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Auctioneer M.J. Stasak Jr. Auction & Appraisal Service 908-763-3171
Auction Date May 11 Auction
224C Stockton St
Phillipsburg, NJ
Time 09:00AM
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Shrubs Styrofoam Rocks Billboards Animals   
1990 Matchbox Workin Wheels Construction Vehicles   
6 Matchbox Toy Cars Trucks Loader Dump Truck Cement    
Midgetoy Cars Trucks Camper Trailers    
Vintage Tootsietoy Cars Trucks   
Vintage PlayArt Cars Trucks Campers Toys   
Tyco HO Scale Train Cars Hopper Flat Car with Trucks   
AHM HO Scale Train Cars Box Cars Shell Tanker   
Tyco 930 Freight Unloading Box Car 932 Operating Crane   
Bachman Pola Ho Kibri Vollmer Quick Plastic Train Houses   
Tyco Sante Fe Caboose Skid Flat Car Refrigerator Train Cars   
Majorette Corgi Zylmex Lindberg Toy Cars Trucks Firetruck   
Tyco Diesel Alco Century 430 Engine Spirit of 76 Caboose   
3 Tyco HO Scale Train Engines   
Tempo New Haven 370 Diesel Train Engine HO Scale   
Tootsietoy Bus Camper and Tractor   
Stewart Hobbies HO Scale F3A Phase IV Lehigh Valley Stock    
Baltimore and Ohio Passenger Cars Margaret Corbin    
Rivarossi Northern Pacific Passenger Cars   
Tyco HO Scale Box and Flat Cars Sante Fe Green Giant    
Athearn Santa Fe Coach 3217 Oberservation 265 3155 Diner   
AHM HO Scale Train Cars Covered Hopper GondolaTanker   
AHM HO Scale PRR Gondola Boston Maine Hopper Flat Car   
Mantua Green Bay Packers NFL Football HO Scale Box Car    
Tyco HO Scale Train Cars Union 76 Old Dutch Cleanser   
HO Scale Union Pacific 1468 Diesel Train Engine   
Sante Fe 4015 Diesel Train Engine   
AHM Tempo Pennsylvania 9506 Diesel Train Engine HO   
Northwestern 400 Diesel Train Engine Streamliners HO    
Reading Lines 266 Diesel Locomotive and Dummy Car   
HO Scale Train Cars Green Bay Western Union Pacific   
Z Gauge Trains 481 Steam Locomotive   
Zylmax and Playart Airplanes   
Dualpack N Gauge Power Supply   
People Traffic Lights Boats Trailer Texaco Sign   
Structo Dump Truck   
Rivarossi Track Sections   
Lehigh Valley Diesel Locomotive F3B Phase IV Pwd 8411   
N Scale Houses Track and Misc   
Midgetoys and Misc Allied Van Lines Truck   
Tyco Union Pacific HO Scale Steam Locomotive 4073   
Tyco Kit Burger King Pizza Hut Bachman Water Tank   
Train Layout Buildings Houses International Motor Inn    
Plasticville Houses Ranch Cape Cod Fire House Bank   
Mallard Duck   
Plastic Train Houses Buildings Barns    
HO Scale Train Cars Northern Pacific Cabooses Green Bay   
Tyco Transformers Twin Power and Misc   
American Flyer Push Buttons and Misc   
Box Full of American Flyer Track   
Noma Town Train Station Electronic   
American Flyer Lionel Train Transformers and Misc Parts   
Lionel Train 395 Floodlight Tower   
American Flyer Floodlight Car 634 706 Uncoupler   
American Flyer Erie Diescast 7210 636 Dpressed Spool Car   
Comets Flash Bilt Airplane   
Lionel Train Parts and Cast Track Signal   
Fence Posts Street Lamp Structo Log Truck Box Plasticville   
Lionel Street Lamp Railroad Crossing Sign Conductor    
2 American Flyer Red 650 Passenger Cars   
Lionel Uncoupler Push Button Switches Transformers    
Lionelville 133 Illuminated Lionel Train Station   
Lionel Train Crossing Gates   
Cast Lionel Railroad Crossing Signal   
14 Lionel Train Crossing Gates   
Lionel Trainmaster KW Train Transformer   
Lionelville 356 Automatic Freight Train Station   
Lionel American Flyer Push Button Controls Switches Parts   
Lionel No. 46 Automatic Train Crossing Gate   
Passenger Train Silhouette Strips   
Misc Lionel Train Parts   
Gierco Gas Service Station Bell   
American Flyer Explosives Box Cars   
Lionel Trainmaster ZW Train Trainsformer    
Lionel 50 Gang Car    
Lionel HO Scale Illuminated Rotary Beacon   
Lionel Coal Elevator    
Lionel 125 Whistle Station   
Lionel Trains Water Tower   
Life Saver Stadco Traffic Signal    
Lionel F-3 B Unit Electronic Diesel Horn Kit 6-8190   
Lionel 703-10 671-75 Smoke Lamps and Wiping Cylinders   
Lionel Railroad Crossing Lights and Gate   
Lionel 12720 Beacon Light and Searchlight   
Lionel Building   
Lionel Train Caboose Bodies Flat Cars Parts   
Train Car Missles   
Lionel Rocket Type Train Car   
Lionel 48 Whistle Station Pre War   
Lionel No. 0150 Rectifier in Original Box   
Lionel 195 Railroad Yard Floodlights    
Cast Lionel Street Lights   
Marklin 451 Remote Control Crane   
Lionel Trains Lionelville No. 145 Automatic Gateman   
Lionel Billboards Atlantic Oil   
Lionel 3830 Flat Car with Operating Submarine   
American Flyer Lionel Train Buildings and Parts   
Lionel Train Brochures PRR 5414   
HO by Lionel No. 0114 Engine House with Horn   
Lionel Type Z Trainmaster Transformer   
American Flyer Train Loading Station.   
Lionel Type 0100 Train Transformer   
Lionel 022 O Gauge Switch Track Sections   
Yatming Ertl Train Figures Cows Tootsietoy   
Lionel 160 Bins Model Engineering Works Wheels Parts   
American Flyer Track Sections   
American Flyer Switch Track Sections   
Marx Powerpack Train Transformer   
Lionel 1033 Train Transformer   
Marklin Model Train Sign   
Lionel 6517 Bay Window Caboose   
Lionel 9355 O Scale D and H Bay Window Caboose   
American Flyer Train Switch Track Parts   
Lionel 0100 Multivolt Power Pack Transformer   
Lionel Type ZW Trainmaster Train Transformer   
Lionel Type ZW Trainmaster Train Transformer   
1982 Complete Service Manual for Lionel Trains K-Line   
1978 Complete Service Manual for Lionel Trains Aurotech   
American Flyer Lines 930 Caboose   
Lionel No 515 Standard Gauge Oil Tanker    
Lionel Lines 726 Steam Locomotive with Tender   
Lionel Lines Sante Fe Diesel Locomotive GM F#38 Unit   
Lionel 224E Steam Locomotive Tender Pullman Observation    
Lionel Lines Standard Gauge Train Tender   
Lionel No. 8 Super Motor Red Locomotive   
DBGM Western Germany Steel Cable Car   
Lionel 2035 Steam Locomotive and Tender   
Lionel Lines 2560 Crane Car   
Lionel 8902 Locomotive   
Lionel 2026 Steam Locomotive and Tender   
Lionel 3459 John Roebling Trenton NJ Dump Car    
Lionel 2026 Steam Locomotive and 2048w Tender   
Lionel 8303 Steam Locomotive   
Lionel 2046 O Gauge Steam Locomotive   
Lionel Lines 1677 1679 1682 and Tender   
Marx 666 Steam Locomotive   
Lionel 2065 Steam Locomotive with 6026w Tender   
Marx 666 Steam Locomotive   
Lionel 627 Diesel Switcher Train   
Lionel Lines Flying Yankee Train Set   
Lionel Diesel Switcher 628 Northern Pacific    
Lionel 450 Signal Bridges   
Lionel 027 Diesel Switcher    
Lionel Train Locomotive Parts Box    
Lionel Whistle Station   
Lionel 6460 Bucyrus Erie Railroad Crane Car   
Lionelville Lionel Whistle Station   
2 Lionel 110 Trestle Sets   
Lionel O Gauge Train Engine   
4 Lionel Train Cabooses   
Lionel 0  and 027 Gauge Cop Hobo Car   
Bridge Trestles   
Lionel Train Parts 1689E Locomotive Body    
Lionel 110 Trestle Set   
3 Lionel 3357 Hydraulic Platform Maintenance Cars   
Lionel 6376 Circus Car 6468 646825 Box Cars   
Lionel Lines 6315 6357 Frisco Tanker Cars   
Lionel 6462 NYC 6012 Gondola Cars   
2 Gulf 6425 Lionel Tanker Train Cars   
2 Lionel Sunoco Tankers   
Lionel Sunoco Tanker   
Lionel 3424 Wabash Operating Brakeman Cars 3530    
2 Operating Brakeman Cars State of Maine 3474   
Misc Train Parts   
Lionel Lines 6119 D.L.&W Work Caboose   
Lionel 22000 N&W Gondola Cars   
Lionel 356 225 Operating Barrel Cars   
Lionel 356 250 Operating Barrel Cars   
Lionel 335955 Twin Bin Dump Cars   
Lionel Goldola Cars 80324 Reading 25000 Lehigh Valley   
Lionel 397 Coal Loader   
Lionel O Gauge Crossings Remote Control Track Set   
Lionel Baby Ruth X6004 x6014 NYC 159000 Box Cars   
Lionel 347 000 PRR Lehigh Valley 25000 Gondola Cars   
Lionel 3656 Armour Operating Cattle Stockyard Cars   
Lionel 63561 New York Central Cattle Cars   
Lionel PRR 9263 Lehigh Valley 64361 Gondola Cars   
American Flyer North Coast Limited Northern Pacific   
4 Lionel 3656 Operating Cattle Cars   
Lionel Greatest Show On Earth Circus Box Cars   
Lionel 6530 Firefighting Instruction Car 6464 WP   
Lionel Push Button Swithes   
Lionel No. 445 Operating Switch Tower with Box   
Lionel Train Trestles   
Rock Island Platform   
Lionel 1002 6462 New York Central Gondola Cars   
3 Bridges   
4 Lionel 336155 Operating Log Cars   
Lionel Lines 3362 Helium Tank Car   
Lionel Lines 3451 Operating Log Car   
Lionel Lines 3459 Green and Black Operating Dump Cars   
4 Lionel Lines Steam Locomotive Tenders   
3 Lionel 5132 Remote Control Switches O Gauge   
3 Lionel 3469 Automotic Dump Cars   
3 Lionel 3472 Automatic Refrigerated Milk Cars   
Lionel 3454 Automatic Merchandise ATSF Box Car   
Lionel 36621 Automatic Refrigerated Car 3356 Santa Fe   
Lionel Shell Tanker PRR Baby Ruth Alcoa Gondola   
Lionel Uncoupler Tracks Unload Push Buttons   
Wine Boxes   
Lionel 364 Lumber Loader   
Misc Trains and Parts   
4 Pair Lionel 022 Switch Tracks   
Box of Standard Gauge Track   
Empty Lionel Boxes   
House and Misc Parts   
4 Pair Lionel 022 Switch Tracks   
American Flyer Gilbert Railroad Trestle Sets   
Lionel Type KW Train Transformer   
Marx Freight Terminal    
Plasticville Church Houses Airport Administration Building   
Train Bridge and Crossing Signal    
Lionel Trainmaster Type ZW Train Transformer   
Plasticville Diner General Store Farm Implements   
Pyro 1948 Lincoln Continental Model   
Lionel O Gauge Remote Control 022 Switch Track   
Lionel Switch Tracks and Track Sections   
Lionel 6414 Auto Loader   
Lionel 022 Remote Control Switches and Tracks   
Lionel 6511 Pipe Car   
Lionel 3482 Operating Milk Car    
Lionel 3650 Searchlight Extension Car   
Lionel 6561 Cable Car with Box   
Lionel 6415 Sunoco Tanker with Box   
Lionel 3656 Operating Cattle Car and Stockyard   
Lionel 64173 Lighted Porthole Caboose   
Train Tunnels   
Empty Lionel Boxes   
Christies Toy Trains Book by Hugo Marsh   
3 Cast Street Lights   
Lionel Gulf Corporation Tanker   
Lionel Lines 3620 Search Light Car   
Lionel Box Cars and Caboose   
American Flyer Wind Up Train Set   
Lionel 2363 Illinois Central A B Units   
Lionel 2429 2421 Livingston Maplewood Passenger Cars   
Lionel 50 Gang Car    
Lionel 309 Yard Set Signs   
Lionel 3927 Track Cleaning Car   
Lionel 41 United States Army Transportation Switcher   
Lionel 681 Steam Locomotive Pennsylvania Tender Train   
Lionel 2056 Steam Locomotive with Lionel Lines Tender   
Plasticville Rural Unit RU-3    
Lionel 50 Gang Car    
Southern Railway 2356P 2356c Diesel Lionel Units   
Lionel 2356T Southern Railway Train Car   
Lionel 400 Baltimore and Ohio Budd Car   
Plasticville Cars Trucks Fence Coca Cola Billboard Insert   
Lionel Lines Silver Range Vista Dome Car   
Lionel Lines Silver Dawn 2531 Observation Car Illuminated   
Lionel Track Light   
Whistle Controller No. 67 and lights   
Lionel Lines No. 110 Trestle Set Empty Box   
Marx Girard 0 Scale Tin Litho Whistling Train Station   
Lionel Type K 1038 Train Transformers   
American Flyer Tin Train Station   
Standard Gauge Switch Tracks   
Lionel City 122 Standard Gauge Pre War Train Station   
Lionel 222 Standard Gauge Switch Tracks 2 Pair   
Cast Street Lights Including Lionel 59   
Marx Girard Train Station   
Lionel Lionelville Standard Gauge Pre War Train Station   
Standard Gauge Track Ramp Sections   
American Flyer 108 Switch Tower House and Parts   
Lionel 394 Beacon and Search Lights   
Lionel 82 and Railroad Crossing Sign / Signal   
Marx Girard Whistling Train Station with Box   
Lionel 390 Steam Locomotive with 390T Tender Pre War   
Lionel No. 8 Locomotive 337 Pullman 338 Observation Cars   
Ives 3235 Standard Gauge Train Engine   
Lionel No 512 Gondola Car Standard Gauge   
Lionel No 217 Standard Gauge Caboose   
Lionel Lines No 512 Standard Gauge Gondola Car   
Lionel 511 Lumber Car   
Lionel 512 Gondola Car   
Lionel 217 Standard Gauge Crane Peacock Car    
Lionel Standard Gauge Bridge   
Lionel 384T Steam Locomotive Tender Standard Gauge   
Lionel 332 Standard Gauge Passenger Car Train   
2 Dorfan Lines 789 Pullman Mountain Brook Passenger    
Lionel 251 Locomotive and Passenger Cars   
Lionel No 8 Electric Locomotive Pre War Standard Gauge   
Lionel 8E Standard Gauge Electric Locomotive   
American Flyer 644 Crane Car with Box   
American Flyer 312 PRR Steam Locomotive and Tender   
American Flyer 360 Santa Fe A Unit 364    
American Flyer 632 631 Gondola Shell 625 Tankers   
American Flyer 312 Steam Locomotive and PRR Tender   
American Flyer 734 Operating Box Car with Box   
American Flyer Ringling Bros Circus Whistling Billboard   
Main St Train Lamp Post   
American Flyer 42597 Search Light Train Car   
American Flyer 645 Boom Car   
Lionel 2343 and Train Car   
Lionel Lines Silver Bluff and Silver Cloud Passenger Cars   
Lionel Lines 2628 Manhattan Pullman Maroon    
Williams 8115 Observation 8243 8297 Pullman Train Cars   
Lionel 982234 Caboose 802 CNJ Gondola Car   
Lionel 25000 Gondolas 6457 Caboose    
Lionel 6656 Cattle Car NYC 159000 Operating Boxcar   
Lionel Lines 3461 Operating Log Car 6561 Depressed Car   
Lionel 6462 NYC Gondola Cars   
Lionel 22000 N&W 25000 Lehigh Valley Gondola Cars   
Lionel 6457 Caboose 96743 Box Car 6656 Cattle Car   
Lionel No. 450 Operating Signal Bridge with Box   
Lionel 022 Remote Control Switch Tracks in Original Box   
Lionel 150 New York Central Lines Engine and Pullman Cars   
Lionel 450 Operating Signal Bridge   
Lionel 042 Manual Control O Gauge Switches   
Lionel 3472 Automatic Refrigerated Milk Car 63132 Box Car   
Lionel Crossing Gates   
Lionel Switches Switch Track   
Lionel Boxes and Post War Reproduction Handbook   
1951 Lionel Catalog and Train Instruction Manual   
Lionel Uncoupler Push Button Track & Misc   
Lionel 6-39400 Republic Steel Slag Car 3 pack   
Lionel Cab-1 Remote Trainmaster Trains   
Lionel Illuminated Station Platform 6-14095   
Lionel Mainline Color Position Signal 6-24101   
Lionel Lines Tender with Steam Train Sounds 6-36788   
Lionel 111 Elevated Train Trestle Set   
Lionel 746 Norfolk Southern Steam Locomotive    
Pullman Standard Bakelite Plastics Union Carbide Gondola   
Rail Kings No 6N Warning Bell   
Marx MX 7341 American Beer Box Car   
REA Rodgers 2-4-2 Modernized Steam Locomotive   
MTH AEM-7 Electric Amtrak 924 Train    
K Line Train 4 Pac K-5629A NHV Freight Cars   
MTH Rail King Girder Bridge O Scale   
Marx Canadian Pacific Stream Line Locomotive and Tender   
K Line 0/027 Gauge KCC Classic Ore Car 4 Pac   
Aristo Craft Mobil Gas Tanker ART 41303    
Aristo Craft Slopeback Tender with Sound ART 21900   
K Line O Scale Steam Engine and Tender PRR K3180 0913S   
K Line Plymouth Switcher Train Set incomplete   
K Line K3380 3768IC PRR Torpedo Steam Engine and Tender   
K Line Golden State Streamliner Passenger Car    
K Line Fleet of Modernism Pennsylvania 4 Car Set   
K Line PRR Electric Locomotive GG-1    
K Line PRR Electric Locomotive GG-1 4912   
K Line K4680-10010 PRR George Washington Observation    
K Line K4680-1009 PRR Parlor Car Henry Knox O Scale   
K Line Fleet of Modernism Pennsylvania 4 Car Set   
K Line Powered Unit 0 027 Scale New Hope Valley    
K Line PRR Plymouth Switcher K2630-01 Power Unit   
K Line Heinz Pickles Freight Car    
K Line PRR Interburban 571 K-2702B   
K Line Pennsylvania Railroad 570 Passenger Car    
K Line Kennecot Copper MP-15 Dual Motor Diesel Engine   
K Line Kennecot Copper Operating Car Searchlight    
K Line Kennecott Copper Classic Flat Car with Wheels   
K Line Heinz Pickles Wood Sided Reefer Apple Butter   
K Line Heinz Pickles Vat Car 56 K675-5203   
K Line Heinz Pickles Wood Sided Reefer 363 K642 5208   
Heinz Pickles K Line Vat Car 66 K675 5204   
K Line ATSF Bay Window Caboose K614 1051    
K Line Heinz Wood Sided Reefer Freight Car K642 5201   
K Line PRR 3 Dome Classic K5428 Tank Car    
K Line 25th Anniversary Triple Dome Tank Car K5425   
K Line New Look Box Car K640 7405    
K Line Plymouth Switcher B&O Western Depot Exclusive   
K Line PRR Coach Car 1568 Extruded Aluminum Passenger    
K Line PRR Coffee Shop Car 1153 Extruded Aluminum    
K Line Streamliners GS RPO United States Mail Railway   
K Line Motorized Hand Car Kennecott Copper   
K Line Keokuk Canning Classic Vat Car KCC Exclusive   
K Line Kennecott Copper Working Caboose    
K Line Golden State Streamliner Imperial Terrace    
K Line Kennecott Copper Crane and Gondola Set   
K Line Electric Trains ISO Tank and Frame   
Williams Baltimore & Ohio Capital Limited Passenger Cars   
Williams Class II Transformer   
Williams PRR Congressional 0-27 Streamliner 4 Car Set   
Williams GP 38 Burlington Locomotive CAB 978   
Williams Lackawanna 0-27 Streamliner 4 Car Set    
K Line NJ Transit 3 Dome Tank Car 3 Pack Set Still Sealed   
Industrial Rail Log Cars 027 Rolling Stock   
Williams 6200 Steam Locomotive PRR Green and Tender   
Williams Burlington 60' Luxury Liner 4 Car Set Burlington   
Misc Train Track Sections   
Lionel NJ Transit Train Set   
Rail King Passenger Train Station    
K Line Lionel Empty Boxes and Misc   
Marx Stream Line Steam Type Electrical Train Set   
American Flyer 283 Steam Locomotive New Haven Tender   
American Flyer 312 Steam Locomotive PRR Tender   
Train Track   
Plasticville House Building Fence Pieces and Tractor Trailer   
Train Parts and Transformers   
Cast Iron Horse and Wagon Set   
Cast Iron Horse Sulky and Driver   
Cast Iron Coca Cola Horse and Wagon   
Cast Iron Macdonald Fruit Truck   
Cast Iron Vegatable Wagon   
Matchbox and Hot Wheel Cars   
Plastic Farm Animal Toys and Benches   
Ulrich Model Kits Hi Liner Tractor Trailer PIE    
Antique Sheep and Dog    
Ertl Cement Texaco Agway Trucks   
Hubley Kiddie Toy Airplanes   
Buddy L Toy Cars   
Bird Cage / Train Set Ferris Wheels   
6 Lead Rheindeer   
Plastic Toy Cars   
Box of Misc Toys Lionel Push Buttons   
B Line Digger Bucket Crawler Crane Hydraulic Grader   
Britains England Horses   
Matchbox Superkings Highway Rescue System Truck K-77    
Weepy The Wee Wee   
Battery Operated Fire Engine Structo Airplane Misc Toys   
McDonalds Larry Minor Race Hauler Ed McCulloch Drag Car   
Ideal Plastic Tractor Trailer and Life Savers Truck   
Matchbox abd Toy Cars Box Lot   
Redline Hotwheels   
Lead Pilot Soldiers Indian Woman Sweeping Sled   
3 Ertl Space Shuttles and 747    
Corgi Matchbox Super Kings Winross Tractor Trailer Trucks   
Plastic Toy Trucks   
Tootsietoy and Misc Toy Cars   
Military Trucks Airplanes   
Misc Plastic Toy Cars   
Britains Scout Car Daimler MKII   
10 Plasticville Cars   
Tiny Lead Farm Animals Tractor Race Car News Stand    
12 Plasticville Toy Cars   
Renwal Cement Mixer and Plastic Toy Cars Trucks   
12 Plasticville Toy Cars   
Renwal Gasoline Tanker Trucks   
Rooster And Ducks   
Manoil 705 Futuristic Sedan    
2 Ridgetoy Tanker Trucks   
Box of Misc Toys Hess Trucks   
Corgi London Transport Routemaster Buses   
Manoil 707 Car   
5 Renwal Gas Tanker Trucks   
Box of Vintage and Antique Marbles   
Lead England Cows Bulls   
Tootsietoy Cars   
Walt Disney Dumbo Bank   
Pan Am Friction Jumbo Jet Made in Japan   
Lot of Misc Plastic Toys   
Relco Noel Candle Holder   
Lead Train Platform Cards and Men    
1993 Hess Patrol Cars and 1996 Fire Trucks   
1997 Hess Truck and Racers 1995 Truck and Helicopters   
6 1992 Hess Trucks in Original Case   
12 1989 Hess Firetrucks   
17 Hess Trucks 1984   
5 Hess Trucks 1990   
5 1994 Hess Trucks   
5 1989 Hess Trucks   
4 1991 and 1 1989 Hess Trucks 

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