Auction Information
Auctioneer All Points Auction 717-270-4555
Auction Date Jun 24 Auction
119 East main Ave
Myerstown , Pa
Time 11:00AM
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Auction Listing
AuctionZip Auctioneer ID# 4144
                    Coin and Currency Auction
                Sunday June 24th @ 11:00 AM
         (Rear)119 East Main Ave, Myerstown,Pa 17067
 Lot MD
01.Indian Cent(1859)G4
02.Indian Cent(1888)MS
03.Indian Cent(1890)MS
04.Indian Cent(1891)MS
05.Indian Cent(1893)MS
06.Large Cent(1808)Full Liberty,VG
07.Large Cent(1818)Full Liberty,VG
08.Large Cent(1819)G/VG
09.Large Cent(1821)VG
10.Large Cent(1837)Full Liberty,VG
11.Buffalo Nickel(1919)Full Horn,AU50
12.Buffalo Nickel(1920)AU50
13.Buffalo Nickel(1929)Full Horn,EF40
14.Buffalo Nickel(1929-S)F12
15.Buffalo Nickel(1934-D)Rotation,VG8
16.Buffalo Nickel(1935)Half Horn,DBL Date,AU50
17.Buffalo Nickel(1935-S)Full Horn-Tail-Ribbon,AU50+
18.Buffalo Nickel(1936)MS60
19.Buffalo Nickel(1937)Full Horn-Tail,MS63
20.Buffalo Nickel(1936-D)Full Horn,AU50
21.Barber Dime(1909-0)
22.Barber Dime(1911)
23.Barber Dime(1911-D)
24.Barber Dime(1912-D)
25.Barber Dime(1912-S)
26.Barber Dime(1913)
27.Barber Dime(1914-D)
28.Barber Dime(1915)
29.Barber Dime(1915-S)
30.Barber Dime(1916-S)
31.Seated Liberty Quarter(1857)Full Liberty,VF+
32.St.Liberty Quarter(1918)VF 
33.St.Liberty Quarter(1920)EF
34.St.Liberty Quarter(1926-S)VG
35.St.Liberty Quarter(1928-S)VG+
36.St.Liberty Quarter(1930-S)VG+
37.St.Liberty Quarter(1932)VF
38.St.Liberty Quarter(1935-S)VG
39.St.Liberty Quarter(1939)MS66
40.Wash. Quarter(1939-D)F
41.Wash. Quarter(1943-S)VG
42.Wash. Quarter(1945-D)AU50
43.Wash. Quarter(1948)MS
44.Wash. Quarter(1954-D)F
45.Wash. Quarter(1959)F/VF
46.Wash. Quarter(1959-D)VF
47.2 Cent(1864)Large Motto,AU+
48.2 Cent(1865)AU/Unc
49.Flying Eagle Cent(1858)SM,Letters,G+
50.Flying Eagle Cent(1858)Lg.Letters,G/VG
51.Walking Liberty Half(1942-D)AU
52.Walking Liberty Half(1944)AU
53.Walking Liberty Half(1945)MS65
54.Walking Liberty Half(1946)MS65
55.Franklin Half(1950-D)VF
56.Franklin Half(1952)EF
57,Franklin Half(1963-D)EF
58.Kennedy Half(1964)Unc
59.Kennedy Half(1964)Unc
60.Kennedy Half(1965)Unc
61.Barber Quarter(1892)G/VG
62.Barber Quarter(1907-D)VG
63.Barber Quarter(1908-D)G
64.Barber Quarter(1909)G+
65.Barber Quarter(1909-0)G/VG
66.Barber Quarter(1912)G
67.Barber Quarter(1914-D)G+
68.Barber Quarter(1914-S)Key Date,G+
69.Barber Quarter(1915-D)EF
70.Barber Quarter(1916-D)VG
71.Morgan Dollar(1878-S)MS,Nice Tone
72.Morgan Dollar(1878)MS,Nice Tone
73.Morgan Dollar(1879)F+
74.Morgan Dollar(1884)AU
75.Morgan Dollar(1899-0)VF,Full Liberty
76.2 Cent(1869)G/VG
77.Liberty Nickel(1883)No Cents,Full Liberty
78.Liberty Nickel(1897)Almost Full Liberty
79.Liberty Nickel(1898)G
80.Liberty Nickel(1899)
81.Liberty Nickel(1907)VG
82.Liberty Nickel(1908)VG
83.Liberty Nickel(1909)F
84.Liberty Nickel(1910)
85.Liberty Nickel(1911)Full Liberty,F
86.Kennedy Half(1964)Unc
87.Kennedy Half(1964)Unc
88.Kennedy Half(1965)Unc
89.Liberty Head Type 1 Gold Dollar(1852)MS
90.Liberty Head Half Eagle Gold $5(1881)AU50
91.Blue Ike Unc Dollar(1971)
92.Unc. Coin Set(1940)
93.Brown Ike Proof Dollar(1971)
Lot 00
01.Indian Cent(1881)G
02.Indian Cent(1887)VG
03.Indian Cent(1889)G
04.Indian Cent(1890)G
05.Indian Cent(1891)G
06.Indian Cent(1893)G
07.Indian Cent(1907)VG
08.Indian Cent(1908)VF
09.Indian Cent(1909)VG
10.5-Steel Cents

Lot DH
01.Proof Kennedy Half(1976-S)
02.Proof Kennedy Half(1978-S)
03.Proof Kennedy Half(2002-S)
04.Proof Kennedy Half(2004-S)
05.Proof Kennedy Half(2005-S)
06.Kennedy Half(1976-D)BU
07.Kennedy Half(2001-D)BU
08.Kennedy Half(2002-D)BU
09.Kennedy Half(2008-D)BU, Better Year
10.Kennedy Half(2002-P)BU
11.Kennedy Half(2003-P)BU
12.Kennedy Half(2008-P)BU, Better Year
13.Columbian Expos Half(1893)AU
14.Columbian Expos Half(1892)AU
15.Booker T. Washington Half(1946-P)BU, 
16.Booker T. Washington Half(1946-D)BU, Better Mint
17.Booker T. Washington Half(1946-S)BU, Better Mint
18.Booker T. Washington Half(1951)Real Nice Color
19.Washington/Carver Half(1952)BU
20.Barber Half(1898)G/VG
21.Barber Half(1906)G/VG
22.Barber Half(1909-0)VG
23.Barber Half(1901)G
24.Barber Half(1900-S)Almost Full Liberty, F/VF, Nice Coin
25.Barber Half(1907)VG 
26.Barber Half(1908-D)Almost Full Liberty, F
27.Barber Half(1908-0)VG
28.Walking Liberty Half(1916-D)Better Date, VG
29.Walking Liberty Half(1918)VG 
30.Walking Liberty Half(1936)XF+
31.Walking Liberty Half(1936-D)Better Year/Mint, VF
32.Walking Liberty Half(1936-S)VF+
33.Walking Liberty Half(1937-S)Real Nice, XF+
34.Walking Liberty Half(1938)VF+
35.Walking Liberty Half(1942)Full Head, BU
36.Walking Liberty Half(1923-S)Better Year, F
37.Walking Liberty Half(1929-S)F
38.Flying Eagle Cent(1857)VF
39.Flying Eagle Cent(1958)Large Letters, VF
40.Indian Cent(1859)Better Year, VG
41.Indian Cent(1863)FBL, XF
42.Copper Nickel Indian Cent(1864)Better Type, F
43.Indian Cent(1865)VG
44.Indian Cent(1868)Better Year, G
45.Indian Cent(1874)Better Date, VG
46.Indian Cent(1883)Nice, XF/AU
47.Indian Cent(1884)Great Coin, AU
48.Indian Cent(1888)VF30
49.Indian Cent(1890)SF
50.Indian Cent(1895)Super Nice, Mint Luster, AU
51.Indian Cent(1898)AU+
52.Indian cent(1900)XF
53.Lincoln Cent(1909vdb)Unc
54.Lincoln Cent(1915-D)F
55.Lincoln Cent(1912-S)Semi Key, VG
56.Lincoln Cent(1911-S)Better Year, G
57.Lincoln Cent(1924-D)Key Date, VG+
58.Lincoln Cent(1926-S)Better Date, VF
59.Liberty Nickel(1883)NC, VF
60.Liberty Nickel(1887)G
61.Liberty Nickel(1912)VG
62.Liberty Nickel(1912-D)VG
63.Buffalo Nickel(1925)VG
64.Buffalo Nickel(1926)VG
65.Buffalo Nickel(1927)F
66.Buffalo Nickel(1927-S)F
67.Buffalo Nickel(1928)AU
68.Buffalo Nickel(1928-S)VF
69.Buffalo Nickel(1929)XF/AU
70.Buffalo Nickel(1934)AU+
71.Buffalo Nickel(1935)XF
72.Buffalo Nickel(1936)AU
73.Buffalo Nickel(1937)XF+
74.Silver War Nickel(1942-P)Unc
75.Silver War Nickel(1943)XF
76.Silver War Nickel(1943-D)VF
77.Silver War Nickel(1943-S)VF
78.Silver War Nickel(1944-P)VF
79.Silver War Nickel(1945-S)VF
80.Jefferson Nickel(1950-D)Key Date, BU
81.Morgan Dollar(1881)MS64, Proof Like Rev.
82.Morgan Dollar(1881-0)MS63, PL
83.Morgan Dollar(1883)Better Year, MS64
84.Morgan Dollar(1883-0)Stunning! MS64
85.Morgan Dollar(1885-0)MS65 Proof Like Beauty!   *Reserve
86.Morgan Dollar(1888)Unc
87.Morgan Dollar(1889)Nice Light Tone, MS64
88.Morgan Dollar(1890)Better Year, MS64
89.Morgan Dollar(1890-S)Better Mint, MS64   *Reserve
90.Morgan Dollar(1896)Stunning Beauty, MS65   *Reserve
91.Morgan Dollar(1901-0)Gorgeous, MS65/66   *Reserve
92.Peace Dollar91922)MS65
93.Peace Dollar(1923)MS64
94.Peace Dollar(1924)Nice Natural Tone, MS64
95.Peace Dollar(1924-S)Scarce, MS63   *Reserve
96.Peace Dollar(1925)MS65
97.Peace Dollar(1927-S)Better Mint
98.Peace Dollar(1928-S)Better Year/Mint   *Reserve
Lot DL
01.S.B.A. Proof Dollar(1980-S)
02.S.B.A. Proof Dollar(1979-S)
03.Mercury Dime(1945)G
04.Mercury Dime(1943)VF
05.Mercury Dime(1943)VG/F
06.Mercury Dime(1940)VG/F
07.Mercury Dime(1938)VG
08.Mercury Dime(1924-D)G
09.Mercury Dime(1923)G
10.3-Buffalo Nickels(1936,36d,36S)F,VG,VG
11.3-Buffalo Nickels(1935,35d,35s)VG,G+,G+
12.2-Buffalo Nickels(1934,34d)VG,VG
13.2-Buffalo Nickels(1926,27)VG,G
14.3-Buffalo Nickels(1930,37,38d)F,F,F
15.15-Wheat Cents(1949,50,51,52,53)All P,D&S-VF to MS63
16.15-Wheat Cents(1944,45,46,47,48)All P,D&S-F to MS63
17.12-Wheat Cents(1954,55P,D&S-1956,57,58P&D)VF to MS63
18.18-Wheat Cents(1930,35,37,40,41,42)All P,D&S-F to MS60
19.Roll Washington Quarters(1976)Unc
20.20-Washington State Quarters, Unc

Lot OM
01.Over Date Mexico Un Centavos(1876)
02.Canada Large Cent(1915)Nice Condition
03.Napolean France 5 Centimes(1855-BB)
04.2 Francs(1898)Silver
05.1 Franc(1872)Silver
06.Belgium 5 Centimes(1861)
07.Halifax Nova Scotia(1815)
08.Austria 20 Heller(1894)
09.Italy 10 Centimes(1863)
10.Russia 10 Kopeks(1936)Scarce
11.Germany 5 Pfennig(1918)
12.Germany 5 Pfennig(1893)
13.Barber Dime(1909)VF
14.Bust Dime(18??)
15.Mercury Dime(1926-S)Better Date, VG  
16.Half Dime Date Unreadable 
17.Barber Dime(1908-D)F 
18.Seated Dime(1876)Hole key chain, Nice Details 
19.Mercury Dime(1940)Unc 
20.Mercury Dime(1941)BU 
21.Roosevelt Dime(1951-S)Full Bands, BU  
22.Proof Roosevelt Dime(1971-S)BU 
23.Proof Roosevelt Dime(1972-S)BU 
24.Proof Dime(1979-S)Type 2 Clear S Var. Better Type, BU 
25.Kennedy Half(1991-D)BU 
26.Kennedy Half(1992)BU 
27.Ike Dollar(1972)BU 
28.Ike Dollar(1976-D)BU 
29.Proof Ike Dollar(1976-S)Var.1, BU 
30.Large Cent(1837)VF 
31.Large Cent(1839)F 
32.Large Cent(1842)VF+ 
34.Buffalo Nickel(1925) 
35.Buffalo Nickel(1927) 
36.Buffalo Nickel(1927-S)F/VF 
37.Buffalo Nickel(1928)Real Nice!,Unc 
38.Buffalo Nickel(1928-S) 
39.Buffalo Nickel(1929)AU 
40.Buffalo Nickel(1931-S)Better Date, VF+ 
41.Buffalo Nickel(1939-D)XF 
42.Buffalo Nickel(1937)Super Nice, BU 
43.Buffalo Nickel(1938-D)XF 
44.Standing Liberty Quarter(1925)VF+ 
45.Standing Liberty Quarter(1926)F 
46.Standing Liberty Quarter(1927)F 
47.Standing Liberty Quarter(1928)VF 
48.Barber Quarter(1892)VG 
49.Washington Quarter(1932-D)Key Date, VG 
50.Washington Quarter(1941-S)XF 
51.Washington Quarter(1942-S)VF 
52.Washington Quarter(1943-D)VF 
53.Washington Quarter(1944-D)XF 
54.Barber Half(1898)G 
55.Barber Half(1908-D)VG 
56.Walking Liberty Half(1918-D)G 
57.Walking Liberty Half(1918-S)G 
58.Walking Liberty Half(1929-S)Nice Grade, VF 
59.Walking Liberty Half(1940)AU/BU 
60.Walking Liberty Half(1942)AU/BU 
61.$1 Silver Cert.(1957B) 
62.7 Consec.Notes(1963B)Barr Notes, CU 
63.$5 Red Seal Note(1963) 
64.Indian Cent(1874)Better Date, G 
65.Indian Cent(1871)Semi Key Date, G   *Reserve 
66.Indian Cent(1905)Red/Brown, BU   *Reserve 
67.Morgan Dollar(1884CC)NGC Graded MS64   *Reserve 
68.Morgan Dollar(1890CC)AU, Scarce High Grade    *Reserve 
69.Morgan Dollar(1903)MS65, Mirror Like   *Reserve 
70.Box of Empty Misc Coin Books and Holders

Lot EK
01.Eine Mark Series 1944
02.1 Mark Berlin Mar3 1920
03.1 Mark Berlin Mar3 1920
04.2 Mark Berlin Mar3 1920
05.Dix Francs "American Bank Note Co"
06.Reichsbanknote 100 Mark
07.War Ration Book 4 W/Stamps
08.Reichsbanknote 100 Mark Berlin April 1910

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