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Cranston, RI
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Lot: 1 - 1962 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II Standard Saloon

England,1962 One of 2,417 built from 1959 to 1962, velvet green over sand left hand drive originally purchased by Charles Polis, wine importer of Maastricht, Holland February 24th, 1962. 380 cubic inch V8 overhead valve engine with hydraulic tappets

Lot: 2 - 1937 Jaguar SS-100 Roadster Replica Kit Car

United States,C.1989 Antique & Classic Automotive, Inc. 1937 Jaguar SS-100 kit car, requires assembly, assembly manual included, frame included, drive train not included.

Lot: 3 - Barbara J. Cocker A/C Seascape Painting

Massachusetts, New Jersey,1923-2009 Titled "Celebration" depicting the ocean beneath a bright blue sky with billowing clouds.

Lot: 4 - George W. Whitaker OP Barbizon Landscape Painting

Rhode Island, New York, Massachusetts,1841-1916 Barbizon landscape depicting two men fishing in a canoe in the foreground. The somber landscape is accented with orange and yellow fall foliage, housed in a period frame.

Lot: 5 - Joseph Kavanagh St Joseph & Christ Icon Painting

Ireland,1856-1918 Iconographic work depicting Saint Joseph holding the Christ child.

Lot: 6 - Donald Barton Impressionist Female Nude Painting

Massachusetts,1903-1990 Impressionist painting depicting the back view of a seated female nude. The work exhibits influence from Edgar Degas (1834-1917) in style and subject matter.

Lot: 7 - Birger Sandzen Rocky Mountain Park Oil Painting

Sweden, United States,1871-1954 Fauvist landscape depicting Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado with two sloped trees amongst rockery on the edge of a river with mountains in the background. The work is an exemplary sample of Birger's artistic

Lot: 8 - Umberto Ongania WC Painting of a Venice Canal

Italy,1860/65-1896 Boat on a Venice canal, hand penned note on verso dated 1924.

Lot: 9 - Wesner Pierre-Louis Haitian Village Painting

Haiti,b. 1948 Haitian impressionist landscape depicting villagers along a harbor coastline with docked boats.

Lot: 10 - William Schultz Impressionist WC Old Man Painting

Massachusetts, Florida,1919-2005 Impressionist work depicting an old white bearded man.

Lot: 11 - Alexander Calder Tapestries Exhibition Poster

Connecticut, New York, France,1898-1976 Calder's Tapestries, John Nelson Bergstrom Art Center exhibition poster.

Lot: 12 - Hayley Lever English Beach Scene WC Painting

New York, Massachusetts,1876-1958 Landscape depicting Plymouth Beach in Devon, England with a row of houses in the background and figures and boats in the foreground.

Lot: 13 - William Wyllie Thames River London Boat Engraving

United Kingdom,1851-1931 Depicting the Thames River with fishing boats and a colony of seagulls in the foreground and London skyline in the background.

Lot: 14 - Georges Rouault Homo Homini Lupus

France,1871-1958 " Homo Homini Lupus" (One Man Wolf), 1926, edition of 425. Chapon-Rouault 90, Wofsy 144.

Lot: 15 - European Sgd. Warrenuavis Female Nude Etching

European,20th Century Titled "The Frog" depicting the profile of a seated female nude with knees bent.

Lot: 16 - William Staples Drown Village Landscape Painting

Rhode Island, Massachusetts,1856-1915 Impressionist landscape depicting a hillside village along a river.

Lot: 17 - American School Winter Landscape Farm Painting

United States,20th Century Winter landscape depicting a farmer with cane walking his dog with a thatched roof farm house in the background.

Lot: 18 - Worthington Whittredge Hudson River OP Painting

United States,1820-1910 Fall landscape depicting a river embankment with birch tree and swan in the foreground and companion swan in the background.

Lot: 19 - English Stagecoach Street Scene Oil Painting

United Kingdom,19th Century Depicting a horse drawn coach with fashionably dressed men and chickens foraging in the foreground.

Lot: 20 - Cristofano Robetta Ceres Allegorical Satyr Gravure

Italy,1472-1535 Titled "Ceres" depicting the goddess walking in a landscape holding a cornucopia accompanied by infant satyrs, state unknown.

Lot: 21 - Joseph L. C. Santoro WC Rocky Coast Painting

Massachusetts,1908-1998 Coastal seascape depicting a rocky coastline with crashing waves in the foreground under a dark stormy sky in the background.

Lot: 22 - James Henry Dowd Children On Beach Etching

United Kingdom,1884-1956 Depicting a young girl standing on a rocky beach holding a toy shovel observing a sailboat in the background.

Lot: 23 - Mignonette Cheng Poem Stone Window Painting

Michigan,1933-2009 Titled "The Void" quoting "The Way of Life", a poem by ancient philosopher Lao Tzu (d. 533 BC) beneath a window.

Lot: 24 - Anna Rychter-May Realist Judaic Jerusalem Painting

United Kingdom,1865-1955 Realist work depicting pilgrims at the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem.

Lot: 25 - 19C. American Coastal Seascape Wave O/C Painting

United states,19th Century Coastal seascape depicting waves crash against rockery, housed in period gilt frame.

Lot: 26 - Henry Moore Shelter Sketch Book Cover Lithograph

United Kingdom,1898-1986 "Shelter Sketch Book Cover", 1967, 91 of 180. Cramer 80-86.

Lot: 27 - 3 George De Forest Brush Native American Drawings

New Hampshire, New York, Tennessee,1855-1941 Two depicting Indians, one of a young boy.

Lot: 28 - Gardner Symons Mountain Lake Landscape Painting

New York, California, Massachusetts,1863-1930 Depicting a small cottage along the shore with wooden rowboat on lake and large snow capped mountain in the background.

Lot: 29 - Harold Dunbar Southwestern Landscape O/B Painting

Massachusetts,1882-1953 Illuminated impressionist landscape depicting a red mountain range beneath pink billowing clouds with cacti and shrubbery surrounding a desert trail in the foreground.

Lot: 30 - 1870 J. P. Newell Lithograph of Newport Harbor

United States,1832-1898 Panoramic view of Newport Harbor, Rhode Island, dated 1870.

Lot: 31 - Einar Madvig O/B Impressionist Farm Landscape

Scandiavia,1882-1952 Impressionist landscape depicting the profile of a thatched roof cottage on an open pasture beneath a blue-pink sky in Vallerod, Denmark.

Lot: 32 - Frank Vining Smith Nocturnal Seascape Painting

Massachusetts,1879-1967 Nocturnal winter seascape depicting a moored fishing boat off an icy dock.

Lot: 33 - Jean Paul Selinger O/C Portrait of Railway Pioneer

Massachusetts,1850-1909 Portrait painting of Lucius Tuttle, Commissioner of the Trunk Line Association formed in 1885 to regulate the transcontinental business of railroads, and later President of the Boston and Maine Railroad.

Lot: 34 - Elizabeth Robb Impressionist Landscape Painting

Pennsylvania, Michigan,1864-1939 Panoramic riparian landscape depicting the meeting of woodland and marshland with azure water in the background beneath luminous billowing clouds.

Lot: 35 - Emil Huenten German River Landscape Painting

France, Germany,1827-1902 Summer landscape depicting a river with trees and rocks in the foreground beneath billowing clouds on a stormy day.

Lot: 36 - William Paskell Illuminated Mt. Chocorua Landscape

Massachusetts,1866-1951 Fall landscape painting depicting a panoramic view of Mount Chocorua, New Hampshire illuminated beneath a blue sky with billowing clouds. Notice the white church steeple nestled within the fall foliage of the valley in the

Lot: 37 - William Paskell Impressionist Painting of Sailboat

Massachsetts,1866-1951 Impressionist seascape depicting a sailboat at sea beneath a setting sun with multiple vessels in the background.

Lot: 38 - Janet Moore Expressionist O/B Portrait of Peasant

United States,20th Century Depicting a bearded peasant wearing a wide brimmed hat.

Lot: 39 - Louis Morin Impressionist Masquerade Painting

France,1855-1938 Impressionist work depicting a theatre dressed courting couple with masquerade masks in the foreground.

Lot: 40 - PR. Ruth Berry Floral Fruit Still Life WC Painting

Massachusetts,20th Century Two still life paintings, one depicting a vase of flowers with fruit , the other a landscape with flowers on a window sill.

Lot: 41 - Nancy Dyer Sweeping Janitor Illustration Drawing

Rhode Island,1903-1979 Depicting a mustached elderly man with blue apron and green scarf sweeping.

Lot: 42 - Barbara A. Melcher O/C Seascape Sailboat Painting

Massachusetts,1927-2014 Overcast coastal seascape depicting a sailboat in the distant background, retains exhibition award label on verso.

Lot: 43 - Wallace Randall WC Maritime Ship Painting

United States,20th Century Maritime work depicting the U.S.S. Conestoga powering through high seas. The Conestoga, a tug boat commissioned by the U.S. Navy in 1917 sank in the Pacific Ocean in 1921.

Lot: 44 - MCM Abstract WC Painting of a Rattlesnake

United States,Mid 20th Century Stylized abstracted depiction of a diamondback rattlesnake, conjoined circles of image emulated in shape of mat. Exhibited at the Sheraton-Biltmore Hotel, Providence in 1957.

Lot: 45 - Israel Abramofsky Impressionist Boardwalk Painting

Russia,1888-1975 Impressionist landscape depicting figures walking a boardwalk beneath lamp posts.

Lot: 46 - 4 Prevost Decorative Floral Spray Botanical Prints

France,1760-1810 Set of four botanical prints, state unknown, early 20th century.

Lot: 47 - Raymond Hammell Autumn Landscape Painting

Massachusetts,1896-1949 Tranquil river landscape in fall with colorful trees and clouds, housed in original gilt frame.

Lot: 48 - Italian Old Master O/C Painting of Jesus Christ

Italy,18th Century Old Masters depiction of Jesus Christ.

Lot: 49 - Joan Miro El Inocente Complete Etching Portfolio

Spain, France,1893-1983 Portfolio includes three etching and aquatint in color on arches paper plates accompanied with complete text by Xavier Domingo. Published by Robert Lydie Dutrou, Paris, 1974. The centerpiece of Ms. Comes collection.

Lot: 50 - 6PC Johnny Friedlander Illuminations Etching

France, Poland,1912-1992 Illuminations of Arthur Rimbaud (1854-1891), portfolio 34 of 40, six works.

Lot: 51 - Paul Gauguin La Femme aux Figues Etching

France,1848-1903 "La Femme aux Figues" (The Woman with Figs), third state, Kornfeld 25.

Lot: 52 - Andre Masson Un Saison en Enfers Etching Portfolio

France, Spain, United States,1896-1987 Un Saison en Enfers (A Season in Hell), portfolio 22 of 47, nine works.

Lot: 53 - Andre Masson Artist Portrait Metamorphoses Etching

France, Spain, United States,1896-1987 "Portrait de l'artiste, Métamorphoses" (Portrait of the artist, Metamorphoses), 15 of 50.

Lot: 54 - Andre Masson Charming Butterflies Etching Aquatint

France, Spain, United States,1896-1987 "Charmeuse de Papillons" (Charming Butterflies), 28 of 50.

Lot: 55 - Andre Masson La Porteuse de Pain Lithograph

France, Spain, United States,1896-1987 La Porteuse de Pain (The Bread Carrier), edition of 75 plus 25 E.A and 25 H.C per gallery paperwork.

Lot: 56 - Andre Masson Seated Nude Drypoint Etching 21/30

France, Spain, United States,1896-1987 Seated nude holding an apple, 21 of 30.

Lot: 57 - Pablo Picasso Suite 347 No.106 Etching 47/50

France, Spain,1881-1973 Suite 347, number 106. Bloch 1586, Baer 1602.

Lot: 58 - Charles Bragg Hung Jury Satirical Etching 8/150

California, Missouri,1931-2017 "Hung Jury", 8 of 150.

Lot: 59 - Charles Bragg Jezebel Nude Female Etching AP

California, Missouri,1931-2017 "Jezebel", Artist Proof II.

Lot: 60 - Charles Bragg Robert E. Lee Etching Assemblage

California, Missouri,1931-2017 "Robert E. Lee", artist's proof, etching with applied stamps.

Lot: 61 - Charles Bragg Way of the Cross Etching 31/100

California, Missouri,1931-2017 "Way of the Cross", 31 of 100.

Lot: 62 - Georges Rouault Christ au Fauborg Etching Aquatint

France,1871-1958 "Christ au Fauborg", from "The Passion", circa 1935, edition of 245 pieces.

Lot: 63 - Georges Rouault Landscape with Negress Etching

France,1871-1958 "Paysage avec Négresse portant une cruche sur la tête" (Landscape with Negress Carrying a Jug on Her Head), circa 1918.

Lot: 64 - Leo Meiersdorff Expressionist Jazz WC Painting

Louissiana, New York,1934-1994 Depicting a jazz quartet comprised of a bassist, drummer, pianist, and trumpeter, dated 1970.

Lot: 65 - Rene Carcan Calm of the Sun Aquatint Etching

Belgium,1925-1993 "Calme du Soleil" (Calm of the Sun), Artist Proof.

Lot: 66 - Rene Carcan Ducks and the Willow Aquatint Etching

Belgium,1925-1993 "Les Dies et le Saule" (Ducks and the Willow), 17 of 50.

Lot: 67 - Jan Bonal Impressionist Winter Landscape Painting

France,1927-1998 "Neige Dans le Cantal" (Snow in Cantal) depicting a hillside village during the midst of winter in Cantal department, France.

Lot: 68 - Jean Bonal New Orleans Creole Landscape Painting

France,1927-1998 "Maison Creole" (Creole House) depicting a traditional New Orleans home nestled within palm trees with a woman and child dressed in white in the foreground.

Lot: 69 - Jean Bonal Dutch Farm Landscape Painting

France,1927-1998 Depicting a nocturnal rural farm landscape with a windmill in the background and river with two boats in the foreground. Titled "..?.. en Holland" on verso.

Lot: 70 - Kozo Inoue Le Temps Des Cerises Floral Portfolio

Japan,b. 1937 Portfolio includes "Cerise du Soir", "Cerises", and Souvenir". Portfolio number 24 of 100, three works.

Lot: 71 - Kozo Inoue Eclosion Range Modern Floral Serigraph

Japan,b. 1937 Eclosion Range, 23 of 150.

Lot: 72 - Kozo Inoue Modernist Asiatic Floral Serigraph

Japan,b. 1937 Repeated modernist blue Asiatic floral design, 57 of 95, title illegible.

Lot: 73 - Kozo Inoue Papillion Fleur Butterfly Serigraph

Japan,b. 1937 "Papillion Fleur", 11 of 150.

Lot: 74 - Multiple Impressions NY Wildflowers Portfolio

New York,20th Century A multi artist portfolio created in celebration of Multiple Impressions, New York 10th anniversary. Portfolio includes Johnny Friedlaender's "Petite Fleur", Rene Carcan's "Lumiere du Brabant", and Kozo Inoue's "Floraison".

Lot: 75 - C.1890 E. Howard Boston No.70 Wall Regulator Clock

Massachusetts,C.1890 Model No.70 oak case with Roman numeral dial and framed eglomised glass front with pendulum viewing window.

Lot: 76 - PR Ugolino Panichi Japonisme Bronze Sculpture

Italy,1839-1882 Pair of finely cast opposing figures of a Japanese nobleman and female courtesan with matching ankle length robes.

Lot: 77 - Tiffany Studios Paperweight Favrile Glass Vase

New York,C.1910 Prolate form with thick rolled rim decorated with a freeform bleeding heart pattern in hues of red and purple throughout the iridescent amber Favrile glass. Notice the faint blue swirl pattern cast over the entirety of the body.

Lot: 78 - Tiffany Studios Poppy Twisted Vine Table Lamp

New York,C.1905 Poppy shade consisting of variegated blue, green, red, purple, and yellow Favrile glass with reticulated bronze overlay supported by a twisted vine base.

Lot: 79 - PR Tiffany Studios Green Favrile Table Lamp Screen

New York,C.1905 Each curved with square green Favrile panels surrounded by a thin rectangle panel border, suspended by chain, suited for a 20" diameter shade. These screens originally hung on the Poppy table lamp offered in the sale.

Lot: 80 - Men's Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust SS Watch

Switzerland,Post 2000 Men's wristwatch with black dial with stainless center, baton hour markers, date indication, and fluted bezel on a two-tone brushed and polished stainless steel band, automatic, Swiss made.

Lot: 81 - Rolex Oyster Perpetual Two Tone Datejust Watch

Switzerland,Post 2000 Men's wristwatch with rose dial with Roman numeral hour markers, date indication, and fluted bezel on a two-tone gold and stainless jubilee band, automatic, Swiss made.

Lot: 82 - Sterling Silver Amethyst Necklace & Earring Set

United States,20th Century Victorian necklace and earring suite with inset cut amethyst and rhinestones.

Lot: 83 - FINE Art Deco 14K Gold Aquamarine Bracelet Suite

United States,C.1920 Large faceted aquamarine stones within intricate filigree work mounts with yellow gold accents. Suite includes bracelet and matching earrings.

Lot: 84 - Victorian 18K Yellow Gold Garnet Lady's Ring

United states,20th Century Round cut center stone surrounded by filigree and a band of fifteen smaller cut garnets.

Lot: 85 - 4PC Victorian Estate 10K to 14K Gold Ring Group

United States,20th Century Estate grouping of four Victorian gold rings of varied karat quality.

Lot: 86 - Continental Silver Chatelaine Purse

Europe,19th Century Repousse decorated with a garden courting scene of a couple.

Lot: 87 - Wallace Puritan Sterling Silver Flatware Service

United States,20th Century 121 piece service including 12 sterling handled knives, 24 large forks, 12 soup spoons, 24 dessert spoons, 12 dessert forks, 12 butter spreaders, 12 demitasse spoons, 3 various serving spoons, 4 various serving forks, 1

Lot: 88 - Victorian Sterling Silver Repousse Picture Frame

United States,C.1900 Decorated with an embossed floral motif throughout.

Lot: 89 - Georg Jensen Acorn Sterling Silver Cheese Slicer

Denmark,C.1915 Acorn pattern, sterling silver handle.

Lot: 90 - Estate Sterling Silver Hollow Ware Grouping

United States,20th Century Group includes five pieces; pair of Boardman compotes, Gorham floral tray, monogrammed porringer, and plate.

Lot: 91 - Estate Sterling Silver Flatware Grouping 55 ozt

United States,20th Century Estate flatware group consisting of various makers and shapes, some repousse decorated.

Lot: 92 - Estate Sterling Silver Serving Flatware Grouping

Europe, United States,Late 19th-20th Century Estate group of various flatware and serving pieces from different manufactures and country of origin, all handles are counted a 1/2 ozt.

Lot: 93 - 26PC Sterling Silver Hollowware Estate Group

,20th Century Group of 26 sterling silver articles including one 12" long reticulated oval bowl, 11 3/4" long oval bowl, 10 1/2" diameter reticulated plate, 4 3/4" diameter Tiffany & Co. bowl, 6 3/4" by 8 3/4" Wallace picture frame, two smaller

Lot: 94 - PR Chinese Lacquered Hardwood Yolk Back Arm Chairs

China,18th Century or earlier, possibly Ming Carved yolk back with center curved splat, curved arms on a plank seat with carved base.

Lot: 95 - American Folk Full Body Copper Whale Weathervane

United States,C.1950 Full body copper weathervane with iron directional and roof mount.

Lot: 96 - PR Italian MCM Brass Glass Designer Torchiere Lamp

Italy,C.1950 Each etched with a linear and square design with brass hardware supporting a halogen torch.

Lot: 97 - Turkish Yastick wool Carpet Rug Mat

Turkey,Circa 1850-1875 Tribal design with open red field with linear geometric patterns surrounded by an unusual geometric border.

Lot: 98 - Lg Italian Tin Glaze Faience Majolica Pottery Vase

Italy,Early 20th Century Decorated with an allegorical scene of Greco-Roman figures with mythical dolphins and mermaids.

Lot: 99 - 17C. South East Asian Bronze Rain Drum

South East Asia,17th-Early 18th Century Decorated with banded archaic concentric designs throughout with center star medallion and three tier figural frog handles on a waisted base with loop handles. When compared to the later example, the drum

Lot: 100 - 19C. South East Asian Bronze Rain Drum

Asia,19th-Early 20th Century Decorated with banded archaic concentric designs throughout with center star medallion and figural frog handles on a waisted base with loop handles. The drum weighs 42.7lbs, 10.4 lbs heavier than the earlier example in

Lot: 101 - American Country Carved Painted Wood Key Sign

United States,20th Century Hand carved and turned clock key form locksmith trade sign.

Lot: 102 - LG Italian Tin Glazed Faience Armorial Jardiniere

Italy,19th Century Decorated with star crest surrounded by scrolling tendrils, flowers, and birds, two open scrolled handles.

Lot: 103 - 19C. Japanese Woodblock Prints of Geisha

Japan,19th Century Each depicting a lavishly dressed geisha with flowing robe in an interior setting.

Lot: 104 - Oriental Persian Tabriz Pattern Carpet Rug

Persia,20th Century Burgundy red field with intricate geometric florals surrounded by multiple pommette banded borders.

Lot: 105 - LG Herbert Paus World War I Liberty Loans Poster

New York, Minnesota,1880-1946 "To Make the World a Decent Place To Live In", Third Liberty Loan poster, published by Niagra Lithograph Company, New York.

Lot: 106 - Northwest European Allegorical Reubens Tapestry

Northwest Europe,Early 17th Century Allegorical northern renaissance hand woven tapestry after "The Nativity" by Peter Paul Reubens (1577-1640), most certainly of the period.

Lot: 107 - Chinese Carved Coconut Shell Mounted Ostrich Egg

Chinese,20th Century Hollow and drained, displayed on a Chinese carved coconut shell stand.

Lot: 108 - Clarks Spool Cotton Wall Thread Cabinet

United States,Late 19th Century Clarks Spool Cotton tin painted advertisement cabinet, fitted interior.

Lot: 109 - 19C. French Blued Cast Iron Figural Bird Bath Base

France,19th Century Neoclassical bird bath base with figural shaft of a muscular putto wearing a Greco-Roman sash standing on rockery.

Lot: 110 - 19C. Italian Carrera Marble Figural Lion Bird Bath

Italy,19th Century Finely carved with acanthus leaves and foliate and berry vines in relief with central section of full mane lion busts in relief.

Lot: 111 - Old Town The Chaisson 10 Foot Dory Tender Boat

Maine,1st Half 20th Century Modeled after a dory tender boat designed by George L. Chaisson.

Lot: 112 - Oceanic Atoni Timor White Coral Carved Figure

Pacific Islands,19th Century or earlier Oceanic Timorsese Atoni fossilized white coral ceremonial figure fully carved in a seated position with distinct eyes, nose, and mouth exhibiting remnants of polychrome decoration. Please see photograph of

Lot: 113 - Chinese Gai Qi Qing Dynasty Painting of Scholars

China,1773-1828 Fine and monumental ink and watercolor depicting three cliff side landscape scenes of robed scholars. Gai Qi was an active artist and poet in Shanghai associated with Fei Danxu (1801-1850). A masterpiece and museum quality example.

Lot: 114 - Chinese Zhimian Zhou Ming Dynasty Scroll Painting

China,1550-1610 Fine and monumental ink and watercolor depicting a panoramic landscape with birds perched amongst bamboo, foliage, pink flowers, and rockery. A masterpiece and museum quality example.

Lot: 115 - 19C. French Neoclassical Bronze Aft. Belleuse

France,1824-1887 Titled "La Melodie" depicting an allegorical woman in diaphanous drapery partially exposed holding a harp while seated on a pedestal. Founded by Adrien Etienne Gaudez (1845-1902).

Lot: 116 - Antique Oriental Persian Wool Carpet Rug

Persia,C.1900 Navy blue field with multiple repeated floral patterns surrounded by a wide floral border within two thin stylized floral borders.

Lot: 117 - PR Chinese Porcelain Sancai Glaze Foo Lion Figures

China,20th Century Opposing form, reticulated base.

Lot: 118 - FINE Waterford or Baccarat Cut Crystal Chandelier

United States or Ireland,20th Century Fine cut crystal chandelier with triangular pointed drops and central baluster section accentuated by palmettes with hanging bells and eight glass arms supporting cut crystal prisms and bell form shapes

Lot: 119 - FINE Waterford or Baccarat Cut Crystal Chandelier

United States or Ireland,20th Century Fine cut crystal chandelier with triangular pointed drops and central baluster section accentuated by palmettes with hanging bells and eight glass arms supporting cut crystal prisms and bell form shapes

Lot: 120 - Chinese Cloisonne Bronze Elephant Figural Lamp

China,19th Century Decorated with enameled floral patterns throughout, supported by a full figure archaistic elephant form base.

Lot: 121 - Country Store Glass Door Spool Thread Cabinet

United States,C.1900 Walnut spool thread cabinet with raised burl walnut panel sides, sixteen canted glass drawers over four wooden drawers.

Lot: 122 - PR 19C Indian Hardwood Figural Architectural Panel

India,19th Century Matching pair each decorated with carved figural elements of a rearing horse flanking an incised panel of a seated Vishnu surrounded by pierced floral tendril panels.

Lot: 123 - 19C. Indian Carved Wood Brass Architectural Lentil

India,19th Century Carved hardwood decorated with sheet brass leaf and flower ornamentation.

Lot: 124 - Oriental Persian Navy Wool Carpet Rug

Persia,Mid 20th century Central diamond medallion with intricate floral pattern surrounded by an ivory field with small pattern design surrounded by a multi banded stylized floral border.

Lot: 125 - 19C. Italian Grand Tour Young Augustus Marble Bust

Italy,19th Century A fine naturalistic carving.

Lot: 126 - PR Romeo Rega Hollywood Regency Chest on Stand

Italy,C.1970 One piece chest on stand form with steel paneling and brass trim over square brass legs.

Lot: 127 - French Deco Sterling Guilloche Enamel Dresser Set

France,C.1925 Lustre pink guilloche enamel dresser set including brush, bristle comb, elongated bottle, and two cologne bottles.

Lot: 128 - Diamond Quilted Coralene Rainbow Satin Glass Vase

United States,19th Century Rare Victorian bottle form quilted rainbow glass vase with elongated neck and ruffled rim with brilliant blue coralene ornamentation, pinched pontil.

Lot: 129 - 6 19C. Black Americana Tintype Photographs

United States,19th century Six tintype photographs of African American subject matter, one of a family of four, the others of fashionably dressed individuals.

Lot: 130 - 18C Boston Chippendale Cherry Four Draw Chest

Massachusetts,18th Century Serpentine flat top over four graduated drawers on a scroll bracket base with brass hardware.

Lot: 131 - Italian Faience Tin Glaze Pottery Battle Vase

Italy,20th Century Decorated with a scrolled battle scene of Grecian warriors capturing a partially exposed female, scenic landscape on reverse, adorned with figural nude handles.

Lot: 132 - 8 Chinese Carved Soapstone Immortal Deity Figures

China,20th Century Finely carved, presented in original fitted box.

Lot: 133 - Colonial Newport RI Painted Wallpaper Fragments

Rhode Island,18th Century Collected by John Perkins Brown, Surveyor for the Federal court of Newport, Rhode Island. Each sample was collected from different Newport estates.

Lot: 134 - 12PC Lalique Crystal Phalsbourgh Glasses Flutes

France,20th Century Twelve Lalique Phalsbourgh pattern crystal glass articles. Group includes three water goblets, four Bordeaux wine glasses, and five champagne flutes.

Lot: 135 - Tommaso Campajola Bronze Sculpture of Warrior

Italy,20th Century Depicting a spear wielding Native American on horseback holding a sheep.

Lot: 136 - FINE PR 19C Chinese Export Gilt Lacquer Arm Chairs

China,Late 19th Century A fine pair each with exceptionally gilt and hand painted lotus flower and scrolling line decoration along arms and back, round seats with mountainous village landscape. Finely carved throughout, an exceptional pair.

Lot: 137 - Maddox Chippendale Block Front Chest on Chest

United States,20th Century Chippendale style shell carved dresser with broken arch pediment and four drawers over three drawers on ball and claw feet.

Lot: 138 - Antique Electrocardiograph Machine in Wood Box

United States,20th Century Metal tag inscribed "Simpli-Trol Electrocardiograph and Stethograph Model No. 0-38455 Made for Emory University by the Cambridge Instrument Company, Inc."

Lot: 139 - Antique Persian Mahal Pattern Wool Carpet Rug

Persia,20th Century Red field with stylized tendrils and geometric floral designs surrounded by a blue ground floral and tendril border.

Lot: 140 - PR Chinese Carved Marble Foo Lion Temple Figures

China,Early 20th Century or earlier Naturalistically carved in a seated position with flowing mane and exposed teeth with large incisors.

Lot: 141 - Chinese Paktong Ceremonial Temple Censer

China,19th Century Simplistic form with octagonal gallery decorated with incised ocean wave panels supported by ribbed tripod legs.

Lot: 142 - Chinese Carved Jade Sculpture of Recumbent Horse

China,20th Century Naturalistically carved with head turned with flowing mane and tale, accompanied with original carved wood stand and fitted interior presentation box. Tests as jade on our presidium gem tester.

Lot: 143 - 17C. French Scenic Wall Hanging Tapestry Textile

France,17th Century Depicting a well dressed woman on a bridge near a tree surrounded by extensive foliage with a floral and acanthus leaf border. Marked "Made in France for Export Purposes".

Lot: 144 - PR 19C Bohemian Gilt Cut Overlay Glass Luster Lamp

Czechoslovakia,19th Century White cut to green glass decorated with enameled florals with gilt tendrils, cut crystal prisms.

Lot: 145 - 19C Japanese Edo Gilt Lacquer Wood Kannon Buddha

Japan,Edo period Standing Kannon Buddha on single lotus base with fully carved petals and gilt mandorla.

Lot: 146 - 17C. Italian Renaissance Marble Travel Box Chest

Italy,17th Century or earlier Rectangular architectural form with carved inset panels and arched doors flanked by columns, hinged lid with inset floral panels.

Lot: 147 - FINE 19C French Ormolu Bronze Hunting Candelabra

France,1st Half 19th Century Ormolu and patinated bronze six arm tree form candelabrum with perched bird and opposing sportsmen suited in 18th century hunting attire, each on an ormolu mounted white marble plinth with figural fox bust crest.

Lot: 148 - Oriental Persian Tribal Wool & Cotton Rug Runner

Persia,20th Century Earth tone field with stylized block chain form pattern surrounded by a stylized diamond border.

Lot: 149 - American Art Deco Industrialist Saucer Desk Lamp

United States,2nd Quarter 20th Century Black painted shade, polished brass hardware.

Lot: 150 - English Renaissance Oak Carved Hunt Board Server

England,19th Century Drapery style upper shelf over two drawers over two cabinet drawers with carved design flanked by human form columns with ornate iron hardware.

Lot: 151 - Chinese Ming Dynasty Polychrome Figure of Warrior

China,Ming Dynasty Seated in a thrown with ceremonial robe, retains remnants of original polychrome decoration.

Lot: 152 - Barnum & Bailey Circus Tent Stake Hammer

United States,20th Century Original hammer used in the circus with reinforced cast iron bands.

Lot: 153 - 18C Turkish Oriental Gold Silver Thread Tapestry

Turkey,18th Century Profusely decorated with a symmetrical geometric Moorish pattern, delineated in silver and gold thread on an ochre and reddish brown ground within a blue crushed velvet border.

Lot: 154 - Middle East Bidjar Pishavar Wool Carpet Rug

Middle East,20th Century Earth tone field with repeated floral pattern surrounded by a stylized geometric floral border, artisan signed.

Lot: 155 - 19C.SE Asian Hardwood Reliquary Temple Frame

Southeast Asian,19th Century Architectural form carved with fluted column front with berry and foliate arc and bulbous onion form finial.

Lot: 156 - Chinese Brass Fighting Rooster Sculpture

China,20th Century Modeled in an aggressive position.

Lot: 157 - 19C Indian Alabaster Taj Mahal Model in Glass Dome

India,19h Century A finely detailed diminutive scale representation of the Taj Mahal, housed in an antique glass dome.

Lot: 158 - C.1930 Chinese Earth Tone Silk Carpet Matte

China,C.1930 Center open field with characters and stylized bats in corners within a simple dotted then symbol border.

Lot: 159 - European Carved Oak Renaissance Tall Case Clock

Europe,C.1900 Carved oak renaissance style case with patinated metal face and weights with German brass works.

Lot: 160 - PR Italian Grand Tour Cast Iron Garden Statuary

Italian,19th Century Figural cast iron statuary of Greek goddess Aphrodite and God Adonis standing atop a plinth of seated putti encircling a fountain form supported by figural mermaid legs,an exquisite pair.

Lot: 161 - 19C. Chinese Forbidden Stitch Silk Textile Tray

China,19th Century Decorated with phoenix birds and butterflies, mounted in gilt wood plateau.

Lot: 162 - 19C American Federal Gilt Mahogany Wall Mirror

United States,Early 19th Century Topped with urn crest with cascading bellflower ornamentation.

Lot: 163 - 19C European Grand Tour Bronze Sculpture of Venus

Europe,19th Century After Giambologna (1529-1608), mounted on a black marble plinth.

Lot: 164 - FINE Continental Repousse Bronze Watercolor Basket

Europe,19th Century Grand tour reticulated and repousse acanthus leaf decorated basket with eight inset miniature watercolor genre paintings surrounding a central landscape with farmers and horses in a hay field. Handle with inset watercolor

Lot: 165 - 19C. Chinese Polychrome Wood Official on Horseback

China,19th Century or earlier Seated on horseback wearing a red and black floral robe.

Lot: 166 - Chinese Carved Hardwood Kang Bed

China,19th Century Kang bed with bamboo top surface and peg construction with great patina.

Lot: 167 - Chinese Art Deco Ivory & Navy Blue Room Size Rug

China,Art Deco Burnt sepia open field with landscape portrait window, alter stand, and florals with butterflies within a wide blue border.

Lot: 168 - Chinese 2 Color Cinnabar Lacquerware Brass Bowl

China,19th Century Squat form decorated with a brown reticulated lotus flower and tendril pattern with individualized floral panels over a red background.

Lot: 169 - PR American Chinoiserie Decorated Vitrine Cabinets

United States,20th Century Each decorated with gilt Asiatic florals and scenic landscapes over a faux black lacquer finish.

Lot: 170 - PR Neinkamper Tubular Chrome MCM Arm Chairs

Europe,C.1950 Tubular chrome frame, paper label on bottom.

Lot: 171 - PR Antique French Side Cabinet Commodes

France,Early 20th Century Each with diminutive glass cabinet and marble top over one drawer over one cabinet with shelved interior on bun feet.

Lot: 172 - American Folk Art Carved Wood Sailor Whirligig

United States,20th Century Painted wood sailor in uniform and hat with oar form arm propellers, metal shaft spinning mount.

Lot: 173 - Swiss Lion of Lucerne Monument Carved Wood Panel

Switzerland,C. 1900 Relief carving after the Lion of Lucerne rock relief by Bertel Thorvaldsen (1770-1844).

Lot: 174 - 18C French Aubusson Hanging Panel Tapestry Textile

France,18th Century Vivid central floral arrangement positioned in a vase within a scrolled frame over an earth tone ground.

Lot: 175 - PR 19C. Gilt Tole Porcelain Curtain Tie Backs

Europe,19th Century Gilt repousse tin acanthus holders with gilt white floriform porcelain finials.

Lot: 176 - 19C. Chinese Crackle Glaze Porcelain Hu Form Vase

China,19th Century Hu form with lion ring handles, cream white crackle glaze.

Lot: 177 - Oriental Persian Seraband Wool Carpet Rug Runner

Persia,20th Century Beige and rose color ground with central diamond medallion surrounded by an intricate line design within stylized borders.

Lot: 178 - English Jacobean Style Phoenix Bird Side Chair

England,19th Century Caned back hardwood frame with phoenix bird crest and column supported back splat with birds and acanthus leaf design with cane seat and carved bird and acanthus leaf base.

Lot: 179 - Chinese Man in Mountain Landscape Scroll Painting

China,19th Century Ink on paper scroll painting of a man in a mountainous landscape.

Lot: 180 - Chinese Hardwood Woven Resin Table Screen

China,Early 20th Century Hardwood frames decorated with bats, clouds, and dragons, inset woven resin panels decorated with scholarly objects.

Lot: 181 - 1912 Herbert Hoover Trans Agricola De Re Metallica

United States,Dated 1912 Antiquarian book copy of Georgius Agricola De Re Metallica translated from the first Latin edition of 1556 by Herbert Clark Hoover, published by The Mining Magazine, 1912. Bound with paper covers and leather spine. Signed by

Lot: 182 - 19C. Chinese Pewter & Copper Teapot

China,19th Century Decorated with an allover floral and scroll chased pattern.

Lot: 183 - Oriental Persian Tribal Wool Carpet Rug Runner

Persia,20th Century Red field with blue ground triple diamond medallion with stylized florals and animals within multiple banded borders with floral tendrils.

Lot: 184 - PR White Wash Oak Brass Cantilever Torchiere Lamp

United States,C.1960 Cantilever lamp with adjustable goose neck, both with white wash oak column and weighted brass bases.

Lot: 185 - 19C Anglo-Indian Sandalwood Sadeli Bone Inlaid Box

India,19th Century Decorated with a radiant Sadeli bone inlaid pattern.

Lot: 186 - Matthew Norman Diminutive Brass Carriage Clock

Switzerland,19th-Early 20th Century Diminutive form with beveled glass, retailed by Tilden Thurber, Rhode Island.

Lot: 187 - C.1970 MCM Hollywood Regency Glass Coffee Table

United States,C.1970 Angularly positioned glass panels, brass mounts.

Lot: 188 - Oriental Persian Paisley Wool Cotton Carpet Rug

Persia,20th Century Earthtone ground with repeated paisley pattern within stylized paisley and tendril borders.

Lot: 189 - Arne Wahl Iversen for Vinde Mobelfabrik Vanity

Denmark,C.1960 Arne Wahl Iversen for Vinde Mobelfabrik, Denmark. Table flips open to reveal a vanity mirror and storage space.

Lot: 190 - Chinese Scroll Painting of Musicians in Landscape

China,19th Century Paint on paper scroll painting of two young musicians in a landscape.

Lot: 191 - PR. Royal Worcester Porcelain Greek Female Figure

England,19th Century Opposing figures of Grecian women holding Etruscan vessels.

Lot: 192 - Chinese Two Drawer Alter Table Display Stand

China,19th Century Alter table display stand with red lacquered surface and two drawers on a square leg.

Lot: 193 - PR Royal Worcester Aesthetic Opposed Avian Vases

England,19th Century Hexagonal form decorated with opposing enameled gilt cranes in a Chinoiserie aesthetic.

Lot: 194 - C.1920 Ruskin Lavender Luster Glazed Pottery Vase

England,Dated 1920 Elongated waisted form finished in a lustre purple glaze.

Lot: 195 - Japanese Gilt Lacquer Wood Kannon Buddha Figure

Japan,Late 19th-Early 20th Century Seated on a single lotus base over a tiered pedestal with cloud and reticulated sun mondorla.

Lot: 196 - PR Harry Bertoia for Knoll Steel Diamond Chairs

Italy, United States,1915-1978 Enameled steel wire with black upholstered pad.

Lot: 197 - Attrib. Steuben Aurene Calcite Art Glass Vase Lamp

New York,Early 20th Century Tapered baluster form with wide foot and flared rim, calcite interior, lion's paw bronze mount.

Lot: 198 - PR Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Chairs & Ottomans

United States,1886-1969 Barcelona chair and ottoman designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich for the Barcelona Pavilion in 1928, produced by Knoll International in 1978.

Lot: 199 - Gostin English Renaissance Revival Oak Sideboard

England,Early 20th Century Finely made renaissance revival cabinet by Gostin with three carved doors.

Lot: 200 - Oriental Persian Ghashghaei Camel Hair Carpet Rug

Persia,20th Century Earth tone field with salmon accents with a central medallion surrounded by a floral design within a geometric repeated roundel border.

Lot: 201 - Mexican Modernist Figurative Ceramic Portrait Tile

United States,Dated 1979 Social realist subject matter with a modernist aesthetic depicting a farming couple.

Lot: 202 - Bruno Bruni La Divina Bronze Sculpture of Nude

Germany, Italy,b. 1935 Titled "La Divina", the work depicts a standing female nude as she undresses pulling her dress over her head.

Lot: 203 - Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Pink Aves Tea Set

England,20th Century Pink Aves pattern including four cups and saucers, teapot, creamer, and covered sugar.

Lot: 204 - Chinese Carved Hardwood Birdcage with Stand

Chinese,19th Century Finely carved hardwood base with archaic design and acanthus leaf baluster support with slender lacquered and gilt decorated shaft with carved dragon head hanger, birdcage of carved and bent wood with bone accents, includes

Lot: 205 - Haubner Bronze Alpine Boy & Dog Figural Lamp

,20th Century Young boy in nineteenth century attire standing with hands in pockets and a dog at his feet, iridescent art glass shades, mounted on a gray marble plinth.

Lot: 206 - 19C. Chinese Avian Landscape Scroll Painting

China,19th Century Paint on paper scroll painting of a bird perched on the branch of a flowering tree.

Lot: 207 - 18C. French Louis XV Period Gilt Armchair

France,3rd Quarter 18th Century Of robust proportions with shield form back with acanthus leaf crest and scrolled arms supported by shapely cabriole legs with acanthus leaf knees and large scrolled toe over a circular foot. Notice the raised

Lot: 208 - FINE Rhode Island Mahogany Drop Leaf Table

Rhode Island,C.1780 Fine Rhode Island eight leg mahogany drop leaf table with shapely skirt and fluted tapered leg. Beautiful mahogany, museum quality.

Lot: 209 - Tibetan Sprawled Tiger Decorative Wool Carpet Rug

Tibet,20th Century Sprawled tiger design over a yellow ground.

Lot: 210 - Antique French Bronze Cut Crystal Chandelier

, FRANCE, 20TH CENTURY A French bronze and cut crystal chandelier. The six light chandelier includes a top crown with six drops, long top swags, and multiple crystal drops and swags between bobeches.

Lot: 211 - Arts & Crafts Copper & Brass Compote Centerpiece

United States,Early 20th Century Simplistic form on a flared brass base supporting a rolled edge copper bowl.

Lot: 212 - C.1960 MCM Dunbar Cork Top Side Table

United States,C.1960 Simplistic square form with cork top and secondary bleached oak shelf, original tag on bottom.

Lot: 213 - Charles Pollock for Knoll Leather Office Chair

New York,C.1965 Brown leather with chrome trim within a black shell on a spider base.

Lot: 214 - PR Balinese Butterfly Dragon Mounted Fabric Stamps

Bali,20th Century Openwork copper and iron butterfly and dragon fabric stamps mounted in freestanding wood frames.

Lot: 215 - PR. Chinese Guangxu Period Dragon Phoenix Bowl

China,Guangxu Period (1871-1908) Each painted with a dragon and phoenix flying amongst clouds chasing a flaming pearl over an enameled egg yolk yellow ground. Each on a finely ground foot rising into a flared bowl with scalloped edge. Guanxgu mark

Lot: 216 - French Gilt Brass Sacred Heart Reliquary

France,Early 20th Century Sacred heart form with flame finial pull.

Lot: 217 - MCM Adrian Pearsall for Craft Associates Sofa

New York, Pennsylvania,1925-2011 Sofa with integrated travertine top side tables, walnut frame.

Lot: 218 - PR Whimsical Carved Wood Monkey Wall Sconces

United States,20th Century Whimsically styled each wearing a red tuxedo holding candles.

Lot: 219 - 18C Continental Baroque Polychrome Icon Figures

Europe,18th Century Polychrome decorated figures of standing Christ child and winged angel.

Lot: 220 - 19C. Chinese Bridge Landscape Scroll Painting

China,19th Century Paint on silk scroll painting of a man crossing a bridge within a mountainous landscape.

Lot: 221 - 19C. Mahogany 6 Draw Apothecary Cabinet

United States,19th Century Figural mahogany case with six finely dovetailed drawers with eglomised reverse painted glass labeling and large draped glass pulls.

Lot: 222 - Oriental Persian Ivory Heriz Room Size Carpet Rug

Persia,20th Century Ivory field decorated with stylized florals surrounded by a deep vivid floral border.

Lot: 223 - George Nelson for Structural Products Omni System

Connecticut, New York,1908-1986 Five wood grain and two black uprights containing several shelves and cabinet rail and door unit with multi drawer base unit and double sliding file cabinet. A box of hardware is included, other hardware may be

Lot: 224 - European Brutalist Expressionist Bronze Crucifix

Europe,20th Century Interesting and unusual work of art, quality heavy casting.

Lot: 225 - PR Gilt Gesso Tole Mirrored Acanthus Leaf Sconces

United States,20th Century Stylized acanthus leaf motif with a dark patinated gilt surface.

Lot: 226 - PR Shreve Crump & Low Crystal HMS Java Decanters

United States,20th Century Retailed by Shreve, Crump & Low, Boston, etched with HMS Java sailing ship, square stoppers with sterling covered necks.

Lot: 227 - American Carved Gilt Wood Architectural Eagle

United States,Early 20th century Fully carved with wings spread and head turned to the right, two piece construction.

Lot: 228 - PR Charles Levy Co. Porcelain Male & Female Figure

France,1876-1881 Manufactured by Charles Levy & Co. depicting an eighteenth century man and woman, female statue with Duke of Devonshire's "Cavendo Titus" motto on base, male with Duke of Westminster's "in obilitis vitus non stemma character"

Lot: 229 - 19C Victorian Gothic Revival Carved Wood Box

Europe,19th Century Continental domed chest with gothic architectural motif with fall front and two interior drawers.

Lot: 230 - Japanese Gilt Wood Standing Bodhisattva Buddha

Japan,Meiji period Carved and gilt wood standing Bodhisattva Buddha on a single lotus base supported by a pagoda form with elaborate cloud and sun mandorla.

Lot: 231 - 19C Sheraton Miniature Flame Mahogany Chest

United States,19th Century Sheraton miniature flame mahogany chest with banded top over two horizontal over two large drawers on a splayed foot, original brass hardware.

Lot: 232 - Chinese Carved Ebonized Hardwood Gong Stand

China,Late 19th Century Openwork ebonized gong frame with bat suspension and scroll leaf design foot.

Lot: 233 - Antique Persian Heriz Wool Carpet Rug Runner

Persia,20th Century Blue field with red diamond form medallions surrounded by geometric florals within an intricate floral border.

Lot: 234 - Chinese Silk Bird Evergreen Tree Scroll Painting

China,19th Century Paint on silk scroll painting of a bird perched on the branch of an evergreen tree with pink flowers.

Lot: 235 - FINE New England Sheraton Graduated 4 Drawer Chest

United States,C.1800 Fine New England cherry four drawer graduated chest with banding and fan inlay supported by splayed legs.

Lot: 236 - European MCM Cubist Earthenware Tile Mosaic Plaque

Europe,C.1950 Six tile mosaic incised with the image of a man in contemplation surrounded by abstracted linear imagery within a sandstone micro mosaic border.

Lot: 237 - 17C. Spanish Colonial Tin Dome Top Casket

Spain,17th Century Repousse and stippled tin with velvet panels.

Lot: 238 - Gubelin Swiss 8 Day Zodiac Cobalt Desk Clock

Switzerland,20th Century Brass mounted with cobalt Lucite frame decorated with twelve sheet brass zodiac symbols surrounding a square dial with date and day indication. Powered by a fifteen jewel mechanical wind movement.

Lot: 239 - 19C. Renaissance Revival Copper Parade Shield

Europe,19th Century Repousse decorated with a scrolling battle scene encircling a central spike.

Lot: 240 - Isamu Noguchi Cyclone Side Table for Knoll

California, New York,1904-1988 Circular white laminated top on iron cyclone base, child's size. Please see lot 241 for the child's Bertoia chairs which were often marketed with the table.

Lot: 241 - 4 MCM Harry Bertoia for Knoll Child's Wire Chairs

Italy, United States,1915-1978 Enameled steel wire with yellow pad upholstery, child's size. Please see lot 240 for the diminutive cyclone table by Isamu Noguchi that was often marketed with the chairs.

Lot: 242 - 3 Moorcroft Pomegranate Pattern Pottery Vases

England,20th Century Three Moorcroft Pomegranate pattern vases in brilliant blue and red glazes.

Lot: 243 - 5 Moorcroft Pottery Pomegranate Pattern Vases

England,20th Century Five Moorcroft Pomegranate pattern vases, one pair with sterling silver rim.

Lot: 244 - 3 Moorcroft Pottery Pomegranate Pattern Bowls Jar

England,20th Century Three Moorcroft Pomegranate pattern vessels including a low bowl, corsetted neck bowl, and tobacco humidor.

Lot: 245 - 6 Moorcroft Pottery Pomegranate Pattern Vases

England,20th century Six Moorcroft Pomegranate pattern vases, various form and size.

Lot: 246 - 8 Moorcroft Pottery Pomegranate Pattern Vases Box

England,20th Century Eight Moorcroft Pomegranate pattern articles including plates, a covered box, pair of vases, bowl, and a cup.

Lot: 247 - FINE Chinese Carved Hardwood Pedestal Table

China,C.1900 Fine quality table with openwork scroll design supports and lower shelf on a scroll carved foot.

Lot: 248 - PR Faux Bamboo Inlaid Brass Tray Side Tables

United States,20th Century Carved wood with shapely inlaid brass tray on faux bamboo turned legs.

Lot: 249 - Oriental Persian Tabriz Maize Wool Carpet Rug

Persia,20th Century Maize color field with stylized florals and roundels within a wide stylized floral border.

Lot: 250 - American MCM Abstract Bent Iron Sculpture

United States,20th Century Manipulated tubular metal painted dark red.

Lot: 251 - C.1818 John Melish Travelers Directory Map Book

United States,C.1818 Antiquarian travelers directory through the United States, printed in Philadelphia, published by John Melish.

Lot: 252 - MONUMENTAL Arthur Kern MCM Welded Steel Sculpture

Rhode Island,1921-2018 Amalgamation of welded angular plates rising into a single point. A monumental installation of the artist's work.

Lot: 253 - Arthur Kern MCM Abstract Welded Steel Sculpture

Rhode Island,1921-2018 Welded steel plate and industrial found object assemblage.

Lot: 254 - Arthur Kern MCM House of Cards Steel Sculpture

Rhode Island,1921-2018 Welded steel plate and bar abstract assemblage.

Lot: 255 - 19C. Italian Carved White Marble Christ Sculpture

Italy,19th Century Finely carved standing figure of Christ with bleeding heart

Lot: 256 - 19C. Italian Carved White Marble Mary Sculpture

Italy,19th Century Finely carved standing figure of Mary, mother of Jesus holding a cross.

Lot: 257 - 19C. Italian Carved White Marble Icon Mary Figure

Italy,19th Century Finely carved standing figure of Mary, mother of Jesus praying.

Lot: 258 - C.1860 Carved Mahogany Dining Library Table

United States,C.1860 Mahogany dining table with two large single board tops and additional leafs on finely carved brawn legs.

Lot: 259 - Oriental Turkish Oushak Wool Carpet Rug

Turkey,Early-Mid 20th Century Triple center medallion over a red ground within a stylized border.

Lot: 260 - C.1893 Enterprise No. 23 Cast Iron Meat Cutter

United States,C.1893 Decorated with gold and red pin striping.

Lot: 261 - Chinese Gilt Carved Wood Foo Dog Lamp Cage Base

China,Mid 19th Century Well carved foo dog sitting atop an archaic designed stand, most likely for either a birdcage or lamp.

Lot: 262 - Oriental Persian Heriz Room Size Carpet Rug

Persia,Mid 20th Century Burgundy field with central medallion and multiple floral designs throughout surrounded by a geometric floral border.

Lot: 263 - Chinese Silk Scroll Avian Cherry Blossom Painting

China,Early 20th Century Paint on silk scroll painting of a bird perched on the flowering branches of a cherry blossom tree.

Lot: 264 - Massachusetts Federal Mahogany Bow Front Chest

Massachusetts,C.1800 Massachusetts Federal mahogany bow front chest with banded inlay top edge over four graduated drawers on a splayed foot with original hardware.

Lot: 265 - Frankart Art Deco Metal Nude Female Smoking Stand

New York,C.1920 Stylized female form standing en pointe with outstretched arms holding a pan on a gray patinated sphere base with striated diamond pattern platform.

Lot: 266 - 8PC Augustus Jansson Wedgwood Playing Card Plates

Massachusetts,1866-1931 Augustus Ludwig Jansson for Wedgwood, eight plates decorated with an illustrative playing card motif, seven circular, one octagonal.

Lot: 267 - 19C. French Bronze Plateau Mirror Dresser Tray

France,19th Century Three piece set decorated with beveled glass surrounded by a gradooned edge with cartouches on curled feet.

Lot: 268 - English Victorian Silverplate Plateau Dresser Tray

United Kingdom,19th Century Oval form plateau decorated with scaling on edge terminating into scrolled acanthus leaf feet.

Lot: 269 - Henry Baerer Bronze Relief Plaque of Aristocrat

Germany, New York,1837-1908 Bronze relief portrait plaque of a young male aristocrat, illegibly identified below shoulder beneath artist's signature. Baerer was famed for many public bronze sculptures within the New York and Philadelphia area.

Lot: 270 - PR Victorian Aesthetic Carved Walnut Side Chairs

United States,C.1880 Continuous style chair with openwork frame and upholstered back supported by floral panels with acanthus leaf knees on turned front legs.

Lot: 271 - Dedham Pottery Rabbit Iris Plate Bowl Grouping

Massachusetts,Early 20th Century Four piece group including a rabbit plate and two bowls and Iris charger.

Lot: 272 - PR. European Repousse Pomologic Brass Candlesticks

Europe,19th Century Embossed with acanthus leaves and fruit throughout.

Lot: 273 - Chinese Ming Dynasty Cizhou Ware Pottery Figure

China,Ming Dynasty Hand molded brown and white glazed earthenware robed figure.

Lot: 274 - PR American Federal Style Eagle 8 Arm Chandeliers

United States,C.1950 Each decorated with a cast metal eagle finial on metal globe with simple tube and circular bobeche arms with electric candle form light sockets.

Lot: 275 - MCM Designer Karl Springer Style Coffee Table

United States,C.1970 Lacquered faux goat skin coffee table with marbleized stone like pattern.

Lot: 276 - Oriental Persian Lavar Kerman Silk Wool Carpet Rug

Persia,19th Century Ivory ground with central star form medallion surrounded by a floral and tendril pattern with Moorish floral border.

Lot: 277 - Victorian Silverplate Plateau Mirror Dresser Tray

United Kingdom,19th Century Round Sheffield plateau decorated with bellflowers and gradooned edge terminating into shell feet.

Lot: 278 - Diamond Dyes Wood Store Counter Display Cabinet

United States,19th Century Front tin panel decorated with an image of woman dying clothes, back opens with paneled sliding wood doors.

Lot: 279 - Moser Enamel Cranberry Glass Center Bowl

Czechoslovakia,19th Century Bronze mounted oval center bowl with enameled flowers and gilt rim.

Lot: 280 - Laura Klein Ephraim Faience Pottery Bear Cub Vase

Wisconsin,20th Century Laura Klein for Ephraim Faience Pottery cylindrical foliate vase with molded figural bear cub atop a tree.

Lot: 281 - Victorian Oak 60" S Roll Top Raised Panel Desk

United States,C.1900 Victorian S roll raised panel desk with fitted interior, privacy panel front, and double bank supports.

Lot: 282 - C.1880 Persian Sultanaban Room Size Carpet Rug

Persia,C.1880 Central field with burnt sienna ground with ivory and blue floral decoration surrounded by multiple bands of geometric and floral borders.

Lot: 283 - Egyptian Late Period Turquoise Faience Ushabti

Egypt,Late Period Late period turquoise glaze faience pottery Ushabti, black painted accents.

Lot: 284 - 2 Egyptian Naqada Black Top & Black Ware Bowls

Eygpt,300 BC or earlier Group includes Naqada black top bowl and footed black ware milk bowl.

Lot: 285 - 4 Ancient Cypriot Earthenware Vessels

Cyprus,200BC or earlier Four piece group of ancient Cypriot earthenware vessels of varied form.

Lot: 286 - 2000 BC Ancient Egyptian Fine & Unusual Mallet

Egypt,C.2000 BC An unusual find, this mallet reportedly from the eleventh dynasty, retains old inventory label from Bahari, Egypt.

Lot: 287 - 1500 BC Egyptian Canopic Jar Sarcophagus Fragment

Egypt,1500 BC Canopic jar or sarcophagus fragment with polychrome decorated surface, custom mount.

Lot: 288 - 2 Cypriot Ancient Earthenware Pottery Vessels

Cyprus,500BC or earlier Largest with incised rim decoration and single lug, smaller milk bowl with stylized bird form lug and elongated spout.

Lot: 289 - Ancient Chavin Peruvian Earthenware Pottery Bowl

Peru,300 BC or earlier Decorated with a repeated incised geometric design.

Lot: 290 - 3 Ancient Pre Columbian Pottery Earthenware Figure

South America,Pre Columbian Including a Jalisco standing figure, bowl leg fragment with interior rattle, and seated redware figure.

Lot: 291 - Ancient Egyptian Polychrome Carved Wood Ushabti

Egypt,Last Period Carved and polychrome decorated wood Ushabti.

Lot: 292 - FINE Roman Globular Iridescent Glass Bottle

Italy,300AD or earlier A fine bottle of globular form.

Lot: 293 - FINE Roman Iridescent Applied Thread Glass Vase

Italy,300AD or earlier A fine bottle of pear form with a tapered then flared neck and applied thread decoration.

Lot: 294 - 3 Ancient Greek Earthenware Pottery Fragments

Greece,C.400 BC Group of three fragments, largest of Hercules wearing a lion skin, the others heads of unknown figures.

Lot: 295 - 4 Ancient Asian Earthenware Pottery Stone Fragment

Asia,500 AD or earlier Including two pottery horse head fragments and figure head, Jaguar mask appears to be carved marble or stone.

Lot: 296 - Pre Columbian Miniature Polychrome Decorated Vase

South America,17th Century or earlier Linear polychrome stripped decoration.

Lot: 297 - 9PC Ancient Pre Columbian Pottery Vessel Group

South America,Pre Columbian Group includes an incised tripod vessel, small figural face vase, and other fine earthenware pottery fragments and relics.

Lot: 298 - 7PC Group Ancient Pre Columbian Pottery Figures

South America,17th Century or earlier Group includes seven fragmentary specimens, jug handles, and figures heads from ancient pottery.

Lot: 299 - Large Ancient Cypriot Polychrome Decorated Vessel

Cyprus,400BC or earlier Bulbous form with double loop handles and circle pattern decoration between parallel lines.

Lot: 300 - Ancient Pre-Columbian Nazca Polychrome Vessel

South America,17th Century or earlier Waisted form decorated with repeated figures and geometric design, thin pottery wall.

Lot: 301 - Peruvian Vicus Culture Figural Beast Pot

Peru,C.1000 AD or earlier Beast form vessel with solid back leg and elongated neck with stripe decoration.

Lot: 302 - 19C. Native American Decorated Zuni Pottery Vessel

Southwest United States,19th Century Decorated with an intricate geometric linear pattern, thin pottery wall.

Lot: 303 - 19C. American Indian Zuni Tribe Handled Vessel

Southwest United States,19th Century Decorated with an intricate geometric linear pattern, thin pottery wall.

Lot: 304 - Three Pre-Columbian Pottery Nazca Culture Bowls

South American,C.1000 AD or earlier Clay vessels finished in variegated polychrome glaze.

Lot: 305 - 2 Pre Columbian Figural Nazca Pottery Vessels

South America,100 BC Smaller vessel with biomorphic face and linear geometric decorated body, taller with polychrome decorated bulbous body with figural face neck element and openwork handles.

Lot: 306 - 2 Pre Columbian Nazca Pottery Bowl Pouring Vessel

South America,100 BC Group includes bowl with repeated face pattern and pouring vessel with linear decoration.

Lot: 307 - 2 Pre Columbian Moche Standing Figure & Vase

South America,100 BC Group includes standing Moche figure and small vase, culture unknown.

Lot: 308 - Chinese Mountainous Landscape Silk Scroll Painting

China,Early 20th Century Paint on silk scroll painting of a mountainous landscape with a waterfall and architecture.

Lot: 309 - 18C Italian Carved Wood Polychrome Gondola Chair

Italy,18th Century Polychrome decorated carved wood with open work seat back and sides on a fine stemmed splayed leg base terminating into acanthus leaves on serpent-like supports with a solid iron frame.

Lot: 310 - Southwestern Pueblo Earthenware Sculpture

United States,Mid 20th Century Semi-spherical form decorated with Neolithic style drawings of animals, birds, and figures with incised linear decoration.

Lot: 311 - 19C. Peruvian Shipibo Indian Pottery Bowl

Peru,Late 19th-Early 20th Century Decorated with a linear geometric design.

Lot: 312 - Rookwood Pottery Vellum Southern Belle Tile Trivet

Ohio,Dated 1927 Vellum glaze tea tile decorated with a Southern Belle in soft complimentary shades.

Lot: 313 - Antique Chinese Calligraphic Ink Paper Painting

China,Early 20th Century Ink on paper calligraphic painting of five characters.

Lot: 314 - 17C. Italian Renaissance Revival Caned Recamier

Italy,17th Century or earlier Decorated with an allover scrolled curlicue design with acanthus leaf column back splat with central crest of two winged cherubs holding an acanthus leaf crown.

Lot: 315 - Oriental Persian Kerman Room Size Carpet Rug

Persi,1st Quater 20th Century Multicolored floral field accentuated with pommettes within intricate floral borders.

Lot: 316 - 23 Warburton Brass Instrument Trumpet Mouthpieces

United States,20th Century Twenty-three signed Warburton mouthpieces including 7FLM, 5SV, 5S, 6FLM, 6FLX, 5FL*, and 7SV among others, comes in a small wooden tea box.

Lot: 317 - Zigmant Kanstul Copper Plated Brass Flugelhorn

California,20th Century Zigmant Kanstul copper plated brass flugelhorn, serial number 1842. Accompanied by two mouth pieces including a GR Compu-balanced 64.7 FL with slight ding to the end of tubing part and a GR Compu-balanced 64FL.

Lot: 318 - Buescher Aristocrat Silver Plated Brass Trumpet

United States,20th Century Buescher Aristocrat, serial number 268629 LF 237, silver plated with brass relief scroll decoration on bell. Accompanied with two mouthpieces, Warburton 6SV 1* and Warburton 6MC 4*.

Lot: 319 - Bach Stradivarius Model 43 Sterling Silver Trumpet

United States,20th Century Bach Stradivarius model 43 sterling silver trumpet, serial number 410105. Accompanied by three mouthpieces, extra slide, several other small parts, and lubrication.

Lot: 320 - 1907 C. G. Conn LTD Elkhart Cornet Director Horn

Indiana,1907 Serial number 10250, engraved bell with flowers and mother of pearl valve keys, original fitted case.

Lot: 321 - Indian Bina 17 String Carved Inlaid Bone Sitar

India,20th Century Decorated with relief carved flowers and inlaid tendril, flower, and bird designs.

Lot: 322 - PR. 19C. Chinese Watercolor Avian Scroll Paintings

China,19th Century or earlier Fine and opposing pair of watercolor and ink landscape paintings depicting pairs of birds perched in blossoming trees.

Lot: 323 - 19C. American Folk Tin Lithograph Snare Drum

United States,Late 19th Century Child's tin lithograph snare drum with animal skin head decorated with a red, white, and blue shield flanked by pinwheel stars.

Lot: 324 - 19C. French Neoclassical Ebonized Boulle Table

France,19th Century Shaped turtle top decorated with checkered cross boulle inlay surrounded by acanthus leaf and floriform tendril inlaid panels with shaped apron supported by ormolu mounted and tapered cabriole legs with figural female bust knees

Lot: 325 - C.1900 Oriental Persian Wool Raspberry Carpet Rug

Persia,C.1900 Floral center medallion with raspberry ground within a dark to light raspberry linear floral border on a cream ground.

Lot: 326 - De Bournay French Marble Top Planter Table

France,Early 20th Century De Bournay planter table with front half marble top, back half with inset planter section over one drawer on long cabriole legs.

Lot: 327 - Jonathan White Odd Inq Pottery Alphabet Tile

Maine,Contemporary Jonathan White as Odd Inq Pottery, pictorial alphabet series, set and grouted in quarter-sawn oak, 26 works. Each tile with enigmatic symbols for alphabet recitation including "D for Demon", "G for Gravestone", and "X for

Lot: 328 - 19C J. Chase June Rockingham Co. New Hampshire Map

New Hampshire,Dated 1857 Roll down school map of Rockingham county, New Hampshire including tables of distances, business directories, close up maps, and local landmarks.

Lot: 329 - 18C. NE Country Queen Anne Mahogany Veneer Lowboy

New England,3rd Quarter 18th Century One over three drawer dressing table with multifarious banded checkered inlaid fronts and sides over a shaped apron supported by shapely cabriole legs on a pad foot.

Lot: 330 - PR European Two Drawer Mirrored Dressers

Europe,20th Cntury Distressed surface, silver painted wood frame with two drawers with sheet brass hardware supported by tapered legs.

Lot: 331 - Near PR. Italian Renaissance Walnut Armchairs

Italy,18th Century or earlier Each of simplistic square form with carved apron and shapely stretcher base, possibly period.

Lot: 332 - PR 19C Japanese Edo Period Gilt Wood Buddha Panels

Japan,Edo period Painted and gilt architectural panels with opposing standing Buddha on a single lotus base over a bed of clouds.

Lot: 333 - LG Italian Tin Glazed Faience Pottery Charger

Italy,19th Century Decorated with a central scene of youthful beauties in diaphanous drapery with flowers surrounded by a scrolled border with angels.

Lot: 334 - Japanese Meiji Period Gilt Bronze Twin Handle Vase

Japan,Meiji Period Baluster form decorated with shaped scenic panels of perched birds over a textured background with incised gilt clouds and figural Tai Tao mask flanked by cloud form handles. Interior of vase bottom decorated with a lily pad,

Lot: 335 - Chinese Silk Textile Panel of Immortals

China,20th Century Decorated with a repeated scene of immortals on mythical beasts surrounded by clouds, cranes, trees, and birds over a group of disciples and scholars.

Lot: 336 - 3 19C. English Redware Transfer Hunting Scene Jars

United Kingdom,1st Half 19th Century Unusual, each hand thrown and decorated with different scrolled hunting scenes.

Lot: 337 - C.1900 Chinese Silk Cherry Blossom Embroidery

China,C.1900 Silk textile with elaborately embroidered allover cherry blossom pattern on a satin khaki field.

Lot: 338 - Goran Warff for Kosta Boda Art Glass Bowl

Sweden,b. 1933 Wide lime green footed bowl finished with a textured cracked ice surface.

Lot: 339 - 19C. Tibetan Deity Silk Thangka Tapestry Painting

Southeast Asia,19th Century Decorated with animals and seated deities throughout, silk embroidered border.

Lot: 340 - 19C. English Rockingham Flint Enamel Pottery Lion

England,19th Century Large Rockingham flint enamel earthenware lion modeled looking to the left with raised paw on ball on a three tier base.

Lot: 341 - European Grand Tour Bronze Sculpture of Mercury

Europe,Early 20th Century Of typical depiction standing on a figural North Wind face, mounted on a square marble plinth.

Lot: 342 - New England Pine Mullion Glass Door Corner Cabinet

United States,C.1800 New England pine corner cabinet with two mullion glass doors over a center drawer over two cabinet doors with center shelf.

Lot: 343 - PR 19C American Iron Torchiere Candlestick Lamps

United States,19th Century Sheet steel crown top with hollow tube twisted shaft on rod iron legs.

Lot: 344 - Bubby Moores Folk Art Nude Female Bar Sculpture

United States,20th Century Carved wood standing female figure holding liquor with opening chest for bar storage.

Lot: 345 - 17C. Spanish Castile Leon Coat of Arms Tapestry

Spain,17th-Early 18th Century Antique Spanish tapestry featuring the coat of arms of the Crown of Castile over a red velvet field within a boarder of finely rendered armor, drums, and banners in red, green, and gold hues.

Lot: 346 - C.1950 American Folk Art Wood Cigar Store Indian

United States,C.1950 Full figure carving finished in polychrome paint depicted in native garb with vivid feathered headdress holding a box of cigars, carved from one piece of wood.

Lot: 347 - American MCM Abstract Iron Bolt Sculpture

United States,20th Century Iron hardware assemblage on a square steel plate painted black.

Lot: 348 - Thai Carved Wood Sculpture of a Reclining Female

Thailand,Early 20th Century Robed reclining female figure adorned with inlaid jeweling and gilt accents.

Lot: 349 - 18C. Continental Renaissance Revival Hall Chair

Europe,Late 18th Century Profusely carved with scrolled crest and turret top over wing sides with acanthus leaf and floral tendril panels with central dragon on each side in high relief supported by scrolled acanthus leaf feet. Flip top seat.

Lot: 350 - 12PC. Maroon Gold Silk Vestment Set

United States,20th Century Twelve piece vestment set made of silk and metallic brocade in red and gold hues.

Lot: 351 - 8PC. Black & Red Silk Vestment Set

United States,20th Century Some pieces matching with black and red with green velvet banding and gold tassels, others with damask or floral embroidery.

Lot: 352 - 11PC. Mixed Antique Silk Brocade Vestment Group

United States,Early 20th Century Eleven piece set of assorted vestments made of silk, brocade, and other fabrics in an array of colors.

Lot: 353 - 9PC. Catholic Green Silk Brocade Vestment Set

United States,20th Century Nine piece set of vestments made of silk and brocade in green, purple, and gold hues.

Lot: 354 - 8PC. Purple Gold Silk Brocade Catholic Vestments

United States,20th Century Eight piece set of vestments made of silk and brocade in purple, red, and gold hues.

Lot: 355 - English Jacobean Style Window Table Bench

United Kingdom,19th Century Carved hardwood Jacobean style bench with solid plank top supported by turned legs with stretcher base.

Lot: 356 - 16 Royal Crown Derby Imari Pattern 3615 Plates

England,20th Century Sixteen Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern plates.

Lot: 357 - 2 French Gilt Bronze Enamel Dresser Boxes

France,19th Century One rectangular with relief cast village genre scene and blue enamel, other oval with enamel portrait painting of a woman.

Lot: 358 - Chinese Wucai Style Porcelain Dragon Bowl

China,Ming mark, later period Decorated with a dragon amongst clouds surrounded by florals, exterior with florals and base with ring key pattern.

Lot: 359 - 19C French Leroy Ormolu Bronze Clock Garniture Set

France,3rd Quarter 19th Century Ormolu and patinated bronze figural putto case with Arabic numeral floral enameled dial on a rouge marble base with inset reticulated panels. Powered by a Japy Freres Grande Med d'Honneur awarded movement. Paired with

Lot: 360 - 18C French Mounted Chinese Spinach Jade Avian Lamp

China, France,18th-Early 19th Century Carved spinach jade bird figure mounted on a gilt carved wood floriform base, orange hardstone pulls. Jade carving pre-dates mount.

Lot: 361 - 18C. New England Queen Anne Cherry Candlestand

New England,18th Century Circular top over a reverse vasiform turned shaft supported by shapely cabriole legs on a snake foot.

Lot: 362 - Chinese Carved Scenic Panel Hardwood Alter Table

China,Early 20th Century Carved hardwood with two end drawers, apron carved with scenic panels supported by tapered square legs with scroll feet.

Lot: 363 - English Aesthetic Diminutive Inlaid Cabinet

Europe,C.1880 Two part cabinet with one drawer over one cabinet door flanked by two columns over one small drawer on bun feet, overall intricate inlay of exotic woods with unusual raised veneer scrolls.

Lot: 364 - Oriental Persian Kerman Pictorial Animal Carpet

Persia,20th Century Profusely decorated with trees, birds, giraffes, leopards, and lions within a border of trees and flowers over a dark blue field.

Lot: 365 - Chinese Peking Glass Overlay Buddha Snuff Bottle

China,Early 20th Century White overlay green Peking glass carved with a Buddha, bats, and fish in high relief with fish scale background. Nicely hollowed, subtly concave top, teal hardstone stopper.

Lot: 366 - Chinese Carved Egg Yolk Peking Glass Snuff Bottle

China,20th Century Egg yolk Peking glass relief carved in the form of a coiled snake. Nicely hollowed, coral hardstone stopper.

Lot: 367 - Chinese Blown Glass Speckled Lustre Snuff Bottle

China,20th Century Hand blown glass decorated with vertical stripes of copper flake, red hardstone stopper.

Lot: 368 - Chinese Carved Peking Glass Butterfly Snuff Bottle

China,Qing Dynasty Radiant sunburst Peking glass relief carved in the form of a butterfly. Nicely hollowed, red hardstone stopper.

Lot: 369 - Chinese Pink Snowflake Peking Glass Snuff Bottle

China,Qing Dynasty White over black over raspberry snowflake Peking glass relief carved with birds and lotus flowers, signed with raised chop. Nicely hollowed, concave top, pink hardstone stopper.

Lot: 370 - 19C. Chinese Qing Coral Peking Glass Snuff Bottle

China,Qing Dynasty Coral Peking glass carved with a phoenix flying amongst clouds in relief, signed with raised chop. Nicely hollowed, concave top, hardstone stopper.

Lot: 371 - Chinese 2 Color Overlay Peking Glass Snuff Bottle

China,20th Century Lime green over black overlay white Peking glass carved with a dragon and phoenix in relief. Nicely hollowed, hardstone stopper.

Lot: 372 - Chinese Qing Egg Yolk Peking Glass Snuff Bottle

China,Qing Dynasty Relief carved egg yolk Peking glass with auspicious objects on front and obverse, signed with raised chop mark on each side. Nicely hollowed, yellow hardstone stopper.

Lot: 373 - Chinese Blue Snowflake Peking Glass Snuff Bottle

China,20th Century White over green over blue snowflake Peking glass with calligraphic designs on front and obverse flanked by elephant heads all in relief. Nicely hollowed, green hardstone stopper.

Lot: 374 - Chinese 3 Color Overlay Peking Glass Snuff Bottle

China,20th Century Green over white over red Peking glass with bonsai and lotus flower baskets in relief. Nicely hollowed, subtly concave top, green hardstone stopper.

Lot: 375 - Chinese Qing Snowflake Peking Glass Snuff Bottle

China,Qing Dynasty White over green over teal snowflake Peking glass relief carved with a dragon and phoenix. Signed with raised chop seal in green overlay. Nicely hollowed, teal hardstone stopper.

Lot: 376 - Chinese Carved Shadow Agate Snuff Bottle

China,20th Century Green hardstone stopper.

Lot: 377 - Chinese Reverse Painted Glass Avian Snuff Bottle

China,20th Century Reverse painted with birds perched in trees and calligraphic script on reverse. Nicely hollowed, pink hardstone stopper.

Lot: 378 - Chinese Blue Snowflake Peking Glass Snuff Bottle

China,Qing Dynasty White over black over blue snowflake Peking glass relief carved with a man fishing and scholar seated in a tree, signed with a raised chop. Nicely hollowed, subtly concave top, red hardstone stopper.

Lot: 379 - Chinese 3 Color Peking Glass Phoenix Snuff Bottle

China,20th Century White over brown over green Peking glass relief carved with a phoenix flying amongst clouds, signed with a raised chop. Nicely hollowed, yellow hardstone stopper.

Lot: 380 - 2 Chinese Peking Glass Overlay Snuff Bottles

China,1st Half 20th Century Group includes two green overlay snowflake snuff bottles, one decorated with a flower and cricket, other with flowers and Koi fish.

Lot: 381 - 2 Chinese Faux Amber Snuff Bottles

China,1st Half 20th Century Group includes two carved faux amber snuff bottles, one decorated with a country landscape, other with overall bamboo pattern.

Lot: 382 - 2 Chinese Peking Glass Overlay Snuff Bottles

China,1st Half 20th Century Group includes two purple overlay snowflake snuff bottles, one decorated with Koi fish, other with grapes and vines.

Lot: 383 - 2 Chinese Cut Glass Snuff Bottles

China,1st Half 20th Century Group includes two cut glass snuff bottles, one clear cut to cobalt blue, other green cut to clear.

Lot: 384 - FINE Chinese 4 Color White Peking Snuff Bottle

China,1st Half 20th Century Blue, green, yellow, and red overlay white Peking glass relief carved with birds perched in a tree, notice the sole blue inclusion. Finely hollowed, subtly concave top, red glass stopper.

Lot: 385 - 2 Chinese Reverse Painted Glass Snuff Bottles

China,1st Half 20th Century Group includes two reverse painted glass snuff bottles, one decorated with birds, other with village landscape.

Lot: 386 - 3 Chinese Amber Porcelain Fish Snuff Bottle

China,1st Half 20th Century Group includes one composition and one faux amber bottle in the form of intertwined Koi fish, other enameled porcelain in Koi fish form.

Lot: 387 - Chinese Red Bat Overlay Peking Glass Snuff Bottle

China,1st Half 20th Century Red overlay white Peking glass with stylized bats carved in high relief. Nicely hollowed, red glass stopper.

Lot: 388 - 2 Chinese Peking Glass Snowflake Snuff Bottles

China,1st Half 20th Century Group includes two blue overlay snowflake snuff bottles, one decorated with a basket of fish, other with a dragon.

Lot: 389 - Chinese 2 Color Overlay Peking Glass Snuff Bottle

China,1st Half 20th Century Orange and black overlay olive Peking glass with cranes flying amongst clouds in relief, signed with a raised chop. Finely hollowed, orange glass stopper.

Lot: 390 - Salvadore Teran Brass & Mosaic Glass Tile Tea Set

Mexico,1920-1974 Brass and mosaic glass tile inlaid tea set including tray, teapot, creamer, and covered sugar bowl with spoon.

Lot: 391 - Continental Gothic Silvered Gilt Bronze Fixture

Europe,19th Century Gilt and silvered bronze cathedral form with standing saint figures suspended by three ornate chains, possibly a gas lamp at one time.

Lot: 392 - French Chinoiserie Queen Anne Style China Cabinet

France,Mid 19th Century Chinoiserie decorated Queen Anne style with two mullion glass doors over two small drawers on shapely cabriole legs on pad feet.

Lot: 393 - C.1810 NE Federal Cherry Tilt Top Candle Stand

New England,C.1810 Shaped top supported by a fine ring turned shaft with tapered cabriole legs on a spade foot.

Lot: 394 - 2 Continental European Carved Lolling Chairs

Europe,19th Century One gilt the other in walnut, each decorated with scrolled acanthus leaf ornamentation on a stretcher base.

Lot: 395 - Roseville Art Pottery Red Ferella Twin Handle Vase

Ohio, United States,C.1931 Form number 500-5, red color variant.

Lot: 396 - Chinese Ming Dynasty Bronze Free Ring Vase Lamp

China,Ming Dynasty Decorated with archaic banded patterns in relief with free ring figural dragon head handles.

Lot: 397 - Italian Majolica Spur Heel Double Boot Vase

Italy,20th Century Boot form double vase decorated with red tassels and gold spur heels.

Lot: 398 - American Modernist Phallic Raku Pottery Log Vase

United States,20th Century Decorated with an incised and textured surface.

Lot: 399 - C.1978 Schwinn Scrambler 36/36 BMX Bicycle

United States,C.1978 Scrambler 36/36 BMX bicycle, appears to be all original. Consigned by the original owner, his childhood bicycle.

Lot: 400 - Italian Torino Lamp Co. Chrome Plated Robot Lamp

Italy,C.1975 Three light figural chrome robot lamp controlled by the nose switch turning on the hands, blinking headlight and eyes or solid then off.

Lot: 401 - PR SE Asian Polychrome Glazed Earthenware Stem Cup

Southeast Asia,19th Century Stout compote form with ragged edge rim bowl decorated with a floral pattern over a red and green background.

Lot: 402 - C.1950 Milton Bradley Captain Video Board Game

United States,C.1950 Based on the Captain Video and His Video Rangers TV series that ran from 1949 to 1955. A complete example in good to very good condition.

Lot: 403 - C.1893 McLoughlin Uncle Sam's Mail Board Game

United States,C.1893 Complete with 144 letters, two dice cups, four die, and six game pieces.

Lot: 404 - Franklin Mint Sterling Silver Airline Logo Ingots

United States,C.1981 135 Franklin Mint sterling silver ingots. 50 official emblems of the world's greatest airlines and 85 tail emblems.

Lot: 405 - FINE Mahogany Paneled & Fluted Pedestal Fern Stand

United States,C.1900 Solid mahogany with fluted sides and inset panel front and back.

Lot: 406 - MCM Acrylic Lucite Asiatic Clothing Rack Stand

United States,C.1950 Unusual Lucite quilt or clothing rack with Asian inspired design.

Lot: 407 - 19C. Victorian Diamond Quilted Glass Brides Basket

United States,Late 19th Century Victorian rose and green diamond quilted glass brides basket with ruffled rim, chrome plated mount.

Lot: 408 - Anglo-Indian Mother of Pearl Inlaid Wood Mirror

India,19th-Early 20th Century Square form with inset reticulated panels adorned with inlaid mother of pearl.

Lot: 409 - 3 Haberdashery Millinery Women's Hat Stand Display

United States,19th Century Includes three matching displays, equal height.

Lot: 410 - 44PC French Porcelain Limoges Enamel Pill Boxes

France,20th Century Generous lot of hand painted porcelain and silverplated boxes including shoe, egg and heart shaped examples among many others.

Lot: 411 - German MCM WMF Ikora Art Glass Centerpiece Bowl

Germany,C.1950 Large round crackle glass bowl with rolled azure blue rim and emerald hue rippled center with white veining. Underside bears polished foot.

Lot: 412 - 19C. French Samson Porcelain Chinese Armorial Bowl

France,19th Century Enameled with polychrome florals throughout with gilt accents and central mythical beast griffin and unicorn crest.

Lot: 413 - Chinese Red Peking Glass Carved Footed Bowl

China,19th Century Simplistic form with short foot and flared rim.

Lot: 414 - Van Briggle Pottery Floriform Turquoise Glaze Vase

Colorado,Early 20th Century Organic gourd form decorated with stylized foliage in relief.

Lot: 415 - 19C. Korean Celadon Porcelain Pear Form Crane Vase

Korea,19th Century Pear form bottle vase with flared rim decorated with cranes flying amongst clouds on a finely ground foot.

Lot: 416 - 3PC. English Clews Staffordshire Transferware

United Kingdom,C.1825 Group includes pitcher bearing landscape with cows and castle, covered sugar bowl with Oriental flower motif, and a Clews tea pot decorated with a genre scene.

Lot: 417 - Chinese Japanese Asian Archaic Style Bronze Vase

Asia,19th Century or earlier Globular squat form decorated with banded archaic designs in relief over an incised key pattern with stylized figural elephant loose ring handles.

Lot: 418 - 18C French Chinoiserie Gilt Wood Crane Hall Mirror

France,18th Century Reticulated acanthus leaf frame with fully carved opposing cranes.

Lot: 419 - 3 19C. SE Asian Carved Wood Raffia Deity Figures

Southeast Asia,19th-Early 20th Century Two standing figures with red painted face and mythical beast with gilt head, each on wood display stand.

Lot: 420 - 19C. Victorian Eglomised Glass & Brass Hall Mirror

United States,Late19th Century Decorated with enameled eglomised glass panels, carved wood, and repousse brass elements.

Lot: 421 - C.1816 American Martha Holmes Textile Sampler

United States,Early 19th Century Primitive wool embroidered sampler depicting a young girl playing with farm animals as another woman looks on, butterfly upper left, includes phrase "God is love" stitched lower right.

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