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Auctioneer Holabird Western Americana 775-851-1859
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Reno, NV
Time 08:00AM
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Lot: 1000 - National Bank Note Painting

A large original oil painting of a large size National Bank of Long Beach, five dollar note, March 26, 1903, made exclusively for a Southern California dealer. Artist Van Werth, who put his name in the lower right hand corner along with the

Lot: 1001 - Oil Painting of San Luis Obispo Large Size Note

Original oil painting of a San Luis Obispo large size national banknote, custom-made for Southern California collector. The banknote is a $20 Union National Bank of San Luis Obispo, July 20, 1905 signed by the artist in the president position. Artist

Lot: 1002 - 1790 Payment for 10 Shillings, Connecticut

Post-Revolutionary War America. From the Comptroller's-Office. Issued May 24, 1790. No. 4868. For 10 shillings to Peleg Sanford; related to the early governor of the same name of the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, serving three

Lot: 1003 - First National Bank of Hawaii, $5

Territory of Hawaii, S-964, Charter 5550, sn 49797. apparent vg. A rarity. Date: Location: Hawaii HWAC# 75513

Lot: 1004 - Hawaii Clearing House Note

Rare Hawaii Clearing House Note, March 10, 1933. SN 59750. paperclip stain in upper right. generally fine, otherwise. Date: Location: Hawaii HWAC# 75075

Lot: 1005 - 3 Hawaii Notes

Lot of 3 bills. Circulated, Series 1935, "Hawaii One Dollar Silver Certificates." Serial numbers: P34051565C, S48224024C, S54383780C. Date: 1935 Location: Hawaii HWAC# 75125

Lot: 1006 - Hawaii $1 World War 2 Emergency Currency

Five countermarked silver certificates, all $1 denomination, all low grades. Date: Location: Hawaii HWAC# 75076

Lot: 1007 - Hawaii World War 2 Notes

Set of $1, $5, $10 Hawaii overprint notes. The five has a rough top edge. Apparent G-VG. Date: Location: Hawaii HWAC# 75518

Lot: 1008 - Hawaii WW2 Currency, Star Notes

Two rare Hawaii $1 star notes, F-2300. low grade, g-vg (maybe) Date: Location: Hawaii HWAC# 75077

Lot: 1009 - 15 Cent Fractional Currency, Rare

Freidberg 1275sp. Allison-Spinner. Uncirculated, stain in corner. Date: Location: HWAC# 75074

Lot: 1010 - Silver Certificates, Large Size

$1 F236, $2 F258, both Speelman-White. G-vg. 1899 series. Date: Location: HWAC# 75078

Lot: 1010A - New York Fed Reserve Bank, First Series $1

F-713. PMG certified VF35. Good color. HWAC# 75528

Lot: 1010B - US $1 Error Note, Mismatched Serial Number

This is thought to be a unique error note. PMG erred in not placing the "mismatched serial number" on the label, but it is clearly evident on the reverse. Fr. #1909-I, printed fold error with different serial numbers front and back. Printed at the

Lot: 1011 - US $2, 1917 Series

F60, Speelman-White. apparent fine minus. Date: Location: HWAC# 75510

Lot: 1012 - Unusual US $2 Group

Uncut set of 24 1995 $2 bills, multiple vertical folds. Sheet of 4 uncut 1976. Certified first day of issue in holder.2003 issue PCS65. Uncut pair with tape. 2 first day of issue with stamps and cancel. 4 with overprinted portraits including JFK.

Lot: 1013 - US $5 Chief

1899 series, F274, Vernon-McClung. apparent fine. Date: Location: HWAC# 75512

Lot: 1014 - US $5, 1907 Series

F89, Elliott-Burke. Nice apparent AU. Date: Location: HWAC# 75509

Lot: 1015 - US $5, Chief

Classic large size with Indian Chief, F278, silver certificate. Apparent AU plus, possibly uncirc. Date: Location: HWAC# 75511

Lot: 1016 - US $1, $2, $5, Old and Silver Certificates (61)

Approx 61 assorted silver certificates, red seal $2, 1999 unc $1. $77 face value. Date: Location: HWAC# 73044

Lot: 1017 - Bison $10 Note, 1901

The famous bison note, one of the prettiest notes ever made by Uncle Sam. F122, Speelman-White. No strong crease, apparent vf Date: Location: HWAC# 75079

Lot: 1018 - US $10 Error Note, Unprinted Back

Complete unprinted back, 1995 series, A, crisp uncirculated. sn A822434500B. This series not listed in Bart, Paper Money Errors, 2003. Date: 1995 Location: HWAC# 75515

Lot: 1019 - $20 Gold Coin Certificate, Large Size

series of 1922, Speelman-White, F1187. Apparent fine. Date: Location: HWAC# 75514

Lot: 1020 - $100 Gold Certificate, Small Size

1928 series, Woods-Mellon, F2405. apparent AU. Date: Location: HWAC# 75520

Lot: 1021 - US $500

F2301, Julian-Morganthau, sn B00177265A. apparent G-vg Date: Location: HWAC# 75517

Lot: 1022 - US $500 Crisp uncirculated

Low serial number D00003435A, 1934 series with the light green seal. F2201D, Julian-Morganthau. Date: Location: HWAC# 75516

Lot: 1023 - Paper ANA Collector Currency

Lot of 6 American Numismatists Association, Uncirculated Paper Bills. One 1988 series, serial # 027216, "1" Bill. Five 1994 series: "5,10,20,50,100" bills. These all feature the 1994 ANA Convention in Detroit, with a classic car portrayed on the face

Lot: 1024 - Paper Disney Dollars

Lot of 6 bills. Five 1987 series "One Disney Dollars," and a 2001 Series, "El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood, One Dollar." The front of Disney Dollars feature Mickey in the center, Tinker Bell on the sides, and they are signed by "Scrooge McDuck.

Lot: 1025 - Moved to Lot 1301a

Moved to Lot 1301a in the coin section

Lot: 1026 - China Bank Note Group

Group of ten Chinese Notes, $5 #200 (2) uncirculated; $1 #211 (2); #236 $2 (2 uncirculated); $2 Central Reserve Bank and 10,000 yuan. Others circulated Date: Location: zChina HWAC# 75529

Lot: 1027 - Guatemalan Currency

Twelve pieces of currency. 20 quetzales; 10 quetzales (8); 100 quetzales (3). All well circulated. Date: Location: Guatemala HWAC# 75130

Lot: 1028 - Indonesia Paper Currency

Lot of 10, "1000 Seribu Rupiah" currency paper bills. Uncirculated. Serail #'s: 75051 through 75060. "Bank Indonesia, Djakarta, I Djanuari 1959,"( and govenor and director signatures) on face of bill. Date: 1959 Location: Indonesia HWAC# 75122

Lot: 1029 - Japanese Currency

Appears to be "4 Momme 6 FUN," KM#10 . 17.25 grams. 62 mm x 38 mm. Date: 1863 Location: Japan HWAC# 75117

Lot: 1030 - Japanese Paper Money

All Uncirculated. Lot of 3 bills. 2 count "Nippon Ginko, 100 Yen" with serial numbers: CB683557Q and CB683559Q. And one " Nippon Ginko, 500 Yen" with serial number P284597J. Date: Location: Japan HWAC# 75123

Lot: 1031 - Philippines Currency

Eight pieces of currency from the Philippines. Series of 1937 Five Peso note AU; two 100 piso notes; five notes from World War II, well circulated. Date: Location: Philippines HWAC# 75129

Lot: 1032 - Pioneer Gold & Silver of Mexico Co. scrip

Lot of ten pieces: paper money good for 50 centavos issued by El Estado Libre Y Soberano De Sinaloa and The Pioneer Gold and Silver Company of Mexico. Each piece is 5 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches and serial numbered, almost uncirculated condition. Date:

Lot: 1033 - White Pine, Colorado Scrip for a Miner (Colorado

Dateline White Pine, Colo., April 3, 1926. Addressed to Akron Mines, please deduct Clarence's store bill at A.M. Woodworth's from wages due him in the amount of $5. Measures 5.25 x 8.25" Folds, some toning/soiling. White Pine, Colorado sprang up as a

Lot: 1034 - Indian Territory Scrip, c.1890s

One pictorial piece of 50 cent scrip for J.J. McAlester, Dealer of General Merchandise in Indian Territory, c.1890s. Vignette of a coal train car with his name on the side. 2 x 3.75" Some toning. James Jackson McAlester (October 1, 1842 ñ

Lot: 1035 - Group of Union Military Scrip, 1867

Lot of 5 rare pieces of scrip. All have dateline Topeka, June 1st, 1867. Issued for $12-22 for services by authority of "An Act to provide for the assumption and settlement of the claims growing out of the Price Raid of 1864, and Indian Expedition

Lot: 1036 - Group of Santa Rita, New Mexico Mining Co. Store

Lot of 8 unused scrip booklets for W.H. Acklin, Santa Rita, New Mexico. Acklin Copper Co. store. Denominations include: two $1 booklets, two $2 booklets; two $3 booklets; and two $5 booklets. Date: Location: Santa Rita, New Mexico HWAC# 66076

Lot: 1037 - Halloween Carnival Currency Scrip

From Lewisburg, OH, the biggest little town in Ohio. Oct. 31, 1931. Vignettes of the announcer and the jester. 1 buck. Date: Location: Ohio HWAC# 64052

Lot: 1038 - Two Oklahoma Scrip Books

Two $25.00 books of scrip for different businesses in Oklahoma: W.L. Belt Trading Co., Eufaula OK; and W.A. Graham Co., Pryor, OK. Both appear to be unused and c.1930s. Date: Location: Oklahoma HWAC# 60405

Lot: 1039 - Pennsylvania Railroad Company Dividend Scrip

Two pictorial pieces of Dividend Scrip for The Pennsylvania Railroad Company. Dateline Philadelphia, May 31st, 1893. Issued for $11 and $25. Both stamped cancelled. 4 x 8.75" Locomotive vignette. Printed by ABN. Date: 1893 Location: Philadelphia,

Lot: 1040 - College Currency

6 3/8 in x 3 in size "One Hundred Dollars" bill of "Luther Academy Book Keepers Currency." Only one side of the "bill" has print; the back is blank. Date: Location: HWAC# 75121

Lot: 1041 - Old Scrip (3)

1) Farm Investment Co., Greeley, CO 1901 $9.45 2) New Pittsburg Coal 1897 25c 3) Mayor and Common Council of Jersey City $5 Date: Location: HWAC# 65000

Lot: 1042 - Three Different Scrip Booklets

1) $1 booklet of coupons good at Arnettsville Store Company for employees of the Courtney Coal Company. 2) $5 booklet of mercantile coupons for Studer Bros., Canadian, Texas. 3) $20 booklet of coupons at W.A. Graham & Co., Pryor, Oklahoma,

Lot: 1043 - $1 Gold Piece

Choice AU, Type I. Nice coin. Date: 1852 Location: HWAC# 60738

Lot: 1044 - U.S. 1852 Dollar Gold with pendant loop

U.S. 1852 Dollar Gold with pendant loop. Date: Location: HWAC# 74054

Lot: 1045 - U.S. Gold Type III One Dollar

U.S. Gold Type III One Dollar. Slanted S. Cleaned, net AU. Date: 1856 Location: HWAC# 75800

Lot: 1046 - One Dollar Gold Piece

Holed for jewelry but very fine condition. Date: 1857 Location: HWAC# 74039

Lot: 1047 - Three $5 Gold Pieces

Lot of three: 1882 (removed from a bezel, AU details), 1884 (EF), 1903-S (VF). Date: 1882-1903 Location: HWAC# 60736

Lot: 1048 - Two Damaged Gold Dollar Coins

Both have nice Obverse. Both have damage at center of reverse, eliminating the date. Coins were previously mounted we suppose. Each coin net .04837 oz. pure gold. Date: Location: HWAC# 75801

Lot: 1049 - U.S. Gold 2 1/2 Dollar Liberty

U.S. 2 1/2 Dollar Gold Liberty. 1862. F ine, Possibly Very Fine. 98,000 minted. Date: 1862 Location: HWAC# 75277

Lot: 1050 - $2 1/2 Dollar Indian Head Gold Piece

AU condition. Nice coin. Date: 1911 Location: HWAC# 75278

Lot: 1051 - $2 1/2 Indian Head Gold Piece

AU condition. nice coin. Date: 1915 Location: HWAC# 75279

Lot: 1052 - 1925 D Gold Indian Head $2.5 Coin

1925 D Gold Indian Head $2.5 Coin Date: Location: HWAC# 75902

Lot: 1053 - $5 Indian Head Gold Piece

Capital Plastics holder, 1909-D, AU condition. Date: 1909-D Location: HWAC# 60718

Lot: 1054 - Two $5 Indian Head Gold Pieces

Lot of two: 1909-D and 1915. Date: 1909-1915 Location: HWAC# 60719

Lot: 1055 - 1894 $10 Gold Liberty

1894 $10 Gold Liberty XF. Date: Location: HWAC# 75901

Lot: 1056 - 1901 $10 Liberty

1901 $10 Liberty Gold Coin with strong luster Date: 1901 Location: HWAC# 75900

Lot: 1057 - 1907 $10 Indian Head Gold Piece

EF-AU first year of issue St. Gaudens ten dollar gold piece. This first year of issue did not have "In God We Trust" because President Roosevelt objected to the Deity's name on coins. An act of Congress restored the motto in 1908. Date: 1907

Lot: 1058 - 1910 S $10 Indian Head Gold Coin XF

1910 S $10 Indian Head Gold Coin XF Date: Location: HWAC# 75905

Lot: 1059 - 1900 $20 Gold Double Eagle

One 1900 $20 Gold Double Eagle coin, encapsulated and packaged in black leatherette clamshell with clear window in the top and white cardboard sleeve. Date: Location: HWAC# 75911

Lot: 1060 - $20 Gold Piece, 1904-S

PCGS original old green holder "rattler" MS 62. 1904-S. Date: 1904-S Location: HWAC# 60711

Lot: 1061 - $20 Liberty Head Gold Piece

Black Capital Plastic holder with AU 1904 $20 gold piece. Holder is cracked and missing a plastic screw. Date: 1904 Location: HWAC# 60762

Lot: 1062 - $20 Gold Piece

PCGS OGH MS 63. Date: 1925 Location: HWAC# 60712

Lot: 1063 - $20 St. Gaudens Gold Piece, 1914-S

NGC MS 62. 1914-S. Nice coin. 95,250 mintage. Date: 1914 Location: HWAC# 75178

Lot: 1064 - $20 St. Gaudens Gold Piece, 1915-S

Black Capital Plastics holder with AU 1915-S St. Gaudens $20 gold piece. Date: 1915 Location: HWAC# 60760

Lot: 1065 - $20 St. Gaudens Gold Piece, 1926

PCGS OGH MS 63. Date: 1926 Location: HWAC# 75175

Lot: 1066 - $20 St. Gaudens Gold Piece, 1922

Uncertified in plastic case, MS 63-ish. Date: 1922 Location: HWAC# 60715

Lot: 1067 - $20 St. Gaudens Gold Piece, 1922 PCGS MS-63

PCGS OGH MS 63. 1.375 million minted. Date: 1922 Location: HWAC# 75177

Lot: 1068 - $20 St. Gaudens Gold Piece, 1923

White Capital Plastic holder with AU 1923 $20 St. Gaudens gold piece. Date: 1923 Location: HWAC# 60761

Lot: 1069 - $20 St. Gaudens Gold Piece, 1924 MS-63

PCGS OGH MS 63. Date: 1924 Location: HWAC# 60713

Lot: 1070 - $20 St. Gaudens Gold Piece, 1924 MS-63

PCGS OGH MS 63. Date: 1924 Location: HWAC# 60714

Lot: 1071 - $20 St. Gaudens Gold Piece, 1924 MS-63

PCGS OGH MS 63. Date: 1924 Location: HWAC# 75176

Lot: 1072 - Two $20 St. Gaudens Gold Pieces, 1924 MS-63

Lot of two PCGS OGH MS 63s. Date: 1924 Location: HWAC# 60709

Lot: 1073 - Two $20 St. Gaudens Gold Pieces, 1924 MS-63

Lot of two PCGS OGH MS 63. Date: 1924 Location: HWAC# 60710

Lot: 1074 - Two $20 St. Gaudens Gold Pieces, 1924 MS-63

Lot of two: PCGS OGH both MS 63. Date: 1924 Location: HWAC# 75179

Lot: 1075 - $20 St. Gaudens Gold Piece, 1927 MS-63

PCGS OGH 1927 MS 63 nice coin. Date: 1927 Location: HWAC# 75173

Lot: 1076 - $20 St. Gaudens Gold Piece, 1927 MS-63

PCGS OGH MS 63. Date: 1927 Location: HWAC# 75174

Lot: 1077 - Four American Eagle 1/10th Ounce Gold Pieces

Four different dates of uncirculated American Eagle 1/10 ounce coins. 1986, 1990, 1998, 1999. Date: 1986-1999 Location: HWAC# 75050

Lot: 1078 - Eight American Eagle 1/10th Ounce Gold Pieces

Lot of eight 1/10th ounce American Eagle gold bullion coins. Seven 1990, one 1991. All US condition. Date: 1990-1991 Location: HWAC# 60763

Lot: 1079 - Ten American Eagle 1/10 oz Gold Coins, 1998

Lot of 10, all uncirculated. 1998, 1/10 oz. Date: Location: HWAC# 75051

Lot: 1080 - Five American Eagle 1/4 Ounce Gold Pieces

Lot of five $10 American Eagle bullion coins, each 1/4 ounce of gold. Four different dates: 1986 (2), 1989, 1997, 1998. Date: 1986-1998 Location: HWAC# 60764

Lot: 1081 - American Eagle Date Set of 1/4 Oz Coins (8)

Date set of quarter ounce coins, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1997, 1998, all choice uncirculated. Date: 1986-1998 Location: HWAC# 75047

Lot: 1082 - Five American Eagle 1/2 Ounce Gold Pieces

Lot of four different date $25 American Eagle gold bullion coins: 1986, 1990, 1991, 1998. All uncirculated. Date: 1986-1998 Location: HWAC# 60767

Lot: 1083 - Five American Eagle 1/2 Ounce Gold Pieces

Lot of five $25 dollar, one half ounce American Eagle gold bullion pieces. All dated 1998, all uncirculated. Date: 1998 Location: HWAC# 60766

Lot: 1084 - 1987 Proof 1/2 oz $25 Gold

Choice proof in original hard plastic case. Date: Location: HWAC# 75049

Lot: 1085 - American Eagle 1997 Three Metal Proof Set

1997 original American Eagle three coin sset in all original packaging. Contains the 1oz gold, 1oz silver and the 1 oz platinum rounds. All gem. Date: Location: HWAC# 75046

Lot: 1086 - American Eagle 1oz, 4 Dates

1987, 1989, 1997, 1998 American Eagle One ounce $50 coins, uncirculated. Date: 1987-1998 Location: HWAC# 75052

Lot: 1087 - American Eagle Gold Mixed Proof Set

Lot of four coins: 1989 1/10th ounce proof;1989 1/4 ounce proof; 1987 1/2 ounce proof; 1990 one ounce proof. Date: 1987-1990 Location: HWAC# 60765

Lot: 1088 - American Gold Eagle Set

First year of issue. Lot of four: 1 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce and 1/10 ounce. In a Capital Plastics holder, "United States Gold Eagles." All excellent BU condition. Roman numeral dates. Date: 1986 Location: HWAC# 60716

Lot: 1089 - American Gold Eagle Set

Uncirculated set of four coins: One ounce, half ounce, 1/4 ounce and 1/10th ounce. Second year of issue, still with Roman Numerals. In Capital Plastics holder. Date: 1987 Location: HWAC# 60717

Lot: 1090 - Two 1987 US Eagle Gold Bullion One Ounce & Half

Lot of two 1987 US Eagle Gold Bullion One Ounce & Half Ounce Coins Proof w/ Box & COA sets. (4 coins total) The obverse shows Augustus Saint-Gaudens design of walking Lady Liberty with a background of rays of sunshine. She is holding a torch

Lot: 1091 - Set of American Eagle Gold Proof Coins: one 1 Tr

Lot of three American Eagle Gold Coins as follows: one 1 Tr Oz 1986-W Gold American Eagle uncirculated proof coins; one 1/2 Tr Oz 1987-P Gold American Eagle uncirculated proof coin; and one 1/2 Tr Oz 1988-P Gold American Eagle uncirculated proof

Lot: 1092 - Set of American Eagle Gold Coins in 1, 1/2, & 1/10

Lot of four American Eagle Gold Coins as follows: two 1 Tr Oz 1987-W Gold American Eagle uncirculated proof coins; one 1/2 Tr Oz 1987-P Gold American Eagle uncirculated proof coin; and one 1/10 Tr Oz 1991-P Gold American Eagle uncirculated proof

Lot: 1093 - Set of Three American Eagle Gold Proof Coins: 1 Tr

Lot of three American Eagle Gold Coins as follows: one 1 Tr Oz 1992-W Gold American Eagle uncirculated proof coins; one 1/2 Tr Oz 1992-P Gold American Eagle uncirculated proof coin; and one 1/10 Tr Oz 1992-P Gold American Eagle uncirculated proof

Lot: 1094 - Gold American Eagles Mint Proof Set

U.S. Gold American Eagles Mint Proof Set in Original Blue Velvet case with windows for both sides of the coins. Contains 4 coins: One Ounce Fifty Dollar Coin, One-Half Ounce Twenty-Five Dollar Coin, One-Quarter Ounce Ten Dollar Coin, One-Tenth Ounce

Lot: 1095 - Gold American Eagles Proof Mint Set

One U.S. 1993 Gold American Eagles Mint Proof Set. Contains 4 coins: One Ounce Fifty Dollar Coin, One-Half Ounce Twenty-Five Dollar Coin, One-Quarter Ounce Ten Dollar Coin, One-Tenth Ounce Five Dollar Coin. In Original Blue Velvet case with windows

Lot: 1096 - Gold American Eagles Mint Proof Set

U.S. Gold American Eagles Mint Proof Set in Original Blue Velvet case with windows for both sides of the coins. Contains 4 coins: One Ounce Fifty Dollar Coin, One-Half Ounce Twenty-Five Dollar Coin, One-Quarter Ounce Ten Dollar Coin, One-Tenth Ounce

Lot: 1097 - Seven Uncirculated, Half-Ounce $25 Gold American

Lot of seven uncirculated, half-ounce $25 Gold American Eagle coins as follows: 1986, 1987, 1990 (scarce -- low mintage year), 1991 (low mintage year), 1992, 1996, and 1998 for a total of 3.5 ounces of 999 Fine gold. Date: 1986-1998 Location: HWAC#

Lot: 1098 - Five American Eagle Gold $50 Coins

Five uncirculated $50's, 1989, 1998, and three 1997. Date: 1989-1997 Location: HWAC# 75056

Lot: 1099 - 1986, 1987 Proof One Oz American Eagle $50 coins

Two American Eagle proof coins in their original box and packaging right from the Mint. Date: Location: HWAC# 75060

Lot: 1099A - US $50 Buffalo, 2016, MS70

The classic US $50 Buffalo in MS70, with "first Day of Issue", NGC, 4385412-029. HWAC# 75526

Lot: 1099B - US $50 Buffalo, 2016, MS70

Classic US $50 Buffalo 2016, MS70, First Day of Issue, NGC 4385412-027. HWAC# 75527

Lot: 1100 - U.S. Liberty Coin Sets (Gold & Silver)

Lot of 2, U.S. Liberty Coin Proof sets, in original case. Identical. The following description is quoted from authentication inserts. 1986 Liberty Silver Dollar, Condition: Proof; Date: 1986; Mint: San Francisco; Diameter : 1.500 inches; Fineness:

Lot: 1101 - Five U.S. Constitution $5 Gold Pieces

Lot of 5 . U. S. Constitution 1987 Gold Five Dollars proofs in Original cases. The following description is from the Certificate of Authenticity. Uncirculated. Mint: West Point. Diameter O.850 inches plus/minus 0.003 inches, 21.59 mm plus/minus 0.08

Lot: 1102 - Three U.S. Constitution 2 Coin Sets (Gold &

Lot of 6 coins (3 identical pairs). " U.S Constitution 2 Coin, Mint Proof Sets". The following description is taken from the Certificate of Authenticity. These historic collectibles are specially designed and created to commemorate the Constitution

Lot: 1103 - Three U.S. Constitution UNC Silver/Gold Coin Sets

Lot of three 1987 U.S. Constitution Silver Dollar with Gold Five Dollar Mint Proof Sets, Vintage Historic Commemorative Coins with Certificate of Authenticity. Two are marked marked "unc" (uncirculated) and one "proof" on Certificate of Authenticity.

Lot: 1104 - Commemorative Proof Sets (Gold & Silver)

Lot of five coins. 1) 1986 Liberty Gold Coins; $5 gold piece; $1 silver dollar; 50c clad; in original packaging with paperwork. 2) 1999 Proof and Uncirculated George Washington $5 Gold Piece Set; in original packaging with paperwork. Date: Location:

Lot: 1105 - Liberty and Olympic Gold and Silver Proof Sets

Lot of two sets, six pieces total. 1) 1986 United States Liberty Coins; silver half dollar, one dollar, and gold five dollar piece; in original box with paperwork. 2) 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Coin Set; two silver dollars, ten dollar gold piece; in

Lot: 1106 - 1984 $10 Olympic Liberty Gold Commemorative Coin

One 1984 $10 Olympic Liberty Gold Commemorative Coin Uncirculated, minted at the West Point Mint. 16.7180g, 900 Fine Gold, approximate gold weight is 0.48 Tr Oz. Date: 1984 Location: HWAC# 75949

Lot: 1107 - 1988 XXIV Olympiad Seoul 50000 Won Gold Coin

1988 XXIV Olympiad Seoul 50000 Won Gold Coin encapsulated and set in leatherette clamshell case with gold-foil embossed white cardboard sleeve. Certificate of Authenticity 1987 AP 00023 as Korean legal tender. Date: 1988 Location: HWAC# 75903

Lot: 1108 - Marian Anderson Commemorative Gold Coins

Three Anderson commemorative gold coins, 0.56 oz troy each, 1980, uncirculated. American Arts Commemorative series. Date: Location: HWAC# 75063

Lot: 1109 - Six U.S. Gold Bicentennial George Washington Gold

Lot of 6. U.S. Gold Bicentennial, George Washington Commemoratives. Obv: Center design is bust of George Washington, with script: "First President" to right of bust, "George Washington." to left of bust.". 500 Fine Gold" below. Rev: Reads "United

Lot: 1110 - 1993 Australian Nugget $100 Coin

1993 One ounce Australian Nugget Gold Coin. Gem uncirculated Date: Location: Australia HWAC# 75932

Lot: 1111 - Five One-Ounce 1993 Australian Gold Nugget Coins,

Lot of five one-ounce 1993 AU$100 Australian Gold Nugget Coin, Uncirculated, 9999 Fine, in plastic capsules Date: Location: Australia HWAC# 75933

Lot: 1112 - Five One-Ounce Australian Gold Nugget Coins,

Lot of five one-ounce AU$100 Australian Gold Nugget Coin, Uncirculated, 9999 Fine, in plastic capsules. One 1988, three 1993, one 1995. Date: 1988-1995 Location: Australia HWAC# 75934

Lot: 1113 - 25 Austrian 100 kroner 1915 Uncirc Gold Coins

Twenty-five (25) of these Austrian beauties. They were struck by Austria for the modern bullion market, dated a year after the original series ended. They are certainly one of the most attractive of all the bullion coins. Each coin contains 0.98 troy

Lot: 1114 - Four Austrian 100 Corona Gold Coins, 1915

Lot of four uncirculated 1915 Austrian 100 Corona Gold Coins. Originally, the Austrian 100 Corona gold coin was minted between 1908 and 1914 and commemorated the 60th anniversary of the reign of Franz Joseph I. The reverse of this coin displays the

Lot: 1115 - Six Austrian 100 Corona Gold Coins 1915

Lot of six uncirculated 1915 Austrian 100 Corona Gold Coins. Originally, the Austrian 100 Corona gold coin was minted between 1908 and 1914 and commemorated the 60th anniversary of the reign of Franz Joseph I. The reverse of this coin displays the

Lot: 1116 - 1979 $50 Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin 999

1979 $50 Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin, 1 Tr Oz 999, uncirculated with damaged surfaces in plastic holder. Date: Location: Canada HWAC# 75918

Lot: 1117 - 1980 $50 Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin 999

1980 $50 Gold Canadian Maple Leaf Coin, uncirculated 1 Tr Oz 999 Au. Date: Location: Canada HWAC# 75917

Lot: 1118 - Seven One-Ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins,

Lot of seven one-ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins, Uncirculated, all 1980, 999 Fine, in vinyl flips. Date: 1980 Location: Canada HWAC# 75935

Lot: 1119 - Five One-Ounce 1980 Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Lot of five 1 Troy Ounce 1980 Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins, uncirculated, 999 Fine Date: Location: Canada HWAC# 75942

Lot: 1120 - 1983 $50 Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin UNC

1983 $50 Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin, uncirculated condition 1 Tr Oz 9999 Au. Date: Location: Canada HWAC# 75916

Lot: 1121 - Two 1983 Canadian $50 Gold Maple Leaf

Lot of Two 1983 Canadian $50 Gold Maple Leaf coins Date: Location: Canada HWAC# 75909

Lot: 1122 - 1984 $50 Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin 9999

1984 $50 Gold Canadian Maple Leaf coin. 1 Tr Oz 9999 Au, uncirculated with satin-like finish. Date: Location: Canada HWAC# 75915

Lot: 1123 - Two 1985 Canadian $50 Gold Maple Leaf Coins

Lot of two 1985 Canadian $50 Gold Maple Leaf Coins in vinyl flips Date: Location: Canada HWAC# 75910

Lot: 1124 - Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Set

Lot of three uncirculated Canadian Maple Leaf coins: 1984 one ounce, 1985 1/4 ounce, 1983 1/10 th ounce. In a capital plastic holder. Date: Location: Canada HWAC# 75171

Lot: 1125 - 1985 $50 Gold Maple Leaf Coin

1985 $50 Gold Maple Leaf coin in polyester flip. Uncirculated with an almost satin-like finish. Date: 1985 Location: Canada HWAC# 75914

Lot: 1126 - 1997 $50 Gold Maple Leaf coin

1997 $50 Gold Maple Leaf coin in polyester coin flip Date: Location: Canada HWAC# 75913

Lot: 1127 - 40 Canadian Maple Leaf Tenth Ounce Gold Coins In

Forty 1/10 ounce coins in the original sealed plastic from the Mint. 1998. Great chance for the collector to look for MS 69 and MS70 specimens. Date: 1998 Location: Canada HWAC# 75059

Lot: 1128 - 18 Canadian Maple Tenth Ounce Gold Coins

Eighteen 1998 one tenth ounce Canadian Maples. All uncirculated. 1.8 oz. total Date: 1998 Location: Canada HWAC# 75058

Lot: 1129 - Four 1998 Fractional Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Lot of four fractional-ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins, Uncirculated, 9999 Fine, as follows: Two 1998, 1/4-ounce, 9999 Fine, $10 Canadian Maple Leaf coins. Two 1998, 1/2-ounce, 9999 Fine ,$25 Canadian Maple Leaf coins. Total of 1.5 Troy Ounces

Lot: 1130 - Five Half-Ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins,

Lot of five, half-ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins, Uncirculated, 9999 Fine Date: Location: Canada HWAC# 75936

Lot: 1131 - Four Half-Ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins

Lot of four uncirculated half-ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins. 1986, 1992, 1994, and 1998. Date: Location: Canada HWAC# 75931

Lot: 1132 - Four Quarter-Ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins,

Lot of four quarter-ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins, uncirculated, 9999 Fine Gold Date: Location: Canada HWAC# 75941

Lot: 1133 - One-Ounce 1985 Chinese Gold Panda Coin,

One 1 Tr Oz 1985 Chinese Gold Panda Coin, Uncirculated Date: Location: China HWAC# 75947

Lot: 1134 - Two 1986 Half-Ounce Gold Panda Coins, Uncirculated

Lot of two 1986 half-ounce Chinese Gold Panda coins, uncirculated, in sealed vinyl flip. Date: Location: China HWAC# 75946

Lot: 1135 - Two half-ounce Chinese Gold Panda Coins

Lot of two half-ounce Chinese Gold Panda Coins, uncirculated, from 1986 and 1991. Date: 1986-1991 Location: China HWAC# 75950

Lot: 1136 - 1992 One-Ounce Gold Panda Coin (CHINA)

One 1992 one-ounce gold panda coin from China, DMPL finish with some handling marks Date: Location: China HWAC# 75926

Lot: 1137 - Beloved Unicorn 5-Ounce Chinese Gold Coin

Chinese 5-Ounce Gold Unicorn Proof in Beautiful Beloved Unicorn Case. Obverse features mirror back with design of two Unicorns, a standing adult with resting offspring, with "UNICORN" in print and currency mark. The following description is from the

Lot: 1138 - 1915 Cuba Gold Coin Uncirculated Set

The 1915 Cuban gold coin set was made by the Philadelphia Mint, which was comissioned to make them the next year also. This set includes the 1peso, 2, 4, 5, 10 and 20 peso gold coins, all uncirculated. Some are a bit higher grades than others. They

Lot: 1139 - 50 Peso Mexican Gold coin

One 50-peso Mexican Gold Coin, contains 1.2057 oz of Gold, uncirculated. The obverse contains Mexico's national coat of arms with a golden eagle perched on a cactus with a snake in its beak. The reverse shows the iconic Winged Victory or "The Angel

Lot: 1140 - Half-Ounce Mexican Gold Onza Coin

One half-ounce Mexican gold onza coin. Date: 1981 Location: Mexico HWAC# 75925

Lot: 1141 - Gold Peso Earrings

1893-1899 Gold 1Peso Mexico Earrings. Eagle and date on face of earrings, dangles below coin edge. Date: Location: Mexico HWAC# 74058

Lot: 1142 - Fractional Set of 1980 South African Gold

Lot of three sizes of uncirculated 1980 South African Gold Krugerrand coins: 1/10 ounce, 1/4 ounce, and 1/2 ounce. Total of 1.35 ounces of gold. Date: 1980 Location: South Africa HWAC# 75944

Lot: 1143 - Krugerrand Bullion Set

Lot of four coins, all BU: 1977 one ounce, 1980 half ounce, 1982 1/4 ounce, 1981 1/ 10th ounce. In a Capital plastics holder. Date: 1977-1982 Location: South Africa HWAC# 75172

Lot: 1144 - Pair of Quarter-Ounce 1981 South African Gold

Lot of two 1981 South African 1/4 Troy Ounce Krugerrand Coins, Uncirculated Date: 1981 Location: South Africa HWAC# 75945

Lot: 1145 - Five One-ounce South African Gold Krugerrand Coins

Lot of five one-ounce South African Gold Krugerrand Coins, each containing one ounce of gold. One 1984; two 1980; and two 1978. Date: Location: South Africa HWAC# 75930

Lot: 1146 - Six One-ounce South African Gold Krugerrand Coins

Lot of six South African Krugerrand Coins, each containing one-ounce of gold. 1978, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984. Date: 1978-1984 Location: South Africa HWAC# 75929

Lot: 1147 - Gold Swiss 20 Franc

Gold 1935-LB Switzerland Gold 20 Francs Helvetia. ( The 1935L-B issue was struck in 1945, 1946 and 1947). Gorgeous! Date: Location: Switzerland HWAC# 74055

Lot: 1148 - Turkish Gold Coin, 25 KURUSH

XF. Turkish 25 Kurush. Date is AH1327/4. Obverse has Toughra; "Reshat". Reverse has inscription and date within wreath, star on top. 0.917 Gold. About .05 Troy ounce. Extra Fine. Date: Location: Turkey HWAC# 74056

Lot: 1149 - United Kingdom 1983 Gold Coin Proof Set

Three coin proof set, 1.53 ozs gold, all in original holders and box. Date: Location: United Kingdom HWAC# 75053

Lot: 1150 - United Kingdom 1983 Gold Coin Proof Set

Three coin set in original box; 2 pound, sovereign. half sovereign. Gorgeous set. Date: Location: United Kingdom HWAC# 75057

Lot: 1151 - Platinum American Eagle 1997 Proof Set

Four coin proof set, 1997. Includes: 1oz, .5oz, .25oz, .1 oz in proof. Spectacular, in original folder, box and sleeve. Date: Location: HWAC# 75039

Lot: 1152 - American Eagle Platinum 1998 Proof Coin Set

1998 American Eagle Platinum Proof set. Includes: 1, .5, .25, .1 oz coins in proof. In original holders, box, etc. choice. Date: Location: HWAC# 75043

Lot: 1153 - Platinum American Eagle 1/10 oz Proof Coin

The proof 1997 1/10 ounce platinum coin in original box and holder. Date: Location: HWAC# 75044

Lot: 1154 - Platinum American Eagle 1998 Proof Set

Four coin set, 1oz, .5 oz, .25 oz, .1 oz. In original presentation booklet but no box. Absoluttely choice. Date: Location: HWAC# 75038

Lot: 1155 - Platinum American Eagle Trio, 1998

Three pieces, the 1/10, 1/4, and 1/2 ounce 1998 platinum American Eagle pieces with the satin finish with proof relief. Date: Location: HWAC# 75042

Lot: 1156 - Three Platinum American Eagle Coins

One 1998 1/2 ounce piece; 2 1/10 oz 1998 pieces, all uncirculated. Date: Location: HWAC# 75041

Lot: 1157 - Bimetallic Gold-Platinum 2000 Library of Congress

2000 Library of Congress coin in proof in all original holder and box. This is the first bimetallic coin issued by the United States Mint and consists of 48% Platinum, 48% Gold, and 4% Alloy. The obverse shows the hand of Minerva raising the torch of

Lot: 1158 - Three 2000 Library of Congress Bimetallic

Lot of three 2000 Library of Congress Bimetallic $10 Coin, only one with Certificate of Authenticity, all in original U.S. Mint packaging. This is the first bimetallic coin issued by the United States Mint and consists of 48% Platinum, 48% Gold, and

Lot: 1159 - Eight Canadian Platinum 1 Ounce $50 Coins

Eight of the uncirculated Canadian $50 1996 one ounce Platinum rounds. Platinum is one of the densest metals, more dense than gold. The largest platinum mines in the world are in Russia. Canada is also a major producer. Platinum was unknown as a

Lot: 1160 - Canadian Platinum 1oz $50 Coin

Uncirculated. 1oz 1996 $50 coin. Date: Location: Canada HWAC# 75040

Lot: 1161 - 1847 Hawaiian Penny

PCGS OGH MS 63RD. Issued by King Kamehameha III, with a mintage of only 100,000. Only 4 finer by PCGS. Date: 1847 Location: Hawaii HWAC# 60743

Lot: 1162 - 1883 Hawaii 10c Piece

ANACS AU details net EF 45 Corroded. Our observation cannot find the corrosion. Maybe it has oxidized in the VOG of the past three decades. Look for yourself. Date: 1883 Location: Hawaii HWAC# 60755

Lot: 1163 - 1883 Hawaii 25c Piece

Uncertified Hawaiian quarter, certainly AU, worthy of inspection and professional grading. Mintage of 499,974 Date: 1883 Location: Hawaii HWAC# 60746

Lot: 1164 - 1883 Hawaii 25c Piece

Ancient ANACS holder: MS 60 Repunched Date. Date: 1883 Location: Hawaii HWAC# 60747

Lot: 1165 - 1883 Hawaii 25c Piece

NGC MS 63. Nice toning. Date: 1883 Location: Hawaii HWAC# 60748

Lot: 1166 - 1883 Hawaii 25c Piece

Uncertified Hawaiian 25c brilliant uncirculated, needs certification. Date: 1883 Location: Hawaii HWAC# 60749

Lot: 1167 - 1883 Hawaii 25c Piece

NGC MS 64. Worthy of inspection. Date: 1883 Location: Hawaii HWAC# 60750

Lot: 1168 - 1883 Hawaii 25c Piece

PCGS OGH MS 64. Beautiful coin. Date: 1883 Location: Hawaii HWAC# 60751

Lot: 1169 - 1883 Hawaii 25c Piece, MS 65

PCGS light blue label MS 65. Gorgeous coin. Date: 1883 Location: Hawaii HWAC# 60752

Lot: 1170 - 1883 Hawaii 50c Piece

PCGS OGH MS 63. Mintage 699, 974.King Kalakaua I as pictured by Charles Barber and struck at the San Francisco Mint. After Hawaii became a territory in 1900, the legal tender status of these coins was removed and most were withdrawn and melted. Date:

Lot: 1171 - 1883 Hawaii 50c Piece

Old ANACS holder labeled "Unc Details Net MS 60 Obv. Cleaned. Beautiful coin might benefit from an updated grading opinion. Date: 1883 Location: Hawaii HWAC# 60741

Lot: 1172 - 1883 Hawaii 50c Piece

PCGS OGH AU 55. Only 54 finer. Date: 1883 Location: Hawaii HWAC# 60744

Lot: 1173 - 1883 Hawaii 50c Piece

NGC AU 55. Only 699,974 minted. Compare this coin with the PCGS AU 58 in this sale, and you'll submit this for upgrade. Date: 1883 Location: Hawaii HWAC# 60745

Lot: 1174 - 1883 $1 Hawaii Coin

PCGS OGH MS 64. MIntage 499,974. Out of 845 graded by PCGS, only 19 are higher. In 2017 one sold for $10,575. Date: 1883 Location: Hawaii HWAC# 60742

Lot: 1175 - Hawaiian Coin Set

Blue Capital Plastics holder holding Hawaiian 10c, 25c and 50c pieces from 1883. All in VF-EF condition. Date: 1883 Location: Hawaii HWAC# 60753

Lot: 1176 - Hawaiian Coin Set

Red plastic Capital Plastic holder with Hawaiian 10c, 25c, and 50c pieces. While the dime and half dollar are EF-AU, the quarter is brilliant uncirculated. Date: 1883 Location: Hawaii HWAC# 60754

Lot: 1177 - Hawaiian Coin Set

Black Capital Plastics holder housing a Hawaiian 10c (XF), 25c (AU) and 50c (VF) pieces. Date: 1883 Location: Hawaii HWAC# 60756

Lot: 1178 - Hawaiian Coin Set

Red Capital Plastics holder housing Hawaiian 10c (F), 25c (XF), 50c (VG-F). Date: 1883 Location: Hawaii HWAC# 60757

Lot: 1179 - 1799 Cent, Hollowed

1799 Draped Bust Large Cent with the reverse hollowed out for jewelry. Date: Location: HWAC# 75208

Lot: 1180 - 1811 Cent Wide Date

1811 Cent, Wide Date. Rare. apparent f++ to vf, but you'll have to judge. Date: Location: HWAC# 75549

Lot: 1181 - 1835 Half Cent MS 64 BN

1835 HAlf Cent, MS 64 BN, NGC holder, 198911-001 Date: Location: HWAC# 75550

Lot: 1182 - Large Cent Collection

Lot of eleven large cents. 1837, 1840 (pitted), 1845, 1847, 1848, 1850, 1851, 1853(2), two with unreadable dates. Most G-F condition. Date: Location: HWAC# 71037

Lot: 1183 - Large Cent Cutdown to Small Cent Size

We don't know why, but this Braided Hair Large Cent was reduced to small cent size. Date: Location: HWAC# 61975

Lot: 1184 - 1877 Indian Head Penny

1877 Cent, the key date, VG 10 in ancient ANACS holder. 3019349 Date: Location: HWAC# 75548

Lot: 1185 - 31 Indian Head Pennies

Lot of 31 pennies on"1856-1909" collector's board. Made by Lincoln Printing Company of Los Angeles, this is board number 126. Incomplete set. Includes 1908-S (not inspected), and 3 Flying Eagle (1856-(last digit removed), 1857, 1858). Date: Location:

Lot: 1186 - 44 Indian Head Pennies

Lot of 44 Indian Head Cents, three of them culls (an 1864 with damage included). Date: Location: HWAC# 75139

Lot: 1187 - 108 Indian Head Pennies

Lot of 108 pieces. One 1896 PCGS genuine surfaces smoothed. A couple of culls, one holed. Date: Location: HWAC# 75151

Lot: 1188 - 1909-1977 Penny Album

1909-1977 Lincoln Penny Collection in attractive 4 fold "Treat" TM 2051 album. 1909S only, 1922 plain, we offer no opinion, 1914D damaged. Date: 1909 Location: HWAC# 74065

Lot: 1189 - Lincoln Penny Collector Board

Lot of 81 Pennies on collector's board: 1909-1937. 1909's VF-F, No 14D, No 22. Board sealed in plastic, so not all rare dates verified. Date: 1909-1937 Location: HWAC# 74079

Lot: 1190 - 1909 S Indian Cent

1909 S Indian Cent, apparent VG. rare date. Date: 1909 Location: HWAC# 75547

Lot: 1191 - 1909 S Indian Cent

1909 S Indian Cent, apparent fine, can read all the liberty. Date: 1909 Location: HWAC# 75556

Lot: 1192 - 1909-S VDB Lincoln Penny

The rarest Lincoln of all, the one we all searched for when we were kids. Here it is in almost uncirculated condition. Fill in the final hole in your Whitman album, this penny is not in a slab, and the grading is our opinion. Date: 1909 Location:

Lot: 1193 - 1909 S VDB Cent, VF30

1909 S VDB Cent, VF 30, ancient ANACS holder, 3019364 Date: 1909 Location: HWAC# 75545

Lot: 1194 - 1909 S VDB VF 20 Cent

1909S VDB Cent, VF 20, ancient ANACS holder, 231982 Date: 1909 Location: HWAC# 75546

Lot: 1195 - Early "S" Mint Lincoln Pennies

Lot of 19 Lincoln pennies: 1910-S(8); 1913-S(9); 1914-S; 1915-S. All good to fine condition. Rare dates to help fill your Whitman album. Date: 1910-1915 Location: HWAC# 71036

Lot: 1196 - Rare Date Lincoln Pennies

Lot of four: 1909-S (F); 1922 no D (EF) with black splotch on cheek; 1922-D (EF); 1931-S (VF). The value of this lot depends upon what the buyer wants to do with the 1922 plain: conservation is possible. None of these coins are certified, so they

Lot: 1197 - 1922 No D Cent

1922 No D Cent, VF 30, ancient ANACS holder, 3019363 Date: 1922 Location: HWAC# 75544

Lot: 1198 - 1922 No D Cent VF 20

1922 No D Cent, ancient ANACS holder, VF 20, 913267. Date: 1922 Location: HWAC# 75543

Lot: 1199 - Ten 1922-D Wheat Pennies

Lot of 10 1922-D Wheat Pennies. Date: 1922 Location: HWAC# 75028

Lot: 1200 - Large Group of Wheat Cents

Lot of about 1,335 U.S. Wheat Pennies. Includes 1909 VDB, and 1941-1963 collector's case Date: Location: HWAC# 75027

Lot: 1201 - Bag of Wheat Cents

Bag of circulated wheat cents. About 35 pounds. Aproximately 5,000 pennies. Not picked. Wheats were minted 1909-1956. Date: Location: HWAC# 74050

Lot: 1202 - Bag of Wheat Pennies

About 5,000 Wheat Pennies, About 32 pounds. Not picked. Date: Location: HWAC# 74020

Lot: 1203 - Bag of Wheat Pennies

Bag of Wheat Pennies, about 32 pounds. Not Picked Date: Location: HWAC# 74021

Lot: 1204 - Bag of Wheat Pennies

Bag of Wheat pennies. About 32 pounds. Not Picked. Approximately 5,000 pieces in red canvas bag. Date: Location: HWAC# 74022

Lot: 1205 - Bucket of Wheat Pennies

Bucket of Wheat Pennies. About 5,562 coins. Weighs about 38 pounds. Date: Location: HWAC# 74024

Lot: 1206 - Group of Steel Pennies

Lot of 54 Steel U.S. 1 Cent. Uncirculated! Date: 1943 Location: HWAC# 75030

Lot: 1207 - Full Bag of 1960-D Small Date Cents

Full bag of the 1960-D cents, uncirculated, in an Anthony Wayne Bank, Fort Wayne, Indiana canvas bag. This is a popular scarce die variety, tough to find in original bags today. About 34 pounds. Date: 1960 Location: HWAC# 71020

Lot: 1208 - Unc. 1969 D Pennies (~5,000) in Original U.S.

Canvas bag of 1969 D Pennies, Approx. 5,000. Uncirculated in the Original U.S. Denver Mint Dated Bag. About 34 pounds. Date: 1969 Location: Denver, Colorado HWAC# 71022

Lot: 1209 - 2009 D Penny with Blank Planchet

Lot of two sets. Each set contains a 2009 Lincoln Log Cabin Penny and a blank planchet. Date: 2009 Location: HWAC# 75221

Lot: 1210 - Copper Nickel Cents

Lot of eleven cents. Two holed. Two flying eagle cents; 7 Indian Head cents. From fair to very fine condition. Date: Location: HWAC# 75140

Lot: 1211 - Encased Pennies

Lot of three: 1) 1945 in round aluminum, "Victory VE/VJ Day, Eaton Metal Products, Denver. 2) 1933 in round aluminum, Hotel Canon, Canon City, Colo. 3)1921 in bell-shape aluminum, O.W.V.L. M. July 10, 1921; Gemuetlichkeit, Manitowoc. Date: Location:

Lot: 1212 - Encased Indian Cent

Obv.: Keep Me and Always Have Money; Rev.: H. A. Eckert, dealer in Wines, Liquors & Cigars / Red Onion / Lisbon, Ohio. Encased penny is in extra fine condition. Date: 1905 Location: Lisbon, Ohio HWAC# 63671

Lot: 1213 - Encased Penny Advertising Mirror

Two and a half inch advertising mirror with 1935 encased Lincoln penny. "Rose Dress Shops/ 22473 / This mirror Good For 50 cents/ On Any Purchase of $6.99 or More / at 6342 So. Halsted St." Date: 1935 Location: HWAC# 63668

Lot: 1214 - Encased 1922 weak "D" Penny

Obv.: Keep Me / And Never Go Broke / I Bring / Good Luck; Rev.: Bankers Life Co. / Des Moines / Purely Mutual. Encased penny is 1922 with weak "D". Date: 1922 Location: Des Moines, Iowa HWAC# 63670

Lot: 1215 - US Cent Errors

Six Lincoln cent error coins: 1945s broad rim, three off center with no dates showing (Lincoln Memorial), clipped planchet and blank planchet. Date: Location: HWAC# 75273

Lot: 1216 - Early U.S. Nickels Coin Board

Collector's board by Lincoln Printing Company of Los Angeles "Early U.S. Nickels" 2 Shield type, 28 Liberty head 1883-1912. Board is sealed in plastic so coins in rare date slots have not been verified ( 1912-S). Date: 1866-1912 Location: HWAC# 75101

Lot: 1217 - Liberty Head Nickels

Lot of 34 Liberty Head ("V") nickels and one well worn 1868 Shield nickel. Two of the "V" nickels are 1883 "no cents"in very fine condition, and one 1912-D. The rest are fair to fine condition. Date: Location: HWAC# 75145

Lot: 1218 - Buffalo Nickels "19"teens."

About 80 Buffalo nickels. Mostly 19"teens." Some partial dates.Not sorted for "S"'s and "D"'s. Date: Location: HWAC# 74049

Lot: 1219 - Bag of Buffalo Nickels

Bag of Buffalo Nickels. Unpicked. About 3,500 nickels. Approximately 36 pounds. A rough sample of 100 pcs at random showed about 16% 1920's, 2% teens, 3% difficult to read, 79% 1930's. Date: 1910s-30s Location: HWAC# 74051

Lot: 1220 - Buffalo Nickels

Lot of 64 Buffalo nickels on collector's board made by Lincoln Printing Company of Los Angeles. 1913-1937. Incomplete set, board sealed in plastic so rare dates have not been verified. Date: 1913-1937 Location: HWAC# 75100

Lot: 1221 - Large Group of 1920s Buffalo Nickels

1920's Buffalo Nickels. About 1,450 count. Some partials. Unpicked. Date: Location: HWAC# 74003

Lot: 1222 - Large Group of 1930s Buffalo Nickels (Over 2,800)

Buffalo Nickels, 1930's some partials. About 2,836. Unpicked. Date: Location: HWAC# 70079

Lot: 1223 - 1930's Buffalo Nickels

Canvas bag of approx. 3,500 1930's Buffalo Nickels. Fine to XFine. About 36 pounds. HWAC# 71021

Lot: 1224 - 1938 D/S Buffalo Nickel MS 66

Choice MS 66, NGC holder 004017-016 of this classic overdate. Date: Location: HWAC# 75555

Lot: 1225 - Buffalo Nickels, Low End Pieces

Buffalo Nickels, About 220 coins. Low end, but fun to share. Date: Location: HWAC# 74025

Lot: 1226 - Jefferson Nickels

Lot of 13: 1938-D, 1939-S(AU 58), 1946-S(MS 64), 1947-S(MS 60), 1954-D, 1961 proof, and seven others including a clipped planchet. Date: Location: HWAC# 75111

Lot: 1227 - War Nickels

Lot of 107 Wartime Silver Alloy Jefferson nickels. The wartime five-cent piece vcomposed of copper (56%), silver (35%) and manganese (9%) was introduced to eliminate nickel, a critical war material. Melt value with silver at $16.20 an ounce is $0.91

Lot: 1228 - 1831 Capped Bust Half Dime

EF-AU uncertified. Nice coin. Date: 1831 Location: HWAC# 60539

Lot: 1229 - 1852 Half Dime, MS 63

1852 Half Dime, MS 63 in NGC holder, 674500-010. A beauty, great luster. Date: Location: HWAC# 75553

Lot: 1230 - US Half Dime Group

1832, 1835 Bust (both holed); 1853, 1855 (filler), 1857 (filler), 1858 1872. generally low grade. Date: 1832-1872 Location: HWAC# 75247

Lot: 1231 - Four Half Dimes

Lot of four coins: NGC MS 61 1871; 1856, 1857, 1858-O, very fine or better. Date: 1856-1871 Location: HWAC# 60541

Lot: 1232 - Early US Dime Lot

1848, 1856 (2), 1857, 1857O, 1876, 1876-cc; 1877, 1883, 1884, 1887 (F). Mostly low grade. 1831, 1837 Bust dimes, good or less. Date: Location: HWAC# 75246

Lot: 1233 - 1886 Seated Dime Proof

1886 Seated Dime Proof, raw. Choice. Date: Location: HWAC# 75554

Lot: 1234 - Barber Dime group

49 pieces, from AG to Fine. wide variety of dates. 1892, 1899, 1900s, 1901, 1903 (2), 1903o, 1905 (2), 1905s, 1906 (2), 1906O, 1906 D (2), 1907 (2), 1907S (2), 1907O (2), 1908D (2), 1910 (2), 1911, 1911 D (3), 1912 (3), 1912D (2), 1913 (4), 1914 (2),

Lot: 1235 - 1916D Mercury Dime F12

1916D Mercury Dime, F12 in old ANACS holder, 913268. Date: Location: HWAC# 75552

Lot: 1236 - 1916D Mercury Dime

raw 1916D Mercury dime, apparent low vf. The key date in the series. Date: Location: HWAC# 75551

Lot: 1237 - Mercury Dime Lot

95 (ninety five) Mercury Dimes, varying dates and condition. No 1921, or 16D. Date: Location: HWAC# 75251

Lot: 1238 - Older Mercury Dime Group

50 Mercury dimes from the teens to the thirties, a nice group for any collector of the series. 18 from the teens, 20 from the twenties (includes a 26S) and 12 from the thirties. No 1921. Generally G-VG, but ranges from AG to fine. Date: Location:

Lot: 1239 - Irradiated US Dimes

Five encased irradiated dimes, American Museum of Atomic Energy. All mercury dimes, varying dates. circa 1945. Date: Location: HWAC# 75272

Lot: 1240 - Roosevelt Dimes, Uncirculated Lot

94 uncirc Roosevelt dimes, mostly 1964 with a few 1960. Date: 1960s Location: HWAC# 75253

Lot: 1241 - US Silver Dime Lot

77 Roosevelt dimes, includes a couple uncs; 6 mercury culls, 2 Barber culls. 85 pieces. Date: Location: HWAC# 75243

Lot: 1242 - Five Seated Quarters

Lot of five coins: 1853, 1854, 1856, 1857(2). All fine condition give or take a few points. Date: 1853-1857 Location: HWAC# 60542

Lot: 1243 - 1858-S Liberty Seated Quarter

NGC VF 35. Mintage of 121,000. Date: 1858-S Location: HWAC# 60548

Lot: 1244 - 1881 Seated Quarter Proof

1881 Seated Quarter, proof, choice. Date: Location: HWAC# 75557

Lot: 1245 - Quarter Collection

Lot of fourteen quarters. Seated Liberty: 1853 arrows (FR), 1857 (AG).Barber: 1897(G), 1904(FR), 1912(AG); Standing Liberty: 1927(FR), 1929-S(VG); Washington Quarters: seven coins from 1943-1961(G-EF). Date: Location: HWAC# 71029

Lot: 1246 - Quarter Collection

Lot of 20 coins. Three certified: 1941-D MS 64; 1941-S MS 65; 1943-D MS 64. Circulated: 3 Walking Liberty; 6 Barber; 12 Washington. Some very worn. Date: Location: HWAC# 71042

Lot: 1247 - U.S. Silver Quarter Collection

Lot of 42 quarters: 31 silver Washington quarters; 6 Standing Liberty quarters, poor to about good condition; 5 Barber quarters. Date: Location: HWAC# 74071

Lot: 1248 - 1876 Carson City Half Dollar

Always in demand here in Nevada, a nice example of an 1876-CC half dollar. Very fine condition. Date: 1876 Location: Carson City, Nevada HWAC# 71030

Lot: 1249 - Columbian World's Fair Commemorative Half Dollars

7 pieces. The 1893 Worlds Columbian Fair (also know as Chicago World's Fair) Souvenir Silver Half Dollar. Columbus bust on obverse, and Ship and Globes on reverse. A few have some nice details, one has been made into pendant. The 1983 Chicago World's

Lot: 1250 - Three Liberty Head Half Dollars

Lot of 3 U.S. Liberty Head,( aka "Barber") half dollars. 1902,( AG 3), 1908-S,(G-4, with rim damage), 1912-S,(G-4). Date: Early 1900's Location: HWAC# 75167

Lot: 1251 - 1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar, PCGS

PCGS Genuine Scratch-UNC Details. 1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar, PCGS. Obverse has Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson conferring while on horseback. Reverse has eagle with "MEMORIAL TO THE VALOR OF THE SOLDIER OF THE SOUTH."

Lot: 1252 - 1934 Texas Commemorative Half Dollar

1934 Texas MS65, Half in an old NGC holder, 168856-021 Date: Location: HWAC# 75537

Lot: 1253 - 1936 Delaware 50 cent Commemorative

1936 Delaware MS63, in old PCGS green label 09301.63/7217344 Date: Location: HWAC# 75535

Lot: 1254 - 1936 Rhode Island Comemmorative Half Dollar

A choice MS66 example of this artistic coin in the old green PCGS holder. (9363.66/1565656). choice Date: Location: HWAC# 75069

Lot: 1255 - 1936 Oregon Trail Commemorative Half

ANACS MS 64. Beautiful coin. Date: 1936 Location: HWAC# 60547

Lot: 1256 - 1964 Kennedy Half Group.

40 pieces of this first issue silver half dollar. xf-Unc. Date: Location: HWAC# 75248

Lot: 1257 - Bust Half Dollar and Trade Dollar

Lot of two: 1) 1809 Bust Half Dollar, VF 20; 2) 1878-S Trade Dollar, VF. Date: Location: HWAC# 75116

Lot: 1258 - Early Walker Half Dollar Group

Nine Walker Halves. 1916 D (2), 1917, 1917S (2), 1918, 1927S, 1928S (2). Generally good to fine Date: Location: HWAC# 75250

Lot: 1259 - Five Capped Bust Half Dollars

John Reich designed this capped-head concept of Liberty. Lot of five: 1809, G; 1811, AG; 1814, VF, counterstamped "RF"; 1834, VF; 1836, VF. Date: Location: HWAC# 71033

Lot: 1260 - Six Seated Liberty Half Dollars

Lot of six Seated Liberty Half Dollars: 1846, VG; 1854-O, VG; 1854 arrows, graffiti; 1855-O arrows, G; 1876, AG; 1876, AG. Date: 1846-1876 Location: HWAC# 71034

Lot: 1261 - Walking Liberty Half Dollar Group

Nineteen 1930's-40's, fine to XF. Date: 1930s-40s Location: HWAC# 75245

Lot: 1262 - Three Walking Liberty Half Dollars

Lot of three: 1938-D (VF); 1946-D (F); 1947-D (VF). Date: 1938-1947 Location: HWAC# 75127

Lot: 1263 - Franklin Half Dollar Lot

35 pieces, varying dates, 3 are uncirc (52, 60, 62) Date: Location: HWAC# 75255

Lot: 1264 - Six Half Dollars

Seated Liberty 1854-O, VF condition but holed; two Walking Liberty: 1946 & 1947 EF-AU condition; 1948 & two 1949 Franklins EF-AU condition. Date: Location: HWAC# 71041

Lot: 1265 - 1843 Seated Dollar

1843 Seated Dollar, apparent VF/XF Date: Location: HWAC# 75536

Lot: 1266 - 1845 Seated Dollar

1845 Seated Dollar, apparent XF minus. Date: Location: HWAC# 75534

Lot: 1267 - 1846 Seated Dollar

1846 Dollar, AU53 in ancient ANACS holder. Much original luster remains. Date: Location: HWAC# 75067

Lot: 1268 - 1847 Seated Dollar

AU Details, "Net EF40" in ancient ANACS Holder. Toned. Date: Location: HWAC# 75068

Lot: 1269 - 1850-O Seated Dollar

ANACS F 12. Mintage 40,000. Date: 1850-O Location: HWAC# 60524

Lot: 1270 - 1872 Seated Dollar

1872 Seated Dollar in ancient ANACS fine holder 847493. Date: Location: HWAC# 75532

Lot: 1271 - 1872-S Seated Dollar

Rare date 1872S seated Dollar in old green PCGS VF20 holder (6970.20/725074). Only 9,000 minted! Date: Location: HWAC# 75072

Lot: 1272 - 1877-CC Trade Dollar

A Carson City Trade Dollar, 1877CC. apparent vf. Date: Location: Carson City, Nevada HWAC# 75533

Lot: 1273 - 1879-CC Morgan Dollar in MS62

Gorgeous 1879CC with the old green PCGS label, (7086.62/3230856) Date: Location: Carson City, Nevada HWAC# 75070

Lot: 1274 - 1882-CC Sterling Belt Buckle

The sterling silver belt buckle is in much better condition than the 1882-CC dollar that's mounted in it. Fair 02 is the most generous grade we can give this well worn coin, but the famed Mint Mark CC is clearly visible. The buckle is 3 x 2 inches

Lot: 1275 - GSA Carson City Dollar, 1882

GSA Carson City Dollar, 1882-CC. In the plastic GSA holder, but no box, no certificate. MS 62-63, but not certified. Date: 1882 Location: Carson City, Nevada HWAC# 60550

Lot: 1276 - 1884 Carson City Morgan Dollar

A beautiful coin marred by three carbon spots by decades in storage. Conserve, certify and profit! Date: 1884 Location: Carson City, Nevada HWAC# 60520

Lot: 1277 - 1890 Carson City Morgan Dollar

Extra fine condition 1890-CC. Don't believe the cardboard that says BU. Date: 1890 Location: Carson City, Nevada HWAC# 60522

Lot: 1278 - 1891 CC Dollar in Small Silver Tray

3" silver (no maker, appears sterling, but cant tell) with an 1892CC Dollar in XF-AU. A choice Carson City Collectible. Date: Location: Carson City, Nevada HWAC# 75249

Lot: 1279 - Morgan Dollar 1878-S

VAM 17, Choice BU, one carbon spot. Preserve, certify and profit! Date: 1878-S Location: HWAC# 60540

Lot: 1280 - Morgan Dollar 1879-S

PCGS OGH MS 65. A beautiful gem! Date: 1879-S Location: HWAC# 60526

Lot: 1281 - Morgan Dollar 1879-S

NGC MS 65 1879-S. Mirror surfaces. Date: Location: HWAC# 60774

Lot: 1282 - GSA Soft Pack 1881 Morgan Dollar

Soft blue envelope and original note cards from the GSA sale of the early 1970s. Noted on one of the two cards in the pack: "IMPORTANT / This coin has previously been placed in circulation and will show normal wear. Less than 100,000 coins were

Lot: 1283 - Two BU Morgan Dollars

Lot of two: 1881-S & 1887. Both brilliant uncirculated, uncertified. At least MS 63s. Date: 1881 & 1887 Location: HWAC# 71044

Lot: 1284 - Morgan Dollar 1881-S

PCGS OGH MS 65. A stunningly gorgeous coin. Date: 1881-S Location: HWAC# 60534

Lot: 1285 - Gem BU Morgan Dollar 1882-S

Beautiful 1882-S Morgan dollar. Only small marks on the lower cheek detracts. Mirror backgrounds make this worthy of certification. Date: Location: HWAC# 60776

Lot: 1286 - Two Gem Morgan Dollars

Lot of two: 1885, 1885-O. Both uncertified beauties. Date: 1885 Location: HWAC# 60772

Lot: 1287 - 1891 Gem BU Morgan Dollar

Gem BU, uncertified. Date: 1891 Location: HWAC# 60770

Lot: 1288 - 1892 Morgan Dollar

White Capital Plastic holder for an EF-AU Morgan dollar. Date: 1892 Location: HWAC# 60771

Lot: 1289 - 1892-S Morgan Dollar

EF 1892-S Morgan dollar. Uncertified, rim bump on reverse. Date: 1892 Location: HWAC# 60773

Lot: 1290 - 1894-S Morgan Dollar

Very good to fine condition 1894-S Morgan dollar. Date: Location: HWAC# 60777

Lot: 1291 - 1895-O Morgan Dollar

1895O Morgan Dollar, a rare date. Apparent VF. Date: Location: HWAC# 75065

Lot: 1292 - 1895-O Morgan Dollar

Rare date, AU50 in ancient ANACS holder (sn30825) Date: Location: HWAC# 75066

Lot: 1293 - 1896-S Morgan Dollar

Very fine 1896-S Morgan dollar. Date: 1896 Location: HWAC# 60775

Lot: 1294 - 1897-O Morgan Dollar

NGC AU 58. (Slab is scuffed) Date: 1897-O Location: HWAC# 60525

Lot: 1295 - 1921 Morgan Dollar Group

Ten pieces, eight Philadelphia, 2 San Francisco. AU-BU Date: Location: HWAC# 75531

Lot: 1296 - Better Date Morgan Dollars

Lot of nine: 1880-S,1883-O, 1884, 1887, 1888 1889, 1891-S, (2) 1898-O. All nice EF-AU condition. Date: Location: HWAC# 71045

Lot: 1297 - Binion/Fitzgerald Silver Dollars

Lot of two: 1922 $1 MS 64 Binion Collectors Set; 1884-O $1 Fitzgerald Collection Brilliant Uncirculated (nice coin, maybe better than MS 63). Date: Location: HWAC# 71043

Lot: 1298 - Engraved Morgan Dollars

Two Morgan dollars, 1878 & 1890, both engraved on the reverse. "Young Mens / Mission Band / organized Nov. 17th, 1890 / President William F. Squire / Vice Pres. / Percy J. Fuller / A.D. 1891." The other: "Y. P. S. C. E./ of / Bethany Church /

Lot: 1299 - Fun Morgan Lot

Lot of 6 pieces. 2 Unc 1922 Peace Dollars (MS 63), one 1883 with Chinese Chop marks, two circulated 1922 Peace dollars (one in a middle ring); and a 1878 Morgan belt buckle. Date: Location: HWAC# 74052

Lot: 1300 - 1875 Trade Dollar with Counterstamp

1875 Trade Dollar with extra fine details. Has Masonic symbol stamp on obverse, and single letter counter stamps on reverse over eagle. Counterstamps over eagle on reverse reads "FELLI X MATTEI." on first line, and "S.L.OBISPO." centerline, and "CAL"

Lot: 1301 - 1878-O Trade Dollar

ANACS Unc Details Net AU 50 Cleaned. 1878-O. Date: 1878-O Location: HWAC# 60523

Lot: 1301A - 1878 Seated Dollar "Porn Art"

Vintage 1878 "porn dollar", the back smoothed for engraving, or heads-tails vulnerability. Date: Location: HWAC# 75258

Lot: 1302 - Two 1870s S Trade Dollars

Lot of two coins: 1) 1875-S, extra fine details, obverse has two scratches; 2) 1878-S, AG. Date: Location: HWAC# 71031

Lot: 1303 - Seven Silver Dollars

Three Peace and four Morgan dollars. Peace: 1922-S, 1923, 1926 (slimed). Morgan: 1879, 1881, 1886, 1889. Date: Location: HWAC# 75163

Lot: 1304 - Silver Dollar Assortment

Lot of 42 silver dollars: One 1923 Peace dollar; 29 pre-1900 Morgan dollars; one counterstamped "H H M M"; 11 1921 Morgan dollars. Mostly extra fine condition, no culls here. Date: Location: HWAC# 71040

Lot: 1305 - Two 1921 Peace Dollars

Very fine and extra fine scarce date Peace dollars. Date: 1921 Location: HWAC# 60521

Lot: 1306 - 1922 Peace Dollars

Lot of 18: three certified: MS 62, MS 63, MS 64. All the rest AU-BU. Date: 1922 Location: HWAC# 60528

Lot: 1307 - 1923 Peace Dollar, MS 65

PCGS OGH MS 65. Date: 1923 Location: HWAC# 60535

Lot: 1308 - 1923 Peace Dollars

Lot of ten: two NGC certified: MS 64, MS 65. Eight uncertified AU-BU. Date: 1923 Location: HWAC# 60527

Lot: 1309 - 1924 Peace Dollars

Lot of eight coins: 4 certified. One Denver, two San Francisco. AU-MS 65. Date: 1924 Location: HWAC# 60533

Lot: 1310 - 1925 Peace Dollars

Lot of five: NGC MS 64, ANACS MS 63; three uncertified EF-BU. Date: 1925 Location: HWAC# 60537

Lot: 1311 - Fourteen Peace Dollars

Lot of 14 Peace dollars, 1922-1926. F-EF condition. Date: 1922-26 Location: HWAC# 74037

Lot: 1312 - Gem Peace Dollar 1928-S

Raw 1928-S Peace dollar in pristine condition. Date: Location: HWAC# 60530

Lot: 1313 - 1934 Peace Dollar

One mark on the reverse makes this coin less than perfect. Uncertified but uncirculated. Date: 1934 Location: HWAC# 60529

Lot: 1314 - Two 1934 Peace Dollars

Lot of two: 1934-D, EF; 1934-S, VF. Date: 1934 Location: HWAC# 60544

Lot: 1315 - 1934-S Peace Dollar, Uncirculated

1934-S in capital plastics holder, uncirculated . Decent strike. Date: Location: HWAC# 75064

Lot: 1316 - 1934-S Peace Dollar, VF

Key date 1934-S, VF condition. Date: Location: HWAC# 60545

Lot: 1317 - 1934-S Peace Dollar, VF

Key date 1934-S, very fine condition. Date: Location: HWAC# 60546

Lot: 1318 - 1935-S Peace Dollar, Gem BU

Gem BU 1935-S uncertified. Date: 1935-S Location: HWAC# 60531

Lot: 1319 - 1935-S Peace Dollar, BU

Choice BU uncertified dollar. Date: 1935-S Location: HWAC# 60543

Lot: 1320 - 1935-S Peace Dollar, Uncirculated

Choice Unc 1935-S Peace dollar. One small carbon spot on reverse. Date: Location: HWAC# 60532

Lot: 1321 - Four Peace Dollars

Lot of four: 1926-D; 1926-S; 1927; 1934-S. Date: 1926-1934 Location: HWAC# 60536

Lot: 1322 - Three Cent Piece Collection

Lot of 14 coins. Six silver "trimes" two holed. Eight nickel pieces. Date: Location: HWAC# 75134

Lot: 1323 - Three Cent Silver Pieces

Lot of two: ANACS AU 55; uncertified, very fine condition. Date: Location: HWAC# 60538

Lot: 1324 - 1875 20 Cent Piece, AU55

Choice example loaded with mint luster. The coin is in the ancient ANACS holder (231996). Nice edge toning. Date: Location: HWAC# 75071

Lot: 1325 - 1875-S Twenty Cent Piece

Nice EF condition, not certified. Date: 1875-S Location: HWAC# 60549

Lot: 1326 - Beginning Type Set Coin Collection

Lot of eight coins with several of the more unusual issues of United States coinage. Three two cent pieces, 1864(2), 1865; nickel three-cent piece 1865, 1875; shield nickel 1882; 1883 Liberty Head nickel; Barber half dollar, 1913-S. All coins good -

Lot: 1327 - Twelve Liberty Seated Coins

Lot of twelve coins: 1853-O half dime with arrows; seven seated dimes: 1853 with arrows(2); 1853-O; 1858; 1862; 1873; 1889. Four seated quarters: 1854 with arrows; 1857; 1858; 1888-S. All good to fine conditions Date: Location: HWAC# 71035

Lot: 1328 - Mid 1800s U.S. Coins

Lot of nine coins. Two large cents: 1829, 1848. Two 2 cent pieces, 1864, 1866. Three shield nickels: 1868, 1872 and unreadable date. Two hard times tokens. Date: Location: HWAC# 75141

Lot: 1329 - Two MS70 2010 Silver Eagles

Two NGC MS70 2010 Silver Eagles. U.S. One Dollar with American Eagle on obverse, Lady Liberty in flowing gown standing with sun to her right, on reverse. MS70! Date: Location: HWAC# 74057

Lot: 1330 - Nine PCGS Coins

Lot of nine slabbed coins. Two PCGS MS 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars with" Heavily Accentented Hair." Four silver MS64 Dimes: two 1962-D, two 1963-D. One PCGS 25th Anniversary, 1986-P 25 Cent, , One NGC 2004 P Florida 25Cent; One PCGS 1Cent Shield

Lot: 1331 - U.S. Coinage

Lot of 23 coins. 1853 (w/arrows) half dime (G); 1945-S Jefferson Nickel (AU); proof Jefferson nickel dated 1938?; Seated Liberty dimes: 1872 (G, damaged); 1876-CC (VG, damaged). Barber dime 1899-S (EF). Barber quarter 1915-S (VG). Walking Liberty

Lot: 1332 - Three Error Quarters and a Nickel

Lot of 4. Three error quarters: a 1964 with a clipped top and two off-center Washington quarters. Also a broadstruck Jefferson nickel. HWAC# 71025

Lot: 1333 - United States Odd Type Coins

White Capital Plastics holder with five coins: 1850 half cent; 1865 two cents; 1852 three cent silver; 1866 three cent nickel; 1875-S twenty cents. Date: Location: HWAC# 60778

Lot: 1334 - 28 Elongated Coins

Lot of 28 elongated coins. The best of this lot includes coppers "1933 Chicago's World Fair" with Rososevelt bust, "1934 Roosevelt with NRA," "1939 Golden Gate International Exposition," " 1939 New York World's Fair." Date: Location: HWAC# 75103

Lot: 1335 - Enhanced U.S. Coinage and A Half Pound Fine Silver

An eclectic lot: a gold plated 1896 Morgan Dollar, a gold plated 1923 Peace Dollar. An enameled 1999 Silver Eagle, a 1993 Jefferson commemorative dollar(not enhanced). A half pound of fine silver in the form of a 3 1/2 inch diameter St. Gaudins $20

Lot: 1336 - Fractional Gold Coinage

Group of fractional cal gold coins. a. BG 892, R7, Nast, Greenzweig & Co. with the Young head. Provenance: X-Butterfield-Johnson-Gillio August 13, 1995 sale, lot 524. B0 Gold Dollar, 1855 (vg-f); c) 1853 dollar (scratch near date); d) locket key

Lot: 1337 - Gold Token Group

A group of gold tokens, sometimes called "charms" designed after the actual gold miner coinage. Often beginning collectors ask "how do you tell the difference between the real gold coins and the tokens?" the answer is really easy: if the token does

Lot: 1338 - Gaming Counters and Gold Tokens

Six pieces. 1855 $50 "counter" in the style of Wass Molitor; a speil marke in the size of a US $10; 1849 $5 California gold miner counter; another with a different obverse; a fake 1854 $1 gold; and a holed 1/2 dol token. A nice group. Date: Location:

Lot: 1339 - Twenty Copper Ounce Pieces and Fractional Currency

Lot featuring a roll (20 pieces) of brilliant uncirculated one ounce copper rounds. Obverse: E Pluribus Unum with Liberty Head; Reverse: Copper .999 Fine / One AVDP Ounce. Also 25 cent fractional currency with Robert J. Walker's portrait, in hard

Lot: 1340 - Fun Low value Coins

Lot of 4 coins. OneUrug uay 1857 "20 centesimos"34mm. One 17mm silver reales. A France 1811 Demi Franc featuring Bust of Napoleon with some nice details on obverse, and legible reverse.18mm. France Cing Centimes.28mm. Date: 1800's Location: HWAC#

Lot: 1341 - Group of Museum Copy Early US and Foreign Coins

A different group of copies, all apparent by their mold seam along the edge, as well as other features. Includes copies of some of the great rarities, including American Colonial, in silver and copper. About 30 pieces. Worthy of inspection, and

Lot: 1342 - Lafayette Commemorative Dollar

Very fine or extra fine Lafayette Dollar. The Lafayette dollar was a silver coin issued as part of the United States' participation in the Paris World's Fair of 1900. Date: 1900 Location: HWAC# 60551

Lot: 1343 - 1994 World Cup Coin Sets

Two 1994 World Cup coin sets. Set one contains a silver dollar, gold $5 (quarter ounce) and the half. The second set is just the gold $5 1/4oz. Each in original case and holders. Date: Location: HWAC# 75540

Lot: 1344 - Two Sets of the 1983-1984 Olympic Proof Coins

Each set contains a half ounce gold $25 piece and two silver one oz pieces. Original boxes and packaging. Date: Location: HWAC# 75062

Lot: 1345 - Olympic 1983-4 Multiple Coin Proof Set

Two silver one ounce and one gold half ounce. Gorgeous proof in original box. Date: Location: HWAC# 75055

Lot: 1346 - Olympic Dream Collection 4 coin Set

Olympic Dream Collection 4 coins in Mahogany Box. The following description is taken from the Certificate of Authenticity. 1983 Olympic Proof Silver Dollar. Elizabeth Jones, Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint, designed this coin, dated 1983, to

Lot: 1347 - U.S. Mint 1992 Olympic Coins

U.S. 1992 Olympic Coins Mint Proof Set of six coins in Mahogany Box. The following description is paraphrased from, "The Official Red Book, A Guide of United States Coins 2010," R.S. Yeoman Edited by Kenneth Bressett. 63rd Edition,2009. This

Lot: 1348 - 1995 Four Coin Olympic Coin Proof Set

Original box and holders right from the Mint. Choice. Date: Location: HWAC# 75061

Lot: 1349 - 1995 US Civil War Battlefield 3-Coin Commemorative

Produced by the United States Mint, these coins were created to help fund preservation efforts for our Nation's Civil War Battlefields. These coins are legal tender of the United States. Coins in this set include: 1995-W US Gold $5 Civil War Proof.

Lot: 1350 - Civil War Battlefield Commemorative Coins

Three piece Proof set: gold $5, silver dollar, and clad half dollar. In original box with Certificate of Authenticity. The U.S. Mint issued 24,538 of these sets. Date: 1995 Location: HWAC# 60768

Lot: 1351 - 1992 World War II Commemorative Coins Set

Classic set of three with the gold $5, silver dollar and half. Proof. in original box and holder. Date: Location: HWAC# 75541

Lot: 1352 - Bill Of Rights Commemorative 3 Coin Proof Set

Contains the gold $5 (quarter ounce), silver dollar and the silver half dollar. Original case and holder. Date: Location: HWAC# 75538

Lot: 1353 - Columbus Quincentenary Proof Set

Three coin set in original case of the 500th anniversary of Columbus' trip to America. Gold $5 gold piece, silver $1, clad 50 cent piece. Date: 1992 Location: HWAC# 60769

Lot: 1354 - George Washington 1999 Bicentennial Proof and

Two coin set of a proof $5 and uncirculated $5 in the original case and holder. Date: Location: HWAC# 75539

Lot: 1355 - Mount Rushmore Commemorative Coin Proof Set

Classic three coin set of the gold $5, silver dollar and the half dollar. Proof, in original box and holders. Date: Location: HWAC# 75542

Lot: 1356 - Mt. Rushmore Golden Anniversary Coins

United States Mint issued Proof set, Golden Anniversary of Mount Rushmore. $5 gold piece, silver dollar, clad half dollar. Visited by over three million visitors yearly, and nicknamed Americaís ìShrine of Democracy,î Mount Rushmore, in

Lot: 1357 - Silver Coins from Earth and Around the Moon

Silver Pieces From Various Continents on our Planet, and one piece containing silver that was carried aboard Apollo 14 on its voyage around the Moon! It is a Limited Edition mini coin containing grains of silver that were carried aboard Apollo 14 on

Lot: 1358 - 2 Framed Sets of Ancient Chinese and Silk Road

Both frames are 18.5" x 12.5". One has 5 Chinese coins from 7AD-1911 including Wang Mang, Tang, Song, Ming and Qing Dynasties. Other is 1220AD-1700 Silk Road, Mongol Empire, Mughal Empire, Mameluke Empire, Ayyubid Empire, Ottoman Empire. Both have

Lot: 1359 - Roman Era Coins From Spanish Treasure!

Roman Era Coins from Spanish Treasure. Unidentified. About 13. Date: Location: HWAC# 74009

Lot: 1360 - Six Ancient Coins

Lot of 6 Ancient Coins with detailed descriptions. First coin is Decentius A E 2. Obverse: bare head right on Decentius Caesar. Reverse: 2 Nikes with shield,"vot u mul x victoriae DD NN Aug et Caes." Second coin is Quintillius 270 AD . Third coin is

Lot: 1361 - Coin of the Roman Empire

Extra Fine! Roman Empire, Galerius Maximianus, Ceasar 292-305. Follis. Obverse: Maximianus Nobil C. bust, right facing. Reverse: Genio Populi Romani, in field S F, in ex. 11 T R. Date: Location: HWAC# 74048

Lot: 1362 - Identified Roman Coins found in Spain

Roman Coins found in Spain. Identified. About 11 pieces. Among them are Nike, Constantine The Great, Gallienus, Crispus, and a 160 AD Roman Faustina, Date: Location: HWAC# 74005

Lot: 1363 - Austrian Proof Set

Austrian Proof 9 Piece Proof Set.Includes Innsbruck 1964 Winter Olympic Games 50 Schilling Toned Proof. Date: Location: Austria HWAC# 74012

Lot: 1364 - Silver Coins of Australia, New Zealand,

Lot of 14. Silver coins of New Zealand, Australia, Philippines. Mostly post 1900. Date: Location: Australia HWAC# 74008

Lot: 1365 - Two Austrian Coins

Lot of 2 coins. An1861 Austria 4 Kruezer "B," and an 1851 Austria 1 Kreuzer "G." Date: Location: Austria HWAC# 75504

Lot: 1366 - Beautiful Canadian Dollars and Cents

Lot of 16 Canada Silver dollars plus other coins. 25 coins. A number of the pieces are uncirculated. Most have nice toning some spots. Includes about five "Canada One Dollar Silver Flying Canada Goose 1867-1967 Centennials," one "1958 Canada Totem

Lot: 1367 - Canada Three Coin, Three Metal set

1989 Canadian Maple Leaf Three coin set, with 1/10 oz platinum, 1/10 oz gold, and one ounce silver, all proof in original holders and box. Date: Location: Canada HWAC# 75054

Lot: 1368 - Canadian Tokens and Cent

Lot of 8 Canadian copper tokens and cent. Most about 25mm (1 inch). Date: 1800's Location: Canada HWAC# 75029

Lot: 1369 - Newfoundland 5 cent piece

ICG graded MS60 1943-C 5 cent piece. Metal Silver (.925) Weight 1.166 g Diameter 15.69 mm Date: 1943 Location: Canada HWAC# 71008

Lot: 1370 - Silver Liang (Tael)

K962. Silver, AR, Liang (Tael). Hunan, China. Issuer: Ta Ch'ing Govt. Bank . F-VF. Diameter: 7/8th inch (24mm). Thickness: 1/8 inch (4mm) Weight .55 troy ounce. Obverse has three lines of two characters each. Reverse has Two lines of three characters

Lot: 1371 - 1994 Chinese 20 Ounce Silver Unicorn Silver Proof

1994 Silver Unicorn Proof, 20 oz in original wood box. the plastic encasement is cracked., the coin a gem. 150 Yuan. This series of silver coins is one of the most popular in the world. This is one of the best in the entire series. Date: Location:

Lot: 1372 - Cyprus, 50th Anniversary of British Rule, 1928

45 Piastres George V, Cyprus 1928 Coin. 50th Anniversary of British Rule. Has been cleaned. Date: 1928 Location: England HWAC# 74040

Lot: 1373 - 1902 English 4 Pence

1902 English 4 Pence. Proof like. Rare. 10,000 made. Possible Maundy money. Date: Location: England HWAC# 74004

Lot: 1374 - Coins of Britain

Lot of 14 coins of Britain. Two 1797. One 1700 partial date. One 1860 "1 Penny." Two 1862 Half Penny. One 1860 Farthing, One 1864 Farthing. One 1934 Pennyvery legible. Date: Late 1700's, 1800's,1934 Location: England HWAC# 63907

Lot: 1375 - Coins of Western Europe

About 125 Coins from Western Europe. Mostly post 1900. Date: Location: Europe HWAC# 71048

Lot: 1376 - Silver coins of Western Europe

About 33 pieces. Italy, Greece, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Sweden,Spain, Great Britain,Austria, Portugal. Great pieces to launch a Western European Coin Collection or enhance W. European or World collection. About 10. Troy Silver Oz. Date:

Lot: 1377 - Saxony Thaler

1810 SGH Saxony Thaler. Obverse Fine, Reverse Very Fine. Obverse has Friedrich August bust facing right. Date: 1810 Location: Saxony HWAC# 74063

Lot: 1378 - 1645 Hungary Thaler

Silver Thaler. Hungary , Ferdinand III, 1645 Posthumous coin. Obverse has Laureate Portrait and Titles of Ferdinand III, facing right. Reverse has crowned imperial eagle. Ferdinand the IIl, Holy Roman Emperor, King of Germany, Arch Duke of Lower and

Lot: 1379 - Coins of Italy

Lot of 4 Italian Coins. One Vittorio Emanuele ll Rei D'Italia, 1861, 2 Centesimi. Some nice detail on obverse bust facing left. 20mm. One 1850 Duchess Di Parma coin, worn,27mm. One 1822,"1 centisimo." 18mm. One "3 Centesimi, Regno Lombardo Vento,

Lot: 1380 - Italian Error Coin

From the Kingdom of Napoleon, this 1808 copper Soldo was misstruck. Napoleon's Italian coronation took place at Naples on May 26, 1805. Date: 1808 Location: Italy HWAC# 74075

Lot: 1381 - Coins from Mexico and South America

About 125 pieces of interesting coins from Mexico and South America. Mostly post 1900. Date: Location: Mexico HWAC# 71047

Lot: 1382 - 9 Mexican Silver Coins

Interesting and Attrractive Mexican Silver Pieces. Lot of 9 pieces. 1968 Olympic silver, 1952 Cinco Pesos; 1948 & 1953 Cinco Pesos, and smaller silver coins. Date: Location: Mexico HWAC# 74023

Lot: 1383 - 23 Mexican Silver Coins

Twenty three coins. 1934, 1950's and 1960s Pesos, 1920's and 1930s " 50 centavos." Some 1970s coins. Weight is 11.66 Troy oz Date: Location: Mexico HWAC# 74062

Lot: 1384 - Silver Pieces from Mexico

About 4 pieces of Mexican silver. Includes an attractive 1921 Circulating Dos Pecos Commemorative 100th Anniversary of Independence. Silver 24 Gr. Date: Location: Mexico HWAC# 74013

Lot: 1385 - Coins of Morocco

About four coins of Morocco that were found in Spain. Possibly 1800's. Date: Location: Morocco HWAC# 74032

Lot: 1386 - 22 Spanish Coins, circa 1600's

Spanish Coins, circa 1600's. About 22 pieces. Date: Location: Spain HWAC# 74006

Lot: 1387 - 1684 Spanish Cob

Obverse Two Pillars with PL SVL TRA at center, V 84 L directly underneath. Silver Troy Oz .44 Date: 1684 Location: Spain HWAC# 74031

Lot: 1388 - Spanish Reales with Chinese Chop Marks

"8 Reales 1797 Carolus IIII Dei Gratia" coin. Obverse has Chinese Chop Marks. Such marks were used to validate a coin's authenticity. These particular stamps have crescent and other interesting shapes. About 90% silver. Approximately .85 Silver Troy

Lot: 1389 - Portugal & Spain Coins

Lot of 4 coins, Copper coins of Portugal: One Km#527, 20 Reis, One X Reis 1764, One 1700 partial date 3 Reis. One Spain 8 Maravedis, 1800. Date: 1700's and 1800 Location: Spain HWAC# 75501

Lot: 1390 - Counterstamped Spanish 2 Reales

1833 Spain AJ 2 Reales with obverse center counterstamp. About .812 silver. Handsome coin! Date: Location: Spain HWAC# 71046

Lot: 1391 - Spanish 8 reales and Mexican 8 reales

A Silver, 1835 Cap and Rays 8 reales, Mexican Guanajuato mint. wt .77 Troy ounce. And a silver 1822 Spanish 8 reales, "Ferdin VII Dei Gratia" laureate bust on obverse. Pillars and crest with"Hispan Et Ind" on reverse. wt .85 Troy ounce. Date:

Lot: 1392 - 1870 Silver 5 Pesetas

KM # 655. Silver Spain 5 Peseta. Inscription on edges. 38mm. VF. Date: 1870 Location: Spain HWAC# 75500

Lot: 1393 - El Cazador Treasure piece

NGC Shipwreck Certification. 1783MO FF Mexico 8 Reales, El Cazador Shipwreck. Obverse of coin has bust of Charles the III, Reigning King of Spain, when, the El Cazador set sail. The Spanish brig sailed from Spain to Mexico, where it was then filled

Lot: 1394 - Intriguing Spanish Treasure

About 44 pieces of Spanish Treasure! Round and other shapes. Many pieces about 1 inch diameter. Individual pieces not yet identified, but the partial markings still make for a very exciting collection.Seawater toning. Date: Location: Spain HWAC#

Lot: 1395 - Lot of Spanish Treasure

Lot of Early Spanish Coppers. Found Spanish Treasure. Two pounds. Varied sizes, but most about 28mm ( 1,1/8 inch). Weathered, Some are legible. Great authentic treasure "clink". Date: 1700-1850 Location: Spain HWAC# 75507

Lot: 1396 - Spanish Treasure Coppers

Coppers from the land of Spanish Treasure, Coins dated from circa 100AD to 1850. About 100 pieces. Most about an inch in diameter. Date: Location: Spain HWAC# 74034

Lot: 1397 - Coins of Venezuela, Panama, Peru

Lot of 7 coins. Featuring a 1931 Panama Silver Balboa, 1865 Peru Silver 1 Sol 1904, and addtional coins of Venezuela. About 2.45 Troy Silver Oz. Date: Location: South America HWAC# 74030

Lot: 1398 - 1872 Lima Sol with Center Counterstamp.

Host 1872 Lima Sol Y. J. counter stamped with Guatemala Republic 1894 "1/2 Real" in center. Possibly XF. Date: Location: Guatemala HWAC# 74007

Lot: 1399 - Guatemala Peso, Peruvian Sole Counterstamped with

1) 1891 Peruvian Sol counterstamped in center, 2) 1894 Guatemala 1/2 Real. Uncirculated . Toned and pretty. About 1 1/2 inch diameter. .80 Silver Troy ounce. A beauty! Date: 1894 Location: HWAC# 74041

Lot: 1400 - Foreign Silver Coins

Foreign silver coins. About half of the 12 pieces are at least an inch in diameter. Charming desings from around the globe. Gift quality. Approximately 5. 20 Troy ounce silver. Date: Location: HWAC# 74046

Lot: 1401 - Exotic Foreign Silver

East Africa, Thailand, Egypt, China, India. Mostly post -1900, Some earlier. Interesting artwork and coin scripts. About 11 pieces. Most about 1 inch diameter.About 3.70 Troy Silver Oz. Date: Location: HWAC# 74027

Lot: 1402 - Foreign Coins. (About 21 lbs.)

Foreign Coins. About 21 lbs. Mostly Post 1900. In blue canvas bag. Date: Location: HWAC# 74002

Lot: 1403 - Six Foreign Silver Coins

Lot of 6 pieces. Norway, Netherlands, Bermuda, Bahamas Elizabeth II Dollar with Reverse Conch Shell, South African 5 Schilling with graceful springbok antelope on reverse. Most pieces are about 35mm/1.3inches diameter. About 4.40 Troy Silver Oz. Some

Lot: 1404 - Group of Foreign Coins (About 15 lbs.)

Bag of Foreign Coins. About 15 pounds. Mostly post 1900. Date: Location: HWAC# 7400

Lot: 1405 - Large Group of Foreign Coins (Mostly post-1900)

Box of Foreign Coins. Mostly Post 1900. No Silver. Approximately 9 lbs. Includes attractive"Great Britain Complete Decimal Issue and Last Pound, Schilling, Pence Type Coin" set. Date: Location: HWAC# 74001

Lot: 1406 - Older Foreign Coins, Fun Batch!

Fun batch! About 85 pieces. Mostly Copper European, 1700's - 1900's. Plus about 4 error foreign coins. Some silver (not old). Date: Location: HWAC# 74010

Lot: 1407 - Three Foreign Art Coins

Lot of 3 coins. A France 1856 Dix Centimes Franc, Bust of Napoleon with engraved Art design of three ladies and a man, all disrobed and in various embraces. Very detailed. This design is inside the profile of Napoleon. Reverse is original coin

Lot: 1408 - Copies of Great Foreign Coins

Copies of Great Coins. About 24 pieces mostly representing Europe and Asia. One 1776 U.S Continental Dollar. Date: Location: HWAC# 74014

Lot: 1409 - 1968S US Coin Dies

Nine dies for 1968S proof dies from the San Francisco Mint.Three dimes (obv showing the date and S; another obv with 196;); 2 dime reverses; 2 pennies, 2 nickles. Each of the dies has been braised by a welder, obscuring most of the details as a

Lot: 1410 - Four 1968S US Coin Dies

Penny, nickle, Dime, half dollar dies from the San Francisco Mint. Each of the dies has been braised by a welder, obscuring most of the details as a function of "cancelling" the die. Date: Location: HWAC# 75212

Lot: 1411 - San Francisco, CA Coin Club 1980 $1 Slug

Approx 19 6.5" x 3" California redwood dollars from San Francisco Coin Club 20 year anniversary in 1980. Date: Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 73013

Lot: 1412 - Gold Coin Bags

Two leather Bank Bags used by miners to store their Gold Coins. One from Dunsmuir State Bank. Date: Location: California HWAC# 64172

Lot: 1413 - Two Coin Banks from Butte and Anaconda Banks

This lot contains two interesting coin banks without keys: one is in the shape of a small book, approximately 3.375x4 inches, with a faux-leather-like cover and a solid brass frame almost an inch thick. The cover is labeled "METALS BANK & TRUST

Lot: 1414 - 1915 Pan Pacific Coins Holders Repro's, (3)

Exact hinged repro's with blue liners and 5 slots. Date: Location: HWAC# 73042

Lot: 1415 - 4 Old Coin Catalogs

1949 American Standard Catalog 111pp, Stevens and Co. Illustrated Coin Catalog 39pp, 2 The Star Rare Coin Encyclopedia and Premium Catalog 206pp. Date: Location: HWAC# 54929

Lot: 1416 - Art Deco Letter Opener w/Silver Portuguese Coin

Art deco style letter opener/bookmark with 1000 Reis silver coin at top. KM#539 had a mintage of 300,000 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the discovery of India. 25 grams, .917 silver, .7368 oz. ASW. Date: 1898 Location: HWAC# 75152

Lot: 1417 - British Counterfeit Gold Coin Detector

Two coin holder for sovereigns, with "sovereign (crown) Warranted" on the base. 3.75" long. Date: Location: HWAC# 75264

Lot: 1418 - Coin Art

Popup Kennedy Half (1966) on chain; 1937 Buffalo Nickle Locket with chain. Date: Location: HWAC# 75244

Lot: 1419 - Santa Catalina Island New Casino Medal

Hanger piece Celebrating New Casino on Santa Catalina Island Date: Location: Catalina Island, California HWAC# 64171

Lot: 1420 - 1909 Los Angeles Breast Badge

Brass breast badge with "Souvenir" hanger. 1.5" diameter, "1900 Jaehrige gedenkfeier der hermanns - schlacht im teutoburger walde"// "Los Angeles, Cal. 15 August 1909". This is the first of these we've seen in decades. Date: Location: Los Angeles,

Lot: 1421 - Three Olympic Medals

Los Angeles XXIII Olympiad U.S. Track and Field Team, Three Medals in three finishes, by Alex Shagin, Bust of ancient Greek torchbearer // hands passing torch over dates & places of modern Olympic Games: Athens 1896 to Moscow 1980, Olympia 776 BC

Lot: 1422 - Mariposa Court House Medals

2 "So-Called Dollars, HK # 704. Gilt. " Mariposa Court House Centennial brass medals, 41mm. Octagonal shape. Obverse: "Mariposa Court House Centennial 1854-1954 " with image of Court House in center. Reverse: Press design with "Mariposa Gazette

Lot: 1423 - German Peace Celebration Medal, San Francisco

Germania seated, ZUR ERINNERUNG A. D. DEUTSCHE FRIEDENSFEIR // German Flag and Sword, EINIGKIET MACHT STARK. DURCH KAMPF ZUM SIEG / D. 22. MARZ 1871. Signed by Kuner. Struck with integrated loop. 30mm, White Metal, Unc with small obverse stain. Date:

Lot: 1424 - German Peace Celebration Medal, San Francisco

Germania seated, ZUR ERINNERUNG A. D. DEUTSCHE FRIEDENSFEIR // German Flag and Sword, EINIGKIET MACHT STARK. DURCH KAMPF ZUM SIEG / D. 22. MARZ 1871. Signed by Kuner. Rulau Ca-SF 30, 30mm, Silver, Unc. Date: 1871 Location: San Francsico, California

Lot: 1425 - Santa Barbara Cloisonne style Breast Badge

Hanging breast badge 3" long. Top portion is a brass "California" bear with "St. Omer/ Commandery No. 30, Santa Barbara, Cal." Hanging under this is a cloisonne style shield with San Francisco 1904 on the bottom. excellent condition. Date: Location:

Lot: 1426 - Santa Barbara Token and Medal Collection

Six trade tokens, five medals and other ephemera. Tokens: McCaffrey & Son, GF 5c drink; Gifford & Flynn, GF 5c IT; Marcus, Santa Barbara Cigar Co, GF 1 cigar; Theater Bar,GF 10c IT; Enterprise Dairy, GF 10c when returned w bottle; Chris

Lot: 1427 - Two Semana Nautica Medals

Two pieces celebrating Semana Nautica in July of 1936. One original (Rare), one restrike. Date: 1936 Location: Santa Barbara, California HWAC# 64173

Lot: 1428 - California Medal and Token Collection

Lot of twenty medals and tokens. Five briliant uncirculated 1932 Los Angeles Olympics medals; Old Sacramento Commemorative medallion; New Casino Santa Catalina; Town & Country Village 1956, Los Angeles; Sea World tokens; Golden Empire Centennial

Lot: 1429 - 1925 California Diamond Jubilee Badges

Nine breast badges with red-yellow-green ribbon hangers, and six additional brass rounds without the ribbons. All uncirculated. made by Whitehead-Hoag, San Francisco. 1.25" diameter Date: Location: California HWAC# 75263

Lot: 1430 - California Bicentennial Medal

Grizzly Bear symbol of the state of California. // Figures representing a basic cultural influence in 2 centuries of California history. With original box and data sheet. Struck by the Medallic Art Company. Large Silver medal. 4.25 troy oz. silver.

Lot: 1431 - CSNA Convention Medals

Lot of eleven medals from the California State Numismatic Association, various years and cities from 1973 through 1986. San Jose, Fresno, San Francisco, Anaheim. Date: Location: California HWAC# 75153

Lot: 1432 - Southwest Expedition Commemorative So-Called

Southwest Expedition Commemorative Medal. Zebulon Montgomery Pike. HK 336, small rim damage when loop was removed. Pike Monument Association formed December 1896; planned to erect statue of Pike "of heroic size and in enduring bronze" and

Lot: 1433 - Colorado Cattlemen's Association Centennial Medals

Lot of two bronze medals. Obv.: Colorado Cattlemen's Association / 1867 1967 / Centennial; Rev.: A Century of Progress in the Livestock Industry / 1867 1967. Br., rd., 38 mm. Date: 1967 Location: Colorado HWAC# 63677

Lot: 1434 - Alaska-Hawaii Statehood Medals

7 Medals in fastened case. Case reads," Alaska-Hawaii Statehood Medals , Struck by Clifford Mishler 1960." All 7 medals have Obverse: Alaska 49th State, Reverse: Hawaii 50th State. Although this display appears complete, there is a known

Lot: 1435 - Extremely Rare Gold Hawaii Statehood Medal

Number 20 of only 50 pieces struck, by Medallic Art Company (MACO) and nationally distributed by The Coin and Currency Institute Inc. of New York and California. in 1959. 2 1/2 inches in diamter, 7.05 troy ounces. Obverse: The Aloha State / August

Lot: 1436 - Hawaii Proof Commemorative Coins

1983 proof pair: Kalakua and Lilukoklani; 1977 Volcano Island Bank. all appear to be silver. 21mm Date: Location: Hawaii HWAC# 75521

Lot: 1437 - Hawaii Proof Commemorative Silver-gilt Medals

Two matched sets of the Kalakaua and Liliuokalani gilt silver medals, 40mm, proof. plus an extra Liliuokalani. Date: Location: Hawaii HWAC# 75522

Lot: 1438 - Hawaii Silver medals

Two matched sets of the Kalakaua and Liliuokalani silver and gilt silver medals, 40mm, proof. Date: Location: Hawaii HWAC# 75524

Lot: 1439 - Hawaii Silver Medals

One matched set of the Kalakaua and Liliuokalani silver medals, 40mm, proof. Date: Location: Hawaii HWAC# 75525

Lot: 1440 - Modern Hawaii medal lot

Modern Hawaii medal lot. Ten Medals. Includes one "Pearl Harbor Proof Dala," .999 fine silver. One "Aloha Festivals 50 years..." Official Silver Proof. One "Troy Ounce .999 Pure Silver Honolulu" medal. One "One Troy Ounce Fine Silver Kahala Hilton

Lot: 1441 - Silver Hawaii Statehood Medal

Medallic Art Company minted 3000 of these silver statehood medals to commemorate our 50th state. Two and a half inches in diameter and weighing 136.7 grams. This is number 739, making it one of 1043 that were issued with Niihau mispelled as two words

Lot: 1442 - Silver Proof Hawaii Medals

Two silver proof Liliuokalani medals, 40mm, plus a 1985 Japanese Centennial Medal in silver. Date: Location: Hawaii HWAC# 75523

Lot: 1443 - Century of Progress Expo. Industry / Research

Unusual medal; so-called dollar. Industry Research. A Century of Progress International Expo, Chicago, 1933. Date: 1933 Location: Chicago, Illinois HWAC# 39659

Lot: 1444 - Century of Progress Medals, 1933

Nine medals of several different varieties: three Jewish Day, 1933, 1.25" diam, brass with gilt finish; two Hoover Electric Cleaner, 1934, two bronze Century of Progress uniface; and two of the same in white metal. bronze Date: Location: Chicago,

Lot: 1445 - McCormick Reaper Centennial So Called Dollar

HK 460, bronze, on edge Medallic Art Co. 34 mm. R - 1. Date: 1931 Location: Chicago, Illinois HWAC# 75157

Lot: 1446 - Souvenir Carnival Medal from Butte, Montana

This is a rare carnival medal issued at the Street Fair Carnival in Butte, Montana, from July 16-27, 1901. The red, white, and blue ribbon is approximately 1.325 inches wide and 1.25 inches long. The pin is missing from the back of the clasp. The

Lot: 1447 - Bronze Medal from Helena, Montana

This 12.3-ounce bronze medallion with a rich brown patina is from the "THE BANKING CORPORATION OF MONTANA AT HELENA" and bears an obverse image of the Montana Territorial Seal that includes a cascading waterfall instead of the glacier and river seen

Lot: 1448 - Banking Corp of MT Copper Medal

Rare 76mm copper medal. the banking corporation of montana/ oro y plata / at helena // five hundred thousand dollars/ paid up capital. Date: Location: Montana HWAC# 64046

Lot: 1449 - Three Nevada Medals

Lot of three: 1964 bronze Nevada Centennial; 1964 white metal Centennial Medal; 1976 Nevada the 36th State celebrating the nation's 200th birthday, white metal with gold tone in the gold pan. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 75114

Lot: 1450 - Track & Field Medals, Bloomfield, New Jersey

Annual July 4 Field Day. Four Sterling medals made by Frank Holt & Co., Newark, N. J. Date: Location: Bloomfield, New Jersey HWAC# 64156

Lot: 1451 - Lewis and Clark Exposition Official Medal

Popular so-called dollar struck by the US Mint. H&K 325. 34mm, Silver, VF. Date: 1905 Location: Oregon HWAC# 73077

Lot: 1452 - US Centennial Exposition Medal

Lingg Patriotic medal. Liberty Bell obverse with large letters // Independence Hall reverse. Encased in ring with glass covers, Liberty Bell side half of glass is missing. Ambler 4140, 19mm, White Metal, Unc. Date: Location: Philadelphia, ,

Lot: 1453 - ANA 50 Year Gold Pin & Metallic Membership Card

Robert R. Johnson (1928-2010) was life member 696 and celebrated his 50th anniversary with the ANA in 2002. His coin shop in downtown San Francisco was a mainstay for decades. The medal is 10 carat gold 26 mm and weighs 13.5 grams. (With gold at

Lot: 1454 - ANA Medallions

Lot of 61 ANA medals. Obverse has Press in center and inscription "Casa de Moneda De Mexico, 1987," and "OM" mint mark, Laton 85/15. Reverse:" American Numismatic Association, Organized 1891" inscription with book and lantern design. Date: 1987

Lot: 1455 - ANA Medals Awarded to Abe Kosoff

Two large capital plastic holders with medals awarded to Abe Kosoff in recognition of service as master of ceremonies. 1973 and the bicentennial year 1976. Kosoff was a numismatic luminary, very important to the history of the American Numismatic

Lot: 1456 - ANA Prestigious Goodfellow Silver Medal with

2 inches in diameter, engraved to Arthur Sipe 1957, in original black case. Plus a second Goodfellow medal blank on the reverse. Two choice rare medals. (Don Young Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 43325

Lot: 1457 - Token and Medal Society Lead Trial Strikes

Lead trial strikes from a proposed design for TAMS literary medal from the Hoffman Mint. The design was rejected by the TAMS board. Obverse and reverse in excellent condition. (Don Young Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 42924

Lot: 1458 - 17 Numismatic Medals

Lot of 17 medals from coin shows. Long Beach's first show 1964; FUN shows, various years; San Jose coin shows, Yahoo! Auctions, San Francisco, others. Date: Location: HWAC# 75142

Lot: 1459 - American Arts Gold Medallions

Lot of five coins. Two one ounce Grant Wood medallions. Three 1/2 ounce Marian Anderson. In original packaging. Date: Location: HWAC# 75169

Lot: 1460 - Marian Anderson/Grant Wood Gold Medallions

Lot of Two American Arts Gold Medallions. One Marian Anderson, Half Troy Ounce of Gold. And One Grant Wood, One Troy ounce of Gold. Date: Location: HWAC# 75170

Lot: 1461 - Reagan Inauguration Gold Medals

Lot of Two. 1985 Ronald Reagan Inaugural Gold Piece." Special Connoisseur's Edition." First Day Cover . Each of the Medals are 14 Karat Gold and about One tenth troy ounce. Date: 1985 Location: HWAC# 60511

Lot: 1462 - Bryan Money (1896 Presidential Campaign)

Two examples of medals made during the 1896 Presidential campaign. 1) Free Silver / One Dime. 1 3/4 inches in diameter, bent. 2) 16 to 1 Morgan Dollar, 3 1/2 inches in diameter. Date: Location: HWAC# 75146

Lot: 1463 - Eisenhower Inaugural Bronze Medal

3" wide bronze medal in recognition of Eisenhower's inauguration. Bust of Ike on obverse and INAUGURATED PRESIDENT / UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / JANUARY 20, 1955 with Lady Liberty on reverse. No maker, oxidized. Date: 1955 Location: HWAC# 59749

Lot: 1464 - Franklin Mint 1969 President Series Silver Coins

Franklin Mint President Set, sterling, about 1.06troy each, 12 per page., 3 pages, Washington thru Nixon, Proof. Many are toned at the edges because of the placement in the original Franklin Mint Album. Rare today. Date: Location: HWAC# 75559

Lot: 1465 - US Presidential Inauguration Medals

Two three inch diameter bronze medals, Eisenhower and Nixon. The Eisenhower medal shows surface deterioration and has a small notch in the rim from mounting. It appears to have had a light gilt surface. There is no makers mark on the edge. The Nixon

Lot: 1466 - US Mint, Lincoln and Garfield Medal

Designed and engraved by Barber, 1881. Julian PR-40, 25mm, toned silver, proof like surfaces, toned with 2 small scratches before Garfield. Date: 1881 Location: HWAC# 75203

Lot: 1467 - US Mint, Washington Medal

Paquet P obverse, 3rd Wreath reverse. Struck between 1873 and 1904, perhaps outside the mint. Musante GW-445, Baker 155B, 18mm, Bronze, AU. Date: Location: HWAC# 75201

Lot: 1468 - US Mint, Washington and Grant Medal

Paquet bust of Washingrton, Barber bust of Grant. Struck between 1869 and 1904. Musante GW-458, Baker 252, Julian PR-32, 19mm, toned and hairlined Proof-like Silver. Date: Location: HWAC# 75202

Lot: 1469 - Columbus Breast Badge

"Columbus 1492-1892" with pic of Columbus/"Father, Savior, Defender" with overlapping vignette of three heads, Washington, Lincoln, Grant, 1" round gilt medal hanging from blue ribbon attached to hatchet "I cannot tell a lie". Strong AU. Scarce.

Lot: 1470 - Expo. Medals/Store cards

Lot of 5 Expo medals. One" Wamego, Kansas Centennial 1866-1966, " with Windmill on Obverse, Wamego Red Raiders Reverse.Nice details. Alloy 34mm. One Copper California Bicentennial 1769-1969, Bear on Obverse. Reverse has "The Golden Land,"with image

Lot: 1471 - Exposition Store Cards

Lot of 2. " Pacific Southwest Exposition, Long Beach , Cal 1928," with Expo Entrance center design on obverse. Reverse: "DOBYN"S FOOTWEAR & RADIO K-GER, 435 Pine Ave, Long Beach, Cal, The Wave of Long Beach, Footwear for all the Family" with a

Lot: 1472 - Liberty Loan Medal

Obv.: Victory / Liberty Loan; Rev.: Awarded / By / The U.S. Treaury / Department / For / Patriotic Service/ On Behalf of the / Liberty Loans/ Made from Catured German Cannon. Rd., white metal, 31 mm, holed. Liberty Loans were authorizations from

Lot: 1473 - Medal of Inspiration Silver Medal, 3.4 oz

Designed by Frank Eliscu for Medallic Art Company, in 1974. 3.4 troy ounces of .999 silver in original box with paperwork. Eliscu was the sculptor of the Heisman Trophy of football fame. Date: Location: HWAC# 58047

Lot: 1474 - NORDMANN'S-FORBUNDET, medal

Beautiful Viking Ship design in center, "NORDMANN'S-FORBUNDET, 1907" medal with ribbon and clasp. Uncirculated. Has been cleaned. A beauty! Date: 1907 Location: HWAC# 75503

Lot: 1475 - POS of A Enamel Shield with Washington Medal

Large shield, approximately 3.5 x 3" with inlaid porcelain (cloisenet style) in gold, red, white and blue with a bronze three dimensional medal of a bust of Washington at center. We were unable to determine the meaning of "POS", which today has an

Lot: 1476 - Religious medals

Two possibly gold religious medals.. About 5/8 inch diameter. " N.D. DE ROC AMADOUR,PRIEZ POUR NOUS" on side with standing figure.And kneeling figure with "St. Amadour P.P.N." on reverse. "NOTRE DAME DE HAL PRIEZ POUR NOUS" on side with standing

Lot: 1477 - Reproduction Grover Cleveland Indian Peace Medals

Two oval medals and the plaster of paris mold to create them. Obverse: Grover Cleveland President / U.S.A. 1885; Reverse: Peace / pictorial of settler and Indian. Oval, one holed, one not. 3 inches by 2 3/8 inches. Bronze. Date: Location: HWAC# 63613

Lot: 1478 - Silver Medallic Art Medal

Two and a half inches in diameter, 3.77 Troy oz. Silver Medallic Art medal. Stamped "S S 105 / 1000" on edge. Date: Location: HWAC# 58052

Lot: 1479 - So Called Dollars & Store Cards

Lot of 4 items. 1 So-Called Dollar, Official Medal, HK # 155. Brass . Hibbler and Kappen, note this as "Very scarce "due to the typesetting, "TYPE II, Small Letters Obverse, " that reads, "U. S. Govt. Building." The obverse design features US Mint

Lot: 1480 - Space Medals

Lot of five: Apollo 11 Mission (copper); Space Shuttle 1981; Seattle World's Fair 1962 (2); City of Downey, Home of Apollo "farm site to moon site". Date: Location: HWAC# 75143

Lot: 1481 - Straits Settlements & Federated Malay States Show

Agri-Horticultural Award Medal. Large silver medal with beach scene including ship, junk, and canoe. Toned silver, 51mm. Date: Location: HWAC# 73070

Lot: 1482 - Thirty Medals

Lot of thirty medals from Christmas, to the 1939 San Francisco World's Fair, Franklin Mint Collectors Society medals, large size Denver Colorado Lucky Nickel. Laramie Wyoming, charm with the Lord's Prayer. Date: Location: HWAC# 75149

Lot: 1483 - 17 miscellaneous medals

George V, Edward VII, Queen Elizabeth, Sir Joseph Banks, Victoria France: Uniface Vitikind. and Frederic, small Verdun medal, Duke of Orleans Austria: Franz Joseph, Duke of Orleans Chile: Municipalidad de Magallanes Mexico: Estado Morelos. England,

Lot: 1484 - USA Medals and Tokens

Lot of 17 items. Includes Horse and Buggy pin, 2013 "PT 109 August 1946, Roosevelt Dam, Richest Hill in the World-Butte Montana, Hoover Lucky Pocket Piece ,USA Liberty Loan, WWII Homecoming. Date: Post 1900 Location: HWAC# 75220

Lot: 1485 - (Probable) J.K. Davison Philadelphia Coat of Arms

Coat of arms, COAT OF ARMS OF THE CITY OF PHILADELPHIA. Hub face 33mm. Perhaps used to make seal dies for notarization seals. Even layer of oxidation. Date: c1920 Location: Pennsylvania HWAC# 33374

Lot: 1486 - J. K. Davison Pennsylvania National Guard, World

Bust left, PENNSYLVANIA FEDERAL SERVICE /WORLD WAR. Die for the miniature version of the Pennsylvania National Guard Victory medal. Die face 17mm. Clean, deep die face. Military. Date: 1920 Location: Pennsylvania HWAC# 33372

Lot: 1487 - Three Pair of Medal Dies

Three pair of medal dies from a 1986 pressing of five ounce silver medals. Date: Location: HWAC# 63627

Lot: 1488 - Dies For Five Ounce Silver Medals

Eight dies, four sets, used in 1986 to create five ounce silver medals. The dies have been defaced. Date: Location: HWAC# 63629

Lot: 1489 - Commander in Chief G.A.R. Die

Grand Army of the Republic dye of the Commander and Chief. There is no date or markings as to who the image on the dye is, but it could possibility be Albert Duane Shaw. Date: Ca. 1900 Location: HWAC# 63860

Lot: 1490 - Graf Zeppelin Coin Dies

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Graf Zeppelin, a five ounce silver piece was struck, and these are the dies. The coin was .999 fine silver and a limited edition. Pieces are occasionally found at auction. Date: Location: HWAC# 63626

Lot: 1491 - Two Austrian Silver Medals

Lot of 2 Austrian silver medals. 1837-1987 Silver Austrian Railroad commerative with bust of " Ferdinandus.I.D.Austrian Emperor 1835-1848". Weight is .29 Troy Ounce. Date: Location: Austria HWAC# 74060

Lot: 1492 - Lorraine, Theobald I., Herzog von Lothringen

(1213-1220) // His wife Gertrude, only child and heir of Albert II, count of Dagsburg and Metz. Bronze, 47mm, removed hanger, Toned EF. Date: Location: Austria HWAC# 73049

Lot: 1493 - 100th Anniversary of Battle of Nations at Leipzig

Oct. 16-19, 1813. Stamped HMA Vienna 1913. Bronze, 35.5 mm, Unc, some corrosion spots. Date: Location: Austria HWAC# 73057

Lot: 1494 - Tyrol Thaler Re-strike

(English/Latin Legends), struck by the Austrian Mint in 1986 for the 500th Anniversary of the 1st Taler which was originally struck in 1846 in Tyrol Austria. This particular variety has the legends in English and Latin. Only 1,500 pieces were struck

Lot: 1495 - 35th Anniversary Medal of China Panda coins

PF Ultra Cameo.35th Anniversary Panda Tri metal commemorative coin. Obverse has Panda in center with "35th Anniversary of Panda Gold Coins, 1982-2016. " Reverse script is, "China Panda Coin Ambassador, Martin Weiss." Date: 2016 Location: China HWAC#

Lot: 1496 - St Paul's Cathedral Silver Medal

AU silver medal. Obverse has full design of St.Paul's Cathedral with initials, "W.J.Taylor." under the design. Reverse reads, "National Thanksgiving For The Recovery of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales." wi and "St. Paul's Cathedral, Feb: 27. 1872 inside

Lot: 1497 - 2 Colonial & Indian Exposition Medals

England, 1886 Colonial and Indian Exposition, London, Australian Coat of Arms // STRUCK IN COMMEMORATION OF THE COLONIAL & INDIAN EXPOSITION 1886. 2 medals brass and white metal, looped 24mm, AU. Date: 1886 Location: England HWAC# 64579

Lot: 1498 - Kent Commemorative Medal

A burning ship with rowing boat carrying survivors towards another ship. / 1.March 1825. Signed Halliday. Reverse inscrption: TO COMMEMORATE THE DESTRUCTION OF THE KENT EAST INDIAMAN BY FIRE, IN THE BAY OF BISCAY, AND THE RECEPTION ON BOARD THE

Lot: 1499 - English Admiral Vernon Victory at Porto Bello

THE BRITISH GLORY REVIV D BY ADMIRAL VERNON (Nís reversed) // HE TOOK PORTO BELLO WITH SIX SHIPS ONLY / NOV 22 1739 (N reversed). Betts 221, M-G 96, Adams and Chao PBvi 5-E, 40mm, Bronze, VF. Date: Location: England HWAC# 75204

Lot: 1500 - Paris Mint Medal

"History," Medal for the Paris Mint at the Exposition Universelle, and the Turn of the Century, 1900. Obv.: mother and child / 1900 on tablet; Rev.: Monnaie De Paris / (winged Mercury leaning on minting press). Bronze, 50 mm. By Jean - Baptiste

Lot: 1501 - Emperor Napoleon III and Empress Eugenie Medal

Portrait medal by Caque, ca. 1860. Paris Mint, Edge privy mark Pointing Hand and CUIVRE. Copper, 51mm, Toned Unc. Date: 1860 Location: France HWAC# 73055

Lot: 1502 - Internment of the Army of the East in Switzerland

No frontiers for humanity, Switzerland unveiling a monument with a French soldier kneeling on graves behind // 80,000 French soldiers interred in Switzerland on February 1, 1871. Bronze, 50mm, Unc with minor scratches. Date: 1871 Location: France

Lot: 1503 - Napoleon Commemorative Medal

Emperor of France and King of Italy. Reverse inscription covers highlights of his life from birth in 1769 to death in 1821. Bronze, 52mm, VF obverse, battered reverse. Date: Location: France HWAC# 73052

Lot: 1504 - Napoleon Museum Visit Medal

Bust, JEUFFROY FECIT 1803. DENON DIR. G.D. MUS…E C. D. ARTS // statue of the Venus de Medicis, AUX ARTS LA VICTOIRE / L'AN IV DU CONSULAT DE BONAPARTE, Plain edge. Bronze, 40mm, holed Unc. Date: 1803 Location: France HWAC# 73054

Lot: 1505 - Royal Insurance Company Jeton

1830, Providence helping a woman overwhelmed by the loss of her home, signed Barre 1930 // Inscription in a wreath of oak and laurel. Edge mark unevenly stamped with partial privy mark and ARGENT. Likely a later restrike. Silver, 36mm, toned AU.

Lot: 1506 - Three French & Swedish Medals

1) Ca. 1900 Paul DÈroulÈde, the defender of the voice of the people silver medal, 27mm AU. 2) 1889 souvenir of the assent to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Obv show the Eiffel Tower in comparison to other world monuments. Gilt Bronze, 42mm,

Lot: 1507 - Victory over French Medal

Obv.: Freie Hansestadt Bremen / ein / thaler gold; Rev.: Zur Erinnerung / An Den / Glorreich / erkampften / Frieden / Vom 10 Mai / 1871. Silver, 33 mm. Fineness: 0.9860. Weight: 17.5390g. Date: 1871 Location: Bremen, Germany HWAC# 64538

Lot: 1508 - German Medal

Silver plate with luster still present. Loop spot removed. Obverse script," Schlosskirche.Zu.1885-1892 Wittenberg, " with Castle Church in center. Reverse script,"Z. ERINNERUNG A.D. EINWEIHUNG." Date: 1892 Location: Germany HWAC# 75209

Lot: 1509 - Hungarian Medal Dies

Two dies from a medal made in 1986. Date: 1986 Location: Hungary HWAC# 63628

Lot: 1510 - Hungarian National / Cooper Hewitt Museum Dies

Five ounce silver pieces were made with these dies in 1986 to commemorate the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Date: 1986 Location: Hungary HWAC# 63625

Lot: 1511 - Vatican, Pius XI 1923 Medal

Year II, Signed Mistruzzi. // Pius XI kneeling right, Pius V seated and Leo XIII standing at right, Dante, Beatrice and St.Thomas. Toned Proof-like Silver, 44 mm. Unc. Date: Location: Italy HWAC# 73069

Lot: 1512 - Japanese Medal and Currency

Japan Red Cross Society medal, possibly Meiji 21, 1888 current era . A good looking solid rectangular silver Japanese 1 BU-GIN, Ichibu, about 1837-1854. And two handsome pieces of solid round Japanese currency coins. Date: Location: Japan HWAC# 74047

Lot: 1513 - Japanese Red Cross Medal

Japanese Red Cross Medal with Ribbon. Design and Inscription are very legible. Bronze 30mm. Ex 1983 Bowers and Ruddy Galleries #3235. From the Roy Harte Collection Part III. Date: 1904-1905 Location: Japan HWAC# 75107

Lot: 1514 - Japanese World War II Medal

Bronze medal, 51 mm, 77.1 grams. Obverse: five pointed star, sword and pistol; reverse: Japanese writing. Date: Location: Japan HWAC# 73068

Lot: 1515 - Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee medallion

Celebrated at Hyogo & Ozaka Japan, Union Jack and chrysanthemum on obverse. Silver. Holed as made. AU. Date: Location: Japan HWAC# 73072

Lot: 1516 - Mexican Proclamation Medal

Two Peso, Bust of Carlos IV. Signed G.A. Gil. // Helmented arms, PROCLAM. EN. S. MIGUEL EL. GRANDE. POR. SU. ALFEREZ. RL. D. JOSE. MARIA. LORETO. / DE. LA. CANAL. ANO. DE. 1791. Lead copy of silver medal. 48mm, Lead, EF. Date: Location: Mexico HWAC#

Lot: 1517 - Proclamation Medal of Charles IV

Inverted date, signed by Gil. Charles IV, CAROLO IV HISP ET IND REG MEX PROCL AN 1789 // Maria Luisa, LVDOV REG AVSPICE / ALF ARCH MEX. Silver, 42mm, AU. Date: 1789 Location: Mexico HWAC# 73058

Lot: 1518 - Proclamation Medal of Charles IV

1789, Inverted date, signed by Gil. Charles IV, CAROLO IV HISP ET IND REG MEX PROCL AN 1789 // Maria Luisa, LVDOV REG AVSPICE / ALF ARCH MEX. Silver, 42mm, AU. Est. Date: Location: Mexico HWAC# 73053

Lot: 1519 - Mexico and US, 5 Numismatic medals

1) BiMetallic medal / CASA DE MONEDA DE MEXICO 1535-1985 450TH Anniversary of the Mexican mint, Nickel and Copper, 50, AU. 2) CASA DE MONEDA DE MEXICO 1535-1985 450TH Anniversary of the Mexican mint, Brass, 50, Unc. 3&4) 1987 Mexico Numismatic

Lot: 1520 - IAPN Monte Carlo Medal

Brass Medal. About 59 mm (2 1/2 in) commemorating 38th annual International Association of Professional Numismatists General Assembly Monte Carlo, Monaco, 1989. Beautiful relief of Monaco on reverse. Date: 1989 Location: Monaco HWAC# 75222

Lot: 1521 - Dutch Commencement of the New Year Medal

1764 Standing Aesculapius, the God of Medicine, NON CESSIT MALlS SED CONTRA AVDENTIOR IBIT (work against the bad) // Victory with a distraught Mercury, MAGNAS INTER OPIS INOPS (Not everyone shares in great wealth). Signed by reknowned Dutch medallist

Lot: 1522 - Centenario de la Independencia Medal

Silver 30 mm medal with bezel. Obv.: two figures; Rev.: "Centenario / de la / Indepnedencia / Argentina / 1910. Date: 1910 Location: Argentina, South America HWAC# 63663

Lot: 1523 - Imperio De Brasil Tokens

Lot of two tokens with U.S. Gold type obverses with Brazilian crest on reverse and "Imperio De Brasil" 21 and 26 mm. Copper. Date: Location: Brazil, South America HWAC# 75150

Lot: 1524 - General Remigio Morales Bermudez Medal

Silver anniversary medal, 22 mm, proof like surfaces. Obv.: portrait of man and woman; Rev.: Exmo. Sr. Gral. / Remigio Morales / Bermudez / Justa Masias / Lima / Junio De / 1893. Remigio Morales Berm˙dez served as the 37th President of Peru from

Lot: 1525 - 1646 1 Ore, large copper coin of Christina

KM 162.2, Fine. Date: Location: Sweden HWAC# 75205

Lot: 1526 - Swiss Freiburg Anniversary Medal

Commemorating the 450th anniversary of the entry of Frieburg into the Swiss Confederation. Souvenir of the July 4 and 5, 1931 celebration. Bronze, 40mm, toned AU. Date: 1931 Location: Freiburg, Switzerland HWAC# 73063

Lot: 1527 - Exposition Philomathique Medal

Beautiful bronze medal, 51 mm. Date: 1869 Location: Geneva, Switzerland HWAC# 75158

Lot: 1528 - Reunion of Geneva to Switzerland Medal

By August and Antoine Bovy. One of several version of the reunion medal struck as an award medal for the Society of Arts. Bronze, 58mm, Unc. Date: Location: Geneva, Switzerland HWAC# 73062

Lot: 1529 - 1898 Jubilee of the Emancipation Medal

...of Neuchatel, Helvetica presenting flag to young soldier, signed Huguenin Freres // Inscription and the arms of Neuchatel. Brass, 50mm, Unc. Date: Location: Neuchatel, Switzerland HWAC# 73064

Lot: 1530 - Alexis Marie Piaget Medal

Undated, signed by Landry, Alexis Mary Piaget. Therefore Circumscription. // 7 lines in the wreath of oak leaves. Bronze, 61mm, Unc. Date: Location: Neuchatel, Switzerland HWAC# 73066

Lot: 1531 - Youth (boys) Shooting Medal, Zurich, 1899

Gold-plate bronze, 34mm. AU. Date: 1899 Location: Zurich, Switzerland HWAC# 73065

Lot: 1532 - 3 Numa Droz portrait plaques

Uniface plaques by Henri Huguenin. 2 bronze, 1 heavily toned silver, 36mm x 53mm, Unc. Date: Location: Switzerland HWAC# 73047

Lot: 1533 - Swiss Friendship Medal

Medal from Switzerland, distributed in New York. Obv.: New York Den 22 Juli 1872 / Helvetia; Rev.: Erstes Schweizerisches Nationalfest. Br., rd., with loop27 mm. Date: 1872 Location: Switzerland HWAC# 63664

Lot: 1534 - Lion of Lucerne Rock Relief Monument Medal

Commemorates the Swiss Guards massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution. Uniface image of the lion scultpture, HELVETIORUM FIDEI AC VIRTUTI / DIE X AUGUSTI II ET II SEPTEMBRIS MDCCXCII. White metal, 51 mm, EF. Date: Location: Switzerland HWAC#

Lot: 1535 - Louis Le Fort, First Consul of the Republic of

Bust, LUD . LE FORT REIP . GENEV . CONSUL PRIMAR . ANN . 1734 . AET . 66 . Signed I . Dassier . F. // City of Geneva (Liberty), leaning on shield bearing the arms of Geneva, holding staff with Cap of Liberty, a Cornucopia at her feet, holding a

Lot: 1536 - Swiss Numismatic Society Medal, 1890

Medal of the general meeting in Geneva, October 18, 1890. Seal of Geneva. Signed by Charles Richard. // Coins, books, and documents with the date of their founding. Bronze, 51mm, Unc. Date: 1890 Location: Switzerland HWAC# 73071

Lot: 1537 - Uncirculated Swiss Medal

Uncirculated commemorative. Attractive Swiss medal, Reformation Bern Switzerland 3rd Jubilee Silver Medal 1828. Obverse design is Open Bible with "Biblia Sacra." About an inch in diameter. Date: 1828 Location: Switzerland HWAC# 74043

Lot: 1538 - 3 Credit Suisse Gold Bars 1, 1/2, 1/4 Tr Oz

Lot of three Credit Suisse Gold Bars: 1 Tr Oz SN: 148327; 1/2 Tr Oz (no SN); 1/4 Tr Oz (no SN). Reverse of 1 oz and 1/4 oz are repeated logo; reverse of 1/2 oz is Lady Fortuna. Date: Location: HWAC# 75906

Lot: 1539 - Half-Ounce Credit Suisse Gold Bar 9999

One half-ounce Credit Suisse Gold Bar, 9999 Fine. Reverse is bas-relief of Lady Fortuna. Date: Location: HWAC# 75939

Lot: 1540 - Four Johnson-Matthey One-Ounce Gold Bars

Lot of four Johnson-Matthey 1 Troy Ounce gold bullion bars, 9999 Fine, with serial numbers: B05938, B05939, B06063, B06064 Date: Location: HWAC# 75938

Lot: 1541 - Johnson-Matthey 1 Tr Oz 9999 Gold Bar

Johnson-Matthey 1 Tr Oz 9999 Gold Bar SN: B 06061 in original sealed holder Date: Location: HWAC# 75904

Lot: 1542 - Low Serial Number One-Ounce Johnson-Matthey Gold

One-ounce Johnson-Matthey 9999 Fine gold bullion bar with serial number A00845. Date: Location: HWAC# 75948

Lot: 1543 - Three Johnson-Matthey One-Ounce Gold Bars

Lot of three Johnson-Matthey 1 Troy Ounce gold bullion bars, 9999 Fine, with serial numbers: B05945, B05950, B05974. Date: Location: HWAC# 75937

Lot: 1544 - Five Silver Mine Ingots

Housed in a black presentation box lined with black velvet, these five ingots are each three ounces of Idaho silver. The mines represented are: Consolidated Silver Corporation (Wallace), Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation (Wallace), Hecla Mining Company

Lot: 1545 - 14 Graf Zeppelin SIlver Ingots

Lot of 14 Graf Zepplin Silver Ingots. Commemorative " First Europe-Pan-America Round Trip May 1930." .999 Fine Silver Date: Location: HWAC# 74064

Lot: 1546 - 2 Graf Zeppelin Silver Bars

Graf Zepplin Silver Ingots. Commemorative " First Europe-Pan-America Round Trip May 1930." .999 Fine Silver Date: Location: HWAC# 74066

Lot: 1547 - 1973 Santa for Pres. Silver Bars

Lot of 6 Silver Bars with"Santa for President" and face of Santa. Each is .999 One Troy Ounce. Limited to 2000. Date: Location: HWAC# 74070

Lot: 1548 - America's Greatest Events 5 Silver Bars

The Hamilton Mint "America's Greatest Events, Group IV. " Five Silver Bars sealed in the original case. Features "Invention of the Telephone, Paul Revere's Ride, VJ Day, Blazing the Oregon Trail, 19th Amendment. Bars are .999 Fine Silver Date:

Lot: 1549 - Eight One Ounce Silver Bars

Lot of 8, "Happy Birthday" .999 Fine, 1 Ounce Silver Bars. Say it with Silver!! Date: Location: HWAC# 74069

Lot: 1550 - Nine Silver Bars

Lot of nine one ounce silver bars: 3 Graf Zeppelin; 1 Welcome to Boston, ANA 1973; 2 "Santa for President Merry Christmas"; The Cheetah 1974; Pieta Michelangelo; one angel. Date: Location: HWAC# 74017

Lot: 1551 - Mystery Ingot

An ingot of unknown origin, possibly Japanese but not found in books. We offer no opinion on this piece and invite you to study the photo or examine it in our office. The piece is 3 1/4 x 2 inches and weighs 39 grams. Date: Location: HWAC# 75118

Lot: 1552 - Birdseye & Co. Second of Exchange, Nevada City, CA

Dateline Nevada, Cala., April 16th, 1860. Issued to Jacob ----for $566 to be paid at sight. Signed Birdseye & Co. Ship vignette (top center) and dog with safe vignette (left). Printed by Marvin & Hitchcock, San Francisco. Very early but it

Lot: 1553 - D.O. Mills & Co. Second of Exchange, Gold Coin,

Issued in Sacramento, Sept. 16, 1865 for $5,000 in Gold Coin to S.J. Shern. Signed DO Mills & Co. Very attractive exchange with two different ship vignettes. Two 2 cent orange IR revenue stamps attached. 4 x8.75" Folds, some soiling. Mills

Lot: 1554 - D.O. Mills & Co. Second of Exchange, Sacramento,

No. 15031, issued June 16, 1860 to David Schlecht for $50. Signed DO Mills & Co. Two ship vignettes. Folds, creases, some toning. 4 x 8.5" Mills founded the bank in 1852. He was also involved with the Bank of California and Virginia & Truckee

Lot: 1555 - London & San Francisco Bank Exchanges, 1870s

Lot of 3 for the London & San Francisco Bank, Limited. 1) 1874 Receipt for Telegraphic Transfer for funds paid at Drexel, Morgan & Co., New York, $4,848.32. Signed by the assistant manager. 2) Two Second of Exchanges issued in 1878 and 1879,

Lot: 1556 - Pacific Coast Savings Society of San Francisco

No. 5454, issued for 15 shares to G. Vignean of San Jose on Jan. 19th, 1894. Signed by the president, Wendell Easton, and secretary., G.D. Barnard. Not cancelled. Printed by Union Lith Co. SF. Horizontal and vertical folds. 10.5 x 12" The company

Lot: 1557 - Savings & Loan Society Installment Note, San

Rare. This was the first bank incorporated in California. No. 22, $52.60. Issued February 23, 1859. Signed by G.D. Street. Vignette at left of the bank (at their Clay Street location). Printed on very thin paper by Gillespie & Gray. 4.5 x 10"

Lot: 1558 - Two Belloc & Co. Bankers Exchanges, San Francisco

Two different for this SF firm with large ties to Paris, which explains why one of these is all in French. 1) 1879 Second of Exchange for $292.50, blue print. 2) Second of Exchange in French (but with 1883 SF dateline). Both have folds, pinholes and

Lot: 1559 - Two Donohoe, Kelly & Co. Exchanges

Lot of s Second of Exchanges both issued in 1882. To be drawn at the New York office. 3.75 x 8.5" Folds. The company was established in 1861 by Joseph A. Donohoe, Eugene Kelly and W.C. Ralston as Donohoe, Ralston and Company, and Eugene Kelly and

Lot: 1560 - Two Sather & Co. Second of Exchanges, San

Two different 1865 Second of Exchanges. One is to be paid in U.S. Gold Coin for $100, drawn on Drexel, Winthrop & Co. in New York. This has a 20 cent California State Tax stamp. The other exchange is to be paid in "bankable funds" at the American

Lot: 1561 - San Francisco U.S. Mint Bullion Deposit Receipts

Lot of five bullion deposit receipts issued by the United States Mint at San Francisco dated from 1907 to 1935. Deposits from Oroville and Downieville. Date: Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 63265

Lot: 1562 - Three Colorado National Bank Territorial

Lot of 3. All dateline Denver. 1) 1866 signed by JH Goodspeed, cashier. Some staining. 2) 1867 signed by Kountze & Co. 5 cent IR adhesive stamp with tied cancel. 3) 1867 signed by cashier Raymonds. Vignette of early Denver looking west with

Lot: 1563 - Two Colorado National Bank Territorial

Both dateline Denver. 1) 1866 signed by Luther Kountze, president. Some staining on left. 2) 1867 signed by J.S. Raymonds, cashier. Staining on right side. Vignette of early Denver looking west with foothills and snow-capped mountains in the

Lot: 1564 - Two Revenue-Imprinted Colorado National Bank

Two different. 1) 1867 draft issued for $200. Signed Kountze & Co. RN-B revenue imprint. Vignette of Denver looking west with foothills and snow-capped mountains in the distance. 4 x 8" 2) 1881 draft with RN-G revenue imprint and slightly

Lot: 1565 - Bank of Telluride Gold Coin Bag

Leather pouch 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches with drawstring stamped on both sides "Compliments / The Bank of Telluride / Telluride, Colorado." Date: Location: Telluride, Colorado HWAC# 63256

Lot: 1566 - Fourth of Exchange, Augusta, Georgia, 1820

Fourth of exchanges are not common! This one is also very early. Dateline Augusta (Geo), February 1st, 1820. No. 4, issued for 1,000 pounds sterling to be paid 60 days after sight to Magee Wright in London. Signed A. Richards. 4.25 x 7.5" Folds,

Lot: 1567 - 1887 Broadside Re: Sale of Bank Notes

8.5" x 5.5" broadside for the sale of $1,800 in bank notes at a July 9th, 1887 public auction in Blanchard, Iowa by C.G. Anderson, assignee. Folds, toning, some separation. (Prag Collection) Date: Location: Blanchard, Iowa HWAC# 54799

Lot: 1568 - New Orleans Mint Bag Label

Mint Bag Label. "Mint of the U.S., New Orleans. 1860-0, Silver Dollars, $1,000." Date: 1860 Location: New Orleans, Louisiana HWAC# 75105

Lot: 1569 - Baltimore Bank Exchanges & Checks

Lot of 4. 1) Two Board of Health, Comptroller of the City of Baltimore drafts, issued in 1876 and 1879, from appropriation from the Marine Hospital. Both are signed by the mayor and Health Commissioner. 2) Two unissued pictorial First of Exchanges,

Lot: 1570 - 2 Memphis First of Exchange

1) 60 day First of Exchange from WT Williams to Jon Watt Co? 1858 with sailor and allegorical lady vignette. 2) First of Exchange from Patterson. Muller Co. to Quinebury Co. 1886. Date: Location: Memphis, Mississippi HWAC# 63706

Lot: 1571 - St. Louis Drafts / Checks

Lot of 4. 1) Best is pictorial draft for L & A. Scharff, Distillers, 1879, with Native American vignette and bourbon label vignettes. Tear with old tape repair. 2) Three 1850s drafts for William Lindsay. Two have dateline partially torn off but

Lot: 1572 - Carson City Mint Memorandum of Silver Bullion

Memo. of Silver Bullion deposited at the Mint of the U.S. at Carson City, Nevada. BA No. 2. "Before Melting, 23.95" "after melting 23.32" Signed by E.J. Vanderheth(?) Date: 1902 Location: Carson City, Nevada HWAC# 64374

Lot: 1573 - RPC of United States Mint Building, Carson City

Unusual view through the massive trees on the grounds. Date: Location: Carson City, Nevada HWAC# 52959

Lot: 1574 - Eureka County Bank Stock Certificate, 1895

Rare! Inc. March2, 1895. No. 34, issued for 15 5/13 shares to Moritz Scheeline, a Reno banker, on May 24th, 1895. Signed by the president and secretary, but both signatures are punch cancelled. Folds. 5 x 9.75" (Prag Collection) Date: Location:

Lot: 1575 - Nevada Check Collection (Comstock, Railroad,

Lot of 8. Includes: 1866 Gould & Curry, Virginia City check signed by Janin, IR and Nevada adhesive revenue stamps; two pictorial State Controller's Warrants, both 1881, mining and railroad vignettes; Nevada Copper Belt Railroad Co. trip pass,

Lot: 1576 - Certificate of Deposit, Banker's Assoc. Of Buffalo

For $5000 in gold coin. Punched, right black smudge. Date: 1899 Location: Buffalo, New York HWAC# 69040

Lot: 1577 - Letter from Henry H. Clifford Re: Silver Coin

Letter to "Charlie & John regarding a coin silver soup ladle on the one side reading "Theo: Dubosq / Philadelphia. Date: 1958 Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania HWAC# 56762

Lot: 1578 - Three Mexican Exchanges (Two w/ Mexican Revenue

1) Mineral del Monte, 1867. Blue paper, text in Spanish. 4.25 x 8.5" Small mining town in Hidalgo. 2) Two First of Exchanges, Manuel Dunde, 1879 and 1880. Dateline Merida de Yucatan. Pictorial and both have two different Mexican adhesive revenue

Lot: 1579 - Gold Scale & Box & Book (Gold Coins for Financial

Allender's Gold Coin Scale is adjusted to weigh & guage all American Gold Coins "and is a perfect protection against COUNTERFEITS..." 8.5" x 1.5"; 2) Book entitled "Gold Coins for Financial Survival" by W.W. Turner, with photos 6.5" x 9". This

Lot: 1580 - Gold Scales

Mid-nineteenth European scales. This is technically a balance scale. In all probability,tis scale was used to determine weights of coins, as indicated by the "thaler" and "Ducat" markings on one set of weights. it is thus probably better termed a

Lot: 1581 - Scale and Loose Weights

Balance Scale and Loose Weights. Pans are 44 mm (about 1 3/4 in). One counterfeit detection, "Half Guinea" weight. Two Victorian Era ,British Apothecary weights."One Dram," and "Two Dram". Two Dram has inscription, " Two Drachus, H.TROEMNER, PHILA"

Lot: 1582 - 12 Coin Related Postcards and a Carson City, NV

12 mostly embossed coins of the world postcards. Framed 1874 Carson City Savings Bank check with 1870 coin vignette. Date: Location: HWAC# 73034

Lot: 1583 - Mechanics' Art Union Lottery Ticket

Rare. Tickets $1 each. Prizes from $1 to $10,000. George Washington portrait at lower left plus other vignettes. Printed signature of secretary John R. Slader. Blank reverse. 2.25 x 5" Minor wear. Very nice condition. No date, though this certainly

Lot: 1584 - Mid-West & Eastern US Banking Collection

Lot of 17. 1) Pennsylvania: Drexel, Harjes & Co. Duplicate of Exchange, Philadelphia, 1886; unnamed Philadelphia Second of Exchange, 1852, pictorial; and three unused c.1850s drafts for JP Sherwin, Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Exchange Bank

Lot: 1585 - National Bank Note Pair!

1) Continental Bank Note Company Engravers Plate. This sheet would have been sent to National Banks with samples of what the Continental Company could do. Intense competition for contracts to engrave and print U.S. Treasury bank notes raged among

Lot: 1586 - Treasure Hunter Magazines

Approx 60 treasure hunter magazines including Treasure, Lost Treasure and Western Treasure. Mostly 1970's issues. Date: 1970's Location: HWAC# 64000

Lot: 1587 - Numismatic Related Books & Auction Catalogs

7 Books & Auction Catalogs, Numismatics related. Private & Fractional Gold 1) California Coiners and Assayers 2)California Gold, Dollars,Half Dollars,Quarter Dollars 3)Adams' Official Premium List of U.S. Private and Territorial Gold Coins

Lot: 1588 - A Pioneer Denver Mint (Hardback book)

Clark, Gruber and Company (1860-1865) A Pioneer Denver Mint by Nolie Mumey, edition limited to 800 signed copies. This signed copy of #287.pp.87. Date: c.1950 Location: Colorado HWAC# 64257

Lot: 1589 - Carson City Mint History Group

2 VHS tapes, 2 Gold Coins of the Old West by Winter, Carson City Morgan Dollars by Crum, Crime of 873 by Van Ryzin, James Crawford-Master of the Mint at Carson City by Goe, The Mint on Carson Street by Goe Date: Location: Carson City, Nevada HWAC#

Lot: 1590 - "California Gold" By Kenneth W. Lee

Kenneth W. Lee wrote this early reference on California fractional gold based on his long career dealing in the subject. As Q. David Bowers notes in the forward to the Breen-Gillio reference "California Pioneer Fractional Gold" : "Kenneth W. Lee was

Lot: 1591 - "Heath's Infallible Government Counterfeit

Early edition of the book that used U.S. Treasury currency plates to aid in the detection of counterfeit currency in the 19th century. Hard cover, 4 1/2 x 7 inches, including the original plates. Fractional currency also in this edition. Good

Lot: 1592 - "Adams' Official Premium List of United States

Hard bound, 72 page, 4 1/2 x 7 1/2 inch, green covered edition of the first work on private and territorial gold coins in the United States. Only one page is loose from the otherwise sturdy binding. Written by Edgar H. Adams, a prolific numismatic

Lot: 1593 - "New Varieties of Coins and Bullion:" Second

1851. This is the second edition. All plates are present. Outside of little and light foxing, this book is in near perfect condition. 9 x 6". Signed by James Pannell on August 13, 1852. There are several James Pannell's so we can't be sure exactly

Lot: 1594 - 400 California Street, (Hardback book)

The Story of The Bank of California, National Association and its First 100 Years in the Financiall Development of the Pacific Coast, by Neill C.Wilson. pp. 87,uncut edges on book, 7.5" x 10.5". Date: Location: HWAC# 63417

Lot: 1595 - Books, Gold Rush Banker; 400 California Street

1) Hardback book, William Tecumseh Sherman: Gold Rush Bank by Dwight L. Clarke, pp.446, c. 1969, Plastic cover, excellent condition; 2) Hardback book, 400 California Street, A Century Plus Five, pp. 106, 2nd Edition 1969, by Neil C. Wilson, many

Lot: 1596 - Coin Books (7)

US 3 Cent and 5 Cent Pieces by Bowers, US Copper Coins by Bowers, Striking Gold in Alaska by Hanscom, Coinage of t US branch Mints by Heaton, America's Gold Coinage by Metcalf, The Neighborhood Mint by Head, 2 editions of Robert Bass Collection soft

Lot: 1597 - Coins & Paper Money (Books)

2 Hardback books, & 2 paperback books; 1) The Financial Management of Your Coin/Stamp Estate by D Larry Crumbley, & Tony L. Crumbley, pp.230, 1978, hardback; 2) Adventures with Rare Coins by Q.David Bowers 1979, pp.294; 3) Standard Catalog of

Lot: 1598 - Eighth Annual Report of the Superintendent Of

Hardcover 1917 792pp, many foldout reports. Front cover has spots. Date: 1917 Location: California HWAC# 69077

Lot: 1599 - Hard Times Tokens & U.S. Merchant Tokens

2 Books (1 hardback & 1 paperback) Hard Times Tokens by Lyman Haynes Low, pp. 128; U.S. Merchant Tokens 1845-1860 by Russell Rulau. Black & white photos pp.119. Date: c. 1977 Location: HWAC# 63474

Lot: 1600 - Hardback Book, The Story of American Bank Note

Hardcover book of American Bank Note Company by William H. Griffiths, pp. 92; contains many pictures, illustrations, allegorical vignettes & more. Interesting book. Good condition. Date: c. 1959 Location: HWAC# 63411

Lot: 1601 - ABN and US Bank Note Sales Books and Reports

16 ABN and USBN volumes, 1964-1991. Very nice printing as one would expect. Date: Location: HWAC# 69004

Lot: 1602 - Hardback Book, United States Gold Coins An

United States Gold Coins / An Illustrated History by Q. David Bowers, pp.398, contains pictures, illustrations & color photo's. Beautiful condition. 9" x 11.5". Date: 1982 Location: HWAC# 63412

Lot: 1603 - Haxby- Obsolete Bank Notes. 4 Volumes.

This is the classic obsolete bank note reference. it is four large volumes, about 9 x 12", 2" thick each volume. Any collector of "broken" bank notes absolutely must have this reference. we use it constantly, and cite "Haxby..." It has been in the

Lot: 1604 - Heath's Infallible Counterfeit Detector

By authority from the United States Treasury Department, this hard bound pocket edition (4 1/2 x 7 inches) was copyright 1877 and published in 1881. Illustrated with proof impressions printed from original engraved plates, this manual was used to

Lot: 1605 - Hewitt's Numismatic Information Series (20)

20 paperback books Hewitt's Numismatic Information Series, by Walter Breen, United States Eagles; Varieties of United States Half Eagles 1839-1929, New Varieties of $1, $2.50, and $5.00 United States Gold, & many more. 5.5" x 8". Date: Location:

Lot: 1606 - Mint Record and Type Table US Coins by Green

Hardcover 1936 252pp. Cover has some wear. Date: Location: HWAC# 73001

Lot: 1607 - World Coin Reference Library

Includes the two-volume, cased, deluxe library edition of World Coins by Krause and Mishler. Comprehensive catalog of US Paper Money by Hessler, Coins of the British World by Friedberg, Coins of the World by Craig, Standard Catalog of US Coins, 1945

Lot: 1608 - Mormon and Utah Coin and Currency (Hardback Book)

Mormon and Utah Coin and Currency by Alvin E. Rust Rust Rare Coin Co., Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah 1984; pp.247, has plastic protective cover & book in excellent condition. Black& white pictures.9" x 11.5". Date: Location: HWAC# 63418

Lot: 1609 - The Fantastic 1804 Dollar by Newman

Hardcover 1962 144 pp with index. Rare. Date: Location: HWAC# 73000

Lot: 1610 - U.S. Treasure, Ingots, Coins (Books)

Lot of 1 VHS,Treasure of a Lost Voyage, the Richest Shipwreck in American History; 2) Neptune's Account A Novel by Michael Maffett; 3)The Final Voyage of the Central America 1857; 4) Catalogs of the Greatest Treasure Ever Found from the S.S. Central

Lot: 1611 - United States Numismatic Literature Vol. 1 by

Hardcover Vol. 1, Nineteenth century auction catalogs, 1982. 270pp with index. Date: Location: HWAC# 73005

Lot: 1612 - US Mint and Coins by Smith

Fourth Edion hard cover. Coins and coinage of the United States Mint. 120pp. Covers are detaching and have wear. Sold as is! Date: 1887? Location: HWAC# 69076

Lot: 1613 - Virgil Brand: The Man and His Era Profile of a

Hardback book by Q. David Bowers. Begins in 19th Century Numismatics,through 1889. Black,white & color photos, excellent condition. pp. 244, 8.5"x 11". Date: Location: HWAC# 63469

Lot: 1614 - World of Treasures June 1980

Front article and photos of ingots is realy portraying fake ingots! It spurred collecting and making of fake ingots. Date: Location: HWAC# 64269

Lot: 1615 - Old Chinese Gaming Sheets (250)

Appears to be for some type of gaming, perhaps similar to Bingo or Keno. San Francisco, $1000 9 PM and America Co., Tung Owe $1000 5 PM. Some used, mostly unused. May be more than 250. Date: Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 69037

Lot: 1616 - Rare "Wah Hing" Perak Gambling Tokens

Rare. Numismatic Error Tokens. 59 tokens: Wah Hing. Kamunting Perak Gambling Tokens. Round, brass, 35 mm. $1.00 weigh. Date: Location: California HWAC# 38643

Lot: 1617 - Rare Gaming Tokens from the 1930's

This is a lot of gaming tokens from an illegal operation in Detroit, Mi. circa 1920's-1930's. The coins are 50 cent tokens marked "24845 Gratiot Ave" (Eastpointe, Mi) the flip side of each token denotes the .50 cent value in trade. These two bags of

Lot: 1618 - Rare Gaming Tokens from the 1930's

This is a lot of gaming tokens from an illegal operation in Detroit, Mi. circa 1920's-1930's. The coins are 50 cent tokens marked "24845 Gratiot Ave" (Eastpointe, Mi) and tokens marked "17100 Mack Ave" the flip side of each token denotes the .50 cent

Lot: 1619 - Rare Illicit Gaming Tokens from the 1930's

This is a lot of gaming tokens from an illegal operation in Detroit, Mi. circa 1920's-1930's. The coins are 50 cent tokens marked either "24845 Gratiot Ave" (Eastpointe, Mi) or tokens marked "17100 Mack Ave" the flip side of each token denotes the

Lot: 1620 - Las Vegas, NV Roulette Markers and Gaming Chips

Approx 65 chips and markers, many from Jockey Club Date: Location: Las Vegas, Nevada HWAC# 65035

Lot: 1621 - 438 $1 chips from Fitzgeralds Reno

A group of 438 first-issue $1 chips from Fitzgeralds Casino in Reno. These feature the coin center inlay and date to 1976. All are in slightly used condition. Date: Location: Reno, Nevada HWAC# 28215

Lot: 1622 - Reno and Las Vegas, NV Gaming Ephemera

Vintage goodies. Includes: 2 Golden Nugget Gaming Guides 6.5" x 4.5". 2 Harolds Club Gaming Guides 6.5" x 4.5". 2 Harolds Club Racing Room postcards. 4.5" x 6.5", corners have small bends. Date: Location: Reno, Nevada HWAC# 53614

Lot: 1623 - United Stated Bicentennial Souvenir Casino Token

Bicentennial commemorative $25.00 token, rendered in .999 silver. From the Holiday Hotel and Casino, on the bank of the Truckee River. 1776-1976. Replica of the Eagle and Liberty Bell on the reverse, with the Holiday Hotel logo on the obverse. In

Lot: 1624 - Nevada Lodge/Nevada Club NOS Chip Trays

2 boxes of NOS trays, probably 100 or more. Date: Location: Reno, Nevada HWAC# 69067

Lot: 1625 - Carson City Casino Ashtray Collection

Lot of 73. Includes: Ormsby House (15), Frontier (6), Cactus Jacks (5), State of Nevada (18), Nugget (26), Silver Spur (3). Some duplication. Please note: Pick-up is preferred for these delicate items. If shipped, special handling & packaging

Lot: 1626 - North Shore Tahoe Casino Ashtray Collection

94 ashtrays in all. Crystal Bay (20), Nevada Lodge (32), Cal Neva (14), Bel Taborin (1), North Shore Club (10), Nugget (10), Biltmore (4), Kings Castle (2), Monte Carlo (1). Historic collection from one of the favorite collecting regions of Nevada.

Lot: 1627 - South Shore Tahoe Casino Ashtray Collection

157 ashtrays from historic casinos in South Shore. Includes: Nugget (2), Park Tahoe (2), Caesars (10), Bills (10), High Sierra (6), Sahara Tahoe (15), Lakeside Inn (4), Nugget (6), Harrahs (12), Brooks (1), John's Nugget (1), Barney's (32), Harveys

Lot: 1628 - Large Group of Reno Casino Ashtrays

Lot of 73. Includes pieces from: Sundowner (21), Comstock (10), Ponderosa (5), Fitzgeralds (16), Riverside (17), Bonanza (4). Some duplication. Please note: Pick-up is preferred for these delicate items. If shipped, special handling & packaging

Lot: 1629 - Reno Casino Ashtray Collection

Lot of 89. Includes: Atlantis (4), Peppermill (19), Clarion (8), Reno Ramada (9), Holiday Inn (13), Reno Hilton (6), Del Webb (13), Del Webb Primadonna (14), Flamingo Hilton (3). Some duplication. Please note: Pick-up is preferred for these delicate

Lot: 1630 - Reno Casino Ashtray Collection

Lot of 96. Includes: Mapes (29), Cal Neva-Virginian (11), Cal Neva Reno (37), Silver Spur (19). 96 total casino ashtrays, some duplication. Please note: Pick-up is preferred for these delicate items. If shipped, special handling & packaging will

Lot: 1631 - Very Large Reno Casino Ashtray Collection

217 pieces, including duplication. Harrahs (131), El Dorado (43), MGM (32), Valles (8), Silver Legacy (3). Please inspect. Please note: Pick-up is preferred for these delicate items. If shipped, special handling & packaging will be necessary. All

Lot: 1632 - Sparks Casino Ashtray Collection

Nearly 80 pieces, includes duplication. Dick Graves Nugget (14), Gold Club (1), Mint (1), Shy Clown (1), Comstock (1), John Ascuaga Nugget (64). Rarities present. Please inspect. Please note: Pick-up is preferred for these delicate items. If shipped,

Lot: 1633 - Casinos and their Ashtrays (Book)

A Collectors Guide with Values & Casino Histories by Art Anderson. Paperback pp.205. Date: Location: HWAC# 64234

Lot: 1634 - Casino Chips and Tokens

Over 25 various poker chips and tokens from Las Vegas, Laughlin, and Reno Casinos Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 64165

Lot: 1635 - Casino Craps Table Chip Racks (2)

2 Craps Table Chip Racks, primarily for silver dollars. White color metal 9" x 15" x 6". Set of two Racks. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 57569

Lot: 1636 - Nevada Gaming Pamphlets & Ephemera

Lot of 19. Includes: large (7 x 9.5") postcard c.1940 for the Nevada Club in Reno; Chinese restaurant menu (Money Tree, Reno); guides (Sky Ranch Motel, Golden Nugget c.1949, Harolds Club c.1960); matchbooks (Harolds Club, Silver Slipper, Nevada Club,

Lot: 1637 - Official U.S. Casino Chip Price Guide (3 Books)

1 paperback, U.S. Chip Casino Chip Price Guide, by James Campiglia & Steve Wells pp. 399; 2 spiral bound books The Chip Rack/A Price Guide to the Casino Chips and Checks of Nevada approx. pp.490. Date: 1998 Location: Nevada HWAC# 64245

Lot: 1638 - Harrah's Engraving and Proof 7.5% Bond

Lot of six items. Includes bond in four different stages. Many have notes written on them. Two sets of instructions from Harrah's to the printer. Includes a gorgeous mounted prototype that is cut and pasted on hard stock. Very unique and excellent

Lot: 1639 - Framed Original Tin Type of Three Men Gambling

Frame is 6.5 x 4.5". Photo is 3 x 2". Two men are looking distrustingly at the third. Date: Location: HWAC# 42820

Lot: 1640 - Gaming Chip Collecting Guides (2)

2 softcovers. Harvey's Guide to Collecting Gaming Checks and Chips, First Edition. Antique Gambling Chips by Seymour. Date: Location: HWAC# 63355

Lot: 1641 - Roulette Table with Wheel

Roulette Table with wheel. Excellent working condition . 95" long, 43 inches wide plus the detachable 14 1/2 inch wide sideboard used by the dealer. 33" tall. Working wheel, well-balanced, cloth feet, antique wood base, probably from the 1930s when

Lot: 1642 - Original Keno Goose

A beautiful original Keno Goose, without the board for the balls. Numbered balls inside. Two piece constructed base, all original. These have been reproduced, but this original is a beauty, retaining the medium dark stain. Base is 16" diameter , 22"

Lot: 1643 - United Major League Baseball Pinball Arcade

1948 classic baseball electro-mechanical pinball machine. This machine is "museum quality". It has been partially restored and is in generally excellent condition, fully operational and playable. There are just a few ornamental parts missing. This

Lot: 1644 - Jennings 1923 Operators Bell Slot Machine

This slot machine is a classic 1923 Operators Bell by Jennings. It was one of their first stalwart machines. Ode D. Jennings got his start in 1960 as Industry Novelty Works, buying and selling used slot machines. He then recognized a market and

Lot: 1645 - San Diego Exposition Collection

Two medal scarf slides from the 1935. San Diego 200th Anniversary congressional commemorative medal struck by the U.S. Mint for July 16, 1968 release; in original plastic case. Seventeen tokens from Eastside Beer, Gold Medal winner for excellence of

Lot: 1646 - Pan-Pacific Female Portrait

This set f portraits is of Zita Leota Vinson Dawson who was born in Pueblo, CO on June 3, 1908. Zita would later move to Oregon and in 1926 she would marry Frank Dawson, the 7th child of Matthew and Elizabeth Dawson. The Vinson family was originally

Lot: 1647 - Pan Pacific Souvenir Booklets

Pan Pacific Expo picture album 61pp, split spine seam at bottom, 2 cover chips.Sculpture and Mural Paintings official publication, cover foxing. 1st page stain. Date: 1915 Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 64334

Lot: 1648 - Pan Pacific Postcards and Viewbooks

12 chromolitho and 2 b/w postcards. Niagra Silk Mills 4 section postcard with 3 seated ladies. Official Souvenir Folder No. 12 and Official Miniature View Book with 70 new views. Date: Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 56528

Lot: 1649 - Pan Pacific International Exposition Company Stock

Rare Panama-Pacific Stock Cert. signed by A. H. Payson, President and A.D. Grant, Secretary. Issued/Uncanceled August 13, 1914. No. 5546 for 1 share. Note toning and edge wear. Tears along folds. Slight staining in center, still legible. 12" x 9".

Lot: 1650 - Panama Pacific Canal Official Handbook

Rare, Panama Pacific Exposition from the Washington Government Printing Office, 1915. pp.58, includes map showing Isthmus with Completed Canal. Black& white photos. 6" x 9.5". Date: 1915 Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 64203

Lot: 1651 - The Galleries of the Exposition by Nevhavu and 2

The Galleries of the Exposition by Nevhaus, hardcover with worn dust jacket, 1915, 96 pp with 66 galleries, ragged page edges. Merry Xmas card with Pan-Pac postmark 1913, cover and letter with Pan-Pac postmark 1913. Date: 1915 Location: San

Lot: 1652 - San Francisco Exposition Ephemera

The 1893 Mid Winter Exposition, the 1915 Pan Pacific Exposition and the 1939 Treasure Island World's Fair all represented in this collection. A groundbreaking shovel pin from 1893. Over 40 postcards and three folios of views from the Panama Pacific

Lot: 1653 - Golden Gate Int'l. Expo Souvenirs Collection

Official Guide Book with foldout Expo map and many photos. 116 pages 8" x 5.5". 39er Scrip Book with ticket stubs from used scrip. 2 1940 ticket books with ticket stubs.1939 Children's Village ticket stub. 57 postcards of the Expo and San Francisco.

Lot: 1654 - 2 Golden Gate Int'l Expo Souvenir Books

2 plastic binder edge souvenir books. Lots of illustrations. 14" x 11". Date: 1939 Location: San Francisco , California HWAC# 73022

Lot: 1655 - 1893 Columbian Exposition Hand-colored Stereoview

Lot of 12 hand-colored stereoviews by B.W. Kilburn for the Chicago World's Fair. Included: 8738-Pennsylvania's Bird Exhibit (x2), 8823-Crystal Cave in Horticultural Hall, 8890-The Great Fern from Japan, 7949-Mexican Cactus, 7981-Virgin Statue German

Lot: 1656 - 1893 Columbian Exposition Stereoview of Krupp's

Kilburn stereoview #8198, Krupp's Great Exhibit of Guns, Columbian Exposition. Many cannons, including the world's largest cannon, featured behind a group of men (including Friedrich Alfred Krupp). The Krupp family had a 400 year reign in Germany,

Lot: 1657 - 1893 Columbian Exposition Stereoview of Opening

Lot of 5 B.W. Kilburn exposition stereoviews. Best is 7929-The Surging Sea of Humanity at the opening of the Columbian Exposition. View is slightly above eye-level and shows thousands of visitors (look at all the hats!). Also included are 4 other

Lot: 1658 - Columbian World's Fair Collectibles (Book)

Paperback book by Howard M. Rossen and John Kaduck, A Collector's Descriptive Price Guide, Columbian World's Fair Collectibles (1892-1893) pp. 148, black & white photos. 8.5" x 11". Date: c. 1976 Location: Chicago, Illinois HWAC# 63472

Lot: 1659 - Rogers Locomotive Works 1904 St. Louis Expo

Rare 1904 booklet with nice drawing of Paterson NJ works and 6 train drawings and specs.18 pp 5.75" x 9". Date: Location: St. Louis, Missouri HWAC# 54431

Lot: 1660 - World Fair Centennial Exposition U.S. Stock

High quality reproduction. This is a large Certificate, in beautiful condition and unused, No.1557, with several vignettes. Engraved & Printed at the Bureau, by Geo. B. McCarter, Chief of Bureau 1776. This Stock Certificate is certifying that the

Lot: 1661 - 1876 Centennial International Exhibition

Lot of 13 different smaller format (private firms) stereoviews. Most are interior views, including views of sculptures, pottery, ornate woodwork, a wind mill, two exteriors including the Horticultural Hall, and three interior including the Main

Lot: 1662 - 1876 Centennial International Exhibition

Lot of 9 interior large format (4x7") stereoviews made by the Centennial Photographic Co. for the exhibition. One duplicate. Includes: 828-Belgian Carved Pulpit (2), 960-Mach. Hall, 752-Horticultural Hall, 496-Corliss Engine, 746-Agricultural Hall,

Lot: 1663 - 1876 Centennial International Exhibition

Lot of 25 exterior large format (4x7") stereoviews by the Centennial Photographic Co. Views include: opening day ceremony, fairgrounds covered by snow (only winter one in the whole collection), various statues/fountains, Main Building, Republic Ave.

Lot: 1664 - 1876 Centennial International Exhibition

Lot of 25 different interior larger format (4x7") stereoviews from the Centennial Photographic Co. Views include: fountains, the Corliss Engine, wind mill, Machinery Hall (multiple views), Agricultural Hall (many views), Horticultural Hall, Main

Lot: 1665 - Seattle Day Ticket to the AYPE

Souvenir ticket to the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition for Seattle Day September 6th. 4 x 2 inches. The AlaskañYukonñPacific Exposition was a world's fair held in Seattle in 1909, publicizing the development of the Pacific Northwest.

Lot: 1666 - Three Exposition/Fair Collectibles

1) Magic Self-Acting Silver Polish Plate w/envelope, souvenir from the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, 1915, San Francisco. Manufactured by the Magic Metal Co. Put dirty silverware, soap, and this plate in water and it will help clean the

Lot: 1667 - Miscellaneous Worlds Fair & Exposition Stereoview

Lot of 14: 7 stereoviews plus 7 Golden Gate Exposition postcards. Included: Underwood stereoview of The Twin Towers at Night, Trans-Mississippi Expo.. in Omaha; undated Copelin & Son stereoview of interior at Grand Inter-state Exposition in

Lot: 1668 - Wells Fargo & Co's Express Receipt, Holbrook, AZ

Freight Receipt from Wells Fargo for shipment of package by ACMI (the Arizona Mormon organization). 8.5" x 5.5". Date: 1895 Location: Holbrook, Arizona HWAC# 63435

Lot: 1669 - Wells Fargo Second of Exchange, Columbia, CA 1859

Rare location. Dateline Columbia, Cal., March 18, 1859. At sight, pay Wm. Daegener, agent, $100. Signed Wells Fargo & Co. Pinhole, folds, creases, small stain. 4.5 x 9" Columbia was founded as a Gold Rush camp in Tuolumne County in 1850. Known as

Lot: 1670 - Wells Fargo Receipt (bag of gold dust) from Hardy

1860. Wells Fargo receipt of merchandise of a bag of gold dust is addressed from Fritz and Ralston to the Fritz & Ralston Banking House which existed from 1858 to 1861. This is none other than William Ralston of Bank of California fame. Hardy

Lot: 1671 - Wells Fargo Receipt (bag of gold dust) from Hardy

1858. Wells Fargo receipt of merchandise of a bag of gold dust is addressed from Fritz and Ralston to the Fritz & Ralston Banking House which existed from 1858 to 1861. This is none other than William Ralston of Bank of California fame. Hardy

Lot: 1672 - Wells Fargo Receipts (bags of gold dust) from

Two Wells Fargo Receipts dated 1861. For bags of gold dust is addressed from Hardy & Kennedy of Foresthill. One to the newly renamed Donahoe & Ralston Banking House which came into existence in 1861. This is none other than William Ralston of

Lot: 1673 - Wells Fargo Agent Letterhead, Fort Jones, CA, 1881

Office of A.B. Carlock, Banker, and Agent for W.F. & Co.'s Express. Dateline Fort Jones, Feb. 23, 1881. Addressed to Arthur Simon, agent, in Scott Bar, Cala. Re: shipment and associate charges/payments. Signed by Carlock. Folds, some staining

Lot: 1674 - Wells Fargo & Co. Second of Exchange, La Porte,

Rare location. Handwritten dateline La Porte, Cal., Feb. 17th, 1862. No. 242,938, payable for $50 to John Conly. Orange/red 8 cent California Tax Stamp attached on the left side, pen cancelled. Folds, creases, some rubbing. Date: Location: La Porte,

Lot: 1675 - Original File for Wells Fargo Employees in Los

Archive of ~50 documents comprising hiring papers for employees at the Southern California-Arizona Division (Los Angeles) of Wells Fargo, c.1910s. Each employee file has their application plus reference forms. Employees include: Frederick Henry

Lot: 1676 - Wells Fargo Modesto Archive

Thirty-one 1912-1914 Wells Fargo Modesto receipts, all printed and in several different forms. Money order receipt has bold WF logo. There were several WF offices in Modesto including 2874, 2876 and probably 2875 but they did not stamp this number on

Lot: 1677 - Wells Fargo & Co. Second of Exchange, Nevada City,

Early! Dateline Nevada, Jan. 2nd, 1859. No. 135.804, payable for $50 to A.D. Tower, agent. Signed Wells Fargo & Co. Folds, some staining upper right. Date: Location: Nevada City, California HWAC# 60111

Lot: 1678 - Wells Fargo Second of Exchange, Oroville, CA, 1858

Rare location. California Gold Rush era. Manuscript dateline Oroville, 27 July 1858. Issued for $100 to HW Hannon, agent. Chipped upper left corner. Large tape repaired separation on left side. Butte County Gold Rush camp. Gold was found at Bidwell

Lot: 1679 - Two San Francisco Wells Fargo Exchanges w/

1) Second of Exchange. Dec. 2, 1865. Issued for $100 in US Gold Coin. Red 20 cent California State Tax stamp and 2 cent bank check stamp. Wear to corners. 2) First of Exchange. Dec. 11th., 1868. Issued for $97 in US Gold Coin. Blue 10 ct. California

Lot: 1680 - Wells Fargo Second of Exchange to be paid at

Gold Rush era piece connecting the tow great Western express agencies. Dateline San Francisco, Cal., Dec. 15, 1856. Pay Ichabod Kop $550 at sight at the office of American Express. Folds, creases. 4.25 x 8.75" Date: 1856 Location: San Francisco,

Lot: 1681 - Wells Fargo & Co. Receipts, Shasta, CA, for Money

Shasta, Wells Fargo Group of Receipts & Notices of Money Order Lost or Stolen. 8.5" x 5.5". All in plastic protective covers. Date: 1904 Location: Shasta, California HWAC# 63442

Lot: 1682 - Taylorsville, California Wells Fargo Collection

Taylorsville was a mining camp in Indian Valley in Plumas County. sent from ED Hosselkus. Hosselkus was actually a farmer in Genesee. Taylorsville would have been the nearest Wells Fargo office. Hosselkus Creek, Hosselkus Limestone Deposits, etc.

Lot: 1683 - Autobiography Manuscript of "Chips" Pillsbury

Typed and bound autobiographical manuscript of "Chips" Pillsbury Hogkins a Wells Fargo Messenger, 1825-1892. Note inside states"The original of this document in "Chips" own hand writing is in the State Library in Sacramento. He attained fame because

Lot: 1684 - Wells Fargo California Receipt Collection

29 California Wells Fargo Receipts in both print and manuscript form. Includes Vallejo, Benecia, Turlock, Merced, Lodi, Oakdale, Pittsburgh, Crockett, Martinez, Modesto, Bay Point, Tracy, Jamestown, Ione, Sutter Creek, Naval YMCA, Madera, Niles,

Lot: 1685 - Rare Wells Fargo Cover

Officially unused, but was used to share a message. "Further instructions in relation to our Com #599. BD Washburn with JM Buffington." A large search of Wells Fargo covers on the Internet never turned up one like this. We believe this relates to J.

Lot: 1686 - Wells Fargo Overland Express for Mutilated

Rare. Dateline Helena, M.T., August 24th, 1869. One package of mutilated currency from Hussey Dahler & Co. is being shipped to their Salt Lake City office. 5.5 x 9.25" Very good condition. Date: Location: Helena , Montana HWAC# 60178

Lot: 1687 - Wells Fargo Tonopah, Nevada Receipt

In the amount of $150, from Tonopah to Manhattan, rare usage for Wells Fargo. 7" x 4". Date: 1907 Location: Tonopah, Nevada HWAC# 63438

Lot: 1688 - Wells Fargo Gold Hill & Virginia City, Nevada

Both are rare. 1) Deposit made at the Virginia City office on Nov. 26th, 1862. Dateline Va. City, N.T. $60 deposited by Patrick Hovan. Signed by cashier Gillan. Hovan is listed as a miner in the 1864 Collins directory. Folds, some soiling. 2) Deposit

Lot: 1689 - Jacksonville, Oregon Wells Fargo Entire

Although difficult to determine if it is California or Oregon, it seems like the 'OR' is there. It has also been identified as such by an early dealer. To H Wadsworth, Treasurer (?) of the Wells Fargo Company in San Francisco. Date: Location:

Lot: 1690 - "Wells Fargo & Co. Express" Office Photograph

Very nice photo of a warmly dressed man in a buggy outside the express office. Although there is no identification as to where, the man's jacket and fleece(?) blanket seems to assure us that it is in a part of the county that is extremely cold. Photo

Lot: 1691 - Original Wells Fargo Comptometer

Used as a calculator. Felt & Tarrant MFG. Co. Copper appearing skin on machine, 15" x 9.5" x 4". Steel lid with W. F. & Co. Not listed in WF company property by Barts. Date: Location: HWAC# 49231

Lot: 1692 - Phony Wells Fargo Goods

Phony Wells Fargo Goods consisting of 2 Guard's Badges & what appears to be 14 belt buckles. 3.5" x 1.5". Date: 1960's Location: HWAC# 56771

Lot: 1693 - Wells Fargo Key, Breast Badge and Fake Ashtray

W F & Co brass key. Wells Fargo Co Express/ ATHLETIC SERVICE/ FIFTEEN YEARS .75" breast badge. Fake 6.25" copper Wells Fargo & Co. ashtray. Date: Location: HWAC# 61851

Lot: 1694 - Rare Wells Fargo Stamp

Green Wells Fargo & Co. Express Frank 50 pounds stamp. Date: Location: HWAC# 65001

Lot: 1695 - Wells Fargo 25c Stamp

25c blue stamp. This definitely appears to be genuine. We have examined it closely and cannot find the tell-tale signs of a reprint. Further, under bright light and a magnifying glass the weak remains of a cancel is clearly present. the 'M' is the

Lot: 1696 - Six Volumes on Wells Fargo and Western Expresses

Includes Wells Fargo by Loomis, Wells Fargo by Hungerford, All the Way Bills by Harlow, Wells Fargo Detective by Dillon, Treasure Express by Wilson, and Expresses and Stagecoach is by Bleecker. Excellent research library. Date: Location: HWAC# 46065

Lot: 1697 - Unused Wells Fargo Envelopes and Note Pads

1) 6.25 x 2.25 Purchasing and Commission Business envelope. 2-3) Two note pads form the Purchasing and Commission Department. One has one page. One has more than fifteen pages. Unused, 4) Large 12 x 6" Valuable Package Envelope. 5) Medium size

Lot: 1698 - Wells Fargo & Co., Express, Company Property Book

Rare, Wells Fargo, Company Property Reference Book 1852-1918, with Price Guide by James Lynn Bartz.pp.155, paperback book with illustrations &photos Date: c. 1993 Location: HWAC# 64259

Lot: 1699 - Wells Fargo and Tiffany Books (2)

Wells Fargo, Advancing the American Frontier by Hungerford. Tiffany & Gaylord Express & Exhibition Belt Plates by Seibert Date: Location: HWAC# 63353

Lot: 1700 - Wells Fargo Ephemera Group

4 Wells Fargo historical booklets. 5 Wells Fargo receipts- San Francisco 1860, Nevada National Bank 1912, Express Eureka, Nv 1896, Express Stockton, CA 1859 with bottom torn off, Express, Nevada 1891. Date: Location: HWAC# 63374

Lot: 1701 - Wells Fargo Miscellaneous Group (Includes Rare

Lot of seven. 1) 1912 Application of Albert Billings Mullineaux to work in San Diego. He had worked in Youngstown, Ohio as a driver, money collector, and depot porter. In the 1920 census he was listed as an Agent Adjuster for an Express Company. I

Lot: 1702 - Shipping and Related Documents including Wells

3 c. 1860's blank Wells Fargo receipts. 1915 Wells Fargo issued shipping receipt. 1908 Nassau, Bahamas? shipping letter with large stain, 4867 Charleston Line receipt, 1843 US Mail Coach way bill with 4 tears on seams Date: Location: HWAC# 65063

Lot: 1703 - Adams & Co. Express Gold Rush Collection

Lot of 7. Six are certificates of deposit issued in 1854. All feature a vignette of a building and prospector. The seventh piece is a Second of Exchange issued in 1853. This features a Gold Rush sluicing vignette and an allegorical vignette. Folds,

Lot: 1704 - San Francisco Gold Rush Exchange, COD, & Warrant

Lot of 3. 1) Adams & Co. Express Office Second of Exchange issued July 15th, 1853 for $200. Allegorical and mining vignettes. 4.25 x 8.5" Creases, wear. 2) Adams & Co. Certificate of Deposit issued Nov. 14th, 1854 to Joseph Ford for

Lot: 1705 - Three Different California Adams & Co. Gold Rush

Lot of 3 Seconds of Exchange. All have condition issues. Same allegorical and Gold Rush vignettes. 1) San Francisco, May 5th, 1852, $350. Folds, creases, heavy staining. 2) Marysville dateline (handwritten), July 1st, 1852, $100. Folds, creases,

Lot: 1706 - Adams & Co. Philadelphia Express Collection

Lot of five pictorial certificates of deposit for Adams & Co. dateline Philadelphia. Issued 1853-54 (Gold Rush Era). Identical design with allegorical and Gold Rush sluicing vignettes. 4 x 8.5" Some toning. Date: 1853-54 Location: Philadelphia,

Lot: 1707 - Adams Express Company Circular

Two sided circular, 7 1/2 x 10 inches, listing offices of the Adams Express Company West of Pittsburgh. Far West for this circular meant Ohio and Illinois. Other side lists offices and railroads. Circa 1860s. Several large tears, but they do not

Lot: 1708 - Adams Express Stock Certificate Warrants (3)

3 Adams Express warrants. Date: Location: HWAC# 64318

Lot: 1709 - Moore's Flat & Eureka Express Way-Bill for Chinese

From Eureka (Nevada crossed out), Cal. to North Bloomfield. Dec. 17, 1878. Checks and coin sent from J.F. Cline to Ah Jim at Columbia Hill. 4 x 14" Fold, toning. Date: 1878 Location: Eureka, California HWAC# 66038

Lot: 1710 - Bamber Express Entire to San Francisco

September 9th magenta double circle. Two tape marks on reverse where ti was glued. John Bamber first advertised July 12, 1858 as the only authorized Contra Costa express agent for daily and weekly newspapers having purchased J.W. Hoag & Co's

Lot: 1711 - Rhodes & Co. Express & Banking Office Shasta

Gold Rush banking and express collection. Lot of 17. Best three pieces are 1854 & 1855 Certificates of Deposit (Shasta) and an 1854 draft (Weaverville) signed by FW Blake, who was also an assayer with ingots known today to collectors. The rest of

Lot: 1712 - Rhodes & Co. Express & Banking Office Shasta

Lot of 5 Gold Rush-era Certificates of Deposit issued in Shasta, 1854. Identical design printed on blue paper with Native American and bear vignettes by Britton & Rey. All pen or stamp cancelled. 4 x 8.25" Rhodes and Lusk's Express operated from

Lot: 1713 - Southern Express Company Group

1890's. Five 1890's receipts from Clifton, South Carolina. One 1878 bill of lading from Columbia, South Carolina. Twenty-four bill of ladings from 1899. Thirty total. Date: Location: South Carolina HWAC# 54504

Lot: 1714 - Eastern Expresses Miscellaneous Lot

Includes United Express Company from Stockport, Ohio. Also Northern Express receipt and way-bills. 13 Unused Hope Express Company 186- receipts. One Oliver Wilson, City Express, 1907, New York. One Southern Ohio Express 1905 receipt. One Mail and

Lot: 1715 - Pacific Express Bill of Lading, Salt Lake City to

Pacific Express Bill of Lading, SLC, UT, Feb 27, 1894. Folds and some edge damage. Date: 1894 Location: Salt Lake City, Utah HWAC# 63170

Lot: 1716 - "Expressman's Monthly" Including Volume 1, Number

The very first number of this monthly publication dedicated to expressmen. Includes article on Transportation and the Chicago Convention, The Adventures of a Plucky Messenger, CW Rhodes, and Liabilities. Also a news of many express companies. The

Lot: 1717 - American Express and Co. Bank and Exchange

A beautiful mirror sign of the American Express Co. and Exchange measuring 21 in. X 16 in. A sign advertising for the early American Express Co.. Nicely framed and embossed with beautiful blue engraving style border. A great addition to any den or

Lot: 1718 - Via Western Express & Stagecoach by Winther

Hardcover 1945. Stories of gold discovery and stagecoaches. Date: Location: HWAC# 62178

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