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Lot: 1 - Edward Brian Seago Barges on the Thames Painting

United Kingdom,1910-1974 Light washes of color allow the deep warm tones of the barges to stand out. Edward Seago specializes in seascapes, taking interest in barges along the Thames River. Seago painted en plein air, outdoors, which contributes to

Lot: 2 - Stanley Woodward Plein Air New Hampshire Painting

Massachusetts,1890-1970 Plein air impressionist landscape of a rocky trail through the White Mountains with a craggy pine tree in the foreground. Notice the blue-purple monetesque color used throughout the mountainous background. Woodward was an

Lot: 3 - William Paskell Autumn Cabin Landscape Painting

Massachusetts,1866-1951 Depicting a dirt trail framed by birch trees with a cabin in the background illuminated by the setting sun.

Lot: 4 - Heinrich Kley Sick Dragon Wizard Fantasy Painting

Germany,1863-1945 Mythical illustrative work titled "Der Patient" depicting an ill dragon resting on a pillow stuffed with gold as a wizard inspects his wound with a bare breasted woman worryingly standing behind him.

Lot: 5 - David Lenker Summer Beach Scene WC Painting

United States,1917-2009 Contemporary landscape scene of people enjoying a day at the beach close to a jetty.

Lot: 6 - Felix Darley Jesus & Disciples Classical Painting

Delaware, New York,1822- 1888 Realistic depiction of Jesus standing among his disciples each adorned with a halo.

Lot: 7 - Raul Anguiano Realist Portrait Painting of a Woman

Mexico, California, New York,1915-2006 Social realist work depicting a middle aged woman with pale red hat looking off to the side thoughtfully.

Lot: 8 - Nelson Fish Country Road Landscape WC Painting

United States,19th Century Impressionist work depicting a dirt path lined by bare trees and a stone fence with a flock of birds flying in the background.

Lot: 9 - LARGE 19C Charles Ullmann Bucolic River Painting

Sweden,19th Century Fine and large Scandinavian landscape of farmers on horseback crossing a river with their cattle. Notice the depth and layers of the composition with a cottage seen to the right near a woman washing clothes as her husband fishes

Lot: 10 - Jane Chermayeff At the Beach Modern Lithograph

New York,1950-2014 At the Beach, edition 103 of 140.

Lot: 11 - Leon Wall Vibrant Floral Abstract O/C Painting

New York,1916-1980 Vibrant organic abstraction of a flower.

Lot: 12 - Robert Davison Fall of Icarus Surrealist Painting

New York, California,b.1922 Surrealist rendition of the Fall of Icarus, contrasts of color create a defined human form while intensifying the sharp contours of the rocks below his featherless wings.

Lot: 13 - MCM Carlo Newspaper Mixed Media Male Nude Painting

United States,Dated 1969 Modern mixed media of a semi-nude male body from the neck down created from newspaper clippings.

Lot: 14 - Isaac Maimon French Street Scene Lithograph

Israel,b.1951 Born to French speaking parents, Isaac Maimon takes inspiration from French "boulevard culture" as depicted in this modernist street scene, edition 128 of 275.

Lot: 15 - Anne Gordon Modern Portrait Painting of Two Girls

United Kingdom,b.1914 Modernist portrait of two girls staring off into the distance with wide eyes standing out from softly rendered features.

Lot: 16 - Sol Levenson Surrealist Romantic Couple Painting

Vermont,1910-2006 Surreal, vibrant depiction of a rocker couple surrounded by cherubs and a band floating amongst clouds.

Lot: 17 - Louis Schanker Abstract Dancing Figures Painting

New York, Connecticut,1903-1981 Figurative abstract of humanoid figures dancing over a tricolor background. Louis Schanker utilizes a blend of abstraction and cubism to create vibrant imagery of people, animals and still life.

Lot: 18 - Roland F. Cosimini Bacchante Color Woodcut

United States,1898-1945 Bacchante, Art Deco stylized woman posed holding fruit with a headdress of grapes.

Lot: 19 - Luis Lusnich O/B Social Realist Painting of a Girl

Argentina,1911-1995 A young girl sits staring out into the distance holding a white crinkled kerchief in one hand with her mother running a loom in the background. The social realist style of Lusnich is reminiscent of the early works of Diego

Lot: 20 - Pascal Cucaro Contemporary Figurative Painting

California, Ohio,1915-2004 Contemporary impressionist painting of several figures in muted colors against a vibrant red backdrop.

Lot: 21 - Attrib. William Zorach Study Drawing of Nude Woman

New York, California,1887-1966 Executed in black and red crayon with quick, purposeful strokes the woman is posed nude seated and looking to the left.

Lot: 22 - Modernist 3D Cut Paper Lithograph of Miami Beach

United States,20th Century Vibrant depiction of Miami featuring prominent locations in the area such as South Beach, the Miami Sea Aquarium, and the Miami Metrozoo with a line of cars and crowd of people along the beach.

Lot: 23 - Joan Leed Sacramento River Rafters Naive Painting

California,20th Century Executed in a primitive flat aesthetic with impasto accents depicting a bus floating down a river with kids standing on top releasing balloons into an orange sky.

Lot: 24 - 19C European Tenebrism Tavern Scene Painting

Northern Europe,19th Century Tavern scene with a man in red hat holding a jug in one hand staring at the viewer with intense chiaroscuro play throughout.

Lot: 25 - Janet Greenleaf Realist Floral Still Life Painting

California, Rhode Island,1936-2003 Depicting a vibrant arrangement of blue, pink, and white flowers displayed in a blue vase.

Lot: 26 - James Abbot McNeil Whistler Townscape Etching

Massachusetts, England,1834-1903 Fulham, 1879, second state (of 2), Kennedy 182, a dark and rich impression.

Lot: 27 - Anders Zorn Vicke Guitar Man Portrait Etching

Illinois, Sweden,1860-1920 Vicke (Guitar Man), 1918, Asplund 281; Hjert/Hjert 166.

Lot: 28 - Norman Rockwell Huckleberry Finn Lithograph

Massachusetts, New York,1894-1978 Your Eyes is Lookin', 1972, from the Huckleberry Finn portfolio, edition 28 of 200.

Lot: 29 - Joseph Margulies Old Philosopher Aquatint Etching

New York,1896-1984 Philosopher, 1940.

Lot: 30 - 19C Dutch Chiaroscuro Portrait Painting of a Man

Neatherlands,19th Century Chiaroscuro portrait of a plump man wearing a pale burnt amber shirt with small ruff gazing at the viewer and smiling with a wine glass in his hand.

Lot: 31 - Salvador Dali Surrealist Etching of Woman & Putti

France, Spain,1904-1989 Autumn, from an edition of 100.

Lot: 32 - Louis Icart Art Deco Aquatint of Woman & Dogs

France, New York,1888-1950 Petit Dejeuner (Mealtime), 1927, Schiffer 309.

Lot: 33 - Edwin Crowen Slater Mountainous Forest Painting

Connecticut, New jersey,b.1884 Impressionist work depicting a dense forest with cabin roof peaking through the foliage with an impasto style application. Edwin Slater followed the teachings of William Merritt Chase (1849-1916) and Hugh Breckinridge

Lot: 34 - 19C Wetterhorn Grindelwald Silver Tone Photograph

Switzerland,Late 19th century Identified photograph of Wetterhorn Peak at 12,000 feet from Grindelwald Village in the Swiss Alps.

Lot: 35 - Thomas Rowlandson Judge Caricature Illustration

United Kingdom,1756-1827 Satirically drawn depicting a judge reaching back to receive a bribe from another gentleman. Thomas Rowlandson was an illustrator well known for his caricatures and depictions of political situations and people.

Lot: 36 - Louis Kronberg Realist Pastel Drawing of Ballerina

New York, Florida, Massachusetts,1872-1965 Classical realist portrait of a ballerina in arabesque position with soft shading of pink to her legs.

Lot: 37 - Auguste Rodin Nude Figure Watercolor Painting

France,1840-1917 Nude study of a figure standing on one foot leaning forward with their other leg in the air. Rodin is best known for his impressionist and realist sculptural work after beginning his career in academic and neoclassical art.

Lot: 38 - Pamela Redick Rhode Island Sun Set Street Painting

Rhode Island,Dated 2013 Contemporary rendition of bare tree branches against a cool New England winter sky.

Lot: 39 - Louis John Steele Napoleonic Maritime Engraving

United Kingdom,1843-1917 Etching based on a painting by William Quiller Orchardson, R.A. (1832-1910) depicting Napoleon accompanied by English military men on the HMS Bellerophon bound for St. Helena.

Lot: 40 - 19C American Ink Silhouette of Fashionable Man

United States,Early 19th Century Finely painted depicting a fashionable older gentleman with top hat, overcoat, and walking stick with gold wash highlights throughout.

Lot: 41 - PR 19C T.P. Jones Hollow-Cut Portrait Silhouettes

United States,19th Century White cut over black paper opposing portraits of a man and woman with hand drawn collar and hair.

Lot: 42 - 20C American Coastal Dock Sunset Painting

United States,20th Century Impressionist rendition of a dock at sunset executed in a neutral color palette with a boat is tied to a post in the foreground as seagulls fly close to the water's surface.

Lot: 43 - Arnaldo Miccoli Modernist Self Portrait Painting

Italy,20th Century Contemporary rendition of a man with exaggerated features. The painting exhibits stylistic influence from the figurative work of Fernando Botero (b.1932).

Lot: 44 - European Israeli Judaic Pastel Portrait Painting

Europe,Late 19th-Early 20th Century Naturalistic representation of an elderly man with strong nose and long beard gazing to the side.

Lot: 45 - Woody Jackson Modernist Pastoral Cow Lithograph

United States,20th Century Goloka (Cow Realm), edition 24 of 60.

Lot: 46 - LARGE Haitian Primitive Carved Wood Cat Sculpture

Haiti,20th Century Whimsically grotesque representation of a cat with exaggerated features, sharp incisors, and extended front leg.

Lot: 47 - Mexican Social Realist Painting of a Girl & Dove

Mexico,20th Century Executed with an impasto technique with emphasis on pink depicting a little girl lovingly looking at a dove next to pink flowers.

Lot: 48 - N. Sichel Chromolithograph of an Orientalist Woman

Germany,1843-1907 Depicting a beautiful finely dressed woman with jewels playing a harp decorated with the head of an Egyptian Pharaoh, housed in its original period frame.

Lot: 49 - Victorio Bianchini Impressionist Venetian Painting

Italy,1797-1880 Depicting an Italian harbor filled with sailboats and a lone gondolier in the foreground with architectural background.

Lot: 50 - 3PC Eduardo Munoz Bachs Modernist Cuban Posters

Cuba,1937-2001 Includes an "Amada" poster featuring a woman in purple sitting on a decorative chair, an "Estetica" poster with a man with gold tooth, and a "Pero Cero por Ciento" poster featuring a farmer holding a cow.

Lot: 51 - Thomas Wells Impressionist Maritime O/C Painting

Michigan, Washington,1916-2004 Impressionist work depicting a tranquil harbor with a sailboat as a warm yellow setting sun illuminates the scene.

Lot: 52 - William Paskell Winter Sunset Landscape Painting

Massachusetts,1866-1951 Impressionist work depicting a woman dressed in red as the sun sets over her cabin.

Lot: 53 - Modern Surrealist Photograph of a Nude Woman

United States,Dated 1977 Surrealist photograph of a nude woman resting atop a blanket blended with lush foliage. The image exhibits influence from the photography of Jerry Uelsmann (b.1934).

Lot: 54 - Barry Geller Modernist Urban Street WC Painting

United States,20th Century Semi-abstract skewed perspective of an urban street in a limited color palette of black, blue, pink, and red.

Lot: 55 - 19C Dutch Genre Card Players Tavern O/B Painting

Netherlands,19th Century Interior genre scene of a tavern depicting two men seated at a table playing cards as a third man peeks at their cards, chiaroscuro play, extreme highlights from the window and deep shadows in the back create detailed depth.

Lot: 56 - Joseph Butera New England Farm Landscape Painting

Massachusetts, Italy,1905-1963 Post-impressionist work depicting a rolling valley of farmland as viewed from a dirt road.

Lot: 57 - American Interior Genre Painting of Husband & Wife

United States,20th Century Depicting an older woman against pink wallpaper folding napkins while looking over to her husband hanging up his coat.

Lot: 58 - Stewart Raymond Nocturnal Industrial Painting

New Jersey,20th Century Social realist work titled "Water Main Trouble" depicting construction workers performing maintenance on a water main beneath railroad tracks at night illuminated by the sparks of welding, identified as Leonia, New Jersey.

Lot: 59 - Italian Classical Illuminated Landscape Painting

Italy,19th Century Neoclassical view overlooking a river with a small group of people gathered by the riverbank with Greco-Roman architecture in the background illuminated by the setting sun.

Lot: 60 - 19C English Romanticist Castle Landscape Painting

England,19th Century Neoclassical picturesque landscape of two women standing beneath a large tree as cattle graze with a castle in the background. Notice the depth and layers of the mountains beneath a wispy sky.

Lot: 61 - Jules Cheret Art Nouveau Casino de Paris Poster

France,1836-1932 Original advertising poster for Camille Stefani at the Casino de Paris. Jules Cheret is considered to be the father of the modern poster alongside Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (1864-1901) and Alphonse Mucha (1860-1939).

Lot: 62 - Chinese Qing Dynasty Reverse Glass Panel Painting

China,Qing Dynasty Storytelling painting broken down into four scenes, the last panel with Hsi Wang Mu and her counterpart Mu Gong riding on a cloud of mist in front of spectators.

Lot: 63 - 1851 J. Rapkin England Colored Map of Brazil

England,Circa 1851 Map of Brazil, circa 1851, printed by John Tallis and Company and decorated with vignettes of Rio De Janeiro, St. Catherine, Monte Video, Cape Antonio Bahia, and boats on the Rio Negro.

Lot: 64 - Conley Harris Twilight Mountain Landsacpe Painting

New England,b.1943 Impressionist work depicting a mountainside overlooking a forest beneath a blue-pink sky.

Lot: 65 - William Fisher Maritime Harbor Seascape Painting

New York, Maine,1891-1985 Impressionist work depicting a large ship at dock beside a white house with seagulls flying overhead.

Lot: 66 - 2 Charles B King Native American Portrait Etchings

United States,Circa 1836 Includes two prints, Tustennuggee Emathla and Meta-Koosega, 1836, after portraits originally done by Charles Bird King (1785-1862), published by F. W. Greenough.

Lot: 67 - Walt Disney 3D Cut Lithograph of Cinderella Castle

United States,20th Century Depicting Cinderella dressed in blue with rhinestones departing a horse drawn carriage and walking towards her castle.

Lot: 68 - Walt Disney 3D Cut Lithograph Mickey and the Gang

United States,20th Century Depicting Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto smiling and hugging and embellished with glitter, rhinestones, beads, and buttons throughout.

Lot: 69 - Walt Disney 3D Cut Lithograph Mickey Mouse Parade

United States,20th Century Cut lithograph of various Disney characters parading by decorated with glitter. The seven dwarves hold a sign that reads "Remember the Magic."

Lot: 70 - Walt Disney Baby Mickey Collection 3D Lithograph

United States,1995 Three dimensional cut lithograph depicting baby Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto climbing on blocks and playing with toys. The perfect edition for any child's bedroom.

Lot: 71 - FINE French Empire Neoclassical Bronze Torchieres

France,Late 19th Century Finely cast gilt and patinated bronze with female winged goddess surmounting a five-light sphere with figural lion heads terminating into scrolled acanthus leaf arms over opposing ormolu eagles on a laurel wreath supported

Lot: 72 - Emmanuel Villanis Art Nouveau Sapho Bronze Model

France,1858-1914 Finely cast sculpture of the Greek poet Sapho standing with her lyre in flowing diaphanous drapery. Sapho was known for her lyric poetry that she sang while playing the lyre and has become a symbol of female homosexuality through

Lot: 73 - 19C French Bronze Egyptian Revival Pricket

France,Late 19th Century Figural seated winged sphinx with small plateau supported by a reeded column with Corinthian capital on shapely beast-foot legs.

Lot: 74 - Emmanuel Villanis Bronze Bust of Orientalist Woman

France,1858-1914 Titled "Rebecca Au Puits" depicting a beautiful young woman with head scarf leaning on a vessel.

Lot: 75 - LARGE F. Barbedienne Bronze Bust of a Nude Woman

France,1810-1892 Neoclassical bust of a nude Romanesque woman with wavy hair. Ferdinand Barbedienne was a highly skilled metal worker casting many Greek statues in bronze and founded one of the most important bronze foundries in France.

Lot: 76 - Modernist Bronze Sculpture of a Saxophonist

Europe,20th Century Brutalist sculpture of a long legged man playing the saxophone.

Lot: 77 - 19C English Country Carved Oak Hunting Server

England,19th-20th Century Rectangular form with twisted column supports flanking two glass panel doors opening to expose a three shelf interior with carved lion supports over a two drawer over two door base with two internal shelves and decorative

Lot: 78 - 19C English Carved Oak Twist Column Mirror Server

England,19th-20th Century Mirrored sideboard with rectangular top over two drawers over two shelves supported by twist legs. Top lifts into a collapsible shelf when mirror is removed.

Lot: 79 - English Country Oak Dining Table & Chairs

England,19th-20th Century Rectangular top supported by four twist legs with intricately carved stretcher bar with two leaves accompanied by six chairs with shaped crest over pierced splats with canned seats supported by carved legs with H form

Lot: 80 - Nepro Miniature Pocket Sized Travel Alarm Clock

Switzerland,20th Century Clock with Roman numeral dial and textured and polished brass case, accompanied with original red case.

Lot: 81 - French Art Deco Deveau Cameo Glass Chandelier

France,20th Century Acid etched cameo glass with banded pink glass shades decorated with birds on a tubular chrome shade.

Lot: 82 - Wurlitzer Americana III Stereo Sound Jukebox

United States,20th Century Wurlitzer Americana III Jukebox, includes approximately 500 45rpm records.

Lot: 83 - Chinese Qing Dynasty Red Lacquered Wood Divider

Chinese,Qing Dynasty Four panel divider decorated with a bustling courtyard within a geometric medallion and crane border, reverse with detailed scenic landscape with birds.

Lot: 84 - Jeff Koons Taschen Pop Art Limited Sample Book

United States,2007 Kitsch collection of Jeff Koons work is contained beneath the colorful pop art lobster cover of this book, a rare sample copy from an edition of 1,600, printed by Taschen Publishing Co., Germany.

Lot: 85 - 18C Continental Soft Paste Porcelain Mantel Cats

Europe,18th Century Opposing pair each modeled in a seated position with long fur with black glazed accents. Notice the delicate nature of the porcelain with thin walls.

Lot: 86 - 19C French Carved Oak Wood Cane Stand Hall Tree

France,19th Century Pierced crest over a rectangular body with scrolled tendril fleur-de-lis design, six coat hooks, and compartmented umbrella and cane rest.

Lot: 87 - 20C French Limoges Gilt Porcelain Centerpiece

France,20th Century Bronze mounted tazza with cast floral center lug and gilt stippled acanthus leaf and bellflower decoration.

Lot: 88 - Bradley & Hubbard Art Nouveau Slag Glass Bookends

United States,Circa 1900 Stylized floral overlay on caramel and green slag glass with sliding patinated green frame.

Lot: 89 - 18C French Sevres Cobalt Blue Porcelain Box

France,1757 Turtle form with hinged top decorated with a court scene and scenic landscape panels within an allover gilt acanthus leaf and moriage work border over a rich cobalt blue ground.

Lot: 90 - Chinese Hardwood Lacquered Altar Table

China,Early 20th Century Three over two relief carved drawers supported by square legs.

Lot: 91 - DSP McCall Patterns Advertising Flange Sign

New York,Circa 1910 Double sided advertising flange sign for McCall sewing patterns in a stylized script with ten and fifteen cent advertised price points over a dark blue background.

Lot: 92 - 19C French Rococo Carved Wood Document Box

France,19th Century Four panel lid with scrolled acanthus leaves in relief and central monogram "HCL" over carved filigree panels, the lock is nestled within a clamshell carved in relief.

Lot: 93 - 3PC Wallendorf & Lladro Porcelain Ballerina Group

Germany, Spain,20th Century Includes two Wallendorf ballerinas, one barefoot and the other kneeling with gold shoes and a Lladro figural group of two ballerinas dressed in pale blue and pink dresses with lace trimmed skirts.

Lot: 94 - Victorian Advertising Shoe Horn Button Pull Group

United States,19th-Early 20th century Large collection of Victorian to early twentieth century shoe horns and button pulls, some with company advertisement nicely framed in shadow boxes.

Lot: 95 - Victorian Round Carved Oak Lion Center Table

United States,19th Century Circular top over a readed column shaft with figural tripod lion base.

Lot: 96 - RI Silver Bullet Jerusalem Photograph Portfolio

Rhode Island,1984 From an edition of 115, The Silver Bullet Gallery created this portfolio commemorating Jerusalem which includes signed and numbered photographs from eleven different artists.

Lot: 97 - C.1900 Chinese Export Kesi Silk Dragon Pillow Box

China,Circa 1900 Decorated with two five toed dragons flying amongst clouds flanking a peach over an imperial yellow ground with floral embroidered edge and brass hardware.

Lot: 98 - LARGE Japanese Ko-Kutani Porcelain Baluster Vase

Japan,Circa 1900 Baluster form with molded figural dragon handles on a flared neck with an allover floral and tendril pattern over a scenic mountain landscape decorated body.

Lot: 99 - Silver Bullet Gallery Limited Lithograph Portfolio

Rhode Island,Dated 1983 Limited edition of 100 copies, the Silver Bullet Gallery created this book in collaboration with Colorlab Ltd., Providence, Rhode Island for printing works by varying artists. A list of the artists and their work is included

Lot: 100 - FINE 19C French Palatial Gilt Bronze Andirons

France,19th Century Monumental pair of neoclassical andirons with architectural column form with Corinthian capital and flame finial.

Lot: 101 - Vintage Architectural Wood Cathedral Church Model

United States,20th Century Architectural model of a Christian church in the shape of a cross with red and blue colored rose window over a set of three wooden doors, features a spire and simulated glass windows, finished in gray paint.

Lot: 102 - 18C Chinese Qing Dynasty Silk Kesi Textile

China,18th Century Decorated with a parent holding a child with Hsi Wang Mu, Queen Mother of the West descending on a cloud of mist blessing the child.

Lot: 103 - 18C Chinese Hsi Wang Mu Phoenix Kesi Textile

China,18th Century Decorated with Hsi Wang Mu and an attendant riding a phoenix over a seated scholar.

Lot: 104 - 18C Chinese Qing Dynasty Silk Kesi Textile

China,18th Century Decorated with a young child interacting with Hsi Wang Mu who has her hand outstretched while his parents watch on.

Lot: 105 - 19C Chinese Gold Thread Five Toed Dragon Textile

China,19th Century Finely decorated with a five toed golden dragon flying amongst swirling blue clouds over an imperial yellow ground.

Lot: 106 - PR Japanese Silk Bird Cherry Blossom Textiles

Japan,Meiji Period Each textile decorated with finches perched on and flying near cherry blossoms.

Lot: 107 - Chinese Green Famille Rose Porcelain Warriors Tile

China,Late Qing Dynasty Decorated with a seated imperial figure on a tiger skin throne dressed in jade colored robes adorned with five toed dragons accompanied by an imperial warrior and magistrate within a floral border.

Lot: 108 - Japanese Meiji Reticulated Bronze Crab Okimono

Japan,Meiji Period Articulated crab sculpture with movable claws and legs finely cast with naturalistic details.

Lot: 109 - 20C Persian Middle Eastern Room Sized Rug

Persia,20th Century Central diamond with burgundy field over an ivory field within geometric and floral bands.

Lot: 110 - Egyptian Revival Figured Mahogany Chest of Drawers

Europe,Early 20th Century Beautiful matched veneers with three small drawers over a single long drawer and central door flanked by a column of three small drawers on each side.

Lot: 111 - Persian Miniature Calligraphic Portrait Painting

Persia,16th Century Miniature portrait prayer card of a woman carrying a vessel decorated with calligraphy and gold leaf.

Lot: 112 - Persian Wool Room Size Carpet Rug

Persia,20th Century Blue central diamond within a multicolored red and blue central field with multiple colored intricate designs throughout framed by several bands of floral borders.

Lot: 113 - 18C Chinese Qing Dynasty Bronze Tripod Censer

China,18th Century Antique tripod censer used to burn incense to honor ancestors, purify the air, or cure ailments, bears the mark of Xuande. Photographs taken indoors and out.

Lot: 114 - LG American Gilt Wood & Gesso Acanthus Leaf Mirror

United States,Early 20th Century Gilt acanthus leaf frame with inner beaded border.

Lot: 115 - 2PC Victorian Quilted Rainbow Satin Glass Vases

United States,Circa 1900 Includes two pieces, a rainbow quilted vase with ruffled rim and a smaller rainbow wave pattern ewer with trefoil rim.

Lot: 116 - 3 Modernist Figurative Abstract Bronze Sculptures

Europe,20th Century Includes three biomorphic abstract sculptures, one with humanoid features. An interesting group undoubtedly all by the same artist.

Lot: 117 - 19C French Carved Walnut Center Table

France,19th Century Shaped top over shell and foliate carved apron on cabriole legs with stretcher.

Lot: 118 - Italian Art Deco Neoclassical Woman Alabaster Lamp

Italy,Circa 1930 Neoclassical lamp featuring a woman dressed in a soft pink dress adorned with flowers along the bust and sleeves.

Lot: 119 - Anglo-Indian Carved Wood Gaming Card Box

India,Early 20th Century Curved book form box with an allover floral tendril pattern carved in relief with two opposing figures on the lid, interior with four card boxes and two inset trays with cards.

Lot: 120 - Persian Qajar Glazed Earthenware Faience Tile

Middle East,19th-20th Century Decorated with a reclined man being served wine by a courtesan woman within an allover floral tendril pattern.

Lot: 121 - Middle Eastern Anglo-Indian MOP Camphor Chest

Middle East,20th Century Dovetail construction with intricate geometric mother of pearl inlaid front panel.

Lot: 122 - Dutch Walnut Lowboy Claw Foot Server Table

Holland,19th Century With tip up folding shelves and beautiful crotched walnut veneers on cabriole legs with acanthus leaf knees and ball and claw feet.

Lot: 123 - WWI Red Cross The First Three Military War Poster

United States,1918 Three portraits with names "Hay," "Enright," and "Gresham" with caption "'The First Three' Give till it Hurts- they gave till they died" for War Fund Week.

Lot: 124 - WWII Every Fire is Sabotage Hitler Tojo Poster

United States,Circa 1943 Features caricatures of Adolf Hitler, Hideki Tojo, and Benito Mussolini with a black X over his body with fire prevention strategies underneath. The poster was distributed by The Philadelphia Army Quartermaster Depot

Lot: 125 - Chinese Export Rose Medallion Porcelain Tureen

China,20th Century Shaped tureen with figural boar head handles and floriform finial intricately decorated with exterior court scenes of scholars, warriors, and courtesan women within enameled and gilt lotus flower tendrils, tureen with matching

Lot: 126 - Muller Freres Art Nouveau Art Glass Chandelier

France,20th Century Three arms, four bulbs with elaborate wrought iron rose and vine center rail, black and orange striated art glass shades. Attributed to Muller Freres, Luneville France.

Lot: 127 - LARGE 19C Victorian Carved Walnut Pedestal Stand

United States,19th Century Tall tapered stand with paneled sides and foliate motif throughout.

Lot: 128 - 9PC Chinese Export Rose Medallion Porcelain Group

China,20th Century Group includes eight plates, a charger, and teapot with wicker basket all decorated in a Rose Medallion palette.

Lot: 129 - 19C French Bronze Gothic Revival Mantle Clock

France,19th Century Chased brass dial with enameled roman numeral cartouches housed within a bronze Gothic architectural case with gargoyles, griffins, bats, and north wind faces throughout, powered by a Japy Freres movement.

Lot: 130 - 19C American Folk Art Wall Paper Storage Box

New England,19th Century Decorated with floral paper, inside where lining once was are now newspapers from Taunton, Massachusetts.

Lot: 131 - Dillon Mfg Co Postmaster Stamp Vending Machine

United States,20th Century Manufactured by the Dillon MFG. Co. for self serve stamp buying, comes with keys to open back.

Lot: 132 - PR French Country Oak Marble Top Night Stands

France,19th Century Each with single drawer over a smoking stand interior supported by cabriole legs.

Lot: 133 - American USPS Post Office Country Store Oak Window

United States,Circa 1900 Oak construction with beveled mail slot escutcheon "U.S. Mail Letter Box" and barred window.

Lot: 134 - Structo Pressed Steel Auto Transport Truck Group

United States,Circa 1960 Collection includes an orange cattle carrier with cab, yellow auto transport with four cars and cab, a logging trailer, and a sided flatbed trailer.

Lot: 135 - Continental Neoclassical Chased Brass Tazza

Europe,19th-Early 20th Century Decorated with organic vine patterns and faces on the rim surrounding a floral center lug.

Lot: 136 - 19C Victorian Ebonized MOP Farringdon Wall Clock

England,19th Century Roman numeral dial within an ebonized case with mother of pearl inlay and inset porcelain plaque of a courting couple on the crest.

Lot: 137 - French Empire Walnut Bombe 4 Drawer Chest

France,Early 20th Century Shaped overhang top over matched burl walnut veneers with graduated drawers with openwork brasses and butterfly key escutcheons.

Lot: 138 - Art Nouveau Muller Freres Art Glass Chandelier

France,20th Century Three arms, four bulbs with black and orange striated art glass shades. Attributed to Muller Freres, Luneville, France.

Lot: 139 - LG Cast Iron Hessian Soldier Fireplace Andirons

United States,19th-Early 20th Century Molded Hessian soldier figural andirons.

Lot: 140 - Southern Louisiana Folk Art Jug Band Instrument

Southern United States,Early 20th Century Carved devilish head acting as the scroll of the instrument with cymbal bell finial with stringed guitar drum. An all-in-one instrument.

Lot: 141 - PR Chinese Blue-Green Painted Tiered Arm Chairs

China,20th Century Oxbow form crest with medallion carved splat and two tiered armrest with decorative apron on straight legs finished in blue-green paint.

Lot: 142 - 19C English Round Mahogany Ball & Claw Stand

England,Late 19th Century Circular top supported by nicely carved legs on bold ball and claw feet.

Lot: 143 - Chinese Polychrome Carved Wood Buddha Head

China,20th Century Polychrome decorated with red lotus blossom lips, thin arched eyebrows, and blue hair.

Lot: 144 - Polished Agate Quartz Rock Crystal Book Ends

United States, Natural rock on exterior, each book end is cut and polished to show off bands of quartz and deep red-brown agate.

Lot: 145 - PR Chinese Qing Famille Rose Porcelain Wall Plaque

China,Qing Dynasty Opposing pair each decorated with a fan-form calligraphic porcelain plaque above a scenic panel of a scholar and student beneath a tree with lower calligraphic panel, hardwood frame.

Lot: 146 - PR Chinese Carved Jadeite Bird Parrot Figures

China,Circa 1900 Each finely carved of apple green jadeite with naturalistic feathers perched on a tree stump with foliage and inset natural ruby eyes.

Lot: 147 - French Ormolu Mounted Vitrine Wood Display Table

France,19th Century Carved and gilt wood cabinet with hand painted flowers and beveled glass top with curved side and front panels.

Lot: 148 - PR Chinese Qing Dynasty Carved Jadeite Foo Lions

China,Qing Dynasty Each finely carved in an opposing stance of variegated green jade with inset natural ruby eyes.

Lot: 149 - Persian Joshegan Sarouk Wool Carpet Rug Runner

Persia,20th Century Deep navy blue central diamond surrounded by geometric floral designs with several intricate borders surrounding a wide ivory border of bloomed flowers.

Lot: 150 - Chinese Qing Dynasty Carved Jadeite Dragon Figure

China,Qing Dynasty Pale variegated lavender and green jadeite dragon with fierce expression and inset natural ruby eyes.

Lot: 151 - Chinese Carved Jadeite Figural Foo Lion Chop Seal

China,Qing Dynasty Well carved variegated pale green jadeite chop seal of a seated foo lion with exposed incisors.

Lot: 152 - Chinese Carved Jadeite Statue of Carp Crabs Turtle

China,Qing Dynasty Variegated pale apple green and lavender jadeite naturalistically carved into a sacred carp with crabs, frog, and turtle surmounted by a free carved puzzle ball.

Lot: 153 - French Marquetry Inlaid Lady's Writing Table Desk

France,Early 20th Century Console table with ormolu mounts and multifarious floral inlay on top, apron, and drawer front.

Lot: 154 - FINE PR Chinese Qing Carved Jadeite Table Screens

China,Qing Dynasty Fine pair of variegated apple green, lavender, and spinach green jadeite table screens decorated with Hsi Wang Mu, the Royal Lady of the West seated on a phoenix and the other with her seated on a crane. A poem about spring is

Lot: 155 - Chinese Carved Jadeite Ruyi Scepter Foo Dog Statue

China,Qing Dynasty Carved green jadeite ruyi scepter with figural recumbent foo dog with exposed long tongue and bat.

Lot: 156 - 18C. Chinese Silk Kesi Textile Crane Embroidery

China,18th-19th Century Decorated with a crane flying amongst clouds over a dark blue ground.

Lot: 157 - French Art Nouveau Brass Hydrangea Chandelier

France,Early 20th Century Two arms, three bulbs with acanthus leaf decorated uprights, pierced brass center rail, and raised hydrangea pattern center glass shade.

Lot: 158 - French Marquetry Inlaid Gilt Wood Display Table

France,Early 20th Century Shaped top over a mahogany lower shelf and multifarious floral inlay within a gilt rococo frame.

Lot: 159 - PR 19C French Sevres Nude Porcelain Bronze Urns

France,19th Century Greco-roman form with organic acanthus leaf ormolu mounts each finely decorated with opposing romantic neoclassical panels of voluptuous nude women with diaphanous drapery amongst cherubs descending upon a man with an enameled

Lot: 160 - LARGE 20C American Primitive Folk Art Memory Jug

United States,20th Century Heavily embellished with beads, shells, and metal findings. This style of jug is believed to have origins in Africa's Bakango culture which was later brought to America during the slave trade as a way of remembering loved

Lot: 161 - Navajo Native American Tree of Life Woven Yei Rug

United States,20th Century Tightly woven rug decorated with a tree in the center surrounded by birds, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Hubbell Trading post.

Lot: 162 - 20C Mexican Geometric Reversible Carpet Rug

Mexico,20th Century Double sided carpet featuring an earth tone checkerboard patterned side and linear side.

Lot: 163 - Victorian Aesthetic Walnut Marble Top Center Table

United States,19th Century Rectangular top with cut corners on an aestheticized base.

Lot: 164 - Harry Potter 1st American Edition Book Collection

United States,20th Century Collection of four 1st edition American printings of Harry Potter books including the Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire, and the Deathly Hollows .

Lot: 165 - Continental Grand Tour Terracotta Model of a Foot

Europe,20th Century Naturalistic model of a left foot with defined toes stopping at the ankle.

Lot: 166 - Ronson AMW Art Deco Hound Dog Lighter Strike

New Jersey,20th Century Stylized seated hound dog with tired look and bronze finish.

Lot: 167 - 20C Chinese Export Carved Camphor Wood Chest

China,20th Century Relief carved chest with landscape decoration of people amongst cherry blossom trees.

Lot: 168 - American Mahogany Reeded Leg Fold Over Card Table

United States,Early 20th Century D shaped card table with brass mounts and green felt interior top.

Lot: 169 - MCM Modernist Bronze Relief Plaque of Owls

United States,20th Century Relief casting of three owls huddled together against a hammered background, finished in a dark patination.

Lot: 170 - American Copper Spelter Party Girl Lighter Strike

United States,20th Century Figural woman in short dress holding up a wine glass next to a vase of flowers, finished in a copper patination.

Lot: 171 - 19C French Country Carved Oak Sideboard

France,19th Century Rectangular top over a carved acanthus leaf body opening to expose a two shelf over two drawer interior on a finely carved apron with scrolled feet.

Lot: 172 - Brian Wizard Modernist Metal Moon Face Sculpture

United States,20th Century Figural sculpture of a moon with exaggerated facial features displayed on a sculpted stand of billowing clouds.

Lot: 173 - French Secretaire Abattant Marquetry Inlaid Desk

France,19th Century Shaped tortoise shell marble top with fall front and multifarious floral inlay throughout.

Lot: 174 - Whitney Electrical Instrument Co. Manetic Device

United States,Early 20th Century Manufactured by the Whitney Electrical Instrument Co. for the purpose of testing magnetic waves.

Lot: 175 - Modernist Bronze Sculpture of Royal Tang Fish

Europe,20th Century Finely cast depicting a school of royal tang fish swimming through rockery.

Lot: 176 - Modern Surreal Hatching Crocodile Bronze Sculpture

Europe,20th Century Finely cast depicting a crocodile hatching from an egg while a second crocodile wraps itself around the base.

Lot: 177 - Edward Berge Wildflower Bronze Sculpture of Pixie

Maryland,1876-1924 Finely cast sculpture of a nymph child with flower hat lunging forward on a bed of wild grass. Originally cast in 1909 as a life size model (41"), this was the second casting issued in 1916 before the smallest in 1923, founded by

Lot: 178 - Victorian Iron Stained Glass Bull's Eye Window

United States,19th Century Central red circle within a green diamond with thin blue border, outer section with diamonds and four bull's eyes.

Lot: 179 - 20C African Tribal Carved Wood Reliquary Statue

Africa,20th Century Woman figure with small breasts, stylized face, and hollowed out stomach utilized as a bowl.

Lot: 180 - 20C African Tribal Carved Wood Female Figure

Africa,20th Century Female form with small eyes, large forehead, and scarification to lower lip.

Lot: 181 - Austrian Wien Porcelain Figural African Head Bowl

Austria,20th Century Simplistic form with figural finial of a tribal African man.

Lot: 182 - Edouard Sandoz Haviland Limoges Animal Porcelain

France,1881-1971 Edouard Marcel Sandoz for Theodore Haviland Limoges, includes a black wave decorated tea cup, a green sleeping cat jar, and a limited figural yellow bird decanter editioned 42 of 1,000.

Lot: 183 - 19C Anglo-Indian Carved Hardwood Room Divider

India,19th Century Each panel relief carved with various flowers including poppy pods, irises, water lilies, and chrysanthemum flowers.

Lot: 184 - Albert Martine Sevres Porcelain Art Deco Tea Caddy

France,1888-1983 Albert Martine for Sevres Porcelain Manufactory, shaped form finely decorated with a stylized woman amongst flowers on each side with gilt accents.

Lot: 185 - C.1900 Tin Type Photograph of Men & Motorcycles

United States,Circa 1900 Photograph capturing two men with neutral expressions posed with their motorcycles against a barn.

Lot: 186 - 9 Vintage Boston Red Sox Baseball Pennant Flags

New England,20th Century Group includes a 1975 American League Playoffs Boston vs. Oakland pennant flag, 1950 Red Sox pennant with list of names including DiMaggio, Goodman, Doer, etc., a circa 1940 Boston Braves pennant, 1946 white and red Boston

Lot: 187 - Chinese Qing Blue & White Porcelain Baluster Vase

China,Qing Dynasty Baluster form decorated with fishermen and scholars scattered throughout a landscape.

Lot: 188 - Victorian Mahogany Floral Stained Glass Cabinet

United States,Early 20th Century Decorated with carved floral crest and open lower shelf, door with stained glass floral panel with ice design and brass teardrop pull.

Lot: 189 - Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Qilin Phoenix Vase

China,Qing Dynasty Baluster form decorated with a phoenix and qilin flying amongst clouds.

Lot: 190 - C.1900 Indian Bronze Saddled Horse Figure

India,Circa 1900 Archaistic figure of a horse with harness and saddle.

Lot: 191 - 6PC Theodore Haviland Limoges Apple Blossom Plates

France,20th Century Six dinner plates delicately enameled with pink apple blossoms and gilt rim.

Lot: 192 - 12PC John Haddock & Sons Apple Blossom Plates

England,Early 20th Century Includes twelve dinner plates delicately enameled with apple blossoms and a gilt rim.

Lot: 193 - French Inlaid Marquetry Bombe Slant Front Desk

France,Early 20th Century Step down interior with three drawers, ormolu mounts, and multifarious floral and foliate inlay throughout.

Lot: 194 - 6PC Guerin Pouyat French Limoges Floral Plates

France,Circa 1920 Finely decorated with Art Deco stylized flowers in vivid yellow, blue, green, and pink within an organic gilt design.

Lot: 195 - 50PC Wawel White & Gold Porcelain Dinner Service

Poland,Circa 1950 Service includes four teacups, teapot, coffee pot, creamer, sugar bowl, two double butter pats dishes, six saucers, six dinner bowls, gravy dish, six dinner plates, six berry bowls, three small dishes, six dessert plates, two

Lot: 196 - German Mettlach Floral Relief Stoneware Pitcher

Germany,20th Century Relief and incised decorated with flowers and foliage against a muted blue-green ground.

Lot: 197 - Josef Albers American Federation of Arts Poster

Germany, United States,1888-1976 Poster for the American Federation of Arts Biennial Convention, 1965.

Lot: 198 - Persian Oriental Wool Room Size Carpet Rug

Persia,Early 20th Century Navy blue floral central medallion on a red field with floral and tendril design with cobalt cartouches surrounded by a wide navy and ivory floral border.

Lot: 199 - 19C Victorian Oak Compartmented Morris Chair

United States,19th Centiury Quarter sawn oak with compartmented arm rests over twisted spindles and stretcher base.

Lot: 200 - 2PC Chinese Blue & White Porcelain Scenic Plates

China,Qing Dynasty Each decorated with a small island with fisherman.

Lot: 201 - French Oak Carved Tendril Sideboard Server

France,19th-20th Century Rectangular top over two drawers over two doors which open to a two shelf interior on a carved apron with scroll feet.

Lot: 202 - Joseph Morel Iridescent Blue Art Glass Vase

United States,1998 Joseph Morel of Zellique Studio, iridescent blue globular form with flared rim.

Lot: 203 - Contemporary Bessarabian Wool Carpet Runner

Europe,Post 1950 Ivory field with floral patterns in earth tones, pink, and blue surrounded by a floral border.

Lot: 204 - Kjell Engman Kosta Boda Art Glass Trumpet Vase

Sweden,b.1946 Kjell Engman for Kosta Boda, conical trumpet form with a swirl of orange, white, and brown.

Lot: 205 - French Bombe Marble Top Three Drawer Chest

France,Early 20th Century Green marble top over three drawers with book matched veneers and ormolu mounts.

Lot: 206 - Persian Oriental Wool Room Size Carpet Rug

Persia,20th Century Central navy blue medallion surrounded by red and ivory ground framed by multi banded floral borders.

Lot: 207 - 14PC Vintage Scenic Japanese Photograph Collection

Japan,20th Century Collection of fourteen colored photographs of Japanese landscapes and tourist destinations, five of the fourteen images are double sided.

Lot: 208 - 3 Vintage American Quarter Midget Racing Go-Karts

United States,Circa 1960 Includes three original barn found quarter midget go-karts, two with series A-85 3 H.P. engines and one with a Cushman Husky M9-44 engine. Red painted kart best candidate for restoration with what appears to be a complete

Lot: 209 - Contemporary Delft Ceramic Pottery Floral Tile

Europe,20th Century Flowers erupt from a vase adorned with an angelic being in the center with two nude women form handles on each side with two birds flanking the bottom.

Lot: 210 - Victorian Coin Spot Cranberry Glass Banquet Lamp

United States,Circa 1900 Large coin spot cranberry glass shade and base with embossed floral mounts.

Lot: 211 - 19C French Carved Walnut Center Table

France,19th Century Turtle top over shell and foliate carved apron on cabriole legs with stretcher base.

Lot: 212 - 2PC St. James Silver Plate Serving Tray & Stand

Brazil,Late 20th Century Simple modernist design with loop handles finished in bright silverplate, manufactured by the St. James company of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Lot: 213 - 20C Caucasian Oriental Pictorial Animal Carpet Rug

Caucusus,20th Century Central geometric pattern with goats, horses, and cats over a navy blue field within a geometric border.

Lot: 214 - 4PC Chinese Asian Carved Hardwood Display Stands

Asia,19th-20th century Includes four hard wood display stands in varying sizes, one with standing openwork base.

Lot: 215 - 19C Arab Persian Koftgari Inlaid Hanging Oil Lamp

Middle East,19th Century Parkerized steel koftgari decorated with an allover calligraphic and tendril pattern.

Lot: 216 - 19C American Mahogany Leaded Glass China Cabinet

United States,19th Century D shaped cabinet with classical bellflower inlaid crest over leaded glass doors with two shelve interior with mirrored back.

Lot: 217 - Robust Mahogany Ball & Claw Foot Dining Table

United States,Early 20th Century Circular top with turned edge over acanthus leaf carved legs with bold ball and claw feet, two leaves.

Lot: 218 - Hanley Beer Table Scoreboard Advertising Sign

Rhode Island,Circa 1950 Original advertising scoreboard sign for Hanley's Beer of Providence, Rhode Island with slogan "Tastes like a Million!" The company closed in 1957.

Lot: 219 - Vintage Indian AMI-50 Four Stroke American Moped

United States,Circa 1980 Indian AMI-50 four stroke moped with black paint with yellow, green, turquoise, and blue stripe, engine number 29402-7904. A great all original example.

Lot: 220 - American Neoclassical Mahogany Round Center Table

United States,Early 20th Century Inset circular green marble top on tripod base with figural ormolu mounts.

Lot: 221 - French Country Carved Walnut Parlor Table

France,19th-20th Century Shaped top with ornately carved scroll apron supported by cabriole legs with carved stretcher.

Lot: 222 - Victorian Rococo Mahogany Marble Top Sideboard

United States,19th-Early 20th Century Foliate shield crest mirror over a marble top with one drawer and lower shelf supported by a scrolled acanthus leaf cabriole leg paw foot base.

Lot: 223 - Chinese MOP Inlaid Marble Top End Table

China,20th Century Barrel form with marble top over pierced openwork sides with inlaid mother of pearl floral decoration throughout.

Lot: 224 - FINE PR 19C European Adam Style Neoclassical Chair

Europe,19th Century Shaped top rail with classical scenic landscapes of putti over an intricate back splat finely decorated with opposing neoclassical portraits within polychrome garland and bellflower swags on turned legs with scrolled floral

Lot: 225 - 20C French Marquetry Inlaid 2 Drawer End Table

France,20th Century Shapely marble top over two drawers with carved apron on delicate legs.

Lot: 226 - Victorian Style Mahogany Eagle Telephone Bench

United States,20th Century Ornate figural eagle crest over an upholstered sitting area adjacent a shell carved drawer table over an acanthus leaf carved frame with stout cabriole legs.

Lot: 227 - 19C English Mahogany Inlaid Cabinet Server

England,19th Century Scrolled crest supported by turned columns with mirrored back over one drawer over a three door base on tapered legs with multifarious floral inlay throughout.

Lot: 228 - Smith Patterson Co Boston Mahogany Tall Case Clock

Massachusetts,Early 20th Century Arabic numeral dial with two subsidiary dials and moon phase within a Corinthian column hood over a shell carved case with string inlay and beveled glass door.

Lot: 229 - French Carved Oak Burl Wood Sideboard Server

France,19th Century Rectangular top over two drawers and open face compartment over two burl wood paneled doors with stylized apron supported by shapely feet.

Lot: 230 - 20C Persian Middle Eastern Carpet Rug Runner

Persia,20th Century Central cross medallion over red field with geometric floral designs within a navy and ivory geometric border.

Lot: 231 - 68PC Carrs Sheffield Sterling Silver Flatware Set

England,20th Century Kings pattern service for twelve with serving pieces including 12 table knives, 12 table forks, 12 dessert forks, 12 dessert spoons, and 12 tea spoons, one salad spoon, one salad fork, one server, one ladle, one sugar spoon, one

Lot: 232 - 1938 Portuguese Sterling Silver Repousse Coin Tray

Portugal,Dated 1938 Lobed form with central coat of arms in high relief within an intricately chased and embossed acanthus leaf and shell interior within a beaded rim adorned with coins.

Lot: 233 - Cartier Sterling Silver Lock Heart Key Chain

France,20th Century Heart form with star burst pattern emanating from a center shaped lock.

Lot: 234 - Estate 14K Gold Lady's Diamond & Zirconia Ring

India,20th Century Light purple zirconia stone surrounded by round and baguette diamonds. Weight as seen 4.9 grams.

Lot: 235 - Estate 14K Gold Lady's Fancy Diamond Cluster Ring

China,20th Century Light green simulated emerald stone surrounded by small round cut diamonds. Weight as seen 5.5 grams.

Lot: 236 - Estate 14K Gold Fine Lady's Amethyst Cluster Ring

China,20th Century Very fine deep purple amethyst stone surrounded by several round and baguette cut amethyst stones with slightly contrasting lighter tone. Weight as seen 4.3 grams.

Lot: 237 - Estate 14K Gold Lady's Citrine & Diamond Ring

China,20th Century Emerald cut center citrine stone surrounded by small round cut diamonds. Weight as seen 4.5 grams.

Lot: 238 - Estate 14K Gold Lady's Cabochon Green Stone Ring

China,20th Century Cabochon center cut green stone of unknown variety, not as hard as jade on Presidium gem tester. Weight as seen 6.2 grams.

Lot: 239 - Estate 14K Gold Lady's Aquamarine & Diamond Ring

China,20th Century Central oval light blue stone, possibly aquamarine (Presidium tester reads just shy of aquamarine but not glass) surrounded by small round cut diamonds in 14K white gold setting. Weight as seen 4.0 grams.

Lot: 240 - Estate 14K Gold Lady's Fancy Cubic Zirconia Ring

China,20th Century Central round cut zirconia surrounded by round and baguette cut zirconia stones in 14K yellow gold setting. Weight as seen 5.1 grams.

Lot: 241 - Estate 14K Gold Lady's Fancy Green Diopside Ring

China,20th Century Cluster of round cut diopside stones of oval splayed form in 14K yellow gold setting. Weight as seen 4.8 grams.

Lot: 242 - Estate 14K Gold Lady's Cubic Zirconia Cluster Ring

China,20th Century Star cluster of round cut cubic zirconia stones in 14K yellow gold setting. Weight as seen 6.3 grams.

Lot: 243 - Estate 14K Gold Lady's Raw Spinel Cluster Ring

China,20th Century Round cluster of raw blue and purple spinel stones in 14K yellow gold setting. Weight as seen 10.4 grams.

Lot: 244 - Estate 14K Gold Opal Diamond Sapphire Lady's Ring

China,20th Century Central cabochon opal surrounded by alternating diamond and sapphire round cut stones in 14K yellow gold setting. Weight as seen 2.6 grams.

Lot: 245 - Estate 14K Gold Opal Diamond Sapphire Lady's Ring

China,20th Century Central cabochon opal surrounded by alternating diamond and sapphire round cut stones in 14K yellow gold setting. Weight as seen 2.6 grams.

Lot: 246 - Estate 14K Gold Emerald Cut Spinel Lady's Ring

China,20th Century Emerald cut light green spinel stone surrounded by small cut diamonds in 14K white gold setting. Weight as seen 2.2 grams.

Lot: 247 - Estate 14K Gold Turquoise & Diamond Lady's Ring

China,20th Century Round cabochon turquoise stone surrounded by small round cut diamonds in 14K yellow gold setting. Weight as seen 5.9 grams.

Lot: 248 - Estate 14K Gold Princess Cut Citrine Earrings

China,20th Century Pair princess cut citrine stone earrings in 14K yellow gold setting. Weight as seen 7.2 grams.

Lot: 249 - Estate 14K Gold 8mm Elegant Stud Pearl Earrings

China,20th Century 8mm iridescent round pearls with light pink hue in 14K yellow gold setting. Weight as seen 2.4 grams.

Lot: 250 - Estate 14K Gold Amethyst Fancy Drop Earrings

China,20th Century 14K yellow gold mount with several cuts of light purple amethyst stones. Weight as seen 5.0 grams.

Lot: 251 - 3PR 14K Gold Diamond & Cubic Zirconia Earrings

China,20th Century First pair with purple zirconia floral pattern, second with star pattern diamonds in 14K yellow gold, and third with cubic zirconia solitaire stones in 14K white gold. Weight as seen for group 5.5 grams.

Lot: 252 - Art Deco Inspired 14K Gold Bracelet & Earrings

China,20th Century Art deco inspired filigree bracelet and earrings suite with blue spinel princess cut stones flanked by round cut diamonds in 14K white gold. Weight as seen for the group 19.5 grams.

Lot: 253 - PR 14K Gold Intaglio Cut Red Cameo Glass Earrings

Italy,20th Century 14K yellow gold drop earrings with red intaglio cut glass with standing figure. Weight as seen for the pair 4.6 grams.

Lot: 254 - 14K White Gold Smokey Pearl Necklace & Earrings

China,20th Century 14K white gold smokey iridescent pearl necklace and earring suite with diamond cut chain supporting a silvery purple natural oblong pearl with stylish diamond hanger accompanied by a near pair of earrings with slightly lighter

Lot: 255 - 10K Yellow Gold Oval Spinel Solitaire Necklace

China,20th Century Brilliant blue oval cut solitaire spinel stone in 10K yellow gold rope twist setting and link chain. Weight as seen 5.2 grams.

Lot: 256 - 2PC 10K Yellow Gold Silvery White Pearl Necklaces

China,20th Century Two 10K yellow gold and pearl necklaces. One with iridescent white pearl with diamond heart drop with intermittent pearls on chain, second a deep greenish-purple pearl with solitaire diamond drop. Weight as seen for group 6.4

Lot: 257 - 10K Yellow Gold Topaz Stone Pendant & Necklace

China,20th Century Fine 10K yellow gold and multi-stone blue topaz openwork pendant on 10K yellow gold fine herringbone chain. Weight as seen 3.7 grams.

Lot: 258 - 10K Yellow Gold Diamond Black Pearl Necklace

China,20th Century Fine 9mm iridescent silvery black pearl in 10K yellow gold and diamond setting with 10K yellow gold diamond cut chain. Weight as seen 5.4 grams.

Lot: 259 - 10K Yellow Gold Turquoise Diamond Necklace

China,20th Century Turquoise cabochon center stone surrounded by several small cut diamonds in 10K yellow gold on a 10K yellow gold chain. Weight as seen 2.3 grams.

Lot: 260 - 10K Yellow Gold Lady's Amethyst Cluster Ring

China,20th Century Several different cut amethyst stone cluster with 10K yellow gold mount. Weight as seen 4.0 grams.

Lot: 261 - 10K Rose Gold Lady's Rhodolite & Diamond Ring

China,20th Century Central round cut pink-red rhodolite surrounded by several small cut diamonds in 10K rose gold setting. Weight as seen 2.1 grams.

Lot: 262 - 10K Yellow Gold Faux Opal Diamond Ring

China,20th Century Central oval cabochon faux opal stone with fiery look surrounded by several small cut diamonds in yellow gold setting. Weight as seen 3.6 grams.

Lot: 263 - Estate 10K Yellow Gold Brilliant Spinel Ring

China,20th Century Three round brilliant cut clear spinel stones in 10K yellow gold setting. Weight as seen 3.5 grams.

Lot: 264 - 10K Yellow Gold Pale Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring

China,20th Century Four round brilliant cut pale blue topaz stones separated by a cross pattern of small cut diamonds in 10K yellow gold setting. Weight as seen 2.7 grams.

Lot: 265 - 10K Yellow Gold Aqua Blue Topaz & Spinel Ring

China,20th Century Oval cut center brilliant aqua blue topaz stone flanked by two clear oval cut spinel stones in 10K yellow gold setting. Weight as seen 3.7 grams.

Lot: 266 - 10K Yellow Gold Marquis Garnet & Ruby Ring

China,20th Century Marquis cut garnet center stone flanked by two pear cut garnets surrounded by two bands of round cut rubies. Weight as seen 5 grams.

Lot: 267 - 10K Yellow Gold Oval Emerald & Spinel Lady's Ring

China,20th Century Oval cut emerald center stone flanked by two baguette cut clear spinel stones on a 10K yellow gold band. Weight as seen 4.1 grams.

Lot: 268 - 18K Gold Egyptian Revival Horus Attendant Pendant

Europe,20th Century 18K yellow gold onyx pendant with gold relief of Horus and attendant, chain is gold filled. Weight of pendant 9.4 grams.

Lot: 269 - Swiss Tressa World Globe Map Men's Wristwatch

Switzerland,20th Century Gold toned face with world globe design in relief with subsidiary world time dial with buff leather band.

Lot: 270 - 14K White Gold Pear Shape Diamond Cluster Ring

United States,20th Century 32 cut round diamonds in pear shaped cocktail 14K white gold setting. Weigh as seen 6.5 grams.

Lot: 271 - Modernist 18K Yellow Gold Cobalt Enameled Brooch

Europe,20th Century Used as a brooch or pendant, 18K chain link yellow gold cobalt blue enamel. Unmarked and tested. Weight as seen 9.0 grams.

Lot: 272 - Egyptian Revival .800 Silver Bird Snake Necklace

Europe,20th Century .800 silver and enamel Egyptian revival necklace with bird and snake motif. Weight as seen 20.1 grams.

Lot: 273 - 8 Vintage14K Gold Estate Diamond Stone Ring Group

Various countries,20th Century Eight estate rings all in 14K gold, most with precious stones throughout including a fine .25CT diamond ring. Weight as seen for group 17.5 grams.

Lot: 274 - FINE Large 14K Gold Brilliant Lady's Citrine Ring

Unknown,20th Century Large round cut citrine stone set in 14K yellow gold. Weight as seen 18 grams.

Lot: 275 - 14K Gold Marquis Cut Lady's Citrine Ring

Unknown,20th Century Marquis cut citrine stone set in 14K yellow gold. Weight as seen 5.3 grams.

Lot: 276 - 14K Gold Fancy Braided Rope Twist Bracelet 34.7g

Unknown,20th Century 14K yellow gold multi-rope twist bracelet. Weight as seen 34.7 grams.

Lot: 277 - 2 Estate 14K & 10KT Gold Citrine Garnet Rings

Unknown,20th century Includes two rings, a large round citrine in 14K yellow gold and a round garnet set in 10K yellow gold. Weight as seen for both 8.5 grams

Lot: 278 - 2PC Chinese Painted Glass Avian Snuff Bottles

China,20th Century Includes a double sided painted bottle with birds and an intricately painted double sided bottle with men walking a cliffside.

Lot: 279 - 3PC Chinese Figural Peking Glass Snuff Bottles

China,20th Century Includes a blossom form yellow glass snuff bottle, blue frog form bottle, and a red pig form bottle.

Lot: 280 - 4PC Chinese Reverse Painted Glass Snuff Bottles

China,20th Century Includes a bottle decorated with geisha, scenic mountainous bottle, bottle with butterflies, and an avian floral bottle.

Lot: 281 - 2PC Chinese Rose Quartz Hardstone Snuff Bottles

China,20th Century Includes two rose quartz bottles, one with an orange stopper the other blue.

Lot: 282 - 3PC Chinese Carved Hardstone Agate Snuff Bottles

China,20th Century Includes a calico colored snuff bottle with green lid, hairy quartz bottle, and a green bottle.

Lot: 283 - 2 Chinese Agate Labradorite Hardstone Snuff Bottle

China,20th Century Includes a variegated blood agate bottle and a carved labradorite bottle with subtly concave lip.

Lot: 284 - 2PC Chinese Carved Hardstone Snuff Bottles

China,20th Century Includes a blue and white hardstone snuff bottle and an amethyst bottle, amethyst bottle nicely hollowed.

Lot: 285 - 3PC Chinese Peking Glass Overlay Snuff Bottles

China,20th Century Includes a black over orange over white Peking glass snuff bottle with koi fish, a red bottle with floral petal decoration, and a pink bottle decorated with an old man amongst trees.

Lot: 286 - 2PC Chinese Hand Painted Avian Glass Snuff Bottles

China,20th Century Includes two double sided snuff bottles, one intricately painted with peacocks in a garden and the other with roosters and chickens, peacock bottle nicely hollowed.

Lot: 287 - 2PC Chinese Polychrome Peking Glass Snuff Bottles

China,20th Century Includes a white over red over green Peking glass snuff bottle with butterflies and a blue over yellow over red bottle with waterfowl and plants.

Lot: 288 - 2PC Chinese Red Peking Glass Snuff Bottles

China,20th Century Includes a red Peking glass snuff bottle and a red over clear bottle both decorated with a dragon.

Lot: 289 - 2PC Chinese Peking Glass Avian Snuff Bottles

China,20th Century Includes a black over yellow Peking glass snuff bottle with cranes and a violet over white over violet snowflake bottle with men fishing and flying birds, violet bottle nicely hollowed.

Lot: 290 - 2PC Chinese Overlay Peking Glass Bat Snuff Bottles

China,20th Century Includes a white over blue over white snow Peking glass bottle with a butterfly and a blue over white bottle decorated with bats and clouds.

Lot: 291 - 2 Chinese Dragon Phoenix Amber Horn Snuff Bottles

China,20th Century Includes a carved horn snuff bottle with dragon and red stopper and a mosaiced amber bottle with phoenix decoration, amber bottle nicely hollowed.

Lot: 292 - 2PC Chinese Polychrome Peking Glass Snuff Bottles

China,20th Century Includes a red over yellow glass snuff bottle with koi fish and red over clear glass bottle with koi fish and water fowl, yellow bottle nicely hollowed.

Lot: 293 - Seiko Okuhara Meiji Woodblock Print of Sandpipers

Japan,1837-1913 Depicting two sandpipers huddled together on shore near the ocean.

Lot: 294 - Toyokuni III Kunisada Nakamura Shikan IV Woodblock

Japan,1786-1864 Ukiyo-e style print of kabuki actor Nakamura Shikan IV dressed in blue with red and yellow accents and calligraphy throughout.

Lot: 295 - Toyohara Chikanobu Interior Woodblock of Geisha

Japan,1838-1912 Depicting two geisha studying as an older woman watches on with all three women wearing hana kanzashi hair pieces.

Lot: 296 - Japanese Meiji Period Ink Drawing of Two Cranes

Japan,Meiji Period Depicting two cranes standing elegantly beneath a tree.

Lot: 297 - Utagawa Hiroshige Fan Form Woodblock of a Bird

Japan,1797-1858 Ogigata (fan-shaped) print of a sparrow and flowers. Utagawa Hiroshige was one of two masters of Japanese woodblock landscapes with the other being Hokusai (1760-1849).

Lot: 298 - Utagawa Kunisada Interior Woodblock of Geisha

Japan,1786-1864 Ukiyo-e style portrait of a woman wearing hana kanzashi hair ornaments with an array of combs on a table beside her.

Lot: 299 - Utagawa Hiroshige View of Shitaya Hirokoji Print

Japan,1797-1858 From the "100 Famous Views of Edo" series, number 13. Utagawa Hiroshige was one of two Japanese master landscape print makers next to Hokusai (1760-1849).

Lot: 300 - Utagawa Hiroshige View of Zozoji Pagoda Print

Japan,1797-1858 From the "100 Famous views of Edo" series, number 53. Hiroshige was one of two Japanese master landscape print makers next to Hokusai (1760-1849).

Lot: 301 - Bakufu Ohno Nocturnal Water Mill Woodblock Print

Japan,1888-1976 First print, depicting a water mill with warm illuminated interior casting the shadow of a woman as a man walks with his horse illuminated by a vibrant yellow full moon.

Lot: 302 - Attrib. Toyokuni Utagawa Crowded Bridge Woodblock

Japan,1769-1825 Depicting a wood bridge over a river being traversed by a large crowd of people.

Lot: 303 - Torii Kiyonaga Woodblock Print of Kabuki Actors

Japan,1752-1815 Ukiyo-e style portrait of three kabuki actors. The actor crouching and holding the axe has kumadori makeup on, often associated with aragoto (rough style) kabuki theater.

Lot: 304 - 19C Japanese Woodblock Print of Geisha in a Garden

Japan,19th Century Ukiyo-e style portrait of two geisha dressed in a blue and red kimono walking through a garden.

Lot: 305 - Utagawa Hiroshige Nocturnal Winter Bridge Print

Japan,1797-1858 Meguro Drum Bridge and Sunset Hill from the "100 Famous Views of Edo" series, number 111.

Lot: 306 - Utagawa Kunisada Woodblock of a Geisha in a River

Japan,1786-1864 Ukiyo-e style print depicting a geisha with multi patterned red kimono holding up the hem so she can soak her feet in a river.

Lot: 307 - Shiro Kasamatsu Rainy Pagoda Landscape Woodblock

Japan,1898-1991 Shin hanga style print of a woman walking through the rain with pagoda towers in the background.

Lot: 308 - Japanese Meiji Period Calligraphic Games Print

Japan,Meiji Period Ukiyo-e style print outlining different games to play in a satirical manner.

Lot: 309 - Gekko Ogata Woodblock of Woman in Botanical Garden

Japan,1859-1920 Oban tate-e format print executed in washes of gray with pops of vibrant blue.

Lot: 310 - Kunisada Utagawa Ukiyo-e Geisha in a River Print

Japan,1786-1864 Oban tate-e style portrait of a woman standing in a river holding the hem of her kimono. Kunisada Utagawa is best known for his depictions of beautiful woman, kabuki, and shunga.

Lot: 311 - Ohno Bakufu Ukiyo-e Woodblock of Two Prawn Shrimp

Japan,1888-1976 From the Great Japanese Fish Picture Collection, Ohno Bakufu's best known collection of woodblock prints.

Lot: 312 - Shigaharu Ryusai Woodblock of Three Fighting Men

Japan,1803-1853 Ukiyo-e print of kabuki actor Arashi Rikan (right) in role. Shigaharu Ryusai was the only Ukiyo-e designer in Osaka to make art for a living.

Lot: 313 - Utagawa Yoshimori River Landscape Woodblock Print

Japan,1830-1885 Depicting a large procession of people snaking their way through a river to a road in Tokaido.

Lot: 314 - Utagawa Hiroshige Tea House Genre Woodblock Print

Japan,1797-1858 Ukiyo-e print depicting a gathering of men outside a building while a woman looks back at them carrying a tray of teacups.

Lot: 315 - 2PC 19C Chinese Botanical Avian Pith Paintings

China,19th Century Includes two works, one of white doves resting on a cherry blossom branch and the other of a yellow butterfly floating near pink foliage.

Lot: 316 - American Belleek Hydrangea Lemonade Pitcher

United States,Dated 1901 Decorated with hydrangeas and foliage in a muted blue color palette with gilt accents.

Lot: 317 - American Belleek Apple Branches Lemonade Pitcher

United States,Dated 1906 Decorated with aestheticized apples and flowers with gilt accents.

Lot: 318 - American Belleek Porcelain Apple Decorated Pitcher

United States,1889-1906 Decorated with apples against a soft gradient of yellow and blue with gilt rim.

Lot: 319 - American Belleek Pomegranates Lemonade Pitcher

United States,1889-1906 Soft rendition of pomegranates growing on a branch against a red and yellow gradient.

Lot: 320 - American Belleek Porcelain Apple Decorated Pitcher

United States,1889-1906 Green splotched red apples hang off leafy branches against a green background.

Lot: 321 - American Belleek Grape Cluster Lemonade Pitcher

United States,1889-1906 Decorated with red and purple grape clusters against a pale green and red background.

Lot: 322 - American Belleek Rembrandt Lemonade Pitcher

United States,1889-1906 Decorated after Rembrandt's famous portrait of a man with hat with plume in a sepia color palette.

Lot: 323 - American Belleek Red Pomegranates Lemonade Pitcher

United States,Early 20th Century Decorated with pomegranates against a deep red background.

Lot: 324 - American Belleek Water Lilies Lemonade Pitcher

United States,Early 20th Century Decorated with water lilies against a monetesque pale blue background with gilt rim.

Lot: 325 - American Belleek Porcelain Grape Decorated Pitcher

United States,Early 20th Century Decorated with red and green grapes against a mottled green and red background.

Lot: 326 - American Belleek Purple Grapes Lemonade Pitcher

United States,1889-1906 Decorated with purple and red grapes against a mottled purple and green background.

Lot: 327 - American Belleek Peaches Lemonade Pitcher

United States,Early 20th Century Decorated with peach branches against a red and yellow gradient.

Lot: 328 - Lotus Ware Cherry Blossom Porcelain Vase

United States,Early 20th Century Thin porcelain decorated with blossoming flower branches, a frilled edge, reticulated medallions, and moriage work.

Lot: 329 - Lotus Ware Avian Floral Porcelain Leaf Dish

United States,Early 20th Century Organic ruffled leaf form decorated with an array of birds amongst pink and yellow flowers with naturalistic textured exterior.

Lot: 330 - Lotus Ware Chrysanthemum Reticulated Handle Vase

United States,Early 20th Century Finely decorated with chrysanthemum flowers on each side, one pink the other purple and a frilled edge, gilt moriage work, and reticulated medallion handles.

Lot: 331 - Lotus Ware Gilt Floral Porcelain Clam Shell Dish

United States,Early 20th Century Shell form with coral-like feet decorated with gilt flowers.

Lot: 332 - Lotus Ware Gilt Porcelain Chicks Crickets Pitcher

United States,Early 20th Century Relief molded and gilt decorated with baby chicks hunting insects among cattails with matching lid.

Lot: 333 - 3PC Lotus Ware Porcelain Teacup Floral Bowl Group

United States,Early 20th Century Group includes a white teacup and saucer with gilt rim and fleur-de-lis pattern and a bowl decorated with water lilies.

Lot: 334 - 2PC Lotus Ware Porcelain Teapot & Sugar Bowl Set

United States,Early 20th Century Includes a teapot and matching sugar bowl with delicate raised fishnet design, enameled daisy flowers, and speckled gilt accents.

Lot: 335 - 6PC American Belleek Nature's Pleasures Mugs

United States,Early 20th Century Group includes an art nouveau style grape mug, peaches mug, mug with strawberries on a mottled green, orange, and red background, a floral mug with coat of arms, pine branch mug with gilt handle, and a stein

Lot: 336 - 7PC American Belleek Fruit Foliage Tankard Mugs

United States,Early 20th Century Group includes a barrel form artichoke mug, plum stein, green pinecone mug with gilt filigree, barrel form grape mug, acorn mug with gilt handle, small grape stein, and a stein decorated with a flowering plant on a

Lot: 337 - 5PC American Belleek Assorted Tankard Group

United States,Early 20th Century Group includes a tankard with red, purple, and green grapes, currant decorated tankard with gilt handle, barrel shaped tankard with currants against a brown and teal background, corn tankard, and a flowering plant

Lot: 338 - American Belleek Porcelain Purple Grape Chalice

United States,Early 20th Century Decorated with red and purple grapes with pale blue washes of color and gilt interior.

Lot: 339 - American Belleek Classical Women Portrait Chalice

United States,Early 20th Century Finely decorated with three individualized portraits of dignified women within stippled gilt enameling over a powder blue background.

Lot: 340 - 3PC American Belleek Porcelain Lemons Lemonade Set

United States,Early 20th Century Includes a lemonade pitcher, cup, and tray decorated with a matching lemons and foliage pattern with gilt accents.

Lot: 341 - 3PC American Belleek Porcelain Rose Vase Group

United States,Early 20th Century Includes a small vase with pink roses on a pale green background, tall vase with vibrant pink roses, and flared vase with pink and yellow roses on a brown and green background.

Lot: 342 - 3PC American Belleek Porcelain Coffee Service Set

United States,Early 20th Century Includes a creamer, sugar bowl, and carafe with matching garland and gilt ribbon decoration.

Lot: 343 - 8PC American Belleek Grapes & Currants Stein Group

United States,Early 20th Century Includes a red currant stein with dragon handle, purple grape stein with gilt handle, cream and brown stein with a plant, orange and green stein with a plant, grape stein, small mug with a branch of cherries, small

Lot: 344 - 3PC American Belleek Pink Peony Coffee Service

United States,Early 20th Century Includes a creamer, covered sugar bowl, and carafe with matching peony decoration with gilt accents.

Lot: 345 - 3PC American Belleek Blackberry & Fruit Tankards

United States,Early 20th Century Includes a green and purple tankard with blackberries, orange tankard with pomegranates, and a blue tankard with blackberry decorated rim.

Lot: 346 - American Belleek Porcelain Pink & Red Peony Vase

United States,Early 20th Century Decorated with pink and red peonies within a soft pink border with gilt foliage.

Lot: 347 - Elegant American Belleek Blue & Pink Peony Vase

United States,Early 20th Century Baluster form with flared trumpet neck with striking magenta and pale blue decorated with pink and yellow peonies with gilt embellishments.

Lot: 348 - LG American Belleek Pink Rose Vine Thorn Vase

United States,Early 20th Century Robust form decorated with vibrant pink roses and crawling vines with thorns.

Lot: 349 - American Belleek Porcelain Tea Roses Vase

United States,Early 20th Century Decorated with an impressionist rendition of pink and white tea roses over a pale green background.

Lot: 350 - American Belleek Pink Tea Roses Cylindrical Vase

United States,Early 20th Century Decorated with a cluster of vibrant pink tea roses crawling up the body trailed by long stems full of dark pink thorns.

Lot: 351 - American Belleek Purple Grapes Tankard Pitcher

United States,Early 20th Century Decorated with deep purple grapes against a pale yellow background with decorative handle between two bushels of pale green grapes.

Lot: 352 - American Belleek Pastel Grapes Tankard Pitcher

United States,Early 20th Century Decorated with a variety of grapes in a pastel color palette against a pale green background.

Lot: 353 - 4PC American Belleek Gilt White Twig Handled Set

United States,Early 20th Century Includes a center bowl, sugar bowl, and teacup and saucer with matching gilt foliate decoration and twig form handles with ruffled rims.

Lot: 354 - American Belleek Gilt Porcelain Rose Basket Vase

United States,Early 20th Century Two handled basket decorated with pale pink and white roses over a light wash of blue, pink, and yellow. The handles and inner rim are decorated with a contrasting black and white floral design.

Lot: 355 - American Belleek Porcelain Thistles Leaves Creamer

United States,Early 20th Century Decorated with a thistle and foliate pattern with gilt accents.

Lot: 356 - American Belleek Art Nouveau Floral Porcelain Vase

United States,Early 20th Century Finally decorated with bouquets of red, yellow, and blue flowers within metallic gilt enamel borders.

Lot: 357 - American Belleek White Flowers Globular Vase

United States,Early 20th Century Decorated with white flowers with raised edges nestled together against a background of warm brown and vibrant aqua blue.

Lot: 358 - American Belleek Blackberry Dragon Center Bowl

United States,Early 20th Century Decorated with clusters of blackberries and figural molded dragon handles.

Lot: 359 - 2 American Belleek Porcelain Floral Center Compote

United States,Early 20th Century Includes two compotes, one with red currants and gilt rim and second with pink roses and raised floral gilt ornamentation.

Lot: 360 - American Belleek Globular Floral Lily Pad Vase

United States,Early 20th Century Decorated with red, white, and yellow flowers entwined with lily pads and gilt base and rim.

Lot: 361 - American Belleek Porcelain White Water Lilies Bowl

United States,Early 20th Century Finely decorated with monetesque water lilies and pads floating on water.

Lot: 362 - American Belleek Art Nouveau Japonisme Geisha Jar

United States,Early 20th Century Decorated with a repeated japonisme pattern of geisha with umbrellas and metallic gilt enamel throughout.

Lot: 363 - American Belleek Sculpted Floral Center Bowl

United States,Early 20th Century Decorative center bowl with sculpted branch handles, gilt bark-like texture, and gilt and molded floral decorations throughout.

Lot: 364 - 3PC American Belleek Porcelain Powder Jar Oil Lamp

United States,20th Century Includes an Orientalist powder jar with fans and paper lanterns, an art nouveau powder jar with Mucha-esque woman in iridescent enamel, and a handheld oil lamp with red, yellow, purple, and blue flowers.

Lot: 365 - 10PC American Belleek Flowers & Frills Porcelain

United States,Early 20th Century Includes a variety of American Belleek plates and bowls decorated with various flowers featuring scalloped and frilled edges.

Lot: 366 - 7PC American Belleek Gilded Dragons Teacups

United States,Early 20th Century Includes a pitcher with yellow roses, small white teacup with gilt dragon handle, creamer with gilt dragon handle, a teacup and saucer with pink flowers, and a teacup and saucer with gilt mandala pattern.

Lot: 367 - 22PC American Belleek Porcelain Tea Article Group

United States,Early 20th Century Includes various saucers, teacups, and creamers with gilt and iridescent decoration.

Lot: 368 - 14PC American Belleek Porcelain Table Articles

United States,Early 20th Century Includes an assortment of shakers, candlestick holders, and dessert dishes decorated with floral patterns and gilt embellishments.

Lot: 369 - 9PC American Belleek Porcelain Table Articles

United States,20th Century Includes an assortment of floral decorated plates, pitcher with roses and iridescent green enameling, two dessert bowls, and a cherry blossom candlestick.

Lot: 370 - 8 Belleek Catholic Monk Pitcher Tankard Mug Group

United States,20th Century Includes a tankard pitcher with monk holding a violin, pitcher with large man holding a cigar and drink, two mugs with monks smelling flowers, a mug with a monk reading a newspaper, a mug with a monk drinking, and two mugs

Lot: 371 - 4PC American Belleek Pitcher Vase Compote Group

United States,Early 20th Century Includes a tall compote with scalloped edge and gilt banding, gilt handled basket with fruit decoration, a lemonade pitcher with hanging fruit, and a gilt pitcher.

Lot: 372 - 29PC American Belleek Porcelain Tea Article Group

United States,20th Century Lot includes an assortment of creamers, sugar bowls, teapots, and pitchers all decorated with floral patterns in a variety of green, white, blue, and brown.

Lot: 373 - 3PC American Belleek Porcelain Pheasant Fish Plate

United States,20th Century Includes a fish plate, plate with three pheasants in flight, and a plate with two pheasants huddled together in a winter landscape.

Lot: 374 - American Belleek Square Cherry Blossoms Dish

United States,20th Century Decorated with pink cherry blossoms amongst gilt foliage with a frilled edge.

Lot: 375 - 23PC Irish Belleek White Creamer Sugar Bowl Group

Ireland,20th Century Includes an assortment of creamers and sugar bowls with four matching pairs.

Lot: 376 - 85PC American Belleek Assorted Salt Cellars

United States,20th Century Collection of various salt cellars and a rectangular robin's egg blue and white tray with gilt floral decoration.

Lot: 377 - 19PC American Belleek Porcelain Article Group

United States,20th Century Includes an assortment of floral patterned teacups, creamers, saucers, and jars.

Lot: 378 - 13PC American Belleek Floral Porcelain Group

United States,20th Century Includes assorted sugar bowls with floral designs, dessert ware with frilled edges, sugar bowl with spoon decorated with grapes, and four hat pin holders.

Lot: 379 - 13PC American Belleek Silverplate Teacup Group

United States,20th Century Includes thirteen assorted teacups with silverplate mount.

Lot: 380 - 29PC Shelley Floral Creamer Sugar Bowl Group

England,20th Century Includes twenty-one porcelain creamers and eight sugar bowls with floral decoration.

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