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Auctioneer Picker Stars Auctions 502-771-2267
Auction Date Jul 17 Auction
404 Chestnut Street
Berea, KY
Time 07:00PM
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  • Lot# 1 - Vintage Star Wars Darth Vader V

    Lot# 1 - Vintage Star Wars Darth Vader V

  • Lot# 2 - Vintage Star Wars R2-D2 Bend Em

    Lot# 2 - Vintage Star Wars R2-D2 Bend Em

  • Lot# 3 - Vintage Star Wars Darth Vader B

    Lot# 3 - Vintage Star Wars Darth Vader B

  • Lot# 4 - Vintage Star Wars Yoda Bend Em

    Lot# 4 - Vintage Star Wars Yoda Bend Em

Auction Listing
AuctionZip Auctioneer ID# 36747
This is a Great Sale! Especially for the Star Wars and Toy Aficionado! ENDS Tuesday JULY 17 @ 7:00 PM Featuring a living Estate Collection of Star Wars and Other Toys From the 1970's until the early 2000's. It has Star Wars, Star Trek, Madame Alexander and other Dolls, Original Star Wars Figures and Vehicles, Other Action Figures, Mego Spiderman, Comic Books, Hot Wheels, Vintage and Modern G.I. Joe's, Vintage Toy Trucks, Vintage Advertising Signs & More!!! 

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1 - Vintage Star Wars Darth Vader Voice Changing Mask Dated 1996. Power Talker Voice Changing Mask, Still in Box, unopened. Box has some wear. Untested.
2 - Vintage Star Wars R2-D2 Bend Em Figure On Card
3 - Vintage Star Wars Darth Vader Bend Em Figure On Card
4 - Vintage Star Wars Yoda Bend Em Figure on Card
5 - Vintage Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi Bend Em Figure
6 - Vintage Star Wars Orange Card Han Solo On Card
7 - Star Wars Plug & Play Video Arcade Game Unopened Untested
8 - Jango Fett Star Wars Figure Unopened
9 - Star Wars Episode I Qui-Gon Jinn Figure Unopened
10 - Vintage Star Wars Chewbacca Bend Em Figure On Card
11 - Vintage Star Wars Yoda Bend Em Figure On Card
12 - Vintage Star Wars Luke Skywalker Bend Em Figure On Card
13 - Vintage 1982 Gay Toys Army Figure
14 - Vintage Star Wars 12 Inch Darth Vader Figure 1996. In Box
15 - Star Wars LEGO Super Battle Droid Has box and Instructions
18 - Vintage Star Wars Episode I Anakin Skywalker Green Card, On Card
19 - Vintage Star Wars Stormtrooper Bend Ems On Card
20 - Vintage R2-D2 Star Wars Bend Em Figure On Card
21 - Vintage Star Wars Orange Card Yoda
22 - Vintage 1983 Star Wars Shuttle Tydrium Model MPC Original Box, looks to be complete and unused, not put together
23 - Vintage 1979 Star Wars MPC Millenium Falcon Model Partially Put Together...
24 - Vintage Star Wars Yoda Bend Em Figure
25 - Vintage Luke Skywalker Bend Em Figure On Card
26 - Vintage Star Wars Chewbacca Bend Em Figure On Card
27 - Vintage Star Wars Boba Fett 12 Inch Figure Had a $225 Price Tag at one time. Dated 1979
28 - Vintage Star Wars 12 Inch Chewbacca Figure
29 - Vintage Star Wars Darth Vader 12 Inch Figure One leg is loose and taped
30 - Vintage Star Wars 12 Inch C-3PO Figure
31 - Vintage Star Wars Stormtrooper 12 Inch Figure
32 - Vintage Star Wars Jawa 12 Inch Figure Part of foot is broken
33 - Vintage Star Wars Princess Leia 12 Inch Figure
34 - Vintage 1977 Star Wars Puzzle Unopened 500 PC
35 - Vintage Star Wars Tauntaun Figure
36 - Vintage Star Wars 1980 Empire Strikes Back Glass
37 - Vintage Star Wars 1983 ROTJ Metal Tin Container rare piece
38 - HUGE Lot of Vintage Star Wars Weapons These are in a figure case..of some kind. Some of the weapons etc may not be Star Wars Related. There is a HUGE Mix of accessories
39 - Vintage Mini Action Figure Star Wars Case & Figurs 11 Newer/Modern Figures. The case is an old vintage original Case
40 - Vintage Original 1970's Darth Vader Case & Figures Contains 9 figures, mostly modern figures. Case is vintage original.
41 - Vintage 1980 ESB Darth Vader Case 17 Figures This is an orignal Vintage Case, The figures are mostly modern figures, 17 total figures...some were added after the photos were taken.
42 - Vintage Star Wars Rancor Monster
43 - Vintage Star Wars Dewback Figure
44 - Vintage Star Wars Jabba The Hutt Playset Looks Complete? Has Smoking Pipe thing, and Salacious Crumb?
45 - Vintage Star Wars ROTJ Speeder Bike
46 - Vintage Star Wars Landspeeder
47 - Vintage Star Wars R2-D2 Original 1977 Figure This is an original 1977, marked on bottom. Scope extends out of top
48 - Vintage Star Wars R2-D2 Figure (Missing decals)
49 - Vintage Star Wars Lot of 3 Tusken Raider Figures
50 - Vintage Star Wars Lot of 4 Chewbacca Figures
51 - Vintage Star Wars Stromtrooper Lot of 3 Figures
52 - Vintage Star Wars Lot of 3 Darth Vader Figures 2 have no lightsaber
53 - Vintage Star Wars C-3PO Figure
53a - Vintage Star Wars Han Solo Small Head
53b - Vintage Star Wars Han Solo Large Head
54 - Vintage Star Wars Snaggletooth Figure
55 - Vintage Star Wars Luke Skywalker Figure
56 - Vintage Star Wars lot of 3 Greedo Figures
57 - Vintage Star Wars Lot of 2 Death Squad Commander's
58 - Vintage Star Wars Lot of 2 Obi-Wan Kenobi Figures
59 - Vintage Star Wars Hammerhead Figure
60 - Vintage Star Wars Lot of 2 Boba Fett Figures
61 - Vintage Star Wars Medic Droid Figure
62 - Vintage Star Wars Lot of 4 Biker Scouts FROM ROTJ, 1 has chew damage
63 - Vintage Star Wars ESB C-3PO Figure
64 - Vintage Star Wars Admiral Ackbar Figures Lot of 2
65 - Vintage Star Wars Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight Figs Lot of 3 Figures ROTJ
66 - Vintage Star Wars ESB Emperor Palpatine 2 Figures
67 - Vintage Star Wars Leia Boushh Figure lot of 2 One has foot damage
68 - Vintage Star Wars Emperor Royal Guard ROTJ Figure
69 - Vintage Star Wars ESB Tie Fighter Pilots 2 Figures
70 - Vintage Star Wars ESB Zuckuss 2 Figure Lot
71 - Vintage Star Wars ROTJ Nien Nunb 2 Figure Lot 1983 Return of the Jedi
72 - Vintage Star Wars ROTJ Squid Head 2 Figure Lot
73 - Vintage Star Wars ROTJ Bib Fortuna 2 Figure Lot
74 - Vintage Star Wars ROTJ Leia Combat Poncho Figure
75 - Vintage Star Wars Ree-Yees ROTJ Figure
76 - Vintage Star Wars Klaatu Skiff Guard ROTJ Figure
77 - Vintage Star Wats Prunce Face Figure ROTJ
78 - Vintage Star Wars Lot of 2 Gamorrean Guard
79 - Vintage Star Wars Logray Ewok ROTJ Figure W/Wrap
80 - Vintage Star Wars Ewok From Animated Series Beleive this an Ewok from the Animated TV Series? Dated 1984
81 - Vintage Star Wars Logray Ewok Figure No Wrap
82 - Vintage Star Wars ROTJ Chief Chirpa Ewok Figure NW
83 - Vintage Star Wars ROTJ Chief Chirpa Figure W/Wrap
84 - Vintage Star Wars ROTJ Rancor Keeper Figure
85 - Vintage Star Wars ROTJ Dengar Figure Lot of 2
86 - Vintage Star Wars Bespin Security Guard
87 - Vintage Star Wars ESB Imperial Commander Figure
88 - Vintage Star Wars ESB Imperial Officer Figure Lot 2 Figures
89 - Vintage Star Wars Han Solo Bespin Figure
90 - Vintage Star Wars Rebel Soldier Hoth Gear Figure
91 - Vintage Star Wars Han Solo Hoth Gear ESB Figure
92 - Vintage Star Wars Luke Skywalker Hoth Gear Figure
93 - Vintage Star Wars Lobot Figure
94 - Vintage Star Wars Bossk Figure
95 - Vintage Star Wars Princess Leia Bespin Figure ESB
96 - Vintage Star Wars ESB Cloud Car Pilot
97 - Vintage Star Wars Ugnaught Figure
98 - Vintage Star Wars At-AT Driver Figure Lot of 3
99 - Vintage Star Wars ESB Rebel Commander Figure Lot 2
100 - Vintage Star Wars Imperial Snowtrooper 3 Figures One hand is missing on one
101 - Vintage Star Wars FX-7 Droid Figure
102 - Vintage Star Wars ROTJ Weequay Figure
103 - Vintage Star Wars Luke Skywalker X Wing Pilot
104 - Vintage Star Wars Lando Calrissian Figure
105 - Vintage Imperial Officer Figure
106 - Vintage Star Wars Luke Skywalker Figure No Head
107 - Vintage Star Wars ESB Metal Lunchbox 1980
108 - Star Wars Chewbacca Head Mini Playset Includes a few figures as shown
109 - Vintage Star Wars Ewok Treehouse Village Unknown if complete, comes with parts and accessories
110 - Vintage Star Wars ESB AT-AT Walker Untested
111 - Vintage Star Wars X-Wing Marked 1978 Incomplete
112 - Vintage Star Wars X-Wing Incomplete
113 - Vintage Rebel Transport (1) Incomplete
114 - Vintage Rebel Transport (2) Broken Back Piece Incomplete
115 - Vintage Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport Not sure if complete
116 - Star Wars Vintage Rebel Armored Snowspeeder Not sure if complete
117 - Vintage Star Wars Millenium Falcon (1) W/table Not sure if complete
118 - Vintage Star Wars Milleniu Falcon (2) Missing Panl Missing a panel, and other pieces.
119 - Vintage Star Wars Electronic Laser Battle Game Has at least a partial Box. Dated 1977. Original. Untested, not sure if complete
120 - Vintage Star Wars Vehicle Ship Pieces Lot The Grey piece goes to one of the Rebel transports we believe.
121 - Star Wars 1994 Death Star Mini Playset?
122 - Newer Star Wars Ewok Treehouse Village Playset Looks incomplete. not sure.
123 - Star Wars Darth Vader Talking Mask Untested
124 - Star Wars Electronic Game Untested
125 - Star Wars LIFE Board Game Not sure on if 100% Complete
126 - Star Wars C-3PO Bend Em Figure On Card
127 - Star Wars Princess Leia Bend Em Figure On Card
128 - Star Wars Art Decor Piece Signed by Greg Whaley
129 - Star Wars RISK Board Game Unsure if 100% Complete
130 - Large Lot of Star Wars COMM CHIPS On Chain
131 - Star Wars & Star Trek Miscellaneous Lot-Watch Lot of Birthday Party Items, Darth Vader Helmet tallking Mash (untested), Watch, C-3PO Plastic like Mug/Cup, One Star Wars Paperback, and Three Star Trek Paper Back Books
132 - Star Wars & Star Trek Ship Vehicle Lot A small Millenium Falcon, a USS Defiant, and a Star Wars Scout or Speeder Bike
133 - Star Trek, Pez, GI Joe, Star Wars, Misc Lot Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Star Wars, Pez, GI Joe, Misc Figure Lot
134 - Star Wars MISC Toy Lot Chewbacca Pez, Vader Mini Darth vader Mask mini Playset, Chewbacca Pez Dispenser, Vintage Catalog, Other Misc Pieces
135 - Star Wars Mini Lot Lot of pieces, figures etc.
136 - Vintage Star Wars Record and Cassette Lot
137 - Vintage Black Star Wars T-shirt Size Small made by Jostens. Has small hole in one underram
138 - Vintage Star Wars White T Shirt
139 - Vintage Star Wars Book Lot- of 3
140 - Vintage Star Wars Comic Book #61
141 - Vintage Star Wars Comic Book #74
142 - Vintage Star Wars Comic Book #97
143 - Vintage Star Wars & Star Trek Collector Card Lot
144 - Vintage Robin Hood Battle Wagon In Box NRFB NRFB
145 - Vintage TYCO Ideal Nursery Baby Crissy NRFB Still in Original Box, Her Hair Really Grows!
146 - Vintage 1983 Star Wars ROTJ Jabba Hutt Shampoo RARE, looks like it's never been opened. Soap/Shampoo/Bubble Bath Container
147 - Vintage 1995 Star Trek Capt. Picard Figure On Card
148 - Vintage Shirley Temple Toddler Doll Collection MIB Mint In Box. Shirley Temple Doll, Bathing Beauty.
149 - Vintage 1994 Flatsy Doll Toy MOC Mint On Card, Never Opened
150 - Vintage 1988 Star Trek Commander Riker On Card Figure. Card has some damage.
151 - Vintage Cabbage Patch Kids Holiday Edition NRFB Never Removed From Box
152 - Effanbee Porcelain Doll In Box
153 - Effanbee Stroybook Collection Doll In Box
154 - Vintage 1984 Elvis Doll In Box NRFB Never Removed From Box
155 - Vintage The TICK Action Figure Lot of 3 2 Tick's, and One Sunflower Wind-Up
156 - Madame Alexander Doll in Box Happy Birthday
157 - 1991 Madame Alexander Welcome Home Doll ARMY African American
158 - Madame Alexander 1991 Welcome Home Doll CAMO With Divider Inside-African American
159 - Madame Alexander 1991 Welcome Home Doll African American In Box
160 - Vintage 1988 Wizard Of Oz Scarecrow Doll In Box
161 - Vintage 1988 Wizard Of Oz Tin Man Doll In Box Head Is loose.
162 - Vintage 1988 Wizard of Oz Wicked WItch In Box
163 - Vintage 1988 Wizard of Oz Cowardly Lion In Box
164 - Vintage 7" Baby Dear Tiara Doll In Box Box is rough, but NRFB
165 - Vintage 1993 Superstar Barbie IN Box NRFB
166 - Vintage 1997 Graduation Barbie NRFB
167 - Vintage 1988 Ginny Vogue Doll #71 Mardi Gras Queen Never Removed From Box
168 - Vintage 1970 Dawn Doll by Topper Toys
169 - Vintage 1991 Marvel HULK Electronic Talking Figure Still On Card, Unknown working condition
170 - Vintage Tales from the Cryptkeeper Figure On Card
171 - 2006 Spider-Man Comic Book On Card
172 - Vintage 1974 MEGO Spiderman Figure Very Clean
173 - Vintage 1991 ZAP American Gladiators Figure
174 - Vintage 1993 Last Action Hero Figure On Card
175 - Vintage 1982 E.T. Figure On Card
176 - Madame Alexander Clown Doll Minature Showcase
177 - Vintage Bialosky Treasury Stuffed Bear Doll In Box With Signed and Numbered COA
178 - Madame Alexander Legends Occasions Doll In Box
179 - Madame Alexander Doll Pink Ballerina Dancer In Box
180 - 1998 Soliders of the World Korean War Figure In Bx
181 - Vintage The TICK 7 Figure Lot On Card Tick, 3 Windups, and three others
182 - Harry Potter Quiddich Game Unopened Sealed
183 - Vintage 1983 B-17 Queen of the Skies Game Completeness Unknown
184 - Vintage 1969 Apollo Saturn Model In Box Looks to be partially put together. Completeness Unknown
185 - 1990 French St. Louis 1/160 Scale Ship Model By Lindberg. Looks to be not put together, or partially. Completeness is unknown
186 - Vintage All-Fair Tiddly Winks Game In Box No Pieces
187 - Vintage 1977 Chuck Wagon Wooden Wagon Kit Looks to be unused and complete? In Original Box
188 - Vintage 1982 Count-A-Colour Game Unsure if complete
189 - Vintage 1960's G.I. Joe Figure & Foot Locker,More This is a Vintage 1960's G.I. Joe Foot Locker Filled with Accessories, Clothes, & More!!!! Includes a Vintage Real Like Hair G.I. Joe Action Figure also!
190 - Vintage 1963 G.I. Joe Foot Locker Full of Items Full Of Clothes and Other Items.
191 - G.I. Joe Foot Locker Full of Figures & More (3) Full of Figures, Motorcycles, & More
192 - G.I. Joe Footlocker Full of Figures Vehicles (4) Full of Figures, Vehicles, & More
193 - G.I. Joe Footlocker Full Of Figures & More (5) Full of Figures, Vehicles, and more
194 - Vintage Metal Bomber Plane No Makers Mark. About the 1/64 size of a hot wheel, maybe slightly bigger. Unusual, never seen this one before. Kind of heavy made.
195 - Vintage 1978 Robin Williams Mork Figure From Mork N Mindy
196 - Vintage 1970's Fisher Price Figure Lot These Guys went with Vehicles, Motorcycles, Play Sets, Etc. I believe they are all Fisher Price..Late 1970;s Early 1980's. Maybe a Buddy L guy or two in there?
197 - G.I. Joe Cobra Commander and Chameleon Figure 2 Pack Unopened, Still on Card
198 - Vintage Reversible Cloth Doll Very Unusual, This Doll Has two heads, play reversible with either end
199 - Vintage 1990 Hot Wheels Billionth Car Unopened
200 - Princess A.I. Figure Rock N Roll
201 - Vintage Tyco Baby Crissy Beauty Parlor Baby In Box
202 - Vintage Benjamin Franklin Cash Register Toy
203 - 1994 The Shadow Figure On Card
204 - Vintage Flash Gordon Paperback Book
205 - Goebel Dolly Dingle Doll
206 - Vintage Ideal Magilla Gorilla Doll Toy
207 - Lil' Bratz Shopping Mall In Box
208 - Vintage 1989 Raggedy Ann Doll In Box
209 - Special Edition MACK Blues Brothers Figure 12" In Box
210 - 1998 X Files Series 1 Fireman Figure MOC
211 - Effanbee Storybook Collection Wizard of Oz Doll
212 - Digimon Wall Border Unopened
213 - Toy Robot Battery Operated Untested
214 - WCW Wrestling Cards Unopened Wax Box of Packs
215 - Sealed Box of Desert Storm Cards
216 - Sealed Box of Desert Storm Cards
217 - Unsealed But FULL Box of Desert Storm Cards
218 - Unsealed but FULL box of Desert Storm Cards
219 - Vintage 1984 Star Trek Sealed Vulcan Shutttle Mode Model, Sealed
220 - Vintage Hot Wheels and Die-Cast Car Lot HUGE Huge Lot of Die Cast Cars. One ERTL Dukes of Hazzard Police Car, Tootsietoy, Etc
221 - Vintage HUGE Lot of Figures, & More Indiana Jones, and Others, Light Saber
222 - Vintage 1984 Ghostbusters Action Figure
223 - Vintage Indiana Jones Figure Toht?
224 - Vintage Pressed Steel Buddy L Zoo Truck
225 - Vintage MARX Dick Tracy SHooting Gallery Game Gun Pulls, Can hear steel balls...but isn't shooting them out
226 - Vintage Japan Battery Operated Toy Tin Train Made in Japan, Untested, Looks Clean. Vintage 1950's
227 - Vintage Pressed Steel U.S. Mail Truck Tin Metal
228 - Vintage Marx Train Set In Original Box Untested, Looks Complete and is VERY VERY CLEAN GREAT CONDIITION! THIS IS NICE!!
229 - Limited Edition M&M's BLUES Dispenser In BOX NRFB
230 - VINTAGE Gong Bell Cowboy Kids Pull Toy Metal Wheels, Nice Piece
231 - Vintage TIN METAL CIRCUS TRUCK TOY MINT! This is MINT! Made in Japan. Friction Truck
232 - Vintage N.H. Hill Puppy Dog Pull Toy Very Early Wooden Crate and Wood Wheels Paper Litho Puppy
233 - VINTAGE Hubley Cast Iron Racer Car Marked Hubley Great Condition
234 - VINTAGE Police Motorcycle IN BOX! MINT! Made in Japan in Original Box
235 - Vintage Fire Dept. Tin Metal Truck
236 - Vintage Old Pressed Steel Toy Truck
237 - Vintage Pressed Steel Delivery Van Truck
238 - Vintage Pressed Steel Toy Truck
239 - Metal Motorcycle Sales & Service SIgn
240 - Tin Metal BEER PARTY Sign FROM BAR
241 - Modern Tube Television Advertising Sign From Furniture Store advertising television Sets. Wood Sign
242 - Porcelain NATIONAL Gas and Oil Sign
243 - Vintage Coca Cola Sign Fiberglass
244 - Vintage Big Red's Farm Supply Store Sign Very Nice, Wood Sign With Purina Checkerboard
245 - Redman Paints Metal Sign
246 - Metal Service Station Sign
247 - Vintage Fishing Sign Bait and Tackle Wood Sign, Allegheny River Bat & Tackle
248 - Greyhound Bus Sign-Metal Age Unknown, Has a Rusty Type Back Told it'sa Station Window Sign?

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