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Auctioneer Alderfer Auction 215-393-3000
Auction Date Jul 19 Auction
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Hatfield, PA
Time 01:00PM
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Lot: 1 - The Diamond Dyes Display Case

Advertising dye case, 22"w x 10"d x 30"h, tin front with fairy illustration, housed in wooden cabinet, sliding wood doors on back revealing slotted dye compartments, with five 15¢ boxes of dye.

Lot: 2 - Green Arrow Wooden Wagon

13"w x 25"d x 13"h, advertising on wagon side, removable wooden gates.

Lot: 3 - The Evening Bulletin Wooden Wagon

16"w x 36"d x 15"h, advertising on wagon sides. Wooden spoke wheels.

Lot: 4 - Prince Albert Advertising Sign

Lithograph. Framed and behind glass, 50" x 26". R.J. Reynolds Co. Winston Salem NC.

Lot: 5 - Heinz Products Label

Paper. Framed in circular matte behind glass, 15"square.

Lot: 6 - Philadelphia"Phillies" Cigar Advertising Board

Cardboard, gold and orange, behind acrylic, 12" x 17" frame.

Lot: 7 - Cyclone Twister Cigar Advertising Board

Cardboard, framed behind glass, 13" x 15".

Lot: 8 - Display Case

Table top display case, 60" w x 26"d x 22"h, glass in wood frame, angled front, adjustable glass shelves, sliding glass doors, mirrored interior base. Contents not included.

Lot: 9 - Donkey Cigarette Dispenser/Tip Tray

Tin cigarette dispenser/tiptray 10" tall. Ear handle dispenses cigarette under tail. With donkey lighter.

Lot: 10 - Stereoptic Viewer and Cards

Variety of cards and series.

Lot: 11 - World War through the Stereoptic Cards

Stereographic Library stereoptic cards, Keystone View Co.

Lot: 12 - Star and Crescent Cigar Tin

5" high. A.J. Dimmig and Co. Manufacturing. East Greenville. PA.

Lot: 13 - Cremo Export Cigar Tin

14"w x 6"d x 6"h. Tin has advertising inside and out. "The band identifies it the world over" Humidor-style box.

Lot: 14 - White Ash Cigar Tin

5" high. H.E. Snyder Co. Perkasie, PA.  

Lot: 15 - Yocum Bros. Havana Cigar Tin

6"w x 4"d x 6"h. La Cubana Cigar Factory

Lot: 16 - Central Union Tobacco Tin

8"w x 5"d x 6"h. Smoke or Chewing tobacco. Richmond, VA.

Lot: 17 - George Washington Tobacco Tin

8"w x 5"d x 5"h. R.J. Reynolds.

Lot: 18 - Sensation Smoking Tobacco Tin

8"w x 5"d x 5"h. P. Lorillard. Co.

Lot: 19 - Indian Face Tobacco Jar

Ceramic, 7"h. 2pc. Headdress top. Base exhibits finish crazing.

Lot: 20 - Prince Albert and Blue Ribbon

Advertising labels, Golden's Blue Ribbon cigar, Prince Albert cigarette framed behind glass 11.5" x 14.5" and newspaper piece and orange flower tobacco.

Lot: 21 - Cresson & Co. Scale

With 6 weights, 10"w x 6"d x 5"h.

Lot: 22 - Triner Scale

Metal. Gold Painted. 14"w x 12"d x 14"h. Triner Scale and mfg. Co Chicago Ill. sold by Allsteel scale co. inc. NYC.

Lot: 23 - Prince Albert Advertising Tin

Metal. 22" x 14"."the national joy smoke" "sold here" no.669 indicated lower left.

Lot: 24 - Prince Albert Advertising Tray

Metal tray. 10.2" x 13.5". Native American chief illustration,

Lot: 25 - Two Dietz Lanterns

Red, 13" tall, No. 8 Air Pilot and D-lite, New York.

Lot: 26 - Two Dietz Lanterns

12" tall, one is a Little Wizard.

Lot: 27 - Two Dietz Lanterns

14" tall, Monarch and Little Wizard.

Lot: 28 - Two Embury Lanterns

15" tall, No. 2 Air Pilot and Air Pilot green lantern with red globe.

Lot: 29 - C. T. Ham Bullseye Lantern

16" tall, No. 20.

Lot: 30 - 2 Oil Lanterns

14" tall Rayo Cold Blast and Prisco No. 0.

Lot: 31 - Campaign Lantern

18"w x 15"d x 15"h, tin with 3 lamps.

Lot: 32 - Cremo Cigar Humidor Trunk

Wooden trunk with advertising, tin lined. 29"w x 19"d x 17"h. Humidor venting.

Lot: 33 - Anchor Brand Folding Bench Wringer

Wooden framed. 48” high, Lovell Manufacturing Co. Erie, PA. Anchor Brand.

Lot: 34 - Wash Boards

Grouping of three, two with advertising, two with glass and one wood. Largest measuring 25” h. Crystal Cascade, Victory.

Lot: 35 - Wash Boards

Grouping of three, two with advertising, glass boards. Largest measures 25” h. Incl. National Washboard Co.

Lot: 36 - Harness

One horse harness..

Lot: 37 - Horse Grouping

Includes bridle, bit, blinders, straps.

Lot: 38 - Horse Collars

Grouping of three, largest measuring 26” high.

Lot: 39 - Horse Grouping

Includes bridle, bit, blinders, strap.

Lot: 40 - Sleigh Bells

82” long.

Lot: 41 - Laundry Agitator and Grabber

Agitator 28"h, grabber 52"h.

Lot: 42 - Childs Bathtub

38" x 18.5"w x 11.5"h., galvanized metal.

Lot: 43 - 3 Crates

21"w x 13"d x 12"h.

Lot: 44 - Tobacco Tins

Five tobacco tins, Half-and-half, Bond Street, Velvet, Prince Albert, and Philadelphia Perfecto.

Lot: 45 - Tobacco Tins

Five tobacco tins, 2 Lucky Strike, Philip Morris, Edgeworth, and Philadelphia Perfecto.

Lot: 46 - Tobacco Tins

Five tobacco tins, Prince Albert, Richmond, Briggs, Velvet and Philadelphia Perfecto.

Lot: 47 - Tobacco Tins

Five tobacco tins, Buckingham, Edgeworth, velvet, Chesterfield and Philadelphia Perfecto.

Lot: 48 - Tobacco Tins

Five Tobacco 10, Kentucky Club, Union Leader, Tuxedo, Dills Best and Philadelphia Perfecto.

Lot: 49 - Cast Iron Skillet and Hay Pick

Skillet measures 17” diameter. Hay pick measures 38” long.

Lot: 50 - Tobacco Rack with Spice Tins

Tobacco rack measures 30”w x 4”d x 32”h. Includes various all metal tins. Spice tins including McCormick, Durkee, French's, Ann Page, American Stores, Richmond, Lecroy.

Lot: 51 - Grouping Wood Box and Spice Tins

Wood box with dividers, measures 14”w x 7”d. Includes metal and paper spice tins.

Lot: 52 - Sprayers

Grouping if two copper sprayers, one made by D. B. Smith & Co . Blizzard Continuous Sprayer, Utica, NY.

Lot: 53 - Vintage G. E. Fan

Measures 18” high.

Lot: 54 - Vintage Hunter Fan

Black and silver. Measures 23” high. Working. Hunter Zephair.

Lot: 55 - Pair Western Electric Bell Boxes

Measures 7”w x 5”d x 5” h.

Lot: 56 - Western Electric Candle Stick Telephone

Brass bottom with accordian wall hanger.

Lot: 57 - Tobacco Tins

Five tobacco tins, Lucky Strike, Phillip Morris, Edgeworth, Egyptiennes and Philadelphia perfecto.

Lot: 58 - Tobacco Tins

Five tobacco tins, Union Leader, Dill's Best, Revelation, Tuxedo and Philadelphia Phillies Perfecto.

Lot: 59 - Tobacco Tins

Five tobacco tins, Tuxedo, Revelation, Dill's Best, Model, Philadelphia Perfecto.

Lot: 60 - Tobacco Tins

Five tobacco tins, 2 Half and Half, Union Leader, Player's and Philadelphia Perfecto.

Lot: 61 - Tobacco Tins

Five tobacco tins Cinco Nettes, Camel, Stephano Brothers, Prince Albert (unopened), and Philadelphia Perfecto.

Lot: 62 - Tobacco Tins

Five tobacco tins, Kentucky Club, Old Gold, Tuxedo, Prince Albert and Philadelphia Phillies Perfecto.

Lot: 63 - Tobacco Tins

Five tobacco tins, Players, Camel, Union Leader, Half and Half and Philadelphia Perfecto.

Lot: 64 - Tobacco Tins

Five tobacco tins, J. G. Dill's, Revelation, Bond Street, Dill's Best and Philadelphia Perfecto.

Lot: 65 - Hammond Manuel Typewriter with Wood Case

Measures 14”w x 13”d x 7”h. Pre-qwerty.

Lot: 66 - Folding Rack and Linens

Rack measures 27”w x 45”h.

Lot: 67 - Leg Traps and Large Latches

Grouping includes five traps and two latches.

Lot: 68 - Traps

Grouping includes eight traps.

Lot: 69 - Milking Stool and Cow Kicker Chain

Stool with waist strap and coiled spring foot. Chain included.

Lot: 70 - Display Case

Stained Pine. Measures 24”w x 8”d x 60”h. Top is not original to shelf.

Lot: 71 - Metal Notice Sign

Painted metal. Mounted on wooden slat board. Measures 26”w x 23”h.

Lot: 72 - John Ruskin Metal Advertising Sign

Tin. Measures 29” w x 10”h. John Ruskin Best and Biggest.

Lot: 73 - Two Tobacco Tins

Orange Flower and Tuxedo, 6" tall.

Lot: 74 - Two Tobacco Tins

Just Suits and Edgeworth, tallest 7"h.

Lot: 75 - Two Tobacco Tins

Postmaster Smokers and Club Chewing Tobacco, 5" tall.

Lot: 76 - Two Tobacco Tins

Buckingham and Pittsburgh Bully, tallest 6"h.

Lot: 77 - Two Tobacco Tins

Light and Dark Sweet Cuba, 8" diameter by 2" tall.

Lot: 78 - Two Tobacco Tins

Edgeworth and Aladina, tallest 6".

Lot: 79 - Tobacco Tin

Union Leader, 8"w x 5"d x 5"h.

Lot: 80 - Tobacco Tin

Sensation Smoking Tobacco, 7"w x 5"d x 5"h.

Lot: 81 - National Biscuit Co. Wood Sign

Measures 48”w x 5”d, some damage.

Lot: 82 - Regulator Clock

Measures 20”w x 26”h, water damage on face.

Lot: 83 - Bissell Sweepers

Grouping includes three sweepers.

Lot: 84 - Advertising Signs

Bank Note sign and Model’s tobacco sign and tobacco sign, some damage, and cigar holders.

Lot: 85 - Metal Advertising Signs

Call Again 5 cents Cigars, measures 36”w x 12”h, and cigarettes sign, measures 32”w x 6 1/2”h some damage.

Lot: 86 - Metal Advertising Sign

Enameled porcelain, measures 8”w x 12”h. Morton Salt,

Lot: 87 - Phillies Metal Advert Sign

21"x13" Phillies Cigar sign. America's No.1 cigar.

Lot: 88 - Vinyl Advertising Sign

Golden’s Blue Ribbon Cigar sign, measures 36”w x 17”h.

Lot: 89 - Three Tobacco Tins

Philadelphia Perfecto, Godfrey S. Mahn and Prince Albert, widest 10".

Lot: 90 - Tobacco Tin

Union Leader 8" w x 5"d x 5"h.

Lot: 91 - Two Tobacco Tins

Falk Tobacco Company, Union Leader, 3"h.

Lot: 92 - Lighters, Ohio Matches, Tobacco Tin

Ohio blue tip matches, Prince Albert Tobacco (unopened), Winston and Camel lighters, Phillies cigar, Philadelphia Perfecto tobacco tin.

Lot: 93 - Two Tobacco Tins

Prince Albert and Lewis K., 6" tall.

Lot: 94 - Two Tobacco Tins

Union Leader and Philadelphia Phillies Perfecto, 3"tall.

Lot: 95 - Two Tobacco Tins

Belfast and Central Union, 4"tall.

Lot: 96 - 3 Tobacco Tins and Tobacco

Three tobacco tins, Union Leader, Chesterfield, and Cinco and one Prince Albert box of tobacco.

Lot: 97 - Oak Display Case

Glass sliding doors with one shelf, measures 46”w x 22”d x 40”h. Contents not included.

Lot: 98 - Hires Root Beer In-store advertising

Cardboard. Some loss to edges and upper corners. 22"w x 14"h. Piece of corrugated cardboard has been taped to reverse to insure structural integrity

Lot: 99 - Table Top Display Case

Two glass shelves, sliding glass doors, measures 29”w x 15”d x 30”h, some damage. Contents not included.

Lot: 100 - Trunk

Measuring 32”w x 17”d x 13” h.

Lot: 101 - Wood Bench

Measurers 70”w x 15”d x 15”h. Single plank, mortise and tenon joints. 

Lot: 102 - Vintage Child’s Bouncing Chair

Measures 26”w x 19”d x 20”h. "Baby" written in iron scroll-work on seat back. Multiple spring positions to adjust tension.

Lot: 103 - Cast Iron String Holder

Cast Iron string holder. Approx. 5" round.

Lot: 104 - Weight

6” h.

Lot: 105 - Chick Warmer

10" dia. x 7"h galvanized warming unit with three galvanized lanterns.

Lot: 106 - Sewing Lot

Grouping includes thread, beads, mason jars, marbles, buttons and more.

Lot: 107 - 3 Cardboard Cugar Sugns

J.P. Alley's Hambone, Canadian Club, Golden's Blue Ribbon, 7"h.

Lot: 108 - Wooden Trunk

Wooden cabinet, 39"w x 27"d x 15"h, double handle, hinged top, ball feet.

Lot: 109 - 2 Cardboard Footwear Sign

Advertising sign, Red Ball Footwear by Ball-Band, 17" x 17" and Ball-Band boot sign.

Lot: 110 - Vintage Shoes on Shoe Stand

Pedestal stand with Goodman Co. leather shoes, 17" h. overall.

Lot: 111 - Vintage Shoes and Boots

2 Shoes and boots.

Lot: 112 - 2 Clothes Drying Racks

One Hopkins Perfection 43" long clothes dryer plus one 39" long.

Lot: 113 - Cast Iron Skillets

Includes two skillets, 10” and 11”, some rust.

Lot: 114 - Cast Iron Skillets

Includes three skillets. 6” (Griswold), 8” and 11”, some rust.

Lot: 115 - Cast Iron Skillets

Includes three skillets 6”, 8” and 12”, some rust.

Lot: 116 - Cast Iron Skillets

Includes two Wagner skillets 6” and 8”, some rust.

Lot: 117 - Cast Iron Skillets

Includes two Wagner Ware skillets, 6” and 8”, some rust.

Lot: 118 - Wood Crate

Goodrich Rubber Footwear wood crate, measures 29”w x 20”d x 14”h, some water damage.

Lot: 119 - Two Double Trees

Measures 36”.

Lot: 120 - Advertising Metal Sign Grouping

Group of four including Viceroy, Kool, Cavalier, and The U. S. Seal Cigar, the longest measures 30”w x 2”h.

Lot: 121 - Advertising Tray

Satin cigarettes tray measures 14” dia.

Lot: 122 - Metal Advertising Sign

Nichol Kola, measures 8”w x 24” h.

Lot: 123 - Metal Advertising Sign

Lay or Bust Poultry Feeds, measures 12” dia.

Lot: 124 - Metal Advertising Sign

Metal. Measures 20” w x 10”h. Around the Clock Favorites, Heinz 57 logos in bottom corners.

Lot: 125 - Metal Advertising Sign

Phillip Morris, measures 26” w x 10” h. Showing some loss to finish and damage on left edge.

Lot: 126 - Metal Advertising Sign

Chesterfield Cigarettes, measures 12”w x 18”h.

Lot: 127 - Advertising Sign

Paper Litho, measures 24”w x 12”h. Framed Jim Hogg Cigars sign

Lot: 128 - Sunbeam repro and Bisquick Advertising Signs

Includes two signs, one metal Sunbeam sign measures 13”w x 16”h and a paper Bisquick sign measures 12”w x 19”h.

Lot: 129 - Moxie Metal Advertising Sign. Reproduction

Moxie, measures 11” dia.

Lot: 130 - Enameled Porcelain Advertising Sign

Enameled, measures 16” w x 12” h. H. C. Crowe & Co. oysters. Oxidized and damaged. Double sided.

Lot: 131 - Metal Advertising Can

J. C. Clore & Sons Inc. oysters, measures 8” h.

Lot: 132 - Five Coffee Tins

Acme Coffee, Maxwell House coffee, Chock Full O'Nuts instant coffee, Boscul coffee, and Montco coffee, tallest 6".

Lot: 133 - Five Coffee Tins

Morning Sip Coffee, Hill's Brother, Boscul, Acme Ideal, and Maxwell House, tallest 6".

Lot: 134 - Five Coffee Tins

Chase and Sanborn's, Whelan's, Maxwell House, Beech-Nut and Mother's Joy, tallest 6".

Lot: 135 - Five Coffee Tins

Astor, Mazon, King Othon, Delicious, and Chase & Sanborn's, tallest 6".

Lot: 136 - Five Coffee Tins

Chase and Sanborn, Maxwell House, acne ideal, Luzianne, and Boscul, tallest 6".

Lot: 137 - 3 Pairs of Vintage High Top Shoes

Brown. Adults and children, all leather. With boxes.

Lot: 137A - 3 pair vintage high top shoes

Black and brown leather. Various sizes.

Lot: 138 - 5 Pairs of Vintage High Top Shoes

Women and children's, all leather.

Lot: 138A - Two pair vintage shoes

Leather, high tops.

Lot: 139 - 4 Pair of Vintage Children's Shoes

3 pair of booties and one pair rubbers.

Lot: 139A - Shoe Related Articles

Grouping include shoe forms, vintage shoe laces, shoe Sizer, shoe cream, and more.

Lot: 140 - Creel Basket and Fishing Pole

Basket and pole. As is.

Lot: 141 - 2 Dietz Buggy Lanterns

7"tall, red glass globe on back.

Lot: 142 - 1942 Blackout Light

8" tall.

Lot: 143 - Bike Lantern and Aout Lantern

1 Everlit bike lantern, 6" h, and 1 Autolite Lantern, 4"h.

Lot: 144 - Graf Zepplin Toy

Cast iron, 8.5" long.

Lot: 145 - Paper Dispenser

Measures 16”w x 5”d x 12”h. #12 "ACE" brand.

Lot: 146 - National Cash Register

Measures 10”w x 15”d x 17”h. Marble rest is intact. All levers and drawer in working order.

Lot: 147 - Pot Belly Stove

Cast iron. Stove measures 28”h, pipe measures 58”h. Lehigh Stove and Mfg. Co. Lehighton, PA.  No.Trix II. With "Majestic" stamped on plate handle.

Lot: 148 - Two Advertising Wood Crates

Includes two boxes, one is Seven Up and Arbuckles, largest measures 22”w x 12”d x 12”h.

Lot: 149 - Three Wood Advertising Crates

Niagra Laundry Soap, Satisfactoree Brand, Borax Soap Powder, larhest measures 25”w , 14”d x 8”h.

Lot: 150 - Three Wood Advertising Crates

One Domino Sugar and one National Biscuit Co. and one Holmes & Coutts Biscuits, largest measures 23”w x 16”d x 14”h.

Lot: 151 - Two Wood Advertising Crates

Two Safe Home Match crates, largest measures 21”w x 15”d x 10”h.

Lot: 152 - Four Wood Advertising Crates

Two cranberry boxes, Hearts Delite and Jewel apples, largest measures 22”w x 13”h x 11”h.

Lot: 153 - Two Galvanized Oil Cans

Measures 10"h.

Lot: 154 - Two Galvanized Oil Cans

Choice Cans and Dandy Oil cans largest measures 12"h.

Lot: 155 - Galvanized Milk Can

Measures 14"h. Label reads Lisk, Extra heavy tinware. Lisk Manufacturing Co. 

Lot: 156 - Two Aluminum Milk Cans

Measures 8"h.

Lot: 157 - Two Galvanize Watering Cans

Measures 15"h.

Lot: 158 - Winfield Galvanized Water Dispenser

Measures 17"h.

Lot: 159 - Tin and Galvanized Oil Cans

Measures 13"h.

Lot: 160 - Coffee Grinder

Measures 10"h.

Lot: 161 - Two Lunch Pails

One blue oval and one galvanized lunch pail. Largest measures 8"h.

Lot: 162 - Brown Agate Milk Can

Measures 13"h.

Lot: 163 - Agate Berry Pail and Milk Can

Largest measures 10"h.

Lot: 164 - Three Agate Trays

Blue and red agate trays 18" diameter.

Lot: 165 - Agate Ware Grouping

Grouping includes chamber pot, spitoon and basin. Largest measures 9".

Lot: 166 - Three Blue Agate Basins

Largest measures 19"diameter x 6"h.

Lot: 167 - Dazey Butter Churn

Measures 14"h. 4 qt. Wooden paddle. Dazey churn no.40. 

Lot: 168 - 4 Quart Butter Churn

Measures 17"h. 4 QT. Crank is not working.

Lot: 169 - Ballet Box

17”w x 17”d x 19”h. Hardware cloth-reinforced-glass-paneled ballot box.

Lot: 170 - Toledo Cooker

Galvanized cooker with copper bottom, measures 12”w x12”d x 20”h.

Lot: 171 - Vintage Bread Kneader

Galvanized, measures 12” dia. x 10”h.

Lot: 172 - Goat Saddle and Stand

Measures 12”w x 12”long.

Lot: 173 - Vintage Bow Saw and Rope

Saw measures 34”w x 26” h.

Lot: 174 - Double Galvanized Wringer Wash Bucket

Measures 20”w x 10”d x 12”.

Lot: 175 - Two Galvanized Wringer Buckets

Measures 12” dia., 12”h.

Lot: 176 - Two galvanized buckets

Two galvanized buckets. 10 and 12 QT.

Lot: 177 - Orr Painter Co. Cast Iron Kettle and Waffle Iron

Measures 7"h.

Lot: 178 - Griswold Waffle Irons

Largest measures 10" diameter.

Lot: 179 - Griswold Tite-Top Cast Iron Dutch Oven

10" diameter x 6"h.

Lot: 180 - Three Waffle Irons

Grouping includes Crescent and Abbott waffle irons.

Lot: 181 - Cast Iron Muffin Pan and Egg Pan

Largest measures 11".

Lot: 182 - Cowboy Coffee Pot

Measures 15"h.

Lot: 183 - Cowboy Coffee Pot

Measures 14"h.

Lot: 184 - Coffee Pot Grouping

Grouping of four coffee pots largest measures 12"h.

Lot: 185 - Large Crock and Pie Plate

Crock measures 12” dia. X 18”h. Douglas Clay Product Co., Los Angelos, CA, pie plate measures 8” dia.

Lot: 186 - Two Chicken Waterers

Clay waterers, measures 12”h.

Lot: 187 - Trolley Car Bell

Measures 7”h.

Lot: 188 - Grouping of Hooks

Includes nine hooks, various sizes, the largest measuring 22” long.

Lot: 189 - Pulley

Measures 13”h.

Lot: 190 - Cash Register

Remington, measures 16”w x16”d x18”h.

Lot: 191 - Brighton Cherry Stoner

Original box.

Lot: 192 - Rocking Chair

Cane seat and back, measures 21”w x 26”d x 35”h, includes 3 braided seat pads and 2 hooked seat pads.

Lot: 193 - Copper Pot

Measures 26"w x 12"d x 19"h.

Lot: 194 - Two Copper Tea Kettles

Largest measures 9"h.

Lot: 195 - Copper Coal Scuttle

With ash shovel. Measures 10"h.

Lot: 196 - Coal Scuttle

Measures 12"h.

Lot: 197 - Three Pitchforks

Two with handles, one with no handle.

Lot: 198 - Three Shovels

Three shovels.

Lot: 199 - Monta Mower and Shovel

Monta Mower and shovel.

Lot: 200 - United States Navy Grouping

Grouping to include US Navy brass tea pot and Agate pitcher 8"h.

Lot: 201 - 3 Pretzel Tins and 1 Chip Tin

2 Miller's pretzels, Quinlan's pretzels, and Crouthamel potato chips, tallest 13".

Lot: 202 - 2 Lard Tins

Roberts and Arbogast & Bastian (gold), 50lb. cans.

Lot: 203 - 2 Lard Tins

2 Arbogast & Bastian, 1 green and 1 gold, 50lbs.

Lot: 204 - 5 Lard Tins

W. H. Freed, H.D. Huber, 2 Naphey's leaf lard, and an unmarked Canco tin, tallest 7.5".

Lot: 205 - 2 Lard Tins

Felin's, 50lbs and Arbogast & Bastian, 25lbs.

Lot: 206 - 2 Lard Tins

2 Arbogast & Bastian, 1 green and 1 gold, 50lbs.

Lot: 207 - Peanut Butter and Peanut Tins

Planters peanuts, Peter Pan peanut butter, staple brand peanut butter, tallest 10".

Lot: 208 - 3 Advertising Tins

Sunshine biscuit, Reisman's pretzels and Planters peanuts, tallest 28".

Lot: 209 - Acme Ice Creamer Freezer

Measures 13"h.

Lot: 210 - Acme Ice Cream Freezer

Measures 12"h.

Lot: 211 - Tin Ware Grouping

Grouping to include ice cream maker and bakeware.

Lot: 212 - Perfume Lamps

Eleven perfume lamps, largest measures 9"h.

Lot: 213 - Flexible Flyer Sled

Measures 64".

Lot: 214 - Child's Suede Cowboy Costume

Includes vest, chaps, hat, stir-ups, gun holster and gun.

Lot: 215 - Star Top Rack

Measures 67"h.

Lot: 216 - Decorated Crock

Measures 12"h.

Lot: 217 - Planter's Peanut Nut Dishes and Spoon

Measures 6" diameter.

Lot: 218 - Seven Sad Irons

Largest 7"w x 4"d x 5"h.

Lot: 219 - Weight


Lot: 220 - 2 Man Saw

Measures 57".

Lot: 221 - 2 Man Saw

Measures 62".

Lot: 222 - Three Hand Saws

Measures 62".

Lot: 223 - Four Hand Saws

Measures 29".

Lot: 224 - Four Hand Saws

Measures 29".

Lot: 225 - Vintage Runner Sled

Measures 48”.

Lot: 226 - Vintage Runner Sled

Flexible Flyer, measures 60”.

Lot: 227 - Vintage Runner Sled

Measures 36”.

Lot: 228 - Wringer Washer Parts

Two wringer washer tops, longest measures 19”.

Lot: 229 - Vintage Rotary Telephone

With accordion wall mount.

Lot: 230 - Hand Truck

Wood hand truck, measures 44"h.

Lot: 231 - Prince Albert Tobacco Advertising

Prince Albert Tobacco framed poster 20" x 24" and tray 11" x 13".

Lot: 232 - Canadian Club 5 Cent Cigar Advertising

Advertising poster measures 24" x 18".

Lot: 233 - Cocrete Indian

40" tall.

Lot: 234 - Dr. Miles Weather Calendae and Cards

1939 calendar and vintage U.S. Navy cards, birthday, greetings, communion, Christmas, confirmation and more.

Lot: 235 - Cardboard Air Raid Signs

2 "DURING and AFTER AIR RAIDS keep telephone lines CLEAR." 19" x 8.5"

Lot: 236 - Tennyson Cigar Dispenser

Glass and metal display Cigar dispenser with cigars and match boxes, 9.5"w x 16"d x13"h.

Lot: 237 - Pipe Grouping

Grouping includes two pipe stands and 13 pipes, White Ash plain clippings, Blue Ribbon tobacco, Italian Cigar Tobacco Company, Silver Cup scrap tobacco, Demuth's plain scraps, Marconi and more.

Lot: 238 - Pipe and Cigarette Holders

Pipe in case, Meerschaum and amber cigarette holder in case, and another cigarette holder in case.

Lot: 239 - Star and Presto Razor Blades on Displays

Two hanging/counter top displays. Cardboard. Some loss to edges and finish.

Lot: 240 - Ice cream Scoopers

6 Vintage ice cream scoopers with wooden handles.

Lot: 241 - Artwork

Grouping to include Wallace Nutting, water color, oil paintings and print.

Lot: 242 - J.G. Leidy General Store, Souderton

Framed invoice dated March 4, 1884, measures 12" x 15".

Lot: 243 - GE Fan

Green paint, brass bladed. Measures 22"h. Variable speed. oscillates.

Lot: 244 - Minnow. Bucket and Painted Pail

Sport King Minnow Bucket snd 2-part pail, measures 9"h.

Lot: 245 - Carved Fish on Stand

Measures 19"w x 13"h.

Lot: 246 - Two Powder Crates

Liberty Powder and Hercules Powder crates, largest measures 28"w x 13"d x 8"h.

Lot: 247 - Two Triner Air Mail Scales

Measures 10"w x 4"d x 5"h.

Lot: 248 - Agate Grouping

Grouping to include strainers, pots, tray, funnel.

Lot: 249 - Agate Grouping

Grouping to include large funnel, strainers, wash basin, double boiler.

Lot: 250 - Pepsi-cola thermometer repro

Pepsi-cola thermometer. Metal. Repro. 27 1/2"h x 8 1/2"w. 

Lot: 251 - Shoe Form Grouping

Grouping to include cast iron shoe forms and wood shoe forms.

Lot: 252 - Two Advertising Broom Holders

Hartley's and S.B. Freed advertising broom holders.

Lot: 253 - Primitives Grouping

Grouping to include American Family Scale, rug beater, candy jar, egg beater, rolling pins, wooden spoon, rake, child size ironing board.

Lot: 254 - Weights

Grouping of weights.

Lot: 255 - General Store Decor

Two General Stores, measures 12"w x 7"d x 10"h.

Lot: 256 - String Holder Grouping

Grouping to include string holder, receipt holder, bell, clipboard, ink well, lamp, clipboard and more.

Lot: 257 - General Store Ledger

Ledger dated 1893.

Lot: 258 - Prince Albert Tobacco Display

Prince Albert Tobacco Display and tobacco tins, measures 10"w x 7"d x 7"h.

Lot: 259 - Tiger Chewing Tobacco Tin and Cardboard

Measures 8"w x 6"d x 11"h.

Lot: 260 - Vintage Coffee Mill

W. Bullock & Co., green cast iron, 6" square, plus 2" high wooden handle.

Lot: 261 - 2 Coffee Mills

Wood, red painted and brown, largest 8" high.

Lot: 262 - Hanging Wire Paper Holder

Currently holding paper bags, 12.5" x 2.5"d x 38"h.

Lot: 263 - Moth-ene Tin Tray Lot

Approx 50+ tins.

Lot: 264 - Rolling Pin Display

Wirh rolling pins and rug beater, 20"h.

Lot: 265 - Enterprise Cherry Stoner

Cast iron.

Lot: 266 - Sir Walter Raleigh Grouping and Playboy Magazine

3 Tobacco tins and and two headed pipe and a 1961 Playboy magazine.

Lot: 267 - Milk Bottles in Holder

With three glass bottles and milk caps.

Lot: 268 - Ration Stamp Holder

The New Maiers Loaf advertising, 2 boxes, 15"w x 10"d x 3"h.

Lot: 269 - Vapo-Cresolene Lamp

Vapo-diffuser. With box.

Lot: 270 - Camel Cigarettes

Camel Cigarettes in original carton.

Lot: 271 - Two Sweet Cuba Tobacco Tins

Measures 8"w x 10"d x 8"h.

Lot: 272 - Tobacco Grouping

Grouping to include Union Leader Smoking tobacco, Brandy Cask pipe tobacco, Mixture No. 79 pipe tobacco, Dutch Treats cigarettes and more.

Lot: 273 - Oak Plant Stand and Shelf

Measures 40"h.

Lot: 274 - Toledo Scale

Toledo no springs, honest weight scale, 15" w.

Lot: 275 - Smoke Stand and Ash Trays

Measures 23"h.

Lot: 276 - Railroad Lantern

B & O Railroad lantern, measures 10"h.

Lot: 277 - Adlake Railroad Lantern

Railroad lantern with blue globe, measures 10"h.

Lot: 278 - Railroad Lantern

The Adams & Westlake Co. lantern, measures 10"h.

Lot: 279 - Dressler Railroad Lantern

Railroad lantern with red globe, measures 10"h.

Lot: 280 - Smoking Mixture

Seven Seas smoking mixture and Rod and Gun smoking mixture in display stands.

Lot: 281 - 6 Various Food Tins/Boxes

Baker's cocoa, West View Dairy chocolate milk, Tetley tea, Royal Club peanut butter Grimes chicken livers and Royal baking powder, tallest 7".

Lot: 282 - 6 Various Food Tins/Boxes

Mother's Oats, Saltines, Bevans Oysters, Bachman cocktail sticks, Calumet baking powder, and Royal baking powder.

Lot: 283 - 6 Various Food Tins/Boxes

Tetley tea, Baker's chocolate, Mother's oats, Dr. Johnson's crackers, Brown's peanut butter, Royal baking powder, tallest 7".

Lot: 284 - 7 Cleaning Products Tins/Boxes

Borax soap, Dif, Old Dutch, 2 Brillo boxes, Octagon, and Aladdin, tallest 7".

Lot: 285 - 6 Cleaning Products Tins/Boxes

Soilax, Gold Dust, Octagon, Old Dutch, Arm & Hammer Sal soap and Brillo, tallest 6".

Lot: 286 - 6 Cleaning Products Tins/Boxes

Borax, Rinso, Octagon, Brillo, Bon Ami, Arm & Hammer Sal Soda, tallest 8".

Lot: 287 - 6 Various Food Tins/Boxes

Calumet baking powder, Royal baking powder, Mother's oats, Mission Garden Tea, and Ivins Gingerettes, tallest 7".

Lot: 288 - 5 Various Food Tins/Boxes

Hershey bon bons, Heinz pearls, Edgemont crackers, Morton Triangle salt, and Ceresota flour, tallest 9".

Lot: 289 - 7 Various Food Tins/Boxes

Nabisco, Tetley tea, S&W tomatoes puree , KC baking powder, V8, Nabisco saltines, Bond Baker's cookies, tallest 9".

Lot: 290 - Dietz Railroad Lantern

Measures 11"h.

Lot: 291 - B & O Railroad Lantern

Measures 10"h.

Lot: 292 - Dietz Red Railroad Lantern

Dietz Empire Railroad lantern, measures 10"h. P&RR. Stamped on body and globe.

Lot: 293 - Dietz Lantern

Yellow Night Watch Dietz lantern, measures 8"h.

Lot: 294 - Eleven Lantern Globes

Largest measures 7"h.

Lot: 295 - Ten Lantern Globes

Largest measures 7".

Lot: 296 - Eleven Colored Lantern Globes

Red and green lantern globes.

Lot: 297 - 6 Marble Soda Bottles

R. Urmston, Darwin, Castle Brewery, W.S. Hayward's, Goods and more.

Lot: 298 - Thread Grouping in Original Boxes

Clarks, Majesty, Aunt Lydias and more.

Lot: 299 - Maritine Lantern

Nautical Lamp 15" tall.

Lot: 300 - Deitz Mill Lantern

Red barn lamp, 13"tall.

Lot: 301 - Vintage Laundry Items

Oxydol, Kirkman Flakes, Super suds, Nola Soap flakes, Fels-Naptha, Old Dutch Cleanser signage, clothespins.

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