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Auctioneer Holabird Western Americana 775-851-1859
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Reno, NV
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Lot: 5000 - Wooden Indian w/ Bear Headdress

Intricately carved solid wood Indian, wearing bear headress that melds into the man's own hair. He wears. red breech cloth, black pants, and moccsins.Turquoise colored necklace and bracelet. This is a beautiful piece of art! 68" x 17" x 14". Crack in

Lot: 5001 - Bear Tracker Wooden Figure

Solid wood, rough hewn male figure dressed in mountain outfit--long buckskin coat and bear head hat on his head. He is wearing a bear claw necklace and carrise a bowie knife. 72" x 19" x 12". Interesting and different piece. From the Reindeer Lodge,

Lot: 5002 - Lot Withdrawn

Lot Withdrawn

Lot: 5003 - Cigar Store Wooden Indian

This is a traditional cigar store indian, arm raised as if searching and other hand holding pack of cigars. He wears a skirt and headdress of red, white and blue. Small crack in chest and two fingers broken on right hand. Solid wood in very good

Lot: 5004 - Vintage Inuit sculpture of Man in Kayak

Kayak made of wood with thin sinew covering. Eskimo figure in kayak of wood (one arm missing) with cloth outfit. He holds a paddle of wood with ivory ends. Ivory accents also on kayak. 29" x 4.75" x 3.5". Date: c. 1900 Location: Alaska HWAC# 54872

Lot: 5005 - Collection of Alaskan Native American Art

3 decals of sea mammals and a froglike animal. 2 x 4.75" x 3.75" and 1 3.75" x 3.75". 15 cards of a loaded canoe, wooden chest, totems, halibut dish, ceremonial dagger and rattle, monster mask and more. Toning and water stains on some cards, please

Lot: 5006 - M. Yellis Print of Native Chief

Beautiful print of Native American by M Yellis. Signed lower right. Printed on ochre paper, framed. 22" x 18.25". Glass is broken. Date: Location: HWAC# 56860

Lot: 5007 - Native American Painting by Nellie York

An original painting of a Native American, signed by Nellie York, c. 1938. Interesting image of man dancing around a campfire. Unframed, on paper, with wood holder/attachments at top and bottom, has a thumbtacks attached wooden strips on the top and

Lot: 5008 - Hopi Basket w/ Horse/Deer Design

Very unusual Hopi basket with 3 horse or deer images between the cloud designs. This basket is in excellent condition, 3" h x 11" diameter. Date: Location: Hopi, Arizona HWAC# 63873

Lot: 5009 - Vintage Hopi Tray

Beautiful vintage Hopi Tray/ wall plaque. 14" diameter. Used, but in very good condition. Nice variegated color. Date: Location: Hopi, Arizona HWAC# 64477

Lot: 5010 - 3 Western Apache Burden Baskets

These baskets were hand-woven, made with yucca and deer skin with dangling silver tin tipped leather fringe. In excellent condition. Each basket is 3" and with fringe, 6" long 3.25" diameter. Apache burden baskets were originally made to carry

Lot: 5011 - Vintage Apache Winnowing Basket

Very nice Western Apache winnowing tray, 14" diameter x 2"h. Some rim damage, but in very good condition. Date: c.1900's Location: Arizona HWAC# 63870

Lot: 5012 - Western Apache Olla Basket

Western Apache Olla. This olla has been sealed with pitch, willow and devilís claw stitching. 9" h x 8" diameter. Great contition. The olla shape was conducive to storing grain, which was its original purpose. Apache ollas are the most valuable

Lot: 5013 - Apache Cradleboard

Small size cradleboard, probably for baby. this cradleboard has been used, some beading on edges is missing. Back of cover is torn. 22" x 10" x 10". Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 64478

Lot: 5014 - Navajo Wedding Baskets

Two Navajo wedding baskets: One is vintage and willow, tri-color, with the spirit trail. 11.25" diameter x 2" h. This vintage basket is in very good condition. The second one is made of yarn, tri-color, 4.5" diameter. The step designs are clouds or

Lot: 5015 - Group of Vintage Papago Baskets

Three vintage baskets and two hot pads: 1) Small tray, coyote track design, 1" x 6.75" diameter. 2) Basket, coyote tracks, 3.5" x 6.5" diameter. 3) Small basket, step/cross design, 2.75" x 5" diameter. 4) Small hot pad, coyote tracks, 8" dimeter. 5)

Lot: 5016 - Man in Maze Papago Basket

Tohono O/Odham, Man in Maze design on this basket/tray. 1.75" h x 13" diameter. Excellent condition. Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 63877

Lot: 5017 - Papago Lidded Baskets

Two Tohono O'odham baskets with lids: 1) Looks like double basket, but lid is basket shape and could be placed top down on top of lower basket for use of both. 7" h x 6" diameter (lower basket) and 5" diameter (upper basket) Please see photo. 2)

Lot: 5018 - Papago Turkey Design Tray

Tohono O'odham tray with design of a turkey. Great for your holiday treats! Tray is 13" diameter. Can also be hung fo decoration. Great condition! Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 63878

Lot: 5019 - Tohono O'odham (Papago) Basket

Yucca and devil's claw Papago basket. Maze design, great condition. 2.75" h x 12" diameter. Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 63876

Lot: 5020 - Two Large Papago Baskets

Large Papago baskets: 1) Lidded cylindrical basket, woven from willow and devil's claw over bundle grass. 8" x 8.5" diameter. Diamond, square-stepped design. 2) This cylindrical basket has coyote track design, 7.5" x 12.25" diameter. Both baskets are

Lot: 5021 - Choice Panamint Polychrome Basket

Vintage Panamint basket. 3.25" h x 5.25" diameter. Previously collected by a well-known Lonepine family. It was singed in a fire in Lonepine and has been repaired on a 1" area on the rim and 4 rows down. Otherwise this is a basket in great condition.

Lot: 5022 - Antique Micmac Basket

Northeast US native basket made of ash and sweet grass with fitted lid - possibly a sewing basket, From one of the tribes of Maine; Penobscot, MicMac, Passamaquoddy, 2.5" x 8.75" diameter. Very good condition, nice . Date: c.1950's Location:

Lot: 5023 - Vintage Apache-Jicarilla Basket

Large vintage Apache-Jicarilla basket, tri-color--red, black, natural. 6" h x 15" diameter. Diamond designs. Excellent condition. Date: Location: Utah HWAC# 63874

Lot: 5024 - Cowlitz Basket

Incredible Cowlitz basket, possibly made by Mary Kiona. Imbricated baskets originated in the area of western Washington, with more coils to the inch, more stitches in the same space, and also more beautiful designs than those from the eastern slope

Lot: 5025 - Four Seri Baskets

Lot includes four baskets: 1) 4.25" h x 6.25" diameter. 2) 3.5" h x 4" diameter. 3) 2" h x 2.75" diameter. 4) oval basket, 6" x 3.25" x 1.25". These baskets are woven from all natural desert materials. Seri women create their exquisite baskets from

Lot: 5026 - Two Native Baskets

1) Hand woven Tarahumara Indian basket, 3.5" h x 4.5" diameter. 2) Hand woven pueblo winnowing tray. Tri-color design, 2"h x 9.5" diameter. Both in good condition. Date: Location: HWAC# 64476

Lot: 5027 - Hopi Kokopelli Pendant

Heavy silver pendant with beautifully incised kokopelli design. Stone inlays on edges--turquoise, onyx, jasper, coral, lapis, and howlite. This piece was engraved on the back as a personal gift for Mother's Day. The artist's initials are C R. We

Lot: 5028 - 3 Necklaces and One Pendant

Lot includes: two Zebra jasper and agate necklaces, 18" each; one white beaded necklace with a silver sandcast naja; One silver and coral pendant of "the flute player--kokopelli". Great set of jewelry. Date: Location: Navajo, Arizona HWAC# 71070

Lot: 5029 - Four Vintage Watchbands

Two watchbands have turquoise and coral stones set in silver; one has turquoise stones set in silver; the last one has a stretch band with many turquoise stones. Please see photograph. Date: Location: Navajo, Arizona HWAC# 71075

Lot: 5030 - Lavender Blue Turquoise Pendant

18ct lavender blue stone set in sterling silver pendant. This turquoise stone is extremely rare and the pendant has never been used. 1.25" setting. This is a real prize! "The Phelps Dodge Lavender Pit mine at Bisbee ceased operations in 1974 and

Lot: 5031 - Sterling Belt Buckle

Oval shaped sterling belt buckle set with turquoise and coral. Interesting piece because center design is worked in the insised Hopi style. 3.5" x 2.5". Good condition. Date: Location: Navajo, Arizona HWAC# 63866

Lot: 5032 - Tufa Cast Turquoise Sterling Bracelet

Signed Navajo Sleeping Beauty Mine turquoise and sterling silver tufa cast cuff bracelet. 1-1/8" wide cuff. 5.5" inside measurement, 1" opening. Rectangular raised setting with turquoise stone. Bracelet has a maker's mark, but we cannot identify the

Lot: 5033 - Turquoise/Bearclaw Bracelet

Nice bracelet, large silver beaded oval set with a bear claw and a turquoise stone. Initialed JR/Sterling. Signed "JR"; 'Navajo tribal native Jerry Roan (1919-1977) had a productive life as a silversmith and jewelry maker. He began actively working

Lot: 5034 - Vintage Navajo Earrings and Ring

Navajo silver and spiderweb turquoise ring, size 6. Pair sterling silver hand cut and hammered earrings by "L.B." Traditional cross shape, 1.5" x 1.5". Date: Location: Navajo, Arizona HWAC# 71073

Lot: 5035 - Vintage Turquoise/Silver Ring by H L Morgan

Royston Turquoise cabochon, 1" retangular setting. Beautiful handcrafted vintage Native American turquoise/sterling ring. Signed by the artist--H L Morgan, possibly Harry Morgan. Ring is approximtely size 7. Royston is a turquoise mine located within

Lot: 5036 - Wilson Begay I Bracelet

This lovely sterling silver cuff bracelet has a colorful array of different set stones, turquoise, lapis, malachite, red agate, and gaspeite. It was made by Navajo jewelry artist, Wilson Begay I. 5" inside measurement. Date: Location: Navajo, Arizona

Lot: 5037 - Six Bolo Ties

Lot includes: two round stampd silver, one small, one large; one ladies sized silver with turtle design set with turquoise; one set in silver with a piece of coral and a larger stone that is turquoise in color, but does not look like turquoise; and

Lot: 5038 - 5 Bolos and 1 Belt buckle

Lot includes: Silver and brass belt buckle, Signed LPACA/Mexico; Bolo with three pieces of turquoise; bolo with roadrunner piece, signed MA; bolo, roung=d stamped metal; bolo with ceramic piece of storyteller, signed Rob; Bolo or hatband of braided

Lot: 5039 - Old Pawn Belt Buckles

Two Navajo belt buckles: one rectangular (3.5" x 2-5/8"), heavy stamp silver with raised leaf design, set with coral and green turquoise. The other is an oval shape (3.25" x 2.5") set with two turquoise stone and one coral stone. This piece has

Lot: 5040 - Silver and Turquoise Belt Buckles

Two Navajo belt buckles: one is old pawn, rectangular (3" x 2") set with 17 turquoise stones. The other is newer, stamped silver set with three turquoise cabochons (3" x 2"). stamped signed " J Wright". Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 75011

Lot: 5041 - Five Vintage Bracelets

Lot includes: three silver bracelets set with turquoise stones (one of theses bracelets was made in Mexico); the other two are silver, one is stamped, the other is twisted silver. Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 75007

Lot: 5042 - Four Native Watchbands

Lot includes: Two with working watches, old pawn, both with turquoise and corl inlays. Another old pawn, set with turquise teardrop shaped stones. Etched signature "R.P. Breard". This piece is a real find! The last watchband is a woman's with

Lot: 5043 - Three Navajo Turquoise Watchbands

These are all vintage watchbands, turquoise stones. Please see photographs. Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 71076

Lot: 5044 - Turquoise and Bear Claw Jewelry

Two amazing pieces, both by "EH". These are old pawn. Large bolo (3" x 2.5") set with two bear claws and a large piece of turquoise--floral and leaf design in silver. Belt buckle (3" x 2.5") also set with two bear claws and a nice turquoise stone.

Lot: 5045 - Two Multi-Stone Necklaces

One is 28" long with a variety of stones, turquoise, coral, agate, gaspeite, calsilica jasper, carnelian, purple quartz and more. The other is silver with turquoise stones, 24" long. Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 71074

Lot: 5046 - Two Pendants on Chains

Lot includes: 1) Vintage Old Pawn Navajo, Atkinson Trading Co. Sterling Silver, Turquoise, Coral and Bear Claw pendant on chain, 2.75" long x 1.5"wide on 22 inch chain. 2) Large piece of turquoise, 2" x 1.25" on a 24" silver chain. Date: Location:

Lot: 5047 - Two Silver & Turquoise Lighter Cases

Silver lighter cases: One with a turquoise stone and one with turquoise and coral stone. Both have nice detailed settings. Engraved on one side with "FRED", so if your name is Fred these are for you!!! Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 71068

Lot: 5048 - Two Turquoise Watchbands and One Watch

Lot includes: One watchband, turquoise set in silver; One Men's watch (working, Selec Time) with green turquoise stretch band; one watch face with turquoise colored number places. Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 71079

Lot: 5049 - Grab Bag of Earrings

Eeven pair of earrings: silver, some set with stones, Also included are two necklaces--one with butterfly pendant, one with arrowhead. Date: Location: Arizona/ New Mexico HWAC# 75016

Lot: 5050 - Two Native American Belts

One dark brown stamped leather with inlay buckle and tip--turquoise, coral, onyx, and mother of pearl. Buckle and tip are used and belt is new, size 38. The other is black, with seven different engraved silver hearts and a silver tip, no buckle,

Lot: 5051 - Two Native American Necklaces

1) Sugilite oval stones and silver, 26" long. 2) Various 3/8" round cut precious stones, amethyst, rose quartz, aquamarine, brown garnet, agate, and others--finished wih sugilite and turquoise smaller round beads. 18.5" long. Both necklaces are in

Lot: 5052 - Two Native Bracelets

One is a Hopi (?) child's size bracelet--kiva step design, by Ken Peshlakai. The other is silver inlaid with white/pale blue stones. Date: Location: Arizona/ New Mexico HWAC# 75003

Lot: 5053 - Two Turquoise Necklaces

6One necklace is 18" long and has three large pieces of slab cut turquoise. The other necklace is 14" long and has graduated sized stones. Date: Location: Arizona/ New Mexico HWAC# 75005

Lot: 5054 - Two Vintage Native American Rings

1) Zuni men's silver and inlay ring, image on ring of Shalako--very nice. Inlay of turquoise, coral,onyx, mother of pearl; 2) Navajo men's silver ing. turquoise with bear claw. Date: Location: Arizona/ New Mexico HWAC# 75004

Lot: 5055 - Two Zebra Jasper Necklaces

Brown zebra jasper, agate and silver necklaces, 18" each. One has an oval stone (1.5" x 1") set in silver band and the other is rectangular (1.5" x 1") set in silver band, so piece is reversible. Very nice. Date: Location: Arizona/ New Mexico HWAC#

Lot: 5056 - Heishi Necklace

Turquoise Heishi 5 strand necklace. 22" long. Date: Location: Santo Domingo, Nevada HWAC# 71077

Lot: 5057 - Sandcast Sterling Bracelet by Robert Chee

Navajo sandcast turquoise and sterling cuff. It measures 2.5" wide. And has an inside circumference of 5.5" with a 1.5" gap. It is signed by the artist Robert Chee and stamped Sterling. Robert Chee is a Navajo from the famous Manuelito Trading Post,

Lot: 5058 - Vintage Zuni bolo

Zuni ~ sterling silver bolo, featuring an inlaid design on Shiprock in Mother of Pearl. The bolo features turquoise, black jet, and mother of pearl channel inlay.2-3/8" x 1.75". This is an incredible piece. Maker unknown. Date: Location: Zuni, New

Lot: 5059 - Six Native Necklaces

Lot includes: coral necklace, 24"; oyster shell heisi bead necklace, 16"; heisi shell necklace, 24"; silver and turquoise necklace, 16"; oyster shell heist with 4 birds fetishes, 16"; silver and bird fetishes, 21". Nut and bead necklace, 40". See

Lot: 5060 - Turquoise and Coral Bracelets

Two bracelets: Zuni--one is turquoise, coral and lapis channel inlay in silver. The other is a Navajo bracelet, turquoise and coral chips set in silver. Date: Location: New Mexico HWAC# 75006

Lot: 5061 - Two Turquoise Stone Necklaces

1) Extraordinary 28" long large raw turquoise stone (stones are approx 1" wide) necklace; four large brass, tube beads divide the stone sections. Finished with turquoise heshi beads at neck closure. This is a one-of-a-kind item! piece. 2) Nice 20"

Lot: 5062 - Lakota Sioux Beaded Pieces

Morning star medallion necklace, beaded in black and orange. 4" diameter with beaded fringe, 2.5". Also a stick barrette of the Morning star design, black and orange. 4.5" x 3". These are probably Sioux designed pieces for PowWow wear. Beautiful new

Lot: 5063 - Malachite and Turquoise Bolos (3)

Two 1.5" oval Malachite bolos, one .75" turquoise on 2" x 1.5" silver arrow head bolo. Nice group. Date: Location: HWAC# 61344

Lot: 5064 - Vintage Native American Rings

Lot of ten rings: six men's rings, two inlaid with stones, one with brown jasper stone, and two with turquoise stones, one with odd green stone with chip in it. Four ladies' rings--two set with turquoise and one set with turquoise and a pink stone,

Lot: 5065 - Fancy Projectile Points from the Chattahoochee

This group of approximately 25 points were hand selected by Mrs. Bradley for mounting. They include larger projectile points up to 3 1/2 inches, two drills and other uniquely shaped points. This is a very nice group, probably much older in origin

Lot: 5066 - Stone Artifacts from Chatahoochee Region

Collection of stone items from the Bradley Junior collection of Roswell Georgia. Approximately three dozen stone pieces collected as Native American artifacts, but do not show clear Native American use to this observer. Please inspect. This group

Lot: 5067 - Cherokee Nation Stone Hammers from the

Three well worked, fine stone hammerheads from the Bradley, Junior collection, collected from the Chattahoochee River region near Roswell, Georgia about 1940-60. These three hammerheads are markedly different, brown chert, another ultramafic, and the

Lot: 5068 - Snake River Projectiles

Projectiles, set 3, includes: Rhyolite "picture rock", dark carnelian agate, chert, moss agate, slate, obsidian, and more. Set also includes bone needles, scrapers and tools. Over 65 pieces. Date: Location: Snake River Area, Idaho HWAC# 52766

Lot: 5069 - Snake River Scrapers, Awls, Blades

Scrapers, awls, blades, set 4, includes: jasper, silicified rhyolite, obsidian, moss agate, chalcedony, rose agate, chert, etc. Over 60 pieces. Nicely arranged display. Date: Location: Snake River Area, Idaho HWAC# 52767

Lot: 5070 - Artistic Native American Spear

Classic red cloth hangers and feathers, 8 inch metal blade. Please inspect. Date: Location: HWAC# 75226

Lot: 5071 - Bamboo throwing Spear

Bamboo throwing spear, bamboo point held by woven top of spear. Bamboo shaft. Spear origin, unknown. Some bamboo-headed spears were used by the Semai people of Perak, a state in Peninsular Malaysia. The Semai are known for their rejection of violence

Lot: 5072 - Two Quivers and a Bow

Bow is beautiful wood, with handle wrapped in buckskin. One quiver is old-fur covered with feathers and small bones attached. Included are two arrows with hand carved points. The other quiver is more modern wrapped in beaver fur with feathers

Lot: 5073 - Alaskan Mukluks

Seal skin mukluks with fur and leather soles and straps. Decorative ties. Well worn soles. Date: Location: Alaska HWAC# 37409

Lot: 5074 - Geronimo Portrait Photograph by Tod Powell

9.5 x 6.75" Pen writing on front, upper right: "Geronimo, the most murderous Indian (Apache) who ever raided settlers and settlements in Arizona or possibly in the U.S." Inscribed from Powell in the bottom right corner. Reverse has pen notes from

Lot: 5075 - Unusual Antler/Snakeskin Pipe

Very unusual rattlesnake skin Peace pipe, 19" long. Pipe is wood wrapped in rattlesnake skin, feather and rawhide with an antler mouthpiece. The pipe is signed by the artist, Fast Deer, 1997. Great condition! Date: 1997 Location: California HWAC#

Lot: 5076 - Chattahoochee Region Figural Clay Pot

Bradley collection. Original clay pot, approximately 6 inches diameter and tall, with a three-dimensional face of an unknown animal protruding from the pot with an open mouth as a pour spot. This is the only complete pot in the Bradley collection,

Lot: 5077 - Cherokee Interviews

Cherokee. Two reel-to-reel tapes of interviews between a Roswell Georgia researcher Mrs Bradley and Native Americans regarding their ancestry. Content unpublished. Circa 1940s to 60s. Date: Location: Georgia HWAC# 50860

Lot: 5078 - Cherokee Nation Ephemera

Cherokee nation ephemera. Includes a number of books and publications on the history and craftsmanship of the Cherokee. Includes a large red Cherokee nation flag, and a reprint of volume 1 number four of the Cherokee Phoenix, 1828, what may be

Lot: 5079 - Cherokee Nation, Chatahoochee River Region Pot

Large collection of clay pot shards collected by Roswell Georgia Native American researcher Mrs. Albert T Bradley Junior along the banks of the Chattahoochee River near Roswell, Georgia. This collection of hundreds of pot shards was collected in

Lot: 5080 - Washita Indian Battles, 1874

New York Tribune 9.15.74 dsicussing General Miles exploits at Washita, six years after the great battle there led by Custer killing the legendary chief Black Kettle. Date: Location: Washita, Indian Territory HWAC# 63919

Lot: 5081 - Paiute Beaded Buckskin Dress

Pow Wow beaded buckskin dress, Very good condition. Geometric beading (red, yellow, orange, white, blue) and buckskin fringe. Small size, 40" from shoulder to bottom fringe. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 56824

Lot: 5082 - Indian Advertising Souvenirs

Lot of 3: Clear glass acid-etched hatchet with Indian brave embossed--"Pan American, Buffalo, 1901. 7" x 4". Black glass hatchet embosed with Indian brave, 7.25" x 4". Wood advertising plaque, Indian chief decal and match holder. "Compliments of W.

Lot: 5083 - Mohawk Trail Souvenirs

Lot of 3: One plate with portrait of "Chief Wolf Robe", 6" diameter. Harker China, souvenir of Mohawk Trail. Plate--Native American Indian chief in full headdress, with 'Mohawk Trail' caption. Made in Germany, 7.5". Same chief on small cup--"Baby". `

Lot: 5084 - "Wolf Robe" Plates, Cup & Saucer

Lot of 4: 1) Green plate designed for hanging with the old Royal Saxe E.S. Germany mark. Wold Robe, Cheyenne chief plate produced c.1900's. Border in gilt with headresses at the corners, peace pipes and other unique Native American items all in gilt.

Lot: 5085 - Arrow Maker Plates

Lot of two: 1) Souvenir plate with ortrait of "Arrow Maker", an Ojibway brave. 10.25" diameter, M&S porcelain, good condition. 2) Small plate with image of "Arrow Maker", souvenir of Newport, VT. 6" diameter by Semi-Porcelain. Date: c.1900's

Lot: 5086 - Natie American Fruit Bowl Set

Lot of 10: Large fruit bowl with 3 Indian chiefs. 9.75" diameter x 2.5" high. Six smaller bowls, images of Native American Chiefs, 5.75" diameter x 1.25" high. Also includes a jam or condiment jar withlid and spoon, 3.25" h x 2.5". A very nice set.

Lot: 5087 - Native Ameican Chief Souvenirs

Lot of three: 1) Royal Saxe, Germany plate with sioux chief Sitting Bull. Turquoise colored edges, 8" diameter, excellent condition. One of several plates with the Native American Chief portraits. This was manufactured by ES (Erdmann Schlegelmilch)

Lot: 5088 - Native Amerian Green Jasperware

Lot of three: Beautiful plate with hanger of Indian maiden. Jasperware, 7.25" diameter. Two smaller dishes depicting Sioux chiefs, both very decorative Jasperware, c. 1905. 4.5" diameter the other is rectangle 5" x 4" (this one was broken and

Lot: 5089 - Native American Advertising Items

Lot of five: 1) One aqua medicine bottle embossed "Pawnee Indian/ Too-Re, c. 1890's. Nice color, good condition, 7.5" x 2.5" x 1.5". The Pawnee Indian Medicine Co. was organized in San Francisco in 1891 by Drs. Charles A and Frank P. Burgess. 2)

Lot: 5090 - Native American Advertising Plates

Lot of four: China plates include two hotels, one 1910 California--San Bernadino Valley Centennial, Dresden China, 7.5" diameter. One Hotel Portage, Akron, Ohio plate. Syracuse China, 8 " diameter. One 1912 Kansas calendar plate, Emporia, Kansas.

Lot: 5091 - Native American Chiefs Dessert Set

Lot of five: 9.5" diameter plate with Native American Chief depicted. Nice condition. Smaller size plate--6" diameter of the same image. Three small shell shaped dished with 3 different chiefs. 4.25" diameter--good condition. Date: Location: HWAC#

Lot: 5092 - Native American Photo and Post Card Collection

Fifty six pieces, mostly real photo and post cards with Native American subjects. Also a stereoview card, and a couple of photographs. Date: Location: HWAC# 63635

Lot: 5093 - Native American Photos and RPC's

Photo of 2 native American men. RPC's of natives on a horse, Navajo holding a child, men in headdress, 2 women. Date: Location: HWAC# 57231

Lot: 5094 - Native American Postcards (22)

9 postcards c.1907-1940 with color Native American scenes, the balance is modern postcards with good b/w portraits. Date: Location: HWAC# 57230

Lot: 5095 - Indians Surrender after Big Horn

Six newspapers involving Indian surrenders in the aftermath of the Little Big Horn, where US troops infiltrated the countryside from Montana to Canada, looking for Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse, and any other Indian leaders who they felt represented a

Lot: 5096 - Crazy Horse Mentioned Newspapers

Crazy Horse, a Lakota Chief who fought with Sitting Bull at the Little Big Horn, was in numerous battles with whites until his surrender in the beginning of summer 1877. three months later, soldiers killed him in a Fort prison camp. One of the papers

Lot: 5097 - Sitting Bull Mentioned in Newspapers

Five newspapers mentioning Sitting Bull, the great chief who defeated Custer at the Little Big Horn in 1876. A) Philadelphia Record, 8.6.79 where Sitting bUll offers to take his bands to Canada, 5,000-8,000 people. B) July 17, 1877 New York trib,

Lot: 5098 - Sitting Bull and the Indian War by Johnson

Life of Sitting Bull and History of the Indian War of 1890-91 by Johnson. 587pp. Note foxing and spine warping. Date: 1891 Location: HWAC# 63349

Lot: 5099 - The Indian Wars; North American Indian Wars (2

2 Hardback books 1)The Indian Wars by Washburn/Utley, 1977 Reprint. pp.344. Beautiful photos, prints, color & black & white. Poignant photos of the Sioux warriors. Sitting Bull with Buffalo Bill in 1885; Photo of Chiricahua Apaches at Fort

Lot: 5100 - C.N. Cotton and His Navajo Blankets (Book)

Rare Biography of C.N. Cotton Gallup, New Mexico Indian Trader and Re-printings of 3 mail order catalogs of Navajo Indian blankets & rugs originally printed between 1896 & 1919.Black & white photos of common Navajo saddle blankets, native

Lot: 5101 - Native American Books (4)

Softcover The American Indian in the Civil War 1862-1865 by Abel. 3 hardcovers-The Southwest Old and New by Hollon, Forked Tounges and Broken Treaties by Worcester, The Little Shadow Catcher by Heski. Date: Location: HWAC# 63341

Lot: 5102 - Die Cuts Buffalo Bill Wild West Show Card (3)

3 Dies Cuts, Paper Money Guaranty. 1 of Deadwood Coach Frontier Scene 6" x 4.5"; 1 of Cowboys With Rifles Frontier Scene 6" x 5.4"; 3 Native Americans Hunting Buffalo Frontier Scene 6.25" x 4.25". In beautiful condition, vivid colors. Date: 1890

Lot: 5103 - Die Cuts of Buffalo Bill Wild West Show (3)

3 Die Cuts of Buffalo Bill Show 1) Deadwood Coach Frontier Scene; 6" x 4.5"; 2)Native Americans Hunting Buffalo Frontier Scene 6" x 4.5"; 3)Cowboys with Rifles Frontier Scene, 6" x 4.5". Paper Money Guaranty. Beautiful condition, all are in

Lot: 5104 - Buffalo Bill Postcard Collection

Thirty seven post cards of Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show. Date: Location: HWAC# 52424

Lot: 5105 - Buffalo Bill Postcard Collection

Lot of 14. One RPC - a portrait shot of Buffalo Bill. Color postcards include two Buffalo Bill on horseback, his Deadwood stagecoach, four different portrait shots, his grave on Lookout Mountain, holding a rifle in one hand and a hat in the other,

Lot: 5106 - Portrait of Pawnee Bill

Framed oil portrait of Pawnee Bill (Major Gordon Lillie) in 30 x 35 inch wooden frame. Repaired. No artist signature, but the style appears to be late 19th century. On the reverse is painted "Pawnee Bill" and barely legible "Major Gordon Lillie."

Lot: 5107 - Newspaper: Jesse James Denied Train Robbery

Aug. 30, 1876 article on Jesse James (and lots more!). Here, Jamed denies haveing anything to do with a train robbery. Articles on the notorious James are particularly rare. This paper is one of those rare papers that has many articles of great

Lot: 5108 - Newspaper: Wild Bill Hickock Murdered in Saloon

August 15, 1876 Joplin Missouri newspaper with telegraphic notice on the front page about the killing of Wild Bill in a saloon in Deadwood. This is quite possibly one of the earliest public reportings of the murder of this well known character

Lot: 5109 - Newspaper: James - Younger Gang, Cole Younger

New York Tribune, Sept. 21, 1875, under Miscellaneous News, discussion of the robbery of $10,000 from a Huntington Virginia bank. The posse, headed by the Dillon Brothers, chased the gang, ultimately got in a shootout which killed Cole Younger. At

Lot: 5110 - Scrolled California State 1989 Belt Buckle

Scrolled edges western belt buckle with gold scrolling - top and bottom (used to say something?), and gold state of California centered overlay on silver plated planchet. Two gold flowers (gold plated?) with 19 and 89 inscribed on them is present.

Lot: 5111 - Real Photo Postcard of Montana Cowgirl

Shows woman in studio with handgun holstered and holding rifle. Not mailed but reverse says "Greetings from your sister May. Taken in Helena, Mont." Nice contrast. Bent lower right corner. Missing lower left corner, but photo not affected. Date:

Lot: 5112 - Articles of Incorporation for O'Grady's Great

Articles of Incorporation of O'Grady's Great Western Shows Company. "The purpose as for which it is formed are to carry on the business of buying, selling, breeding and exhibiting wild and domestic animals; presenting and giving circus performances,

Lot: 5113 - Early Reno Rodeo RPC's

One card is postmarked Reno 1937. Two bucking broncs. One in front of the stands. No photographer. One has some creasing and discoloration on the top. Date: Location: Reno, Nevada HWAC# 53966

Lot: 5114 - Ruth, NV Copper Stagecoach Bookend

Appears to be solid copper, it is heavy for its size. Probably from Kenencott mine in Ruth, NV. KUE-1950. 6" x 6". Date: Location: Ruth, Nevada HWAC# 69060

Lot: 5115 - Washita Cattle Company Bond

Washita is located in Cheyenne, OK and is the site of an attack against Native Americans by Lt. Col. George A. Custer on November 27, 1868. Choice cattle bond, $1000 6%, #133 with rancher and cattle vignette. Folded into 6 sections. 10.25" x 15".

Lot: 5116 - 101 Ranch Postcard and Photo Enlargement

Lot of 2. Image shows two cowboys amidst a large group of Texas Long Horns. Copyright 1909 by Geo. B. Cornish, Arkansas City, Kansas. Postcard is unmailed. Enlargement (souvenir?) print is 5.75 x 7.75" Date: Location: Oklahoma HWAC# 60433

Lot: 5117 - Premium Millers Bros. 101 Ranch Wild West Show

Lot of 8 different including six real photo. Real photo include: group portrait of the Kosack performers; two different of J.C. Miller on his horse "Ben Hur"; two different showing riders and ropers; and one of Miss Lulu B. Parr petting a bison. The

Lot: 5119 - Buck Powers Autograph and Photo (Dalton Gang

Thomas F 'Buck' Powers was the brother of Bill Powers of the Dalton Gang. Buck moved into the Steamboat area of Jackson County, Oregon about 1926. He stayed in a cabin on the Frank Dawson sheep and cattle ranch in one of their cabins. He related the

Lot: 5120 - Chattanooga Saddlery Company Postcard

Front shows Number 604 a black and Red boys saddle. Number 601 Russet color saddle. Number 605 5ed and black saddle. Price for each About $32.00 Date: Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee HWAC# 53952

Lot: 5121 - Poster of "The Alamo"

In 1835, it was James Bowie, William Travis and Davy Crockett who had to play defense in San Antonio as they defended the Alamo. Beautiful poster, natural color photograph by Truman Bailey. Mounted on mat board. If mats are shipped then additional

Lot: 5122 - Redmond Rodeo RPC's

Lot of nine. All different. c1945 per pencil writing on back. Always lists riders and horses or bulls. Great set! Please see photos online for the action scenes and high contrast. Date: Location: Redmond, Washington HWAC# 53967

Lot: 5123 - Hair on Cowhide

This is an 80"x 60" hair on cowhide. It has some wear, with small bald spots and ho;es, but generally a decent sample. Date: Location: HWAC# 56633

Lot: 5124 - Stetson and Marathon Tan Hats (2)

2 tan colored hats. Stetson banded 4X Beaver. Marathon Hats, JC Penny XX, similar in style to the Stetson. Date: Location: HWAC# 69057

Lot: 5125 - Last Lull in the Fight, Remington

Frederic Remington (1861-1909), "Last Lull in the Fight", 1888. Original wood engraving, 12" x 19.5". Nicely matted and framed 18" x 26". While the painting from which this print was taken is lost, the prints remain. Date: 1888 Location: HWAC# 61569

Lot: 5126 - Cowboy/Western Photographs

Group of over 40 small photographs of cowboys/western, mounted on large foamcore board. Each photo is 3.5" x 2.5", each in separate plastic holder. Very interesting variety of images. Date: Location: HWAC# 61567

Lot: 5127 - Horse-drawn Wagon Ephemera

Lot of 6. 1) 48 page highly illustrated catalog for Parry Manufacturing Co. Vehicles (wagons), Indianapolis, Indiana. Undated. Heavy wear. 4.5" x 6.75" 2) Five mounted photographs of horse-drawn wagons, four with people in them, one duplicate view.

Lot: 5129 - Tack and Taxidermy RPC's

1) Christesen's Tack Room in Pleasanton. 2) Second Christesen. 3) Norquist's 'Horns of the Hunter'. Hayward, California Date: Location: HWAC# 53970

Lot: 5130 - True West Magazine Collection

Approx. 85 issues of True West Magazine c. 1962-1982. Date: Location: HWAC# 64003

Lot: 5131 - Western Magazine Collection

Approx 65 western magazines from 1970-2000 including True Frontier, Great West and Wild West. Date: Location: HWAC# 64001

Lot: 5132 - Charles Russell Postcard Collection

Approximately 185 Charles Russell designed postcards. This is a wonderful collection for any postal history or Western history collector. Russell was one of the most famed artists of the American West and his images captured the closing of the

Lot: 5133 - Cowboy Photos and Postcards (6)

Stereoview of a cowboy on a horse on a roundup, RPC's and photos of cowboys with horses. Date: Location: HWAC# 57234

Lot: 5134 - Cowgirl Photos and RPC's (27)

Women on horses in original photos, litho postcards 1 stereoview and RPC's. 2 cards have corners missing. Date: c. 1890-1910 Location: HWAC# 57236

Lot: 5135 - Saddlers Shop RPC

Interior shot of saddlers shop, poor condition. Date: Location: HWAC# 57233

Lot: 5136 - Studio Cowboy Photo Postcards (4)

3 cowboys in woolies, 1 in chaps. Date: Location: HWAC# 57210

Lot: 5137 - Two Manuscript Postage Cancels from Riley, Alabama

Lot of two envelopes with hand-written cancels over the postage from Riley, Alabama, dated October 14, 1886, and October 15, 1886. Date: 1886 Location: Riley, Alabama HWAC# 64407

Lot: 5138 - USS Arizona Mostly Postal Collection

Group of approx 40 USS Arizona covers, most are c. 1930's and many are pictorial. 5 postcards with 1 RPC. 8pp commemorative booklet from 1st National Bank of AZ. Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 61374

Lot: 5139 - Five USS Macon Covers

Five covers from the air ship USS Macon ZRS-4. Built in Akron, Ohio and stationed at Moffett Field, Mare Island, California was lost at sea off of Big Sur California in 1935 Date: Location: Moffett Field, California HWAC# 52030

Lot: 5140 - Rare Templeton, CA Cover

Unlisted variety in Williams, possibly May 8, 1887 cancel which would be earliest known. Sent to Eaton Rapids, Mich. Right side torn off, no stamp.73/71. Date: 1887 Location: Templeton, California HWAC# 63171

Lot: 5141 - California Postal Covers (7)

Cadiz, 1960 stamped damaged in railway mail car fire. Inyo County Bank, Bishop. 2x Central Pacific RR 1800 to Central House, Butte Co. 1930 Madera with RP6. 1886 Lewiston, 8c double ring cancel. Sacramento c c. 1863 Date: Location: California HWAC#

Lot: 5142 - California Postal History Collection

Lot of 24 USPOD Registered Package envelopes with various California cancels. Most are addressed to the postmaster at Mariposa, but also Sheep Ranch, Oakland, and North Bloomfield. Cancels include: Stockton, Boulder Creek, Sisson, Dove, Petaluma, San

Lot: 5143 - California Postal History Cover Group

Lot of 10 postal covers from all over California including Tropico, Lordsburg, Carrville, Murrietta, and Woodland. Date: 1887-1937 Location: California HWAC# 63857

Lot: 5144 - Rare Barber Express Cover

Rare Barber& Co's Express, 24c. FB2 Ty1 on U44. 2 creases, .25" left tear. Date: c. 1861 Location: California HWAC# 65058

Lot: 5145 - The California Philatelist, 2 Issues

Based in San Francisco. Winter 1892-1893, 14 pages and Spring 1897 issue,10 pages. Philatelic dealer ads. 8.5" x 5.5". Date: Location: California HWAC# 53613

Lot: 5146 - Whiskey Advertising Envelope


Lot: 5147 - Idaho Small Town Postcard / Postal History

Lot of thirteen. 6 black & white RPC's. Each postcard is from a small town and has a small town postmark (mostly excellent). Scenes are from dirt First Avenue Sand Point, individual card of two men and their animals (named), Potlatch

Lot: 5148 - 1876 Manuscript Cancel from Providence,

Lot of one manuscript-cancelled postage dated April 11, 1976, from Providence, Mississippi, and addressed to Mr. W.K. Fisher of Westminster, Vermont. Date: 1876 Location: Providence, Mississippi HWAC# 64408

Lot: 5149 - Rare Philatelic Auction Catalog, Scott & Barr,

United States & Foreign Postage Stamps auction catalog. Hugh C. Barr, Inc., NYC. Auctioneer was Walter S. Scott. 8.5 x 5.75" 52pp. See philatelic rarities such as Lot 217: 1914-15 2c perf 12x10, #425d, perfs. cut design at R. "One of the RAREST

Lot: 5150 - 2 Rome, NY Covers

Small cover with Rome, NY postmark with Scott # 26, c. 1857-1861, torn off top .Small cover with Scott #26, Rome, NY postmark, cut off right side. c. 1857-1861 Date: c. 1857-1861 Location: New York HWAC# 63175

Lot: 5151 - South Carolina to Alabama Cover

Brown 4.25" x 8.25" cover with Scott # 26. An odd sized Civil War era cover, with upper fold. Sent from South Carolina to Cherokee, County, Ala. Date: c. 1857-1861 Location: South Carolina HWAC# 63174

Lot: 5152 - The Texas Philatelist March 1887 Pamphlet

Volume 1 Number 5, March 1887 by Reuss & Neville, Paris, Texas. 10 pages of philatelic news of the era. 8.5" x 5.75". Date: Location: Texas HWAC# 53610

Lot: 5153 - c.1890s Cabinet Card of Mail Carrier

Early (back says 1895) cabinet card by Harliss, Portable Photo. Parlor of mailman. Contrast is low to medium. Some soiling. (Prag Collection) Date: Location: United States HWAC# 55643

Lot: 5154 - Philatelic Ephemera (Stamps & Magazine)

1) January 1892, Vol. XVIII of The Philatelic Monthly. Published by The Bogert & Durbin Co. 12 pages. 9 x 6" Vertical fold, toning. 2) c.1939 Port of London Poster Stamp Set of 12, with map and descriptions. All stamps present. 3) Set of nine

Lot: 5155 - Pre-1850 U.S. Letters

Lot of 8. Includes: 1829 stampless cover with inventory, to Ulster County; 1836 Utica letter from sister to brother ("I understand you are getting rich..I hope it is true"); 1836 Milwaukee letter re: property purchase; 1835 letter (no location,

Lot: 5156 - 11 U. S. Navy Covers

Eleven covers all with cancelled stamps from U S Navy ships. Ships of was like the New Mexico, Wyoming, Frigate Constitution, Shark, California, Aldebaran, and Pasadena Date: Location: HWAC# 52031

Lot: 5157 - 19th Century Cancellation Collection

Lot of approximately 16 pieces in a nice variety of well-marked cancellations and different colors of postage. Date: Location: HWAC# 64409

Lot: 5158 - 19th Century Covers Group

Approx 40 covers from 1860's to 1880's, mostly East Coast. Nice group. Date: Location: HWAC# 63364

Lot: 5159 - 5 Leather Postcards, Other Postcards

5 early 20th Century leather postcards and 25 non leather postcards from the same era. Date: Location: HWAC# 63368

Lot: 5160 - Abraham Lincoln Card Set (3)

Vintage Lincoln/Washington card, 2.5" x 3.75". 1909 Lincoln Centennial color postcard with lower right corner chip. Scott # 720 cover with Lincoln stamped cachet, Lincoln Centennial, postmarked Springfileld, IL May 7, 1933. Date: Location: HWAC#

Lot: 5161 - Advertising Covers

Lot of approximately 23 advertising covers from around the turn of the 20th century, originating mostly from the East and Midwest United States. Date: c. 1888-1917 Location: HWAC# 64410

Lot: 5162 - Assorted Philatelic Covers

Approx 100 covers. Railroad,1st Flight, 1st Airport, and more. Date: c. 1930-1950 Location: HWAC# 69055

Lot: 5163 - Choice Stamp Art on a Postcard

Reverse of 1 c postcard has artistic and unique living room layout fashioned from US stamps. Chair, fireplace, spinning wheel, clock and more. Date: Location: HWAC# 73033

Lot: 5164 - Civil War Covers

Three Confederate covers, Two Union covers (Alexandria, VA) and one cancelled Confederate stamp (damaged). Confederate covers: Liberty, VA, C-5 (A2), 10c rose, (very rare); Lattonsburgh, VA. with an unreadable cancel from a different town on the

Lot: 5165 - Civil War Era Covers (6)

1862 cover with Scott #65, cut right side, c. 1861-1862, Galesburg, IL to Bremer, ME. 1863 brown cover with Scott #65, Mt. ?, MD to York, PA.Brown cover with Scott # 26, New Yo#k to OH. c 1857-1861. White cover with Scott #62, from Flemington, NJ to

Lot: 5166 - Collection Of US Generic Covers

Mostly US with a few foreigns. Airmail, cachets, embossed etc. Date: c. 1880-1940 Location: HWAC# 69054

Lot: 5167 - Cover with Manuscript Cancellation

Scott # 26 on cover. Manuscript cancellation i possibly Richland, Ark. Lower back of corner is torn upon opening. Date: Location: HWAC# 63176

Lot: 5168 - Misc. Postal Covers (3)

Ft. Madison, IA 1889, c. 1900 Helena, Mt, Butte City,MT 1889 Date: Location: HWAC# 65057

Lot: 5169 - Philatelic Covers in Unusual Form

Lot of seven philatelic covers from various locations with unusual forms and interesting combinations with stamps. Date: Location: HWAC# 64406

Lot: 5170 - Philatelic Dealer Postcard

Postcard from and signed by George M. Frame 38 Lindel St., Stamps, Haverhill, Mass. Offer for sale of a stamp. Date: 1896 Location: HWAC# 63165

Lot: 5171 - Philatelic Flight Covers Group

Lot of 27 covers for the travel loving Philatelic collector. Covers are from the U.S., Pacific Islands, and Great Britain. Date: 1929-1974 Location: HWAC# 63859

Lot: 5172 - Postcard Collection

Includes 9 UY7 unsevered cards with single frame line and approx 20 other early 19th Century postcards. Date: Location: HWAC# 63371

Lot: 5173 - First Day Cover Collection

Approx 75 First Day Covers , 1930's (6) to 1977. Many with cachets. A few high denomination stamps. A nice group. Date: Location: HWAC# 63302

Lot: 5174 - Readers Digest First Day Cover Collections

Two volumes of elegantly presented Reader's Digest First Day cover collections. Circa 1980s. Also The Presidential First Day Cover collection issued by International Postal Marketing Corporation also 1980s vintage. Several dozen "America the

Lot: 5175 - US Cover Collection

Approx 45 US covers from 1890"s to 20th Century. All rates except 2c thru end of series. Includes Special Delivery. Date: Location: HWAC# 63365

Lot: 5176 - The Josiah K. Lilly Collection, Part IX

Robert A Siegal Auctions catalog, 1968. 72 pages. 7 x 10". Excellent condition. Rare and important catalog for a major philatelic collection. The Lilly Collection was one of the best postal history and coin collections ever assembled. This includes

Lot: 5177 - U.S. Official Postal Guide (Book)

U.S. Postal Guide from July 1930. This is great for token research, & more. Paperback. 5.5" x 9". pp.1294 Date: 1930 Location: HWAC# 64205

Lot: 5178 - Field Guide to Revenue Stamped Paper (11 Books)

7 paperback books compiled by B.J. Castenholz. pictures & illustrations, approx.pp.90 each book. 5.5" x 8.5". Date: 1989 Location: HWAC# 64244

Lot: 5179 - Four Philatelic Volumes: FDC's. Postmarks,

Four Philatelic Volumes: 1) 2006 U. s. First Day Cover Catalog; 2) A Guide to 19th Century United States Postmarks and Cancellations; 3) Catalog of U.S. County and Postmaster Postmarks; 4) Cancellations and Killers of the Banknote Era, 1870-1894.

Lot: 5180 - Gold Rush Steamers by Wiltsee

Hardcover 1938 367pp with index. Regarded by historians and postal history scholars as a classic. Limited edition. Illustrated. Date: Location: HWAC# 73004

Lot: 5181 - Hugh Feldman Waterway Cover Auction Catalog

Hugh Feldman Collection of US Waterways, Westpex 2014. Catalog from Schuyler J Rumsey Philatlic Auctions. Hardcover 168pp with photos Date: Location: HWAC# 63356

Lot: 5182 - Louis Dale and Lichenstein Western Express Cover

Louis Boyd Dale and Alfred Lichtenstein Collection, Western Expresses May 13, 2004 auction catalog by HR Harmer. 1360 lots with photos. Date: Location: HWAC# 63357

Lot: 5183 - Modern and Forerunner Souvenir Card Numbering

Hardcover Numbering System for Forerunner and Modern Day Souvenir Cards. 1989, 229pp, inscribed by author, hardcovers limited to 100 copies. Date: Location: HWAC# 63339

Lot: 5184 - US 2c Rate Cover Collection

Approx 35 2c covers from approx 1893 to 1915. Date: Location: HWAC# 63369

Lot: 5185 - US Bicentennial Collectibles

Pewter 8.75" pewter Bicentennial plaque, hardcover Romance of the Revolution-1870 440pp, hardcover America's Bicentennial Covers 1775-1975 with Bicentennial covers and 4 unused Bicentennial US postage stamps in full sheets Scott 1686-1689 Date:

Lot: 5186 - US Postage Covers with A5 and U5

Lot of two pieces, includes a postal wrapper (A5) with perfs postmarked in New York, and a a postal envelope with (U5) (U9, 10) postmarked in Memphis, Missouri. Date: Location: HWAC# 64411

Lot: 5187 - US Postage Imprinted on Wrappers

16 pieces of United States Postage printed on paper wrappers in shades from manilla to brown including W384 (U85) in both light green (2 pieces) and dark green (6 pieces); W301 (U69) (5 pieces) and W301 (U69) (2 pieces) on manilla; and W433 (U93) (1

Lot: 5188 - US Stamped Envelope Collection

One lot of approximately 204 postal covers including approximately 48 brown 2-cent Washington (U67, U63, U64, U68, et al.); approximately 26 blue 1-cent Franklin (U69); approximately 7 green, round 1-cent (U85); three, purple 1-cent (U76) round, and

Lot: 5189 - Various Stamps, Envelopes, and Covers

Large lot includes about $100 in face value of United State postage in sheets, blocks, and plate blocks; approximately 9 pieces of philatelic special covers; a collection of 20th century "free" collection. Date: Location: HWAC# 64413

Lot: 5190 - US Commemorative, Sheets, Plate Blocks, Panes and

Approx 50 sets of sheets, plate blocks, panes from 1917 to 1970's with a few more recent issues including Legends of Hollywood. A nice set for a starting collector. Date: Location: HWAC# 63366

Lot: 5191 - Confederate Andrew Jackson #3 Stamp

Slightly faded Scott Confederated #3 stamp of Andrew Jackson, issued in 1862. Unused with a small lower left corner tear. Based upon descriptions of faked #3's this appears to be genuine. Date: Location: HWAC# 51608

Lot: 5192 - Confederate Related Stamps

Scott Confed. # 12, Jefferson Davis, 1863, filled corner. Scottt #222, Lincoln , fine. 2 Scott # 178 plate blocks, mint. Date: Location: HWAC# 63308

Lot: 5193 - US Revenue and Other Stamp Collection

Assortment of US 19th Century revenue stamps. Approx 40 stamps. Wine, narcotics, various cancels. Date: Location: HWAC# 63370

Lot: 5194 - US Singles Stamp Group, 19th Century

25 US stamps from the 19th century with few duplicates. Scott 286, 293, 279, E4, 250 or 265, 246, 247, 237, 222, 231, 233, 234, 236, 220, 213, 219, 211, 210, 134, 136 Date: Location: HWAC# 63363

Lot: 5195 - US Distillery Warehouse Revenue Stamps (8)

8 unissed punched blue/green revenue stamps. Date: Location: HWAC# 69023

Lot: 5196 - Boston, Hartford & Erie Railroad Co.

$1,000 bond for The Boston Hartford and Erie Railroad Company with three revenue imprints: RN-W2 and two RN-P5. Number 13705. Signed by Otis, Eldridge, Gregory, Davis. 50+ coupons attached. Allegorical and railroad vignettes. Printed by National Bank

Lot: 5197 - Massachusetts Deed with Rare Adhesive Revenue

1872 Warrant Deed, Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Has very rare green $10 Washington US Internal Revenue Stamp (R-149) and $5 orange stamp (R-89), both pen cancelled. (Prag Collection) Date: 1872 Location: Massachusetts HWAC# 55429

Lot: 5198 - Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis

Large, attractive $1,000 bond issued May 1st, 1869 in Cleveland. Signed by the president, Oscar Townsend, secretary and trustee John A. Stewart. Pink/red border and background. Locomotive at station vignette. Punch cancelled. Imprinted revenue RN-P5

Lot: 5199 - Cincinnati & Springfield Railway Co. Bonds w/

Three identical $1,000 issued bonds. Each has a locomotive vignette and three imprinted revenue stamps: RN-W2 (front) and two RN-P5 (reverse). (Cox CIN-836-B-45-ic). They each also have one foreign revenue stamp. Signed by the president and

Lot: 5200 - Panama Rail Road Co. Revenue-Imprinted Stock

No. 16639 issued to Ketcham & Clark for 20 shares on Aug. 9th, 1871. Signed by the president and treasurer. Punch cancelled signatures. Also pen cancelled. RN-T4 revenue imprint. 4 x 7.5" Date: 1871 Location: zPanama HWAC# 66058

Lot: 5201 - RN Checks

Checks/Cancelled from Bank of Bismarck; Boulder Bank, George C. Corning; First National Bank, The Cherokee Bank; Banking House of L.H. Hershfield; Gay & Quinby: Office, Merchants National Bank of Albany. Date: late 1800's Location: HWAC# 63942

Lot: 5202 - Agency of The Bank of California RND Unused Checks

Rare unused RND checks. #1900-1904. Date: c. 1870's Location: Virginia City, Nevada HWAC# 69044

Lot: 5203 - Ten Different RN-F Checks

Ten nice checks with RNF. A nice variety, please see the photo. Date: Location: New York HWAC# 62147

Lot: 5204 - Imprinted Revenue Stamped Check Collection

New York RN's. 16 pieces, including RNB on doc, 5-two sided RNB, 7-RNC, RNF, RNE. Date: Location: New York HWAC# 62145

Lot: 5205 - Revenue Stamped Check Collection

One each RNA, B, C, E, F, K, and two RNH. Nice group. Date: Location: New York HWAC# 62146

Lot: 5206 - Revenue Stamped Check Group

Thirteen pieces, 10 RNG and 3 RNE, a nice group. Mostly issued. Date: Location: New York HWAC# 62148

Lot: 5207 - RN Sheets

Three sheets of RN checks, two are issued. RN C and RNB Date: Location: New York HWAC# 62151

Lot: 5208 - Twelve Different RND Checks.

A collection of twelve different, a nice mini-collection Date: Location: New York HWAC# 62152

Lot: 5209 - Collection of RN C Checks

Severn different RN C checks. Date: Location: New York HWAC# 62149

Lot: 5210 - Fourteen RN B Checks

Fourteen different RNB checks, a very nice selection and mini-collection. Date: Location: New York HWAC# 62150

Lot: 5211 - Golfer with Golf Club Wood Carving

Small sized golfer, solid wood, unpainted. 51" x 22" x 21", crack on left side of head and another crack down chest to base. Nice carving. Your golfer needs this piece. Just place a golf ball in his hand and "Bob's your uncle"! From the Reindeer

Lot: 5212 - The Consummate Butler Wood Carving

This butler figure is solid wood and nicely carved. He appears as a very old man, has his had out to carry a tray. He is wearing a tuxedo, vest and red cravat. 70" x 17" x 17". Crack in chest area. This is a fabulous piece of history, your own

Lot: 5213 - Winged Victory Bronze

A bronze sculpture after the original titled Winged Victory of Samothrace. This sculpture depicts the headless Greek goddess Nike with her wings outstretched and features Hellenistic detail. It was made by Shoop American Bronze Casting in 1997. Then

Lot: 5214 - Print of Yellow Tabby Cat

Sweet print from a painting of a yellow tabby cat sitting on a bookshelf. Signture is D. D. Print is 17" x 15.5". Incredible mat and frame, 27.5" x 25.5". Frame has some corner damage. Date: Location: HWAC# 61570

Lot: 5215 - Soldier with Grave Digger Painting

Painting of a soldier (possibly an officer), his arm in a sling talking with a grave digger in a cemetery. The painting may be Dutch, German or Italian. We cannot precisely date the piece (19th century?) or the country of origin. Oil painting on

Lot: 5216 - Waiting for Tomorrow Print

"Waiting for Tomorrow" print by Ruane Manning. Image of two dogs with duck decoys by a river. 15.25" x 19.25". Framed and matted 234.5" x 27.5". Date: Location: HWAC# 56808

Lot: 5217 - Original Japanese Art from San Francisco

3 beautiful & rare Japanese Art scenes of Japan on Chinese Rice paper. These are from the San Francisco area. Vivid colors, all in protective plastic covers. Very delicate. 14" x 16"; 13" x 11"; 13"x 16" Date: Location: San Francisco, California

Lot: 5218 - 4 Tennis Themed Prints

Vintage Gary Patterson print, tennis them: Match Point, Ace, Net Play, And Out. Each is matted 16" x 20"and three are framed, 17.75" x 21.75". Circa 1970-1973. Gary Robert Patterson (born 1941) is an American cartoonist known for his distinctive

Lot: 5219 - California Impressionist Art Books (5)

5 California Impressionist style at books. Plein Air Painter of California, 2 vols. North and Southland. California Impressionists. x 2. California, This golden Land of Promise. Date: Location: California HWAC# 72034

Lot: 5220 - Sierra Nevada Mts. Color Print

Sierra Nevada from the Four Creeks color print. Litho by A. Hoen & Co. Approx 8.5" x 11". Date: Location: California HWAC# 65004

Lot: 5221 - Snow Scene Painting

Painting by M. Jensen of a snow scene, trees, mountains, creek. Oil on board, 18" x 24; framed, 20.5" x 25.5". Could not find information on the artist, however, may be Danish. good condition. Date: Location: HWAC# 64479

Lot: 5222 - Sketches of Georgia by Ralph Mitchell

This binder contains 194 sketches by artist Ralph Mitchell in c1970's & 1980's. Mitchell's subject for this portfolio is the state of Georgia. These pencil sketches capture fine details & the atmosphere of the Old South. A wonderful,

Lot: 5223 - Abstract Floral Landscape

This painting on foam core details marsh flowers and plants by William Forrest Martin, unsigned. Framed, 15" x 18.5". (The Sweetwater Trust) Date: Location: Sweetwater, Texas HWAC# 75033

Lot: 5224 - All Flesh Is Grass

This painting by William Forrest Martin (Billy Martin) was done with carpet glue over wood. Image of two grazing horses, 12.5" x 10.25". Billy sent this piece as a sympathy card. (The Sweetwater Trust) Date: Location: Sweetwater, Texas HWAC# 75020

Lot: 5225 - Animals Carved in Wood

Animal painting/woodcut by William Forrest Martin (Billy Martin) includes a squirrel, porcupine, bobcat, bear, skunk, armadillo, and racoon. Martin always painted on recycled materials. This painting is on wood, painted, routed and carved. A stunning

Lot: 5226 - Blue Buffalo

Painting on textured board of blue colored buffalo by William Forrest Martin (signed). framed, 10.75" x 25.5". Date: 1993 Location: Sweetwater, Texas HWAC# 71064

Lot: 5227 - Chicken in Egg-Shaped Area

This painting is on a metallic board, which the artist painted on. It is painted in an egg-shape that encloses a chicken and with a human skull at the base. This odd piece is by William Forrest Martin, unsigned. Framed 22" x 18". (The Sweetwater

Lot: 5228 - Eagle Flying Over Earth

Painting on canvas of an eagle flying over a mesa by William Forrest Martin. We see a tree, its roots and the layers of the earth beneath. 22" x 15", framed, 30"x 23. Recycled materials, elaborate frame. Signed by the artist. (Sweetwater Trust) Date:

Lot: 5229 - Eagles on Telephone Lines

Painting on canvas of two eagles on telephone lines by William Forrest Martin (Billy Martin). Not signed. Framed, 22" x 26". ( Sweetwater Trust) Date: Location: Sweetwater, Texas HWAC# 71065

Lot: 5230 - Egret in a Pond

Painting on canvas board by William Forrest Martin on an egret in a pond with surrounding landscape. Framed, 16" x 15". (The Sweetwater Trust) Date: 1994 Location: Sweetwater, Texas HWAC# 75032

Lot: 5231 - Esso 2

Drawing by William Forrest Martin pf acartoon figure holding a bow and arrow. Box framed, 8.25" x 10.25". (The Sweetwater Trust) Date: Location: Sweetwater, Texas HWAC# 75023

Lot: 5232 - Flowers in Blue Vase

Painting by William Forrest Martin of flowers in a blue vase. Nicely abstracted still life. Signed by the artist. 24" x 18". (Sweetwater Trust) Date: Location: Sweetwater, Texas HWAC# 71066

Lot: 5233 - King Rail in Marsh

Painting canvas board of a marsh bird--a king rail, by William Forrest Martin. Piece is a sort of pointelist styl. Painting, 12" x 9" mounted on matboard and framed 20" x 16". (The Sweetwater Trust) Date: Location: Sweetwater, Texas HWAC# 75034

Lot: 5234 - Portrait of Indian Brave

Color widcut and painted image of a Native American, clouds in background. Piece is by William Forrest Martin. Framed 15" x 12". (The Sweetwater Trust) Date: Location: Sweetwater, Texas HWAC# 75022

Lot: 5235 - Red Winged Blackbirds

Painting on tin of red winged blackbirds (males and females) in the cattails. William Forrest Martin, artist. Recycled materials, framed 26" x 37.75". Unsigned. (Sweetwater Trust) Date: Location: Sweetwater, Texas HWAC# 71062

Lot: 5236 - Scenic Landscape

This beautiful landscape include the clouds, the hills, the cliffs, the fields and the trees in layers. Nice subtle coloring, painting on canvas by William Forrest Martin. Signed. Framed 22" x 26". Date: 1989 Location: Sweetwater, Texas HWAC# 71067

Lot: 5237 - Tabletop Still Life

William Forrest Martin still life--tabletop, chair, bowl of fruit, apples, banana on table. 24" x 24", canvas mounted on wood. (The Sweetwater Trust) Date: Location: Sweetwater, Texas HWAC# 75019

Lot: 5238 - Waiting On the Lord

Painting on masonite by William Forrest Martin. Painting depicts man playing guitar and singing at the Salvation Army in Sweetwater. Painting executed as it it was in stained glass.Based on a song by William Harvey Burrough. Recycled materials.

Lot: 5239 - White Panther

Painting on masonite of a white panther by William Forrest Martin, signed. Image of panther is cut into board and the surface of the animail is raised a bit. Framed 12.5" x 16.5". (The Sweetwater Trust) Date: 1991 Location: Sweetwater, Texas HWAC#

Lot: 5240 - Woman with Corn

Woodcut by William Forrest Martin. Framed 9.75" x 7.75". (The Sweetwater Colletion) Date: Location: Sweetwater, Texas HWAC# 75021

Lot: 5241 - Rome: Original Prints from Piranesi, 1807

Sixty One of the original 100 prints from the Piranesi folio "Antiquites Romaines. Vues De Rome Ancienne et Moderne. 1807. approximately 8.5 x 12.5" each. varying condition. List of prints by number: 6, 7, 12, 14, 16-19, 21, 22, 25, 29, 31-39, 42,

Lot: 5242 - Etchings of Ancient Rome (2)

Two original etchings of Rome: 1) Pantheon d'Agrippa by Giovanni Battista Piranesi (Italian, Mogliano Veneto 1720ñ1778 Rome). Etching, 1741-1748 from Veduta di Roma (Views of Rome), 1756-65. Some water damage, damage top edge, repaired tear on

Lot: 5243 - Portrait of Young Woman, Josef Buche

Portrait oil on canvas by Josef B¸che (1848-1917). 13" x 10", framed 15.75" x 12.75". Buche was born in Vienna and grew up as the son of a painter. He studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts under Eduard von Engerth and Carl and was known

Lot: 5244 - Engraving of Three Rivers, Ontario

Beautiful framed engraving of Three Rivers. Matted and framed, 11 x 14", print 4.5 x 7.5", in excellent condition. By J. Lambert, Del.t. (Delta, Ontario). Provenance: Ben-Tschavtschavadze collection of Ontario. Date: 1810 Location: Three Rivers,

Lot: 5245 - Russian Cannons Print, 1922

12 x 15" framed print by Dakuzhinsky from 1922. The print is of a charcoal sketch of cannon displayed in front of a possible government building. The cannon display is notable because of the types of cannon present, which includes the classic dolphin

Lot: 5246 - Morgenroth Dawn Soldier Horse Calvery

1893 wood engraving Robert Haug, "Morgenroth Dawn Soldier Horse Cavalry, Tired". Robert Von Haug was a German visual artist who was born in 1857. This piece is a print from an oil painting done in 1902. Black and white on paper, upper left side shows

Lot: 5247 - Mountain Scene by Ernst Carl Walter Retzlaff

Mountain Scene by Ernst Carl Walter Retzlaff (1898-1976). Oil on canvas, 20" x 16", framed 23.5" x 19.5". Painting shows some crackling, but is in good condtion. Signature is E. C. W. Retzlaff. Numerous Alpine and mountain panoramas were created.

Lot: 5248 - Cetolite Bicycle Lamp

Cute red and green lighthouse embossed side glass. Made in England. Date: Location: HWAC# 63735

Lot: 5249 - Chieftan Bicycle Lamp

British made Chieftan bicycle lamp by Well & Hammel, 7" Date: Location: HWAC# 63716

Lot: 5250 - Duplex Bicycle Lamp

Made in England, 6" Date: Location: HWAC# 63731

Lot: 5251 - German Bicycle Lamp

Possibly made by Riemann. Has base and handle. 8.25" Date: Location: HWAC# 63720

Lot: 5252 - German Bicycle Lamp by Riemann

Nickel plated lamp with cracked lens. 7" Date: Location: HWAC# 63718

Lot: 5253 - Bicycle Lamps, 2 Different

Columbia Model C and Hine Watt. Mfg. Missing head pieces. Approx 5.5" Date: Location: HWAC# 63721

Lot: 5254 - Old Sol Bicycle Lamp

Hawthorn Mfg., 1" of reflector clamp missing from damage. 7.75" Date: Location: HWAC# 63724

Lot: 5255 - Solar Bicycle Lamp

c. 1890's, Solar brand. Badger Brass Co., Kenosha, WI.6.5" Date: Location: HWAC# 63719

Lot: 5256 - Solar Bicycle Lamp

Early model with bracket, Badger Brass Co., Kenosha, WI. 7" Date: Location: HWAC# 63726

Lot: 5257 - Two Standing Brass Lamps

One antique, one modern. Both approximately 5 feet tall. Antique piece has green marbled plastic sections in the stand, ornate base, ornate green cloth shade with gold friends. Approximately 16 inches in diameter. Date: Location: HWAC# 75235

Lot: 5258 - Brass Nautical Lamp

Decorative nautical light with two clear, one teal, and one red curve glass lens. Brass. 8" diameter at the base 12" high plus handles. Uses candle in base with locking mechanism. Attractive. Circa 1950 to 1970. Date: Location: HWAC# 64460

Lot: 5259 - Four Antique Lights

Four lanterns. a) large (14" tall, 6" diam base) hanging lamp, ribbed purple glass around center (cracked), no makers name. probably used to hand on beam outside a night-business. b) Osnabruck German carbide hand lantern with hook on back, 3.4 x 4 x

Lot: 5260 - Original Hand Lantern with Globe

Black embossed base, may be repainted. HANDLAN ST. LOUIS, MO. Base 11.5", glass globe 8.5". Date: Location: HWAC# 55721

Lot: 5261 - Early Brass Kerosene Lamp

Ceiling hanging, complete with globe. Small brass plaque reads property of Pullman Silver Palace Car Company. Overall size 24 inches widest, diameter 15 inches. Generally very fine condition. Date: Location: HWAC# 75230

Lot: 5262 - Antique Kerosene Lamp with Tall Stand

Brass, small onyx top midway, with kerosene lamp at the top. Three leg brace, about 24î width, small shelf at the bottom about 10î in diameter, and the middle shelf approximately 9î in diameter. Overall height 6 feet. Generally fine

Lot: 5263 - Alaska & Yukon Stock & Bonds (2 Books)

By Dick Hanscom, c. 2002, First Edition pp. 334. Black & white photos, good condition. 8.5" x 11". Date: c.2002 Location: Alaska HWAC# 64239

Lot: 5264 - Owl Pharmacy Drug Receipts

Lot of 25 receipts from the Owl Drug Company including the Copper Queen Consolidated Mining Company and others. Prescribed by doctors in Arizona and Mexico. Date: Location: Douglas, Arizona HWAC# 71013

Lot: 5265 - Grand Canyon Black and White RPCs

Total of eleven, Ten RPC's. Shows lodge and scenery. Please see photos online. Date: Location: Grand Canyon, Arizona HWAC# 54046

Lot: 5266 - Arizona State Fair Blue Ribbon

The Great Seal of the State of Arizona graces the button at the top of the blue ribbon awarded Cattle Dept. Champion at the Arizona State Fair of 1920. One arm of the 15 inch long ribbon is torn. Date: 1920 Location: Arizona HWAC# 71004

Lot: 5267 - Arizona Stocks Including Mining

Approx 15 AZ stocks, some are mining. Some issued some not. Wilsell Pyramid Display, Kaibab Copper, Southern Arizona Mining and more. Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 64047

Lot: 5268 - Big Bear, CA Grant Deeds (7)

1930's Big Bear, CA grant deeds/deeds Date: Location: Big Bear, California HWAC# 69001

Lot: 5269 - Covina Citrus Assoc Stocks (10)

10 issued c. 1919-1922 Date: c. 1919-1922 Location: Covina, California HWAC# 64065

Lot: 5270 - Collectible Phone Cards, Long Beach, CA (300)

Approx 300 collectible phone cards from 1996-1998. Long Beach Coin and Collectibles Expos, Discovery of Gold Sutters Mill. We assume these cards are NOT valid and were never used. Date: 1996-1998 Location: Long Beach, California HWAC# 73025

Lot: 5271 - Exposition Ephemera

Three buttons(Thanksgiving Chanticleer Fiesta 1910; "I Flew on the Air Ship"; "Forward Movement Rally Day, Feb. 11, 1912."), a ribbon(Long Beach Expo 2003) and a fob (nature's convention metropolis). Date: Location: Long Beach, California HWAC# 75133

Lot: 5272 - Los Angeles City Bonds (10)

1 Electric Plant brown, 9 Street Improvement blue. Date: Location: Los Angeles, California HWAC# 69022

Lot: 5273 - Los Angeles, CA Ephemera

Approx 25 items-receipts, power of attorney, electricity receipt, billheads, letterheads Date: c. 1867-1908 Location: Los Angeles, California HWAC# 96051

Lot: 5274 - Books of History of Plumas County, California (5)

3 spiral bound indexes; 1 Melones "A Story of a Stanislaus River Town. 1983. Date: 1882 Location: Plumas County, California HWAC# 56729

Lot: 5275 - Stack of Sierra Power Stocks

Approx 70 u/i Sierra Power stocks, c. 1900's. Date: Location: Pomona, California HWAC# 64301

Lot: 5276 - White Motor Co. Auto Dealer Records

1930's receipt pad from an auto parts dealer. 1930-1931 hand written dealer financial logs Date: Location: Sacramento, California HWAC# 65016

Lot: 5277 - Chinese Youth in San Francisco Postcard Group

Earliest is postmarked 1906. Lot of ten. Please see photo online. Date: Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 53940

Lot: 5278 - Postcard Collection of Chinese Youth in San

Lot of 12. Dated 1903 to 1906. All are "Address Only" early postcards. Seven Britton & Rey, two Edward H Mitchell, one Rieder. One printed "hand colored." Date: Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 53936

Lot: 5279 - RPC of the Dragon Dance Parade, San Francisco

Real Photo Postcard of the annual parade in San Francisco. Date: Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 53918

Lot: 5280 - Six Older SF Postcards - "Address Only" on Reverse

Includes Chinese at Sutro Heights (Edward W Mitchell), group of Chinese children, Chinese belle and servant (Britton & Rey), Chinese fortune teller, telephone station, and grocery store (Britton & Rey). Date: c1905 Location: San Francisco,

Lot: 5281 - Six Very Early San Francisco Chinatown Postcards

These six postcards all have a reverse with no place for writing a note. One black and white: street secene with father and children. Narrow street. Five color: underground opium den (1903), Josse Temple (1904), Chinese boy of a noted dignitary by

Lot: 5282 - Sea Bird Citrus by Sunkist Box Labels (50)

Approx 50 unused Sea Bird, Grown by the Sea, Sunkist box labels. 8.75" x 12.5" Date: Location: Santa Barbara, California HWAC# 73021

Lot: 5283 - Sea Light Brand Carton Labels (50)

Approx 50 Grown by the Sea, Sea Light Brand. Gold, blue and white. 9.25" x 11.25', one has edge wear. Date: Location: Santa Barbara, California HWAC# 73019

Lot: 5284 - California Non Mining Stocks (12) and 3 Bonds

12 California stocks and 3 bonds-Fairmont Hotel, San Jose National Bank, Market Street Railway and more. Date: Location: California HWAC# 64023

Lot: 5285 - California Stocks (12)

12 different California stocks-Fairmont Hotel, Crocker National, Farmers Union of San Jose, Pyramid Oil, San Jose National Bank and more. Date: c.1883-1944 Location: California HWAC# 64022

Lot: 5286 - Nevada and Mountain Lakes Ice Stocks (2)

What is now Boca Reservoir. 2 u/i stocks, 1000 shares. Date: Location: California HWAC# 64024

Lot: 5287 - Post Card "Plane"

Post card reading "Pieces" On Earth Good Will Toward Men. "An Airy Merry Xmas. "Lowell L. Ralph" Two men standing near upside down plane. Black & White. Date: early 1900's Location: California HWAC# 56737

Lot: 5288 - Southern Calif. Folding Maps (3)

Automobile Club of SoCal Automobile Routes in and out of Los Angeles with 4" x 2.5" missing section. 1947 Death Valley and Grand Canyon issued by Calif. State Automobile Assoc. 1948 Los Angeles, San Diego, Imperial Valley issued by Calif. State

Lot: 5289 - United Properties Company Bonds

One First Mortgage and Collateral Trust 5%, fifty-year sinking fund gold bond. No. 535, $5000. Issued to R. B. Mott and signed by Vice President W.R. Alburges(?) not canceled. 7.5" x 11". Beautifully engraved uncancelled $1000 Bond Cert. This is a

Lot: 5290 - Vintage Folding Northern Calif. Maps (6)

1) San Luis Obispo and Bakersfield to Los Angeles, issued by Calif. State Automobile Assoc(2 versions) 2) City and County of San Francisco issued by Calif. State Automobile Assoc. 3)San Francisco street map by Federal Hotel 4)Oakland, Berkeley,

Lot: 5291 - Denver Ice and Cold Storage Stocks

Approx 75 maroon, green and brown certificates. Date: 1950 Location: Denver, Colorado HWAC# 64311

Lot: 5292 - Western Pipe & Brick Company Bonds

Total of twelve bonds. earliest is number 53. All twelve are intact with all 10 coupons. Signed by John Hodges Jr and JC Hummel. Horizontal fold. Pages are curled at right. No sign of staining or water damage. Date: 1891 Location: Golden, Colorado

Lot: 5293 - Western Pipe and Brick Company Bonds

Lot of nine. earliest Number is 35 and latest is 52. Overall in good condition. Curls at upper right. Not do to water damage though. The Western Pipe & Brick Company, formed in Nov. 1891 to take advantage of the rich clay deposits in Golden,

Lot: 5294 - Bank of Manitou Certificates (14)

14 green issued stocks Date: 1914-1926 Location: Manitou, Colorado HWAC# 65013

Lot: 5295 - Bank of Manitou Certificates (4)

4 issued orange certificates Date: 1934 Location: Manitou, Colorado HWAC# 65014

Lot: 5296 - Bank of Manitou Certificates (85)

Approx 85 brown issued stocks 1948-1964. Date: Location: Manitou, Colorado HWAC# 65012

Lot: 5297 - Palmer Lake Stereoviews

5 Palmer Lake stereoviews of Phoebe's Arch. By Keystone. Date: Location: Palmer Lake, Colorado HWAC# 53262

Lot: 5298 - Large Pikes Peak Stereoview Collection

28 stereoviews of Pike's Peak, some with snow, a railway car with many people, rock formations, US Signal Station etc. Photographers include J. Thurlow c. 1878, Collier c. 1883, Strohmeyer & Wyman, W. H. Jackson, L. K. Oldroyd c.1873-1882,

Lot: 5299 - Colorado PC's, Stock and More

This lot contains a plethora of items, including post cards from Denver, a Cripple Creek Stage Line stock certificate and some Southern California bank ephemera. All good stuff in good condition. Date: Location: Colorado HWAC# 571628

Lot: 5300 - Denver Ice and Cold Storage Stocks

Approx 100 stocks Date: 1950-1951 Location: Colorado HWAC# 64307

Lot: 5301 - Denver Ice and Cold Storage Stocks

Approx 60 stocks Date: 1950-1951 Location: Colorado HWAC# 64308

Lot: 5302 - Silk & Cotton Manufacturing Stereoviews

Lot of 7 different Keystone stereoviews. Includes: Doubling frame in large woolen mill, Lawrence, Massachusetts; weighing and sorting raw silk skeins in So. Manchester, Connecticut; spinning silk on roving frame, Manchester, CT; printing room of

Lot: 5303 - Eastern U.S. Business Cards, c.1875-1930s

Lot of 30. Many are pictorial. Includes: A. Moser & Co., Oyster & Dining Saloon (Paterson); M.B. Robbins, Bookseller (Canastota); J. Tea Hicks & Co. (Fennimore, Wis.); Dr. Prince MD (Davenport Iowa);Paul's Place (Krebs, Ok.); Robert W.

Lot: 5304 - Ft. Marion, St. Augustine, Florida Stereoview

Lot of 10 stereoviews, 9 of which appear to be from the same series, although no photographer/publisher is provided. "Florida, the Land of Flowers and Tropical Scenery." The cards (4" x 7") have paper labels attached to the reverse that identify each

Lot: 5305 - Florida Stereoview Collection

Lot of 8, 7 different. Includes: St. James Hotel, Jacksonville (Webster & Albee); two Keystone views, Harvesting Indian River Pineapples and Old St. George Street, St. Augustine; Banyan Tree on the Shore of Lake Worth (Griffith & Griffith);

Lot: 5306 - Honolulu Stereoviews

Nine popular Honolulu views. Bishop Street, Street car on Fort St, YMCA Bldg, Executive Bldg., Royal School, Capital Bldg., and a sugar mill. Date: Location: Honolulu, Hawaii HWAC# 52050

Lot: 5307 - Craters of the Moon Postcard Group

Lot of nine - eight black & white RPCs. c1930's. All unused. Please see photos online. Date: Location: Crates of the Moon, Idaho HWAC# 54538

Lot: 5308 - Five Nampa, Idaho Postcards

Three black & White RPCs. 1907-1915. Fabulous EARLY Dewey Palace Hotel. Another great G Street looking toward the depot - which is in the background. One advertising card for the Ospraymo from the stephens Orchard. Great cards! Date: Location:

Lot: 5309 - Sandpoint, Idaho Postcards

Lot of seven. Two black & White RPC's. Rare "Royal Confectionery Store." Used cards dated from 1908 to 1912. Date: Location: Sandpoint, Idaho HWAC# 54550

Lot: 5310 - Sun Valley, Idaho Postcard Group

Fourteen total. 5 black & white RPCs. 2 color RPCs. From snow to sun; Idaho's playground! Please see photos online. Date: Location: Sun Valley, Idaho HWAC# 54543

Lot: 5311 - Wallace Postcard Group

Seven total. Five black & white RPCs. Three used: 1907 - 1908. Six overviews and one color inside the Banquet Cafe. Date: Location: Wallace, Idaho HWAC# 54544

Lot: 5312 - Six Idaho Leather Postcards

Coeur d'Alene. Two used postcards c1906. See online for photographs. Date: Location: Idaho HWAC# 54556

Lot: 5313 - Idaho Lakes and RIvers Postcard Collection

Lot of nineteen. Three black & white RPC's (snow slide over wood river in 1933, Payette Lake, North Fork at Avery), twelve black & white, and 4 color. Please see photographs online. Date: Location: Idaho HWAC# 54537

Lot: 5314 - Idaho Postcard Remainder Lot

This lot has a broad mixture of scenes and styles. But there are some treasures! Fifty-three total. 9 Black & white RPC's, three color RPC's, 15 black & white postcards, and 23 color postcards. Many used - mostly 1910 and below. Includes old

Lot: 5315 - Nine Small Town Idaho Overview RPCs

Idaho Falls, Salmon, Emmett, St Maries, Orofino, Mullan, Hawley, Burke, Caldwell! Date: Location: Idaho HWAC# 54540

Lot: 5316 - Ten Small Town Idaho RPCs

Include: a dirt Freeze Out Grade at Emmett, Rupert church, Payette river, Mackay tramway and compressor, Bonners Ferry street scene, Mountain Home, Heise Hot Springs, Idaho City Walt's Place, Parma motor inn, Rigby court house. Date: Location: Idaho

Lot: 5317 - Thirteen Small Town Idaho Postcards

Includes: Payette saw mill, Payette street scene, a Council bird's eye, Kamiah bird's eye, DeLamar bird's eye, Silver City bird's eye, Wallace hotel, Salmon main street, St Maries river scene, Ketchum street scene, Orofino post office, Burley Pilot's

Lot: 5318 - Early Automobile Stereoviews

Lot of 9 (8 different). Eight are Keystone: 22058--Tire Plant in Akron; 22058--Different of Tire Plant; 29228--Testing cord fabric for tires; 22142--Testing Engines in Detroit Plant; 22143--Employees Leaving Ford Plant (x2); 26513--General Motors

Lot: 5319 - Lake Superior Iron and Chemical Co. Stock

1) i/u issued to Taber 1907 #169 112 shares. 2)i/u to Wm. Sharp 1907 #157 2000 shares. 3) i/u to Wm. Sharp #151 2000 shares. 4) i/u to Wm. Sharp 1907 #150 2000 shares. 5) i/u to Wm. Sharp 1907 #149 2000 shares. 6) i/u t Elisha Flinn 1909 #279 320

Lot: 5320 - Misc. Western Ephemera Collection

1876 Homestake Centennial 1976 Booklet, 96 pages and lots of photos. Old mining deeds, mining receipts, Santa Fe-The Lee Ranch Mine booklet, self guided tour booklets of Butte mines, several newspaper items and more, Date: Location: Montana HWAC#

Lot: 5321 - Montana Billheads, Letterheads and Territorial

Approx 25 JL Smith Helena 1895 billheads, EC Hellfrich & Co. 1879 letterhead with 1" tear, approx 14 1868 Territory of Montana 100 warrants-3 with tears Date: Location: Montana HWAC# 65052

Lot: 5322 - Montana Covers & Billhead Collection

Lot of 20+. Early 1900s covers, many with contents (billheads and letterheads) either from Montana or addressed to businesses in Montana. Includes pieces to Buford in Virginia City, many pictorial advertising; Thorton Hotel cover (Butte);

Lot: 5323 - Montana Labor Union Documents Collection

Approx 30 Montana Labor News cancelled check c. 1940, Approx 30 receipts from Bessette Printing Company to Montana Labor News c. 1940. Approx 30 varied receipts for items sold to Montana Labor News c. 1940. Receipt book c. 1930's with some detached

Lot: 5324 - Montana Pamphlet Group

Includes C. D. Edwards Manufacturing Company road building catalog with pasted in cartoon drawings of "Alec and A'l". Pamphlet, A Trip Through the Scenic Rockies of Western Montana. 2x 1948 THE LABOR REVIEW/ OFFICIAL YEARBOOK AND BUYERS GUIDE OF THE/

Lot: 5325 - Lemore Company Bond

6% Gold Bond, Series B with 15 revenue stamps. 9.75" x 15.5". Date: 1929 Location: Omaha, Nebraska HWAC# 53725

Lot: 5326 - Eureka County Bank Stock Certificates

Two capital stock certificates from the Eureka County Bank. Both 10 x 5 inches. One issued to Torre and Barberi for 20 shares on December 1st, 1886, the other issuedto B. Gilman for ten shares on March 25th 1885. Date: 1885 Location: Eureka, Nevada

Lot: 5327 - Virginia City, NV Water Bond

$1000 Gold Coin water bond from Virginia City, NV, #53. Issued January 1, 1877 to Sutro and Co. Mayor and clerk signatures are punched. Date: 1877 Location: Virginia City, Nevada HWAC# 61361

Lot: 5328 - 52 Nevada Highway Bonds

Fifty two State of Nevada Highway Bonds signed by Governor Boyle in 1920. Eight of the bonds have tear near the middle. 11 x 16 inches with green ink and gold seal. $500 bonds. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 49551

Lot: 5329 - 63 State of Nevada Bonds

Sixty three bonds signed by Governor Grant Sawyer in 1962. These 10 x 15 inch green ink bonds are a colorful piece of Nevada history. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 49546

Lot: 5330 - Holabird Nevada Bottle Books (5)

4 Nevada History Through Glass Vol. 1, 1 Ghost Towns & Medicines, Vol. 2. Harcdover references on Nevada bottles. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 6396

Lot: 5331 - Memorial Address Copy for Key Pittman

ìKey Pittman, Late senator From Nevada. Memorial Addresses Delivered in Congress.î United States Governmentís Printing Office. 1942. A.J. Mastretti. 81 Pages, Index. Published after the death of Nevada senator Key Pittman. All speeches

Lot: 5332 - Nevada Stocks and Warrants

20 stocks/warrants. Alta Silver Mining, Empire State Silver Mining, Ruby Hill Tunnel and Mining, First State Bank of Las Vegas, River Bar Gold Recovery, Fallon Amusement. Humbolt County and State Controllers warrants. Approx 10 Nye & Ormsby

Lot: 5333 - Printed Nevada Ephemera

13 1970's color Nevada calendars, Scientific American June 22, 1918 with torn spine, several photocopies of Western towns from photos,1947-1961 Desert Magazine articles, Scientific American April 6, 1907, Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 571442

Lot: 5334 - Tonopah, NV Theatre Tickets, 2 Mining Stocks

2 tickets from Nevada Theatre and 6 tickets from Butler Theatre in Tonopah, NV. 2 B/w photos of California/Nevada desert. 2 issued Greenwater Copper Mines and Smelter stocks 1907 and 1910. 1944 folded Nevada hunting license. Date: Location: Nevada

Lot: 5335 - RPC of flood in Aztec, New Mexico - 1909

Identified as September 6, 1909. Black and white RPC with great contrast. Uinque? Date: Location: Aztec, New Mexico HWAC# 54005

Lot: 5336 - Bigler Farm Ranch, Las Vegas Black and White RPC

G339x. Rare. Date: Location: Las Vegas, New Mexico HWAC# 53976

Lot: 5337 - Lordsburg and Gallup, NM RPCs

1) Lordsburg. Unused. Nice contrast. Showing the Hotel Hidalgo. 2) Casa Linda Court RPC in Gallup. 1938. Date: Location: Lordsburg, New Mexico HWAC# 54003

Lot: 5338 - Stratford Black and White Real Photo Postcard

"Hotel Stratford which housed the stagecoach passengers and notables as well as the bad men of the southwest in the early days." D-89. The town proudly shares its heritage with such men as Billy the Kid, John Ringo, Curley Bill, Russian Bill, the

Lot: 5339 - 1911 Tucumcari RPC of the Town from its Outskirts

Talk about a town with a history: it is famous as a town full of saloons and outlaws. It is named for a the town was nicknamed "Six-Shooter Siding." It became in 1901 when the Rock Island Railroad came through this desert spot. Slowly the town and

Lot: 5340 - Ancient Indians of New Mexico - Postcards

Lot of five. 1) Pueblo of Santa Clara. 2) Pueblo of Laguna. 3) Streets of Acoma. 4) Pueblo woman making bread. 5) Interior scene of Kiva. Colro RPC. Date: Location: New Mexico HWAC# 53974

Lot: 5341 - Buildings in New Mexico - Postcard Collection with

Lot of eleven. Five RPC's: 1) First National Bank of Foxtales. No postmark but has been hand cancelled???. 2) Las Vegas Junior High. 3) Tucumcari High School. 4) Hotel La Fonda, Santa Fe. 5) Phelps-Dodge Mercantile COmpany in Tyronne. Others include

Lot: 5342 - Churches of New Mexico - Postcards

Lot of nine. 1) 1911 RPC of the Episcopal Church in East Las Vegas. CEJD. 2) San Miguel Church in Santa Fe. Copyright 1908, St. Michael's College. 3) Interior of Santa Fe church. Copyright 1908, St. Michael's College. 4) Babtist Church in Roswell. 5)

Lot: 5343 - New Mexico Postcard Lot

Lot of twelve: soldiers, town greetings, artesian well, reprint of 1914 Cleve Brown of Silver City reprint, Billy the Kid headstone by the S. W. Post Card Co., leather Raton, New Mexico postcard, etc. Date: Location: New Mexico HWAC# 53978

Lot: 5344 - New Mexico Town Views - Postcards

Lot of thirteen. Black and white RPCs include Main Street Las Cruces, Silver City overview and Albuquerque overview. Black and White postcards include Artesia churches and Elida Cement Company. Color RPCs include main street Deming, KFUN in Las

Lot: 5345 - Three Small Town New Mexico RPC's with Postmarks

1) November 25, 1909 Dexter, New Mexico main street with plenty of buggies and wagons and no cars. 2) 1910 tree lined Dexter, New Mexico. RPC. 3) 1941 Cloudcroft. Middle Street with trees in the middle and cabin-type homes on the side. Date:

Lot: 5346 - New York Stocks (3)

1) i/u Federal Silverware Co. to Henry Dickinson 1910 #15 39 shares(note damage). 2) i/u New York Opera Glass Supply Co. to Clare Patterson 4893 #7 2033 shares. 3)i/u New York Fare Register and Supplies Co. to A. Fisher 1896 #11 20 shares. Date:

Lot: 5347 - Caldwell Oil Company and Chase & Company Stocks

1) Caldwell Oil Company. Oklahoma. #2141 for 327 shares in 1920. To EL Johnstone. Signed by secretary and president. Oil field vignette. Four 2c stock transfer checks on back. Some pinholes, but overall in good condition. 2) Chase & Company.

Lot: 5348 - Four Nice Panorama Postcards of Pendleton, Oregon

Identified dates are 1912 and 1913. Three RPC's: 1) No. 43 Business District, 2) No. 41 Residence Section (from M Parletin who has marked his residence) and a bird's eye from the high school. Also Sprouse & Son general panorama - section 2. Date:

Lot: 5349 - Pendleton, Oregon Postcards of Buildings

Postcards are dated from 1906 to 1928. Four RPC's: St Anthony's Hospital, Pendleton Hotel (Smith), Temple Hotel (Smith) and Post Office (Smith) . Other buildings include City Hall, high school, court house, Methodist Church, St. Joseph's Academy,

Lot: 5350 - Pendleton, Oregon Railroad RPC's

Lot of three. 1) Unidentified photographer of the depot of the O. W. R. R. & N. 2) Brown sepia of the same depot. 3) Main Street Bridge over the Umatilla River. Date: Location: Pendleton, Oregon HWAC# 54031

Lot: 5351 - Pendleton, Oregon Street Scene Black and White

Five different views of downtown Pendleton. Two at night. Two photos by Ellis and three by Smith. Great contrast in the photos! Date: Location: Pendleton, Oregon HWAC# 54025

Lot: 5352 - Pendleton, Oregon Street Scene Black and White

All show the business district of Pendleton. Two by Ellis and two by Smith. One older and unidentified. Find Tallman Drugs, Payless Drugs, Rivoli Theater, The Club, Office Lunch, Bowling, Duncan's, Sheehans, Elk Horn Cafe,Temblee Hotel, East

Lot: 5353 - Remainder of Pendleton, Oregon Postcards

Dated postcards are from 1906 to 1929. Early group. Four RPC's and twenty total cards. RPC's include downtown street scene, business section overview and Till Taylor Park. Color cards include an Indian Village during the Round-Up, very early black

Lot: 5354 - Roads to Pendleton RPC's

Lot of four. Three black and white RPC's: Cabbage Hill on the old Oregon Trail, early 1912 bridge over a river (some damage in upper right), and La Grande Highway. A color postcard of the winding road that followed the Oregon Trail. Date: Location:

Lot: 5355 - Two rarer RPC's of Pendleton, Oregon

February 6, 1916 snowstorm with banks of snow much higher than the women in the photograph. A Bowman photo. The Natatorium. Roughly the same time period. A natatorium is a building containing a swimming pool. Extremely fine contrast. Winter and

Lot: 5356 - Gery Realty and Building Products Corporation Bond

1 Gold Bond for $1000.00 with 20 revenue stamps attached. 9.5" x 15.5". Date: 1931 Location: Reading, Pennsylvania HWAC# 53727

Lot: 5357 - Old Wallower Freight Receipts (30)

Approx 30 freight receipts from Old Wallower Freight. Some creased tops, some toning. With revenue stamps. Date: 1865 Location: Pennsylvania HWAC# 69036

Lot: 5358 - South Dakota Elks Lodge Mortgage

#372 Mortgage Certificate of Huron Lodge No. 444 Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks 1926. $165. Date: Location: South Dakota HWAC# 54622

Lot: 5359 - Jackson Fire Brick Company Bonds (5)

Five Jackson Fire Brick Company $100 bonds issued in 1921. Orange border and George Washington vignette. 9.5 x 14." No. 888, 889, 1835, 1836, and 1837. All have some quantity of coupons still attached. None are cancelled. Inc. in 1917. Clay lands and

Lot: 5360 - Corsicana Gas Light Co. Bonds (7)

7 Corsicana Gas Light Co. $500 bonds. #28, 29, 50, 52, 53, 56, 75 Date: c. 1888 Location: Navarro County, Texas HWAC# 69020

Lot: 5361 - Taylor Cotton Oil Works Bonds (4)

3 green $1000, 1 corral $500 specimen Date: Location: Texas HWAC# 69017

Lot: 5362 - Salt Lake City Postcard Collection

Lot of 75 cards including 7 real photo. Real photo include: women posing at Black Rock Beach; first house built in Utah at Temple Square; three of the same monument; entrance to Memory Park; and Triassic Reptile exhibit at Utah Museum of Natural

Lot: 5363 - Saltair Resort Postcard Collection (Great Salt

Lot of 48 including seven real photo. Most are early printed cards. Some duplication. 1) Real photo: three rare exterior views showing the resort and people in the water including one showing a roller coaster; plus four close-ups of people floating

Lot: 5364 - Utah Postcards of the State Capitol

Lot of 36 incl. 9 RPC. Twenty-four single postcards plus one booklet of 12. 1) Nine real photo postcards: 3 exterior of state capitol building; four interior showing the governor's reception room; one exterior of governor's mansion; and one interior

Lot: 5365 - Utah Postcards: Mormon Temple, Tabernacle, & Other

Lot of 63 including 8 real photo. 1) Real photo: inside of Tabernacle showing the great organ; outside Tabernacle; two of Eagle Gate; and four exterior of Mormon Temple (Temple Block, Square). All unmailed. 2) Fourteen Tabernacle specific printed

Lot: 5366 - Southern Utah Postcard Collection

Lot of 29 postcards of Utah towns and places south of Salt Lake City. Includes 12 real photo cards: rare Cedar City Indian Trading Post; 1911 Provo Canyon; fishermen next to fish at Richfield (1913 cancel); power plant at Pleasantgrove; main street

Lot: 5367 - Utah Mormon Postcard Collection

Lot of 27 including 6 later real photo. This group has views of LDS and Mormon structures and historical figures. RPCS include: two of Mormon Battalion Monument; St. George LDS Temple; Old Cove Fort/ Mormon Refuge; and two different of Seagull

Lot: 5368 - Utah Postcard Collection

Lot of 46: 45 postcards and 1 Arbuckle Coffee Utah trade card. The postcards are mostly later. Twelve were mailed, 1908-1965. Cards for Moab, Delta, St. George, Fort Douglas, Vernal, Heber, Weber River, petroglyphs at Meadow Valley, Nephi, Panguitch,

Lot: 5369 - Ornamental Iron and Wire Company, Inc. Bond

1 Gold Bond, with 20 coupons attached. Ornate mauve border. 9.75' x 15.25" Date: 1919 Location: Portsmouth, Virginia HWAC# 53726

Lot: 5370 - Seattle Native American Themed Postcards

Lot of 15 incl. two real photo (duplicate view of totem pole in Pioneer Square). 1) Five different postcards for the Golden Potlatch, held during the third week of July each summer. Cards are for three different years (1911, 1912 and ?). Potlatch is

Lot: 5371 - Postcards of Washington Banks

Lot of 17. Ten postcards and 7 postal return receipts from Washington banks. Postcards include: two copies of a rare interior view of the Old National Bank in Spokane, both mailed 1908, and one exterior card, mailed 1910s(?); two rare copies of an

Lot: 5372 - Washington Church & State Postcard Collection

Lot of 39 including 15 real photo cards of schools, universities, and churches in Washington state. 1) Real photo: state school in Cheney; multiple of Univ. of Washington; schools in Longview; Central Washington College, Ellensburg; school buildings

Lot: 5373 - Yellowstone National Park Stereoviews

Lot of 8 different. Includes: 13595--The Noisy Roadside "Growler" (Keystone); 4535--Crater of the Splendid Geyser (Haynes); Jupiter Terrace, Mammoth Springs Formation (Underwood & Underwood); wagon above Yellowstone River (HC White & Co.);

Lot: 5374 - Ten Stereoviews of Asia (Mostly Japan)

Lot of ten stereoviews of scenes in Asian countries. Eight are Keystone, 2 are Griffith & Griffith. Includes: A Japanese Tandem; a Chinese toddler in Manchuria; tea and rice farming at Shizuoka, Japan; Ancient Crater of Aso in Japan; Museum in

Lot: 5375 - Canadian Cement Companies Stock Certificates

Lot of 33 pictorial stocks. Included: Canada Cement Lafarge Ltd. (7, 1970-73); Canada Cement Company, Ltd. ( 24, different varieties, 1935-67); and Lafarge Cement of North America, Ltd. (2, one issued in 1965). (Prag Collection) Date: 1935-1973

Lot: 5376 - Canadian Industrial Companies Stock Certificates

Lot of 33. Duplication. Non-mining companies: Saguenay Pulp & Power; Manitoba Cold Storage Co.; National Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada; British-American Construction & Materials; Aluminum Co. of Canada; Dominion Alloy Steel Corp;

Lot: 5377 - Canadian Industrial Stock Certificates

Lot of 109 Canadian industrial stock certificates. Mining, lumber, agriculture and retail. Date: Location: zCanada HWAC# 63605

Lot: 5378 - Canadian Lumber Stock Certificates

Lot of 13 stock certificates from Canadian lumber companies. Date: Location: zCanada HWAC# 63602

Lot: 5379 - Canadian Power & Industrial Stock Certificate

Lot of 60. 1) Trans-Canada Pipe Lines, Ltd: twelve, issued 1957-1981, pictorial. 2) Calgary Power Ltd. fifteen, issued 1960-80, different varieties, pictorial. 3) British Columbia Power Corporation, Ltd.: twenty, issued 1954-1963, pictorial. 4)

Lot: 5380 - Canadian Power Company Stock Certificates

Lot of eleven stock certificates from power utility companies of Canada. Date: Location: zCanada HWAC# 63601

Lot: 5381 - Canadian Wildlife Stock Certificates

Lot of 12 stock certificates with vignettes of animals: bison, moose, foxes, etc. Date: Location: zCanada HWAC# 63603

Lot: 5382 - Four Nice Stereoviews of Canada (Furs, Indians,

Lot of 4 different (3 Keystone and 1 HC White). Includes: Keystone No. 9460, Laliberte's Fur Parlor, Quebec; Keystone No. 13882, Indian Basket Weaving, Prince Edward Island; Keystone No. 27358, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Headquarters in Calgary;

Lot: 5384 - 4 Chinese and Japanese Bonds

Republique Chinoise 5% Gold Bond 1925-creased. Small 50 certificate with tank and battleship vignettes-.5" tear. $500 36th Year Short Term Notes of the Republic of China, 1947. Brown Japanese 1000 yen bond, #0000, untranslatable by us. Date:

Lot: 5385 - Chinese 5% Gold Bonds (12)

12 Republique Chinoise 5% Gold Bonds with most coupons. 3-4 creases. Date: 1925 Location: zChina HWAC# 73028

Lot: 5386 - French Chinese $50 5% Gold Bonds (13)

13 Chinese bonds. Republique Chinoise 5% $50 Gold Bond 1925. Most coupons attached. Date: Location: zChina HWAC# 73030

Lot: 5387 - German Chinese 5% Bonds (16)

16 bonds. 5% Kaiserlich Chinesische Tientsin-Pukow-Staaseisenbahn-Anleihe L20. Date: 1908 Location: zChina HWAC# 73029

Lot: 5388 - Five Cuba Stereoviews

Lot of 5 different. Best shows the embarkation of Spanish Troops at Santiago Harbor (c.1898). Also: Morro Castle in Havana (Griffith & Griffith); and three c.1905 by HC White & Co. showing a tobacco farm, central park in Havana, and a cuban

Lot: 5389 - 10 German Bonds

Lot of ten 4 1/2% 20,000 mark bonds. Hamburgifche Staatsanleihe. Interest coupons as well. Date: 1919 Location: zGermany HWAC# 53833

Lot: 5390 - 47 German Bonds

Lot of 47 pieces Anleihe des Deutichen Reichs von 1922. 8 x 11 inches. Date: 1922 Location: zGermany HWAC# 53832

Lot: 5391 - 49 German Bonds

Lot of 49 pieces: 5000 Funftaufend Mark Reichswahrung. 8 x 10 inches, green and black ink. Date: 1922 Location: zGermany HWAC# 53831

Lot: 5392 - German Bond Collection

Eleven German bonds from the 1920s and 1930s. Schatzfchein 5000 Kronen,Stadt Frankfurt am Main, Schuldverschreibung der Stadt Stettin, Bayerilche Dereinsbank,(1000 Goldmarf). Date: Location: zGermany HWAC# 53829

Lot: 5393 - Jewish and Israeli Related Postcard Collection

Approx 100 b/w, chromolitho and RPC postcards featuring portraits of Israeli men, New Years cards, Wailing Wall, Israeli scenes and more. Date: Location: zIsrael HWAC# 63362

Lot: 5394 - Italian Bonds

Lot of seven bonds: two 1000 Lira and five 5000 Lira. Vignette of farmer sowing seeds. 4 1/2 x 8 inches. Date: 1924 Location: zItaly HWAC# 53830

Lot: 5395 - Mexican Industrial Bonds (3)

3 bonds, Union Mercantil e Industrial Mexican SA Date: 1912 Location: zMexico HWAC# 69024

Lot: 5396 - Mexico Stereoview Collection

Lot of 12 different stereoviews. 1) Two by Kilburn: 1143--Mexican Gentleman's Home, Ameca-meca and 1074--Interior of a Modern Mexican House. 2) Seven by Keystone: Cotton Mills, Orizaba; Making Adobe Bricks; the World's Greatest Silver Mining City,

Lot: 5397 - Middle East Stereoviews

Lot of 7 different stereoviews featuring scenes in the Middle East. Includes 3 Keystone, 2 Underwood & Underwood, plus 2 others: Pulpit of Omar in Jerusalem; the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem; a carpenter shop at Nazareth; Damascus Gate; Church of

Lot: 5398 - Phillipines Stereoview Collection

Lot of 21 stereoviews with some duplicates. 1) 14 Keystone views: husking coconuts (x2), stripping hemp bark, sweet potato gathering, thrashing rice, The Escalta (x2), harrowing rice fields (x2), cattle pack animals, Cascos (Floating Homes), cutting

Lot: 5399 - 8 Russian Bonds

Lot of eight pieces, 3 different bonds: 5 brown, 2 purple, 1 orange-red, with coupons. Date: 1916 Location: zRussia HWAC# 53835

Lot: 5400 - 3 Nice Syrian Postcards

Damaskus-Damas, 2 Bedouins with rifles, Alep building. Date: Location: Syria HWAC# 53910

Lot: 5401 - Five Constantinople Postcards

One by Fruchtermann. Two used (1907 and 1910). Date: Location: zTurkey HWAC# 53901

Lot: 5402 - Five Turkey Postcards Stamped on Front

1906. Two from Andrinople. Green stamps. Three form Constantinople. Black 10 cent stamps. Two have a strip of two. One has a 1 million pre-stamped German stamp on back? Date: Location: zTurkey HWAC# 53903

Lot: 5405 - 1870's Stereos of Egypt

Lot of 12. Nine early stereos by by C.G. in Paris on yellow board. Each is identified in manuscript ink on obverse and reverse. The nine views include some temples and a number of views of Cairo. Three other views also on yellow board, but with

Lot: 5406 - Cairo Area Stereoviews, c 1896-1904

Twenty seven stereo views of the Cairo area, including museum interiors. Photos by Underwood & Underwood and Keystone. Includes many temples. This is a great historical record of a region that has undergone complete change. Date: Location: Egypt

Lot: 5407 - 2 Egyptian Postcard Sets

Memphis and Sakkara series 112 and Thebes series 117 by Lehnert & Landrock with 24 postcards and 2 folders Date: Location: Egypt, zAfrica HWAC# 53908

Lot: 5408 - Map of Palestine; Persia/Turkey in Asia

1) map of Persia,m Turkey in Asia, Afghansitan, Beloochistan. Single page, multi color lithograph, page #89 12.5" x 15.25"; 2) Map of Palestine or the Holy Land, single page, multi color lithograph, page #90, states in part ..."Palestine under

Lot: 5409 - Maps of Western Europe (6)

6 Maps of Western Europe. 1) Map of Europe showing its Gt. Political Divisions, page #74, single page, multi color lithograph; 2) County map of England and Wales, single page, multi color lithograph 15.25 x 12.5". 3) Single page map, multi color

Lot: 5410 - Foreign Bonds

Lot of approx. 50 foreign bonds, Republic of Austria,Campania De Las Minas De Oro Cerro Colorado; Compania Espanola; Mineral De Pachuca Campania Aviadora De Las Minas & more. Date: late 1800's to 1900's Location: HWAC# 63944

Lot: 5411 - Early Eastern Calendar Collection

A collection of 10 eastern calendars from various places and with various themes including the Waterloo Wagon Company, New York (1908); the George S. Wood & Co., Boston (1906); S.J. Clark Fire Insurance (1901); and Contractor's Supply and

Lot: 5412 - Misc. US Ephemera (~50 pieces)

Assorted letters, map of India on one side mounted on brown paper and a map of Palestine on back page14" x 11.5"; 5 small metal medallions one reading Pacific Far East Line, SS Mariposa - SS Monterey with a bear and 8 stars; many photo's look to be

Lot: 5413 - First Flight & Patriotic Covers

Lot of 19. Includes: set of 10 different patriotic World War II covers; four 1941 First Flights with small black and white images of the planes glued to the envelope; Glendale, CA 1931 first flight; El Centro, CA 1932 first flight; Honolulu

Lot: 5414 - Illustrated English Furniture Guide & Historical

Lot of 5. 1) Partial contents of a book entitled Characteristics of Old Furniture Styles in England 1600-1800. About 75 pages with no binding, but fantastic illustrations of antique furniture. 12 x 10" 2) Four different partial volumes of The

Lot: 5415 - Misc. US Advertising Ephemera

Lot of 18. Included: c.1930s brochure for The Radioptican Post Card Projector; color advertising brochure for The New Florence Stove; price guide for Patriotic Fireworks company; Durant Sport car blotter; Gevaert Roll-Film envelope; 1984 Barbie toy

Lot: 5416 - Animal & Pet Stereoviews

Lot of 4 different stereoviews showing pets or animals. Three show Saint Bernard dogs: Kilburn 14684, c.1902; Keystone 11364 Ladies Kennel Association Show, London; Keystone P-11429 The Red Cross Dog; and Keystone V7826 Giant Hippopotamus. (Prag

Lot: 5417 - Miscellaneous U.S. Stereoview Collection

Lot of 39. Really varied group: scenery (California, Idaho, Watkins Glen, New York), people (Admiral Dewey, Mr. R. W. Sears, early barber, farmers in Mississippi), Boulder Dam, St. Paul, the moon, Beaumont TX oil derricks, Independence Hall in

Lot: 5418 - Miscellaneous US Military Stereoviews

Lot of 13. Includes: two zeppelin views, Pacific Fleet visiting San Francisco Bay, two of military bands, Admiral Evans, US Marine Peace Jubilee in Philadelphia, James G. Blaine, Monument to Unknown Soldiers, Soldiers Graves in Arlington, Missionary

Lot: 5419 - World War I Stereoviews

Lot of 7 different Keystone stereoviews with World War I related views. Included: 26511-The Leviathan; 16667-Submarines, Battleships, and Torpedo Boats; 18927-"Enemy Airmen Successfully Bombed One of Our Supply Trains" (view of damaged wagons and

Lot: 5420 - Stereoviews of Children

Lot of 12 early stereoviews featuring children sleeping, playing games, posing, etc. Fun little group. Mostly Keystone or Underwood & Underwood. Please inspect. (Prag Collection) Date: Location: United States HWAC# 54757

Lot: 5421 - Real Photo Postcards of Uniformed Men

20 RPC's of uniformed men--portraits and scenes. Date: Location: United States HWAC# 38427

Lot: 5422 - US Religious Ephemera

Lot of 4. 1) 1892 10th Anniversary Children of Mary, St. Francis Parish souvenir brochure. 2) 1899 Easter Sunday program for Vincent Methodist Episcopal Church. 3) 1873 Methodist Episcopal Church Missionary Advocate with front page article about the

Lot: 5423 - 200 Assorted Stocks

Approx 200 US stocks with much duplication. Perhaps 40-50 different titles-Tobacco Products Corp., Phoenix Insurance, United Stores, National Tea, Corrugated Container and more. Date: c. 1929-1963 Location: HWAC# 64306

Lot: 5424 - 22 Vintage Sheet Music Pieces

Cowboy Songs by Charles Marshall, Everybody Loves a Chicken by Bobby Jones (everybody really?), Why Can't I Be your Honey Boy by Frank Minzley, Chica Chica Boom Chic by Harry Warren, Oh! What a Pal Was Mary by Edgar Leslie, Ben Hur MGM Pictorial

Lot: 5425 - 50 Different Old Stocks

50 different old stock, c. 1920-1973. Includes Postum Cereal, Compubook Systems, Paul Revere Investors, Harrisburg Steel, Farmers Equity Elevator and more. Date: Location: HWAC# 64033

Lot: 5426 - 50 Mostly Different Stock Certificates

50 mostly different including Pullman Transport Leasing, Pyramid Motor Freight, Washington Gas Light, EJ Korvette, General Motors with cool vignette, Sargent-Welch Scientific, Trans World Airlines, Steve's Ice Cream and more. c . 1918-1986 Date:

Lot: 5427 - 50 Mostly Different US Stocks

50 mostly different stocks includes-Tran World Airline, Time,Inc., Waltham Watch, Sears, Roebuck, Three Sands Oil, Steve's Ice Cream, Millville Tanning and more. Date: Location: HWAC# 64031

Lot: 5428 - A Night to Remember by Lord (Titanic)

Hardcover 209pp with index. Original dust jacket has chips. Titanic story. Date: Location: HWAC# 63778

Lot: 5429 - American Ephemera

Mixed bag of a 1947 Hawaiian calendar with colorful prints, group of a dozen postcards, several stock certificates, checks, and other papers. Date: Location: HWAC# 71006

Lot: 5430 - Check Assortment (14)

Approx 14 checks from 1867-1899, and a pictorial. Date: Location: HWAC# 63168

Lot: 5431 - American Literature Hardcovers (7)

Hardcovers with dustjackets. The Peter Principle by Peter. The Good Sheperd by Forester. A Farewell to Arms by Hemingway. The Eighth Day by Wilder. Gold from Crete by Forester. The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Wilder. War and Remembrance by Wouk. Date:

Lot: 5432 - Assorted Stock Certificates (5)

1) Pay Toliet Lock Co.i/u 1925 to Frank Colwell, #146 5 shares, signed by president Nichols. 2) National Safe & Lock Co., i/u 1929 to Brandon French #5 1 share. 3) Hygrade Lamp Co. i/c 1930 to Hale, Waters and Co. #817 10 shares.4) Merrimack

Lot: 5433 - Assorted Stocks (26) and 2 Bonds

26 stocks-Johnson Educator Food, Overland Co., Alma Lincoln Mining. 2 City of Poughkeepsie $1000bonds Date: Location: HWAC# 69016

Lot: 5434 - Assorted US Stock Stack

Approx 100 different US stocks including a few bonds-US Plywood, National Cleveland Corp., Sperry Corp with nice vigette, Massey-Ferguson, Sierra Pacific and more. Date: c. 1943-1981 Location: HWAC# 64305

Lot: 5435 - Assorted US Stocks Stack

Approx 100 different stocks-Sierra Power, Tobacco Products Corp., Erie Railroad, Simplex Weather Strip, Allied Chemical & Dye and more. Date: c. 1900's-1970's Location: HWAC# 64304

Lot: 5436 - Black & White Real Photo Postcards of Winter

50+ photos. 90% black & white. Please see photos online. Skiing, ski jumping, posing, toboggans, women, children and men from around the world. Date: Location: HWAC# 53510

Lot: 5437 - Box of Americana

mixed lot. 10 tokens, hundreds of Old West photo postcards mostly in original shrink wrap, 7" Fabulous Las Vegas souvenir plate, Limoge 1976 12" Colette plate with papers, repro metal embossed tin sign for Dr. Morse's Indian Root Pills, 7 Belafonte,

Lot: 5438 - Brewing and Telephone Stocks (12)

Gordon Telephone, Western Union, New England Telephone and Telegraph, Falstaff Brewing, Marathon City Brewing Date: Location: HWAC# 64063

Lot: 5439 - Chinese Bonds (2 Types)

Approx.15 Chinese Bonds with Vignette Chinese Rules from 1920's-1930's. Date: 1900's Location: HWAC# 63945

Lot: 5440 - Chuckwagon Photographs

Lot of two (5 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch) photographs of life in a sheepherders chuck wagon. Date: Location: HWAC# 63618

Lot: 5441 - City/Govt. Bonds and a Few Stocks

9 bonds, oldest 1874 Philadelphia with important citizens vignettes, poor condition. Colorado Springs,Maryland Bridge, Sierra Nevada Water & Power. Stocks-Service Electric, Provident Savings Bank, D. Ghirardelli. Date: c. 1874-1925 Location:

Lot: 5442 - Coat and Sweater Catalogs

Another Good Cloak Season, spring catalogue 1897, Griswold, Palmer and Co. with b/w illustrations of ladies apparel, 16pp plus price list. 10.75" x 7.75". The Profits in Cloaks, spring 1898, Griswold, Palmer and Co. with b/w illustrations of ladies

Lot: 5443 - Coin, Illustrations and Autograph Collecting Group

14 hard and soft cover books and catalogs related to collecting. Date: Location: HWAC# 56554

Lot: 5444 - Collection of Last Names of Doctors, Hospitals

Collection of Prescriptions of the day from misc. doctors' offices, hospitals & more. Mostly from Western States. Please inspect for condition issues. Approx. pp.400. Date: early 1900's Location: HWAC# 72019

Lot: 5445 - Colt's Manufacturing Co. Stocks

Approx 70 Colt's manufacturing Co. stock, 1949-1955. Horse vignette. Printed by ABN, green and brown. Date: Location: HWAC# 64075

Lot: 5446 - Dealers Lot of Stock Certificates

Lot of 63 stock certificates. Banks, utilities and ice cream companies. Date: Location: HWAC# 63648

Lot: 5447 - Dealers Lot of Stock Certificates

Lot of 23 certificates: 7 unissued Lake Erie and Louisville Railroad Company share certificates; 6 issued stock certificates from Penn Central Railroad; 10 General Foods Overseas Development bonds. Date: Location: HWAC# 71016

Lot: 5448 - Dogsled Dogs Postcards with RPC (10)

10 postcards of dog sled dogs with 5 RPC's Date: Location: HWAC# 53956

Lot: 5449 - Dogsled Postcards: 28 Alaska Dog Teams

Fifteen RPC's. Best is probably Murffs Cabin on the Mulchatna River. Several doen by the Ordway Photo Service of Juneau. OTher photos by Johnstone, Gordon, Oakes, L. H. P., Blagaws. Please see photos online. Confirmed dates range from 1909 to 1941.

Lot: 5450 - Dogsled Postcards: Canadian & United States

Lot of 26. 12 black and white RPC's. Includes Evans Native Dog Sled, Frasher June Lake photo, Ed Clark's New Jersey team, team on Grouse Mountain near Vancouver taken in 1927, a Taylor photo, team in front of 1920's automobile, etc. Dog teams on

Lot: 5451 - Dogsled Postcards: Large selection of sled dogs

Lot of 23. 13 black and white RPC's, 5 color RPC's. Three show puppies. Photos by C. P. Johnstone, Conn, Joe Huber, Fraser. Most not identified. Our favorite is a dog in the grass (not snow) by Lomen Brothers. It is postmarked Iditarod, Alaska, 1911.

Lot: 5452 - Dogsled Postcards: Mail Teams

Lot of seven. Six are black and white RPC's. Published by Murdoch's Gem Shop, Johnston, C Leighton. One was mailed in 1942 and has a nice red "Passed by Army Examiner. Base 1738". Date: Location: HWAC# 54010

Lot: 5453 - Large Group of Skiing Postcards

Over 80 total cards. 10+ black & white RPCs. From all over the world with an emphasis on the west. Skiing, ski jumping, lifts, lodges, racing, smow, summer at the ski resorts, etc. Please see photos online. Date: Location: HWAC# 53509

Lot: 5454 - Women on Skies from Around the World Postcard

Lot of twenty-seven. 14 black & white RPC's. Includes two 1933 bathing beauties from Paradise Valley, Lake Placid, Colorado, England, Canada, France, Michigan, Utah, California, Norway, etc. Date: Location: HWAC# 53503

Lot: 5455 - Exploration and War Related Books (11)

10 hardcover and 1 softcover. The East India Company by Gardner. New World Found by Lamb. A Distant Mirror by Tuchman. The Cape Horn Breed by Jones. The First Salute by Tuchman. Prejudice, War and the Constitution by Barnhart. The White Nile by

Lot: 5456 - Ford Motor Co. Stocks

Approx 19 ABN stocks with vignette of an early tiller steered motor car. Date: c. 1956-1977 Location: HWAC# 64300

Lot: 5457 - Four Unused Political Envelopes

Two American flags, Union from Wisconsin, and Gen. Lyon of Missouri. Date: Location: HWAC# 63608

Lot: 5458 - General Ephemera including Postal

Assortment of postal covers, postcards, 1898 billhead, iron stone china pricelist, stocks and more. Date: Location: HWAC# 65003

Lot: 5459 - Groups on Horseback Photos

Lot of four: real photo postcard of three men holding six horses; eleven men and women on horseback in the Yosemite Valley; 8 x 10 still from a cowboy western; and a little cowpoke pointing the way to a posse of six mounted men. Date: Location: HWAC#

Lot: 5460 - Horse and Rider Photograph Collection

Lot of 46 photographs of horse and rider, some cow camp branding photos. Half large size prints, a couple dozen snapshot size. Date: Location: HWAC# 63639

Lot: 5461 - Horse Drawn Wagon Photography Collection

Thirty one photographs of horse drawn wagons. One stereoview card, a few real photo postcards, but mostly photographs. Date: Location: HWAC# 63638

Lot: 5462 - Kaiser-Frazier Corp. Stocks

Approx 19 certs, some are blue with car vignette. Multiple rust stains. Date: c. 1945-1947 Location: HWAC# 64309

Lot: 5463 - Lapidary Magazine Collection

Approx. 50 lapidary magazines from 1962-1984 including Lapidary Journal and Rock & Gem. Date: Location: HWAC# 64002

Lot: 5464 - Midwest Telephone Stock Certificates Group

Lot of 14: extensive group of midwest and east telephone company stocks, from multiple states. The oldest pair is the "Western Illinois Telephone Company," dated 1896 and 1899. Then comes the "Enterprise Telephone Company" of Edgerton, Minnesota,

Lot: 5465 - Misc. Electrical/Electronics Catalogs

Bristol's Recording Pressure and Vacuum Gauges, Herbach & Rademan August and November 1950 catalogs, Hall & McCreary 1930 School Books catalog, Western Electric Lapel Microphone 1932, Western Union/Victor entertainers poster, GE miniature

Lot: 5466 - Misc. Mining, Homes and Other Stocks

Approx 28 stocks-Goldfield Daisy Mining, insurance, telephone, bank, Richfield Land and more. Date: c. 1880-1961 Location: HWAC# 65068

Lot: 5467 - Misc. U.S. Stock Certificates & a Bond

Lot of 5. Included: Desert Oil & Gas Co of Nevada (unissued, pictorial); Erie Petroleum Company (issued 1931, pictorial); Western Refrigerating Co. of Los Angeles (1927, pictorial); Texas Holding Company Oil cert. (issued 1923); a $1,000 bond for

Lot: 5468 - Misc. Western Stocks (10)

Wall Street Mining, Western Union Mining, Blue Lizard Mines, Happy Day Mining, Utah Academy, Hazelton Stripping, Dell Coal, Ben Hur Mining, Allen Oil,Grand Deposit Mining Date: Location: HWAC# 64526

Lot: 5469 - Mixed Envelope Of US Ephemera

These items did not belong to other groups and at the end of the day they all got lumped together in this lot. Nice assortment includes photos, legal documents, deeds, letterheads, billheads, Aams Express 1858, IOOF, New Jersey Range Office

Lot: 5470 - Mixed Ephemera (8)

Mix of late 19th century stock, billheads, mining prospectus with map. Date: Location: HWAC# 65006

Lot: 5471 - Mixed Ephemera Lot

Modern Ice scrip book, approx 25 19th century Consumers Service Co. Bonds, billheads including Wells Fargo, B &O Railroad 1871 letterhead-master of machinery's office, old philatelic letter from Nepal, 2 US Defense stamp albums, 1930's German

Lot: 5472 - Mixed US Stocks

Approx 90 stocks- Cartridge Television, Phoenix Insurance, Denver Ice and Cold Storage, Hydraulic Press Brick Date: Location: HWAC# 64310

Lot: 5473 - Mostly Airline Transportation Related Schedules

Airline schedules from Jordan American Mail Line, American Airlines x3, Pan Am x2. TWA and Eastern ticket holders. American Airlines guide to NYC Worlds Fair. Advertisement for an airship of the future, 1929. Folding map from Los Angeles Transit

Lot: 5474 - Nice Pictorial Letterheads (7)

Nice group of color and b/w letterheads. Columbia Steamship Co., Royal Club Coffee, Federal Tires, JC & CW Currah Bicycles and Guns, Keen Kutter, Firestone Tires, Bergseth Fish Date: Location: HWAC# 64337

Lot: 5475 - Old Advertising Postal Covers

Lot of 70 old advertising covers postmarked throughout the first half of the 20th century. Date: Location: HWAC# 63610

Lot: 5476 - Old Farm Photograph Collection

Eleven large size photographs and thirteen small photos (2 x 3 inchs) of old time farm scenes. The Fairview Dairy Farm, lots of horses and cows and pioneer settlers. Date: Location: HWAC# 63636

Lot: 5477 - Old Photo Collection

Thirteen photos, mostly the old west. Old cars, a horse-pulled house moving operation, Sawyer's Bar cowboys, Granny her sons and their horse, 12 oxen team pulling a wagon, Native American girls, American Cowgirls. Also six risque Sweet Caporal

Lot: 5478 - Personal "Calling Cards"

Approx. 100 cards some with writing, 19th Century, no cities named (probably Northern California). Date: Location: HWAC# 55126

Lot: 5479 - Pictorial Billheads & Letterheads

Approx. 23+ billheads & letterheads from late 1800's to mid 20th Century. Beautiful color pictorials. Christmas Greetings to Marchion Harware Co., Anaconda, Montana 12/9/1940, another letterhead from Gray & Dudley Co. Manufacturers of Stoves

Lot: 5480 - Postal Covers, Pictorial Letterheads and Ephemera

Assortment of ephemera with a few pictorial letterheads, old postal covers, old portrait photos, 1918 Military Police Xmas card, mining stock and more. Date: Location: HWAC# 63367

Lot: 5481 - Postcard, Stamp and Cover Grabbag

Approx 100 varied postcards with rPC's, US and foreign stamps, covers and more. Date: Location: HWAC# 73012

Lot: 5482 - Registered and Early Air Mail Postal Covers

Lot of eleven covers either registered or Air Mail Special Delivery from the early days of flying. Date: Location: HWAC# 63609

Lot: 5483 - Stamp and Coin Related Ephemera

Facsimile notes, postal covers, post cards etc Date: Location: HWAC# 65079

Lot: 5484 - Real Estate Bonds

19th century Warranty Deed Option Bond with condition issues. 1925 Real Estate Mortgage Bond Date: Location: HWAC# 65069

Lot: 5485 - Sea Bird Case Stickers by Sunkist

Approx 70 unused case stickers. Sea gull and lemon. 8.75" 12.5". Some have edge condition issues. Date: Location: HWAC# 73018

Lot: 5486 - Stock Certificate Group

This lot contains a few TV/Video company stock certificates, a certificate from an Idaho water company and several from The Philippine Long Distance Company. There is also one from Telegraphe De Paris A New York, dated Jan. 1880. A very curious lot

Lot: 5487 - Stock Certs. (30)

Stock Certs.from Verde Apex Copper Company, Verde District, most are cut cancel. 9 good ones. Date: early 1900's Location: HWAC# 63968

Lot: 5488 - Stocks With Revenue Stamps (5)

Philmont National Bank x3, Athens National Bank, Goodrich Farmers Elevator, Date: 1933-1946 Location: HWAC# 64029

Lot: 5489 - Ten Old Letter Posts

One dated 1841, one posted 1863 Genova, one paid by Elston Higbie, an 1841 to Rev. Wallace of York, Penn. Two posts to Miss Cochran of Pittsburg, Penn. A post from Milano to Genova; New York to Montreal, and another addressed to Fall River somewhere.

Lot: 5490 - The Bottom Drawer of Ephemera

Here is a collection of old cabinet cards, stock certificates, billhead receipts, photographs, "Giants of America" portraits torn from a folio and a plethora of other items. Even 8 x 11 glossy cat photos. Date: Location: HWAC# 71011

Lot: 5491 - Three Hunting Photographs

Lot of three 19th Century photographs of men with their hunting guns. Between 5 x 7 and 8 x 5 inches. Date: Location: HWAC# 63619

Lot: 5492 - Three Publishing Stock Certificates

Lot of three stock certificates: United Printers and Publishers; Columbian-Sterling Publishing Company; The Daily Compass Publishing Corporation Date: Location: HWAC# 71015

Lot: 5493 - Tobacco Company Stocks (30)

Group of 30 tobacco stocks. 5 P. lorillard Co. 5 RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co. warrants. 12 Tobacco Products Corp. with nice workers in tobacco field vignette. 1 American Tobacco Co. 1 American Brands Inc. 1 Pumpelly=Howe Co. 2 Green River Loose Leaf

Lot: 5494 - Tobacco Company Stocks (8)

1) i/c Burley Tobacco Co. of Cynthiana to CW Cook 1919 #57 80 shares. 2 and 3) u/i Pumpelly=Howe Tobacco Co. #32 and #99 4) i/u Pumpelly=Howe Tobacco Co. issued to Jennie Faulkner 1922 #6 1 share 5) i/u Green River Leaf Burley Tobacco Warehouse Co.

Lot: 5495 - Tobacco Products Corp Stocks

Approx 100 issued c. 1925-1936. African American vignette. Date: Location: HWAC# 64079

Lot: 5496 - Tool Catalogs (3)

1938 Starrett catalog 282pp, United Saw Mfg. 20pp, Starrett Tools catalog 19 100+pp. Pictorial Starrett letterhead 1913. Date: Location: HWAC# 54937

Lot: 5497 - Tycos Instruments Catalogs

Storm Brewing The Tycos Book 35pp, Tycos Instruments Recording and Index Thermometers 1932 64 pp, Catalog 8000-D Dial Thermometers and Dial Pressure Gauges 1932 16 pp. Date: Location: HWAC# 54403

Lot: 5498 - U.S. Letterheads and Billheads

Lot of 35. Earliest is an 1841 letterhead for the Merchant's Bank in Baltimore. Latest is 1920 assay piece from Alma, Colorado. Numerous pieces from New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, Indiana. Many pictorial. Please inspect. Date: 1841-1920

Lot: 5499 - United Store Corp. Stocks

Approx 100 United Stores Corp stocks printed by ABN with some warrants. c. 1934-1941 Date: Location: HWAC# 64078

Lot: 5500 - US Ephemera

Two blank front statements with handwritten notes on back pertaining to sharpeners. Young Brothers Engravers, Springfield Mass. c. 1913. Wells Fargo & Co. Express, blank memo page. Program for a play called "A Texas Steer". Three folds and some

Lot: 5501 - US Stock Assortment (33)

Includes 3 United States Sealed Postal Card u/i, Waltham Watch, Susa Corp., Delmar Electric, Norwich Pharmacal, Time, INC., Majestic Radio & Television and more. Date: Location: HWAC# 64030

Lot: 5502 - Waltham Watch Stocks

Approx 12 ABN printed stocks with watch vignette. Date: c. 1925-1948 Location: HWAC# 64302

Lot: 5503 - Wells Fargo & Co. Checks and Receipts

Lot of five pieces: two checks dated 1910 and 1905 drawn on Wells Fargo Taylorsville, Plumas County, California. Three receipts from the Wells Fargo Agent in Eureka Nevada, 1906 & 7. Date: Location: HWAC# 71003

Lot: 5504 - Wells Fargo and American Express Envelopes

Over 40 envelopes, most addressed to Stupp Floral Company of St. Joseph Missouri from American Express, Wells Fargo, and Adams Express. Most postmarked from Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. Date: Location: HWAC# 63607

Lot: 5505 - Western and Nevada Postcards

50+ Modern postcard group of Western, desert, Nevada and mining postcards. Color, chromolitho and a few RPC's. Date: Location: HWAC# 571441

Lot: 5506 - Western Scene Photographs

Nine small photographs of horse and rider scenes, some with wagons, probably Nevada or New Mexico. Date: Location: HWAC# 63616

Lot: 5507 - WWI Foreign Military Real Photo Postcards

Over 30 pieces of black and white real photo post cards and some photographs. Date: Location: HWAC# 63637

Lot: 5508 - Arizona Copper Stock Certs. (12)

12 Stock Certs. New Cornelia Copper Co., Arizona mines, I/punch cancelled. Date: 1920's Location: Arizona HWAC# 63951

Lot: 5509 - Arizona Mining Stock Certs (53)

For Arizona Mining Collectors from 2 of the Great Copper companies! Magma Copper Company, & Phelps Dodge Corp. Date: early 120's Location: Arizona HWAC# 63964

Lot: 5510 - Arizona Mining Stock Certs. (8)

Group of Arizona Stock Certs includes 1) Gila River Mining Co. of New Orleans, LA, (unissued); 2) Reorganization Certificate of Deposit of the Phoenix Mining Co., I/C, 1893; 3) Twin Buttes Mining & Smelting Co.,No.233, shares 100; Arizona Ray

Lot: 5511 - Six American Smokeless Coal Co. Gold Bonds

No. 687, and No. 793-797. All issued in 1901. None are cancelled. 16 x 10" Office located in Fort Smith, Arkansas. (Prag Collection) Date: Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas HWAC# 55625

Lot: 5512 - Stock Certs. New Almaden Quicksilver Mines

3 different New Almaden Quicksilver Mines Corp., I/punch cancelled, 10.5" x 7". Date: early 1900's Location: Alamaden, California HWAC# 63973

Lot: 5513 - Keystone Consolidated Mining Receipt Archive

Approx 35 receipts from Keystone Consolidated Mining in Amador County Date: 1879-1885 Location: Amador, California HWAC# 69039

Lot: 5514 - Calaveras Water and Mining Co. Stocks (4)

4 i/u 1881. Date: 1881 Location: Calaveras County, California HWAC# 72026

Lot: 5515 - Carson Hill Mother Lode Mines Stock (3)

3 i/u 1916 Date: 1916 Location: Carson Hill, California HWAC# 65020

Lot: 5516 - Death Valley Copper Mine Stock Certs. (Approx.40)

Stock Certs. I/C from Greenwater Copper Mines & Smelter Co. 11.5"x 8". Date: early 1900's Location: Death Valley, California HWAC# 63976

Lot: 5517 - Furnace Creek Copper Co. Stocks

40 Stock Certs.100 shares each. I/C. Date: early 1900's Location: Death Valley, California HWAC# 63962

Lot: 5518 - Furnace Creek Copper Co. Stocks

31 Stocks Certs. I/C, shares 100. Date: early 1900's Location: Death Valley, California HWAC# 63963

Lot: 5519 - Homer Mill & Mining Stock Certificate

Mono County. i/u GB Bayley 1880, #649 100 shares, signed by president GB Bayley. Bottom crease Date: 1880 Location: Homer, California HWAC# 64025

Lot: 5520 - Union Consolidated Mining Company Stock

Four unissued stock certificates from the Union Consolidated Mining Company of Cerro Gordo, Inyo County, California from the 1870s, issue them to friends for Christmas presents! Date: Location: Inyo County, California HWAC# 71012

Lot: 5521 - Brookline Oil Co. Stock Certificate Archive

Approx. 90 pieces. Issued in the 1930s. All stamp and pen cancelled. Same design: orange border with oil derrick vignette. Inc. in California. Properties in Wilmington Harbor. Date: 1938 Location: Los Angeles County, California HWAC# 66053

Lot: 5522 - 3 Spanish Belle Mining Stocks Certificates, Ny

3 u/i c. 1870's stocks. Lady vignette. (Our describer goofed & listed these as San Francisco pieces, which is why they are not next to the other Nevada) Date: Location: Nye County, Nevada HWAC# 64278

Lot: 5523 - 15 Different California Mining Stocks

15 different California mining stocks-United Water & power, Bunker Hill Consolidated Mining, Deadwood Gold Mining, Yuba Goldfields, Scadden Flat Gold Mining and more. Date: Location: California HWAC# 64021

Lot: 5524 - 3 California Mining Stocks

1) North Banner Con. Tunnel, i/c 1887. 2) Scadden Flat Gold Mining i/c 1879 3) California Dredging and Mining i/u 1877 Date: 1887-1879 Location: California HWAC# 64027

Lot: 5525 - California Mining and Petroleum Stock Certificates

Approximately 21 pieces of California-related stock certificates. Some unissued dated c. 1870. Names include The Farmer's Union, Anglo National Corp., Cal-Tex Oil, Dumm Bros. Petroleum Corp. (nice oil derrick vignette), Yuba Goldfields, Yuba

Lot: 5526 - California Mining Certificates (8)

1896-1905. Selby Smelting & Lead, Murray Creek Mining, Kern River Gold Quartz Mining, Hammon Consolidated Gold Fields, San Domingo Gold Mning Date: Location: California HWAC# 64018

Lot: 5527 - California Mining Ephemera

Lot of five billheads from Giant Powder Company and Clinch Mercantile Company dated 1917. Date: Location: California HWAC# 63270

Lot: 5528 - California Mining Stock Certificates

Lot of 28 stock certificates, mostly mining, mostly California. Some from 1878. Date: Location: California HWAC# 63650

Lot: 5529 - California Mining Stocks

13 Capitola Mining 1925-1926, 3 misc stocks/bonds, Realty Syndicate, Federal Gold Mining, Amador Coalition Mines, Gruss Mining, old tax receipts and more. Date: Location: California HWAC# 65072

Lot: 5530 - Union Consolidated Mining of Cerro Gordo Stocks

U/I stocks c. 1870's. Date: 1870's Location: California HWAC# 65019

Lot: 5531 - Cripple Creek Gold Rock Mining Co. Stock

Three consecutive stocks issued to Howard Slade on Sept. 4th, 1895. None are cancelled. Signed by president Wheeler and secretary Jeffries. Underground mining vignette. Toning, minor wear. Not specifically listed in the CC Manual of 1900, though they

Lot: 5532 - Favorite Gold Mining Co. Stock Certificates,

Lot of 7 issued in 1899. All are punch and stamp cancelled. Signed by VP J.W. Miller and secretary J.K. Miller. Vignette of mountain (probably Pike's Peak). Folds, creases, some toning/soiling. 7 x 10" Owned the Favorite (on Bull Hill), Gold Leaf (on

Lot: 5533 - Cape Cod Mining & Reduction Co. Stock Certificates

Lot of 10 unissued pictorial stocks with stubs, c.1880s. Golden, Colorado dateline. Three vignettes: underground mining scene; smelter; and unidentified building. 6.5 x 14" Creases, some toning. (Prag Collection) Date: 1880s Location: Golden,

Lot: 5534 - Brookland Mining Co. of Leadville, Colorado Stock

#217 i/u Wm. Gilshinen? 1883 1000 shares. Signed by President Adams. Note left side tear and upper dog ear. Rare with no holes. Date: Location: Leadville, Colorado HWAC# 64013

Lot: 5535 - Carbonate Hill Gold Mining and Milling Stocks (23)

Approx 23 issued stocks 1895-1899. Date: Location: Leadville, Colorado HWAC# 65017

Lot: 5536 - Carbonate Hill Gold Mining and Milling Stocks (32)

Approx 32 issued stocks 1899 Date: Location: Leadville, Colorado HWAC# 65018

Lot: 5537 - Camp Bird Limited Stock Certificates

Seven total. Two light green 1935, four light blue 1935, and one white 1956. Camp Bird Limited was incorporated 8 September 1900. Its principal business was the Camp Bird mine, a gold mine in the Mount Sneffels mining district, County Ouray,

Lot: 5538 - Two 1880's Colorado Mining Stocks

Probably Colorado mines. Both i/c. Trophy Mining, Brookland Mining with reverse map. Date: Location: Colorado HWAC# 65015

Lot: 5539 - Colorado Mining and Other Stocks(11)

11 Colorado stocks-Parah Gold Mining, Bank of Manitou, Isabella Gold Mining,Midget Gold Mining,Carbonate Hill Gold Mining and more. Date: Location: Colorado HWAC# 64010

Lot: 5540 - Colorado Mining Certificates

Stewart Mining Company 7" x 11.75", nice condition, vignette of miner with drill; Telluride Mining, Milling and Development Company, nice condition 8.5" x 11.75" vignette of landscape and miners working; The San Juan Sentinel Mining and Milling

Lot: 5541 - Colorado Mining Stock Certificates (11)

11 different, includes-Ute Pass Land & Water, Bank of Manitou, Isabella Gold Mining, Midget Gold Mining, Old Gold Mines and more. Date: Location: Colorado HWAC# 64011

Lot: 5542 - Colorado Mining Stock Certs. (14)

Misc. CO Mining Stock Certs. Gold State Mining & Milling Co., Isabella Gold Mining Co.; The Boulder Tungsten Production Co.; & more, most are I/C some not issued. Date: early 1900's Location: Colorado HWAC# 63950

Lot: 5543 - Colorado Mining Stocks (14)

Colorado Milling and Elevator, Findley Gold Mining, London Gold Mines, Cresson Consolidated Gold Mining and Milling, Boulder Tungsten Production, Alma Lincoln Mining Date: Location: Colorado HWAC# 65078

Lot: 5544 - Colorado Mining Stocks (22)

22 Colorado Mining stocks-Ute Pass Land and Water, Golden Cycle Mining and Reduction, Carbonate Hill Gold Mining and Milling, Parah Gold Mining, Bank of Manitou and more. Date: Location: Colorado HWAC# 64007

Lot: 5545 - Gold Mining Stock Certificates (4)

1) Gold Rock Mining Co I/U to WM Clark 1896 #726 2000 shares 2) Gene Field Gold Mining Co. I/U to SP Booth 1896 #343 1000 shares 3) Gold Exploiting Co I/U to president Charles Weir 1896 #30 500 shares. Cheyenne, Wyoming. 4) Gold Exploiting Co I/U to

Lot: 5546 - Idaho & Utah Mining Stocks

Aprrox 8 mining stock from Utah and Idaho. c. 1909-1929. Includes Grand Central Mining, Victoria Consolidated Mining, Guelph Mining and Milling and more. Date: Location: Idaho HWAC# 64048

Lot: 5547 - Idaho Mining Stocks (10)

10 Idaho mining stocks-Empire Mines, Roanoke Mining, Ambergris Mines, Dayrock Mining and more. Date: Location: Idaho HWAC# 64016

Lot: 5548 - Zinc and Lead Mines Stereoviews

8 Stereoviews - all are the same - Shaft House, Smelter and Tailing Pile. Zinc and Lead Mines, Joplin, MO. Date: Location: Joplin, Missouri HWAC# 46777

Lot: 5549 - Anaconda Mining Co Receipts

4 receipts from 1893-94. Date: Location: Anaconda, Montana HWAC# 50031

Lot: 5550 - North Butte Mining Company Stock Certs. (49)

Stock Certs. I/C (some punch cancelled) vignette of miner working, orange, pink & green colors. Mostly 100 shares a few 50 & 35. Date: early 1900's Location: Butte, Montana HWAC# 63961

Lot: 5551 - Misc. Montana Mining Stocks

Misc. Stocks: Last Chance Copper Mining Co., No. 241, 2000 shares; Basin Montana Tunnel Co.;Montana Fire Clay Co.; International Nickel Co., only to name a few. Punch cancelled, approx. 10 Certs. Date: early 1900's Location: Montana HWAC# 63947

Lot: 5552 - Montana Mining Certificates (9)

1) Butte Copper Mining & Smelting issued 1903 2) Middle Fork Mining u/i 3) North Butte Mining issued 1930 4) Big ox Mining issued 1896 5) Tolumne Copper Mining i/c 1923 6) 3 Anaconda Co. issued 1964, 1970 &1973 7) Butte Copper Consolidated

Lot: 5553 - Montana Mining Stock Certificates

Approximately 10 pieces, Montana mining stock certificates, primarily Parrot Silver and Copper Company (predecessor of Anaconda Co), Ben Hur Mining Co.,and Bald Butte Gold Mines. Date: 1908-1933 Location: Montana HWAC# 64043

Lot: 5554 - Montana Mostly Mining Stocks(16)

16 Montana mostly mining stocks-Rock Creek Ditch and Mining, Jardine Mining, Parrot Silver and Copper, Helena Electric Railway, Butte Exemption Copper, Neilard Tunnel and Mining, Madison Valley Ditch & Flume Date: Location: Montana HWAC# 64015

Lot: 5555 - Bullfrog Mining Stock Certificates

The Consolidated Mayflower Mines Company. Issued 1919 to Wm Kraselt #1515 50 shares, signed by president Tobin, 5.5" x 9.75". Tramp Consolidated Mining was located on the West side of Rhyolite. When the 1907 financial panic hit, the mine was closed

Lot: 5556 - Bullfrog Stock Certs. (3)

Bullfrog is a ghost town in Nye County, in the U.S. state of Nevada. It is located at the north end of the Amargosa Desert about 4 miles (6.4 km) west of Beatty. Less than 1 mile (1.6 km) north of Bullfrog are the Bullfrog Hills and the ghost town of

Lot: 5557 - Boston and Ely Consolidated Mining Company

All 11 issued 1919 and cancelled. 100 shares, #17, 237, 238, 450, 477, 478, 500, 502, 503, 504, 505. Signed by president. 7.75" x 11.25". Date: 1919 Location: Ely, Nevada HWAC# 52271

Lot: 5558 - Pittsburg Silver Peak Gold Mining Stock

Issued in 1908 and 1912. Incorporated in Delaware. Mine was in Silver Peak, Nevada in Esmeralda County. This was the only source of lithium in U.S. Beautiful vignette of mountains, a mine and a miner walking in wilderness. President was Ralph Flinn.

Lot: 5559 - Eureka Climax Mining Stock Certificates

50 unissued certificates of the Eureka Climax Mining Company. Resident agent was John E. Josey. Located in the Manhattan Mining District. Date: 1919 Location: Eureka, Nevada HWAC# 51910

Lot: 5560 - Eureka-Croesus Mining Company Stock Certificates

Ten issued certificates of the Eureka-Croesus Mining Company. Vignette of the Statue of Liberty holding American flag. Date: c1920 Location: Eureka, Nevada HWAC# 51942

Lot: 5561 - Ruby Hill Tunnel and Mining Company Stock

3 certs. I/C. Ranging from No.'s 38 to 248. Issued to Jo. Williams(?) 500 shares; Thomas Herthered(?) 100 shares; R.F. McEwen 1000 shares. Signed by President Henry Mitchell. Also signed by J. E. Jones, who later became the governor of Nevada from

Lot: 5562 - Bullion Gold and Silver Mining Stock Certificates

Forty plus unissued certificates of the Bullion Gold and Silver Mining Company. Mine location was at south end of the Comstock district. These are series A certificates issued from San Francisco. Date: 1904 Location: Gold Hill, Nevada HWAC# 51931

Lot: 5563 - 10 Goldfield Mascot Mining Company Prospectuses

Lot of 10 copies of the c.1906 prospectus.16pp. Varying condition: some very good, others have staining. Please inspect. (Prag Collection) Date: c.1906 Location: Goldfield, Nevada HWAC# 63090

Lot: 5564 - 14 Goldfield Mascot Mining Company Prospectuses

Lot of 14 copies of the c.1906 prospectus.16pp. Varying condition: some very good, others have staining. Please inspect. (Prag Collection) Date: c.1906 Location: Goldfield, Nevada HWAC# 63089

Lot: 5565 - Goldfield Lucky Boys Mining Co. Stock Certificates

Two issued certificates of the Goldfield Lucky Boys Mining Co valued at $1.00 per share. Vignette of women with horn of plenty and child Date: 1907 Location: Goldfield, Nevada HWAC# 51970

Lot: 5566 - Goldfield, NV Stocks

Approx 27 Goldfield Daisy Mining Syndicate stocks, 1908-1909. Folded sales brochure from Goldfiled Deep Mines Company of Nevada. Date: 1908-1909 Location: Goldfield, Nevada HWAC# 63966

Lot: 5567 - Jumbo Extension Mining Stock Certificates (17)

110 acres of patented land located in the Goldfield district, these seventeen certificates represent the property mostly worked by leasers. Date: 1917 Location: Goldfield, Nevada HWAC# 51948

Lot: 5568 - Nine Goldfield Mining Stock Certificates

1) Two Princeton-Goldfield Mining Company, 2) Two Oakland-Goldfield Mining Company, 3) Five Goldfield Syndicate Mining Company. All issued Date: 1906 Location: Goldfield, Nevada HWAC# 51971

Lot: 5569 - Three Goldfield/Florence Mining Stock Certificates

3 mining certs. 1) Two certs. from Florence Goldfield Mining Company, with gray border, issued and signed by President Kirby Thomas(?) 8.5" x 10.5". 2) Florence Wheeler Mining Company cert. Beautiful certificate issued in 1908. This has an ornate

Lot: 5570 - Cash Boy Consolidated Mining Company Stock Certs.

Lot of 12. Cash Boy Consolidated Mining Company Stock Certs. Date: 1916 Location: Tonopah, Nevada HWAC# 63960

Lot: 5571 - MacNamara Crescent Development Company of Nevada

9 Issued and cancelled. Nye County, Nevada. Signed by president, 2 have small stains. Issued to Joseph Arshinowitz #105 1922 100 shares, Samson Wallach 1922 #69 10 shares, E. Elliot 1922 #2098, 2051, 2103, 2104, 2105,2108, 2111 1000 shares ea. Date:

Lot: 5572 - Tonopah Divide, NV Stock Collection

Approx 40 stocks from Tonopah Divide, NV. A very important mining discovery from WW! to the stock market crash/depression era. Includes Aladdin Divide, Argonne Divide,Ben Hur Divide and more. Date: Location: Tonopah, Nevada HWAC# 64049

Lot: 5573 - Tonopah Mining Stock Certificate Collection

Lot of 9. Included: two different for Tonopah North Star Tunnel & Development Company (1916, 1923); two for Tonopah Divide Mining Company (1919 & 1921); two different for Tonopah Belmont Development Co. (1913 & 1924); Reorganized Belcher

Lot: 5574 - Tonopah, NV-related Mining Stock Certificates

Approximately 38 pieces, including mining stock certificates related to mining operations in Tonopah, Nevada. Mines include Tonopah Crown Point Mining Co., Tonopah Gipsy Queen Mining Co., Tonopah Belmont Development Co., Arrowhead Development Co.

Lot: 5575 - Sheba Gold & Silver Mining Stocks (4)

4 Sheba Gold & Silver Mining stocks, i/u 1904-1905. Date: Location: Unionville, Nevada HWAC# 64275

Lot: 5576 - 20 Territorial Virginia City, Nevada Checks signed

Lot of 20 Stateler & Arrington checks signed by Charles L. Strong as superintendent for the Gould & Curry Mine. Issued in 1863 and 1864, likely all to miners for the company (some names were checked in the directory to see if they were

Lot: 5577 - Fifteen Territorial Virginia City, Nevada Checks

Lot of 15 Stateler & Arrington bank checks signed by Charles Bonner as supt. of the Gould & Curry Mine. These are likely all issued to miners for the company. Each has a blue 2 cent IR adhesive stamp. Issued on either April 1 or 2nd, 1864.

Lot: 5578 - Five Gould & Curry Mining Co. Checks ("Dripping

All five are issued in 1867 and signed by Louis Janin Jr. as superintendent. This is the rare "dripping letters" style Gould & Curry check (see the logo) that also lists W.C. Ralston as the treasurer. Each check has Nevada and IR adhesive revenue

Lot: 5579 - Five Gould & Curry Mining Co. Checks w/ tied and

Lot of 5. Four have the bold G&C circular tied cancels. One is manuscript. Four checks are signed by Louis Janin Jr. as supt., one with C.C. Batterman. The Batterman check has an orange Nevada adhesive revenue stamp and RN-C revenue imprint. The

Lot: 5580 - Five RN-C Gould & Curry Silver Mining Co. Checks

All were issued on April 3, 1871 and are signed by C.C. Batterman as superintendent. Each has an RN-C imprinted revenue and also orange NV adhesive revenue stamp with tied cancels. Spindle cancelled. Date: 1871 Location: Virginia City, Nevada HWAC#

Lot: 5581 - Gould and Curry Silver Mining Checks (4)

4 checks from Gould and Curry Silver Mining with strong cancels on bank stamps. Date: 1866-1871 Location: Virginia City, Nevada HWAC# 59704

Lot: 5582 - Ten Gould & Curry Mining Checks w/ NV Adhesive

These are the early Bank of California Gould & Curry checks with green print. All signed by Louis Janin Jr. as superintendent. Issued September and December 1866, likely all to G&C miners. Each check has an orange Nevada adhesive revenue

Lot: 5583 - Group of 50 Mexican Gold & Silver Mining Company

Fifty unissued stock certificates from The Mexican Gold & Silver Mining Company of Storey County Nevada. 5 3/4 x 10 1/4 inches. Printed by R. J. Orozco of San Francisco. The Mexican Gold and Silver Mining Company was part of the North End Mines

Lot: 5584 - Mexican Gold & Silver Stock Certificates (40)

The Mexican Gold & Silver Mining Company was located at the north end of the Comstock district and was a major producer gold & silver. The 40 certificates included here are all cancelled, some with assessment stamps, a few with revenue stamps

Lot: 5585 - Nevada Mining Stock Certicates

Lot of three: Cactus Nevada Silver Mines Company, Kanaka Mining Company, Tungsten Reef Mines Company. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 75154

Lot: 5586 - Montezuma Silver Mines Corporation Certificates

Nevada silver mine.5 Issued 1919-1920 to H. Hoops, 2500 shares ea., #157, 158, 290, 292, 293.. Signed by president. 8.25" x 10.75". Date: 1919 Location: Nevada HWAC# 52206

Lot: 5587 - Nevada Mining Certificates (7)

1) Park Saddle Gold Mines issued 1917 2) Nixon-Nevada Mining issued 1918 3) Mt. Vernon Mining i/c 1929 4) Ely Consolidated Copper issued 1912 5) Seal of Nevada Mining u/i 5) Round Mountain Mining i/c 1910 6) Knox Divide Mining issued 1921 Date:

Lot: 5588 - Nevada Mining Certificates (7)

California-Nevada Creamery, 3x American Copper and Uranium, 4x American Chrome. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 64279

Lot: 5589 - Nevada Mining Stock Collection

Lot of 22 stock certificates: Concordia Virginia Mining, Consolidated Virginia Mining Company, Ophir, Chollar Extension Mining Company and others. Most dated early 20th century. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 75115

Lot: 5590 - Nevada Mining Stocks

Approx 24 Nevada mining stocks including Round Mountain Mining, Getchell Mine, Eureka Tunnel Consolidated, California-Nevada Creamery, Jumbo Copper Mountain and more. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 64041

Lot: 5591 - Nevada Mining Stocks and Exploring Booklets

14 1878-1879 Empire State Silver Mining issued stocks. 1908 Rawhide souvenir photo booklet, 1973 Prospector Country, NV, 1973 Covered Wagon Country NV, Pioneer Trails Country, NV Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 65040

Lot: 5592 - Reorganized Broken Hills Silver Corporation

10 certificates. Signed by Lisley. Boyer and Bevis. Silver was discovered here in Churchill, NV in 1913. Nice miner vignette. Issued 1928-1930. # range 2234-4809. 8.75" x 11.5". A few condition issues, please inspect. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC#

Lot: 5593 - Sunnyside Lead-Silver Mining Company Stock

22 certs. not issued. Orange border with eagle perched on shield. 5.75" x 11". Date: 1900's Location: Nevada HWAC# 52549

Lot: 5594 - Two Tri-Bullion Smelting and Development Company

Two certs, 3 vignettes with landscape and miners working underground with drills. Green border, issued in 1923, signed by president J G Wall, 9.5" x 11.5", i/uc. The 2nd cert. is dark green border with 2 vignettes of mine and men working underground

Lot: 5595 - Plymouth Rock Mining Co. Stock Certificates (8)

8 Plymouth Rock Mining Co. stock certificates, 1880's (New Mexico) Great looking mining stock cert with a nice engraved vignette of men working in a mine. Issued/ cancelled. Incorporated 1879 in Massachusetts, the Plymouth Rock Mining Company held

Lot: 5596 - Massachusetts & New Mexico Mining Stock Certs. (2)

2 Massachusetts & New Mexico Consolidated Mining Co. No. 688, 25 shares, & No. 4456, 500 shares I/C.9.5" x 6.5". Date: late 1800's Location: New Mexico HWAC# 63975

Lot: 5597 - New Mexico Mining Stock Certs. (3)

Hanover Bessemer Iron & Copper Co. No. 138, shares 3000, I/punch cancelled; Hanover Bessemer Iron & Copper Co. No. 184. (Unissued) 11.5"x 8". Date: 1923 Location: New Mexico HWAC# 63971

Lot: 5598 - Four Stereoview Cards, Mining & Misc.

Four stereoviews: 1) Miners going into the Slope, Hazleton, PA. 2) Palace of Mines and Metallurgy. 3) Niagara Falls. 4) New Suspension Bridge, Niagara Falls. Date: Location: New York HWAC# 46776

Lot: 5599 - 31 Pittsburgh-Idaho Company Stock Certificates

Thirty one stock certificates issued by The Pittsburgh-Idaho Company. Dated 1906-1911. Mines at Gilmore, Idaho. Date: Location: Gilmore, Idaho HWAC# 48978

Lot: 5600 - LeHigh Coal and Navigation Company Stock

The Lehigh Coal & Navigation Company[5] was a mining and transportation company that operated in Pennsylvania from 1818 (1820 & 1822) to 1964.The LC&N spearheaded the Industrial Revolution in the United States, accelerating regional

Lot: 5601 - Homestake Mining Co. Stock Certs. (2)

2 Stock Certs. No. 11746 for 84 shares; No. 11809 for 100 shares. Both have vignette of 2 native Americans on a perch overlooking the railroad & workers. I/punch cancelled. 10.5" x 7". Date: 1906 Location: Lead, South Dakota HWAC# 63974

Lot: 5602 - Kirby Furnace Smelting and Refining Company Stock

Cream color with ornate green border. 3 vignettes with vignette and landscape and mine with miners working underground. Staining on lower left and right of cert. Signed by J.B Sommerville. One cert has slight tear on fold line. 8.25" x 11". Date:

Lot: 5603 - American Consolidated Mining & Milling Co Stocks

14 American Consolidated Mining & Milling Co. No. 2756 - 2769, Stock Certs. dated 4/4/1906; not in Copper Handbook, 1906, 1908, 1910. Date: 1906 Location: Waco, Texas HWAC# 63946

Lot: 5604 - Bingham Copper Mining Bonds

2 Bingham Copper Boy Mining Company, issued 1904 and 1910, both signed by president, ornate border with vignette of miners working 8.25" x 10.75"; 1 bond of The North Utah Mining Company of Bingham, sold in British Pounds (100 pounds); ornate blue

Lot: 5605 - O.K. Silver Mining and Milling Company Stocks (32)

Part of largest copper mine in USA. I/C. Date: early 1900's Location: Bingham, Utah HWAC# 63967

Lot: 5606 - Utah Mining Stock Certificates

6 certificates. Two Bingham Copper Boy Mining Company, issued 1910 with vignette of 3 miners. Mine located in Bingham Canyon, 8.5" x 11". Four Ophir Lead Mines Company with eagle vignette, issued 1930-1931. 8.5" x 11". Date: 1910 Location: Bingham

Lot: 5607 - Park City Mining Stock Certificates

Park City Copper Mining Company; mine was located at Yerington, Nevada, issued in 1918, signed by president, ornate border, 8.5" x 11"; The Park City Mining and Smelting Company, vignette of woman and mining operation, pretty purple border, issued

Lot: 5608 - 88 King David Mining Company Stock Certificates

Eighty eight stock certificates from the King David Mining Company dated in the 1930s. Incorporated under the laws of the State of Utah. All are punch and/or stamp cancelled with the same design: brown border with vignette of crown and mine workers.

Lot: 5609 - Collection Of Utah Mining Postcards

44 cards. 31 RPC's, 2 B/W, 11 chromolitho. Various Utah mining views of Utah Copper Mine, Utah Copper Workings, Centennial Eureka Mine, Highland Boy Mine and Bingham Copper Mine etc. Date: Location: Utah HWAC# 53272

Lot: 5610 - Great Basin Gold and Silver Mining Company, Inc.

14 certs. All unissued. Vignette of eagle perched on American Flag shield. Signed by President Glen M. Wasden(?). 8.5" x 11". Date: 1900's Location: Utah HWAC# 53715

Lot: 5611 - Niagara Mining and Smelting Company Stock

Seventy three pieces of Niagara Mining and Smelting Company of Idaho stock certificates, unissued. Printed by Tribune Print of Salt Lake City. 4 1/2 x 9 1/2 inches. Date: Location: Utah HWAC# 48974

Lot: 5612 - Utah Metal & Tunnel Co. Stock Certs. (Misc. Stock

Misc. Stock Certs (9) from United States Smelting Co.,Grand Central Mining Company; American Exploration Co.; Bingham Mines Co., & more. I/C. Date: Early to mid 1900's Location: Utah HWAC# 63953

Lot: 5613 - Utah Mining Stock Collection

Approx 22 Utah mining stocks. c. 1897-1955. Includes Samsson Mining,Lightning Uranium, Niagara Mining, Utah Metal and Tunnel, Bingham Mines,Eureka Banking, King David Mining and more. Date: Location: Utah HWAC# 64036

Lot: 5614 - Utah Mining Stocks

Approximately 14 mining stock certificates from Utah mining operations including Bingham Mines Company, King David Mining Co., Victoria Mining Co., and more. Date: 1899-1955 Location: Utah HWAC# 64037

Lot: 5615 - Utah Mining Stocks

Lot of twelve mining stocks, many different companies. Date: Location: Utah HWAC# 63647

Lot: 5616 - Utah Mining Stocks

Approx 22 stock plus ephemera. OK Silver Mining and Milling, New Quincy Mining, East Tintic Development, Grand Central Mining Date: Location: Utah HWAC# 65077

Lot: 5617 - Utah Mining Stocks (14)

American Exploration Company #24 i/t 1906 to Eugene Fass 1 share. 3 Mammoth Copper Mining Co of Maine i/t 1904-#11 Wm. Coolidge 8250 shares, # 14 FW Batchelder 200 shares, #15 FW Batchelder 200 shares. Bingham Consolidated Mines # 2658 i/c Gruenett

Lot: 5618 - Utah Mining Stocks (6)

Bingham Mary Copper, Bingham Consolidated Mining and Smelting, Ohio Copper Co. of Utah, Park City and Midnight Sun Mining, Utah Copper Company, Butte & Bingham Copper Mining Date: Location: Utah HWAC# 64521

Lot: 5619 - Utah-Related Mining Stock Certificates

Approximately 25 pieces of stock certificates, some unissued, some engraved by American Bank Note. Of note is a United States Smelting Company certificate number 3 issued to and signed by company president RD Evans on the front and the back. Other

Lot: 5620 - 3 South Africa Diamond Mining Stereoviews

3 South Africa mining stereoviews: 1) Taking Out the Diamondiferous Blue Earth, Wesselton Diamond Mines, Kimberly, Africa. 2) Across the Mammoth Pits of South Africa's Greatest Diamond Mine, Pretoria, Transvaal. 3) Van Ryn Deep G. M. Date: Location:

Lot: 5621 - Broken Hill South Limited Stock Certificates

Broken Hill South Ltd. mined silver, lead and zinc. The mine was opened in 1885 and closed in 1972. Approx 50 certificates and 2 National Tea Company certificates. Date: Location: Australia HWAC# 50028

Lot: 5622 - Genesee Mining Company, Ltd. Stock Collection,

Lot of 7 issued 1918-1923 to the same person. Identical design with green border and seal and vignette of miners using drills. Inc. under the Ontario Companies Act. Issued to Sara Eckler. None are cancelled. Different corporate signatures. Folds,

Lot: 5623 - Ontario Cobalt Mining Stock Certificate Collection

Lot of 21. 1) Little Nipissing Silver Cobalt Mining Company. Four stocks issued in 1911. None cancelled. Blue border. Folds, toning. 2) Cobalt Development Company, Ltd. Four stocks issued in 1907 to Heron & Co. Not cancelled. Folds, toning. 3)

Lot: 5624 - Ontario Mining Stock Certificate Collection

Lot of 27. Some duplication. Issued 1910-1974. Companies include: New Golden Rose; Atlas Exploration Co.; Abenakis Mines Ltd.; Aconda Mines; Cons. Daering Enterprises & Mining Inc.; Desmont Mining Corp.; Frobex Ltd.; Indigo Cons. Gold Mines;

Lot: 5625 - Swastika Mining Company, Ltd. Stock Certificate

Lot of 23 issued stocks, 1912-1913. All identical design with green border and background. The 1914 Canadian Mining Manual reports that the company operated the Swastika Gold Mine at Swastika, Ontario. They had a 10 stamp mill operating in 1913, but

Lot: 5626 - New Harricana Mines Ltd. Stock Certificates,

Lot of 11 issued stocks, 1956-1958. All identical design with red border and background. Not cancelled. The Harricana was a lithium deposit found northeast of Downey Lake. (Prag Collection) Date: 1956-58 Location: Quebec, Canada HWAC# 63079

Lot: 5627 - Canadian Mining Stock Collection

Lot of 18. These need more research. Included: The Bell Mines Ltd. (1948); Lane-Rincon Mines Inc. (1935); Sunlight Mining & Smelting Co. (1906); Tonawanda Mines Ltd. (1936); Sovereign Gold Mining & Dev. Corp. $500 bond (1903); Stadacona Mines

Lot: 5628 - Canadian Mining-Related Stock Certificates

Lot of 30. Included: Rubec Mines, Ltd. (3, 1938, pictorial); Aluminum Company of Canada, Ltd. (15, issued 1953-54, pictorial); Canada Iron Foundries, Ltd. (11, issued 1951-1959, pictorial); Anglo-Bomarc Mines Ltd. (issued 1971); and Lytton Minerals

Lot: 5629 - Canadian Oil Stock Certificates

Lot of fifty two Canadian oil stock certificates, post 1929. Date: Location: Canada HWAC# 71000

Lot: 5630 - Canadian Oil Stock Certificates - Pre 1929

Lot of 22 Canadian oil stock certificates issued before the 1929 stock market crash. Date: Location: Canada HWAC# 71001

Lot: 5631 - Canadian Oil Stock Certificates - pre-1920

Lot of eight Canadian oil company stock certificates, all dated before 1915. Mostly Bison vignettes, with some others. Date: Location: Canada HWAC# 71002

Lot: 5632 - Canadian Oil Stock Certificates - pre-1920

Lot of nineteen Canadian oil company stock certificates dated before 1920. Date: Location: Canada HWAC# 71019

Lot: 5633 - La Iberia Mexican Oil Bonds(30)

Approx 30 La Iberia. SA Gran Cia Petroera Del Panugoy y Ebano unissued bonds. Stains and foxing, please inspect. Date: 1916 Location: Mexico HWAC# 69021

Lot: 5634 - Mexican Mining Bonds (10)

10 Negociacon Miners de San Juan, San Antonio Yanexas, SA bonds Date: 1914 Location: Mexico HWAC# 69030

Lot: 5635 - Mexican Mining Bonds (10)

11 red or purple Compania Minera Montecristo $100 bonds. Some toning issues. Date: 1919 Location: Mexico HWAC# 69046

Lot: 5636 - Mexican Mining Bonds (13)

13 Coampania Minera La Descubridora SA de El Oro bonds Date: 1911 Location: Mexico HWAC# 69032

Lot: 5637 - Mexican Mining Bonds (40)

Approx 40 Union Mercantil e Industrial Mexican SA bonds Date: 1912 Location: Mexico HWAC# 69027

Lot: 5638 - Mexican Mining Bonds (9)

P Mexican bonds, Cia. Minera Los Tres Senores y Anexas, $100 Date: 1920 Location: Mexico HWAC# 69025

Lot: 5639 - Mexican Mining Bonds, 2 Different (14)

3 Compania Minera Zimapan. 11 Compania Minera Montecristo, toning and condition issues. Date: 1919, 1939 Location: Mexico HWAC# 69026

Lot: 5640 - Mexican Mining Stocks (11)

11 Compania de Meprellos Sociedad Anonima stocks. Date: 1906 Location: Mexico HWAC# 69045

Lot: 5641 - Mexican Oil Bonds (200)

Approx 200, maybe even more, bonds. Compania de Petroleo Panuco-Mahuaves. Date: c. 1910 Location: Mexico HWAC# 69033

Lot: 5642 - Mexico and S. American Stocks and Bonds (7)

Assortment of stocks from St. Lucia Mining issued 1906, 2 Nacimiento Copper $100 bond, West End Opotera Mines issued 1920, Capuzaya Mining issued 1909, Patino Mines & Enterprises issued 1941, Mexican La Lupe Mining u/i. Date: Location: Mexico

Lot: 5643 - South American Mining Bonds (9)

9 Minera de Pachua Compania Minera. Curls and creases on corners, some foxing. Date: 1874 Location: zSouth America HWAC# 69029

Lot: 5644 - Madrid Mining Stocks

Lot of six stock certificates with coupons for Compania Minero-Metalurgica Los Guindos (3) of Madrid, Spain. Also De Minas Del Rif (3). Date: Location: Madrid, zSpain HWAC# 63252

Lot: 5645 - Eight US Mining Stock Certificates & Bonds

Lot of 8. Included: two pictorial 1865 certificates for Lehigh Coal & Navigation Company; two 1901 American Smokeless Coal Co. $1,000 bonds, not cancelled; 1927 United States Continental Mines Corp. stock, not cancelled; 1909 Jamaica Cons. Copper

Lot: 5646 - 30 Mining Stocks

Thirty mining stock certificates, some issued some not. Many different companies. Date: Location: HWAC# 63646

Lot: 5647 - Acme Uranium Mines Stock Certs. (20) Plus other

Approx. 20 stock Certs from Acme Uranium Mines, Inc., 1954-1959, beautiful vignettes of woman & 2 men, & several have vignette of eagle. Color green & brown. I/C. 12" x 8.5". And others. Date: Mid 20th Century Location: HWAC# 63954

Lot: 5648 - Assorted American Mining Stock Certs. (15)

Misc. American Mining Stock Certs. Carbonate Hill Gold Mining & Milling Co., The Brookland Mining Company; Colorado Minerals, Inc. Some are I/C, some are note issued. Date: early 1900's Location: HWAC# 63949

Lot: 5649 - Columbia Emerald Development Stocks (2)

2 rare emerald stocks, i/c 1926. Date: Location: HWAC# 64014

Lot: 5650 - Copper Stocks (12)

Hanover Bessemer Iron & Copper Co., No. 183, unissued; Lake Copper Co., No. 25552, shares 81, I/C; New Cornelia Copper Co., No. B6852, shares 100 I/C; & many more. Date: early 1920's Location: HWAC# 63977

Lot: 5651 - Four Different Western Mining Stock Certificates

1) New-Mex Minerals Corp. Issued 1957, pen cancelled. Eagle vignette. 2) Cons. Mining & Refining Co. Issued 1924, not cancelled. 3) Smuggler Mining Co., Ltd. Issued in 1946, punch cancelled. Eagle vignette. 4) Tamarack & Custer Cons. Mining

Lot: 5652 - Mining Stocks

7 Goldfield Daisy Mining , 8 Greenwater Copper Mines, 5 Butte Wet Side Mines, 11 Verde Apex Copper. 2 other mining stocks. Date: Location: HWAC# 65073

Lot: 5653 - Mining Stocks

Approx 26 stocks. 11 Greenwater Copper Mines, 10 Goldfield Daisy Mining and more. Date: Location: HWAC# 65074

Lot: 5654 - Mostly Western Mining Stocks (27)

27 mostly Western Mining Stocks. Patino Mines, Argonaut Gold Mining, Pinal Development, Boston and Ely Consolidated, Nevada Central Mines, Gold Hill Mines, Homansville Mining, Consolidated Chollar Gould & Savage and more. Date: Location: HWAC#

Lot: 5655 - Oil Stocks

Approx 22 oil stocks-San Juan Oil, Loma Vista Petroleum, Texas Ranger Producing & Refining and more. Some better quality. Date: 1900-1920 Location: HWAC# 64320

Lot: 5656 - Oil Stocks Stack

Approx 86 stocks and 2 bonds, some dupes, 30 different. Big Indian Royalty Pool, Big Sand Draw Syndicate, Palmer Union Oil, Brookline Oil, Lion Oil Refining and more. Date: Location: HWAC# 64303

Lot: 5657 - Prospector Photographs

Lot of six photographs: 1) pack horse loaded to go; 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 inches; 2) prospector posed with three horses packed up; 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 inches; 3 & 4) Two prints of the same subject: 9 x 7 inch prospector posed with his two loaded burros;

Lot: 5658 - United Eastern Mines Corp. Stock Certificates

Approx 18 brown border certificates. Date: Location: HWAC# 50021

Lot: 5659 - Western Smelting Stocks (5)

1910 issued Kirby Furnace Smelting and Refining, 4x Sonora Smelting & Ore Purchasing Date: Location: HWAC# 65061

Lot: 5660 - World Mining Stereoviews

Lot of eight. Includes Bendigo Australia gold mine, Burma, Peru, England, Vermont, New Hampshire, and South Africa. Many of these show the actual working of the miens above and below ground. Date: Location: HWAC# 38022

Lot: 5661 - South Western Rail Road Co. Stock Certificates (6)

Lot of six issued stock certificates. Four issued in 1877 and two in 1892. Savannah dateline. All punch cancelled. Vignette of locomotive crossing a bridge. 4 x 8"Signed by either president Holt or Baxter and two different treasurers. Printed by ABN.

Lot: 5662 - Erie Railroad Company Stock Certificate Archive

Lot of 110+ All issued and punch cancelled, 1942-1955. Same design: green border, allegorical vignette. Wear to edges. Some have staples. Connected New York City with Lake Erie. Date: 1942-1955 Location: New York HWAC# 66052

Lot: 5663 - Erie Railroad Stock Stack

Approx 170 issued stocks. Date: 1955 Location: HWAC# 64322

Lot: 5664 - Utah Railroad Related Postcard Collection

Lot of 23. Two real photo: train moving across the salt flats and Western Pacific Railroad tracks in desert near Wendover. Twenty-one other cards, majority early printed cards. Views of: Soldiers Summit, Weber Canyon, multiple of Lucin Cut-Off (Great

Lot: 5665 - 76 Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis

Seventy six $1000 bonds issued by The Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Chicago and St. Louis Railroad Company. Date: Location: HWAC# 49553

Lot: 5666 - Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Railways Stocks

8 issued/cancelled c. 1905-1910, 1 with British tax seal. Nice train vignette. Date: c. 1905-1910 Location: HWAC# 64067

Lot: 5667 - Old Colony Rail Road Bonds (6)

6 bonds $1000, 1874, cancelled. Partial coupons. Date: Location: HWAC# 64321

Lot: 5668 - Railroad and Auto Stock Certificates

Lot of 28 stock certificates including railroad vignettes and Studebaker-Packard Corporation. Many different railroads. Date: Location: HWAC# 63649

Lot: 5669 - Railroad and Navigation Stocks and Bonds

Approx 50 stocks and bonds from Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern, Atlantic & St. Lawrence Railroad, Boston and Albany Rail Road, 2 different Lehigh Coal and Navigation Date: Location: HWAC# 64066

Lot: 5670 - Railroad Stock and Bond Collection

26 stocks and bonds. West Shore Rail Road, Reading, B &O Southwestern, Erie Railroad, Boston and Albany Railroad and more. Date: 1889-1970's Location: HWAC# 64069

Lot: 5671 - Railroad Stocks and Ephemera

Approximately 20 pieces of railroad-related stock certificates, many with nice train vignettes. Railroads include the Columbus Southern Railway, Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad, Union Traction Company, The Pennsylvania Railroad, and more. Date:

Lot: 5672 - Railroad Stocks and Ephemera

24 stocks including Erie Railroad, B&O Southwestern, Boston and Albany, Chicago and Eastern Illinois and more. 1893 Oregon and California Railroad memo. 1920 Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen beneficiary certificate. 2 Okmulgee Northern Railway

Lot: 5673 - Railroad, Banking, and General Stocks

Approximately 20 Railroad, Banking, and General Stocks including The Continental Passenger RR Co, General Cinema Corp., Western Greyhound Racing, First Nat'l Bank of Hoosick Falls, Pet Milk Co., Franklin's Happy Apple Farms, Inc., and more. Date:

Lot: 5674 - Canadian Railroad Stock Certificates

Lot of nine stock certificates from Canadian Railroad companies. Date: Location: zCanada HWAC# 63600

Lot: 5675 - Canadian Steamship Company Stock Certificates

Lot of eight stock certificates from Canadian Steamship and Marine companies. Date: Location: zCanada HWAC# 71017

Lot: 5676 - Grand Trunk Railway Company Stock Certificates

Lot of four different Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada stock certificates. Date: Location: zCanada HWAC# 63931

Lot: 5677 - California Check Collection

Lot of 45. Includes: National Bank of DO Mills, 1884, Sacramento; five checks for the Sierra Railway Company (Jamestown, 1904-1915); six Bank of California, San Francisco 1905-06; unissued PA Lamping, Downieville, 1860s; 32 checks for the Hearst

Lot: 5678 - California Checks and Vouchers (72)

4 unissued 1860's Banking House of PA Lamping, Downieville, CA-2 have center fold. Approx 68 unissued vouchers, Head Quarters, Foote Post, Grand Army of the Republic, Santa Maria, CA Date: Location: California HWAC# 69031

Lot: 5679 - California & Nevada Checks & Warrants

Checks, no RN's. 1920's to mid century. Idaho Maryland Mines Corporation; Idaho Quartz Mining Co., Seat of Government State Controllers Warrant, just to name a few. Aprrox. lot of 10. Date: Location: California HWAC# 64379

Lot: 5680 - Montana Check Group

Approx 17 old Montana checks including Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation, The Thomas Cruse Savings Bank, State Savings Bank, c. 1899-1904. Date: Location: Montana HWAC# 47875

Lot: 5681 - Montana Collectibles incl. checks

This collection includes a book of un-issued tickets for the Montana Central Railroad of White Sulphur Springs, Montana. Ticket numbers from 06602 to 06658. Also in the collection is a book of un-issued, unsigned, and unnumbered checks for The State

Lot: 5682 - Gold Coins of the Carson City Mint by Winter (4)

3 soft covers and 1 hard cover Date: Location: Carson City, Nevada HWAC# 63957

Lot: 5683 - Assorted Nevada Unissued Checks (60)

Approx 60 unissued Nevada checks from Pioche, Reno, Royal City, Austin, Carson. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 69034

Lot: 5684 - Old Nevada Checks

Two batches of checks: from the Farmers Bank of Carson Valley, Inc. circa 1950s; and the First National Bank of Elko circa 1920s. 170 pieces in all. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 48245

Lot: 5685 - Coins of the Comstock

Numismatics. Nevada. Coins of the Comstock. One case of 144 books, 54 pounds. The Comstock, The Pioneer, Minor Coinage of Virginia City and the Comstock by Fred Holabird, 2009. 90 page indexed color illustrated book on the history and rarities of all

Lot: 5686 - Bankers Association of Buffalo Gold Coin

Lot of 7. $5,000 Gold Coin Certificates of Deposit. Six are issued 1893-1899, all punch cancelled. One unissued. Issued pieces also have folds, creases, and soiling. 4.5 x 9.25" Date: 1893-1899 Location: Buffalo, New York HWAC# 60425

Lot: 5687 - Checks and Exchanges Grab Bag

Approx 20 c. 1860-1924 US and Foreign checks and exchanges. Some issued, some not. Nice variety. Date: Location: HWAC# 65067

Lot: 5688 - Lot of Various Blank and Signed Checks

Approximately 25 checks, some unissued, some pictorial. Banks include Fort Sutter National Bank, Bank of Victor Colorado, Bank of Wilmington North Carolina, Snow Shoe Bank, and more. Date: 1891-28 Location: HWAC# 64038

Lot: 5689 - Unissued Check Collection

All unissued. 3/4 book First National Bank of Arizona. 3x Boston National bank c. 1860's. 40x Importers and Traders National Bank c. 1890's. 3x pictorial Ike Green Sombrero Onions c. 1950's. 3x Asst Treasurer of the US, New York c. 1860's. 5x Pepsi

Lot: 5690 - 80 Israeli Mint Coin Sets 1965-1969

80 Israeli mint coin sets. 16 each of 1965 prooflike, 1966 prooflike, 1967 Jerusalem specimens, 1968 Jerusalem specimens, 1969 Jerusalem specimens Date: Location: zIsrael HWAC# 91673

Lot: 5691 - "Paid In Full" Labels

Lot of three labels, 4 x 3 inches. Bags of coins, stacks of money. Date: Location: HWAC# 75155

Lot: 5692 - Ku Klux Klan Medals

Lot of 36 medals, possibly not original. Obverse: Knights of Ku Klux Klan / Realm of Michigan; Rev.: Member in good standing. Br., 32 mm. Date: Location: HWAC# 75160

Lot: 5693 - Fobs and Medals

Lot of 16 miscellaneous fobs: Derbyshire Dance Festival, Memory of Tokyo Tower, Hotel La Salle Chicago, and many others. Date: Location: HWAC# 75138

Lot: 5694 - Carnation Restaurant Milk Tokens (100)

Approx 100 brass tokens. CARNATION / PHOENIX / CO. // GOOD / HOMO / 1QT. Date: Location: Phoenix, Arizona HWAC# 57279

Lot: 5695 - 100 Fresno Aluminum Tokens

Approx 100 aluminum octagonal Fresno tokens including JP Ryan, and J Isnardi Date: Location: Fresno, California HWAC# 73040

Lot: 5696 - Aurora Mayor Tokens

51 tokens: Aurora / The City of / Light / and / Prosperity // For Mayor / 1909-1910 / Fred Fauth. Round, aluminum, 33mm. Date: 1901-1910 Location: Aurora, Illinois HWAC# 38622

Lot: 5697 - W. F. Schwentker Piano Co. Tokens

Over 75 tokens: W. F. Schwentker Piano Co. / Evansville / Ind. / You Reap the Benefit / of this Advertising Novelty // GF / $10.00 / At time of Purchase / on any Piano / Player Piano / or / Phonograph / Only one Coin accepted on a Sale. Round,

Lot: 5698 - Hotel Raymond Good For Mirror (Fitchburg,

2.25" MEET YOUR FRIEND'S / AT THE / HOTEL RAYMOND / J. RAYMOND DWYER, PROP. / FITCHBURG . MASS / GF 10C IN TRADE Date: c. 1900-1910 Location: Fitchburg, Massachusetts HWAC# 54964

Lot: 5699 - Grab bag of three tokens

Grab bag of left over tokens picked up off of office floor Date: Location: Montana HWAC# 62617

Lot: 5700 - Portland Depression Era Tokens

22 depression era redeemable tokens from Brigham's Bookless Budget in Portland Oregon. Items range from 1 cent to 25 cent pieces in excellent condition. Fantastic numismatic dealer lot. c. 1930 Date: 1930 Location: Portland, Oregon HWAC# 38301

Lot: 5701 - Utah Mining Related Tokens

5 round brass 29mm mining related UT tokens. Date: Location: Utah HWAC# 64504

Lot: 5702 - Corner Bar Kemmerer City 5c MS 61 Tokens (10)

10 Corner Bar Kemmerer City 5c MS 61 Tokens Date: c. 1910 Location: Kemmerer City, Wyoming HWAC# 53338

Lot: 5703 - 10 Assorted Western Tokens

10 Assorted Western Tokens from Kemmerer, Wyoming and Wendover, Utah. Date: Location: HWAC# 47866

Lot: 5704 - Fantasy Brothel Tokens

Sixty fake Whore House tokens. Most in well used condition. Date: Location: HWAC# 64170

Lot: 5705 - Foreign Tokens

Lot of fourteen. A Russian penny from 1990, four holed tokens, some dating in the 1800s. Interesting pieces. Date: Location: HWAC# 75165

Lot: 5706 - IXL Dairy Tokens

Almost 200. IXL / Cash Dairy // GF Pint Milk. Light Aluminum in poor to fair condition. Date: Location: HWAC# 48450

Lot: 5707 - Low End Tokens

Lot of 27 including a Texas Ranger pin badge (fantasy), a few German tokens, Harry Truman medals. Date: Location: HWAC# 75136

Lot: 5708 - Paper Token Group

Approx 25 Nugget Cigar Store GF 12 1/2c Shirley Mendenhall. Approx 25 Arnettsville Sore Company booklets. Date: Location: HWAC# 73041

Lot: 5709 - Pirate Treasure

We should be selling this by the pound, not the piece. About 56 to 60 encased One Dollar tokens celebrating such Pirates as Captain Kidd, Anne Bonny, Mary Reed, Piet Heyn, Sir Henry Morgan, and Black Beard Date: Location: HWAC# 64154

Lot: 5710 - Token Collection

Lot of 45 tokens of all kinds. Mostly "good fors". One bimetallic, aluminum, brass, copper, cardboard. San Francisco, Chicago, Cisne, Ill., Oakdale, CA; Rolapp, Utah. A fun assortment. Date: Location: HWAC# 75162

Lot: 5711 - Amusing Tokens

13.9 ounce lot of Amusing Tokens. Mostly U.S. Includes: Transportation Political, Military, Amusement, Commercial. Mostly alloy. Date: Post 1900 Location: HWAC# 75508

Lot: 5712 - Eight Pounds of Tokens

A whole lot of low end tokens, perfect to look through during a long baseball game on tv. Some are slugs, some brilliant uncirculated. Date: Location: HWAC# 71023

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