "Adams" on reverse and pink ink back stamp "Fountain/ Scenery", 8", Condition: good; indented rim Millennium deep dish, 10 1/4"x 1 3/4", Condition: 5/8" foot ring chip

Lot: 348 - 2 English earthenware plates

ca. 1800 & 1830; creamware deep dish with molded scalloped green shell edged rim, 1 1/4"x 8 1/4", Condition: flea bite flakes on foot ring; rainbow spatter border (blue, green and red concentric circles) Adams Rose plate, impressed on reverse "Adams"

Lot: 349 - 5 pieces of English Staffordshire earthenware

ca. 1830- 1860 & mid 20th century; plate in "Italian" pattern, impressed on reverse "Stubbs" (Joseph Stubbs), 10 1/4"d, Condition: good; two deep dishes in the common wild rose pattern, one impressed "Wedgwood & Co" and blue ink back stamp "Wedgwood

Lot: 350 - English earthenware overall red spatter peafowl

ca. 1840; peafowl motif in black, blue, green and yellow, 8"d; Condition: obvious glaze erosion in center of plate, especially on peafowl, 1/8" rim edge flake

Lot: 351 - English earthenware brown transfer of Giraffe

ca. 1840; plate and platter with brown ink backstamp "Published Aug 30th 1836. Agreeably to the act/ Stone Ware/ Giraffe", with plate also marked, "JR" (John Ridgway) with an indented rim, 10", Condition: discolored, 1/2" foot ring flake; and platter

Lot: 352 - Group of Giraffe pattern Staffordshire earthenware

ca. 1840; grey-blue transfer octagonal base creamer, 4 3/4"x 3 1/2"x 4 1/4", Condition: considerable glaze losses on edges; reddish-transfer handleless cup and saucer, 4"d, 2 1/2"h cup, 6"d, 1"h saucer, Condition: good; purple transfer plate with

Lot: 353 - English pearlware footed baluster shaped coffee

ca. 1790; English Staffordshire pearlware footed baluster shaped covered coffee pot with full bodied blue floral design, squat capped finial, goose neck spout and scrolled handle, 6"d, 11"h; Condition: restored finial, handle, rim and spout

Lot: 354 - English earthenware brown transfer covered coffee

ca. 1840; English Staffordshire earthenware covered coffee pot, tall gobular form with ten vertical flutes and brown transfer of mideastern scenery, 6 1/4"d, 10 3/4"h; Condition: chip & flakes on spout, rim, lid ledge and lid interior flange,

Lot: 355 - Group of English ironstone, Excelsior by G.

ca. 1860; mulberry transfer Excelsior pattern with polychromal overglaze enamel in blue, green, red and yellow; mulberry ink back stamp of registration diamond and "Ironstone/ Excelsior/ G. Wooliscroft": covered sauce tureen, 7 1/4"x 6", Condition:

Lot: 356 - 2 pieces of English ironstone, Excelsior by G.

ca. 1860; mulberry transfer Excelsior pattern with polychromal overglaze enamel in blue, green, red and yellow; mulberry ink back stamp of registration diamond and "Ironstone/ Excelsior/ G. Wooliscroft": slightly bulbous octagonal covered teapot, 8"x

Lot: 357 - Group of English ironstone, Excelsior by G.

ca. 1860; mulberry transfer Excelsior pattern with polychromal overglaze enamel in blue, green, red and yellow; mulberry ink back stamp of registration diamond and "Ironstone/ Excelsior/ G. Wooliscroft": deep dish, 1 3/4"x 10 3/4", Condition: good; 9

Lot: 358 - English pearlware rose variant covered coffee pot

ca. 1825; footed urn form with rose variant decoration in black, green, purple and magenta red with a tall dome lid with drum shaped finial and strap handle, 5 3/4"d, 10 1/4"h; Condition: glaze losses on edges

Lot: 359 - English earthenware floral decorated covered

ca. 1840; tall gobular form, decorated with a mulberry red shoulder band and black ring, bracketed by yellow rings, rim and foot black rings and multiple floral sprays in black and mulberry red, domed lid with same decorating motif and a tall

Lot: 360 - English earthenware sprig decorated covered coffee

ca. 1840; tall gobular form with ten vertical flutes, blue, green and red sprig decoration with black detailing and a reddish herringbone band on the shoulder, 6 1/4"d, 11"h; Condition: good

Lot: 361 - 1 gallon cobalt decorated Cowden & Wilcox

ca. 1870; salt glazed one gallon slightly bulbous stoneware pitcher with brushed cobalt stylized foliage with daubs on handle terminals, impressed "Cowden & Wilcox/ Harrisburg, PA" with a rounded rim with simple tooled ring and a mid-section simple

Lot: 362 - Scarce 3 gallon cobalt decorated Wells & Richards

ca. 1845; scarce three gallon salt glazed semi-ovoid stoneware crock impressed "Wells & Richards/ Reading Berks Co PA/ 3" with brushed cobalt motif of two tulips on a foliate stem and reverse deign of a foliate stem, tall flaring neck with a

Lot: 363 - Scarce 2 gallon cobalt decorated Wells & Richards

ca. 1845; scarce two gallon salt glazed semi-ovoid stoneware crock impressed "Wells & Richards/2" with a brushed cobalt motif of a foliate stem and a similar foliate stem on reverse, tall falring neck with a flattened rim and raised collar ring, pair

Lot: 364 - "1894" incised cobalt decorated stoneware mug

ca. 1894; fine salt glazed barrel shaped stoneware mug with two incised bands infilled with brushed cobalt, bracketing an incised "K" and "1894", rounded rim, applied rounded handle and light Albany slip glaze interior, probably Remmy Pottery, Phila,

Lot: 365 - Scarce cobalt decorated Wells & Richard stoneware

ca. 1845; scarce salt glazed slightly bulbous stoneware cream crock impressed "Wells & Richards/ Reading" with a band of brushed cobalt up-sweep and down-sweep swags, thickened neck band and flattened rim with two incised collar rings, 8 3/4"d, 9

Lot: 366 - Cobalt decorated stoneware mug

ca. 1890; salt glazed cobalt decorated barrel shaped stoneware mug with upper and lower sets of three cobalt filled incised rings, cobalt decorated applied handle with two incised ridges, impressed "5" in base, Albany slip glaze interior,

Lot: 367 - 2 gallon cobalt decorated Shenfelder stoneware

ca. 1880; 2 gallon salt glazed cylindrical stoneware butter churn impressed "D.P. Shenfelder/ Reading, PA/ 2" with typical Shenfelder brushed cobalt motif of two flowers on two foliate stems, flattened band rim with interior lid ledge, inverted neck

Lot: 368 - Joseph Moyer cardinal bird carving

ca. 1940-1960; whittled folk art cardinal figure attributed to Joseph Moyer (Reading, PA) on wire legs in a painted plywood base, the body of bird simply painted with red background, black accent on wings, tail and near face and simple carved feather

Lot: 369 - 1 1/2 gallon cobalt decorated Shenfelder stoneware

ca. 1880; 1 1/2 gallon salt glazed cylindrical stoneware butter crock impressed "D.P. Shenfelder/ Reading, PA/ 1 1/2" with typical Shenfelder brushed cobalt motif of two flowers on two foliate stems, flattened in dented banded rim two mid section

Lot: 370 - Joseph Moyer song bird carving

ca. 1930-1960; whittled with head back and beak open with small wire tongue protruding, breast painted red/orange, cap, wings and tail painted dark blue with light blue paint under dark painted beak and wing accent, on wire legs mounted to a

Lot: 371 - Redware polychromal galzed bird whistle

ca. unknown (perhaps 19th century); redware bird whistle with polychromal lead glaze (browns, greens & yellows) of a fantasy bird with a parrot's beak and a turkey's beard, 3"x 2 1/4"x 4 3/4"; Condition: stress line at base of neck & end of 1 wing;

Lot: 372 - Joseph Moyer song bird carving

ca. 1940-1960s; small whittled bird with peg beak on wire legs mounted to a salvaged knot base, painted blue and green with small dot accent and small red spot under beak, 2 1/4"x 1"x 2"; Condition: Some small paint wear

Lot: 373 - Pair of framed sillhouettes

ca. mid-late 19th century; paintings of children with toys on tan stock paper: boy painted in black holding a pinwheel with tan/gray accent lines to hair and outfit; girl holding a doll in black paint with tan/gray accent to hair, dress and doll;

Lot: 374 - Framed watercolor portrait of a young gentleman in

ca. 1810-1830; framed in Federal era gilded ogee molded frame behind reverse painted glass, unsigned of a young gentleman wearing a high collar blue Regency era frock coat with double breasted buttons, frilly white shirt with bow tie, painted locket

Lot: 375 - Framed scissors work sillhouette of a young woman

ca. 19th century; of a lady with hair in bun wearing a dress with waist-tie bow and buttoned bodice, pencil written with name Martha Garraway (?) and framed in a simple chamfered frame with red milk paint, 6 3/4"x 9 3/4"x 1" framed; Condition: Paper

Lot: 376 - German Script Martin Luther's "New Testament" with

ca. 1826 dated in imprint; water bookplate leaflet inset into leather bound imprint from Carlisle date 1826, printed by Moser & Peters, bookplate dated 1827 of Margaretha Kercher has tombstone arch border of green and red with large colorful floral

Lot: 377 - Fraktur watercolor bookmark of bird for Margaretha

ca. 1830; watercolor Fraktur picture of peafowl on berry bush, eating berries with small favor or bookmark with lined edge with Margaretha Kerger and possible date of 1830 on left margin, drawing on laid paper and completed by unattributed artist,

Lot: 378 - Watercolor Fraktur bookplate

ca. 1830; fine watercolor floral design with colorful watercolor accented ink drawing of flower growing from single stem, flowers done with compass and have pinwheel design with bright yellow, orange and green around black pinwheel, bookplate

Lot: 379 - Unmatched set of baskets

ca. 1880-1930; small ash splint round berry basket with flat peaked center bottom, flat steam bent 8 shaved handle, rim double splint with single wrap, 5 1/4"d, 7"h; medium ash and walnut splint round basket with wrapped splint foot, two-color ash

Lot: 380 - Domed top gooseneck copper tea kettle by F. Clark

ca. 1814-1840; kettle signed on loose handle by F. Clark, Harrisburg; traditional round shaped copper kettle in dovetailed construction with gooseneck shaped spout fastened with large round top rivets, loose strap handle on wide three-riveted hanger

Lot: 381 - PA folk art paint decorated footstool

ca. 1880 stool with later paint; splayed legs with spire tip cut-out on legs, nail fastened top with inset aprons with dog's ear cut-out ends, paint appears later with cream/tan ground and colorful PA folk art decoration of peafowl and rose on top,

Lot: 382 - Early splint hickory tray bottom gathering basket

ca. early 19th century; rectangular tray shaped basket with shallow sides and two narrow splint high loop handles, gathered and splint wrapped in center, hickory with unusual triple over single weave, sides with heavy bevel edge splint rim with X or

Lot: 383 - Domed top gooseneck tea kettle by Adam Wolf

ca. 1820-1850; Adam Wolf (Shippensburg, PA) signed copper tea kettle with traditional rounded copper dovetailed construction, gooseneck spout flared and soldered mounted, strap handle loose mounted with flat rivet to flared 2 riveted hanger mount,

Lot: 384 - Grain painted "mystery" safe

ca. 1880; Henry Lapp style type miniature chest of drawers in nail constructed softwood with single pull out "trap-bottom" drawer that when slid in drops belongings into a compartment hidden behind two false drawer fronts, with cut-out bracket feet,

Lot: 385 - 2 ash splint baskets with handles

ca. 1870-1930; late child's egg basket with melon shaped bottom with walnut and ash splint weaves, small copper wire fasteners on rim and handle bands, Condition: primitive later era form, as found good; expertly crafted "orschbok" buttocks shaped

Lot: 386 - Miniature dovetailed mahogany blanket chest

ca. 1840-1880; fine cut dovetailed chest with crotch-grain lid on brass butt hinges, ogee molded rim band on lid, full wrapped Grecian ogee molded base, chest bottom poplar with till crafted from pine and chest has original stain and varnish finish

Lot: 387 - 2 unmatched round hardwood splint round baskets

ca. 1850-1910; ash splint round utility basket with two loop handles with fruit basket having shallow flared sides, high pointed dome in bottom and knotch-carved steam bent loop handles fixed in two splint rod rim with single wrap, wide shaved staves

Lot: 388 - 2 unsigned gooseneck coffee tea kettles

ca. 1810-1840; both dovetailed with gooseneck spouts, domed lids and loose strap handles: flange and riveted soput, brass strap loose handle with four punch strike on fan shape mount hanger and dome lid with cast brass knob, 8 1/2"d, 3 1/2" spout,

Lot: 389 - 7 cannister revolving tin spice rack

ca. 1880-1910; rare revolving pedestal base rack with mounted cast iron totes/handles, painted red guilded and stenciled rim, the rack holds seven green painted tin domed lid cannisters that have a raise rolled collar to hold in rack with flared

Lot: 390 - C.H. Shearer oil on canvas

ca. 1926; a path through the woods, signed and dated lower left, in a gold matted frame, 46"x 33" overall, 35"x 19 1/2" sight; Condition: lined & reframed, not inspected for inpainting

Lot: 391 - Clarence Ira Dreisbach oil on board

ca. 1950; "Walnuttown Berks County Penna" titled on reverse of a summertime scene of a quiet street in a white and gold painted frame with biographical information on reverse, 24"x 20" overall, 19 1/4"x 15 1/4" sight; Condition: excellent & original

Lot: 392 - Clarence Ira Dreisbach oil on board

ca. 1960; titled "Little Lehigh" Allentown, PA of a snowscape with stream in a white painted frame with biographical information on reverse, 16"x 13" overall, 11 1/4"x 8 1/2" sight; Condition: excellent & original, may benefit from cleaning

Lot: 393 - Ralph D. Dunkelberger oil on canvas

ca. 1950; winter snow scene with two monastic men walking from a stone building with two people near a well pump in background, signed lower right, in the original off-white colored frame, 27 1/4"x 23 1/4" overall, 21 1/2"x 17 1/2" sight; Condition:

Lot: 394 - Folk art painting

ca. 1970; quaint winter scene of horsedriven sled and bungalow on a sunny winter day, painted on wood panelling in a thin black frame, 16 1/2"x 14 1/2" overall, 14 1/2"x 12 1/2" sight; Condition: painting loose in frame

Lot: 395 - Oil on canvas

ca. 1966; winter snow scene of two children ice skating beside a covered bridge in an older gold painted frame, signed lower right Louree 1966; Condition: frame repainted

Lot: 396 - Oil on canvas

ca. 1965; winter snow scene of a church in a wooded area signed Louree 1965 lower left, in an older gold painted frame, 30 1/4"x 26" overall, 23"x 19 1/2" sight; Condition: frame repainted

Lot: 397 - Chest of drawers

ca. 1830; in cherry with mahogany veneer with a reeded edged top over two larger drawers over three drawers, flanked by reeded sides and reeded center between top drawers, glass pulls, all resting on turned feet with castors, 41 1/4"x 21 1/2"x 41

Lot: 398 - 2 pc. cherry corner cupboard

ca. 1830; cove molded top over the nine light door with scalloped skirting over the base with two doors with recessed panels, over the shaped apron, all on straight bracket feet, 42 1/2"x 25 1/2"x 87 1/2"; Condition: 4"x 1/2" piece of wood missing

Lot: 399 - Chest of drawers

ca. 1825; mixed wood, cherry and tiger maple with a cherry top over four drawers, recessed side panels, all resting on short turned legs, 43"x 19 3/4"x 42"; Condition: refinished, replaced pulls, 1 lock missing

Lot: 400 - Shop desk

ca. 1830; in pine with a reddish stain, slant lid opening to the interior with iron butt hinges, over four turned legs, 28 3/4"x 27"x 34 1/2"; Condition: back splash missing, age & use wear, keeper for lock missing, repair to top left leg

Lot: 401 - Signed dropleaf table

ca. 1810; in mahogany with bold conch shell inlays on both ends, swing out supports for drops, all in the original surface and signed indistinctly under top, 37 3/4"x 21"x 29"; Condition: shell inlay lifting on both ends, hinges broken & reattached

Lot: 402 - Candlestand

ca. 1760; in mahogany with a round top over a bird cage support over a turned urn shaped pedestal on cabriole legs ending in snake feet, 21 1/2"x 6 1/4"x 34 1/2"; Condition: battans replaced, additional piece of wood added to hold lock, one turning

Lot: 403 - 2 Hepplewhite shield back side chairs

ca. 1820; one with bellflower inlay on shaped crest and legs, pierced shield back, upholstered seat on tapered legs and stretcher base, Condition: repair to shield back near crest & left front leg at top, replaced carved horizontal piece on back; one

Lot: 404 - Desk with drawer

ca. ; in oak with pine secondaries, probably part of a larger piece of furniture, 25 1/2"x 18 1/2"x 9 1/4"; Condition: later wood strips added underneath on sides, probably the top to a cabinet or had legs at one time, 2 rectangular pieces replaced

Lot: 405 - English splat back side chair

ca. 1750; nicely shaped crest over turned stiles flanking the ornately carved splat over a rush seat supported by turned legs and boldly turned frotn stretcher, all resting on pad feet, 18 1/2"x 13 1/2"x 40"; Condition: retains an early if not

Lot: 406 - Chest of drawers

ca. 1825; Sheraton chest with cherry top with reeded sides over four drawers with tiger maple veneer and original brass pulls and double recessed sides all resting on short turned legs, 41 3/4"x 21 1/2"x 39 3/4"; Condition: old refinish

Lot: 407 - Cherry chest of drawers

ca. 1810; with reeded molded top over four graduated drawers with stamped brasses with pulls, all locks and escuteons intact, all resting on original French feet, 41 3/4"x 20 1/2"x 41 1/2"; Condition: refinished, repair to left side of lower drawer

Lot: 408 - Walter Steely combback writing arm chair

ca. 1950; shaped crest ending in volute carved ears over a spindled back, left arm nicely contoured, right with a shaped writing surface with single drawer beneach, saddle seat, all resting on an H stretcher base ending in blunt arrow feet, 36 1/2"x

Lot: 409 - Walter Steely cobbler's bench

ca. 1940; bench made of pine with nicely tooled and engraved decoration on sides and top of seat with work area including five engraved tulips, all in a darker walnut colored finish, 44"x 20 1/2"x 17 3/4"; Condition: age crack at base of drawer, wear

Lot: 410 - Walter Steely combback Windsor arm chair

ca. mid 20th century; shaped crest ending in carved volute ears over a spindled back with shaped arms, turned supports over the saddle seat with an H stretcher base, blunt arrow feet and stamped "WS" under seat, 29 1/2"x 17 1/4"x 46 1/2"; Condition:

Lot: 411 - Walter Steely dropleaf farm table

ca. mid 20th century; oblong top with extended drops with butt hinges, supported by nicely shaped swing outs, one long drawer with turned pulls, all resting on early style turned legs with box stretcher, resting on turned squat feet and stamped WS on

Lot: 412 - Historic Blue platter of Pennsylvania Hospital

ca. 1825; choice English Staffordshire earthenware oblong octagonal platter in Historic Blue transfer with blue ink back stamp "Beauties of America/ Pennsylvania Hospital/ Philadelphia/ I & W Ridgway" (John & William Ridgway), 14 1/4"x 18 1/2";

Lot: 413 - 2 Historic Blue dishes with Philadelphia views

ca. 1825; deep dish with blue ink back stamp "The Dam/ and/ Water Works/ Philadelphia" by Henshall, Williamson & Co, 9"d, 1 1/4"h, Condition: 1/4" rim glaze ; plate with blue ink back stamp "Upper Ferry Bridge/ over the/ River Schuylkill" spread

Lot: 414 - Fine blue transfer English earthenware coffee pot

ca. 1825; round slightly bulbous coffee pot with blue transfer of a man fishing in the foreground and an unknown church in the background with rose and scroll border and dome top lid with a beehive finial, 5 3/4"d, 10 3/4"h; Condition: shallow 1/4"

Lot: 415 - Historic Blue plate "Union Line"

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthenware plate with Historic Blue transfer with irregular center shell border of "Union Line" paddle wheeler, impressed on reverse "Wood & Sons, Burslem Warranted/ Semi China", 10"d; Condition: good

Lot: 416 - Scarce Historic Blue platter, Arms of New Jersey

ca. 1830; English Staffordshire earthenware platter with blue ink backstamp of the seal of United States (spread eagle and "E Pluribus Unum" banner), attributed to Thomas Mayer pottery, 14 3/4"x 18"; Condition: restored rim

Lot: 417 - Scarce Historic Blue Connecticut gravy tureen

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthenware gravy tureen under tray in Historic Blue transfer of the Arms of Connecticut with blue ink back stamp of spread eagle "E Pluribus Unum" banner and impressed "T Mayer Stoke Staffordshire" "Warranted and

Lot: 418 - Group of 4 under trays, 2 platters & 2 custard

ca. 1825; group of English Staffordshire earthenware in various blue transfers: four small oblong under trays including a rare "Redgrave Hall" (blue ink back stamp), impressed "A Stevenson, Warranted Staffordshire" with the wild rose border and an

Lot: 419 - 2 Historic Blue American scene dishes

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthenware dishes: deep dish with blue ink back stamp "Beauties of America/ Octagon Church/ Boston/ I & W Ridgway" (John & William Ridgway), 9 3/4"d, 1 1/4"h, Condition: service marks & discolored, 1/4" under rim

Lot: 420 - Historic Blue covered vegetable "A Ship of the

ca. 1830; English Staffordshire earthenware square covered vegetable, Historic Blue transfer of an irregular center "A Ship of the Line in the Downs" attributed to Enoch Wood & Sons, 5 1/4"x 9 1/2"; Condition: small edge restoration to lid,

Lot: 421 - 2 Historic Blue American hotel view plates

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthenware: plate with blue ink back stamp "Nahant Hotel/ near/ Boston" impressed "Stubbs & Kent, Longport", with a spread eagle border, 8 1/4"d, Condition: good; plate with blue ink back stamp "City Hotel/ New York",

Lot: 422 - Historic Blue plate "States"

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthenware plate with building and sheep on lawn, 15 states border and impressed on reverse "Clews Warranted Staffordshire", 8 3/4"d, Condition: good

Lot: 423 - 2 English earthenware blue transfer coffee pots

ca. 1830; slightly bulbous with dome top lids with acorn finials: view of two women in a park like setting, 6 1/2"d, 11"h, Condition: lid & spout restored, cracked handle, some glaze losses on rim edges; flowers in a basket design with base impressed

Lot: 424 - 2 Historic Blue American view plates

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthenware: plate with blue ink back stamp "Mitchell & Freeman's/ China & Glass Warehouse/ Chatham St, Boston", also impressed "Adams Warranted Staffordshire", 8 3/4"d, Condition: imperfections on edge of inner

Lot: 425 - Historic Blue Mount Vernon vegetable dish

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthenware oblong vegetable dish in Historic Blue transfer with blue ink back stamp "Beauties of America/ Mount Vernon/ I & W Ridgway" (John & William Ridgway), 2"x 9 1/2"x 11"; Condition: missing lid, some

Lot: 426 - Historic Blue Albany dish

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthenware dish with blue ink back stamp "Albany", attributed to Clews, 9 3/4"d, 1 1/4"h; Condition: reverse 1" line (not through), 3/8" section of foot ring abraded (?for testing?)

Lot: 427 - Historic Blue City of Albany plate

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthenware plate with blue ink back stamp of spread eagle "E Pluribus Unum" banner and "City of Albany/ State of New York" and impressed "E Wood & Sons Burslem Warranted" and "Semi China" with seal of the United

Lot: 428 - Fine Historic Blue Hope Mill soup tureen under

ca. 1825; fine English Staffordshire earthenware soup tureen under tray with blue ink back stamp of spread eagle "E Pluribus Unum" banner and "Hope Mill Catskill/ State of New York", oval ridged tray with pair o shell form ends and oval central

Lot: 429 - Historic Blue oval Columbus, Ohio platter

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthenware platter with blue ink back stamp "Columbus", attributed to Clews, 11 1/2"x 14 1/4"; Condition: 5/8" rim chip

Lot: 430 - Blown Pittsburgh uncolored pillar mold glass vase

ca. 1850; uncolored blown glass, Pittsburgh pillar mold vase with flat rim, eight ribs on an applied stem and flat and scarred base, 6"d, 10"h; Condition: good

Lot: 431 - Early American pressed glass Excelsior candlestick

ca. 1850; uncolored candlestick with six petaled scalloped base and scalloped rim, 8"d, 3 3/4"w; Condition: flakes on top rim & a few flakes on base

Lot: 432 - Pair of uncolored sandwich glass pressed star &

ca. 1855; dual capped fluid burners and hexagonal font applied on a pressed hexagonal base, 12 1/4"x 3 3/4"; Condition: part of burner cap chain missing

Lot: 433 - Early American pressed glass Excelsior compote

ca. 1850; on a high standard with round base and scalloped rim, 10 1/4"d, 9 1/4"h; Condition: good

Lot: 434 - Group of uncolored early American pressed glass

ca. 1850; Excelsior pattern including: celery, Britianna condiment rack with five bottles, solitary condiment bottle, creamer, decantor, double egg cup, pair of salts, footed salt, spoon holder and sugar with double knob finial; Ashburton pattern

Lot: 435 - Group of uncolored early American pressed glass

ca. 1850; Excelsior pattern including: footed ale glass, three footed goblets, two double egg cups, two jelly glasses, footed tumbler with rayed base, two tumblers, handled lemonade cup, seven various wines/cordials, variant open sugar, Ashburton

Lot: 436 - PA redware bowl

ca. 1880; with interior having pumpkin yellowish-brown lead glaze, rolled rim, almost vertical sides, 11 1/4"d, 4 1/4"h; Condition: some interior service marks

Lot: 437 - 4 gallon cobalt decorated PH Smith stoneware crock

ca. 1850; four gallon salt glazed semi-ovoid crock with brushed cobalt corn plant type motif, daubs on pair of applied lug ear handles, cobalt coating on impressed "P.H. Smith" and "4" (Philip H Smith, Akron, Ohio), with a flattened rim, high collar

Lot: 438 - 4 gallon cobalt decorated stoneware jug

ca. 1840; salt glazed ovoid jug with brushed cobalt three flowered stem, impressed "4", daub of cobalt on upper handle terminus, flattened slightly round rim and Albany slip glaze interior, 12 3/4"d, 17"h; Condition: minor edge flake & stress marks

Lot: 439 - Cobalt decorated stoneware jar

ca. 1875; salt glazed cylindrical jar with two brushed cobalt double three petal flowers on a stem, flattened rim, recessed neck, tooled collar ring and incised shoulder ring, 6 3/4"d, 9 1/2"h; Condition: shallow 2" foot flake

Lot: 440 - 4 gallon cobalt decorated stoneware jar

ca. 1865; salt glazed cylindrical jar with brushed cobalt full double floral and feathered foliage band, brushed cobalt daubs on both projecting lug ear handles, impressed "4" on shoulder, flattened rim, recessed neck and sloping shoulder, 11"d, 14

Lot: 441 - 2 gallon cobalt decorated D.P. Shenfelder jug

ca. 1880; two gallon salt glazed bulbous jug with brushed cobalt trailing foliage and flower Shenfelder motif cobalt daubs at base of handle, impressed "D.P. Shenfelder/ Reading, PA/ 2", rounded elongated rim with everted neck, bulbous shoulder and

Lot: 442 - Cobalt decorated John Bell stoneware bowl

ca. 1870; salt glazed panform stoneware bowl with brushed cobalt feathered band design on shoulder, impressed "John Bell/ Waynesboro" with a flattened thickened rim, slightly tapered sides and Albnay slip glaze interior, 8 1/2"d, 4 1/4"h; Condition:

Lot: 443 - 3 gallon cobalt decorated M&T; Miller stoneware

ca. 1870; salt glazed slightly bulbous stoneware crock with brushed cobalt four point butterfly bush flowers and foliage motif impressed "M&T Miller/Newport, PA/ 3" (Michael & Theophilus Miller), cobalt daubs on pair of lug ear handle terminals,

Lot: 444 - 2 gallon cobalt decorated J&E; Norton stoneware

ca. 1855; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware jug with slipped cobalt bird on a stump motif, impressed "J&E Norton/ Burlington, VT/ 2" with a flattened rounded rim, rounded shoulder and Albany slip glaze interior, 9 1/4"d, 14"h; Condition: small stone

Lot: 445 - Fine 2 gallon cobalt decorated stoneware jar

ca. 1865; salt glazed cylindrical jar with bright two-sided brushed cobalt flower and foliage motif with squiggly collar band, flattened squared rim, everted neck, tooled collar rings, Albany slip glaze interior, attributed to Remmey Pottery,

Lot: 446 - Polychrome paint decorated arch top trunk

ca. early 19th century; believed to be a continental immigrant's chest of quarter-sawn oak wood in pin nail construction, painted dark black with white painted banding, front with central bird and tulip vine design, top with floral vine and sides of

Lot: 447 - Domed top toleware coffee pot

ca. 1810-1840; lighthouse shaped domed coffee pot with crooked spout and reinforced handle, retaining the original black lacquered paint with round vignettes of pomegranate and floral designs on a gray round background, foot and rim accented with

Lot: 448 - Framed Fraktur by Jungmann

ca. 1799 printed; printed in Reading by Gottlieb Jungmann and Fraktur attributed to Johann Conrad Gilbert; German printed birth record for Magdalena Alwein, daughter of Johannes & Eva Alwein, born March 16, 1786, with a heart shaped text box with two

Lot: 449 - New England toleware document box

ca. 1810-1840; tinware document box in early yellow toleware paint with black and red pinstriping, front embellished with gold leaf rose stencil leaf with black stroke accent, domed lid on tin wrapped pin hinge, lid with wire loop, 8"x 4"x 4 1/2";

Lot: 450 - Framed printed German taufschein

ca. 1807; attributed to printing by Johann Ritter & decorated by Frederick Christopher Bischoff; the German print birth & baptism record is of Hanna Ulrich, daughter of Johannes & Margareth Ulrich, Alsace Twp., Berks Co., PA born 10/15/1801; with

Lot: 451 - 2 pieces of red toleware child's tinware

ca. 1840-1860; round domed lidded candy pale with red toleware base paint and gold stencil paint "My Girl" with molded domed lid and wire loop handle, 2 3/4"d, 2"h, Condition: missing wire loop handle, extensive paint loss & scratches; handled cup

Lot: 452 - Framed Wetzel Fraktur

ca. 5/10/1803; "Mein Sohn" Geburts und Taufschein of Wilhelm Wetzel with central tombstone design text box with flying angel in arch, top corners of Fraktur with geometric starburst design, each side of arch with floral urn, tulips with birds and

Lot: 453 - Black toleware dome coffee pot

ca. 1810-1840; lighthouse shaped domed coffee pot in black paint with red pomegranate fruit and yellow brush stroke accent, angle spout, side mounted wire braced handle, domed lid mounted on a mounted wrap-strap hinge and small loop knob, 5"d, 8

Lot: 454 - Small framed ink & watercolor "Tom on His Goat"

ca. 1831 dated; attributed to Abraham W. Heebner School (or family), initialed by artist S.L.H. on laid paper of a small bookplate of a boy on his goat wearing a vet, long trousers, overcoat and holding a whip, done in ink entitled "Tom On His Goat",

Lot: 455 - "Schtockschnitzler" Simmons carved bird walking

ca. late 19th century; carved bird hand grip with red and black decoration, 39 1/4"; Condition: varnished over

Lot: 456 - Walnut Bible box on turned feet

ca. 19th century; solid walnut wood chest in dovetailed construction with single plank lid banded with small belection molding, set on early brass butt hinges, the walnut bottom is nose molded and applied with small brad nails on original turned

Lot: 457 - Paint decorated slide lid box

ca. 18th-19th century; paint decorated yellow pine slide lid box in dovetail construction with pegged plank bottom, box with molded rim above slot, early green milk paint and salmon paint on rim, slide lid with raised panel and gouge chisel finger

Lot: 458 - Large oak round cheese box

ca. 1890-1920; large oak round band box with softwood bottom, round head nail fasteners, oak banded softwood lid with interior mounted "Old King Cole -Fancy Patent 196" flour barrel label with wire loose handle with cup mounts and dark walnut stain

Lot: 459 - Green painted softwood three drawer seed chest

ca. 1880-1910; table top three drawer chest made from mixed woods and cut-nail construction with recessed pnael sides, chamfered edge top with knotched corner front, case based with cove molding, dark green paint and white porcelain knobs, 16 3/4"x 7

Lot: 460 - Large grain paint decorated round band box

ca. 1850-1900; large round band box made from softwood with round head iron nail fasteners, wire swing handle on tin flange mounts, box with banded lid, box and lid are grain painted with a faux bird's eye maple decoration with black stain graining

Lot: 461 - Homemade cloth toy kangaroo & joey

ca. 1930s; beautiful matched set of orange and tan cloth kangaroo with joey that fits in front pouch, made from orange/red cotton fabric and tan fabric with wool/batting stuffing, stitch eyes and nose, attached large ears and large kangaroo with

Lot: 462 - Cunningham's Ice Cream lithograph oval tin tray by

ca. 1920s; fine lithograph oval tray with factory scene of Cunningham's Ice Cream & Fruit Ices with green rim, red lettering with yellow trim, factory scene with two story factory with blue and white striped awning on one wing and two early Mack

Lot: 463 - Small toleware box & splayed leg footstool

ca. 1850-1880; small domed lid toleware box with black lacquer base and floral paint decoration, domed lid on wrapped tin strap on wire hinges and rolled tin hasp and keeper, brown/black lacquer base and colorful red and green floral banded front and

Lot: 464 - 2 painted round band boxes

ca. 1850-1900; brown painted round band box with softwood bottom and lid, iron round head nail fasteners, wire swing handle mounted on cup hangers on rim band, banded lid with wooden peg fasteners, 8 3/4"d, 5 1/4"h, Condition: later era box with

Lot: 465 - 4 pieces large carved stone fruit

ca. 1910-1950; probably Italian cared marble/alabaster with paint or stain decoration: peach with wooden stem and orange/red paint decoration, 3 1/2"d, 3"h, Condition: minor scratches to painted surface; large green painted pepper with wooden stem,

Lot: 466 - Pair of folk art characature carvings

ca. dated 1937; large standing folk art carving of husband and wife, Fred & Lucile Baxter, Pottstown, PA by unknown carver, peg mounted to molded wood square base, signed in pencil noting Fred & Lucile: man standing with outstretched arms and wearing

Lot: 467 - Match pair of cast iron & worught iron "Anchor"

ca. mid-20th century; cast iron anchor shaped fronts with welded square three footed log rack, with two shovel type anchor with ring top nad has chain to connect anchors, casting is later casting, painted black, 13"x 21"x 16 1/2"; Condition: very

Lot: 468 - 2 American standing pewter spirit lamps

ca. 1845; dual burner spirit lamps: truncated cone font, 4 1/2"d, 7 1/4"h, Condition: oxidized surface, some denting that misaligns the font, missing the pair of burner caps; acorn shape font with gadroon type base and handle connecting the base and

Lot: 469 - 2 American standing pewter whale oil lamps

ca. 1845; dual burner whale oil lamps: truncated cone font, 3 1/2"d, 6"h, Condition: oxidized surface, missing the pair of burner caps; bell shaped font with molded handle on font, threaded brass ring between font and burners, 3 3/4"d, 4"h,

Lot: 470 - 3 American standing pewter spirit lamps

bell font handled spirit lamps: pair of single burner lamps with a raised "5" on the base and simple strap handles attached to font, 2 1/2"d, 3 3/4"h, Condition: oxidized surfaces, missing burner caps; lamp with dual spirit burner, impressed "5" on

Lot: 471 - 2 pewter standing lamps

ca. early-mid 19th century; standing oil lamps: central European tall style lamp with covered urn shaped font, curved spout, cylindrical standard with mid-section vertical open loop hand grasp and a round dished base, 5 1/4"d, 11 1/2"h, Condition:

Lot: 472 - Britannia Flagon by Leonard, Reed & Barton &

ca. 1840 & 1850; Britannia flagon with touch of "Leonard, Reed and Barton" (Taunton, Mass), step top dome hinged lid, slightly tapered cylindrical body and flaired base and a simple scroll handle, 6 3/4"d, 11"h, Condition: good; Britannia teapot with

Lot: 473 - 3 single reeded edge pewter plates

ca. first half 19th century; American with touch of "Thomas D Boardman" (Hartford, Conn), 7 3/4"d, Condition: noticable service marks; two central European plates with worn touches, 8 3/4" & 9"d, Condition: larger plate has a pocketed surface, other

Lot: 474 - 2 chairs

ca. 1750; two slat back similarly styled side chairs with shaped crest, splat backs, rush seats and bulbous turned stretchers in front, 19"x 13 1/2"x 38 1/4"; Condition: both with age & use wear

Lot: 475 - Side chair

ca. 1770; in mahogany with shaped crest, splat back, rush seat on four straight legs with stretchers, 19 3/4"x 16"x 33 1/4"; Condition: feet shortened at one time

Lot: 476 - Windsor fan back side chair

ca. 1991; signed LHM 1991 under seat, the shaped crest ending in carved volute ears with seven spindle back, saddle seat, all resting on turned legs ending in blunt arrow feet, retaining an excellent antiqued finish, 17"x 13 1/2"x 33 3/4"; Condition:

Lot: 477 - Paint decorated blanket chest

ca. 1810; in pine with paint decoration, the lid opening to a left side till with slide lid compartment, butt hinges, lock and oval escuteon, all resting on ogee feet, 49 1/4"x 22 1/2"x 22 1/2"; Condition: keeper for lock is missing, feet & top with

Lot: 478 - 2 part corner cupboard

ca. 1830; in cherry with a cove molded top over two eight-light doors over the base with two drawers over two doors with recessed panels, all resting on straight bracket feet, 47 1/4"x 33 3/4"x 85"; Condition: refinished

Lot: 479 - Chest of drawers

ca. 1760; in walnut with a molded top over two drawers over three drawers with drop pulls, molded recessed sides resting on large bulbous feet in front and straight feet in rear, 21 3/4"x 23 1/4"x 41"; Condition: pulls replaced, some later repairs

Lot: 480 - Low boy

ca. 1750; in walnut with a thumb molded top over four drawers with engraved cast brasses, scalloped skirt on front and sides, all on cabriole legs ending in the original Spanish feet, 32 3/4"x 20 1/2"x 30 1/4"; Condition: drawer bottoms reattached &

Lot: 481 - Chest of drawers

ca. 1620; early English "chest on chest" in oak with oak secondary wood, the molded top over four drawrs each frame molded to simulate two drawers each, with cast and pierced original escuteons, all resting on bun feet, 38 1/2"x 21"x 33 3/4";

Lot: 482 - Dressing table

ca. 1750; mahogany veneered with string inlay on top and around the single drawer with two brass bale pulls, pine secondary wood, resting on corner reeded and inside chamfered legs, 28 1/2"x 16 1/2"x 29 1/2"; Condition: some inlay is missing from

Lot: 483 - Jelly cupboard

ca. 1820; in poplar with a red wash, backplash with rounded sides, two drawer with wood pulls over two doors with recessed panels and early butt hinges, all resting on bulbous feet, 43 1/2"x 20"x 46"; Condition: top 2 drawer pulls are old

Lot: 484 - Poplar chair table

ca. 1850; with two board top, over straight arms with mortis and tenon construction over a lift lid hinged seat, all on straight rectangular legs and retaining the original red wash, 48"x 25"x 52 1/4"; Condition: castors applied to legs at one time,

Lot: 485 - Pine bench

ca. 1840; with morised and tenon construction and boot jack ends in the original surface, 54 3/4"x 11"x 18 1/2"; Condition: several nails added to secure top to base

Lot: 486 - Tea table

ca. 1760; in mahogany with a lip molded top over two battans, flanking the bird cage support, over a turned pedestal with suppressed ball resting on cabriole legs, ending in padded snake feet and original iron support on legs, 28 1/2"x 7 1/2"x 45

Lot: 487 - Lancaster County tall case clock

ca. 1800; probably John Heinselman, Manheim Twp.; in cherry with an 8 day weight driven movement with time, strike, sweep second hand, calendar and moon phase, the cherry case with broken arch top with pinwheel inlays and herringbone inlay above dial

Lot: 488 - Tea table

ca. 1760; in mahogany with a round top over a bird cage support over a turned pedestal resting on cabriole legs ending in snake feet, 31 3/4"x 9 3/4"x 47 1/2"; Condition: old repairs to 1 foot, extra holes in 1 battan to secure top

Lot: 489 - English pearlware Gaudy Dutch single rose plate

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire pearlware Gaudy Dutch single rose plate with a single border of a connecting yellow string of heart-like dots on blue band, 7 1/4"d; Condition: slight service marks & spot of glaze loss on border

Lot: 490 - English pearlware Gaudy Dutch single rose waste

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire pearlware Gaudy Dutch single rose waste bowl with a single border of a string of yellow dots on blue, 6 1/4"d, 3"h; Condition: slight wear on overglaze enamel, especially the rim

Lot: 491 - English pearlware Gaudy Dutch dahlia plate &

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire pearlware: Dahlia plate with double border, blue band and alternating pink heart shaped dots and fine point plugs and a wavy brown-red line, 8"d, Condition: heavy service marks & glaze losses on edges; Gaudy Dutch-like

Lot: 492 - English pearlware Gaudy Dutch oyster cup & saucer

ca. 1825; handleless cup and saucer in oyster pattern with an orangey-salmon ground and sectional paneled border, 3 1/2"d, 2 1/4"h cup, 5 1/4"d, 1 1/4"h saucer; Condition: cup has some wear on edges, saucer has shallow 1/8" flake on foot ring &

Lot: 493 - English pearlware Gaudy Dutch carnation cup &

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire pearlware handleless cup and saucer in carnation pattern with single border of a connecting string of yellow heart shaped dots on blue, 3 1/2"d, 2 1/2"h cup, 5 1/2"d, 1 1/4"h saucer; Condition: slight wear

Lot: 494 - Group of English pearlware

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire pearlware, all with overglaze enamel decorations: small plate with basket of flowers and strawberry motif, Condition: some losses to overglaze enamel; handleless cup and saucer with stylized rusty red flower and

Lot: 495 - English earthenware 4 color rainbow spatter

ca. 1840; English Staffordshire earthenware child's handleless cup and saucer in four color rainbow spatter; saucer with yellow center with purple spatter conut encircled by green, purple and yellow spatter forming three arcs with black spatter dots

Lot: 496 - English earthenware 2 color rainbow spatter plate

ca. 1840; English Staffordshire earthenware two color rainbow spatter plate, center with a green spatter dot surrounded by two concentric circules in red and green spatter and a border of alternating red and green spatter radiating stripes, 10 1/2"d;

Lot: 497 - English earthenware 2 color rainbow spatter

ca. 1840; English Staffordshire earthenware two color rainbow spatter handleless cup and saucer with peafowl motif in alternating purple and red spatter radiating stripes and a blue, black, red and yellow peafowl, 3 3/4"d, 2 1/2"h cup, 5 3/4"d, 1"h

Lot: 498 - Small English earthenware 2 color rainbow spatter

ca. 1840; English Staffordshire earthenware plate with a black spatter dot surrounded by two concentric circles in purple and black spatter and a border of alternating black and purple spatter radiating stripes, 6"d; Condition: good

Lot: 499 - 2 English earthenware 2 color rainbow spatter cups

ca. 1840; English Staffordshire earthenware handleless cups and saucer: saucer with central purple spatter dot encricled by a brown spatter donut and a border of alternating brown and purple radiating spatter stripes along with a cup in matching

Lot: 500 - English earthenware primrose spatter cup & saucer

ca. 1840; English Staffordshire earthenware handleless cup and saucer in primrose motif with red spatter and primrose design in black, green, purple and yellow, 4"d, 2 1/4"h cup, 5 3/4"d, 1 1/4"h saucer; Condition: cup with 7/8" & 5/8" rim lines;

Lot: 501 - 2 English earthenware spatter child's teapots

ca. 1840; English Staffordshire earthenware child's covered teapots: overall blue spatter rectangular London boat form, 4"x 3 1/4"x 3 3/4", Condition: 3/8 "under rim flake, spout has glaze flake; footed, oval rainbow spatter (blue, green and red

Lot: 502 - 2 English earthenware spatter cups & saucers

ca. 1840; overall purple spatter with peafowl design in blue, black, green and yellow, 3 3/4"d, 2 1/4"h cup, 5 3/4"d, 1 1/4"h saucer, Condition: cup & saucer each have 1/2" bruise on foot ring; four bud saucer, three bud cup with green and red

Lot: 503 - 3 English earthenware spatter items

ca. 1840; slightly bulbous chld's covered teapot in black and red rainbow spatter, 3 1/2"d, 3 3/4"h, Condition: lid has restored rim & 1/2" line around base of knob, restorations to rim, handle and spout, 2" crescent line in base; bulbous creamer

Lot: 504 - English pearlware bowl & 2 cups & saucers

ca. 1820; broad lipped, footed round bowl in five color (black, blue, green, orangey-brown and yellow) floral design of a large blue flower, 13"d, 5 1/4"h, 4" & 1 1/2" rim lines, 3" spider in base; handleless cup and saucer with a guilloche border of

Lot: 505 - English earthenware molded milk pitcher in Adams

ca. 1835; English Staffordshire molded earthenware slightly bulbous milk pitcher in Adams Rose variant design in blue, black, green and red with molded floral spray and basket of flower motifs and egg and dart molded rim and foot, 6 1/4"d, 9 3/4"h;

Lot: 506 - 5 English earthenware molded border plates

ca. 1820-1835; small plate with six alternating molded border panels of a lustre spread eagle or polychromal flowers and foliage in green, lustre, orange and red, central floral design in green, purple, red and yellow with a slightly wavy rim, 5

Lot: 507 - 5 English earthenware creamers & pitchers

ca. 1815-1870; small roundish figural creamer of Toby the Snuff Taker colored in black, blue, green, brown-red, yellow and lustre, 2 3/4"x 1 1/2", Condition: good; slightly bulbous creamer with molded strawberries and foliage in rown, blue, green,

Lot: 508 - 5 molded border and central transfer plates

ca. 1830; brown transfer of a cow and farm buildings over colored in green, orange and yellow with legend "For a good girl" with three pairs of alternating floral borders colored in brown, green, orange, purple and yellow, retaining retail label of

Lot: 509 - Sipe, Nichols & Co cobalt decorated stoneware

ca. 1876; salt glazed slightly bulbous stoneware cream crock with brushed cobalt butterfly bush flower and foliage design, impressed "Sipe, Nichols & Co/ Williamsport, PA" with a flattened collar rim and tooled foot and Albany slip glaze interior, 7

Lot: 510 - 2 gallon cobalt decorated stoneware pitcher

ca. 1885; salt glazed slightly bulbous almost columelliform pitcher with stencil cobalt design of a "2" within a wreath, rounded collared rim, pinched spout, tooled foot and molded strap handle and Albany slip glaze interior, perhaps mid-western

Lot: 511 - 4 quart N. White & Son cobalt decorated stoneware

ca. 1885; four quart salt glazed slightly bulbous stoneware batter jug with brushed cobalt on terminals of rear hand grasp, pair of vertical open loop ear lugs and juncture of tube spout, impressed "N White & Co Binghamton/ 4" with a flattened wide

Lot: 512 - PA slipware pie dish

ca. 1850; PA slipware drape molded pie dish with yellow slip applied with a three-quill slip cup on a reddish-brown lead glaze, motifs include a central bacon strip bracketed by a pair of six dots and a seaweed like design on both sides of the bacon

Lot: 513 - PA redware jelly jar & Rockingham glazed yellow

ca. late 19th & early 20th century; PA redware slightly bulbous jelly jar with a rounded rim, pair of incised collar rings and tooled foot, interior dark brown lead glaze, 3 3/4"d, 4 1/4"h, Condition: slight rim wear; Rockingham glazed bow sided bowl

Lot: 514 - 3 gallon Cowden & Wilcox stoneware jug in cobalt

ca. 1870; salt glazed stoneware slightly bulbous jug, brushed cobalt cluster of grapes and foliage motif, impressed "Cowden & Wilcox/ Harrisburg, PA/ 3", daub of cobalt on handle terminals, flattened mouth rim and Albany slip glaze interior, 10

Lot: 515 - Western PA cobalt decorated stoneware jar

ca. 1870; Western PA salt glazed slight bulbous stoneware jar with brushed band of six stylized cobalt tulips, flattened tooled rim, everted neck, raised tooled collar ring, Albany slip glaze interior, probably by George & Albert Black, Somerfield,

Lot: 516 - 2 gallon cobalt decorated Hamilton & Jones

ca. 1880; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware jar with stenciled cobalt design "Hamilton & Jones/ Greensboro/ PA/ 2", three brushed cobalt lines above stencil and one below (Frank Hamilton & John Jones), flattened tooled rim, beveled neck, raised

Lot: 517 - Cobalt decorated Binghamton, NY jug

ca. 1885; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware jug with simple slipped cobalt flower and foliage, straight rim, rounded shoulder and impressed "Binghamton, NY" (Charles N White & George H Wood) with an Albany slip glaze interior, 7 1/4"d, 11"h;

Lot: 518 - Small cobalt decorated stoneware jar

ca. 1880; small salt glazed cylindrical stoneware jar with band of seven brushed cobalt leaves on shoulder, flattened rim, everted neck, three shallow incised shoulder rings and tooled foot ring, 4 1/2"d, 6 1/2"h; Condition: heavily burned, most of

Lot: 519 - Large 3D Abner Zook painting

ca. 1973; 3D picture framed in a softwood molded frame depicting a village scene with Amish carriage in foregound driving on a dirt road past men working at a forge in a blacksmith shop with name on post box "John K Stoltzfus"; the center of the

Lot: 520 - Round 3D Aaron Zook winter scene

ca. 1970-1990; framed in a molded stained oak frame depicting a raised carved and molded scene of a rural covered bridge in winter with a stone mill in the background, 9"d, 2 1/2"h; Condition: Some darkening of painted surface

Lot: 521 - Round 3D Aaron Zook spring scene

ca. 1970-1990; framed in a molded stained oak frame depicting a raised carved and molded wooden mill with overshot water wheel lin spring, trees, grasses, blooming bushes and meandering brook with oil paint accent, 9"d, 2 1/2"h; Condition: Very good

Lot: 522 - Round 3D Aaron Zook fall scene

ca. 1970-1990; framed in a molded stained oak frame depicting a raised carved, molded and oil paint accented scene of corn shocks, painted pumpkins in a field, country road with brick schoolhouse, brick two-story farmhouse, white painted L-shaped

Lot: 523 - Round 3D Aaron Zook summer scene

ca. 1970-1990; framed in a molded stained oak frame depicting a raised carved, molded and oil paint accented scene of men loading sheaves of wheat into a blue painted hay wagon, drawn by a pair of horses with wheat sheaves stacked in a field,

Lot: 524 - Lehn wooden chalice/footed cup

ca. 19th century; made by Joseph Lehn, turned footed cup with Lehn's traditional stepped gouge band foot with black, green and red paint, cabbage rose decoration of salmon ground lipped cup, red painted lip with Lehn's traditional pussy willow band

Lot: 525 - Rare color Lehnware sewing chest

ca. late 19th century; pink/salmon color sewing chest by Joseph Lehn (Elizabeth Twp., Lancaster Co., PA) with raised panel lift lid on brass butt hinges, turned painted black feet, lower base trimmed with decal decorated brown paint, decal decoration

Lot: 526 - Lehn/Heilig cylinder saffron box

ca. 19th century; made by Joseph Lehn and/or his associate William Heilig, turned poplar cylinder shaped box with wide black banded base, salmon ground with Heilig's traditional floral pansy decoration, turned seated lid with round black painted

Lot: 527 - Lehnware egg cup

ca. late 19th century; made by Joseph Lehn or William Heilig in Lehn's later years, the footed egg cup with Lehn's stepped gouge molded foot with blue, green and red paint and red painted stem, with salmon color ground and pussy willow design brush

Lot: 528 - Framed printed cardstock Valentine with Joseph

ca. 1890; cabinet card Valentine depicting a white homing dove standing on window ledge, placing wax sealed envelope in glass window mailbox; the image is believed to be a print with the back of card signed in pencil Joseph Lehn, 7 1/2"x 5 1/2";

Lot: 529 - Red painted softwood Bible box

ca. 18th- early 19th century; dovetail constructed box with lid set on early wrought iron strap hinges, small molding band, early cabinet lock with clip style catch and interior with dados cut for compartment dividers that are missing, 16 3/4"x 11

Lot: 530 - 2 green painted gathering baskets

ca. 19th century; handled melon-shaped egg basket with two rail/runner base, oak/ash splint with hoop band handle and rim with tight wrap, 9"d, 9"h, Condition: green oil base paint added; rectangular shaped market basket with large wide hoop band

Lot: 531 - Footstool & basket

ca. early 20th century; dated 1919 and signed by maker Paul W. Freiberg splayed leg softwood footstool with chip carved running dog on banner motif on molded rim top of stool, recessed set aprons with belection molded ends, legs with spire tip

Lot: 532 - 2 handled gathering baskets

ca. 19th-20th century; mixed hardwood splint round gathering basket with wrapped splint raised foot base, two splint rod rim with single wrap and high shaved hoop handle, staves are narrow hickory splints and weaving/web splints are ash, walnut and

Lot: 533 - Victorian era traveller's lap desk with "Jennie"

ca. 1890-1910; constructed of mahogany and walnut wood with hinge raised panel lid set on brass hinges with lid having accent with gold and black "Victorian" style highlighted name box with Jennie, side of box with raised foot, base cut-out with faux

Lot: 534 - 2 ash splint baskets

ca. 19th century; round utility/sewing basket with two loop handles, wide shallow side basket with wrapped rod splint foot, slight raised center flat bottom, double-splint rod rim with single wrap and steam bent and carved loop handles, knotch carved

Lot: 535 - Paint decorated kneeling bench

ca. 1900; child's kneeling bench with canvas covered padded top, dark green painted frame with red and yellow pinstripe and brush-stroke flowing vine decoration, softwood bench with scroll-cut legs, recessed aprons with extensive paint accent and

Lot: 536 - Tramp art style sewing chest

ca. 1890-1900; ornately whittled knotched layers of "Crown of Thornes" stacking sewing chest with felt covered pin cushion in center of lid, lid mounted on brass butt hinges, lid lock and single lower divided drawer with brass ring pulls, 13 1/2"x 9

Lot: 537 - Hand wrought signed & dated iron spatula with

ca. Ju. 1912 dated; wide tombstone arched blade spatula, rivet mounted to angeled rod handle with square stock top mounted into wooden grasp handle with pewter ferrel, initialed OV with wire ring hanger, 4"x 19 1/4"; Condition: no damage, was created

Lot: 538 - Woven ribbon wicker sewing basket, pin cushions &

ca. 1910; ornate rectangular shaped wicker basket with woven straw ribbon weave, scalloped ornate rim and contains 19 various homemade cloth pin cushions including: sawdust stuffed felt: black felt high boot, tan & brown felt triangular shape with

Lot: 539 - Folk art style blue painted comb box

ca. 1880-1910; softwood hanging comb box with slope front lower comb tray and scrollwork cut-out back board with ornamental spire and spear tip design, backboard with small display shelf and two match holders with pyramid bottom, comb rack in

Lot: 540 - Irish chain patchwork quilt

ca. 1907; Irish chain design quilt with muslin background, red-orange-brown block patches to create an Irish chain design, bound with orange fabric, accented with off-set triangular border of red-orange-brown patches, hand stitched and signed in

Lot: 541 - Fine crazy patch quilt with blue border

ca. 1900-1930; fine form geometric star pattern patchwork top with yellow/gold feather stitch bound patches, patchwork in mixed flannels, plaids and printed fabrics; bordered with solid blue muslin fabric, backed with bold printed paisley muslin

Lot: 542 - Light summer appliqued "flower basket" design

ca. 1930-1940s; white muslin fabric back and top with large appliqued printed calico fabric flowers and triangular baskets, the stem in solid green cotton fabric and bound with turqouise border, retaining mark for quilt patterns and quilting in

Lot: 543 - Red & green bars design Mennonite quilt

ca. 1880-1910; printed calico fabrics in long pieced bar design with printed fabric with small yellow flowers and dark block with green dot print, backed with printed green/brown calico fabric and binding in simple hem quilt pattern in fish

Lot: 544 - 4 Gaudy ironstone items

ca. 1845; twelve-edge plate with five petaled flowers, flow blue foliage overpainted with copper lustre and some green sprigs, reverse impressed "Irontone", 8 1/4", Condition; good; 14 edged plate with three double floral design with three conical

Lot: 545 - Group of Gaudy ironstone items

ca. 1845; flow blue grape and bicolored leaf handleless cup and saucer, 3 1/2"d, 3"h cup, 5 3/4"d, 1"h saucer, Condition: cup has 1 1/2" rim line; flow blue and red strawberry handleless cup and saucer, 3 1/2"d, 2 3/4"h cup, 5 3/4"d, 1 1/4"h,

Lot: 546 - English earthenware "sower" coffee pot

ca. 1830; English Staffordshire earthenware pink transfer Sower pattern dome top large coffee pot, unmarked, made by William Adams, 6 3/4"d, 12"h; Condition: top has 1/4" flange edge chip, 1/2" stress line on spout, 1" stress line at upper handle

Lot: 547 - English earthenware mulberry transfer wash bowl &

ca. 1830; in mulberry transfer of oriental river, garden and structures, urn and scroll border with big house and swans, 9 1/4"x 6", Condition: good; footed wash bowl with prominent flared rim with eight shallow lobes, 12 1/2"d, 4"h, Condition: 1

Lot: 548 - English earthenware dome top coffee pot

ca. 1830; English Staffordshire earthenware dome top coffee pot with mulberry transfer of a young woman holding a signal flag, building in background, rose and floral border, elongated baluster form with ten shallow flutes, 6 1/4"d, 11"h; Condition:

Lot: 549 - 5 English earthenware transfer plates

ca. 1830; mulberry transfer with ink backstamp "Girard's Bank/ Philadelphia/ Jacksons Warranted" (Job and John Jackson) and a long stemmed roses border, 6 1/4"d, Condition: good; mulberry transfer with ink backstamp "The/ Race Bridge/ Philadelphia/

Lot: 550 - English earthenware dome top coffee pot

ca. 1830; English Staffordshire earthenware dome top coffee pot with beehive finial, mulberry transfer of a young woman holding a child, bird and flower border in urn form, 6 1/4"d, 11 1/2"h; Condition: minor glaze losses on edge of spout, 3/8" lid

Lot: 551 - English earthenware dome top coffee pot

ca. 1830; English Staffordshire earthenware dome top coffee pot with beehive finial, medium blue two medallion oriental scene transfer of two persons in foreground, a small boat and several structures in the background, seven petal type blossom and

Lot: 552 - English pearlware dome top coffee pot

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire pearlware dome top coffee pot with acorn finial, mixed metamorphic designs of far eastern/oriental and near eastern/Mediterranean scenes, all populated by far eastern people with floral border and urn form, 6"d, 10

Lot: 553 - 5 English earthenware sized teapots

ca. 1835-1855; oblong London boat form with blue, brownish-orange and brown floral brushes vine border on lid and brown stylized floral design on pot, 3 3/4"x 3 1/4"x 3 3/4", Condition: chipped inner flange, 1/4" & small chipped spout; squat round

Lot: 554 - Group of English porcelain pink lustre &

ca. 1835; eight handleless cups and saucers, 3 1/2"d, 2 1/4"h cups, 5 1/4"d, 1 1/4"h saucer, Condition: some cups discolored, 1 has a 3 1/2" interior circular line with a 3/4" leg, 2 cups with a small flake on foot ring, 1 cup 1/4" rim line, 1 saucer

Lot: 555 - 6 pink lustre decorated cups & saucers

ca. 1825-1845; two Staffordshire earthenware sets: handleless cup and saucer, sunflower motif with reverse impression "E Wood & Sons Burslem Warranted/ Semi China" with US seal spread eagle design, Condition: some discoloration; handled cup and

Lot: 556 - 8 child's English covered teapots

ca. 1825-1900; pearlware globular pot with blue transfer of two women seated with a bowl of fruit; two gobular earthenware pots with brushed floral designs in black, blue, green and brownish-orange and black, green and red; oblong foot earthenware

Lot: 557 - Group of 10 cups & saucers

ca. 1810-1840; three Chinese Export porcelain handleless cups and saucers with one transfer blue willow pattern with slightly scalloped rim, mismatched blue oriental scene and brushed floral design in green and red and some black; two English

Lot: 558 - 2 English Staffordshire earthenware bowls

ca. 1840; Gaudy Welsh (unknown pattern) underglaze blue with lustre and overglaze enamel flowers and foliage with slightly flared rim, 10"d, 5 3/4"h, Condition: 1/2" restored rim chip; molded bowl with underglaze green leaves with lustre and

Lot: 559 - Fine English porcelain Gaudy Welsh grape & lily

ca. 1840; footed oval comport center piece with pair of pierced ends, 6"x 10 1/4"x 13 3/4", Condition: good; pair of squarish serving dishes each with a pair of pierced ends, 1 3/4"x 9"x 10", Condition: 5/8" rim stress line; pair of oval serving

Lot: 560 - 4 English Staffordshire earthenware Gaudy Welsh

ca. 1840; hexagonal base, slightly bulbous in swan pattern, 6 1/2"x 4 3/4"; twelve-sided slightly bulbous Gwynedd pattern, 6 3/4"x 5 1/4"; octagonal base with five petal dogwood type flower, taper sided, 8 1/2"x 5 1/4"; octagonal base slightly

Lot: 561 - 2 English Staffordshire ironstone rectangular

ca. 1820; Japanese style pattern impressed on reverse "Mason's Patent Ironstone China", 9 1/4"x 12 1/4", Condition: worn central design; Hicks & Meigh Japanese style number 5 pattern with blue ink backstamp on reverse "Ironstone/Warranted", blue

Lot: 562 - 2 English Staffordshire earthenware Gaudy Welsh

ca. 1840; dome top button finial, footed urn form, butterfly pattern, 5 1/4"d, 9 1/2"h, Condition: lid rim restoration, spots of loss to overglaze enamel; footed, squat bulbous form in grape variant pattern, 6 3/4"d, 7 1/4"h, Condition: 5/8" finial

Lot: 563 - Jenny Lind aquamarine glass calabash bottle

ca. 1850; aquamarine glass calabash bottle, GI-102 (McKearin & Wilson) with 3/4 view to left of Jenny Lind and reverse view of glass house inscribed "Glass Factory", attributed to Whitney, Glassboro, NJ, comparatviely scarce, scared base, 10"x 4

Lot: 564 - Blown half post Stiegel-type enameled colorless

ca. 1800; blown half post Stiegel type enameled colorless glass bottle with oblong octagonal base, black, blue, green, red, white and yellow enameled bird and floral motifs, probably central European origin, 5 1/2"x 2 1/2"x 2 3/4"; Condition: sealed

Lot: 565 - Aquamarine glass Hunter/Fisherman figural calabash

ca. 1865; one quart calabash bottle, McKearin & Wilson, GXIII-4, attributed to Whitney Glass Works, Glassboro, NJ with a scarred base and tooled plain broad sloping mouth, 9 1/4"x 4 1/4"x 5 1/2"; Condition: slight interior cloudiness

Lot: 566 - 3 blown glass items

ca. 1885 & mid 20th century; pair of amber blown glass flasks, slightly out of round gobular with applied loop handles fitted with pewter and cork mouth closure and scarred bases, 8"x 4 1/2"x 4 3/4", Condition: slight interior residue; blown greenish

Lot: 567 - Aquamarine glass blown & molded Shield & Clasped

ca. 1865; one quart calabash bottle, Unrion and ARS (A.R. Samuels, Phila, PA) with scarred base and tooled plain broad sloping mouth, 8 3/4"x 4"x 5 1/4"; Condition: Slight line of interior residue

Lot: 568 - Large smoke decorated dome tin flour/storage bin

ca. 1890-1920; large store style storage tin with two ear style handles, silo pointed domed lip with loop handle, can constructed of three pieces of roll form roof tin, paint decorated with Berks Co. traditional smoke paint decoration, 19"d, 31"h;

Lot: 569 - 2 woodenware primitives

ca. 20th century; tool/nail tray with tote crafted from salvage crate, tool tray box has center tote and two side lift out nail trays with compartment dividers, halp-lap and pin construction and bright yellow paint, 16 1/2"x 9 1/2"x 7 3/4",

Lot: 570 - 2 wooden kitchen primitives

ca. early-late 19th century; early walnut wood Moravian style rolling pin with 12" loose walunt pin on two turned spindle braced handle/frame, cut spoon shape sides to handle have mortise and tenon constructed frame with cut-nail fasteners, 14 1/4"x

Lot: 571 - Horn handle tool & cigarette box

ca. 19th century; European bone clamp for carving meat/cleaning marrow with splay screw clamp operated vise and carved mountain goat horn to look like stags leg, 1"x 2 1/2"x 9"; two-part dispenser box of rosewood with inlaid ivory line and floral

Lot: 572 - Enterprise black painted hand crank coffee mill

ca. 1873 patent date; # 1 size grinder with black paint and decal decoration, mill with S-crank handle, cast iron drawer with porcelain knob and dome top slide-over lid and mill mounted on wooden base, 6 3/4"x 6 1/2"x 12 3/4"; Condition: some wear to

Lot: 573 - Small Enterprise Mfg. #15 sausage stuffer

ca. 1883-1920; two quart size model with screw-operated hand crank press mechanism with interior lard collander screen, press with original black paint and yellow-gold stencil with hand paint accent, 9"d, 5" crank, 20 1/2"h; Condition: missing spout

Lot: 574 - Cast iron mortar & pestles

ca. 18th-early 19th century; early cast footed mortar with flared "bell shaped" chalice with base having a raised center with 1 1/2" slot pour line, 7 1/2"d, 6 1/2"h; original two mold cast pestle, 1 3/4"d, 10 1/4"l, both with black stove paint

Lot: 575 - Wrought iron smokehouse Dutch crown

ca. mid 19th century; single arch strap round "crown" hanger ring with four two-prong hooks on hand-wrought S-wrapped chain, arch top crown with riveted eye bolt hanger with ring hanger, 7"d ring, 4 1/2" arch, 23 3/4"h; Condition: extensive wear,

Lot: 576 - Cast iron & wood "telephone coffee mill"

ca. 1890, 1892 & 1893 patent dates; coffee mill made by Arcade Mfg. Co. with wooden molded back board, molded wood base, softwood cabinet and ornate floral cast front with "telephone mill" title panel, original tin milling cup and chrome plated

Lot: 577 - 2 wrought iron lighting devices

ca. 18th-19th century; "hog scraper" style push-up candlestick with raised disc shaped base, tubular sheetmetal shaft with unsigned push arm, stick with wax shield ring with finger hook, shaft mounted with wrought iron bolt and nut, 3 1/2"d, 6 1/2"h,

Lot: 578 - Paint decorated pine checkerboard

ca. mid-late 19th century; two-side gameboard with green painted checkerboard on pine board with red painted raised rim trim fastened with hand wrought round head nails, two end piece keepers with moutned trim dividers and back lined in black with

Lot: 579 - Oil on board

ca. 1900; outdoor household scene with fisherman, lady washing clothes, small cottage and two cows in a gold painted frame, 30 1/2"x 24 1/2" overall, 24"x 18" sight; Condition: frame has damages & has been repainted

Lot: 580 - 2 political lithographs

ca. 1860; Baillie litho of the Presidents of the U.S. to 1853 retaining the original decorated frame, Condition: good; Gen. George Washington "The Father of our Country" by Kellogg, Condition: staining & tear

Lot: 581 - Oil on canvas

ca. 1880; couple walking to church with larger building in the background in a period gold frame, signed on reverse ML Allen, 24"x 18 1/4" overall, 19 1/4"x 13 1/4" sight; Condition: in painting at lower left, scattered pencil point flakes, dirty,

Lot: 582 - Marilyn H Dwyer oil on canvas "The Brandywine"

ca. late 20th century; impressionistic wooded scene with a stream signed lower right, 32 1/2"x 27" overall; 27"x 21 1/2" sight; Condition: excellent & original with biographical information enclosed

Lot: 583 - Clarence Ira Dreisbach oil on board

ca. 1950; a winter snow scene in the woods with two deer and a stream at sunset, signed lower right CI Dreisbach, titled on reverse "Mill Creek Winter", 36 1/4"x 31 1/4" overall, 29"x 25" sight; Condition: excellent & original

Lot: 584 - 2 Clarence Ira Dreisbach oils on board

ca. 1960; 2 paintings different but likely of the same area depicting streams through the woods, 11 1/2"x 9 3/4" overall, 9 1/2"x 7 1/2" sight each; Condition: minor flaking to 1 painting, reframed in 1988

Lot: 585 - Large framed sampler of Susan Johnson

ca. 1836 dated; homespun linen and dyed cotton threads with cross-stitch undulating border, two small case letter lines in black cross-stich, two uppercase letters in blue and brown cross-stitch, central verse or religious prayer in floral vine text

Lot: 586 - Framed "The Wish" needlework verse

ca. March 6, 1847 dated; needlework verse with cross-stitch floral or strawberry design border, on homespun fabric and reads "The Wish" poetic verse of blessing in black thread wrap and cross-stitch with border in green cross-stitched vine with red

Lot: 587 - Framed silk & homespun linen sampler by Sarah

ca. dated 1825; verse sampler on homespun linen fabric and has silk thread embroidery with meandering strawberry vine border, four alphabet letter lines and one number line with floral line dividers, has central black stitch verse/prayer in geometric

Lot: 588 - Framed embroidered linen "New Years" verse sampler

ca. 1830-1860 (undated); linen sampler with blue silk sawtooth border with black cross-stitch and wrap stitch verse that is "New Years Hint" with lower line embellish stitched and identified in center by maker Harriot Harmer, 10"x 11 3/4" framed;

Lot: 589 - Framed red stitch sampler by Louisa Catherine

ca. April 1835 dated; red needlework sampler on homespun linen back with cross-stitch and wrap-stitch work having four upper lines of letters; line with star, hearts, initials and crown; line with five variants of flowers in heart or urns, a

Lot: 590 - Elgin deck watch

ca. 1930; Elgin National Watch Co. 11 or 15 jewel with serial number 5572318, damascened nickled backplate in a brass case in a gimballed box marked Elgin, 5 1/4"x 5 1/4"x 5"; Condition: running at time of cataloging, some discoloration on dial,

Lot: 591 - Cylinder box

ca. 1885; 12 tune, 9 1/4" cylinder music box in a rosewood inlaid case with decal décor on top, 20 1/2"x 6"x 9"; Condition: tune card torn, keeper for lock missing, decorative decal on top worn

Lot: 592 - Set of 6 Sam Laity II Windsor chairs

ca. contemporary; the set consisting of two combbacks and four fan backs: the combbacks with boldly turned volute ears, knuckle arms, pronounced saddle seat and turned legs with blunt arrow feet, 26"x 17 3/4"x 44"; fan backs with nine spindle backs

Lot: 593 - Decorated blanket chest

ca. 1810; in pine with the top having reeded molding opening to the interior with left side till, strap hinges, and grab lock, the exterior with simulated pin striped design, all resting on turned feet and retaining an old alligatored surface, 51"x

Lot: 594 - 2 washstands

ca. 1810; one in mahogany with a lift lid top exposing the opening for a bowl supported by four turned columns over a single drawer over turned legs and X stretcher, 14 1/2"x 14 1/2"x 33 1/4", Condition: part of drawer pull missing; one in cherry

Lot: 595 - Mahogany tilt top candlestand

ca. 1790; with a shaped top over a turned vase shaped pedestal on cabriole legs ending in snake feet, 17 1/2"x 5"x 40 1/2"; Condition: repair to one foot, crack repair on pedestal, multiple plugged holes in center of top

Lot: 596 - Slant lid desk

ca. 1800; in walnut with maple sides, slant lid opening to a multi-drawered interior with pigeon holes and letter compartments over four drawers, all resting on the original straight bracket feet, 35 1/2"x 18 3/4"x 41 1/2"; Condition: repair on top

Lot: 597 - Candlestand

ca. 1800; in cherry with a molded top over a turned pedestal and cabriole legs ending in snake feet, 17 1/2"x 17 1/2"x 25"; Condition: crack repair to one foot, old repair to base & top of pedestal

Lot: 598 - Shield back side chair

ca. 1820; shaped crest over a pierced thumb molded back, upholstered seat on four tapering legs and stretcher base, 19 1/2"x 16 1/2"x 39 1/2"; Condition: refinished, repairs to back

Lot: 599 - Decorated cabinet

ca. 1830; paint decorated with bold slanted top molding over two doors with recessed panels over two drawers over two doors, also with recessed panels, scalloped apron on sides and curved apron in front resting on straight bracket feet, 46 1/4"x 22

Lot: 600 - Child's table & 2 chairs

ca. 1930; two decorated plank seat chairs with shaped crest over a lyre back, each on four splayed legs with stretchers, in green paint with gold, black and floral highlights, 11 1/2"x 12"x 24 1/2"; matching table painted in a like manner, 28"x 28"x

Lot: 601 - Inlaid chest of drawers

ca. 1800; in walnut with string inlay on top and drawers, four drawers with original brass drawer pulls over a shaped skirt and French feet, 41 3/4"x 19 1/2"x 37 1/2"; Condition: 3 drawers on left side of chest with some inlay missing; 2 drawer locks

Lot: 602 - Chest of drawers

ca. 1810; mahogany top over 4 drawers with mahogany veneered fronts, patriotic brass pulls, all resting on straight walnut bracket feet, 43"x 22 1/4"x 40 3/4"; Condition: filled age crack across top, some veneer patches to drawer fronts, unable to

Lot: 603 - 2 part corner cupboard

ca. 1830; in cherry with a cove molded top over a single 12 light door with butt hinges, over the base with two doors with recessed panels, scalloped apron, all on shaped straight bracket base, 41"x 24 1/2"x 85 3/4"; Condition: refinished, top &

Lot: 604 - Painted blanket chest

ca. 1830; in pine with simulated crotch wood paint, the top opening to a left side till, retaining butt hinges and the original lock and keeper, all resting on turned feet, 37 3/4"x 20 1/4"x 25"; Condition: very minor edge scrapes, crotch wood paint

Lot: 605 - Walnut low boy

ca. 1770; with a thumb molded top over there drawers over two drawers with brass pulls, over a shaped skirt, all resting on cabriole legs ending in drake feet, 46 3/4"x 26 1/4"x 29 1/2"; Condition: top with small patch center-left, 2 butterfly

Lot: 606 - Poplar cabinet

ca. 1880; with a molded top, over a single door with two raised vertical panels resting on a shaped base, 32 3/4"x 18 1/2"x 60 1/2"; Condition: now fitted with shelving, later finish

Lot: 607 - Set of 6 plank seat chairs

ca. 1870; six matching side chairs with rounded backs, shaped splat and plank seat on four turned legs with stretchers, 19 1/4"x 15 1/2"x 34"; Condition: old professional repaint

Lot: 608 - Historic Blue cup plate "States"

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthenware cup plate with building and 15 states border, impressed on reverse "Clews Warranted Staffordshire", 4 1/2"d; Condition: under rim 5/8" line not through, retians former auction house label, Goldberg & Brown

Lot: 609 - Historic Blue Mount Vernon plate

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthenware plate with blue ink back stamp of spread eagle "E Pluribus Unum" banner and "Mount Vernon Seat of/ Gen Geo Washington" and impressed "E Wood & Sons Burslem Warranted" and "Semi China" with seal of the

Lot: 610 - 2 Historic Blue States plates

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthenware plates with transfer of building and 15 states border: toddy plate, 5 1/2"d, Condition: some glaze losses & imperfections; small plate with women in foreground and reverse impressed "Clews Warranted

Lot: 611 - 2 English earthenware blue transfer plates

ca. 1820 & 1825; unidentified scenes, 9 3/4"d, Condition: good

Lot: 612 - English earthenware blue transfer platter with

ca. 1825; blue transfer with blue ink back stamp "British Scenery", a view of a rural English Big House, platter, 14"x 18 1/2" and matching drainer, 9"x 13"; Condition: good

Lot: 613 - Historic Blue "States" dish

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthenware Historic Blue transfer deep dish in "States" pattern with building and sheep on the lawn and impressed on reverse "Clews Warranted Staffordshire", 8 3/4"d, 1"h; Condition: good

Lot: 614 - Historic Blue "States" plate

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthenware Historic Blue transfer plate in "States" pattern with building and two fishermen with net and impressed on reverse "Clews Warranted Staffordshire", 10 1/2"d; Condition: shallow service marks

Lot: 615 - Historic Blue "Landing of Lafayette" plate

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthenware Historic Blue transfer plate, "Landing of Gen Lafayette/ At Castle Garden New York/ 16 August 1824" with reverse impressed "Clews Warranted Staffordshire", 8 3/4"d, Condition: good

Lot: 616 - 3 Historic Blue cup plates

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthewnare Historic Blue transfer cup plates: "A Winter View of Pittsfield, Mass" pattern, reverse impressed "Clews Warranted Staffordshire", 3 1/2"d; "Cottage in the Woods" pattern, unmarked by Enock Wood & Sons, 3

Lot: 617 - Historic Blue type plate

ca. 1830; English Staffordshire earthenware Historic Blue type transfer plate "Hunter Shooting Ducks" pattern, impressed on reverse "Enock Wood & Sons/ Burslem" with US spread eagle seal, 10 1/4"d; Condition: good

Lot: 618 - Historic Blue "States" cup plate

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthewnare Historic Blue transfer cup plate in "States" (mansion with extension on left) pattern, impressed on reverse "Clews Warranted Staffordshire", 4 1/2"d; Condition: glaze flakes & losses on rim edge

Lot: 619 - Fine English earthenware Historic Blue Mendenhall

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire earthenware platter in Historic Blue transfer with blue ink backstamp "Mendenhall Ferry" and spread eagle border by Joseph Stubbs, 13 1/2"x 16 1/2"; Condition: good

Lot: 620 - 2 Historic Blue type dishes

ca. 1830; English Staffordshire earthenware Historic Blue type transfer dishes, both impressed on reverse "Clews Warranted Staffordshire": deep dish with blue ink back stamp "Playing at Draughts/ From Wilkie's/Designs", 9 3/4"d, 1 1/4"h; plate with

Lot: 621 - 3 pieces of English Staffordshire earthenware,

ca. 1830; open vegetable with blue ink back stamp "Bothwell/ Castle/ Clydesdale" impressed "Adams Warranted Staffordshire" and a US spread eagle seal, 1 3/4"x 6 1/4"x 8", Condition: good; squat cylindrical creamer with image of three swans, 3 1/4"d,

Lot: 622 - 2 English Staffordshire earthenware plates,

ca. 1820 & 1830; scene of bridge and ruins with three cattle in foreground, impressed on reverse "Hamilton/Stoke" (Robert Hamilton), 9 3/4"d; village scene with church and cottages and popular wild rose border, potter unknown, 9 1/2"d; Condition:

Lot: 623 - Group of English Staffordshire earthenware,

ca. 1830; deep dish with central view of fruits and foliage and border of acanthus and flowers, 8 1/4"d, 1"h, Condition: 3/8" & 1/8" spots of rim glaze flakes, 3 1/2" exterior section stress lines at cavetto, discolored; two handleless cups and

Lot: 624 - Group of English Staffordshire earthenware,

ca. 1830; "Sea Shells" cup plate impressed "Stubbs & Kent Longport" on reverse, 4"d, Condition: good; cup plate in unknown design with bird and flower in a vase, impressed "Clews Warranted Staffordshire" on reverse, 3 1/2"d; rectangular shape creamer

Lot: 625 - 3 English Staffordshire earthenware dishes,

ca. 1830; deep dish with residence with waterway in background and three persons in forground, 10"d, 1 1/2"h, Condition: 1 3/4" mid-section spider (faint); plate with scene of two huntsmen and hounds with residence in background, impressed "Clews

Lot: 626 - Group of English Staffordshire earthenware,

ca. 1820-1830; rural scene with three steers in foreground and background with a large residence, church and a mausoleum in the background with floral border, 8 1/4"d; distant view of an abby with black ink back stamp "Fonthill Abbey/ Wiltshire" with

Lot: 627 - 3 English Staffordshire earthenware dishes,

ca. 1830-1900; deep dish with blue ink back stamp "Blenheim/ Oxfordshire" with foliage border by John & Ralph Hall, 10"d, 1 1/4"h, Condition: discolored; plate with blue ink back stamp "Lady of the Lake/ Carey's" with three feather Prince of Wales

Lot: 628 - 2 gallon cobalt decorated stoneware jar

ca. 1885; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware jar with stenciled cobalt motif for "T F Reppert/ Greensboro/ PA" (Thomas F Reppert) with two brushed cobalt lines above and brushed cobalt "2" and line below stencil, flattened tooled rim, beveled neck,

Lot: 629 - 2 gallon cobalt decorated I. Seymour jug

ca. 1835; two gallon salt glazed ovoid jug with brushed cobalt simple floral design, impressed "I. Seymour, Troy/ 2" (Israel Seymour, Troy, NY) having a flattened slightly rounded rim with tooled impressed ring connected to an applied ribbed handle

Lot: 630 - PA slipware bowl

ca. 1850; taper sided bowl with slightly flared rim with rolled everted edge, wavy line of yellow slip on edge above a line of slip above a wavy line, all applied with a single quill slip cup and a band of connecting slip commas applied with a double

Lot: 631 - Cobalt decorated Wm Moyer, Harrisburg stoneware

ca. 1860; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware crock with two brushed star burst type flowers and cobalt daubs on pair of applied lug ear handles, impressed "Moyer Harrisburg" (William Moyer, Harrisburg, PA) with a flattened rim, everted tooled neck and

Lot: 632 - 2 gallon cobalt decorated ovoid stoneware jug by

ca. 1845; slat glazed ovoid stoneware jug with brushed cobalt "2" with flourish, impressed "S Hart/ Oswego Falls" (Samuel Hart, Fulton, NY) with an Albany slip glaze interior, 9 3/4"d, 13"h; Condition: restored handle & lower section (sealed line in

Lot: 633 - Cobalt decorated semi ovoid H.H. Zigler stoneware

ca. 1860; salt glazed semi-ovoid stoneware crock with front and back in brushed cobalt design of four blossoms attached to feathered foliage, flattened everted neck with a raised tooled collar ring, pair of applied lug ear handles, Albany slip glaze

Lot: 634 - Covered cobalt stenciled DeMuth stoneware crock

ca. 1880; salt glazed stoneware cylindrical crock with cobalt stenciled legend "DeMuth's/ Celebrated/ Snuff/ Established/ 1770/ Lancaster, PA" and impressed "FH Cowden/ Harrisburg" with a flattened rim, everted neck and incised collar ring, interior

Lot: 635 - Cobalt decorated Harrisburg stoneware jug

ca. 1860; salt glazed slightly bulbous jug with brushed cobalt feathered foliage/ pine bough motif, impressed "Harrisburg", cobalt daubs on handle terminals, flattened rounded rim and Albany slip glaze interior, perhaps by William Moyer, 8"d, 11

Lot: 636 - 2 cobalt decorated stoneware items

ca. 1875 & 1880; cylindrical jar with brushed cobalt flower on leafy stem, flattened rim, everted tooled neck, raised neck ring and incised shoulder ring, interior lid ledge and Albany slip glazed interior, Mid-Atlantic origin, 7"d, 9 1/4"h,

Lot: 637 - 2 slipped cobalt decorated stoneware jugs

ca. 1865 & 1875; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware jugs with slipped cobalt designs and Albany slip glaze interiors, of mid-Atlantic origin: jug with design that's similar to a whale breaching the water's surafce with a flattened rolled rim, 7 1/4"d,

Lot: 638 - Red toleware tankard

ca. 1810-1840; rare tin tankard in early red base paint with single black/gray pomegranate decoration with red and yellow brush stroke paint, wire braced strap handle and tankard with extended lip bottom, tapered top side and wire rolled rim, 4"d, 5

Lot: 639 - Framed Fraktur by Otto

ca. 10/31/1771 birth record; Frakturwork attributed to Heinrich Otto; German imprinted birth record (probably Ephrata post 1787) for Mary Magdolene Schmidt born in Friederich Co., Maryland, accented with traditional Otto style watercolor parrot,

Lot: 640 - Rare miniature yellow toleware bucket

ca. early-mid 19th century; tin miniature milk bucket with early yellow tole base paint accented with red and green floral decoration on either side, wire swing handle, tapered bottom and arch extended foot, 3 1/2"d, 3 1/2"h; Condition: Some paint

Lot: 641 - Framed Fraktur bookplate

ca. 1815 dated; watercolor and ink Fraktur with banding of black, orange and yellow with flower corner blocks, hand painted heart design text box with upper crown, upper corners illuminated with birds and floral design, lower corners difficult to

Lot: 642 - Matched red toleware domed lid sugar & syrup jug

ca. 1810-1840; round tin dome lid sugar bowl with seated domed lid, tapered bottom side and raised foot base, sugar with red base paint, black and gray pomegranate banded side with yellow and black brush stroke accent, 4"d, 3 3/4"h, Condition: base

Lot: 643 - Reverse painted portrait of The Marquis de

ca. 1810; French reverse painted portrait of highly decorated Gneral Charles Tristan, Marquis de Montholon who followed Napoleon into exile in 1815; round vignette portrait of a young dark-haired General with high guilded collar coat, fringed

Lot: 644 - Small framed watercolor floral painting

ca. 1820-1880; small polychrome and ink favor drawing/bookplate on laid paper of a four petal flower and vine design; petals half painted red and half painted green with leaves of vine in black watercolor paint; artist unattributed and framed in a

Lot: 645 - Framed Fraktur pinwheel

ca. late 19th century; primitive polychrome paint decorated pinwheel flower cut-out with base off of a four-fold heart scissorwork cut-out and augmented with central green circle and colorful interspersed orange and yellow polychrome paint, each

Lot: 646 - Framed printed & watercolor accented broadside

ca. April 14, 1806; broadside printing attributed to Wilhelm Lepper, Hanover with watercolor addition to the heart themed broadside with floral vine text box and floral vine crest, sides watercolor accented with urns of flowers, recording Johannes

Lot: 647 - Folkart yard of carved animals by Frank A. Riddle

ca. 1924 dated; diorama mounted scene in hand carved two rail fence of 17 various whittled, stain and paint decorated folk art animals, bird and stumps with base signed on plywood, and figures including: running buck, long horn ram, pheasants,

Lot: 648 - 2 framed small ink & watercolor Fraktur bookplates

ca. 1837 & 1850; ink and watercolor Fraktur of Henrich Diener born in Long Swamp Twp., Berks Co., 1803 with ink outine of name with script in ink to right dated April 27, 1837, name outline accented with green and red watercolor and framed in a small

Lot: 649 - Fraktur watercolor of colorful potted flower

ca. early-mid 19th century; unsigned watercolor on hand laid paper with colorful red, blow and yellow flowers on green stems in a blue pot on checkerboard with red dot accent, back marked in pencil "LD" and framed in a small mahogany molded framed

Lot: 650 - Small Fraktur bookplate for Catharine Fry by

ca. Jan 27, 1818; small English cursive bookplate with watercolor green border and red corner blocks, accented with red and green throughout, possibly done at birth by father, work reads "Catharine Fry was born January 27, 1818, Lancaster Co., State

Lot: 651 - Framed folk art watercolor of quilt patchwork

ca. mid 19th century; unusual bookplate size watercolor in ink with red and black watercolor accent, appears to be a sketch or pattern proof for client or for layout of patches; quilt is simple checkerboard design with diamond blcok patchwork border,

Lot: 652 - 2 chip carved wooden cookie press boards

ca. 18th-19th century; both cookie press-type prints with small triangular grasp with hanger hole: carved walnut wood round cookie shape with deep pinwheel design in center, sunburst design banding and back of press chamfered, 3 3/4"d, 1 1/2"x 1",

Lot: 653 - 2 maple sugar molds with chipcarved design & metal

ca. 19th-20th century; shaped like a snowshoe, relief carved and the tin has removable pin to ease removal from mold, marked XF on reverse, 5"x 2 1/4"x 1", Condition: Good, cleaned; heart shaped mold chip carved from walnut with center cross design,

Lot: 654 - Large tin horse & rider cookie cutter marked Dunan

ca. 19th century; unusual large size cutter with solid plate back of a horse with a man riding wearing a high Bishop style hat, folded braced edge, 6 finger holes and struck in center Dunan Lille, 10 1/2"x 10 1/2"x 1"; Condition: some rust &

Lot: 655 - Small "Belsnickle" design cookie cutter

ca. late 19th century; odd shape of a man running with a pack on his back with a tail/switch behind him, solid back with punch accent to ear and eye, 4"x 5 1/4"x 1/4"; Condition: some re-soldering on back, as found

Lot: 656 - 2 handle tin cookie cutters of animals

ca. early-mid 20th century; rare camel pattern with punch design eye, solid back with applied machine rolled strap handle, 5 1/4"x 4 1/4"x 1 3/4", Condition: appears to have good patina, no rust; rare giraffe pattern with punch design eye, solid

Lot: 657 - 2 large figural cookie cutters

ca. 20th century; both with sheet metal backs: standing woman figure with arms on hips in full-length dress and a strap handle, 5"x 7 1/2"x 2", Condition: good patina, minor rust; possibly re-created standing goose pattern with bent down head, 6

Lot: 658 - Rare stag design tin cookie cutter

ca. 19th-20th century; stag with a large rack of antlers standings, soldered to a sheet metal back with single hole, 5"x 5 1/2"x 3/4"; Condition: some rust & dark patina

Lot: 659 - Group of 6 figural tin cookie cutters

ca. 20th century; flying bird design with outstretched wings, 4 3/4"x 3 1/4"x 1/4"; nesting bird design, 5 1/4"x 3"x 1/2"; standing lion with fluted mane and large tail, 5"x 3 3/4"x 1/2"; running dog design with short tail, 4 3/4"x 3 1/2"x 1/2";

Lot: 660 - 4 sets of tin horsdoevures cutters

ca. 1900-1930; 24 piece figural cutter set in round tin case (various shapes & figures), 5 7/8"d, 3/4"h case, Condition: missing some pieces & box rim loose; two similar sets of icing bag spouts in torpedo shaped hinge lid cases (1 graduated set &

Lot: 661 - Pretzel & Christmas tree cookie cutters

ca. 19th & early 20th century; rare form pretzel cutter with cross-strap braced back, 5 3/4"x 4 1/4"x 1 1/4", Condition: minor rust; early Christmas tree design with sheet metal back, long trunk, wide bottom and fluted sheet metal top, 4 1/4"x 6"x

Lot: 662 - 3 tin figural cookie cutters

ca. early-mid 20th century; gent's pipe shaped cutter with fancy stem, back has single finger hole, 2 1/2"x 4 3/4"x 1/2", Condition: some loose solder, some light rust; small guitar shaped cutter with single hole back, 2"x 4 1/4"x 1/2", Condition:

Lot: 663 - Oil on canvas

ca. 1890; summer lake scene in a country setting in a gold leafed carved frame, unsigned, 31 1/2"x 23 1/2" sight, 39 1/2"x 31 1/2" overall; Condition: patch repairs with inpainting, minor age wear to frame

Lot: 664 - Oil on canvas

ca. 19th century; depicting ruins with a mountainous background signed lower left Brenna or Brennan in a gold leafed frame, 36 1/2"x 31 1/4" overall, 29 1/2"x 21 1/2" sight; Condition: dirty, would benefit from cleaning

Lot: 665 - Oil on canvas

ca. 1880; a stream through the woods in a gold painted frame, 17 1/2"x 15 1/4" overall, 11 1/4"x 9 1/2" sight; Condition: left side of frame liner is missing, minor inpaint to lower right, would benefit from cleaning

Lot: 666 - Oil on canvas

ca. 1890; boats on a lake in a gold painted frame, unsigned, 27"x 19 1/2" overall, 23 1/4"x 15 1/2" sight; Condition: scattered in painting, tiny scattered flakes

Lot: 667 - 2 oil on canvas paintings

ca. 1890; farmstead oil signed indistinctly lower left in a fancy European style frame, Condition: frame damage; country scene with river in a fancy European style frame, Condition: minor frame wear

Lot: 668 - Oil on canvas

ca. 1900; lake scene with steam boat, sailing ships with mountainous background, signed Lewis lower right attributed to Jennie Bray Lewis on reverse, in a later gold frame, 23 1/2"x 17" overall, 19 1/4"x 12 3/4" sight; Condition: would benefit from

Lot: 669 - Oil on canvas

ca. 1890; a lakeside scene in a gold leafed frame, 24 3/4"x 15" overall, 19 1/2"x 9 3/4" sight; Condition: would benefit from cleaning, some expected wear to perimeter of frame

Lot: 670 - Oil on canvas

ca. 1890; wooded scene with stream through rocky area, unsigned, in a gold leafed frame, 28"x 20" overall, 22"x 13 3/4" sight; Condition: painting loose in frame, tiny pin pick flakes throughout, would benefit from cleaning, minor frame damage

Lot: 671 - 2 oil on canvas paintings

ca. 1890; one signed "SM Bain", a well executed rendering of a wooded area in a gold frame, Condition: minor frame damage & flaking; one a lake scene with a sailboat and snow capped mountains in the background in a gold frame, Condition: minor

Lot: 672 - 3 pieces of ship art

ca. late 19th century; one a gouache signed R. Jeffries 1891 of a sailing steam ship with additional information on reverse; a carved and painted sailboat in the evening; a watercolor and pencil drawing on an American flagged steam ship, all in

Lot: 673 - Birdcage Windsor side chair

ca. 1800; straight top with four turned bird cage supports over an 8 spindle back, shaped seat over four turned legs, all in the bamboo Windsor style, 19 1/2"x 15"x 37"; Condition: feet worn unevenly, later dull dark paint, possible reproduction

Lot: 674 - Mahogany candlestand

ca. 1790; with a round top resting on a cubicle peg on top of the turned and fluted pedestal on three cabriole legs ending in snake feet, 15 1/2"d, 26 1/2"h; Condition: top of pedestal not original, old crack repair at base of pedestal

Lot: 675 - Painted dome top trunk

ca. 1820; sponge decorated trunk in pine with cast iron bale handles, butt hinges and original paint, 36"x 17 1/2"x 16 1/2"; Condition: keeper for lock is missing, age crack on top of dome

Lot: 676 - Painted sign

ca. 1900; framed sign for "Fall-Stowe", 98"x 16 3/4"x 2 3/4"; Condition: no defects noted, possibly the Hall for the Stowe House in Stowe, Vermont

Lot: 677 - J.P. Godillot painted stand

ca. late 20th century; in the Hepplewhite style with all over paint decoration including fan corners on top and brightly colored sides and tapered and splayed legs, stamped with makers name under top, 17"x 16 3/4"x 27 1/2"; Condition: excellent &

Lot: 678 - Storage chest

ca. 1830; cubicle shaped chest with lift top, butt hinges, recessed side and front panels, all in a green paint, resting on molded base, 31 3/4"x 22 3/4"x 31 3/4"; Condition: unusual form, probably New England

Lot: 679 - Pine shelf

ca. 1860; four tiered shelf, nailed and pegged constructiong retaining remnants of the old gray paint, 37"x 18 1/4"x 39"; Condition: wobbly, requires tightening

Lot: 680 - Rod back writing chair

ca. 1810; in the bamboo Windsor form with six spindle back, large right side writing surface over a small drawer, a second drawer below the seat under the left arm, all resting on tapered legs with stretchers, 32 1/2"x 29"x 35 3/4"; Condition: old

Lot: 681 - Side chair

ca. 1760; shaped crest over a vase shaped splat rush seat on turned legs with stretchers, 20"x 13"x 42 1/4"; Condition: retains an old brown painted surface, repair to top right crest

Lot: 682 - Painted chest

ca. 1810; diminutive chest with a reddish/brown wash with stenciled decoration on front appearing to be a center urn flanked by horns of plenty, surmounted by a star, all resting on the original straight bracket foot, 31 1/4"x 14 1/2"x 17";

Lot: 683 - Architectural barrel back cupboard

ca. 1780; a built-into-the-wall blind door cupboard with molded door surround, framing the top door with two raised panels, attached by H hinges, over the lower door with two raised panels attached with butt hinges, 43"x 25"x 90"; Condition: missing

Lot: 684 - Storage chest

ca. 1800; in an original red wash and unusual form having no inner lock on keeper but a right side till, lid retaining the original snipe hinges, chest resting on boot jack side feet and shaped front feet, 50 3/4"x 17 1/2"x 24 1/2"; Condition: lower

Lot: 685 - Castle type spinning wheel

ca. 1870; in oak with a spoked wheel turning, yarn/string winder attributed to Danner, Manheim, PA, and nicely turned stretchers supporting three boldly turned legs, 21 1/2"x 29 1/2"x 46 1/2"; Condition: belting is missing between wheel and winder,

Lot: 686 - Walter Steely combback arm chair

ca. mid 20th century; shaped crest ending in carved volute ears over a spindled back, contoured arms supported by turned columns, saddle seat over a turned stretcher base with blunt arrow feet and a matt finish, 28 1/2"x 18"x 47"; Condition:

Lot: 687 - Walter Steely combback arm chair

ca. mid 20th century; shaped crest ending in carved volute ears over a spindled back, contoured arms supported by turned columns, saddle seat over a turned stretcher base with blunt arrow feet and a polished gloss finish, 28 3/4"x 17 3/4"x 47 1/4";

Lot: 688 - Walter Steely combback arm chair

ca. mid 20th century; shaped crest ending in carved volute ears over a spindled back, contoured arms supported by turned columns, saddle seat over a turned stretcher base with blunt arrow feet and no finish ever applied, 28 1/2"x 17 3/4"x 46 3/4";

Lot: 689 - 12 English porcelain handled cups & saucers

ca. 1840; Gaudy Welsh or similarwares handled cups and saucers with known patterns including: Fondant, Japan, Pink Rose & Welsh War bonnet, 3 1/2"-4"d, 2"- 2 1/4"h cups, 5 1/2"- 5 3/4"d, 1"- 1 1/4"h saucer; Condition: minor damage throughout

Lot: 690 - English porcelain partial tea service in Gaudy

ca. 1840; ten paneled squat covered footed teapot, 8"x 6", Condition: lid with glued finial, restored rim, handle has stres lines in seams, 1/8" spout tip flake, several flakes on interior lid ledge; ten paneled squat covered footed sugar with pair

Lot: 691 - 7 English Gaudy Welsh or similar wares creamers

ca. 1840; two porcelain, one squat slightly bulbous with grape clusters morif and other tallish and slightly bulbous, 4 1/4"x 4" & 5 1/2"x 3", Condition: squat is discolored; five earthenware creamers including two in oyster pattern, 3 3/4"- 5 3/4"h,

Lot: 692 - 8 English Gaudy Welsh dishes

ca. 1840; three are porcelain: Feather biscuit plate, 9"x 9 1/2", Condition: 9 stress lines (3/4"-7" long), Geranium, 8"d, Condition: good; an unknown biscuit plate, 8 1/2"x 8 3/4", Condition: some overglaze namel losses; five earthenware dishes:

Lot: 693 - 5 English Gaudy Welsh or similarly decorated mugs

ca. 1840; two with porcelain body and both with purple transfers: one with a cottage and also with a hunter, 2 3/4"d, 2 1/2"h, Condition: discolored & 5/8" spider in base; one with tapered sides and purple transfer chinoiserie design, 3"d, 2 3/4"h,

Lot: 694 - Partial English porcelain Gaudy Welsh tea service

ca. 1840; "Pink Rose" pattern purple transfer with overglaze enamel in green, pink and yellow, burnt orange and lustre including: a covered footed, bulbous teapot, 6 1/4"d, 7 1/4"h, Condition: lid finial glued; covered footed, bulbous sugar bowl with

Lot: 695 - Group of English porcelain Gaudy Welsh & related

ca. 1835; 6 identified Gaudy Welsh handled cups and saucers: two "Basket of Flowers" pattern (403 & 291); Cardiff (46), Cherry Tree (2/4), Dogwood & Sunflower; four unidentified pattern cups and saucers, some with marking on reverse "2", "60" &

Lot: 696 - 5 English Gaudy Welsh creamers/pitchers

ca. 1840; porcelain body slightly bulbous "Glamorgan" pattern with octagonal base, 6 1/4"x 3 1/4", Condition: good; four Staffordshire earthenware bodies: bulbous oyster type pattern, 4 3/4"d, 4 1/2"h, Condition: 5/8" bruise on foot; unknown pattenr

Lot: 697 - 8 English Gaudy Welsh plates

ca. 1830-1840; Staffordshire earthenware plate impressed "Davenport", floral and flow blue leaf motifs, 7 1/2"d, Condition: 1/4" rim flake; seven porcelain plates: three floral cartouches in a lustre detailed blue border, 8"d, Condition: good;

Lot: 698 - Group of 6 English Gaudy Welsh items

ca. 1830 & 1840; three porcelain items: footed bulbous creamer with four floral motifs separated by blue and lustre columns and above diapered panels, 3 3/4"d, 4 3/4"h, Condition: good; footed waste bowl with floral center and a blue and lustre

Lot: 699 - Group of English Gaudy Welsh cups, saucers & plate

ca. 1840; "Dotted circle"; "Pennant" including a plate; "Segurro"; "Sahara"; "Sunflower"; "Water Lily"; two other porcelain cups and saucers, handleless cottage pattern, grape variant handled cup and saucer; two English Staffordshire earthenware

Lot: 700 - 5 English Gaudy Welsh items

ca. 1840; porcelain geranium pattern pitcher in bulbous baluster form, 5 3/4"d, 7 3/4"h, Condition: good; porcelain covered squat bulbous baluster form teapot in pansy-type pattern, 7"x 6 1/2", Condition: discolored, restored spout, 4 1/2" line

Lot: 701 - Group of English ceramics

ca. 1840; porcelain child's wash bowl and pitcher, "Tartan" pattern, octagonal form with blue, green and natural blocks with burnt orange striations, 1"x 4 1/4" bowl, 4 1/2"x 2 1/4" pitcher, Condition: pitcher has 7/8" rim line; child's pitcher in

Lot: 702 - 3 "Aurora" hollowware ironstone items

ca. 1860; purple transfer with applied blue, green and yellow overglaze enamel: octagonal base footed urn form creamer, 5 3/4"x 4", Condition: good; squat footed octagonal base baluster form covered teapot with acorn finial, 8 3/4"x 6", Condition;

Lot: 703 - Group of "Aurora" ironstone items

ca. 1860; blue transfer with applied green, red and yellow overglaze enamel: round footed waste bowl with 16 slightly scalloped panels, 6 1/2"d, 3 3/4"h; oblong octagonal platter with blue ink back stamp "Aurora", green transfer with applied blue,

Lot: 704 - Group of "Aurora" ironstone items

ca. 1850; English Staffordshire sepia transfer with applied green, red and yellow overglaze enamel: three plates with sepia ink back stamp "Aurora", 10 1/4", 9", 7"d, Condition: 3 3/4" & 3/4" rim lines, 1/4" rim chip; next 1/4" rim chip; last 1"

Lot: 705 - 2 paint decorated primitive boxes

ca. 1900-1940; primitive homemade hanging spice chest with 7 drawers, crafted from rough-sawn oak with simple slat style hanger, two rows of 3 drawers over a single drawer base, cream paint and green painted turned pull-knobs, 6"x 3 1/4"x 9 1/2",

Lot: 706 - Set of 5 domed lid graduated copper oil cruets

ca. 20th century; identically crafted with domed lids with cast brass knobs set on simple copper strap and rivet pin hinges, flared feet, bulbous reservoir bottoms, slender mid-section, riveted strap handles and formed spouts, 2 1/2"d, 1 1/2"x 4" -

Lot: 707 - Red painted pine salt box

ca. 19th century; primitive form wooden pin constructed wall box in early red paint with pie board handle shaped hanger board, flat hinged lid on wooden pins and extended plank bottom, 10 1/4"x 6 3/4"x 14"; Condition: good surface wear

Lot: 708 - Orange painted carnival game wheel

ca. 1920-1950; painted game of chance wheel with cast alloy six point star hub with orange painted wood rim with painted black numbers and hammered nails for stops, accented with white pinstripes and red specialty number markers, 19 1/2"d, 1 1/2"x 2

Lot: 709 - 3 powder horns

ca. 18th-19th century; flat molded ox horn powder flask with carved oval butt plug and turned bone spout in threaded receiver, plug appears scratch signed by maker, 7 3/4"x 4 1/2"x 1 1/4", Condition: bug damage to horn & spout, holes through horn,

Lot: 710 - Bent wood oak measure with wire handle

ca. 1880; measure made from steam bent oak slat band overlapped and nailed with iron round head nails, gripped wire swing/loose handle on metal cup fasteners, softwood bottom and exterior painted blue, 8 3/4"d, 5 1/4"h; Condition: appears to never

Lot: 711 - Early wooden kitchen bowl

ca. 1850-1880; early duplicator machine turned wooden bowl with small foot, small exterior grasp band, painted with early green milk paint with unfinished interior, 13"d, 3 1/4"h; Condition: 2 hanger holes drilled thru rim, nice patina from use in

Lot: 712 - Footstool & cut-out dog

ca. 1850 & 1920s-1940s; early walnut splayed leg walnut footstool with ornamental scrollwork, recess mounted apron and scroll-cut legs with spire tip cut-out center and scrolled sides, top with spire tip cut-out ends astened with cut-nails, 13"x 6"x

Lot: 713 - Fretwork shaving mirror

ca. 1890-1910; fancy fret-saw work decoration shaving mirror with single drawer base, grain paint orange over tan paint, mirror back with two birds resting on ornamental floral design, drawer front with fretwork deer and floral design and white

Lot: 714 - 3 carpenter's wooden string winders

ca. 18th-19th century; early yoke and spindle type winder made with hickory wood, winder in mortise and tenon construction steam bent "yoke" top on drawn handle/spindle, Condition: very good; early yoke and spindle winder with steam bent harp shaped

Lot: 715 - Inlaid folk art dresser box

ca. 1920s; softwood box with oak lid hinged on brass butt hinges, lid with center inlay oak in walnut veneer with heart design pin-prink and paint accent, banded with angled walnut and oak ribbon inlay, lid further accented with diamond checkerboard

Lot: 716 - Ornamental cast iron boot scraper

ca. 1880-1910; footed oval fluted tray base with black Americana "shoe shine boy" sitting on top of arch top scraper frame with side brushed and dolphin base, scraper frame mounted with bolt base and nut mount, 11 3/4"x 9 3/4"x 12 3/4"; Condition:

Lot: 717 - 2 tin lamp fillers

ca. 18th-late 19th century; early tapered top pot with domed hinged lid, wire-braced applied D-handle and sloped spout with folded brace arm, off-set spout and filler can with gold/brass paint, 4"- 2 1/2"d, 4" spout, 2" handle, 5 1/2"h, small hole in

Lot: 718 - Early handwrought pie crimper

ca. 18th century; early form with iron file-worked wheel, losse riveted to ornate file-work decorated arched stirrup, crimper's shaft central square with raised file-worked upper and lower mouts and later walnut wood grasp, 1 1/2" wheel, 7 3/4"l;

Lot: 719 - 3 accessories

ca. 19th-20th century; late Amish made woven straw wide brim hat with rounded top, made by white thread stitching of layering of braided straw tape with interior lined in sweat band, 7 1/2"x 5 1/2" oval, 13 1/2"x 11 1/2"x 5" exterior, Condition: some

Lot: 720 - Life size homemade canvas & wood goose field decoy

ca. mid 20th century; frame fabricated from old trade sign and nailed stretch over frame canvas cover, Canadian Goose decoy designed to set on stem with black/brown/white paint on wood and canvas surface, 23"x 8 3/4"x 14 3/4"; Condition: mouse hole

Lot: 721 - Redware jar & painted treenware turning

ca. late 19th-20th century; late redware wax sealer storage jar with wide mouth, flared rim and dark Albany slip glaze, 3 3/4"d, 5"h, Condition: surface imperfection to rim; Scandinavian-type turned wood soap box with wide domed seated lid and

Lot: 722 - Boot scraper & kettle tripod

ca. 18th-early 19th century; large boot scraper with ram's horn wrapped post and mortise and tenon mounted scraper plate, 13"x 2 1/4"x 7 1/4", Condition: damage to 1 post, missing L foot; triangular shaped tripod with square welded feet and twisted

Lot: 723 - 2 wooden painted primitives

ca. late 19th-20th century; make-do child's table with tapered legs made from salvage siding and crate wood, simple nail and screw construction and dark green painted, 19"x 11 1/2"x 14 3/4", Condition: some late repairs; red decorated flag/feather

Lot: 724 - 2 handwrought gigs

ca. 19th century; rare seven tine eel/fish gig with barbed tines welded to flared socket handle head, 3 1/4"x 1 1/2"x 51 1/4", Condition: replaced wood handle; five-tine mole gig with wide barbed tines, stirrup mounted in rod tang handle with

Lot: 725 - Lightning rod

ca. early 20th century; copper rod supported by a wrought iron tripod and holding a milk glass arrestor ball and wrought iron and milk glass weathervane, 23"x 12"x 61"; Condition: replaced screws, heavily pitted iron

Lot: 726 - Civil War era drum

ca. 1860; blue painted bentwood drum with metal tension rods and two drumsticks, contained in a lucite display box; Condition: as found, worn paint

Lot: 727 - 2 wooden tool carriers

ca. early 20th century; green carrier with a round handle and divided interior, 16"x 9"x 10; green carrier with a later red painted interior, 19"x 8"x 12"; Condition: both as found with worn paint

Lot: 728 - Fine blue & white double-weave coverlet

ca. early 19th century; unsigned wool double-weave coverlet with reversable star and four rose pattern, border in double run of bird and tree of life pattern, sides and foot with frayed edge and top hemmed, corner motif is four panel tulip design,

Lot: 729 - Andrew Kump damask coverlet manufacturer coverlet

ca. 1846 dated; fine red-green-blue woven jacquard/damask center-seam coverlet with flower center star and four rose pattern, with small birds resting on large floral vine broder, hemmed top, sides and foot frayed/fringe with makers panel of Andrew

Lot: 730 - Old appliqued quilt with green & red floral frond

ca. 1840-1860; quilt with white muslin back and piece block top, solid green and printed red calico fabric floral frond patches set on diagonal pattern across top with green border top and bottom, red printed border sides, outline borderd in festoon

Lot: 731 - Black & red jacquard plaid coverlet

ca. 1850; woven to look like a Native American blanket/rug with center seam, red and black linial wefts and a woven chain design with white warp, edge with tight woven line accent to edges, foot in knotted tassle design and reverse appearing to have

Lot: 732 - Coverlet & counterpane

ca. 1850-1910; double weave red and blue center-seam coverlet with large floral rosette and tape weave pattern, sides of coverlet with double floral design and fringed edge, foot with single floral vine border with fringed edge, Condition: unsigned &

Lot: 733 - Shakespeare & His Friends

ca. 1860; after a painting by John Faed, engraved by James Faed, pubblished exclusively for the members of the Cosmopolitan Art Assocation for the sixth year 1859-60, most men are named on bottom margin including Sir Walter Raleigh & Bacon, 33"x 35

Lot: 734 - 2 Currier & Ives lithographs

ca. 1870; Bombardment and Capture of the Fort Henry, Tenn and The Fall of Richmond, Va on the night of April 2nd, 1865, both in newer matching and matted frames, 9 3/4"x 13 1/2" sight, 18 1/4"x 14 3/4" overall; Condition: small moth hole on upper

Lot: 735 - 2 Currier & Ives lithographs

ca. 1860; "The Home of Washington" and "Sunnywide on the Hudson" in matted matching frames; Condition: crease on right side of "Hudson"

Lot: 736 - 2 lithographs

ca. 1850 & 1880; one by N. Currier "On a Point" with two hunting dogs following a trail, in the original decorated frame, Condition: toning throughout, frame retains the original finish with age & use wear; one "Machinery Hall" by Currier & Ives

Lot: 737 - Bird's eye maple frame & mirror

ca. 1880; ogee molded frame with a gold leafed liner surrounding mirror, 34"x 28" overall; Condition: mirror is later

Lot: 738 - Sheraton mirror

ca. 1820; in pine with a molded top over the original reverse painted glass over a mirrored bottom, flanked by reeded half columns ending in a molded base, 30"x 15 1/2"; Condition: case stripped

Lot: 739 - Sheraton mirror

ca. 1820; molded top over the original reverse painted and mother of pearl top glass over a mirror, surrounded by fluted moldings with blocked corners, 27"x 15 1/2" overall; Condition: later mirror in base

Lot: 740 - Plant stand

ca. 1890; demilune shaped three tier stand in green paint, 32 1/2"x 19 1/2"x 38"; Condition: old repairs to supports

Lot: 741 - Walnut farm table

ca. 1820; with pegged top over two drawers with original brass pulls over straight turned legs on castors, 41 3/4"x 34 1/2"x 31"; Condition: pegs are missing

Lot: 742 - Child's highchair signed G.F. Rote

ca. 1800; bamboo Windsor chair with four spindle back, arms, foot rest and stretcher base, stamped "G.F. Rote" under seat, 15 1/2"x 15"x 34 1/2"; Condition: old refinish

Lot: 743 - Walnut blanket chest

ca. 1780; thumb molded top opening to the interior with left side till, strap hinges, grab lock with keeper and original key over two drawers, complete with original edge serated cast brasses, 49 3/4"x 23"x 26"; Condition: base has an age crack,

Lot: 744 - American tall case clock

ca. 1790; in walnut with a profusely inlaid case, 8 day time, strike, calendar and moon phase dial with a center sweep second hand, broken arch top over two pillars flanking the painted dial over the trunk door with fan inlays and chamfered inalid

Lot: 745 - Walnut tall chest

ca. 1800; with a molded top over three drawers over two drawers over three drawers, all resting on straight bracket feet, 39 3/4"x 21 1/4"x 60"; Condition: top 5 drawers have replaced pulls, chip to 1 drawer lip (with chest, needs to be glued),

Lot: 746 - Artillary cart

ca. 1860; owner purported this to be a Confederate cannon ball carrier, found in Arkansas, coming from a Civil War collection with two iron wheels with iron spokes and iron T-handle pull, 27"x 54"x 42"; Condition: top is absent, lock is missing

Lot: 747 - Plank seat chair

ca. 1850; thumb back chair with curved crest, 6 spindle back and shaped seat over turned legs with stretchers, 18 1/2"x 15 1/2"x 34 1/2"; Condition: repainted

Lot: 748 - Walnut one drawer stand

ca. 1825; with a thumb molded top over a single drawer with glass pull over turned legs, ending in tiny bun feet, 23 1/2"x 23"x 30"; Condition: old refinish

Lot: 749 - Hepplewhite work table

ca. 1810; two board top using screws and nails to secure it to the base with splayed tapering legs and retaining an old if not original finish, 29"x 28 1/2"x 29 1/2"; Condition: top now without finish, age & use wear

Lot: 750 - Paint decorated blanket chest

ca. 1820; in pine with painted surface simulation crotched wood, with a thumb molded top opening to the interior with left side till, butt hinges, dovetailed construction, resting on straight bracket feet and signed indistinctly under top, 43 1/2"x

Lot: 751 - Paint decorated farm table

ca. 1820; pegged two-board top over two drawers over four turned legs with drawers having white enamel pulls, 46 1/2"x 29 3/4"x 29 1/4"; Condition: remnants of old fabric on top, pegs are absent

Lot: 752 - Candlestand

ca.1760; in mahogany with thumb molded top supported by a bird cage flanked by battans over a turned suppressed ball pedestal, on cabriole legs ending in padded snake feet, 23 3/4"x 6 1/2"x 40"; Condition: some repairs to thumb molding surrounding

Lot: 753 - Red painted corner cupboard

ca. 1830; 2 part cupboard with a cove molded cornice over a white painted 12 light door above a 2 door cupboard base with turned feet, 47 1/2" x 33" x 85"; Condition: wear to paint, replaced feet

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