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Auctioneer Holabird Western Americana 775-851-1859
Auction Date Jun 25 Auction
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Reno, NV
Time 08:00AM
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Lot: 4000 - Large National Cash Register

33 keys, up to $20. Marble top covered drawer, repaired. Overall width 21 inches, overall height 14î, overall depth 17 1/2 inches. Fully restored. Size 42 3/4. Appears similar to model number 69, ìCombination Totalî model, as seen on

Lot: 4001 - Small Size National Cash Register

Replacement marble top missing the right screw device. Six compartment tray incl. one for bills. Serial number 1163025. Has a Drink Five Cent Coca-Cola in Bottles on top. Original brass plaque. Restored. Date: Location: HWAC# 75239

Lot: 4002 - National Cash Register Company, Small Cash

Small cash register, 11 keys on the top working condition six compartment drawer. 17 inches deep, 10 inches wide, 21 inches tall. Brass sign on top says amount purchased. Serial number 772341. Original marble top. Four coin compartments upfront .

Lot: 4003 - Sessions Mantle Clock, Antiqued Ivory Painted Wood

Wooden mantle clock in a wooden box with an antiqued ivory finish. The words, "MADE BY THE SESSIONS CLOCK CO. FORESTVILLE, CONN. U.S." appear below the dial. The clock is missing the glass dial cover and the back cover panel. Included is the pendulum

Lot: 4004 - Sessions Mantle Clock, Brown Wood Case

Wooden mantle clock in a brown wooden box with the words, "MADE BY THE SESSIONS CLOCK CO. FORESTVILLE, CONN. U.S." below the dial. The clock is complete with the glass dial cover, pendulum weight, removable back cover, and two winding keys. Both keys

Lot: 4005 - Lighted Wood Display Case

Blond wood display case with switched back lighting. Three acrylic shelves and removable clear plastic front door. 12.5" x 31" x 11.25". Perfect for displaying small bottles or other smaller items! Date: Location: HWAC# 51640

Lot: 4006 - Brass Music Stand

Attractive. Probably modern-made, overall 37î tall, 13î wide, 10î deep. A good-looking music stand for those who play every day and need something a little more fancy. Date: Location: HWAC# 75224

Lot: 4007 - Child's Rocking Chair

Oak and leather construction, in the style of Stickley, all original, no makers label. Overall width 18î, overall height 24î, overall depth 18î. Excellent condition. Date: Location: HWAC# 75217

Lot: 4008 - Classic Antique Oak School Desk

Overall size approximately 24î wide, 28î deep, 35î tall. Beautifully refinished, an excellent and attractive antique. This is the larger size chair which would've fit teenagers or adults. Circa 1920-1940. Date: Location: HWAC# 75219

Lot: 4009 - Fancy Oak Buffet

Fancy oak buffet, glass top, used in a Reno law office. 5 feet long, 23î deep, approximately 50î tall. Engraved floral pattern with shield at center. Three drawers at the top, fancy brass handles, fully restored, excellent condition,

Lot: 4010 - Folk Art Lamp

An interesting folk art lamp composed of a reproduction spittoon with a nautical theme on top of it, with a rolled rope wood core that supported an electric light apparatus on top, now missing. An interesting folk art lamp that for years resided in

Lot: 4011 - Small Oak Hallway Pedestal Shelf

Circa 1910- 20. Two shelves underneath the pedestal top. 31 inches tall. 16î square. Refinished, generally excellent. Date: Location: HWAC# 75229

Lot: 4012 - Tall Floor Standing Clock

British made by the Enfield Clock Company, London. Wood constructed, oak finish exterior, tall and skinny with carved gingerbread, the tall and skinny lines reminiscent of Macintosh style. Overall height 48î overall with 9 Ωî overall

Lot: 4013 - Mason Player Piano with 300 Music Rolls (Honk-Tonk

Mason Player Piano, beautifully refinished with light color finish. Comes with a stool and 300 music rolls!! The Mason upright was a standard player piano in early honky-tonk bars and saloons. The music rolls attest to this, with many jazz, blues and

Lot: 4014 - 1934 Wurlitzer

Beautiful finished wood with complex design over speaker area. Coin slots for 5, 10 and 25 cent options. Round button selector with 12 selections at right. This is the Wurlitzer Simplex Multi-Selector model, Model P-30, made in 1935. Several

Lot: 4015 - Victor Type P Phonograph Player

This is a Victor Type P Phonograph Player and represents one of the smallest players of its kind. According to, these models were never meant to be sold to the general public, but they were meant to be given away for free as part of

Lot: 4016 - Wurlitzer, Model 42, Victory

Fancy geometric designed Wurlitzer model 42 made in 1942. Fancy wood-carved front with rolling carved legs and five original reverse glass painted panels. Overall size 28î, deep 42î, 66î tall. Coin slot in the front in-operative. The

Lot: 4017 - Original Edison Phonograph

Original Edison phonograph for cylinders. Includes six cylinders with two original cases. One the earlier style marked Edison Amber. All four-minute record. No model number visible. Fully restored and refinished oak cabinet 12.5" at the base, 16"

Lot: 4018 - Wilcox Gay Art-Deco-Style, 3-Band Tube Radio

This is an Art-Deco-style tube radio with the name WILSON GAY at the bottom of the three-band dial (broadcast, shortwave and long-wave). The words "MODEL 3JM6 7-2" appears handwritten on the metal chassis of the electronics, and serial number 91638

Lot: 4019 - Vintage Camelback Passenger Trunk

Vintage camelback passenger trunk for ocean liner travel. Various labels: Hotel Quisisiana, Castellammare (Pres De Pompei); Grand Hotel des Palmes, Palerme; American Express Collect label. Great old trunk, wicker inside with nice linen liner. Leather

Lot: 4020 - Small Steamer Trunk

Small size steamer trunk, high-quality. Reinforced oak staves around the center on the top and on the bottom. Express labels applied on two sides, Railway Express, Long Beach to Oregon. 11.5" tall 12"deep 19.5"wide. This case was designed to carry

Lot: 4021 - Leather Cutting Tool

Wood handle leather cutting tool with W. Rose on blade, approx 5.25" long Date: Location: HWAC# 65051

Lot: 4022 - Large scale Carpenter's Square

This is a large scale (3 ft. X 2 ft.) carpenter's square made by Laurence in the USA. This large square is re-enforced with brass hardware for long life and accuracy. It is calibrated in inches. This is a must have tool for the historic carpenter in

Lot: 4023 - Two Antique Adjustable wrenches; Ashcroft #7

This lot of adjustable wrenches consists of an Ashcroft adjustable wrench #7 with a trademark of a arm and hammer. This wrench is 20 in. long with a wing screw adjustment. Estimated to be about 1900's made. The second wrench is a handmade pipe wrench

Lot: 4024 - Bellman's Hat

Original purple bellman's hat, no makers name visible, with the letters BC be stitched into the top. Gold band. This appears to be a classic Bellman's hat. 4-5 holes in the top, significant wear around the edge otherwise fine. Hamilton Hat

Lot: 4025 - Classic Folding Top Hats

Three classic folding top hat's. Three hats from different manufacturers, two with original boxes. The first that hat is in the style of the guardsmen the royal guardsmen in London. It is made by a New York manufacturer; could have been used by a

Lot: 4026 - Football Helmets

Two sports helmets, football. San Francisco 49ers modern day helmet in mint condition. The second hat is a very early leather football helmet in black and white circa 1930s to 40s. Hamilton Hat Collection. Date: Location: HWAC# 64463

Lot: 4027 - Hats from Music Business

Three hats from the music business. The first one is a classic straw hat used on stage circa 1920. The second hat is a classic parade band hat in blue and red with a white strap. The third hat is equivalent to a bandleaders hat with an 'M' emblem on

Lot: 4028 - Tall Beaver Top Hat

Very tall beaver skin hat of the style of the 1830's and Charles Dickens. 8" tall, brim is 12" x 10". Wear to the top edge-- a nice example. A beaver hat is a hat made from felted beaver fur. They were fashionable across much of Europe during the

Lot: 4029 - Telelography Top Hat

Original Telegraphy hat. Wireless emblem present at the front of the hat. Black cloth. Excellent condition. No makers name readily apparent. Hamilton hat collection. Date: Location: HWAC# 64433

Lot: 4030 - Three Vintage Hats

Three hats of divergent uses. A miner's helmet, a jungle pith helmet, and an unmarked bus or street railway conductor hat without hat badge. Miner's helmet is a classic hardhat with a leather attachment on the front for the auto light brass carbide

Lot: 4031 - Two "Bobby" Style Helmets

Vintage Police British "Bobby" Helmets. "Bobby" style hats: one is black with a police emblem badge on the front. The second is gray with a badge on the front and the number '5'. Both show some wear. Could also possibly be US police helmets. Both

Lot: 4032 - Two Aviation Hats

Two aviation hats. The first hat has a US Eagle hat pin at top, inside is a trademark for flight ace. American-made, excellent condition. The second hat has Eagle with spreading wings and a large "W", possibly an early Western Airlines hat. Also in

Lot: 4033 - Two Chauffers Hats

Two chauffeurs hats. No badge present. No makers name visible. One hat is black the other is brown. The brown hat could double for an aviation hat as well as the chauffeur's hat. Hamilton Hat Collection. Date: Location: HWAC# 64435

Lot: 4034 - Two Firemen's Hats

Two firemen's hats. The first hat is a classic 19th century fireman's hat from the third vice president, Gravesend, exempt volunteer firemen's Association. Need research. Hard black leather. No makers name present. Very fine. The second hat is a more

Lot: 4035 - Vintage Yellow Cab Hat

Classic yellow cab hat from the 1930s or 40s, made by the Lancaster Brand, Los Angeles California. As a hat alone it's an awesome example of the vintage uniform styles of the day, but it's also a great piece for a transportation memorabilia. Very

Lot: 4036 - Wall Hat Rack

Constructed with the mirror at center, geometric pattern. Quite different. 32î across, 17.5î deep with molded wire portions for fitted hats and coats. No makers name on the back, circa 1920 to 40. Date: Location: HWAC# 75234

Lot: 4037 - Large Hall Chair and Hat Tree

A beautiful oak and banded maple chair and hat tree combination for the hallway, in a style reminiscent of a cross between McIntosh and Stickley. Overall width 26 Ωî, overall height 77î, overall depth 18î. The seat has a hinged

Lot: 4038 - Ornate Wood Hat Tree for Hat Collection

Pine construction. Date unknown, c 1950. Overall size 74î tall and 30î diameter. Has four rows of four hats each, with each row from top to bottom progressively a little wider. An excellent hat tree for the ornate hat collection. Date:

Lot: 4039 - Elgin Pocket Watch/ Gold Hands

An antique Elgin coin silver pocket watch. The coin silver watch features a sunken secondís sub dial in the six oíclock position. Roman numerals. Hands are gold and face is decorated with gold designs. Back of watch has inlay of a buck deer

Lot: 4040 - Small Vintage Waltham Open Face Pocket Watch

Small vintage Waltham open face pocket watch. Nice looking 15 jewel 14K gold filled, open face, engraved back. Date: early 1900's Location: HWAC# 46213

Lot: 4041 - Two Pre-Revolution Jade Bangles

Two antique round cut jade bangle, A grade. Natural pale green color. These are pre-revolutionary pieces. The natural oxidation is from upper reaches of the ore deposits. Inner diameter is 5.75 mm on each, and will fit small size. Outer diameter: 78

Lot: 4042 - Jade Buddha Pendant

Buddha pendant. White Imperial Jade. Smiling Buddha on front and yin yang design on back. Octagonal shape, 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Date: Location: HWAC# 75110

Lot: 4043 - Ivory Cigarette holder

Ivory Cigarette Holder. Carved with talons holding bowl tip. Date: Location: HWAC# 75119

Lot: 4044 - Sterling silver and gold inlay cigarette case

Sterling silver and gold inlay cigarette case, octagon in shape. Provenance: From the historical Ben-Tcahvtchavadze Collection. Date: Location: Ontario, zCanada HWAC# 56009

Lot: 4045 - California Gold and Quartz Tie Bar

Unique 2.12" gold plated tie bar with pin back featuring 3 slivers of quartz with obvious gold. Makes a bold statement on your tie. Date: Location: California HWAC# 53646

Lot: 4046 - Polished Gold in Quartz Pendant

Polished gold in quartz matrix set in antiue 14k pendant with bezel. 18 x 24 mm; 12.1 grams. Date: Location: HWAC# 63659

Lot: 4047 - Texas Engraved Gold Cane Head

Texas Engraved Gold Cane Head. Inscription reads, " Mrs. Guy Hamilton, Whitewright, Texas.Mother of Pearl inlay . The head is rose gold, probably 10k, but the handle etc are plated. Whitewright was founded in 1878 by William Whitewright. Guy Hamilton

Lot: 4048 - Old Ivory and Silver Gavel

Pre 1900, possibly 1875. A choice ivory gavel with silver trim. Possibly Pacific Northwest in origin. Not engraved. Nice piece! Date: Location: HWAC# 63306

Lot: 4049 - 2 Large Metal Ice Tongs

31" tall metal ice tongs with a 5" metal loop on the top. Probably used with a hoisting chain. 33" tall metal ice tongs used manually. Date: Location: HWAC# 51038

Lot: 4050 - Antique Brass Car Horn

Original brass car horn. Made by The Sireno, New York. Number 7447, patented July 28, 1908. Polished brass, very nice condition. Date: Location: HWAC# 64452

Lot: 4051 - Antique brass table bell or gong

This is a table bell or gong; country of origin is Indonesia. The bell stands 5 in. ( 13 cm) tall and is 4 in. (10 cm) in diameter. There is no internal clapper; it must be struck from the outside and that tool is missing. Nice soft brass patination

Lot: 4052 - Brass Birdcage

Decorative brass birdcage. 12" diameter 15" high. Very nice stand included--68.5" high. An attractive office or home addition. Date: Location: HWAC# 64451

Lot: 4053 - Brass Surveyor's Transit

Decorative surveyors transit. Brass, moderate on wood base 8" diameter, the scope is 11" long with a level scope on top of 7", the overall height approximately 10". For decorative use only--beautiful piece. Date: Location: HWAC# 64450

Lot: 4054 - Pocket Sextant

Brass pocket sextant by Ross of London. Device unscrews from covering base, then screws in on top of the base, 3" diameter. Date: Location: HWAC# 64557

Lot: 4055 - Beautiful Walnut Box

A wonderful walnut box lined with blue velvet and multi-colored tiles on the lid. It has a brass latch for a lock and is 14 in. X 10 1/2 in. This would be an excellent display piece for locking small valuables or jewelry. Date: Location: HWAC# 55333

Lot: 4056 - 3 Different Vintage Irons

3 different sad irons. The A. C. Williams Co. with detachable wooden handle. Some internal rust. Triangular iron with a 5 on top plate and ornate metal handle. Geneva Hand Fluter Improved, Geneva, Ill. Curved iron without stand and a smooth bottom.

Lot: 4057 - Vintage Bless & Drake Coal Iron

Cast iron sad coal fired iron with black handle and curved heat deflector under the handle. The deflector is oval. 19th century. Made in Newark, NJ. Steampunk looking iron. 6.5" 8.75" x 4". Missing rear pin and has a 3 on left rear top plate. Date:

Lot: 4058 - Vintage Brass Andirons

Pair of brass fireplace andirons. Circa 1930 to 1950. Very attractive. Approximately 20"tall, 10" across the feet and 18" deep. Made for a smaller fireplace. Date: Location: HWAC# 64449

Lot: 4059 - Miniature Steam Engine

Weeden Manufacturing Company. 115 volts, 400 watts, catalog number 702. Bright red paint. On wooden platform. Date: c1930's Location: HWAC# 42678

Lot: 4060 - Original Ford Gumball Machine

One cent. Glass ball top. Glass ball 9î diameter, overall height 12î. This is a tabletop model. Coin locking device. Excellent condition. Date: Location: HWAC# 75236

Lot: 4061 - Vintage Commercial Coffee Mill

Vintage rusted red cast iron commercial coffee mill. 19" x 15" x 11". Some parts missing. Date: Location: HWAC# 37250

Lot: 4062 - Vintage Doctor's Medical Bag

This vintage doctor's black leather medical bag is 16 in.l X 7 in.h X 5 in.w. It has two metal clasps for closure and is monogrammed "A.S.P." in gold leaf on one side. This would make a nice display in either a doctor's office or den. Date: Location:

Lot: 4063 - Vintage Oak Crank Telephone

Original oak case windup wall telephone. Refinished surface. Excellent appearance. 18" tall, width with phone mounted on the side and crank is 15", and 11" deep including the mouth speaker on the front. We did not test the phone to see if it's an

Lot: 4064 - Trio of Fairbanks Postal Scales

Three scales that were adopted by the US government. Not functioning. Could be used for parts. Date: Location: HWAC# 69072

Lot: 4065 - Decorative Balance

Black marble, 2 layer base, 7.5î square, overall height 28î , overall width 22î. excellent condition. From a long-time Reno Nevada law office, representing equal arms of justice. ìMade in Italyî stamp on upper parts. Date:

Lot: 4066 - Two Decorative Brass Items

Brass spittoon. Redskin Brand / Chewing Tobacco / Cut Plug. 9.5" diameter, 11 " high. A brass decorative Kleenex box covering for the office. Date: Location: HWAC# 64453

Lot: 4067 - Gorham Silver Flatware Set, 1905

Sterling Gorham "Pacific" flatware set in original box with Gorham paper. On the back of the silver is the patent date of Nov. 29, 1905. The group has 90.8 oz troy of silver (98.2 troy true weight). The group consists of: 4 soup spoons, 18 tea

Lot: 4068 - Antique Hand Painted China

13 antique hand painted china plate collection: four plates from Bavaria and Germany; one plate from Prussia; three plates from Austria; and five plates from France. Each plate is different, and each is beautiful with hand painting and gold rims.

Lot: 4069 - Assorted Camera Lens

Canon EOS Rebel XSn Date Camera with CANON EF 35-80MM Lens. Pheonix 28-300mm, f4.0-6.3AF for Nikon. Mayima 55mm f2.8 with hard case. Sigma 28-70mm UC f 3.5 - f 4.5 AF . Mayimay 150mm f4, mount unknown with hard case. Canon EF28-05mm, f 3.5-4 5. Date:

Lot: 4070 - 2 Unusual Humorous Advertisements

2 pair minature cloth panties with lace. About 4- 5 inches each. One item reads, "KEEP OUT, Restricted Area, Souvenir of Nashville, Tenn., "Keep'em Flying," and on reverse,"YOU TAKE CARE OF THE HOME FRONT, REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR, DON'T GET CAUGHT WITH

Lot: 4071 - Circus Ephemera

Lot of 13. Included: 1922 letterhead for Al G. Kelly-Miller Bros. Circus, Eckley, Colorado; 8 x 10 black and white photograph of Lorraine Krueger, RKO radio player, posing with circus clown Emmett Kelly, c.1937; 1972 annual newsletter of the Circus

Lot: 4072 - Collection of 15 Babies with Carriages Cabinet

15 different cabinet cards with babies in carriages, holding dolls, sitting, on a wagon, on a chair etc. Photographers include Beals, W. A. Bradley, Eastman, Semple, Taber, Oriental, Gillingham, Hamilton. Date: c. 1880-1890 Location: HWAC# 53604

Lot: 4073 - 4 Vintage Unopened Cigarette Packs

4 Unopened Cigarette Packs. Ivory Tipped Marlboro with unbroken tax seal. Marlboro Man 6 pack unopened. Bantam Havana Blend, tax seal intact. Fatima Turkish Blend. Unopened but top of pack has some deterioration. Date: Location: HWAC# 48543

Lot: 4074 - Black American Early Photographs

Lot of four. One in pencil is entitled "Johnny Phillips, Amateur Golfing Champion, Ohio, 1920's." The others show a young black couple, four children, and a Black family gathered around the table. Date: Location: HWAC# 55027

Lot: 4075 - 1836 Letter in German from Washington

We are unable to translate this letter, possibly signed by Jeb.Seifert? Several folds. Date: 1836 Location: HWAC# 63167

Lot: 4076 - Feminist Union Pins

1) Eight Feminist Union Pin "A Woman's Place Is In Her Union" vintage I of A M Worker Solidarity Communication Workers of America Labor Pin. 2) Four I 15 AM (2-15 year, 1-20 year, 1-35 year) Machinist Service Trade Union Pins. Date: Location: HWAC#

Lot: 4077 - Four Advertising Mirrors

Four advertising mirrors: 1) two 400 / F. L. T. / 614 / Be One Of Us; 2) "The Lady on the Other Side" / Is Requested to use her Influence / and Support / Robert T. Pogue / Candidate For / Treasurer and Ex-Officio Collector / Daviess County; 3)

Lot: 4078 - Franklin Square Library Pamphlet with Slavery

Feb. 6, 1880 issue. The 19th Century, A History. Multiple slavery themed articles. 87pp. front and rear covers detached. Date: 1880 Location: HWAC# 63301

Lot: 4079 - Graniteware Trade Cards and Recipe Book

12 Graniteware trade cards including local dealers in Milwaukee WI, Ithaca NY, Biddeford ME and more. 64 pp cookbook with girl and cow on front, 2 children on reverse. 4.75" x 3". Date: c. 1880-1890 Location: HWAC# 54118

Lot: 4080 - Grocery and Alcohol Ephemera

6 letterheads and billheads related to groceries and alcohol merchants. 5 pictorials. Date: 1897-1908 Location: HWAC# 65055

Lot: 4081 - Horse Drawn Fire Wagon Photo Postcard

Real photo postcard of two horse drawn fire wagons with their crews. Location unknown. Date: Location: HWAC# 63617

Lot: 4082 - Kodak Apollo 11 Moon Photos (5)

5 color 8" x 10.5" NASA moon photos taken on Kodak film and these prints were supposedly offered only to Kodak families. Includes Kodak mailer and postmark. Date: Location: HWAC# 63163

Lot: 4083 - License of Vessel Above 20 Tons (2)

Lot of 2 Fishing Licenses from 1800's to carry on the Cod-Fishery for one year. Some condition issues (tearing at right side of License that encroaches on print) Date: 1800's Location: HWAC# 63943

Lot: 4084 - Log Cabin Photographs

Lot of four photographs: 1) 5 x 4 inch photo in 6 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch mat, rustic log cabin; 2) 4 x 2 1/2 inch of four settlers posing on their half built cabin; 3) two ladies and their two dogs in front of their log cabin; 4) 8 x 5 inch photo on a 9 x

Lot: 4085 - Madame Butterfly Cigar Box Label

Unused embossed cigar box label with a woman looking at a ship at night. 6.5" x 8.5". Light toning on bottom and light creases bu stil very pretty. Date: Location: HWAC# 73020

Lot: 4086 - Medical Ephemera

1906 Geo. Wappler, Hollister, CA calendar. 1898 WW Gavitts Medical Co., Topeka, KS application blank Date: Location: HWAC# 65038

Lot: 4087 - Mine Pinup/Nude Photo Suite

A humorous suite of eight vintage photos of three professional women models at an artificial mine site. The suite begins at a mine entrance (staged, possibly at Knott's Berry Farm in the 1940's) and progresses. The photos are by an unknown

Lot: 4088 - Mission Development Co. Stocks with Getty Printed

7 issued 1954-1955 with printed J Paul Getty signatures. Date: Location: HWAC# 64077

Lot: 4089 - North American Phonograph Stock

2 nice recording device vignettes. I/U George Codington 890, #501 25 shares, signed by President Lippincott. Note condition issues. Date: Location: HWAC# 64061

Lot: 4090 - Ocean National Bank Stock

I/U George Codington 1870, #1008 20 shares. Rare. Top and bottom creases. Date: Location: HWAC# 64057

Lot: 4091 - Oval Landscape Photograph

This is a vintage photograph in an old wood frame. I measures 22"x 19" and shows a farm house, complete with large barn. Piece has no glass, an easy fix, and appears to be hand colored. A great addition to the parlor. . Date: Location: HWAC# 56629

Lot: 4092 - Poe Family Photo Booklet

Cardboard bound and red ribbon tied "Thanksgiving Souvenir, Indian Creek, Nov. 26 1903" . We are unsure which Indian Creek this is. 2 b/w Photos 3.75" x 4.5" of families including several Poe's, a Calamari, and more. Edgar Allan Poe is listed

Lot: 4093 - Pretty Brewing and Distilling Billheads

Color pictorial unused billheads. 8.5" x 11" C. Heilman Brewing with chalet style building and a European man holding a beer stein. 9 Vina Distilley 7" x 8.5" with train and Brandy case vignettes. Nice colorful group. Date: Location: HWAC# 64338

Lot: 4094 - Route Cards of Circus Travels

Official Routes of Al Kelly & Miller Bros.; Cole Bros. Circus; Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey; The Great King Bros. 3 Ring Circus; & a picture of a woman from the circus. Date: 1943-1954 Location: HWAC# 64206

Lot: 4095 - Saloon Trade Cards

Five colorful Saloon trade cards, circa 1885-1890. All five from Wardwell & Nownes Saloon, Methues, Mass., two different varieties. Excellent condition Date: Location: HWAC# 62460

Lot: 4096 - Scarce Christmas Seals Specimen Subscription Bond

ABN Specimen punched. $20 Christmas Seals Bond, The Campaign Against Tuberculosis. Date: Location: HWAC# 64074

Lot: 4097 - Sports Trading Cards

A collection of eight sports cards including Barry Bonds 1995 All-Star, Billy Martin Taxas manager card, Ken Griffey Jr. Crown Royale, Peyton Manning's Edge '98, Dan Marino's '95 Upper Deck, Vinny Testaverde University of Miami Donruss, a mint Randy

Lot: 4098 - Steamer Commodore Vanderbilt Receipt

The steamer Commodore Vanderbilt became the flagship for the North Atlantic Mail Steamship Line. At the onset of the Civil War, President Lincoln on April 16, 1891 order the blockade of all Southern ports & coastline. The Secretary of War was

Lot: 4099 - Sterling Silver Forks & Teaspoons

Set of 7 sterling silver forks & 6 sterling silver teaspoons. Pattern A, 20.77 oz. = 19.21 Troy. Forks are 6.75"L X 1"W. Engraved monogram with letter K(?) Date: Location: HWAC# 72020

Lot: 4100 - Tobacco and Pipe Related Postcards

34 tobacco, smoking and pipe related postcards. Some are comical. Date: Location: HWAC# 54637

Lot: 4101 - Tobacco Tins (4) and a Cigar Box

Tins- 2 from Half and Half, Burley and Bright Tobacco. Humo- wear on lid. Top Cigarette Tobacco. Cardboard box from Prospero de Nobili & C!.` Date: Location: HWAC# 58719

Lot: 4102 - Townsend Universal Printing Press Co. Stocks (2)

2 rare stocks with nice printing press vignettes. #86 i/u W Townsend 1875 10 shares, # 87 i/u W Townsend 1875 15 shares. Both signed by President Townsend. Note condition issues. Date: 1875 Location: HWAC# 64062

Lot: 4103 - Union Pacific Stage Lines ticket punch leather

This is a leather holster for a ticket punch hand-held tool for the Union Stage Lines buses. The Driver would punch the ticket hold's ticket and accept them on the bus. This vintage leather holster is black with brown leather stitching. The inside is

Lot: 4104 - US Soda & Soda Works Ephemera Collection

Lot of 40+ pieces. Diverse lot! Includes: three mounted photographs (6.5 x 8.5" photo size) of candy stores with soda fountains, not identified; 1937 Racing Program with La Vida advertising on front; gorgeous unused pictorial letterhead for Shasta

Lot: 4105 - Vintage Pinup/Nude Photo Suites

Collection of nine photo suites involving professional nude female models, all about 2.5 x 4" each. Each suite involves different models, and is composed of about ten photos each. Taken by an unknown professional photographer, these suites were

Lot: 4106 - Vacheron Constantin Watch Book

Nice Vacheron Constantin hard cover book in slipcase. 97pp with many photos. Date: 2002 Location: HWAC# 73014

Lot: 4107 - Legal Library

Legal library. 22 volumes total. All post 1900, more than half are modern legal library. American Law and Procedure, LaSalle Extension University, four volumes, 1912 edition; Rules and Manual of United States Senate 1915; Standard Encyclopedia of

Lot: 4108 - Complete Lock Picking Kit

The book explains it: "Visual Guide to Lock Picking" published 2002. A metal box full of master key parts, lubrication oil, guide to rekeying Kwikset lock sets. A new career awaits on either side of the law! Date: Location: HWAC# 63645

Lot: 4109 - Key References The Souvenir Card Collector Society

The Souvenir Card Collectors Society, pp.229; 2 Journal Vol. 11, Summer 1991. 8.5" x 11". Date: c. 1989 Location: HWAC# 64201

Lot: 4110 - Guidebook of the Western United States

Hardcover, Guidebook of the Western United States Part B. The Overland Route / With a Side Trip to Yellowstone Park by Willis T. Lee, Ralph W.Stone, Hoyt S.Gale and Others/ Reprinted with Minor Corrections.1916, pp.251, pictures & folding map

Lot: 4111 - Guidebook of the Western United States

Hardcover, Guidebook of the Western United States, Part C. The Santa Fe Route / With a Side Trip to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado By N.H. Darton and Others, Reprinted with minor corrections. 1916, pp. 186, several folding maps inside. Date:

Lot: 4112 - Guidebook of the Western United States

Hardcover, Guidebook of the Western United States Part B. The Overland Route / With a Side Trip to Yellowstone Park by Willis T. Lee, Ralph W.Stone, Hoyt S.Gale and Others, First Edition, Reprint August, 1915. pp 236, illustrations & folding map

Lot: 4113 - Western Banking Books (3)

3 hardcovers. US National Bank of Oregon and US Bancorp 1891-1984 by Singer, 1984 132pp with index. National Bank of Commerce of Seattle 1889-1969 by Marple, 1972 277pp with index. The Story of he Ameican Bank Note Co. 1958, 92pp, some foxing inside

Lot: 4114 - Western Historical Volumes (15)

Excellent illustrated history books. El Dorado, Rhyolite, Nevada, Funeral Mts., Bennettville and more Date: Location: HWAC# 69003

Lot: 4115 - Western History Library (10)

10 hardcover Western History books with varied topics including California history, wagon trains, Wells Fargo, lawlessness, New Mexico history, Bill Kitt and more. Date: Location: HWAC# 63700

Lot: 4116 - Western Trails (4 Books)

Lot of 4 books 1) The Oregon Trail by Francis Parkman (paperback) pp.381; 2)The Oregon Trail, A New American Journey by Rinker Buck, c. 2015, pp.430; 3)Great Trails of the West by Richard Dunlop, c. 1971, pp.304; 4)The Trail West A Bibliography-Index

Lot: 4117 - Stock & Bonds (2 Books)

1) The Collector's Guide to Old U.S. Stocks and Bonds by Andrew C. Hall Sr.,signed by author. c.1984, pp. 227; 2)Arizona Mines and Mining Companies 1854-1954 by James H. Garbani c. 1993, pp.307. Date: Location: HWAC# 63453

Lot: 4118 - Stock and Ephemera Collecting Guides (3)

Collectors Guide to Old US Stocks and Bonds by hall, American Railroad Stock Certificates by Hendy, Owning Western History by Anderson3 Date: Location: HWAC# 63358

Lot: 4119 - The Daguerreotype in America by Newhall

Third edition, 104 illustrations, softcover 175pp. Date: Location: HWAC# 63350

Lot: 4120 - The Gumps in Radio Land Book

Rare softcover little book. Illustrated adventures of Andy Gump. 95pp. Date: 1937 Location: HWAC# 73031

Lot: 4121 - The Old Santa Fe Trail (Book)

The Old Santa Fe Trail by Colonel Henry Inman, 1897, hardback book with illustrations, pp.498. Slight wear on corners of book. Preface written by Honorable William F. Cody, "Buffalo Bill" Date: 1897 Location: HWAC# 63457

Lot: 4122 - The Pony Express/A Photographic Essay (Book)

Pony Express Museum, A Photographic Essay by Greg Martin. Dedicated to William Parker Lyon the greatest Western collector of them all. Beautiful book pp.191. Date: c. 1987 Location: HWAC# 63466

Lot: 4123 - Through the Southwest, Along the Santa Fe Booklet

Softcover booklet. B/W Western images Approx 40pp. Covers have edge wear. Date: Location: HWAC# 64336

Lot: 4124 - Tiffany & Gaylord. Express & Exhibition Plates by

Hard cover, very rare 90pp. Loaded with fakes. Date: 1950 Location: HWAC# 69079

Lot: 4125 - Pioneer Jews, A New Life in the Far West (Book)

This is a key reference by Harriet & Fred Rochlin. pp.229, many black & white photos. Good condition. 8.5"x 11". Date: 1984 Location: HWAC# 64204

Lot: 4126 - Place, Name References Books for the Profession

Lot of 4 books: 1) Utah Place/Names by John W. Van Cott, c. 1990, pp. 453; 2) Idaho Place Names A Geographical Dictionary by Lalia Boone, c. 1988, pp. 413; 3) Oklahoma Place Names Second Edition, by George H. Shirk, c. 1974 pp. 268 4)Wyoming Place

Lot: 4127 - Book of United States Official Register

Hardback book, Register of Officers and Agents, Civil, Military , and Naval, in the Year 1867. Some fraying at edges of cover, pages legible, slight foxing on first five pages. pp. 877. 6" x 9.5" Date: 1867 Location: HWAC# 63420

Lot: 4128 - Books of Autographs & Manuscripts, Price Guides

Lot of 3 paperback books: 1) Civil War Autographs & Manuscripts by Ronald Roy Seagrave, pp.396; 2) The Price Guide to Autographs by George Sanders, Helen Sanders, Ralph Roberts, pp. 493; The Sanders Price Guide to Autographs, The Word's Leading

Lot: 4129 - Antique Law Library

Antique law library contains 30 volumes, circa 1870's. Perry on Trusts, second edition, two volumes 1874. Criminal Defenses, Lawson, 1886, volumes 34 and 35. Marked as WH Verdin Library, practicing attorney. Kent's Commentary. 14th edition. Three

Lot: 4130 - Peg Leg To Date-and Beyond, (Book)

Paperback book by John Southworth & signed by John Southworth in 1982. This book is for those who have heard of Pegleg Smith & his lost bonanza of black gold on the desert. Interesting read. 5.5" x 8.5". Date: c. 1975 Location: HWAC# 63479

Lot: 4131 - Picture Maker of the Old West (Book)

Picture Maker of the Old West/William L. Jackson by Clarence S. Jackson. Beautiful book with many photos of early U.S. in the west. pp.303. This book is scarce. Date: Location: HWAC# 63462

Lot: 4132 - National Banks of the United States 1863-1935 by

First edition 1977 hardcover 598pp. Rare. Date: Location: HWAC# 73003

Lot: 4133 - North America History Books (6)

6 hardcovers. Money and Banking by White, The Mystery of E Troop by Michno, Cowboy Poetry by Barker, The Business of Jews in Louisiana 1840-1875 by Ashkenazi, Panama Canal by Martinez, Lewis and Clark by Thorp Date: Location: HWAC# 63958

Lot: 4134 - Mormon History Books (5)

1) The Polygamists A History of Colorado City, Arizona by Benjamin G. Bistline, (paperback) c. 2004, pp.415; 2) Annual Publications Historical Society of Southern California 1930. Photos, pp.337; 3)Kingdom in the West /The Mormons and the American

Lot: 4135 - Lost Mines and Buried Treasures of the West

Lost Mines and Buried Treasures of the West, Bibliography and Place Names from Kansas West to California, Oregon, Washington, and Mexico by Thomas Probert c. 1977, pp.512.Excellent condition. 7.5" x 10" Date: Location: HWAC# 63452

Lot: 4136 - Lyell's Travel in North America by Cushing

Hard cover 172pp. The story of Charles Lyell, an 1840's geologist. Date: 1909 Location: HWAC# 63307

Lot: 4137 - Machining and Engineering Library

15 volumes including Rogers Machinist Guide by Rogers, Audels Wiring Diagrams by E.P. Anderson; Pocket Companions from Carnegie Steel. Two Volumes I.C.S. Reference Library 114 and 115 and more. Date: Location: HWAC# 51508

Lot: 4138 - Hearst Family Books (2)

2 Hardcovers. George Hearst, California Pioneer by older. The Hearsts by Hearst Jr. Date: Location: HWAC# 63703

Lot: 4139 - History of the United States, 3 Volumes by Spencer

Vol. 1 has foxing and stain, spine broken and part missing, Vol. 2 has foxing and stain, spine missing, Vol.3 has foxing and stain, detaching spine. Please inspect. Date: 1858 Location: HWAC# 63708

Lot: 4140 - Encyclopedia of American Biography (5 Volumes)

American Biography a New Cyclopedia, illustrated, approx. pp.360 each volume. Condition issues noted. Spine covers missing, & staining, wear on corners. 8" x 11". Date: 1918 Location: HWAC# 64246

Lot: 4141 - Ephemera Collecting Guides (3)

Confederate War Bonds by Criswell 1992/93, Catalog of US Revenue Stamped Documents of the Civil War Era by Type and Tax Rate by Mahler. Owning Western History by Anderson. Date: Location: HWAC# 63352

Lot: 4142 - American Book Prices Current (Set of 9)

Great lot for book collectors. 1991- through 2004. Includes names & addresses of Auction Houses, Season's Sales, Autographs & Manuscripts. 6.5" x 9". All books in good condition. Date: Location: HWAC# 64240

Lot: 4143 - American History Publications (3)

2 hardcovers-The Mapping of America by Tooley, Our Continent by National Geography. American History Illustrated October 1980. Date: Location: HWAC# 63372

Lot: 4144 - American West History Book (5)

5 hardcovers. land of Many Frontiers by Faulk, Gold is the Cornerstone by Caughey, The Bonanza West by Greever, The Bonanza Trail by Wolle, Western Ghost Town Shadows by Florin Date: Location: HWAC# 63342

Lot: 4145 - Anaconda & Production of States & Territories (2

2 Books; 1) Anaconda by Isaac F. Macosson, illustrated, c.1957, pp.360, 2) Production of States and Territories, pp.871, book missing front & back covers. Date: Location: HWAC# 64243

Lot: 4146 - How To Become a Ventriiloquist by Kennedy (1882)

1882 62pp. Learn how to "throw your voice". Date: Location: HWAC# 54940

Lot: 4147 - Hypnotism Books

25 Lessons in Hypnotism 1944 by Young 64pp. Hypnotism As It Is by Sage 1902 . Snap out of it and bid! Date: Location: HWAC# 54939

Lot: 4148 - Heaney's Magic Catalogs

2 catalogs with illustrations of magic props, from Heaney's #24 96pp and #25 222pp. Date: Location: HWAC# 54946

Lot: 4149 - Magic Catalogs (4)

Heaney's Magic Co. catalog 25 1924 224pp. Invitation to a Valentines Party 1950 with attached 5.75" wand. 2 Heaney's catalog No. 24 96pp. Date: Location: HWAC# 54945

Lot: 4150 - 1846 Summons from Moulton, Alabama

Framed Summons, "To any Sheriff of the State of Alabama Summon Jonathan (Collengrame?) to testify against Charles (A Slave) defendant ." Dated 1846, in very good condition. 7.5" x 5.5". The plastic covering has crack from left to bottom approx. 7.5"

Lot: 4151 - Anchorage Real Photo Postcards

Lot of 15 views of Anchorage from the 1920s through the 1960s. Aerial views, residential neighborhoods and public buildings. Date: Location: Anchorage, Alaska HWAC# 44215

Lot: 4152 - Photo Postcards of Circle City and Barrow, Alaska

Lot of 5 cards including river boat "Yukon", U.S. mail dog sled team, eskimo drummers, cutting bowhead whale, Cape Smythe Whaling and Trading Co. Date: Location: Circle City & Barrow, Alaska HWAC# 44221

Lot: 4153 - Four Real Photo Postcards of Hyder, Alaska

Lot of four unused photograph cards from Hyder, "just over the line from Stewart, B.C." U.S. Government block house, birdseye view. and two town photos. Date: Location: Hyder, Alaska HWAC# 44210

Lot: 4154 - Ketchikan, AK Harbor Photo

Probably Ketchikan, AK harbor, approx 6" x 10.5, mounted on board. Original print. Date: c. 1920 Location: Ketchikan, Alaska HWAC# 65031

Lot: 4155 - Scenic Old Photographs of Nome & Juneau, Alaska

Six old photographs: Nome in 1909, the interior of the Modini's Cafe, street scene, also a picture attributed to Juneau. Date: Location: Nome & Juneau, Alaska HWAC# 44230

Lot: 4156 - Scenic Alaskan Photographs of Valdez

Lot of 12 Guy F. Cameron prints of scenes near Valdez Alaska. Street scene with dog team, panoramic views, Windy Falls. and a 51 ounce Valdez gold nugget. All photos 6 x 8 inches or bigger. Date: Location: Valdez, Alaska HWAC# 44234

Lot: 4157 - Real Photo Postcards from Wrangell, Alaska

Lot of 3 photographic post cards from Wrangell. All have album residue on reverse and are unwritten. View from across the bay, birdseye, and on the shoreline. Date: Location: Wrangell, Alaska HWAC# 44211

Lot: 4158 - Alaska Map, c.1885

Alaska map with blue highlight. A notable attribute is listing numerous forts along the Alaskan Coast and "Indian Villages". Page 161, publisher unknown. 11" x 13.5". Note edge damage, please inspect. Date: c. 1885 Location: Alaska HWAC# 54453

Lot: 4159 - Alaska Steamship Line Book with Map

Pictorial book with map in back cover. Date: c. 1920? Location: Alaska HWAC# 65039

Lot: 4160 - Alaska Town Stereoviews (11)

Eleven Alaska town stereoviews. Underwood & Underwood-Wrangel main street with boardwalk. Griffith & Griffith-Dawson. Uncredited cromolitho-house at Nome, Lincoln St. in Sitka, Front St. Dawson, Juneau, Ocean Front in Juneau. Keystone-The

Lot: 4161 - Alaska Village and Totem Pole Stereoviews (10)

10 Alaska stereoviews. Underwood & Underwood-Hydah totem pole at Wrangel, Klinkwan village with totem, Pool with totem, canoe at Kasa An. AF Jarvis-canoe at Kasa An x2. Uncredited chromolitho, Indian burial houses at Juneau City.

Lot: 4162 - Alaskan Photographs

Eighteen photographs from Unalaska, Unga, Seldovia, Dutch Harbor, and other town shots. Some by Guy Cameron. Cameron was a well known Alaskan photographer at the beginning of the 20th Century. Date: Location: Alaska HWAC# 44227

Lot: 4163 - Real Photo Postcards of Alaskan Glaciers

Lot of 48 photo post cards of glaciers that may not be there anymore. Muir, Mendennhall, Taku, Columbia, Childs, Norris glaciers all represented. Date: Location: Alaska HWAC# 44217

Lot: 4164 - Scenic Alaskan Glacier Photographs

Lot of 8 photographs, most by Guy F. Cameron of Alaskan glaciers. Shoup Glacier, Columbia Glacier, Spencer Glacier included. Approximately 6 x 9 inches. Early 20th Century. Date: Location: Alaska HWAC# 44229

Lot: 4165 - Assorted Alaska Stereoviews (18)

Keystone-2 Willi Campbell on a sled with dogs, 2x three frost faced prospectors at 62 degrees below zero!, sleds at Haines, going up the Yukon River, big ice on the Allenkaket River, a boy and dog, The Dying Klondiker?, several female photos, drying

Lot: 4166 - Klondike Gold Rush Letter about Salmon Cannery

This letter is to Mr.Cortland Van Camp, Indianapolis, Indiana, c.1902, concerning Alaska Cannery & Coal. This letter is during Gold Rush period. Date: 1902 Location: Alaska HWAC# 64363

Lot: 4167 - Map of Alaska

Alaska by Rand McNally, graphics & color by Lithography. Excellent condition. Map shows Districts, Capes & Points, Islands, Lakes, Mountains, Rivers, & Towns. This is at the beginning of the Alaska Gold Rush. Mounted on mat board. If mats

Lot: 4168 - Ajo Postscards

Lot of 2 postcards showing two different images of the Ajo High School. One of the postcards is postmarked in 1948. Date: Ca. 1948 Location: Ajo, Arizona HWAC# 63803

Lot: 4169 - Bisbee Real Photo Postcards

Lot of 7 fantastic postcards from Bisbee. All are not post marked, nor do any have a photographer identified. The postcards show images of the town of Bisbee and are in great condition. Date: Ca. 1908 Location: Bisbee, Arizona HWAC# 63806

Lot: 4170 - Bisbee Real Photo Postcards

Lot of 21 real photo post cards. 6 were produced by Frashers Foto, 6 from L.L. Cook Co.. and the rest are unknown. This is a fabulous lot showing birds eye views of Bisbee, the Copper Queen Hotel, the post office and more. 4 of the post cards are

Lot: 4171 - Early Bisbee Postcards

Lot of 19 postcards from turn of the century Bisbee. This lots postcards with images showing the beautiful mining town from various locations. 9 of the postcards have postmarks from the years 1906-1913. Date: Ca. 1910 Location: Bisbee, Arizona HWAC#

Lot: 4172 - Older Real Photo and Other Postcards of Bisbee

Lot of 8 postcards including 5 very early RPCs of the town of Bisbee. The RPCs include images of the 1908 flood, the Sacramento Hill, and other shots around town. The 3 other postcards are from ca. 1925-1950 and show a general birds eye view of

Lot: 4173 - Postcards of Cameron

Lot of 5. 1) Little Colorado Trading Post. Published by Frasher's Foto Inc. RPC. No postmark. 2) Little Colorado Trading Post. Published by Frasher's Foto Inc. RPC. Postmark 1936. 3) View of Cameron. Published by the L.L. Cook Co. 4) Little Colorado

Lot: 4174 - Clifton Real Photo Postcard

Early RPC of the town of Clifton. No postmark or photographer identified. Date: Ca. 1910 Location: Clifton, Arizona HWAC# 63819

Lot: 4175 - Postcards from the Douglas Area

Lot of 8 postcards the show various sides of the town of Douglas including the Hotel Gadsden, G Ave, and Main Street. Date: 1907-1958 Location: Douglas, Arizona HWAC# 63567

Lot: 4176 - Postcards from Flagstaff

Lot of 16 postcards showing the various street scenes and hotels of downtown Flagstaff and the surrounding mountains. Date: 1906-1952 Location: Flagstaff, Arizona HWAC# 63568

Lot: 4177 - Coolidge Dam Postcards

Lot of 4 postcards shows the construction and results of the building of the Coolidge Dam. No postmarks. Only 1 has a photographer identified as Frasher Foto. Date: Ca. 1925 Location: Gila County, Arizona HWAC# 63823

Lot: 4178 - Postcard Group of Globe

Lot of 16 real photo and color illustrated postcards of Globe. 1) Federal Building. RPC. Postmarked 1949. Frashers Foto, but distributed by Lollesgard Specy Co. Tuscon. 2) and 3) Pic-A-Rib Cafe. RPC. No postmark, or photographer identified. 4) and 5)

Lot: 4179 - Grand Canyon Area Postcard Collection

Lot of 85 Grand Canyon themed postcards. 20 are post marked (1915-1967), the others are unused. Date: Location: Grand Canyon, Arizona HWAC# 63566

Lot: 4180 - Postcard of Hayden

This postcard show the Community church of Hayden. No postmark or photographer identified. Date: Location: Hayden, Arizona HWAC# 63828

Lot: 4181 - Jerome Postcards

Lot of 20 mixed real photo, color illustrations and color photo postcards. 8 are PRCs, and the photographers and producers are identified as L.L. Cook, Lollesgard Specialty Co., and Frashers Foto. The rest of the postcards are all either color

Lot: 4182 - Article from Mohave County Miner

Article from Kingman AZ, Mohave County Miner, mostly advertisements & articles dated May 11, 1889. 17" x 13.5". Date: 1889 Location: Kingman, Arizona HWAC# 64210

Lot: 4183 - Postcards of Kingman

Lot of 6. 1) Highway 66, through Kingman. No postmark, but there is writing on the back on the postcard. Produced by Frye and Smith Ltd. 2) Commissary at Katherine Mine Gold Standard Mine Corporation. RPC. Postmarked 1939. Produced by Frasher's Inc.

Lot: 4184 - Meteor Crater Postcards

Lot of 3 postcards of Arizona's meteor crater. One of the post cards is folded and is actually a large picture. Date: Ca. 1940 Location: Meteor Crater, Arizona HWAC# 63569

Lot: 4185 - Miami Postcard Group

Lot of 9. 1) Miami street overview. RPC. Postmarked 1936. No photographer identified. 2) Birdseye view of Miami. RPC. No postmark or photographer identified. 3) Miami and Inspiration Hospital. By the L.L. Cook Co. No postmark. 4) Birdseye view. RPC.

Lot: 4186 - Three Great Miami Postcards

Lot of 3 real photo postcards. 1) Hospital. No postmark or photographer identified. 2) Miami Mine. No postmark or photographer identified. 3) Birds eye view of the town. No postmark. Photographed by Kelley;s Studio of Miami. Date: Location: Miami,

Lot: 4187 - Two Early Miami Postcards

Lot of 2. 1) Birdseye view of the town of Miami. 2) Concentrator City. Both of these RPCs were photographed and produced by Kelleyís Photography Studio. Kelley had begun by documenting the work of the mines, but after opening the studio became

Lot: 4188 - Postcards from Morenci

Lot of 11 postcards. The postcards show the images of Morenci's downtown including the Plaza, the Phelps Dodge Hospital, and the Morenci Hotel. There are also several mining of the Morenci Mine. No postmarks on any of these postcards. Date: Ca. 1930

Lot: 4189 - Nogales Birdseye View Postcards

Lot of 4 early RPC birdseye views of Nogales. Only 1 of the postcards has a postmark, but the date is unreadable. However, the writer makes a comment that the town's population is about 5,000, which puts the date around 1920. Photographer is

Lot: 4190 - Nogales Military Postcard

Photographed by H.E. Wood of Troop"F" 1st U.S. Calvary. This postcard shows the camp of the 2nd Calvary Infantry. RPC. Postmarked 1916. Date: 1916 Location: Nogales, Arizona HWAC# 63816

Lot: 4191 - Nogales Postcards

Lot of 19 postcards. Images show Nogales City Hall, Southern Pacific Depot, the Court House and various street scenes. 6 of the postcards are postmarked between the years 1911-1961. Date: Ca. 1911-1961 Location: Nogales, Arizona HWAC# 63809

Lot: 4192 - Nogales Street Scene Postcards

Lot of 5 terrific street scenes from the early years of the town of Nogales. 1) Large crowd gathers in the street. Dated Nov. 11, 1926. No postmark. RPC. Photographer is identified with a watermark on the bottom that reads "John." 2) A view down

Lot: 4193 - Nogales, AT Beer Letter

Proto Brothers Letterhead, 1890. Proto likes the beer but "it comes too high". Date: 1890 Location: Nogales, Arizona HWAC# 65054

Lot: 4194 - Real Photo Postcards of Nogales

Lot of 20 RPCs featuring views around the town of Nogales. Some of the views include, the Post Office, a street scene looking at Grand Ave., the court house, the Federal Immigration building, the boarder with Mexico and much more! 6 of the post cards

Lot: 4195 - Phoenix Postcard Collection

Lot of 72 postcards showing the sites and famous locations around Phoenix. Some of the images include the State Capital, Arizona fair grounds, scenes from a rodeo and many more from around the city. 26 of the postcards are postmarked between the

Lot: 4196 - Prescott Postcard Group

Fantastic historic lot of Prescott! 22 real photo and color illustrated postcards. 13 of the postcards are real photo post cards. The remaining 9 are illustrations. The postcards in this lots show case several views of the town and businesses, the

Lot: 4197 - Real Photo Postcard of Ray

This is a lovely image of a neighborhood street in the town of Ray. Ray is known in the mining world for having a large copper mine in the area. There is no post mark and in great condition. Date: Location: Ray, Arizona HWAC# 63570

Lot: 4198 - Roosevelt Dam Postcards

Lot of 12 mixed real photo postcards and color illustrated postcards. Only 2 of the postcards are postmarked, the dates are 1918 and 1924. Date: Ca. 1920 Location: Salt River, Arizona HWAC# 63822

Lot: 4199 - Postcards of Springerville

Lot of 4. 1) Titled "Native Sons" features a bear and donkey. RPC. Postmarked appears to be dated in 1919. 2) Main Street. RPC. No photographer identified. No postmark. 3) Street scene. RPC. Postmarked 1945. No photographer identified. 4) Street

Lot: 4200 - Postcards of Tombstone

Lot of 4. 1) Old Modoc Stage. M.E. Fly, Souvenir. No postmark. 2) The Old Bird Cage, pre-renovation. No postmark or photographer identified. 3) The Bird Cage Theatre post-renovation. No postmark or photographer identified. 4) The old Hotel Nobles and

Lot: 4201 - Real Photo Postcards of Tombstone

Lot of 23 real photo postcards photographed and produced by Frashers Foto of Pomona, CA. Burton Frasher was a photographer of the American West and one of the most wildly known photographers and producers of postcards. This lots contains images of

Lot: 4202 - Tombstone Postcard Collection

Lot of 19. 12 are real photo postcards. All of the RPCs are not postmarked and only one photographer is identified with a postcard of the Old Fire Department by W.M. Cline Co. The following 7 postcards are all color illustrated images. This lot

Lot: 4203 - Tombstone, Arizona Newspaper Advertising Card

From an early printing co. proof book that contained samples of many print jobs from the 1890's. Actual age of this piece is unknown. A black on cream card for the "Arizona (star) Kicker...50 cts. for 3 months...Published weekly...Tombstone,

Lot: 4204 - Tucson Area Postcard Group

Lot of 12 postcards. 3 are RPCs photographed by Frashers Foto. 2 are from L.L. Cook Co., 1 was published Petley Studios and the remaining 6 are from unknown photographers. Only 1 postcard in this lot is postmarked from 1927. Date: Ca. 1927-150

Lot: 4205 - Tucson Postcard Collection

Lot of 37 postcards from Tucson. 10 of the postcards are postmarked between the years 1908-1954. This lots features several images of the city of Tuscan including the University of Arizona, the Old Xavier Mission, the Southern Pacific Depot and more.

Lot: 4206 - Postcards of White Hills

Lot of 3 postcards from the ghost town of White Hills. 1) General store, jail house, and bank. RPC. No postmark. Frashers Foto card, but produced by Lollesgard Specialty Co. 2) Another town view of White Hills. RPC. Postmarked 1950. Frashers Foto

Lot: 4207 - Winslow Postcards

Lot of 4. 1) Clear Creek Pump House. Postmarked 1903, no photographer identified. 2) School House. Postmarked 1908. 3) U.S. Post Office. PRC. No photographer identified. 4) Clear Creek. Postmarked 1913. No photographer identified. Date: Location:

Lot: 4208 - Yuma Postcard Collection

Lot of 34 real photo and color illustration postcards. In the group, 18 are Real Photo Postcards. 7 of which were photographed by Frashers Foto, 3 by Dean's Views Depot of Yuma, 3 by L.L. Cook Co., and 5 unknown. The rest are color illustrations from

Lot: 4209 - Arizona Billheads and Letterheads

Approx 12 billheads from AZ business'. 12 letters/letterheads with Soto Bros, Bisbee Lodge IOOF, and 2 Jefferson Hotel pictorials. Date: c. 1892-1908 Location: Arizona HWAC# 64346

Lot: 4210 - Arizona Co-Op Mercantile Documents

Approx 13 items from this Mormon Company including 1891 receipt, various other 19th Century receipts, check, bank ledger, pictorial letterhead from Barnard Machinery, 1896 stock cert. and more. Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 64352

Lot: 4211 - Arizona History Books (2)

Softcover Arizona Place Names by Granger. Hardcover The Arizona of Joseph Pratt Allyn by Nicolson Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 63351

Lot: 4212 - Arizona Territory Books (4)

3 hardback books & 1 paperback book. 1) A History of Banking in Arizona by Larry Schweikart pp.248, c. 1982; Confederate Pathway to the Pacific / Major Sherod Hunter and Arizona Territory, C.S.A. by Boyd Finch pp.234, c.1996; Arizona Territory

Lot: 4213 - Arizona Map

Double truck Rand McNally map of Arizona. PP 468-469. Multicolor. 14.5" x 20.75". Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 54461

Lot: 4214 - Arizona Metal Collectibles and 2 Stocks

Copper and red Arizona license plate with UTAH on plate. Thick copper souvenir plate. Brass badge shaped Montana Stock detective tool tag, possibly from Magma Copper. Twin Buttes Mining & Smelting Stock. Spearmint Gold Mining stock. Date:

Lot: 4215 - Arizona Small Town Postcards

Lot of 14 postcards from various smaller towns around Arizona. The small towns include Adamana, Benson, Salome, Escuela, Wickenburg, Safford, Castle Hot Springs, Sanata Claus, and Wilcox. Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 63825

Lot: 4216 - Misc. Arizona Postcard Group

Lot of 97 postcards and souvenir postcard pieces from all over Arizona, mostly scenery and the Grand Canyon. Some of the locations include Monument Valley, Canyon Diablo, Apache Lake, the Tumacacori National Monument and much much more! 24 of the

Lot: 4217 - Arizona Small Town Postcards

Lot of 10. Towns include Ash Fork, Fairview, Benson, Lowell, Inspiration, Naco, Quartzsite, Salome, Peach Springs, and Gripe. Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 63826

Lot: 4218 - Arizona Small Town Postcards

Lot of 8 wit mix of RPCs and color illustrations. These postcards are showing views of Cottonwood, Stafford, Chloride, Oracle, and Seligman. Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 63830

Lot: 4219 - Arizona Stereoviews

Mescal plant by Buehman & Co. Vermilion Mesa, Jacob's Pool by Bodfish. Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 54613

Lot: 4220 - Gold Road and Oatman

Lot of 6 postcards. 3 are from Gold Road. The postcards show an overview of Gold Road. There are no postmarks and only 2 of the postcards have a photographer's mark of Gallup. The other is not marked. The remaining 3 are of Oatman. The Oatman

Lot: 4221 - Manuscript Pieces from Arizona (Rare)

2 rare manuscript pieces from Arizona to Holbrook A. Ty from Albert F. Potter. 5" x 6". Slight stain on back in fold lines. Date: 1891 Location: Arizona HWAC# 56778

Lot: 4222 - Rare Arizona Town letters

Navajo Springs, 1894 to the Arizona Co-Op in Holbrook (Mormon Co-Op); Young, A.T. letter 1900, rare locale. Both letters completely in manuscript. Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 59723

Lot: 4223 - Three Territorial Arizona Checks / Drafts

1) Draft from the Tucson Chapter, No. 3. R.A.M. Issued Jan. 26, 1887. Pay to Commercial Insurance Company $27.55. Signed by the High Priest and Secretary. 4.5 x 8" 2) Manuscript draft, dateline Sheep Camp, June 1891. Addressed to the ACMI in

Lot: 4224 - 1855 Arkansas Map

Dated 1855 surveyor's office Little Rock. Litho by A. Hoen & Co. A, (1&2). Some toning on edges, 1" of left edge is missing. 18.75" x 18". Date: Location: Arkansas HWAC# 54327

Lot: 4225 - Silver Mt. and Alpine County Area Postcards (4)

B/W view of a town, Silver Peak at Ebbets Pass, Kit Carson Pass, Markleeville Hot Springs. Date: Location: Alpine County, California HWAC# 56578

Lot: 4226 - Alturas County Warrant

This Alturas County Warrant is from 1804, for $64 payable to John Hovele(?), No. 122, for services as County Tax Collector & Sheriff. 7.5" x 4.5". Date: Location: Alturas, California HWAC# 63441

Lot: 4227 - Rare Billhead for the Anaheim Lighter Co., Anaheim

Dateline Anaheim Landing, January 24th, 1866. Anaheim Lighter Company. Billed to Messr. Irwin Flint & Co. for lighterage and commission on 28 packages from the Steamship Orizaba (?). Signed by William Manning, agent. Folds, some stains. 5.25 x

Lot: 4228 - Early California Oil Photographs

Three choice early mounted photographs, circa 1910 in and during the great oil boom of the first few years of the 20th century. The views are clearly the Kern County area, not the California beach area around Huntington Beach. The first is about 6 x

Lot: 4229 - Five Big Trees Stereoviews, E. & H.T. Anthony &

Lot of 5 different, all published by E. & H.T. Anthony Co. (New York). Four are large format (4 x 7"): 38, Galen's Hospice (fading and wear at corners); 6, Gateway for Equestrians through the Father of the Forest; 35, Top of the Grizzled Giant;

Lot: 4230 - Mariposa Big Trees Stereoview Collection

Lot of 11 different Big Trees stereoviews. This is a nice group, with some rare views. 1) c.1866 Thomas Houseworth & Co. No. 909, Interior of the house built on the Original Big Tree Stump, Calaveras County. Only one in this large collection, but

Lot: 4231 - Big Trees Post Cards (10)

1) Post card from trees of "majestic Calaveras County, Mark Twain and Bret Harte received their early inspirations"; 1 post card of men working in forest "Logging in the West. Moving Big Timber in the Forest"; 2 The Sentinals, Big Tree Grove,

Lot: 4232 - Bishop Area Real Photo Post Cards

Lot of 6 real photo post cards from Frashers Foto, showing the town of Bishop, Ca. 1) Main Street. 2) Main Street. 3) Kittie Lee Inn. 4) Bishop Union High School gymnasium. 5) Convict Lake at Bill Garner's camp. Postmarked May 25, 1943. 6) Reprint of

Lot: 4233 - Peoples Ice Company Stock Certificate, Boca, CA

Inc. June, 1875. Dateline San Francisco, May 26, 1877. No. 105, issued for 45 shares to Thompson. Signed by the president, John Cashin, and secretary Sweeney. Star cancels thru signatures, as usual. Vignette of ice house on lake by African-American

Lot: 4234 - Bodie Documents and an Old Ledger Binding

Old 1870's ledger binding (12 x 18") with no contents and a group of three documents from Bodie. Two were written to Rosewood Kahn in Lundy, 1899; the third a bank receipt for W.H. Pope. Condition problems. Date: Location: Bodie, California HWAC#

Lot: 4235 - JS Cain Deposit Cards (77)

Approx 77 JS Cain deposit cards 1902-1907 Date: 1902-1907 Location: Bodie, California HWAC# 65048

Lot: 4236 - JS Cain Deposit Cards and More

Approx 30 JS Cain deposit cards 1902-1907, Mono Mining Co. job solicitation letter 1908, Mono County Tax Receipt c. 1880's Date: 1800's-1908 Location: Bodie, California HWAC# 65047

Lot: 4237 - Mono Gold Mining Co. Receipt

1888 receipt for the Mono Gold mining Co. in Bodie for $750 for assessment on stock. VF. Date: Location: Bodie, California HWAC# 49063

Lot: 4238 - Real Photo Postcard of Bodie

Frashers Foto of the historic mining town. Date: Ca. 1930 Location: Bodie, California HWAC# 63564

Lot: 4239 - Early Knott's Berry Farm (Disneyland) Ephemera

Lot of 4. 1) Color booklet with mailing envelope, c.1950s. "Knott's Berry Farm and Ghost Town." Pacific Press. Full of black and white photographs. Tells the story of the farm. 34 pages. 11" x 8.5" Also a souvenir newspaper, "The Ghost Town News,"

Lot: 4240 - Guittards Ground Chocolate Advertising

Hanging cardboard guitar shaped advertising for Guittards Ground Chocolate. 6 1/2 x 14 inches. Founded in 1868, the Guittard Chocolate Company is based in Burlingame, California. Date: Location: Burlingame , California HWAC# 63260

Lot: 4241 - Real Photo Postcard of Calico

"A ghost city of the desert" reads the caption of the bottom of this postcard. Photographed and produced by Frasher Foto. Date: Ca. 1925 Location: Calico, California HWAC# 63558

Lot: 4242 - Chico Newspaper Articles Collection

Large book of newspaper collections from Chico Semi Weekly Record, Vol XLV, Chico, Butte County, Cal., Friday, Jan. 3, 1899 to Dec. 29, 189. Has frayed edges on many pages. Separating at spine. Please inspect. 17" x 22.5". Date: 1899 Location: Chico,

Lot: 4243 - Chino Odd Fellow Hall Assoc. Stock Certificates

3 certificates I/U 1899 to CJ Mason #22 2 shares, JW Turner #24 5 shares, I/C to N Rice #27 5 shares. Signed by president Newman. 4.5" x 8". Date: Location: Chino, California HWAC# 54364

Lot: 4244 - Cold Spring Receipt for Taxes

Treasurer's Office, Town of Cold Spring $42.41. Slight foxing & staining. 8.5" x 4.5". Date: 1864 Location: Cold Spring, California HWAC# 63430

Lot: 4245 - Colfax & Grass Valley Knights of Pythias Medals

Nice trio and condition. 2x Colfax Lodge 200, 1 Grass Valley Lodge 74 Date: 1890 Location: Colfax/Grass Valley, California HWAC# 65036

Lot: 4246 - Postcard of Darwin

Great postcard shows the historic mining ghost town of Darwin. Produced by Frashers Foto. Date: Location: Darwin, California HWAC# 63559

Lot: 4247 - Books about Death Valley (2)

2 hardback books: 1) Loafing Along Death Valley Trails by William Caruthers/ A Personal Narrative of People and Places, pp.184, c. 1951, 6.5" x 9"; 2) Death Valley '49ers by Frank F. Latta, has illustrations & photos, pp.350, c. 1979. Date:

Lot: 4248 - Early Death Valley Postcard

Postmarked April, 1907. Taken by Larsen Photo out of Goldfield, NV. The postcard shows a tough group of miners with the caption "Dry Canyon, Furnace Valley near Death Valley, where you find a few bleached human bones..." Date: 1907 Location: Death

Lot: 4249 - Death Valley Real Photo Postcard Collection

Lot of 36 post cards from Death Valley. 22 of the post cards were taken by Frasher Foto, 7 were taken by Willard. 3 are modern reprints of Frasher Fotos by the Tomesha Corp. The rest are not marked. 8 of the post cards are all postmarked between the

Lot: 4250 - Donner Lake Postcards

Lot of 12. One black and White RCPC and three color RPC's. Includes a 1920 Meyers and an Emerald Bay. Date: Location: Donner, California HWAC# 53473

Lot: 4251 - Postcards of the Road to Donner Summit

Lot of seventeen. Seven black & white RPC's and two color RPC's. Date: Location: Donner, California HWAC# 53471

Lot: 4252 - Photographs and RPCs of East Highlands, California

Lot of 19. Six real photo postcards (two mailed,1914, East Highlands cancel) and 16 black and white photographs (3.5 x 5.5"). Show people enjoying a vacation at a lakeside cabin, including shots of fishing, early automobiles, picnics, tent camping, a

Lot: 4253 - Rare California Towns Billheads and Letterheads

Assorted billheads and letterheads from uncommon California towns. Weaverville, Douglas City, Alturas, Bridgeville, Healdsburg, Biggs, Newman, Fort Bidwell, Nueneme. Date: 1865-1895 Location: Fort Bidwell, California HWAC# 65056

Lot: 4254 - Two Geyserville, California RPC's

Two different real photo postcards of "The Geysers". Fabulous contrast and two very good views. This is a nice looking pair. Used. 1909. Date: 1909 Location: Geyserville, California HWAC# 44114

Lot: 4255 - Penny Postcard Collection

Lot of eleven cards from the 1870s-80s addressed to Jacob Heyman of Grass Valley, California. Several from the Anglo Californian Bank, several other companies and a couple of personal ones. Date: Location: Grass Valley, California HWAC# 63259

Lot: 4256 - Grass Valley & Nevada City Billhead Collection

Thirty five pieces dated from 1873 through 1929. Date: Location: Grass Valley/Nevada City, California HWAC# 63271

Lot: 4257 - Grass Valley & Nevada City Druggist Ephemera

Eleven pieces of paper from local druggists Drs. Loutzenheiser, Moulton and Manning. 1879-1915. Date: Location: Grass Valley/Nevada City, California HWAC# 61971

Lot: 4258 - Grass Valley & Nevada City Ephemera Collection

Forty seven pieces of paper from the late 1800s. Billheads and receipts, some with artistic vignettes. Date: Location: Grass Valley/Nevada City, California HWAC# 63272

Lot: 4259 - Grass Valley & Nevada City Newspaper & Printer

Lot of ten pieces from printers and newspapers in the Grass Valley/Nevada City area. Nevada Daily Transcript (1880), Grass Valley Daily Union (1878), Foot-hill Weekly Tidings (1879). Date: Location: Grass Valley/Nevada City, California HWAC# 61970

Lot: 4260 - Pictorial Grass Valley & Nevada City Billheads

Lot of five billheads and receipts from 1870-80s, businesses in Grass Valley and Nevada City. Date: Location: Grass Valley/Nevada City, California HWAC# 61969

Lot: 4261 - Fake Financial Documents for Use in Movies

Rare! Over 35 Hollywood financial documents that were for movies--all are fake! Stocks, bonds, mortgages, depositions, summons, ID cards. Date: Location: Hollywood, California HWAC# 44146

Lot: 4262 - Two Hollywood Prop Gold Bonds

Consolidated Gold Mining Corporation $1000 Gold bond at 10%. Both unissued, No. 8724. Nothing is filled out. The coupons are blank. This makes these two pieces great Hollywood props! Date: Location: Hollywood, California HWAC# 44129

Lot: 4263 - Entertainment Photo's & Group of Cal. Movie Stills

These photo's & stills include Gladys Knight & the Pips; Dr. Cory SerVaas, Editor and Publisher of The Saturday Evening Post, visiting with the late Norman Rockwell in his studio; Suzanne Summers; "Boys Town," A Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer-Picture,

Lot: 4264 - Movie and Entertainment Ephemera

Lot of three pieces: 1) program to Juliet Prowse starring in "Mame" at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. 2) promotional flyer for "Doomed Battalion," a 1932 movie produced by Carl Laemmle. 3) a 14 x 9 inch flyer for "A Farewell to Arms," starring

Lot: 4265 - Keddie-Genesee Stage Company Receipt

Koonter & Schlicher, Proprietors. Dateline Keddie, Cal., 191_. Six freight/expense charges listed. Keddie is located in Plumas County, California. Folds, spindle hole, tear on border. 9 x 3.75" Date: c.1915 Location: Keddie, California HWAC#

Lot: 4266 - The Kingsbury Grade Papers

The Kingsbury Grade Papers The Carson Valley to Placerville Road, 1860-1863 F. Holabird This collection of documents represents a new discovery in Nevada/California History. The papers were found in an archive of San Francisco businessman George W.

Lot: 4267 - Postcards of Lake Tahoe Area Snow!

Lot of sixteen. Five black & white RPCs and eight color RPC's. Great 1907 Truckee postcard with banks of snow. 1920's cars dwarfed by the snow banks, buildings in Carnelian Bay buried in white, Trailsyde Lodge buried, Squaw Valley ice rink (the

Lot: 4268 - Tahoe / Johnsville Area Postcards

Two RPC's-Cottage at Independence Lake in 1910; and photo of two indians posed at Tahoe City in 1932. Two other postcards--Depot, Truckee, Cal., 1907 and Eureka Mountain near Johnsville, Plumas, Co., Cal., 1909. Date: Location: Lake Tahoe, California

Lot: 4269 - Thirty-one Different Squaw Valley Color RPC's

Includes, snow, the ice rink, buildings, skiers, lifts, etc. See photos online for different cards. Date: Location: Lake Tahoe, California HWAC# 53506

Lot: 4270 - Real Photo Postcards of Lone Pine

Lot of 4 Frashers Foto real photo postcards. 1) Main Street. 2)-4) Dow Hotel. Date: Ca. 1930 Location: Lone Pine, California HWAC# 63563

Lot: 4271 - Three Long Beach Pin Backs and a Token

1) Illinois Society. 2) First Methodist Episcopal Church. 3) Pictures of two men from unknown manufacturer Date: Location: Long Beach, California HWAC# 64160

Lot: 4272 - Framed Ramsey & Stevenson Photograph of Boardwalk

Photo by Ramsey & Stevenson, 527 West Sixth Street , Los Angeles, California. One of the cit's many boardwalks and piers - perhaps Long Beach. 31.5 x 15 .5" framed. Frame is particularly nice and in great condition. Photo has one scar in upper

Lot: 4273 - Long Beach, CA Postcard Collection

12 Long Beach, CA postcards including RPC's. Date: Location: Long Beach, California HWAC# 73035

Lot: 4274 - Los Angeles Brewing Co. Advertising Stein

Ceramic. 9". "Los Angles Brewing CO. / Los Angeles California / 833" written on black. Scroll work. Top says "This Jug is not for sale, it is the property of the Los Angeles Brewing Co., Kuehnrich, Phone East 82, U. S. Patent No. 572257." Date:

Lot: 4275 - Alaska Yukon Club Broadside for International

Int'l. Sourdough Picnic under auspices of Alaska Yukon Club of Los Angeles, Calif. Sept 17th, year unknown. Bixby park Long Beach, Calif. Pacific Electric Railway. 6" x 18". Date: Location: Los Angeles, California HWAC# 54370

Lot: 4276 - Buckeyes Big Picnic Reunion Broadside

"Buckeyes" The Big Ohio Picnic Reunion. Monday Feb. 13 year unknown. Sycamore Grove Park, Los Angeles. Pacific Electric Railway. 6" x 18". Date: Location: Los Angeles, California HWAC# 54102

Lot: 4277 - Illinois Picnic Reunion Broadside

Illinois All Southern California Picnic Reunion, all day long, October 15 year unknown, Sycamore Grove Park, Los Angeles.Pacific Electric Railway. 6" x 18". Date: Location: Los Angeles, California HWAC# 54379

Lot: 4278 - New England Picnic Broadside

Six state picnics, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, All New Englanders at Sycamore Grove Park, Los Angeles. Saturday May 20 year unknown. Pacific Electric Railway. 6" x 18". Date: Location: Los Angeles,

Lot: 4279 - West Virginia Picnic Reunion Broadside

Lets go to the West Virginia Picnic Reunion, Saturday, Oct. 22 year unknown. Sycamore Grove Park, Los Angeles. Pacific Electric Railway. 6" x 18". 2 .25" tears on upper left. Date: Location: Los Angeles, California HWAC# 54100

Lot: 4280 - Los Angeles, California State Poll Tax Receipt

Poll Tax Receipt No. 1943, signed by E.F. Spence & F.P.F. Temple. Two of Los Angeles' pioneers when it was Mexican Territory. E.F. Spence resided in Whittier & assisted with the installation of the telescope on Mt. Wilson, donating $50,000.

Lot: 4281 - Charles Lindbergh Broadside

"See and welcome Colonel Lindbergh to Los Angeles. Tues. Sept. 20." Image of Lindbergh next to an American flag and train departure times for Pacific Electric Railway. Very nice piece of aviation related ephemera related to the famous Lucky

Lot: 4282 - Los Angeles, California Ephemera Collection

Lot of 8. Includes: Tax Collector's Office receipt, 1877, signed by J.J. Carrillo, who was the City Marshall, Chief of Police, & Tax Collector; Western Union Telegraph billhead, 1881; Farmers & Merchants Bank promissory note, 1881 and

Lot: 4283 - Rare Palestine Exhibition in Los Angeles RPC

Frasher RPC of Palestine Exhibitition in Los Angeles Date: Location: Los Angeles, California HWAC# 53906

Lot: 4284 - View of Los Angeles and Vicinity Photo Book

Third Edition. Approx 50 pages of photos of LA scenes including Santa Monica, Catalina Island, Pasadena, Ostrich farm and more. Front cover partially detached and 3" tear. Date: c. 1905 Location: Los Angeles, California HWAC# 64333

Lot: 4285 - California Black Stocking Handbill

Smith & Angell's black stocking handbill for sale by Meyer & Latz, Modesto, CA. A boudior item. Writing on back, ink on front. Date: Location: Modesto, California HWAC# 65062

Lot: 4286 - Modoc County, CA Deputy Sheriff Badge

7 point Modoc County, CA Deputy Sheriff badge, no name. Appears to be a badge for trading. Date: Location: Modoc County, California HWAC# 69063

Lot: 4287 - Real Photo Postcards of the Mono Region

Lot of 10. 1) Tioga Lodge on the Shores of Mono Lake. Frashers Foto. 2) June Lake Lodge four-sided fireplace. Frashers Foto. 3) Middle Fork, Bishop Creek. Frashers Foto. 4) Lee Vining Canyon. 5) Camp High Sierra. Willard Photography. 6) "The Old Man

Lot: 4288 - Monolith Portland Cement Company Stock Pair

1) i/c Monolith Portland Cement Co. to H. Dubois 1923 #4201 10 shares. 2) i/c Monolith Portland Cement Co to AC Theysohn #4277 8 shares. Date: Location: Monolith, California HWAC# 54628

Lot: 4289 - Motherlode Region Trade Cards

7 from Nevada City, 1 from Sonora. Date: c. 1880-1890 Location: Nevada City, California HWAC# 54131

Lot: 4290 - Rare Nevada City & County Ephemera (Banking &

Lot of 4. 1) Two Second of Exchanges from the Citizens Bank. Issued in 1890 (500 francs, bank in Switzerland) and 1891 (52 pounds sterling, bank in London). Both have folds, pinholes. 2) Monte Christo Mining Co. manuscript weekly time sheet from Feb.

Lot: 4291 - New Castle, CA Area Postcards (9)

9 postcards to Newcastle, CA and Placer County, CA. Date: c. 1890-1891 Location: New Castle Area, California HWAC# 63166

Lot: 4292 - Northern Calif. Letters and Ephemera (30)

Approx 30 letters and assorted ephemera. Unusual items include c. 1880 propagation license for keeping a jack, Colusa County 1892 liquor license, several Bank of Italy deposit slips, Parker Hotel pictorial letterhead, 2 pictorial Overland Transport

Lot: 4293 - Placerville Chinese Labor Letter for Cosumnes

"Chinamen should want a little more money next week..." Addressed to Mr. Harvey of the Cosumnes Copper Mining Company. Date: 1866 Location: Placerville, California HWAC# 69048

Lot: 4294 - Real Photo Postcard of Randsburg

Bird's eye view of Randsburg by Frasher Foto. Date: Ca. 1925 Location: Randsburg, California HWAC# 63557

Lot: 4295 - First National Bank of Redlands Check Ledger

Leather trimmed hardcover checkbook register with over 200 checks from the First National Bank of Redlands. Front cover detached. Check stubs indicate missing checks were issued 1918-1919. 14 x 10 inches. Date: Location: Redlands, California HWAC#

Lot: 4296 - Ryan Area Real Photo Post Cards

Lot of 6 real photo postcards from the Ryan area near Death Valley, Ca. Several of the postcards show use of the Baby Gauge Railroad by tourists. 2 Frasher Fotos, 2 Willard, 2 Mack. Date: Location: Ryan, California HWAC# 63555

Lot: 4297 - Large Sacramento Bee Newspaper Articles in Book

Large Book of Sacramento Bee Articles from July 1, 1932, to July 30, 1932. Has articles ranging from "Governor Roosevelt Wins Wide Lead in Three Ballots", many crime articles, advertisements of the day, & much more. Has frayed edges on several

Lot: 4298 - Sacramento, CA Steamer Ephemera

1867 receipt from Steamer Chrysopolis, Freeman and Co. Express unused receipt c. 1850's, 1861 receipt from Steamer H-H(bottom creases and vertical tears), receipt from California Steam Navigation Co.1861. Date: Location: Sacramento, California HWAC#

Lot: 4299 - Gold Rush State Controllers Warrant

State Controller's Warrant from Sacramento City, CA 1855. Allegorical vignette of woman with spear, beautiful mountains in background, signed by Sam Bell, Controller. 9.5" x 6". Date: Location: Sacramento City, California HWAC# 63440

Lot: 4300 - San Andreas Postcards

3 postcards (birds eye views) of San Andreas, Calaveras County, California. Black & White postcards. Date: Location: San Andreas, California HWAC# 56740

Lot: 4301 - Early San Bernardino Ephemera

Homestead, bank deposit slips, many court docs, many deeds, certificates of sale, mercantile license etc. Date: 1877-1936 Location: San Berardino, California HWAC# 69000

Lot: 4302 - Receipt for Capt. Wilks, San Bernardino

"Charles Wilkes (April 3, 1798 ñ February 8, 1877) was an American naval officer, ship's captain, and explorer. He led the United States Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842 and commanded the ship in the Trent Affair during the American Civil War

Lot: 4303 - San Bernardino, CA Brewing Licenses

Approx 35 brewing licenses from San Bernardino, CA Date: 1907-1910 Location: San Bernardino, California HWAC# 64325

Lot: 4304 - San Bernardino County Ephemera

Lot of 19. 1) 1890 promissory note on letterhead from W.H. Featherson, Cucamonga. 8.25 x 5.25" 2) Riverside Improvement Company stock certificate issued in 1888 for 50 shares. Not cancelled. Very good condition. 3) Six express receipts for the

Lot: 4305 - 2 Schmidt Litho Co. Company Directories

Schmidt Litho was one of the best and most colorful of the San Francisco printers. Here are 2 of there company directories, 1 has signatures of 7 company employees.The fronts have diecut SF earthquake ruins 10 years after the actual quake. Date: 1916

Lot: 4306 - Advertisements for Getleson & Landis Leather

Two advertising flyers, one 8 x 11, one 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. Four page explanations of their goods and patents. Located at 543 Market Street opposite Sansome in San Francisco. Date: Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 63273

Lot: 4307 - Advertising Card for Sir Francis Delmar,

"The Famous Hindoo [sic.] Wonder." "He stands alone, the prince of clairvoyants." Office, Rooms No. 20, 1040 I Street, Over City Bakery. Two-sided advertising card that praises his talents and abilities. Drawing of a palm with lines drawn on it.

Lot: 4308 - c.1870s SF Advertisement for Vapor Gas Lights

P.J. Philips & Co., No. 650 Market St, San Francisco, are advertising "New Light! The Patent Portable Vapor Gas Light. No More Exorbitant Gas Bills. No more Expense for Glass Chimneys." And don't worry, "It Will Not Explode." Also highlights the

Lot: 4309 - Chinese Letter Correspondence

Postmarked August 13, 1925 from Albuquerque, NM to San Francisco, CA. The sender's name is unknown but the letter was to a person with the last name of Hong at 844 Grant Ave which is located in the Chinatown district. Date: 1925 Location: San

Lot: 4310 - Early San Francisco Trolley Street Scene

Lot of four different stereoviews all featuring trolleys. Included: choice c.1900 view of busy Market Street by Art Nouveau Stereograph; c.1901 Underwood & Underwood view of very crowded Market Street; c.1913 view of trolley coming down Fillmore

Lot: 4311 - Fort Point, San Francisco, Stereoview Trio

Three different cards with three different views of this Civil War era military base now located beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. 1) c.1874 Watkins stereoview #1608, Fort Point from the West Side. Medium contrast. Some soiling. 2) c.1880 Taber

Lot: 4312 - Four Chinese in San Francisco Stereoviews

Lot of 4 different. 1) Best is an 1897 card titled "A Chinaman's Family." Stamped M.F. McNeil (not listed in Mautz) and handwritten date Jan. 28, 1897. Fornt of card has handwritten San Francisco, Cal. at bottom. View shows five Chinese children with

Lot: 4313 - Four Different Cliff House Stereoviews

Lot of 4. 1) Kilburn Bros. shot from the beach looking up at Cliff House. Sign clearly visible. 2) c.1880s Watkins stereoview showing Seal Rocks. 3) Bierstadt view of Cliff House from above. Card has nice detail but is splitting in half on reverse.

Lot: 4314 - Golden Gate Park Stereoview Collection

Lot of 21 stereoviews of this iconic park in San Francisco built in the early 1870s as the city's version of Central Park. 1) Two by AJ McDonald, San Francisco, c.1887. One shows a big elk in the park and the other shows birds. 2) View of

Lot: 4315 - Rare Stereoview of the Speedway at Golden Gate

c.1900 Art Noveau Stereograph Co. stereoview No. 5405 showing the Speedway at Golden Gate Park. View shows man in top hat commanding wagon with two horses as well-dressed people look on. Nice detail. (Prag Collection) Date: Location: San Francisco,

Lot: 4316 - Vintage Photographs of Golden Gate Park

Photo of Golden Gate Park from terrace showing the Garfield and Key Monuments by Billington 4.5" x 7.5". Conservatory in Golden Gate Park by Taber 4.75" x 7.75". Date: Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 54600

Lot: 4317 - Interesting San Francisco Stereoviews by J.J.

Four different interesting San Francisco stereoviews by JJ Reilly of Marysville, CA. According to Mautz, Reilly operated the Wood's Gallery Marysville studio c.1879-1886. This group includes: 135--exterior of Palace Hotel; 478--New City Hall; rare

Lot: 4318 - Two Early Stereoviews of Alcatraz

1) c.1901 view from Sausalito Ferry by Keystone View Co. Nice contrast and detail. 2) c.1864 view from Bay Shore & Fort Point. Contrast very weak. Popular Series, no publisher listed. Alcatraz Island first was used as a military fortress in the

Lot: 4319 - San Francisco Stereoview Collection

Lot of 8 different nice early San Francisco (and area) stereoviews. 1) Four by Kilburn Bros.: Russian Hill bird's-eye view; Telegraph Hill bird's-eye view; Fort Point & Golden Gate; and Cliff House. 2) One by Webster & Albee (New York) of

Lot: 4320 - Four Bank of British Columbia, San Francisco,

Out of their San Francisco branch. All issued in 1866, signed by Smith & Coghill. Each has an adhesive revenue stamp. 4 x 7.5" Spindle cancels. Coghill & Co. are listed as importers and jobbers in the 1867 Langley directory. Date: 1866

Lot: 4321 - Anglo-Californian Bank of San Francisco Gold

Lot of five receipts from the Anglo-Californian Bank of San Francisco to Jacob Heyman of Grass Valley. Most dated 1879. Date: Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 63269

Lot: 4322 - Historic Menus from San Francisco

Three menus from the days of San Francisco culinary glory. Vista Del Mar Restaurant at Fisherman's Wharf, Old Poodle Dog of 65 Post Street (french restaurant), St. Julien. No dates on the menus, but abalone is priced at $1.75- $2.75 as an entree.

Lot: 4323 - Large San Francisco Photo and Ephemera Collection

Large assortment of San Francisco related items. Includes phone directories, 1920 Women's Club yearbook, 12 unissued ticket books from Whitney's Playland, tourist brochures, c. 1915 Southern Pacific playing cards, babies photo/scrapbook,

Lot: 4324 - New San Francisco Magazine May and July 1906

First issues after infamous earthquake.July 1906 Brown bear and eagle with moon background on cover. Numerous photos of after quake fires and devastating damage including several foldouts. Front and rear covers detached. Stains and old mold. May

Lot: 4325 - O.E. Olsen Lithograph Co. Business Card, San

Fancy business card for O.E. Olsen Lithograph Company, 330 Jackson St. in San Francisco. "The Drummer with Ideas." 3 x 5" on cardstock. Writing on back that doesn't apply to the card. Established in 1905 by O.E. Olsen and three of his brothers. (Prag

Lot: 4326 - Palace Hotel Early Photos and Ephemera

Lot of eight. 1-3) Three Tabor cabinet cards. Two duplicate 'Upper Corridor' and one 'Palace Hotel Court'. One has a nice advertisement for Taber on back. 4) One 4.5 x 10" hard cardboard with two pictures of the Palace: exterior and interior. Date

Lot: 4327 - San Francisco Ephemera incl. Gold Rush Era

Lot of 7. Included: 1854 handwritten Bill of Sale from Rhodes & Lusk; 1854 pictorial Certificate of Deposit for Adams & Co.; 1867 Wells Fargo & Co. Express & Exchange Co. letterhead to agent in Columbia, CA; 1870 handwritten

Lot: 4328 - San Francisco Savings Union Archive, 1862-c1915

Rarely does an original western banking archive come out of the woodwork, and one has here. Not only that, it is an important "first" as well. The San Francisco Savings Union was the first banking corporation formed after the Act of February, 1862,

Lot: 4329 - San Francisco, CA History Books (4)

4 hardcovers.The Spectacular San Franciscans by Altrocchi. San Francisco 1846-1856 by Lotchin. The San Francisco Earthquake by Witts. Belle Starr by Rascoe. Date: Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 63704

Lot: 4330 - The Art of Treasure Island by Neuhaus

Hardcover with dustjacket. 1939 185pp. Impressions of Golden Gate Expo of 1939. Date: Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 73006

Lot: 4331 - Two San Francisco Gold Rush City Warrants

1) City Comptroller's Office pictorial warrant issued for $250 in 1854 to H.W. Seale for grading and planking Beale Street. Signed by comptroller Harris. 5 x 8.25" Printed by Britton & Rey, SF. Vignette of city hall? Punch cancelled, some glue

Lot: 4332 - Two San Francisco Stock Certificates

1) i/u Pope Expanding Bit Co. to FH Gould 1912 #224. 2) i/void Noyo Land and Cattle Co. to HM Cochran #9 1 share. Date: Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 54627

Lot: 4333 - Very Early California Academy of Science - Golden

1) 1868 Proceedings of Meetings. Bound. Loose. 40 pages. Front cover is missing and back cover is hanging on. Still, it has never been read as all pages are still attached at the top from the printing process! 2) Constitution and By-Laws adopted in

Lot: 4334 - Western Pacific Railway Travel Booklet

Soft cover booklet, From Salt Lake City, Along the line of Western Pacific Railway, Feather River Canon Route, To San Francisco Bay. Approx 25 chromolitho Western images. First few pages have light foxing. Date: Location: San Francisco, California

Lot: 4335 - Two Early Lick Observatory Stereoviews

1) c. late 1880s Stereoview by A.J. McDonald, San Francisco. Nice view of observatory buildings on the hill. According to Mautz, McDonald partnered with Louis Dow 1881-1892. 2) c.1902 stereoview by Underwood & Underwood. Different view than

Lot: 4336 - Newspaper Article on Vasquez Hanging

New York Tribune, April 6, 1875 long article on page 2 reporting the hanging of the "eminent bandit" Vasquez at San Jose, California. The article is reporting on a wordy article in the Sacramento paper with tasty morsels, particularly a Montreal

Lot: 4337 - San Juan Portland Cement Company Bond

One First Mortgage Six Per Cent Sinking Fund Forty Year Gold Bond. No. 1516, $500. Signed by President Brown. Ornate green border with allegorical vignette of woman, man and vase with serpents. With 76 coupons attached. 10" x 14.25". Rare. Date: 1906

Lot: 4338 - Alexander & Banning Receipt, San Pedro

Receipt for $2.00 . Alexander & Banning, Forwarders, San Pedro, CA August 1,1854. Date: 1854 Location: San Pedro, California HWAC# 63431

Lot: 4339 - Tomlinson & Co. Forwarding & Commission Merchants

Pictorial Receipt for cash paid $52.32. 8.5" x 4.5" Date: 1865 Location: San Pedro, California HWAC# 63436

Lot: 4340 - Beautiful Santa Barbara BPOE Badge

Red cloisoine poinsetta on top of the Santa Barbara Mission with a bell at the bottom. Lodge 613 of the B.P.O.E. Bell dated 1909. Five inches long, pin back. Date: 1909 Location: Santa Barbara, California HWAC# 75147

Lot: 4341 - History of Santa Barbara County by O'Neill

Hardcover 1939 496pp plus index, many pictorial plates. Date: Location: Santa Barbara, California HWAC# 73007

Lot: 4342 - Santa Barbara, CA Postcard and Ephemera Collection

Aprrox 50 postcards including 10 RPC's-Persian Hotel and Biltmore, 5 each. 2 cabinet cards by SB photographers-man portrait by Cook, baby portrait by Brewster with foxing. B/W photo of Japanese military officers with 4 women and children. Date:

Lot: 4343 - Sacramento City Bank Certificate of Deposit, 1854

Rare Gold Rush COD. Manuscript Shasta (over printed Sacramento City), Feb. 12, 1854. King D. Keithly has deposited in the Sacramento City Bank at Shasta $177. Signed by J.M. Rhodes, agent (of Rhodes & Lusk). Pen and stamp cancelled. Spindle

Lot: 4344 - Rare Siskiyou, CA School Bond

Mott School District. $500 #2 i/c 1889. Top creasing and small seam tear. Date: Location: Siskiyou, California HWAC# 65071

Lot: 4345 - 1853 Siskiyou County Liquor License Possibly for a

Rare!! H.A. Lockhart has purchased a liquor license good for 3 months. Dated Jan. 10th, 1853. 5.5 x 8" Folds and creases. Soiling on reverse. Printed on light blue paper. The History of Siskiyou County (1881) mentions twin brothers Harry and Sam

Lot: 4346 - Southern California Letterheads and Billheads

Approx 15 items. 1897 San Bernardino Tax Bill. Pictorial billheads-Pacific Tent and Awning, Donahoo, Emmons Hardware. Letterheads from Los Angeles, Newhall, CA. Covina Citrus Assoc stock 1896. Date: 1887-1908 Location: Southern California, California

Lot: 4347 - So Cal Bill & Letterhead Collection

Paasdena (7 pcs, mostly 1890s); Terminal Island (2, 1926 letters); Los Angeles (22, best is 1888 Canada Dairy, c1888-c1900) Date: Location: California HWAC# 59711

Lot: 4348 - Southern CA Ephemera Assortment

Approx 13 items. c. 1940 color Knott's Berry Farm brochure. Cardboard folding map of Los Angeles with stains, 1951 rainfall chart of Los Angeles. Automobile Club of So. Cal folding maps-LA harbor, LA County, Riverside County, Ventura County, San Luis

Lot: 4349 - Southern California Ephemera

Hardback books (2) City-Makers, Remi A. Nadeau, The Men who transformed Los Angeles from Village to Metropolis During the First Great Boom 1868-1876; & Time and the Terrcaed Land, The Story of California's Unique Palos Verdes Peninsula by Augusta

Lot: 4350 - Scenes in Southern California Booklet

1903 edition. Softcover, approx 30 b/w So. Cal. photos-Santa Barbara, Mt. Lowe, Figueroa St. etc. Cover edges have signs of wear. Date: Location: California HWAC# 64327

Lot: 4351 - Picturesque Southern California Booklet

23 page bound booklet by M. Rieder 1903 with colored views of Southern California. Illustrations of East Lake Park in LA, oranges, Mammouth Wharf, Old San Diego Mission, Hotel Green, Potter Hotel and more. First page is detaching from binder and 3

Lot: 4352 - Postcards of the Mojave Desert, Southern

1) River Lodge, Lake Havasu Sportsman's Club. 2) Cloudburst on Clientele Creek. 3) Deck on the Salton Sea, Frashers Foto. 4) Date garden in Coachella Valley. Frashers Foto. 5) Palms to Pines Highway, Frashers Foto. 6) Portland Cement Co.,

Lot: 4353 - Southern California History Books (3)

3 hardcovers-History of Los Angeles, City County, Vol. 1 and 2 by Spalding. Softcover Panorama-A picture history of Southern California by Title Insurance and Trust Company. Date: Location: California HWAC# 63344

Lot: 4354 - Southern California Island Books (3)

A Step Back in Time by Santa Cruz Island Foundation. Santa Barbara's Royal Rancho by Tomkins. Santa Cruz Island by Clark. Date: Location: California HWAC# 63705

Lot: 4355 - Napa and Sonoma Wine Co. Stocks (4)

One of the first public wine companies. Incorporated in the days of the nascent California wine industry in 1872. Four unissued certificates. Very rare. Date: c. 1870's Location: St. Helena, California HWAC# 64028

Lot: 4356 - Suisun & Fairfield Water Company Stock Certificate

Incorporated April 24, 1866. Dateline Suisun City, Solano Co., May 4th, 1877. No. 94, issued for one share to J. Frank & Co. Signed by president E.P. Hilborn and secretary D.M. Stockman. Not cancelled. Small rural vignette, pink eagle in the

Lot: 4357 - Sutter County Treasurer's Warrant

1857 Warrant in the amount of $105.78 to Sutter County Auditor. Good condition. Plastic protective cover. 8" x 3.75". Date: 1857 Location: Sutter County, California HWAC# 63429

Lot: 4358 - T. Edwards, Sutterville, CA Tradecard

US Flag, Sutterville, Sacramento Co., Cal. 1.75" x 3', diagonal crease, adhesive on rear. Date: Location: Sutterville, California HWAC# 69041

Lot: 4359 - Weed Lumber Mill Real Photo Postcard

Postcard shows the W.L. Co. Factory. Produced by Fidler Photo. Postmarked February 1914. Date: Location: Weed, California HWAC# 63844

Lot: 4360 - Phineas Banning Billhead, Wilmington, CA

Phineas Banning who was a commissioned merchant who was responsible for the development of the Wilmington Harbor in the 1850's bringing the transcontinental Railroad to Southern California in the 1860"s. Freight and passenger transportation was

Lot: 4361 - 1875 Article on Yosemite

New York tribune 8.27.1875 with long article on Yosemite, unauthored, but listed as a "special Correspondent.". Excellent expose on the Yosemite, three long columns. a good read. It was articles like this that introduced Yosemite to Americans. Date:

Lot: 4362 - Four Stereoviews of Hutchings Hotel, Yosemite

Lot of 4 different. None have the publisher identified. Similar views of the hotel with Sentinel Rock in the background. Please inspect. (Prag Collection) Date: Location: Yosemite, California HWAC# 54787

Lot: 4363 - Yosemite Stereoview Collection: Later Views

Lot of 28. This is a really nice set of "later" stereoviews (i.e. not 1860s-80s). Includes: a set of 11 cards from a family vacation (1920s or 30s?); 3 Keystone cards; 7 Underwood & Underwood cards; 2 American Stereoscopic Co.; 3 H.C. White; and

Lot: 4364 - Yosemite Stereoview Collection: Moulton

Lot of three stereoviews (4" x 7") from John S. Moulton (Salem, Massachusetts). Best card is No.35 view of Hutchings' Hotel with Sentinel Rock in the background. Staining upper left corner. Other two cards are scenery: Cathedral Rocks and Yosemite

Lot: 4365 - Yosemite Stereoview Collection: Three Different of

Three different rare stereoviews by John P. Soule (Boston) c.1870 of Lamon's Cabin in Yosemite. 1) No. 1245: Close-up exterior view with three men sitting outside (surely one is Lamon), smoke coming out of chimney. 2) No. 1076: Farther back exterior

Lot: 4366 - Mechanical Oriented Ephemera

RPC of Martin Itjen and his street car, Skagway, AK. Booklet of California's Twentieth Century School-Agriculture, mechanic, household arts. Freight bill 1910 to Yosemite Valley railroad Date: Location: California HWAC# 65007

Lot: 4367 - 2 California Indexed Pocket Maps

1919 Rand McNally Indexed Pocket Map and Auto Road Guide, California. 89 pp plus advertisements. c. 1920's Rand McNally Indexed Pocket Map, Tourists and Shippers Guide, 85pp plus advertisements. Both 6.5" x 4". Date: Location: California HWAC# 54144

Lot: 4368 - Map of California & Nevada

1) Double Truck, multi color California,/Nevada map South portion California. Asher & Adams. Nye and Lincoln Counties, Nevada. 17.5" x 24". Date: Location: California HWAC# 54219

Lot: 4369 - Gold Rush Map of California

Map of Public Surveys in California to accompany Report Surveyor Gen. Signed by Surveyor General of California. Gray ink on cream color paper. Slight tears in fold. 38" x 31.5". Date: 1855 Location: California HWAC# 54251

Lot: 4370 - Map of California

Double truck map of California. PP 102-103. Multicolor, Nevada and Oregon on reverse. 14.5" x 22". Date: Location: California HWAC# 54464

Lot: 4371 - Map of Early California

Old Map of California General Map of Explorations & Surveys, shows lower California, part of the Sonora Desert, the Colorado Desert, shows portions that were unexplored instrumentally at time map was made. Shows Tulare Lake (Size & position

Lot: 4372 - Rand McNally California Pocket Maps

Rand McNally Pocket Map and Shippers' Guide of California with detached covers. Additional old California map with many tears. fragile. Please inspect. Date: 1914 Location: California HWAC# 64328

Lot: 4373 - Vintage California Map Assortment

Old maps-Pasadena, Los Angeles, Feather River, San Diego, Riverside, Tuolumne, San Francisco, East Bay, So. Cal Sunshine Empire Date: Location: California HWAC# 69049

Lot: 4374 - 2 Old Calif. Business Cards

Small card from Mrs. John Steele, San Andreas, Cal. Larger pictorial card from Mrs. A. Horstmann, Dealer in Fashionable Cloaks and Suits, Stockton, Cal. Date: Location: California HWAC# 56575

Lot: 4375 - Santa Clara County & San Joaquin County Receipts

4 Billheads from California. 1) San Joaquin County, 1864 to W. B. Stamper(?) for services as County Assessor 2) Receipt for State & County Taxes In Cook & Prankanis Surveyors(?); 3) Tax Receipt for Santa Clara County Marshal's Office, San

Lot: 4376 - Book, A Yankee in Mexican California

Hardback book, with plastic jacket, excellent condition. A Yankee in Mexican California, Abel Stearns, 1798-1848 By Doris Marion Wright. pp. 144, 6.5' x 9.5". Date: Location: California HWAC# 63422

Lot: 4377 - Brooch Pins from IOOF (2)

1 gold brooch pins, one reading "Olive Caplinger/Big Oak/Rebekah Lodge #259/December 6, 1922/California 760" it has "50" on it lavender & green enamel. 1" x 1.75". Good condition. ; 1 pin in gold with a star in the middle and a dove with filigree

Lot: 4378 - Calico Print Ghost Town Newspapers (6)

6 issues from 1960-1961. Tales and Trails of the Desert West. Date: Location: California HWAC# 69038

Lot: 4379 - California Assorted Ephemera

16 registered mail receipts, 1897 and 1899 Wells Fargo receipt, attorney letter, liquor billheads, 1865 Shingle Springs receipt and approx 11 other 19th century billheads, some pictorial Date: c. 1860-1902 Location: California HWAC# 64356

Lot: 4380 - California Gold Rush Books (3)

Gold Districts of California Bulletin 193, 1970. The California Gold Country, Highway 49 Revisited by Koeppel. In the Diggings in'49 by Coy. Date: Location: California HWAC# 63348

Lot: 4381 - California Gold Rush Checks (7)

Unused checks. Banking House, Montezuma 1854. 6 PA Lamping & Co., Downieville, CA c. 1860's. Date: Location: California HWAC# 63378

Lot: 4382 - California History (5 Books)

1) California Legacy The Watson Family, 1820-1980 by Judson A. Grenier, c.1987, pp.504; 2)Ho! For the Gold Fields,Northern Overland Wagon Trains of the 1860's, c. 1966, pp.276; 3) First Recorded History o Monterey's Mother Lode by Randall A.

Lot: 4383 - California History Books (4)

1) It's an Old California Custom by Lee Shippey, signed by Lee Shippey 1948, pp.292. (Hardback); 2) The Story of California, by Stewart Edwqrd White, 1937, pp. 369; 3) The King of California/ J.G. Boswell and the Making of a Secret American Empire by

Lot: 4384 - California Mining Camp Ephemera

Lot of twelve pieces. Billheads and receipts from towns of North San Juan and French Corral, Alleghany, Sierra County; North Bloomfield; Camptonville; Downieville; Mountain House; Grass Valley; Forest, Sierra County. Dates range from 1878-1929. Date:

Lot: 4385 - California Mission Books (2)

In and Out of the Missions by James, California's Missions by Suydam. Hardcovers. Date: Location: California HWAC# 63701

Lot: 4386 - California Pictorial Letter Sheets 1849-1869

Beautiful & extra rare book by Joseph Armstrong Baird, Jr.,many pictorials, interesting lot. pp.171. Excellent condition, 10.5" x 14". Date: Location: California HWAC# 63463

Lot: 4387 - California Sheet Music Group

6 different California sheet music pieces. I Left My Heart in San Francisco, Golden Gate by Jolson, Cable Car San Francisco, The California Polka by Dale Fitzsimmons(Tex Williams on cover), Avalon Time, In the market place of old Monterey. Date:

Lot: 4388 - California Trail (6 Books)

4 paperbacks & 2 hardbacks: 1) The Plains Across by John D. Unruh, Jr. 1982 reprint, pp.352; 2) The Overland Trail by Herbert Eaton, c. 1974, pp.326; 3)The Opening of the California Trail, c. 1953, pp.115; 4)The California Trail by George R.

Lot: 4389 - Diaries of California Gold Seekers

Lot of 6 Books 1) Westward Journeys Memoirs of Applegate & Porter Who Traveled the Overland Trail, c. 1989, pp.402. 2) Overland to California with the Pioneer Line, The God Rush Diary of Bernard J. Reid c. 1983, pp.183; 3) Overland in 1846

Lot: 4390 - Gold Rush Books (5)

Softcover Quarterly of the Society of California Pioneers, March, 1931. Hardcovers-Sam Brannan Builder of San Francisco by Stellman, On The Old West Coast by Barlett, Mexican Gold Trail, the Silver Dons. Date: Location: California HWAC# 63379

Lot: 4391 - Modoc War Claims, Letter from Secretary of War

Paperback book of Claims of the States of California and Oregon, and citizens thereof, on account of the Modoc War. (1872-1873) 6" x 9". Date: 1874 Location: California HWAC# 64202

Lot: 4392 - Mother Lode Ephemera Group

Approx 30 items from the Mother Lode. Scott's Valley Republican ticket, billheads and letterheads-some pictorial. Placerville, Grass Valley, Mariposa, Nevada City, Vacaville, Diamond Springs, Sutter Creek, Auburn, Jackson, Angel's Camp and more.

Lot: 4393 - New York Volunteers In California 1846-1848

2 volumes in 1 hardcover. With Stevens to California by Lynch and Stevenson's Regiment in California by Clark. 94pp with index and foldout map. Date: 1970 Location: California HWAC# 63347

Lot: 4394 - Paddle-Wheel Days in California (Hardback book)

Paddle Wheel Days in California by Jerry MacMullen. pp.134, black & white photos, good condition.7.5" x 10.5". Date: Location: California HWAC# 63416

Lot: 4395 - State Controller's Office Warrant (2)

2 California State Controller's Office Warrants. 1) dated 1880; 2) dated 1855. Both protected in plastic jackets, in excellent condition. 9.5" x 5". Date: Location: California HWAC# 63424

Lot: 4396 - The Overland Stage to California (Book)

The Overland Stage to California, by Frank A. Root and William E. Connelley. "Personal Reminisces and Authentic History of the Great Overland Stage Line and Pony Express from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean" Photos & illustrations,

Lot: 4397 - Rare Biographical Work on John Alexander

Rare biographical work for John Alexander and the families of Alexander, Wilkinson, Sparr, and Guthrie. by Wm. G. Alexander. The Xl Job Printing Office, Cripple Creek, 1892. Only 600 copies were made for the family of John Alexander and others.

Lot: 4398 - Rare Denver Photographer Business Card w/ Original

Business card for Art Rindskopf, Photographer, 912 E. 13th Ave., with Golden Eagle D.G. Co., Denver, Colorado. Card has original photograph of man posing mounted to the business card. 2.5" x 4.5" Toning, warped. Please inspect. (Prag Collection)

Lot: 4399 - The Pioneer Western Bank, First of Denver

Book of The Pioneer Western Bank, color & black & white photos. pp.219, 9.5" x 12". Beautiful condition. Date: c. 1984 Location: Denver, Colorado HWAC# 63471

Lot: 4400 - Holladay Overland Mail & Express Company Exchange

1) 1st of Exchange, beautiful condition, Denver City, CO; 2) Holladay Overland Mail & Express Receipt. Date: 1866 Location: Denver, Colorado HWAC# 63445

Lot: 4401 - Georgetown to Silver Plume Photo

Cabinet card, labeled on the back George Town to Silver Plume (sic). Unusual view showing more twists and turns than usual. c 1885. Bottom of photo is blacked out . Date: Location: Georgetown, Colorado HWAC# 56456

Lot: 4402 - Hot Sulphur Springs Postcard

Postmarked January 30, 1908. The images shows a view of the town. Date: Ca. 1908 Location: Hot Sulphur Springs, Colorado HWAC# 63838

Lot: 4403 - Leadville Miner Blows out Brains, 1880 Newspaper

Lake County Reveille, Jan 3, 1880 where miner John Marshall commits suicide after suffering severe bout of rheumatism in his cabin. Much detail. generally poor condition, but article fine. Date: Location: Leadville, Colorado HWAC# 63905

Lot: 4404 - 1862 Map of Colorado Territory

Gray ink on cream color map showing Colorado Territory and Reservation of the Cheyennes & Arapahoes. Right fold mostly detached. 18.25" x 23". Date: 1862 Location: Colorado HWAC# 54266

Lot: 4405 - Colorado Ephemera Collection

Lot of eight. 1) 1896 speech of the Honorable Henry m. Teller on Freed Coinage of Silver. 2) 1908 pamphlet for the National Democratic Convention. 3) 1904 "Russell's Lead Year Dance" Gilpin poem. Rips and tears. 4) Denver sight seeing guide booklet.

Lot: 4406 - Colorado Ephemera Group

Approx 25 items including a 1867 Warranty Deed, billheads some of which are pictorial and a souvenir card from ANA show in Colorado Springs 1983. Date: 1867-1931 Location: Colorado HWAC# 64344

Lot: 4407 - Colorado History Books (4)

Softcover Colorado's Colorful Character's by Bueler. Hard covers-Colorado Ghost Towns by Brown, Gilpin County Gold by Axford, The Pioneer Western Bank First of Denver 1860-1980 Date: Location: Colorado HWAC# 63340

Lot: 4408 - Colorado State Journal: a Critical Illustrated

Includes: Indian Duel, Women's news, Oracle of Mulberry Center, Tourist Invasion of Colorado Springs, Mining & financial, chauffeurs and wheelmen, Pueblo Observations, Political News, etc. Only a view pictures? 15 x 11". 26 pages plus three pages

Lot: 4409 - Four Colorado Publications

1) The Beecher Island Annual. Sixty-second anniversary of the Battle of Beecher Island. 124 pages. 9 x 6". Pages are separating and soft cover is almost detached. The Battle of Beecher Island was an armed conflict between the United States Army and

Lot: 4410 - Historical and Biographical Compendium of Colorado

Great reference work. Biographies of Governor Alva Adams, James Rice, Peter Breen, Darwin Kingsley, James Freeman, Edwin Ballard, Henry Lee, John H Poole, etc. etc. etc. 146 pages of biographies! 21 pages on the State Constitutional Convention. 186

Lot: 4411 - Report upon the Colorado River of the West. 36th

Very rare! Report upon the Colorado River of the West. 36th Congress, 1st Session. Senate Executive Document. Joseph Christmas Ives(1828-1868). Published by Washington: Government Printing Office, 1861, by order of the Secretary of War. This is a

Lot: 4412 - Three Colorado Documents

1) Official List of Denver State Lottery. 1890. Some rips and tears. Center fold is very fragile. 2) 1905 Rocky Mountain News. Includes: President Roosevelt and his Colorado Hunt., labor wars in Chicago, Santa Fe trains are three days late, Treasury

Lot: 4413 - Three Early Colorado Maps

Colorado Drainage Map. 1873. Geological Survey. By Hayden. 19 x 23". Heavy folds, but not tears or small holes! Fabulous condition. The area around the Ute Indian Reservation is colored. 2) Colorful 1905 state map. 15 x 21". Some tears at folds. One

Lot: 4414 - Town View, Colorado

Original Cabinet card of a view of an unlabeled town along a river in Colorado. Came with a group of Colorado Midland photos, but we're not as good as you at identifying the town. minor soiling, otherwise excellent condition. Photographer

Lot: 4415 - 1881 Price List of National Wire Mattresses

Price list and illustrated catalog of brass and iron bedsteads and cribs. National Wire Mattress Co , New Britain, Ct. April st 1881. 48 pp with bed line drawings. Binder is detached, pages are detached into 2 sections. 9.5" x 6.75". Date: Location:

Lot: 4416 - Maps of Massachusetts and Connecticut Area

Lot of 5. 1) Connecticut, 1883. Lithography and color by Hardesty. Approximately 14.5" x 11." 2) Connecticut and Rhode Island, 1883. Lithographic color and graphics by Hardesty. 3) Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island Railroad and County map,

Lot: 4417 - Two Different 1880s Lawrence County, Dakota

1) $500 refunding bond issued in 1883. Punch cancelled. Mining vignette. One coupon still attached. 9.75 x 16.5" 2) $500 refunding bond issued in 1887. Punch cancelled. Green border, birds-eye vignette of Deadwood (?). 15 x 9.5" (Prag Collection)

Lot: 4418 - Custer's Expedition to the Black Hills, 1874-5,

Eleven New York tribune newspapers with excellent articles on the Custer expedition to the Black Hills, 1874-1876. Custer was commanded to lead an expedition to the Black Hills to look for a route through the region heading southwest, and suitable

Lot: 4419 - Post Office Department Drafts for the

Lot of 3. Two are rare pictorial Transportation of Mails drafts from the Post Office Department, issued in 1858 and 1861 to postmasters in Wilmington, North Carolina and Petersburgh [sic.], Virginia. 4.5 x 9" One is heavily toned. Third piece is a

Lot: 4420 - The Darien Bank 1889-1989 (Book) Plus Dahlonega

Paperback book by Buddy Sullivan, The Darien Bank, a Celebration of 100 Years, pp.70. This lot includes The Neighborhood Mint, Dahlonega in the Age of Jackson by Sylvia Gailey Head & Elizabeth W. Etheridge. Date: c.1989 Location: Dahlonega,

Lot: 4421 - Artistic Hawaiian Menus

Five pieces from 1952: menus from the S.S. Lurline of the Matson Lines, which operated from San Francisco to Hawaii for many decades before airlines. Two are from a dinner for the Western States Meat Packers Association at the Biltomre Hotel in Los

Lot: 4422 - Hawaii Archive

Approx. 60 piece archive of Letterheads, billheads,Statements, from "Ting Poultry Farm"; Honolulu Water Works,K. Isoshima, Dr. Manufacturer of Straw Hats All Styles"; Hawaiian Electric Co., Ltd.; just to name a few. Date: Early 20th Century Location:

Lot: 4423 - Hawaii Billhead Collection

Lot of 30, issued 1914-1925. Merchants in Honolulu,Paia, and Kahului. Many Japanese merchants: S.M. Iida, Japanese Rice Mill Co., Yoshidaya, Jitsugyo No Hawaii, B.K. Yamamoto, S. Kawai, Paia Mercantile, Iwakami & Co., Tokyo-Tei Restaurant,

Lot: 4424 - Hawaiian Royal Stationery and Correspondence

Correspondence Catalog with photos, descriptions, values. pp.82. Date: Location: Hawaii HWAC# 63464

Lot: 4425 - Caldwell, Idaho Postcard Group

Lot of five. Three black & white RPC's. Includes Caldwell Banking and Trust, Saratoga Hotel, Finey & Sterry Halls at the College of Idaho (with dirt road), library, Van Buren School.c1910. Date: Location: Caldwell, Idaho HWAC# 54528

Lot: 4426 - Coeur d'Alene Postcard group

Lot of seven. Two duplicate RPC's of street scene. Also Fowler's Restaurant, Sherman Avenue, the lake, dock with steamers and a famous donkey! Date: Location: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho HWAC# 54527

Lot: 4427 - Amazing Jerome, Idaho Postcard

Shows Main Street. Main street seems to have four serious structures with a variety of tents behind. A buggy is leaving the city, the the author says that "This is where we ended up. Expect to stay awhile." Cancelled Jerome on October 1, 1908. Jerome

Lot: 4428 - Jerome, Idaho Real Photo Postcards

Two Northside Inns. One photo taken by Simpson. Twin Falls to Jerome Bridge, Number 'W12.'. Main Street. Date: 1929-1943 Location: Jerome, Idaho HWAC# 54523

Lot: 4429 - Lewiston, Idaho Postcard Collection: Mostly RPC's

1907-1958. Lot of eleven. Seven black & white real photo postcards. Cards include Normal school, post office, steamer (photo by Henry Fair of Lewiston), waterfront, Weyerhauser Mill with Clarkson Washington in background, high school, several

Lot: 4430 - Moscow, Idaho Postcard Group

Lot of four. Two black & white. Includes a 1906 'Views of Moscow.' Also a main street printed by O. G. Brackert & Company of Moscow. Color postcards include a 1906 dirt laden main street and the First Methodist Church. Date: 1906-1911+

Lot: 4431 - Mountain Home, Idaho Postcard Collection

Lot of five black and white postcards. c1910. Includes Ake's Farm,hot springs, crooked road, and Agriculture Department. Also one same era and postcard type of Hailey, Idaho. Date: Location: Mountain Home, Idaho HWAC# 54529

Lot: 4432 - Pocatello Real Photo Postcard Collection

Lot of five. 1923-1932. Two overviews, Woolley Apartments, Fargo Apartments, and post office. Please see photographs online. Date: Location: Pocatello, Idaho HWAC# 54517

Lot: 4433 - Rare Salmon City Revenue Check Plus Idaho Playing

Lot of 6. 1) Rare 1883 Harkness & Co. Bankers revenue check, Salmon City, Idaho, March 6, 1883. Vignette of bank at left. Geo. L. Shoup & Co., General Merchandise, Salmon City, Challis and Bonanza, Idaho. RN-G. 2) Five railroad playing cards

Lot: 4434 - Idaho Billheads and Letterheads

Approx 14 items. Pictorials include Wallace Meat, Hall Lithographing, Milten Berger Yongren Produce. Date: Location: Idaho HWAC# 64349

Lot: 4435 - Nice Idaho Ephemera Collection (Most Territorial)

Lot of 11. Included: unused tickets w/stub for the California, Oregon, & Idaho Stage Company with connection to the Boise, Nampa & Owyhee Railway; two Rocky Bar (Alturas County) territorial warrants (School, 1879, and Treasurer, 1868); 1873,

Lot: 4436 - Three Different Idaho Stage Way-Bills

1) Canyon City Stage Company. Between Baker City and Malheur (Canyon crossed out) City. May 3rd, 1889. Lists transport of one passenger and some stage freight. 14 x 20" Folds, stains. 2) Malheur Stage Company. Basche & Co. & McEwen, proprs.

Lot: 4437 - Two Idaho Dog Sled Race RPC's

1) Handwritten Ashton c1921-25. 2) Says "winner of 50 mile race was a native boy." Nice combo! Date: Location: Idaho HWAC# 54534

Lot: 4438 - Chicago, IL Maps and Art Booklet

2 Chicago Zoological Park color maps 14.5" x 19". Art Institute of Chicago, A Brief Guide to the Collections 1941 38pp Date: Location: Chicago, Illinois HWAC# 65066

Lot: 4439 - Three Chicago Advertising Mirrors

Three advertising mirrors: 1) Bell's Imperial Coffee, Chicago. Front surface is cracked a bit, mirror fine. 2) Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett, & Co., Chicago. Good condition; 3) Howdy, Bottles Only. Good condition. Date: Location: Chicago, Illinois

Lot: 4440 - Union League Club Program, Washington's Birthday

Blue folded program from Union League Club Program, for Washington's Birthday Feb. 22, 1896. Commemorative address by Theodore Roosevelt. Date: 1896 Location: Chicago, Illinois HWAC# 63169

Lot: 4441 - Very Rare Goes Lithographing Stock Certificate

Very rare Goes Lithographed and Steel-Litho Stock Certificates sales catalog. We have never seen this item before. Circa 1920. Bound catalog of approx 97 blank stock certificates with different borders, panels and vignettes. No stock certificate

Lot: 4442 - Indian Territory Ephemera Archive

Approx 90 Indian Territory ephemera items with biilheads and letters. locales include McAlester, Choctaw, Eufaula, Vian, Tahlequah, Roff, Spokogee, Muskogee, McCurtain, Red Oak and more. Date: Location: Indian Territory HWAC# 69028

Lot: 4443 - Van Camp Hardware Archive, c1895-1912

Large archive of correspondence to Van Camp Hardware in Indianapolis. The archive generally consists of full page letters on business stationery from all over the USA, particularly midwest. About 1.5 cubic feet tightly packed, perhaps 3400 pieces.

Lot: 4444 - Van Camp Hardware Telegram Collection

Approx 140 van Kamp Hardware telegrams c. 1900-1926. Business related Western Union telegrams. Date: Location: Indiana HWAC# 64076

Lot: 4445 - Maps of Indiana

Lot of 2. 1) Ohio and Indiana by Counties. Hand colored by Mitchell, 1860. Approximately 15.25" x 12.25." 2) Indiana, 1864, hand colored by Johnson, New York. Approximately 18.25" x 26.5." Date: Location: Indiana HWAC# 63550

Lot: 4446 - Iowa Mineral and Ochre Paint Co. Stock Certificate

Certificate number 110 for 10 shares to RB Taylor on October 24, 1890. Three weeks later (on back) he turned all of his shares back to the company? Signed by secretary (?) and president JH Holland. Heavy horizontal folds with foxing. Very small tears

Lot: 4447 - Fort Des Moines Check

$1.00 check. 2 folds, some foxing. Date: 1851 Location: Fort Des Moines, Iowa HWAC# 69050

Lot: 4448 - Guaranty Life Insurance Policy for Peter Hangsted

Peter Hangsted insured his life on September 25, 1914 for $2500. The policy opens to 12 x 19, with coupons on the interior. The only Peter Hangsted in the 1910 census lived in Union, Allamakee, Iowa. Date: 1914 Location: Union, Iowa HWAC# 45039

Lot: 4449 - Council Grove, KS Telephone Directory

32 pp plus advertising. Old with unknown age. Some pencil writing on both covers. 9" x 6". Date: Location: Council Grove, Kansas HWAC# 54333

Lot: 4450 - Group of Kansas Stock Certificates (4) 1886-1935

A nice group of Kansas stock certificates. 1) Rock Town Company, cert. #9, issued at Topeka, KS in 1886. Was located in Cowley County. Most of these town companies were taken over by the railroads. Red pen cancelled. 2) Topeka Land & Development

Lot: 4451 - Kansas Territory Payment of Claims

Claim No. 333, Award No. 323 signed by Commissioners Hoogland, Henry T. Acuanis(?). Vignettes of Eagle,woman holding scales in period dress, with sword. $115,000 Herald of Freedom Print at bottom left. This payment is "for the lots of property taken

Lot: 4452 - 1892 Price Lists for Plug Tobacco

Four identical Price Lists for Plug Tobacco, For All Points in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah. Manufactured by the National Tobacco Works Branch of The American Tobacco Co., Louisville, Kentucky. Blue paper, 2 pages, 5.5" x 3.25"

Lot: 4453 - Old Kentucky Distillery Business Card

c1900-1910 large pictorial business card. "Distillers of High Grade Whiskey". perfect for the saloon or whiskey collector Date: Location: Louisville, Kentucky HWAC# 62215

Lot: 4454 - Maps of Maine Counties

Double truck multi color map of railroad and counties of Maine. Pp. 6&7, slight tears in fold. 23.25" x 17.25". Single page, multi color County Map of Maine, page 12, 5.25" x 12.5". Date: 1870 Location: Maine HWAC# 54231

Lot: 4455 - Maps of Maryland & Baltimore

Single, multi color map of Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey. 12.5"x15.25"; single, multi color map of Plan of Baltimore. 12.5"x15.25". Date: 1867 Location: Baltimore, Maryland HWAC# 54228

Lot: 4456 - International Telephone & Telegraph Stocks Group

Lot of 11: fine group of ITT Corporation stocks, the oldest dating to 1931. These certificates vary in denomination, from the "Less Than 100 Shares" type, to the standard "100 Shares" documents. These different stocks are differentiated by color. All

Lot: 4457 - Maps of Maryland, Delaware & D.C.

1)Maryland, Delaware & D.C., Engraved by Rand, McNally & Co. with color by Lithography, 1885, 21" x 14.5"; 2) Maryland, Delaware & D.C.,Lithographic Color & Graphics by Hardesty, 1883. Beautiful color 21" x 14". Mounted on mat board.

Lot: 4458 - Revolutionary War Era, Patapsco River,

The Patapsco River is a 39-mile-long (63 km) river in central Maryland which flows into the Chesapeake Bay. This letter gives instructions from Amos Hilton for payment for piloting Brig Pigg. 8" x 6". This has protective plastic cover. Interesting

Lot: 4459 - 19th Century Fashion and Jewelry Catalog

The Fashion World by Jordan, Marsh and Co, Boston, Mass. 1885. Catalog of fashion accessories pottery, Japanese curios, jewelry, books and more. Some illustrations.11.75" x 9". Front cover is missing right upper corner, cover is detached. Date:

Lot: 4460 - c.1870s Advertising Pamphlet for Pacific Mail

Rare! Four panel brochure for C.L. Bartlett & Co., Boston agents for the Pacific Mail Steam Ship Company to California, Japan and China, and more; the White Star Line to Liverpool via Queenstown; and the Anchor Line to Glasgow via Londonderry.

Lot: 4461 - Atlantic Mail Steamship Co. Stock

Rare! Atlantic Mail Steamship consolidated with Pacific Mail Steamship Co. in 1865 and became the largest steamship company on the continent. I/U C Durock? 1871 32997 100 shares, signed by president. .25" top tear and several creases. Date: Location:

Lot: 4462 - Horace K. Turner Art Exhibit Catalog

Brown cover, Boston Mass. 1905-1906. 66 pages with b/w photos of many famous historical paintings. 8.5" x 5. 75". Date: Location: Boston, Massachusetts HWAC# 54405

Lot: 4463 - Lockwood, Greene & Co. Bond (Architectural Firm)

Involved with industrial engineering and construction. Lockwood, Greene & Company was established on March 1, 1882 by Amos D. Lockwood and Stephen Greene, in Providence, Rhode Island. It was the successor to A. D. Lockwood & Company. Later

Lot: 4464 - Child Photograph, Chicopee Falls, MA

Photograph of a small child with some fun props. The photograph was taken by C.E. Pinsonneault who was located at 87 Main Street, Chicopee Falls. The photograph measures 3.8" x 5.5" and the mat measures 4.3" x 6.5." There is some yellowing on the mat

Lot: 4465 - 1839 Stage Company Way Bill

Pictorial large way bill for stage passage from Brattleborough and Keene to Lowell and Boston. Dated May 6th, 1839. Thirteen passengers, some identified only as "lady" or "gent." 10.5 x 16" with folds, soiling, and some separation. (Prag Collection)

Lot: 4466 - Maps of Massachusetts & Boston (3)

1) Double truck, multi color lithograph of Railroad & County Map of Massachusetts & Rhode Island with with indexes on back, page #14. 17" x 23.5"; 2) Single page, multi color lithograph County map of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode

Lot: 4467 - Massachusetts Boathouse Photo

Choice vintage photo of a boat on a boathouse ramp in Massachusetts, 42 star US flag. By JR O'Hara, Jr. in Winthrop, Mass. Photo is 4.5" x 6.5", matting 8" x 10". Date: Location: Massachusetts HWAC# 54477

Lot: 4468 - Great Lakes Region Playing Cards

Lot of 19 Electric Railway playing cards featuring locations in the Great Lakes Region such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. Please inspect. (Prag Collection) Date: Location: Michigan HWAC# 55421

Lot: 4469 - 1876 Duluth Newspaper

August 26, 1876 issue of the Minnesotian Herald printed in Duluth. 4pp, with mostly national news. Nothing much on local, including the iron mines nearby. Interesting article out of Philly abour Charley Ross, a mulatto that supposedly had psychic

Lot: 4470 - Plot of Part of Higginsville, MO

Folded pen and ink colored map, 1884. Approx 12" x 20" Date: 1884 Location: Higginsville, Missouri HWAC# 64315

Lot: 4471 - Wright's Printed Folded map of Kansas City

1882 colored map by Wright. Multiple accordian folds and tears at fold edges. Date: Location: Kansas City, Missouri HWAC# 64316

Lot: 4472 - 4 Hand Colored Maps of Mexico, MO on Linen

4 hand colored pen and ink on linen maps. 1) Estimate from laying track on Jackson St. 1889 approx 9" x 18" 2)Proposed connection for St. Louis, Kansas City and NRR, c. 1890 approx 14" x 18" 3) Plat map of Mexico, Missouri, 1887 with railroad through

Lot: 4473 - Maps of Iowa, Missouri

1 single, multi color map of County Map of the States of Iowa and Missouri. 1 single, multi color map of St. Louis. Pp. 47 & 48. 15.25"x12.5". Date: 1867 Location: St. Louis, Missouri HWAC# 54227

Lot: 4474 - Rare Union Missouri Newspapers, 1874-5

Union is located 50 miles southwest of St. Louis, and has its origin to nearly 1800. The lt contains three issues of the Record, an early newspaper for the town, and fairly rare. Articles are of national news, with little local notes. Advertisements

Lot: 4475 - Maps of Missouri and Kansas

Lot of 4. 1) Iowa and Missouri, 1886. Engraved and hand colored by Bradley. Approximately 15.25" x 23."2) Missouri & Kansas, 1865. Engraved and hand colored by Johnson, New York. Approximately 26.5" x 18." 3) Railroad and county map of Kansas. By

Lot: 4476 - Mississippi River (Books, 2)

West of the River by Charlton Laird, First Edition 1953, pp.307; Across the Wide Missouri by Bernardo DeVoto, with many illustrations, 1947, pp. 458. Date: 1953 Location: Missouri HWAC# 63456

Lot: 4477 - Sketch Map of Missouri River by Corp. of Engineers

Sketch map of the Missouri River in the vicinity of Glasgow, MO 1879. Approx 14" x 24". Creased upper corners. Date: 1879 Location: Missouri HWAC# 64317

Lot: 4478 - Beaver Head County, Montana Ledgers (9)

9 Beaverhead County ledgers Date: 1876-1878 Location: Beaverhead County, Montana HWAC# 69006

Lot: 4479 - Two Bozeman, Montana Merchant Licenses

Lot of 2 issued in 1879 and 1880 to Richard Lockey of Bozeman for operating as a merchant. 5.5 x 7.5" Independent Print. Lockey (1845-1924) served for the Union in the Civil War before coming to Helena. Montana in 1866. In 1871, he formed the Montana

Lot: 4480 - Butte Ephemera: Lot of 24 from labels to booklets

1) Butte Consistory, Valley of Montana, reunion pamphlet, 1907, 2-5) Tintype of baby in buggy and 3 small photos. All came with a large Montana collection. 6) Coupon booklet for IGA Grocery. From $1.00 to 1 cent. Total of $20.00. 7) Unused checks

Lot: 4481 - Butte Advertising Collection

Here is a collection of various advertising items from Butte, Montana, including a 3.5-inch diameter Butte Bicentennial '76 button with a picture of a helmeted miner at the center, a two-part Butte Union pin in brass with black enamel around the word

Lot: 4482 - Butte Real Photo Postcards

Fantastic lot of 8 early RPCs from Butte. 1) Leonard Mine. No postmark and no photographer identified. 2) The New Leonard Mine. Postmarked 1908. Produced by Robert Aerne "Phototype cards." 3) Smokehouse Mine. No postmarked. Produced by Robert Aerne

Lot: 4483 - Butte, Montana Postcard Collection

Lot of 12. 6 black and white RPCs, 2 black and white, 1 color RPC, and 3 color. Include overviews, fish hatchery, Elk Horn Fence, Park Street and trolley, post office, Hirbour Block, St. Patrick's Church, Main Street, Butte at night, and Montana

Lot: 4484 - Butte, MT Billheads and Letterheads

Approx 24 Butte General Electric Billheads with pictorials-Remington Typewriter. Pictorial letterheads Montana Hardware, Dorsh and Greenfield. Date: 1892-1926 Location: Butte, Montana HWAC# 64326

Lot: 4485 - Two 1906 Butte Fair Exhibit Photographs

2 Board mounted photographs of the Beebe Grain Company exhibit at the Butte Montana Fair of 1906. It is a house made out of wheat and grain with products inside. 5" x 7" and 6.5" x 8.5" Date: 1906 Location: Butte, Montana HWAC# 40861

Lot: 4486 - Butte City and Meaderville Addition Maps

3 Maps of Butte City with proposed additions and planning in un-built lots. Meaderville City map of Main Street with the Leondard Shaft also shown. Rare paper type. Also includes a Butte Grant Deed. maps range in size from 10" x 12" to 16" x 20"

Lot: 4487 - Letter to Marcus Daily Concerning "40 Bruckner

Report forwarded from E.M. West to Mr. Marcus Daly. The cover letter states that E.M. West would lose his job if Mr. Haggin discovered this report was forwarded to Marcus Daly. This report explains 40 Bruckner Furnaces are not in horrible condition

Lot: 4488 - Choteau County, MT Financial Reports (9)

9 Choteau County, MT financial reports, rate of taxation table, abstracts etc. Date: 1876-1878 Location: Choteau County, Montana HWAC# 69012

Lot: 4489 - Custer County, MT Financial Reports (7)

Custer County, MT financial report and abstracts. Date: 1878 Location: Custer County, Montana HWAC# 69011

Lot: 4490 - Deer Lodge, Montana Prisoner Letter: Writing to

C. E. Fagan(?) is writing his lawyer, A. S. Christie of Butte, asking him to approach Governor of Montana to get clemency. All other means he has tried have been of no use. This is a marvelous letter that needs more research to unfold the whole

Lot: 4491 - Deer Lodge County, MT Financial Report (3)

3 Deer Lodge County, MT financial report, tax table etc. Date: 1878 Location: Deer Lodge County, Montana HWAC# 69013

Lot: 4492 - B.F. White, Terminus of U&N Railway, Montana Check

Check from B.F. White, Forwarding & Commission Merchant, Terminus U.& N. R. W'y, 1880. Pay to Virginia City. Montana banker Henry Elling $244.90. Signed by White. Locomotive vignette. 3.75 x 7.5" Stamped Paid. The Union Pacific Railroad

Lot: 4493 - Montana Advertising Items and Correspondence

Single-page letter, dated Aug 28, 1897, from the Elkhorn Trading Company in Elkhorn, Montana, to the A.M. Holter Company in Helena, Montana. Anton M. Holter came from Norway in 1854 and worked as a carpenter in Iowa and Minnesota. In 1865, he

Lot: 4494 - Fort Benton Letters, Receipts & Correspondence

Approx 10 pages of receipts, professional letters, from T.C. Power & Bro., Forwarding & Commission Merchants, Military and Indian Traders, Fort Benton; H.J. Wackerlin & Co., Hardware , Stoves, Tinware, Glass & Crockery Ware. Date:

Lot: 4495 - Letter from J.H. McKnight & Co., Post & Indian

2 Letters from J.H. McKnight & Co., Post Traders & Dealers in General Merchandise. Date: 1885 Location: Fort Shaw, Montana HWAC# 64369

Lot: 4496 - Galatin County, Montana Territory Ledgers

5 Gallatin County ledgers Date: 1876-1878 Location: Gallatin County, Montana HWAC# 69005

Lot: 4497 - Helena & Benton Stage Company Ephemera

Rare, 2 pages of Accounts & Statements from Helena & Benton Stage Company. Date: 1880's Location: Helena, Montana HWAC# 64366

Lot: 4498 - AM Holter Hardware Catalog No. 27

A choice hardcover hardware catalog from AM Holter Hardware Co. Wholesale Hardware, Mining Supplies, Tools, Sporting Goods, House Furnishing Goods, Paints, Pipe Fittings, Stoves, Ranges and Furnaces and Automobile Accessories. 791pp with index and

Lot: 4499 - Five Montana Territory Warrants

Lot of 5, all issued in Helena, 1887-89. Includes one rare Stock Indemnity Fund Warrant to Jas. Couley DVS for salary and traveling expenses. The other four warrants were issued for killing squirrels. Two different forms: one shows a patriotic

Lot: 4500 - Six Montana Territory Warrants

Lot of 6. Issued in Helena, M.T., 1880-1887. Issued for: collecting Jefferson County ballots; killing squirrels; librarian salary; and support of convicts. Two different forms: one shows a patriotic allegorical woman and the other has a vignette of a

Lot: 4501 - Helena Ephemera

Approx. 40 pieces of ephemera, includes Receipts from Montana Peerless Baking Powder; The Montana Produce & Commission Co.; A.M. Holter Hardware Company General Hardware, Mining & Railway Supplies; T.C. Power & Co., Jobbers & Dealers

Lot: 4502 - Helena, MT Ephemera

Approx 35 items. 1876 Holter and Bro. business license. Bill head Pictorials- Steele, Hindson, Lindsay and Co. Fruit Merchants, TC Power & Co. and more. Date: 1876-1906 Location: Helena, Montana HWAC# 64341

Lot: 4503 - Helena, MT Ephemera

Approx 60 assorted billheads, deposit slips and letterheads Some pictorial. Date: c. 1875-1895 Location: Helena, Montana HWAC# 64342

Lot: 4504 - Helena, Montana Postcard Collection

19 total cards. 6 black and white RPC's. 1905 to 1937. Includes a buggy laden main street (1905), state capitol, US Armory (1937, Jorud photo), Old High School (1907), Algeria Shrine / Civic Center, St. Helena Cathedral, overview, Mount Helena. Date:

Lot: 4505 - Helena, Montana Ephemera

Three items from Helena, Montana, included a 3.75-inch diameter, gummed-back luggage sticker for the Placer Hotel printed in black and gold ink showing the hotel as it appeared after it was built in 1912. John F. Kennedy stayed in the Hotel Placer in

Lot: 4506 - Helena Ephemera Collection

15 pieces of ephemera includes receipts, letters, statements, 1886 & 1887. Letter from J.H. Shober, Attorney at Law from Helena, Montana September of 1876. Date: 1870's Location: Helena, Montana HWAC# 64364

Lot: 4507 - Three Montana Ribbons

Three silk-like fabric ribbons: one with "HELENA the City of GO" printed in black ink on white fabric and "INTER WALT PHILL MONT" handwritten in pencil on the back (no date); another with "ANNUAL REUNION of the Sons and Daughters of the Pioneers,

Lot: 4508 - Jefferson County, MT Ledgers (5)

5 Jefferson County, MT 1878 ledgers Date: 1878 Location: Jefferson County, Montana HWAC# 69007

Lot: 4509 - Lewis & Clark Co., Montana Territory License

Framed A Merchant's License, Rare, original license by Montana Territorial Auditor. Embossed seal at bottom left, signed by Territorial Auditor. Excellent condition.6.5" x 8". Date: 1875 Location: Lewis & Clark, Montana HWAC# 63427

Lot: 4510 - Lewis and Clark County, MT Deeds (4)

4 deeds, 3 1869, 1 1876 Date: 1869-1876 Location: Lewis and Clark County, Montana HWAC# 69019

Lot: 4511 - Lewis and Clark County, MT Financial Reports (3)

3 Lewis and Clark County, MT financial reports, copy of settlement etc. Date: 1878 Location: Lewis and Clark County, Montana HWAC# 69014

Lot: 4512 - Montana Territory Financial Records (7)

Montana Territory abstracts and financial records Date: 1876-1878 Location: Madison County, Montana HWAC# 69009

Lot: 4513 - Meagher County, MT Financial Reports (4)

1878 Meagher County, MT financial reports, tax table etc. Date: Location: Meagher County, Montana HWAC# 69015

Lot: 4514 - Photograph of European Hotel, Missoula, MT

Sepia toned photograph of the European Hotel, Spruce Street, Missoula. 17" x 16.75", matted and framed (no glass) 18.5" x 22.5". Date: 1890 Location: Missoula, Montana HWAC# 54867

Lot: 4515 - Missoula County, MT Financial Records (9)

9 financial records, abstracts, copy of settlement. Date: 1876-1878 Location: Missoula County, Montana HWAC# 69010

Lot: 4516 - Saco, Montana Diary of Weather for year of 1935

Black leather bound diary from C.W. Nelson, Fire and Life Insurance Farm & Live Stock Loans & the name C.E. Knight embossed at bottom right corner of front cover. About 400 pp.4" x 6.75". Small amount of wear at bottom of diary. Date: 1935

Lot: 4517 - Sappington and Pony State Line Statement

2 pieces & several entries on this ephemera to various places & names, the Driver is George Beaber. Date: 1900 Location: Sappington, Montana HWAC# 64371

Lot: 4518 - Photo of Butte Courier Newspaper Office

1 photo of the Courier Office building with 10 people standing out in front (2 women holding babies) all in period dress. Good condition only slight staining in corners & photo is placed on gray backing. 8.5" x 6.75". Date: late 1800's Location:

Lot: 4519 - Five Postal History Covers with Contents (Lots of

1-2) H Herbst Importing Company. Advertising and selling John E. Fitzgerald whiskey. Both envelopes have a full size pictorial on reverse of cover and a 1/3 sized pictorial on the top of the letter. Addressed to Buford of Virginia City, Montana. 3)

Lot: 4520 - Mitchell & Lewis Co. Correspondence

The four items in this lot are all from Mitchell & Lewis Co. of Racine, Wisconsin, and written to S.B. Buford & Co. of Virginia City, Montana, in 1905. Also included in the lot is a 2.125-inch diameter pocket mirror with the red and black

Lot: 4521 - Staver Carriage Co. advertising cover

Correspondence dated July 20, 1908, from the Staver Carriage Co. of Chicago, IL, to Buford Mercantile Co. of Virginia City, MT. Includes the envelope printed with the red and blue Staver logo and the typewritten letter with blue and red letterhead

Lot: 4522 - Three Postal History Covers with Contents (Two

1) PICTORIAL Briggs, Cooper & Company. Image of Home Brand Peaches. St. Paul, Minn. 1908. Order included; 2) PICTORIAL The Quaker Oats Company. Image of Quaker Oats man. Chicago, Illinois. 1907. Letter from sales department. 3) Cover from A.

Lot: 4523 - Two Advertising Envelopes w/ Letters from Tobacco

1) Blackwell's Durham Tobacco Co. addressed to Mr. Buford, Virginia City, Mont., 1896. This envelope also carried two Memos of Understanding from Blackwell's to Buford. Pink in color and nice looking! 2) Continental Tobacco Co. addressed to Mr.

Lot: 4524 - Way Bill From Virginia City to Madison, MT

Rare Passenger & Express Line Waybill. Marshall & Goff's Passenger & Express Line. "All Baggage at the Risk of Owners" Feb. 11, 1881. Slight foxing at folds, slight stain at left side approx. .5". Mounted on mat board. If mats are shipped

Lot: 4525 - Letter from Banking House of Hussey, Dahler & Co.

Montana Gold Rush era, western mining company bankers. Virginia City, Montana Territory; with affiliated Banking houses in Salt Lake City, UT Territory. Date: 1868 Location: Virginia City, Montana HWAC# 64207

Lot: 4526 - Receipt from Virginia City & Alder Express Line

Receipt from Alder to Virginia City, Sept. 3, 1900. Way Bill No. 3. Date: early 1900's Location: Virginia City, Montana HWAC# 64370

Lot: 4527 - Article: Custer Appointed Major General

September 25, 1866 New York Tribune article . "Gen. Custer, who rode in a railroad car with the President from Washington, ... has been appointed...Major General.. Custer became well known for his attack methods. Date: Location: Montana HWAC# 62154

Lot: 4528 - Article: Custer Sent on Indian Attack, 1867

New York Tribune, April 26, 1867. slightly tattered top edge, else fine. Council held at Fort Dodge regarding Indian relocation, etc. "Gen. Custer was sent in pursuit of the fleeing Indians." This article marks the start of what later became the

Lot: 4529 - Article: Pre-Custer at Little Big Horn

New York Times, March 10, 1876. Page 6, long article, "The Big Horn Expedition" This article is about the exploratory expedition to a relatively unexplored area. While Custer is not mentioned in teh article, the end is telling/ " thieves who

Lot: 4530 - Article: Custer at Little Big Horn. Massacre.

New York tribune, July 7, 1876 announcing the Custer Massacre to New York and the World, Front page article on the Custer massacre. This is unarguably one of the most important newspapers of the nineteenth century western American genre. With reports

Lot: 4531 - Articles: Little Bighorn Aftermath, 1877

Seven Newspapers discussing all elements of the Little Big Horn Massacre, from Custer's funeral, burial. Of great significance is a NY Trib article July 10, 1877 that describes how Custer dies, in what may be the first article so doing. The article

Lot: 4532 - Articles: Custer's Last Stand News

Group of Six newspapers, 4 NY tribune, 1 Philadelphia Times, one New York Sun; 7/12, 7/21, 7/28, 8/2, 8/4, 9/19 1876 discussing the Little Big Horn battle and the aftermath. The quotes are marvelous. The misinformation is just as interesting as the

Lot: 4533 - Custer in Photographs (Book)

Custer in Photographs/A Visual portrait of one of America's most intriguing Civil War heroes by D.Mark Katz. 1985 reprint. pp.141. 9.5" x 12". Date: Location: Montana HWAC# 63465

Lot: 4534 - E.O. Johnson General Merchandise Photo

Black and white photograph of the storefront of the E.O. Johnson General Merchandise showing horse-drawn wagons in front of the white clapboard building with covered porch where several men are gathered for the photo. Just under the porch roof can be

Lot: 4535 - Four Different Montana Business Cards

Cards: Ponderosa Saloon & Cafe // GF / One free Drink; H. wolfe, HupMobile Taxi Service, Billings; The Windsor, Liquor and Cigars, Butte; Gust Morlacci Place, Tracy. Date: Location: Montana HWAC# 38820

Lot: 4536 - Gorgeous 1880 Montana Territorial Bond signed by

Territory of Montana $1,000 bond No. 7 issued Jan. 1st, 1880. Signed by G.F. Potts, Governor of the Territory and Auditor and Treasurer. Signatures cut cancelled. Gorgeous design: ornate border, green background with gilt, two vignettes (placer

Lot: 4537 - Montana Territory Advertising Ledger Cover

Two sided hardcover from a Montana Territory advertising ledger. Features James W. Barker Merchant Tailor in Helena, Butte Boiler Works, D. J. Hennessy Mercantile Co in Butte and Anaconda, Silver Bow Sampling Works in South Butte. 16.5" x 11".r Date:

Lot: 4538 - Montana Territory Bill of Lading and 2 Checks

Northern Pacific Express Co. Bill of Lading, 1894. 2 pictorial checks from BF White, 1800, signed by BF White, Forwarding and Commission Merchant. Date: Location: Montana HWAC# 63377

Lot: 4539 - Montana Territory Bonds (5)

2 1868 Montana Territory bonds, 1x $50 no coupons, 3x $100 1 coupon, 1x $100 4 coupons. Date: Location: Montana HWAC# 64313

Lot: 4540 - Montana Territory Financial Records

10 Montana Territory assorted statistical abstracts and treasurer's reports. Date: 1882-1884 Location: Montana HWAC# 69008

Lot: 4541 - Two Montana Territory Warrants ($50 & $100)

Lot of 2. $50 and $100 denominations. Same design except different colors. Two allegorical vignettes. Printed by the Montana Democrat Print. Issued June 1, 1868. Signed by the auditor, treasurer, and secretary of the territory. The $50 warrant is cut

Lot: 4542 - Two Montana Territory Warrants ($50 & $100)

Lot of 2. $50 and $100 denominations. Same design except different colors. Two allegorical vignettes. Printed by the Montana Democrat Print. Issued June 1, 1868. Signed by the auditor, treasurer, and secretary of the territory. The $50 warrant is

Lot: 4543 - Letters from U.S. Indian Service, Montana

4 letters from U.S. States Indian Service to A. Hershfield (?), Attorney at Law from A.O. Simmons(?), U.S. Indian Agent. Another letter to Cashier Merchants Nat. Bank, Helena Montana from C.M. Ralston, Crow Indian Agency, Montana. Date: 1893

Lot: 4544 - Map of Montana

State of Montana official map from 1917. Compiled from the Official Records of the General Land Office & other sources under the direction of I.P. Berthrong. Map shows various Indian Reservations (Black Feet, Crow, North. Cheyenne & more)

Lot: 4545 - Montana and the Great Outdoors Postcards

Five black and white real photo postcards. These RPC's include Morrison Cave, Chico Hot Springs, Little Rockies Frontier Camp, Sixteen Mile Canyon (1909), and a Bad Land Formation. Date: Location: Montana HWAC# 54035

Lot: 4546 - Colorado Billheads form 12 Different Towns

12 different Colorado town billheads-Boulder, St. Elmo, Animas City, Denver, Cripple Creek, Black Hawk, Buena Vista, La Veta, Rio P?, Leadville, Pueblo, Trinidad. A few pictorial. (This was misdescribed as being a Montana lot by one of our

Lot: 4547 - Montana Highway Patrol Pins

Lot of 3. Two are pointed-badge design (approx. 1" wide) and one is shield design with 3-7-77 (1" x 3/4"). Date: Location: Montana HWAC# 50400

Lot: 4548 - Montana Photographs

Lot of 11 photographs from Big Sky Country! 8 of the photographs were taken in an area south of Miles City and show various farming and ranch images. The other larger images show overlooking a ranch (blue crayon emphasises the sky), a colorized dirt

Lot: 4549 - Montana Pictorial Letterheads and 2 Billheads

Pictorial letterheads from Bateman & Switzer-Wine Merchants, Missoula Mercantile, Midland Implements. Billheads from Montana Forwarding and TC Power and Bro with nice steamship vignette. Date: 1884-1928 Location: Montana HWAC# 64343

Lot: 4550 - Montana Towns, Bills of Lading, Letters

Approx. 20 pieces of ephemera including Bills of Lading, from Sebree, Ferris & White; Fair Drug and Assay Supply Co., Inc.; Letter from The Maginnis Mining Company, just to name a few. Date: 1870's Location: Montana HWAC# 64373

Lot: 4551 - Postcards of the Wild West in Montana

Postcards from the Havre & badlands, Harbin & Custer, and Virginia City. 8 total. 7 RPC's. One duplicate. Date: Location: Montana HWAC# 54036

Lot: 4552 - Smaller Town Montana Postcards

Harlowtown, Livingston, Libby, Glendive, Roundup, Glasgow, West Yellowstone. Thirteen total. 9 black and white RPC's. Includes a Glendive where "Papa Sleeps" at a local hotel. Date: Location: Montana HWAC# 54037

Lot: 4553 - Terminus North Pacific Railroad Bills of Lading, &

Terminus North Pacific Railroad ephemera from Montana/Idaho. Date: 1870's Location: Montana HWAC# 64368

Lot: 4554 - 1860s Nebraska Ephemera

Lot of 4 pieces. 1) Pictorial territorial warrant issued in Omaha City, April 30, 1860. Issued to the Treasurer of the Territory of Nebraska for $10. Vignette on the left of hunting dogs chasing deer. Signed by the Auditor of the Territory of

Lot: 4555 - Real Photo Postcards of Boulder Dam

Lot of 7. All were produced by Frashers Foto of Pomona. 5 of the postcards show boating on the Black Canyon Reservoir. The 2 other show a 150 man motor transport vehicle. Date: Ca. 1931 Location: Boulder Dam, Nevada HWAC# 63560

Lot: 4556 - California-Nevada Creamery Company Stock

No. 43, issued for 275 shares to C.A. Hofer. Signed by E. Williams (president) and T.R. Hofer as secretary. Pen and stamped cancelled. Floral logo and farming vignette. Stain on left side. 5.25 x 10" Incorporated August 1st, 1892. Successor to the

Lot: 4557 - California-Nevada Creamery Co. Stock Certificate

Rare, I/U to DA Bender a prominent Reno banker in 1893. #98 for 200 shares. Cow vignette, 5.25" x 10.25", left toning. Date: Location: Carson City, Nevada HWAC# 54356

Lot: 4558 - Carson City, Nevada Warrants

Lot of 8. 1) Four State Controller's Warrant with underground mining and railroad vignettes. Issued 1886-1896. One issued to the Virginia & Truckee Railroad. 5.5 x 10.25" White and yellow. 2) Different style with prospector and building vignette.

Lot: 4559 - Carson City State Bank Contract

A letter from prospective investor months before opening of Carson City State Bank in 1875, wherein he was looking for privileges. There are also CCSB Board Minutes in May, 1875. Last minutes show internal doubt of last note to George Arnold. 8" x

Lot: 4560 - Eureka County Bank Stock Certificate

Issued to Charles Lautenschlager, a brewer in Eureka for five shares in the Eureka County Bank. Dated December 11th, 1897, the certificate is 10 x 5 inches. Date: 1897 Location: Eureka, Nevada HWAC# 74077

Lot: 4561 - Eureka County, NV Sergeant Badge

6 point Eureka, County NV Sergeant badge, D. Levra. Date: Location: Eureka County, Nevada HWAC# 69061

Lot: 4562 - Gold Hill Broadside for 1867 4th of July

Gold Hill broadside for the 1867 Fourth of July Exercises. Current and future governors CC Stevenson (Marshall), RK Colcord (Deputy Marshall), and HG Blasdell (First Division Military) will all be in the parade! 10 x 5". Date: 1867 Location: Gold

Lot: 4563 - Gans-Nelson Fight Film Reproduction

This is a the only known film footage of the reproduction of the boxing match between Oscar Nielson (Battling Nelson) and Joe Gans that took place on Labor Day, September 3, 1906 in Goldfield, Nevada. The film was produced by Siegmund Lubin of the

Lot: 4564 - Courthouse Document Box from Hamilton, NV

This courthouse document box slides in & out of the wall space. Handle is in front of box. This was used at Hamilton Nevada. Hamilton is an abandoned mining town located in the White Pine Range, in western White Pine County, Nevada. Date: c.

Lot: 4565 - Letters from Stores in Hawthorne Nevada

1 letter from Lake View House, c. 1902 to the State Bank Trust Co., Knapp & Laws Co. c. 1896, letter from W.A. Ingalls, Sheriff & Assessor, Esmeralda County, NV, 1899. Date: Location: Hawthorne, Nevada HWAC# 64359

Lot: 4566 - Humboldt County, NV Deputy Sheriff Badge

7 point Humboldt County NV badge. Michael Blakwell. Date: Location: Humboldt County, Nevada HWAC# 69062

Lot: 4567 - Lyon County, NV Deputy Sheriff Badge

7 point star, Deputy Sheriff Lyon County, NV, no name. Appears to b a trade badge. Date: Location: Lyon County, Nevada HWAC# 69064

Lot: 4568 - Antiques From a McGill, NV Collection

Approx 30 unmarked plastic gaming chips, large silver baptismal spoon, 2 folding skeleton keys, tietack collection, 6 baseball cabs, gaming chips in wooden holder, set of 8 wooden men in original box and more. Date: Location: McGill, Nevada HWAC#

Lot: 4569 - Brunswick Billiard Hall Stock Certificate #1

Located in McGill, NV. Tokens exist for this hall. #1 i/c BC English 1927 1 share. Date: 1927 Location: McGill, Nevada HWAC# 64532

Lot: 4570 - Commercial Company, McGill,NV Stock Certificate #1

#1 i/c HC Nicholson 1936 500 shares, 1" seam tear, .25" seam tear. Date: Location: McGill, Nevada HWAC# 64531

Lot: 4571 - McGill Club Baseball Cap and 4 NIB Promo Lighters

Red McGill Club baseball cap with an arm holding a pint of beer front patch. 4 small promo lighters NIB from McGill Club Date: Location: McGill, Nevada HWAC# 64528

Lot: 4572 - McGill Club Stock Certificate, #1

McGill, NV Saloon. #1 i/c Stanley Draper 1922 1400 share. Date: 1922 Location: McGill, Nevada HWAC# 6459

Lot: 4573 - McGill Club, NV Antiques Poolballs

Approx 40 antique pool balls from McGill Club in McGill, NV. Sticker on non related cardboard box is addressed to McGill Club. Date: Location: McGill, Nevada HWAC# 69056

Lot: 4574 - Red Leather Jacket Worn at McGill Club, NV

Red leather fringed jacket. Size not marked, possible medium. Worn at McGill Club by a regular visitor. Desert Suede, created by Taylor's of California. Date: Location: McGill, Nevada HWAC# 73024

Lot: 4575 - Panoramic View of Reno (Reprint)

Panoramic Reprint of Reno, NV in early 1900's. This panorama shows Truckee River, old touring cars, Model T's, Virginia Street Bridge, Center Street Bridge,the old Post Office, pedestrians, bicycles, & much more. Great Frame. Interesting framed

Lot: 4576 - Lot Withdrawn

Lot Withdrawn

Lot: 4577 - Reno Area Ephemera

2 Letters from The State Bank & Trust Co. 1905; Menu from Walley Hot Springs Inn, Genoa, Nev. early 1900's; Billhead from W.P. Mitchell to Bullion & Exchange, early 1900's. Misc. letters. Date: Early 1900's Location: Reno, Nevada HWAC# 64353

Lot: 4578 - Rhyolite, Nevada General Merchandise Receipts

Lot of 4 receipts from H.D. & L.D. Porter, Wholesale and Retail General Merchandise. All issued in June 1915. Each is 7.5 x 5" Toning. Reverses have a black film paper. By 1915, Rhyolite was on a steep decline and on its way to becoming a Nevada

Lot: 4579 - Ruth Bank, NV Rare Stock Certificate

The only one we have seen. #103 u/i. Date: Location: Ruth, Nevada HWAC# 64534

Lot: 4580 - Portrait of Tonopah Constable

Hand tinted portrait of a constable from Tonopah. On his tie, at the knot there is in gold a crossed pick and shovel, indicating his involvement in the mining industry. His badge is attached to the photograph.There is a name on the back of the

Lot: 4581 - Tonopah 50th Celebration Collectibles (Pennants &

Lot of 52. 51 small pennant banners in yellow, orange, white and red for the celebration of Tonopahís 50th anniversary May 19-21, 1950. The pennants have a vignette of a man and his burro with the town in the background. Printed under them is

Lot: 4582 - Tonopah and Goldfield Ephemera

West End Consolidated Mining time check, Bullfrog Bank cover, 2 Goldfield small claim maps, 6 billheads, Bacon's Smoke House, Nye County blank letterhead. Date: Location: Tonopah/Goldfield, Nevada HWAC# 64351

Lot: 4583 - "The Crystal" Large Wallet, Virginia City, NV

William H. Marks is the proprietor of this iconic saloon at 42 South 'C' Street in Virginia City. 4.5 x 9.75". Inside are three treasures: 1) A blue business card, phone 201, tamales in season, Bud, etc. Marks, Prop. 2) White business card. Marks

Lot: 4584 - City of Virginia Water Bond, Number 17

Early number 17. To N. Bunning. Signed by mayor and auditor. Folds, but otherwise in Great Condition (no rips, tears, etc.). Punched cancel. Great piece. Date: 1877 Location: Virginia City, Nevada HWAC# 46629

Lot: 4585 - M.M. Frederick Silverware

Six silver spoons and six forks monogrammed "EB" by Virginia City silversmith M. M. Frederick. According to the Virginia City directory, the company was listed as watch makers and jewelers. M. M. Fredrick took over the business and began using his

Lot: 4586 - Two interesting letters Include on Letter of

1) Letter addressed to George Senf, agent for the Western Union Telegraph Company in Virginia City. From San Francisco. Please see to a "party of prominent Mexicans to see the mines on the great Comstock Lode."With corner advertising envelope. 2) "I

Lot: 4587 - Virginia City, Nevada Ephemera Collection

Lot of 18. 1) 1877 Virginia City wagon license issued to R.M. McDonald. 2) 1863 Wells, Fargo & Co. Certificate of Deposit, Gold Hill, Nevada Territory. Issued to Robert Patrick for depositing $50. 3) 1878 Bank of California Duplicate of Exchange,

Lot: 4588 - Virginia City, NV Ephemera

Utah Consolidated Mines 1869 Report of Operations, Pacific Mill and Mining voucher, French Mill Western Union billhead, Savage Mill receipt, receipt and deposit slips Bank Of California and more. Date: Location: Virginia City, Nevada HWAC# 64360

Lot: 4589 - Bank of California 3rd of Exchange Signed by W.C.

Premier and very rare Western autograph piece. No. 9906. Dateline San Francisco, October 17th, 1871. Sixty days after sight, pay Rafaela C. de Temple 1,020 pounds sterling. Signed by W.C. Ralston. To be drawn on the Oriental Bank Corporation, London.

Lot: 4590 - Statutes of Nevada (Book)

Statutes of Nevada, Constitution of Nevada, Passed at the Second Session of the Legislature, Carson City. 1866, pp. 315. Back cover is detached from book & is included in the lot. 6.25" x 9". Date: 1866 Location: Nevada HWAC# 64235

Lot: 4592 - History of Nevada 1881 Reprint & Index to History

Hardcover History of Nevada 1881 Reprint in 1958 680pp, biographies of prominent Nevadans, with dust jacket. Softcover Index to History of Nevada, 1881 reprint. Fine condition. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 69069

Lot: 4593 - History of Nevada Vol 1 and 2 by Davis

Hardcover Vols 1 and 2 in slipcover, fine condition, possibly a reproduction. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 72021

Lot: 4594 - 2 Hardcover books by Mark Twain

2 Books by Mark Twain; 1) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, pp.284, The innocents Abroad / Roughing It pp. 1027. Date: c.1984 Location: Nevada HWAC# 64253

Lot: 4595 - 10 Nevada Travel & Tourism Books

WPA Guide to 1930's Nevada by Elliot, Goldfield/Boom Town of Nevada by Payer, Historic Monuments of Nevada-A Guide to 212 Historical Markers by Falcon Press, Nevada Map Atlas by NDOT, Nevada Place Names A Geographical Dictionary by Carlson, Nevada A

Lot: 4596 - Nevada History Books (15)

15 Nevada History Books. A Kid on the Comstock by Waldorf, Austin and the Reese River Mining District/Nevada's Forgotten Frontier by Abbe, Boomtown Saloons by Dixon, Fifty Miles from Home/Riding the Long Circle on a Nevada Family Ranch by Duferrena,

Lot: 4597 - Nevada Books (5)

1) History of Nevada by Davis, Volumes I & II. pp.1279, excellent condition; 2)Adolph Sutro, A Biography, c.1962, pp.233, with photos; 3)Comstock Mining & Miners with illustrations, by Eliot Lord c. 1959, pp.414; 4) Virginia City and the

Lot: 4598 - Nevada History Book Collection (14)

14 Nevada history books. Fremont, Explorer for a Restless Nation by Egan. Two Hundred Years in Nevada by Edwards. History of Nevada 1540-1888 by Bancroft. Las Vegas, As it began-as it grew by Paher, Nevada Ghost Towns by Florin. Nevada Ghost Towns

Lot: 4599 - Nevada History Books (3)

Golfiield, The Last Gold Rush on the Western Frontier by Zanjani. Eilley Orrum, Queen of the Comstock by Paine. Devil's Will Reign by Zanjani. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 63707

Lot: 4600 - Nevada Legal Books

Nevada legal books. Seven volumes. Statutes of Nevada: 1867, 1869, 1871, 1875, 1901, 1905. Plus Nevada Digest Annotated, volumes 1 to 32 in one volume. Inscribed inside District Judge Maureen. The 1867 statutes book is inscribed Jacob Johnson inside.

Lot: 4601 - Nevada's Sixteen National Banks and Their Mining

Hardcover, 1974 first printing, no. 99. 390pp Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 69075

Lot: 4602 - The Journals of Alfred Doten 1849-1903, 3 Volumes

Journals of the Nevada journalist. 3 hardcovers from 1973 in a slipcover with a broken corner seam. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 63343

Lot: 4603 - The Journals of Alfred Doten 1849-1903, 3 Volumes

Diary of a real man's lifetime. 3 hardcovers in original slipcase, fine condition. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 69070

Lot: 4604 - Newspapers of Nevada by Lingenfelter and Gash

Two different editions of the Newspapers of Nevada by Lingenfelter and Gash. Both hardbound, 1964 edition by John Hall and 1984 edition by University of Nevada Press. This reference work is mandatory in understanding the history behind Nevada's

Lot: 4605 - Nevada Books ( 2 Hardbacks)

1) The Big Bonanza, by Dan DeQuille, an Authentic Account of the Discovery, History, and Working of the World-Renowned Comstock Lode of Nevada. 1947, pp.436, with illustrations. Good Condition. 2) Nevada Ghost Towns & Mining Camps by Stanley W.

Lot: 4606 - Map of Nevada

Double truck Rand McNally map of Nevada pp484-485. Multicolor. 14.5" x 21. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 54460

Lot: 4607 - Map of Nevada & Utah Territory

Engraving with full hand color by Mitchell, vivid color, in very nice condition. Mounted on mat board. If mats are shipped then additional shipping may apply. 15.5" x 13.5" Date: 1865 Location: Nevada HWAC# 72007

Lot: 4608 - 1881 County and Township Map of Utah and Nevada

Double truck Mitchell 1881. Multicolor, very nice condition. 15.25" x 23". Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 54449

Lot: 4609 - Nevada Maps (3)

1) Map of the Golden Rule & adjacent Mines, Eureka Mining District,Nevada 15" x 8.5". 2) The Rebirth of he Comstock, Virginia City, NV, Prospectus Extolling the Potential of an Unexplored Area of the Comstock (black & white) 17.5" 11"; 3)

Lot: 4610 - Nevada State Bond signed by Governor Blasdell,

Offered just past Nevada statehood in 1865. #78, $500 with 2 coupons attached. Signed by Governor Blasdell and Controller Nightingill. Professionally framed and matted in approx 21" x 21" frame. Date: 1865 Location: Nevada HWAC# 63752

Lot: 4611 - Nevada State Bonds

Two framed Nevada State bonds: Each is for $1000 and each is cancelled. One has a silver state seal, no. 298, approved 1867. Matted and framed, 22.5" x 20". The other has a gold state seal, no. 372, approved 1867. Nicely matted and framed, 23" x 20".

Lot: 4612 - Nevada State Warrants

Six Nevada Controller's warrants in two frames (3 in each frame). 1800, 1881, & 1898 in one frame, 24.5" x 15.75". Second frame contains 1886 and 2 others--dates unreadable. Framed, 24.5" x 15.75". Both in very good condition. Date: c. late

Lot: 4613 - Nevada Bond with Governor Boyle Signature

State of Nevada Hospital for Mental Diseases $1000 Bond issued in 1919 and signed by Governor Boyle. 15 x 11 inches. Emmet Derby Boyle (July 26, 1879 ñ January 3, 1926) was the 13th Governor of Nevada. Boyle was born on July 26, 1879 in Gold

Lot: 4614 - Nevada Ephemera

Misc. Lot of Nevada ephemera includes Nevada sheet music books, pictorials & photographically illustrated calendars (numerous from 1979 to early 1990's); 5 Nevada stock certs. & a mining camp print by Hungerford. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC#

Lot: 4615 - Nevada Ephemera Collection

Lot of 23. 1) Three Goldfield & Bullfrog mining prospectuses. Two copies of a 1906 prospectus for the Forward Mining Development Co. of Goldfield & Bullfrog. Also a 1906 prospectus for the Goldfield Mascot Mining Co. 2) 1872 billhead for E.

Lot: 4616 - 12 Vintage Nevada Postcards

Mostly, Virginia City, Reno and Tahoe postcards with RPC's. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 73036

Lot: 4617 - 1933 Nevada Matched License Plates-Mint!

Museum quality matched pair of Green/Gold license plates. Includes original paper envelope from Public Service Commission of Nevada and now embossed original glassine separator. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 64524

Lot: 4618 - Interesting Nevada Ephemera

1955 Nevada driving handbook in fair condition, 1987 Nevada Legislature pictorial booklet, August 1928 Bureau Farmer, 1873 insurance law doc, old Nevada State Museum pamphlet, old AAA motorland pamphlet of Nevada, Nevada State Journal 1942, 1966gen

Lot: 4619 - Nevada Postal Covers

Lot of 2. 1) University of Nevada's Homecoming Celebration cover to Stella Rhodes of Oakland. Postmark date unknown. 2) Tonopah Army Air Field. Dated April 25, 1944. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 63858

Lot: 4620 - Nevada Security & Patrol Badge

6 point star Nevada Security & Patrol badge, no name. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 69065

Lot: 4621 - Northern Nevada Billheads

Tuscarora-Elko Stage Line, Mineral Hill Milling, Kennecott Copper, Manhattan Silver Mining, Mathewson Bros and more Date: c. 1871-1907 Location: Nevada HWAC# 64350

Lot: 4622 - Three Nevada Stereoviews: Palisade & Nevada

Three rare Nevada stereoviews. 1) CPRR, Palisade-Humboldt Canon, published by E. & H. T. Anthony & Co., 7686. 2) CPRR, Maggies Bower and Palisade Bluff, published by E. & H. T. Anthony & Co., 7104. 3) Stereoview of Nevada's Exhibit,

Lot: 4623 - History of New Hampshire (IV Volumes)

By Everett S. Stackpole. IV Volumes approx. pps. 1500 for set. c. 1916; Includes photos of early settlers, includes the Crises, Political Affairs 'till 1884, Literature & so much more. Good condition. Date: Location: New Hampshire HWAC# 64236

Lot: 4624 - Maps of New Hampshire & Vermont (2)

1) New Hampshire & Vermont, hand colored by Cowperthwait, 1850, beautiful color, good condition, shows counties & towns 14" x 17"; 2)New Hampshire, 1855, engraved & hand colored by Colton, slight staining on right & upper portion of

Lot: 4625 - Maps of North East Region of U.S. (4)

Vermont & New Hampshire, Lithography & color by Hardesty, 1883, 10.5" x 14.5"; VA, WV, MD & DE, 1885, cartography & color lithography by CRAM, 13.5" x 11"; Maine, 1866, engraved cartography & hand colored by A.J. Johnson (vivid

Lot: 4626 - U.S. Mail Coach, Way Bill

Way Bill from Keene to Groton and Boston. This has passengers' names, where from, where to Dollars/Cents. 14" x 9". Date: 1843 Location: New Hampshire HWAC# 64377

Lot: 4627 - Maps of New Jersey (3)

1) New Jersey by Counties with Railroads, Geo. Cram presents cartography & color by Lithography, double truck, 1883. 14.5" x 22"; 2)Johnson's New Jersey, c. 1865, showing railroads with hand colored counties. Vivid color, 14.5" x 18"; 3) New

Lot: 4628 - National Storage Stock Certificate

Another Rare stock certificate from the Prag collection. Number 9 for 100 shares to HH Houston in 1867. Two small allegorical vignettes. Hole punched and hand written cancel. Signed by secretary HM McCorkle and president Green. Left edge still has

Lot: 4629 - Receipt for 2 days Forage for 7 Mules, Ft. Union,

To the forage agent at Hatchers Ranch. Receipt for 7 mules for 2 days forage. 10.5" x 4" Date: 1867 Location: Ft. Union, New Mexico HWAC# 64357

Lot: 4630 - New Mexico Letterheads and Billheads and More

Approx 20 items. Ken Maynard First National Western Star promo booklet, 3 nice CN Cotton Indian traders pictorial letterheads, First National Bank deposit slips, funeral director letter to family, and more. Date: c. 1895-1936 Location: New Mexico

Lot: 4631 - New Mexico Ephemera

Albuquerque National Bank service letters, 10 First National bank assorted sheets-some with tears, 4 Mora County tax receipts 1906-1919 and more. Date: Location: New Mexico HWAC# 65053

Lot: 4632 - New Mexico Map

Double truck Rand McNally pp 464-465. Multicolor, very nice condition. 21" x 14.5". Date: Location: New Mexico HWAC# 54451

Lot: 4633 - Two 1850s New York State Financial Documents

Two certificates (1858 & 1859) for money now due after audit. Also one envelope. Certificates are 3.5 x 7.25" with soiling, folds, and some separation. (Prag Collection) Date: Location: Albany, New York HWAC# 55416

Lot: 4634 - New York Rubber Company Stock Certificate

Number 320 for 30 shares to Lucius Porter in 1867. Allegorical vignette. Star punch cancel. Large 25c revenue stamp. Actor Robert Montgomery's father was once President of the company. New York Rubber Company on Tioronda Avenue dates to 1848. The

Lot: 4635 - Susquehannah Bridge Co. Stock Certificate, 1829

Wow! No. 89, issued for one share of stock in the Susquehannah Bridge Company of the Village of Binghamton, valued at $50. Binghamton, February 1st, 1829. Signed by the company president (Eldridge) and treasurer (Tompkins). This would be to raise

Lot: 4636 - Walter A. Wood Mowing & Reaping Machine Co.

Two pictorial drafts from this farming equipment company based in Hoosick Falls, New York. Both are issued in 1867, Each has a 2 cent IR adhesive stamp with a tied cancel. Vignette of man using a horse-drawn farm mowing & reaping machine. 4.5 x

Lot: 4637 - Manhattan Shipping Company, Ltd. Stock Certificate

Inc. in New York. No. 28, issued for 25 shares to T.C. Chubb, company treasurer, on Dec. 26th, 1882. Signed by president Rae and treasurer. Not cancelled. Red print, gold seal, and red vignette of ship. Pinholes, folds. 6.25 x 9.75" Date: 1882

Lot: 4638 - New York Postcard Collection

Group of about 100 New York post cards, c 1908-1945. good variety. Date: Location: New York, New York HWAC# 57253

Lot: 4639 - New York Tap and Die Company Stock Certificate

Rare! Number 39 for 13 shares to Paul Faber in 1869. Allegorical vignette. Extremely fine condition. Large 25c revenue stamp. Signed by secretary EA Goddard and president BF Small. The plant was located at 117 Liberty Street in New York. Date:

Lot: 4640 - Rare Russell File Co. Stock Certificate

Rare. I/U Geo Coddington #741 100 shares, 1886. Right corner creases. Date: Location: New York, New York HWAC# 64055

Lot: 4641 - Walter Winchell Corporation Signed Check

Framed Walter Winchell, World Renowned Radio Newscaster & Commentator, New York, NY, check signed by Walter Winchell, in the amount of $10.00 dated April 7, 1933. 2" x 8.5". Date: 1933 Location: New York, New York HWAC# 63426

Lot: 4642 - c1935 New York Subway Flyer

"Save the Five Cent Fare" 4pp flyer protesting the proposed change of fare for New York subway from 5 cents to ten cents. 5 x 7 format, folded. Date: Location: New York City, New York HWAC# 49145

Lot: 4643 - Otsego NY Abstract of Taxes 1840-1864 Assortment

Assortment of tax abstracts from Otsego, NY from 1840, 1841, 1842, 1844, 1847, 1848, 1853, 1854, 1855, 1856, 1857,1860, 1863, 1864. 6.5" x 16". Date: Location: Otsego, New York HWAC# 54328

Lot: 4644 - Morck Saratoga Mineral Water Stock Certificate

Eagle vignette with orange ink. Issued to, and signed by, the President of the company, Alfred A. Morck. Also an advertising $3 bill issued by real estate agent J.A. Crosby of Santa Barbara in 1869. Date: 1939 Location: Saratoga, New York HWAC# 74038

Lot: 4645 - Hollenbeck Bicycle Saddle Company Stock

Bicycle Saddle. Number 10 for 50 shares to EJ Berwind. in 1898. Signed by secretary Croasdale and president W. Thomas. Hollenbeck Saddle Co., of Syracuse, N. Y., is bringing out a saddle for the coming season, called the New Rawhide and embodying

Lot: 4646 - R.P. Dorlon & Co. Express Stage Receipt,

Attractive early stage receipt! Issued for one seat in R.P. Dorlon & Co.'s Express Stage from Troy, N.Y. to W. Arlington, VA. Signed by the agent. Large vignette of stage. Folds, tape repair on back. Light toning/soiling. 3.5 x 7" Date: Location:

Lot: 4647 - Davis Sewing Machine Company of Watertown, N. Y.

Number 191 for 20 shares to Lord in 1872. Signed by treasurer LA Johnson and president GA Bagley. Blue large 25c Revenue Stamp. Allegorical vignette. Excellent condition except for one hole. In the mid-1860s Job Davis, an inventor, traveled to

Lot: 4648 - 1863 Western Union Telegram sent by Ben Holladay

Telegram was not written by him as signature is different than known examples and his name is misspelled. Message is to Nat Stern of Denver City, sent from Lafayette. Feby. 15th, 1863. "I want you to leave for Salt Lake at once and take charge of

Lot: 4649 - Maps of New England & New York

1) New England & New York, 1844, engraved & hand colored by Robinson, very slight staining on bottom right, 18.5" x 12"; 2)New York by J.H. Colton, 1855, Copper engraved & hand colored. Vivid color. Insets of Vicinity of Niagara Falls

Lot: 4650 - Maps of New York (2)

2 maps of New York, 1864 & 1863. New York by Rand,McNally, engraved with color by lithography 20.5" x 23"; New York, 1864, hand colored by Johnson & Ward, double truck, 26.5" x 18.5".Mounted on mat board. If mats are shipped then additional

Lot: 4651 - Maps of New York & New Jersey

County Map of the State of New York, double truck, multi color. Taped at fold 22.5"x15.25". 1 map of New York and Brooklyn. Double truck, multi color, Northern Portion of New York City and County. 15.25" x23; 1 map of Railroad and County Map of New

Lot: 4652 - New York 19th Century Check Collection

Collection of about 57 checks, mostly different, from New York. No imprinted revenue stamps, but some do have adhesive stamps. Generally 1850's-1860's, but many one each side of this. Some with fancy vignettes. Not checked for autographs. Date:

Lot: 4653 - Pictorial Eastern Steamer Receipts

Lot of 4. All different. 1) 1863 and 1867 Newport receipts, one for the Steamer City of Newport and the other for the American Steamboat Co. Both for transport of freight from Providence. 2) Steamboat Epsilon, New York, 1872. For towing. 3) Steam Tug

Lot: 4654 - PT Barnum, Tom Thumb CDV plus Photos of Early

Lot of 3. 1) CDV by E. & H.T. Anthony & Co. of General Tom Thumb and his family. Has their printed signatures on reverse. Charles Sherwood Stratton, known as General Tom Thumb, was a performer in P.T. Barnum's circus. 2) One photo and one

Lot: 4655 - Revolutionary War Era, Early U.S. Exchange

Rare Forty Day Fourth of Exchange, No. 153, 300 British Pounds, Sterling, New-York 4th, of July 1780. 8.5" x 4". In protective plastic cover. Date: 1780 Location: New York HWAC# 63434

Lot: 4656 - Book of Life & Character of Samuel Sullivan Cox

Hardback book of Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Samuel Sullivan Cox, April 19, 1890, a representative from New York, pp.264. Slight foxing & wear on book. 7.5" x 10". Date: 1890 Location: New York HWAC# 63414

Lot: 4657 - Brandreth's Pills Printers Plate

Original printers plate for Benjamin Brandreth's pills. Founded in Ossining New York in 1835. The plate is 9 x 7 inches, possibly for a box label. Benjamin Brandreth (1809ñ1880) was a pioneer in the early use of mass advertising to build

Lot: 4658 - Cape Fear Navigation Company Stock Certificate,

Very rare and early piece issued to Benjamin Rush, who served as the captain of the steamer Henrietta. No. 364, issued for 13 shares on Dec. 14th, 1852. Signed by the president Thomas H. Hall. Not cancelled. 6.5 x 7" Heavy toning. Incorporated in

Lot: 4659 - Letters from Jamestown North Dakota

Letters from Jamestown Roller Mills 1895; E.A. Maglone, Attorney at Law, Devils Lake North Dakota, 1897; Letter from Geo.C. Beckwith Co., Wholesale Distributors Standard Radio Equipment. 1931. Date: Location: Devils Lake, North Dakota HWAC# 64361

Lot: 4660 - Maps of Ohio & Indiana

Railroad & County Map of Ohio (Oiho [s]) double truck, multi color, pps. 70&71. Back of map is Index of Ohio, pp. 69&72. 17.25"x23.25". County map of Ohio & Indiana single, multi color 15.5"x12.5". Plan Map of Cincinnati and Vicinity.

Lot: 4661 - Hill & Griffith Co. Foundry Catalog

Hardcover, embossed leather. Choice catalog of foundries and supplies. 607pp with index. Product illustrations. Date: 1925 Location: Cincinnati, Ohio HWAC# 63760

Lot: 4662 - Chauffeur License & AFL Pin

1) 1946 Ohio pin/license for Registered Chauffeur. 3.5 cm x 4cm 2) Very small pin. I.B.of T.C.W. & H. of A. / Registered. INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF TEAMSTERS CHAUFFEURS, WAREHOUSEMEN & HELPERS OF AMERICA. Approx. 1.5 cm x 1cm Date:

Lot: 4663 - Maps of Ohio and Indiana

Lot of 2. 1) Ohio and Indiana, 1860. Steel engraved, intaglio printed and hand colored by S. Augustus Mitchell Jr. Approximately 15.25" x 12." 2) Johnson's Ohio by County, 1864. Hand colored on engraved cartography by Johnson and Ward. Approximately

Lot: 4664 - Oklahoma Territory Ephemera

11 items. Check, billheads and letterheads. Date: Location: Oklahoma HWAC# 69047

Lot: 4665 - California & Oregon Stage Line Waybill, 1866

California and Oregon United States Mail Line, Oregon Stage Company. Waybill shows transport from Jacksonville to Yreka, July 22, 1866. Three passengers listed, including someone traveling from Portland to Sacramento. James Bell is the driver. C.C.

Lot: 4666 - 1941 and 1942 Telephone Directories for South

September 1941 and September 1942 Telephone Directories for South Douglas County, Myrtle Creek, Canyonville, and Riddle. Softcover. 9 x 5.5" Staple bound. Approx. 10 pages each with local ads. (Prag Collection) Date: Location: South Douglas County,

Lot: 4667 - Maps of Oregon

1)Oregon by Rand, McNally color by Lithography, 1875, 20.5" x 14.5" 2) Oregon by CRAM, cartography & color by Lithography, 1900, 20.5" x 18.5". Mounted on mat board. If mats are shipped then additional shipping may apply. Date: Location: Oregon

Lot: 4668 - Oregon Billhead and Letterhead Group

Approx 30 Oregon billheads and letterheads. Pictorials include Chas. H. Dodd Agricultural Implements, Geo. Lawrence Co., Doernbecher Manufacturing, Quimby House, Bridal Veil Lumbering and more. Date: 1878-1936 Location: Oregon HWAC# 64347

Lot: 4669 - Oregon Map

Double truck Rand McNally pp 504-505. Multicolor 14.5" x 21". Date: Location: Oregon HWAC# 54452

Lot: 4670 - Allentown, PA Fire Dept. Ribbon

Columbia No. 4, Allentown, PA FD red, white and blue ribbon. Features horse drawn apparatus on pin. 8" long. Date: 1907 Location: Allentown, Pennsylvania HWAC# 64332

Lot: 4671 - c.1890 Brochure for Oil Chemists Highlighting

This 3pp brochure for E.F. Houghton & Co. in Philadelphia that begins by referencing "a big gold scare." We are able to date it to c.1890 based on the fact it mentions them being in business for 22 years and the company starting in the late

Lot: 4672 - First Baptist Church of Philadelphia Certificate

Early church certificate. Isabella Ingram is scheduled to receive $100 plus six per cent, per annum. Signed y B B Loxley and MS Hausili (difficult to read since they have been hand cancelled). The First Baptist Church started on December 11, 1698,

Lot: 4673 - Very Old Dutch Bond

Rare 1824 $100 bond plus coupon page for a bank in Philadelphia, PA. Has appearance of the Bank of United States borrowing money from Amsterdam. Bond is due in 1845. Issued by Hope & Company and Ketwich & Voombergh - two notable Amsterdam

Lot: 4674 - Maps of Pennsylvania (5)

1) Three maps double truck, multi color lithograph of Western Half of Pennsylvania, pp. 36 & 37, map of Eastern Half of Pennsylvania pp. 40 & 41, map of Pennsylvania, pp. 44 & 45.17.25" x 23"; Single page, multi color lithograph, County

Lot: 4675 - Letter, Shipping Papers for Ships Bound for R.I.

1 Letter from William Carle, Esq., Providence Rhode Island indicating the market is " pretty well supplied with shingles and Stoves", etc. written in Barbados, December 1858. This lot contains papers & bills of lading on ships bound for

Lot: 4676 - Marine & River Phosphate Company Stock issued to

Scarce! Number 103 for 75 shares issued to LD Mowry in 883. Great clipper ship vignette. Signed by treasurer D Rave---" and president RS Pinchin. An ad says "...examine the fossils and phosphate specimens from the Marine and River Phosphate Mining

Lot: 4677 - Southern Iron and Timber Bond

Southern Iron and Timber Bond of Newport, TN. #1181 $500 20 year bond. All coupons. 2x .25" seam tears. Date: c. 1890 Location: Tennessee HWAC# 64064

Lot: 4678 - Texas Governors Office Letterhead Snippet

Snippet of Texas Governor's letter head with state seal. Some writnig on reverse, heavily toned. Aprrox 2" 4.75". Date: c. 1860's Location: Austin, Texas HWAC# 64277

Lot: 4679 - 1854 Cass County, Texas Court Document

Very early Texas document! August 13th, 1854. Sale of property by W.H. Crow, assessor and collector for Cass County, for failure to pay taxes. Opens to 9.5" x 15.5" One side is handwritten. Inside is official printed form. Folds, some separation and

Lot: 4680 - Corsicana Gas Light Bond

#51, $500 bond, issued to James Garitty, one coupon missing. 2x .25" tears and seam toning on rear. Date: 1886 Location: Corsicana, Texas HWAC# 64072

Lot: 4681 - J.M. Thompson Lumber Company Stock Certificate

Inc. August 1904. No. 40, issued for 10 shares to J.T. Beall on Nov. 26th, 1904 in Trinity. Signed by J.M. Thompson as president and L.N. Thompson as secretary. Pen cancelled in pink ink. Gilt border and portrait vignette of Thompson. Folds, a few

Lot: 4682 - Texas Ephemera

1886 receipt, 1889 protest for non payment with hole, 5 billheads from GH Schoellkopf Saddelry, 3 pictorial letterheads from American National Insurance and more Date: c. 1889-1927 Location: Texas HWAC# 64355

Lot: 4683 - A Visit to Salt Lake, Chandless, 1857

Rare Gold Rush era volume on a "journey across the Plains" by Chandless, published by Smith, Elder & Co., London. 346pp and 16pp of ads. Set to Print in April, 1857. Map opposite title page, 8 x 14", showing St Joe Missouri to the California

Lot: 4684 - Salt Lake City, UT Billheads Including Brewing

SLC, UT billhead collection, many are pictorial. Approx 30 items. 2 SLC Soda Works, 7 W Fisher Brewing pictorials. Date: c. 1892-1908 Location: Salt Lake City, Utah HWAC# 64348

Lot: 4685 - History of Utah Since Statehood (4 Volumes)

By Noble Warrum, c. 1919, Historical & Biographical. Has photos of Salt Lake City from Main St., in the early 1870's, the Natural Bridge "Edwin" near bluff; Religious & Fraternal Organizations & so much more. 8.5" x 11". Good condition

Lot: 4686 - The Great Salt Lake Trail (Book)

The Great Salt Lake Trail by Colonel Henry Inman & Colonel William F. Cody "Buffalo Bill" with photos & illustrations. Date: 1914 Location: Utah HWAC# 63459

Lot: 4687 - Map of Utah (3)

1) Utah by Hardesty, Lithographic graphics & color. Double truck. 1883 14"x 21"; 2) By Rand McNally, Counties Highlighted by Color Lithography, 1888, 14.5" x 21". 3) By Rand McNally Counties Highlighted by Color Lithograph, 1888 14.5" x

Lot: 4688 - The Latter-Day Saints' Millennial Star with the

No. 9. Vol. XIV. Saturday, April 24, 1852. Price One Penny. Begins with story of Joseph Smith. 15pp. Disbound. Toning. 8 x 5.25" Date: 1852 Location: Utah HWAC# 66086

Lot: 4689 - Three Mormon Stereoviews Plus One Other Utah

Lot of 4. Rarest is a c.1882 stereoview for Mormon President John Tayler (by B.W. Kilburn). Two other Mormon views, both of the Tabernacle: early (1870s?) from A.J. Russell & Co. Union Pacific RR Stereoscopic Views, low contrast and soiling; and

Lot: 4690 - Utah Map

Double truck Rand McNally Utah map. PP 476-477. Multicolor 14.5" x 21". Date: Location: Utah HWAC# 54462

Lot: 4691 - Maps of Vermont

Lot of 2. 1) Vermont by Counties with railroad. Geo. F. Cram presents cartography and color by lithography, Chicago. 1883. Approximately 14.5" x 22." 2) Rand, McNally's Vermont. Graphics and color by lithography, 1888. Approximately 15" x 22." Date:

Lot: 4692 - County Maps of Virginia/West Virginia,

1) County Map of Virginia/West Virginia, single page, multi color lithograph entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1867, page #31. 11.5" x 15.25"; 2) County map of Kentucky/Tennessee, single page, multi color lithograph entered according

Lot: 4693 - Three Washington State Fire Postcards incl. Real

Lot of 3. 1) Two rare real photo postcards of 1911 fire in Snohomish. Both by the same photographer (Douglass?): "Looking East on First St., Snohomish, Wash., 5/30/11." Unposted. The other shows the destroyed post office. Also not mailed. 2) Mitchell

Lot: 4694 - Rare Sultan, Washington Real Photo Postcard

Real photo postcard of Main Street, Sultan, Washington. No photographer listed. Message on back is dated 1914 and reads: ""I have mailed you a picture of our big boy.." View shows a rustic dirt main street and two drug stores visible, among other

Lot: 4695 - Northern Pacific, Yakima and Kittitas Irrigation

Rare certificate I/U 1894, #66, 34 shares. 6" x 9.75". Owned by Northern Pacific Railroad. They constructed the 60 mile long Sunnyside Canal which brought water from the Yakima River near the town of Parker, southeast to the town of Prosser. The

Lot: 4696 - Maps of Washington & Oregon

1) U.S. Coast Survey map of Yaquina River Entrance, Oregon 26.5" x 21". 2) U.S. Coast Survey, Columbia River, Sheet No. 1 (1870), tear in upper left fold 27" x 29"; 3) U.S. Coast Survey, Benjamin Pierce, Superintendent, Port Madison Washington

Lot: 4697 - Oregon and Washington, Billheads, Letterheads and

10 items. 3 stock., Assay report First Thought Gold Mines. 4 letterheads.2 pictorial billheads. Date: 1888-1911 Location: Washington HWAC# 65042

Lot: 4698 - State Of WA Forest Ranger Badge

Round FOREST RANGER/ C-1 / WASHINGTON Date: late 1800's Location: Washington HWAC# 69066

Lot: 4699 - Washington Letterheads

Approx 15 letterheads, many pictorial. Fisher Flooring Mills, Washington Shoe Mfg., Copper Trust Syndicate, Hotel Binnard, several Union Iron Works. Date: Location: Washington HWAC# 64339

Lot: 4700 - Washington State Ephemera

Lot of 5. 1) 1881 letterhead from Sitles & Caples, Wholesalers, Pataha City, Washington Territory. ("There is to my knowledge no such man as Robert McClanahan...") 9.25 x 5.75" 2)1897 letterhead from Prescott, Veness & Co., Manufacturers of

Lot: 4701 - Sketch of the Public Surveys in Wisconsin and

Surveyed platted plats copied descriptive lists made and field notes recorded and transcribed. Black ink on cream color paper. Slightly frayed at left edge. 19.25" x 24.5". Date: 1855 Location: Wisconsin HWAC# 54262

Lot: 4702 - Wyoming Legal Document and Treasury Dept. Draft

1895 US Circuit Court Commissioner, District of Wyomig letter regarding payment for horses. US Treasury Dept. 1891 draft payable to Gustave Schnitger who became warden of the territorial prison in Laramie. Date: Location: Wyoming HWAC# 65065

Lot: 4703 - Map of Wyoming

Double truck map of Wyoming. Rand McNally p 456-457. Multicolor 14.5" x 20.5". Date: Location: Wyoming HWAC# 54463

Lot: 4704 - Casper, WY Street Photo

Photo of men and horses in the street.near a shoeing operation. Date: c. 1910 Location: Casper, Wyoming HWAC# 57224

Lot: 4705 - Maps of Western States, Wyoming, Kansas, South

1) Wyoming by Counties, c. 1900, color & lithography by Cram, no condition issues noted, vivid color 14" x 11"; 2)Geo. Cram's Kansas, by County 1884, lithographic cartography & color, double truck 22" x 14.5" 3) South Dakota Railroad &

Lot: 4706 - Maps of the Southeast

Lot of 4. 1) Arkansas, 1882. Lithography and color by Hardesty. Approximately 14" x 11.5." 2) Florida, ca. 1865. Engraved and hand coloring by Johnson and Ward. Approximately 16.5" x 14." 3) Louisiana by county, 1888. Engraved and lithographic color

Lot: 4707 - U.S. Collection of 5 Maps

1) North America, c. 1875 Engraving & hand color by Gray, 14.5' x 17"; 2) U.S. 1903, Lithographic color & cartography by CRAM, double truck 22" x 14.5"; 3)U.S. & Territories, cartography & hand color by Mitchell, 1879 23" x 14";

Lot: 4708 - Maps of Northwest Coast of America

Lot of 6. 1) U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, from Tomales Bay to the Oregon Line, 32" x 22"; 2) Sketch showing PT. SAL TO TOMALES BAY from 1850 to 1881, 33.5" x 28". 3) U.S. Coast Survey from the Tillamook Bay to the Boundary. (1851-1868) 29" x

Lot: 4709 - British Columbia Breweries Limited Stock

Lovely vignette of riverfront brewing factory on a 1913 certificate. Green ink with an orange three pence seal. Date: Location: British Columbia, zCanada HWAC# 63604

Lot: 4710 - Canadian Postcard Collection

Lot of about 140 postcards. One third are early (c.1920-25) and the rest are post-1950. Real photo, scenery, birds-eyes, etc. Not cherry-picked. Look for goodies. Please inspect! (Prag Collection) Date: Location: zCanada HWAC# 63081

Lot: 4711 - Maps of Counties of Nova Scotia/New Brunswick

1) Map of County of Nova Scotia New Brunswick, Cape Breton I.d and Pr. Edward's I.d; single page, multi color lithograph, page 5. 15.25" x 12.25"; 2) Map of Quebec in Counties; single page, multi color lithograph with inset of Environs of Montreal,

Lot: 4712 - Chinese Hand Script Papers (13)

Approx 13 old appearing Chinese penned papers. We are unable to translate. Date: Location: China HWAC# 69035

Lot: 4713 - World in Hemispheric Projection

"Mappe-Monde Physique" old map from 1779. Map is in beautiful condition. Slight tear at bottom right, does not encroach on map. Mounted on mat board. If mats are shipped then additional shipping may apply. 18" x 13". Date: 1779 Location: zFrance

Lot: 4714 - Hand Painted Pitcher, Hohenzollern China Germany

Beautiful Hand Painted pitcher by Hohenzollern China Germany. White anemones with gold. Beautiful small pitcher, 6" x 3.75" diameter. No chips or cracks, good used condition. Please review the pictures. Stamped Hohenzollern. Date: Location: zGermany

Lot: 4715 - Charles Laffitte and Company Share Certificate

Stock certificate in French and English dated January 15, 1866 for the Charles Laffitte and Company Limited. Charles Laffitte (1803-1875) was the nephew of Jacques Laffitte, a pioneering French financier, and son of Jean-Baptiste Laffitte. Date: 1866

Lot: 4716 - English Theatre Autograph Collection

Approx 30 autographs on small pieces of paper letters and cards. Ch. Lamb, Tho. Hoop, J. Locke, Menvels John, LM Ward, Lord Brougham?, George S. Kaufman on letterhead, Herb ? on Haymarket Theatre card, Gladys Cooper, HJ Thadeus, several Edward Terry,

Lot: 4717 - Unusual Notice of Stolen Bonds

Unique to this large stock and bond collection. Notice of stolen or lost railway bonds in Britian from Callender & Henderson, Brokers. Reward of $2500 or 10% on amount recovered. Date: Location: zGreat Britain HWAC# 54618

Lot: 4718 - Cyclorama of Jerusalem Guide and Appeal Letter

A 16 page guide to a Cyclorama of Jerusalem on the day of The Crucufixion, The Grandest Permanent Exhibition of the Nineteenth Century at the Ste-Anne De Beaupre. 8.75" x 5.75". A 1940 letter from Jerusalem "To all Israel of America" appealing for

Lot: 4719 - 1881 Document Signed by U.S. Consul to Martinique

Two page shipping/customs document signed by W.H. Garfield, U.S. Consul at Saint-Pierre, Martinique. Dated Feb. 28th, 1881. For goods/merchandise being shipped to U.S. and entering country at Delaware. Toning, brittle, chips. Date: Location:

Lot: 4720 - Mexico and UK Maps (2)

Colored map of Mexico and Southern US by Colton 18" x 25" and large color British Isles map by National Geographic Date: c. 1855-1860 Location: Mexico HWAC# 64270

Lot: 4721 - Major Panama Canal Ephemera Archive

Approx 1000 postcards, approx 20 real 4.5" x 6.5" 1905-1906 construction era photos with curled edges. More than 50 promo pamphlets. Approx 50 promo stereoviews. Stock certificates with imprinted revenues. Panama stamps. Panama Pacific Lines menu's

Lot: 4722 - Mac Cann's Argentine Provinces

An account of Two Thounsand Miles' Ride Through The Argentine Provinces Being an Account of The Natural Products of The Country, And Habits of The People; With A Historical Retrospect of The Rio De La Plata, Monte Video And Corrientes by William Mac

Lot: 4723 - History of Spain, Misc. Books (4)

A History of Spain, a Vivid Narration of the Triumphs and Tragedies of the Spanish People by Jean Descola, c. 1963, pp.472, hardback book; Imperial Spain 1469-1716 by J.H. Elliott,c. 1963, pp. 392; The Spanish Borderlands Frontier 1513-1821 by John

Lot: 4724 - 10 Atlas Colored Maps by Mitchell

1839 Mitchell's colored maps of the world. Approx 10.5" x 9.5". Single truck-Africa. 2x Asia. 2x France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. Germany, Switzerland and Northern Italy. 2x Great Britain and Ireland. 2x Europe. Asia. Some toning. Date: 1839

Lot: 4725 - 3 Old World Atlases

Green hardcover Cram's Superior Reference Atlas of California, Nevada and the World, published by Ellis A. Davis. 1908. 180 pp with index and 1 page of typical mining scenes in back which is taped. Many b/w photos of Western landscapes. Cover has

Lot: 4726 - Iliff's Imperial Atlas of the World

Published by John W. Iliff 1892. 262 pp plus index. Detailed city and regional maps. Maps are unstained and appear to be complete. Front board is missing, rear cover is detached, 4 pages have masking tape.14.25" x 11.25". Please inspect. Date:

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