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River Edge, NJ
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Lot: 297R - Star Wars Comix, October 1976 - High Grade copy

VF copy, nice and HTF

Lot: 298R - Weird Tales of Macabre #1 - Very HTF particularly

Rare in grade - awesome - CGC it!

Lot: 299R - The Waking #2 & Conan #1 - Both comics books

2 great covers, both signed by J. Scott Campbell!

Lot: 300R - Famous Monsters 1st Convention, 1974 New York City

HTF piece of history!

Lot: 301R - Monsters Unleashed #3 - Lot of (3) Very HIGH GRADE

Awesome lot of (3) HTF Very High Grade comics books magazine copies w/Man Thing! One copy is sined by Klaus Jansen

Lot: 302R - Dracula Classics (1976), Strange Stories of

Don't see these often, particularly in this grade! You get all (3) Magazines!

Lot: 303 - Hellena/Double Impact NUDE Edition w/COA

Limited Edition HTF NUDE Edition w/COA

Lot: 303R - Famous Monsters of Filmland Lot of (4) Very High

Awesome copies, very HTF in this grade! Only issue that has real issues is #116 which is mid-grade, the other earlier issues are CGC worthy!

Lot: 304 - Iron Man #59, 60, 61, 91, 99, 127 - Lot of (6)

Nice copies!

Lot: 304R - Famous Monsters 1966 Yearbook - VERY High Grade -

Nice copy as shown!

Lot: 305 - Ultimate Iron Man #1 (5 copies); Ultimate Iron Man

Nice lot of VERY High Grade CGC 9s copies!

Lot: 305R - Famous Monsters 1967 Yearbook in VERY High Grade -

Gorgeous copy!

Lot: 306 - Elson's Presents DC Super Heroes Comics Series #1

VERY HTF 1980 comics books set! Only sold at Elson's stores! You don't see these offered very often! These are VERY High Grade still sealed in original bags!

Lot: 306R - Web of Horror #2, Famous Films #2, Haunt of Horror

All are super High Grade other than the Mad Monsters #9 which is Mid-Grade! Sweet HTF

Lot: 307 - Robin II: Joker's Wild - Lot of (4) Bagged/sealed

High Grade lot of Robin

Lot: 307R - Witchblade 100 Variant Cover - signed 3x - Michael

CGC 9.4 - 10.0 gradeable comics books signed by the legendary Michael Turner - Variant HTF - awesome!

Lot: 308 - Doc Savage Lot of (10) TPB w/$14.95 cover prices

You get all (10) TPB Doc Savage books as shown

Lot: 308R - Spawn #136, 138 & 140 - VERY High Grade all signed

Nice lot of (3) comics books all signed by Greg Capulla - Todd McFarlane's Spawn!

Lot: 309 - Marvel Lot of (14) Silver Age Comics Books

Low to Mid-Grade Marvel Silver Age KEY titles comics w/Spiderman, X-Men and all you see and are listed here!

Lot: 309R - Spawn #193, 196 & 199 - All signed by the great

All are CGC worthy comics books all signed by Greg Capulla - Todd McFarlane's Spawn 1st series comics!

Lot: 310 - Thing #1 - 4 complete; Hulk #1, 2 TPB Complete;

You get it all! Nice higher grade lot w/KEYS as shown!

Lot: 310R - Detective #382 + Batman #221 & 230 - Nice lot of

Nice lot of (3) Silver Age beauts!

Lot: 311 - Dynamic Forces Variants & Mlore w/Spider-Man,

Popular variant comics! All Higher Grade

Lot: 311R - X-Men 1st Series Lot of (4) w/KEYS - #100 (Key -

Great lot w/Key comics books, a signed comic, 1st appearances - High Graders!

Lot: 312 - Superman #109 + Silver Age DC - Lot of (7) comics

As shown

Lot: 312R - House of Secrets #94, 95 + House of Mystery #221 -

Love these old classic DC Neal Adams horror comics! Tough in grade due to black borders!

Lot: 313 - (17) Wizard Mags w/(3) Top 100 Comics #1s - all

In original bags - sealed

Lot: 313R - Angela #1 & 2 - both signed by Greg Capulla - VERY

Nice copies, but signed by Greg Capulla - KEY comics

Lot: 314 - Cool Lot of (14) #1s Comics Books most in High

Mostly CGC worthy 9s+ to 10.0! Includes: Silver Sable #1; Tales of Teen Titans: Cyborg #1; Enigma #1; Suicide Squad #1; Bucky Barnes: Winter Soldier #1; Terror, Inc #1; Spider-Woman #1 (Spider-Verse); Shattershot Annual #1; Lobo's Back #1; Elric #1;

Lot: 314A - Super Man #317 - CGC 9.2 - KEY

Sweet copy of this very popular series!

Lot: 314R - Masquerade #1 - signed by Alex Ross

CGC grade this puppy signed by the great Alex Ross!

Lot: 315 - Batman vs. Predator #1 - 3 - Complete; Batman

High Grade Lot of DC TPB!

Lot: 315R - Creepy #3 - Vampi! Signed by Peter David w/COA

Nice signed comics books! Popular remixed title autographed by Peter David w/COA

Lot: 316 - Karate Kid #1, 3, 4 & 5 - DC Bronze Age Popular

All are bagged & boarded

Lot: 316R - X-Men 1st Series Lot of (9) VERY High Grade - CGC

`All are gradeable (they should be graded in our opinion!) Lot of (9) X-Men comics books!

Lot: 317 - Dell Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Lot of (4)

Nice Golden Age Dell Comics - Popular title

Lot: 317R - X-Men #98, 102 & 103 - These are all KEYS, the

Nice higher grade comics books - KEYS!

Lot: 318 - Dell Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Lot of (4)

Nice Golden Age Dell Comics - Popular title

Lot: 318R - Mr. T and the T-Force #1 - signed by Mr. T

I pity the fool that doesn't bid on this one!

Lot: 319 - Michael Moorcock's ELRIC #1 (3 copies); 2 - 6

You get (8) comics books higher w/(3) #1s

Lot: 319R - Black Goliath #1 - VERY High Grade - CGC 9s! KEY!

On the VERY Hot comics books list right now! This one is definitely a must grade as it should come back a CGC 9s! Only flaw we see is a slight spine tick about 3 inches down from the top of the book, check out photo! Beautiful gloss, presents nearly

Lot: 320 - Billy The Kid and Oscar #1 - Fawcett Golden Age

Nice nice copy as shown

Lot: 320R - X-Men #51 - High Grade copy, classic Steranko

Key comics books in this high grade are worth grading! Nice copy as shown!

Lot: 321 - Walking Dead #47,52 + Silver & Bronze Horror Lot

The Walking Dead #47 & 52 are Very High Grade CGC worthy! YOU get all (11) comics shown

Lot: 321R - Strange Tales #147 &148 - Higher Grade Doctor

Nice copies you get BOTH, see picture, grades FN+/VF

Lot: 322 - HUGE Batman Lot of (75+) Comics Books w/KEYS & #1s

CGC 9s throughout, some 9.8s for sure!

Lot: 322R - The Legion of Monsters #1 - Signed by Pablo Marko

CGC 9s magazine, VERY HTF in this grade, and its signed by Pablo Marko as a bonus! #1!

Lot: 323 - Walt Disney's Donald Duck #51

Early Donald Duck comics books are HOT!

Lot: 323R - Famous Monsters of Filmland #251 - Signed by Basil

Try finding another copy of this nearly perfect and CGC 9.4 to 9.9 signed by the legendary (and deceased) Basil Gogos! 100% guaranteed authentic, obtained in person! Signed in SILVER SHARPIE! Gorgeous!

Lot: 324 - Adventure Into Fear #12, 15 & 16 - High graders

Lot of (3) High Grade Horror Tales!

Lot: 324R - Spider-Man #135 - 2nd Punisher - High Grade!

Nice copy, should grade out VF+ fairly easily but see pic! KEY!

Lot: 325 - Action Comics #319 - Nice copy!

Silver Age Superman comics books are always in demand

Lot: 325R - Fantastic Four #60, 69 & 71 - HIGH GRADERS - CGC

Super sharp high grade early FF comics books! These should grade out CGC 8.0 or higher!

Lot: 326 - Superman #171 - Silver Age Superman! Nice

Clean unrestored copy! Anything below 200 Superman is always a buy

Lot: 326R - Classic Covers - Batman - Card #25, 28, 29, 30, 31

Neal Adams did the artwork for all these classic covers! You get all (6) cards - ALL signed 100% guaranteed by the legendary Neal Adams!

Lot: 327 - Teen Titans #3 - Silver Age KEY title comics books

These early TT should fly with the new movie due out soon!

Lot: 327R - Classic Covers - Batman - Card #2 & 3 (2 copies)

Jerry Robinson autographs go for over $100 EACH! He's a VERY tough autograph as he was older by the time there were large conventions and such, and obviously he's now impossible to get to sign since unfortunately he's deceased…These are 100%

Lot: 328 - Warriors #1 (Gold & Regular copies) - 33 - Lot of

All are High Grade many CGC worthy!

Lot: 328R - Classic Covers - Batman #1 - signed by Jerry

Card is VERY High Grade and worthy of slabbing! Autograph is 100% guaranteed authentic by us for life, it was obtained in person!

Lot: 329 - E-Man #2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 Charlton Classics +

Very Cult-Like series, you get 1st series Charlton issues plus the First Comics later series #1 - 4

Lot: 329R - Red Mask #48 - Golden Age Comics books in Higher

This is a very nice copy, see pic! Sweet!

Lot: 330 - Top Cow Presents: The Battle For Independants:

This one is still sealed in original box! HTF item

Lot: 330R - Green Hornet #1 - Dynamic Forces "Cool Green"

Nice autographed comics books like this are gradeable! w/COA!

Lot: 331 - Four Color Dell Comics #214 & 371 - Both are

You get BOTH issues!

Lot: 331R - Gen13 Active #1 - signed by J. Scott Campbell -

CGC this puppy!

Lot: 332 - Walt Disney Comics #143 - Donald Duck

HOT comic books title always - Donald Duck - the Original "THE DONALD"

Lot: 332R - Wolverine Weapon X #1 - Variant Edition - signed

Nice HTF Kubert Variant signed by Jason Aaron - CGC this comics books!

Lot: 333 - Tales Of Suspense #95 & 98 (Black Panther!) - Nice

You get BOTH comics books - Silver Age gems!

Lot: 333R - Punisher War Journal - Civil War #1 - signed by

Nice gorgeous bold autograph on this CGC worthy #1

Lot: 334R - Hunter Killer #1 signed by Marc Silvestri & Haunt

You get both signed comics! Gorgeous

Lot: 335 - Spire Christian Comics: The Cross and the

HTF Christian Comics Books by famed Archie artist Hal Hartley

Lot: 335R - House of Mystery #158 & 203 + Sword of Sorcery #2

The House of Mystery #158 is the Key and its High Grade!

Lot: 336 - Batman #236 - Nice copy of this HTF early Batman!

Love Batman comics,they always go UP UP UP in value

Lot: 336R - J.G. Jones Sketchbook #1 - Signed on cover

Nice artwork by this popular artist

Lot: 337 - Walking Dead #1; Peter Parker Spectacular

HIGH GRADE CGC worthy for the most part! You get everything shown! Lot of (16) w/KEYS - ALL #1s Comics Books!

Lot: 337R - George Perez Original Artwork - Batman sketch -

Awesome piece of comics books original artwork by legendary artist George Perez! Batman

Lot: 338 - Spawn #9 (1st Appearance Angela - KEY!) + Angela

All are CGC 9s! Grade all these comics books!

Lot: 338R - Walt Simonson Original THOR Artwork sketch -

Great Thor piece by the one-and-only Walt Simonson who is RED HOT these days! Try finding his original art for less than $1000s!

Lot: 339 - LARGE Marvel Bronze Age Comics Books grouping

You get EVERYTHING shown!

Lot: 339A - Spider-Man #72 - CGC 9.0 - High Grade Spiderman


Lot: 339R - Jim Unger Original Sketch Art - HERMAN - signed by

Nice original signed Herman sketch by creator Jim Unger in 1984

Lot: 340 - Captain America #130 & Thor #146 - Lot of (2) KEY

Nice copies both

Lot: 340R - Wolverine Print Art by John Romita, Jr. signed by

Signed in 2008 by John Romita, Jr! Nice print!

Lot: 341 - (8+) Jaws 2 Complete Card Sets plus (4) Jaws 2

Nice lot of over 8+ Jaws 2 (The Movie) 1978 Topps Card Sets + (4) Jaws 2 (The Movie) 1978 Topps Sticker Sets

Lot: 341R - Lot of (6) Heavy Metal Magazines each with a cover

Red hot artist Michael Bisley did the artwork on each of these Heavy Metal covers, you get all (6) mags as shown

Lot: 342 - 1960 Golden Press George Washington Presidents #1

Nice card, looks an easy PSA 8

Lot: 342R - September, 1997 Heavy Metal Magazine signed by

Guaranteed 100% authentic, obtained in person! HOT artist autograph!

Lot: 343 - 1960 Golden Press Abraham Lincoln Presidents #16 -

Nice card, looks an easy PSA 8

Lot: 343R - The Fantastic Art of Frank Frazetta - 1st Print,

Frank Frazetta is THE fantasy art legend of all-time!

Lot: 344 - 1960 Golden Press Presidents Theodore Roosevelt &

You get BOTH PSA 7's

Lot: 344R - Richard Kiel and Blanche Ravalec autographed

Who didn't fall in love with this unlikely pairing way back in the day when James Bond was o-so-cheesy!

Lot: 345 - 1960 Golden Press John Adams - Presidents #2 - PSA

Very HTF in grade!

Lot: 345R - Michael J. Fox Autographed Still Photo From

Guaranteed 100% authentic, w/COA

Lot: 346 - 1960 Golden Press William H. Harrison - Presidents

Very HTF in grade!

Lot: 346R - Clint Eastwood autographed index card w/COA!

Nice BOLD Clint Eastwood autograph, great for slabbing or a photo display!

Lot: 347 - 1960 Golden Press Zachary Taylor - Presidents -

Very HTF in grade!

Lot: 347R - Earnie Shavers autographed photo of fight with

Nice shot on Ali!

Lot: 348 - 1960 Golden Press Rutherford B. Hayes - Presidents

Very HTF in grade!

Lot: 348R - Jason Robards autographed Movie Still photo from

BOLD silver sharpie autograph on this great piece! 67/159

Lot: 349 - 1960 Golden Press James Garfield - Presidents -

Very HTF in grade!

Lot: 349R - Edward James Olmos & Edai Morales autographed

Great movie, 100% guaranteed authentic!

Lot: 350 - 1960 Golden Press - Calvin Coolidge - Presidents

Very HTF in grade!

Lot: 350R - Brad Pitt autographed photo w/COA - Guaranteed

100% Lifetime guarantee from us! Nice bold silver Sharpie autograph

Lot: 351 - 1960 Golden Press Lot of (3) Presidents - ALL PSA

All VERY HTF in PSA 8 grade! Nice lot of (3) cards as shown

Lot: 351R - Charles Bronson autographed photograph from

Nice piece, we aren't 100% sure the movie is Deathwish, but we are sure that the autograph is real and we give our lifetime warranty on it!

Lot: 352 - Lot of (12) Marvel & DC Postcards w/Amazing

Most are from 1991, couple of the backs have some writing but none have actually been used

Lot: 352A - Death of Wolverine #1 - Game Stop Variant - CGC

HTF Variant comics books are hot

Lot: 352R - Henry Silva signed Johnny Cool Movie Stiil

Nice piece and a HTF autograph!

Lot: 353 - 1956 Elvis - The Year in Gold - McFarlane NIB

Never opened - pretty piece! HTF

Lot: 353R - Britt Ekland autographed index photo card w/COA -

Popular actress and autograph to have!

Lot: 354 - 1968 Elvis - The Comeback Years - McFarlane

Never opened - pretty piece! HTF

Lot: 354R - Caroll "Baby Doll" Baker autographed card w/COA

HTF autograph of this character actress, made popular by her portrayal of "Baby Doll"

Lot: 355 - The Fantasy Art of Greg Hildebrandt Factory Set

Nice gorgeous artwork in these (6) sealed factory sets as shown

Lot: 355R - Linda Blair autographed NUDE photo - 100%

Nice nude photo of the very famous Exorcist Actress autographed BOLDY!

Lot: 356 - Over $100+ In US Stamp Unused Postage + Some Rare

Many New in Package Commemrative Stamps that total over $100 in unused postage! You get everything shown

Lot: 356R - Lee Marvin autographed card w/Photo - one of the

Guaranteed for life by us as authentic!

Lot: 357R - Bill Hinzman Autographed Night of the Living Dead

RARE w/inscription! Iconic Zombie film by George Romero who should be thanked a milion times by every Walking Dead fan or actor or creator, cause without Romero there would be no Walking Dead (or Zombie movies! Might not even be Rob Zombie, who

Lot: 358 - Yellow Submarine McFarlane The Beatles Figures -

You get everything shown! The Beatles - Also includes a Sometime in New York card from John Lennon & Yoko Ono as pictured!

Lot: 358R - Eli Wallach signed Lord Jim Movie photo still

One of the greatest supporting actors of all-time and finding legit autographs of him is tough!

Lot: 359 - Batman Mark Texeira Print signed and Batman Sketch

Back has some water damage it appears, but does not seem to effect the artwork! Awesome print, autograph and sketch of Batman!

Lot: 359R - Lee Van Cleef autographed Italian Movie Still -

Gorgeous photo and bold clear autograph of this Hollywood legend! Great piece!

Lot: 360 - Silver Surfer Black Light Poseter - Original and

Incredibly HTF and RARE Black Light Silver Surfer 1970s poster! Awesome!

Lot: 360R - Lee Van Cleef autographed Movie Still - Take a

Nice bold autograph

Lot: 361 - Star Trek Original Black Light 1970s Vintage

Awesome condition! Glows in the dark! Great investment piece HTF!

Lot: 361R - Ali MacGraw autographed The Getaway w/Steve

Great actress, classic movie! Ali also starred in Love Story - HTF auto! 100% authentic

Lot: 362 - Large Lot of (40+) Marvel Comics Presents w/#1 KEY

Good group of Wolverine comics books +

Lot: 362R - Burt Reynolds autographed Movie Still Photo from

100% Guaranteed authentic! Great movie, all-time cult hit!

Lot: 363 - Large Lot of Mostly Movie & TV and Comic Related

You get all you see!

Lot: 363R - Barbara Bouchet Autographed Sweet Charity Photo -

Sexy photo and lady bold autograph

Lot: 364 - 1983 Vintage Ironman Yellow RARE Poster! Very

You may never see another one of these, they are very Rare! This one is as shown! Examine! Great piece!

Lot: 364R - Michelle Pfeiffer autographed Photo from Scarface

Who can forget Tony's coked up girlfriend Elvira Hancock? Not me, great 100% authentic autograph - BOLDLY signed by the legendary Oscar winning actress - Michelle Pfeiffer - very HTF legit auto!

Lot: 365 - Lot of (2) Original THE CROW: City of Angels MINT

Awesome movies! You get (2) Original The Crow: City of Angels movie posters as shown, both folded and fresh! 1986 movie

Lot: 365R - John Phillip Law autographed Photo from Barbarella

Nice photo

Lot: 366 - Our Army At War Lot of (6) Silver Age Comics

You get the following comic books: #196, 199, (2) 208, 211 & 212 - Nice lot of (6) all bagged & boarded

Lot: 366R - Steve Reeves signed Hercules Photo - 100%

Nice photo and bold sig!

Lot: 367 - Our Army at War Lot of (22) w/Silver & Bronze Age

Nice lot of (22) Our Army at War comic books, all bagged!

Lot: 367R - Clint Eastwood autographed Spagetti Western Photo

Nice bold blue sharpie autograph of the legend himself - Clint Eastwood (also former Mayor of Carmel, CA!)

Lot: 368 - Our Fighting Forces Lot of (13) Bronze Age Comics!

Lot of (13) Bronze Age war comic books as shown!

Lot: 368R - Eli Wallach Signed Magnificent 7 8 X 10 Color

Great photo and 100% authentic autograph!

Lot: 369 - Our Fighting Forces #76, 108 & 112 - Lot of (3)

All (3) comic books are bagged & boarded!

Lot: 369A - Fantastic Four #122 - CGC 6.5 w/WHITE Pages - Key

Mid-grade Bronze Age mid-level key comics books

Lot: 369R - Robert Shaw autographed cut w/COA - Is The Boat

HTF signature of the late great Robert Shaw who besides Jaws starred in dozens (and dozens) of great films!

Lot: 370 - Hawkman Lot of (10) Silver Age Comics -

Nice lot of (10) early Silver Age Hawkman comic books in low to mid-grade. All are complete other than #9 which is coverless, but interior is complete! All original comics!

Lot: 370R - Sybil Danning signed card w/LOVE

Guaranteed 100% authentic

Lot: 371 - Star Spangled War Stories #147, 148, 149, 156 &

The Star Spangled War Stories issues are nice as shown making this a good value lot

Lot: 371R - Klaus Kinski autographed Kinski Post glossy

Legendary actor

Lot: 372 - Huge Lot of Daredevil Comic Books starting at #187

You get everything shown! 1st Series makes up much of the lot, the rest are Marvel Knights, etc as pictured!

Lot: 372R - George Hiltoy autographed Django Photograph in

Nice bold autograph obtained in person! 100% legit! Bold black sharpie

Lot: 373 - Lot of (55) DC Silver Age on up Comic Books

Some decent Silver Age Showcase and Bronze Age Green Lantern, Swamp Thing & more highlight this 55 comic lot

Lot: 373R - Official Original Movie Still from The ABC Monday

Nice photo of the late great James Coburn! Nice piece

Lot: 374 - The Nostalgic Mad #1, Jetsons #4, Flintstones #12,

Lot of (5) low grade comics, most from the 1960s!

Lot: 374R - James Coburn autographed card - BOLD Blue Sharpie

Nice gorgeous bold autograph of this legendary actor

Lot: 375 - Lot of (20) Marvel Bronze Age Comic Books w/KEYS!

All are bagged & boarded

Lot: 375R - Robert Stack autographed cut - Guaranteed

Nice bold sig

Lot: 376 - Lot of (150+) Silver & Bronze Age Marvel Comics

Super nice lot with TONS of Key comics included! You get EVERYTHING pictured! Nice lot of MAJOR Keys, minor Keys & mostly major titles!

Lot: 376R - Steve Reeves Autographed card - Guaranteed

The great muscleman!

Lot: 377 - (30+) D.C. Comics mostly Silver Age Comics w/KEYS

You get everything pictured, over 30+ comic books! Good value

Lot: 377R - Jack Kelly Autograph card w/COA - Bart Maverick

Nice bold sig! 100% authentic

Lot: 378 - (18) Phantom Stranger Silver & Bronze Age Comic

You get all shown

Lot: 379 - DC Universe Online Legends #1 up, Identity Crisis

Higher Grade lot of comics

Lot: 380 - Dealer Lot of Luke Cage & Luke Cage and Iron Fist

Nice high grade lot of Luke Cage and Iron Fist! You get: (4) #45, 57, 84, 86, 87, 102 - 104, (2) 121, (3) 122, 123 & 125

Lot: 389A - Marvel Spotlight #9 - CGC 6.5 - Early Ghost Rider

Early Ghost Rider KEY comics books

Lot: 419A - Wonder Woman #209 - CGC 8.0 - Bondage Cover - Key

Bondage covers in title of this comics books are always in demand

Lot: 451A - Grendal #1 - CGC 8.0 w/WHITE Pages - 1st Grendal -

Nice comics books key, HTF!

Lot: 457A - X-23 #1 - Variant Cover Women of Marvel Cover -

Super popular modern comics books variant! Flawless w/WHITE Pages

Lot: 501 - 1981 Topps Baseball Set w/Tim Raines Rookie & 2nd

This has become a very hot set w/Tim Raines induction into the HOF last year! Nice complete set!

Lot: 502 - 1982 Topps Baseball Complete Set w/Cal Ripken, Jr.

Gorgeous set w/super nice Ripken, Jr. Rookie card! Overall NM to NM/MT set, see pic

Lot: 503 - 1983 Topps Baseball Complete Set w/Wade Boggs,

KEY set of the 1980s w/3 Hall of Fame Rookies! Nice set here - complete!

Lot: 504 - 1948 Bowman Baseball Complete Set w/Stan Musial,

Super sweet VG to EX set that is possibly the KEY set of the 1940s and a Top 10 set of all-time given how many important Rookie cards it contains! Finding complete sets at reasonable prices is insanely tough! Here's your chance!

Lot: 505 - 1975 Topps Baseball Complete Set w/George Brett &

High Grade super nice set w/TONS of Hall-of-Fame Rookie cards! As shown! Sharp!

Lot: 506 - 1982 Topps Traded Factory Set w/Cal Ripken, Jr.

Very HTF factory set w/KEY Rookie of the 1980s! The iron man - Cal Ripken, Jr!

Lot: 507 - Large Lot of Traded, Rookie & Upset Sets

Lot of (20) Factory Sets as shown!

Lot: 508 - 1984 Donruss Factory Baseball Set - RARE & HTF -

Very HTF Factory Set w/KEY Rookies! Rare

Lot: 509 - 1985 Donruss Baseball Factory Set w/Roger Clemens,

Tough to find these factory sealed complete sets!

Lot: 510 - 1986 Donruss Baseball Factory Set w/Jose Canseco

Many KEY Rookies & 2nd year cards - Roger Clemens, Kirby Puckett, etc

Lot: 511 - 1987 Donruss Lot of (5) Complete NM/MT to MT

Tons of HOFer Rookies! Lot of (5) Complete NM/MT to MT Sets!

Lot: 512 - 1987 O-Pee-Chee Baseball Complete Set w/Barry

Gorgeous vending case set w/KEY Barry Bonds Rookie card! His hardest Rookie card BY FAR! PSA 10s go for CRAZY Money! You may get one!

Lot: 513 - 1987 O-Pee-Chee Baseball Complete Sets Lot of (3)

Lot of (3) 1987 O-Pee-Chee Baseball Complete NM/MT to MINT Sets each with a Barry Bonds Rookie card! Very RARE & HTF! Must own! PSA 10s?!

Lot: 514 - 1981 Fleer Baseball Complete Set w/Tim Raines

Fleer's 1st major baseball card set, this one is complete and has the HTF Error cards - complete

Lot: 515 - 1985 Topps Baseball Factory Set - Complete w/Roger

Very RARE Factory set! Note set is not sealed, but it is 100% complete and original!

Lot: 516 - 1987 Topps Baseball Factory Set - Sealed! Barry

HTF these Topps factory sets, this one is still sealed and minty fresh! PSA 10s?

Lot: 517 - 1987 Fleer Factory Set Baseball CASE of (15) -

Case of (15) Factory Sets! RARE! Great investment!

Lot: 518 - 1986 Donruss Baseball Factory Sealed WAX CASE of

Wowsa, a full SEALED and gorgeous Wax Case of (20) Baseball Wax Boxes! Nice investment grade item!

Lot: 519 - 1987 Topps Baseball Vending Case of (24) Boxes

Awesome factory sealed minty fresh vending case - full & original and factory sealed! Awesome case of 12,000 cards!

Lot: 520 - 1993 Topps Baseball Factory Set w/Derek Jeter

The KEY Rookie card of the 1990s w/Derek Jeter, sure fire 1st ballot Hall of Famer upcoming!

Lot: 521 - 1996 Upper Deck Collectors Choice Lot of (2)

Nice factory sets - you get (2) complete factory fresh sets!

Lot: 522 - Cal Ripken, Jr. Autographed Baseball - 100%

Nice bold legit Cal Ripken, Jr. signed baseball

Lot: 523 - Brooks Robinson Autographed Baseball - 100%

Hall of Famer signed baseball - on Senior league offical ball!

Lot: 524 - Lou Brock Autographed Official Baseball on Sweet

100% authentic - guaranteed!

Lot: 525 - Stan Musial Autographed Baseball - 100% Authentic

Nice bold Hall of Fame signature by Stan "The Man" Musial

Lot: 526 - Yogi Berra Official Signed Baseball - 100%

We give you our COA and 60 days to authenticate it by JSA or PSA/DNA as we offer a 100% guarantee that this is legit!

Lot: 527 - Lot of (25) Alex Rodriquez Game Used Baseball

You get all (25) Specialty game used A-Rod Baseball cards w/many HTF!

Lot: 528 - Lot of (100) Baseball Official Autographed and/or

You get all (100) autographed & game used cards shown! Nice lot of HTF cards! All offical and guaranteed authentic!

Lot: 529 - Lot of (100) Football Autograph and/or Game Used

Awesome lot of (100) Autograph and/or game used cards! Many Rare, Limited Editions & Specialty cards! Great lot!

Lot: 530 - (10) 1991 Upper Deck Baseball Boxes w/Chipper

You get all (10) Factory Sealed Baseball Wax Boxes w/Chipper Jones Rookies galore! Nice KEY box! Lot of (10) straight from sealed case!

Lot: 531 - 1986 Topps Baseball Update Set 5000 Count Box Full

You get roughly 5000 1986 Topps Traded Baseball cards w/Kevin Mitchell Rookie cards galore & more! Does not have Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco or Bo Jackson cards but has most others in bulk! Cards are MINT and most should grade out PSA 9s or PSA 10!

Lot: 532 - 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984 Topps Baseball Bulk

These are unsearched lots, we won't guarantee anything either way on these as we have not searched these lots! There could be tons of stars,or not many! We were told they are unsearched before we bought the 20 MILLION (yes MILLION) card lot, so we

Lot: 533 - 1982 Topps Baseball Lot of (3000+) Cards WITH

OK, so now this lot DOES have Key Rookies & Stars galore. These have not been "searched" meaning I can't tell you exactly how many of each card they contain BUT I do know they have ALL Rookies & Stars and will make set (s)! How do I know?

Lot: 534 - 1983 Topps Baseball Lot of (3000+) NM/MT to MINT

How many PSA 10? Read lot #533 for description here, it’s the same lot from North Carolina! These cards make sets and are AWESOME from what we've seen! Should be GREAT value here! GREAT VALUE!

Lot: 535 - 1979 Topps Baseball Complete Set w/Ozzie Smith

EX+ to NM- : KEY 1970s set with nice Ozzie Smith Rookie card & much more!

Lot: 536 - 1980 Topps Baseball Complete Set w/Ricky Henderson

Super nice EX/MT to NM complete set as shown! Rickey Henderson is THE Key Rookie card of the 1980s!

Lot: 537 - 1969-70 Topps Basketball Near Complete Set w/PSA

Nice near set w/most of the KEYS including the MAJOR Key - Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul Jabbar!)

Lot: 538 - 1961-62 Fleer Basketball Wilt Chamberlin ROOKIE

Decent Rookie card of this Top 5 player of all-time! Wilt Chamberlin! Rookie card as shown! Nice!

Lot: 539 - 1961-62 Fleer Basketball Bill Russell Rookie Card

Decent Rookie card of this Top 10 player of all-time! Bill Russell! Rookie card as shown! Nice!

Lot: 540 - 1961-62 Fleer Basketball Elgin Baylor Rookie Card

Another Top 10 to Top 20 KEY Rookie card in decent shape from this very HTF set!

Lot: 541 - 1961-62 Fleer Basketball Rookie Card - Jerry West

This still remains the greatest basketball set of all-time! Jerry West nice rookie card here!

Lot: 542 - 1961-62 Fleer Basketball Rookie Wilt Chamberlin

Nice copy of this IA Wilt Chamberlin Rookie card! HTF in any grade!

Lot: 543 - 1961-62 Fleer Basketball Rookie Card - K.C. Jones

Decent Rookie card of this HOFer!

Lot: 544 - 1961-62 Fleer Jerry West IA Rookie Card - Nice!

As shown!

Lot: 545 - 1961-62 Fleer Bill Russell IA Rookie Card - nice!

As shown!

Lot: 546 - Large Lot of 1961-62 Fleer Basketball Cards

You get all you see! Nice lot of roughly (60) cards as shown! Sweet! HTF & Rare!

Lot: 547 - Lot of (50+) Basketball Autographed & Game Used

Nice lot of (50+) Autographed and/or Game Used cards as shown!

Lot: 548 - Phil Rizzuto Autographed Baseball Bat w/COA -

Signed HOFer bats are HTF! This has a nice COA!

Lot: 549 - Yogi Berra Official Signed Baseball - 100%


Lot: 550 - Willis Reed Autographed Basketball - 100%

Nice bold Willis Reed signature on this ball!

Lot: 551 - Lot of (2) Cal Ripken, Jr. Baseball Pieces

(2) Display Cal Ripken, Jr. Baseballs with stats and COA's!

Lot: 552 - Babe Ruth Original Hartland Statue - Calling THE

Nice original Hartland Statue - VERY HTF & Rare! In nice shape, albeit with a little dust!

Lot: 553 - Lot of (25) Signed Baseball Cards w/Tony Gwynn,

Awesome lot of (25) 100% guaranteed autographed baseball cards! You get all shown! Great value here!

Lot: 554 - Lot of (25) Autographed Baseball Cards

Awesome, you get everything shown! Major Stars & Rookies! Great Value!

Lot: 555 - Upper Deck Michael Jordan 12-Card Glossy Gold Set

Rare set, this one is complete set of 12-cards of Michael Jordan

Lot: 556 - Lot of (10) Michael Jordan Figurines w/1998, 1999

HTF figures that also come with HTF basketball cards as well!

Lot: 557 - 1981 Donruss Baseball Complete Set w/Tim Raines

NM to NM/MT Set as shown, Donruss 1st ever Baseball set!

Lot: 558 - 1985 Topps Baseball Complete NM to NM/MT Set

PSA 10s? Nice complete set!

Lot: 559 - 1988 Topps Baseball Factory Sealed Set & 1988

You get 1 + Complete sets here. Topps Factory Baseball Sets are very HTF!

Lot: 560 - Long Box of Mixed Sports & Non-Sports Better Cards

We haven't searched through this box, its listed here as its labelled. We did see the cards posted here but seems to have some decent cards w/multiples on some key players. As is! You get the entire box

Lot: 561 - 2007 Bowman Draft Picks + Prospects Chrome Set

High Grade Complete set as stated! Nice KEY Rookies here in TOP shape - PSA them all!

Lot: 562 - 1984 Fleer Baseball Complete Set w/Don Mattingly &

NM Set as shown - complete

Lot: 563 - 1985 Fleer Baseball Complete NM to NM/MT Set

KEY Set!

Lot: 564 - 1990 Topps HOLIDAY Factory Set w/Ken Griffey, Jr.

HTF Holiday Factory Set

Lot: 565 - 1986 Fleer Baseball Factory Set w/Jose Canseco

Minty fresh straight from a sealed case! Complete Factory set never opened

Lot: 566 - 1986 Fleer Baseball Factory Set Lot of (2) w/Jose

You get BOTH Factory Sets - never opened!

Lot: 567 - 1985 Donruss Baseball Complete NM to NM/MT Set

PSA 10s? Nice complete set!

Lot: 568 - 1985 Topps Baseball Complete MINT Set w/Roger

As shown, gorgeous set!

Lot: 569 - 1988 Donruss Rated Rookies Complete Set Lot of

Large lot of over 45+ 1988 Donruss Rated Rookie Complete Sets, the key being Mark Grace Rookie! NM/MT to MINT!

Lot: 570 - Lot of (5) 1986 Donruss THE ROOKIES Factory Sealed

MINT Factory Sets, you get all (5) of these as shown! That means you have (6) chances at some Barry Bonds PSA 10s!

Lot: 571 - Lot of (5) 1987 Donruss THE ROOKIES w/Greg Maddux

You get (5) Complete Factory Sealed Baseball 1987 Donruss THE ROOKIES Sets that may contain some nice PSA 10s!

Lot: 572 - 1987 Donruss Factory Baseball Set Lot of (2) MINT

Barry Bonds, Greg Maddux, Mark McGwire, Bo Jackson Rookies galore! PSA 10s!? Lot of (2) Factory fresh sealed sets!

Lot: 573 - 1986 Topps Baseball Factory Set - Sealed - HOLIDAY

These Holiday Topps Factory Baseball sets are very HTF!

Lot: 574 - 1987 Topps Baseball HOLIDAY Factory Set - Sealed!

These Holiday Topps Factory Baseball sets are very HTF!

Lot: 575 - 1974 Topps Baseball Set w/Dave Winfield Rookie,

Set is VG to EX overall with some lower and some higher - and includes most of the Rookies & Stars. Total of a little over 100 cards are missing to complete it, the rest are included!

Lot: 576 - 1985-86 Star Co Michael Jordan ERROR Card Lot of

Super sharp gradeable Michael Jordan ERROR cards. Lists him as "Guard - Portland Trailblazers" instead of his Chicago Bulls correct card! Lot of (4) cards

Lot: 577 - 2105 Rookie Phenoms Aaron Juddge #nn ROOKIE card -

GMA 10 - GEM MINT Aaron Judge Rookie card!

Lot: 578 - 1975 Topps Robin Yount Rookie Card - PSA 5 - EX

Nice looking Robin Yount KEY Rookie card graded PSA 5 - EX

Lot: 579 - 1950 Bowman Richie Ashburn - PSA 6 - Ex/Mt -

Nice sharp card of this Hall-of-Famer! PSA 6 - EX/MT

Lot: 580 - 1987 Topps Barry Bonds Rookie Card - PSA 9 - MINT

KEY Rookie card of the 1980s and soon to be a Hall of Famer! You don't really think they will keep him out, do you? Don't be naïve, they'll ALL go in soon enough!

Lot: 581 - T206 Red Dooin - Sweet Caporal 150/30 - PSA 1.5

Decent enough T206 card of Red Dooin

Lot: 582 - 1962 Topps Managers Dream - Mickey Mantle & Willie

HIGH GRADE KEY Card looks an 8+! Great gloss - must own!

Lot: 583 - 1963 Topps Power Plus - Ernie Banks & Hank Aaron -

Super High Grade KEY 1960s card w/Banks & Aaron - MUST OWN! Rare in grade!

Lot: 584 - 1963 Topps Bombers Best - Mickey Mantle, Tom Tresh

Very High Grade KEY 1960s card w/Mantle!

Lot: 585 - 1964 Topps Sandy Koufax - SGC 86/7.5 - NM++++

Looks nearly flawless! I graded it an 8++++! KEY Sandy Koufax early card - HTF in grade!

Lot: 586 - Michael Jordan Star Co PROTOTYPE Card in plastic!

Beautiful HTF Michael Jordan Star Co Chicago PROTOTYPE Card!

Lot: 587 - Football Autographed Cards Lot of (100+) w/Stars &

Almost all the cards are gradeable! TONS of Rookies & Star Cards as shown! Many RARE, HTF and Special Limited Edition Cards included! Great HUGE value lot of over 100+ Autographed Football cards as shown!

Lot: 588 - Football Autographed Cards Lot of (100+) w/Stars &

Almost all the cards are gradeable! TONS of Rookies & Star Cards as shown! Many RARE, HTF and Special Limited Edition Cards included! Great HUGE value lot of over 100+ Autographed Football cards as shown!

Lot: 589 - Baseball Lot of (47) Autographed, Game Used and/or

HUGE Value lot here with tons of Autographed cards including: (2) George Bell, Juan Gonzalez, Randy Jones & More w/Rookies & Stars as shown! You get all (47) cards!

Lot: 590 - Michael Jordan Lot of (150+) Cards w/MANY Key

Tremendous Value Lot w/over 150+ Michael Jordan Cards - MANY are of the $20 to $40 variety PER CARD! Many should be PSA ready! Great lot for the dealers and value buyers here! Wowsa, over 150+ ALL Michael Jordan!

Lot: 591 - Zolio Versalles Autographed Baseball - 100%

Nice bold signature on this offical baseball!

Lot: 591A - Thor #159 - CGC 9.0 w/WHITE Pages - Origin of Don

Razor sharp

Lot: 592 - Charlie Silvera Autographed Offical Baseball -

Nice bold signature on this offical baseball!

Lot: 593 - 2005 Topps Chrome Football Series 1 Set w/extras =

Complete series 1 set w/Throwback Tom Brady Chrome card - PSA 10!?

Lot: 594 - Jeff Bagwell, J.T. Realmuto, Bucky Dent, Gary

Nice lot of (8) Cards, the only card that is game used and not autographed is Jeff Bagwell, the others are ALL Autographed! Good value here

Lot: 595 - Lot of (18) 1951 Bowman Baseball Cards

As shown, you'll get the exact (18) 1951 Bowman Baseball Cards shown!

Lot: 596 - Lot of (8) Shaquille O'Neal ROOKIE Cards - PSA

Nice lot of (8) KEY Shaq Rookie cards!

Lot: 597 - Lot of (30) Football Autographed Cards w/Rookies &

Major VALUE here w/KEY Rookies & Star Autograph cards! Most should grade out VERY High!

Lot: 598 - Billy Martin Single Signed Autographed Baseball -

Awesome single signed Billy Martin Baseball - Very HOT item!

Lot: 599 - Mickey Mantle Single Signed Offical Baseball w/COA

BOLD gorgeous Micky Mantle Autograph on this offical league ball! 100% Backed by us with our COA!

Lot: 600 - Joe DiMaggio Autographed Ball - Green Sharpie!

Awesome BOLD Autograph right on the Sweet Spot of the Yankee Clipper!

Lot: 601 - Whitey Ford Single Signed Baseball w/COA

Hall of Famer signed baseball

Lot: 602 - 1951 New York Yankees Team Signed Baseball

Incredibly RARE ball w/Mickey Mantle Rookie autograph! 100% Guaranteed - you have (60) Days from receipt to return it for a full refund if it doesn't pass PSA/DNA or JSA certification! We've never had one of these before, very Rare & Cool piece!

Lot: 603 - 1968 Pittsburgh Pirates Team Signed HAITI Ball

This item we stand by 100%! It is a consignment item and we asked the consignor (who inherited it from his grandfather) if he'd like us to get it sussed out as far as exactly who is on the ball. We told him it would cost roughly $150 to $200 and he

Lot: 604 - Clete Boyer Single Signed Ball w/W.S. Champs 1961

Signed on the Sweet Spot

Lot: 605 - Johnny Blanchard Autographed Baseball

Signed on the Sweet Spot

Lot: 606 - Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford & Sparky Lyle

Nice BOLD signatures of (3) Yankee Hall-of-Famers! Mickey Mantle balls are HOT!

Lot: 607 - Clete Boyer Single Signed Ball w/#6 - W.S. Champs

Signed on the Sweet Spot

Lot: 608 - Incredible Lot of over 40+ Autographs w/TONS of

Amazing lot of over 40+ Autographs! Just TONS and TONS of major KEY autographs! This is a 2 lots combined to offer the best value to YOU! As such, the item is sold as is, where is. There are no returns or refunds for any reason. We believe these

Lot: 609 - 1970 New York Yankees Autographed Album Sheet

There are (10) Autographs on the sheet, the KEY is the Bobby Mercer who is a tough autograph!

Lot: 610 - Large Lot of Vintage and Modern Autographs w/Wilt

You get all (19) autographs as shown! Tons of Hall of Famers and KEY autographs here obviously! As this is a large lot, with many cards certified by the manufacturer already, we will sell it As Is, no refunds or returns, please examine and bid

Lot: 611 - Fran Tarkenton & Roman Gabriel autographed Team

Nice lot with the two vintage photo autographs of the Hall of Famers the Keys obviously! The Roman Gabriel signed photo has a nice "Always a 110% Roman Gabriel L.A. Rams" inscription! Nice value lot!

Lot: 612 - 1996 Bleachers 23k Gold Mickey Mantle Limited

Gem Mint! Limited edition

Lot: 613 - 1996 Bleachers 23k Gold Ted Williams Baseball's

Gem Mint! Limited edition

Lot: 614 - 1997 Bleachers 23K Gold Boston Celtics #33 limited

Gem Mint! Limited edition

Lot: 615 - 2005 Merrick Mint 23K Gold TOM BRADY - Sculptured

Gem Mint! Limited edition

Lot: 616 - 1996-97 Fleer 23KT Gold Michael Jordan Flair

Gem Mint! Limited edition

Lot: 617 - 1997 Bleachers 23K Gold Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig 70th

You get BOTH cards - Gem Mint! Limited edition

Lot: 618 - 1997 Bleachers 23K Gold Joe Namath Broadway Joe -

Lot of (2) Cards! Both Gem Mint, both limited editions

Lot: 619 - Mixed Sport Card lot of (9) w/Graded & HTF issues

As shown, you get all (9) cards

Lot: 620 - 1920 Pancho Villa Strip Card, Hassan Jack Johnson

Nice lot of some cool vinatge Boxing cards w/KEY Champs & more. You get all shown!

Lot: 621 - Baseball Card Lot of (4) w/Mickey Mantle, Phil

You get all shown

Lot: 622 - MJ's Final Floor - 2000 Upper Deck card FF6 -

HTF game used Michael Jordan card!

Lot: 623 - 1956 Gum Products #63 - Hockey's Hardy - GORDIE

HTF in this grade and key Gordie Howe early card!

Lot: 624 - 1975 Topps Baseball Near Complete Set w/George

Nearly complete, seems to have most of the stars & rookies. Missing the Robin Yount it looks like but has almost all the other keys! Set is GD+/VG some worse, some much better

Lot: 625 - 1976 Topps Baseball Near Complete Set w/Dennis

Has most of the stars and rookie cards, looks to be missing about 100 cards. Set is in VG to EX condition with some less and some much higher. The Dennis Eckersley is a decent condition card as shown!

Lot: 626 - Joe Montana Autographed NFL Football w/COA from

100% Guaranteed Authentic! Nice Blue Sharpie Joe Montana signed Football - as pictured!

Lot: 627 - Ladamien Tomlinson Autographed Football w/COA from

Beautiful Official NFL Football signed by one of the all-time greats soon to be a HOFer!

Lot: 628 - Superbowl XXX Limited Edition Photo Football

Troy Aikman & Neil O'Donnell - Nice piece with wood display as shown!

Lot: 629 - Lot of (2) 1992-93 Classic Basketball Draft Picks

Both boxes are YOURS and they are both factory sealed! MINT!

Lot: 630 - New York Yankee All-Time Greats Display w/Mickey

You get all (3) Photos in 1 great display - ALL are hand signed and authentic! w/COA as pictured!

Lot: 631 - 1977 Topps Baseball Complete Set - Andre Dawson

Nice enough set, grades out to EX to EX+ overall with some lower and some much higher!

Lot: 632 - 1983 Topps Baseball Complete Set w/Boggs, Sandberg

Both sets grade out to NM or better, the 1983 Topps Baseball set is COMPLETE, the 1984 Topps set is not but does seem to have many of the stars included! Consider it a bonus!

Lot: 633 - 1986 Donruss Factory Set Lot of (2) Factory Fresh

You get TWO (2) Factory Sets in this lot

Lot: 634 - 1987 Fleer Baseball Factory Set Lot of (2) w/Barry

Nice factory sets! PSA 10s?!

Lot: 635 - 1984 Donruss Factory Baseball Set - RARE & HTF -

Love these factory sets, you just don't see them much anymore! Nice!

Lot: 636 - 1985 Donruss Baseball Factory Set w/Roger Clemens,

Nice factory Set!

Lot: 637 - 1984 Fleer Baseball Complete Set w/Don Mattingly &

Nice sharp NM to NM/MT complete set!

Lot: 638 - Lot of (5) Baseball Factory Sets w/(2) 1988 Fleer

You get all (5) sets shown. Please note the 1988 Topps Factory Set is opened and we have not searched it so while we think its likely complete we can't guarantee it, so bid accordingly! The other (4) sets are definitely complete!

Lot: 639 - 1985 Fleer Baseball Complete NM to NM/MT Set

Nice sharp NM to NM/MT complete set!

Lot: 640 - 1993 Donruss Factory Set w/Derek Jeter ROOKIE!

Tough set to find still factory sealed which this one is! KEY Rookie card DEREK JETER!

Lot: 641 - 1992 Topps Murphy Stadium Dome Factory Set w/KEY

This is a VERY HTF Factory Set! As shown, has the KEY Derek Jeter Rookie card of them all in our opinion!

Lot: 642 - 1984 Topps Baseball Factory Set - Extremely RARE!

Nearly impossible to find these older Topps Baseball Factory Sets! This one is still mostly sealed (we had to just peak to see what year it was!) All the cards are Factory Fresh! Guaranteed!

Lot: 643 - Brooklyn Dodger Game Ticket - April 22, 1952 -

As shown, game used ticket from the April 22, 1952 Brooklyn Dodgers vs Braves game

Lot: 644 - 1985 Hall of Fame Forty-Sixth Annual Program

Nice 100% authentic piece! Great item!

Lot: 645 - 1971 Topps Baseball Lot of roughly (600) Sharp

Nice lot of roughly (600) 1971 Topps baseball cards! Very HTF these cards in decent shape like shown! Examine! You get the entire box!

Lot: 646 - Highland Mint Barry Bonds Game Used Collection -

Limited Edition #14/300 - HTF - Comes with COA from Highland Mint - Gorgeous piece! Great display! HOFer soon!

Lot: 647 - Legends of American Music - ELVIS - 1st Day of

Nice Elvis Presley piece still factory sealed!

Lot: 648 - 1930's Vintage Original and Unrestored New York

Incredible and historically significant N.Y. Black Yankees Original Pennant in amazing shape as shown! Rare & HTF - IMPOSSIBLE to find!

Lot: 649 - Robin Roberts Autographed Photo w/Wood Display -

Hall of Famer signed photo

Lot: 650 - Craig Nettles Autographed Photo w/Display - Framed

One of the best pure fielders to ever play!

Lot: 651 - Mike Pagliarulo Autographed Photo

Yankee alumni

Lot: 652 - Derek Jeter All-Star Game 2008 McFarlane Figure -

HTF All-Star Game Figure of Derek Jeter New in Package

Lot: 653 - Derek Jeter McFarlane Figurine - NIP as shown!

Nice classic vintage Derek Jeter McFarlane brand new in package!

Lot: 654 - Lot of (38) Mostly 1960's Topps Baseball Sharp

Some HTF Checklists - ALL UNMARKED - Some definitely worth PSA grading - PSA 8's & 9's?!

Lot: 655 - Lot of (28) Autographed and/or Game Used Baseball

You get: (5) Alex Rodriquez Game Used Cards; Doug Davis (Auto); Marcus Giles (Auto); Yunel Escobar (Auto); Kyle Bloom(Auto); David Huff (Auto); Travis Benjamin Auto; Juron Criner (Auto); Dan Leshoure (Auto); Jorvorskie (Auto); Dan LeFevour (Auto);

Lot: 656 - Allen Iverson Lot of (3) 1996-97 Topps Finest

All have COATING! You get (3) Allen Iverson - All look to be PSA 9's or 10s; (1) Steve Nash; (1) Ray Allen; (1) Jermaine O'Neal; (1) Stephen Marbury; (3) John Wallace; (2) Marcus Camby; Samaki Walker; Kerry Kittles; Shareef Abdur Rahim - All are Very

Lot: 657 - Ken Griffey, Jr. Autographed Stadium Club Members

100% Guaranteed Authentic! Nice Blue Sharpie autograph!

Lot: 658 - 2008 Topps Bowman Sterling Charlie Blackmon

Future HOFer? Certainly one of the most popular players in Rookies history!

Lot: 659 - 2001 Upper Deck SPX Winning Materials BARRY BONDS

When Bonds goes into the HOF, which he 1000% will, these cards should EXPLODE! Buy them NOW!

Lot: 660 - 2013 Topp Tribute Baseball AUTOGRAPHED Card -

Impossible to find these and Encarnacion is a stones throw away from #s to hitting Copperstown after he retires!

Lot: 661 - 2013 Topps Tribute AUTOGRAPHED Card - Nelson Cruz

Great HR hitter still going strong - bold Silver Sharpie autograph

Lot: 662 - Upper Deck Legends - Legendary Signatures - Dave

Nice bold autograph by Dave C!

Lot: 663 - 2006 Topps Rookie Autographed Card - Evan Longoria

Having a nice season so far…great player - bold autograph! ROOKIE CARD!

Lot: 664 - 2001 Topps CHROME Edwin Encarnacion Rookie Card -

KEY 2000s Rookie card - Future HOFer if he stays healthy!

Lot: 665 - Joe McKnight Panini Autographed encased Rookie

Died way too early, rest in peace, Joe! God Bless

Lot: 666 - Large Lot of Factory Sets, Stars & more! You get:

Good value, loose cards have not been searched, but appears they have some star cards and such. The 1989 Fleer Set is opened and we can't guarantee its complete so bid accordingly. The other sets are as listed - Factory Sealed and/or Complete 100%!

Lot: 667 - Joe Montana Autographed NFL Football San Francisco

Nice action picture hosted in a gorgeous wood finish plaque - 100% guaranteed authentic!

Lot: 668 - 1994 Topps Baseball Factory Set - Factory Sealed!

Nice popular year, 2nd year Jeter & much more!

Lot: 669 - 1983 Topps & 1983 Topps Traded PSA worthy lot of

Here's some of what you get - ALL 1983 Topps TRADED (Hard to find); (20) Ron Kittles Rookies; (20) Greg Walker Rookies; (10) Tom Seaver; (10) Keith Hernandez - 1st Mets card - From the 1983 Topps regular set you get: several PSA worthy Kent Hrbek

Lot: 670 - 1981 Topps Baseball Set w/Tim Raines Rookie & 2nd

Set grades out EX/MT to NM with some cards lower and many higher! Nice set!

Lot: 671 - (2) 1987 Donruss Factory Sets w/Barry Bonds

Love these undervalued sets! Stock up before Bonds & McGwire both go into the HOF cause they will!

Lot: 672 - 1990 Fleer Kevin Maas ROOKIE Cards - Lot of (800)

Remember when Kevin Maas was gonna be the next Aaron Judge? Eh, I mean, Mickey Mantle? Well, fyi it didn't quite work out that way, BUT this dealer we got these off of never stopped believing and we have (800) Factory fresh and PSA ready 1990 Fleer

Lot: 673 - Huge Lot of 1970s and 1980s Baseball & Football

Crazy lot of over 500+ 1974/75 Topps Baseball Cards, 500+ 1979 Topps Football cards, 500+ 1982 Topps Football Cards, 300+ 1983 Topps Baseball Cards w/Extra Stars, Rookies & Key cards galore! Great value lot, examine! Many VERY High Grade PSA

Lot: 674 - Barry Bonds, Wade Boggs, Mark McGwire, Darryl

You get everything pictured! I'd say 80 to 90% of these cards are worthy of PSA grading, but please examine for yourself as grading is subjective! TONS of Key 1980s Rookies + a nice 1975 Topps 2nd Year Dave Winfield & more! Nice value dealer lot!

Lot: 675 - 1983 Topps Boston Red Sox Team Sets Lot of (3)

Lot of (9) Red Sox Team Sets in total - good value

Lot: 676 - 1985 Topps Boston Red Sox Team Set Lot of (7)

Super high grade 1985 Topps Boston Red Sox Complete Team Sets w/Roger Clemens Cards that are RAZOR sharp and definitely PSA worthy!

Lot: 677 - 1984 Topps New York Mets Team Set w/Darryl

You get all (17) High Grade sets as shown - examine!

Lot: 678 - 1984 Topps New York Yankees Team Sets w/Don

Gorgeous sets - examine - Don Mattingly Rookie cards galore here! PSA 9s & 10s?!

Lot: 679 - 1989 Upper Deck Boston Red Sox Team Set Lot of

PSA worthy - PSA 10s? Lot of (10) Complete 1989 Upper Deck Boston Red Sox Sets

Lot: 680 - Lot of (5) 1985 Topps Chicago White Sox Team Sets

Gorgeous sets, you get all (15) Chicago White Sox Team Sets!

Lot: 681 - Large lot of Rookies & Superstars w/KEY Rookies!

Great value here, you get everything in the title, plus some 1980 Topps star cards, some other star singles, Nolan Ryan & more! Nice value - examine!

Lot: 682 - 1972 Topps Football Card lot of (400+) w/Many

These are doubles, and in some cases triples or quads from some nice sets we bought. They were not picked through, they contain all the stars as we got them. There are some decent cards in here in nice mid-grade to some higher and some lower. You can

Lot: 683 - 1974 Topps Football Card Lot of (400+) w/some

Lower grade lot with some mid graders. Has some stars and dupes, etc. Good filler cards

Lot: 684 - 1979 Topps Baseball Complete Set w/Ozzie Smith

Nice awesome set w/(5) opened 1979 Topps Rack Packs from which the set cards were attained! Nice set!

Lot: 685 - 1984 Topps Football Card Lot of (1400+) Vending

SUPER Large lot of seriously TONS of Rookies & Stars! Has most of the big names included. Has Marino IA, Dickerson IA & End card, Marino End Card, etc etc! Super nice value lot of HIGH GRADE many PSA worthy cards from vending!

Lot: 686 - 1983 Topps Traded Baseball Set Lot of (3) w/Darryl

HTF Sets, you get a lot of (3) Factory Sets w/The Straw Man!

Lot: 687 - 1986 Fleer Update Set lot of (3) w/Barry Bonds

Nice lot of (3) 1986 Fleer Factory Update Sets w/Bonds Rookies & more!

Lot: 688 - 1984 Topps Traded, 1986 Topps Traded, 1989 & 1990

Lot of (4) Factory Sets Traded & Updates!

Lot: 689 - 1981 Fleer Baseball LARGE Lot of Rookies &

Lot of over 150+ Star and ROOKIE Cards including all the KEY cards! You get multiples on almost every single major Rookie & Star in this set in PSA 9s & PSA 10s condition in our opinion for the most part across the board! You get: (7) Rickey

Lot: 690 - Jason Kidd HUGE Lot of over 200+ Cards w/30+

The Ultimate Jason Kidd collection here! You get over 200+ Jason Kidd cards including TONS of Rookies, Specialty cards & more! Pretty much all of these should be PSA 9s & 10s in our opinion! Nice Kidd lot!

Lot: 691 - Milwaukee Bucks Super Cool Lot w/Lew Alcindor Game

We believe this item is 100% authentic as listed! OK, well, we can't document whether that statement is true, to be clear, but that is what we were told by the gentleman who seemed to have pretty clear connections to the team! We had some REAL Stock

Lot: 692 - 1989 Nabisco Don Mattingly All-Star Uncut Sheet -

Love Donnie Baseball! Nice piece to frame for your man-cave!

Lot: 693 - Two clippings about Johnny Sain - BOTH signed by

These are Guaranteed authentic, you get not one but TWO Johnny Sain autographs here! Both on clippings about himself

Lot: 694 - 1986 Topps Baseball Factory Set - Sealed - HOLIDAY

Love these sealed Holiday Factory Sets! TONS of great cards!

Lot: 695 - 1981 Fleer Baseball Complete Set w/Tim Raines

Gorgeous set!

Lot: 696 - 1984 Fleer Baseball Complete Set w/Don Mattingly &

Another gorgeous set w/KEY Rookie cards

Lot: 697 - 1985 Donruss Factory Baseball Set w/Roger Clemens,

Factory Fresh & Factory Sealed Set - Should ZOOM when Roger Clemens gets into HOF, which is gonna happen!

Lot: 698 - 1986 & 1987 Donruss The Rookies Factory Sets -

Nice lot of (3) items, the 1986 Donruss Rookies set is very HOT! Bonds PSA 10?

Lot: 699 - 1993-94 Fleer Ultra Hockey Series 1 & 2 Complete

Lot of (2) Hockey Complete Sets! 1993-94 Fleer Ultra is a tough set to find, in fact try looking on eBay we can't find a single complete set for sale! You get BOTH of these great VERY High Grade sets!

Lot: 700 - Monte Irvin Autogrtaphed Baseball w/54 W.S. Champs

Nice ball, guaranteed authentic!

Lot: 701 - Willie Randolph Autographed Baseball - On Sweet

NY Fan Favorite, signed on SS!

Lot: 702 - Brooks Robinson Autographed Baseball - 100%

On Sweet Spot of Gene Budig offical MLB ball! Autograph rates about a 6 to 7 out of 10 as shown!

Lot: 703 - Yogi Berra Official Signed Baseball - 100%

On Sweet spot of Bobby Brown offical MLB Ball - see pic

Lot: 704 - Slick Surratt signed Baseball - On sweet spot!

Popular old-timer and decent signature!

Lot: 705 - Bobby Thompson Autographed Baseball w/Oct. 3rd,

Nice nice piece of this great player who had one of the most dramatic moments in baseball history! The shot heard round the world! Bold sig on sweet spot as shown! You get whole display w/1951 Bowman Card!

Lot: 706 - David Nied Autographed ball & display Limited

As shown, nice display piece for this once promising pitcher!

Lot: 707 - 1985 Donruss Giant Diamond Kings Card signed

100% Guaranteed authentic - HTF autograph - can't get any better than this signature of Donnie Baseball!

Lot: 708 - Joe Sewell signed vintage Postcard - HOFer!

Nice autograph - 100% guaranteed authentic w/COA!

Lot: 709 - Eddie Mathews signed Perez Steele - RARE & HTF!

Gorgeous bold sharpie autograph here! 100% Guaranteed authentic w/COA!

Lot: 710 - Sandy Koufax autographed Perez Steele - RARE &

I'd grade this a PSA 10! Definitely worth getting PSA graded autograph wise! 100% Authentic w/COA!

Lot: 711 - Lot of (3) Hall of Fame Plaque Cards signed by -

Great lot of these (3) Hall-of-Famers! ALL autographs are guaranteed 100% authentic and come with our COA! Nice lot of (3)!

Lot: 712 - Jackie Jensen, Gil Hodges, Tommy & Willie Davis,

As pictured. Sold As Is

Lot: 713 - Lot of (3) Hall of Fame Plaque Cards signed by -

Great lot of these (3) Hall-of-Famers! The LEFTY GOMEZ is the KEY here and extremely HTF on this placard! ALL autographs are guaranteed 100% authentic and come with our COA! Nice lot of (3)!

Lot: 714 - Ernie Banks Perez Steele unsigned card

Nice lot of the (3) cards, (2) signed by the HOFer ascribed as shown! 100% Guaranteed w/COA!

Lot: 715 - Lot of (3) Autographed HOF Plaque cards; Albert

Nice lot of (3) Hall of Famers autographed cards as shown!

Lot: 716 - Lot of (3) Hall of Fame Plaque cards ALL

Nice lot of (3) cards all signed by HOFers! 100% authentic w/COA!

Lot: 717 - 1979 Lou Pinella Baseball Camp offical Souvenir

Only autograph not on photo is the Thurman Munson, the rest are all here - 100% obtained in person - w/COA! Nice Yankee piece! *Also has super sharp BILLY MARTIN autograph!

Lot: 718 - Lot of (3) Perez Steele (#5305/10,000) signed by

You get ALL (3) signed Perez Steele, all 100% authentic w/COA! All same serial #5305/10,000! Nice lot!

Lot: 719 - Lot of (2) Perez Steele Autographed HOFer cards

Nice lot as shown! All w/COA

Lot: 720 - 1996 Topps Mickey Mantle Complete Reprint Set of

You get the complete set plus the (2) extra Mantle cards - all PSA 9s & 10s we believe!

Lot: 721 - Lot of (3) Hall of Fame Plaque cards augtographed

Nice lot of these (3) HOFer players signed plaque cards - ALL 100% authentic w/COA!

Lot: 722 - Lot of (3) Hall of Fame Plaque cards signed by:

100% authentic - guaranteed!

Lot: 723 - Willie Randolph Autographed Photo, Kevin Maas

100% authentic - guaranteed!

Lot: 724 - Alan Trammell, Darrell Evans signed phoptos

100% authentic - guaranteed!

Lot: 725 - 1987 Forty-Eighth Hall-Of-Fame Annual Program

Awesome piece of memorabilia! Won't find another one! 100% authentic, obtained on day of induction! w/COA!

Lot: 726 - 1981 National Baseball Hall-of-Fame and museum

Nice BOLD blue sharpie signature autograph of this all-time great HOFer! w/COA

Lot: 727 - Lot of (11) Index card NFL & Other sports

You get all (11) shown. I don't know the others, likely a couple of gems but this item is sold AS IS, no returns of refunds for any reason. We believe all items are authentic but we are selling as a lot, just as we bought it! Examine!

Lot: 728 - Lot of (2) 1989 Pro-Set William Perry card #47

PSA these nice cards, one should grade a 7 to 8, the other should grade a 9 to PSA 10 in our opinion, but judge for yourself! Lot of (2) great Special Printed RARE cards!

Lot: 729 - Lot of (5) 1986-87 New Jersey Devils Team Sets of

Lot of (5) of these complete (20-card) sets!

Lot: 730 - Card album of (30+) Cards w/Rookies: Don

You get all pictured & more - total of (33) cards w/Mickey Mantle, Michael Jordan, Cal Ripken, Jr. Ken Griffey, Jr.

Lot: 731 - 1990 Titan Sports WF Wrestling Complete Set of 150

Complete 150 card set! NM to NM/MT gorgeous!

Lot: 732 - 1991 WCW Wrestling Complete Set of 110-cards by

Don't mistake this one for the common cards from that year! HTF set of 110 cards!

Lot: 733 - Lou Gehrig & Cal Ripken, Jr. Iron Man Ball

Nice display piece showing both of these HOFer consecutive game streaks w/dates!

Lot: 734 - Mark Messier New York Ranger Signed Puck w/COA!

100% Guaranteed authentic autographed official NHL Hockey New York Rangers Puck - The Captain autographed Mark Messier w/COA!

Lot: 735 - Wayne Gretzky autographed NHL New York Rangers

100% Guaranteed authentic autograph by the one-and-only Wayne Gretzky! Nice bold in silver sharpie on puck!

Lot: 736 - 1966 Philadelphia Football GALE SAYERS Rookie -

KEY rookie card! Nice sharp card! Looks a PSA 7!

Lot: 737 - (250+) Wrestling Cards w/KEYS - Hulk Hogan, The

You get the entire box of 250+ Wrestling cards!

Lot: 738 - Shaq Uncut: My Story by Shaquille O'Neal signed by

Awesome piece of memorabilia! Nice BOLD autograph by Shaq w/COA!

Lot: 739 - New York Yankees Lot of (60) Autographed Cards

Great Yankee lot of (60) pieces ALL autographed! We believe these are 100% authentic, however it’s a large lot of (60) pieces so we are selling as is, where is. No refunds or returns accepted. Examine - great value lot here of autographed

Lot: 741 - 1963 Topps Jim Brown - PSA 7.5 - NM+ - VERY High

All-time greatest RB in NFL history easily! KEY early card in VERY High Grade - MUST OWN!

Lot: 742 - 1987 National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum

Awesome piece with BOLD blue sharpie signatures that is 100% Genuine Authentic GUARANTEED and comes with our COA! Obtained in person and signed by the players at the 1987 HOF induction ceremonies! Great piece!

Lot: 743 - 1970 Topps Yankees Rookies - Thurman Munson - PSA

KEY Rookie card of El Capitan!

Lot: 744 - Lot of (10) Autographed Baseball Rookies & Stars

You get all (10) cards shown!

Lot: 745 - 1963 Topps Willie Wood Rookie Card - PSA 8 - NM/MT

Beautiful Key Rookie card

Lot: 746 - 1974 Topps Joe Namath Original Card NM + Topps

Nice lot, both in same screwdown plastic holder

Lot: 747 - Al Attles Autographed Topps All-Time Fan Favorites

Nice Bold sig!

Lot: 748 - Autographed Ted Williams Print photo - gorgeous!

Nice glossy print photo w/BOLD and STRONG Ted Williams Blue Sharpie autograph - Guaranteed authentic 100%

Lot: 749 - Dave Justice Autographed Photo

100% authentic - guaranteed!

Lot: 750 - Dwight "Doc" Gooden Autographed NY Yankee Official

100% authentic - guaranteed!

Lot: 751 - Moose Skowron Autographed NY Yankee Photo - Nice

NY Yankee great!

Lot: 752 - Large Lot of Specialty, Game Used & Lmt Edition

You get everything shown

Lot: 753 - Mankind Autographed Wrestlemania Card! Red

100% guaranteed authentic w/COA!

Lot: 754 - King Kong Bundy autographed Wrestlemania Card

BOLD black sharpie autograph by the great King Kong Bundy!

Lot: 755 - King Kong Bundy autographed Wrestlemania Card

BOLD black sharpie autograph by the great King Kong Bundy!

Lot: 756 - Vintage 1946-62 JACKIE ROBINSON Arcade card! HTF!

RARE card to find, as shown, has some creasing and wear but still collectible!

Lot: 757 - "Cool Papa" Bell autographed and inscribed

100% authentic - guaranteed!

Lot: 758 - 1991 Arena Hologram Special Collectors Edition

Nice signed holograph of HOFer Frank Thomas!

Lot: 759 - 1988 National Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum

100% obtained in person w/COA! Guaranteed for life! BOLD Willie Stargell autograph! Nice piece

Lot: 760 - 1988 Forty-Ninth Hall of Fame Annual Program

Great HTF piece autographed by HOFer Willie Stargell! Bold sharpie autograph! Beautiful!

Lot: 761 - 1989 Phillip Morris Magazine Autographed by MICKEY

100% authentic - guaranteed!

Lot: 762 - SABLE signed Card autograph plaques w/(4) of her

Interesting item definitely 1-of-a-kind piece with (4) Sable autographs - 100% guaranteed authentic w/COA

Lot: 787 - Tommy Henrich "Old Reliable" Single Signed

Nice bold auto as shown with famous monickor!

Lot: 789 - Ralph Garr Single Signed Baseball - HTF

On sweet spot

Lot: 799 - Baseball autographed by Frenchie Bordagaray on

HTF signature - single signed ball

Lot: 904R - Civil War 4 - CGC 9.6 w/WP - SS 3x - STAN LEE,

Thor Clone revealed - These signature comic books are awesome, this one is signed by Stan "The Man" Lee himself! 'Nuff said!

Lot: 907R - Marvels Project #1 - CGC 9.6 - Signed & Sketched

Amazing artist! Very HOT right now, his work is everywhere and you can own it right here on this comics books key! Original art!

Lot: 911R - New Teen Titan #nn - Keebler Edition - CGC 9.0

Pretty popular promo comics books w/New Teen Titans featured

Lot: 913R - Superman #234 - CGC 9.4 w/WHITE Pages

Always the hottest comics books title out there, sweet

Lot: 914R - Daredevil #184 - CGC 9.4 graded

Nice comics books

Lot: 915R - Aspen Splash: 2008 Convention SS Special #1 -

One of the brightest talents in comics passed way way too soon! HOT comics books anything signed by Turner

Lot: 918R - Sgt. Rock #387 - CGC 9.6 w/WHITE Pages

Popular comics books title in higher grade

Lot: 919R - Babe 2 - CGC 9.8 w/WP SS John Byrne - HOT!

John Byrne is extremely HOT and any comics books with his Sig on them rule

Lot: 927R - Titans #13 - CGC 9.6 - SS 2x - George Perez & Mark

George Perez is an iconic artist for both Marvel & DC and his comics books in this grade with his Signature should continue to appreciate in value

Lot: 928R - Captain America #326 - CGC 9.6 w/WP - SS 3x

Gorgeous comics this highly graded with (3) autographs are must own comic books

Lot: 931R - Spawn #65 - CGC 9.6 w/WP - SS Greg Capullo

Great artist on this KEY Indy title comics books

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