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To Be Held On-Site at:

The Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) Hall

53 East Middle Street

Gettysburg, PA  17325

100 Mounted Maps/Prints (Many Gettysburg)

200+ Civil War Reference Books (Many Author Signed)

Eisenhower Plates/Collectibles

Lincoln Collectibles



If You Are Interested in Selling Your Items in an Upcoming Auction, Email or Call 717-334-6941 to Speak to Someone Personally.  We Are Consistently Bringing Higher Prices Realized Than Other Local Auction Services Due to Not Employing a Buyer’s Premium (Buyer’s Penalty). 

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2018 at 3:00 PM


Doors Open at 1:00 PM





(All Items listed below are from the collection of Public Historian and former Park Ranger, Chuck Teague)


1. Dowdey, War Time Papers of Robert E. Lee; Gallagher, Lee the Soldier; Pryor, Reading the Man; Connelly, The Marble Man; Fellman, The Making of Robert E Lee; plus 5 others.


2. Harrison, Pickett’s Men; Doubleday, Chancellorsville and Gettysburg; Younger, Inside the Confederate Government; Gordon, Reminiscences of the Civil War; Kerbey, The Boy Spy; plus 5 others.


3. Fishel, The Secret War for the Union; Eicher, The Longest Night; Stout, Upon the Altar of the Nation; Swinton, Decisive Battle of the Civil War; Long, The Civil War Day by Day; plus 3 others.

4. G.K. Warren Map of the Battlefield of Gettysburg (framed)

5. Reproduction HQ dispatch case

6. Etching: Lincoln as a Young Man (framed)

7. Wagner, Generals in Blue; Tagg, The Generals of Gettysburg; Coski, The Confederate Battle Flag; Glatthaar, Forged in Battle; Coco, The Civil War Infantryman; Bonner, The Soldier’s Pen; plus 5 others.

8. 1858 Gettysburg Brick from the Lincoln Train Station

9. Reproduction Civil War bugle

10.  Freeman, R.E. Lee (4 volumes).

11. Etching of Ulysses S. Grant (framed)

12. Spittoon from the Union Pacific Railroad

13.  Dean, Shook Over Hell; Devine, Learning from the Wounded; Rutkow, Bleeding Blue and Gray; Kernek, Field Surgery at Gettysburg; Bollet, Civil War Medicine; plus 5 others.

14. Lincoln Arrives in Gettysburg, Wendy Allen, limited edition print 3/30 in Witness Tree frame

15. 1898 Gaylord Weeks map of Battlefield of Gettysburg (mounted on foamboard)

16. Weigley, History of the United States Army; Weigley, The American Way of War; Haggerman, The American Civil War and the Origins of Modern Warfare; Wills, Certain Trumpets; plus 2 others.

17. Ditterline map of the Field of Gettysburg (undated, mounted on foamboard)

18. Page from Harper’s Weekly, August 22, 1863, Views of the Gettysburg Battlefield (framed)

19. Fuller, Chaplain to the Confederacy; Brinsfield, Faith in the Fight; Messent, The Civil War Letters of Joseph Hopkins Twichell; Murray, Legal Cases of the Civil War; plus 3 others.

20. Jed Hotchkiss Route Map of the Gettysburg Campaign, (double-page CXVI from Official Atlas, foam boarded and shrink-wrapped)

21. 12 large sector maps of the Gettysburg Battlefield drawn by Emor Cope (each foam-boarded)

22. Foote, Gettysburg to Draft Riots; Downey, The Guns at Gettysburg; Montgomery, The Shaping of a Battle: Gettysburg; Young, The Third Day at Gettysburg; Griffith, Battle in the Civil War; Hanly, The Battle of Gettysburg; Drake, The Battle of Gettysburg; plus 4 others.

23. The Stars and Stripes Forever poster (framed)

24. Ertl Collectibles painted lead figurines

·         Robert E.Lee

·         George Meade

25. Life and Letters of General George Gordon Meade (2 volumes); Bandy, The Gettysburg Papers (2 volumes); Hood, Advance and Retreat.

26. Original roof shingle (1863) from barn of John Rummel, East Cavalry Field.

27. Panorama reproductions of field watercolors by George Leo Frankenstein, showing field of Pickett’s Charge.

28. Freeman, Lee’s Lieutenants; Dowdey, Lee; Gallagher, Lee and His Generals in War and Memory; Thomas, Robert E. Lee; McCaslin, Lee in the Shadow of Napoleon; Lee, Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee; plus 2 others.

29. Record Planting Plan for National Cemetery, Gettysburg National Military Park (1938, foam-boarded).

30. Photograph of locomotive of the train that President Lincoln rode from Hanover Junction to Gettysburg (framed).

31. Anderson, The Generals Grant and Lee; Hattaway and Jones, How the North Won; Beringer, Why the South Lost the Civil War; Hess, The Rifle Musket in Civil War Combat; Regulations for the Army of the United States 1861; Confederate States Field Manual.

32. 1872 Gettysburg brick from Rostrum of the Soldiers National Cemetery.

33. Etching from Harper’s Weekly, November 24, 1866, showing Collecting the Remains of Union Soldiers for reinternment (shrink-wrapped).

34. Glatthar, General Lee’s Army; Fuller, Grant and Lee; Meade, With Meade at Gettysburg; Creasy, Decisive Battles of the World; Long, Gettysburg: How the Battle was Fought; Marshal, The Battle Gettysburg; Comte de Paris, The Battle of Gettysburg; plus 2 others.

35. Faded Stars and Bloodied Stripes, original painting by C. Teague (framed).

36. W.F. Goodhue map of the Battlefield of Gettysburg, showing the movements of the 12th Army Corps (foam boarded).

37. Battle and Leaders of the Civil War (8 volumes).

38. Antique chair (restored).

39. Battlefields of the Civil War, National Geographic map 1994 (foam-boarded).

40. Pennsylvanians at Gettysburg (2 volumes); Maine at Gettysburg; Ohio Memorials at Gettysburg; Bennett, Days of Uncertainty and Dread; Weeks, Gettysburg; Desjardin, These Honored Dead.

41. Battle Flags of the Civil War (miniatures, encased in plastic with histories of each)

·         9th Massachusetts Light Artillery

·         1st Maine Heavy Artillery

·         20thTexas Infantry

·         10th Tennessee Infantry

·         69th New York Infantry

·         10th Louisiana Infantry

·         20th New York Cavalry

·         Confederate States Navy

·         26th North Carolina Infantry

42. Bachelder’s Maps, Gregg’s and Stuart’s Cavalry at the Battle of Gettysburg, 5 maps (foam-boarded and shrink-wrapped).

43. Gettysburg Sources (volumes 2 & 3); Sparks, Inside Lincoln’s Army; Blackford, War Years with Jeb Stuart; Tower, Lee’s Adjutant Walter Taylor; Alexander, Fighting for the Confederacy; Alexander, Military Memoirs of a Confederate; plus 2 others.

44. History of the Union Army, History of the Confederate Army, American Civil War (two large charts, foam-boarded).

45. Gettysburg National Military Park Memorial Field Artillery Positions (2 large maps, laminated) with accompanying files in binder.

46. Union Discharge Certificate, July 28, 1863, Gettysburg, for Private Daniel Howdeshell (framed).

47. Stribling, Gettysburg Campaign; Foote, The Gettysburg Campaign; Storrick, Gettysburg: The Place, The Battle, The Results; Fremantle and Haskell, Two Views of Gettysburg; Borritt, The Gettysburg Nobody Knows; Davis, Three Days; plus 2 others.

48. Enlarged HGAC Gettysburg town map, showing structures at the time of battle, important sites, and modern street grid (laminated).

49. Satchel of several dozen historic Gettysburg maps, a number which are laminated (a bonanza for serious buffs).

50. Guelzo, Gettysburg: The Last Invasion; Palmer, Lee Moves North; Gambone, Lee at Gettysburg; Leehan, Pale Horse at Plum Run; Herdigen, In the Bloody Railroad Cut at Gettysburg; Herdigen, Those Damned Black Hats!; Wynstra, The Rashness of That Hour.

51. Set of interpretative maps: Battle Positions Dawn July 3, North Gettysburg Plain July 1, Cavalry Brigades Morning of July 3 (foam-boarded).

52. Map showing the Scene of Longstreet’s Final Assault July 3 (1895- foam boarded and shrink-wrapped).

53. Hoke, The Great Invasion; Nye, Here Come the Rebels!; Kegel, North With Lee and Jackson; Bates, Gettysburg; Prelude to Gettysburg: Hanover.

54. Original paintings, “Old Goggle Eyes” and “Marse Robert,” acrylic on canvas panel by C. Teague.

55. Repro photographs of Webb, Custer, Barlow, Fitz Lee, & Warren (shrink-wrapped).

56. Pfanz, Gettysburg: Culp’s Hill & Cemetery Hill; Norton, The Attack and Defense of Little Round Top; Hessler, Sickles at Gettysburg; Montgomery, Gettysburg: The Shaping of a Battle; Raus, A Generation on the March: Gettysburg; plus 5 others.

57. 3 Maps of the Battlefield of Gettysburg, July 1, 2, & 3. Thomas Desjardin et. al. (foam boarded).

58. 14 old and antique glass bottles.

59. Bowden, Last for Chance for Victory; Palmer, Lee Moves North; Trudeau, Gettysburg: A Testing of Courage; Woodworth, Beneath the Northern Sky; Hassler, Crisis at the Crossroads; Robertson, The Stonewall Brigade; Albright, Gettysburg: Crisis of Command.

60. G.K. Warren Map of the Battle-Field of Gettysburg, PA. from the Official Atlas, Series 1, Vol. XXVII (foam boarded and shrink-wrapped).

61. Map of Pennsylvania with Counties, Colton & Co. (1855, foam boarded and shrink wrapped).

62. LaFantasie, Twilight at Little Round Top; Penny, Struggle for the Round Tops; Wilkinson, A Scythe of Fire; Lash, The Gibraltar Brigade; Shue, Morning at Willoughby Run; Gallagher, The Second Day at Gettysburg; Desjardin, Stand Firm Ye Boys from Maine; Urban, Battlefield and Prison Pen.

63. 7 Union Infantry Soldiers, hand-painted metal miniatures by “Tradition” in England.

64. Miniature busts of Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses Grant. 

65. Tucker, Lee and Longstreet at Gettysburg; Coddington, The Gettysburg Campaign; Cole, Command and Communication Frictions in the Gettysburg Campaign; Sears, Gettysburg; Cox, Gettysburg: A History for the People; Scott, The Lost History of Gettysburg; Dowdey, Lee and His Men at Gettysburg.

66. Framed etching of Maj. Gen. Oliver Otis Howard.

67. Framed etching of Maj. Gen. John Sedgwick.

68. Luvaas, Guide to the Battle of Gettysburg; Grimsley, Gettysburg: A Battlefield Guide; Brown, Fields of Glory; Isenberg, The Boys Fought Like Demons; Bloom, A History of Adams County; 25 laminated half-page maps of the 2nd day.  

69. The Gettysburg Campaign map by E. B. Cope (2 large foam boarded panels).

70. The Battlefield of Gettysburg map by Desjardin et. al, showing terrain and homesteads.

71. Bordewich, Bound for Canaan; Horton, In Hope of Liberty; Ripley, Witness for Freedom; Miller, Arguing about Slavery; Blackburn, The American Crucible; Siebert, The Underground Railroad; Smedley, Underground Railroad; plus 5 others.

72. Wedgwood Plate showing Old Dorm, Gettysburg College.

73. Page from Harper’s Weekly depicting The Christian Commission on the Battlefield—May 1865 (clear covered).

74. Styple, Generals in Bronze; Styple, Writing and Fighting from the Army of Northern Virginia; Conklin, Women at Gettysburg; Baumgartner, Buckeye Blood: Ohio at Gettysburg; The Gettysburg Magazine (bound volumes 1-8).

75. Bachelder’s Isometrical Map of Gettysburg Battle-Field (foam boarded and shrink-wrapped).

76. Alexander, How Great Generals Win; Falls, On Killing; Chandler, The Military Maxims of Napoleon; Jomini, The Art of War; Clausewitz, On War; U.S. Marine Corp Warfighting; Marshall, Men Against Fire: Hart, Strategy; Luvaas, Napoleon on the Art of War.

77. Map of Lands on the Battlefield of Gettysburg, prepared by D.E. Sickles – 1895 (foam boarded).

78. 19th C. Ferrier’s Tool for removing nails from a horse’s hoof.

79. Jones, Civil War Command and Strategy; Hess, Civil War Infantry Tactics; Luvaas, The Military Legacy of the Civil War; Connelly, The Politics of Command; Wood, Civil War Generalship; Dew, Apostles of Disunion; Stampp, The Causes of the Civil War; Sobottke, Across That Dark River.

80. Sketch of the Battle of Gettysburg by JED Hotchkiss from Official Atlas Series 1, Volume XXVII (foam boarded and shrin-wrapped).

81. Seth Thomas ship’s clock (WWII era).

82. Brassey’s Dictionary of Battles; The Time Chart of Military History; Griffith, Battle in the Civil War; Burns, The Civil War; The Oxford Companion to Military History; The Oxford Companion to American Military History.

83. Shoes, Especially, original acrylic painting by C. Teague (framed).

84. Gettysburg brick, William Wright’s Quaker Valley home, Underground Railroad site (1840).

85. Billings, Hardtack and Coffee; Robinson, Jeb Stuart and the Confederate Defeat at Gettysburg; Stewart, Pickett’s Charge; Harrison, Nothing But Glory; Corker, Above the High-Water Mark; Hatch, Clashes of Cavalry; Rollins, Pickett’s Charge! Eyewitness Accounts; plus 5 others.

86. “Long Abraham Lincoln A Little Longer,” copied from Harper’s Weekly, November 26, 1864, on wooden tablet.

87. Creighton, The Colors of Courage; Berlin, Slavery in New York; Brockson, African Americans in Pennsylvania; Encyclopedia of Anti-Slavery and Abortion; The Gilder Lehrman Institute, Passage to Freedom Abolition and the Underground Railroad; The African American Experience 1565-1877; Wert, Episodes of Gettysburg and the Underground Railroad; Blight, Passages to Freedom.

88. Etching of George H. Thomas, 1866 (matted and shrink-wrapped).

89. Glover, The Napoleonic Wars; Tarbell, A Short Life of Napoleon Bonaparte; Scheibert, A Prussian Observes the American Civil War; Roberts, Napoleon; Wolseley, American Civil War; Dixson, Learning the Battle of Gettysburg.

90. Lincoln Home Sites (map framed, for years displayed in the Lincoln Room Museum, Lincoln Square).

91. Map, Gettysburg, July 2 “Position of Troops at the Commencement of the Battle, Attack of Hood’s Division” (from Official Atlas, framed).

92. Wittenberg, Plenty of Blame to Go Around; Carhart, Lost Triumph; Hess, Pickett’s Charge; Gallagher, The Third Day at Gettysburg; Frey, Longstreet’s Assault-Pickett’s Charge; Reardon, Pickett’s Charge in History & Memory; Priest, Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg.

93. Engraving, Father Corby at Gettysburg (matted and framed).

94. 1850 Plan of Gettysburg, J.R. Hershey (1981, foam boarded and shrink-wrapped).

95. Frassanito, Gettysburg; Frassanito, Early Photography at Gettysburg; Slade, Firestorm at Gettysburg; Time Life, Illustrated Atlas of the Civil War; Time Life, Arms & Equipment of the Confederacy; Time Life, Tenting Tonight; Time Life, Confederate Ordeal; Dreese, The Hospital on Seminary Ridge; Frassanito, Gettysburg Then and Now; Frassanito, The Gettysburg Then and Now Companion; Smith, Gettysburg Battlefield Photographer Tipton; Adelman, The Early Gettysburg Battlefield; Hartwig, Gettysburg Monuments; Hawthorn, Gettysburg: Stories of Men and Monuments; Boardman, The Battle of Gettysburg Cyclorama; plus 5 others.

96. The Centenary of Abraham Lincoln’s Birth, 100 photographs from the collection of Osborn H. Oldroyd, 1908 (reproduced by HGAC, foam boarded and shrink-wrapped).

97. The American Civil War (chart showing chronology of all battles in four theaters), HistoryScope (laminated and foam-boarded).

98. McPherson, Battle Cry of Freedom; Stoker, The Grand Design; Thomas, The Confederate Nation; Nosworthy, The Bloody Crucible of Courage; McWhiney, Attack and Die.

99. Route Map of the Gettysburg Campaign, by JED Hotchkiss, from the Official Atlas (shrink-wrapped).

100. Styple, Writing and Fighting the Civil War; Frassanito, Grant and Lee; Boritt, Jefferson Davis’s Generals; Barnhart, Lee’s Secret Enemy; Horn, The Robert E. Lee Reader; Jones, Campbell Brown’s Civil War; Jones, Army of Northern Virginia.

101. Civil War musket ball mold for individual soldier use.

102. Union Military Handbook; US War Department, 1863 US Infantry Tactics; Kautz, The 1865 Customs of Service for Officers of the Army; Kautz, The 1865 Customs of Service for Non-commissioned Officers and Soldiers; Cooke, Cavalry Tactics.

103. Original 1983 Union Hospital Sign for Leonard Bricker homestead, July 2, 1863, Taneytown Road HGAC (replaced).

104. 34 early issues, The Gettysburg Magazine with Index.

105. 19th C. mirror.

106.  Cole, Civil War Artillery at Gettysburg; Brown, Retreat from Gettysburg; Wingert, Almost Harrisburg; Murray, Holding the Line; Mingus, Echoing Still; Ospery Military, Gettysburg Order of Battle (5 volumes).

107. 2 antique wooden chairs, restored with cushions.

108. Hamlin, “Old Bald Head” and the Making of a Soldier; Soldier’s National Cemetery 1865 (reprint); Wert, Longstreet; Thomas, Bold Dragon; Cox, Culp’s Hill; Longacre, General William Dorsey Pender; Smith, The Story of Lee’s Headquarters; Smith, In the Eye of the Storm; Platt, This Is Holy Ground; plus 3 more.

109. Original oil painting of Theodore Roosevelt (artist unknown, framed, c. 1925).

110. Messages and Papers of the Confederacy (2 volumes); Luvaas, Military Legacy of the Civil War.

111. 2 McElfresh Civil War Watercolor Maps of Gettysburg Battlefield, encased in plastic.

112. Ladd, The Bachelder Papers (3 Volumes); Index to Bachelder Papers.

113. Poster, 150th Anniversary of Baseball, framed.

114. Map of Gettysburg and Vicinity, Showing Lines of Battle and the land purchased and dedicated by General Crawford and the GBMA (1896).

115. The Official Military Atlas of the Civil War; Semple, Captain Samuel Richard Johnston at Gettysburg; Mingus, Louisiana Tigers at Gettysburg; Frassanito, The Gettysburg Bicentennial Album; Horner, The Letters of Major Robert Bell; Dunkelman, The Coster Avenue Mural; Atlas of Adams County (1872); Storrick, Gettysburg; plus 7 more.

116. Map, Field of Longstreet’s Charge, July 3, 1863, by S.A. Hammond (foam boarded).

117. Map, Plan of the Gettysburg Battle Ground, by Charles W. Reed (foam boarded).

118. Engraved portrait of O.O. Howard from Southern Rebellion (1866, matted and shrink-wrapped).

119. Collection of 11 antique bottles.

120. Encyclopedia of the Confederacy; Photographic History of the Civil War: The Cavalry; Eicher, Civil War High Commands; Macmillan, The Confederacy; Civil War Arms and Fire Power; Ray, Behind the Blue and Gray; plus 6 more.

121. Mid-State Pennsylvania color photograph from space, enlarged (framed).

122. Sketch map of deployment of Meredith’s Brigade and counterattack, July 1 (1878, foam boarded and shrink wrapped).

123. Copy of Roster Roll, 19th Virginia Volunteers, Company E, August 31, 1863 (matted).

124. Elliott’s Map of the Battlefield of Gettysburg, showing field burial sites (foam boarded and shrink-wrapped).

125. Furgerson, Freedom Rising; Davis, Inhuman Bondage; Linderman, Battle Courage; White, Lincoln’s Greatest Speech; Marszalek, Sherman; Autobiography of Oliver Otis Howard; plus 6 others.

126. Painting, Our Sixteenth President, acrylic on canvas panel by C. Teague.

127. Map of the Gettysburg Battlefield, July 1919, E.B. Cope and E.M. Hewitt, showing Park Avenues, foam-boarded.

128. Foote, The Civil War (Vol.2,11,13,14); Confederate Military History: Virginia; Newton, Lost for the Cause; Hoehling, Damn the Torpedoes!; Mahon, The Shenandoah; Horn, The Decisive Battle of Nashville; Stampp, The Era of Reconstruction. 

129. Bronze Abraham Lincoln life mask, full size.

130. Gettysburg vicinity map, 19th C., showing terrain, homesteads, signal stations, scale 1:30,000 (foam boarded and shrink-wrapped).

131. Smith, Grant; McFeely, Grant: A Biography; Horan, Matthew Brady; Davis & Wiley, Civil War: A Complete Photographic History; Perry, Grant and Twain; Lyman, With Grant & Meade; Fuller, The Generalship of Ulysses S. Grant.

132. Map, Gettysburg and Vicinity, showing position of troops, GBMA 1885 (framed).

133. Slave transport shackles from West Africa, dating from 1800s.

134. McPherson, Abraham Lincoln and the Second American Revolution; Hanchett, The Lincoln Murder Conspiracies; Tackach, Lincoln’s Moral Vision; Wilson, Lincoln’s Sword; Pinsker, Lincoln’s Sanctuary; Wills, Lincoln at Gettysburg; Pfanz, Abraham Lincoln at City Point; Williams, Lincoln and His Generals; Boritt, Lincoln, The War President; Dennett, Lincoln and the Civil War: Diaries and Letters of John Hay. 

135. Page from Harper’s Weekly, February 13, 1863, showing Sanitary Commission stations at Camp Letterman (foam boarded).

136. Civil War Times Illustrated (8 volumes); The Confederate General (Vol. I, II, IV); Encyclopedia of the Confederacy (Vol 3).

137. Map by Andrew B. Cross of the Gettysburg Battlefield and Hospitals (foam boarded).

138. National Geographic maps showing Civil War Battlefields (1974, foam boarded).

139. The Photographic History of the Civil War: 3 Volumes in 1; Catton, The American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War; Jacobson, The Civil War in Art; Sauers, Advance the Colors (Vol 1 & 2); Civil War Battle Flags.

140. Captain William Paine map, early morning July 2 (copied from National Archives and enlarged, foam boarded).

141. 7 Confederate Infantry Soldiers, hand-painted metal miniatures by “Tradition” in England.

142. G.K. Warren Map of the Battlefield of Gettysburg (foam boarded and shrink-wrapped).

143. Young, Lee’s Army During the Overland Campaign; Sommers, Richmond Redeemed; Arnold, Chickamauga 1863; Furgurson, Not War But Murder; Rhea, The Battle of the Wilderness.

144. Topographical Map of the Battle Field of Gettysburg by E.B. Cope under supervision of G.K. Warren “immediately after the battle” (foam boarded and shrink-wrapped).

145. 4 maps of Field of Operations for Gregg’s (Union) & Stuart’s (Confederate) Cavalry at the Battle of Gettysburg, John Batchelder (1880, foam boarded on two panels, and shrink-wrapped).

146. Gettysburg: Voices of the Civil War (Time-Life); West Point, The American Civil War; Nelson, Mapping the Civil War; Hessler & Motts, Pickett’s Charge; Coco, A Vast Sea of Misery; Adelman & Smith, Devil’s Den; Krepps, Strong and Sudden Onslaught; plus 7 others.

147. Sketch of the Battle of Gettysburg to accompany the report of Lieut. General R. S. Ewell, later annotated at the National Archives, color map (foam boarded).

148. Large satellite photo with topography showing Gettysburg and surrounding area. (foam-boarded).

149. 1925 US Geological Survey Map of southern Adams County and northern Frederick County, including Taneytown (foam boarded and shrink-wrapped).

150. Foote, Fort Sumter to Perryville; Baker, History of the Secret Service; Stevens, 1863 The Rebirth of the Nation; Harris, Blue & Gray In Black & White; Mackay, Allan Pinkerton; O’Toole, Honorable Treachery; Elliott, Soldier of Tennessee; Tar Heels: Five Points in the Record of North Carolina; plus 4 others.

151. Model of a Civil War Napoleon cannon.

152. Park Commission map of the Battlefield of Gettysburg, E.B. Cope (1898, foam boarded).

153. Aerial depiction of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (1888, foam boarded).

154. Young, The Battle of Gettysburg; Christ, The Struggle for the Bliss Farm; Schildt, Roads from Gettysburg; Harman, Lee’s Real Plan at Gettysburg; Coco, A Strange and Blighted Land; Wittenberg, The Battle for Brinkerhoff’s Ridge and East Cavalry Field; Murray, Artillery Tactics of the Civil War.

155. Enlargement of E.V.C Gilderd drawing painted by T.B. Enzel, Battle of Gettysburg (matted and foam boarded).

156. Map of Gettysburg and Vicinity, Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association (1886, framed).

157. Symonds, Gettysburg: Battlefield Atlas; Burns, The Two Catherines; Swanberg, Sickles the Incredible; Brown, Cushing of Gettysburg; Keneally, American Scoundrel; Longacre, Pickett: Leader of the Charge; Pinchon, Dan Sickles: Hero of Gettysburg; Swisher, Warrior in Gray: Robert Rodes.  

158. Set of First Day maps, Battle Field of Gettysburg, by A.A. Humphreys & G.K. Warren (13 maps, foam boarded and shrink-wrapped).

159. Page from Harper’s Weekly, July 1863, with etchings showing Second Day Union artillery fire from Little Round Top and Steven’s Knoll (note Harvest of Death location (clear covered).

160. Original art on canvas, Colonel Philippe Regis  Denis de Trobriand, acrylic by C. Teague (framed).

161. Original roof shingle (1863) from barn of John Rummel, East Cavalry Field.

162. Borough of Gettysburg Interpretative Plan, depicting topography and structures from 1863, 1924,  and 1988, by Bennett, Harrison & Musselman (foam boarded and shrink-wrapped).

163. Cuomo, Lincoln on Democracy; Perret, Lincoln’s War; Boritt, The Lincoln Enigma; Klingman, Abraham Lincoln and the Road to Emancipation; Hirsch & VanHafter, Abraham Lincoln and the Structure of Reason.

164. Map, Battle of Gettysburg, Pa., Capt & ADC to Reynolds (1863, reproduced by Civil War Map Co., 1998, foam boarded and shrink-wrapped).

165. Dress on the Colors, limited edition print by Dale Gallon (412/700) depicting attack on Kettle Hill, San Juan Heights, Cuba, July 1, 1898 (100th anniversary, commissioned by the 1998 Class of the Army War College, framed).

166. Dyer, A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion (2 volumes). 

167. 19th C. shoemaker’s last with forms for men’s and women’s shoes.

168. Battles of the Civil War, map by National Geographic (2006, foam boarded).

169. Rollins, The Damned Red Flags of the Rebellion; Large, Battle of Gettysburg; Nofi, The Gettysburg Campaign; Catton, The Army of the Potomac; Mingus, Flames Beyond Gettysburg; Schildt, Roads to Gettysburg; plus 4 others.

170. 3 Eisenhower Plates: General and Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower, The Eisenhower Home Gettysburg PA, and President and Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower (c. 1950s).

171. Map of Adams County with topography, U.S. Geological Survey (1974, foam boarded).

172. Map of the Battlefield of Gettysburg, War Department, E.B. Cope (foam boarded and shrink-wrapped).

173. Foner, Frederick Douglass; Blight, Race and Reunion; Barton, The Soul of Abraham Lincoln; Stewart, Impeach; Krongold, Thaddeus Stevens; Oakes, The Radical and The Republican; Stauffer, Giants: Douglass and Lincoln; Lewis, Myths After Lincoln.

174. Special Map #8, including Gettysburg, Cashtown, Biglerville, and Bonneauville, US Army Extension Course (1936, foam boarded and shrink-wrapped).

175. Map of the Battle-Field of Gettysburg, G.K. Warren, Official Atlas (shrink-wrapped).

176. Perret, Ulysses S. Grant; Buell, The Warrior Generals; Waugh, U.S. Grant; Bonekemper, A Victor, Not a Butcher; Simpson, Ulysses S. Grant; Marshall-Cornwall, Grant as Military Commander; Personal Memoirs of US Grant; Millett & Maslowski, For the Common Defense.

177. Reproduction Confederate tin drum canteen (never used).

178. 1832 Gettysburg brick from Christ Lutheran Church, Chambersburg Street.

179. Gladstone, Men of Color; Reid, The American Civil War; Sneden, Eye of the Storm; Ward, The Slave’s War; Trudeau, Like Men of War; Smith, Trial by Fire (Vol V); The War of the Rebellion Official Records (14.ol I); Rollins, Black Southerners in Gray.

180. Panorama from East Cemetery Hill, copies of 11 watercolors done by George Leo Frankenstein (1866, foam boarded and shrink-wrapped).

181. Eicher, Gettysburg Battlefield; Chandler, Atlas of Military Strategy; The Civil War Day by Day; Davis, Commanders… Battlefields… Fighting Men of the Civil War (3 volumes); Sauers, Gettysburg in the Pages of The National Tribune; Gottfried, Brigades of Gettysburg; Dunkelman, The Coster Avenue Mural; Finn, Steppingstones to the Civil War; Dalton, Beyond the Run.

182. Collection of 11 old and antique green-tinted bottles.

183. Map of the Battle Field of Gettysburg, G.K. Warren, War Department (3 separate maps for each day, foam boarded and shrink-wrapped).

184. Terrain maps of the Gettysburg battlefield (twenty-five 2’x3’sheets) by Kathi Harrison.

185. Jenkins, The State of Jones; Lowry, The Story the Soldiers Wouldn’t Tell; Chadwick, The Reel Civil War; Cowley, With My Face to the Enemy; Lowry, Tarnished Eagles; Watson, Normans and Saxons; Guide to the State Historical Markers of Pennsylvania; Great American Writers of the Civil War; Hall, Women Warriors of the Civil War; Shea, War in the West; Angle, The American Reader.

186. Gettysburg Memorabilia (an absolutely phenomenal collection of many dozens of items from 1963-2013 accumulated by a Park Ranger who had experienced much of it first-hand!).

187. Special Map #2, topographical, including Heidlersburg, Hunterstown, Hanover, and Bonnaughville, US Army Extension Course (1936, foam boarded and shrink-wrapped).

188. Steers, Blood on the Moon; Lowry, Don’t Shoot That Boy; Boritt, Lincoln and the Economics of the American Dream; Bush, Lincoln and the Speeds; Hans, Lincoln’s Faith; Williams, Lincoln and His Generals; Guelzo, Lincoln and Douglas; Holzer, Lincoln at Cooper Union; Davis, Lincoln’s Men; Wilson, Lincoln Among His Friends; Styple, Tell Me of Lincoln; Hock, The Lincoln Trail in Pennsylvania.

189. Bachelder, Third Day Gettysburg Battle-Field map set (3 full-size maps, foam boarded).

190. Cope, Gettysburg terrain map (full-size, foam boarded).

191. Simpson, Sherman’s Civil War; Garrison, Brady’s Civil War; Keesee, Too Young to Die; Seven Days Battles 1862, Fairoaks 1862, Second Manassas 1862, Antietam 1862, Chancellorsville 1863 (Praeger, 5 Vol), plus 2 others.

192. Gettysburg and Vicinity battlefield map showing battle lines (c. 1895, color, foam-boarded).

193. 27 PCN VCR tapes of Gettysburg Ranger battlewalks, tours, and special programs (1996-1999).

194. Kunhardt, Looking for Lincoln; Allen, Lincoln into Art; Swanson, Lincoln’s Assassin’s; Baker, Mary Todd Lincoln; Foner, Our Lincoln; Boritt, The Historian’s Lincoln; Weichmann, The True History of the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln; Kunhardt, Lincoln; Guelzo, Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation; Fletcher, Our Secret Constitution; Thomas, Stanton; Current, The Lincoln Nobody Knows; Prokopowicz, Did Lincoln Own Slaves?

195. Special Map No. 3, Army Extension Courses, color topographical showing Fairfield, Emmitsburg, Barlow, etc. (1930, foam boarded and shrink-wrapped, annotated to show AoP movement to battle).

196. Color photograph of The Statler Brothers (signed by all four singers, framed).

197. Davis, An Honorable Defeat; McKinney, Education in Violence; McMurry, Atlanta 1864; Piston, Wilson’s Creek; Daniel, Shiloh; Furgurson, Chancellorsville 1863; Sears, Chancellorsville; Sears, Landscape Turned Red; O’Reilly, The Fredericksburg Campaign; Rabel, Fredericksburg! Fredericksburg!; Sears, To the Gates of Richmond.

198. Gettysburg Battlefield map (c. 1870?) and Aerial map of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (1888), (both foam-boarded).

199. Martin, Gettysburg July1; Pfanz, Gettysburg: The First Day; Warren, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Declaration; Eicher, Civil War Battlefields; Marshall-Conwell, Grant as Military Commander. Skelly, A Boy’s Experience During the Battles of Gettysburg.

200. Invoice for dry goods sold by Lewis Importers to Messr. Fahnestock Bros, Gettysburg, Pa., April 22, 1862 (encased).

201. Symonds, Gettysburg; Hewitt, The Campaign of Gettysburg: Command Decisions; Hall, The Stand of the US Army at Gettysburg; Gettysburg: The Confederate High Tide (Time-Life); Baehr, Faith in God and Generals; Human Interest Stories of the Three Days’ Battles at Gettysburg (1927); Gettysburg 1863 (Praeger); The Second Day at Gettysburg (GNMP). 

202. K. Harrison, maps of Field of Pickett’s Charge (sheet 14) and High Water Mark (sheet 15) showing crops structures, and breastworks, (2005 draft, color, foam-boarded).

203. 19th C. “JN” cattle branding iron.

204. The New York Times Page One 1851-2002; Adelman & Smith, Devil’s Den; McElfresh, Maps and Mapmakers of the Civil War; Civil War Battle Atlas (Time/Life); Avery, Atlas for the American Civil War; The Visual Dictionary of the Civil War; Tenting Tonight; The Soldier’s Life (Time/Life). 

205. Gettysburg Battlefield map set (3 maps showing each day, color, foam-boarded).

206. 19th C. plate and utensils (fork, knife, spoon).

207. Foner, The Fiery Trial; Woodworth, While God Is Marching On; Dow, Slave Ships and Slaving; Hennessy, The First Battle of Manassas; Blight, Beyond the Battlefield: Race, Memory, and the American Civil War; Boylan, Sunday School: The Formation of an American Institution 1790-1800; Holy Bible (1847); plus many pamphlets.

208. Bachelder, Maps of Battlefield of Gettysburg, First Day (set of 6, full-size, colored and foam-boarded).

209. Color prints, USAF jet aircraft, F-4E, F-111E, and F117A Nighthawk (matted and framed).

210. Chestnut, A Diary from Dixie; Wilson, Honor’s Voice; The Civil War for Dummies; The Impeachment and Trial of Andrew Johnson; Hoch, The Lincoln Trail in Pennsylvania; Hoch, Thaddeus Stevens in Gettysburg; Kunhardt, Lincoln, Life-Size; Great Lincoln Documents (Gilder Lehrman); Cole and Frampton, Lincoln and the Human Interest Stories of the Gettysburg National Cemetery; plus 2 others.

211. Santa Claus Coka-Cola ad, “Somebody knew I was coming,” (c. 1950, framed).

212. Bachelder, Maps of Battlefield of Gettysburg, Second Day (set of 3, full-size, colored and foam-boarded).

213. Longstreet, From Manassas to Appomattox; Hyde, The Union Generas Speak; Sauers, Gettysburg: The Meade/Sickles Controversy; Sheldon, When the Smoke Cleared at Gettysburg; Trulock, In the Hands of Providence: Chamberlain & The American Civil War; Robertson, AP Hill.

214. Color print, Lincoln and his Cabinet Officers (framed).

215. Autograph of Soviet Cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova (first woman in space), with 1987 photo & program. (framed).

216. Messages and Papers of the President (20 volumes, 1896).

217. 19th C. copper bowl with spout and wooden handle.

218. Portfolio of maps of Civil War Battlefields (Cedar Creek, Antietam, Bentonville, Second Manassas, Chancellorsville, Spotsylvania Courthouse, Fredericksburg, Monocacy, Winchester, etc).

219. Guide to the Civil War National Battlefield Parks (National Geographic); Myers: Gettysburg’s Lincoln Cemetery: Mingus, Human Interest Stories from Antietam; Mingus, Human Interest Stories of the Gettysburg Campaign; Adelman, Little Round Top; McDonald, A Walking Guide to the High Water Mark; Harrison, The Location of the Monuments, Markers, and Tablets on Gettysburg Battlefield; Miller, Gettysburg for Walkers Only; Macsherry (Ed.) Pastime Life & Love on the Home Front; Gettysburg Civil War Field Hospital Tour (HGAC); Caba, Lost Children of the Gettysburg Battlefield; Tilberg, Gettysburg National Military Park; plus several others.

220. Bachelder, Maps of Battlefield of Gettysburg, Thied Day (set of 4, full-size, colored and foam-boarded).

221. Deputy Barney Fife photograph, autographed by Don Knotts, with Mayberry Deputy Sheriff patch.

222. Hartwig, To Antietam Creek; Holzer, Lincoln: President-Elect; Bilby, Small Arms at Gettysburg; The English Version of the Polyglott Bible (1852); Guelzo, Fateful Lightning; Kytle, Romantic Reformers and the Anti-Slavery Struggle in  the Civil War Era.

223. Lincoln photograph (enlarged and framed; once displayed in the Lincoln Room Museum, Gettysburg, PA.

224. Willcox (Capt. and Reynolds), Map of the Battle of Gettysburg, Pa. (copy from 1863, color, foam boarded).

225. National Park Civil War Series: Wilson’s Creek, Pea Ridge, Fort Donelson, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Chickamauga, Richmond 1862, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Cold Harbor, Second Manassas, Vicksburg, Wilderness & Spotsylvania, and Petersburg (15 volumes); The Grand Review; An Illustrated Guide to the Vicksburg Campaign; Hunt, Colonels in Blue; Nischwitz, Collections of a Civil War Trivia Junkie; First Blood: Fort Sumter to Bull Run (Time-Life).

226. Dozens of Gettysburg battle maps (copied from journals showing advance to battle, July 1 & 2 (sheet protectors).

227. Photograph of Devil’s Den by Levi Mumper showing Sunday School visitors to the battlefield (c. 1870, mounted and framed).

228. Reed, Stories the Monuments Tell; Bilby, Civil War Firearms; Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1871); Holy Bible (1868); The Picket (1862); Hymnal of the Protestant Episcopal Church (pocket-size 1859); Holy Bible (altar size, 1839); Mallard duckhead brass bookends.

229. Dozens of Gettysburg battle maps (copied from journals, showing Culp’s Hill, July 3, retreat and pursuit).

230. Thomas Jefferson, Map of Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Delaware (1787. The Library of America).

231. Angle, The Lincoln Reader; Trueblood, Abraham Lincoln; Carpenter, The Inner Life of Abraham Lincoln; Miers & Powell, Lincoln Day-by Day; A Chronology; Basser, Abraham Lincoln: His Speeches and Writings; Donald, Lincoln Reconsidered; Lincoln’s Devotional.

232. Double-page from Harper’s Weekly, November 1863, showing National Cemetery dedication, Meade’s Headquarters, Round Top, and graves (colorized, framed).

233. Set of two fans, blue and gray, from 75th Anniversary Commemoration of the Battle of Gettysburg (1938, encased).

234. Longacre, General John Buford; Mingus, Extra Billy Smith; Gambone, Major-General Darius Nash Couch; Weland, O. O. Howard; Longacre, Joshua Chamberlain; Chamberlain, Bayonet! Forward; Gambone, Hancock at Gettysburg.

235. Cope, Map of the Battlefield of Gettysburg (foam boarded).

236. Holt, American Whig Party; McClintock, Lincoln and the Decision for War; Jaffa, A New Birth of Freedom; Berlin et. al., Free at Last; Davis, An Honorable Defeat; Lankford, Cry Havoc!; Burton, The Age of Lincoln; Mahin, One War at a Time.

237. Photo of 1932 Bonus Army Camp of WWI veterans, Anacostia, D.C., prior to being cleared out by George Patton (photo is curled, in need of some restoration).

238. Two Gettysburg posters and copies of several historic battlefield maps.

239. Longacre, The Cavalry at Gettysburg; Wert, Gettysburg: Day Three; Harrison & Busey, Nothing But Glory; Harmon, Cemetery Hill; Archer, Culp’s Hill at Gettysburg; Archer, The Hour was One of Horror; Fennell, Battle for the Barb; Shultz, The Battle Between the Farm Lanes; Minnigh, History of Company K; Moe, The Last Full Measure.

240. Bradley Schmehl, “Toward a Greater Peace,” limited edition print of Grant and Lee at Appomattox, exclusive for US Army War College Class of 2001 (matted and framed, with seal).

241. Printer’s 19th C. font drawer with various inserts (authentic minie balls, metal figurine of Lincoln, 4 period CDVs of children—one in uniform, antique miniature bottles, antique keys, antique knives, reproduction buttons and belt-buckle, ready to be hung in wall display.

242. Photograph of Lincoln and facsimile of Gettysburg Address (had been displayed prominently in Lincoln Room Museum, Lincoln Square, Gettysburg, matted and framed, provenance certified).

242. 3 binders with excerpts from four dozen out-of-print histories of the battle; 140 places guide; file on UGRR in Gettysburg vicinity.






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