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Lot: 2000 - Spodumene from Afghanistan

A fine example of the yellow "triphane" variety of the mineral spodumene. The varietal term "triphane" is derived from the Greek "triphanes", meaning "appearing threefold", pointing to the mineral's characteristically threefold natural cleavages. The

Lot: 2001 - Spodumene v. Kunzite from Afghanistan

This is a WOW specimen. Kunzite is the pink to lilac colored gem variety of the mineral Spodumene. Spodumene is a common mineral in gem-bearing pegmatites, but, only in several localities does it occur in transparent gem form. Kunzite's lovely pink

Lot: 2002 - Elbaite (Tourmaline) from Brazil

This fine elbaite (tourmaline) specimen from the famous Barra de Salinas District (mouth of Salinas river) in the Coronel Murta district of Minas Gerais, Brazil exhibits some dramatic and attractive color-zonation. The bottom of this prismatic

Lot: 2003 - El Indio Copper-Gold Mine Specimen

Choice. Enargite copper-ore with minor quartz & pyrite, Viento vein, 4050 level. 4.5x2.5x2.5". This is the El-Indio copper-gold district. Epithermal ore deposits are in the Andes in Chile and high altitude. Field Guide: staff. (This specimen was

Lot: 2004 - Azurite and Malachite from Liufengshan Mine, China

A large, colorful specimen of azurite (blue) and malachite (green) crystals from the underground workings at the now exhausted Liufengshan Mine in Anhui Province, China. The color of the azurite is a pleasing medium blue which is highly prized by

Lot: 2005 - Azurite from Liufengshan Mine, China

An electric-blue specimen of crystallized azurite from a now-closed underground copper mine in Anhui Province, China. The color and condition of this specimen is exceptional ... seldom does crystallized azurite have such an attractive bright blue

Lot: 2006 - Beryl v. Aquamarine and Cassiterite from China

A fantastic combination specimen featuring the three most important collector species found at Mt. Xuebaoding. The specimen features: several gemmy, lustrous, tabular, light blue aquamarine variety beryl crystals; three well-formed, lustrous, black

Lot: 2007 - Calcite and Fluorite from Xianghualing Mine, China

An attractive specimen featuring a "matrix" of light green fluorite crystals upon which has grown a lustrous, flattened, translucent, colorless, hexagonal crystal of calcite. This superb specimen was one of many harvested from a crystal pocket

Lot: 2008 - Calcite from China

Two large, sharp, lustrous, bi-colored (white and brick-red) calcite crystals are perched on a matrix rock covered by smaller, off-white, scalenohedral crystals of calcite. The specimen is in excellent condition. Very attractive display quality

Lot: 2009 - Calcite v. Manganoan and Quartz from China

This specimen features interesting and attractive, stacked crystals of light pink manganoan calcite on a matrix of well-crystallized quartz. The manganoan calcite is strongly fluorescent (reddish-orange) when exposed to both short and long wave

Lot: 2010 - Cassiterite and Muscovite from China

Mount Xuebaoding literally means "Snowy Treasure Peak" in Mandarin Chinese. The mountain (18,333 ft) is located near the easternmost edge of the Tibetan Plateau. Mineral specimens are found on Mt. Xuebaoding in quartz vein-type tungsten-tin-beryllium

Lot: 2011 - Fluorite and Calcite from China

A brand new occurrence for fluorite in Fujian Province, China. This attractive specimen features a complex cluster of greenish fluorite crystals having a late-stage growth of purple fluorite as a near surface color-zone. In association are tabular,

Lot: 2012 - Fluorite and Dolomite from China

An attractive, collector-quality specimen from a currently active deposit in mineral-rich Hunan Province. This specimen is from a large crystal-lined pocket encountered in 2016. The specimen features light green, cube-octahedral crystals of fluorite

Lot: 2013 - Fluorite and Quartz from China

This specimen features an extremely rare indigo-blue color of the mineral fluorite. Additionally, the crystal habit is very unusual. The crystals are largely cubic, with complex corner modifications "bevels" which appear to be slightly curved and the

Lot: 2014 - Fluorite and Quartz from China

Fluorite is a very popular mineral, and it naturally occurs in all colors of the spectrum. Pure fluorite is colorless; the color variations are caused by various impurities. This specimen features several lustrous, transparent, light-green, complex

Lot: 2015 - Fluorite and Quartz from Fujian Province, China

An attractive, new discovery from Fujian Province, The specimen features bright purple, lustrous, dodecahedral crystals of fluorite on a matrix rock covered with bright white druzy quartz. A highly aesthetic, collector-quality specimen. Dimensions

Lot: 2016 - Fluorite from Henan Province, China

A recent find from Henan Province are attractive, reniform masses of emerald-green fluorite. The fluorite masses have small, but, well defined crystal faces, good luster and translucency. An interesting, "must have" specimen for collectors

Lot: 2017 - Fluorite from Huanggang Fe-Sn deposit, China

Fluorite is the mineralogical form of calcium fluoride. Fluorite crystallizes in the isometric system, this specimen demonstrates quite well the "preferred" crystal habit of the isometric system ... the cubic crystal. The specimen is a chain of

Lot: 2018 - Fluorite from Huanggang Fe-Sn deposit, China

The Huanggang Iron-Tin Deposit in Inner Mongolia is perhaps the most prolific mineral specimen producing locality in China today. The locality has been yielding wide array of different mineral species, as well as many colors and forms of the same

Lot: 2019 - Fluorite from Jiangxi Province, China

An unusual specimen of fluorite (light green), calcite and quartz from Jiangxi Province, China. located in the southeast of the country. Jiangxi, located in the southeast of the country, is rich in mineral resources, leading the provinces of China in

Lot: 2020 - Fluorite from Xianghualing Mine, China

The Xianghualing Mine is a skarn-type, Tin-Lead-Zinc deposit located about 70 km southwest of Chenzhou, China. The mine is most famous to mineral collectors for yielding fantastic specimens of green fluorite. This specimen features water-clear,

Lot: 2021 - Fluorite from Xiefang Mine, China

The Xiefang Mine is a volcanic-hydrothermal fluorite deposit possessing a fluorite vein system of 10 kilometers in length. The mine has yielded numerous fluorite specimens in a variety of colors and crystal habits, this specimen is among the most

Lot: 2022 - Fluorite from Yaogangxian Mine, China

Well-formed, colorless to white, prismatic quartz crystals form the "matrix rock" for numerous, lustrous, transparent, light-purple, cubic crystals of fluorite. The specimen is in excellent condition and is super aesthetic. The Yaogangxian Mine is a

Lot: 2023 - Fluorite from Yaogangxian Mine, China

Numerous intergrown, lustrous, color-zoned (blue-purple), cubic fluorite crystals reaching 1" across which are associated with colorless quartz crystals on a beige rock matrix. A superb specimen from the Yaogangxian tungsten-tin mine in Hunan

Lot: 2024 - Fluorite from Yaogangxian Mine, China

Yaogangxian is a huge, underground tungsten-tin deposit. The mine covers an area of about 4 x 2.5 km and includes two large deposits of distinct type and mineralization style. For collector's, fluorite is among the most desirable mineral species

Lot: 2025 - Garnet v. Andradite from China

An outstanding example of the garnet family species, Andradite. Andradite is a calcium iron nesosilicate mineral which occurs in skarns developed in contact metamorphosed impure limestones or calcic igneous rocks. It was first described in 1868 for

Lot: 2026 - Garnet v. Andradite from China

A very well-formed cluster of greenish-bronze, dodecahedral andradite (garnet) crystals. The specimen is in outstanding condition and possesses very strong luster. Andradite is a member of the garnet family, and although not as well-known as other

Lot: 2027 - Hemimorphite from Yunnan Province, China

The name "Wenshan Mine" is most likely a generic name, referring to one or more deposits in the area around Wenshan, Yunnan Province. The "mine" produces zinc ore and yields mineral specimens of aragonite and, less commonly, hemimorphite specimens of

Lot: 2028 - Hemimorphite from Yunnan Province, China

An exceptional example of the bright blue, botryoidal (grape-like) hemimorphite specimens that have recently been recovered at Wenshan. Large undamaged specimens, such as this one, are uncommon from the Wenshan locality as the hemimorphite occurs

Lot: 2029 - Magnetite from China

These crystals of Magnetite from the Huanggang Mine in Inner Mongolia, China are simply HUGE. Magnetite is an oxide of iron and is a primary ore of iron. Magnetite is ferrimagnetic; it is attracted to a magnet and can be magnetized to become a

Lot: 2030 - Manganoan Calcite and Quartz from China

Manganoan Calcite is a variety of calcite rich in manganese, which gives the mineral a pink color. This specimen features dozens of thin, "disk shaped" crystals of Manganoan Calcite stacked on top of each other like a stack of poker chips. Associated

Lot: 2031 - Manganoan Calcite from China

Huge, rhombic crystals of light-pink, manganese-rich calcite crystals from the prolific specimen producing mines at Huanggang, Inner Mongolia. The growth features resulting from late stage crystallization on the surfaces of large rhombic crystals is

Lot: 2032 - Plumbogummite ps. after Pyromorphite from China

Plumbogummite seems a very odd name for a mineral species, however, the name has real significance. Named in 1819 by Francois Pierre Nicolas Gillet de Laumont from the Latin "plumbum" for lead, and "gummi" for gum, in allusion to its lead content and

Lot: 2033 - Plumbogummite ps. after Pyromorphite from Yangshuo

This is a spectacular pseudomorph of plumbogummite after pyromorphite. The term pseudomorph means "false form" and indicates that the underlying pyromorphite (greenish-yellow) have been overgrown and partially to completely replaced by the sky-blue

Lot: 2034 - Quartz and Calcite from China

The aesthetic beauty of this quartz crystal cluster from the Huanggang mine in Inner Mongolia is undeniable. Large, well-formed, lustrous, slightly-yellowish quartz crystals have formed in a spectacular divergent spray. Minor association with pinkish

Lot: 2035 - Quartz and Calcite from Wuhuashan Mountain, China

An attractive combo specimen Wuhuashan Mountain. The specimen features a plate of hematite included (reddish-orange color) quartz points partially covered with a pinkish beige dolomite crystals. Overall this piece is colorful, well balanced, and

Lot: 2036 - Quartz and Calcite from Wuhuashan Mountain, China

These fantastic quartz crystal clusters were first discovered and brought to the American mineral market within the last 10 years. The terminations of the quartz are included with a thin layer of reddish-orange hematite (iron oxide). Small

Lot: 2037 - Quartz v. Amethyst and Calcite from Tonglushan

The Tonglushan Mine is a large, skarn-type Iron and Copper deposit, occurring in the northern end of the Majiao-Tonglushan anticline. From a mineralogical point of view, Daye County is the home of a 3000 year old bronze culture. The area has many

Lot: 2038 - Rhodochrosite and Fluorite from Wutong Mine, China

The Wutong deposit was discovered in 1958 and was a minor producer of lead (4676 tons), zinc (3555 tons) and silver (6.65 tons). The locality gained worldwide fame with the discovery of large, spectacular crystal specimens of pinkish-red

Lot: 2039 - Rhodochrosite and Fluorite from Wutong Mine, China

This specimen is a cluster of highly-flattened, rhombohedral crystals of bright reddish-pink rhodochrosite from the Wutong Mine. Opened in 1958 as a silver mine, the Wutong Mine gained worldwide attention in 2009 and 2010 when several spectacular

Lot: 2040 - Rhodochrosite from Wutong Mine, China

The most important rhodocrosite specimen discovery of the past decade came from the Wutong Mine, Guangxi Zhuang A.R., China. A collaborative mining effort between local mine owners and the Collector's Edge Minerals, Inc. of Golden, Colorado yielded

Lot: 2041 - Scheelite and Muscovite from China

The world's finest scheelite crystals have been produced from Mt. Xuebaoding in Sichuan Province, China. This is a superb example of the highly desirable, bright yellow-orange scheelite crystals which occur at the locality. Scheelite is a calcium

Lot: 2042 - Spessartine and Quartz v. Smoky from China

This spectacular specimen features bright orange spessartine garnets covering a matrix of off-white feldspar crystals. Rising above the spessartine covered matrix rock are approximately a dozen well-formed, medium gray-brown smoky quartz crystals.

Lot: 2043 - Spessartine and Quartz v. Smoky from Wushan

A fantastic specimen featuring Spessartine (garnet) and Smoky Quartz crystals. Spessartine is a nesosilicate, manganese aluminium garnet. Spessartine forms a solid solution series with the garnet species Almandine. Spessartine, like the other garnet

Lot: 2044 - Sphalerite and Quartz from China

This specimen features more than ten gemmy, lustrous, sharp, reddish-orange sphalerite crystals which have grown on a matrix covered with colorless druzy quartz crystals and associated with white calcite and metallic-gray crystals of galena. The

Lot: 2045 - Malachite from Mashanba West Mine, Democratic

Malachite is a bright green copper carbonate hydroxide mineral which occurs in many crystal habits and forms. This fantastic specimen features long (7 cm), slender, stalactiform masses of medium green malachite. Malachite results from the weathering

Lot: 2046 - Apophyllite and Stilbite from India

This attractive apophyllite specimen features well-formed, lustrous, transparent to translucent light green crystals that are blocky in shape with steep terminations. Apophyllite is typically found as a secondary mineral in vesicles within basalt or

Lot: 2047 - Aegirine from Malawi

Aegirine is a member of the clinopyroxene group of inosilicates and is a sodium iron silicate. Aegirine occurs as dark green, monoclinic, prismatic crystals. It has a glassy luster and perfect cleavage. Well-formed macro crystal specimens of Aegirine

Lot: 2048 - Adamite from Ojuela Mine, Mexico

Adamite is a zinc arsenate hydroxide mineral which typically occurs in the oxidized or weathered zone above zinc ore occurrences. Pure adamite is colorless, but, the vibrant yellow-green adamite crystal clusters from the Ojuela Mine in Durango,

Lot: 2049 - Mimetite from Ojuela Mine, Mexico

A superb, crystallized botryoidal crust of bright yellow Mimetite. Mimetite is a lead arsenate chloride mineral which forms as a secondary mineral in lead deposits, usually by the oxidation of galena and arsenopyrite. Industrially, mimetite is a

Lot: 2050 - Quartz & Amethyst from Mexico

Beautiful Quartz v. Amethyst from the Acatitlan Mine, Taxco de Alarcon, Mun. de Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico. 6" x 5" x 2.5". Date: Location: Guerrero, Mexico HWAC# 57539

Lot: 2051 - Quartz v. Amethyst from Mexico

A colorful, aesthetic specimen of amethyst quartz from the famous deposit near Las Vigas, Veracruz, Mexico. The matrix of this specimen is covered with medium green microcrystals of epidote, providing a pleasing color contrast to the purple and white

Lot: 2052 - Beryl v. Aquamarine from Namibia

An unusually greenish-blue aquamarine crystal cluster on feldspar matrix from Erongo Mountain, Namibia. Typically the aquamarine found in the many gem-bearing pegmatite veins on and around Erongo Mountain have more of a sky-blue color. The aquamarine

Lot: 2053 - Cerussite from Namibia

Cerussite is a favorite species of mineral collectors. It is a lead carbonate mineral and is an important ore of lead. Cerussite crystallizes in the orthorhombic system and frequently forms spectacular, intricate twinned crystals. Three crystals are

Lot: 2054 - Cerussite from Tsumeb Mine, Namibia

A spectacular specimen of the lead carbonate mineral Cerussite. Cerussite is popular with collectors worldwide as it frequently produces well formed, highly lustrous, transparent crystals. This specimen was recovered at one of the world's most

Lot: 2055 - Dioptase and Shattuckite from Namibia

Beautiful glassy, translucent dioptase crystals on a milky quartz matrix. The dioptase crystals are pristine, a fine emerald green color and are super sharp. Superb dioptase specimens are always in demand, and the pieces from the Kaokoveld Plateau

Lot: 2056 - Dioptase from Namibia

Dioptase is a popular collectible mineral species because of its vibrant emerald green color, transparency, and strong luster. This is an attractive plate-like cluster of dioptase crystals recently recovered from a near surface copper deposit on the

Lot: 2057 - Fluorite from Namibia

An attractive mineral specimen featuring dark olive-green cube-octahedral fluorite crystals in association with "booklets" of yellowish muscovite mica and minor schorl (black tourmaline) crystals. The specimen was produced from one of the many

Lot: 2058 - Fluorite from Okorusu Mine, Namibia

Mined since around 1920, the Okorusu Mine is an open pit fluorite mine. The deposit is part of an alkaline igneous-carbonatite ring-dike complex where fluorite has replaced pegmatitic carbonatite. The mine is famous for producing outstanding blue and

Lot: 2059 - Quartz v. Amethyst from Namibia

A superb, large, single color-zoned crystal of quartz from the world famous deposit in the Goboboseb Mountains of Namibia. The quartz crystal features a strong amethyst color-zone, with colorless "rock crystal" quartz in the base and termination of

Lot: 2060 - Quartz v. Amethyst from Namibia

An attractive quartz variety amethyst specimen featuring a single, stout, prismatic, purple-colored quartz crystal on a basalt rock matrix which is full of small gas vesicles. Interestingly, this well-formed amethyst crystal grew within a slightly

Lot: 2061 - Quartz v. Amethyst from Namibia

This handsome amethyst/smoky quartz specimen was recovered from the Brandberg complex, which is a circular granite pluton 25 km in diameter rising to 2573 m at its highest peak. The matrix rock for these fine Nambian amethyst specimens is a typical

Lot: 2062 - Quartz v. Amethyst, Smoky from Namibia

Two doubly-terminated predominately smoky-colored quartz crystals on a granitic matrix. The quartz has good luster and has a slight hint of amethyst color. From recent production in the Brandberg Complex. Dimensions (cm): 3.3 H x 6.5 W x 4.5 D.

Lot: 2063 - Schorl (Black Tourmaline) from Namibia

The early history of the mineral schorl shows that the name "Schorl" was in use prior to the year 1400 (AD) because a village known today as Zschorlau (in Saxony, Germany) was then named "Schorl". This village had a nearby tin mine where, in addition

Lot: 2064 - Schorl (Black Tourmaline) from Namibia

The Erongo Mountain is 20 km north of the town of Usakos in north central Namibia. Erongo mountain is 65 km in diameter and has significant mineral specimen production from pegmatite veins in and around the mountain. The schorl (black tourmaline)

Lot: 2065 - Shattuckite and Quartz from Namibia

Shattuckite is a relatively rare copper silicate hydroxide mineral. It crystallizes in the orthorhombic dipyramidal crystal system and usually occurs in a granular massive form, but, also as fibrous acicular crystals. Shattuckite was first discovered

Lot: 2066 - Shattuckite from Namibia

Shattuckite is an uncommon copper-bearing mineral that is highly coveted by mineral collectors because of its vivid blue color. Typically, shattuckite occurs as delicate "hair-like" acicular crystals. This specimen, recovered from a small copper

Lot: 2067 - Quartz v. Amethyst and Chlorite from Nepal

An exceptional mineral specimen from the world-famous mineral collection of Uli and Anka Bahmann of Johannesburg, South Africa. The Bahmann's built a very large and high quality collection of minerals from Southern Africa. Additionally, Uli had an

Lot: 2068 - Apatite and Schorl from Pakistan

This specimen was recovered from one of the numerous, complex granitic pegmatites in the area of Bulochi, Pakistan. Bulochi is a small village 4 kilometers south of the Indus River. The specimen features a 2" tall, tabular, hexagonal crystal of pink

Lot: 2069 - Beryl v. Aquamarine and Muscovite from Pakistan

A beautiful display quality specimen of the Aquamarine variety of the mineral Beryl. This specimen was recovered in the 2015 mining season from the remote, mountainous Hunza Valley region of northern Pakistan. Northern Pakistan has long produced some

Lot: 2070 - Elbaite and Albite, Quartz from Pakistan

An attractive display quality tourmaline specimen discovered in the 2010 mining season from miarolitic granite pegmatites in the Stak valley of northern Pakistan. Tourmalines from the Stak Nala deposit have become world-famous for their exceptional

Lot: 2071 - Elbaite from Pakistan

The gem-bearing pegmatite veins at Stak Nala are not large in size (up to 15 m in length), but are famous for their gorgeous multi-colored tourmalines, frequently associated with clevelandite feldspar, quartz, mica, fluorite and occasional

Lot: 2072 - Quartz (Rock Crystal) from Pakistan

An outstanding example of "rock crystal" or colorless quartz. This specimen is, also, a great example of tabular quartz crystal development. In a majority of quartz crystals each of the 6 prism faces are roughly equal in size and distance from the

Lot: 2073 - Topaz from Pakistan

This is a "jewel" of a topaz crystal, possessing a strong color, glassy luster, and gem-quality transparency. The crystal has textbook form, superb faces and termination. It is complete all around. Dassu, Braldu Valley, Pakistan is the source of this

Lot: 2074 - Rhodonite from Peru

A beautiful mineral specimen featuring a tight cluster of well-formed, bright pinkish-red, bladed rhodonite crystals. The specimen is in excellent condition. Rhodonite is a manganese inosilicate, crystallizing in the triclinic system. The Chiurucu

Lot: 2075 - Fluorite from South Africa

A cluster of vibrant-green, octahedral fluorite crystals in superb condition from a surface deposit located 3 km north of the village of Riemvasmaak. The cause of the beautiful green color is undetermined, however, the color may be related to traces

Lot: 2076 - Quartz (Japan-law) from South Africa

An unusual specimen from the South African locality which has become famous for producing "Cactus" quartz clusters. This specimen features a "Japan-Law" Twinned Quartz Crystal which has been completely overgrown by the same druzy quartz crystals

Lot: 2077 - Quartz v. Amethyst from South Africa

A very attractive and fascinating amethystine quartz crystal cluster from the Boekenhoutshoek area of South Africa. This occurence of quartz has been termed "Spirit Quartz" and "Cactus Quartz". Cactus Quartz is characterized by tiny, druzy second

Lot: 2078 - Quartz v. Amethyst from South Africa

A very well balanced and attractive cluster of amethyst quartz crystals which exhibiting the "cactus quartz" habit made famous by the specimen production from the small surface mine at Farm Boekenhoutshoek. In this instance the secondary druzy quartz

Lot: 2079 - Beryl v. Heliodor from Ukraine

A highly-collectible, gemmy, yellow crystal of the heliodor variety of beryl. This lustrous, well-formed crystal has complex, naturally solution etched terminations and intricate solution etching patterns on the prism faces. The Volodarsk-Volynskii

Lot: 2080 - Neptunite from Benitoite Gem Mine, San Benito

An attractive, classic specimen of this unusual silicate of potassium, sodium, lithium, iron, manganese, and titanium. The Benitoite Gem Mine (Dallas Gem Mine) has produced the world's finest known crystals of neptunite. At the "macro scale"

Lot: 2081 - Silver Mountain Silver Ore Specimen

Alpine Co, Cal. Gottschalk collection, label barely visible/readable. "Silver Mtn. enargite." About 2î cube. Early specimens from this region are rare. Not mine designated. Date: Location: Silver Mountain, California HWAC# 64556

Lot: 2082 - Two California Gold Specimens

One specimen from the Sacramento River, a small nugget, 1.6 g; another from the central Mother Lode, 3.0g. Both are native gold with quartz. Date: Location: California HWAC# 62158

Lot: 2083 - Rhodochrosite and Tetrahedrite, Quartz from Sweet

The Sweet Home Mine in Alma, Colorado is the source of world's finest crystals of rhodochrosite (manganese carbonate). Originally opened in the 1870's as a silver prospect, the underground mine was worked only sporadically and finally abandoned as a

Lot: 2084 - Rhodochrosite from Sweet Home Mine, Colorado

A superb specimen of rhodochrosite and quartz from the Hedgehog Pocket in the world-famous Sweet Home Mine, Alma, Colorado. The rhodochrosite crystals are in form of simple rhombohedrons having a pinkish-red color and the associated quartz crystals

Lot: 2085 - Arabia District Gold specimen from the Gottschalk

About 2 x 2 x 1" specimen on original Gottschalk label. Lead, antimony, silver and gold. The Arabia District was one of the first non-Comstock discoveries, found by rancher George Lovelock in 1859. The district is of importance because a smelter was

Lot: 2086 - Five Aurora Ore Specimens

Aurora. Five specimens. All thee about 1.5î cubed. All show strong silver-gold mineralization. ìGold $31.98, silver $8.30î., another ìgold $279.20, silver $171.80î. Nice group. Date: Location: Aurora, Nevada HWAC# 64549

Lot: 2087 - Five Aurora Ore Specimens

Five Gottschalk collection Aurora high grade ore specimens. Mostly 1.5î and less, generally smaller specimens than usual for this collection. Nice group, please inspect. Date: Location: Aurora, Nevada HWAC# 64554

Lot: 2088 - Four High Grade Aurora Gold Specimens

Four specimens of varying size up to 2 x 4î. All contain high grade gold-silver mineralization. None mine designated. One marked ìmined 1860î. Another with assay: gold $150, silver $500+, Te 0.91%. Aguilarite. Nice group. Gottschalk

Lot: 2089 - Aurora Gold and Geologic Specimens

Aurora Gold and Geologic specimens. Two adularia crystalline specimens. One volcanic rock, one large hand specimen ìmined 1860, bonanza oreî 3.5 x 3.5 x 2î. These adularia specimens closely resemble the specimen shown on Plate XVIIb of

Lot: 2090 - Aurora Gold Specimens

Four specimens from Aurora from he Gottschalk collection. All with original labels, just like the rest of the material offered here. Excellent cross section of vein material. Date: Location: Aurora, Nevada HWAC# 64552

Lot: 2091 - Aurora Ore Specimens

Aurora. Gottschalk specimens. Three, all about 2í cubed. One specimen ìgold 1500, silver 500î, another ìmined 1870î. Date: Location: Aurora, Nevada HWAC# 64548

Lot: 2092 - Aurora Ore Specimens

Three choice ore specimens from the Gottschalk collection. Not mine designated. One marked ìmined 1870-1871î. This was, according to most authors, the dormant period. Only Hill in 1915 says the district continued to produce from 1869-1882,

Lot: 2093 - Antelope Gold Specimen

Antelope mine. High grade specimen with aguilarite, gold, pyrite. About 2î cube. Gottschalk specimen. Date: Location: Aurora, Nevada HWAC# 64544

Lot: 2094 - Antelope Gold-Silver Specimens

Antelope mine. Two Gottschalk specimens. A) 2 x 1.5 x 1î, aguilarite. B)2 x 1.5 x 1.5î, ì1861î cut polished surface. Date: Location: Aurora, Nevada HWAC# 64542

Lot: 2095 - Antelope Mine High grade Specimen

Antelope mine. High grade gold specimen with native gold visible in the black mineralized sections with binocular scope. ì1861.î. 1.5î cubed. Gottschalk specimens. Date: Location: Aurora, Nevada HWAC# 64541

Lot: 2096 - Antelope Mine Ore Specimens

Antelope Mine. Two specimens ì$6000 per tonî both about 1.5î cube. Aguilarite. These are the two specimens from the Gottschalk specimens from the famous Antelope with assay results. Date: Location: Aurora, Nevada HWAC# 64543

Lot: 2097 - Antelope Mine Ore Specimens

Antelope mine. Gottschalk specimens. Two. A) 1.5î cube, b) 2.5 x 4 x 1.5î. ìGold plus aguilariteî Date: Location: Aurora, Nevada HWAC# 64545

Lot: 2098 - Gold From the Antelope Mine

Antelope Mine. Pyrite with minor gold visible in binocular scope. Three specimens on one Gottschalk label, all about 1î plus cubed. ìBonanza Gold plus aguilarite. Chalcopyrite visible. . One of the original locations on Silver Hill

Lot: 2099 - Bonanza ore from Aurora

Aurora. Native gold on 1.5î cube specimen. ìBonanza Oreî. Mine not designated. Gottschalk specimen. Date: Location: Aurora, Nevada HWAC# 64547

Lot: 2100 - Bonanza Ore from West of Antelope Mine

West of Antelope Mine. ìBonanza Gold Oreî on Gottschalk label. ìgold plus aguilarite.îvisible gild in the black mineralized section with binocular scope. The Lady Jane, one of the early rich discoveries is west of the Antelope.

Lot: 2101 - Clarence Mine Gold Specimen

Clarence Mine. ì$3000 oreî. Gottschalk specimen. Native gold readily visible under binocular scope. 1.5î cube. Not on the Stretch, 1866 list, or Brady map of 1862, possibly a late location associated with the Aurora Consolidated, c

Lot: 2102 - Cortez Mine Gold-Silver Specimens

Cortez Mine. Two specimens, Gottschalk collection. ìBonanza Gold Oreî ì1860î high grade specimen, 1.5î cube. Second specimen, same size, ì1862î, not as highly mineralized. . Gottschalk collection. Not on the

Lot: 2103 - Cortez Mine Gold-Silver Specimens

Cortez Mine. Two specimens, about 1.5î x 1.5î each. ìGold in aduilariteî ì$5000 1860î. Gottschalk specimens. Patented, one of the richest mines, according to Hill. Mentioned by Wasson as near the Real Del Monte, but not

Lot: 2104 - Gladiator Mine Ore Specimens

Gladiator Mine. Two specimens, 1.5 x 2 x 1î, 1.25 ì cube. Visible gold on the back of the large specimen, and in the middle front of the small specimen. A Patented claim, on the Wasson map. Mentioned as near the Real del Monte. Not on the

Lot: 2105 - Gold-Silver Specimen from the Esmeralda Lode

Esmeralda lode. 1.5î x 1î , Gottschalk specimen. Bottom of label reads: "black is silver ore, $8-16/ton, trace of gold. Brown is gold ore, $14-22/tonî One of the original locations on Silver Hill, according to Stretch, 1866.

Lot: 2106 - Lady Jane Mine Gold-silver Specimen

Lady Jane Mine. 2 x 1.5î. ì1860î Gottschalk specimen. One of the original locations on Silver Hill, according to Stretch (1866). A patented mine, and one of the richest veins, according to Hill. Parallel to the Antelope. The Lady Jane

Lot: 2107 - Lucky Sam Mine Gold-silver Specimen

Lucky Sam Mine. Mineralized vuggy quartz with small pyrite. 1î x 1î 1. Gottschalk specimen. Not on the Brady map of 1862, or on the Stretch, 1866 list, possibly a late location associated with the Aurora Consolidated, c 1905. Date:

Lot: 2108 - Martinez Hill Gold Specimens

Martiniz Hill. Two specimens with Gottschalk labels, one about 1.5î cube, the other about half that size. Martinez mine. Visible gold in small specimen in quartz gangue. The larger has ìMartini claimî on the label, possible ref to

Lot: 2109 - Middle Hill Summit Gold-Silver Specimens

Summit Middle Hill. Two specimens. ìHigh Grade Bonanza Gold Oreî. Highly mineralized quartz. 2.5.x 2 x 1î, 2.5 x 2.5 x 2î. Possibly the Ontario, St Louis #2 or the Florence, as seen on the Brady and Wasson maps. Date: Location:

Lot: 2110 - Real Del Monte Gold-Silver Specimens

Del Monte Mine. Aurora. Last Chance Hill between Esmeralda and Willow gulches. One of the richest properties at Aurora, and the one that was the center of mining through at least 1920.ì$40/tî 2î x 2î x 1î. Gottschalk

Lot: 2111 - Silver Hill Specimens

4 x 3 x 1î specimen with cut surface from the Gottschalk Collection. Noted as coming from the northwest side of Silver Hill, which would have been near the Real del Monte mine. Clemens owned property here. Date: Location: Aurora, Nevada HWAC#

Lot: 2112 - Utah Mine Gold Specimen

Utah Mine. ìgold in aguilarite, $6000/tî ìMined 1860î Gottschalk Collection. 1.5î cubed. One of the original locations according to Stretch, 1866. The Utah is located on the ridge of Silver Hill. The Antelope was a bit north.

Lot: 2113 - Utah Mine Gold-Silver Specimens

Utah mine. Three specimens. A) gold in aguilarite. 1 x 1 x 1.5î; b) 2 small specimens on Gottschalk board-label, gold in aguilarite; c) gold ore, assay $14/t. 2 x 2 x 1î. Date: Location: Aurora, Nevada HWAC# 63538

Lot: 2114 - Utah Mine Gold-Silver Specimens

Utah Mine. Adjacent to the Antelope. Two specimens of high grade. Aguilarite. Both about 1.5 x 1.5 x 1î. Second specimen says ìeast of Utah Mine, Assay $462 Au Agî. Gottschalk collection. Sam Clemens owned part of this mine at one

Lot: 2115 - Van Valen Claim, Middle Hill Gold Specimen

Summit Middle Hill Van Valen claim. ìHigh grade goldî. 2î cubed. Possibly the Ontario mine, as shown on the Brady 1862 map. Date: Location: Aurora, Nevada HWAC# 63533

Lot: 2116 - Bullfrog Gold-Amethyst from Gottschalk Collection

2" x 2 x 2" specimen on Gottschalk label from Bullfrog. The light amethyst would indicate the south end of the Original Bullfrog. Small specks of gold visible, but not pervasive, as can be for Bullfrog ore. Date: Location: Bullfrog, Nevada HWAC#

Lot: 2117 - Como High Grade Gold from the Gottschalk

5" x 2" x 1" with cut surface. Quartz breccia with native gold along the top edge and a few places inside, but 99% on top. From the famous Gottschalk Collection with original label.This is the best historical specimen of Como gold we've seen. The

Lot: 2118 - Fairview Gold Specimen from the Gottschalk

2" x 1.5" x 1" specimen of cerargyrite and argentite and pyrolusite from Fairviw on the original Gottschalk mount. Fairview today is off-limits, now within the Naval bombing range. The near-surface part of teh deposit was gold and silver rich, while

Lot: 2119 - Gold Specimen, Gottschalk Collection

3 x 2 x 1.5" high grade gold specimen from the famous Florence Mine at Goldfield from the famous Gottschalk Collection.With original label. Cut face shows exceptional high grade. Date: Location: Goldfield, Nevada HWAC# 63513

Lot: 2120 - Miners Gold Mine Gold Ore

3 x 6.5" High - extreme high grade large slab specimen. Brecciated wall rock of rhyolite cemented together with mineralized banded epithermal veins. The veins contain local very strong to intense mineralization of naumanite, electrum and gold. A very

Lot: 2121 - Gold Crown Gold-Silver Vein

Drill core with crystalline calcite in vein, RMC-69, down-hole depth 546. 4 ft. 2.5" diameter. 4" long. (This specimen was found at the mine by a professional geologist who knew what to look for in ore specimens. c1990's.) Date: Location: Midas

Lot: 2122 - Rosebud Gold-Silver Mine

Beautiful. Drill core with crystalline barite in vug, RL-264, down-hole depth 833.3 ft. 2.5" diameter. 8.5" long. (This specimen was found at the mine by a professional geologist who knew what to look for in ore specimens. c1990's.) Date: Early

Lot: 2123 - Rosebud Gold-Silver Mine

Clay altered rhyolite with marcasite ± barite-clay-gold mineralization on fractures. 4x6x4.5". Field Guide: staff. (This specimen was found at the mine by a professional geologist who knew what to look for in ore specimens. c1990's.) Date: Mid

Lot: 2124 - Ruth, NV Copper Specimens

High grade copper from Ruth, NV. Collected by a mine supervisor, c. 1960's. 5 pretty specimens, largest is 4.5". Date: Location: Ruth, Nevada HWAC# 69058

Lot: 2125 - Eberhardt Mine High Grade from the Gottschalk

1.5 x 1 x 1" specimen of argentite plus bramergyrite, collected 1868-9, with the Gottschalk label plus an older label. This is teh first high grade Treasure Hill specimen to be offered in memory with good provenance. The Eberhardt was unarguably the

Lot: 2126 - Tuscarora Banded Quartz with Gold

1.5 x 1.5 x 3" extreme high grade specimen with cut surface showing native gold from the Fisher-Watt open pit. This specimen contains a rare form of gold called ìArborescentî and is beautiful! Date: Location: Tuscarora, Nevada HWAC# 64566

Lot: 2127 - Grand Prize Mine Gottschalk Specimen

1.5" cubed specimen from the Grand Prize Mine at Tuscarora, one of the better producers in the district. Proustite, pyrargyrite, argentite, stephanite. "Bonanza Silver Ore" Date: Location: Tuscarora, Nevada HWAC# 63525

Lot: 2128 - Tuscarora Native Gold In Quartz Breccia

3.5 x 2.5" Extreme high grade Specimen. Cut slab with significant gold in the smaller half. This specimen contains a rare form of gold called ìArborescentî and is beautiful! From the Fisher-Watt small open pit. Date: Location: Tuscarora,

Lot: 2129 - Tuscarora Native Gold in Quartz Vein

Extreme high grade thick cut slab with quartz crystals on one edge. Gold easily visible on the side without the label. From the fisher-Watt small open pit. 2 x 4", almost 3/4" thick. This specimen contains a rare form of gold called

Lot: 2130 - Belcher Mine High Grade Specimen

2 x 2" mineralized quartz with silver sulphides and electrum. Specimen was broken and re-adhered exactly along crack. The Belcher claims were staked in 1859. The claim lies between the Crown point and the Overman claims. This specimen contains very

Lot: 2131 - Yellow Jacket Mine Extreme High Grade Specimen

cut slab 2.5 x 4" White quartz vein breccias cemented with an ~equal number of olive green, possibly altered wall rock with blebs of silver gold mineralization in them. Most, but not all, gold and electrum is located in the black blebs. In the olive

Lot: 2132 - Yellow Jacket Mine Extreme High Grade Specimen

5" square cut slab. White quartz vein breccias cemented with an ~ equal number of olive green, possibly altered wall rock with blebs of silver gold mineralization in them. Most, but not all, gold and electrum is located in the black blebs. In the

Lot: 2133 - Con-Virginia, Dayton Consolidated Ore Collection

The Consolidated Virginia Mine and Company was one of the richest and best-known companies in the Comstock Mining District of Nevada. It produced upwards of $30 million in gold and silver. The company lasted well into the 1940s. While the history of

Lot: 2134 - Con Virginia Bonanza Ore

Large slab 4 x 4" extreme high grade specimen: This slab is very interesting and beautiful. The mineralization is intense with abundant visible electrum and minor yellow gold. It also contains silver sulfides as well as copper sulfides (minor

Lot: 2135 - C & C Mine Extreme High Grade Specimen

3 x 4" slab of mineralized quartz vein with abundant silver sulfides. It also has strong chalcopyrite plus minor pyrite. Gold is also present with local very strong electrum (white and pale yellow) dissemination. Very little bright yellow gold occurs

Lot: 2136 - Gould & Curry High Grade Gold & Silver Specimen

Classic Bonanza Ore from the Gould & Curry. 1.5 x 3". Extreme high grade specimen: This specimen contains intense mineralization. Most of this rock is made of silver sulfides in quartz. Within the silver/quartz is moderate to local strong visible

Lot: 2137 - Gould & Curry High Grade Gold & Silver Specimen

2 x 1.25" Extreme high grade specimen: This specimen contains intense mineralization. Most of this rock is made of silver sulfides in quartz. Within the silver/quartz is moderate to local strong visible electrum ranging from pale yellow to bright

Lot: 2138 - Hale & Norcross Extreme High Grade Specimen

Two specimens about the same size, 2.5 x 1 x 1", with cut surface. The pair are matching halves. This is another fine specimen from the Comstock Lode. It has intense silver mineralization. On the surface of this specimen is sugar quartz with bright

Lot: 2139 - Hale & Norcross Gold Ore

2.5" cube, with cut edge and matched cut piece. Extreme high grade specimen. Wow! This specimen speaks for its self! Both sides of this cut rock contains large chunks of pale yellow to extra pale yellow electrum. The rock also contains moderate

Lot: 2140 - Loring Pit Mine Exteme High Grade Specimen

Slab 3 x 4.5" his is a Great specimen loaded with disseminated gold and electrum. The gold and electrum varies in size from very small to the very visible size of ~1mm. All the shiny specs in the photo is gold and electrum. The rock contains a lot

Lot: 2141 - Mexican Mine Extreme High Grade Bonanza Ore

3" square slab. This specimen is one intensely altered and mineralized rock. It is a brecciated, recemented vein. It is also loaded with silver sulfides and base metal sulfides (mainly chalcopyrite). The silver sulfides are Stephanite, polybasite,

Lot: 2142 - Exceptional Bonanza Ore, Mint Mine

Extreme high grade Large, 4 x 5" specimen with cut surface! WOW! This specimen speaks for its self! It has very intense mineralization. Top to bottom this rock is loaded with silver minerals. It looks like possibly all silver minerals common the

Lot: 2143 - Obiston Pit High Grade Gold & Silver Specimen

3 x 4.5" cut slab High grade - extreme high grade specimen: This specimen is a white quartz vein cemented breccias with clasts of mineralized wall rock and mineralized vein. The mineralization contains visible gold and electrum as well as silver

Lot: 2144 - Ophir Bonanza Ore Extreme High Grade Specimen

5" cut slab. DOUBLE WOW! This rock is loaded throughout almost the entire cut faces with silver mineralization. It too looks like it may contain every silver mineral known to exist in the Comstock Lode. This slab also contains an abundance of base

Lot: 2145 - Potosi Mine High Grade Specimen

Small slab, 1.5" square. High grade - extreme high grade specimen with moderate to strong silver mineralization in the form of Stephanite, Polybasite, Acanthite and argentiferous galena. This rock slab also contains gold in the form of electrum and

Lot: 2146 - Savage Mine High Grade Specimen

1.5 x 2" This specimen is a breccia with clasts of olive green to chlorite green wall rock and also clasts of mineralized grey, dark grey and black silver mineralized vein material. Within these clasts are minute to very visible gold/electrum specs.

Lot: 2147 - Commonwealth Mine Specimen from the Gottschalk

2" cube specimen from the Commonwealth mine. The Commonwealth mine was in the Galena District, on the west edge of Washoe Valley near where the new freeway crosses the Galena Creek.Original specimens from this mine are rare, as the area is now being

Lot: 2148 - Irene Mine Specimen from Gottschalk Collection

Small specimen, 1", of high grade gold ore from the Irene. The district was discovered in 1915, now known as Loring. Date: Location: Willard, Nevada HWAC# 63522

Lot: 2149 - Willard Gold Specimen from the Gottschalk

Four specimens adhered to the original Gottschalk label. overall size about 2 x 3 x 3". The label states $100 per ton from the Desert Queen Mine. Quartz vein and breccia. Date: Location: Willard, Nevada HWAC# 63517

Lot: 2150 - Barite and Calcite from Elk Creek, South Dakota

The Elk Creek, Meade County, South Dakota locality is well known for producing fabulous specimens of golden barite crystals on an attractively contrasting matrix of bright yellow calcite crystals. Specimens of golden barite from South Dakota are much

Lot: 2151 - Calcite from Elmwood Mine, Tennessee

First opened in the 1970s, the Elmwood Mine (the Elmwood-Gordonsville-Cumberland mining complex) has produced some of the world's finest calcite crystals, many of which are twinned. Over the years, miners referred to the clear gemmy calcites observed

Lot: 2152 - Calcite from Elmwood Mine, Tennessee

A superb calcite crystal on dolostone matrix from the Elmwood Mine, near Carthage, Tennessee. This large, twinned and doubly terminated calcite crystal has a bright amber-honey yellow color, has excellent transparency to translucency, and is in good

Lot: 2153 - Fluorite and Sphalerite from Elmwood Mine,

This is a classic mineral specimen from the Elmwood mine near Carthage, Tennessee. The specimen features light purple, cubic crystals of fluorite and lustrous reddish brown crystal clusters of sphalerite (zinc ore). The several zinc mines around

Lot: 2154 - Close In Alunite Mine and Mineral Products Mine

Probably Landside blocks containg banded potassium alunite-KAl3(SO4)2(OH)6-vein material very similar to that found on Alunite Ridge. 4.5x8.5". 2x5x2". (This specimen was found at the mine by a professional geologist who knew what to look for in ore

Lot: 2155 - Gold in Quartz Ovals Set in Gold

Pair of polished gold in quartz matrix ovals set in gold. Probably cuff links but backs removed. Each 9 x 11 mm. Date: Location: HWAC# 63666

Lot: 2156 - Gold in White Quartz

Tiny pieces of gold in white quartz, probably used for jewelry inlay.1.3 grams, about ten pieces less than 3 mm each. Date: Location: HWAC# 63667

Lot: 2157 - Large Agate Geodes (2)

2 quarter cut purple geodes. 6.75" tall. Date: Location: HWAC# 73010

Lot: 2158 - Silver Specimen Slabs

Lot of two polished silver specimen slabs in beveled antique cut. Each 11 x 18 mm. Date: Location: HWAC# 63662

Lot: 2159 - 3 Different Autolite Carbide Lamps

3 Autolite carbides. 2 x 2.5" and 1 x 3"reflectors. Date: Location: HWAC# 63738

Lot: 2160 - 4 Autolite Carbide Lamps and Parts

4 lamps with 2.25" reflectors and approx 15 new and used 2.5" reflectors Date: Location: HWAC# 63739

Lot: 2161 - 5 Autolite Carbide Lamps with 4" Reflectors

5 Autolite Carbide Lamps with 4" Reflectors. 1 has a crushed base. Date: Location: HWAC# 63740

Lot: 2162 - Autolite Carbide Incomplete Lamps

Approx. 15 incomplete Autolite carbide lamps, suitable for parts. Date: Location: HWAC# 63732

Lot: 2163 - Baldwin Small Carbide Miners Light

Small nickle plated brass Baldwin, Pat date 1909. Simmons base. Pretty nice for a Baldwin. 4" tall. Date: Location: HWAC# 58763

Lot: 2164 - Unfired Butterfly Carbide Lamps (9)

9 unfired Butterfly carbide lamps. 4.25" reflectors and includes 1 NIB No. 604. Date: Location: HWAC# 64006

Lot: 2165 - Butterfly Carbide Lamp NOS and Used Parts

NOS Butterfly parts. 8 bumper grips, 2 boxed Scientific Products Micro Slides, 30 4" reflectors. 14 used 4.25" reflectors. All counts are approx. Date: Location: HWAC# 63730

Lot: 2166 - Three and a Half Butterfly Carbide Lamps

All possibly unfired. 3 x 8.5" with 4.5" reflectors, one is top only, dented 4.5" reflector. Date: Location: HWAC# 63756

Lot: 2167 - 2 Dewar ITP Carbide Lamps

3.25" reflectors, one brass(dented) with brass trim, one nickel(possibly unfired). 10" plus hanger. Date: Location: HWAC# 63749

Lot: 2168 - 3 Dewar Superintendent Carbide Lamps

2 different 9"-3" and 3.25" reflectors. 7" with 7.25" reflector. Date: Location: HWAC# 63755

Lot: 2169 - Large Reflector Dewar Hand Lamp

5.5" reflector, repaired base otherwise nice unit. 6.75" Date: Location: HWAC# 63728

Lot: 2170 - Fisma Hand Lamp

9.25" tall, has cork for water door. Date: Location: HWAC# 63762

Lot: 2171 - Guy Dropper Small Reflector Carbide Lamps (6)

4 different reflectors. brass 2.5" Nickel 2.25", 2 x 2.5", 2 x 4". Date: Location: HWAC# 63737

Lot: 2172 - Unfired ITP Carbide Lamp

New in original boy ITP carbide lamp, 10", 3.25" reflector. Envelope with extra gaskets. Unfired with patinated surface. Date: Location: HWAC# 63753

Lot: 2173 - Justrite Parts

Justrite parts house. Extensive parts collection for just right carbide lamps. Most of the parts are unused, about half in original boxes. Includes includes a number of large 7" reflectors inbox, perhaps 100 reflectors overall of varying sizes. Date:

Lot: 2174 - Justrite Carbide Lamp Parts Shop

Major collection of Just Rite parts for carbide lamps. Most of this is unused, and comes from the well known West Virginia caver Bob Liebman, who ran Bob and Bob Caving Supplies.This is really a remarkable assemblage, and one you wont likely see

Lot: 2175 - Justrite Carbide Lamps (4)

Used but fine, 4" reflectors Date: Location: HWAC# 63725

Lot: 2176 - 4 Brand New Justrite 2-870 Lamps With Boxes

NOS in opened boxes and never assembled. 7" reflectors Date: Location: HWAC# 63736

Lot: 2177 - 3 Different Justrite Carbide Lamps

3 different, 2.5", 3", 4" reflectors. Date: Location: HWAC# 63734

Lot: 2178 - 3 Different Justrite Carbide Superintendent Lamps

3 different. 2 with 4" reflectors, 1 with 7" reflector Date: Location: HWAC# 63744

Lot: 2179 - 5 Choice Justrite Carbide Lamps

Unfired Model 3-300, plastic body 4.5" reflector. 1 2.5" reflector, 3 4" reflectors. Date: Location: HWAC# 63727

Lot: 2180 - 5 Justrite Carbide Lamps

8.5" brass 4" reflector. 8", 4" reflector, broken handle.8.5" 4" reflector, plastic tank. 8.5", plastic tank, reflector missing. 9", 7.5" reflector. Spare plastic tank. Date: Location: HWAC# 63758

Lot: 2181 - Mint Justrite 870-R Carbide Lamp

Dead mint condition. New in opened original box. Box has water stain. Date: Location: HWAC# 63729

Lot: 2182 - NIB Justrite No. 2-500 Carbide Lamps (10)

10 NIB carbide lamps. Perfect for a mine store display. Date: Location: HWAC# 63774

Lot: 2183 - NIB Justrite No. 2-500 Carbide Lamps (10)

10 NIB unfired carbide lamps. Perfect for a mining company store display. Date: Location: HWAC# 63775

Lot: 2184 - NIB Justrite No. 2-870 Carbide Lamps (4)

4 total NIB. 2x No. 2-870 and 2x No. 2-870R, all with 7" reflectors. 3 boxes opened for inspection. Date: Location: HWAC# 63773

Lot: 2185 - Justrite #12 Carbide Lamp

Justrite #12, "Pat Appd For". Needs cleaning, tank dented, lens has chip. 9" Date: Location: HWAC# 63745

Lot: 2186 - Justrite #2-500 Carbide Lamps in Original Boxes

10 NIB Justrite No. 2-500 steel miners lamps.Includes instruction sheet. Date: Location: HWAC# 63769

Lot: 2187 - Justrite #2-500 Carbide Lamps in Original Boxes

One dozen Justrite #2-500 steel reflector with plastic bottoms lamps in NOS boxs. Quite a find! Date: Location: HWAC# 63742

Lot: 2188 - Justrite 44 Lamp

Has original hose, still connected although frayed at points. Date: 1914 Location: HWAC# 63713

Lot: 2189 - Justrite Hand Lamps (5)

Lead coated 4" reflector, 8.5" tall. 4 brass lamps of which 3 have carry handles-2 with 4" reflectors, 2 with 7" reflectors. Date: Location: HWAC# 63766

Lot: 2190 - Justrite No. 2-500 NIB Carbide Lamps (10)

10 NIB with instructions sheets. Plastic tank, 4" reflector, 9" tall plus hook. Date: Location: HWAC# 63771

Lot: 2191 - Justrite No. 2-770 Carbide Lamp, Mint in Original

Mint condition with instruction sheet and in opened box. 7.25" reflector. Date: Location: HWAC# 63767

Lot: 2192 - Justrite No. 2-977 Carbide Lamp in Original Box

Almost mint lamp with 7" reflector in original box. Date: Location: HWAC# 63754

Lot: 2193 - Dozens of Small Empty Justrite Boxes

Dozens and dozens of empty Justrite boxes perfect for a mining display. Jewel tips, felt holders, repair parts, felts, gaskets, felt packing etc. Date: Location: HWAC# 63761

Lot: 2194 - Empty Justrite Carbide Flint Boxes

Approx 80 empty Justrite carbide boxes. Perfect for a mining display. Date: Location: HWAC# 63743

Lot: 2195 - Koelher Series 289 NIB Flame Safety Lamps (5)

5 NIB brass Koehler 289 lamps. 9.5" tall plus hook. Pretty lamps in outstanding condition. Includes instruction sheet. 1 box has been opened for inspection. Date: Location: HWAC# 63768

Lot: 2196 - 2 Premier Carbide Lamps

From Leeds England. Turquoise finished. 4" and 5" reflectors. Date: Location: HWAC# 63748

Lot: 2197 - Butterfly Cap Carbide Lamps (21)

21 brass carbide lamps, only 1 has a reflector. 4"tall. Date: Location: HWAC# 63770

Lot: 2198 - Premier Mining Lamp Collection (34)

Approx 34 small Premier lamps with rubber grip bases. A few are repainted. 9x lamp w/o reflectors. 10x tops only. 13x full unfired with 3.75" -4.5" reflectors. 2x full lamps unfired with 2" reflectors. Date: Location: HWAC# 64005

Lot: 2199 - Premier Mining Lamp Parts Boxload

Many Premier parts including 13 NOS white felts, 65 NOS replacement blades, 30 large rubber gaskets, 100 brass reflector bases, 50 NOS bumper grips, 20 2.75" aluminum reflectors, 15 4" nickel reflectors, 100 NOS lamp tips, 150 brass wing nuts, 50

Lot: 2200 - Unfired Premier Carbide Lamps (7)

7 unfired Premier carbide lamps,mostly mint condition. NIB 9" tall with 4" reflector. 9" tall 4.25" reflector. 3x 7.25" with 4.75" reflectors. Black 10.5" with 4" reflector. White metal 9" with 4.75" reflector. Date: Location: HWAC# 63772

Lot: 2201 - NIB Safesport Carbide Lamps (10)

10 NIB Safesport No. CL 1501 carbide lamps with 4.5" reflectors. 1 has a crushed reflector. Date: . Location: HWAC# 63776

Lot: 2202 - 3 Different Carbide Superintendent Lamps

Justrite 7" reflector, unmarked 3.5" reflector, unmarked no reflector. Date: Location: HWAC# 63717

Lot: 2203 - Carbide Lamp Group

Five carbide miners lamps. 1 small Justrite, three autolites, two small and one tall; one ITP superintendent size. Generally nice, but far from mint. still a nice group. Date: Location: HWAC# 58761

Lot: 2204 - Lunch Box Light

Rare! Black color lunch box/lamp used in the mines. Lamp assembly kept in lunch box. 4.75"W x 7"H x 9.5"D. Date: Location: HWAC# 72017

Lot: 2205 - Massive Carbide Lamps Parts Boxload

Not Justrite but many universal parts. Dozens of flints, 60 lighter cap ends, 40 round brass water doors, 50 felt gaskets, misc lamp parts, 30 felts, 12 NOS rubber water doors, 100 lighter nuts, 5 300 gram o-rings, 37 flame proof tips, 30 lighter

Lot: 2206 - Catchall Group of Seven American-made Carbide

Includes Wolf, Justrite, Dewar, and others. Please inspect. Date: Location: HWAC# 42535

Lot: 2207 - Superintendent Mining Lamps (8)

8 well used Superintendent mining lamps with condition problems. 7" tall lamps from Acme, Dew-R-Lite, Big Boy. Perfect for a public or private mine display. Hang them up in your mine display where you do not need a mint unit. Date: Location: HWAC#

Lot: 2208 - Two Teapot Coal Mining Lamps

6" tall with reflector, no name visible, large spout, heavily used; 4" tall, no name, nice. Date: Location: HWAC# 58762

Lot: 2209 - Unusual Save-U-Lite Emergency Torch System

6 unused carbide flares and 11" red holder metal bucket. Over 3# of carbide in each flare. Date: Location: HWAC# 63741

Lot: 2210 - Belt Generator and Steel Squib Case

Possible belt generator, perhaps by Petzl and unfired 8.5".Cylindrical steel squib case 10". Date: Location: HWAC# 63722

Lot: 2211 - Brilliant Search Light

Complete , 2 units with hose. Date: Location: HWAC# 63715

Lot: 2212 - Miner Hardhat Group (5)

5 miner hardhats made from leather and or synthetic materials. Well used. Date: Location: HWAC# 63765

Lot: 2213 - Soft Miners Hats (2)

Canvas like material with lamp holder. One with leather bill. Date: Location: HWAC# 63714

Lot: 2214 - Galvanometer

Uni-therm Blasting Galvanometer in leather case with strap. 2.5" x 3". Date: Location: Georgia HWAC# 64250

Lot: 2215 - Mounted Mine Signal Bell

Mounting 29" x 13". Bell is 12î diameter and has a working pull handle and spring apparatus. The bell chimes loudly and sharply. Perfect for the summertime cabin to call the crew to lunch or for the mine collector. Date: Location: HWAC# 75227

Lot: 2216 - Two Signs for Mine Surface Operations

Danger hook cable when not in use, red white black paint on metal. Danger nightstand under crane load red white black and white. 10 x 14" 10 x 7 a.m. Both signs excellent condition. Location of use unknown. Date: Location: HWAC# 43932

Lot: 2217 - Rare Lion Brand No. 6 Blasting Cap Tin

Green 100-No 6 tin, 2.75" wide. Date: Location: HWAC# 64051

Lot: 2218 - Sterling Silver Miner Lamp Lapel Pins and More

3 sterling silver miner lamp lapel pins, 1 turquoise pin, 1 gold appearing pin with center stone. Purchased in NM in 1990's Date: Location: New Mexico HWAC# 64537

Lot: 2219 - Mining Lapel Pins

6 lapel pins. 2 Gold appearing miners pans one with shovel, silver wire miner candlestick, 2 sterling silver miner lamps, silver crossed hammers. Date: Location: HWAC# 64539

Lot: 2220 - 3 Unusual Mine Candlesticks and More Metal Stuff

3 unusual candlesticks. 6.75" twisted, 7.25" w/o hook, 13" w/o hook. 2 crude eye nails. 3 different size railroad spikes. Date: Location: HWAC# 64536

Lot: 2221 - Manufactured Wire Candlestick

8.25" long manufactured wire candlestick. Possibly unused and unusual. Date: Location: HWAC# 64535

Lot: 2222 - Three Miners Candlesticks

Three miners candlesticks, unmarked. 9", 11" (Michigan hook), 12". The smallest is the best condition. Nothing fancy, but all original. Date: Location: HWAC# 58760

Lot: 2223 - Nevada City Assay Receipts

Lot of eight assay receipts from the offices of Emil J. N. Ott and C. B. Whitwell of Nevada City, California. Dated 1912-13. Date: Location: Nevada City, California HWAC# 63267

Lot: 2224 - Kelly Mine Assay Reports (2)

2 reports-1939 and 1948. Red Mountain is a major silver discovery next to Yellow Aster. 1939 has condition issues. Date: 1939-1948 Location: Red Mountain, California HWAC# 65046

Lot: 2225 - GW Bell Assay Receipt for Savage Mine Ore

Receipt for Savage Mine, a few creases Date: 1863 Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 65050

Lot: 2226 - Kellog & Humberts Assay Receipt to Darius Ogden

1860. This bar was not the best as there was an unusually large 7 ounce loss in the smelting process. Bottom of receipt says "Bars bad yet." Bottom also says "Hardy & Kennedy." Hardy and Kennedy most likely refers to a store in Foresthill near

Lot: 2227 - Kellog & Humberts Assay Receipt to Darius Ogden

Earliest. Also written is Hardy & Kennedy. 10 ounces lost in melting process. Weight of bar was 351.80 ounces. Value of gold, even after the loss, was $6,290.85. Nice haul! Condition (left top dog ear, right side edge issues) not quite as good as

Lot: 2228 - S. Molitor & Co. Assay Receipt Group

Four assay receipts for gold bullion deposited with Stephen Molitor in San Francisco. 1860, 1861 (2), 1863. Molitor used a different receipt every year, often changing the color or type font. These four all went from CTH Palmer in Folsom to Wells

Lot: 2229 - San Francisco Assay and Refining Works Assay

Assay report from Live Yankee ore signed by John Hewston Jr. Left edge has ripple from backing. Date: 1871 Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 65044

Lot: 2230 - Three California Assays

1) Gold Bullion deposited with Selby Smelting & Lead Co.. 1896; 2) Densmore Cons. G. M. Co., Columbia, California, Reduction Works Report, 1901; 3) Memorandum of Gold Bullion, Densmore Cons., 1902; also included: Certificate of Assay from The

Lot: 2231 - 2 Colorado Assay Receipts

Miner's Sampling Works and Georgetown Public Ore-creasing Date: 1888 Location: Colorado HWAC# 65045

Lot: 2232 - Five Colorado Assay Documents

1) Standard Assay Office and Chemical Laboratory--Gold and Bullion melted and Assayed, Central City Colo.,1903; 2) two from Assay Office of J.R. Reedy, Central City, Colorado., 1888 and 1892; 3) W. J. Chamberlain & Co. Sampling Works, Idaho

Lot: 2233 - A.P. Webster, Assayer, Business Card

Business card for A.P. Webster, Assayer and Metallurgist, Helena, Montana. Office No. 62, South Main St., Opposite Cosmopolitan Hotel. On the reverse is a list of assay prices for precious and non-precious materials ranging from $1.00 for lead, $1.50

Lot: 2234 - H.W. Young Assayer Canvas Bags

Two canvas bags, each 11 x 6 1/2 inches. Stamped each side: "H.W. Young / Assayer / Reno, - Nev." Date: Location: Reno, Nevada HWAC# 63262

Lot: 2235 - Savage Mine Assay Receipts from 5 Different Mills

Receipts from the Gould & Curry Silver Mining Co. superintendent's office for ore delivered by the Savage Mining Company for smelting and assaying. Each receipt is from a different Comstock mill: Woodworth, Chas. Lands (rare); Savage, Mariposa,

Lot: 2236 - 100 Troy Ounce Large Assay Scale

Etched into the base of this large well-made scale is "CAP 100 OZ TROY" and "No. 147." It is a Williams Reynolds and Davis Hopper one the balance of the scale. Made by Daube & Hopken of Jersey City, New Jersey. Comes with some weights. This was a

Lot: 2237 - Assay Cupel Tray

16 space cupel tray for the assay department. Cast iron, made by Denver Fire Clay. Date: Location: HWAC# 56471

Lot: 2238 - Gold Poke

Leather bag used by miners to store their Gold Dust. Date: Location: HWAC# 64174

Lot: 2239 - Assay Ephemera (5)

1886 Tosten Smelting letter, 1886 John Taylor billhead, memo of deposit Selby Smelting and Lead 1887, US Smelting Co. 1917 assay report with foxing, Golden Cycle Mining and Reduction 1924 ore settlement report. Date: 1886-1924 Location: HWAC# 69018

Lot: 2240 - Shushanna Mining & Trading Co. Stock

Inc. in British Columbia. No. 0574, issued for 102 shares in 1914. Signed by two directors. Green border, red corporate seal. Not cancelled. Folds, pinholes. This was a scam by the Aetna Trust & Investment Co. The company was pretending to be

Lot: 2241 - Alaska & Other Mining and Western Photos (9)

Nome, AK stereoview of a miners house with fold, postcards, photos, RPC of men with horses and guns Date: Location: Nome, Alaska HWAC# 57217

Lot: 2242 - California-Nevada Copper Co. Stock Certificate

Owned mining property in Alaska and California. Inc. in Maine. No. C1746, issued for 100 shares to Guy M. Spear on May 3, 1909. Signed by president Underwood and the treasurer (illegible). Not cancelled. Blue border with vignette of miner using a

Lot: 2243 - Treadwell Gold Mining Company Printers Plate

New York Bank Note Company produced printers plate for dividend warrants for the Treadwell Gold Mining Company of Alaska. Vignette of a lovely lady. Plate is 4 x 2 1/2 inches and includes original envelope. Ex: Stack's February 2008 Rich Uhrich

Lot: 2244 - Spirit Mountain Copper Company Stock Certificate

Not listed in Filer or the Copper Handbooks. "Property in Alaska" printed under title. Inc. in Arizona. No. 77, issued for 5 shares to James R. Wager on June 22nd, 1911. Signed by president J. Daniels and the secretary. Not cancelled. Pinholes,

Lot: 2245 - Philadelphia Exploration & Mining Co. Stock

Issued at the height of the Yukon Gold Rush. Inc. in New Jersey. No. 272, issued for 60 shares to E. Addie Engle on March 15th, 1898 in Philadelphia. Signed by the president (Angelo Heilprin) and treasurer William Hollis. Not cancelled. Attractive

Lot: 2246 - "Alaska and Its Gold Fields, and How to Get There"

The National Tribune Library. Vol. !. September 18, 1897. Published Weekly. Special Klondike Gold Rush issue is written by Byron Andrews. 32pp. Disbound. Map on first page; other illustrations. Articles such as: "The Yukon River," "The Short Road to

Lot: 2247 - Alaska Hydraulic Mining Postcards (3)

3 postcards, 1 is RPC of Alaskan hydraulic mining. Date: Location: Alaska HWAC# 64276

Lot: 2248 - Alaska Mining Postcards

Lot of 5. 1) Treadwell Mines, Douglas Island. No postmark. No photographer identified. 2) Gold Mining, Thawing by steam points. Postmarked 1913. Published by Lowman and Hanford Co.3) Glory Hole Looking East, Treadwell Mine. No postmark. Publisher

Lot: 2249 - Albany Gold Mining & Prospecting Co. Stock

Issued at the height of the Klondike Gold Rush. Inc. in New York. No. 47, issued for 1 share to William Mason on August 13th, 1897. Signed by president P.E. Martin and secretary Miller. Not cancelled. Gilt background, ornate border, and circular

Lot: 2250 - Crater Mining Company Stock Certificate

Extra rare, one of the first five stock certificates issued. Included is a brochure about the Meteor Crater of Arizona. Certificate issued January 27, 1920, cancelled. This company undoubtedly took its name from what is now called Meteor Crater near

Lot: 2251 - Three Courtland Mining District Stock Certificates

1) Leadville Mining Company. Owned the Leadville group which included the Maid of Sunshine and King Solomon mines. Ore was near 4% copper. The company bonded an extension to the Calumet & Arizona MC in 1909. No. 189, issued for 500 shares to A.T.

Lot: 2252 - Hartford District Mining Stock Certificate Trio

Lot of 3. Located in Huachuca Mountains. Mostly copper and silver. 1) Two certificates for the Hartford Mining Corporation. One Common, one Preferred. Both issued in 1904, not cancelled. Black border and eagle vignette. Folds. Not listed in Copper

Lot: 2253 - Two Different Huachuca Mining District Stock

Lot of 2. 1) Huachuca Consolidated Development Company. No. 143, issued for 50 shares to Marion McLain. Signed by president Jas. Wood and secretary Harry Dewey. Not cancelled. Maroon border, green background with eagle vignette. Folds, small tear. 2)

Lot: 2254 - Black Diamond Copper Mining Co. Stock Certificate

Middle Pass mining district, Cochise County. Lot of 2 different. 1) No. 2035, issued for 100 shares in 1901 to William Crockard. Signed by Frank Crockard as president and N.O. Bagge as treasurer. Not cancelled. Black border with mining vignettes,

Lot: 2255 - Stock Certificates from 5 Different Cochise Co.

Lot of 6 from 5 different districts. 1) San Simon Copper Company. Paradise. No. A94, issued for 25 shares in 1907. Not cancelled. Folds. 2) The Silver Wave Mining Company. Pearce. No. 3252, issued for 100 shares in 1910. Not cancelled. Multiple

Lot: 2256 - Four Different Cochise County Mining Stock

1) Cochise Consolidated Copper Company. No. 1332, issued for 1,000 shares in 1905. Not cancelled. Multiple mining vignettes. Folds, repaired separation. 2) Peoples Mining Company. No. 131, issued for 375 shares in 1906. Not cancelled. Gilt border and

Lot: 2257 - Two Coconino County Mining Stock Certificates

1) Anita Copper Company. No. 834, issued for 50 shares in 1906. Signed by vice-president A.N. White and secretary H.I. Nesmith. Not cancelled. Has a map of the claims on the reverse! From the map, the claims are quite close to the Grand Canyon, with

Lot: 2258 - Four Different Gila County Mining Stock

1) Cracker Jack Mining Company. Green Valley. Issued 1907, not cancelled, mining vignettes. Folds. 2) American Mines Development Co., Ltd. Issued in 1901, not cancelled. Eagle vignette. Folds. 3) Tornado Mining Company. Banner. Issued in 1905, not

Lot: 2259 - General Lee Silver Mining Co. Stock Certificate,

Location: Globe District, Pinal Co. Arizona (printed upper left). Inc. Oct. 1877. Dateline San Francisco, Oct. 8th, 1879. No. 671, issued for 1,000 shares company secretary C.E. Gillett. Also signed by the president, A. Chabol. Not cancelled. Four

Lot: 2260 - Globe, Arizona Mining Stock Certificate Collection

Lot of 6 different. Included: White Star Consolidated Mining Co. (1894, not cxl); Iron Hill Copper Co. (1906, not cxl., three mining vignettes); Warrior Copper Company (1906, not cxl., mining vignette); Arizona and Michigan Mining Company (1910, not

Lot: 2261 - Three Rare Gold Cliff Mining & Reduction Co. Stock

3 rare certificates. Gold Cliff Mining and Reduction Co. of Arizona I/U 1897 to Stephen Parrish #101 for 500 shares, #105 for 1000 shares, and #167 for 400 shares, signed by president, 7.75" x 10". This company was listed in the 1904 Obsolete

Lot: 2262 - Phoenix Mining Company Stock Certificate

Cave Creek Mining District, Maricopa, Arizona. Inc. in New York. No. 1556, issued for 100 shares to George Pike on March 7, 1887. Signed by president E.S. Jennison and secretary N. Melarum. Not cancelled. Simple design with black print and border, no

Lot: 2263 - Central Arizona Mining Co. Stock Certificate

I/U to FM Curtis #3357 100 shares. 6.75" x 11.25" "The company owned the Vulture mine located 14 miles by road from Wickenburg at the southern margin of the Vulture Mountains, and about 9 miles west of the Hassayampa River. The Vulture mine was

Lot: 2264 - Inspiration Copper Co. Brass Equipment Tag

Round brass 39mm equipment tag. Bottom is kinked. Date: Location: Miami, Arizona HWAC# 64511

Lot: 2265 - Two Postcard Views of Miami

Lot of 2 early real photo postcards. 1) Birdseye View of the town. 2) Image of the Concentrator in the mining area of Miami. There is no photographer identified. Both postcards have writing on the back, but no postmark. Date: Ca. 1915 Location:

Lot: 2266 - Mohave County Mining Stock Certificate Collection

Lot of 12 different. Included: Hualapai Mining Co. (1911, not cancelled); El Dorado Empire Mining Co. (1908, not cancelled, mining vignettes, Gold Basin); Union Pass Gold Mining Co. (1905, not cancelled, elk vignette); Enterprise Mining, Reduction

Lot: 2267 - McCrackin Consolidated Mining Co. Stock

Location printed in the upper right: Owen Mining District, Mohave Co., Arizona. No. 1029, issued for 100 shares to H. Aug. Whiting, company secretary, on July 10th, 1878 in San Francisco. Also signed by the president E. Casserly. Lith. Britton, Rey

Lot: 2268 - Mineral Park Mining Company Stock Certificate

Mineral Park Mining District, Mohave, Arizona. This is not only a key Arizona Mine, but it is extra rare. And this certificate is in great condition! Number 62 for 10 shares to JW Parmlee. Signed by JC Denison and the secretary. 1886. Incorporated in

Lot: 2269 - Philadelphia & Arizona Mining Co. Stock

Very rare and early. "Wauba Yuma District" printed under title. Incorporated in Pennsylvania. No. 33, issued for 5,000 shares to Joseph J. Lovering on November 15th, 1867. Signed by president T. Morris Perot and treasurer Samuel Townsend. Not

Lot: 2270 - Three Chloride District, Mohave Co., Arizona

1) Two issued certificates for the Gold Bug Mining Company of Arizona. Both issued in 1907: one to George Saunders for 20,000 shares and the other to Charles S. Blake for 250 shares. Both signed by George Fogg as president and John Hellen as

Lot: 2271 - Pima County, Arizona Mining Stock Certificate

Lot of 5 different. 1) The Continental Exploration Company. Ni. 175, issued for 500 shares in 1906. Not cancelled. Eagle vignette. Staple holes, folds. 2) Mission Mining Company. No. 899, issued for 130 shares in 1907. Not cancelled. Three mining

Lot: 2272 - Pima County, Arizona Mining Stock Certificate

Lot of 11. Eleven different districts represented! Included: Arizona Gold-Copper MC (1902, Tyndall, mining vignettes, i/u); Liberty Consolidated Mining & Transportation Co. (Arivaca, 1905, i/u, mining vignette); Mineral Bed Cons. MC of AZ (1881,

Lot: 2273 - Burro Burro Mining Company Stock Certificate

Mines Situated in Myers District, Pima Co., Arizona Territory (printed under vignette). Incorporated in 1881 in New Jersey as the Silver King Gold and Silver Mining Co.; changed the name in 1882 to Burro Burro.Certificate number 688 issued to WF

Lot: 2274 - Papago Chief Consolidated Mining Co. Stock

Very rare. Baboquivari Mining District, Pima County. Inc. in Iowa. No. 1085, issued for 500 shares to W.F. Witherell on Sept. 20th, 1880. Signed by president W.W. Merritt and secretary R.M. Roberts. Not cancelled. Very attractive design with

Lot: 2275 - United Mining Co. Stock Certificate Pair, Brownell

Two identical issued stocks for this company inc. in Maine. No. A307 issued for 10 shares and No. B326 issued for 40 shares, both to Joseph E. Davis in 1905. Signed by the president, John Thomson, and assistant treasurer. Neither cancelled. Tan

Lot: 2276 - Pinal County Mining Stock Certificate Collection

Lot of 8 from 7 different districts. 1) Arimex Cons. Copper Company. Bunker Hill. Also had claims in the Silver Bel lDistrict of Pima County. No. a1053, issued for 100 shares to Edwin B. Meeks in 1904. Signed by president Frank Smith and treasurer

Lot: 2277 - Cedar Tree Mining & Milling Co. Stock Certificate,

Location of Property: Pinal County, Territory of Arizona (printed at left). Inc. in New York. No. 614, issued for 100 shares to D.M. Watkins on June 2nd, 1881. Signed by president William Wilham and the secretary. Not cancelled. Four vignettes: tree

Lot: 2278 - Central Mining & Development Co. Stock

Lot of 3 for Central Mining and Development Company. Owners and Operators of Two Queens Group of mines. Winkelman. Includes: No. 6363, issued for 50 shares to Walter Sauerhoff in 1907. Signed by president S.H. SNider and secretary John B. Selbridge.

Lot: 2279 - Silver Queen Mining Company Stock Certificate,

Location printed on certificate: Pioneer District, Pinal Co., Arizona Territory. Inc in New York. No. 891, issued for 100 shares to J.L. Gensler on March 7th, 1887. Signed by president Nelson Morris and secretary P.S. Swain. Not cancelled.

Lot: 2280 - South Silver King Mining Co. Stock Certificate,

Rare. Pioneer District, Pinal County, Arizona (printed under title). Inc. in New York. No. 317, issued for 500 shares to A.H. Porter on April 28th, 1882. Signed by vice-president McKenzie and secretary James P. Foster. Not cancelled. Folds, pinholes,

Lot: 2281 - Teller Mining Co. Stock Certificate Pair, Sawtooth

Two identical design issued stocks. No. 137, issued for 1,000 shares Henry Rollins in 1902. Signed by the president and secretary. Not cancelled. Multiple mining vignettes incorporated into the border. Printed by Findelr & Wibel, NY. Folds, some

Lot: 2282 - Two Casa Grande District Mining Stock Certificates

1) Vekol Mining Company. No. 1092, issued for 5,000 shares in 1910. Not cancelled. Multiple mining vignettes. Folds, minor wear. Reported by Hamilton (1884) as the principal ming in the Casa Grande District. It was discovered by a Papago Indian and

Lot: 2283 - Two Oracle District, Pinal Co. Mining Stock

1) The Golden Rule Copper Company. No. 350, issued for 100 shares to Samuel Pugsley in 1901. Signed by the president Lake and secretary. Not cancelled. Orange border and mining vignette. Folds, creases. 8.25 x 10.5" Was a scam perpetrated by William

Lot: 2284 - Mowry Silver Mining Company Stock Certificate,

Number 87 for 50 shares to Lyman A Ford in 1881. Signed by Hirem A Johnson and Hutchinson. Looks almost new! No pinholes, dog ears, edge issues or discoloration. Uncancelled. Ever so slight staining where a paper clip once was. The Pioneer District

Lot: 2285 - Three Santa Cruz County, Arizona Mining Stock

Two are for the Wrightson District and one is Nogales. 1) Red Rock Consolidated Mining Company. Nogales. No. 1362, issued for 500 shares in 1907. Not cancelled. Orange border with mining vignette. Toning, bent lower right corner with some separation.

Lot: 2286 - Five Different Oro Blanco District Mining Stock

Lot of 5. 1) Gold Zone Mining Company. No. 77, issued for 600 shares in Minneapolis in 1901. Elk pictorial. Not cancelled. Folds, toning. Also a letter to the company purchasing stock. 2) Gold Eagle Mining and Milling Company. No. 248, issued for 100

Lot: 2287 - Mineral Mountain Mining Company Stock Certificate,

Mines located in Santa Rita Mountains (printed top right). Inc. in Iowa. No. 257, issued for 25 shares to William (illegible) on Dec. 25th, 1882. Signed by the president, B.F. Karns, and secretary Story. Not cancelled. Two mining vignettes. Deep

Lot: 2288 - Mineral Mountain Mining Company Stock Certificate,

Inc. in Illinois. No. 159, issued for 100 shares to James D. Ulery on August 29th, 1891. Signed by John P. Beal as president and M. Shiffler as secretary. Not cancelled. Vignette of "The Old Reliable Schuttler Wagon" train heading down a mountain

Lot: 2289 - Two Different Mineral Mountain Mining Co. Stock

1) 1882 issued stock. Mines located in Santa Rita Mountains (printed top right). Inc. in Iowa. No. 256, issued for 25 shares to William (illegible) on Dec. 23rd, 1882. Signed by the president, B.F. Karns, and secretary Story. Not cancelled. Two

Lot: 2290 - Three Tyndall District, Santa Cruz Co, Arizona

Lot of 3. 1) The Santa Rita Copper Mining and Smelting Company. No. 4418, issued for 250 shares to James Moore on July 15th, 1907. Signed by the president (Myers) and secretary. Not cancelled. Green border, three mining vignettes. Pinholes, folds.

Lot: 2291 - Two Different Harshaw District, Santa Cruz Co.,

1) American Mineral Company. No. 254, issued for 10 shares to Jay Tallman on Oct. 26th, 1906. Signed by the treasurer, W.A. Chapman, and the president, Henry E. Pearson. Not cancelled. Allegorical vignette. Folds. 8.25 x 10" 2) Alta Mining and

Lot: 2292 - Magma Copper Co. Equipment Tag

Magma Copper CO. round brass 39mm tag Date: Location: Superior, Arizona HWAC# 64509

Lot: 2293 - Santa Ana Mining Company Stock Certificate, Temple

Inc. 1898 in Arizona Territory. Datelined Kingman. Attractive certificate No. 6816, issued for one share to Lucile Monthiers Dehaymin on May 31st, 1900. Signed by the vice-president Howard Kemper and secretary Charles Metcalf. Not cancelled. Color

Lot: 2294 - Girard Gold & Silver Mining Co. Stock Certificate,

Rare but condition issues. Location: Pima County, Arizona Territory (printed upper right). Cochise County was formed from portions of Pima County in 1881. Incorporated June 1879. Number 3929 for 500 shares to Paul Scull on Oct. 17th, 1882. Signed by

Lot: 2295 - Prompter G&S MC Stock Certificate

Prompter, issued Aug 31, 1883 to Wm Egan for 643 shares, signed by Alpheus Lewis as president and Robert Lewis as secretary. LeCount Bros., printers. Interestingly, Egan assigned the stock to AC Merryman, who then in turn assigned it back to Egan.

Lot: 2296 - Tombstone Consolidated Mines Co. Stock signed by

Collectible Western autograph but stock has condition issues. No. 3160, issued for 11 shares to George E. Bartol on Jan. 2nd, 1904. Signed by HM Robinson and EB Gage. Not cancelled. Brown border, gold seal, and two mining vignettes. Folds with tape

Lot: 2297 - Six Different Yavapai County Mining Stock

1) Yavapai Gold Mining Company. No. 313, issued for 160 shares to James Bailey in 1905. Signed by president Brooks and secretary Bellew. Not cancelled. Green border, three mining vignettes. Deep folds, toning. Comes with receipt for stock from

Lot: 2298 - Two Yavapai County Mining Stocks Named After Their

1) Copper Basin Gold & Copper Mining Company. Inc. in Arizona Territory. No. A52, issued for 1,000 shares to J.C. Herudou in 1901. Signed by president William Munds and the secretary. Not cancelled. Black border, green seal and background, mining

Lot: 2299 - Yavapai County, AZ Mining Stock Collection

Lot of 13 different from 13 different districts! Included: The Great Republic Copper & Gold MC (Black Canyon, 1904, i/u); Derby MC (Thumb Butte, 1903, i/u); High Top Mining Corp. (Eureka, 1910, i/u); Juanita Mining & Milling Co. (Hassayampa,

Lot: 2300 - Two Different Alamo District Mining Stock

1) The Townsend Mining Company. No. 189, issued for 500 shares to L.H. Mershon in 1904. Signed by president Reed and the secretary. Not cancelled. Black border, green background, portrait vignette (Townsend?). Folds with some separation. Worked the

Lot: 2301 - Three Different Copper Basin Mining Stock

1) Portland-Arizona Mining Company. No. 32, issued for 11,439 shares to John A. Sandal in 1906. Signed by the president and secretary Not cancelled. Three mining vignettes. Deep folds. 2) Consolidated Copper Creek Mining Company. No. 1751, issued for

Lot: 2302 - Two Groom Creek District, Yavapai Co., Mining

Lot of 2 different. 1) Montezuma Milling & Transportation Company. No. 461, issued for 500 shares to Clarence Bates on July 6th, 1909. Signed by president J.R. Dalbey and secretary Townsend. Not cancelled. Locomotive vignette. Folds, creases,

Lot: 2303 - Three Different Humboldt District Mining Stock

Humboldt was settled in the 1860s .1) Consolidated Arizona Smelting Company. Smelter was constructed in 1906. About 90 claims in the vicinity of Humboldt. Owned and operated the Blue Bell Mine, which shipped 11,000 tons of ore monthly. No. 5760,

Lot: 2304 - Two Different Kirkland District Mining Stock

1) Illizona Mining & Development Company. No. 28, issued for 500 shares to Peter C. Belsly on June 8th, 1903. Signed by vice president Platt and the secretary. Not cancelled. Multiple mining vignettes. 8.5 x 11" Not listed. Deep folds with toning

Lot: 2305 - Two Martinez District Mining Stock Certificates

Martinez is located on the east side of Date Creek Mountains in Martinez Canyon. 1) Rincon Mines Company. Inc. in Arizona Territory. No. 78, issued for 5,000 shares to Jas. Austin in 1904. Signed by the president and secretary. Not cancelled. Ornate

Lot: 2306 - Two Pine Grove Mining District Stock Certificates

1) Amalgamated Mining & Oil Company. Inc. in Arizona Territory. No. 669, issued fro 315 shares to C.F. Buckhalter in 1907. Signed by president Goodman and the secretary. Not cancelled. Mining and oil vignettes. Folds. 2) Crown King Mines Company.

Lot: 2307 - Three Different Poland, Arizona Mining Stock

Lot of 4 documents. Three stocks, one with a letter. 1) Poland Mining Company. No. 1422, issued for 250 shares to Thomas W. Tunnoff on Dec. 24th, 1909. Signed by the vice president and secretary. Not cancelled. Green border, ornate logo, and

Lot: 2308 - Three Tiger District Mining Stock Certificates

Lot of 3. 1) Tiger Gold Company. Inc in Arizona Territory. No. 744, issued for 70 shares to Nicholas Roggeveen in 1903. Signed by vice president Connelly and the secretary. Not cancelled. Black border with mining vignettes, red and black print.

Lot: 2309 - Three Different Weaver District, Yavapai Co.,

1) Mildred Gold Mining Company. No. 27, issued for 1,000 shares Henry M. Lovering on Nov. 16th, 1905. Signed by the president (Conover) and treasurer . Not cancelled. Underground mining vignette. Folds with minor separation. 2) The Octave Gold Mining

Lot: 2310 - Two Different Stoddard Copper Co. Stock

1) No. 75, issued for 200 shares in 1899 to FE Houseman. Signed by Isaac Stoddard as president and J.C. Carley as secretary. Not cancelled. Folds. 6 x 9.5" 2) 1909 issued certificate for 533 shares. Stoddard signs a vice-president. Not cancelled. 7.5

Lot: 2311 - Crowned King Mine Receipts & a Check (3)

Three pieces. Two receipts from Crowned King Mining, 1895 and 1899, and a company check, 1895. Rare! Date: Location: Yavapai County, Arizona HWAC# 64378

Lot: 2312 - Four Different Ellsworth Mining District Stock

Lot of 4. Included: The Montana Belle Copper Co. (1906, unusual vignette, not cxl, 3 claims); Bullard-Rand Gold Mining & Milling Co. (1906, bison vignette, not cxl); Golden Mound Mining and Milling Co. of Arizona (1896, not cxl); and Yuma Copper

Lot: 2313 - The Socorro Gold Company Stock Certificate, Yuma

Lot of 2. 1) Socorro GMC. Office and mine: Harrisburg, Yuma County, Arizona. Inc. in the Territory of Arizona. No. 414, issued for 25 shares to Ralph Burnham in 1904. Signed by president G.D. Workman and secretary S.C. Workman. Not cancelled. Black

Lot: 2314 - Arizona & New Mexico Prospecting, Developing &

Incorporated in New Jersey in 1881. Cert. #15 issued to S.H. Brown for 1000 shares. Signed by W. N. Gourlay, president, and J.A. Brown, treasurer. Three mining scene vignettes at left, center and right. Black border and print with green under print

Lot: 2315 - Arizona Mines Postcards

Lot of 11. Mining locations include, the Inspiration Mine (Miami), Clumet and Arizona Mine (Douglas), Shattuck-Arizona Mine (Bisbee), Old Dominion Smelter (Globe), and much more. 4 of the postcards are postmarked between the dates ca. 1906-1944.

Lot: 2316 - Arizona Mining Stock Certificates and Promotions

Lot of five Arizona mining stock certificates and a newspaper promotion from the Arizona Mining Journal of December 1923. Date: Location: Arizona HWAC# 71010

Lot: 2317 - Arizona Mining Stock Certificates with Texas Names

Lot of 2. 1) Ark and San Antonio Mining and Milling Company. Owned the Esmeralda Mine located 1 mile from Cerbat, Arizona. According to a 1909 Geological Bulletin: "It is developed principally by a 200 foot shaft and two levels containing about 250

Lot: 2318 - Likely Arizona Mining Stock Certificates

Lot of 8. This group was not found in our research but are possibly Arizona mining companies (based on names and/or incorporation). More research is needed. Included: Arizona Prince Mining Co. (1905); Olympia Gold Mining Company, Ltd. (1904);

Lot: 2319 - Central Arizona Mining Co. Stock Certificate,

No. 4866, issued for 100 shares in 1881, vignette of native Americans pointing at a train down below. Vignette of small dog at bottom. Slight staining. 11.5" x 7" The company owned the Vulture mine located 14 miles by road from Wickenburg at the

Lot: 2320 - Seven Different Arizona Mining Stock Certificates

Lot of 7. Included: Aztec Mines Company (Senator, Yavapai Co., 1909); Silver Queen Mining Company (Pioneer, Pinal Co., 1907); Atlantic Mining & Milling Company (Agua Fria, Yavapai Co., 1907); Baumann Mines Company (1910); The Silver Princess

Lot: 2321 - Three Different Arizona Mining Stock Certificates

1) The Santa Fe Development Company. Bisbee. No. 21, issued for 500 shares to LG Jackson in 1908. Signed by the president E.C. Eason and secretary Simpson. Not cancelled. Gilt border and three mining vignettes.Folds. 2) New York Gold Mines Company.

Lot: 2322 - Hard to Find Arkansas Healy Oil - Stock & Ephemera

One 1924 stock certificate in the Healy Consolidated Oil Corporation, and numerous letters, photographs and new story reprinted from the Financial Reporter of 1925. One photo of "Mike Healy's Triumph" a gusher behind him estimated at 30,000 barrels a

Lot: 2323 - Pacific Gold Mining Co. Stock Certificate,

#38 i/u to Chas Bridge who was secretary, 1 share 1883. Plymouth, Amador County Date: 1883 Location: Amador County, California HWAC# 72029

Lot: 2324 - Red Hill Hydraulic Mining & Water Co. Stock

Located in Butte County, California (printed along the top). Inc. July 14, 1874. No. 325, issued for 100 shares to the company secretary, TB Wiegand, on March 21st, 1877. Also signed by the president, Moore. Not cancelled. Attractive design with the

Lot: 2325 - Anglo-Californian Gold Mining Co. Stock

No. 7471, issued for one share to John Barker of Richmond on July 5th, 1852. Signed by two directors and the secretary. Not cancelled. 7.5 x 8.25" Folds, creases, some soiling. According to Filer (Holabird), this was the largest foreign issue of a

Lot: 2326 - Hesperides Mining Company Stock Certificate

Rare. Never before seen by FH. According to mindat, the mine was located at Wallace, Camanche District, Calaveras Co., California. Inc. in California, Sep.t 23, 1895. No. 19, issued for 1,000 shares E.D. Harrison on Nov. 15th, 1895 in San Francisco.

Lot: 2327 - Lightner Mining Company Stock Certificate

Angels Camp, Calaveras Co., Cal. (printed under logo). Inc. October 1896. No. 131, issued for 30 shares to John Smith on Nov. 11th, 1897. Signed by the president G.C. Hyatt and secretary BF Wellington. Not cancelled. Small circular vignette of

Lot: 2328 - New York & Calaveras County Gold Mining Company

Inc. in New YorkNo. 6070. Issued for 100 shares in 1881 to A. Peckham. Signed by secretary RK Southwick and president JK Marshall. Endorsed on back. Not cancelled. Gorgeous cert. with vignette of camp and mine on mountain. Pinholes, folds, very fine.

Lot: 2329 - San Domingo Mine, CA Hydraulic Photo

San Domingo Minminie in Calaveras, CA. "Washing Out a Cove" 7.5" x 7.5" Date: c. 1898-1910 Location: Calaveras County, California HWAC# 65033

Lot: 2330 - Borax Mule Team Print

Framed print of Pacific Coast Borax mule team pulling wagons thru Death Valley. Frame is 16" x 42". Lower print has a scratch. Date: Location: Death Valley, California HWAC# 73026

Lot: 2331 - Gold Rush Stock Certificate: Eureka Quartz Mining

El Dorado County, California. Unissued for two shares, but signed by Jacob A Shorb as president and E.H. Cornwall as secretary in January 1853. Pinhole, creases, rough right edge. Printed on thin paper by Geo. E. Leefe, NY. Vignette of mill and

Lot: 2332 - Two El Dorado County Mining Documents

1) 1875 county tax receipt for George Swan for payment on his mining claim on Texas Hill, Placerville, El Dorado County known as the Easterly Buck Eye Claim. 7 x 5.75" Swan was a lawyer and also operated a toll house at Strawberry on the road to

Lot: 2333 - Central Mine and Mill Postcards, Grass Valley

Lot of 10 showing various views of the Central Mine and Mill. 2 of the cards are postcards are postmarked with the years 1908 and 1914. Date: Location: Grass Valley, California HWAC# 63850

Lot: 2334 - Empire Mine Postcards, Grass Valley

Lot of 14 terrific postcards showing the Empire Mine. 5 of the cards are postcard between the years 1908-1927. According California State Parks, The Empire Mine is "one of the oldest, largest, deepest, longest and richest gold mines in California."

Lot: 2335 - Grass Valley Postcard from Pennsylvania Mine

Overview of the town near the Pennsylvania Mine. No postmark. Date: 1923 Location: Grass Valley, California HWAC# 63849

Lot: 2336 - Idaho-Maryland Mine Postcards, Grass Valley

Lot of 9 showing various views of the Idaho-Maryland Mine of Grass Valley, CA. 3 of the cards are postmarked from the years 1908, 1913, and 1942. Date: Location: Grass Valley, California HWAC# 63852

Lot: 2337 - Misc. Mines of Grass Valley Postcards

Lot of 11. Some of the mines shown are the Scotia Mine, Tightner Mine, Massachusetts Mill Mine, Pennsylvania Mine, and the Idaho-Maryland Mine. 8 of the post cards are postmarked between the years 1908-1942. Date: Location: Grass Valley, California

Lot: 2338 - North Star Mine Postcards, Grass Valley

Lot of 7 all showing different views around the North Star Mine. 2 of the postcards are postmarked from the years 1909. Date: Location: Grass Valley, California HWAC# 63851

Lot: 2339 - Grass Valley & Nevada City Mining Stock Certs. (5)

North Banner Con. Tunnel Co. No. 196, 100 shares, Nevada City, CA; Scadden Flat Gold Mining Co., Grass Valley, CA ; Anita Gold Mining Co., No. 124, 5000 shares, San Francisco;North Banner Con. Tunnel Co. Nevada City, CA , unissued; Murray Creek

Lot: 2340 - Tightner Mining Co. Ephemera, Grass Valley &

Eleven pieces from Tightner Mines Company. 1800s-1915. Date: Location: Grass Valley/Nevada City, California HWAC# 61972

Lot: 2341 - Afterthought Copper Co. Stock Certificate, Ingot,

I/U Emmas Hudson 1909 #842 25 shares. Rare. Three crease tears, edges rough condition. Mine office in Ingot, Shasta County. 19 patented claims, 380 acres with mill and smelter. [Copper HB, Vol. 15] Date: Location: Ingot, California HWAC# 64527

Lot: 2342 - Lake County Mines Postcards

Lot of 2. Both are views of the Sulphur Banks Quicksilver Mine. No postmark on either card. Date: Ca. 1915 Location: Lake County, California HWAC# 63841

Lot: 2343 - Mojave Miner's Union Small Envelope

Found in a mine, foxing, small holes and chip missing. Date: c. 1905 Location: Mojave, California HWAC# 65041

Lot: 2344 - Homer Mill & Mining Stock Certificate

i/u Sylvester Gardner, #769 100 shares 1899, signed by Vice President Jeurel? C.H. Nye, L.L. Homer, and William Wasson formed the Homer Mill and Mining Company in October, 1879. In the same month, the Homer Mining District was set up by 62 miners.

Lot: 2345 - Two Mono County Mining Stocks

Homer, issued Jan 10, 1881 to SB Caldwell for 100 shares, signed by McClinton as president, issued, u/c; and Muncton G&S MC, unissued, 1870's. The homer was one of the productive mines at Lundy. The Munckton was nearby, between Lundy and

Lot: 2346 - Nevada City Mining Postcards

Lot of 12. Some of the cards include views of the Champion Mine, Hope Mine, Murchie Mine, Gold mine on Deer Creek, and the Manzanita Hydraulic Mine. 5 of the postcards are postmarked but the years are difficult to read. Date: Location: Nevada City,

Lot: 2347 - Columbia Hill Gold Mining Stocks (2)

2 rare certificates. i/u C Hunt 1904 #57 313 shares, i/c W Morrow 1918 #66 4900 shares-2 chips on bottom. Date: 1904-1918 Location: Nevada County, California HWAC# 64019

Lot: 2348 - Deadwood Gold Mining Co. Stock Certificate

Location: Willow Valley District, Nevada County, California. Dateline Nevada City, Cal., Jan. 15th, 1879. No. 285, issued for 500 shares to William R Knight. Signed by company president R.B. Symington and the company secretary Wm. H. Smith. Not

Lot: 2349 - Fortuna Gold Mining Co. Stock Certificate

Nevada County, California printed below logo. Inc. in New York. No. 134, issued for 100 shares to William Sison on March 8th, 1880. Signed by president (Brew?) and secretary (Parrish). Not cancelled. Black border and print. Lady liberty vignette.

Lot: 2350 - Grizzly Ridge Mining Company Stock Certificate

Principal Place of Business Nevada City, Cal. (printed under title but covered by stamps). Inc. June 28, 1892. No.243, issued for 220 shares to James Richards on Jan. 26th, 1901. Signed by the president, Peter McAuslan, and secretary Benjamin Hall.

Lot: 2351 - Pittsburg Gold Mining Company Stock Certificate

Rare! Nevada County, California (printed below logo). Inc. Sept. 22nd, 1877, No. 117, issued for 500 shares to Samuel Granger on Oct. 23, 1878 in San Francisco. Signed by president Julius Bandmann and secretary R. Wegener. Not cancelled. Small

Lot: 2352 - Quicksilver Mining Co. Stock Certificate, New

I/C Frederick Stevens #6533 1902 100 shares. "Located just 12 miles south of San Jose, California is the tiny village of New Almaden, the once world famous quicksilver (mercury) mining community that is now a National Historic Landmark district. The

Lot: 2353 - Pictorial of Parks' Bar & North Fork, American

Interesting large scale Placer mining along the American River of California. Gleason's Pictorial of gold dredging with miners in 1854. 11" x 15". Tearing along edges. Does not encroach on pictorial. Mounted on mat board. If mats are shipped then

Lot: 2354 - Pioneer Gold Mining Co. Stock Certificate, Placer

Inc. in Montana. Location of Mines: Placer County, California (printed at bottom). No. 4731, issued for 50 shares to Foote & French on March 17th, 1899. Signed by president Jaques and secretary Howard. Folds, some toning. Not listed in Filer.

Lot: 2355 - Placerville, CA Dredging Negatives and Stock

2 dredging negatives, probably near Placerville, CA 2.5" x 3.5". I/U Emigrant Gulch Consolidated Placer Mines 1904 stock Date: Location: Placerville, California HWAC# 65029

Lot: 2356 - South Fork Canal Company Stock Certificate,

Very rare. Dateline Placerville, El Dorado County, Cal., December 9th, 1852. Unissued, but filled out for one share. Signed by B.F. Reese, president, and A.T. Taylor, secretary. Not cancelled. Interesting "bookend" borders and vignette of dog outside

Lot: 2357 - Bell Gold Mining Co. Stock Certificate, Plumas

Inc. in Iowa, 1876. No. 632, issued for 10 shares to Frank Lamberson on May 3rd, 1880. Signed by president D.L. Olvier and secretary Bayliss. Not cancelled. Folds, pinholes, bent corners. Formed by a group of prominent Dubuque residents. Property

Lot: 2358 - Plumas Mines Postcards

Lot of 4. 1) Ore Mill from Eaglemine. Produced by Eastman Photo. Postmarked, but date is unknown. Possibly from ca. 1925. 2) Golden nugget samples from the Plumas gravel bed, Postmarked but date is slightly removed. Pre 1910. 3) Mining camp scene at

Lot: 2359 - Yellow Aster Mine Ephemera

Assortment of Yellow Aster Mine Ephemera including bullion assays, receipts, 30 day option to buy mining property, industrial accident commission opinion and findings on case of Joe Kraljlvich v. Yellow Aster Mine, ore smaple tag, dividend tags, post

Lot: 2360 - Yellow Aster Mining and Milling Co. Checks

Discovery group of seven checks signed by Singleton and Burcham, among others. Green and gold paper, vignette of the mill in operation. Date: 1907 Location: Randsburg, California HWAC# 63251

Lot: 2361 - Red Bluff, CA Hydraulic Mining Cabinet Card

Red Bluff, CA hydraulic mining cabinet card 3.5" x 5.75', right crease Date: c. 1870-1880 Location: Red Bluff, California HWAC# 65030

Lot: 2362 - North Arkansas & Arizona Zinc, Lead, Copper,

Swindle! The Copper Handbook (1907) says they have 25 claims located 18 miles east of Randsburg in the Spangler District of San Bernardino County; claims near Morristown, Maricopa Co, AZ; and zinc lands in Baxter County, Arkansas. Listed as idle and

Lot: 2363 - Pinal Dome Oil Annual Statement

Pictorial annual statement from Pinal Dome Oil Co. June 1, 1913. 6 folded pages. 2 chips, water stains and creases Date: Location: Santa Maria, California HWAC# 63955

Lot: 2364 - Uncas Mining Co. Stock Certificate

I/U #28 1000 shares 1881. Lower right corner crease. Date: 1881 Location: Sierra County, California HWAC# 72030

Lot: 2365 - The Pearl Gold and Silver Mining Co. Stock

I/U Mary Owens #109 5 shares 1863. Signed by president JO Eleridge. Date: Location: Silver Mountain, California HWAC# 72031

Lot: 2366 - "The Pearl" Gold and Silver Mining Company Stock

Mine in Silver Mountain later renamed Oro Grande in Mojave Desert. #110 i/u Mary F Owens 1863 5 shares. The dateline is San Francisco. Signed by President J. (James) O. (Oscar) Eldridge and Secretary James C. Dayley. Three vignettes: one of young

Lot: 2367 - Ino Plumbago Mining & Manufacturing Co. Stock

Rare Sonoma County mining stock. Inc. two weeks prior to issue in Feb. 1878. No. 19, issued to G. Cane for 1,000 shares on Feb. 23, 1878 in San Francisco. Signed by president Julius Hirschfield and the secretary JM Buffington. Not cancelled. Ornate

Lot: 2368 - Tuolumne County Mining Postcards

Lot of 6. 1) Dutch Mine, ca. 1910. No postmark. 2) Providence Mine and Mill. Postmarked 1905. 3) The Pioneer Twins of Groveland. Postmarked 1910. 4) & 5) Empire Mills. No postmark. 6) Siamese Twins and Diamond Cascade Mercers of the New Calaveras

Lot: 2369 - North Hite & Yosemite Gold Mining Co. Stock

Incorporated in New York in 1880. Cert. # 685 issued to Wm. B. Rees for 100 shares. Signed by Edward H. Spooner as president and Lindly F.xxxx as secretary. Three vignettes: one at top right of 4 miners working a rock face, with mountains and mill

Lot: 2370 - California General Mining Postcards

Lot of 14 postcards that show both general and hydraulic mining in California. The postcards are a mix of color illustrations and color photo. 3 are post marked between the years 1907-1942. Date: 1907-1942 Location: California HWAC# 63831

Lot: 2371 - California Mining Postcard Set

Approx 20 California mostly gold mining postcards with B/W and chromolitho scenes of hydraulic mining, a large donkey engine, a dredge, underground gold miners, panning, an old safe, Big Chief Mine and more. Date: Location: California HWAC# 53651

Lot: 2372 - Mother Lode Mining Area Postcards

Lot of 8. 1) Jas W. Marshall. No postmark. 2) Tunnel Entrance to Gold Mine near Placerville. No postmark. 3) The Kennedy Mine, Jackson. No postmark. 4) The Argonaut Mine. Postmarked 1922. 5) Keystone Mine, Amador City. Postmarked 1910. 6) The Malone

Lot: 2373 - Central Mother Lode Mining Postcards

Lot of 3. 1) Real photo postcard out of Calaveras. Postmarked December 31, 1906. 2) Eagle Shawmut Mine, near Chinese, CA ( later known as Chinese Camp). No postmark. 3) Central Eureka Mine, Sutter Creek. No postmark but there is writing on the back.

Lot: 2374 - Northern California Mines Postcards

Lot of 7. Locations include Oroville, Trinity, Happy Camp, and Shasta County. 2 are postmarked between the dates 1909-1915. Date: Ca. 1909-1950 Location: California HWAC# 63842

Lot: 2375 - California Gold Mining, Motherlode lot

Misc. ephemera: 1) A Walking Tour of Historic Placerville by Jane Schlappi & Marilyn Ferguson; 2) The History of the Weaverville Joss House and the Chinese of Trinity County, CA by Douglas and Gina McDonald c.1986, pp.33; El Dorado County, CA

Lot: 2376 - California Mining Article, New York, 1875

Three columns on the California Mines. Discusses hydraulic, placer and lode mines. Interesting, a good read. These are the sorts of articles that got eastern financiers interested in California mines. Date: Location: California HWAC# 63918

Lot: 2377 - California Mining Stock Certificates (10)

10 different California mining stocks-Hammon Consolidated, Greenwater Copper Mines and Smelter, Mount Whipple Gold Mining, Bunker Hill Consolidated Mining,Mount Blanc Consolidated Gravel Mining, United Water and Power, Kern River Gold quartz Mining

Lot: 2378 - Three California Mining Stock Certificates

1) Pennsylvania Consolidated Mining issued 1898 2) San Domingo Gold Mining issued 1904 3) Golden Gate mining issued 1903 Date: Location: California HWAC# 56163

Lot: 2379 - US Oil Stocks

Approx 10 Oil stock, some early Southern California. La Point Oil, Arrowhead Oil, Creston Oil and Gas, Great West Oil and Coal Date: c. 1907-1923 Location: California HWAC# 65070

Lot: 2380 - El Dorado, Taylor, 1861

Originally published in 1850, this is the 18th edition of this very famous gold rush book. 444 pp. 44 chapters of Bayard Taylor's adventures in the gold rush country. Dark cloth binding, condition problems along back cover at spine. 19th century

Lot: 2381 - Gold Mines of California; & Gold in His Veins (2

1 hardback book, Gold Mines of California by Jack R. Wagner c.1970, includes many photos, pp.251; 1 paperback, Gold In His Veins, includes many photos, signed page by authors, pp.203. 8.5" x 11". Date: Location: California HWAC# 64254

Lot: 2382 - Gold Rush 'Miner's Ten Commandments' Lettersheet -

The Miner's Ten Commandments was an 1853 Original Wood Engraving published by James Mason Hutchings. Hutchings came to California from England in 1849, seeking a fortune in gold like untold thousands of others. While he didn't find any, he did find

Lot: 2383 - The Inside Story of the Gold Rush by Moerrenhout

Hardcover 94pp, foldout back map on mining district of California. Covers are detaching, toning on inside front page. Date: 1935 Location: California HWAC# 69078

Lot: 2384 - Colorado Gold Mining & Smelting Co. Stock and Bond

Alma District, Park County. Lot of 2. 1)$100 bond issued in 1902, not cancelled. Eagle vignette. Eleven coupons still attached. Signed by secretary Charles Perkins and the president Stowall (?). Printed by Denver Lith. Co. 2) 1911 issued stock

Lot: 2385 - Union District, 1861 Official Discovery Record

Very early, first part of the Colorado gold rush, Union Mining District of Kansas Territory notice/receipt for H. E. Favre for a mining claim on the Douglas Lode, April 1861. The receipt notes the claim was registered in Book A, page 157, indicating

Lot: 2386 - O'Reilly Gold Mining Company Stock Certificate

Breckenridge, Summit County, Colorado. A.C. Howard was superintendent. Owned the Bay State group developed by a 300' tunnel. [Ref: 1910 Copper Handbook] Inc. in Arizona. No. 212, issued for 50 shares to Henry C. White in 1907. Signed by president

Lot: 2387 - Benton Gold & Silver Mining Co. Stock Certificate

Mine located in the Queen Mining District, Clear Creek County, Colorado, 3 miles from Georgetown on Brown and Sherman Mountains. Inc. in Illinois. No. 251, issued for 50 shares to John Shannon on Sept. 23rd, 1879. Signed by president L.G. Calkins and

Lot: 2388 - Benton Gold & Silver Mining Company Bond

Inc. in Illinois. Mine located in the Queen Mining District, Clear Creek County, Colorado, 3 miles from Georgetown on Brown and Sherman Mountains. According to Corbett (1879), the main shaft was 80' deep, tunnels 70' and 30'. Ore is galena,

Lot: 2389 - Colorado Anthracite Company Stock Certificate

Dateline Gunnison, Col., May 19th, 1882. No. 89, issued for 1,000 shares to A.S. Roberts. Signed by vice president HP Sloan and secretary W.J. McKnight. Not cancelled. Ornate border and logo. Tiny vignette of dog. Printed by National Bureau of

Lot: 2390 - Cripple Creek Mining Postcards

Lot of 8. This lot shows various mining scenes including John A. Logan Mine, Vindicator Mine, Southwest Slope of Bull Hill, Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine, Portland Mine, Mary McKinney Mine, and the Elkton Gold Mine. 3 are postmarked from the years 1908.

Lot: 2391 - Union Gold Mining Co. Stock Certificate, Cripple

Union Gold Mining Co. Stock cert. I/punch cancelled, No. 7081, shares 500, gold seal, good condition. 11.5" x 8". Owned the Orpha May No. 1 and 2, Delmonico, Pike's Peak, Solid Muldoon, Forgotten and Adopted claims on Bull Hill. Date: 1896 Location:

Lot: 2392 - Golden Age No. 2 Mining and Milling Co. Stock

#667 i/c William Pettis 400 shares 1904. Punch canceled. Signed by President CE Hoadley. Date: 1904 Location: Cripple Creek, Colorado HWAC# 64008

Lot: 2393 - Par Value Gold Mining Company Stock Certificate

No. 302, issued for 300 shares in 1901 to Mrs. Georgia E. Miller. Signed by president Asall and treasurer Marsten(?). Not cancelled. Vignette of three miners, two with headlamps, inspecting a piece of ore. Two documentary stamps upper left, cut

Lot: 2394 - Portland Gold Mining Stock Certificate

Colorado's richest gold mine. i/u AH Bailey #1678 100 shares 1896, signed by founders Doyle and Burns. Date: Location: Cripple Creek, Colorado HWAC# 64009

Lot: 2395 - Rattler Gold Mining Company Stock Certificate

Mines at Cripple Creek, Colo. (printed under title). Inc. in Colorado, 1896. No. 1992, issued for 1,000 shares to Benjamin Tripp on Dec. 29, 1899 in Colorado Springs. Signed by vice-president F.E. Brooks and secretary S.L. Caldwell. Not cancelled.

Lot: 2396 - Two Rebecca Gold Mining Company Stock Certificates

Two different denominations: one and five shares. Both issued, uncancelled. 36 dividend coupons attached to each. Same underground mining vignette. Signed by the vice president and secretary. 16 x 9.25" Very good condition. Owned the Rebecca and

Lot: 2397 - Three Different Cripple Creek Mining Stock

Isabella Gold Mining Co I/C 1896 to Oscar Whitelaw #78 250 shares, signed by president Hagerman. Cripple Creek Gold Rock Mining Co. I/U 1895 to Howard Slade #222 100 shares signed by president Wheeler, Freeport and Cripple Creek Gold Mining Co I/U to

Lot: 2398 - c.1890s Denver Business Card for Mining Agent

Stephens, Hanchett & Co., Money Loaned, Real Estate, Mining and Insurance, Office at 1638 Curtis St. in Denver. Reverse has pencil note from Stephens to his cousin. 2.5 x 4.5" Cardstock with toning. Date: Location: Denver, Colorado HWAC# 63083

Lot: 2399 - Delegate Ribbon for 1909 Miner's Convention in

This rare item is a delegate ribbon for the 17th Annual Convention of the Western Federation of Miners held in Denver, Colorado, in July of 1909. A faux gold nugget is suspended from the pin-back clasp at the top of the 1.5-inch-wide, faded blue

Lot: 2400 - Truax Ore Car Manufacturing Co. Ephemera, Denver

2 Receipts for freight charges & Extra labor on iron truck frames & extra weight. Letter from Truax Manufacturing Co. to Hanover-Bessemer Iron & Copper Co. dated 1916, reference to purchase of 10 ore cars . Date: 1923 Location: Denver,

Lot: 2401 - Herrmann Silver Mining Co. Stock Certificate,

Inc. in New York. No. 67, issued for 25 shares to Geo. E. Abbe on March 12th, 1874 in New York. Signed by president Ford William Herrmann and secretary L.W. Winchester. Not cancelled. Ornate border and logo, no vignette. Folds, creases, an ink stain.

Lot: 2402 - The Snowdrift Silver Mining and Reduction Company,

This is the second time we have seen this stock certificate (mortgage debenture) in 40 years. English Mortgage Debenture. To Frederick Connon of Scarsdale Villas, Kensington. Number 169. The Snowdrift seems to be one of the earliest mines sold to an

Lot: 2403 - Brooklyn Mining Company Stock Certificate

Location of Mine, Gilpin County, Colorado (printed at the top). Inc. in Kentucky. No. 1065, issued for 100 shares to B.L. Cutting on Feb. 13th, 1890. Signed by the president and secretary. Not cancelled. Green border and background, black print.

Lot: 2404 - Gold Rock Mining & Milling Stock Certificate

Location of Mines, Gilpin County, Colorado. Nice mining vignette in the upper left corner of this 9 x 3 /12 inch stock certificate. Issued to Albion Little in November of 1891. Date: 1891 Location: Gilpin County, Colorado HWAC# 74018

Lot: 2405 - Nye Gold Mining Company Stock Certificate

Nye Gold Mining Company of the City of New York, Mines in Gilpin County, Colorado, one thousand shares of capital shares issued to E.W. Moss, dated Nov 5, 1866, and signed by John A. Nye. Mr. Nye is listed as the president of an unnamed company in

Lot: 2406 - Gee Zee Mining Company Stock Certificate, Tin Cup,

Property located at Tin Cup, Gunnison County, Colorado according to Poole Bros. Mining Directory (1898, pg. 337). Inc. in Illinois. No. 77, issued for 1,000 shares to A. Bouzano on Oct. 31st, 1889. Signed by president Solon N. Sapp and secretary

Lot: 2407 - Mono Gold & Silver Mining Company of Colorado

Very rare. Possibly the only one known. No previous sales. According to the Mine, Quarry and Metallurgical Record, 1897, the company owned the Mono and San de Costa Mines at Pitkin, Gunnison County, Colorado. They had 50 and 140 ft. shafts,

Lot: 2408 - Silver Cycle / Gold Dyke Mining Archive, Idaho

Lot of seven. 1-2) Two Silver Cycle Mining Company stocks (#'s 2280 and 3809). Issued in 1924 and 1925. One is stamp cancelled "100% Dividend, Silver Cycle Mining Company, Idaho Falls, Colorado." 3-4) Two stocks from the Gold Valley Mining Company.

Lot: 2409 - Carbonate Weekly Chronicle 1879, Leadville Mining

Rare newspaper, section on the mines that is quite interesting. Includes a column on the daily production of about 30 mines. Most mines were at 10-30 tons per day except Chrysolite, Little Pittsburgh and the Little Chief, which were 100-125 tons per

Lot: 2410 - Amie Consolidated Mining Co. Stock Certificate,

Inc. in New York. No. 1254, issued for a 100 shares to BR Carman, May 13th, 1880. Signed by president McFarland and secretary Ebert. Not cancelled. Green and black print. Surface mining vignette and two allegorical women vignettes in borders. Printed

Lot: 2411 - Brookland Mining Stock Certificate

Rare certificate with only 2 tiny staple perforations and map on back. i/u James D??? 1883#234 500 shares. Date: 1883 Location: Leadville, Colorado HWAC# 64017

Lot: 2412 - Carbonate Hill Consolidated Mining Co. Stock

I/u to V Baker 1881 #484 781 shares. We could not find any info on this company in our library. 6.75" x 11.25". Date: Location: Leadville, Colorado HWAC# 54357

Lot: 2413 - Central Colorado Prospecting and Mine Development

I/U to C Needles who is the president. 1880. #292, for 20 shares, underground miner vignette. 6.75" x 11". Date: Location: Leadville, Colorado HWAC# 54361

Lot: 2414 - Happy Jack Gold & Silver Mining Co. Bond, Ouray

$25 bond no. 32 issued to C.S. Russell on May 13th, 1889. Lists the properties in the text: the Happy Jack Lode, the Towanda Lode, the Keystone Lode, and the Keystone Mill Site in Ouray County. Signed by the vice-president F.F. Lyon and treasurer

Lot: 2415 - Happy Jack Gold & Silver Mining Co. Stock

According to a bond from the company also offered in this sale, the company properties included the Happy Jack Lode, the Towanda Lode, the Keystone Lode, and the Keystone Mill Site in Ouray County. Stock No. 172, issued for 100 shares to C.A. Miller

Lot: 2416 - Vulcan Gold and Silver Mining Stock, Ouray- 1880

Cert. #18, issued to Shalor W. Eldridge for 200 shares in 1880. Incorporated in New York. Signed by Lewis Jones as president and Meredith L. Jones as secretary. The company incorporated in 1879 in New York city. The company owned the Vulcan lode, 300

Lot: 2417 - Camp Bird Limited Stock Certificates

Lot of three. 1) The earliest is dated 1911. Stocks from 898019 to 898040 (out of 1,100,000). In English and French. 14 coupons still attached, 2) 1934 option certificate to bearer number 3287 for 750 shares. 3) 1950 for 200 shares registered to

Lot: 2418 - Mascotte Gold Mining Co. Stock Certificate

"The Phillips and Orphan Boy Hill Consolidated properties, which adjoin the Mascotte property on either side and which made the reputation of Buckskin Joe and this section of the country, have produced probably over two million dollars in gold and

Lot: 2419 - Bassick Gold Mine Company Records

Original black tin box full of the company's records from 1899-1901. The group consists of several thousand checks, all with RNX, Also hundreds (or more) of invoices. This original batch of records is as found, and has not been "high-graded" for

Lot: 2420 - Bassick Mining Company Stock Certificate

Situated at Querida, Hardscrabble Mining District. Inc. in New York July 1879. No. 452, issued for 100 shares to Darwin Codey on Oct. 20th, 1884. Signed by Frank Brown, president, and W.S. Hayt. Not cancelled. Mine/mill vignette and fancy logo.

Lot: 2421 - Keystone Consolidated Mining Company Stock

Issued 1882 to Michael Jordan # 2530 100 shares. According to Balch, 1882, the company--not to be confused with the famous mine in California with the same name--operated claims in the Battle Mountain Mining District, Red Cliff, Summit County,

Lot: 2422 - Graphic Consolidated Mining and Milling Bond

Mines in Robinson, CO. Green 1883 $100 bond, signed by president Hayward. 6.75" x 12.5". Side of bond lists the various properties including the Graphic, St. James, Windsor, Crown Point & Crown Point Tunnel, Savage, Belcher, & Princton Date:

Lot: 2423 - Graphic Consolidated Mining & Milling Co. Bond,

Mine names printed on the left side of the certificate: Graphic, St. James, Windsor, Crown Point, Crown Point Tunnel, Savage, Belcher & Princton. All located on Sheep Mountain, Robinson, Summit County, Colorado. No. 319, issued for $100 on June

Lot: 2424 - Inter Ocean Mining Company of San Juan Stock

Location: Eureka District, San Juan, Colorado (printed at the bottom of the certificate). Inc. in Iowa in 1878. No. 185, issued for 5 shares to Fred J. Donihoo in 1898 in Chicago. Signed by president Moses Wells and secretary John E. Frasher. Not

Lot: 2425 - Ultra Rare San Juan Consolidated Mining Prospectus

Rare opportunity to purchase this prospectus. Contains a two page map on pink paper of the vicinity and railroad lines. Outside pages show an illustration of Arrastar Gulch where the mine is located high up in the mountains and a map of the San Juan

Lot: 2426 - Republican Mountain Silver Mines Ephemera

1) List of mining capital stock owners (one is Kit Carson) and some expenses for the Consolidated Republican Mountain Mining Co. 20 Abstract of record and argument in The Supreme Court of the State of Colorado. J. Warren Brown, plaintiff in error vs.

Lot: 2427 - Mining the Hard Rock in the Silverton San Juans

By John Marshall with Zeke Zanoni, beautiful black & white photos, hardback pp.216 2) Catalogs of "Eureka! The Journal of Mining Collectibles" Date: Location: Silverton, Colorado HWAC# 64263

Lot: 2428 - Original Cripple Creek Mining Photograph

4 x 6" Clear, crisp, good focus, good contrast. Circa 1900-1905. We were originally led to believe this was of the Portland Mine, but have received more information from a Cripple Creek historian who describes this as a view of Squaw Gulch, upper

Lot: 2429 - Baskin Consol and other Colorado stocks

Beautiful uncancelled Baskin Consolidated, 1882, issued to Geo. A. Gary fopr 50 shares, signed by P. LeB. Coombs. not listed in C&L or Burchard. Also includes: Great Western G&SMC 1945 (2), Triumph Gold, 1965; United Empire (1949, 2); Mytus

Lot: 2430 - Choice Colorado Mining Stock Certificates

Gold Rock Mining Co I/U 1896 to and signed by WM Clark #721 1000 shares, tent and covered wagon vignette. Gene Field Gold Mining Co. in Cripple Creek I/U to SP Booth 1896 #341 1000 shares, underground miners vignette. Both 8"x 10". Date: Location:

Lot: 2431 - Colorado Mining Postcards

Lot of 9. Mayflower Mill, Silverton. No postmark, no photographer identified. 2) Sunnyside Mill, Eureka. Produced by Walker Art Studios, Montrose. No postmark. 3) Geyser Mine, Silver Cliff. No postmark. 4) Mendota Mine and Mill, Silver Plume. No

Lot: 2432 - Colorado Mining Stock Certificate and Bond

Lot of 2. 1) The Jewell Mining & Milling Company. Stock certificate issued in 1884 for 200 shares to the company president, D.C. Ball. Also signed by the secretary Rice. Not cancelled. Small certificate (3.25 x 7.75") made to resemble currency.

Lot: 2433 - Mineral Resources of Colorado by Vanderwilt

1947 hardcover, 547pp with index, loaded with foldout maps and tables. Date: Location: Colorado HWAC# 65028

Lot: 2434 - Southern Colorado Mines Newspaper Article, 1875

New York Tribune, 7.9.1875 entitled "Southern Mines. Discussed are the routes to the mines, the San Juan District and the Del Norte mines. This is early- just after discovery, and would have caused much excitement and eastern financier investment.

Lot: 2435 - Two Colorado Mining Stock Certificates (Snowdrift

1) Pottsville & Colorado Gold and SIlver Mining Company. Number 298 for 50 shares to Fanny Farquhar(?). Has the famous dog guarding the gold bars pictorial. Signed by James Conner per CH Tyson and PW Sheaper. Vignette of a large dog guarding a

Lot: 2436 - Two Different Colorado Mining Bonds

1) London Mining Company. $500 bond, No. 448. Issued in 1882. Pen cancelled. Signed by president George Blanchard and secretary H.S. Comstock. Three coupons attached. The London Mine was located on Lincoln Mountain in the Alma District, Park County,

Lot: 2437 - Two Different Colorado Mining Stock Certificates

1) Telluride Gold Mining Company. Inc. in Arizona. No 149, issued for 5,000 shares to J.E.A. Hair on August 26th, 1904 in San Francisco. Signed by president A. Cane and secretary Reddin. Not cancelled. Gilt border with mining vignettes integrated,

Lot: 2438 - Eagle Gold & Silver Mining Co. Stock Certificate

Issued in 1867 in Hartford, CT, though we cannot locate the mine. Not in any of our sales indexes or references. There are also many "Eagle" mining companies in the U.S. No. 186, issued for 52 shares to company secretary E. Wadsworth on Dec. 2nd,

Lot: 2439 - Findley Gold Mining Co. of GA Stock Certificate

From a famous Dahlonega gold mine. I/U Geo Codington 1881 #3618 100 shares. Right dog ear. Many folds. The Findley Mine was an exceptionally important mine in the Georgia Gold Rush. The Findley Gold Mine was one of Dahlonega's most famous and

Lot: 2440 - Georgia Gold Books(4)

4 books; 1)Confederate Gold by Anne & Winifred Fluker; 2)Silver in the Unaka by Buddy Johnson with James W. Mintz; 3)Ghost Trains & Depots of Georgia, 1833-1933 by Les R. Winn, beautiful photos. 4) The Neighborhood Mint Dahlonega in the Age

Lot: 2441 - Rail Track from Dry Hollow Mine; Replica of

Rail Track from Dry-Hollow Gold Mine-Dahlonega, GA Early 1900's 6.5" x 14"; Cannon replica made of brass 10.5" x 3"; 2 frames of info. of Dry Hollow Mine, & a map.9.5" x 12". Date: 1900's Location: Dahlonega, Georgia HWAC# 64249

Lot: 2442 - G.V. B Mining Company Stock Certificate

G. V. Bryan founded this company. Issued in 1897, underground miner vignette, signed by president Bounton, # 59, issued to Nancy Thurber. 7.5" x 11". Operated the Red Elephant Group of mines near Hailey, Idaho. 10 shares. Date: Location: Hailey,

Lot: 2443 - Mostly Wallace Idaho Check Collection

Checks for 1907-1947 from Tamarack & Custer Consolidated Mining (2), King Mining, 2 Wallace National Bank(1 pictorial), State Bank of Commerce 1907 and Oct. 8, Success Mining (2), Marsh Mines, Wallace Bank & Trust, First National Bank,

Lot: 2444 - By-Laws & List of Officers of the Oshkosh Cons.

12 pages. Offices at Bangor, Penobscot County, Maine. Organized in Maine. No date. Printed by Commercial Print, Bangor. As these are by-laws, there is no discussion of the actual mining property or location. On the first page, someone crossed out the

Lot: 2445 - Ellsworth Silver Mining Co. Stock Certificate

Inc. in Connecticut. No. 77, issued for 100 shares to Emery N. Moore of Boston on June 28, 1880. Signed by president Samuel Krugman and treasurer Harrington. Not cancelled. Deep folds. State seal vignette and small circular vignette. 7.75 x 12.5"

Lot: 2446 - Maine Mining Letters, Covers and Reports

Reports from: 2 reports from Tapley Copper Mine, 1880; 3 reports from Manhattan-Tapley Copper Mines, 1883; Small drawings of Tapley and Manhattan mines; Letter from L. Taylor, manager of the Portland Smelting Works with advertising cover, 1883; and 2

Lot: 2447 - Maryland Gold Mining Company Stock Certificate

Attractive, early certificate. Inc. August 11th, 1865. No. 51, issued for 500 shares to Thomas Sieger on November 4th, 1865 in Philadelphia. Signed by president A.E. Griffiths and treasurer E. Gray. Not cancelled. Two vignettes: underground mining

Lot: 2448 - Maryland Mining Stock Certificate & Bond

Lot of two different. 1) New London Copper Mining Company of Frederick County, Maryland. Stock certificate No. 49, issued for 500 shares to Mayer on May 3rd, 1864 in Philadelphia. Signed by president Henry Leach and secretary Miller. Not cancelled.

Lot: 2449 - Beacon Gold Mining Co. Stock Certificate

Inc. in Massachusetts. Low No. 7, issued for 500 shares to Joseph H. Bragon on Sept. 29th, 1864 in Boston. Signed by president F.W. Pelton and treasurer Edward Lucas. Not cancelled. Purple and red print, no vignette. 25 cent IR adhesive stamp. Folds.

Lot: 2450 - Seneca Mining Company Stock Certificate, 1880

Highly pictorial Underground vignette at left. Allegorical and mining vignettes at top center. Inc. in Michigan 1853 & 1855. Issued for 50 shares to R.R. Goodell on March 31st, 1880. Punch cancelled. Heavy soiling. 6.5" x 9.25" (Prag Collection)

Lot: 2451 - Seneca Mining Stock Certificate & Bond Collection

Lot of 5 different for this Mohawk, Michigan copper mining company that started back in the 1860s. Two stock certificates: 1888 issued (1860s form), highly illustrated, but punch cancelled and with heavy soiling; and different style stock issued for

Lot: 2452 - Rare Green Mountain Mining Certificate

Rare onion skin, issued in 1862 to Oliver Severance for 25 shares. Signed by president J.W. Stewart and secretary Douglas Stewart. Inc. in Michigan in 1861. Claims located in Ontonagon County on the same range containing the Cuyahoga, Carp Lake,

Lot: 2453 - Michigan-Utah Consolidated Mine Stock

I/U, rare. #4688 Lucian Kahn 1920 5000 shares. Note 4 border creases and multiple small tears. Date: 1920 Location: Salt Lake County, Michigan HWAC# 64530

Lot: 2454 - Five Michigan Mining Stock Certificates

Includes: Mohican Copper Company, issued 1923, not cancelled; Indiana Mining Company, issued 1924, punch and stamp cancelled, Native American vignette; Ahmeek Mining Company of Michigan, issued 1921, stamp cancelled, beaver vignette; Naumkeag Copper

Lot: 2455 - Michigan Mining Stocks (4)

1) Ahmeek Mining with 2 beaver vignette issued 1919 2) Copper Range issued 1966 3) Quincy Mining i/c 1929 4) Seneca Mining issued 1910 Date: Location: Michigan HWAC# 56162

Lot: 2456 - Six Different Michigan Mining Stock Certificates

1) Ahmeek Mining Company of Michigan, 1922, stamp and punch cancelled, beaver vignette. 2) Naumkeag Copper Company. Issued 1914. Not cancelled. 3) Seneca Copper Corporation $100 Bond. Issued 1923. Pen cancelled. Six coupons attached. Underground

Lot: 2457 - Three Different Michigan Copper Mining Stock

1) Naumkeag Copper Company. Issued 1914 for 100 shares to Wrenn Bros. & Co. Not cancelled. Purple border and background. 2) St. Lawrence Mining Corporation. Issued 1920 for 100 shares. Not cancelled. Orange background and border. 3) Mohican

Lot: 2458 - The Great Western Mining Co. Stock Certificate

Inc. in Pennsylvania. No. 75, issued for 500 shares to Walter Hinchman on March 31st, 1886. Signed by Robert H. Lamborn as president and Geo. A. Krause as pro term secretary. Not cancelled. Gorgeous certificate with Native American vignette at left

Lot: 2459 - Minnesota Gold Mining Co. Stock Certificate

No. 143, issued for 10 shares to Walter Webb on Marc 19th, 1866 in St. Paul, Minnesota. Signed by president Sibley and treasurer Prince. Not cancelled. 25 cent IR adhesive stamp attached at bottom right with pen cancel. Two vignettes: prospector with

Lot: 2460 - Anaconda Copper Mining Metal Tags (4)

3 metal equipment and 1 souvenir item. Brass oval 66mm, figure 8ish 40mm x2, copper arrowhead 52mm Date: Location: Anaconda, Montana HWAC# 64514

Lot: 2461 - Anaconda Mine Company Items

Several items from The Anaconda Company in Butte, Montana, including an aluminum covered clipboard embossed with "ANACONDA MINING. CO. SALVAGE DEPT", and a copper inkwell cover embossed with an image on the hinged lid of a gallows headframe

Lot: 2462 - 2 Butte Annual Mine Reports

2 Annual mine reports for the Mountain View and East Colusa mines in Silver Bow County Montana. Pertains to the United States Census Office for Gold, Silver, Lead, and Copper Mines. Includes the information for employment, wages expenses and more.

Lot: 2463 - Letter to Heilbronner Co, Butte, Montana

This is a letter from Nat. Boas of San Francisco, California, dated October 14th, 1913, addressed to Heilbronner Company, Butte, Montana, regarding a sale of stock in the Greenwater Copper Mines and Smelting Company, a.k.a. Greenwater and Death

Lot: 2464 - Metal Butte, MT Copper Folding Shoehorn

Unusual hinged copper or copper finished folding shoehorn. Front Badge, Richest Hill in the World / Butte, Montana. 6.5" Date: Location: Butte, Montana HWAC# 64503

Lot: 2465 - Patent for Placer Gold Claim in Pioneer District,

Land patent from 1892 for a placer gold claim in the Pioneer District near Deer Lodge MT. 4pp 15" x 10". Date: 1892 Location: Pioneer District, Montana HWAC# 54303

Lot: 2466 - Ophir Creek Mine Documents

A 1942 transcription of an 1887 map of Carpenters bar Montana. Silver City first discovery of silver letter. 1912 Ophir Creek letter book. 2 Large fold out maps in color showing Ophir Creek property. Large rips along folds . 21.25" x 35". Date:

Lot: 2467 - Red Lodge Miners Union Pin-Back Button

Orange pin-back button labeled "Red Lodge Miners Union" around the circumference surrounding a large numeral 1 in the center. Diameter is approximately 0.875 inch. Date: Location: Red Lodge, Montana HWAC# 64229

Lot: 2468 - Montana Gold Mining Company Map

Map of several mines including January, Dewey, Last Chance, Mabel Beal, Alma, Siberia Placer. Clare Jergens and more. Date: Location: Montana HWAC# 51501

Lot: 2469 - Montana Mining Letters with Famous Montana Folks

Lot of two. 1) 1886 letter from Omaha & Grant Smelting & Refining Co. to Henry Knippenberg, who was the general manager of the Hecla Mining Co. in Glendale, Montana. The letter is about assaying: "I do not know where you can get an

Lot: 2470 - Montana Mining Postcards

Lot of 4 early postcards. 1) Birds eye view of Virginia City. Postmarked 1907. 2) Boston and Montana Smelter, Great Falls. Produced by B.W. Porter and Co. Postmarked 1907. 3) Part of the B.&M. Smelter, Great Falls. postmarked 1913. 4) B.& M.

Lot: 2471 - Montana Mining Postcards

Lot of 29 color illustration postcards. These postcards are showing various mining locations around Montana including Butte and Anaconda. 12 are postmarked between the years 1906-1963. Date: Location: Montana HWAC# 63834

Lot: 2472 - Photo of Cable Mill in Montana

Photo of inside of Cable Mill Montana (1905). Most likely a gold coin mill. Photo of man standing in mill. Slight staining and slight warp.10" x 8.5". Date: 1905 Location: Montana HWAC# 57523

Lot: 2473 - Washington Silver Mining Co. Bond, Austin, 1867

First Mortgage Bond. $500. No. 538, issued to L.G. Bingham on June 1st, 1867. Blue 50 cent Conveyance Revenue stamp and 5 cent Internal Revenue Inl. Exchange stamp w/ cancel. Ten bond coupons attached. Signed by Richard Amerman as president and W.J.

Lot: 2474 - Beatty Bullfrog Miner Subscription Receipt

Beatty Bullfrog Miner issued to Geo. A Bartlett 1909. "George Arthur Bartlett (November 30, 1869 ñ June 1, 1951) was a United States Representative from Nevada. He moved with his parents to Eureka, Eureka County and attended the common schools.

Lot: 2475 - Philadelphia Mining District Recorder's Book,

District Recorder's book for the Philadelphia Mining District at Belmont, Nevada. 1907-8. Binding missing, new professional replacement binding present. pp259-478. The first pages have been converted to an active index (period). The Philadelphia

Lot: 2476 - New Philadelphia Silver Mining Co. Stock

No. 1024, issued for 50 shares to Jose Margati on Dec. 12th, 1879. Signed by C. Liebold (vice-president) and Alfred Kimber (secretary). Not cancelled. Small underground mining illustration with three miners. "Issued in Payment of Mining Property in

Lot: 2477 - Bullfrog National Bank Gold Mining Co. Stock

Rare. Inc. in South Dakota, January 1906. No. 1990, issued for 100 shares to E.A. Huth on Aug. 9, 1906 in Goldfield. Signed by LL Patrick as president and the asst. secretary (illegible). Not cancelled. Black, green and red print, three mining

Lot: 2478 - Bullfrog North Star Mining Company Stock

Issued 1905 to H. Phillips #379 5000 shares. Signed by president Willis. 6.5" x 10". This mine was located on the south end of Ladd Mountain. Possibly named after the famous North Star Mine in Grass Valley. No production details available. Date: 1905

Lot: 2479 - Three Different Nevada Mining Stocks (Goldfield,

Lot of 3 different. 1) The Lige Harris Bullfrog Gold Mining Company. Inc. in AZ. No. 1885, issued for 1,000 shares to L. Johnson on Jan. 23rd, 1906 in Goldfield. Signed by president VF Hoggatt and the secretary. Not cancelled. Eagle vignette.

Lot: 2480 - Yankee Girl Gold Mining Co. of Bullfrog Stock

Inc. in Arizona, March 1905. Principal office at Goldfield, Nevada. No. 1381, issued for 1,000 shares to A.L. Hudgens on Jan. 20, 1907. Signed by president L.L. Patrick and secretary E.T. Patrick. Not cancelled. Three small mining vignettes. Green

Lot: 2481 - Cornucopia Consolidated Stock Certificate

Number 490 for 50 shares to trustee William McClintock in 1876. Endorsed on back. Signed by Lyman Mowry and Frank (?). Located in Elko County. Nice vignette of woman with a "Horn of Plenty". The mine did not last long as an article in the Engineering

Lot: 2482 - Five Ely, NV Mining Stock Certificates

Alta Gold (lower corner cut), Ely Gibraltar Mining, Ely Consolidated Copper, Boston and Ely Con. Mining, Raymond Ely West Mining. Copper and Gold Mines Date: Location: Ely, Nevada HWAC# 64522

Lot: 2483 - Eureka Tunnel Consolidated Mining Co. Stock

Stock Cert dated July 22, 1884, No. 52 for 50 shares, Prospect Mountain, Eureka, Nevada. Signed by Governor of Nevada, Reinhold Sadler. Date: 1884 Location: Eureka, Nevada HWAC# 63965

Lot: 2484 - Nevada Check Signed by Mine Supt. Shot in Saloon

Paxton & Co. Bankers, Eureka, Nevada, August 31, 1880. RN-G revenue imprint. Signed by James Adams. Adams was the superintendent of the Silver Lick Consolidated Mining Company in Eureka, as well as an assemblyman for Nevada. In March of 1881,

Lot: 2485 - Silver Peak Tunnel & Mining Co. Stock Certificate

Location: Eureka County, Nevada (printed bottom center). Inc. May 5th, 1879. No. 34, issued for 100 shares to AR Chisoln (?) on June 20th, 1879. Signed by the president W.W. Bishop and the secretary Frank Doutrick. Not cancelled. Black print on

Lot: 2486 - Map of Eureka Mining District

Drawn by T.J. Read, Supt. Eureka Con. & Deputy U.S. Surveyer. This map is called Map of the Golden Rule. This mining district shows "Side Track" "Hard Cash" "Cornucopia" & many more. Mounted on mat board. If mats are shipped then additional

Lot: 2487 - Gold Mountain Mining District Maps

24 by 34 inches. One blueprint and one blue line print. Undated. Olmstead and Olmstead were U. S. mineral surveyors. Scale 1 inch to 1000 feet. The map shows the outlines of surveyed claims in the district. The map was probably made for the company

Lot: 2488 - 3 Goldfield Mining Prospectuses

12 pp Forward Mining Development Co., Goldfield and Bullfrog 9" x 4". 12pp Goldfield Mascot Mining Co. 9" x 4". 19pp Goldfield Black Butte Mining Co. in green cover. 9 b/w photos of mining areas. 11" x 8.5". Date: Location: Goldfield, Nevada HWAC#

Lot: 2489 - C.O.D. Consolidated Mining Co. Stock Certificate

I/U to Edward Jones 1914 #2118 100 shares, pink diamond vignette, 6" x 9.5". Incorporated in 1908. This company was a merger of the Goldfield C.O.D. and the Gold Bar Mining Co. Properties included the C.O.D., Golden Eagle, and Zoe from the C.O.D.

Lot: 2490 - Daisy Mining Area Stock Certificates

All are related to mines in this area near McMahon Ridge in Goldfield, NV. Goldfield Daisy Mining Syndicate I/U to Seligman & Meyer 1907 #3603100 shares and I/U to Cartier & Co 1909 #24013 100 shares, Goldfield daisy Lease Co. I/U to Fred

Lot: 2491 - Goldfield & Tonopah Mining Stock Certificate Group

Lot of 4. Three Goldfield, one Tonopah. Included: Golden Anchor Mining Company (Tonopah, 1906, not cancelled, allegorical vignette); MOhawk Extension MC (Goldfield, 1907, not cancelled); Jumbo Consolidated Mining Company (Goldfield, 1909, not

Lot: 2492 - Great Bend Mining Stock Certificates

Located in the gut of Goldfield, NV. Great Bend Annex Mines Co. I/U to Winthorp Smith & Co. 1907 #791, 792 and 798,100 shares each. 8" x 11". North Great Bend Mining Co. I/U to JM Aiken 1906 #180 1000 shares 5.5" x 10". Date: Location: Goldfield,

Lot: 2493 - Nevada-Goldfield Lease Company Stock Certificate

I/U to Kate Mullis #3567 425 shares. Signed by president G. Nixon, partner to Wingfield and a US Senator. Extra rare. 5.5" x 10.25". Date: 1908 Location: Goldfield, Nevada HWAC# 53663

Lot: 2494 - Silver Pick Mines Stock Certificates

Silver Pick Consolidated Mines Co I/U to WP Anderson 1912 #1587 100 shares 5.5" x 9.75". Rare Silver Pick Extension Mining Co. I/U to The College of Physicians of Philadelphia 1600 shares 1916. 8.25" x 10.5". Date: Location: Goldfield, Nevada HWAC#

Lot: 2495 - National Bank Gold Mining Company Stock

Issued 1904 to Thomas St. John #423 750 shares and signed by Vice President Ostrander. Adams and Grace printers. 8.25" x 12". Date: 1904 Location: Goldfield, Nevada HWAC# 52260

Lot: 2496 - McMahon & Irvine Consolidated Mining & Milling

Number 172 for 50 shares to Simon Bowman in 1881. Signed by secretary John Irvine ( of the company name) and president JW Heunter. Frank McMahon is the McMahon. Grantsville (town is misspelled on the certificate) is located a couple of miles south of

Lot: 2497 - Nevada Kawich Mining and Milling Company Stock

The Nevada-Kawich Mining and Milling Co. Inc. in Arizona. No 575, issued for 1,000 shares to Mrs. J. J. Walsh on May 13th, 1905. Signed by Burke (president) and Cooper (secretary). Vignette of patriotic woman with eagle. The Kawich Mining District is

Lot: 2498 - Warren Silver Mining Company Stock Certificate

Issued one year after statehood. Number 150 for 50 shares in 1865 to Francis N Gove. Signed by Samuel W Pingree and Emmet Blair. Silver Mining Co. was incorporated in New York. Vignette of a miners working a strip mining operation. Vignette at left

Lot: 2499 - Tem Piute Mining & Milling Co. Stock Certificate

Lot of 2. 1) Stock certificate No. A123, issued for 3,000 shares to Robert G. White on October 2nd, 1907. Signed by Robert F. Whitmer, president, and Robert M. Catts, treasurer. Not cancelled. Brown border, black print, ornate logo and Native

Lot: 2500 - Carson River Placer Mining & Dredging Co. Stock

Rare! Inc. in West Virginia, 1890. No. 3445, issued for 74 shares to W.L. Lisdale on July 6, 1896. Signed by Peter Forrester as president and P. Halstead as treasurer. Not cancelled. Blue border and font with fancy logo. Pinholes, folds. 7 x 11.5"

Lot: 2501 - Goodman Gold & Silver Mining Co. Stock

Devil's Gate Mining District, Nevada (printed on top). No. 162, issued for 500 shares J.H. Kittell in Virginia City, NV on Oct. 17th, 1877. Signed by the president, John de Mills (?) and secretary L.B. Hastings. Pen cancelled. Two mining vignettes of

Lot: 2502 - Interesting McGill. NV Collectibles/Mementos

Desk mementos from a McGill, NV mining supervisor. Copper finished panner, 3 copper wrist chains, seated miner paper clip holder, white metal panner, Ely, NV Centennial belt buckle, 1938 metal cactus in copper bowl, 8" x 10" color photos, wood wall

Lot: 2503 - Nevada Consolidated Copper Co. Tags and More

8 large large unmarked tags. 1 small marked tag. The Bud /Elko token. HE Swayer/ McGill token. Stock Exchange Bar / Ely token Date: Location: McGill/Ely, Nevada HWAC# 64533

Lot: 2504 - Ophir Canyon Mines Co. of Nevada Prospectus

Mines in Ophir Canyon, Nye County, Nevada. Inc. in Arizona. This 23 page prospectus is fabulous. It has a six panel fold out map (14 x 17") of Nevada showing the Ophirs in the middle of the state. Seven photographs and 4 maps. Not only promotes this

Lot: 2505 - Twin River Silver Mining Co. Stock Certificate,

Nye County, State of Nevada printed beneath mining vignette. Inc. in New York. No. 184, issued for 10 shares to JA Pelton on Nov. 6th, 1866. Signed by president A.W. Canfield and secretary Hart Smith. Not cancelled. Vignette at top showing tow miners

Lot: 2506 - Combined Metals Reduction Co. Equipment Tags

4 brass equipment tags. Date: Location: Pioche, Nevada HWAC# 64507

Lot: 2507 - Rare Rhodes Salt Bag

Rare and likely only known example of this salt bag from Rhode's Table and Dairy in Rhodes, NV. Bag is cloth and 14" x 6", black frame 16" x 12". "Salt pools were discovered here in 1862. Long camel trains were used to transport the salt to the

Lot: 2508 - Rhyolite Townsite & Mining Co. Stock Certificate

Inc. in Arizona. Principal Office, Rhyolite, Nye County, Nevada. Number 135 issued to H.R. Shellenberger for 500 shares on Feb. 8,1906 in Rhyolite. Signed by secretary C.H. Elliot and vice president Sol Camp. Not cancelled. Brown border and

Lot: 2509 - Nevada Consolidated Co. Equipment Tags

6 brass and 1 copper equipment tags, 5 different. Ruth is west of Ely, NV. From a McGill collection. Date: Location: Ruth, Nevada HWAC# 64518

Lot: 2510 - Kennecott Copper Corp. Brass Equipment tags (15)

15 brass items, 2 different styles. Round 38mm, octagonal 38mm, Date: Location: Ruth, Nevada HWAC# 64515

Lot: 2511 - Tonopah Cash Boy Consolidated Mining Co. Stock

Rare variety. Inc. in Nevada. No. 514, issued for 1,000 shares for Nat Boas on Nov. 22nd, 1913 in Tonopah. Signed by president A.S. Ross and secretary E.H. Mead. Not cancelled. Folds with minor separation, numerous pinholes. 5.25 x 9" The company

Lot: 2512 - Baldy Sour Mining Company Stock Certificate

Inc. in New York. Low No. 4 issued to Eugene Robinson, company president, on May 28th, 1878 in New York. Also signed by the secretary, O.S. Dawson. Not cancelled. Ornate border and logo featuring an eagle vignette. Mining vignettes in green on the

Lot: 2513 - Grosch Consolidated G & S Mining Company Stock

Grosch Consolidated MC F. Holabird Introduction This stock certificate, number 429, issued 12/31/1864 to Benjamin Nickerson, is one of two known. It represents a difficult period just after the discovery of the Comstock, when highly skilled and

Lot: 2514 - Five Different Gould & Curry Mining Checks incl.

This is a great set. Five different superintendents for this iconic Virginia City mine. It includes two territorial Stateler & Arrington checks: 1862 signed by Charles Strong and 1864 signed by Charles Bonner. Next is an 1867 Bank of California

Lot: 2515 - Five Territorial Checks issued to Identified Gould

These five Stateler & Arrington checks were issued to different workers of the Gould & Curry Mill. Three checks are signed by Charles Strong as supt. and two are signed by Charles Bonner. All were identified using the 1864 Collins Comstock

Lot: 2516 - Three Territorial Virginia City Checks signed by

Three Stateler & Arrington checks with Virginia, N.T. datelines. Signatures of three different early superintendents for the Gould & Curry mine: 1863 signed by Charles Strong; 1863 signed by John Earl (for Charles Strong); and 1864 signed by

Lot: 2517 - Virginia City, Nevada Mining Checks w/ Nevada

Lot of 9 in very good condition. All are Gould & Curry related checks. 1) Five Gould & Curry SMC checks issued in 1871, signed by C.C. Batterman as superintendent. All have RN-C revenue imprint plus Nevada adhesive revenue stamp with tied

Lot: 2518 - Four Territorial Virginia City, Nevada Checks

Four Stateler & Arrington checks issued March 30, 1864. Signed by John Earl for Charles Strong as supt. of the Gould & Curry Mine. The vast majority of these territorial Gould & Curry checks are signed by Strong or Bonner. Earl's

Lot: 2519 - Flood Sells Mining Interests to Mackay, 1880

The Argonaut, 3.6.1880, San Francisco. One of the lead articles is on Flood selling his interests to Mackay, except for real estate holdings and his share of the Nevada Bank. This is an historic issue for Comstock collectors. Date: Location: Virginia

Lot: 2520 - National Report of the Great Virginia City fire

"The Burning of Virginia City" in the New York tribune, October 29, 1875. "10,000 people homeless". Nearly a full page on the tragic fire. the effects were felt worldwide. an ancillary article "A Blow to Gold Mining" discusses the ramifications on

Lot: 2521 - Indenture between the Pacific Mill and the

Interesting Comstock Document. But the prize here is the signature of Mackay. He almost always signs his name J. W. Mackay. We rarely have seen his full name as a signature. The Con California & Virginia is selling approximately 40 blocks of land

Lot: 2522 - Map of the Comstock & Brunswick Lodes

Showing the Virginia, Gold Hill, Silver City, Silver Star and Six Mile Canyon Mining Districts, Storey and Lyon Counties. Published by Rand McNally & Co. Compiled by W.T. Moran CE. 27 x 32" Folds, some separation along fold lines. Detached from

Lot: 2523 - Store-House Keeper's Daily Reports - Savage Mining

Lot of ten daily reports in September of 1876. What will you find? How many cords of wood and bushels of charcoal are on hand. Loads of car oil that have arrived. Also rope, kerosens, pass books, screws, rivets, white lead, etc. Lots more like 120

Lot: 2524 - Whitney & Company Ephemera (to Savage Mine in

Lot of two. 1) 134 packages of merchandise bound for the Savage Mine of Virginia City. From Colfax (crossed out and Alta written in). 2) Alta receipt for 334 boxes of candles for the Savage Mine. Half sheet. Date: 1866 Location: Virginia City, Nevada

Lot: 2525 - Surveys of Key Comstock Claims, 1869

The claims which these surveys represent are the Chollar-Potosi Mine, Bacon Mill, Central Silver Mining Company, Savage Mining Company. Then there is a patent for 771 feet on the Comstock. THe Savage declines to accept this patent. This was signed by

Lot: 2526 - Sutro Tunnel 1872 Book

A prime source of information on the Sutro Tunnel based upon the report of a US government committee. 988 gilt edge pages with index. Published 1872. Inscription next to title page states "Received from Mr. Sutro 1874" and is signed M. H. Grey, a

Lot: 2527 - Sutro Tunnel Company Stock Certificate

Issued to John Landers for 100 shares in the Sutro Tunnel Company, April of 1887. Two vignettes, green ink, 12 x 8 inch certificate. Date: 1887 Location: Virginia City, Nevada HWAC# 75132

Lot: 2528 - Comstock Tunnel Company Bond

$1000 Green Bond, State of New York Date: Location: Virginia City, Nevada HWAC# 50007

Lot: 2529 - Four Virginia City Mining Stock Certificates

Stock Certs. 1) Curtis Consolidated, No. 734, 100 shares;2) Comstock Tunnel Co. No. 21174, 100 shares; 3) Consolidated Virginia & Andes Corp. No. 4343, 2 shares; 4) Virginia Mining District Alta Silver Mining Co., No. 11086, 1000 shares. Cut

Lot: 2530 - Five Different Nevada Mining Stock Certificates

Lot of 5. 1) North Commonwealth Mining Co., Tuscarora Mining District, Elko County. Issued 1890 for 100 shares. Not cancelled. 2) Sheet of 2 unissued Mills, Post & White Cons. Silver Mining Co., Austin, Nevada Territory. 3) Yucca Cyanide Mining

Lot: 2531 - Goldmountain Company Stock Certificates--Graham

A fabulous suite of four certificates sold by Graham Hardy in Virginia City in the early 1960s to stimulate the new collecting field of stock certificates. He "issued" them to Julia Bullete, Eilley Orrum (Mrs. Sandy Bowers), and Mark Twain. Date:

Lot: 2532 - Great Republic Gold & Silver Mining Co. Of

Rare certificate. Operated gold and silver mines in Nevada. #1766 50 pound Bond, includes vignette of Lincoln and a Queen. 15.5" x 13". Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 54352

Lot: 2533 - Nevada & California Mining Explosives Ephemera

Lot of two. 1) Rare billhead for R. Sadler & Co., Agents for the Vulcan & Giant Powder, Eureka, Nevada, 1885. Billed for coal oil to Cassidy & Skillinau. 2) Giant Powder Co., Randmann, Melsen & Co. letterhead, San Francisco, 1889, to

Lot: 2534 - Nevada Family Mining Scene

Probably Tonopah, NV c. 1900. Family with dog near headframe. 5" x 7". Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 65032

Lot: 2535 - Nevada Mining Postcards

Lot of 7. 1) Real Photo Postcard. Ward Shaft, Virginia City. No postmark. Produced by the Nevada Photo Company. In famous condition. 2) Buckeye Mines Co. Tonopah. No postmark. 3) 'Bloody Butch" the miner of Painted Rock. No postmark. 4) Virginia

Lot: 2536 - Nevada Mining Stocks (8)

8 Nevada mining stocks. Yerington Consolidated Copper, Oscela Gravel Mining, Miner;s Hope Tunnel Gold and Silver Mining, Willow Creek Gold Mining, Fort Schellbourne Mining & Milling, 2 Silver King Mines(cut corner), Reorganized Cracker Jack

Lot: 2537 - Nice Nevada Mining Stocks (4)

Tuscarora, Lewis and Groom. Belle Isle Mining i/u 1883, Groom Southend Mining i/u 1916, Eagle Silver Mining i/c 1881, Tonopah North Star Tunnel and Development i/t 1922 Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 63969

Lot: 2538 - Silver Mines - Nevada Printers Plate

Original engraved printers plate with vignette of "Silver Mines - Nevada". Used for stock certificates, the plate is 5 3/8 x 3 1/4 inches and has a scene with ore wagons and stamp mills in operation under the mountains of Nevada. Original envelope

Lot: 2539 - Amusing Granite Dust Broadside

A granite dust broadside probably from New Hampshire. Stop and think!, you should bid now. 10.75" x 13.75" on heavy paper. Date: Location: New Hampshire HWAC# 56156

Lot: 2540 - Newark Industrial Exposition Medal

3/4 x 1 3/4 inches. Newark Industrial Exposition / First Regiment Armory / May 13th to 25th 1912. Date: 1912 Location: Newark, New Jersey HWAC# 45033

Lot: 2541 - Sierra Grande Mining Company Stock Certificate

Inc. in New Mexico. No. 13559, issued for 1,000 shares to R. Ellis & Co. on Sept. 8th, 1884 in Philadelphia. Signed by president E.H. Yarnall and secretary Francis Bacon. Not cancelled. Gorgeous certificate with brown border, ornate logo and

Lot: 2542 - Mammoth Cons. Mining, Milling, & Smelting Co.

Inc. in the Territory of New Mexico. No. 2202, issued for 25 shares to Geo. R. Wilburn on Oct. 4th, 1881 in Santa Fe. Signed by president Juan Delgado and secretary Thomas Johnson. Not cancelled. Blue print, vignette of four miners working next to

Lot: 2543 - Scarce Rutland Marble Company Stock Certificate

Number 8 for 100 shares to Alfred Schormenhorn(?) in 1863 for 100 shares. Nice and very early. Signed by president Elisha Riggs. Hand cancelled. The Rutland Marble Company was originally a quarry in West Rutland operated by William Barnes. The

Lot: 2544 - Tioga Coal, Iron, Mining & Manufacturing Loan

You don't find many mining certificates dating back as far as the 1840s. Inc. 1833. No. 202, issued for $1,000 payable at 6 percent per annum. Signed by Bowen Whitney, president, and HW Bostwick, treasurer. 8.25" x 10.5" Some staining on top border.

Lot: 2545 - Silver Valley Mining Company Stock Certificate

Located 5 miles northeast of the Silver Hill mine, 13 miles from Thomasville, Davidson County, North Carolina. Chartered 1861 by the State of North Carolina. Two certificates: No. 271, issued for 300 shares to Hannah Bolgiano and No. 275, issued for

Lot: 2546 - Two Rapid City, North Dakota Spoons

Two Rapid City spoons with buildings engraved on the bowls, die struck handles, one ornate floral. Date: Location: Rapid City, North Dakota HWAC# 37800

Lot: 2547 - Clark & Sumner Tarr Farm Oil Stock

Oil field of 198 acres located in Cornplanter, PA. An early oil stock with vignette of an actual scene on the Tarr Farm with 2 derricks. I/U geo. Codington 1865, $83 121 shares. Signed by president Wainwright.Right corner crease. Date: 1865 Location:

Lot: 2548 - Central Land & Mining Company Stock Certificate

Coal mining company. Mines included the Pancoast, Sharp, Diamond, and W. Reynolds. The Pancoast Mine was the site of a horrific mine fire on April 7, 1911 that left 72 dead. This stock is No. 31, issued for 1,505 shares to trustees of the estate of

Lot: 2549 - Lackawanna & Wilkes Barre Coal Co. Metal Tag

Brass coal co. tag. Date: Location: Pennsylvania HWAC# 64508

Lot: 2550 - Statement from Climax Powder Manufacturing Co.

Rare Climax Powder Manufacturing Co. Statement, c.1902, from Emporium, PA 6" x 7" Date: 1902 Location: Pennsylvania HWAC# 64354

Lot: 2551 - Glen Alden Coal Co. Brass Equipment Tags (8)

8 brass 44mm tags. Date: Location: Pennsylvania HWAC# 64517

Lot: 2552 - Marine & River Phosphate Co. Stock Certificate

Rare! No. 105, issued for 40 shares to L.D. Mowry on Feb. 7, 1883 in Charleston. Signed by the president and treasurer. Endorsed by Mowry on reverse. Not cancelled. Vignette of clipper ship. Printed by Walker, Evans & Cogswell, Charleston. 8 x

Lot: 2553 - Columbus Gold Mining Co. of the Black Hills Stock

Inc. in New York. No. 240, issued for 50 shares to R.W. Hamilton on Aug. 3rd, 1880. Signed by the president, Henry F. Herkner, and secretary Jas. Richards. Not cancelled. Black border, two different underground mining vignettes. Printed by Henry

Lot: 2554 - Father De Smet Consolidated Gold Mining Company

Issued to C.C. Seamon, October 20, 1881, 100 shares of Father De Smet Consolidated Gold Mining Company stock. 10 1/2 x 7 inches. Located in the Black Hills of Lawrence County Dakota.Signed by Haggin. Date: 1881 Location: Lawrence County, South Dakota

Lot: 2555 - Sewanee Mining Company Stock Certificate

Incorporated in 1852óRail Road Privileges 1854. Cert. #244, issued to Robert M. Stratton of New York for 500 shares. Signed by Samuel Tracy, president, and H. Ward Barnes, secretary. Not cancelled. Vignette at left of cross-section of a mining

Lot: 2556 - Paydirt at Coker Creek Print

Framed print of lithograph #139/1000 of a man panning at Coker Creek, TN. There is a cabin in the background of this mostly green themed litho. Signed by Joan Reed Champion. Nicely matted and framed, 22.5" x 28", print 14.5" x 20". Date: Location:

Lot: 2557 - Texas Copper Mining Stock Certificate Plus a Texas

1) Grand Belt Copper Company stock certificate. Inc. in New York. No. 802, issued for 100 shares to Yates Ferguson on Dec. 21, 1885. Signed by president E.A. Farmington and the secretary. Not cancelled. Maroon border and large, attractive vignette

Lot: 2558 - South Tillman Oil Company Stock and Ephemera

Lot of 14. Certificates for both the South Tillman Oil Company and the W.A. Patterson Developing Company with several letters concerning the companies. Two 1924 state of Texas sale of percentage to investors. Billheads for Fairlamb & Fairlamb

Lot: 2559 - World Oil Company Stock Certificate and Ephemera

Lot of 36. Stock certificates and ephemera about the World Oil Company circa 1928-1936. Two stock certificates, 1925 and 1926. One article from Kamp & Company Mining and Oil Digest. 16 covers with corner advertising. 17 pieces of ephemera that

Lot: 2560 - World Oil Company Ephemera

Lot of 17. Eight envelopes used to mail some of the ephemera. Stockholders Protective Committee correspondence concerning the World Oil Company, 1931. When a shady publisher decided to become a wildcatter seeking oil riches, the end of his story

Lot: 2561 - Boston Con. Mining Co. Brass Equipment Tag

Figure 8ish brass equipment tag, Porphyry Mine. Date: Location: Bingham, Utah HWAC# 64510

Lot: 2562 - Boston Con. Mining Co. Brass Steam Shovel Tag

Round brass 38mm. Steam Shovel. Date: Location: Bingham, Utah HWAC# 64506

Lot: 2563 - Kennecott Mines Promo Items and More

3 Kennecott baseball hats, unworn. Black logo ashtray with emblem. 2 Kennecott Powderman's Daily Reports, 1943 stock certificate, tie bar, 1959 convention copper medal on chain. Date: Location: Bingham, Utah HWAC# 64502

Lot: 2564 - North Horn Silver Mining Co. Stock Certificate

Mines located at Frisco, Utah (printed below logo). Inc. in New York. No. 911, issued for 100 shares to F.M. Shattuck on Oct. 8th, 1881. Signed by the president (illegible) and secretary Shattuck. Not cancelled. Black border and print, ornate logo,

Lot: 2565 - Aluminum Clock Case with Garfield, Utah Mining Tag

An aluminum clock case with the brass equipment tag on the front for the Garfield Smelting Company at Garfield, Utah. The brass plaque is approximately three fourths of an inch by 3 1/2 inches. A choice Utah collectible. Date: Location: Garfield,

Lot: 2566 - Silkscreen Print of Silver King Building

Screen print of the Silver King Coalition Mines Co. building. Unsigned,16" x 12". Framed 21" x 17". Print has small damage on left side sky. Date: Location: Park City, Utah HWAC# 61568

Lot: 2567 - Silver King Coalition Mines Printers Plate

Engraved printers plate for stock certificates from the Silver King Coalition Mines of the Uintah District of Utah. Plate is 9 3/4 x 5 inches, and was lot 4063 in Stack's February 2008 Rich Uhrich Collection auction. The Silver King mine resulted

Lot: 2568 - Alice Gold & Silver Mining Company Printers Plate

Original engraved printers plate from the American Bank Note Company for the Alice Gold and Silver Mining Company of Salt Lake City Utah. Beautiful vignette of working mill with three wagons and horses in the scene. The plate would have been used for

Lot: 2569 - Mountain Chief Mining Co. Of Utah Warrant

Warrant for 10 Pound Share, #1086, signed by President John Elliot. Smelter at Sandy. Dissovled in 1874. Date: 1872 Location: Sandy, Utah HWAC# 64035

Lot: 2570 - International Smelting Brass Employee Tags (2)

35mm x 62mm. 1 has bottom ripple. Date: Location: Tooele, Utah HWAC# 64516

Lot: 2571 - US Smelting & Refining Brass Equipment Tag

Round brass 38mm tag, top slightly bent. Date: Location: Utah HWAC# 64513

Lot: 2572 - Utah Copper Co. Brass Equipement Tag

Squarish 44 mm brass equipment tag. Date: Location: Utah HWAC# 64512

Lot: 2573 - Homestead Uranium Corporation Ledger Folio

Ledger folio with 20 stock certificates issued and cancelled from the Homestead Uranium Corporation. Signed by president Fred H. Moore. This company may have been part of the 1950s uranium mining boom, needs more research. Date: 1954 Location: Utah

Lot: 2574 - Two Broad Run, Virginia Mining Stock Certificates

Identical stock design and corporate signatures. Both have office in Broad Run, Virginia. 1) The Broad Run Mining Company. No. 29, issued for 30 shares in 1898. Punch cancelled. 2) The Delaplane Mining Company, No. 44, issued for 10 shares in 1898.

Lot: 2575 - Logan County Mining and Manufacturing of Virginia

Rare $500 bond 6%, 1860, 15 coupons. 2.5" and 2x 1" seam tears. Upper toning. Coal property located near Logan Court House, Logan County, VA, on the Guyandotte River. Read an 1860s report of the company here:

Lot: 2576 - Walnut Grove Gold Mining Co. Stock Certificate

Very early Virginia mining stock! The Walnut Grove Mine was located on the Gold-Pyrite Belt in Louisa County, Virginia. Inc. in Virginia, March 14, 1850. No. 40, issued for 5 shares to Joseph Mather on Feb. 6th, 1851. Signed by president William Budd

Lot: 2577 - Stony Man Mining Company Stock Certificate

Number 109 for 20 shares to Martha Barker on May 16th, 1859. Signed by secretary WIlliam Danforth and president Josiah Barker. 1859. Unusual underground mining vignette! Two vertical folds. Nicked upper left corner. Very nice condition. 6 x 10.25"

Lot: 2578 - Metropolitan Mining & Manufacturing Co. Stock

Inc. by Act of Congress, July 23, 1866. Reorganized 1882. No. 189, issued for 5 shares to IM Gazzam on Jan. 11th, 1884. Signed by the president and secretary Sanders. Not cancelled. Attractive design with picturesque outdoor mining scene. 8.5 x

Lot: 2579 - Luxor Gold Mining Company Stocks and Mining Deeds

The Luxor Gold Mining Company was located in the Eureka District in the state of Washington. It was incorporated in New Jersey. New Jersey records mention the Luxor in 1911, 1912, 1914, 1915, and 1916 that we could easily find. (Eureka Gulch is a

Lot: 2580 - Milwaukee Palmer Mountain Gold & Copper Tunnel Co.

Mines Located in Wannicut Lake Mining District (printed under logo). Inc. in Washington. No. 413, issued for 500 shares to C.H. Isham on April 11, 1901. Signed by president Swain and the secretary (illegible). Stamped "Incorporated into the Blue Lake

Lot: 2581 - Fortunatus Mining & Milling Co. Stock Certificate,

Incorporated in 1891 in Colorado by New York investors. No. 1828, issued for 100 shares to Samuel Wardwell on Nov 19th, 1895. Signed by the president and treasurer. Not cancelled. Folds, pinholes. Located in the Wyoming ghost town of Bald Mountain

Lot: 2582 - Chicago & Wyoming Gold Mining Co. Stock

Number 212 for 10 shares to D. C. Buckland, company president on April 26th, 1871. Also signed by secretary AR Hardin. Not cancelled. Printer: Charles Shober of Chicago. Stunning piece with two bold vignettes, gold seal, and green and white

Lot: 2583 - Four Different Alberta Mining Stock Certificates

1) McLeod River Mining Corporation, Ltd. Issued 1936 for 3,000 shares. Not cancelled. Pinholes, folds. 2) New Far North Exploration Limited. Issued in 1964 for 1,000 shares. Pinholes, folds, tape repairs. 3) Kamalta Exploration Ltd. Issued in 1969

Lot: 2584 - Bralorne Mines Limited Stock Certificates, BC

Lot of 8. Inc. in British Columbia. Issued 1935-1959. Five of them feature a photo vignette of a miner operating a drill underground. Multiple styles and colors. All have pinholes and folds and have been cancelled by a pen mark. Bralorne is in the

Lot: 2585 - Bridge River & Lillooet Gold Mining Co. Stock &

Lot of 2. Mines at Bridge River, Lillooet, British Columbia. Bridge River is a tributary the Fraser River, a major gold region discovered in the 1850s. 1) Stock no. 254, issued for 38 shares to William Armstrong on May 30, 1899 in Hamilton, Ontario.

Lot: 2586 - British American Dredging Company Stock

Upper Pine Creek, Atlin Gold Fields, British Columbia. A giant, 36 ounce "Atlin Nugget" is just one vignette that graces this beautiful 1902 stock certificate. Also depicted are "the old way" and "the new way" of dredging featuring the "Switcana"

Lot: 2587 - British Columbia / Alaska Border Mining Stock

Lot of 4 stocks for mines in BC near the Alaska border. 1) Two different for Silbak Premier Mines, Limited. Both issued in 1947, not cancelled. Office in Stewart, BC. 2) Bayview Mining Company, Ltd. Issued in 1929, not cancelled. Green border. Deep

Lot: 2588 - British Columbia Coast Islands Mining Stock

Lot of 3 different. 1) Sunloch Mines Limited. Issued 1928 for 100 shares. Not cancelled. Many folds and some tape repaired separations. The Sunloch group was on the east bank of the Jordan River, Vancouver Island. 2) The Quatsino Mining &

Lot: 2589 - British Columbia Mining Stock Certificate

Lot of 18. Included: Goldside Mining Co. Ltd. (Victoria, Lillooet Mining District, 1935); Wakeko Mines Ltd. (1955); Trust Mining Co. (1898); Nor-West Kim Resources Ltd. (2x1971); Lion Mines Ltd. (3, 1981-82); Reno Gold Mines Ltd. (1936, 1937, 1943);

Lot: 2590 - Cariboo Mining District Stock Certificates,

Lot of 6 pieces. The Cariboo Mining District was the site of a gold rush in the late 1850s and 1860s. 1) The Shannon-Dolphin Gold Mining Co. Stock issued 1899. Mine at Camp McKinney, B.C. Green mining vignette. Folds. 2) c.1931 prospectus for the

Lot: 2591 - Central British Columbia Mining Stock Certificates

Lot of 9. 1) Two different for Pioneer Gold Mines of BC. Issued 1933 and 1934. Pencil and punch cancelled. Cadwallader Creek, BC interior. 2) S.V. 329 Mining Co. Ltd. Issued 1913 at Walkerville, not cancelled. House vignette. Folds, tape repairs. 3)

Lot: 2592 - Cons. Gold Alluvials of British Columbia, Ltd.

Lot of 2. Lightning Creek. Inc. in B.C. No. 857 and 934, both issued in 1934. Not cancelled. Identical design with green border and seal, vignette of mill site next to a river in the mountains. Folds, minor wear. 8.5 x 11" This company is the 1930

Lot: 2593 - Consolidated Green Mountain St. Louis Mines, Ltd.

Issued under the Companies' Act, 1897 , and Amending Acts of the Province of British Columbia. No. 482, issued for 1,400 shares to J. Dudley Richards on May 3rd, 1902. Signed by president Lawry and secretary Lawry. Not cancelled. Unusual, attractive

Lot: 2594 - Double Eagle Mining & Development Co. Stock

The name clearly references the $20 US gold coin. Inc. in British Columbia. Handwritten "No 36. Promoter's Stock" Issued for 25,000 shares to Alfred O. Kirby on Feb. 28th, 1901 in Revelstoke. Signed by president John Young and secretary. Not

Lot: 2595 - Four Different Kootenay Mining Stock Certificates

The Kootenay region is the southeast portion of British Columbia. There was a silver mining rush in the region in the 1890s. 1) New York-Kootenay Mining Company, Ltd. Issued 1897 to the vice-president, not cancelled. Multiple mining vignettes. Folds.

Lot: 2596 - Kootenay District Mining Stock Certificates, BC

Lot of 7. 1) Cascade Gold Mining & Milling Co. Two stocks, issued in 1912 and 1913, neither cancelled. Folds, wear at folds. Trail Creek Mining Division of West Kootenay District on Grenville Mountain. 2) The British Columbia Gold Trust. Issued

Lot: 2597 - Hattie Brown Gold Mining Co. Stock Certificate,

Location of Mine, Trail Creek, B.C. (printed under title). West Kootenay Mining District. Inc. in Washington. No. 307, issued for 500 shares to Edward McBride on Oct. 8th, 1896 in Spokane. Signed by the president, J. Brinkley and secretary Wm.

Lot: 2598 - La Regina Gold Mining Company Stock Certificate,

Inc. 1890. Head office in Rossland, British Columbia. No. 198, issued for 400 shares to secretary J.S. Clair Blackett on November 26th, 1896. Also signed by president William Taylor. Not cancelled. Black print on pink paper. Floral themed logo. 6.75

Lot: 2599 - Quesnelle Mining Stock Certificates, British

Lot of 4. Cariboo District, British Columbia. Now spelled "Quesnel." Located along the gold mining trail known as the Cariboo Wagon Road. Was the commercial center for the Cariboo Gold Rush. 1) Quesnelle Hydraulic Gold Mining Company: 1911 $100 bond,

Lot: 2600 - Rossland, British Columbia Mining Stock

Lot of 7 different. Rossland became one of Canada's largest cities during the 1897 British Columbia Gold Rush. 1) The Good Hope Mining and Milling Company. Trail Creek Mining District, Rossland, British Columbia. Issued 1895 for 2500 shares. Not

Lot: 2601 - Six Lightning Creek Gold Mining Stock

Six certificates, three different mining companies. 1) Lightning Creek Gold Mines Limited. Issued in 1938 for 1,220 shares. Not cancelled. 2) Four certificates, three different, for the Lightning Creek Gold Gravels and Drainage Company. Issued 1918,

Lot: 2602 - The Gold & Silver Mines Dev. Co. Ltd. Stock

Issued right at the peak of the mining rush to Rossland! Offices of the company in Toronto, Rossland, and Chicago. No. 280, issued for 50 shares to A. McDougald on August 30th, 1897. Signed by the president and secretary/treasurer. Not cancelled.

Lot: 2603 - Early Letters from the Crown (Eustis) Mine, 1867

Four hand written letters regarding the Crown Mine in Quebec, just across the river from Maine. Some of the letters are datelined Portland, which was the nearest city of substance. The Crown was probably a small outlier to the Lower Canada and

Lot: 2604 - Manitoba Mining Stock Certificate Group

Lot of 5 different. Included: two different for Gold Pan Mines, Ltd. (1919, not cancelled, and 1946, not cancelled with buffalo vignette); Abaco Gold Mines, Ltd. (1947, not cancelled); Pascar Development Corporation (1973, cancelled); and Central

Lot: 2605 - 1851 Report of The Albert Coal Mining Co.

48 pages w/ large map (25" x 19") of claims. Personal copy of famous geologist Raphael Pumpelly (based on handwriting comparison with other signed copy). "Report on the Albert Coal Mine, Containing an Account of the Situation and Geological Relations

Lot: 2606 - 1852 Report of The Albert Coal Mining Company

40 pages with fold-out map. "Review of Reports on the Geological Relations, Chemical Analysis and Microscopic Examination of the Coal of the Albert Coal Mining Company, Situated in Hillsboro, Albert County, New Brunswick. As Written and Compiled by

Lot: 2607 - Brunswick Antimony Company Stock Certificate, 1885

Organized in New Brunswick. No. 161, issued for 40 shares to Elizabeth A. Waters on Oct. 15th, 1885. Signed by the vice president, Walter Frost, and treasurer James Townsend. Pen and stamp cancelled. Pinholes, folds, writing related to assessments.

Lot: 2608 - Hibbard Antimony Company Stock Certificate, New

Organized under the laws of the province of New Brunswick. No. 18, issued for 500 shares to Charles Read of Boston on Sept. 22, 1880. Signed by the president, William B. Fowle, and treasurer Kimball. Not cancelled. Black border and print, orange

Lot: 2609 - Yellowknife Mining Stock Certificate Collection,

Lot of 20 "Yellowknife" mining company stocks. Yellowknife is the capital and only city in the Northwest Territories. Mining began there in the 1930s. This lot includes: Beaulieu Yellowknife Mines Limited (three issued in 1946); Cardinal Yellowknife

Lot: 2610 - Hall Anderson Gold Mining Co. Stock Certificate,

Location: Fifteen Mile Stream, Nova Scotia (printed at top). Inc. in New York. No. 564, issued for 100 shares to Fletcher Whitney on Jan. 31, 1885. Signed by the president, E.D. Davidson, and secretary (illegible). Not cancelled. Very ornate border

Lot: 2611 - Nova Scotia Land & Gold Crushing & Amalgamating

Early! Offices at No. 4, New Broad Street in London. No. 20021, issued for one share on Feb. 2nd, 1863. Signed by two directors (Arthur Weir and J.N. Daniell) and the secretary (Robert Smith). Printed on thin paper cut tight on the left. Punch

Lot: 2612 - Nova Scotia Mining Stock Certificate & Bond Group

Lot of 7 different. Includes: Bradford Mines Ltd. (1915, moose and maple leaf vignettes, not cancelled); Canadian Oil & Coal Co. Ltd. (Cape Breton Island, 1899, mining vignette, not cancelled); Beaver Dam Gold Mining Co. (unissued, 1800s, beaver

Lot: 2613 - Algoma Custom Smelting & Refining Co., Ltd. Stock

Registered in Calumet, Michigan. Inc. in Ontario. No. 557, issued for 5 shares to James W. Ward on November 16th. 1907. Signed by president Joseph Hermann and the secretary. Not cancelled. Ornate border and allegorical vignette. Pinholes, folds with

Lot: 2614 - American-Canadian Gold Mining Co. Stock

Office in West Superior, Wisconsin. Owned the Alice A. Mine in the Seine River District, 9 miles from Mine Centre, Ontario. No. 788, issued for 500 shares to R.H. Rathborne on Sept. 3rd, 1898. Signed by the president J.S. Hillyer and secretary Gray.

Lot: 2615 - Canada Mining Company Stock Certificate, 1869,

No. 49, issued for 350 shares to E. Smith on Feb. 3rd, 1869 in New York. Signed by the president, Richard Kimball and secretary J. Carrier. Not cancelled. Green print and locomotive vignette. 25 cent adhesive revenue stamp attached at left. Folds,

Lot: 2616 - Cobalt Silver Queen, Ltd. Stock Certificate,

No. 17035, issued for 50 shares to Stella C. Megrue on June 28th, 1907. Signed by the president, F.L. Culon, and the secretary (illegible). Not cancelled. Green and silver gilt border, silver seal, and vignette of miner operating drill. Head office

Lot: 2617 - Earlier Ontario Mining Stock Certificate

Lot of 16 different. Issued 1901-1936. Included: Twentieth Century Mining Co. (1901, pictorial); Great Golconda Mines (1911); Sunocca Exploration Co. (1933, pictorial); Sovereign Gold Mining & Dev. Corp $500 Bond (1903); Saratoga-Syracuse MC

Lot: 2618 - Hawk Bay Gold Mining Co. Stock Certificate, 1897

Mines at Hawk Bay on the Seine River. Head office in Hamilton, Ontario. Inc. in Ontario. No. 265, issued for 100 shares to William Armstrong on April 2, 1897. Signed by the president and treasurer. Small vignette of mine tramway. Not cancelled.Brown

Lot: 2619 - Hudson Bay Mining Stock Certificates

Lot of 4 from two different Hudson Bay mining companies. 1) Three different certificates for the Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting Co. Ltd. Issued 1929, 1945, and 1960. All punch cancelled. Two have vignette of dog sled team leaving a snow-covered town.

Lot: 2620 - International Silver Mining Co. of Ontario Stock

One of the world's best silver deposits (according to FH). Inc. in Ontario. No. 66, issued for 250 shares to Colin Campbell on March 16th, 1883. Signed by the president, William D. Bowman, and secretary Clayton. Not cancelled. Deep folds (with a

Lot: 2621 - Kingston & Pembroke Iron Mining Co. Stock

Province of Ontario (printed in left border).No. 1614, issued for 100 shares to R.P. Flower & Co. on May 27, 1887. Signed by the president, Henry Seibert, and treasurer Gibbons. Not cancelled. Black border and print, green background, and two

Lot: 2622 - Kirkland Lake Mining Stock Certificate Collection,

Lot of 7 different. Included: two different Toburn Gold Mines, Ltd. (both 1947, not cancelled); Pawnee-Kirkland Gold Mines, Ltd. (1936, not cancelled); Kirkland Cons. Mines, Ltd. (1934, not cancelled); Kirkland Minerals Corp. Ltd. (1956, not

Lot: 2623 - Large Ontario Mining Stock Certificate Collection

Lot of 70+ different. Issued 1908-1977. Kerrigan, St. Anthony, St. Paul Silveradium, Salmita Cons., Vanacor, Jaylac, Big Dan, White-Karry, West-Side Long Lar, Wettlaufer Lorrain Silver, Victory, Victoria Algoma Mineral, Tyon, Two-in-One, Uchi,

Lot: 2624 - Lichen Island Gold Mining Co. Prospectus & Stock

Lot of 2. Mines located in the Rainy Lake Region of Ontario. Claims include: Reef Point, Metallic Iron, and Lichen Island Gold Mines. 1) Stock is No. 15, issued for 1,250 shares to John Drawe of Marine City, Michigan on Jan. 24th, 1901. Signed by

Lot: 2625 - Lucky Boys Gold Mines, Ltd. Stock Certificate,

Attractive and unusual certificate. Inc. under the Ontario Mining Companies' Incorporation Act. No. 2398, issued for 1,000 shares to Emily J. Randall on Sept. 18th, 1907. Signed by the president (illegible) and secretary R.B. Herron. Not cancelled.

Lot: 2626 - Montreal & Boston Cons. Mining & Smelting Co.

Two nice, different stocks. Both were issued in 1905 and feature the same vignette of a smelting factory. Both signed by president Warren Miller and secretary Leopold Herman. Neither cancelled. Brown and green borders. Folds. 6.5 x 10.75" Facility

Lot: 2627 - Neepigon Mining Company Stock Certificate, 1850,

Earliest in the collection! Incorporated by Act of the Canadian Parliament, Approved March 1849. Low No. 9, issued for 100 shares to James Clark on March 14th, 1850. Signed by the president, John W. Gilford (?) and secretary Hedges. Not cancelled.

Lot: 2628 - New York & Ontario Gold Mining Stock Certificates

Lot of 3, 2 different companies. 1) The New York and Ontario Land Company. Stock issued 1890, punch and stamp cancelled. Attractive design with ornate border and underground vignette. 2) Two stocks for the New York & Ontario Gold Mining Company,

Lot: 2629 - Ontario Mining Stock Certificate Collection

Lot of 25 different. Includes: Tiblemont Island MC (1933); Fresnore Mines Ltd. (1945); Creighton Mining Syndicate (1928); Combined Larder Mines (1937); Tashota Goldfields Ltd. (1938); Pelletier Lake MC (1924); Thorn Hill Gold Mines (1945); Boundary

Lot: 2630 - Parmac Porcupine Mines, Ltd. Stocks feat. Fabulous

These two stocks are similar in design but are different color. Issued in 1926 and 1927. Not cancelled. Fabulous and rare vignette of a specimen with gold streaks running through it. Pinholes, folds, some soiling. 7.5 x 12" Cochrane District,

Lot: 2631 - Porcupine District Mining Stock Certificates,

Lot of 28. Issued 1900-1947. Some duplication but many different. Ridgedome (porcupine pictorial), Quartz Lake, Martin-Bird GM, Porcupine Tisdale MC, Porcupine Panamint GM, Porcupine Miracle MC, Pearl Lake GM (Timmins, mining vignette), Porcupine

Lot: 2632 - Red Lake Mining Company Stock Certificates,

Lot of 8. Red Lake, in northwestern Ontario, is the site of some of the richest gold specimens in the world. Included: Red Lake Centre Mines Limited (1936, mine drilling vignette, not cancelled, and 1930, different drilling vignette, not cancelled);

Lot: 2633 - Six Different Ontario Cobalt Mining Stock

Lot of 7. Included: Cobalt Development Co., Ltd. (1909); Bailey Cobalt Mines Ltd. (1921); Cobalt Silver Queen, Ltd. (1906, mining vignette); Foster Cobalt Mining Company, Ltd. (1907); Little Nipissing Silver Cobalt Mining Company, Ltd. (1911); and

Lot: 2634 - The Gold Bullion Mining Co. of Ontario Stock

What a great name! Located in Fort Erie, Ontario (printed under logo). Inc. in Ontario. Low No. 3, issued to James Warendin for 5,000 shares on July 8th, 1899. Signed by the president, James E. Curtiss, and secretary, James A. Taggert. Not cancelled.

Lot: 2635 - Three Silver Leaf Mining Stock Certificates,

Lot of 3 different for the Silver Leaf Mining Company, Limited. Incorporated under the Ontario Mines Act. Two were issued in 1907 and one in 1911. The 1911 certificate features a silver foil leaf under the logo. All three are uncancelled. Two have

Lot: 2636 - Three Sudbury Mining Stock Certificates

Lot of 3. The Sudbury District is located in Northeastern Ontario. Included: Westville Mines Ltd. (1970); Spanish River Mines Ltd. (1968); and Sudbury Mines Ltd. (1934). (Prag Collection) Date: Location: Ontario, zCanada HWAC# 60475

Lot: 2637 - Twenty-One Different Canadian Cobalt Mining Stock

An important collection! Lot of 21. Issued 1906-1942. Many pictorial. Included: Sanymac Mining & Development Co. (1942); Bailey Cobalt Mines (1921); Cobalt Bullion Mines, Ltd. (1907); Cobalt Contact Silver Mines (1906); Cobalt Development Co.

Lot: 2638 - American Copper Mining Co. Stock Certificate,

Inc. in Massachusetts.No. 46, issued for 2,000 shares to Chase & Dearborn of Boston on May 17th, 1864. Signed by president Sylvester Phelps and treasurer A.C. Felton. Not cancelled. Blue print, red seal. Deep folds, some toning. 6.25 x 9"

Lot: 2639 - Beauce Gold Mining & Milling Co. Stock Certificate

Location of Property: St. Francis, Beauce County, P.Q., Canada (printed under title). Inc. in New York. "Dominion of Canada" printed in the upper right. No. 1971, issued for 100 shares to Edw. A. Benson on June 8th, 1881. Signed by the vice

Lot: 2640 - Chibougamau Area Mining Stock Certificates, Quebec

Lot of 2. 1) Stock certificate for Grandroy Mines, Limited. Issued in 1972 for 1,000 shares. Not cancelled. Pinholes and staple. 2) 1926 Report * Stock order form for the Chibougamau Lake Prospecting Syndicate. 4pp. One side is an order for one share

Lot: 2641 - De Lery Gold Mining Company Stock Certificate,

Early! Chartered in Canada by Royal Letters Patent. No. 115, issued for 1 shares to William Parker on Nov. 17th, 1866 in New York. Signed by president C. Hibbard and secretary Wheeler. Not cancelled. Allegorical vignette at the top with a pioneer and

Lot: 2642 - Lyster Copper Company Stock Certificate, 1864,

Early! Township of Nelson, Megantic County, Canada East (printed under title). Inc. in Massachusetts. No. 52, issued for 500 shares to L.L. Britton on April 19th, 1864. Not cancelled. Signed by the president Cutter and treasurer H.W. Nelson. Blue and

Lot: 2643 - Quebec Mining Stock Certificate Collection

Lot of 18 with little duplication. All post 1920. Includes: Glenwood MC (1939); St. Lawrence Columbium & Metals Corp. (1974); Wasamac Mines Ltd.; Waite Dufault Mines Ltd.; Canda Quebec M Corp (1929); Quebec Smelting & Refining; Allied Mining

Lot: 2644 - Rouyn Mining Stock Certificates, Quebec

Lot of 7. Rouyn was founded in 1917 with a copper discovery. 1) Two different for La Rose Rouyn Mines, Ltd. Issued 1930 to the same person. Not cancelled. 2) Ribago Rouyn Mines Ltd. Issued 1946, not cancelled. 3) Reality & Mines of Rouyn City,

Lot: 2645 - Three Different Saskatchewan Mining Stock

1) Mikado Consolidated Mines, Ltd. Issued in 1923 for 2,000 shares. Not cancelled. Folds. 2) Mikado-Bullion Mines Limited. Issued in 1924 for 1 share. Not cancelled. Folds and creases. 3) Cree Mining Corporation, Ltd. Issued in 1959 for 100 shares.

Lot: 2646 - Canadian Mining Stocks Traded thru Toronto

Lot of 7 different stocks plus one postcard. All of these mining companies had transfer agents/registrars in Toronto. Included: Lamaque Contact Gold Mines (1937); Satellite Metal Mines Ltd. (1969); Big Bell Mines Ltd. (1948); Trizec Corp. (1969)

Lot: 2647 - Beadak Mines Ltd. Stock Certificate, Yukon, 1951

No. 111, issued for 200 shares to William A. Baldwin on June 5th, 1951 at Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. Signed by the president and secretary. Not cancelled. Plain design on green/blue paper. Folds, staple holes. 7 x 10" (Prag Collection) Date:

Lot: 2648 - Canadian Copper Mining Stock Certificate

Lot of 22. One or two bonds. Nearly all are different! Issued 1896-1972. Only two are unissued. Includes: Parry Sound Copper MC; Richmond Yukon Copper Ltd; Canada Copper Corp.; Van Anda Copper & Gold Co.; Coppercorp Ltd.; Copper Prince Mines

Lot: 2649 - Canadian Non-Precious Metals Mining Stock

Lot of 33 from non-gold or silver mining companies. Included: Cadillac Moly Mines Ltd. (8 issued 1968-69); Wilbur Iron Ore Co., Ltd. (1907, poor condition); Base Metals Mining Corp. (1958); Continental Titanium Corp. (1967); Silver Bird Cobalt Mines

Lot: 2650 - Canadian Prospecting & Exploring Co. Stock

Lot of 20. Issued 1923-1987. Included: Lunderberg Explorations Ltd.; Triton Explorations Ltd.; Peerless Canadian Explorations Ltd.; Resource Exploration & Development Co.; New Texmont Explorations; Marpic Explorations; Kenora Prospectors &

Lot: 2651 - Canadian Silver Mining Stock Certificates

Lot of 7. 1) Wettlaufer Lorrain Silver Mines, Limited. Three consecutive stocks issued to the same person in 1911. Not cancelled. Green border, ornate logo, very good condition. South Lorrain Township, Cobalt-Gowganda region, Timiskaming District,

Lot: 2652 - General Canadian Mining Stock Certificate Group

Lot of 14 different incorporated under general Canadian laws. Included: Westmore Mines Ltd. (1957); Redwolf Gold Mines Ltd. (1970); Quebec Gold Research Ltd. (1934); Alliance Mining & Securities Ltd. (1930); Canadian Holly Minerals Corp. (1960);

Lot: 2653 - Generic Named Canadian Mining Stock Certificates

Lot of 21 stocks and one advertising brochure. Stocks include: Franco Canadian General Mining Corporation; Genex Mines Ltd; Canusa Gold Mines; Canadian Northwest Mines & Oils; American-Canadian GMC; Saudi Arabian Mining Syndicate; Trans Nation

Lot: 2654 - Seven Different Canadian Mining Stock Certificates

Lot of 7. A few are older. Included: Memphremagog Mining Company, unissued, c.1860s, two mining vignettes; Suffield Gold, Silver & Copper MC of Ascott, Canada East, unissued, c.1860s, mining vignette; Triune G&S M&MC, issued 1915, mining

Lot: 2655 - The Crown Mining Company Stock Certificate,

Early Canadian mining stock! Incorporated under the laws of the Province of Canada. No. 38, issued for 8 shares to John Adams on July 4th, 1866. Signed by the president, Charles J. Talbos and treasurer Woodbury Davis. Not cancelled. Green seal, black

Lot: 2656 - Two Far North Canadian Mining Stock Certificates

1) Camsell River Silver Mines, Limited. No. 1953, issued for 200 shares in 1948. Not cancelled. Red border and background. Folds, staple holes. Located in the Northwest Territories. 2) The Cameron Islands Mining & Development Company. Low No. 7,

Lot: 2657 - Freeport Nickel Mine at Moa Bay Cuba: Photographs

Important group of photographs from Freeport Nickel mine at Moa Bay, Cuba. This group of 11 x 16 photographs consisting of approximately 10 views shows Freeport's nickel cobalt mine at Moa Bay Cuba. One small additional 4 x 5" snapshot tells the

Lot: 2658 - Pueblo Viejo Mine in the Dominican Republic

Group of about 10 photos of the Pueblo Viejo mine in the Dominican republic about 1975. Date: c1975 Location: zDominican Republic HWAC# 37675

Lot: 2659 - Triunfo Gold & Silver Mining Co. Stock

Inc. January 1863. No. 140, issued for five shares to Richard Bulger on Feb. 28th, 1865 in San Francisco. Signed by the company president, Edward P. Flint and secretary Henry Brooks. Not cancelled. "San Antonio District, Lower California" printed

Lot: 2660 - Mexican Mining Stock Certificate Suite

Lot of 6 different. Included: Sierra Consolidated Mines Company (Chihuahua, 1911, mining vignette, not cxl); Providencia Mines Company (1910, mining vignettes, not cxl); American Venture Corporation (Ayutla, Jalisco, 1906, not cxl); Black Mountain

Lot: 2661 - Three Different Mexican Mining Stock Certificates

1) The Badiraguato Gold Mining and Milling Company. Inc. in Illinois. Mines at Sinaloa, Mexico. No. 208, issued for 550 shares to T.W. Sterling on July 16th, 1886. Signed by president Ben Graham and secretary Baker. Not cancelled. Folds, creased

Lot: 2662 - Columbia Mining Company Stock Certificate (Mines

Cert. #79, issued at New York in 1887 for 1500 shares. Mines in the Republic of Columbia printed at the top. Interestingly, incorporated in Kentucky. Great vignette features allegorical female, tall ship, flags, shields and eagle and a train. Korff

Lot: 2663 - Witte Water Placer Co. Stock Certificate,

Inc. in West Virginia. No. 96, issued for 50 shares to Smith & Fennelly on August 2nd, 1892 in New York. Signed by president Lindley Vinton (?) and the secretary (illegible). Ornate border and logo with clouds in the background. Pinholes, folds.

Lot: 2664 - Five Foreign Mining Stocks

Societe des Mines de Bou-Skour, Casablanca; Societe Coloniale Agricole et Mineire, Paris; Les Marquises, 1928; Charbonnages Reunis du Nord Donetz a Marievka, 1906; Societe des Mines d'Or de Kilo Moto, c1928 (torn corner), Belgian Congo. Date:

Lot: 2665 - Foreign Mining Stocks (3)

Societe Miniere Intercoloniale pictorial, South Eastern Gold Mining u/i warrant, Societe des Mines D'Or de Kilo-Moto, pictorial. Date: Location: HWAC# 56513

Lot: 2666 - American Mining Co., Lancaster Mine, Stock

Early and rare! Incorporated in Vermont. Issued for ten shares, 11031-11040, on July 1st, 1852. Signed by the president, F.E. Phelps and secretary Warren Currier. Not cancelled. Three allegorical vignettes, small size certificate (3.75 x 7.75").

Lot: 2667 - Aztec Mining Co. Stock

We are unsure of the location of this mine. Incorporated in Washington, DC. #89 i/u Geo Patterson 10 shares 1904. Note toning, right rear tape. Date: 1904 Location: HWAC# 72023

Lot: 2668 - Major Copper Mining Stocks (5)

Lake Copper Co., Anaconda Co., Magma Copper, Phelps Dodge, Copper Range Date: Location: HWAC# 64520

Lot: 2669 - Four Different Western Mining Stock Certificates

Lot of 4 different. Two could not be definitively located. 1) Idaho Consolidated Gold & Silver Mining Company. Issued in 1883 for 100 shares, not cancelled. Green border and background, mining vignette. Deep folds and creases. Located on the East

Lot: 2670 - Two Different 3 "Ms" Mining Stock Certificates

1) Milwaukee Mining & Milling Co. Inc. in New Mexico. Issued for 100 shares, 1915. Pen cancelled. Three mining vignettes. Some soiling. 2) Minnesota Mining & Milling Co. Issued in 1965 for 100 shares. Punch cancelled. Allegorical vignette.

Lot: 2671 - "First Find" Printers Plate

Original engraved printers plate of five placer miners making their "First Find". Made by the American Bank Note Company, the plate is 3 x 2 3/4 inches. Used for stock certificate vignettes, it probably dates to the 1880s. A slight crack on the left

Lot: 2672 - Copper Basin Mining Company Printers Plate

American Bank Note Company printers plate with vignette of two miners with bushels piled around them. Plate is 5 x 4 1/2 inches, and includes original envelope. Previously in Stack's February 2008 Rich Uhrich Collection auction, lot 4046. Date:

Lot: 2673 - Gold Smelting Works Printers Plate

Original American Bank Note Company printers plate, generally used for stock certificates. Plate is 5 x 3 inches and is serial number V44654 in ABN's inventory. Includes original envelope, was lot 4150 in Stack's Rich Uhrich Collection auction,

Lot: 2674 - Mineral Collecting Letters

Eleven items. 1) Limestone Products of Newton, New Jersey. "Please be sure that your group is ready to sign the releases..." 2) State of New Jersey about the two quarries near Sparta Junction. 3) Bethelehem Steel talking about an excursion to their

Lot: 2675 - 3 Mining Stereoviews

Bound for the Klondike goldfields by Keystone, Joplin, MO mines, by Keystone, chromolitho Bonanza and Eldorado Creeks, Klondyke, AK Date: Location: HWAC# 65022

Lot: 2676 - ASARCO 50th Anniversary Medals (2)

20 round brass 30mm medals, 1 with chain. Nice miner obverse. Date: 1949 Location: HWAC# 64505

Lot: 2677 - Assorted Mining Items

2 brown hard hats, NIB Safesport CL1501 carbide lamp, Safety First small enameled sign, UV mineral lamp in box, 2 blasting cap tins, 3 canvas loot sacks, eye loopps. Date: Location: HWAC# 73037

Lot: 2678 - Cerro Pr. Mining Photo

B/W 6.5" x 8.5"photo of Cerro Pr. mine with mill and houses. Exact location unknown. right crease and .25" tear. Date: Location: HWAC# 65005

Lot: 2679 - Geological Exploration of the Fortieth Parallel (1

Extra Rare book, Vol.3, Mining Industry by James D. Hague with Geological Contributions by Clarence King. Beautiful book with illustrations, pp.647, has slight wear on spine of book. 10" x 12". Date: 1870 Location: HWAC# 64247

Lot: 2680 - Geology and Ore Deposits (Book)

Hardback book of Geology and Ore Deposits of the Randsburg Quadrangle of California, by Carlton D. Hulin, Ph.D., pp.148, 5 maps are included in this lot. Black & white photos. Some fraying on edge of pages, some foxing. 6.5" x 9". Date: 1924

Lot: 2681 - Gold Fever (Hardback Book); Gold & Other Precious

By Kenneth J. Kutz, Gold Fever, pp.400, beautiful color photos 9" x 11.25"; Paperback book Gold and Other Precious Metals Including Silver, Platinum and Palladium by Russell Burkett. pp.98. Date: c.1987 Location: HWAC# 64255

Lot: 2682 - Metal Mine Equipment Tag Discovery Group

19 metal mine tags. Look them up and discover where they came from! Date: Location: HWAC# 64501

Lot: 2683 - Mining and Contracting Review (7 Volumes)

From Mechanics' Mercantile Library, c. 1939 through 1947 (This set is missing c. 1941) good condition. 9.5" x 12". Date: Location: HWAC# 64238

Lot: 2684 - Mining Artifact Collector (Summer 1989)

Rare spiral bound catalog Mining Artifact Collector, Issue No. 4, Summer 1989. Date: Location: HWAC# 63467

Lot: 2685 - Mining Journals, Rocks & Minerals (Magazines)

Magazines & catalogs of Rocks, Minerals & Mining journals, gems & gemology. Interesting lot. Approx. 40 magazines & journals. Date: Location: HWAC# 63475

Lot: 2686 - Mining Publications

Seven publications: 1) Tungsten in Oregon; 2) Radioactive Minerals the Prospector Should Know; 3) The Ore.- Bin; 4) Thermal Springs and Wells; 5) Butte Underground Mines and Berkeley Pit Water-Level Monitoring and Water-Quality Sampling 2007 Consent

Lot: 2687 - Mining Related Wood Wall Hangings

Chief Consolidated Mining Change Room Rules on wood 8.5" x 5". 3 x 10.5" x 11.5" Gold Digger produce, Golden Trail Fruit, Mountaineer Citrus Date: Location: HWAC# 64519

Lot: 2688 - Mining, Misc. Books (9)

9 misc. books; 1) The Colorado Magazine; 2) Rhymes of the Mines, Life in the Underground, paperback; 3)A Beginner's Guide to Gold Prospecting, paperback; 4)Death of a Gold Mine; 5) Gold Rush Journals of Anchorage, Alaska; & more in this lot.

Lot: 2689 - Papers Dealing with the Study of Minerals

More than 100 preprints and separate papers dealing with the study of minerals. This is an advanced library of mineralogical study. Some of the imprints are signed by the author. They range in date from material by Waldo, Marlin up through modern

Lot: 2690 - Western States Mining Postcards

Lot of 6. 1) Yates Hoist South Mill Plants. Homestake Mining Co. Lead, SD. No postmark. 2) Indian Mine, Hudson, WY. Postmarked 1910. 3) Underground workings of the Homestake Mine. Lead, SD. Postmarked 1908. 4) Hecla Mine, Burke, ID. Postmarked 1952.

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