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700 Lots ONLINE Now! Featuring the Silent Era Projector & Camera Collection of Tom Watson.  Rare and hard-to-find items include 100's of posters, lobby cards, celebrity autographs from the silent era to modern, original animation cels, parts, manuals, books and much more!

Movie projectors and cameras start at LOT #300:

Lot# Title
1 Fortress of Amerikkka Movie Poster One Sheet
2 The Demon is Loose Movie Poster One Sheet
3 Dead Women in Lingerie Movie Poster One Sheet
4 Blades Movie Poster One Sheet
5 Rabid Movie Poster One Sheet
6 The Laughing Dead Movie Poster One Sheet
7 Timebomb Movie Poster One Sheet
8 Biloxi Blues Movie Poster One Sheet
9 Uncle Buck Movie Poster One Sheet
10 Lucas Movie Poster One Sheet
11 Big Business Movie Poster One Sheet
12 The Super Movie Poster One Sheet
13 Another You Movie Poster One Sheet
14 The Demon is Loose Movie Poster One Sheet
15 La Cage Aux Folles 3 Movie Poster One Sheet
16 The Check is in the Mail Movie Poster One Sheet
17 Lost Angels Movie Poster One Sheet
18 Bullies Movie Poster One Sheet
19 Extremities Movie Poster One Sheet
20 Cadillac Man Movie Poster One Sheet
21 Runaway Train Movie Poster One Sheet
22 Who's Harry Crumb? Movie Poster One Sheet
23 Crossroads Movie Poster One Sheet
24 Chrome Hearts Movie Poster One Sheet
25 Invasion of the Space Preachers Movie Poster
26 Dolly Dearest Movie Poster One Sheet
27 The Man Called Flintstone Movie Poster One Sheet
28 Earthbound Movie Poster One Sheet
29 Stella Movie Poster One Sheet
30 4-D Starlets X Rated Movie Poster One Sheet
31 Evil Laugh Movie Poster One Sheet
32 Lady Terminator Movie Poster One Sheet
33 Hollywood Out-Takes and Rare Footage Movie Poster
34 4-D The Starlets Movie Poster One Sheet
35 Cover Girl XXX Movie Poster One Sheet
36 Cross My Heart Movie Poster One Sheet
37 Blaze Movie Poster One Sheet
38 The Unbearable Lightness of Being Movie Poster
39 The Best of Times Movie Poster One Sheet
40 Arthur 2 On The Rocks Movie Poster One Sheet
41 Clean and Sober Movie Poster One Sheet
42 True Believer Movie Poster One Sheet
43 Masquerade Movie Poster One Sheet
44 The Last Boy Scout Movie Poster One Sheet
45 Harry and the Hendersons Movie Poster One Sheet
46 Blue City Movie Poster One Sheet
47 License to Drive Movie Poster One Sheet
48 Volunteers Movie Poster One Sheet
49 Streets of Gold Movie Poster One Sheet
50 Prince of Darkness Movie Poster One Sheet
51 RAD Movie Poster One Sheet
52 Nadine Movie Poster One Sheet
53 Shoot to Kill Movie Poster One Sheet
54 Chicago Joe and the Showgirl Movie Poster
55 P.O.W. The Escape Movie Poster One Sheet
56 Longtime Companion Movie Poster One Sheet
57 The Seventh Sign Movie Poster One Sheet
58 The Mighty Quinn Movie Poster One Sheet
59 Dead of Winter Movie Poster One Sheet
60 The Trip to Bountiful Movie Poster One Sheet
61 Moving Movie Poster One Sheet
62 Second Sight Movie Poster One Sheet
63 Sunset Movie Poster One Sheet
64 Short Time Movie Poster One Sheet
65 Farewell to the King Movie Poster One Sheet
66 Heart of Dixie Movie Poster One Sheet
67 See No Evil, Hear No Evil Movie Poster One Sheet
68 The Dream Team Movie Poster One Sheet
69 Masters of the Universe Movie Poster One Sheet
70 Dominic & Eugene Movie Poster One Sheet
71 The Sicilian Movie Poster One Sheet
72 Little Shop of Horrors Movie Poster One Sheet
73 Disorganized Crime Movie Poster One Sheet
74 Maid to Order Movie Poster One Sheet
75 Spies Like Us Movie Poster One Sheet
76 Friday the Thirteenth Part VIII Movie Poster
77 Running Scared Movie Poster One Sheet
78 Amazing Grace and Chuck Movie Poster One Sheet
79 Renegades Movie Poster One Sheet
80 Sing Movie Poster One Sheet
81 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Movie Poster
82 Worth Winning Movie Poster One Sheet
83 Prehysteria! Movie Poster One Sheet
84 Bingo Movie Poster Double Sided One Sheet
85 Peter Falk Public Service Message Poster One Sheet
86 Nomads Movie Poster One Sheet
87 The Jewel of the Nile Movie Poster One Sheet
88 Twice in a Lifetime Movie Poster One Sheet
89 Sunset Movie Poster One Sheet
90 Ghostbusters II Movie Poster One Sheet
91 Gross Anatomy Movie Poster One Sheet
92 Ghostbusters Movie Poster One Sheet
93 Ghostbusters II Movie Poster One Sheet
94 The Rescue Movie Poster One Sheet
95 Heat Movie Poster One Sheet
96 Little Nikita Movie Poster One Sheet
97 Ghostbusters II Movie Poster One Sheet
98 No Man's Land Movie Poster One Sheet
99 Stand and Deliver Movie Poster One Sheet
100 "Kitty" From "Gunsmoke" Framed Signed Photo/Letter
100a Buster Crabbe Autographed Photo
101 Mary Pickford Framed Signed Photo
102 James Dean Framed Signed Photo
103 James Dean Framed Photo with Autograph
104 Hedda Hopper Framed Signed Photo
105 Rosalind Russell Framed Signed Photo
106 Richard Boone Framed Signed Personal Stationery
107 Edward G. Robinson Framed Signed Photo
108 Jean Harlow Framed Signed Photo
109 Joan Crawford Framed Signed Photo
110 Bette Davis Framed Signed Photo
111 Helen Hayes Framed Signed Photo
112 Humphrey Bogart Framed Signed Photo
113 Mae West Framed Signed Photo and Check
114 "King Kong" Fay Wray Framed Signed Photo
115 Betty Grable Framed Signed Photo
116 Betty Grable Framed Photo And Typed Letter
117 Cesar Romero Framed Signed Photo
118 "Doc" From "Gunsmoke" Framed Signed Photo
119 Jimmy Stewart Framed Signed Photo
120 Jimmy Stewart Framed Signed Photo and Check
121 Robert Redford Framed Signed Photo
122 Dennis Weaver Framed Signed Photo
123 Glenn Ford Framed Signed Photo
124 Debbie Reynolds Water Bottle-Autographed
125 Debbie Reynolds Water Bottle-Autographed
126 Debbie Reynolds Water Bottle-Autographed
127 Debbie Reynolds Signed Concert Program
128 Shelley Fabares (Johnny Angel) Signed Photo
129 Whoopi Goldberg Signed Photo
130 Doris Day Signed Photo
131 Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser) Signed Photo
132 Spencer Tracy Framed Signed Photo
133 James "Jimmy" Cagney Framed Signed Photo
134 Douglas Fairbanks Framed Signed Photo
135 Marilyn Monroe Framed Signed Photo
135a Marilyn Monroe Framed Poster With Signed Letter
136 Al Capone Matted Photo and Signature
137 Jimmy Durante Framed Signed Photo
138 Jerry Lewis Framed Signed Photo
139 Abbott & Costello Framed Photo & Autographs
140 Laurel & Hardy Framed Signed Photo
141 Amos & Andy Framed Signed Photo
142 "Three Stooges" Moe Howard Photo With Check
143 "Three Stooges" Larry Fine Photo and Letter
144 "Three Stooges" Framed Photo With Signatures
145 "Three Stooges" Matted Photo With Autograph Sheet
146 "Three Stooges" Shemp Howard Framed Photo & Check
147 "Three Stooges" Moe Howard Env. w/Bubble Gum Card
148 "Three Stooges" Moe Howard Framed Photo and Letter
149 "Three Stooges" Moe Howard Photo and Letter
150 "Three Stooges" Framed Photo With Checks
151 "Three Stooges" Framed Comic Book w/Autographs
152 "Three Stooges" Larry Fine Signed Letter With Env.
153 RCA Victor Photophone Theater Plaque
153a 2 Western Electric Sound System Badges
154 2 Piece Lot Uncle Tom's Cabin Advertisements
155 5 Piece Lot of Movie Memorabilia Paper
156 Acme 35mm Film Splicer & Magic Film Waxer
157 Peerless Film Speed Indicator
158 9 Miscellaneous Glass Song Slides
159 Piece of Glazed Terra Cotta from Senate Theater
160 4 Piece Miscellaneous Cinema Tins
161 No. 3 Kodak Folding Pocket Camera
162 3 Piece Group of Movie Projector Parts
163 6 Piece Lot of Miscellaneous Projection Items
164 Leaded Glass Theater Exit Sign
165 IATSE Local 110 Auto Bumper Badge
166 Limelight Burner for a Lubin Lamphouse
167 Brass Union Projectionists Sign
168 Theater Award Plaque
169 Original Movie Theater Admission Sign
170 Souvenir Pennant of G.M. (Bronco Billy) Anderson
171 RCA Photophone Sound Plaque
171a 1908 Chicago Moving Picture Operator License
173 Stereo View Telebinocular
174 2 Super 8mm Movies Sci Fi
175 The Witches of Eastwick Movie Poster One Sheet
176 Shout Movie Poster One Sheet
177 The Mission Movie Poster One Sheet
178 The January Man Movie Poster One Sheet
179 The Russia House Movie Poster One Sheet
180 Everybody Wins Movie Poster One Sheet
181 Overboard Movie Poster One Sheet
182 The Great Mouse Detective Movie Poster One Sheet
183 The Terminator Movie Poster One Sheet
184 Excalibur Movie Poster One Sheet
185 Armed and Dangerous Movie Poster One Sheet
186 Who's That Girl Movie Poster One Sheet
187 Major League Movie Poster One Sheet
188 Harry and the Hendersons Movie Poster One Sheet
189 Russkies Movie Poster One Sheet
190 History of Bedrock The Flintstones Poster
191 Riverview Park Poster Calendar
192 Riverview Park Poster Calendar
193 The Three Stooges Poster
194 The Three Stooges Have Rocket Will Travel Poster
195 The Space Children Movie Poster Insert
196 Radar Men from the Moon Movie Poster 3 Sheet
196a Radar Men from the Moon Lobby Card Lot of 7
196b Flying Disc Man from Mars Lobby Card
196c Flying Disc Man from Mars Movie Poster
197 Counterspy Half Sheet Movie Poster
198 Alfred Hitchcock's Marnie Half Sheet Movie Poster
199 Alfred Hitchcock's Frenzy Movie Poster One Sheet
200 Alfred Hitchcock's Topaz Movie Poster One Sheet
201 Devil Goddess Movie Poster One Sheet
202 Bomba and the Jungle Girl Movie Poster One Sheet
203 1945 White Pongo Original Movie Poster One Sheet
204 4 Bugs Bunny Road Runner Movie Lobby Cards
205 Batman Advance Movie Poster One Sheet
206 Darkman Movie Poster One Sheet
207 Who is Dark Man Advance Movie Poster One Sheet
208 Star Wars One Sheet Teaser (B) Movie Poster
208a Star Wars Movie Poster
209 Jaws Movie Poster One Sheet
210 First Spaceship On Venus Movie Poster One Sheet
211 Batman Movie Poster One Sheet
212 3 Pc Star Trek Collectibles
213 Pirates of the High Seas Buster Crabbe Poster
214 The Adventures of Sir Galahad Movie Poster
215 Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze Poster
215a 3 Stooges Around the World in a Daze 8 Lobby Cards
216 The Desert Hawk Gilbert Roland Movie Poster
217 Son of the Guardsman Movie Poster One Sheet
218 Blazing the Overland Trail Movie Poster One Sheet
219 Desperadoes of the West Movie Poster One Sheet
220 King of the Congo Buster Crabbe Movie Poster
221 The Sea Hound Buster Crabbe Movie Poster
221a 3 Buster Crabbe Press Kit Sheets
222 Walt Disney's Peter Pan One Sheet Movie Poster
223 Aliens Movie Poster One Sheet
224 Alien Lobby Card Set
225 Buster Keaton Photos & Signed Contract
225a 5 Ingrid Bergman Photos and Signed Contract
225b John Wayne Katharine Hepburn Signed Cut Out
226 Cecil B. DeMille Framed Signed Photo
227 Walt Disney Framed Signed Photo
228 Bert Lahr Framed Signed Photo
229 Wizard of Oz Framed Signed Photos
230 "Superman" George Reeves Matted Signed Photo
231 Marlon Brando Framed Signed Life Magazine Cover
232 "Brown Derby" Restaurant Menu Framed
233 Two (2) Tickets to Kiddieland
234 "Psycho" Movie Matted Photos w/Autographs
235 Misc. Autographs Boxed Lot
236 "Blues Brothers" Framed Signed Record Album
237 Gilda Radner (SNL) Framed Signed Photo & Check
238 "Animal House" Framed Lobby Card
239 John Belushi Framed Lobby Card With Autographs
240 Art Carney Framed Signed Self-Caricature
241 "Honeymooners" Framed Photo With Autographs
242 Ricky and Lucy Framed Photo With Autographs
243 "Father Knows Best" Framed Signed Photo
244 "Bewitched" Framed Signed Photos
245 "Archie Bunker" Framed Photo and Check
245a Mel Torme Signed Check
246 Frances Bavier Framed Signed Photo-Rare!
246a Andy Griffith Signature
247 "Beverly Hillbillies" Framed Photo with Autograph
248 "Beverly Hillbillies" Matted Photo w/Signatures
249 "Dick Van Dyke Show" Matted Photo
250 "Green Acres" Matted Picture
251 Lone Ranger Show Card
251a Clayton Moore/The Lone Ranger Scarf & Photo
252 Night People Show Card Gregory Peck
253 Dead Reckoning Lobby Card Bogart
254 Creature Walks Among Us Lobby Card
255 1954 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Lobby Card
256 1941 Meet John Doe Lobby Card Gary Cooper
257 6 Framed Photos of 1950/1960 Western TV Stars
258 Curse of the Faceless Man Lobby Card Set
259 3 Spellbound Alfred Hitchcock Lobby Cards
260 3 Jungle Girl Lobby Cards in Original Envelope
261 Jungle Girl Lobby Cards in Original Envelope
262 Lone Star Clark Gable Lobby Card
263 Deadline U.S.A. - Bogart Lobby Card
263a As Time Goes By - Casablanca Sheet Music
264 Disney Snow White & the Seven Dwarves Lobby Card
265 The Adventures of Robin Hood Lobby Card
266 Bugs Bunny Roadrunner Movie Partial Lobby Card Set
267 Samson and Delilah Partial Lobby Card Set
269 10 The Undersea Kingdom Lobby Cards
270 The Trouble with Harry Lobby Card Set
270a Batman Theater Ad
271 Humphrey Bogart Hand & Foot Prints Rhodes Theater
272 Edward G. Robinson Hand & Foot Prints Rhodes
273 Errol Flynn Hand & Foot Prints Rhodes Theater
274 James Cagney Hand & Foot Prints Rhodes Theater
275 Bette Davis Hand & Foot Print Rhodes Theater
288 The Bat Movie Poster One Sheet
289 The Man with the X-Ray Eyes Movie Poster
290 Zombies of the Stratsosphere Movie Poster
291 Mutiny in Outer Space Movie Poster One Sheet
292 Western Electric Record Lathe
293 Vintage Illusion Projector
294 Rin Tin Tin Serial Advertising Banner
295 Flash Gordon Theater Advertisement 1940
296 1952 Blackhawk Original 3 Sheet Movie Poster
297 1903 Movie Poster "The Passion Play"
298 1914 Movie Poster "Slippery Slim Diplomat"
299 1914 Movie Poster Edison "Shorty"
299a 1931 David Golder French Film Movie Poster
299b L'ame du Ghetto Movie Poster One Sheet
299c Herman's Hermits Hold On! Movie Poster 3 Sheet
299d Return of the Fly 3 Sheet Movie Poster Price
299e Contemporary Model of a Praxaniscope
300 35mm Cinephon Camera from Praghazz
301 35mm Motion Picture Camera Projector Barker Bros
302 28mm Pathe Kok
303 35mm Motiograph Model F
304 Rotograph 35mm Hand Crank Projection Head
305 Motiograph No. 1 35mm Hand Crank Projection Head
306 Motiograph Model 1
307 Powers Cameragraph #6 35mm Projection Head
308 Lubin Cinograph #1956
309 Edison Model B Hand Crank Projecting Kinetoscope
310 35mm Enterprise Optical Company Model 3
311 35mm Monarch Projector
312 Kalee Indomitable No. 7 35mm Projection Head
313 35mm Standard Simplex Head
314 35mm Powers Cameragraph Late Style E
315 35mm Powers Cameragraph Projector Head Model 6
316 Cummings & Wilson Australian Biograph Model H
317 35mm Edison Kinetoscope Underwriters Model 4174
318 Kinodrome 35mm Motion Picture Projection Head
319 35mm Motiograph Model DX
320 35mm Fulco Projector Head
321 Powers Cameragraph Model D
322 Keystone 35mm Moviegraph Model 261W
323 Bell & Howell Eyemo 35mm Camera & Lens Bag
324 35mm Edison Universal Projecting Kinetoscope
325 Edison 35mm Hand Crank Projecting Kinetoscope
326 35mm DeVry Portable Projector Type ESF
327 Kinemacolor 35mm Projection Head
328 35mm Universal Movie Camera
329 Edison Projecting Kinetoscope
330 Delineascope Model D
331 35mm Motiograph Deluxe Projector
332 Hahn-Goerz 35 mm Motion Picture Projection Head
333 35mm Ernemann Movie Camera
334 35mm Bell & Howell Eyemo
335 35mm Optigraph Made by Alba Roebuck Enterprise
336 Edison Model D 35mm Projecting Kinetoscope
337 Pathe 35mm Hand Crank Projection Head
338 Movette Projector
339 Motiograph Deluxe Model F
340 Holmes 35mm Educator Projector Type P
341 Simplex Standard 35mm Projection Head
342 Edison Projecting Kinetoscope
343 Motiograph 35mm Projector
344 Acme Model SVE Projector
345 35mm Universal Movie Camera by Burke & James
346 35mm DeVry Portable Camera Lunchbox Model
347 Very Early Simplex Standard #394 1913
348 Ernst Plank German Glass Slide Projector
349 German Glass Slide Projector
350 Peerless Kinetograph 35mm Hand Crank Projection
351 35mm Burwood Projector Model A
352 Edison Projecting Kinetoscope Spool Bank Model 486
353 35mm Multi-Phase Kinetoscope
354 35mm Powers Cameragraph Model 5
355 35mm Ernst Plank German Projector
356 35mm Kaplan Projector
357 35mm Powers Cameragraph #6
358 35mm Selig Polyscope
359 35mm Movie Camera by Institute Standard
360 35mm Bell & Howell Eyemo Camera 71 Model MM
361 HiLux Val Lens Case & HiLux Val Anamorphic Lens
362 Pathe Freres 28mm Kok w/ Original Case
363 Picturol Model AK Slide Projector
364 Bell & Howell Model L Eyemo 35mm Camera
364a 16mm Victor Cine Camera
365 35mm American Projectoscope
366 35mm Acme Projector Model 12
367 35mm LaPierre-Cinema
368 Powers Camera Craft Carbon Arc Lamp House
369 Enterprise Optical by Alva Roebuck Model #4
370 35mm Akeley Camera Company New York
371 McIntosh Dbl Dissolve Carbon Arc Slide Projector
372 Edison Home Projecting 22mm Kinetoscope
372a Edison Home Film Cashmere in Original 3.25" Tin
372b Edison Home Kinetoscope Yellowstone National Park
372c Edison Home Kinetoscope Film in Tin
372d Edison Home Film Lake Geneva Camp of the YMCA
372e Edison Home Film "In and Around Havana"
372f Framed Photo of Thomas Edison
373 Extendable Leg Wood & Brass Camera/Movie Tripod
374 Fred Hoefner Model A Wood Tripod
375 Bell & Howell Eyemo Model M Camera 71
376 35mm Ernst Plank Germany Amateur Projector
377 Ernst Plank Magic Lantern Projector
378 Pathe 9.5mm Film Camera & Projector
379 Powers Cameragraph 6B
380 35mm Standard Simplex Projector
381 Victor Atamitograph Model 1
382 Powers 6B Cameragraph
383 35mm Motiograph Model 1A Head
384 35mm Akeley Pancake Movie Camera
385 Motiograph 1A 35mm Projection Outfit
386 Edison Peephole Kinetoscope
386a Clam Shell Mutoscope
387 Vintage Houston Peerless Panoram Camera Dolly
388 Vintage 35mm Theater Motion Picture Projector
389 Vintage Movie Set Light Tree
390 Bell & Howell Model D 35mm Film Printer
391 Vintage Marconi Television Camera
392 Vintage General Electric Color Studio TV Camera
393 Vintage Gardinar 35mm Movie Projector
394 Motiongraph 35mm Motion Picture Projector
395 Large Mole Richardson Fresnel Light
396 Motiograph 35mm Motion Picture Projector
397 Wenzel 35mm Motion Picture Projector
398 Theatrical Side Light
399 Monumental 1920’s Theater Chandelier Fixtures 5 Pc
399a Cinerama Steel Lighted Marquee Sign
399b Original 1948 Paris Theater Signs Manhattan, NY
399c Original 1948 Paris Theater Signs Manhattan, NY
400 "Festus" From Gunsmoke Framed Signed Photo
401 "Gunsmoke" Framed Signed Photo
402 "Matt Dillon" From Gunsmoke Framed Signed Photo
403 "Bonanza" Framed Signed Photo
404 "Dennis the Menace" Matted Photo With Autograph
405 Jim Henson Signed Photo
406 Dr. Seuss Signed Photo
407 Rona Barrett Signed Photo
407a Eddie Murphy Autographed Photo
408 "Happy Days" Framed Cast Photo w/Signatures
409 Henry Winkler Signed Photo
410 Henry Winkler Signed Photo
411 Henry Winkler Signed Photo
412 Kate Smith Framed Signed Photo
413 Ethel Merman Framed Signed Photo
414 Enrico Caruso Framed Signed Photo
415 Bing Crosby Framed Signed Photo
416 "Tin Man" Jack Haley Framed Signed Photo
417 Gene Autry Framed Signed Photo
418 Frances Langford Framed Signed Photo
419 Dick Powell Framed Signed Photo
420 Nelson Eddy Framed Signed Photo
421 Rudy Vallee Framed Signed Photo
422 Lou Gehrig Framed Photo With Autograph
423 Babe Ruth Framed Photo With Autograph
424 Tony Oliva (Minnesota Twins) Signed Photo
425 Tony Oliva (Minnesota Twins) Signed Photo
426 Jimmy Piersall (Chicago Cubs) Signed Photo
427 Jack Dempsey Signed Framed Photo
428 Max Baer (Boxer) Framed Signed Photo
429 OJ Simpson Matted Mug Shot w/Signed Photo
430 Joe Theismann Signed Photo
431 Shaun Gayle (Chicago Bears) Signed Photo
432 Walter Payton (Chicago Bears) Signed Photo
433 Walter Payton (Chicago Bears) Signed Photo
434 Walter Payton (Chicago Bears) Signed Photo
435 Len Dawson (NFL Great) Signed Photo
436 Len Dawson (NFL Great) Signed Photo
437 Len Dawson (NFL Great) Signed Photo
438 Michael Jordan Signed Wheaties Box
439 Dennis Rodman Autographed Basketball
440 Michael Jordan Signed Baseball Cap
441 Walter Payton Autographed NFL Football
442 Joe Theismann Autographed NFL Football
443 Chicago Blackhawks Pennant w/Four Autographs
444 Keith Magnuson & Chris Korol Signed Hockey Stick
445 Keith Magnuson & Chris Korol Signed Hockey Stick
446 Daffy Duck Pencil Drawing Looney Tunes
446a Looney Tunes Animated Cel Tweety Bird
446b Walt Disney Seriograph Bugs Bunny Daffy Duck
446c Set of 7 Disney Souvenir Movie Cards
446d Original Huey and Dewey Handpainted Cel
446e Original Disney Tinker Bell Handpainted Cel
447 Bugs Bunny Looney Tunes Cartoon Pencil Drawing
448 Looney Tunes Eggbert Pencil Drawing
448a Original Pencil Study Ferdinand the Bull Movie
448b Silly Symphonies Water Babies Pencil Sketch Study
448c Looney Tunes Pencil Sketch Holey Terror 1955
449 Rocky and Bullwinkle Carton Cel Art
450 Pair of Framed Walt Disney Mickey Mouse Prints
452 Star Trek Cartoon Cel Art
452a Star Trek Animation Cel Captain Kirk
453 Tom & Jerry Pencil Drawing Just Tom
454 Pinocchio Honest John & Gideon Pencil Drawing
454a Pinocchio Ltd. Ed. Animation Cel
455 Ralph the Wolf & Sam Sheepdog Pencil Drawing
456 Looney Tunes Daffy Duck 2 Pencil Drawings
457 2 Original Pencil Drawings Looney Tune Characters
458 Lord of the Rings Gandalf Cartoon Cel
459 Lord of the Rings Gandalf Cartoon Cel
460 Lord of the Rings Frodo Cartoon Cel
461 Lord of the Rings Gollum Cartoon Cel
462 Walt Disney Seriograph Bambi
463 Walt Disney Seriograph Snow White & 7 Dwarves
463a Snow White & Seven Dwarves Ltd. Ed. Serigraph Cel
463b Snow White & Seven Dwarves Ltd. Ed. Animated Cel
464 Ltd. Ed. Walt Disney Seriograph Mickey & Minnie
464a Disney Animated Art Cel from Fantasia Mickey
465 Lmd. Ed. Daffy Duck Robin Hood Porky Cartoon Cel
466 Ltd. Ed. Bugs Bunny Genie Cartoon Cell
467 Ltd. Ed. Bugs Bunny Cartoon Cell
468 Original Movie Cel Disney Black Cauldron
468a Scooby Doo Frankenstein Animation Cel
469 Pink Panther Cartoon Cel
470 The Great Mouse Detective Cartoon Cel Disney
471 The Great Mouse Detective Cartoon Cel Disney
472 WeeHawk Animation Cel from Wizards
473 Necron 99 Animation Cel from Wizards
474 Necron 99 from 1977 Feature Wizards
475 Ltd. Ed. Bugs Bunny Opera Cartoon Cel
476 Dudley Do Right Animation Cel
477 Nolan Ryan (Baseball Great) Signed Baseball
478 Carlos May (Chicago White Sox) Signed Baseball
479 Bill Clinton 1992 Signed Baseball
480 Phyllis Diller Signed Baseball
481 Bob Newhart Signed Baseball
482 Lauren Bacall Signed Baseball
483 Chip Sansom (Born Loser Comic) Signed Baseball
484 Al Pacino Signed Baseball
485 Donald Trump Signed Baseball
486 Clarence Thomas Signed Baseball
487 Jimmy Carter Signed Baseball
488 Jim Palmer Signed Baseball
489 Tom Selleck Signed Baseball
490 Michael Jordan Signed Baseball
491 Faye Dunaway Signed Baseball
492 LSU Team (w/Shaquille O'Neal) Signed Baseball
493 Magic Johnson Signed Baseball
494 Charlton Heston Signed Baseball
495 Barry Goldwater Signed Baseball
496 Dick Clark Signed Baseball
497 Ted Koppel Signed Baseball
498 Bob Hope Signed Baseball
499 Paul Tsongas (Politician) Signed Baseball
500 Madonna Signed Baseball
501 Neil Armstrong Signed Baseball
502 Anthony M. Kennedy Signed Baseball
503 Prince de Monaco Signed Baseball
504 Ted Kennedy Signed Baseball
505 Yogi Berra (Baseball Great) Signed Baseball
506 Yitzhak Rabin (Israeli Politician) Signed Baseball
507 Roman Pucinski (Chicago Alderman) Signed Photo
508 Eugene Sawyer (Chicago Mayor) Signed Photo
509 Tip O'Neill Signed Photo
510 Ted Kennedy Signed Photo
511 Rosalynn Carter Signed Photo
512 Jimmy Carter Signed Photo
513 Cretor's Popcorn Machine Roxy Theater Berwyn IL
514 Original Theater Seat Oriental Theater Chicago
515 Three Original Chicago Stadium Seats
516 Three Original Chicago Stadium Seats
517 Three Original Chicago Stadium Seats
518 Three Original Chicago Stadium Seats
519 Dark Passage Bogart Bacall Poster
520 Abbott & Costello Meet Jekyll & Hyde Lobby Card
521 For Whom the Bell Tolls Movie Poster Insert
523 Superman Radio Advertisements
524 Original To Have and Have Not Lobby Card
525 African Queen Lobby Card Bogart
527 The Lone Ranger Press Kit
528 Frisco Kid Lobby Card James Cagney
529 Tarzan and the Leopard Woman Lobby Card
530 Alfred Hitchcock The Trouble with Harry Show Card
531 Against All Flags Movie Show Card Errol Flynn
536 Ghostbusters II Standee
536a Aliens Theater Standee
537 Chuck Jones Joy of Animation Poster
538 Wild Bill Hickok Ranch Bunkhouse Kit
539 Three Stooges Have Rocket Will Travel Movie Poster
540 Casper the Ghost Movie Poster
541 Three Stooges The Outlaws is Coming! Movie Poster
542 Star Trek, Jetsons, Land Before Time Movie Posters
543 MGM Big Parade of Comedy Movie Poster One Sheet
544 2 Tom & Jerry Movie Poster Inserts
545 The Electronic Monster Movie Poster Insert
546 The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Movie Poster One Sheet
547 Fortress of Amerikka Movie Poster One Sheet
548 Chrome Hearts Movie Poster One Sheet
549 Lord of the Rings Style B Movie Poster One Sheet
550 Phantasm Movie Poster
551 Vampire at Midnight Movie Poster One Sheet
552 Slaughterhouse Rock Movie Poster One Sheet
553 The Fly Movie Poster One Sheet
554 Three Stooges The Outlaws is Coming Movie Poster
555 The Master of Ballantrae Errol Flynn Movie Poster
556 Zombies of the Stratosphere Movie Poster One Sheet
557 The Mysterians Movie Poster One Sheet
558 Crossed Swords Errol Flynn Movie Poster One Sheet
559 Ghost in the Invisible Bikini Movie Poster
560 Lord of the Rings Movie Poster One Sheet
561 Pink Champagne X Rated Movie Poster One Sheet
562 Jungle Drums of Africa Movie Poster One Sheet
562a Poster of Marlin Brando
563 Kim Errol Flynn Movie Poster One Sheet
564 The Monster and the Ape Movie Poster One Sheet
565 Dinosaurus! Movie Poster One Sheet
566 Hercules y Los 3 Chiflados Movie Poster One Sheet
567 Slaughterhouse Rock Movie Poster One Sheet
568 Three Stooges Meet Hercules Movie Poster One Sheet
569 Hot Cars Movie Poster One Sheet
570 Die Monster Die! Movie Poster One Sheet
571 Get Yourself A College Girl Movie Poster
572 Robin Hood Errol Flynn Spanish Movie Poster
573 The Adventures of Robin Hood Errol Flynn Poster
574 Three Stooges The Outlaws is Coming! Movie Poster
575 Three Stooges Meet Hercules Movie Poster One Sheet
575a 3 Stooges Meet Hercules 8 Lobby Card Set
576 Once Upon a Time in the West Movie Poster
577 MGM Cartoons One Sheet Movie Poster
578 Three Stooges Stop! Look! and Laugh! Movie Poster
579 House of Wax Show Card
580 The Day the Earth Stood Still Press Kit
581 Attack of the Puppet People Movie Poster
582 G.I. Blue Elvis Presley Movie Poster
583 Adventures of Captain Fabian Errol Flynn Poster
584 Hercules and the Captive Women Lobby Card Set
585 King of the Jungle 8 Card Lobby Set
586 War of the Worlds Lobby Card Set
587 Howard the Duck Show Card
588 Cinema Arts Magazine June 1937
589 Ten Commandments Lobby Card
591 Press Kit from the Movie Eyewitness

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