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Auctioneer Lampi Auctioneers, Inc. 320-274-5393
Auction Date Aug 25 Auction
9141 64th St. NW
Annandale, MN
Time 10:00AM
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200 Gun & Sporting Goods

Location: At Lampi Auction Center (9141 64th St NW) Annandale, MN
Located 2 miles east of Annandale, MN on Hwy 55
OR 35 west of the intersection of I-494 & Hwy 55.

SUN., AUG. 25, 2019
Starting at 10:00 a.m.

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: This will be a large auction with 2 rings running! Auction Features 200 Quality Firearms, Gun Safe, Slot Machine, 1000s of Rounds of Ammo, Collectible ammo with boxes, Archery Equipment, Decoys, Reloading Equipment, Mags, Holsters, Scopes, Decoys, Bar Memorabilia, & Much More!! Please view entire list.. there is many quality items though out!
This is a Private Party Auction so NO SALES TAX will be collected!

Lunch on Grounds

Live, Online Bidding available at



Treadlock II gun safe
 60”H x 30 ½”W x 25”D


Nickels Slot Machine, 3 reel
mechanical with pull handle,
circa 1960s, - WORKS GOOD


York ladies/youth wood riser bow with quiver, arrows, etc. 30-40#, 26-27”, in hard green case
York wood riser bow, 70#, 30-32”, black case
York CNC recurve bow, 50-60#, 29-31”, 40” string, rest & sight, camo case
York 50-60#, 30-31” recurve bow, As new in box
York 60-70#, 30-31” recurve bow, As new in box
Jennings Unistan 60# 29-31”, as new in box
Jennings Unistan 60# 31-32”, as new in box
Jennings Unistan 70# 32”, as new in box
120 Blue Jacket Carbon Shafts, #230, 60-70#
8-Beman Carbon arrows, 65-80#
Dozens of aluminum arrow shafts
Carp bow fishing arrows with points
4doz Delta broad heads in cases- new
Many misc new & used broad heads & points
Arrow fletcher with feather clamps, 6 arrows at a time, 4 different angle patterns, plus 2 geather cutters
Bow sights
Bow quivers
Bow repair items & kids
Bow arm guards & grips
Hardware bins FULL of archery repair parts
Archery repair items including nocks, point adapters


1000s of Rounds of Ammo – 455 Weebly, 7.62x39, 7.62 Nagant, 8mm Mauser, 7.62x54R (some new in crate), 7.62x25, 7.62x51, .308win, 30-06, .30govt 1906, .300sav, .22LR, 9mm Luger, .357mag, 7mm SA ultra mag, .38s&w, .32auto, 30-30, 22-250, 204 ruger, 45auto
1000s of Rounds of 12ga Trap loads
Many new boxes of 20ga & .410 shotshell & slug ammo
4pc Remington coffee mugs w/350rds .22 Remington ammo & playing cards
Collectible Ammo:
33rds Weatherby .300 Weatherby magnum 180gr
26rds Weatherby & Remington 7mm Weatherby magnum
10rds Weatherby .300 weatherby mag + 20rds brass
14rds Weatherby 7mm Weatherby Mag + 20rds brass
Weatherby Mag collection 13rds
14rds Norma 7.62RUSS
10rds Remington 7mm rem mag 175gr
12rds Remington 25-35win 117gr
20rds Norma 6.5x54MS 139gr
20rds Weatherby .340 weatherby mag
20rds Weatherby .375 weatherby mag 270gr
16rds Weatherby .240 weatherby mag
17rds Weatherby .270 weatherby mag
40rds Remington .221rem fireball
44rds Western .25auto
150rds Winchester & Western .22rimfire & .22L
50rds Remington Kleanbore .22 hornet & Winchester .22 hornet brass
50rds Winchester .22win mag rimfire
150rds Winchester .22LR
100rds Western Super X .22LR
40rds Western Super X .303sav
17rds Winchester Silvertip .303sav super speed
50rds Western .25auto centerfire
31rds Remington Kleanbore .32police positive
33rds Western .32s colt centerfire
40rds Winchester Silver Tip Super Speed .257 roberts
46rds Winchester Super Speed .219zipper
40rds Winchester .303sav
31rds (7 brass) Winchester .300 H&H mag
16rds Winchester .45-70-405 Winchester
55rds Winchester Silver Tip Super Speed .270 winchester
37rds and 9 brass Winchester Super Speed 30-30 winchester
39rds Winchester Super Speed .303brit
20rds & 20 brass Winchester Silver Tip Super Speed .308win
100rds Winchester .32cal
31rds Winchester Super Speed .30govt '06
33rds Winchester & Savage .250-3000sav
34rds Winchester & Western 30-06sprg
60rds Winchester, Remington & Western .250savage
25rds Winchester Silver Tip .250-3000 savage
38rds Winchester .25rem auto
20rds Winchester Super Speed .219win zipper
40rds Winchester Super Speed .219win zipper
100rds Peters .380auto pistol
188rds Remington, Western & Norma .32auto
140rds Remington & Peters .32s&w
100rds Western .38special centerfire
44rds Western .45auto centerfire
100rds Remington UMC .32s&w
34rds Western .44XL shot centerfire
62rds Remington Kleanbore & other .45auto
40rds Remington Kleanbore .219 zipper high speed
55rds Remington Kleanbore .32rem
53rds Remington .303savage
30rds Remington .25rem
38rds Remington & Western 25-35 winchester
26rds Winchester & Western .35rem auto
40rds Remington Kleanbore .35rem
31rds Remington Kleanbore .300savage
17rds Remington Kleanbore 8mm mauser & 10rds Western 8mm Mannlicher-Schonauer
20rds Winchester 6.5mm Mannlicher
20rds Winchester 6.5mm Mannlicher
50rds Remington Kleanbore .38s&w special mid range
50rds Remington Kleanbore .38s&w
40rds Remington Kleanbore 250sav
20rds Remington Kleanbore .250sav
40rds Western .222rem
37rds Western .32win special & Winchester .32rem
74rds Western Super X .357mag
40rds Winchester & Remington Kleanbore 30-30
67rds & 8 brass Peters & Remington .22sav & .22 high power
30rds Remington Kleanbore & other 30-40krag
20rds Savage .300sav & 20rds .303sav plus 20 .303 brass
40rds Savage & Remington Kleanbore 30-06sprg
20rds Remington Kleanbore 45-70govt
20rds Winchester Silver Tip .270win super speed
23rds Western & Peters 38-55win
41rds and 9 brass Savage, Peters, and Kleanbore .303sav
20rds Peters .257 Roberts
20rds Savage .270win
20rds Peters .250sav
12rds Winchester .32-40win
37rds Winchester 25-20win
21rds Western 44-40win centerfire
47rds Peters .30 carbine AND 40rds Remington 32-20win
20rds 8mm rem mag and 20rds .30rem
Misc ammo - approx 70rds 6.5x68, 4.56, 8x56, and 5.45x39
Misc ammo - 19rds Kleanbore 7mm Mauser, 16rds Kleanbore .308win, 5rds Kleanbore .35win, and Peters box (1rd 10 brass)
12rds Winchester Super Speed .358 & 20rds 8mm Mauser
19rds Winchester Super Speed .32win special & 13rds .35rem brass


RCBS, Lyman, & Lee reloading dies including - .357mag, .44mag, .257Roberts, 30-40krag, 7.62x39, .308win, 219 zipper, 33win, .270wtby mag, 300win mag, 300wtby, 303sav, 30 carbine, .223rem, .243win, 22/250, 45acp, 9mm Luger, .222rem, .35rem, .250sav, .300sav


Budweiser glasses

The Plains wooden crate

Schmidt can base light
Schmidt covered wagon bar light
Pabst Blue Ribbon lighted sign
4-Hamm’s beer North American Bear mirrors
Miller High Life “Rough Grouse” mirror
Schmidt metal signs; large mouth bass; white tail deer; Canadian goose
Schmidt 21 beer can collection display
Keystone metal sign
Schmidt Beer framed & unframed Prints; Canadian Geese; 2- Pheasant; deer, flying geese, North American fish, North American Big Game
Schmidt 22 can collector series collection – COMPLETE
Schmidt Series I beer mugs (8) & Pitcher (2)
Schmidt Series II collector mugs (4) & Pitcher
Schmidt Series III Collector mugs (4)
Schmidt “Giant Whopper” glass
Budweiser glasses (4) Lizzard “We could have been huge”
Budweiser wildlife glasses, 1 set of 8, 16oz
Hamm’s small beer barrel glasses, 1 set of 5
Hamm’s Andeker beer glasses
(2) Remington Express wooden crates
(2) Western wood crates


Tasco World Class 8x32x50 Varmint scope, new in box
Tasco World Class 6x24x50 Varmint scope, new in box
Tasco World Class 6x24x44 Varmint scope, new in box
Tasco World Class 4x16x40 scope, new in box
Tasco World Class 3x9x40 scope, new in box
Bushnell Elite 3200 3x9x40 scope, new in box
Simmons 44 mag 2x7x44 scope, new in box
Simmons 44 mag 2x7x44 scope, new in box
Redfield 5 Star 4x12x40 scope, new
Simmons 800878 8PT 3x9x40 scope, new
Simmons 22 Mag Mini 4x28 scope, new
BSA Catseye 1.5x4.5x32 scope, new in box
Tasco Economy 4x32 scope, new in box
Famous Maker 3x9x40 scope, new in box
Famous Maker 3x32 scope, new in box
Famous Maker 3x32 scope, new in box
Tasco AccuDot Red Dot scope, new in box
Tasco AccuDot Red Dot scope, new in box
Hunter View Red Dot scope, new in box
Tasco 8x21 camo binoculars in bag
Dozens of leather holsters & belts
AK-47, AR-15 mags
Scope mounts & rings, caps
Remington 20ga VR barrel ONLY, like new in box
Game calls
Many new & used soft & hard gun cases
New pistol cases


Golf bag cart, 4 wheel style – new in box
2 bags of shell goose decoys
2 bags FULL duck decoys
Giant goose decoy with lounge seat
Crow & owl decoys
Tangle free weights & cords
Gamo precision .177 pellet rifle
Field dressing kit


Lampi Auctioneers is a Federal Firearms Dealer (NICS check required for gun purchases.)
Purchase or carry permit required for hand gun buyers.
Browning A Bolt II .280rem bolt, 26" barrel, like new in box
Marlin Model XL7 .270cal, Burris scope, & bipod
Marlin Model XT .22LR bolt, Bushnell 3x9 scope
Remington model Seven .243Win bolt, Bushnell 3x9 variable scope
Remington model Seven 7mm Rem SA Ultra Mag bolt, like new in box, synthetic stock, blue barrel
Remington model Seven 7mm SA Ultra Mag bolt, stainless, Nikon SS 4-14 scope, original box
Remington 700 ADL 30-06 bolt, tip off, pivot mts, Tasco World Class 3x9 vm scope
Remington 700 MTN-DM .243 Rem bolt, lightweight, original box, Bushnell Chief 4x12 scope
Remington 700BDL .243Win bolt, long range, varmint barrel, World Class Tasco Varmint 6x24 scope, fine x-hairs
Remington 700BDL 22-250 bolt, original box, World Class Tasco Varmint 6x24 scope, fine x-hairs
Remington 783 30-06 bolt, like new in box
Remington Model 550-1 .22 semi auto, shell deflector
Remington Model 66 .22LR semi auto , black nylon w/nickel plated barrel & receiver
Remington Model 783 .308 bolt, 3-9x40 scope, extra 4rd mag, like new
Remington Nylon 66 .22LR semi auto, nylon stock, chrome action/barrel, original box
Remington Speedmaster Model 552 .22 semi auto, Bushnell scope, shell deflector
Remington 24 .22LR semi auto, Browning design - patent
Remington 24 .22LR semi auto, receiver & stock only
Remington 514 .22LR bolt single shot
Ruger 08321 .22wmrf bolt, like new in box, adjustable stock length
Ruger Mini 14 .556/.223 semi auto, leather carry strap, custom scope rings, Tasco 3x-9x50 scope, like new
Savage 11 .223 bolt, Nikon 6-18 variable scope
Savage 25 .204 ruger bolt, like new in box, clip feed, extra mag, walnut stock, lightweight
Savage 99 .303sav lever, octagon barrel
Savage 99 .303sav lever, scope mount
Savage 99 250-3000 lever, Simmons scope
Savage 99C .243 lever, action & barrel, clip, box of parts
Savage Arms Model 93 .22 magnum, BSA 22 Special scope, (2) mags
Savage Model 11 .22-250 bolt, Bushnell Scope Chief VI scope, blued, bipod
Savage Model 111 30-06 bolt, Bushnell 3-9 scope, synthetic stock, bipod
Savage model 1903 .22 pump, octagon barrel, magazine
Savage model 73 .22 single shot, nickel
Savage/Coast to Coast 285N .22 semi auto
Stevens 325-A 30-30 bolt with Bushnell scope
Stevens 325-B 30-30 bolt
Weatherby Mark XXII .22LR semi auto, box, clip feed
Winchester Model 94 30wcf lever, pre 1964
BRNO ZKM468 .22LR bolt single shot
BRNO ZKM468 .22LR bolt single shot
Anschutz Savage 164 .22LR bolt, like new
Ithaca 49 .22LR lever single shot, box, non-matching serial #
Ithaca 49 .22LR lever single shot, offset mt scope
Marlin Model 70PSS Papoose .22LR semi auto, stainless steel, custom carrying case, BSA Red dot, sling
NEF Sportster .22LR single shot break open, Weaver scope
Military Rifles
US Govt M-1 Garand 30-06 semi auto, sporterized, walnut MC stock, extra clips
US Govt 1917 Eddystone 30-06 bolt, sporterized, sights, walnut
US Govt US-03-A3 30-06 bolt, sporterized, walnut stock, spiral marks on barrel
National Ordinance Model 1903 A3 30-06 military rifle, arsenal bomb on barrel, WWII
Enfield Mark I No 4 .303brit bolt long branch, 1943, stripper clips, extra 10rd mag, sling, bayonet w/scabbard, nice
Springfield Armory Model 1898 30/40 Krag bolt, military sling
Mauser Model 98 8mm bolt, Weaver 2.5 scope, sporter wooden stock
Mosin Nagant 91/30 7.62x54cal bolt, ATI stock, bipod
Mosin Nagant M91/30 7.62x54cal bolt, stamped #318, cleaning kit, bayonet, (2) double shell pouches, all matching numbers
Mauser Model M48A 8mm military rifle, original sling, bayonet, very clean
Mosin Nagant M91/30 7.62x54R bolt rifle, all matching numbers, cleaning kit, bayonet, double shell holder, hexagon receiver, sling, hard case
Fabricade Arms La Coruna Spanish 8mm Mauser (7.92) bolt, reconditioned/sports model, peep sight
Maadi AK-47 MISR 7.62x39 semi auto, like new in box, variable scope t, original tip cover, original stock
Norinco SKS 7.62x39, compensator synthetic stock, (2) 20rd mags, scope mount, bayonet
IO Inc AK47 7.62x39cal semi auto, folding but/t stock, mag, release, foregrip, picatinny rails, lighted scope, light kit, compensator, 1 extra mag, soft case
GSG AK .2LR2 HV semi auto, (2) mags, case, like new
Tactical Rifles
Federal Arms Inc G3 .308cal semi auto rifle, (4) 10rd & (1) 20rd mags, sling, carry case
FN Vulcan V55 .308 semi auto rifle, (2) 20rd mags
DPMS AR-15 .223/5.56 semi auto, (6) 30rd mags, extended butt stock, soft case, like new
Taurus CT9 9mm carbine semi auto, case, green light laser, like new
VZ VZ2008 Sporter 7.62x39 semi auto, folding stock, (3) 20rd mags, bayonet, cleaning kit, soft case
Century Arms Inc Centurion UC-9 9mm semi auto AR, (8) 32rd mags, (1) 50rd mag, carrying case
Hi Point Model 995 9mm carbine semi auto, (2) 10rd & (4) 15rd mags, custom case, light kit, TruGlo Red dot scope, padded cheek rest, muzzle break, and dual Hi Point mag holder, like new
Intratec Tec-9 9mm semi auto pistol, (4) 30rd mags, sling
Hi Point Model 4095 .40s&w carbine, light kit, (5) mags, Hi-Point case, like new
Intratec TEC-22 22LR semi auto, 25rd mag, hard case
American Tactical GSG-522 .22 semi auto rifle, (5) 25rd mags, BSA red dot scope, 100rd drum, carry case
Beretta ARX 160 .22LR HV carbine, soft case, 20rd and (2) 30rd mags, bipod
Benelli Super Nova 12ga 3 1/2" pump, Ducks Unlimited Edition, 2 shot mag extension
Cresent 12ga single shot, external hammer, wall hanger
EEA-Baikal MP-153 12ga semi auto, 2 3/4", 3", 3 1/2", wood stock, matte blue, choke tubes
EEA-Baikal Remington MP-153 12ga semi auto, 2 3/4", 3", 3 1/2", like new in box, black synthetic, matte blue, choke tubes
H&R Model 088 20ga 3" single shot
H&R Model 176 10ga magnum single shot
H&R Sportsman Long Range Model 176 10ga magnum single shot, 18.5" barrel
H&R Ultra Slug 12ga single shot, Centerpoint scope, rifle bore, like new
Mossberg Model 500 12ga 3" pump, 28" VR barrel, Ducks Unlimited Edition
NEF Pardner 12ga 3" single shot
Remington 11 12ga semi auto, full, 2 3/4"
Remington 11 12ga semi auto, imp. cylinder
Remington 58 12ga semi auto, receiver, mag, stock, misc parts only, NOT a working gun
Remington 870 Express Magnum 12ga pump, like new, choke tube, wood stock
Remington Sportsman 58 12ga semi auto, converted to choke tubes, Browning Citori type vent rib
Remington Sportsman 58 12ga semi auto, IC fixed choke, vented rib
Remington Sportsman 58 20ga semi auto, fixed choke
Rock Island Armory 12ga 3" pump, stainless steel, synthetic stock
Rossi .410 single shot 3"
Savage 24 22LR/410 over under break open, nice condition
Westernfield Model SB-100A 12ga 2 3/3" single shot
Winchester 42 .410 pump, 3", Full, extra tube, compensator,
Winchester Model 1300 Defender 12ga pump, ATI position pistol grip stock
Winchester Model 37A 20ga single shot
Shotguns - Double barrel
Browning Citori .410 over/under, 2 1/2" & 3", original box, choke tubes w/extras
Browning Citori 20ga over/under, vented ribbed barrel, choke tubes & extras
Browning Citori Plus 12ga over/under, vented ribbed barrel, original box, hard leather Browning case, choke tubes w/extras
EEA-Baikal Remington SP-310 20ga over/under, like new in box, wood stock, choke tubes
Remington Arms 12ga double barrel w/exposed hammers
Springfield Armory Model M-6 Scout .22 hornet/.410 over/under, like new in soft case
Belgium 12ga side by side, external hammer, wall hanger
Shotguns - Tactical
Siaga 170205 20ga semi auto, shot less than 100rds, box, clip feed w/2 extra
Siaga 170260 .410 3" semi auto, shot less than 100rds, box, clip feed
Revelations Model R310 ABR 12ga pump, 18.5" smooth bore barrel, synthetic folding stock, pistol grip forearm, heat shield & light kit
UTAS 12ga semi auto, 15rd mag, tactical light with laser, tactical choke tube, flip up front & rear sights, like new in original box
Mossberg New Haven 600AT 12ga pump, folding stock, pistol grip, 18.5" barrel, tactical light
AMT AutoMag II .22 Magnum semi auto pistol, 2 extra mags, owners manual
Bersa Thunder .45acp Ultra Compact semi auto pistol, extra 7rd mag, carry holster, laser, original box
Browing FN P32cal semi auto pistol, original leather holster, extra 9rd mag
Browning Buck Mark .22LR semi auto pistol, 7.5" bull barrel, fiberoptic sights, wood grips, like new w/soft case
Browning Buckmark .22LR semi auto pistol, like new in case, wood grips
Century Int Arms CZ-52 7.62x25 semi auto, extra mag, original box, checkered wood grips, holster
Chiappa 1911-22 .22LR semi auto pistol, original case, extra mag, wood grips
Cobra CLB38SR .38sp break open over/under, like new in box
Cobray/Leinad M-11 9mm semi auto pistol, extra mag, hard case
Colt 1991A1 Series 80 45acp semi auto pistol, like new in original case
Colt 1991Z 45acp semi auto pistol, like new in box, gold inlay, NRA gun of the year, original box
CZ Model 52 7.62x25 semi auto pistol, extra mag, custom holster
CZ Model 75 9mm semi auto, custom hard case, extra mag, like new
CZ Model 83 .380cal semi auto pistol, wooden grips
Czech NR 51 7.65mm semi auto pistol, extra mag, leather holster
Hi Point JCP .40s&w semi auto pistol, extra mag, original box
Hi Standard Dura-Matic Model M-101 .22LR semi auto pistol, 6.5" barrel, hard case
Hi-Standard Dura-Matic Model M-101 .22LR semi auto pistol, 4.5" barrel, case, extra mag
IMI Magnum Research Desert Eagle .40mm semi auto pistol, made in Israel, hard case, extra 10rd mag
Kel-Tec Sub 2000 Gen 2 .40s&w semi auto pistol, (2) extra Glock 22rd mags, custom soft carry case, angled foregrip and laser, like new
Kimber SOLO Carry 9mm semi auto pistol, extra mag, case
Magnum Research MT Eagle .22LR semi auto pistol, extra clip, soft case
Manurhin Model P1 9mm semi auto pistol, leather shoulder holster
Ruger LC9 9mm semi auto pistol, purple frame, soft case, crimson tracer laser, like new
Ruger LCP .380 semi auto pistol in original box
Ruger Mark III Target Hunter .22LR semi auto pistol, wood grips, bull barrel, extra mag, like new in case
Savage Auto model 1917 32acp semi auto pistol, extra mag, reproduction box
Sig Sauer P-238 .380 semi auto pistol, purple pearl grips, purple slide, extra 6rd mag, like new in case
Smith & Wesson 439 9mm semi auto pistol, like new in box
Smith & Wesson Model 39-2 9mm semi auto pistol, original box, polished stainless steel, wood grips, extra mag
Stoeger Luger .22LR semi auto pistol
Taurus Model 738 TCP .380acp semi auto pistol, extra 6rd mag, like new in box
Taurus Model PT92 AFS 9mm semi auto pistol, stainless steel frame, (3) extra mags, hard case
Walther Arms .22 semi auto "UZI", custom carry case, (2) 20rd mags, fake suppressor, like new
Colt Model 1917 New Service .455 Weebly revolver, used in WWI & WWII, US stamped leather holster
Colt Police Positive .32police revolver
Colt Trooper Mark III .22LR revolver, 8", nickel, like new in box
Colt Trooper Mark III .357 revolver, 8" barrel, original box
Dan Wesson .44 magnum CTG double action stainless revolver, 6" barrel, Tasco AccuDot scope, side holster
ESI Thunder BW 45LC single shot revolver, side break open, additional 9mm barrel sleeve, can use 2 1/2" 410, original box,
F.LLI Pietta 1858 New Army .44cal 6 shot black powder revolver, hexagon barrel, extra 6rd .45LC conversion cylinder (black powder only), uses 30 grains of FFF black powder, hard case
High Standard Hombre 9300 .22LR revolver, like new in box
High Standard Longhorn .22LR revolver, 9", original box
Iver Johnson .32s&w, cylinder does not rotate
Kimel 5000 .32s&w revolver, short barrel, ivory grips, chrome
Nagant 7.62x38 revolver, 7 shot .32acp cylinder, 7.62 cylinder, holster, like new in case
Rohm RG-10 .22s revolver, German mfg
Ruger Bearcat .22 6 shot revolver, leather holster
Ruger Model LCR .22 magnum revolver, like new in box
Ruger Model SP 101 9mm revolver, wooden grip, like new in case
Ruger New Model Blackhawk .44 Magnum revolver, 50 years of .44 Magnum 1956-2006 Edition w/red display case, manual, factory tested cartridge & lock
Ruger New Model Single-Six .22/.22mag revolver, stainless steel frame, Ruger hard case, both .22 & .22mag cylinders, like new
Ruger New Vaquero Deluxe .45LC revolver, polished stainless steel, special "Limited Edition" engraving, hard case
Savage 101 .22LR single shot revolver, 4"
Savage 101 .22LR single shot revolver, 4"
Smith & Wesson 18 .22LR revolver, 4", oversized grips
Smith & Wesson 29-3 .44mag revolver, 8", original box, wood presentation case
Smith & Wesson 629-2 44mag revolver, 8 3/8" barrel, custom made leather holster
Smith & Wesson Model 37 Airweight .38sp 5 shot revolver, case
Smith & Wesson Model 53 .22 magnum jet 6 shot revolver, (6) .22LR inserts, in soft case
Smith & Wesson Model 686-6 .357 magnum revolver, stainless steel, 7 shot, like new in case
Taurus .357 magnum Tracker 6.5" barrel, 7 shot, double action revolver, stainless steel, holster
Taurus 65 .357mag 6rd revolver, wood grips, hard case
Taurus Raging Hornet .22 hornet revolver, 9 3/4" stainless barrel, soft case
Taurus Tracker .17HMR revolver, stainless steel, like new in box
Taurus Tracker .22LR 9 shot revolver, holster
Taurus Ultra-Lite 9 .22LR 9 shot revolver, blued, in box


Masterbuilt electric smokehouse – NIB

Chair Blind



Herter’s Deluxe folding Shooting bench with carrying case, 34” L x 22 ½”W bench, like new
Big Game deluxe stadium bucket chair - NIB
TG 1200 gas generator (from Northern Tool) – NIB
Caldwell Dead Shot Field Pod hunting rest – like new
Hunting stand orange bag, sleeping bag style, very roomy & warm
Winchester & Leupold commemorative knives
First Flight centennial knife
Poker chips
Roulette table
Wooden gun cleaning collapsible box
Lyman ultrasonic cleaner w/cleaners
Misc targets/exploding targets
Bipods & tripods
Ear mugs & hearing protection
Cleaning rods

Huge Private Collection
Gun & Sportsman Auction

10% B.P. will Apply
Private Party Auction, NO SALES TAX!

Lampi Auctioneers, Inc.
9141 64th St
Annandale MN 55302
Phone: 320-274-5393
Fax: 320-274-6005

Auctioneer License Information: 8605

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