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Toronto, ON
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1001 - CHINESE CORAL CARVED PLANT AND FIGURE Including a tree form plant set in a hexagonal pot. And a carved lady figure. Plant in pot height: 30cm (11 3/4 in.) CITES

1002 - GROUP OF 5 CHINESE TURQUOISE CARVINGS Carved as a Buddha and four playful boy figures. Largest: 6cm (2 3/8 in.)

1003 - TWO CHINESE TURQUOISE CARVINGS OF LADY Largest carving: 9.5cm (3 3/4 in.)

1004 - TWO CHINESE LAPIS LAZULI CARVINGS One carved as a reclined laughing Buddha, the other carved as a fisherman. Taller carving height with stand: 13cm (5 1/8 in.)

1005 - CHINESE LAPIS LAZULI CARVED ORNAMENTAL VASE Carved as a vase with high relief decorations of flowers and birds. H. 8.5cm (3 3/8 in.)

1006 - TWO CHINESE JADE CARVED SADDLE RINGS Overall in light celadon tone with red inclusions to the protruding areas.

1007 - JADEITE & GOLD BRACELET Flat herringbone design, centered with four oval jadeites divided by a total of fifteen small crystals. Testing as gold. 21g tw.

1008 - MIXED LOT OF ASSORTED CHINESE JEWELLERY Including a pair of silver gilt vermeil earrings, kingfisher pointers and jadeite plaques mounted as pendants and earrings.

1009 - LOT OF CHINESE CARVED JADE & JADEITE FINDINGS Including beads, pendants, cabochons, some lapis and agate in the lot.

1010 - CHINESE SILVER ENAMELLED TRIPOD CENSER The gilt vermeil body accented with enameled bats, clouds, and leaves, and mounted with turquoise, coral, and agate cabochons. Silver mark to base. H. 12.5cm (5 in.) CITES

1011 - TWO CHINESE FILIGREE SILVER & ENAMELLED FU LIONS 19th C. Total weight: 84g. L. 7.5cm (3 in.)

1012 - SIX CHINESE CLOISONNE & ENAMELLED CENSERS With lion and lotus finials and tripod legs, body decorated with floral vines, and cranes. Tallest: 12.3cm (4 7/8 in.)

1013 - GROUP OF CHINESE PEKING GLASS VASES AND BOWL Including 1 red overlay on yellow vase decorated with birds. 1 Red overlay on white. 1 Yellow faceted vase. 2 blue overlay on white vase and bowl. Tallest: 25.5cm (10 in.)


1015 - COLLECTION OF CHINESE PAINTED PORTRAITS Total 44 portraits showing male faces and most with hats, resembling traditional ancestor portrait style, ink on paper. Late Qing dynasty. Largest: 18 x 10.5cm (7 x 4 1/4 in.)

1016 - TWO CHINESE HARDWOOD BOXES WITH INLAYS Each box inlaid on the cover with a boy figure with a cat. Size (each): 9.5 x 13 x 5.5cm (3 3/4 x 5 x 2 1/4 in.)

1017 - PAIR OF MIXED INLAID CIRCULAR PLAQUES ON STANDS Circular celadon nephrite jade ground embellished with spinach jade, lapis lazuli, agate, turquoise, and pink quartz depicting a rock and flower garden scene. Fitted on lacquered woodstand. Dia. of plaque: 36cm (14 1/4 in.) Height on stand: 51cm (20 in.)

1018 - PAIR OF MIXED INLAID CIRCULAR PLAQUES ON STANDS Circular celadon nephrite jade ground embellished with spincach jade, lapis lazuli, coral, agate, turquoise, and crystals depicting a rock and flower garden scene. Fitted on lacquered wood stand. Dia. of plaque: 43cm (17 in.) Height on stand: 29cm (11 1/2 in.) CITES

1019 - PAIR OF CHINESE GILTWOOD CYLINDRICAL PANELS Carved with layers of figures and warriors in village landscape. H. 64cm (25 1/4 in.)

1020 - CHINESE CARVED GILT WOOD WARRIOR PANEL Carved with warriors in a treed landscape scene, 19th to early 20th C. Size: 17 x 34cm (6 3/4 x 13 1/2 in.)

1021 - PAIR OF CHINESE LACQUERED AND GILT WOOD PANELS Carved in openwork with birds and flowers theme. Frame size: 101 x 37cm (39 3/4 x 14 1/2 in.)

1022 - PAIR OF CHINESE LACQUERED AND GILT WINDOW PANELS Joint by metal hinges to form a folding screen. Total four openwork carved panels of figural scenes. Panel size (each) 83 x 45cm (32 3/4 x 17 3/4 in.)

1023 - PAIR OF CHINESE LACQUERED GILT WOOD DOOR FRAMES Each with high relief carvings of birds and flowers to front, with a beaded border to interior. Each height: 127cm (50 in.) Single panel width: 82cm (32 1/4 in.)

1024 - PAIR OF CHINESE WOOD CARVED WALL PANELS Finely carved with elaborate birds and flowers scenes. Frame size (each): 103 x 33cm (40 1/2 x 13 in.)

1025 - CHINESE BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN DRAGON DISH Body painted with two dragons amongst flowers. Underside with bamboo motifs. Qing dynasty. Dia. 30cm (11 3/4 in.)

1026 - CHINESE MING BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN JAR Painted with petal form ground and phoenix and peonies. Ming dynasty. H. 25cm (10 in.)

1027 - CHINESE MING BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN DISH Interior painted with playful lions encircled by floral scrolls. Base with horse roundels and four character yong bao chang chun mark in double circle. Ming dynasty Wanli period. Dia. 22cm (8 3/4 in.) Dish shows some minor glaze lost around bottom edge, with a minor chip on the base mark and bottom rim. Some wear evident in glazing around top rim edge, with two hairline cracks extending approx. 4.5 cm and 3 cm respectively from rim. Some minor white residue and discolouration in the dish.

1028 - CHINESE MING SWATOW BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN DISH Interior painted to center with a circular rock and bird garden scene, a band of floral scroll to rim and reverse. 17th C. Dia. 32.5cm (12 3/4 in.)

1029 - PAIR OF CHINESE BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN PLANTERS Each painted with lotus flower pond and butterfly gardens to exterior, bordered by ruyi lappets and floral bands. 18th C. H. 37cm (14 1/2 in.) Condition noted.

1030 - GROUP OF 4 EXPORT BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN JARS Including a pair lf blue & white prunus vase with covers. Two double happiness blue & white vine scroll vases. 19th C. Tallest: 24cm (9 1/2 in.)


1032 - LARGE CHINESE BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN BOWL Exterior painted with peonies floral sprays. Ruo Shen Zhen Cang mark to base, 19th C. Top dia. 21cm (8 1/4 in.) H. 9cm (3 1/2 in.)

1033 - CHINESE BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN DRAGON JAR Painted in reserve with a fierce dragon chasing a flaming pearl. Calligraphy inscription to on side. Chinese export / Vietnamese bleu de hue. H. 25.5cm (10 in.)

1034 - LARGE CHINESE BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN CHARGER Painted in the Ming dynasty manner with birds and peach blossom in the center. Size: Dia. 51.5cm (20.5 in.)

1035 - TWO PAIRS OF CHINESE NATURAL CARVED GUARDIAN LIONS Both pairs of Qianlong mark carved to base. One pair inlaid with coloured stones. Early 20th C. Taller: 12.5cm (5 in.) CITES

1036 - CHINESE CARVED JADEITE ORNAMENTAL COVERED VASE Vase is decorated with a rooster on a fence with flowers extending to the cover. On carved fitted wood stand. H. 21cm (8 1/4 in.) One minor chip to pedal. Weight: 627g.

1037 - FIVE CHINESE JADE AND STONE CARVINGS Including 1 lapis lazuli dog figure. 1 agate cat figure. 1 jade cicada with a jade toggle. 2 jade carved animals. Largest: 5.2cm (2 in.)

1038 - CHINESE WHITE JADE 18 LUOHAN BEADED BRACELET 18 beads each carved with a luohan head, separated by black discs. L. 18cm (7 in.)

1039 - TIBETAN SILVER BOX WITH JADE BANGLE Decorated with bands of silver filigree, beads, lotus petals in silver, and bands of turquoise and coral cabochon. A Chinese white jade bangle inset to body. Base marked 975. H. 11cm (4 1/4 in.) CITES

1040 - CHINESE JADE SQUIRREL AND GRAPES GROUP Overall in greyish celadon tone. Carved as a squirrel on a large leaf with grapes. With fitted wood stand. Qing dynasty. L. 5cm (2 in.)

1041 - CHINESE JADE CARVED BOY ON MELON GROUP Overall in greish white tone. Carved as a boy holding a branch and resting on top of a melon. With fitted wood stand. Qing dynasty. L. 4cm (1 1/2 in.)

1042 - CHINESE JADE CARVED WATER BUFFALO Overall in grey russet tone. Carved as a resting water buffalo with head turned to left. With fitted wood stand.18-19th C. W. 6.5cm (2 1/2 in.)


1044 - CHINESE JADE CARVED BI DISC PENDANT Carved on one side with auspicious qing and fish symbols, and on the reverse with Ji Qing You Yu characters. Dia. 5.5cm (2 1/8 in.)

1045 - THREE CHINESE JADE CARVED BANGLES Each of a white to light celadon jade. One carved in bamboo shoot form. One with a chilong dragon and roped body. One of a rope twist. Largest: 8cm (3 1/8 in.)

1046 - CHINESE JADE PLAQUE PENDANT With G18K mount to top. Carved on one side with a peach, bat and sea scene, and on the reverse with Fu and Shou characters. H. 6cm (2 3/8 in.)

1047 - CHINESE JADE CARVED LION BEAST AND LINGZHI GROUP Overall in light celadon tone with light brown inclusions to tail. L. 7cm (2 3/4 in.)


1049 - CHINESE GRAY JADE CARVED CAT & LEAF GROUP Overall in grey tone with white spot inclusions. Carved as a reclining cat on a large leaf. Ming dynasty. L. 6.5cm (2 1/2 in.)

1050 - PAIR OF WHITE JADE DRAGON BELT HOOKS H. 16.5cm (6 1/2 in.)

1051 - CHINESE JADE PLAQUE WITH EROTIC ENGRAVINGS Pale greyish celadon jade with cloudy inclusions to bottom. Engraved with erotic scene to one side and Xianfeng mark. Size: 12 x 6cm (4 3/4 x 1 3/8 in.)

1052 - CHINESE GREY JADE CARVED FU LION FIGURE Overall in grey tone with black inclusions to body. Carved as a crouching fu lion playing a ball. L. 20cm (8 in.)

1053 - JADE CARVED CARP FISH AND LINGZHI GROUP Light grey jade with darker inclusions to center. L. 6cm (2 3/8 in.)

1054 - CHINESE JADE CARVED BOY WITH PERSIMMON BRANCHES Overall in light celadon tone. H. 6.5cm (2 1/2 in.)

1055 - CHINESE CELADON AND RUSSET JADE BELT BUCKLE PLAQUE Carved with a fu lion with silk balls and lingzhi ruyi. Two studs carved to reverse. Size: 5.5 x 8.5cm (2 1/8 x 3 3/8 in.)

1056 - CHINESE CELADON JADE SQUIRRELS AND GRAPES GROUP Celadon jade with russet inclusions. With high relief carvings of squirrels and grapes on a large lappet. L. 8cm (3 1/8 in.)

1057 - TWO CHINESE JADE CARVED ARCHER THUMB RINGS One of a light celadon jade. One celadon and grey jade. Grey jade height: 3.2cm (1 1/4 in.)

1058 - CHINESE CARVING OF A IMMORTAL RIDING ON A PEACOCK The figure playing a flute in hand, riding on a peacock in the clouds. H. 22cm (8 3/4 in.) CITES

1059 - CHINESE TWO-TONED AMBER NECKLACE Cherry and egg yoke colours with pebble form and block form beads. L. 23cm (9 in.)

1060 - FOUR NATURAL CARVED BEADED NECKLACES 3 with graduating spherical beads, and 1 with carved swirling beads. Longest: 28cm (11 in.) CITES

1062 - CHINESE ORANGE AMBER PEBBLE BEADED NECKLACE Overall length: 36cm (14 1/4 in.)

1063 - CHINESE YELLOW AMBER PEBBLE BEADED NECKLACE Overall length: 21cm (8 1/4 in.)

1064 - THREE NATURAL AMBER BEADED NECKLACES Graduated bead sizes, 255g total weight. Largest beaded necklace 12 1/2in clasped. Squared beaded necklace 14in clasped. Rounded beaded necklace 11in clasped. Dia of largest bead: 1 1/2in.

1065 - THREE NATURAL AMBER BEADED NECKLACES In graduated sizes and colours with natural inclusions, 169g total weight. Squared beaded necklace 12 1/2in clasped. Smallest beaded necklace 13in clasped. Necklace with yellow clasp 10in clasped. Dia of largest bead: 1 3/4in.

1066 - THREE NATURAL PIECES OF AMBER Two small sculptures in two-tones and the third with natural inclusions, 157g total weight.

1067 - TWO REPUBLICAN FAMILLE ROSE PORCELAIN BUDDHAS Each Buddha with a yellow and green glazed robe with five children climbed onto his body, each with differently glazed clothing. Taller: 25cm (9 3/4 in.)

1068 - TWO CHINESE FAMILLE ROSE PORCELAIN HAT STANDS Each of a hexagonal porcelain vases with quatrefoil openings to each side. Painted with figures in landscape together with calligraphy inscription. Taller vase: 28cm (11 in.)

1069 - CHINESE FAMILLE ROSE PORCELAIN VASE Painted with Fu Lu Shou figure garden scene. 19th to early 20th C. H. 23cm (9 in.)

1070 - CHINESE FAMILLE ROSE PORCELAIN DISH Lobed dish painted with a band of yellow ground ruyi shaped lappets with famille rose floral. And a circular yellow ground floral center. Base with five bats and an enamelled Yongzheng mark. Dia. 18cm (7 in.)

1071 - THREE CHINESE FAMILLE ROSE PORCELAIN ITEMS The melon form covered with molded leaf patterns to cover, body painted with butterflies and garden scene. 19th to early 20th C. H. 11.5cm (4 1/2 in.) The two plaques one painted with crabs and seaweed, the other with goldfish. 19th to early 20th C. Size (each): 7.5 x 14.5cm (3 x 5 3/4 in.)

1072 - CHINESE YELLOW GROUND FAMILLE ROSE PORCELAIN VASE Bulbous body with a protruding neck. Pair of elephant form handles to neck. Body painted with figural scenes. Qianlong mark to base, 20th C. H. 42.5cm (16 3/4 in.)

1073 - PAIR OF CRACKLE GROUND FAMILLE ROSE PORCELAIN VASE Painted with warriors with brown glazed molded animals to neck. 19th to early 20th C. H. 45cm (17 3/4 in.)

1074 - PAIR OF CRACKLE GROUND FAMILLE ROSE PORCELAIN VASE Painted with warriors with brown glazed molded animals to neck. 19th to early 20th C. H. 35cm (13 3/4 in.)

1075 - PAIR OF CRACKLE GROUND FAMILLE ROSE PORCELAIN VASE Painted with warriors in landscape. Neck molded with brown glazed lion form handles. 19th to early 20th C. H. 45cm (17 3/4 in.)

1076 - PAIR OF CRACKLE GROUND FAMILLE ROSE PORCELAIN VASE Painted with warriors with brown glazed molded animals to neck. 19th to early 20th C. H. 36cm (14 in.)

1077 - PAIR OF CRACKLE GROUND FAMILLE ROSE PORCELAIN VASE Painted with warriors with brown glazed molded animals to neck. 19th to early 20th C. H. 45cm (17 3/4 in.)

1078 - GROUP OF 7 CRACKLE GROUND FAMILLE ROSE PORCELAIN Including 2 plates and 5 vases. 19th to early 20th C. Tallest vase: 29cm (11 1/2 in.)

1079 - GROUP OF 16 CHINESE FAMILLE ROSE PORCELAIN PIECES Including 12 dishes, 2 large bowls, 1 covered bowl, 1 covered jar. 19th to early 20th C. Largest dish dia. 36cm (14 1/4 in.)

1080 - 15TH C. TIBETAN GILT BRONZE 4 ARMED BODHISATTVA H. 11.5cm (4 1/2 in.)

1081 - CHINESE FIGURAL BRONZE CENSER OF A HORSE RIDER The scholar immortal horse rider as cover, with back opening to incense smoke, body in the form of a horse with saddle, with mixed gemstone inlays. Qing dynasty. Overall height: 23.5cm (9 1/4 in.)

1082 - CHINESE ARCHAISTIC BRONZE GU VASE The trumpet vase with everted wide rim. Body cast with lappets, taotie masks, bird motif, and leiwen ground. In the style of late Shang to Western Zhou dynasty. H. 26.5cm (10 1/2 in.)

1083 - LARGE CHINESE BRONZE TRIPOD CENSER Cover with a qilin finial, with openwork leafy vine design. Body cast with relief dragons and dragon form handles. 19th to early 20th C. H. 52cm (22 1/2 in.)

1084 - GROUP OF 5 CHINESE BRONZE CENSERS Including 2 circular tripod censers, and 3 rectangular censers. Largest dia. 13cm (5 in.)

1085 - GROUP OF 6 CHINESE BUDDHIST BRONZE STATUES Including 4 seated Buddha, 1 standing Mahakala, 1 standing Buddha with ornamental backing. Tallest: 23cm (9 in.)

1086 - CHINESE BRONZE BUDDHIST FIGURE & HAND MIRROR One of a bronze seated bodhisattva figure holdig ritual implement in each hand. The other of a bronze hand mirror cast with a phoenix riding scene to one side. Height of mirror: 18cm (7 in.) Height of figure: 7cm (2 3/4 in.)

1087 - CHINESE BRONZE LAUGHING BUDDHA STATUE Cast as a seated laughing Buddha holding a linen bag. With wood base. Height without base: 15.5cm (6 1/8 in.)

1088 - CHINESE STONE CARVED BODHISATTVA STATUE Standing on a lotus base and holding implements in hand. Six dynasties style. H. 65cm (25 1/2 in.)

1089 - CHINESE CARVING OF LEGENDARY SCENES WITH NEZHA Carved with a dragon and legendary characters atop a big wave. L. 26cm (10 1/4 in.) CITES

1090 - GROUP OF SIX CHINESE DECORATIVE FRAMES Including 1 framed pith paper painting of an official. 5 framed textile fragments. Largest frame size: 64 x 20cm (25 x 8 in.)

1091 - FRAMED CHINESE GOLD FAN INK PAINTING Painted with peonies flowers, calligraphy inscription to top right, signed Sun Hanxiang, cyclically dated to 1892. Frame size: 33 x 63cm (13 x 24 3/4 in.)

1092 - FRAMED CHINESE INK ON SILK PAINTING Treed landscape with bird and spider. Signed Jiren, with 3 seals. Ink and colour on silk, framed. Frame size: 59 x 54cm (23 1/4 x 21 1/4 in.)

1093 - AFTER CHEN HONGSHOU, FRAMED INK PAINTING Stylized lotus after Chen Hongshou (1598–1652). Signed Hongshou with 1 seal. Ink and colour on paper, mounted on sheet and framed. Frame size: 65 x 38.5cm (25 1/2 x 15 1/4 in.)

1094 - AFTER BIAN SHOUMIN, FRAMED INK ON SILK PAINTING Geese in marsh landscape. Signed Jiren, with 1 red seal. Ink and colour on silk, framed. Frame size: 59.5 x 53.5cm (23 1/2 x 21 in.)

1095 - FRAMED CHINESE INK PAINTING Of a scholar with Chinese rock. Ink and colour on paper. Frame size: 42 x 48cm (16 1/2 x 18 3/4 in.)

1096 - WANG SHUIBO CONTEMPORARY INK PAINTING Ink on paper, mounted as hanging scroll. Visible paper size: 99 x 50cm (39 x 19 3/4 in.)

1097 - INK PAINTING ON SILK Wen Cang Shan Fang collection seal to lower right.

1098 - GROUP OF 8 CHINESE OR JAPANESE PAINTINGS ON SILK Including five Chinese style paintings of figures in landscape, and 3 Japanese landscape paintings. Ink on silk, mounted as leaves. Largest: 27 x 24cm (10 1/2 x 9 1/2 in.)

1099 - BLACK AND WHITE PAINTING, WANG YING, OIL ON CANVAS Black and white painting with portrait of a woman. Signed to lower left Jasmine wy, and dated 2017 on reverse. Oil on canvas, unframed. Canvas size: 67 x 57cm.

1100 - ABSTRACT PAINTING, WANG YING, OIL ON CANVAS Abstract stripes. Signed to lower right Jasmine wy, and dated 2017 on reverse. Oil on canvas, unframed. Canvas size: 66 x 56cm.

1101 - FISH POND PAINTING, WANG YING, OIL ON CANVAS Fish pond. Signed to lower left Jasmine wy, and dated 2017 on reverse. Oil on canvas, unframed. Canvas size: 87 x 67cm.

1102 - RED DOOR HOUSE PAINTING, WANG YING, OIL ON CANVAS House with a red door. Signed to lower right Jasmine wy, and dated 2017 on reverse. Oil on canvas, unframed. Canvas size: 87 x 69cm.

1103 - FRAMED CHINESE SILK EMBROIDERED PANEL Woven as a traditional birds and flowers painting with calligraphy inscription to top right and red silk imitation a square seal. Frame size: 83 x 46cm (32 1/2 x 18 in.)

1104 - YELLOW GROUND CHINESE MONGOLIAN CARPET Size: 155 x 80cm (61 x 31 1/2 in.)

1105 - CONTEMPORARY JAPANESE PAINTING SCROLL OF KANNON Kannon and calligraphy. Ink on paper, mounted as hanging scroll. With 3seals, including two collector's seals. Visible paper size: 90 X 61cm (35 1/2 x 24 in.)

1106 - 2 JAPANESE INK PAINTING HANGING SCROLLS First of Mount Fuji, original painting size: 134 x 33cm (52 3/4 x 13 in.). Second of a scroll of a Hoju with calligraphy, original painting size: 90 x 28cm (35 1/2 x 71 in.)

1107 - AFTER ZHENG XIE (ZHENG BANQIAO) Bamboos. Mounted as hanging scroll. Visible paper size: 108 x 60cm (42 1/2 x 23 1/2 in.)

1108 - CHINESE WOOD CARVED CONSOLE TABLE The side apron carved with relief scroll patterns. Top of table with stylized inlaid border. Size: 84.5 x 150 x 37.5cm (33 x 59 x 14 3/4 in.)

1109 - CHINESE EXPORT MOTHER-OF-PEARL INLAID LOW TABLE Inlaid with birds and flowers and decorative patterns. Overall size: 36 x 46 x 108cm (14 x 18 x 42 1/2 in.) CITES

1110 - CHINESE J. L. GEORGE PROP. BEAUX-ARTS TABLE With original trade mark labels to underside. Early 20th C. Size: 31.5 x 96 x 42 cm (12 1/4 x 32 x 16 1/4 in.)

1111 - CHINESE HARDWOOD LOW KANG TABLE H. 15 3/4 x W. 45 1/4 x D.19 1/2 in.

1112 - CHINESE WOOD CIRCULAR STOOL Sides carved with tied rope forms. H. 45cm (17 3/4 in.)

1113 - CHINESE HARDWOOD PLANT STAND H. 26 1/2 Dia. 14 1/4 in.

1114 - CHINESE SIX PANEL LACQUER FOLDING SCREEN Front side painted with three sections on each panel of floral and antique arrangements and figural narrative scenes. Back painted with florals and calligraphy poems. Size of each panel: 214 x 41cm (84 x 16 in.)

1115 - CHINESE FOUR PANEL MIXED INLAID LACQUER SCREEN Mixed inlaid with soapstone with a continuous heavenly courtyard scene with lady figures with crane. Black lacquered ground with gold painted details. H. 198cm (78 in.)

1116 - THREE PANEL CHINESE WOOD SCREEN WITH BRASS PLATES Brass plates engraved with auspicious motifs including dragon, phoenix, and animal landscape scenes. Overall size: 90 x 90cm (35 1/2 x 35 1/2 in.)

1117 - CHINESE MIXED INLAID WOOD TABLE SCREEN The plaque with mixed inlaid rock and flower garden scene, inserted into a wood stand. H. 46.5cm (18 1/4 in.)

1118 - GLASS FRONT WOOD SNUFF BOTTLE DISPLAY CABINET Cabinets with metal hooks for mounting to wall. Overall size: 18 x 28 x 4 in.

1119 - TWO GLASS FRONT WOOD SNUFF BOTTLE DISPLAY CABINETS Cabinets with metal hooks for mounting to wall. Overall size: 18 x 28 x 4 in.

1120 - LARGE CHINESE BLACK AND GOLD LACQUER FLOOR VASE Painted with birds and flower scenes, with a tripod lacquered stand. Height on stand: 129cm (50 3/4 in.)

1121 - PAIR OF CARVED NATURAL CARVED EMPEROR AND EMPRESS Standing on wood bases. Height of figure without base: 35.5cm (14 in.) CITES




1125 - GROUP OF 17 CHINESE INSIDE PAINTED SNUFF BOTTLES Including paintings of birds and flowers, landscape, and figures. Tallest: 10.5cm (4 1/8 in.)

1126 - GROUP OF 18 MIXED MATERIAL CHINESE SNUFF BOTTLES Including amethyst, glass, metal, agate, and cloisonne bottles. Tallest: 9cm (3 1/2 in.)

1127 - GROUP OF 25 CHINESE PORCELAIN SNUFF BOTTLES Including blue & white, famille rose, enamel painted, molded, and monochrome glazed bottles. Tallest: 11cm (4 3/8 in.)

1128 - GROUP OF 13 CHINESE GLASS SNUFF BOTTLES Including colour overlay peking glass, monochrome, and enamel painted bottles. Tallest: 7cm (3 1/4 in.)

1129 - GROUP OF 7 CHINESE CINNABAR LACQUER SNUFF BOTTLES Including 1 two-toned black and cinnabar bottle, the rest are red cinnabar bottles. Tallest: 8.5cm (3 3/8 in.)

1130 - CHINESE CONJOINED SILVER MEDICINE SNUFF BOTTLES Each bottle inscribed with Chinese medicine names to front, joined to the other bottles by a hinge. Base of one bottle marked Fu Xing. Qing dynasty. H. 4.3cm (1 3/4 in.)

1131 - FOUR CHINESE CARVED AND STAINED SNUFF BOTTLES Including covered spherical jars, two snuff bottles. Tallest: 7.5cm (3 in.) CITES

1132 - GROUP OF CHINESE WOOD HOOK STANDS H. 17cm (6 3/4 in.)

1133 - GROUP OF CHINESE SNUFF BOTTLE & JADE STANDS Mixed style stands. Largest: 6cm (2 3/8 in.)

1134 - GROUP OF CHINESE WOOD SNUFF BOTTLE & JADE STANDS Openwork carvings to aprons. Largest: 6cm (2 3/8 in.)

1135 - GROUP OF SMALL CHINESE WOOD FLAT TOP STANDS Mostly with flat top for snuff bottles or jades. Largest: 5.5cm (2 1/8 in.)

1136 - GROUP OF CHINESE NATURAL FORM SMALL WOOD STANDS Mostly with natural tree trunk and stone form aprons. Largest: 7.5cm (3 in.)

1137 - GROUP OF SMALL CIRCULAR CHINESE WOOD STANDS Most with openwork carvings to aprons. Largest: 6cm (2 3/8 in.)

1138 - GROUP OF 15 CHINESE SCROLL FORM WOOD STANDS Largest: 25.5cm (10 in.)

1139 - GROUP OF CHINESE NATURAL FORM WOOD STANDS Largest: 13cm (5 1/8 in.)

1140 - GROUP OF CUSTOM FITTED WOOD STANDS Largest: 12cm (4 3/4 in.)

1141 - GROUP OF CHINESE HARDWOOD STANDS Largest: 14cm (5 1/2 in.)

1142 - FIVE CHINESE HARDWOOD CARVED STANDS Including 3 circular stands and 2 hexagonal stands. Largest: 30cm (11 3/4 in.)

1143 - CHINESE EXPORT FAMILLE VERTE PORCELAIN PARROT .The bird painted in predominantly green enamel with aubergine to front. H. 34.5cm (13 1/2 in.)

1144 - CHINESE EXPORT FAMILLE ROSE PLATTER WITH ARMS Center of platter painted with the coat of arms of Alexander Mackenzie. Border with grisaille and gilt decorated leafy vine band. Qianlong period, 18th C. Size: 22 x 30cm (8 3/4 x 11 3/4 in.)

1145 - TWO CHINESE EXPORT BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN MUGS His & hers mugs, each painted with blue & white floral borders, body painted in famille rose with flower baskets and bouquets. Qianlong period, 18th C. Tallest: 14cm (5 1/2 in.) Chip and restoration noted.

1146 - CHINESE EXPORT FAMILLE ROSE COVERED CUPS & MUG Pair of covered tea cups each painted with figures and flowers separated by ropes. Together with a export mug enamel painted with florals. 18-19th C. Height of cups with cover: 8.5cm (3 3/8 in.) Height of mug: 13cm (5 1/4 in.)

1147 - THREE CHINESE 18TH C. EXPORT BLUE & WHITE DISHES One with antiques motif to center, one with famille rose flowers to center, and one with circular floral. Largest dia. 23cm (9 in.)

1148 - CHINESE EXPORT PORCELAIN TANKARD Painted with one landscape scene, one figural scene, and one birds and flowers scene. Handle painted with a blue leaf, 18th C. H. 13.5cm (5 1/4 in.) Body restored and partially repainted.

1149 - GROUP OF EXPORT CANTON FAMILLE ROSE PORCELAINS Including 1 large circular charger, 1 oval deep dish, 1 planter, 1 vase mounted as lamp, and 2 ciruclar plate. Painted with alternating figural and birds and flower scenes, with elaborately painted border. Gilding to body. 19th C. Largest charger length: 36cm (14 1/4 in.)

1150 - THREE PAIRS OF EXPORT CANTON FAMILLE ROSE VASES Painted with alternating figural and birds and flower scenes, with elaborately painted border. Gilding to body. 19th C. Tallest: 28cm (11 in.)

1151 - FIVE CHINESE & JAPANESE EXPORT PORCELAIN PIECES Including 1 large rectangular celadon ground bowl, 2 bowls, 2 covered vases with bronze mounts. Length of rectangular bowl: 29.5cm (11 1/2 in.)

1152 - SEVEN CHINESE EXPORT BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN DISHES Painted and floral and garden scenes. 18th C. Largest dia. 28cm (11 in.) Minor chips and frittings.

1153 - 5 CHINESE EXPORT BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN DISHES Painted with birds and flower gardens and village river landscape. 18th C. Largest: 30.5cm (12 in.)

1154 - 4 CHINESE IMARI EXPORT PORCELAIN DISHES Each painted with blue & white with enamelled iron red and gilding. 18th C. Largest: 23cm (9 in.)

1155 - FIVE FAMILLE ROSE OCTAGOAL PORCELAIN DISHES Painted with a variety of floral bouquets. Edge glazed brown. Chinese export, Qianlong period, 18th C. Dia. 25cm (9 3/4 in.) Some minor chips to edges and corners.

1156 - 6 CHINESE EXPORT BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN DISHES Painted with flowers and mountain village landscape scenes. Qing dynasty, 18-19th C. Largest: 23.5cm (9 1/4 in.)

1157 - GROUP OF CHINESE EXPORT SILVER Including a glass and silver decanter marked Sheng Yuan to foot. Total weight of decanter: 570g. Two shot cups with silver mark to base. Weight: 95g. One dish decorated with openwork dragons marked KW to base. Weight: 75g.

1158 - LARGE CHINESE MILLE FLEUR PORCELAIN BOTTLE VASE Painted on black famille noire style ground with flowers. H. 52cm (20 1/2 in.)

1159 - PAIR OF FRAMED CHINESE PAINTED PORCELAIN PLAQUES Painted with mountain landscape. Both signed Wang Yeting. In a hardwood frame with inlays and metal hook to top. Visible plaque size: 68.5 x 25cm (27 x 9 1/2 in.) Frame size: 106 x 45cm (41 1/2 x 17 3/4 in.)

1160 - GROUP OF 7 CHINESE POLYCHROME PORCELAIN PIECES Including 2 canton export famille rose, 2 yellow ground sancai vases, 2 yellow ground famille rose bowls, 1 fahua style vase. Tallest: 27cm (10 1/2 in.)

1161 - CHINESE ENAMEL PAINTED PORCELAIN DISH Painted with a red tone snowy landscape with figures, calligraphy inscription to top right signed Xuren He. Dia. 30.5cm (12 in.)

1162 - CHINESE FAMILLE VERTE PORCELAIN FISH BOWL Exterior painted with figures and a black ground floral border. Interior painted with goldfish and seaweeds. H. 28.5cm (11 1/4 in.) Top dia. 34cm (13 1/2 in.)

1163 - CHINESE NATURAL CARVED BRIDGE ON WOOD STAND Carved with figures in treed landscape. Early 20th C. Length of carving: 26cm (10 1/4 in.) CITES

1164 - PAIR OF CHINESE CARVINGS OF HEAVENLY SCENES Carved with an immortal goddess figure riding on a deer, accompanied by attendant holding a basket of peach. Crane to top. H. 28cm (11 in.) CITES

1165 - TWO CHINESE FRAMED ENAMELLED PORCELAIN PLAQUES Each enamel painted with character from the Chinese classic Hong lou meng, or Dream of the Red Chamber. Frame size: 49.5 x 36cm (19 1/2 x 14 1/4 in.)

1166 - FRAME CHINESE EXPORT REVERSE MIRROR PAINTING Of a woman dressed in red Qing dynasty silk dress. Frame size: 65 x 45cm (25 1/2 x 17 3/4 in.)

1167 - PAIR OF CHINESE ORANGE GROUND PORCELAIN VASES Body enamel painted with flowers. Pair of scroll handles to neck. H. 31cm (12 1/4 in.)

1168 - CHINESE BLUE GROUND FAMILLE VERTE PORCELAIN JAR Body with white slip decorated Eight Immortals scene against a blue ground in the Fahua style. H. 23cm (9 in.)

1169 - CHINESE QIANJIANG ENAMEL DISH WITH FIGURE Signed Ren Huanzhang with a painted red seal, Republican period. Dia. 22cm (8 3/4 in.)

1170 - CHINESE ENAMELLED PORCELAIN INKSTONE & COVER Cover painted with swimming fish, signed Deng Bishan. Republican period. Size: 9.5 x 8.5 x 2.5cm (3 3/4 x 3 1/4 x 1 in.)


1172 - CHINESE DOUCAI PORCELAIN BOWL Painted with underglaze blue and overglaze polychrome enamels. Six character Yongzheng mark to base. Dia. 13.5cm (5 1/4 in.) H. 7cm (2 3/4 in.)

1173 - CHINESE DOUCAI PORCELAIN GU VASE Painted with phoenix and flowers. 19th C. H. 20cm (8 in.)

1174 - PAIR OF CHINESE PORCELAIN CALLIGRAPHY COUPLETS Each scholar's plaque with seven characters made of blue & white porcelain on red rough sandy textured ground, framed with wood frame and metal hook to top. Frame size (each): 132 x 27.5cm (52 x 11 in.)

1175 - THREE CHINESE BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN DISH 19th C. Largest dia.: 29cm (11 1/2 in.)

1176 - GROUP OF 7 CHINESE BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN PIECES Including 2 jars, 1 square caddy, 1 covered box, and 3 cups. Largest jar height: 18.5cm (7 3/8 in.)

1177 - COLLECTION OF CHINESE BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN ITEMS Total 8 pieces, including bowl, teapot, vases, and covered boxes. Tallest: 20cm (8 in.)

1178 - CHINESE CELADON GROUND BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN VASE Painted with figures in a house garden landscape. Pair of fu lion form handles to neck. H. 60cm

1179 - CHINESE CELADON GROUND BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN VASE Painted with figures in a house garden landscape. Pair of fu lion form handles to neck. H. 61cm

1180 - PAIR OF FRAMED BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN PLAQUES 20th C. Frame size: 25 x 33cm (9 3/4 x 13 in.)

1181 - PAIR OF CRACKLE GROUND BLUE & WHITE PORCELAIN VASE Painted with flower and rock gardens, with brown glazed molded handles to neck. 19th to early 20th C. H. 44.5cm (17 1/2 in.)

1182 - FRAMED CHINESE CANTON ENAMEL PLAQUE Painted with a warrior figure showing a flag. Framed in a wood frame. Visible plaque size: 10.5 x 7.5cm (4 1/8 x 3 in.) Provenance: Sotheby Parke Bernet & Co., 1978, with original invoice.

1183 - CHINESE WOOD FRAMED PORCELAIN PLAQUES WALL PANEL Wood frame with shallow relief carvings of antique motifs. Three painted porcelain panels, one signed Wang Yeting. Size: 126 x 39cm (49 1/2 x 15 in.)

1184 - CHINESE ROBIN'S EGG GLAZED PORCELAIN WASHER Square form washer with a moulded chilong dragon to body. H. 5cm (2 in.)

1185 - CHINESE YUAN CELADON GLAZED SHALLOW BOWL Crackled light celadon glaze. Yuan dynasty. Dia. 23.5cm (9 1/4 in.) Provenance: Purchased from The Hundred Antiques, Toronto, 1989.

1186 - THAI SAWANKHALOK WARE CELADON GLAZED BOWL Stoneware with celadon glaze, carved on the exterior with ribbed patterns. 14th C. Dia.13.5cm (5 1/4 in.) H. 6.5cm (2 1/2 in.) Provenance: Purchased from The Hundred Antiques, Toronto, 1985.

1187 - CHINESE CRACKLED WHITE GLAZED DISH Crackled white glazed dish in ge ware style. 19th C. Dia. 27cm (10 1/2 in.) Provenance: Purchased from Shanghai Friendship Store, Antique & Curio Branch, 1989.

1188 - CHINESE FLAMBE GLAZED PORCELAIN BOTTLE VASE Glazed in rich red, purple and blue splashed flambe glaze. Qing dynasty. Crackled white glazed base. H. 35cm (13 3/4 in.)

1189 - CHINESE RED GLAZED PORCELAIN CENSER With elephant handles. H. 11.5cm (4 1/2 in.)

1190 - CHINESE FLAMBE GLAZED PORCELAIN HU ARROW VASE Glazed in rich white and purple blue glaze. 20th C. H. 26cm (10 1/4 in.)

1191 - CHINESE SHIWAN POTTERY BUDDHA ON LOTUS PLATFORM Seated Buddha holding a pagoda, seated on a separate circular lotus platform. Seals to interior of the Buddha. Height on stand: 30cm (11 3/4 in.)

1192 - TWO CHINESE MONOCHROME PORCELAIN BRUSH POTS One with exterior glazed in apple green. The other glazed in in a light crackled ground. 19th to early 20th C. Taller: 11cm (4 1/2 in.)

1193 - CHINESE BIRD FORM GLAZED PORCELAIN OIL LAM Glazed with blue and copper red, body sculptured as a bird on a lotus platform, with a oil lamp to top. H. 28cm (11 in.)

1194 - 5 CHINESE LONGQUAN CELADON BOWLS & DISHES Including a larger bowl carved with flower to bottom center, and 4 smaller dishes with fish and floral rim decorations. Song dynasty or later. Largest dia. 15cm (6 in.)

1195 - CHINESE CARVINGS OF IMMORTALS IN LANDSCAPE Carved with six figures in a natural landscape setting. Fitted in a wood stand. Length of carving: 28cm (11 in.) CITES

1196 - PAIR OF CHINESE EMPEROR AND EMPRESS FIGURES The emperor figure with inscription to front as Emperor Qianlong. Body carved with fine dragon robe details. Fitted on wood stands. Height of carvings: 31cm (12 1/4 in.) CITES

1197 - CHINESE CARVING OF A FISHERMAN Carved with a standing fisherman with bamboo fishing rod in hand, holding string of fish. Fitted on a wood stand. Height of carving: 31cm (12 1/4 in.) CITES

1198 - CHINESE CARVING OF SCHOLAR AND WARRIOR GROUP Fitted in a wood stand. 19th to early 20th C. Overall height: 29cm (11 1/2 in.) CITES

1199 - TWO CHINESE SOAPSTONE CARVED SEALS White seals with red inclusions, relief carvings of flowers to body. H. 7.5cm (3 in.)

1200 - LARGE SPINACH JADE CARVED FU LU SHOU GROUP Carved as joint group of standing Fu Lu Shou figures. H. 50cm (19 1/2 in.)

1201 - LARGE JADE CARVED GUANYIN AND ATTENDANTS GROUP The boulder in two tones of spinach and light celadon to white, carved as a Guanyin with children in a grotto. H. 66cm (26 in.)



1204 - CHINESE SPINACH JADE CARVED LADY FIGURE Carved with a lady figure holding peaches. With fitted wood base. H. 16cm (6 1/4 in.)

1205 - GROUP OF CHINESE ARCHAISTIC JADE AND STONE CARVING Total 6 carvings, including 4 jade carvings, 1 crystal carving, and 1 turquoise. Hongshan culture. Largest: 10cm (4 in.)

1206 - GROUP OF 6 CHINESE JADE CARVINGS Carved as animals and buddha hand citron. 1 plaque carved out of jadeite. Tallest: 8cm (3 1/8 in.)

1207 - GROUP OF 9 CHINESE JADE AND STONE CARVINGS Carved as single and group of animal figures. Tallest: 10.5cm (4 1/8 in.)


1209 - TWO CHINESE JADE CARVINGS Overall in white to light celadon tone. Carved as a crane and pine plaque, and a ram group. Plaque height on stand: 16cm (6 1/4 in.)

1210 - THREE CHINESE JADE CARVINGS Including a celadon jade mountain with figure and landscape. A reclined horse figure. A square seal with mythical beast top. Tallest: 13.5cm (5 3/8 in.)

1211 - FOUR CHINESE SOAPSTONE SEALS AND TOGGLES Including 1 yellow seal, 2 yellow toggles, and 1 red and yellow soapstone seal with dragon carving to top. Tallest: 9cm (3 1/2 in.)



1214 - FOUR CHINESE JADE CARVED MUSICIAN FIGURES Each holding an instrument and together as part of a procession group. H. 26cm (10 1/4 in.)

1215 - CHINESE JADE AND SOAPSTONE CARVED GUANYIN One of a celadon Guanyin head on wood stand. The other of a bodhisattva with a child seated on a lion. Height of head on stand: 28cm (11 in.)

1216 - TWO CHINESE HONGSHAN STYLE JADE DRAGONS Archaistic style jade carvings of Hongshan culture. Larger: 29cm (11 1/2 in.)

1217 - GROUP OF 6 CHINESE JADE AND STONE CARVINGS Including a nephrite jade mythical lion figure, and quartz and amethyst carved birds groups. Tallest: 17cm (6 3/4 in.)

1218 - CHINESE LAPIS LAZULI CARVED DRAGON LIBATION CUP Carved with a dragon spitting sea water while a sea dragon turtle perched on the waves. Another chilong dragon is shown climbing on the libation cup. With fitted wood base. Length of carving: 15.5cm (6 in.)

1219 - CHINESE JADE CARVED MYTHICAL PHOENIX BEAST VASE Carve as a four legged beast with bird or phoenix head, with an archaistic vase to back, relief chilong dragon to top. With fitted wood stand. H. 21.5cm (8 1/2 in.)



1222 - FOUR SOAPSTONE CARVING ON WOOD STAND Carved with two boys surrounded by lotus pad and bamboo shoots. Height of stone: 12cm (4 3/4 in.) Height on stand: 16cm (6 1/4 in.) One yellow soapstone carved with relief carvings of birds and flowers, with fitted wood stand. The other of a celadon jade pebble form stone with relief carvings of dragon. Larger: 5.5cm (2 1/8 in.) One chicken blood carving. H. 13cm (5 in.)

1223 - CHINESE DOUBLE CHILONG DRAGON AGATE PENDANT Height of pendant: 6cm (2 3/8 in.)

1224 - THREE CHINESE JADE HOOKS, 1 WITH MIRROR Including 1 white jade hook, 1 celadon jade hook, and 1 russet jade hook as handle of a hand mirror. Mirror length: 21.5cm (8 1/2 in.)

1225 - CHINESE NEPHRITE JADE CARVED BOX Cover with Overall size: 8.5 x 12.5 x 4cm (3 3/8 x 4 7/8 x 1 5/8 in.)

1226 - CHINESE MING DAOIST THEME JADE PENDANT One side with shallow carvings of seven stars. The other with two characters. H. 7cm (2 3/4 in.)

1227 - CHINESE RUSSET JADE CARVED BOWL STAND Tube incised with three ring lines. H. 6.5cm (2 1/2 in.)

1228 - TWO CHINESE GREY JADE CARVINGS 1 pendant carved with grapes. 1 bi disc carved with circles and scrolls. Ming dynasty or later. Disc dia. 5.5cm (2 1/2 in.)

1229 - CHINESE ARCHAISTIC JADE HUANG PENDANT Carved with two interwined chilong dragons joint at the tail. L. 10cm (4 in.)

1230 - CHINESE CELADON JADE CARVED ORNAMENTAL VASE The two part vase with a fu lion form cover, with a pair of mask and loose ring handles to neck. Body with shallow relief carvings showing archaistic chilong dragons. H. 24cm (9 1/2 in.)

1231 - CHINESE CELADON JADE CARVED ORNAMENTAL VASE The two part vase with a lotus and phoenix form cover, overall carved with six loose ring handles. Body with shallow relief carvings showing archaistic taotie masks. H. 18cm (7 in.)

1232 - CHINESE MALACHITE CARVED PENDANT Carved as a dragon chasing flaming pearl among clouds. 19th to early 20th C. H. 4.5cm (1 3/4 in.)

1233 - CHINESE GREEN STONE BEADED NECKLACE With spherical and water drop form beads strung by metalic threads. Overall length: 29cm (11 1/2 in.)

1234 - MULTI STRAND CORAL & PEARL NECKLACE Dark red beaded coral strands, clasp inset with a pearl bead. Overall length: 22cm (8 1/2 in.) CITES

1235 - FOUR STRANDS OF CHINESE WOOD PRAYER BEADS Of mixed types of woods and nuts. Necklace inclusive of lavalier 28in clasped. Necklace inclusive of bulb pendant 22in clasped. Largest beaded necklace 34in clasped. Black beaded necklace 20in clasped. Dia of largest bead: 3/4in.

1236 - FOUR CHINESE RED CINNABAR LACQUER NECKLACES With filigree clasps. All four are approximately 12in clasped. Dia of each bead: 1/2in to 3/4in.

1237 - SIX JADE & JADEITE BANGLE BRACELETS In green, grey-green and celadon colouration.

1238 - LARGE LOT OF STONE BEADS Including turquoise, amber, lapis lazuli, agate and natural beads. Prayer beaded necklace 25 1/2in clasped inclusive of lavalier. Blue statement necklace 11 1/2in clasped. CITES

1239 - LARGE LOT OF MIXED TURQUOISE JEWELLERY Including necklaces, bracelets, loose beads, Chinese silver vermeil clasp necklace.

1240 - LOT OF ASSORTED CORAL JEWELLERY Mixed beads and necklaces in red, white and angel coral. CITES

1241 - THREE NATURAL CORAL BEADED NECKLACES In graduated beads, one with a Chinese clasp, 153g total weight. Chinese filigree clasped necklace 7 1/2in. Oval shaped beaded necklace 9in clasped. Round shaped beaded necklace 13 1/2in clasped. Dia of largest bead: 1in. CITES

1242 - COLLECTION OF CHINESE BAMBOO CHOP SEALS Each with different seal marks.

1243 - LOT OF ASIAN JEWELLERY Including natural bangles, necklaces, pendants and two jade bangles. CITES

1244 - JADE AND GOLD BANGLE BRACELET Chinese mottled green jade bangle accented with 18k yellow gold clasp and hinge.

1245 - JADE AND GOLD BANGLE BRACELET Chinese light green to white bangle accented with 14k yellow gold hinges and clasp.

1246 - CORAL AND NATURAL BEADED NECKLACE Graduated beads accented with natural red coral beads. CITES

1247 - FOSSILIZED CORAL BEADED NECKLACE A total of twenty-one angel white coral beads stranded with a silver roundel between each of the beads. Includes appraisal. L: 9 1/2in. clasped Dia of largest bead: 4/5in. CITES

1248 - GRADUATED PINK CORAL BEADED NECKLACE Dia of the largest bead: 3/4in. L: 9 1/2in clasped. CITES

1249 - MIXED CHINESE BEADED NECKLACE Accented with natural turquoise beads, silver and carved buddha faces in the manner of a court necklace Dia of largest bead: 1 1/4in. L: 11 1/2in clasped.


1251 - CHINESE MOLDED GOURD CRICKET CAGE Body moulded with fisherman pattern, mounted at the mouth with hardwood, and cover carved with scholar and vine patterns. H. 16cm (6 1/4 in.)

1252 - ANTIQUE WOOD TUB Dia. 67cm (26 1/2 in.)

1253 - GROUP OF CHINESE TWO TONED LACQUER Including 8 vases, 2 covered jars, 1 quadrefoil box. Tallest: 31cm (12 in.)

1254 - GROUP OF 6 CINNABAR LACQUER CARVED VASES Including 1 square vase, 1 two-toned black with cover. 4 rounded vases. 19th to early 20th C. Tallest: 23cm (9 in.)

1255 - GROUP OF 8 CINNABAR LACQUER CARVED BOXES 1 box with a hinged cover, the rest in two parts with cover and body seperate. 19th to early 20th C. Largest: 16 x 25.5 x 9.5cm (6 x 8 1/4 x 3 3/4 in.)

1256 - GROUP OF 8 CHINESE CINNABAR LACQUER VASES Including 6 bottle vases, 1 covered vase, 1 double gourd form vase. Tallest: 25.5cm (10 in.)

1257 - GROUP OF 5 CHINESE CINNABAR LACQUER CARVED BOXES Two parts covered boxes caarved with figures, landscape, birds and flowers scenes. 19th to 20th C. Largest: 9.5 x 14 x 5.5cm

1258 - GROUP OF CHINESE CINNABAR LACQUER CARVED PIECES Including 1 hand mirror, 1 dragon dish, 1 dragon theme covered box, 1 elephant form box, 2 bangles, 1 broach. Mirror length: 29cm (11 1/2 in.)

1259 - GROUP OF 6 CHINESE CINNABAR LACQUER CARVED BOXES 5 circular boxes carved with flowers and landscape scenes, 1 tixi style square box carved with geometric patterns. Largest dia. 10.5cm (4 1/8 in.)

1260 - PAIR OF CINNABAR LACQUER DRUM FORM COVERED JARS Body carved with dragon and phoenix roundels, decorated all around with floral lappets. H. 16cm (6 1/4 in.)

1261 - PAIR OF CINNABAR LACQUER COVERED JARS Body carved with mountain and river landscapes, bordered by floral vines. With wood stand. Height without stand: 21.5cm (8 1/2 in.)

1262 - TWO CINNABAR LACQUER AND YIXING POTTERY TEAPOTS One carved with dragons chasing flaming pearl amongst clouds. The other of lychee and vine branches. Length from tip of spout to handle: 20cm (8 in.)

1263 - CHINESE CINNABAR LACQUER CARVED DUCK FORM BOX Lacquered on a copper base carved with archaistic chilong, taotie masks and bird forms to body with square patterned ground. H. 26cm (10 in.)

1264 - LARGE CHINESE CINNABAR LACQUER DRAGON VASE Carved with a dragon among clouds, with lotus lappets border. H. 38cm (15 in.)

1265 - PAIR OF CARVED CINNABAR AND WHITE LACQUER VASES Quatrefoil form vase carved with figure in landscape scenes to both sides of body with a top layer of cinnbar lacquer. H. 26.5cm (10 1/2 in.) Some minor loss of lacquer and restoration to body.

1266 - CHINESE CARVED BAMBOO BRUSHPOT Carved with pagodas surrounded by a mountainess landscape and a calligraphy poem, Qing dynasty. H. 20cm (8 in.)

1267 - CHINESE BOXWOOD CARVING OF DAMO FIGURE Fitted on wood stand. Overall height: 23cm (9 in.)

1268 - CHINESE HARDWOOD CARVED GUANYIN STATUE Qing dynasty. H. 32.5cm (12 3/4 in.)

1269 - GROUP OF 10 CHINESE AND JAPANESE WOOD CARVINGS Including animal netsukes and okimono figures. Largest: 6.5cm (2 1/2 in.)

1270 - CHINESE HARDWOOD WOOD BUDDHA With inlays to eyes and teeth. H. 24cm (9 1/2 in.)

1271 - GROUP OF 6 CHINESE WOOD CARVINGS Including a laughing Buddha, an immortal, two men figures, a tiger, a child with trumpet. Tallest: 25.5cm (10 in.)


1273 - CHINESE HARDWOOD STAND WITH MARBLE INSERT Side with shallow relief carved decorations. Size: 48 x 26 x 18cm (19 x 10 1/4 x 7 in.)

1274 - FOUR CHINESE CLOISONNE & ENAMELLED ANIMAL FIGURES Including a pair of cloisonne deers each of a turquoise ground with removable lids on their backs. One of a tiger perched on a rock. One of a duck. 20th C. Length of deer: 31cm (12 1/4in.) possible restoration to the antlers of deers.

1275 - CHINESE ENGRAVED BRASS TEAPOT Body decorated with figural garden scenes with floral band borders. Base stamped China, early 20th C. L. 19cm (7 1/2 in.)

1276 - CHINESE CLOISONNE ENAMELLED HORSE SCULPTURE The horse in an alert position with one hoof raised. Mane and saddle detachable from body. H. 41cm (16in.)

1277 - PAIR OF CHINESE CLOISONNE DOUBLE GOURD VASES Decorated with a cloud ground and fu lions playing with silk balls. 19th to early 20th C. H. 25.5cm (10 in.)

1278 - PAIR OF TIBETAN STYLE SILVER JARS WITH MIXED INLAY Inlaid with jade carved chilong plaques and turquoise and coral cabochons. H. 29.5cm (11 1/2 in.) CITES

1279 - CHINESE RECTANGULAR CLOISONNE COVERED BOX Decorated with banana plants and river landscape to cover. With fitted wood base. Box size: 33 x 20 x 7cm (13 x 8 x 2 3/4 in.)

1280 - GROUP OF 9 CHINESE CLOISONNE ENAMELLED ITEMS Including a large vase mounted as lamp. 4 covered jars, 2 covered boxes, 1 water pot, 1 small dish. Largest vase size: 38cm (15 in.)

1281 - CHINESE CLOISONNE ENAMELLED DEER HU VASE Black ground vase decorated with dragons. Pair of deer heads to neck. H. 23cm (9 in.)

1282 - CHINESE CLOISONNE ENAMELLED CIRCULAR BOX Blue ground decorated with dragon and phoenix among lotus floral vines. Dia. 26.5cm (10 1/2 in.)

1283 - CHINESE CLOISONNE ENAMELLED CYLINDRICAL TALL VASE Decorated with a band of lappets to top and bottom, with mille-fleur style flower patterns to body. H. 41cm (16 1/4 in.)

1284 - CHINESE CLOISONNE ENAMELLED HAT STAND VASE Turquoise ground decorated with hundred antiques theme. Ruyi and lappets band to top and bottom. H. 31cm (12 in.)


1286 - CHINESE CLOISONNE ENAMELLED HORSE WITH SPARROW Showing a flying horse stepping on a sparrow, displayed on a wood stand. L. 44cm (17 1/4 in.)

1287 - PAIR OF CHINESE CLOISONNE ENAMELLED VASES Body decorated with flower and birds. H. 51cm (20 in.)

1288 - CHINESE BLACK GROUND CLOISSONE ENAMELLED BOWL Black ground body decorated with dragons chasing flaming pearls. Overall dia. 30cm (11 3/4 in.)

1289 - THREE CHINESE CLOISONNE ENAMELLED TEA POTS One red ground decorated with bats and lotus, 1 black ground with coins, 1 blue ground with taotie mask and birds motifs. Largest size: 14 x 22cm (5 1/2 x 8 1/2 in.)

1290 - GROUP OF 13 CLOISONNE & ENAMELLED MATCH BOXES Including 1 with mixed inlaid top, 1 jade plaque top, 7 cloisonne, 4 metal and enamelled mix. 19th to early 20th C. Largest: 6cm (2 3/8 in.)

1291 - GROUP OF 7 CHINESE CLOISONNE ENAMELLED BOXES Assorted boxes in circular and rectangular forms. 19th to early 20th C. Largest: 9.5cm (3 3/4 in.)

1292 - GROUP OF CHINESE CANTON ENAMELLED PAN IRONS 3 with covers, and 1 without. 19th to early 20th C. Largest: 23cm (9 in.)

1293 - FOUR CHINESE AND JAPANESE ANTIQUE ITEMS Including 1 natural carved plaque. 1 Tokyo Satsuma pottery vase. 1 Chiense famille rose porcelain footed dish. 1 Japanese cloisonne vase. Tallest vase: 18.5cm (7 1/4 in.) CITES

1294 - GROUP OF CHINESE ANTIQUES AND DECORATIVE ITEMS Including Republican porcelain, peking glass, silk embroidered shoes, bronze figure on marble stand, and enamelled box. Tallest: 24cm (9 1/2 in.)

1295 - GROUP OF SIX NATURAL CARVED AND TURQUOISE FIGURES Including 5 Buddhas, and 1 scholar figure with wine bottles. Tallest: 11cm (4 1/2 in.) CITES

1296 - CHINESE CARVED FU LU SHOU TRIAD FIGURES Each with carved and stained patterns to clothing, Qianlong mark to base. Early 20th C. H. 13.5cm (5 1/4 in.)

1297 - GROUP OF 5 CHINESE NATURAL CARVED FIGURES Including a female nude and 4 playful boys. Tallest: 6cm (2 3/4 in.) CITES

1298 - GROUP OF 15 CHINESE NATURAL CARVED ANIMAL FIGURES Early 20th C. Largest: 6cm (2 3/8 in.) CITES

1299 - GROUP OF 12 NATURAL CARVED CHINESE ZODIAK ANIMALS Including all twelve zodiac animals. Early 20th C. Largest: 5cm (2 in.) CITES

1300 - TWO CHINESE NATURAL CARVED DECORATIVE ITEMS One of a canton export fan spine mounted on a stand. The other of a flower vase carved with relief flroal to the exterior. 19th to early 20th C. Taller: 16.5cm (6 1/2 in.) CITES

1301 - CHINESE CARVED DRAGON THEME CENSER Tripod censer with relief carvings of dragons to top finial and sides. Pair of handles with rings to body. Da Qing mark to base and interior of lid. H. 16cm (6 1/4 in.) CITES

1302 - LARGE CHINESE NATURAL CARVED DRAGON TOPPED SEAL Column form seal carved to the top with dragon and phoenix with a flower. Seal faced carved after Qianlong period coins. Early 20th C. H. 13cm (5 in.) CITES

1303 - SET OF CHINESE NATURAL CARVED CHESS PIECES Each carved with a traditional Chinese figure to top, supported by a puzzle ball pedestal. Tallest: 17cm (6 3/4 in.) CITES

1304 - JAPANESE BRONZE TIGER OKIMONO ON HARDWOOD STAND Eyes inlaid with tiger eye stones. Signed Mitsumoto saku, Meiji Period, late 19th to early 20th century. Length of bronze: 32cm (12 1/2 in.) Length of wood stand: 39.5cm (15 1/2 in.)

1305 - GROUP OF 8 TOTAI CLOISONNE PORCELAIN VASES Including 2 pairs of cylindrical vases, and 4 individual vases, all decorated with turquoise ground with birds and flowers. Tallest: 27cm (10 3/4 in.)

1306 - JAPANESE GILT AND ENAMEL PAINTED PORCELAIN CHARGER Painted with immortal figures with auspicious animals and items. 19th to early 20th C. Dia. 39.5cm (15 1/2 in.)

1307 - TWO JAPANESE CLOISONNE ENAMELLED BOXES Both of green ground, one wired with a peacock and flower garden scene, the other with a flower basket scene. 19th to early 20th C. Larger: 11 x 14 x 5cm

1308 - TWO JAPANESE NATURAL CARVED NETSUKE One as the demon queller listening to the demon figure drumming. Base signed illegibly. The other as a father and son with a no mask. Signed Bunichi to base. Edo to Meiji period, 19th century. Larger: 5.5cm (2 1/8 in.) CITES

1309 - THREE JAPANESE CARVED NETSUKES Largest: 4.7cm (1 7/8 in.) CITES

1310 - FOUR JAPANESE NETSUKES AND OKIMONOS Two natural materials, one wood carved with silver inlaid, and one resin. Tallest: 6cm (2 3/8 in.) CITES

1311 - JAPANESE NATURAL CARVED OKIMONO Carved with figures in a mountain landscape. Base with a signed cinnabar cartouche plaque. Meiji period. H. 20.5cm (8 in.) CITES

1312 - TSUKIOKA KOGYO (1869-1927), TWO WOODBLOCK PRINTS Of Noh play actors. Woodblock print on paper, backed by paper, unframed. Size: 38 x 26cm (15 x 10 in.)

1313 - TSUKIOKA YOSHITOSHI (1839-1892) WOODBLOCK PRINT Middle print of the triptych Eight Views of Warriors' Fine Tales: Returning Sails from the Ryukyu Islands, depicting Minamoto Tametomo. Woodblock print on paper, backed by paper, unframed. Print size: 37 x 25cm (14 1/2 x 9 3/4

1314 - THREE HIROSHIGE JAPANESE WOODBLOCK PRINTS Including the 53 Stations of Tokaido series. Largest print size: 23 x 37cm (9 x 14 1/2 in.)

1315 - GROUP OF 4 JAPANESE UKIYO-E WOODBLOCK PRINTS Including 2 Isoda Koryusai (1735-1790). 2 Utamoro Kitagawa (1750-1806). Woodblock on paper, backed with paper sheet, unframed. Largest print size: 38 x 25cm (15 x 9 3/4 in.)

1316 - GROUP OF 5 JAPANESE UKIYO-E WOODBLOCK PRINTS Including 3 Utagawa Toyokuni (1769-1825). 1 Yosyu Chikanobu (1838-1912). 1 Utagawa Kunisada. Woodblock on paper, with paper backing, unframed. Largest print size: 35.5 x 25.5cm (14 x 10 in.)

1317 - 6 FRAMED JAPANESE UKIYO-E WOODBLOCK PRINTS Largest frame size: 57.5 x 42cm (22 3/4 x 16 1/2 in.)


1319 - 10 FRAMED JAPANESE UKIYO-E WOODBLOCK PRINTS Largest frame size: 62 x 54cm (24 1/2 x 21 1/4 in.)

1320 - GROUP OF 5 JAPANESE CLOISONNE ENAMELLED DISHES All with birds and flowers themes. 19th to early 20th C. Largest dia. 30.5cm (12 in.)

1321 - LARGE JAPANESE BRONZE FLOOR VASE WITH EAGLES Cast with a monkey in rock garden scene to each of the two sides, with high relief eagle form handles. 19th to early 20th C. Height of bronze: 57cm (22 1/2 in.)

1322 - JAPANESE SATSUMA POTTERY COVERED TEA CADDY The square form jar painted with Satsuma gilt palette and Gosu blue enamel. Marked with a Shimazu family crest in Gosu blue and Minami. Meiji period, 19th C. H. 9cm (3 1/2 in.)

1323 - TWO JAPANESE SATSUMA POTTERY MINIATURE VASES One square vase with handles. One bottle vase. Both painted in gilt and enamel with figures. Marked Gyokuzan to base. Meiji period. H. 8cm (3 1/8 in.)

1324 - JAPANESE SATSUMA POTTERY FIGURES VASE Gilt and enamel painted with Buddhist monks and white dragon. Pair of dragon form handles to neck. Marked Ryuzan to base, Meiji period. H. 25.5cm (10 in.)

1325 - PAIR OF JAPANESE SATSUMA POTTERY MINIATURE VASES Gilt and enamel painted with figures to body. Marked Gyokuzan to base in red. Meiji period. H. 7.5cm (3 in.)

1326 - FRAMED JAPANESE SILK EMBROIDERED TEXTILE PANEL Of a figure playing koto instrument and a dragon fish coming out of sea. 19th C. Frame size: 70 x 64cm (27 1/2 x 25 in.)

1327 - JAPANESE BRONZE AND CHAMPLEVE VASE Pair of animal form handles to neck. Body enamel decorated with florals and archaistic patterns. H. 47cm (18 1/2 in.)

1328 - GROUP OF 12 JAPANESE PORCELAIN PIECES Including 7 blue & white pieces and 5 polychrome enamel painted pieces, including Imari and Kutani porcelain. 19th to early 20th C. Largest dish length: 55cm (21 1/2 in.)

1329 - GROUP OF JAPANESE CLOISONNE ENAMELLED MINI VASES 19th to early 20th C. Tallest: 18.5cm (7 1/4 in.)

1330 - GROUP OF 7 JAPANESE CLOISONNE ENAMELLED VASES 19th to early 20th C. Tallest: 19cm (7 1/2 in.) Damages to body.

1331 - 5 JAPANESE GINBARI GROUND RED CLOISONNE VASES Tallest vase: 18cm (7 in.)

1332 - ASIAN MIXED MATERIAL HANGING TAPESTRY Size: 173 x 125cm (68 x 49 in.)

1333 - TWO INDIAN MINIATURE PAINTING PLAQUES On natural carved plaques painted with figural scenes. Larger plaque: 13 x 7.5cm (5 1/8 x 3 in.) CITES

1334 - BURMESE INLAID AND PAINTED WOOD BUDDHA Mandalay period, 1853-1948. H. 51cm (20 in.)

1335 - PERSIAN ISFAHAN PAINTED AND FRAMED PLAQUE Finely painted with a hunting scene with four men on horses. Signed Taheri. Frame size: 26 x 44cm (10 1/4 x 17 1/4 in.)

1336 - FOUR INDIAN BRONZE VESSELS Including a jar with beated decoration of repeating animal patterns. The medium vessel of a water vase (lota) decorated with animals and figures. The smaller of a cup cast peacock roundels to exterior. 17th to 18th C. Tallest: 14cm (5 1/2 in.)

1337 - TWO OTTOMAN CORAL TURQUOISE INLAID STEEL DAGGERS The Jambiyya dagger with double edged steel blade inlaid in gold to top of blade with scrolling vines and inscription. The sheath and hilt mounted to one side with drop form coral and turquoise cabochon, and decorated in repousse on the reverse with floral vines. Turkey, 19th C. Overall length: 26.5cm (10 1/2 in.) CITES

1338 - 19TH C. ISLAMIC SYRIAN COPPER VESSEL Exterior incised with musicians, travellers, dancers, and hunters. H. 16.5cm (6 1/2 in.) Top dia. 20cm (8 in.)

1339 - GROUP OF 16 ISLAMIC COPPER PIECES Including dishes, kashkul, bowls, and vessels. Largest dish dia. 41cm (16 in.)

1340 - 4 EARLY ORIENTAL ASIAN PHOTOGRAPHS Including one large photo of the Patriarch of the Orthodox Greek Church of Jerusalem. One large photo of an Arab man riding a camel. Two small tainted photos of people. Largest photo size: 27.5 x 22cm (10 3/4 x 8 3/4 in.) Smaller photo size: 8.5 x 5.5cm (3 3/8 x 2 1/8 in.)

1341 - 16-17TH C. TURKISH METAL HELMET Domed helmet with a chain mesh all around. Traces of gilding remaining to front, with a protective piece attached running down to the neck area. Height of helmet: 34cm (13 1/2 in.) Overall height with protective bar: 43cm (17 in.)

1342 - FRAMED WATERCOLOR OF THE BLUE MOSQUE OF ISAFAN ARTHUR SARKISSIAN Iranian Artist HAYRAPETIAN Tehran. Frame size: 48.5 x 36.5cm (19 1/4 x 14 1/4 in.)

1343 - WATERCOLOR OF ROOM IN PALACE OF THE GENERALIFE 19th C. watercolour of a room in the palace of the Generalife, advancement to the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. Frame size: 54.5 x 65.5cm (21.5 x 25.4in)

1344 - TWO 19th C. TIBETAN COPPER LANTERNS Each of a hexagonal form with openwork decorations of wrathful figures. Height of lantern to below the chains: 32cm (12 1/2 in.)

1345 - TWO 18th C. ISLAMIC PERSIAN INDIAN EWERS With incised dragons, floral & birds patterns. H. 35cm (13 3/4 in.) North India brass vessel body decorated with lappets. H. 24cm (9 1/2 in.)

1346 - TIBETAN THANGKA OF USNISA SITATAPATRA Mounted with silk border. 19th C. Visible painting size: 65 x 48cm (25 1/2 x 19 in.)

1347 - TIBETAN SHANKHA SHELL TRUMPET WITH SILVER MOUNTS The shell carved with a wrathful figure, mounted with turquoise inlaid silver mounting. 19th C. Overall size: 11.5cm (4 1/2 in.)

1348 - INDIAN JAIN SILVER-INLAID COPPER ALLOY ALTARPIECE Cast with a central figure of Jain Tirthankara seated beneath a canopy, flanked by attendants. Devanagari script inscription to back. H. 13.5cm (5 1/4 in.)

1349 - JOURNAL OF THE INDIAN SOCIETY OF ORIENTATAL ART Group of JISOA publications dating from 1945 to 1952, total 25 volumes.

1350 - EARLY TO MID 20TH CENTURY ASIAN ART PUBLICATIONS Including Arts Asiatiques; Journal of Indian Textile History; Central Asiatic Journal; Eastern Art Qiarterly; Artibus Asiae. Total 30 volumes.


1352 - LARGE GROUP OF CHINESE AUCTION CATALOGUES Including auction catalogues from Poly, Guardian, Sungari, Xiling, and other auction catalogues in Chinese.

1353 - GROUP OF CHRISTIE'S AND SOTHEBY'S CATALOGUES Including auction catalogues and magazines.




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