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Auctioneer Village Auction Company 315.483.1900
Auction Date Jun 29 Auction
8479 Ridge Road
Sodus, NY
Time 06:00PM
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Vintage & Collectible Toy Auction ! Slot Car Sets-Old Games-Quantity boxed dolls/action figures-Porcelain Dolls Old Games-Quantity Disney/Mickey Mouse-Barbie-Cartoon-Superhero-Elvis 1. Brooke Shields doll in box 2. American Graffiti car in box 3. Cinderella Barbie Min in Box 4. I Love Lucy TV Commercial Doll in box 5. I Love Lucy Italian Movie doll in box 6. X Men Dark Phoenix MIB 7. Mighty Thor Doll MIB 8. Star Wars Queen Amidala Doll in Box 9. Dolly Dingle Doll MIB w/ Papers 10. Dynasty Doll MIB w/Papers 11. Mattel Talking Football Game 12. Hunger Games Catching Fire Doll in Box 13. Star Wars Classic Princess Leia Doll in box 14. Star Wars Anakin/Darth Vader Doll in box 15. Ideal all pro baseball game 16. 1960s Johnny Lightning Dragstrip 17. Divergent TRIS Barbie Black Label doll mib 18. Batman Darknight Stealth Fusion MIB 19. Battery Operated Halloween Doll in box 20. P.O.C. 1960s 3 foot Beer Bottle 21. X Box Game lot 22. Disney Silver Spoons and forks 23. Old Milwaukee Lighted Beer sign 24. 2 Schlitz Beer signs 25. Strombecker 1960s slot car set 26. Samantha World’s Best Doll w/ certificate 27. Teddy Ruxpin Bear outfit in box 28. Melissa Doll w/access. 29. Annabelle Doll 30. Broadway Collection doll 31. Limited edition Bride doll 32. Shirley Temple Little Colonel Doll in Box 33. Marie Osmond Velveteen Rabbit Doll 34. Daredevil Trik Trak in box 35. Where’s Waldo doll in Box 36. Dream Collection Limited edition doll in box 37. 1960s Barbie Dream House 38. Barbie Gone with the Wind doll in box 39. TCR Grand Racing Circuit set w/cars 40. AFX Rally 500 Slot Car set 41. Marie Osmond Toddler Doll in Box 42. Aurora Slot Car set 43. Collector’s Choice Doll w/ Certificate 44. Caught in the act doll w/box 45. 3 Rockateer Action figures on card 46. Peanuts set of 4 cartoon glasses 47. Muppets set of 5 Cartoon Glasses 48. Pacman set of 3 cartoon Glasses 49. Tom and Jerry 6 cartoon Glasses 50. Looney Tunes set of 5 cartoon glasses 51. Mickey Mouse Lot 52. Barbie Doll 30th Anniversary doll 53. Kewpie Doll w/box 54. Great Date Ken Doll in Box 55. Cameos Kewpie Doll 56. 1977 Mickey Mouse doll 57. Old Peanuts alarm clock 58. Muppets Miss Piggy Lot 59. Looney Tunes Tweety Alarm clock 60. Atari Gaming set 61. 1950s Santa Claus 62. Rapunzel Barbie doll in box 63. Prince Ken Barbie MIB 64. Porcelain Oriental doll in glass case 65. Barbie Marilyn Monroe doll in box 66. Shirley Temple Stand up and cheer doll 67. Minnie Doll by Bob Mackie 68. Barbie Holiday Doll in box 69. Barbie special edition Holiday doll in box 70. Mickey Mouse Lamp 71. Mickey Mouse Balloon Lamp 72. Large Vintage walking Doll w/ stand 73. Santa’s best friend Mickey Figure 74. 1960s Standing doll 75. Peach Pretty Barbie in Box 76. 2 Baby Love dolls 77. 2 New Kids on the Block Dolls 78. American Artists Christmas Tree Topper 79. Annette Funicello Bear in Box 80. A Connoisseuer Collection Doll 81. 2 Dolls with Cradle 82. Carol Anne Doll 83. Irish Heritage Doll 84. 1989 Holiday Barbie in Box 85. Porcelain Doll w/ home made dress 86. Wedding Fantasy Barbie 87. Santa Doll 18” 88. Wind Up Mickey Mouse on stand 89. Dutch Doll on stand 90. Large Minnie Mouse doll w/ stand 91. Mickey Mouse Lot 92. Lot of Kewpie Dolls 93. Marie Osmond Porcelain Doll 94. Twin Baby Dolls 95. 2 Baby dolls w/ bed and dog 96. Large Baby doll in Chair 97. Standing Oriental doll 98. Bumpkins Family “I’m Tillie” doll 99. Red haired doll in rocking Chair 100. Bumpkins Family “I’M Tom” Doll 101. Battery Operated Coca Cola Christmas doll 102. Bumpkins Family “I’M Tom” Brown Hair doll 103. Lot of troll dolls 104. I Love Lucy Porcelain Doll 105. Radio Flyer Bear in Box 106. House of Lloyd doll w/pumpkins 107. Lot of ziggy dolls 108. Holiday Edition Blonde Barbie in box 109. 1998 Holiday Barbie in box 110. Snow white 60th anniversary doll 111. 2 Santa Claus dolls 112. Music Porcelain doll 113. Little Red Riding hood Porcelain doll 114. Rosie O’Donnell doll in box 115. Holiday Treats Barbie in box 116. Ken Gone with the wind doll in box 117. 50th anniversary Nascar Barbie in box 118. Cinderella Disney Doll in Box 119. Lot of 3 Scooby Doo in boxes 120. Christmas Battery operated fountain clock 121. Porcelain Pouting Susie doll 122. 2 Disney exclusive Barbie dolls in box 123. Michael Jackson doll and clothes 124. Christmas Porcelain doll in stand 125. 3 different porcelain dolls 126. Franklin Mint doll with grapes 127. Barbie Marilyn Monroe doll in box 128. Dolly Dingle doll w/stand 129. Cabbage Patch doll on rocking horse 130. Large Porcelain doll 131. Lot of kewpie dolls in box 132. Pinocchio Doll on stand 133. Porcelain Angel doll w/bed 134. Kingstate Jimmy Doll 135. House of Lloyd Dear Santa doll 136. House of Lloyd Doll w/bunny stand 137. Carole Anne Merry Doll w/stand 138. 5 Oriental dolls 139. Seymour Mann Heidi Collector doll 140. Cornerstone Creation doll on chair 141. King State Shirley Temple doll 142. Marilyn Monroe doll in box 143. Seymour Mann doll on stand 144. Doll furniture lot 145. Duck House party doll 146. Undercover kids collector doll 147. Dynasty Doll Laurel 148. Katherine Collection Original doll 149. Mickey Mouse lot 150. 2 Disney wind up music boxes 151. Disney/Mickey Pinback lot 152. Mickey Mouse clock and fire truck 153. Mickey and Minnie wishing well banks 154. Mickey Mouse wind up music boxes w/tags 155. Mickey and Minnie bank/wedding/firetruck 156. Care Bear and E.T. glasses 157. Insurgent TRIS Barbie doll in box 158. Star wars etc cartoon glasses 159. Coca Cola and 7 Up glasses 160. 2 Camelot Dolls in box 161. Dolls by Pauline in Pink dress in Box 162. King State Corp. Lillian doll in Box 163. King State Norman doll in box 164. Dolls by Pauline doll in box 165. Mohawk Collection Indian doll 166. Dolls by Pauline Blue dress Doll 167. A Connoisseur collection doll from Seymour Mann 168. Bergeuisa Vinyl baby doll in Mickey mouse clothes 169. Ginger Dynasty doll in box 170. Enchanting evening Barbie doll in box 171. Born to shop bear w/chair 172. Autumn Doll on stand 173. Bearly people Holiday Bear in Chair 174. Bridal collection doll in dress w/ box 175. Elvis Presley Teddy Bear 176. Bearly People Native American teddy bear in chair 177. Elvis Presley Hound Dog 178. Dynasty Doll Porcelain in sled 179. Blonde Morning Mist doll w/stand 180. Dolls by Pauline w/chair 181. Black baby doll w/ hospital bracelet 182. Porcelain doll in Christmas dress w/stand 183. Black baby girl hospital doll 184. Porcelain doll w/ Purple dress 185. Porcelain Christmas doll 186. Porcelain Asian doll Seymour Mann Mai-Lyn 187. Camelot doll Green dress 188. Julie doll Angelica w/stand 189. Heavenly Harmony Christmas doll 190. Beatrice Porcelain Doll Joy 191. Porcelain Hans doll 192. Boy and Girl Porcelain dolls 193. Porcelain Heidi doll 194. Full body Porcelain doll Elsie 195. Marie Osmond doll in box 196. Bridal Porcelain doll 197. Marie Osmond Porcelain doll in box 198. Bridal collection girl w/ flowers in box 199. Porcelain Pink dress doll on stand 200. Wind Up Bradley Bride and groom doll 201. Brinn Porcelain doll Melanie 202. Red Dress Porcelain doll 203. Elvis Presley Teddy bear 204. Bradley Porcelain Angelina doll 205. Camelot Noel doll 206. Boyds Bears Devin Fallsberry teddy bear 207. Holy Communion doll w/bible 208. Elvis Presley Dog Jailhouse rock 209. Doll with Cluff Cluffy 210. House of Lloyd doll in Pink dress 211. Goebel Celestial Grace doll in box 212. Elvis Presley Dog Lonesome tonight 213. Santa Baby doll 214. Dynasty Doll Adrianna in Chair 215. Arianne Sweetheart doll in box 216. Marie Osmond Fairy Tale Doll 217. Porcelain angel in case 218. Porcelain angel in case 219. Indian Maiden doll in box 220. Barbie solo in the spotlight doll in box 221. Seymour Mann Doll in box 222. Dynasty Doll Pink dress in box 223. Pink Porcelain doll w/stand 224. Disney Wall clock mickey mouse watch 225. Lot of 7 Mickey Mouse bells 226. Little Miss Shirley Temple doll in box 227. Full House Michelle TV Show doll in box 228. Pontiac Cars Watch in tin box 229. Disney Minnie Mouse watch in box 230. NFL Miami Dolphins watch in box 231. Lot of 3 Mickey Mouse wind up music boxes 232. Mickey and Minnie Mouse wind up spinning music boxes 233. Lot of 1961/1962 Motorlife magazines 234. Lot of 1954 Speed Age magazines 235. Lot of 1955 Speed age Magazines 236. Lot of Disney/Mickey Mouse items 237. Bradley’s Porcelain Billy dollon stand 238. Hairspray Movie Poster 239. Matchbox Speed Track w/2 cars in box 240. Sports Car Track in Box w/ 2 cars 241. Remco Giant Wheel Bingo Game in box 242. Lumar Tin Fire Truck 1950s 243. Buddy L Tin vintage Fire truck 244. 1950s Air Force Truck 245. Tonka Toys Truck 246. Buddy L Tin Merry go round truck 247. Buddy L Utility Truck 248. Tonka Trax Payloader Truck 249. Holiday Baby Magic Nursery doll in box 250. 40th anniversary Ken doll in box 251. Viewmaster collection and reels 252. 1950s Disney Babes in Toyland Game 253. Lot of 1960s Games 254. Tornado Bowl/Quick Shoot/Fast Eddie/Don’t pull rug out games 255. Kooky Carnival/Manhunt/Landslide Games 256. 1966 Man From UNCLE Cards 257. 1970 Partridge Family TV Show cards 258. Star wars original Empire strikes back Cards 600 cards 259. 2400 Baseball cards 260. Happy Days TV Show cards 261. Lot of unopened Raiders of the lost ark cards 262. MASH TV Show cards 263. Case of Matchbox cars 264. Book of Elvis Presley Postcards and pictures 265. Elvis Presley Collectible lot #1 266. Elvis Presley collectible lot #2 267. Wooden box full of traders caps/pogs 268. Lot of old MAD Magazines 269. Lot of comic books 270. Lot of Elvis Records 271. Santa Claus lot 272. Lot of 3 Christmas dolls 273. 2 Santa Claus ad train 274. Porcelain Angel doll w/ stand 275. 2 Possible Dreams Santa dolls w/tags 276. Lot of 3 Santa Claus 277. 1960s baby Doll in Red Dress 278. Carole Anne Christmas Doll 279. 3 Santas and Sleigh 280. Crate full of old games 281. Lot of 1950s comics 282. Shirley Temple Little rebel Doll in Box 283. Shirley Temple Heidi Silver screen Doll in Box 284. 3 sets of E.T. movie cards 285. 10 original Star Wars action Figures 286. 2 Wizard of Oz dolls in boxes 287. 6 TICK action figures on the card 288. Dukes of Hazard original watch in box 289. Elvis Presley Box of 45s and EPs 290. 1960s Johnny Toymaker 291. Vintage comic book lot 292. Wooden Doll Chair 293. 1950s/60s comic Books 294. Disney Music Box and Nascar Figure 295. Cast Iron dog bank and Car 296. 3 Beatles Books 297. Large Superman Doll 298. Mickey Mouse working Phone 299. 2 Cast Iron Banks 300. Mickey Mouse Hallmark ornament and Minnie lamp both in boxes

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