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Lot: 1 - Cycles Gladiator. ca. 1895.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 51 7/8 x 38 1/8 in./131.7 x 96.8 cm PRINTER: Imp. G. Massias, Paris DESCRIPTION: A lithographic masterpiece. Acclaimed as one of the world's greatest posters, this image of a flame-tressed sylph, propelled among the stars by

Lot: 2 - L'Etendard Français. 1891.

ARTIST: JULES CHÉRET (1836-1932) SIZE: 33 3/4 x 47 1/8 in./85.8 x 119.7 cm PRINTER: Imp. Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: This is one of just two bicycle posters Chéret created during his career of 50 years. L’Etendard Français was a

Lot: 3 - Cycles Médinger. 1897.

ARTIST: GEORGES A. BOTTINI (1874-1907) SIZE: 35 1/2 x 51 in./90 x 129.6 cm PRINTER: Lith. G. Bataille, Paris DESCRIPTION: Bottini was a painter, designer and illustrator who had much in common with Lautrec, his contemporary, who influenced his style

Lot: 4 - Trotting-Club–Levalois. ca. 1893.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 36 1/2 x 50 3/4 in./92.8 x 129 cm PRINTER: Imp. Émile Lévy, Paris DESCRIPTION: Inside the oversized horseshoe of the Trotting Club-Levallois, a three-day racing event unfolds: the great challenge of horsepower versus

Lot: 5 - Cycles Plasson. 1897.

ARTIST: MANUEL ROBBE (1872-1936) SIZE: 31 5/8 x 46 5/8 in./80.4 x 118.5 cm DESCRIPTION: In Robbe's companion piece for Plasson, Robbe creates a lovely, compositionally balanced scene featuring a man and woman posing, photo-realism style; the man

Lot: 6 - Cycles Plasson. 1897.

ARTIST: MANUEL ROBBE (1872-1936) SIZE: 31 3/4 x 46 3/4 in./80.6 x 118.7 cm DESCRIPTION: Robbe only produced a handful of posters; two were for the Plasson bicycle company. Fascinatingly, they work together as a complete visual story. This one Cycles

Lot: 7 - Les Champions de l’Acatène. 1898.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 50 3/8 x 36 3/8 in./128 x 92.4 cm PRINTER: Imp. Kossuth, Paris DESCRIPTION: The cream of the late-19th century competitive bicycling crop – Gaston Rivierre, Constant Huret and August Stephane – are raised as the

Lot: 8 - Alcyon Cycles.

ARTIST: MISTI (Ferdinand Mifliez, 1865-1923) SIZE: 30 3/4 x 46 3/4 in./78 x 118.8 cm PRINTER: Imp. G. Elleaume, Paris DESCRIPTION: Alcyon – the Greek for "halcyon" – meaning pleasant and calm, is itself derived from Greek mythology. Halcyon

Lot: 9 - American Crescent Cycles. 1899.

ARTIST: FREDERICK WINTHROP RAMSDELL (1865-1915) SIZE: 42 3/4 x 62 7/8 in./108.6 x 159.8 cm PRINTER: Imp. Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: Ramsdell studied at the Art Students League of New York, then left for Paris, where his work was shown at the Paris

Lot: 10 - Cycles Clement. 1897.

ARTIST: MISTI (Ferdinand Mifiliez, 1865-1923) SIZE: 16 5/8 x 24 in./42.2 x 61 cm PRINTER: Imp. Bourgerie, Paris DESCRIPTION: A delighted, redheaded female customer for Cycles Clement flips through the company’s latest catalogue, its logo of a

Lot: 11 - Georges Richard. 1896.

ARTIST: FERNAND FERNEL (1872-1934) SIZE: 54 3/8 x 39 5/8 in./138 x 100.7 cm PRINTER: Imp. J. van Gindertaele, Paris DESCRIPTION: A droll and charming design for Georges Richard Bicycles, in which we follow a family of four from behind: son, daughter,

Lot: 12 - Cycles Strock. ca. 1898.

ARTIST: EDOUARD MONGE SIZE: 32 1/4 x 23 in./81.8 x 58.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. A. Pomeon, St. Charmond DESCRIPTION: Cycles Strock gives you wings: at least, if the hat upon your head is adorned with the lead bird, the flock will follow. The Strock company

Lot: 13 - Liberator Cycles. ca. 1899.

ARTIST: PAL (Jean de Paléologue, 1860-1942) SIZE: 15 3/4 x 23 5/8 in./40 x 60 cm PRINTER: Affiches Kossuth, Paris DESCRIPTION: The classic Liberator Cycles valkyrie. This is a new version of the Kossuth variant of the poster, in the rare

Lot: 14 - Liberator Cycles & Automobiles. 1899.

ARTIST: PAL (Jean de Paléologue, 1860-1942) SIZE: 54 5/8 x 76 7/8 in./138.7 x 195.3 cm PRINTER: Imp. Caby & Chardin, Paris DESCRIPTION: It's one of the most famous posters in the world: often copied, often poorly. This is the original –

Lot: 15 - La Péoria. ca. 1898.

ARTIST: PAL (Jean de Paléologue, 1860-1942) SIZE: 42 5/8 x 63 7/8 in./108.2 x 162.3 cm PRINTER: Imp. P. Leménil, Asnières DESCRIPTION: "Will it play in Peoria?" The American cliché got its start in 1890 in a Horatio Alger novel

Lot: 16 - Cycles Clement. 1898.

ARTIST: PAL (Jean de Paléologue, 1860-1942) SIZE: 45 1/8 x 62 1/8 in./114.5 x 157.7 cm PRINTER: Caby & Chardin, Paris DESCRIPTION: To proclaim the supreme superiority of Clément Cycles to the world, Pal has spared no symbol. Many French

Lot: 17 - Whitworth Cycles. ca. 1894.

ARTIST: PAL (Jean de Paléologue, 1860-1942) SIZE: 58 x 82 3/4 in./147 x 210 cm PRINTER: Imp Paul Dupont, Paris DESCRIPTION: Pal designed at least three posters for Whitworth Cycles. This appears to be the first, and the beginning of an

Lot: 18 - Rudge-Whitworth. ca. 1900.

ARTIST: H. GRAY (Henri Boulanger, 1858-1924) SIZE: 47 3/8 x 63 1/4 in./120.2 x 160.7 cm PRINTER: Imp E. Bougard, Paris DESCRIPTION: Does this clever girl have super-strength? No, it's just the ingenious design of the Rudge-Whitworth cycle, the

Lot: 19 - Clément. ca. 1898.

ARTIST: A. GILBERT SIZE: 48 3/4 x 73 1/4 in./124 x 186 cm PRINTER: Affiches Camis, Paris DESCRIPTION: A gorgeous example of artistic Realism allows you to imagine yourself on this Bicycle Made for Two, courtesy Clément and the artist A. Gilbert.

Lot: 20 - Clément. ca. 1900.

ARTIST: ARTHUR FOACHE (1871-1967) SIZE: 39 3/8 x 55 in./100 x 140 cm PRINTER: Imp. Bourgerie, Paris DESCRIPTION: A radiant, even erotic image for Clément bicycles from Arthur Foache, an artist who certainly specialized in such things. Adolphe

Lot: 21 - Cycles Cottereau. ca. 1900.

ARTIST: LUDWIG C. L. MARKOUS (1883-1941) SIZE: 46 1/2 x 63 3/8 in./118 x 161 cm PRINTER: Imp. Ch. Wall, Paris DESCRIPTION: Cycles Cottereau was superb at capturing the zeitgeist of the moment in its advertisements – see, for example, René

Lot: 22 - Terrot / Dijon / Cycles Motocycles. ca. 1902.

ARTIST: FRANCISCO TAMAGNO (1851-1933) SIZE: 38 3/8 x 54 5/8 in./97.4 x 138.7 cm PRINTER: Lithographie Parisienne, Paris DESCRIPTION: Tamagno's angle for Terrot cycles? Attitude. Lots of it, usually in the form of a woman, delighting in her besting of

Lot: 23 - Terrot. ca. 1900.

ARTIST: FRANCISCO TAMAGNO (1851-1933) SIZE: 38 1/2 x 54 1/4 in./98 x 137.7 cm PRINTER: La Lithographie Parisienne, Paris DESCRIPTION: As a grand statement of triumph, few are better than Terrot & Co.'s most famous poster. "First Prizes in all the

Lot: 24 - Hurtu. ca. 1901.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 38 1/4 x 50 3/4 in./97.2 x 129 cm PRINTER: Imp. Charles Verneau, Paris DESCRIPTION: Printed by Lemercier as well as other firms, this basic design was used by Hurtu over a number of years and became firmly associated with the

Lot: 25 - Cycles Météore. ca. 1920.

ARTIST: EDOUARD COURCHINOUX (1891-1968) SIZE: 44 3/4 x 60 1/2 in./113.5 x 153.8 cm PRINTER: Affiches Gaillard, Paris DESCRIPTION: Courchinoux designed his posters with a uniform sensibility of grandeur: a flourish, an epic perspective, and a voila!

Lot: 26 - Velodrom. ca. 1925.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 26 7/8 x 38 7/8 in./68.4 x 97.5 cm PRINTER: O. Dietschi, Nurnberg DESCRIPTION: "Original! Everyone laughs! Everyone is entertained" in this hilarious bicycle extravaganza, a long-time part of Munich's Oktoberfest celebration.

Lot: 27 - Liberia. 1934.

ARTIST: GASTON GORDE (1908-1995) SIZE: 30 3/4 x 46 7/8 in./78 x 119 cm PRINTER: Publicité Gorde et Boudry, Grenoble DESCRIPTION: Not, as you would suspect, a bike from Liberia; but a bike from Grenoble, that calls itself Liberia. Perhaps it was

Lot: 28 - Byrrh. 1937.

ARTIST: GEORGES LEONNEC (1881-1940) SIZE: 23 x 30 5/8 in./58.5 x 77.8 cm PRINTER: Imp. Courbet, Paris DESCRIPTION: "Byrrh is everywhere where there is sport": in vino veritas, and truth in advertising, indeed: by 1937 Byrrh held 50% of France's

Lot: 29 - Trelleborg. 1933.

ARTIST: OLLE SVANLUND (1909-1996) SIZE: 27 1/2 x 39 1/2 in./69.7 x 100.5 cm PRINTER: J. Olsens, Stockholm DESCRIPTION: Svanlund had a remarkable, lifelong career as a major Swedish artist, evolving from Symbolism to Cubism to abstract expressionism

Lot: 30 - Dollar.

ARTIST: GEO HAM (Georges Hamel, 1900-1972) SIZE: 44 x 60 3/4 in./111.6 x 154.2 cm PRINTER: Imp. Max Courteau, Paris DESCRIPTION: Geo Ham, the master of French automobile posters, turns to two-wheeled joys in this poster for Dollar motorcycles, an

Lot: 31 - Motobécane. ca. 1929.

ARTIST: GEO HAM (Georges Hamel, 1900-1972) SIZE: 46 3/4 x 31 in./118.7 x 78.7 cm PRINTER: Barataud Courteau, Paris DESCRIPTION: Geo Ham had a need: a need for speed. Known as the "prince of motion," he is famous today as the illustrator of Monaco

Lot: 32 - Motobécane.

ARTIST: GEO HAM (Georges Hamel, 1900-1972) SIZE: 45 3/8 x 62 in./115.3 x 157.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. Max Courteau, Paris DESCRIPTION: The second of two posters Ham designed for Motobécane. This design hints at a later date, when the motorbike company

Lot: 33 - Coppa d'Oro Shell. 1956.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 38 1/2 x 54 1/4 in./97.7 x 137.8 cm PRINTER: Ind. Graf. N. Moneta DESCRIPTION: This is the inaugural year for the Coppa d'Oro Shell Motorcycle Race, sponsored by the Imola Motor Club. It would go on to become the world's most

Lot: 34 - 21 Weltrekorde.

ARTIST: VIKTOR MUNDORFF (1897-1973) SIZE: 21 7/8 x 37 1/8 in./55.6 x 94.4 cm PRINTER: Gustave Gerstenberger, Chemnitz DESCRIPTION: A blazing blurred speed-demon of a motorcycle rider will certainly put the caffeine into your morning coffee; it's a

Lot: 35 - Michelin. 1959.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 18 3/4 x 26 3/8 in./47.6 x 67 cm PRINTER: Verga, Milano DESCRIPTION: Bibendum, the Michelin Man, is one of the world's oldest trademarks, born to the world in 1894. Here, the portly gent is a speed demon on a motorcycle,

Lot: 36 - International Motorcycle Race. 1956.

ARTIST: VLADIMIR VALENTA (1920-1977) SIZE: 30 1/8 x 23 in./76.5 x 58.5 cm DESCRIPTION: Held at the Mezinárodní Speedway, this poster promotes Czechoslovakia’s favorite type of sport: motorcycle racing. Note that this is sponsored by

Lot: 37 - Exposition de Locomotion Automobile. 1895.

ARTIST: EMILE CLOUET SIZE: 36 1/4 x 51 in./92.2 x 129.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. J. Kossuth, Paris DESCRIPTION: This gorgeous work of art isn't just one of the earliest Auto Show posters we've ever seen; it's announcing the first major auto race in world

Lot: 38 - Vaporine. 1898.

ARTIST: EUGENE LE MOUEL (1859-1934) SIZE: 34 3/8 x 49 in./87.4 x 124.4 cm PRINTER: Imp Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: Oh, this is fun. Look closely at this parade down the Champs-Elysées: classic, photo-realistic faces mingle with Art Nouveau

Lot: 39 - Automobile Club de France/5me Salon. 1902.

ARTIST: PRIVAT LIVEMONT (1861-1936) SIZE: 39 1/8 x 51 1/8 in./99.3 x 130 cm PRINTER: Imp. J. Borreau DESCRIPTION: Personifying the 5th Paris Auto Show is a regal-looking Art Nouveau goddess, proudly sitting at the helm of the latest open-air

Lot: 40 - Le Pneu Michelin. 1905.

ARTIST: ERNEST MONTAUT (1879-1909) SIZE: 47 1/8 x 63 1/8 in./119.7 x 160.3 cm PRINTER: Imp. L. Revlon, Paris DESCRIPTION: A master at visually expressing speed, Montaut depicts the moment when “Heath” pulls ahead of the “fastest train

Lot: 41 - Peugeot. ca. 1904.

ARTIST: G. DE BURGGEILL SIZE: 46 x 62 1/4 in./116.7 x 158 cm PRINTER: Imp. Moderne, Paris DESCRIPTION: A masterwork of motion and emotion, Burggeill's rare, early poster for Peugeot creates an enthralling fantasy of motoring in winter. As the steam

Lot: 42 - Beer & Car. ca. 1906.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 14 3/8 x 20 in./35.5 x 50.8 cm DESCRIPTION: The meaning of a full-service pit stop was a little different, and a lot more lenient, in the early days of motoring – at least according to this undated, unsigned, unlettered

Lot: 43 - L' Album P.A.L.

ARTIST: CRARODON SIZE: 21 7/8 x 15 1/4 in./55.5 x 38.8 cm PRINTER: P. Dupont, Paris DESCRIPTION: This enigmatic work, presumably printed between 1900 and 1910, blends naturalistic illustration in the foreground and impressionistic watercolors in the

Lot: 44 - Hispano-Suiza Automobiles : Maquette. ca. 1910.

ARTIST: GEORGES BRIO SIZE: 13 1/4 x 10 in./33.7 x 25.4 cm DESCRIPTION: Many early auto posters feature a scene like this – the goggled drivers, in a ravenous bullet of a sportscar, leaping up a hill with a cloud of dust in its wake. But none are

Lot: 45 - Tour de France 1914. 1914.

ARTIST: GAMY SIZE: 35 x 17 1/2 in./88.8 x 44.3 cm PRINTER: Mabileau, Paris DESCRIPTION: Ernest Montaut created some of the first journalistic-illustrative images of aviation's infancy (see PAI-LXXIII, 63-65), and invented "speed lines" to emphasize

Lot: 46 - Peugeot. 1919.

ARTIST: RENÉ VINCENT (1879-1936) SIZE: 46 5/8 x 61 1/2 in./118.5 x 156.2 cm PRINTER: Imp. Draeger, Paris DESCRIPTION: This absolute monster of a chassis, careening out of a Tricoleur sky, bounding along with wheels in the air, is not exactly

Lot: 47 - Ford. ca. 1928.

ARTIST: RENÉ VINCENT (1879-1936) SIZE: 44 1/4 x 60 1/8 in./120.5 x 152.7 cm DESCRIPTION: René Vincent virtually invented auto advertising for the moneyed elite, with an elegant and precise line extending from the machinery to the women he

Lot: 48 - Avoir sa Benz. ca. 1920.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 14 3/4 x 22 5/8 in./37.5 x 57.5 cm PRINTER: Office d'Editions d'Art, Paris DESCRIPTION: Extremely rare, this euphoric lithograph for Mercedes-Benz France is captioned, "To have her Benz"; the English version proclaims "my

Lot: 49 - Magnéto Saga. ca. 1920.

ARTIST: MICH (Michel Liebeaux, 1881-1923) SIZE: 19 5/8 x 25 1/4 in./50 x 64.2 cm PRINTER: Publicite Wall, Paris DESCRIPTION: A whimsical piece from Mich for a particularly technical and esoteric piece of automotive machinery: a type of electric

Lot: 50 - Souple Corde Goodrich. ca. 1920.

ARTIST: CELLERIS SIZE: 46 x 62 1/4 in./117 x 158.2 cm PRINTER: Imp. B. Arnaud, Lyon DESCRIPTION: A rather macabre, if attention-getting, ad for Goodrich Tires: "My dear!!! What flexibility" presumably notes the suppleness of Goodrich tires,

Lot: 51 - Goodrich. ca. 1920.

ARTIST: ROCH SIZE: 46 1/8 x 62 1/8 in./117.2 x 157.8 cm PRINTER: B. Sirven, Paris DESCRIPTION: Goodrich extends the theme of comfort and suppleness beyond the barnyard: these air-filled tires provide ghostly comfort, ideal for the tourist who wants

Lot: 52 - Goodrich. 1923.

ARTIST: ROCH SIZE: 46 7/8 x 64 in./119 x 162.5 cm PRINTER: B. Sirven, Paris DESCRIPTION: Goodrich Tires grind up the road, rather than letting the road grind up your tires, as happened to the dismayed and envious travelers on the upper right. This is

Lot: 53 - Dansk Motor Klubs / Fano. 1920.

ARTIST: THOR BÖGELUND (1890-1959) SIZE: 23 3/4 x 34 7/8 in./50.4 x 88.7 cm PRINTER: Andreasen & Lachmann DESCRIPTION: Bögelund was “the pioneer of the Danish poster. His clear-cut letters, his vivid colors, his innate sense of

Lot: 54 - Le Raid au Cap / FN. 1928.

ARTIST: AUGUSTE MAMBOUR (1896-1968) SIZE: 30 3/4 x 46 5/8 in./78.2 x 118.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. Benard, Liège DESCRIPTION: Auguste Mambour trained at the famous Academy of Fine Arts in Liége, but that was just prelude. His art was transformed

Lot: 55 - Ford. 1933.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 30 5/8 x 45 3/4 in./77.8 x 116.2 cm DESCRIPTION: "Ford introduced the V-8 engine in 1932, and this poster for the following year's model showcases its promotional message ("Ford lets fly this arrow to show the road of

Lot: 56 - Salmson. ca. 1929.

ARTIST: ALEXIS KOW (Alexei Kogeynikov, 1901-1978) SIZE: 42 3/4 x 62 5/8 in./108.6 x 159 cm PRINTER: Imp. J.E. Goosens, Paris DESCRIPTION: Salmson began as a manufacturer of water-cooled airplane engines. Consequently, the poster boasts that the car

Lot: 57 - Automobil–Ausstellung Berlin. 1931.

ARTIST: LUCIAN BERNHARD (1883-1972) & FRITZ ROSEN (1890-1980) SIZE: 37 x 28 in./94 x 71.2 cm PRINTER: Hollerbaum & Schmidt, Berlin DESCRIPTION: Bernhard joins forces with his sometimes-collaborator Rosen to create this highly Aryan image of a

Lot: 58 - Ford.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 28 3_4 x 43 in./73 x 109.2 cm PRINTER: M. Weissenbruch, Brussel DESCRIPTION: This poster for Ford suggests that we get all up in its grille. "Vor allem Virtschaftlich": German for "especially economic." (Automobile; Art Deco)

Lot: 59 - L'Anthène.

ARTIST: JEAN GARCIA SIZE: 22 5/8 x 31 1/4 in./57.6 x 79.5 cm PRINTER: Creation O.C.I.P. C. Dumas DESCRIPTION: L'Anthène, the superlubricating fuel, gives your car wings. (Automobile; Art Deco)

Lot: 60 - Selnau 77.77. 1930.

ARTIST: CHARLES KUHN (1903-1999) SIZE: 35 3/4 x 50 1/4 in./91 x 127.5 cm PRINTER: Wolfsberg, Zurich DESCRIPTION: A handsome and rare design for a taxi service in Zurich – operating day and night, just dial 77-77. (Automobile; Art Deco)

Lot: 61 - Delahaye. 1932.

ARTIST: ROGER PÉROT (1908-1976) SIZE: 45 5/8 x 61 7/8 in./116 x 157.3 cm PRINTER: Les Ateliers A.B.C., Paris DESCRIPTION: Delahayes are beloved as some of the most elegant, beautiful, and opulent driving machines ever made. Perot's poster does

Lot: 62 - Castrol / Bugatti. 1933.

ARTIST: JEAN PILLOD (1904-1964) SIZE: 23 1/2 x 31 3/8 in./39.7 x 79.7 cm PRINTER: Imp. P. Fournie, Paris DESCRIPTION: Born out of a feud between Vacuum Oil Company and Viscount Charles Wakefield, Castrol was the latter’s first project as a

Lot: 63 - Chevrolet. 1932.

ARTIST: ALFRED CARDINAUX (1905-?) SIZE: 45 1/2 x 51 3/8 in./115.5 x 155.8 cm PRINTER: Office d’Editions d’Art, Paris DESCRIPTION: Nothing inspired a European's awe for the American project like the sight of a skyscraper. Cardinaux captured

Lot: 64 - 3e Grand Prix International / Albi. 1935.

ARTIST: F. ANDRIEU SIZE: 35 1/2 x 27 5/8 in./90.2 x 70 cm PRINTER: H. Ramond "Carpadoc," Albi DESCRIPTION: Deco speed careens in upon the medieval silhouette of Albi on Bastille Day, for the 3rd running of the Albi Grand Prix. (That's the tower of

Lot: 65 - 4e Grand Prix International / Albi. 1936.

ARTIST: F. ANDRIEU SIZE: 25 1/2 x 41 in./64.8 x 104 cm PRINTER: Cartonages et Papeteries du Languedoc, Albi DESCRIPTION: An even more aggressive stance for Andrieu's next Albi Grand Prix poster. "In Andrieu's poster for the fourth running of the

Lot: 66 - Go For Shell. 1938.

ARTIST: E. MCKNIGHT KAUFFER (1890-1954) SIZE: 44 7/8 x 30 in./114 x 76.2 cm DESCRIPTION: More bracing than a cup of coffee, this is the poster – there is none better – to stimulate your Get-Up-and-GO! Kauffer can almost always be counted on

Lot: 67 - Int. Eifelrennen. ca. 1936.

ARTIST: ALFRED HIERL SIZE: 23 x 33 3/4 in./58.4 x 85.7 cm DESCRIPTION: The Eifelrennen, an annual motor race, was first organized in 1922, before the Nürburgring was even built. This oversight was madness. At that time, the race, incredibly

Lot: 68 - Blaupunkt Autoradio. ca. 1950.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 30 x 45 5/8 in./76.2 x 116 cm PRINTER: Imp Bedos, Paris DESCRIPTION: Just try to avoid falling in love with this pitch-perfect example of Mid-Century Modern design for the German car-radio manufacturer Blaupunkt. The brand

Lot: 69 - Nürburgring / Eifelrennen. 1950.

ARTIST: R. KASTER SIZE: 24 1/2 x 33 7/8 in./62.3 x 86 cm PRINTER: H. Bastian, Winnigen DESCRIPTION: What a change from 1936! For one thing, the Nazi flags are gone from the stands. In addition, now the auto is leading the pack, as motorbike racing

Lot: 70 - 24 Heures du Mans. 1958.

ARTIST: MICHEL BELIGOND (1927-1973) SIZE: 11 1/2 x 15 1/4 in./28.5 x 38.7 cm PRINTER: A.A.T. Thivillier DESCRIPTION: Beligond was an auto designer as well as a poster artist, but it's not the auto alone that revs the heart's engines here. It's the

Lot: 71 - Citroën / L'Année Champion. 1982.

ARTIST: RAYMOND SAVIGNAC (1907-2002) SIZE: 41 1/8 x 33 1/4 in./104.4 x 84.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. St. Martin, Asnieres DESCRIPTION: Part of a series Savignac created for Citroën during the early 1980s, he utilizes the company's chevron logo as the

Lot: 72 - Monaco Grand Prix 1930.

ARTIST: ROBERT FALCUCCI (1900-1989) SIZE: 31 1/4 x 47 3/8 in./79.3 x 120.3 cm PRINTER: Imp. Monésgasque, Monte-Carlo DESCRIPTION: It's a red, red, ripping and roaring sunset in this gripping design by Falcucci. Created for the second running of

Lot: 73 - Gd Prix d’Europe / Monaco. 1963.

ARTIST: MICHEL BELIGOND (1927-1973) SIZE: 15 7/8 x 23 3/4 in./40 x 60.3 cm PRINTER: Imp J. Ramel, Nice DESCRIPTION: The 1963 Monaco Grand Prix is best known in racing history as the first of five victories for British driver Graham Hill on that

Lot: 74 - Monaco / 10 Mai 1964.

ARTIST: J. MAY SIZE: 15 x 23 1/2 in./38 x 59.7 cm PRINTER: Imp. J. Ramel, Nice DESCRIPTION: In this first race of the 1964 Formula One season, Graham Hill came in first place in his BRM. (Automobile; Sports)

Lot: 75 - Monaco Grand Prix 1965.

ARTIST: MICHAEL TURNER (1934- ) SIZE: 15 5/8 x 23 1/2 in./39.7 x 59.8 cm PRINTER: Imp. J. Ramel, Nice DESCRIPTION: This is one of the first designs Turner created for the Monaco Grand Prix. In this particular year, England’s Graham Hill was the

Lot: 76 - Monaco Grand Prix 1966.

ARTIST: MICHAEL TURNER (1934- ) SIZE: 15 3/4 x 23 7/8 in./40 x 60.7 cm PRINTER: Editions J. Ramel, Nice DESCRIPTION: With a sweeping view of the Monte-Carlo seaside in the background, Turner presents one of his better Grand Prix designs. This was the

Lot: 77 - Monaco 1967.

ARTIST: MICHAEL TURNER (1934- ) SIZE: 16 x 24 in./40.5 x 61 cm PRINTER: Edition J. Ramel, Nice DESCRIPTION: Strikingly offset against the Byzantine church and stone archways of the old city, the Formula One cars of the 25th annual Monaco Grand Prix

Lot: 78 - Monaco 1968.

ARTIST: MICHAEL TURNER (1934- ) SIZE: 23 3/4 x 16 in./50.4 x 40.6 cm PRINTER: Edition J. Ramel, Nice DESCRIPTION: Although a Cooper is shown leading the way in this poster, England’s Graham Hill would take home first place that year in his

Lot: 79 - Monaco 1969.

ARTIST: R. MAESTRI SIZE: 23 7/8 x 15 3/4 in./50.7 x 40 cm PRINTER: Imprimerie Nationale de Monaco. DESCRIPTION: Speed-streaks fly off the tires of the racers in this transition piece between illustrated and photographic posters for the Monaco Grand

Lot: 80 - Monaco / 9-10 mai 1970.

ARTIST: MICHAEL TURNER (1934-) SIZE: 15 3/4 x 23 3/4 in./40 x 60.3 cm PRINTER: Imp. Monégasque, Monte-Carlo DESCRIPTION: The 1970 race provided down-to-the-wire excitement as Jack Brabham led the entire race only to go into the bales two turns

Lot: 81 - Monaco/29e Grand Prix 1971.

ARTIST: STEVE CARPENTER (1943- ) SIZE: 15 5/8 x 23 3/4 in./39.7 x 60.4 cm PRINTER: Edition J. Ramel, Nice DESCRIPTION: The vignettes called upon by Carpenter to illustrate the entire running of a Monaco Grand Prix race come off as somewhat surreal in

Lot: 82 - Monaco 1973.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 19 5/8 x 28 1/2 in./49.8 x 72.4 cm PRINTER: Edition J. Ramel, Nice DESCRIPTION: Zoom. Closer. Closer... even closer. Get closer to the action on the Corniche with 1973's Monaco Grand Prix. This poster features two drivers'

Lot: 83 - Monaco Grand Prix 1974.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 25 x 17 1/8 in./63.5 x 43.6 cm PRINTER: Edition J. Ramel, Nice DESCRIPTION: Outstanding photography by Bob Martin creates an impression of spinning speed in honor of the 1974 Monaco Grand Prix. This poster indicates it is

Lot: 84 - Monaco 1975.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 15 3/4 x 23 5/8 in./40 x 60 cm PRINTER: A.I.P., Monaco DESCRIPTION: A sunny mid-'70s Monaco Grand Prix, with curving go-faster stripes that look straight out of Atari. The same two drivers' signatures appear here, as on the

Lot: 85 - 12em Meeting de Monaco : Maquette. ca. 1920.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 15 3/8 x 21 3/8 in./39 x 54.3 cm DESCRIPTION: A biplane soars above, a speedboat zooms below: this is a maquette for a poster advertising the 12th Auto, Boat and Plane Meeting in Monaco. It's a relatively obscure show, but a

Lot: 86 - Aéro Club de Belgique. 1922.

ARTIST: ANTO- CARTE (Antoine Carte, 1886-1954) SIZE: 28 3/8 x 46 in./72.2 x 116.8 cm DESCRIPTION: Mercury, the Roman god of speed and communication, lifts his caduceus to hail a Farman-Goliath inspired biplane. This variant does not include the

Lot: 87 - KNVvL.

ARTIST: VAN HEUSDEN MENTING SIZE: 25 1/4 x 41 3/8 in./64 x 105.2 cm PRINTER: Lankout-Immig Den Haag DESCRIPTION: You can almost hear and feel the buzzing yowl of this propeller plane zooming into the frame. "Become a member: the Royal Dutch

Lot: 88 - Scintilla: Lindbergh / Byrd / Chamberlin. 1927.

ARTIST: ERNST RUPRECHT (1891-1935) SIZE: 18 x 26 1/2 in./45.7 x 67 cm PRINTER: Societe Polygraphique, Laupen DESCRIPTION: Not one scintilla of doubt as to the electrifying effect this poster had on its audience. "Scintilla means 'spark' in Latin, so

Lot: 89 - Aéropostal. 1930.

ARTIST: L. BESSON SIZE: 23 1/4 x 31 1/2 in./59.2 x 80 cm PRINTER: Création Avenir Publicité, Paris DESCRIPTION: "This incredible Art Deco image, which ties the tradition of high-seas couriers to the airborne new guard, is an exquisitely

Lot: 90 - Alpar Berne. 1933.

ARTIST: ALFRED CARDINAUX (1905-?) SIZE: 27 3/8 x 39 1/8 in./69.6 x 99.5 cm DESCRIPTION: A year after his celebration of Art Deco for Chevrolet (see No. 63), Alfred Cardinaux would launch himself into Peak Art Deco for Berne Air Lines with this

Lot: 91 - Pan Am / Bangkok. ca. 1950s.

ARTIST: A. AMSPOKER SIZE: 21 7/8 x 34 3/4 in./55.5 x 88.3 cm PRINTER: A. DESCRIPTION: A. Amspoker helped define the internationalist aesthetic of 1950s American commercial art with illustrations like this, an evocative portrait of a traditional Thai

Lot: 92 - Pan Am / Singapore.

ARTIST: A. AMSPOKER SIZE: 21 7/8 x 35 in./55.6 x 88.8 cm DESCRIPTION: Amspoker had an unusual talent for balancing the exotic and the familiar – the exciting and the comforting – which was ideal for communicating the values of Pan Am, a

Lot: 93 - Air France/Maroc-Algérie-Tunisie. 1952.

ARTIST: BERNARD VILLEMOT (1911-1989) SIZE: 24 5/8 x 38 1/2 in./62.5 x 97.6 cm PRINTER: Imp. Hubert Baille, Paris DESCRIPTION: Among the many posters that Villemot did for Air France, this is one of the two he created for destinations in North Africa.

Lot: 94 - United Air Lines / New England. 1963.

ARTIST: STANLEY WALTER GALLI (1912-2009) SIZE: 24 7/8 x 40 in./63.2 x 101.5 cm DESCRIPTION: Stan Galli's highly collectable posters for United Airlines celebrated '60s America from coast to coast. He throws us a curveball to promote New England:

Lot: 95 - Air Afrique. 1960.

ARTIST: JEAN DESSIRIER (1944- ) SIZE: 25 1/2 x 38 in./64.7 x 96.5 cm PRINTER: Serma, Paris DESCRIPTION: Dessirier created many African travel posters during the 1960s, using his unique style to celebrate many African nations' independence from the

Lot: 96 - Air India. ca. 1968.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 25 1/8 x 39 7/8 in./64 x 101.4 cm PRINTER: Prasad Ltd., Madras DESCRIPTION: Air India's icon, a whimsical whiskered Maharaja, rides into the sky atop his bejeweled elephant, along with the rest of his illustriously illustrated

Lot: 97 - Air France / URSS. 1959.

ARTIST: JEAN COLIN (1912-1982) SIZE: 22 7/8 x 38 3/8 in./60.7 x 97.5 cm DESCRIPTION: Fusing laissez-faire dashes of color with cut-outs reminiscent of Constructivism, Jean Colin brings together Old Russia (the onion domes of St. Basil's, right) with

Lot: 98 - Air France.

ARTIST: EDMOND MAURUS (1900- ) SIZE: 12 x 19 1/2 in./30.5 x 49.5 cm PRINTER: Goosens Publicite DESCRIPTION: A perfectly posed Deco symbol of Mexico on behalf of Air France. (Aviation; Art Deco)

Lot: 99 - TWA / New York. 1956.

ARTIST: DAVID KLEIN (1918-2005) SIZE: 24 3/4 x 40 1/8 in./63 x 102 cm DESCRIPTION: Klein's most celebrated poster for TWA: bold squares of color, representing Manhattan's Times Square, create a pinpoint-perfect definition of New York in the midst of

Lot: 100 - TWA / Africa. ca. 1955.

ARTIST: DAVID KLEIN (1918-2005) SIZE: 25 1/8 x 39 1/2 in./63.7 x 100.4 cm DESCRIPTION: Z is for Zippy. Klein is best known for his destination advertisements on behalf of TWA in the 1950s and '60s: his typography, coloration and aesthetics both

Lot: 101 - TWA / San Francisco. ca. 1958.

ARTIST: DAVID KLEIN (1918-2005) SIZE: 24 7/8 x 40 1/8 in./63.3 x 102 cm DESCRIPTION: David Klein had an unrivaled ability to capture the soul of an American destination – its essence, its particular beauty – using little more than the

Lot: 102 - TWA / Philadelphia. 1955.

ARTIST: DAVID KLEIN (1918-2005) SIZE: 25 x 39 1/2 in./63.7 x 100.5 cm DESCRIPTION: A fine and classic Klein: a symbolic mélange for the City of Brotherly Love, absolutely redolent of its time: the rough-hewn, vibrantly colored illustration

Lot: 103 - TWA / Europe. 1955.

ARTIST: DAVID KLEIN (1918-2005) SIZE: 25 1/8 x 39 3/4 in./64 x 101 cm DESCRIPTION: A lovely vision of Europe's monuments: Rome's Coliseum, a Greek column, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben – and a fishing boat with eyes, from Malta. (Aviation; Travel:

Lot: 104 - TWA / Israel. 1955.

ARTIST: DAVID KLEIN (1918-2005) SIZE: 25 x 40 1/8 in./63.4 x 112 cm DESCRIPTION: A modern interpretation of ancient religious symbolism dominates this poster promoting travel to Israel. (Travel: Middle East; Jewish; Aviation)

Lot: 105 - Fly TWA / India. ca. 1960.

ARTIST: DAVID KLEIN (1918-2005) SIZE: 25 x 39 3/4 in./63.5 x 101 cm DESCRIPTION: One of at least two designs Klein created for TWA’s route to India. Rather than focus on the landscape of the country or a famous monument, he instead creates the

Lot: 106 - Fly TWA / Holy Land. ca. 1964.

ARTIST: DAVID KLEIN (1918-2005) SIZE: 25 x 40 1/2 in./63.4 x 103 cm DESCRIPTION: Klein uses the rough aesthetic of mid-'60s style, and its "Puff, the Magic Dragon" sensibility, to carve out a hopeful scene of Noah's Ark, Dove and Olive Branch to

Lot: 107 - Fly TWA / Switzerland. ca. 1966.

ARTIST: DAVID KLEIN (1918-2005) SIZE: 25 1/8 x 39 7/8 in./64 x 101.2 cm DESCRIPTION: Clocktowers, fountains and flowers make Switzerland a picture of charm, in David Klein's hands. (Travel: Europe; Aviation)

Lot: 108 - Fly TWA / Rome. ca. 1961.

ARTIST: DAVID KLEIN (1918-2005) SIZE: 25 1/8 x 39 5/8 in./64 x 100.7 cm DESCRIPTION: A Swiss Guard drums up your anticipation for Rome: the Coliseum, St. Peter's, and all the myriad-hued pageantry that Klein can conjure up in this epitome of early

Lot: 109 - Barnum & Bailey / Greatest Show on Earth. 1894.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 76 3/8 x 29 1/8 in./194 x 74 cm PRINTER: Strobridge, Cincinnati DESCRIPTION: A spectacular, early, large horizontal poster displaying the jawdropping acts of The Greatest Show on Earth. Horse-leaping, show jumping,

Lot: 110 - Barnum & Bailey / Grossartige Pferdo-Ausstellung.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 38 x 30 in./95.6 x 76.2 cm PRINTER: Strobridge Litho, Cincinnati DESCRIPTION: The Barnum & Bailey Circus spent the entire year of 1900 touring Germany. In this dancing and prancing poster, announcing a show of over 400

Lot: 111 - Barnum & Bailey / Ronaldo The Aerial Gymnast.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 39 5/8 x 30 1/4 in./106 x 76.7 cm PRINTER: Strobridge, Cincinnati DESCRIPTION: Ronaldo: master of acrobatic balance and contortionist calisthenics. "A truly wonderful and entirely original high class aerial gymnastic and

Lot: 112 - Barnum & Bailey / Greatest Show on Earth. 1913.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 28 3/4 x 38 1/2 in./73 x 97.8 cm PRINTER: Strobridge Litho, Cincinnati DESCRIPTION: A lion and a tiger, oh my! This is the classic Strobridge design for Barnum & Bailey, used in various formats for several years. This is

Lot: 113 - Barnum & Bailey / Twelve Most Famous Riders. 1897.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 37 5/8 x 29 7/8 in./95.6 x 76 cm PRINTER: Strobridge Litho, Cincinnati DESCRIPTION: Always eager to claim to have the best of the best, Barnum & Bailey here present the ‘12 Most Famous Riders’ in the world. This

Lot: 114 - Barnum & Bailey / The Könyöt Family.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 39 1/4 x 29 3/8 in./99.8 x 74.7 cm PRINTER: Strobridge, Cincinnati DESCRIPTION: “The Könyöt family, a multigenerational troupe of equestrian performers, first came to the United States from Hungary in 1909 to

Lot: 115 - Barnum & Bailey / Grosse Doppel Menagerie. 1900.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 39 7/8 x 30 5/8 in./101.2 x 77.6 cm PRINTER: Strobridge Litho, Cincinnati DESCRIPTION: Barnum & Bailey's Circus tour through Germany in 1900 featured their great menagerie. At the turn of the century, it was the circus,

Lot: 116 - Ringling Bros. / Miguel Robledillo. 1909.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 28 5/8 x 38 3/8 in./72.8 x 97.5 cm PRINTER: Strobridge, Cincinnati DESCRIPTION: A rare poster for Miguel Robledillo, the "World's Greatest Equilibrist," who is seen walking a wire sideways; while chugging down a bottle of

Lot: 117 - Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey / Dainty Miss

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 28 x 42 1/8 in./71 x 107 cm PRINTER: Strobridge Litho, Cincinnati DESCRIPTION: Hailed as the ‘World’s Most Marvelous Lady Gymnast,’ "Lillian Leitzel commanded top billing longer than any other circus performer

Lot: 118 - Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey / Greatist

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 27 7/8 x 20 1/4 in./70.7 x 51.5 cm PRINTER: Strobridge, Cincinnati DESCRIPTION: They fly through the air with the greatest of ease! They're the daring young aerialists of Europe, on their first tour of America with the

Lot: 119 - Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey / Golden

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 41 3/4 x 28 1/4 in./106 x 71.8 cm DESCRIPTION: America was deep in the Depression, but encouraged by FDR, as four iterations of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus trains conjure up the idea of Manifest Destiny for

Lot: 120 - Cole Bros. / Con Colleano. 1945.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 27 7/8 x 42 3/4 in./71 x 108.7 cm DESCRIPTION: Con Colleano, "The Wizard of the Wire," was an Indigenous tightrope walker from New South Wales; after several performances in South Africa, he adopted the Spanish toreador

Lot: 121 - Clown Renard / New Dog & Cat Show. ca. 1896.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 36 7/8 x 27 1/2 in./93.6 x 70 cm PRINTER: Star Printing Office DESCRIPTION: Lovers of dogs, cats, and circuses ought to leap for joy, with one look at this amazing – and rare – poster for Clown Renard's wonderful new

Lot: 122 - Adam Forepaugh & Sells / Enormous Shows United.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 30 1/8 x 39 3/8 in./76.5 x 100 cm PRINTER: Strobridge, Cincinnati DESCRIPTION: A ballerina on a charging white stallion? Yes, that's a perfect metaphor for the Forepaugh & Sells United Shows. It's a frequent motif in

Lot: 123 - Forepaugh & Sells / Free Morning Pageant. 1896.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 38 7/8 x 29 1/4 in./98.6 x 74.4 cm PRINTER: Strobridge Litho, Cincinnati DESCRIPTION: In 1896, the Forepaugh & Sells Circus toured over the U.S. Midwest, the West Coast and Texas: and the excitement wasn't limited to the

Lot: 124 - Sells-Floto Circus / Rose Millette. 1932.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 41 3/4 x 28 3/8 in./106 x 72 cm PRINTER: Illinois Litho, Chicago DESCRIPTION: Rose Millette is "the greatest bareback rider of all time." This design, as well as the superlative title, was commonly used for female bareback

Lot: 125 - Captain Webb's Sea Lion Band. ca. 1895.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 37 3/4 x 28 38 in./95.7 x 72.2 cm PRINTER: Weylandt & Bauchwitz DESCRIPTION: It's not Sgt. Pepper's... It's Captain Webb's Seal and Sea-Lion Band, we hope you will enjoy the show. According to the San Francisco Call of

Lot: 126 - Lefevre / Looping the Loop Billard.

ARTIST: JULIEN T'FELT (1874-1933) SIZE: 24 3/8 x 33 1/2 in./62 x 85 cm PRINTER: Affiches Felt & Fils, Anvers DESCRIPTION: Rare. Impossible feats of balance are taking place in this poster, and in Lefêvre's Looping the Loop Billard. Julien

Lot: 127 - Knie's Wonder Elephants.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 35 1/2 x 50 3/8 in./90.2 x 128 cm PRINTER: Ryffel & Co., Zurich DESCRIPTION: For nearly a century until 2015, Switzerland's most famous family-run circus featured elephants. In this undated poster, we see them in all

Lot: 128 - Cirque d’Hiver. ca. 1890.

ARTIST: LOUIS GALICE (1864-1935) SIZE: 33 3/4 x 48 7/8 in./85.6 x 124 cm PRINTER: Affiches Louis Galice, Paris DESCRIPTION: Louis Galice was a noted chronicler of the Montmartre scene, and this is one of his most famous posters: for good reason. It's

Lot: 129 - Cirque D'Ete. ca. 1886.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 35 x 48 1/2 in./89 x 123 cm PRINTER: Ch. Levy, Paris DESCRIPTION: The building is on fire and there are cockatiels to the rescue, in this madcap promotion for Paris's Cirque d'Éte, which also features tricksy rabbits

Lot: 130 - Grand-Cirque. ca. 1910.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 30 7/8 x 44 1/8 in./78.4 x 112.2 cm PRINTER: A. Trub, Aarau DESCRIPTION: Directed by Captain Léon Martin, the Grand Swiss-French Circus shies away from typical circus imagery of clowns and acrobats, and instead showcases

Lot: 131 - Carl Hagenbeck's Wonder Zoo. 1913.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 37 1/2 x 53 3/4 in./95.2 x 136.7 cm PRINTER: Friedlander, Hamburg DESCRIPTION: Carl Hagenbeck supplied animals to many European zoos, as well as to P.T. Barnum's circus. He pioneered the modern zoo architecture (with natural

Lot: 132 - The Yoscarony's Risley Act. 1903.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 27 3/4 x 37 3/8 in./70.7 x 95 cm PRINTER: Friedlander, Hamburg DESCRIPTION: A Risley-Act, in circus lingo, is an acrobatic feat with one performer lying on his back, supporting or tumbling a second performer with his feet

Lot: 133 - Circus Busch. 1897.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 36 1/2 x 27 in./93 x 68.3 cm PRINTER: Friedlander, Hamburg DESCRIPTION: Wild horses are dragging this nude away – a rather extreme poster for Circus Busch, which operated in Hamburg in 1891 and moved to Berlin in 1895. In

Lot: 134 - Klein Family. 1913.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 37 1/2 x 28 1/8 in./95 x 71.4 cm PRINTER: Friedlander, Hamburg DESCRIPTION: The Arthur Klein Family, a clan of unicycle-riding horn players, had several posters created for them in the 1920s. This earlier one is one of the

Lot: 135 - Les Montaldo's. ca. 1900.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 26 3/4 x 36 7/8 in./68 x 93.6 cm PRINTER: Friedlander, Hamburg DESCRIPTION: An outlandish promotion for the Maldonado's balancing act, in which the Maldonado's parrots prove even more acrobatic than their handlers, maintaining

Lot: 136 - Folies-Bergère / La Loïe Fuller. 1893.

ARTIST: JULES CHÉRET (1836-1932) SIZE: 33 1/4 x 48 5/8 in./84.5 x 123.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: That this is the rarest of the four color variations of this famous poster is emphasized at the time of its publication by

Lot: 137 - Mary Flower.

ARTIST: FERNAND GARRIC SIZE: 34 7/8 in. x 48 3/4 in./88.5 x 124 cm PRINTER: Imp. Louis Galice, Paris DESCRIPTION: A beautiful poster for a lovely-looking Loïe-Fulleresque show: Mary Flower in the Life of Flowers, draped with peonies. (Dance; Art

Lot: 138 - Menus-Plaisirs / Emilienne d'Alençon.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 35 1/4 x 48 3/8 in./89.6 x 122.7 cm PRINTER: Ch. Levy, Paris DESCRIPTION: An absolute showstopper of kaleidoscopic splendor for Emilienne d'Alençon: as close to the designs of Wes Wilson and the Psychedelic '60s shows at

Lot: 139 - Bob Walter. 1898.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 29 7/8 x 48 1/4 in./76 x 122.5 cm PRINTER: Imp Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: A breathtaking, fiery announcement of the extraordinary Mademoiselle Bob Walter: no Loïe Fuller; but a legend in her own right. Born in French

Lot: 140 - Miss Helyott / Danse Serpentine.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 33 3/4 x 48 1/2 in./85.5 x 123 cm PRINTER: Ch. Levy, Paris DESCRIPTION: Upside down, boy you turn me... Miss Helyott interprets the Danse Serpentine somewhat literally, with this snake on a flame-yellow dress. It's actually a

Lot: 141 - Théâtre de Loïe Fuller. 1900.

ARTIST: MANUEL ORAZI (1860-1934) SIZE: 25 7/8 x 79 1/8 in./65.6 x 201 cm PRINTER: Affiches Artistique Orazi, Paris DESCRIPTION: A rare Art Nouveau masterpiece to coincide with the 1900 Exposition Universelle. Manuel Orazi's vision of Loïe Fuller

Lot: 142 - Lyane et Gek's. 1901.

ARTIST: FERNAND GARRIC SIZE: 34 3/4 x 23 3/8 in./88.2 x 59.2 cm PRINTER: L. Gallice, Paris DESCRIPTION: If truth is found in a well, Lyane's fishing rod beats all records for flexibility. (Fishing; Sports; Art Nouveau)

Lot: 143 - Au Pecheur Moderne.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 22 3/4 x 30 5/8 in./57.7 x 78 cm PRINTER: Gilbert - Clarey, Tours DESCRIPTION: "Oh! A lucky one," the bitter old fisherman on the left grumbles. "Let him do as I do," says the jolly farmer fisherman on the left, "and he can

Lot: 144 - Harry Tate. 1914.

ARTIST: T.E. STEPHENS SIZE: 19 7/8 x 29 3/4 in./50.4 x 75.6 cm PRINTER: S. C. Allen, London DESCRIPTION: Harry Tate, he with the fishing rod and the side-'stache expression, appears dubious about the efficacy of his "all-purpose" vehicle. Following

Lot: 145A - Iver Johnson Sporting Goods : Maquette. 1916.

ARTIST: ERNEST W. LANGFORD SIZE: 11 1/4 x 18 1/2 in./28.5 x 47 cm DESCRIPTION: This is a signed watercolor and ink maquette for a sporting goods company's 1916 calendar. (Fishing; Sports)

Lot: 145B - Canada.

ARTIST: J. S. HALLAM (1899-1953) SIZE: 30 1/8 x 39 1/2 in./76.6 x 100.2 cm DESCRIPTION: A well-known artist of Canadian landscapes, J. S. Hallam is commissioned by the Canadian Government Travel Bureau for a breathtaking expression of fly-fishing in

Lot: 146 - Le Pole Nord. ca. 1893.

ARTIST: PAUL BALLURIAU (1860-1917) SIZE: 23 3/4 x 32 in./60.3 x 81.2 cm PRINTER: G. Bataille, Paris DESCRIPTION: A mystical cavern of icebergs creates a proscenium stage for a mother-daugher pas-de-deux. Similar to the Palais de Glace [see

Lot: 147 - Century / Klondike. 1896.

ARTIST: CHARLES HERBERT WOODBURY (1864-1940) SIZE: 13 5/8 x 18 3/4 in./34.5 x 47.5 cm DESCRIPTION: Prospectors hike waist-deep in the mountain snow, hunting for ore in this contemporaneous illustration of the 1896 Klondike Gold Rush, on behalf of

Lot: 148 - La Florestine des Alpes. 1900.

ARTIST: MISTI (Ferdinand Mifliez, 1865-1923) SIZE: 45 x 62 3/4 in./114.2 x 159.2 cm PRINTER: La Lithographie Nouvelle, Asnières DESCRIPTION: Monks make the arduous trek up an alpine trail to distill Florestine, a proprietary herbal liqueur, so

Lot: 149 - Rigi-Bahn. 1906.

ARTIST: ANTON RECKZIEGEL (1865-1936) SIZE: 24 1/8 x 38 1/8 in./61.4 x 96.8 cm PRINTER: Hubacher, Bern DESCRIPTION: The Rigi-Bahn is the highest standard-gauge railway in Europe, located between two arms of Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. We see a

Lot: 150 - Davos. 1907.

ARTIST: WALTER KOCH (1875-1915) SIZE: 25 1/4 x 35 3/4 in./64.2 x 90.8 cm PRINTER: Lithographie Wolf, Basel DESCRIPTION: Long before Davos became home to the World Economic Forum, it was – and still continues to be – one of Switzerland's

Lot: 151 - Luchon. 1909.

ARTIST: ERNEST LOUIS LESSIEUX (1848-1925) SIZE: 29 1/2 x 41 1/2 in./75 x 105.5 cm PRINTER: Affiches Adar DESCRIPTION: Why should "The Queen of the Pyrènèes” limit herself to just one season of frivolity? The spa town of Luchon, best

Lot: 152 - PKZ/Confection Kehl & Co. 1909.

ARTIST: BURKHARD MANGOLD (1873-1950) SIZE: 37 x 48 1/2 in./94 x 123.3 cm PRINTER: J.E. Wolfensberger, Zurich DESCRIPTION: The three men pausing before a downhill run are, in fact, posing for Kehl / PKZ's "confections" (German for "ready-to-wear

Lot: 153 - Cauterets. 1909.

ARTIST: PAUL-HENRY LAFON SIZE: 30 3/8 x 46 in./77 116.7 cm PRINTER: Imp. J. Biered, Bordeaux DESCRIPTION: A spa town in the Haut-Pyenées, Cauterets looks like excellent good fun, as patrons turn into literal snow-men and snow-women, sledding and

Lot: 154 - Confection Kehl / PKZ. 1911.

ARTIST: EMIL CARDINAUX (1877-1936) SIZE: 37 3/4 x 48 3/4 in./96 x 123.7 cm PRINTER: J.E. Wolfensberger, Zürich DESCRIPTION: Cardinaux produced five posters for PKZ between 1908 and 1921. This is one of his first images for the brand – a

Lot: 155 - Bally.

ARTIST: EMIL CARDINAUX (1877-1936) SIZE: 35 3/4 x 50 in./90.7 x 127 cm PRINTER: Wolfsberg, Zurich DESCRIPTION: Bally advertisements are world-renowned for elegance; in the early 20th century, the name was a byword for ruggedness. Just by the looks of

Lot: 156 - Wagner & Co./Sportartikel. ca. 1909.

ARTIST: CARL MOOS (1878-1959) SIZE: 35 3/4 x 49 1/4 in./91 x 125 cm PRINTER: Vereinigte Druckereien und Kunstanstalten, München DESCRIPTION: It's a little more stripped-down than a one-horse open sleigh, but it looks like great fun indeed, and

Lot: 157 - Kemm & Cie. 1916.

ARTIST: CARL MOOS (1878-1959) SIZE: 35 x 50 1/4 in./89 x 127.7 cm PRINTER: Fretz Freres, Zurich DESCRIPTION: If it's warm and fit for the skiing competitor, it'll most certainly do for the businessman-in-town: the Swiss clothier wraps this ad up in

Lot: 158 - Sporthaus Schuster. 1921.

ARTIST: CARL KUNST (1884-1912) SIZE: 24 3/8 x 31 7/8 in./62 x 81 cm PRINTER: Reichold & Lang, München DESCRIPTION: A fine challenge, those impossible cliffs, that plummeting waterfall from the glaciated peaks! Carl Kunst's work is both an

Lot: 159 - Vallée de Munster.

ARTIST: CHARLES-LUCIEN BLUMER (1871-1947) SIZE: 24 x 39 in./61 x 99 cm PRINTER: Imp. Alsacienne, Strasbourg DESCRIPTION: Lucien Blumer, from an artistic point of view, is one of "the most Alsatian painters," as François Lotz puts it, in his book

Lot: 160 - Winter Sport / Zürcher-Oberland. ca. 1920.

ARTIST: ALFRED MARXER (1876-1945) SIZE: 30 3/4 x 41 7/8 in./78 x 106.4 cm PRINTER: J.E. Wolfensberger, Zürich DESCRIPTION: In this rare poster by Marxer, a couple treks through the snowy terrain of the Zurich Highlands. A graphically intriguing

Lot: 161 - Font-Romeu / Sports d'Hiver. 1923.

ARTIST: TONY GEORGES ROUX (1894-1928) SIZE: 29 1/4 x 40 1/2 in./74.3 x 102.8 cm PRINTER: Imp. Lucien Serre, Paris DESCRIPTION: Located near the Spanish border in the Pyrénées, Font-Romeu is one of the oldest ski resorts in France. Here, the

Lot: 162 - FIS Wettkampfe / Innsbruck. 1933.

ARTIST: TROYER SIZE: 24 5/8 x 36 3/4 in./62.5 x 93.4 cm PRINTER: W. U. B., Innsbruck DESCRIPTION: Shapes, reiterated – crisp, Deco, defined – move through the negative space of white in this superb artwork for the 1933 FIS-Nordic World Ski

Lot: 163 - Nestor Johnson Ice Skates. ca. 1924.

ARTIST: ANDREW LOOME SIZE: 23 1/4 x 31 3/4 in./59.2 x 80.5 cm PRINTER: Milprint Products Corp., Milwaukee DESCRIPTION: This heart-lifting, beautiful expression of "frosty air and ringing blades" was created at a fascinating moment for the Nestor

Lot: 164 - Puente del Inca. ca. 1930.

ARTIST: WHARTON SIZE: 28 3/4 x 42 5/8 in./734 x 108.3 cm PRINTER: Kraft DESCRIPTION: Is that fear? Or excitement in her eyes? Certainly this poster is absolutely thrilling; as much as Puente del Inca, the St. Moritz of Argentina can be! "The Inca

Lot: 165 - Südbahn Hotel. ca. 1931.

ARTIST: HERMANN KOSEL (1896-1985) SIZE: 23 3/4 x 36 5/8 in./60.3 x 93 cm PRINTER: Christoph Reisser’s Söhne, Wiene DESCRIPTION: Dominating the Semmering Pass in Lower Austria, the Südbahnhotel has been a skiing destination since it

Lot: 166 - Südbahn Hotel. 1930.

ARTIST: HERMANN KOSEL (1896-1985) SIZE: 24 x 36 5/8 in./61 x 93 cm DESCRIPTION: Summertime, at the Südbahnhotel! In contrast to the winter visage, this image pulls up nice and tight so we can see the swimmers and the sunbathers lounging in view

Lot: 167 - Mécève. 1933.

ARTIST: R. MICHAUD SIZE: 24 3/4 x 38 1/8 in./63 x 97 cm DESCRIPTION: The humble ski lift takes on a Deco perspective in this 1933 poster for good reason: these new gondola cable cars were the height of modernity at the time. Located in the

Lot: 168 - Eis-Hockey. 1935.

ARTIST: ALEX W. DIGGELMANN (1902-1987) SIZE: 35 3/4 x 50 1/8 in./90.8 x 127.2 cm PRINTER: Wolfsberg, Zurich DESCRIPTION: Early on in the Olympics, they put artists on the podium, too: and Diggelmann won his first medal, a Gold for Commercial Art, at

Lot: 169 - Les Alpes. 1937.

ARTIST: ROBERT BONFILS (1886-1972) SIZE: 49 1/8 x 38 7/8 in./125 x 98.3 cm PRINTER: Imp. Art Tourisme, Paris DESCRIPTION: Mother and child adopt idyllic poses on the grassy highlands, but father is looking out toward Alpine adventures, with rope and

Lot: 170 - Dartmouth Winter Carnival. 1937.

ARTIST: RUTH STORCK SIZE: 21 3/8 x 33 7/8 in./54.2 x 86.2 cm DESCRIPTION: Who loves winter? Raise your hand. Dartmouth's Winter Carnival has been going strong since 1911, with a Polar Bear Swim, human dogsled races and ice sculpture contests. This

Lot: 171 - Dartmouth Winter Carnival. 1937.

ARTIST: ARMSHEIMER SIZE: 21 5/8 x 34 1/4 in./54.8 x 87 cm DESCRIPTION: National Geographic, in 1919, called it "the Mardi Gras of the North." This first-rate Armsheimer American Deco poster for the 1938 Dartmouth Winter Carnival conveys nothing but

Lot: 172 - Luchon Superbagneres. 1940.

ARTIST: JÉAN LÉGER SIZE: 23 3/4 x 38 1/2 in./60.5 x 97.8 cm PRINTER: Alepee, Paris DESCRIPTION: Superbagnères, a ski resort above the town of Bagnères-de-Luchon in the Midi-Pyrénées, is a world-class choice for

Lot: 173 - Eiropas / Atrslidosana. 1939.

ARTIST: VUZTIAF SIZE: 27 7/8 x 39 3/4 in./70.7 x 101 cm PRINTER: P. Mantnieka, Riga DESCRIPTION: This absolutely smashing poster for the Speed Skating European Championships in Riga, Latvia, on February 4 and 5, 1939 is possibly the best artwork for

Lot: 174 - Women's Ice Skating World Championships. 1949.

ARTIST: B.A. ZELENSKI (1914-1984) SIZE: 38 3/4 x 28 5/8 in./98.6 x 72.6 cm DESCRIPTION: An intense and intent speed-skater zooms from the announcement of the Women's Ice Skating World Championships to the details: Moscow, 11-12 February 1950. (Winter

Lot: 175 - Vercelli. 1951.

ARTIST: ALBERTO CAMPAGNOLI (1905-1983) SIZE: 24 5/8 x 38 in./62.5 x 96.6 cm PRINTER: Barbino & Graeve, Genova DESCRIPTION: She's certainly enjoying the high life of Vercelli's Piedmontese slopes. Campagnoli's dynamic design concentrates on the

Lot: 176 - PLM/Les Alpes et Le Jura.

ARTIST: GREIF (Maurice Greiffenhagen, 1862-1931) SIZE: 24 1/2 x 39 3/8 in./62.3 x 100 cm PRINTER: Editions Fortin, Paris DESCRIPTION: A British painter and member of the Royal Academy, Greiffenhagen was honored by none other than D. H. Lawrence, who

Lot: 177 - Auvergne.

ARTIST: GASTON GORDE (1908-1995) SIZE: 24 1/8 x 39 3/8 in./61.3 x 100 cm PRINTER: Editions Mayeux, Paris DESCRIPTION: Enjoy a snow weekend in Auvergne, a region at the heart of France, known for its mountain ranges and dormant volcanoes. This dynamic

Lot: 178 - Forward. 1915.

ARTIST: LUCY KEMP-WELCH SIZE: 39 x 59 1/4 in./99 x 150.4 cm PRINTER: David Allen, Middlesex DESCRIPTION: This famous British World War I recruitment poster, of a cavalryman charging with sword leveled, was effective propaganda, and today makes a

Lot: 179 - Join the Air Service. 1917.

ARTIST: J. PAUL VERREES (1889-1942) SIZE: 25 x 37 1/8 in./63.5 x 94.3 cm PRINTER: Ketterlinus, Philadelphia DESCRIPTION: A colorful, painterly recruiting poster for pilots in World War I, featuring a biplane dramatically swooping down toward the sea.

Lot: 180 - Food Will Win the War. ca. 1917.

ARTIST: CHARLES E. CHAMBERS (1883-1941) SIZE: 19 1/2 x 29 1/4 in./49.5 x 74.2 cm PRINTER: Rusling Wood Litho, NY DESCRIPTION: An absolutely tearjerking plea to Italian immigrants: "You came here to seek freedom; you must now help to keep it: Bread is

Lot: 181 - The Girl on the Land / Y.W.C.A. ca. 1918.

ARTIST: EDWARD PENFIELD (1866-1925) SIZE: 29 5/8 x 24 5/8 in./75.2 x 62.6 cm PRINTER: U.S. Printing, N.Y. DESCRIPTION: Since "an army runs on its belly," and "food will win the war," this was one of many appeals to work the land on behalf of the

Lot: 182 - Be a U.S. Marine! 1918.

ARTIST: JAMES MONTGOMERY FLAGG (1870-1960) SIZE: 28 x 40 1/8 in./71.2 x 102 cm DESCRIPTION: Equally strident as "I Want You" (see No. 188), Flagg's exhortation to America's youth is poised on the edge of action: pistol raised, about to aim; foot

Lot: 183 - Together We Win. ca. 1918.

ARTIST: JAMES MONTGOMERY FLAGG (1870-1960) SIZE: 28 7/8 x 39 1/8 in./73.5 x 99.3 cm PRINTER: W.F. Powers Co., N.Y. DESCRIPTION: The United States Shipping Corps was the precursor to the U.S. Merchant Marine, established just two months before the

Lot: 184 - Remember Belgium. 1918.

ARTIST: ELLSWORTH YOUNG SIZE: 20 1/8 x 30 in./51.2 x 76.2 cm PRINTER: United States Printing DESCRIPTION: This stark piece of propaganda, throwing into relief – or silhouette – the terror of the Kaiser's war machine, is Ellsworth Young's

Lot: 185 - Fatherless Children of France. ca. 1917.

ARTIST: WALTER DE MARIS (1877-1947) SIZE: 20 1/4 x 30 in./51.5 x 76.2 cm PRINTER: American Lithographic Co., NY DESCRIPTION: A startlingly poignant poster for war relief ("Do you have a place in your heart for us?"), made all the more so by De

Lot: 186 - They Shall Not Perish. 1918.

ARTIST: DOUGLAS VOLK SIZE: 30 x 40 1/4 in./76.3 x 102.3 cm PRINTER: American Lithographic Co., NY DESCRIPTION: Beginning in 1915, the Ottoman Empire systematically exterminated 1.5 million Armenians, an event we would come to know as the Armenian

Lot: 187 - Désarmement. 1932.

ARTIST: JEAN CARLU (1900-1997) SIZE: 46 1/8 x 61 7/8 in./114.7 x 157 cm PRINTER: H. Chachoin, Paris DESCRIPTION: One of Carlu’s most famous images for the peace movement, this photomontage design boldly calls for the disarmament of all nations.

Lot: 188 - I Want You for the U.S. Army. 1940.

ARTIST: JAMES MONTGOMERY FLAGG (1870-1960) SIZE: 25 3/8 x 37 7/8 in./64.5 x 96.3 cm DESCRIPTION: Flagg was already a successful and prolific illustrator by the time World War I started, but this poster was to become "his greatest public triumph."

Lot: 189 - The Paratroopers. 1966.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 22 1/8 x 32 3/4 in./56.2 x 83.2 cm DESCRIPTION: A remarkable photomontage of Israeli paratroopers in action, parachuting from transport planes, carrying wounded, and praying on the battlefield. The text reads, "The skies will

Lot: 190 - Chase & Bachelder’s American Museum of Art

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 27 1/2 x 36 5/8 in./69.88 x 93 cm PRINTER: Stafford, Nottingham DESCRIPTION: The spirit of Columbia soars over the Great Plains, stringing electric poles along the locomotive tracks, which are following the settlers along the

Lot: 191 - Anemici. 1909.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 49 1/2 x 64 1/2 in./125.7 x 163.8 cm PRINTER: S.A.I.G.A., Genova DESCRIPTION: That scarlet blush of health you see on the lady's cheeks and gown, and the strength of the dog she carries with her – all to promote iron

Lot: 192 - Bazar de l'Hotel de Ville.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 45 7/8 x 61 in./116.5 x 155 cm PRINTER: Imp. G. Dupuy, Paris DESCRIPTION: The toy bazaars at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris have inspired some of the strangest and most gleeful posters of the Art Nouveau period: most often,

Lot: 193 - Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 21 1/2 x 27 7/8 in./56.4 x 70.6 cm PRINTER: Bank Note Company, Pittsburgh DESCRIPTION: The Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, "organized Sept 23rd 1883," was one of America's very first unions. Originally created to

Lot: 194 - Veuve Amiot. ca. 1890.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 14 3/8 x 19 1/2 in./36.5 x 49.5 cm PRINTER: G. Bataille, Paris DESCRIPTION: A pitch-perfect synthesis of Art Nouveau and Japanese Edo Period aesthetics, this radiant and enthroned young woman would like to share a glass of

Lot: 195 - La "Pertuisine." ca. 1896.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 41 1/4 x 57 7/8 in./104.7 x 147 cm PRINTER: H. Bouquet, Paris DESCRIPTION: Clearly inspired by Tamagno, this poster shows two glamorous opera-goers whispering that the sea of bald heads in front of them clearly hasn't heard

Lot: 196 - Della Chiesa. ca. 1900.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 17 x 25 in./43 x 63.5 cm PRINTER: G. Abbiati, Milano DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1750, Della Chiesa was Italy’s first and most famous manufacturer of award-winning billiard tables. In this remarkably detailed poster, the

Lot: 197 - The New Baby. 1900.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 41 x 79 in./104 x 200.6 cm PRINTER: Russell-Morgan, Cincinnati DESCRIPTION: With a mastery of caricature, coloration, detail, and comedic expression, it's incredible that the artist of "The New Baby" should remain unnamed.

Lot: 198 - Old Arkansaw / The Quartette. ca. 1900.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 27 7/8 x 42 in./71 x 106.5 cm PRINTER: Donaldson Litho, Newport, KY DESCRIPTION: The Quartette belts out a number – weirdly, hilariously – in Fred Raymond's "latest success," the "big comedy" "Old Arkansaw." A review

Lot: 199 - Old Arkansaw / Stella. ca. 1900.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 28 x 41 7/8 in./71 x 106.5 cm PRINTER: Donaldson Litho, Newport, KY DESCRIPTION: "Stella!" Here, the lady is quite proper, in Fred Raymond's "big melo-dramatic production." "Old Arkansaw" premiered in 1900 as an instant

Lot: 200 - Primate Portrait.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 22 3/4 x 34 7/8 in./57.7 x 88.7 cm PRINTER: J. C. Barlow, Glasgow DESCRIPTION: A very curious woodblock-style print of a primate, whether chimpanzee or juvenule lowland gorilla, we cannot be certain. (Animal)

Lot: 201 - W. Jackson / Kingston Rum.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 23 5/8 x 30 1/4 in./60 x 76.8 cm PRINTER: P. Chameau, Bordeaux DESCRIPTION: The sugarcane blossoms around this vintage poster for rum, distilled in Jamaica but sold in Bordeaux. (Alcohol)

Lot: 202 - Suchard. ca. 1901.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 39 x 59 1/4 in./99.2 x 150.4 cm DESCRIPTION: Philippe Suchard, founder of his eponymous chocolate company, is a Swiss legend: the father of Switzerland's reputation for premium chocolates. From the age of 12, he recognized the

Lot: 203 - A Modern Cinderella. ca. 1901.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 20 3/4 x 27 7/8 in./52.8 x 70.8 cm PRINTER: Ackermann - Quigley Lith, Kansas City DESCRIPTION: Rose garlands are strung out by Cinderella's attendant ladies in this poster for a turn-of-the-century musical comedy. Like "Old

Lot: 204 - The Palace Theatre / The Ivanoff Troupe. ca. 1903.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 20 x 30 in./50.8 x 76.2 cm PRINTER: David Allen, Belfast-London DESCRIPTION: A lovely little poster promoting a troupe of Russian performers by way of a leaping dancer, complete with gold metallic fanned halo. One interesting

Lot: 205 - The Wolf. ca. 1908.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 28 x 41 3/8 in./71 x 105 cm PRINTER: Enquire Litho, Cincinnati DESCRIPTION: "I loved writing 'The Wolf' because the impressions were still strong of the life I had learned in the wilderness," said Eugene Walter in the Theater

Lot: 206 - World's Champion Rodeo. ca. 1910.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 21 x 56 1/8 in./53 x 142.6 cm PRINTER: Riverside Print Co., Milwaukee DESCRIPTION: The wild motion and vibrant coloration make the World's Champion Rodeo likewise a champion of poster design. Camels race in toward the right;

Lot: 207 - The Great Chang presents Fak-Hong’s Japanesse

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 17 1/4 x 24 5/8 in./43.8 x 62.5 cm PRINTER: E. Mirabet, Valencia DESCRIPTION: The devil rises up; the shadow of a skeletal hand grasps down; and birds take flight in this poster for Fak-Hong’s Japanesse (sic!) Review.

Lot: 208 - Great Chang and Fak-Hong’s / The Invisible

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 17 1/4 x 24 7/8 in./43.8 x 63.2 cm PRINTER: E. Mirabet, Valencia DESCRIPTION: Another poster for the famed troupe, this time focusing on their Invisible Man trick in which the devil makes you disappear. (Magic; Circus)

Lot: 209 - Exposition Internationale / Anvers. 1930.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 29 1/2 x 41 1/4 in./75 x 104.7 cm PRINTER: Imp. J. E. Goossens, Bruxelles DESCRIPTION: One of two colonial exhibitions held in Belgium in 1930, this one focused on maritime technology and Flemish arts in addition to the

Lot: 210 - Buffalo Bill / Pawnee Bill: A Japanese Cavalryman.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 13 3/4 x 40 5/8 in./35 x 103 cm PRINTER: Russell-Morgan, Cincinnati DESCRIPTION: An unusual poster for a rare "Double Bill" (pun intended): in 1908, Buffalo Bill Cody was fixin' to retire, and joined up with Pawnee Bill for

Lot: 211 - Brioni.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 26 7/8 x 349 1/8 in./68.2 x 99.5 cm PRINTER: Off. Graf. Coen, Milano DESCRIPTION: Brioni is today best known as a high-fashion clothing company, but this poster was done to promote travel to the island-chain resort on the

Lot: 212 - Custer's Last Fight. 1925.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 27 x 40 3/8 in./88.5 x 112.6 cm PRINTER: Otis Lithograph, Cleveland DESCRIPTION: "Custer's Last Fight" was a silent feature produced by the U.S. film pioneer Thomas Harper Ince, one of the great early creators of large-scale

Lot: 213 - Hispano-Olivetti. ca. 1930.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 37 x 52 1/4 in./94 x 132.6 cm PRINTER: Llauger, Barcleona DESCRIPTION: Any wordsmith knows the feeling of being in the Flow: the steam-train of words, paragraphs, and paper barreling into the night. Ironically, the invention

Lot: 214 - Rasurel. 1923.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 45 3/8 x 62 1/4 in./115.2 x 158.2 cm PRINTER: Imp. J.E. Goossens, Paris DESCRIPTION: Pusses in boots? These slippers walk like Carl Sanburg's fog, on little cat feet. Adorable! Louis Neyron invented Rasurel, the first brand of

Lot: 215 - CIgarettes Sato. 1933.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 35 1/4 x 50 1/4 in./89.3 x 127.6 cm PRINTER: Sauberlin & Pfeiffer, Vevey DESCRIPTION: "In Japanese, sato literally means 'home,' or 'village'... It seems plausible that the unidentified artist may have been familiar with

Lot: 216 - Cocchi. 1938.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 39 x 54 3/4 in./99 x 139 cm PRINTER: Grafico Rivera, Alessandria DESCRIPTION: A Deco cock crows out – its great American appetite has been awakened – on behalf of Cocchi Americano Bianco (pronounced: 'coke-ey

Lot: 217 - Thee Schildmijer. ca. 1930.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 16 1/2 x 25 5/8 in./42 x 65.2 cm DESCRIPTION: Only the Dutch could jazz up the staid tea house in such a radically Modern way. Thee Schildmeijer, opened by Jacobus Cornelis Schildmeijer, once stood at Bloemgracht 82, in

Lot: 218 - American President Lines / Hong Kong. 1957.

ARTIST: ANONYMOUS SIZE: 22 7/8 x 33 5/8 in./57.8 x 85.5 cm DESCRIPTION: Sometimes, even the most quotidian posters can raise goosebumps. Such is the case with this ad for cruises to Hong Kong. In 1957, when this poster was printed, "amid the tall

Lot: 219 - Hart Schaffner & Marx. ca. 1910.

ARTIST: SAMUEL NELSON ABBOTT (1874-1953) SIZE: 16 x 22 7/8 in./40.6 x 58 cm DESCRIPTION: A Colonial, Washington-esque figure considers a parchment scroll as attendants look on. The appeal to U.S. Federal heritage is warranted: begun in 1872 as a

Lot: 220 - Hamburg-Amerika Linie / Deutscher Schnelldienst /

ARTIST: OTTOMAR ANTON (1895-1976) SIZE: 33 3/8 x 46 3/8 in./84.7 x 117.7 cm PRINTER: Muhlmeister & Johler, Hamburg DESCRIPTION: While its service extended from the Arctic to the tropics, this poster for Hamburg-Amerika Line focuses on its Latin

Lot: 221 - To Europe / Hamburg-Amerika Linie.

ARTIST: OTTOMAR ANTON (1895-1976) SIZE: 25 x 39 1/2 in./63.5 x 100.5 cm DESCRIPTION: Well this is odd: the (English) text advertises freight and passenger sailing to Europe; the map above is for Asia, with ports of call at Columbo, Sri Lanka;

Lot: 222 - Job. 1896.

ARTIST: JANE ATCHÉ (1872-1937) SIZE: 42 1/4 x 56 7/8 in./ 107.3 x 144.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. Cassan Fils, Toulouse DESCRIPTION: Of Atché’s half dozen known posters, this one for the cigarette paper firm is her most iconic. We get the

Lot: 223 - Transatlantique/Normandie. 1937.

ARTIST: JEAN AUVIGNE (1859-1952) SIZE: 24 3/8 x 39 1/2 in./62 x 101 cm PRINTER: Editions L'Atlantique DESCRIPTION: A lovely little marvel of understatement. An entirely different approach to Anton, for example, pushes the ship far away from the eye,

Lot: 224 - Lyonnelle. 1917.

ARTIST: GEORGES BARBIER (1882-1932) SIZE: 37 7/8 x 51 in./96.3 x 129.5 cm PRINTER: Atelier MN, Paris DESCRIPTION: A rare piece by Barbier for the exotic dancer Lyonnelle. Note the incredible details of her costume, from the anklets to the beaded

Lot: 225 - Select.

ARTIST: ADRIEN BARRÈRE (1877-1931) SIZE: 45 1/4 x 62 1/2 in./115 x 158.7 cm PRINTER: Affiches D'Art Robert, Paris DESCRIPTION: Barrère went to law school and then medical school, thought both professions absurd, and then turned to

Lot: 226 - Alcool de Menthe de Ricqlès. ca. 1899.

ARTIST: ADRIEN BARRÈRE (1877-1931) SIZE: 62 7/8 x 47 in./159.7 x 119.2 cm PRINTER: Affiches d’Art Robert, Paris DESCRIPTION: Barrère once again applies his artistic scalpel to the ruling classes with this ingenious advertisement for

Lot: 227 - Concert Mistique. 1901.

ARTIST: PAUL BERTHON (1872-1909) SIZE: 19 x 16 in./48.2 x 40.5 cm DESCRIPTION: To Berthon, art was the search for the beautiful – and that decoration was “one of the highest forms of all art.” His aesthetic, which sought a sensibility

Lot: 228 - S.S. America. ca. 1939.

ARTIST: LESTER BEALL (1903-1969) SIZE: 21 7/8 x 30 in./55.5 x 76.2 cm DESCRIPTION: Lester Beall was one of the chief figures in American Modernist graphic design from the 1930s until his death in 1969. His signature style used angled elements,

Lot: 229 - Vers l’Angleterre. 1930.

ARTIST: HENRI I. BIAIS SIZE: 24 3/8 x 39 1/4 in./61.8 x 99.5 cm PRINTER: Imp L. Danel, Lille DESCRIPTION: An astonishing work of art that wraps a representational image in an illusion of abstraction. It takes the eye a moment to resolve the color

Lot: 230 - White Star Line. ca. 1914.

ARTIST: MONTAGUE BIRREL BLACK (1884-1964) SIZE: 24 1/2 x 39 7/8 in./62.3 x 101.3 cm PRINTER: Liverpool Printing DESCRIPTION: This poster is undated, but the smokestacks give it away: the only White Star liners to possess four smokestacks were the

Lot: 231 - Champagne Georges Fayet.

ARTIST: MARCEL BLOCH (1882-?) SIZE: 31 x 47 1/8 in./78.8 x 119.6 cm PRINTER: Barbat, Chalons s/Marne DESCRIPTION: Portrait painter and illustrator Bloch made only a few forays into poster art, but when he did, he managed to capture moments that were

Lot: 232 - Chocolat Kohler. 1898.

ARTIST: GEORGES BLOTT SIZE: 45 5/8 x 60 7/8 in./116 x 154.6 cm PRINTER: Imp. P. Vercasson, Paris DESCRIPTION: "Kohler Chocolate is the best!" writes our little Swiss miss on a chalkboard held by her grandfather. Kohler has been making chocolate since

Lot: 233 - Sodex. 1910.

ARTIST: GUS BOFA (Gustave Blanchot, 1883-1968) SIZE: 31 5/8 x 48 in./80.3 x 122 cm PRINTER: Imp. A.G. L'Hoir, Paris DESCRIPTION: One of the more prominent (though racist) advertising gimmicks around the turn of the 20th century was emphasizing the

Lot: 234 - Pavillion des Tabacs. 1931.

ARTIST: P. BOSSE SIZE: 78 3/8 x 57 1/4 in./199 x 145.4 cm PRINTER: A.M.I., Paris DESCRIPTION: An electric-pink neon glow surrounds a stylized bust of a smoking African woman in a convergence of modern and traditional aesthetics. The Exposition

Lot: 235 - Chocolat Menier. 1897.

ARTIST: FIRMIN BOUISSET (1859-1925) SIZE: 65 3/8 x 76 3/4 in./166 x 195 cm DESCRIPTION: From the archives of Chocolat Menier, used in their exhibition at the Brussels World Fair of 1897. Menier was one of the world's oldest chocolate companies,

Lot: 236 - Chocolat Poulain. 1896.

ARTIST: FIRMIN BOUISSET (1859-1925) SIZE: 35 5/8 x 50 in./90.5 x 127 cm PRINTER: Imp. H. Laas. E. Pécaud, Paris DESCRIPTION: This little imp playing Pierrot partakes of Poulain, one of the oldest chocolate brands in France. Its ads selling to

Lot: 238 - La Plage de Monte Carlo. 1929.

ARTIST: MICHEL BOUCHAUD (1902-1965) SIZE: 31 1/4 x 47 1/8 in./79.5 x 119.7 cm PRINTER: Publicite Vox DESCRIPTION: Beach scenes in true Art Deco style are uncommon – and this is one of the best. It's just one of three posters created by Michel

Lot: 239 - Lucifer. 1948.

ARTIST: YVES BRAYER (1907- 1990) SIZE: 31 x 46 1/8 in./78.8 x 117.2 cm PRINTER: Imp. Bedos, Paris DESCRIPTION: Lucifer was a hot topic in the half-decade after World War II, as the world tried to reckon with the evils it had just witnessed. Jackson

Lot: 240 - Northern Pacific / Rodeo Parade. ca. 1930.

ARTIST: EDWARD VINCENT BREWER (1883-1971) SIZE: 29 1/2 x 39 3/8 in./75 x 100 cm PRINTER: The Jensen Printing Co., Minneapolis DESCRIPTION: Until 1925, Frontier Days rodeo parades were almost always wild gallops through the streets of Cheyenne by a

Lot: 241 - Simplon-Orient-Express. 1922.

ARTIST: ROGER BRODERS (1883-1953) SIZE: 29 3/8 x 42 in./75.8 x 106.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. F. Champenois, Paris DESCRIPTION: A visually descriptive poster in which an English Grenadier Guard points stoically to the start of your journey – either

Lot: 242 - Marseille / Porte de l'Afrique du Nord. 1929.

ARTIST: ROGER BRODERS (1883-1953) SIZE: 24 5/8 x 39 1/4 in./62.5 x 90.7 cm PRINTER: Lucien Serre, Paris DESCRIPTION: In one of Broders' best, smokestacks, vents, and tackle cluster in the foreground, iterating onward to ship after ship in the harbor.

Lot: 243 - Marseille / Côte d'Azur. 1929.

ARTIST: ROGER BRODERS (1883-1953) SIZE: 24 5/8 x 39 3/8 in./62.7 x 100 cm PRINTER: L. Serre, paris DESCRIPTION: The message here is that the Marseilles rail terminal is the departure point for other destinations along the Côte d’Azur –

Lot: 244 - Match Cody / Palais des Machines. 1894.

ARTIST: LEONCE BURRET (1866-1915) SIZE: 98 in (height) / 249 cm (height) PRINTER: G. Bataille, Paris DESCRIPTION: This extremely unusual, rare, 8-foot-tall pennant is not for Buffalo Bill Cody. It's for Samuel Franklin Cody (1867-1913, née

Lot: 245 - Evening Hydrangea. ca. 1904.

ARTIST: GASPAR CAMPS (1874-1942) SIZE: 13 5/8 x 28 3/4 in./34.6 x 73 cm DESCRIPTION: This print is on silk. Hydrangeas were first identified in Japan, and the flower's name means "water vessel." Camps' maiden, in Japanese adornment, clasps the

Lot: 246 - Lilac Allure. ca. 1904.

ARTIST: GASPAR CAMPS (1874-1942) SIZE: 13 3/4 x 27 1/2 in./35 x 69.8 cm PRINTER: Imp. F. Champenois, Paris DESCRIPTION: In Greek mythology, a nymph named Syringa was pursued by Pan, the god of the forests and fields; afraid for her life, she pleaded

Lot: 247 - Tender Temptation. 1904.

ARTIST: GASPAR CAMPS (1874-1942) SIZE: 13 3/8 x 27 3/4 in./34 x 70.5 cm PRINTER: Joubin & Beuchet, Nantes DESCRIPTION: To show off the full range of their production skills, many printers created fabulously detailed decorative panels as gifts for

Lot: 248 - Tender Temptation. ca. 1904.

ARTIST: GASPAR CAMPS (1874-1942) SIZE: 13 5/8 x 28 1/2 in./34.6 x 72.4 cm DESCRIPTION: This rare variant of the previous item features the name of C. Berdoulat, a stationer and printer in Toulouse, showing that Camps' decorative panels also attracted

Lot: 249 - Cordial Medoc.

ARTIST: GASPAR CAMPS (1874-1942) SIZE: 14 x 28 3/8 in./35.5 x 72 cm DESCRIPTION: While another Camps design had been used to advertise Cordial Médoc (see PAI-LXVII, 202), this is the first time we are seeing this sensual image of a raven-haired

Lot: 250 - Enraptured Rose. ca. 1904.

ARTIST: GASPAR CAMPS (1874-1942) SIZE: 13 x 26 3/4 in./33 x 88 cm PRINTER: Champenois, Paris DESCRIPTION: This statuesque auburn-haired woman standing lakeside clasps a garland of pink roses against her flushed gown, which is adorned with a flurry of

Lot: 251 - Hélène Chauvin. 1900.

ARTIST: LEONETTO CAPPIELLO (1875-1942) SIZE: 36 5/8 x 51 in./93 x 129.5 cm PRINTER: Imp Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: One of the very early Cappiello posters for an entertainer: to advertise Hélène Chauvin's appearance in the Jean Lorrain play

Lot: 252 - Charbon Chimique Rubaudo. 1903.

ARTIST: LEONETTO CAPPIELLO (1875-1942) SIZE: 38 3/4 x 51 3/4 in./98.45 x 131.4 cm PRINTER: Imp. P. Vercasson, Paris DESCRIPTION: An experiment in color: from "rubaudo," Cappiello sets the scene in nothing but tones of red and splashes of white,

Lot: 253 - La Décoration de Monsieur Le Bargy. 1903.

ARTIST: LEONETTO CAPPIELLO (1875-1942) SIZE: 8 3/4 x 9 3/4 in./22.2 x 24.8 cm DESCRIPTION: Signed original ink drawing for an illustration in "Le Rire" of January 31, 1903 (No. 430). Cappiello's drawing depicts the actress Simone affixing a

Lot: 254 - Le Thermogène : Maquette.

ARTIST: LEONETTO CAPPIELLO (1875-1942) SIZE: 10 x 15 1/8 in./25.5 x 38.5 cm DESCRIPTION: This is a maquette for the original iconic design that has become firmly and indelibly associated with this product, a humble heating pad. The poster was

Lot: 255 - Les Parfums Blamys. 1920.

ARTIST: LEONETTO CAPPIELLO (1875-1942) SIZE: 31 1/4 x 46 5/8 in./76.8 x 118.5 cm PRINTER: Vercasson, Paris DESCRIPTION: Printed by the Vercasson firm shortly after Cappiello’s departure (hence the d’après), this is one of the

Lot: 256 - Gallus Aperitif : Maquette. ca. 1919.

ARTIST: LEONETTO CAPPIELLO (1875-1942) SIZE: 6 3/8 x 8 1/2 in./16.2 x 21 cm DESCRIPTION: Cappiello used a rooster to caw out the name of a variety of beverages. This one appears to be a preliminary design for a poster promoting the 1919 vintage of

Lot: 257 - Heavenly Fragrances : Maquette. 1920.

ARTIST: LEONETTO CAPPIELLO (1875-1942) SIZE: 91 x 59 5/8 in./231 x 151.5 cm DESCRIPTION: One of the largest maquettes we've ever seen, this gouache, pastel and crayon original appears to be taking inspiration from Michelangelo, with Cherubs of La

Lot: 258 - Anisette Marie Brizard. 1928.

ARTIST: LEONETTO CAPPIELLO (1875-1942) SIZE: 50 x 77 1/4 in./127 x 196.2 cm PRINTER: Devambez, Paris DESCRIPTION: Bold, haughty crimson, and flame-yellow lettering, aren't the typical hues for advertising anis drinks, which are usually colorless or

Lot: 259 - Tutti al Semaforo.

ARTIST: LEONETTO CAPPIELLO (1875-1942) SIZE: 9 1/8 x 13 in./23.2 x 33 cm PRINTER: SAIGA, Genova DESCRIPTION: Adventurers leap up a hill, in the direction of a castle beyond (and its Italian flag pennant in the distance), in this adornment for a

Lot: 260 - Huile Lesieur. 1930.

ARTIST: LEONETTO CAPPIELLO (1875-1942) SIZE: 100 x 155 5/8 in./254.2 x 395.5 cm PRINTER: Les Affiches Lutetia / Devambez, Paris DESCRIPTION: This monumental, 13-foot-tall champion of the French culinary tradition is not celebrating olive oil, as you

Lot: 261 - Le Quotidien. 1923.

ARTIST: LEONETTO CAPPIELLO (1875-1942) SIZE: 39 1/8 x 58 7/8 in./99.5 x 149.5 cm PRINTER: Devambez, Paris DESCRIPTION: "Oh yes, we have something to say," announces Cappiello on behalf of Le Quotidien, a left-wing paper founded this same year of 1923

Lot: 262 - Lingerie : Maquette. 1934.

ARTIST: LEONETTO CAPPIELLO (1875-1942) SIZE: 11 1/4 x 11 1/2 in./28.6 x 29 cm DESCRIPTION: In this maquette for a lingerie brand, Cappiello doubles down on the sexual iconography, probably to compel men to buy dainty things for their ladies. Yes,

Lot: 263 - Les Couronnes. 1924.

ARTIST: LEONETTO CAPPIELLO (1875-1942) SIZE: 46 5/8 x 62 3/4 in./118.5 x 159.4 cm PRINTER: Devambez, Paris DESCRIPTION: Founded in 1924, Cola Couronne is actually based out of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, today and is no longer available in France. This

Lot: 264 - Florio et Cinzano. 1930.

ARTIST: LEONETTO CAPPIELLO (1875-1942) SIZE: 10 x 14 in./25.5 x 35.6 cm PRINTER: Devambez, Paris DESCRIPTION: When Cinzano merged with Florio in 1930, Cappiello was called upon to create a mate for the red Cinzano zebra he’d invented twenty

Lot: 265 - Job / Papier à Cigarettes. 1933.

ARTIST: LEONETTO CAPPIELLO (1875-1942) SIZE: 22 3/4 x 34 3/8 in./57.8 x 87.3 cm PRINTER: Imp. Vercasson, Paris DESCRIPTION: “Cappiello showed the pleasure of smoking by projecting an image of a hedonistic Middle-Eastern potentate luxuriating

Lot: 266 - La Merveilleuse. 1923.

ARTIST: LEONETTO CAPPIELLO (1875-1942) SIZE: 54 1/4 x 76 1/2 in./137.7 x 194.3 cm PRINTER: Devambez, Paris DESCRIPTION: It's extremely rare to discover a Cappiello executed in monochrome, but when you encounter it, it is indeed marvelous: as is this

Lot: 267 - Le Nouvelliste. 1924.

ARTIST: A. M. CASSANDRE (Adolphe Mouron, 1901-1968) SIZE: 44 5/8 x 60 3/4 in./113.5 x 154.3 cm PRINTER: Hachard, Paris DESCRIPTION: From 1879 to 1944, Le Nouvelliste was a daily French newspaper based out of Lyon. This is one of Cassandre’s

Lot: 268 - Chemin de Fer du Nord. 1929.

ARTIST: A. M. CASSANDRE (Adolphe Mouron, 1901-1968) SIZE: 24 1/4 x 39 1/4 in./61.7 x 99.6 cm PRINTER: Imp. L Danel, Lille DESCRIPTION: Seldom seen, this Cassandre should be considered a masterpiece of Modern design. Advertising the French Northern

Lot: 269 - Italia-Cosulich. 1936.

ARTIST: A. M. CASSANDRE (Adolphe Mouron, 1901-1968) SIZE: 24 1/2 x 38 in./62.2 x 96.5 cm DESCRIPTION: Taking a bold emotional tone from Italian Futurism, Cassandre imagines Lloyd Triestino's fleet as a series of great Modernist waves about to cascade

Lot: 270 - Etoile du Nord. 1927.

ARTIST: A. M. CASSANDRE (Adolphe Mouron, 1901-1968) SIZE: 29 1/2 x 41 3/8 in./75 x 105 cm PRINTER: Hachard, Paris DESCRIPTION: The North Star was the name of a Paris-to-Amsterdam express; Cassandre gave it glamour by catching the purely sensual

Lot: 272 - Triplex. 1931.

ARTIST: A. M. CASSANDRE (Adolphe Mouron, 1901-1968) SIZE: 30 5/8 x 46 3/4 in./77.8 x 118.7 cm PRINTER: Alliance Graphique, Paris DESCRIPTION: The indelible apex of Deco cool has a practical back story: with automobile production on the rise, by the

Lot: 273 - La Farandole. 1884.

ARTIST: JULES CHÉRET (1836-1932) SIZE: 20 3/8 x 27 3/4 in./51.7 x 70.4 cm PRINTER: Imp. Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: La Farandole is named for a traditional dance in Provence. The opera concerns young Olivier, too poor and shy to ask for the hand

Lot: 274 - Fête des Fleurs / Bagnères de Luchon.

ARTIST: JULES CHÉRET (1836-1932) SIZE: 33 5/8 x 47 3/4 in./85.3 x 121.2 cm PRINTER: Imp. Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: What flowers shall you pluck? What flowers shall you miss? This Chéret has several ghostly figures lurking in the background:

Lot: 275 - Théâtrophone. 1890.

ARTIST: JULES CHÉRET (1836-1932) SIZE: 33 1/4 x 47 3/8 in./84.5 x 120.2 cm PRINTER: Imp. Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: "I can be visited in bed by the brook and the birds of [Beethoven's] Pastoral Symphony," wrote Marcel Proust, because of the

Lot: 276 - Cosmydor Savon. 1891.

ARTIST: JULES CHÉRET (1836-1932) SIZE: 32 3/8 x 47 3/4 in./82.2 x 121.3 cm PRINTER: Imp Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: A Chéret classic, promoting Cosmydor Soap, a beauty and cosmetics brand founded in 1877. Cosmydor became a leader in France,

Lot: 277 - Palais de Glace. 1900.

ARTIST: JULES CHÉRET (1836-1932) SIZE: 33 x 97 1/2 in./89 x 247.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: The tallest – and possibly the finest – of the five Palais de Glace versions in this auction. The lass in the striped dress is

Lot: 278 - Palais de Glace. 1893.

ARTIST: JULES CHÉRET (1836-1932) SIZE: 32 3/4 x 47 in./93.5 x 119.3 cm PRINTER: Imp. Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: Between 1893 and 1900, Chéret created a multitude of captivating designs for the Palais de Glace, a large skating rink located on

Lot: 279 - Palais de Glace. 1896.

ARTIST: JULES CHÉRET (1836-1932) SIZE: 14 7/8 x 22 1/2 in./37.8 x 57.2 cm PRINTER: Imp Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: This version of Chéret's celebrated design, produced three years after the inaugural version, is smaller and much more

Lot: 280 - Palais de Glace. 1894.

ARTIST: JULES CHÉRET (1836-1932) SIZE: 16 x 22 7/8 x 22 7/8 in./40.6 x 58 cm PRINTER: Imp. Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: The Courrier Français supplement of this magnificent Palais de Glace design features the charms of an enrapturing skating

Lot: 281 - Saxoléine. 1893.

ARTIST: JULES CHÉRET (1836-1932) SIZE: 32 1/2 x 94 5/8 in./82.5 x 240.3 cm PRINTER: Imp. Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: Only two years into his relationship with this kerosene maker, Chéret created this striking two-sheet design. Of his numerous

Lot: 282 - L' Aureole du Midi. 1893.

ARTIST: JULES CHÉRET (1836-1932) SIZE: 33 x 47 3/4 in./83.7 x 121.2 cm PRINTER: Imp. Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: Perhaps to show that this lamp can be handled even by a child, Chéret allows a little towheaded tyke to run around with it, while

Lot: 283 - Eldorado. 1894.

ARTIST: JULES CHÉRET (1836-1932) SIZE: 32 1/2 x 47 in./82.5 x 119.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: One of the most famous music halls in Paris, the Eldorado hosted some of the greatest performers of the day. Here, Chéret does

Lot: 284 - Quinquina Dubonnet. 1895.

ARTIST: JULES CHÉRET (1836-1932) SIZE: 33 x 47 1/2 in./83.8 x 120.6 cm PRINTER: Imp. Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: One of the many products Chéret’s merry redhead promoted was Quinquina Dubonnet, an herb-based fortified wine blended with

Lot: 285 - Pastilles Poncelet. 1896.

ARTIST: JULES CHÉRET (1836-1932) SIZE: 33 1/2 x 48 in./85 x 122 cm PRINTER: Imp Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: The girl in the red dress and hat is doing her best to fend off the elements in this poster for cough tablets. It's highly unusual to see a

Lot: 286 - Bal Joyeuse.

ARTIST: JULES CHÉRET (1836-1932) SIZE: 23 5/8 x 19 3/8 in./56 x 49.2 cm DESCRIPTION: A signed, original work of art from Chéret contains all the elements of his poster work – multiple faces in an euphoric tumult. These colors suggest a

Lot: 287 - Nice / Soleil, Fleurs. 1962.

ARTIST: MARC CHAGALL (1887-1985) SIZE: 23 1/2 x 39 1/4 in./59.7 x 99.7 cm PRINTER: Imp Mourlot, Paris DESCRIPTION: Far above the Corniche, in the midst of a midnight blue, a mermaid hovers, clasping and breathing a bouquet of flowers: this is Marc

Lot: 288 - Perfumeria Ladivfer. 1903.

ARTIST: FRANCISCO DE CIDÓN NAVARRO (1871-1943) SIZE: 30 3/8 x 50 cm/77.c x 127 cm PRINTER: Font, Barcelona DESCRIPTION: A beautiful Spanish Art Nouveau poster. Graced with both fine line and color, it won first-prize in a poster contest

Lot: 289 - Moët & Chandon.

ARTIST: GEORGES CLAIRIN (1843-1919) SIZE: 23 5/8 x 12 3/8 in./60 x 31.5 cm PRINTER: Fortier & Marotte, Paris DESCRIPTION: It is but a promotional fan. Yet it contains the drama of a Renaissance Old Master; the festivity of the Commedia dell'Arte;

Lot: 290 - Monaco : Poster & Maquette. 1959.

ARTIST: JEAN COCTEAU (1889-1963) SIZE: 24 3/8 x 39 3/8 in./62 x 100 cm PRINTER: (poster) Imp. Morlot DESCRIPTION: The legendary Jean Cocteau was a writer, designer, filmmaker and artist, best known for his novel Les Enfants Terribles and his films

Lot: 291 - Le Bal Fleuri. 1927.

ARTIST: PAUL COLIN (1892-1986) SIZE: 46 x 61 3/8 in./116.6 x 55.8 cm PRINTER: H. Chachoin, Paris DESCRIPTION: "Colin's use of a 'triple exposure' – three virtual snapshots of an elegant couple making their way around a packed dance floor,

Lot: 292 - La Machine a Calculer : Maquette. 1925.

ARTIST: PAUL COLIN (1892-1986) SIZE: 19 5/8 x 27 1/2 in./50 x 70 cm DESCRIPTION: This is a maquette on behalf of the French production of Elmer Rice's 1923 play "The Adding Machine," a landmark of American expressionism, which focuses on Mr. Zero, an

Lot: 293 - Josephine Baker. ca. 1928.

ARTIST: PAUL COLIN (1892-1986) SIZE: 4 3/4 x 6 3/4 in./12 x 17.2 cm DESCRIPTION: Created around the same time as "Le Tumulte Noir," Colin's small drawing of Josephine Baker captures the wild, weird whimsy of her dancing with a striking economy of

Lot: 294 - Josephine on Chords : Maquette. ca. 1929.

ARTIST: PAUL COLIN (1892-1986) SIZE: 11 x 15 3/4 in./28 x 40 cm DESCRIPTION: In her banana skirt, the uninhibited Josephine Baker is now dancing on the piano keys themselves, to the apparent grievance of the pianist. (Music; Art Deco; Modern; Dance;

Lot: 295 - Jazz Josephine : Maquette.

ARTIST: PAUL COLIN (1892-1986) SIZE: 15 1/2 x 19 5/8 in./39.3 x 50 cm DESCRIPTION: This wild, frenetically sketched image of Josephine Baker dancing on a grand piano may well have been a study for the more refined artwork sold at our last auction

Lot: 296 - Josephine's Banana Danse Dress : Maquette.

ARTIST: PAUL COLIN (1892-1986) SIZE: 19 3/8 x 25 3/8 in./49.2 x 64.5 cm DESCRIPTION: Likely created contemporaneously with Josephine Baker's 1925-'26 "Danse Sauvage" routine (the beginning of Baker's legendary career), Colin's maquette has the red

Lot: 297 - Josephine at the Piano : Maquette.

ARTIST: PAUL COLIN (1892-1986) SIZE: 19 1/2 x 25 3/5 in./49.6 x 64.4 cm DESCRIPTION: In what may be the first of a series, Colin's original artwork of Josephine Baker, in her banana skirt, shows her in three points of her performance: out front, then

Lot: 298 - Tabarin. 1928.

ARTIST: PAUL COLIN (1892-1986) SIZE: 15 3/4 23 5/8 in./40 x 60.2 cm DESCRIPTION: The Bal Tabarin opened its doors in 1904, and became home to the cancan, then later the Charleston, and then whatever the latest dance craze was. From the outside it

Lot: 299 - La Rouille. 1929.

ARTIST: PAUL COLIN (1892-1986) SIZE: 46 3/4 x 61 1/4 in./118.7 x 155.5 cm PRINTER: H. Chachoin, Paris DESCRIPTION: "La Rouille" – "Rust" – was one of the first pieces of theater sharply critical of Soviet Communism to have a showing in

Lot: 300 - Week End Cigarettes. 1933.

ARTIST: PAUL COLIN (1892-1986) SIZE: 36 3/4 x 58 1/4 in./93.5 x 148 cm PRINTER: Imp. Bedos, Paris DESCRIPTION: “This is a great example of Paul Colin’s Art Deco skills, executed with complementary diagonals, inviting, soft pastels, and a

Lot: 301 - Le Café Martin : Maquette.

ARTIST: PAUL COLIN (1892-1986) SIZE: 39 x 51 1/4 in./99 x 130 cm DESCRIPTION: This sparse, surrealistic maquette for the Café Martin tells us that their java is fit for kings and emperors, and above all, worthy of the spirit of France herself.

Lot: 302 - Katherine Dunham. 1947.

ARTIST: PAUL COLIN (1892-1986) SIZE: 45 1/2 x 63 in./115.5 x 160 cm PRINTER: Imp. Bedos, Paris DESCRIPTION: Katherine Dunham, of Chicago born, has been called "the matriarch and queen mother of black dance." A student at the University of Chicago,

Lot: 303 - La Libre Esthetique.

ARTIST: GISBERT COMBAZ (1869-1941) SIZE: 16 1/2 x 28 5/8 in./52 x 72.7 cm PRINTER: O. de Rycker & Mendel, Bruxelles DESCRIPTION: La Libre Esthetique, or "The Free Aesthetic," was an artistic society in Brussels from 1893 to 1914. Combaz created

Lot: 304 - 3a Mostra del Mare. 1935.

ARTIST: URBANA CORVA (1901-1986) SIZE: 26 3/4 x 39 in./67.8 x 99 cm PRINTER: Leghissa, Trieste DESCRIPTION: "In his promotion for Trieste's third Maritme Festival, Urbana Corva calls upon a stylized futurist sailor to be more than a primary indicator

Lot: 305 - Seidenweberei Michels. 1912.

ARTIST: ERNST DEUTSCH (1883-1938) SIZE: 36 3/4 x 27 3/4 in./93.4 x 70.5 cm PRINTER: Hollerbaum & Schmidt, Berlin DESCRIPTION: Vienna-born Ernst Deutsch found his way to Berlin, one of the great centers of modern poster design. Here, he's in an

Lot: 306 - Theater der Moden. 1913.

ARTIST: ERNST DEUTSCH (1883-1938) SIZE: 38 1/8 x 27 5/8 in./96.8 x 70.2 cm PRINTER: Hollerbaum & Schmidt, Berlin DESCRIPTION: Elegance, whimsy, and a dizzying collection of stripes and checks all collide for a a fall fashion show at the Theater

Lot: 307 - Café Donald.

ARTIST: WALT DISNEY (1901-1966) SIZE: 62 3/4 x 45 1/2 in./159.4 x 115.6 cm PRINTER: Imp. Sté. Neso DESCRIPTION: A promotional image – not connected to any film – for Donald Duck, illustrated by his creator, Walt Disney. (Children)

Lot: 308 - Alice Soulié. 1926.

ARTIST: JEAN-GABRIEL DOMERGUE (1889-1962) SIZE: 46 x 62 1/8 in./116.8 x 157.7 cm PRINTER: Imp. H. Chachoin, Paris DESCRIPTION: Domergue made his reputation on showcasing fashionable women in provocative yet chic poses. This poster is no exception,

Lot: 309 - Paris-1924 / Jeux Olympiques. 1924.

ARTIST: JEAN DROIT (1884-1961) SIZE: 31 3/8 x 47 1/4 in./79.7 x 120 cm PRINTER: Hachard, Paris DESCRIPTION: This is the banner under which Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell won the 400m and 100m events, immortalized in the 1981 film "Chariots of

Lot: 310 - Thence to Hyde Park. 1930.

ARTIST: JEAN DUPAS (1882-1964) SIZE: 49 1/8 x 39 in./124.7 x 99 cm PRINTER: John Riddle, London DESCRIPTION: A rare and beautiful romantic tableau for the London Underground, for which Dupas created six designs over a three year period. This is

Lot: 311 - To New York.

ARTIST: THEODORE ETBAUER (1892-1975) SIZE: 25 x 39 1/2 in./63.5 x 100.4 cm DESCRIPTION: Etbauer, who created several posters for the Graf Zeppelin as well as for trans-Atlantic cruise lines, threads a Stars & Stripes through the smokestack livery

Lot: 312 - Nach New York/Hamburg-Amerika Linie. ca. 1932.

ARTIST: THEODORE ETBAUER (1892-1975) SIZE: 22 7/8 x 31 3/4 in./58 x 80.8 cm DESCRIPTION: This is the German-text version of the previous poster, without the American flag in the background. (Ships; Travel: Americas; Art Deco)

Lot: 313 - Obama '08. 2008.

ARTIST: SHEPARD FAIREY (1970- ) SIZE: 31 3/4 x 57 3/4 in./80.7 x 146.6 cm DESCRIPTION: A true collector's item! Shepard Fairey's world-famous Obama portrait, first used for the "HOPE" poster, was picked up for this more direct 2008 campaign poster.

Lot: 314 - Bordeaux. ca. 1960.

ARTIST: ROBERT FALCUCCI (1900-1989) SIZE: 24 1/2 x 39 1/8 in./62.3 x 99.4 cm PRINTER: Imp. Vasselais, Paris DESCRIPTION: This poster contains its own frame, because the Bordeaux that lies within is a masterpiece of art, architecture, music and wine.

Lot: 315 - Ski-Nautique. 1939.

ARTIST: FORG SIZE: 39 1/4 x 23 5/8 in./99.6 x 50 cm PRINTER: Waseige, Liège DESCRIPTION: This Waterskiing Championship of Europe was to have been part of the Exposition Internationale de la Technique de l'Eau of 1939: an annual event following

Lot: 316 - Burger-Kehl & Co. / PKZ. 1917.

ARTIST: LEONHARD F. W. FRIES (1881-1965) SIZE: 35 5/8 x 49 3/4 in./90.5 x 126.5 cm PRINTER: J. E. Wolfensberger, Zürich DESCRIPTION: One of the more effective designs for the PKZ men's store, this handsome image sits on the same level as those

Lot: 317 - Histoire Naturelle. 1892.

ARTIST: FUILLERAT SIZE: 24 3/4 x 35 1/4 in./62.8 x 89.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. Lemercier, Paris DESCRIPTION: Two exquisitely detailed and colored parrots front this sales poster for Histoire Naturelle (known in English as "Popular Natural History; Man and

Lot: 318 - Holiday in Israel. 1956.

ARTIST: ABRAM GAMES (1914-1996) SIZE: 25 1/2 x 38 3/4 in./64 x 98.3 cm PRINTER: E. Lewin-Epstein, Tel Aviv DESCRIPTION: The Sun is put on a pedestal in this cheery illustration by Abram Games, whose motto is "maximum meaning, minimum means." Note

Lot: 319 - Wanda Osiris. 1955.

ARTIST: PAOLO FEDERICO GARRETTO (1903-1991) SIZE: 39 1/4 x 54 7/8 in./99.6 x 139.3 cm PRINTER: Graf N. Moneta, Milano DESCRIPTION: Wanda Osiris, with that big beaming toothy grin, was the stage name of Anna Menzio, an actress and showgirl of the

Lot: 320 - Ostende : Maquette. 1938.

ARTIST: H. GERNAY SIZE: 21 1/2 x 30 3/8 in./54.6 x 77.2 cm DESCRIPTION: Ostende is a Dutch coastal town with a magnificent seaside esplanade. Despite extensive research we have not been able to confirm any sightings of mermaids there. This splendid

Lot: 321 - Cherry-Brandy “Regals”. 1921.

ARTIST: CHARLES GESMAR (1900-1928) SIZE: 31 3/8 x 15 1/2 in./79.5 x 39.4 cm PRINTER: Affiches Camis, Paris DESCRIPTION: Mistinguett, cuffs and collar bedecked with cherries, toasts our health with a glass of Regals Cherry-Brandy. "The Cherry of my

Lot: 322 - Mistinguett and the Swan : Maquette.

ARTIST: CHARLES GESMAR (1900-1928) SIZE: 14 x 12 1/8 in./35.5 x 30.8 cm DESCRIPTION: Possibly a design for a show spectacular, Gesmar's drawing has Mistinguett reclining in the lap of a gigantic swan, eyes narrowed in the bliss of luxury, breasts

Lot: 323 - Duncan Yoyo. 1930.

ARTIST: RAYMOND GID (1905-2000) SIZE: 23 1/2 x 31 1/4 in./60 x 79.5 cm PRINTER: Imp Bedos, Paris DESCRIPTION: The name Duncan is synonymous with yo-yos the world over; this poster helped make it so. A surrealistic fantasy in Art Deco minimalism, it

Lot: 324 - Reveil du Jour. ca. 1899.

ARTIST: MARY GOLAY (1869-1944) SIZE: 15 3/8 x 38 3/8 in./39.2 x 97.6 cm DESCRIPTION: A sunny sunflower girl has a notion: a particularly buoyant one, it seems, as she's surrounded with a halo of songbirds. Mary Golay created dozens of decorative art

Lot: 325 - Uriage les Bains. 1936.

ARTIST: GASTON GORDE (1908-1995) SIZE: 24 1/2 x 39 3/8 in./62.2 x 100 cm PRINTER: Gorde & Boudry, Grenoble DESCRIPTION: Gaston Gorde has an eye-opening take on Art Deco – a type of intensity that's almost hyperreal – which he's deployed

Lot: 326 - Chicago World’s Fair/Columbian Exposition.

ARTIST: C. GRAHAM SIZE: 41 x 27 3/4 in./104 x 70.5 cm PRINTER: World's Fair Art Litho. Co., Chicago DESCRIPTION: Originally created as part of a portfolio for the World’s Columbian Exposition, this print by Graham, taken from a watercolor,

Lot: 327 - Ulfsvik. 1930.

ARTIST: N. G. GRANATH SIZE: 23 5/8 x 35 1/4 in./56 x 89.6 cm PRINTER: J. Olsens, Stockholm DESCRIPTION: A prolific Swedish illustrator who hit his prime as Art Deco swept over Europe, N. G. Granath offers up an athletic ode to the camping spot of

Lot: 329 - 1e Exposition d’Art Décoratif. 1894.

ARTIST: EUGENE GRASSET (1841-1917) SIZE: 32 3/8 x 50 1/2 in./82.2 x 128.2 cm PRINTER: Imp. G. de Malherbe, Paris DESCRIPTION: Grasset created the first poster for the first annual show of decorative arts. It was the beginning of a movement that

Lot: 330 - Histoire de France. 1894.

ARTIST: EUGENE GRASSET (1841-1917) SIZE: 32 x 47 1/2 in./81 x 120.6 cm DESCRIPTION: Marianne, Symbol of France, seated heroically in a gusting wind, opens her tome emblazoned with the famous names: Charlemagne, St. Louis, Jeanne d'Arc, Henri IV,

Lot: 331 - The Century/Life of Napoleon : Maquette. 1894.

ARTIST: EUGENE GRASSET (1841-1917) SIZE: 7 1/4 x 10 1/8 in./18.4 x 25.6 cm DESCRIPTION: To advertise its serialization of the life of Napoleon, the American magazine The Century went all the way to Paris to hire Grasset. “He produced a splendid

Lot: 332 - Théâtre de l'Opéra / 4e Bal

ARTIST: H. GRAY (Henri Boulanger, 1858-1924) SIZE: 36 1/4 x 50 3/4 in./92 x 129 cm PRINTER: Imp. Courmont Frères, Paris DESCRIPTION: Masked balls had been held at the old Paris Opera House since the 1850s. By the end of the 19th century, up to

Lot: 333 - Theatre de L'Opéra / 3e Bal Masque. 1899.

ARTIST: H. GRAY (Henri Boulanger, 1858-1924) SIZE: 38 x 49 1/2 in./96.5 x 125.8 cm PRINTER: Affiches Camis, Paris DESCRIPTION: A year later, H. Gray presents another angle of the Opera Garnier, this time from the grand foyer: a delightful Joker waves

Lot: 334 - Concert Européen/Veux-tu Grimper? 1901.

ARTIST: JULES-ALEXANDRE GRÜN (1868-1938) SIZE: 33 7/8 x 48 1/2 in./86 x 123.3 cm PRINTER: Imp Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: Ooh, naughty. The pulchritudinous singer Marville, here in provocative red dress, is inviting you: "Want to climb up?" But

Lot: 335 - Scala / Revue à Poivre. 1903.

ARTIST: JULES-ALEXANDRE GRÜN (1868-1938) SIZE: 34 5/8 x 48 7/8 in./88 x 124 cm PRINTER: Charles Verneau, Paris DESCRIPTION: In the “Revue à Poivre,” Suzanne Derval – the real-life inspiration for Colette’s novel

Lot: 336 - La Cigale/L’Enfer. 1902.

ARTIST: JULES-ALEXANDRE GRÜN (1868-1938) SIZE: 15 1/4 x 23 1/2 in./38.7 x 79.7 cm DESCRIPTION: The devil takes the hindmost – quite fetchingly – in this snapshot of the Montmartre demimonde for La Cigale, a theater and cabaret near

Lot: 337 - Scala / Enfin, Seuls! 1899.

ARTIST: JULES-ALEXANDRE GRÜN (1868-1938) SIZE: 33 1/4 x 48 1/2 in./84.5 x 123 cm PRINTER: Imp Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: Here's an unusually chaste and romantic design by Grün, who was the enfant terrible of the more salacious realms of the

Lot: 338 - Scala / La Revue de la Scala. 1905.

ARTIST: JULES-ALEXANDRE GRÜN (1868-1938) SIZE: 23 1/8 x 31 1/4 in./58.7 x 79.5 cm PRINTER: Ch. Verneau, Paris DESCRIPTION: “Drawing its inspiration from the Folies Bergères in 1905, La Scala decided to avoid provocative headings and to

Lot: 339 - Le Touquet/Paris-Plage. 1925 .

ARTIST: JULES-ALEXANDRE GRÜN (1868-1938) SIZE: 29 1/4 x 40 7/8 in./74.2 x 104 cm PRINTER: Imp. Cornille & Serre, Paris DESCRIPTION: A late work by Grün so traditional and chaste it's downright strange. The barely restrained id of the

Lot: 340 - Aarau. 1939.

ARTIST: JOHANNES HANDSCHIN (1899-1948) SIZE: 36 1/8 x 50 1/2 in./91.8 x 128.2 cm PRINTER: A. Trub, Aarau DESCRIPTION: One of the leaders of the Basel graphic arts movement, Handschin became enraptured by Art Deco and, specifically, the idea of the

Lot: 341 - Zolfi Almagia. ca. 1950.

ARTIST: ADOLFO HOHENSTEIN (1854-1928) SIZE: 27 3/4 x 39 1/2 in./70.4 x 100.4 cm PRINTER: Barabino & Graeve, Genova DESCRIPTION: Considered the father of the modern advertising poster, Hohenstein became synonymous with 1890s Italian opera with

Lot: 342 - Das Deutsche Gamswild. ca. 1935.

ARTIST: LUDWIG HOHLWEIN (1874-1949) SIZE: 23 1/2 x 34 1/4 in./59.6 x 87 cm PRINTER: H. Sonntag, Munchen DESCRIPTION: Here's looking at you, kid: this, as the title makes clear, is a German Chamois. Brought down from the snowcapped mountains, he is on

Lot: 343 - Café Odeon und Billard Akademie. 1908.

ARTIST: LUDWIG HOHLWEIN (1874-1949) SIZE: 33 1/4 x 45 1/4 in./84.5 x 115 cm PRINTER: Vereinigte Druckereien, München DESCRIPTION: A sportily attired billiards player receives a drink from a liveried black waiter in this Hohlwein classic. Note

Lot: 344 - Navigation Mixte. 1920.

ARTIST: SANDY HOOK (Georges Taboureau, 1879-1960) SIZE: 29 1/8 x 40 7/8 in./74 x 103.8 cm PRINTER: Imp. Devambez, Paris DESCRIPTION: Beginning in 1850, Compagnie de Navigation Mixte ran cargo and passenger services between Marseille and North Africa.

Lot: 345 - L'Escarmouche. 1893.

ARTIST: HENRI-GABRIEL IBELS (1867-1936) SIZE: 19 1/4 x 25 in./49 x 63.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. Eugene Verneau, Paris DESCRIPTION: As one of the most notable posterists of the Belle Époque, Ibels often presented a leisurely, everyday view of Paris and

Lot: 346 - Nicolas. 1930-1932.

ARTIST: PAUL IRIBE (1883-1935) SIZE: Each: 9 7/8 x 12 5/8 in./25.2 x 32 cm PRINTER: Draeger, Paris DESCRIPTION: After a stint as a Hollywood set decorator, Paul Iribe returned to France in 1929 and contracted with the printer Draeger, a job he'd have

Lot: 347 - Das Amateur-Foto. 1934.

ARTIST: HERMANN KEIMEL (1889-1948) SIZE: 24 x 33 in./61 x 83.6 cm PRINTER: Poehlmann, München DESCRIPTION: A very formal, monochrome, Deco- contemporary gentleman, finger on the trigger, is positioned to advertise a 1934 exhibition of amateur

Lot: 348 - Underground / Power. 1931.

ARTIST: E. MCKNIGHT KAUFFER (1890-1954) SIZE: 25 x 39 3/4 in./63.4 x 101 cm PRINTER: Vincent Brooks, Day & Son, London DESCRIPTION: "The graphic work of E. McKnight Kauffer revolutionized the face of the London Underground. Between 1915 and 1935

Lot: 349 - Portrait of Josephine Baker. 1950.

ARTIST: CHARLES KIFFER (1902-1992) SIZE: 6 5/8 x 9 5/8 in./16.8 x 24.3 cm DESCRIPTION: This pencil-and-ink portrait of Josephine Baker in regal headdress, created by Charles Kiffer, is signed and dedicated by Josephine (Paris, 1950) as well as signed

Lot: 350 - Northern Pacific / North Coast Limited / Montana

ARTIST: GUSTAV W. KROLLMANN (1888-1962) SIZE: 30 x 39 5/8 in./76.2 x 100.6 cm DESCRIPTION: A 4-8-4 locomotive of the North Coast Limited comes barreling through Bozeman Pass in the Montana Rockies. This painterly image by Krollmann perfectly captures

Lot: 351 - Northern Pacific / Mt. St. Helens. ca. 1931.

ARTIST: GUSTAV W. KROLLMANN (1888-1962) SIZE: 28 5/8 x 39 5/8 in./72.8 x 100.5 cm DESCRIPTION: A piece of history: Mount St. Helens in 1931, cone intact, 49 years before its catastrophic eruption in 1980, which collapsed the entire north face (our

Lot: 352 - Elixir de Spa. 1897.

ARTIST: RAFF LAGYE SIZE: 43 1/4 x 32 7/8 in./109.8 x 83.5 cm PRINTER: O. de Rycker, Bruxelles DESCRIPTION: A rapturous profusion of Art Nouveau majesty attends this splendid poster for Elixir de Spa, the original aperitif from Spa, Belgium, where the

Lot: 353 - La Libre Esthetique. 1908.

ARTIST: GEORGES LEMMON (1865-1916) SIZE: 19 x 25 1/2 in./48 x 64.8 cm PRINTER: Imp. Monnom DESCRIPTION: For La Libre Esthetique's Jubilee Exhibition, Lemmon situates a draped nude, holding a rose, at a balance between the classical ideal and the

Lot: 354 - Modiano. 1933.

ARTIST: FRANZ LENHART (1898-1992) SIZE: 39 1/8 x 55 in./99.3 x 139.6 cm PRINTER: Grafiche Modiano, Trieste DESCRIPTION: For the Modiano brand of prefabricated rolling paper tubes, Lenhart plays us an engaging optical game of silhouettes: the black

Lot: 355 - Merano. 1934.

ARTIST: FRANZ LENHART (1898-1992) SIZE: 24 1/2 x 39 1/2 in./62.2 x 100.2 cm PRINTER: Coen, Milano DESCRIPTION: Merano, a town in the South Tyrol of northern Italy, is located within a basin of huge mountains, creating a mild climate. It's

Lot: 356 - Chicago Evening Post. 1898.

ARTIST: JOSEPH C. LEYENDECKER (1874-1951) SIZE: 17 1/8 x 21 7/8 in./43.5 x 55.5 cm DESCRIPTION: J. C. Leyendecker is world-famous as the creator of Arrow Collar Shirt Man, as well as countless images of peak Roaring '20s - Jazz Age opulence, not to

Lot: 357 - Salle Bullier / Fete du Nuit à Montparnasse

ARTIST: ANDRÉ LHOTE (1885-1962) & ILIA ZDANEVITCH (1894-1975) SIZE: 38 1/2 x 54 3/4 in./97.7 x 139.2 cm PRINTER: Imp Engelmann, Paris DESCRIPTION: A virtual "Who's Who" of the Parisian avant-garde –– Cocteau, Delaunay, Gris,

Lot: 358 - Salon des Cent / 31éme Exposition

ARTIST: P. H. LOBEL SIZE: 14 7/8 x 22 1/4 in./37.8 x 56.5 cm PRINTER: Imp Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: In a manner similar to that of Lautrec, Lobel gives us a voluminously-dressed woman dashing toward an oncoming tennis ball, racket ready. Created to

Lot: 359 - Philippossian Automobiles. 1920.

ARTIST: CHARLES LOUPOT (1892-1962) SIZE: 50 3/4 x 35 3/8 in./128.8 x 90 cm PRINTER: Lith Säuberlin & Pfeiffer, Vevey DESCRIPTION: A flame-haired Femme Fatale, dressed in black, launches this midnight-blue beast of an auto into the foggy

Lot: 360 - Gebr. Loeb. ca. 1918.

ARTIST: CHARLES LOUPOT (1892-1962) SIZE: 35 3/4 x 50 1/4 in./91 x 127.7 cm PRINTER: Artis, Lausanne DESCRIPTION: A young woman kneels in the grass, inspecting the flower accoutrement upon her hat, on behalf of the department store Gebrueder Loeb.

Lot: 361 - Le Petit Marin : Maquette. 1918.

ARTIST: CHARLES LOUPOT (1892-1962) SIZE: 35 3/8 x 50 3/8 in./89.7 x 128 cm DESCRIPTION: This little sailor lad, who's gawp-mouthed with surprise while trying to rein in his German shepherd, may have been a study for a Swiss department store

Lot: 362 - Foire Francfort. 1925.

ARTIST: CHARLES LOUPOT (1892-1962) SIZE: 30 7/8 x 46 3/4 in./78.5 x 117.7 cm DESCRIPTION: “The poster for the Frankfurt Fair undoubtedly stands out as the very first poster that definitively breaks with an illustrative language. It equally marks

Lot: 363 - Mira. 1929.

ARTIST: CHARLES LOUPOT (1892-1962) SIZE: 46 7/8 x 62 5/8 in./119 x 159 cm PRINTER: Imp. Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: “While it is perhaps not the most visually intelligible advertisement, this poster for Mira razor blades is without a doubt one of

Lot: 364 - Stop-Fire. 1930.

ARTIST: CHARLES LOUPOT (1892-1962) SIZE: 31 1/2 x 47 3/8 in./80 x 120.4 cm PRINTER: Les Belles Affiches, Paris DESCRIPTION: Stop-Fire made fire extinguishers, adaptable especially for automobiles. To show its power and effectiveness, Loupot

Lot: 365 - Fêtes de Paris. 1935.

ARTIST: CHARLES LOUPOT (1892-1962) SIZE: 24 1/8 x 39 1/4 in./61.2 x 99.7 cm DESCRIPTION: An old caravel symbolizing trade, along with castle walls which represent old Paris and at the same time forming the shape of a crown, are the elements of this

Lot: 366 - St. Raphaël/Quinquina. 1938.

ARTIST: CHARLES LOUPOT (1892-1962) SIZE: 44 1/2 x 61 3/4 in./113 x 156.8 cm PRINTER: Imp. Speciale du St. Raphaël DESCRIPTION: One of the original posters that Loupot created for this brand of bitters, featuring the two waiters who would become,

Lot: 367 - Biscuit Gondolo : Maquette. 1942.

ARTIST: CHARLES LOUPOT (1892-1962) SIZE: 46 3/4 x 62 1/2 in./118.7 x 158.8 cm DESCRIPTION: During World War II, France's Vichy regime banned all liquor advertising, which throttled Loupot's income; so he repaired to his home in Chevroches and

Lot: 368 - La Loterie Coloniale. ca. 1937.

ARTIST: MAROY SIZE: 24 1/8 x 39 1/2 in./61.2 x 100.8 cm DESCRIPTION: Aimed at raising money for charitable work in the Belgian Congo, this stately image of an African woman under a thatched roof promotes the Loterie Coloniale. (Black Images)

Lot: 369 - Ruderregatta. 1934.

ARTIST: MARTIN SIZE: 35 3/8 x 50 1/2 in./90 x 128.3 cm PRINTER: Gebr. Fretz, Zurich DESCRIPTION: The calm of misty mornings, before the wind picks up, when the river is like glass and the scull and its rower are but negative space – the

Lot: 370 - Martigny. 1909.

ARTIST: LUCIEN MÉTIVET (1863-1932) SIZE: 29 3/8 x 41 3/8 in./74.5 x 105 cm PRINTER: Minot, Paris DESCRIPTION: Métivet is renowned as a poster artist and cartoonist: the hand behind the famous "Eugénie Buffet" (see PAI-LXXIII, 178), as

Lot: 371 - Futbol Club Barcelona. 1974.

ARTIST: JOAN MIRÓ (1893-1983) SIZE: 27 1/8 x 38 1/2 in./69 x 98 cm PRINTER: La Poligrafa, Barcelona DESCRIPTION: Joan Miro, of Barcelona born, is a maker of many artistic masterpieces in his characteristic childlike, surrealistic style. But for

Lot: 372 - Cordon-Bleu. 1926.

ARTIST: HENRY LE MONNIER (1893-1978) SIZE: 41 1/4 x 62 in./104.7 x 157.3 cm PRINTER: Affiches Lutetia, Paris DESCRIPTION: Like Cappiello and Jean D'Ylen, Le Monnier's posters are bursting with the spirit of "voila!" And here it is: fine Cordon Bleu

Lot: 373 - Andalucia. 1941.

ARTIST: JOSÉ MORELL (1899-1949) SIZE: 24 1/4 x 39 3/4 in./81.6 x 101 cm PRINTER: Seix y Barral, Barcelona DESCRIPTION: A romantic unveiling of springtime in Andalucia, with raven hair and white flamenco dress, swallows and doves pirouetting

Lot: 374 - Kunst-Ausstellung Crefeld. 1897.

ARTIST: ALFRED MOHRBUTTER (1867-1916) SIZE: 17 1/4 x 23 3/8 in./44 x 59.3 cm DESCRIPTION: This announcement for an art exhibition, using the artistic tropes of the Salon des Cent, is chiefly notable for its date and location: the Kaiser Wilhelm

Lot: 375 - Job. 1896.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 18 1/8 x 25 5/8 in./46 x 65 cm PRINTER: F. Champenois, Paris DESCRIPTION: This is Mucha's single most famous work. It seems impossible that such flamboyant effort would be devoted to selling cigarette papers.

Lot: 376 - La Dame aux Camélias. 1896.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 28 3/8 x 80 in./72 x 230.2 cm PRINTER: Imp. F. Champenois, Paris DESCRIPTION: Alexander Dumas, fils, wrote a semi-autobiographical novel based upon his love affair with a courtesan. She would wear a white

Lot: 377 - Lorenzaccio. 1896.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 14 7/8 x 40 1/4 in./37.8 x 101.8 cm PRINTER: Imp. F. Champenois, Paris DESCRIPTION: Sarah Bernhardt adopts the pose of a pensive Lorenzo the Magnificent (1449-1492), the most powerful of the Medicis, in this

Lot: 378 - Gismonda / Théâtre de la Renaissance.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 29 3/8 x 85 3/8 in./74.5 x 216.7 cm PRINTER: Imp. Lemercier, Paris DESCRIPTION: "This is the poster that launched Mucha's career and introduced a new artistic style into commercial lithography. Prepared by

Lot: 379 - Monaco-Monte-Carlo. 1897.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 29 x 42 1/2 in./73.8 x 108 cm PRINTER: Imp. F. Champenois, Paris DESCRIPTION: “Mucha went all out with a most opulent design. The shy maiden, kneeling, enraptured with the tranquility of the bay of Monte

Lot: 380 - Biscuits Lefèvre-Utile. 1896.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 17 1/2 x 24 1/4 in./44.3 x 61.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. F. Champenois, Paris DESCRIPTION: One of Mucha's most classic and recognizable images. We far more frequently acquire it on biscuit tins, with inferior

Lot: 381 - La Trappistine. 1897.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 29 1/2 x 81 1/4 in./75 x 206.3 cm PRINTER: Imp. F. Champenois, Paris DESCRIPTION: A liqueur made by Parisian Trappist monks requires a bit of reverence: an ideal commission for Mucha, whose first artistic

Lot: 382 - La Samaritaine. 1897.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 22 5/8 x 68 7/8 in./57.5 x 175 cm PRINTER: Imp. F. Champenois, Paris DESCRIPTION: This “was a play with a Biblical theme [in which Bernhardt] played Photina, a girl from the Samaria district of Ancient

Lot: 383 - Bières de la Meuse. 1897.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 39 3/4 x 59 7/8 in./101 x 152 cm PRINTER: Imp. F. Champenois, Paris DESCRIPTION: One of the world's most famous posters, this piece was commissioned to promote the historic breweries of the Meuse River Valley,

Lot: 384 - Chocolat Masson / Chocolat Mexicain. 1897.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: Each: 8 1/2 x 11 5/8 in./21.6 x 29.6 cm PRINTER: Imp. F. Champenois, Paris DESCRIPTION: This 1898 Calendar is at least the second Mucha created on behalf of Chocolat Masson / Chocolat Mexicain. The four-sheet

Lot: 385 - The Seasons / Autumn. 1900.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 13 3/8 x 29 in./34 x 73.7 cm DESCRIPTION: The idea of personifying the four seasons was nothing new, but Champenois had such success with Mucha’s 1896 suite of decorative panels that he asked the artist

Lot: 386 - Flirt. 1900.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 11 3/8 x 25 1/8 in./29 x 63.8 cm PRINTER: Imp. F. Champenois, Paris DESCRIPTION: "Flirt" was a brand of biscuit sold by Lefevre-Utile, but that becomes almost irrelevant to admirers of this classic depiction

Lot: 387 - Luchon. 1895.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 29 1/2 x 39 1/2 in./75 x 100.3 cm PRINTER: Imp. Camis, Paris DESCRIPTION: Mucha failed to sign this railway poster for the prestigious Pyrénées resort, thereby creating a bit of a mystery for this

Lot: 388 - Dawn & Dusk. 1899.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: Each: 35 3/8 x 18 5/8 in./90 x 47.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. F. Champenois, Paris (not shown) DESCRIPTION: "This pair of ladies represents the two transitory stages between night and day. Dawn throws off her cover as

Lot: 389 - Plume et Primevère. 1899.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: Each: 12 1/2 x 30 in./31.7 x 76.2 cm PRINTER: Imp. F. Champenois, Paris (not shown) DESCRIPTION: "Plume et Primevere" – or, Quill and Primrose. “This series of decorative panels originally sold for

Lot: 390 - Heather & Sea Holly. 1902.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: Each: 11 3/8 x 26 5/8 in./29 x 67.7 cm PRINTER: Imp. F. Champenois, Paris DESCRIPTION: Heather from Brittany; Holly from Normandy. Both the flora and the costumes of the two women symbolize these seaside

Lot: 391 - Times of the Day / Reverie du Soir. 1899.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 16 3/8 x 43 in./41.6 x 109.2 cm DESCRIPTION: “Evening Reverie,” the third "Day” panel, permits us to share in a dreamy moment of twilight reflection, suspended in the eternity of pensive beauty

Lot: 392 - Times of the Day / Répos de la Nuit. 1899.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 16 3/8 x 43 1/4 in./41.6 x 109.8 cm DESCRIPTION: This is the fourth panel in the Times of the Day series, representing night. (Art Nouveau; Calendar; Artist: Mucha)

Lot: 393 - Ivy. 1901.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 15 x 15 in./38.2 x 38.2 cm DESCRIPTION: Part of a decorative panel set, Ivy was created to correspond with Laurel (see following lot). “Reminiscent in concept to the Byzantine Heads, this is a coupling of

Lot: 394 - Laurel/Libraire Vve. G. Muller. 1901.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 16 x 21 1/2 in./40.7 x 54.5 cm DESCRIPTION: One half of the Ivy and Laurel set of decorative panels, produced at the same time as Mucha was designing the interior of George Fouqet’s jewelry shop,

Lot: 395 - Henrietta Crosman. ca. 1908.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (adapted) SIZE: 21 3/4 x 28 in./55.4 x 71.2 cm PRINTER: Strobridge Litho, Cincinnati DESCRIPTION: Not Mucha: but a unique adaptation using Mucha's Ivy design (No. 393) to promote the American stage and film actress Henrietta

Lot: 396 - Documents Décoratifs. 1902.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 17 1/2 x 29 1/2 in./44.5 x 7.5 cm DESCRIPTION: “Documents décoratifs, published in 1902, . . . was Mucha’s artistic creed, and a book that authoritatively set down the precepts of Art Nouveau

Lot: 397 - Zdenka Cerny. 1913.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 41 1/4 x 73 1/4 in./104.7 x 186 cm PRINTER: V. Neubert, Smichov/Prague DESCRIPTION: This poster was prepared for Ms. Cerny’s European tour planned for the fall of 1914. When war broke out that spring, the

Lot: 398 - Máje. 1902.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 9 3/8 x 12 1/2 in./23.8 x 31.8 cm DESCRIPTION: An allegorical maiden of May, cradling flowers upon her breast, comforts a pensive, Slavic-gowned woman in this moving image – the cover for a Czech literary

Lot: 399 - De Forest Phonofilm. 1927.

ARTIST: ALPHONSE MUCHA (1860-1939) SIZE: 29 5/8 x 46 5/8 in./75.2 x 118.5 cm PRINTER: V. Neuberta Synové, Praha DESCRIPTION: This poster is coded with the stories of roads not taken. In 1927, a Czech opera singer living in New York, Otakar

Lot: 400 - General Dynamics/Atoms for Peace. 1955.

ARTIST: ERIK NITSCHE (1908-1998) SIZE: 35 3/4 x 49 7/8 in./90.8 x 126.7 cm PRINTER: R. Marsens, Lausanne DESCRIPTION: On December 8, 1953, President Eisenhower announced, to the world, the threats and promises of the nuclear age. "My country's

Lot: 401 - General Dynamics / Hydrodynamics. 1955.

ARTIST: ERIK NITSCHE (1908-1998) SIZE: 35 1/2 x 49 7/8 in./90.2 x 126.8 cm PRINTER: R. Marsens, Lausanne DESCRIPTION: Possibly the most famous image in the series, "It was an indelible logo in its day... the shell was a virtual cornucopia of

Lot: 402 - General Dynamics / Electrodynamics. 1955.

ARTIST: ERIK NITSCHE (1908-1998) SIZE: 35 1/2 x 50 1/4 in./90.2 x 127.5 cm PRINTER: R. Marsens, Lausanne DESCRIPTION: The Sanskrit text of "atoms for peace" gives this poster great impact. Very little of India had electricity in 1947, when the

Lot: 403 - General Dynamics / Radiation Dynamics. 1956.

ARTIST: ERIK NITSCHE (1908-1998) SIZE: 35 3/4 x 50 in./90.7 x 127 cm PRINTER: R. Marsens, Lausanne DESCRIPTION: The sun's radiating beams fall upon stalks of wheat and is broken into its spectrum, for this Arabic-language poster from the second Atoms

Lot: 404 - General Dynamics / Astrodynamics. 1955.

ARTIST: ERIK NITSCHE (1908-1998) SIZE: 35 3/4 x 50 1/4 in./91 x 127.7 cm PRINTER: R. Marsens, Lausanne DESCRIPTION: The emerging Space Race makes the Russian text on this smooth depiction of aerodynamics and orbital mechanics quite appropriate.

Lot: 405 - General Dynamics / Solar Dynamics. 1955.

ARTIST: ERIK NITSCHE (1908-1998) SIZE: 35 5/8 x 150 1/8 in./90.6 x 127.3 cm PRINTER: R. Marsens, Lausanne DESCRIPTION: Each poster had "atoms for peace" printed in a different language to emphasize the universal nature of the sentiment and the

Lot: 406 - General Dynamics / Aerodynamics. 1956.

ARTIST: ERIK NITSCHE (1908-1998) SIZE: 35 3/4 x 50 in./90.8 x 127 cm PRINTER: R. Marsens, Lausanne DESCRIPTION: The photomontage element in the lower half of this poster pictures a derrick crane – a coded reference to the Berlin Airlift. In

Lot: 407 - General Dynamics / Servodynamics. 1956.

ARTIST: ERIK NITSCHE (1908-1998) SIZE: 35 3/4 x 49 7/8 in./91 x 126.8 cm PRINTER: R. Marsens, Lausanne DESCRIPTION: Servodynamics is, put very simply, the science of creating motors that, working together, can precisely fix an object's position,

Lot: 408 - General Dynamics / Nucleodynamics. 1955.

ARTIST: ERIK NITSCHE (1908-1998) SIZE: 35 3/4 x 50 1/8 in./90.7 x 127.5 cm PRINTER: R. Marsens, Lausanne DESCRIPTION: Break down the Periodic Table of Elements down even further, and you get to the Table of Atomic Isotopes. Nitsche abstracts the

Lot: 409 - Eigen Haard. 1898.

ARTIST: WIJNAND OTTO JAN NIEUWENKAMP SIZE: 21 x 32 1/4 in./53.4 x 82 cm PRINTER: Lith. Tresung, Amsterdam DESCRIPTION: What is this strange magnificence? How does a Dutch poster from 1898 look like a still from a Japanese sci-fi anime depicting

Lot: 410 - La Panne. 1932.

ARTIST: CONSTANT NORTIER SIZE: 24 x 38 5/8 in./61 x 98.2 cm PRINTER: Léon Beyaert-Sioen, Courtrai DESCRIPTION: With classic 1930's typography and a bit of a cartoonish hand we'll see in Tintin comics (drawn by another Belgian hand), Nortier's La

Lot: 411 - L'Astrolin. ca. 1907.

ARTIST: EUGENE OGÉ (1869-1936) SIZE: 41 1/2 x 60 3/4 in./105.5 x 154.2 cm PRINTER: Imp. F. Champenois, Paris DESCRIPTION: "Peinture email": it's not a JPEG in your inbox, it's L'Astrolin's brilliant gloss paint. With it, the old Commedia

Lot: 412 - Mont-Revard / Téléphérique.

ARTIST: PAUL ORDNER (1900-1969) SIZE: 24 1/8 x 39 3/8 in./61.2 x 100 cm PRINTER: Imp. M. Dechaux, Paris DESCRIPTION: The caddy – perhaps the couple's son – is lugging golf clubs up the cliff, but mother has a tennis racket in her hand.

Lot: 413 - Benz Casino.

ARTIST: OTTO OTTLER (1891-1965) SIZE: 34 5/8 x 46 1/2 in./88 x 118 cm PRINTER: Kunst in Druck, München DESCRIPTION: A Deco bellhop is placed upon his pedestal to signify the Benz Casino's commitment to service. (Art Deco)

Lot: 414 - Rayon d’Or. 1895.

ARTIST: PAL (Jean de Paléologue, 1860-1942) SIZE: 31 1/8 x 47 5/8 in./79 x 121 cm PRINTER: Imp. Paul Dupont, Paris DESCRIPTION: “Rarely has a product so humdrum as a kerosene lamp been promoted with such uninhibited zest – but then

Lot: 415 - Parfums des Femmes de France. 1896.

ARTIST: PAL (Jean de Paléologue, 1860-1942) SIZE: 30 7/8 x 46 7/8 in./78.5 x 119 cm PRINTER: Imp. Paul Dupont, Paris DESCRIPTION: Pal virtually defined the feminine aesthetic of France between 1895 and 1898. The text reads: “Oh! what an

Lot: 416 - Exposition Internationale Fascisme. 1935.

ARTIST: JEAN PAUL SIZE: 31 3/8 x 46 7/8 in./79.7 x 119 cm PRINTER: Imp Springer, Paris DESCRIPTION: Graphically arresting and in superb condition, with particularly resonant coloration, Paul's poster announces one of many conferences concerned with

Lot: 417 - Chamonix. 1905.

ARTIST: RENÉ PÉAN (1875-1940) SIZE: 33 3/8 x 47 1/2 in./84.8 x 120.2 cm PRINTER: Imp. Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: We've seen many grand solicitations for Chamonix in the wintertime; here, this lovely lady with her hiking cane would like to

Lot: 418 - Harper’s / November. 1894.

ARTIST: EDWARD PENFIELD (1866-1925) SIZE: 12 1/2 x 18 in./31.7 x 45.8 cm DESCRIPTION: One of Penfield's rarest and earliest designs for Harper's is also one of his most comedic. The rivalry between Harvard and Yale is legendary, and when they match

Lot: 419 - Harper’s / January. 1896.

ARTIST: EDWARD PENFIELD (1866-1925) SIZE: 11 1/4 x 17 3/8 in./28.5 x 44 cm DESCRIPTION: This is a remarkable memento of American cultural history. Penfield's poster for January 1896 features a dignified portrait of George Washington, announcing a

Lot: 420 - Harper’s / June. 1896.

ARTIST: EDWARD PENFIELD (1866-1925) SIZE: 13 3/4 x 18 1/2 in./35 x 47 cm DESCRIPTION: Penfield's art is characterized by a paradoxical, yet wonderful, invitation to solitude. This is a classic example: The woman in her summer rocking-chair keeps

Lot: 421 - Harper’s / August / Tom Sawyer Detective.

ARTIST: EDWARD PENFIELD (1866-1925) SIZE: 13 3/4 x 18 1/2 in./34.8 x 47 cm DESCRIPTION: A young lady, bored and overdressed; a young man, in bathing costume, smoking a cigarette, suspicious and perturbed by the woman's boredom. A perfect, succinct

Lot: 422 - Harper’s / Christmas. 1896.

ARTIST: EDWARD PENFIELD (1866-1925) SIZE: 12 3/4 x 17 1/4 in./32.3 x 43.7 cm DESCRIPTION: With extraordinary economy of expression, Penfield captures all the contradictory emotions of the Christmas season: cold weather, warm feelings, anticipation,

Lot: 423 - Harper’s / February. 1897.

ARTIST: EDWARD PENFIELD (1866-1925) SIZE: 13 7/8 x 19 1/8 in./35.3 x 80.5 cm DESCRIPTION: A seldom-seen Penfield poster, perfectly pictured: a phalanx of Fin-de-Siécle folks on a train, or in the waiting room of a station, all reading copies of

Lot: 424 - Harper’s / March. 1898.

ARTIST: EDWARD PENFIELD (1866-1925) SIZE: 12 3/8 x 15 1/2 in./31.5 x 39.2 cm DESCRIPTION: Penfield creates a great portrait of Mark Twain to advertise, in the March 1898 edition of Harper's, the American satirist's nonfiction essay on the sclerotic

Lot: 425 - Exposition Vallauris. 1955.

ARTIST: PABLO PICASSO (1881-1973) SIZE: 15 5/8 x 19 7/8 in./39.8 x 50.5 cm DESCRIPTION: One of Picasso's famous designs for the 1955 ceramics expo at Vallauris. He lived in this town in the Côte d'Azur for eight years, from 1948-1955, and gave

Lot: 426 - PLM / Besançon. ca. 1923.

ARTIST: LUCIEN PILLOT (1882-1973) SIZE: 25 x 38 7/8 in./63.4 x 98.6 cm PRINTER: Imp. Gerin, Paris DESCRIPTION: Besançon's luxurious saltwater spa is the focal point of this poster for Besançon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its art,

Lot: 427 - Schwimmbad Liestal. ca. 1930.

ARTIST: OTTO JACOB PLATTNER (1886-1951) SIZE: 35 3/4 x 50 in./90.8 x 127 cm PRINTER: Wassermann, Basel DESCRIPTION: Liestal, southeast of Basel, has cold winters, mild summers, and a spectacular public swimming pool worthy of an equally spectacular

Lot: 428 - Vystava. 1929.

ARTIST: F. X. PROCHAZKA SIZE: 36 1/8 x 46 1/4 in./91.7 x 117.4 cm PRINTER: M. Schulz, Praha DESCRIPTION: A non-European show, announces this poster for an exhibition of sculptural arts from Tibet, Japan, China, Peru, Oceania, and other exotic

Lot: 429 - Mistinguett : Maquette.

ARTIST: RENÉ RANSON (1888-1977) SIZE: 12 x 15 1/4 in./30.5 x 39 cm DESCRIPTION: Best known for his many Deco-inspired costume designs during the heyday of Parisian music hall performances, Ranson presents us with this particularly glamorous

Lot: 430 - Salon des Cent / February 1896. 1896.

ARTIST: ARMAND A. L. RASSENFOSSE (1862-1934) SIZE: 18 x 25 in./45.7 x 63.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. Aug. Bénard, Liège DESCRIPTION: A sophisticated, straightforward design that visually links the Salon with its sister publication La Plume. In the

Lot: 431 - Radiola. 1939.

ARTIST: RENÉ RAVO (1904-1998) SIZE: 43 3/4 x 62 3/4 in./111.2 x 159.3 cm PRINTER: I.F.R., Paris DESCRIPTION: Polychromatic, nuanced, cathedral-organ sound is the promise of Radiola Radios. Ravo designed at least four ads for the radio and

Lot: 432 - Champagne Jules Mumm / Reims. 1895.

ARTIST: MAURICE REALIER-DUMAS (1860-1928) SIZE: 12 1/2 x 34 1/2 in./32 x 87.7 cm PRINTER: Imp. Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: Maurice Réalier-Dumas embraced the Impressionists at a young age, especially Renoir – but he embraced Renoir's model,

Lot: 433 - Miss Träumerei. 1895.

ARTIST: ETHEL REED (1876-?) SIZE: 13 7/8 x 22 in./35.2 x 56 cm PRINTER: Lamson, Wolffe, Boston DESCRIPTION: "Träumerei," or "dreaming," is one of Schumann's beautiful, romantic piano pieces comprising "Scenes from Childhood." Albert Morris

Lot: 434 - Modiano. 1932.

ARTIST: ALADAR RICHTER (1898-?) SIZE: 37 1/4 x 49 3/4 in./94.5 x 126.2 cm PRINTER: Athenaeum, Budapest DESCRIPTION: This example of Peak Art Deco, from the typography to the three-dimensional effect to the old-school, cursive Modiano signature on the

Lot: 435 - Szechenyi Strandfürdo. 1935.

ARTIST: ALADAR RICHTER (1898-?) SIZE: 37 1/4 x 49 5/8 in./94.5 x 126 cm PRINTER: Piatnik, Budapest DESCRIPTION: "The Szechenyi thermal baths in Budapest, supplied by two hot springs, are the largest medicinal baths in Europe. The neo-Baroque

Lot: 436 - Cafés Bernard.

ARTIST: ROBYS (ROBERT WOLFF, 1916-?) SIZE: 45 1/4 x 61 1/8 in./115 x 155.4 cm PRINTER: Avenir Publicite, Grenoble DESCRIPTION: This cheerful clock says, early or late, it's a great time for a Bernard Coffee. (Art Deco; Coffee/Tea)

Lot: 437 - Liverpool/Belfast.

ARTIST: HARRY HUDSON RODMELL (1896-1984) SIZE: 25 x 39 3/4 in./63.6 x 101 cm PRINTER: Carew Wilson Massey, London DESCRIPTION: An ingenious design in which the sun, sinking into the sea and below the horizon, propels the ferry forth through the

Lot: 438 - Gebrüder Scholl/Zürich. 1916.

ARTIST: ERWIN ROTH (1886-1963) SIZE: 35 7/8 x 50 in./91 x 127 cm PRINTER: Wolfensberger, Zurich DESCRIPTION: For the writer, a desk isn't just a table or a tool. It's home. Roth's insight here transforms the pedestrian sale of Gebrüder Scholl's

Lot: 439 - Indiana Luxe. 1959.

ARTIST: RUEGSEGGER SIZE: 35 1/2 x 50 in./90.3 x 127 cm PRINTER: Jean Frey, Zurich (not shown) DESCRIPTION: The rich aroma of an Indiana Luxe cigar is almost synaesthetically conveyed in this poster perfect for a smoking room. Pairs well with brandy.

Lot: 440 - Sevilla. 1949.

ARTIST: BRAULIO RUIZ SANCHEZ (1911-1967) SIZE: 24 3/8 x 36 5/8 in./62 x 93 cm PRINTER: Litografia Venura, Granada DESCRIPTION: Ah, Sevilla! Heart of Andalusia! City of music, passion and romance, the setting of "Carmen," the birthplace of flamenco.

Lot: 441 - Das Plakat! ca. 1930.

ARTIST: KARL SCHNEIDER (1889-1932) SIZE: 16 3/8 x 23 1/2 in./41.6 x 59.8 cm PRINTER: Kunst im Druck, München DESCRIPTION: "Advertising that falls into the eye: The Poster!" This ingenious design, on the cutting edge of German Art Deco, also

Lot: 442 - Australia / Surf Club. 1936.

ARTIST: GERT SELLHEIM (1901-1970) SIZE: 25 x 40 in./63.5 x 101.6 cm PRINTER: Sands & McDougall, Melbourne DESCRIPTION: Gert Sellheim was born in Estonia and studied architecture in Berlin, Munich and Graz before migrating to Australia in 1926,

Lot: 443 - Folies-Bergère / Folies en Folie /

ARTIST: PAUL SELTEN (SELTENHAMMER, 1903-1987) SIZE: 46 1/2 x 123 1/2 in./118 x 313.6 cm PRINTER: Imp. Pierre Havez, Paris DESCRIPTION: “It was in this revue, ‘Folies en Folie,’ that Mistinguett created her most famous song, "C’est

Lot: 444 - Duval-Leroy. 1923.

ARTIST: SEPO (Severo Pozzati, 1895-1983) SIZE: 19 1/8 x 27 1/8 in./48.6 x 69 cm PRINTER: Maga, Paris (printed in Italy) DESCRIPTION: Sepo takes a page out of Cappiello's book with this tiny little aristocrat, hurriedly ushering a great big bottle of

Lot: 445 - Ostend-Dover / Prince Baudoin. 1934.

ARTIST: MARK FERNAND SEVERIN (1906-1987) SIZE: 24 1/4 x 39 1/8 in./62.2 x 99.5 cm PRINTER: L. F. Devos, Antwerp DESCRIPTION: Named for a Belgian prince who died young, the M.S. Prince Baudouin set a record for the fastest diesel-driven ferry in the

Lot: 446 - United States Lines / Low Cost Tours.

ARTIST: SHEP (Charles Shepherd, 1892-?) SIZE: 25 x 39 3/4 in./63.4 x 101 cm DESCRIPTION: Shep was head of the studio at Bayard Press, a prestigious London printing firm, where he designed posters mainly for the transportation industry. This is his

Lot: 447 - United States Lines to America.

ARTIST: SHEP (Charles Shepherd, 1892-?) SIZE: 24 1/2 x 39 1/2 in./62 x 100.5 cm PRINTER: The Baynard Press, London DESCRIPTION: A patriotic paean to the United States Lines' cruises to America. (Ships; Travel: Americas)

Lot: 448 - Le Journal / La Traite des Blanches. 1899.

ARTIST: THÉOPHILE-ALEXANDRE STEINLEN (1859-1923) SIZE: 47 1/2 x 75 in./120.7 x 190.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. Charle Verneau, Paris DESCRIPTION: “Quite a few literary works of this era first saw the light of day as installments printed in daily or

Lot: 449 - Lait pur Stérilisé. 1896.

ARTIST: THÉOPHILE-ALEXANDRE STEINLEN (1859-1923) SIZE: 38 1/4 x 54 in./97.2 x 137.2 cm PRINTER: Imp. Charles Verneau DESCRIPTION: All the warmth, humanity, and affection for which Steinlen is so loved comes through gloriously in this poster for

Lot: 450 - Hotel du Pacha Noir. ca. 1899.

ARTIST: THÉOPHILE-ALEXANDRE STEINLEN (1859-1923) SIZE: Approx. sizes: Each 7 x 9 in./17.8 x 23 cm PRINTER: Stern Graveur, Paris DESCRIPTION: Steinlen, the King of Cats, created the greatest cat-poster of them all for Le Chat Noir, a Montmartre

Lot: 451 - Winter Cat. 1909.

ARTIST: THÉOPHILE-ALEXANDRE STEINLEN (1859-1923) SIZE: 24 1/4 x 19 3/4 in./61.6 x 50.2 cm PRINTER: R. Engelman, Paris DESCRIPTION: This comfortably reclining feline was originally used to announce an exposition of artists who paint animals at

Lot: 452 - Summer Cat. 1909.

ARTIST: THÉOPHILE-ALEXANDRE STEINLEN (1859-1923) SIZE: 24 5/8 x 19 3/4 in./62.5 x 50.2 cm PRINTER: Imp. R. Engelmann, Paris DESCRIPTION: This is the companion cat to the one in the previous lot, completing the dignified summer-winter set. "The

Lot: 453 - Book: Chats et Autres Bêtes. 1933.

ARTIST: THÉOPHILE-ALEXANDRE STEINLEN (1859-1923) SIZE: 10 x 13 1/8 in./25.5 x 33.2 cm PRINTER: Publisher: Eugène Rey, Paris DESCRIPTION: This 208-page book features about 100 tip-on drawings by Steinlen of his favorite subject: Cats!

Lot: 454 - Yvette Guilbert / Ambassadeurs. 1894.

ARTIST: THÉOPHILE-ALEXANDRE STEINLEN (1859-1923) SIZE: 31 x 72 1/4 in./78.6 x 183.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. Charles Verneau, Paris DESCRIPTION: Though Toulouse-Lautrec, Chéret and many others created posters for the music-hall singer Yvette

Lot: 455 - L' Assommoir. 1900.

ARTIST: THÉOPHILE-ALEXANDRE STEINLEN (1859-1923) SIZE: 53 1/8 x 75 1/2 in./135 x 191.7 cm PRINTER: Charles Verneau, Paris DESCRIPTION: L’Assommoir (‘The Gin Mill’) was Emile Zola’s first novel: a realistic work which

Lot: 456 - Französische Kunstausstellung zu Krefeld.

ARTIST: THÉOPHILE-ALEXANDRE STEINLEN (1859-1923) SIZE: 21 1/2 x 34 1/2 in./54.8 x 87.7 cm PRINTER: Imp. Eugene Verneau, Paris DESCRIPTION: A charcoal-style drawing of a woman holding a red flower heads a poster inviting us – in German

Lot: 457 - Menagerie et Enfants.

ARTIST: THÉOPHILE-ALEXANDRE STEINLEN (1859-1923) SIZE: 14 x 18 1/8 in./35.5 x 46 cm DESCRIPTION: A trial proof for a Steinlen work featuring a mother, walking with her children and the laundry. A cityscape is in the background. (Art Nouveau;

Lot: 458 - Countess Shrivanskaya's Crime. 1926.

ARTIST: STENBERG BROTHERS (Vladimir, 1899-1982; Georgi, 1900-1933) SIZE: 28 x 39 in./71 x 99 cm DESCRIPTION: "A pioneer of regional film production, Ivan Perestiani was the first director to make films in the Republic of Georgia using local actors

Lot: 459 - Turnfest. 1924.

ARTIST: NIKLAUS STOECKLIN (1896-1982) SIZE: 35 1/4 x 50 1/4 in./89.5 x 127.7 cm PRINTER: W. Wassermann, Basel DESCRIPTION: "Turnfest": there can be no better word for a gymnastics competition, and Stoecklin puts the word into action. The artist is

Lot: 460 - St. Honoré les Bains. ca. 1895.

ARTIST: H. TANCONVILLE (Henri Ganier) SIZE: 29 7/8 x 42 in./75.2 x 106.8 cm PRINTER: Imp. Courmont Fréres, Paris DESCRIPTION: St. Honoré-les-Bains has been known for its healing waters since Julius Caesar's armies marched through the

Lot: 461 - Krefeld / Niederlandisch-Indische

ARTIST: JOHAN THORN-PRIKKER (1868-1932) SIZE: 36 3/8 x 28 5/8 in./92.2 x 72.7 cm DESCRIPTION: Thorn-Prikker was a Dutch Art Nouveau painter and designer who also was an important figure in religious art, best known for his stained glass windows. His

Lot: 462 - The Chap Book. 1896.

ARTIST: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1864-1901) SIZE: 23 3/4 x 16 1/4 in./60.3 x 41.3 cm PRINTER: Imp. Chaix, Paris (not shown) DESCRIPTION: Toulouse-Lautrec may have been embedded in raffish Montmartre, but from 1894 onwards, he'd descend every

Lot: 463 - Nib. 1895.

ARTIST: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1864-1901) SIZE: 19 3/4 x 13 3/4 in./50.2 x 35 cm DESCRIPTION: A two-page, double-sided supplement to La Revue Blanche, we are given a charming portrait of the cabaret performer Anna Held, along with the clowns

Lot: 464 - Catalogue d’Affiches Artistiques / Arnould.

ARTIST: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1864-1901) SIZE: 5 3/4 x 9 3/8 in./14.7 x 24 cm PRINTER: Imp. Henon, Paris DESCRIPTION: The original and complete catalogue, in book form, featuring 32 plates and Arnould's price list of 451 posters: from Albinet to

Lot: 465 - Salon des Cent. 1896.

ARTIST: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1864-1901) SIZE: 15 7/8 x 23 7/8 in./40.5 x 60.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. Bourgerie, Paris DESCRIPTION: Summer, 1895. Lautrec and fellow artist Maurice Guibert are on board the steamer Le Chili, en route along the Atlantic

Lot: 466 - Reine de Joie - B&W. 1892.

ARTIST: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1864-1901) SIZE: 38 1/8 x 26 3/8 in./96.7 x 67 cm DESCRIPTION: The poster to come from this image advertises Reine de Joie/Moeurs du Demi-Monde (Queen of Joy, or The World of Easy Virtue) by Victor Joze, a Polish

Lot: 467 - Reine de Joie: 2-Color Proof. 1892.

ARTIST: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1864-1901) SIZE: 37 x 53 5/8 in./94 x 136 cm PRINTER: Imp. Edw. Ancourt, Paris (not shown) DESCRIPTION: This is the only known 2-color proof of Toulouse-Lautrec's famous poster. (Art Nouveau; Literary; Artist:

Lot: 468 - Babylone d’Allemagne. 1894.

ARTIST: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1864-1901) SIZE: 33 x 47 5/8 in./84 x 121 cm PRINTER: Imp. Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: The subject is a book exposing the decadence of Berlin society, written by Lautrec’s friend Victor Joze. His “poster

Lot: 469 - Marcelle Lender, en Buste. 1895.

ARTIST: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1864-1901) SIZE: 11 x 15 1/8 in./28 x 38.3 cm DESCRIPTION: Parisian actress Marcelle Lender had been appearing in a series of comic operas, principally at the Théâtre des Variétés, since 1889.

Lot: 470 - May Milton. 1895.

ARTIST: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1864-1901) SIZE: 23 1/8 x 30 3/8 in./58.7 x 77.2 cm DESCRIPTION: An English dancer at the Moulin-Rouge, May Milton was in an affair with May Belfort (see following lot). Toulouse-Lautrec's portrait of her is so

Lot: 471 - May Belfort. 1895.

ARTIST: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1864-1901) SIZE: 24 x 31 1/2 in./61.6 x 80 cm PRINTER: Kleinmann, Paris DESCRIPTION: “May Belfort, whom [Lautrec] represented in at least ten works, had gained a reputation for corrupt innocence by appearing

Lot: 472 - Divan Japonais. 1893.

ARTIST: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1864-1901) SIZE: 23 7/8 x 31 in./60.7 x 80 cm PRINTER: IImp. Edw. Ancourt, Paris DESCRIPTION: Pictured at the Divan Japonais café concert, Jane Avril “appears to be almost smiling, as if the whole thing

Lot: 473 - La Revue Blanche. 1895.

ARTIST: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1864-1901) SIZE: 36 3/4 x 50 1/2 in./93.3 x 128.3 cm PRINTER: Imp Edw. Ancourt, Paris DESCRIPTION: "This official poster for La Revue Blanche is considered by many to be Lautrec's strongest individual work. In it,

Lot: 474 - Elles. 1896.

ARTIST: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1864-1901) SIZE: 19 1/2 x 25 3/4 in./49.5 x 65.4 cm DESCRIPTION: This poster announces Lautrec's Elles collection, his famous brothel series, an edition of lithographs depicting prostitutes simply referred to as

Lot: 475 - L'Artisan Moderne. 1896.

ARTIST: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1864-1901) SIZE: 24 7/8 x 35 in./63.2 x 89 cm PRINTER: Imp. Bourgerie, Paris DESCRIPTION: Lautrec’s friend André Marty was a publisher and dealer in graphic arts, and also the founder of a chain of

Lot: 476 - Aristide Bruant Dans Son Cabaret. 1893.

ARTIST: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1864-1901) SIZE: 39 1/8 x 54 1/2 in./99.4 x 138.4 cm PRINTER: Imp. Edw. Ancourt, Paris DESCRIPTION: Bruant’s strong, forceful, and in many ways vulgar style was ideally suited to the intimate cabarets where

Lot: 477 - L'Oeuvre / La Gage. 1897.

ARTIST: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1864-1901) SIZE: 11 x 14 3/4 in./27.8 x 37.5 cm PRINTER: Grand Imprimerie Centrale, Montmartre DESCRIPTION: Used to promote a production of Ibsen’s Rosmersholm as well as Frantz Jourdain’s comedy Le Gage

Lot: 478 - La Dépêche / Le Tocsin. 1895.

ARTIST: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1864-1901) SIZE: 16 7/8 x 22 in./42.8 x 56 cm PRINTER: Imp. Cassan Fils, Toulouse DESCRIPTION: A ghostly woman descends from a castle into the dark woods, followed by a ragged dog, in Le Tocsin ("The Alarm"), a

Lot: 479 - Jane Avril. 1899.

ARTIST: HENRI DE TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1864-1901) SIZE: 14 3/4 x 22 1/4 in./37.5 x 56.5 cm DESCRIPTION: "It is very fitting ... that one of Toulouse-Lautrec’s finest posters should be the last one he made for Jane Avril. It is dated in February of

Lot: 480 - Maison Charles Blanc. 1898.

ARTIST: RAYMOND TOURNON (1870-1919) SIZE: 31 7/8 x 48 1/4 in./80.8 x 122.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. Paul Dupont, Paris DESCRIPTION: The height of Parisian domestic luxury in 1898: a gas-heated bath, in one's very own (floridly decorated) bathroom! Tournon

Lot: 481 - Davos. 1933.

ARTIST: WILLY TRAPP (1905-1984) SIZE: 35 3/4 x 50 3/8 in./90.8 x 128 cm PRINTER: Wolfsburg, Zurich DESCRIPTION: "This stunningly simple but dynamic design by Willy Trapp advertises a public outdoor swimming pool and beach club in Davos, Switzerland.

Lot: 482 - Olympiade, VIIe / Anvers. 1920.

ARTIST: WALTER VAN DER VEN (1884-1923) SIZE: 25 x 34 1/2 in./63.5 x 87.7 cm PRINTER: Lith. E. Stockmans, Anvers DESCRIPTION: “The official poster for the Antwerp 1920 [Olympic] Games . . . was executed by Walter Van der Ven ... A version of the

Lot: 483 - D:16. 1928.

ARTIST: THEODOOR VAN ERP (1874-1959) SIZE: 25 1/8 x 40 in./63.8 x 101.5 cm PRINTER: OffsetDruk Flach Sneek DESCRIPTION: The title refers to the 16th festival of the Delft Students Corp which staged an outdoor play every five years beginning in 1848;

Lot: 484 - Livre des Mille Nuits et une Nuit. 1955.

ARTIST: KEES VAN DONGEN (1877-1968) SIZE: 21 7/8 x 30 1/2 in./55.5 x 77.5 cm PRINTER: S.I.D.I., Levallois (Seine) DESCRIPTION: Van Dongen, one of the leading Fauves, was known for his wild nudes and radical use of color. Both stylistic tropes are

Lot: 485 - 2me AAAA Bal/Bullier. 1924.

ARTIST: MARIE VASSILIEFF (1884-1957) SIZE: 31 x 45 1/2 in./78.8 x 116 cm PRINTER: Risacher, Paris DESCRIPTION: At the center of this poster, a conductor – yes, that's him with the baton – raises his hands, signaling that the symphony

Lot: 486 - Los Angeles 1932 Olympics/Santa Fe. 1932.

ARTIST: HERNANDO G. VILLA (1881-1952) SIZE: 19 3/8 x 26 3/8 in./49.2 x 67 cm PRINTER: Rand McNally, Chicago DESCRIPTION: When it was time for the Santa Fe Railroad to promote the 10th Summer Games in Los Angeles, the company turned to Villa who, two

Lot: 487 - Au Bon Marché. 1930.

ARTIST: RENÉ VINCENT (1879-1936) SIZE: 47 1/8 x 31 1/2 in./121.7 x 80 cm PRINTER: Imp Duval et Bedos, Paris DESCRIPTION: A housekeeper pretends to be Cinderella as she holds up one of her employer's new gowns from the Bon Marché department

Lot: 488 - Kunstausstellung / (Secession) / Krefeld. 1905.

ARTIST: FRANZ VON STUCK (1863-1928) SIZE: 15 3/4 x 28 1/2 in./50 x 72.5 cm PRINTER: Wolf u. Sohn, München DESCRIPTION: In 1893, Franz von Stuck cofounded the Munich Secession, extensively influencing artists of the period not only through his

Lot: 489 - Film Festival-Lincoln Center. 1967.

ARTIST: ANDY WARHOL (1930-1987) SIZE: 24 1/8 x 44 7/8 in./61.3 x 114 cm DESCRIPTION: Warhol produced a silk-screen image of a movie ticket in fluorescent inks, patterned with the flowers that were a favorite motif in the period after his

Lot: 490 - Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibition. ca.

ARTIST: PETER ARNO (1904-1968) SIZE: 9 3/8 x 12 3/8 in./23.8 x 31.4 cm DESCRIPTION: One spring day in 1931, in the midst of the Great Depression, Jackson Pollock was hard up for rent on his Greenwich Village studio. So he put a few of his paintings

Lot: 491 - Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibition. ca.

ARTIST: OTTO SOGLOW (1900-1975) SIZE: 10 7/8 x 14 in./27.7 x 35.6 cm PRINTER: Irons-Snell Printing Co., New York DESCRIPTION: Soglow, a famous cartoonist in New York City, created his character The Little King for The New Yorker in 1930, and ran

Lot: 492 - Washington Square Out-Door Art Exhibition. ca.

ARTIST: JAMES THURBER (1894-1961) SIZE: 11 x 14 in./28 x 35.6 cm PRINTER: Irons-Snell Printing Co., New York DESCRIPTION: James Thurber is one of America's most beloved cartoonists, one of the great talents of The New Yorker and author of "The Secret

Lot: 493 - National Parks / Winter Sports. ca. 1934.

ARTIST: DOROTHY WAUGH (1896-1996) SIZE: 27 x 40 in./68.6 x 101.5 cm PRINTER: US Government Printing Office, Washington D.C. DESCRIPTION: These four posters by Dorothy Waugh were funded by the Works Progress Administration (WPA), Franklin Delano

Lot: 494 - National and State Parks. ca. 1934.

ARTIST: DOROTHY WAUGH (1896-1996) SIZE: 27 1/4 x 39 5/8 in./69 x 100.7 cm PRINTER: U.S. Government Printing DESCRIPTION: This dynamic, practically Constructivist winter sports icon promotes the “Four S's”–Skiing, Skating, Sliding, and

Lot: 495 - State Parks. 1934.

ARTIST: DOROTHY WAUGH (1896-1996) SIZE: 27 1/4 x 39 1/4 in./69.2 x 99.7 cm PRINTER: U.S. Government Printing DESCRIPTION: With year-round fun to be had in state parks around the country, the constellations themselves take advantage of the numerous

Lot: 496 - State Parks.

ARTIST: DOROTHY WAUGH (1896-1996) SIZE: 27 1/4 x 39 1/8 in./69.2 x 99.3 cm DESCRIPTION: Waugh beams out the sunny warmth one feels with a cookout at a state park. (Sports; Art Deco; Travel)

Lot: 497 - Le Frou-Frou. 1900.

ARTIST: WEILUC (Lucien-Henri Weil, 1873-1947) SIZE: 44 3/4 x 94 in./113.7 x 238.7 cm PRINTER: Lithographie Nouvelle, Paris DESCRIPTION: One of the greatest, most alluring posters in the world: those sly cat eyes, those sumptuous cushions, that

Lot: 498 - Frankreich / Traumland. 1952.

ARTIST: W. WEKERLE SIZE: 24 x 33 7/8 in./61 x 86 cm PRINTER: Ridelberg DESCRIPTION: "Dreamland France": that's the translation from the German, and it couldn't be more fitting. This wonderful poster is advertising a 1952 travel documentary, directed

Lot: 499 - The Lord's Prayer. 1873.

ARTIST: W. A. WELSHER SIZE: 19 3/8 x 25 3/4 in./49.2 x 65.2 cm PRINTER: American Oleograph Co., Milwaukee DESCRIPTION: A remarkable lithograph of the Lord's Prayer, in a smorgasbord of elaborate typefaces and punctuated with symbolic illustrations of

Lot: 500 - Pellisson Cognac. ca. 1896.

ARTIST: JACQUES WELY (ca. 1875-1910) SIZE: 15 3/4 x 22 1/4 imn./40.3 x 56.5 cm PRINTER: Imp. F. Champenois, Paris DESCRIPTION: One of Cappiello's most famous posters is for Pellisson Cognac: a ludicrous caricature of a tiny sprite hauling an enormous

Lot: 501 - Primerose. ca. 1930.

ARTIST: YANN SIZE: 30 1/2 x 45 7/8 in./77.5 x 116.5 cm PRINTER: Creation Leopold Verger, Paris DESCRIPTION: Deco angularity announces the modernity of a stunning invention: a cigarette that masks its own noxious fumes with perfumes – derived, it

Lot: 502 - Vermouth Branca. 1922.

ARTIST: JEAN D'YLEN (1866-1938) SIZE: 37 3/4 x 55 in./95.8 x 139.6 cm PRINTER: Imp. Vercasson, Paris DESCRIPTION: After several years as a designer of jewelry, d’Ylen became a full-time posterist in 1919 and signed an exclusive contract with

Lot: 503 - Underground Gets You There. 1935.

ARTIST: ZERO (Hans Schleger, 1898-1976) SIZE: 25 x 39 3/4 in./63.5 x 101 cm PRINTER: The Baynard Press. DESCRIPTION: It's time to Mind the Gap, thank you. "Rather than consign [the circle-and-bar emblem of the London Underground] to the corner of the

Lot: 504 - Mistinguett : Drawing.

ARTIST: ZIG (Louis Gaudin, 1882-1936) SIZE: 9 1/2 x 12 1/2 in./24.2 x 31.8 cm DESCRIPTION: After Gesmar’s death in 1928, Mistinguett entrusted all her design work – costumes, sets, programs and posters – to Zig. This unsigned original

Lot: 505 - Les Maîtres de l'Affiche. 1896-1900.

ARTIST: BOOKS AND PERIODICALS SIZE: Each: 12 x 15 3/4 in./30.5 x 40 cm PRINTER: Published by Librairie Chaix, Paris DESCRIPTION: The complete set of 240 numbered plates, plus sixteen supplements in five bound volumes in the original Berthon-designed

Lot: 506 - Three Important Poster References.

ARTIST: BOOKS AND PERIODICALS SIZE: Each: 9 1/2 x 13 in./24 x 33 cm PRINTER: All published by G. Boudet, Paris DESCRIPTION: A: Les Affiches Illustrées, by Ernest Maindron, 1886. 160 pages (with 20 color plates by Chéret and a handwritten

Lot: 507 - Les Programmes Illustrés, by Ernest Maindron.

ARTIST: BOOKS AND PERIODICALS SIZE: 9 3/4 x 12 3/4 in./25.7 x 32.4 cm PRINTER: Published by the Librairie Nilsson-Per Lamm, Paris DESCRIPTION: A hardcover compendium presenting reproductions of some of the most beautiful menus, invitations, business

Lot: 508 - Le Rire. 1894-1908. 1894-1908.

ARTIST: BOOKS AND PERIODICALS SIZE: 9x11 7/8 in./22.5 x 30 cm DESCRIPTION: Seven volumes. Le Rire was a famous satirical weekly featuring cartoons and illustrations by many of the most famous artists of the day, including Toulouse-Lautrec, Cappiello,

Lot: 509 - 70 Dessins de Cappiello. 1905.

ARTIST: BOOKS AND PERIODICALS SIZE: 11 x 15 in./28 x 38 cm DESCRIPTION: This is a delightful collection of insightful character studies of prominent people from the world of turn-of-the-century Paris theater, politics, and public life. All told, the

Lot: 510 - Arts et Métiers Graphiques. 1927-1939.

ARTIST: BOOKS AND PERIODICALS SIZE: Each: 9 3/4 x 12 1/4 in./25 x 31 cm DESCRIPTION: Collection of all individual issues, #1 1927 to #68, 1939, packaged into 17 hardcover volumes. Hundreds of posters are reproduced herein – many of which have

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