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Auction Information
Auctioneer Matthew Bullock Auction Gallery 815-220-5005
Auction Date May 30 Auction
Ottawa, IL
Time 06:30PM
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Auction Listing
AuctionZip Auctioneer ID# 23761

Matthew Bullock Auction Gallery

Estate is located at 912 Paul St Ottawa IL

Onsite Online Only Auction

Bidding is open now

Bidding starts closing May 30th 6:30pm


Highlights include-Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoon Collection,  Jewelry, HUGE Vintage Matchbook Collection, Vintage Christmas, Vintage Kitchenware, Good Tools, Quality Furniture, Toys, Quilts, Kitchenware, and more.

This is an online only bidding auction

Items will be picked up at the estate location 912 Paul St Ottawa IL


Pick up dates and times

May 31st Thursday between 12:00pm-5:00pm

June 1st Friday  12:00pm-6:00pm

No exceptions if you can’t pick up during these times please don’t bid.



Terms: Cash, Check, & Credit Cards

No out of state checks, no business checks and no checks over $500 from new buyers.

20% Buyers Premium


Visit our website at for more information, catalog, and bidding link

Always taking quality consignments for our upcoming auctions.

Contact us at or 815-220-5005 and let us market your collection to the world

We are a large collection specialist.

Lot Number Lot Title
1 Lot of eight Sterling silver souvenir spoons
2 Lot of 10 sterling silver souvenir spoons
3 Lot of 10 sterling silver souvenir spoons
4 Lot of 10 sterling silver souvenir spoons
5 Lot of 16 souvenir spoons
6 Lot of eight souvenir spoons
7 Lot of 16 souvenir spoons
8 Lot of 10 souvenir spoons
9 Lot of 12 souvenir spoons
10 Lot of 18 souvenir spoons
11 Lot of 20 vintage spoons
12 Lot of 4 vintage spoons
13 Lot of 4 vintage Dionne quintuplet spoons
14 Lot of three vintage character spoons
15 Group of Sterling silver cufflinks and earrings
16 Group of five 14 karat gold rings
17 Group of 4 14 karat gold tie tacks
18 Group of 2 sterling silver bracelets
19 Vintage sterling silver bracelet
20 Group of vintage pendants
21 Vintage coin bracelet
22 Group of military medals
23 Group of vintage watches
24 Group of vintage jewelry
25 Group of vintage brooches
26 Vintage jewelry box with keys
27 Group of family crown pins
28 Group of jewelry
29 Group of 17 vintage souvenir spoons
30 Group of vintage souvenir spoons
31 Group of 15 vintage souvenir spoons
32 Group of 15 vintage souvenir spoons
33 Group of vintage necklaces
34 Group of vintage jewelry
35 Mini binoculars with case
36 Group of miscellaneous knickknacks
37 Group of glass trays
38 Group of flashlights
39 Group of knickknacks
40 Group of cookbooks
41 Groups of books music and DVD
42 Group of ceramic kitchen items
43 Group of metal kitchen items
44 Group of knickknacks
45 Group of plastic kitchen items
46 Group of two glass trays
47 Group of ceramic kitchen items
48 Blue and white China bowl
49 Group of knickknacks
50 Wooden desk bench
51 Rooster salt and pepper shakers and Cow mug
52 Group of drinking glasses
53 Group of six Etched glasses
54 Group of China and other plates
55 Group of glass kitchen items
56 Hamilton Beach carving set
57 Group of decorative pillows
58 Ceramic pot and stoneware jug
59 Group of two knitted pillows
60 Vintage stoneware jug
61 Two decorative pillows and a blanket
62 Group of three plastic window candles
63 Group of wall art
64 Large group of linens and recyclable grocery bags
65 Group of five wooden chairs with needlepoint seats.
66 Group of four wooden chairs with needlepoint seats.
67 One wooden chair with needlepoint seat.
68 Group of adults and baby blankets
69 Group of luggage and miscellaneous bags
70 Tin of keychains
71 Tin of lighters
72 Tin of marbles
73 Group of pocket knives
74 Lot of vintage cigar boxes and decorative cookie tin
75 Vintage shoeshine box
76 Vintage jewelry box
77 Clock with glass dome
78 Group of eight wooden wall souvenir spoon holders
79 Group of wall art
80 Wooden shelf mounted to wall
81 Vintage card table with two chairs
82 Vintage drop leaf dining table
83 Wooden side table
84 Wood dining room table
85 Vintage card table with two chairs
86 Group of two wall Decor pictures
87 Vintage silver plate tea set
88 Vintage wooden desk
89 Matchbook puzzle glued to cardboard
90 Bush Nell binoculars with strap in case
91 Vintage Aladdin Oil lamp
92 Vintage Oil lamp
93 Wall mirror
94 Group of lamps
95 Wooden cabinet and wooden storage box
96 Box of knobs and miscellaneous
97 Group of three wooden statues
98 Group of three Owl statues
99 Group of two bobble heads and two baseballs
100 Group of knickknacks
100b Terms and Conditions
101 Group of two ceramic dogs and one Pink Opalescent Hobnail Bud vase
102 Group of glass and ceramic Decore
103 Group of ceramic plates
104 Group of doll size wicker patio furniture
105 Decorative fishing net Mac and Easel
106 Group of three wooden jewelry boxes one decorative
107 Group of glass and ceramic Decore and frame
108 Group of dolls, And picture
109 Vintage U.S. Army Metal toy soldier camp display
110 Vintage Chicago World's Fair Bank and dragon.
111 Group of four wooden doll size chairs
112 Metal dagger with metal sheets and other decorative item
113 Vintage Matchbook cover album
114 1992 red man chewing tobacco the flavor of America tin filled with matchbooks.
115 Group of vintage Advertising matchbook covers
116 Group of vintage Advertising match books
117 Group of vintage Advertising match books
118 Group of vintage Advertising match books
119 Group of vintage Advertising match books
120 Group of vintage Advertising match books
121 Group of oriental fans and Decor
122 Group of train HO cars and transformer
123 Group of Train buildings and cars
124 Group of postcards and more
125 Army duffel bag
126 Twin size wooden bed frame parts
127 Vintage wooden crib
128 Group of vintage matchbox covers
129 Vintage Joe DiMaggio matchbook cover
130 Glass table lamp with shade
131 Glass punch bowl set
132 Group of vintage buttons
133 Group of two side tables wooden
134 Wooden folding window shutter
135 Vintage fabric armchair
136 Wooden armchair with fabric cushion
137 Group of wooden Wall mirrors
138 Group of two oriental paintings
139 Group of wooden and metal Decor
140 Fabric rocking chair
141 Flexible reading lamp
142 Electric air care humidifier
143 Group of stuffed animals
144 Group of stuffed bears
145 Group of four Raggedy Ann dolls in wooden crib
146 Group of Christmas village Decor and miscellaneous
147 Group of miscellaneous farm animals
148 Group of Christmas village characters and miscellaneous
149 1984 Reddick mansion Christmas association ceramic model
150 Group of 10 electric window candles
151 Doll rocking chair made of sticks
152 Group of vintage glass ball Christmas ornaments
153 Group of miscellaneous Christmas decorations
154 Group of miscellaneous Christmas bows
155 Group of miscellaneous Christmas Decor
156 Box of miscellaneous paper buildings
157 Group of miscellaneous Christmas ornaments
158 Group of to Louisville slugger wooden toy bats
159 Electric ceramic Christmas tree with bulbs
160 Group of miscellaneous Christmas ornaments
161 Group of miscellaneous Christmas ornaments
162 Group of miscellaneous Christmas ornaments
163 Group of ceramic Christmas nativity figurines
164 Group of miscellaneous Christmas decorations
165 Group of miscellaneous Christmas ornaments
166 Group of miscellaneous Christmas decorations
167 Ceramic snowman decorative chair
168 Group of miscellaneous Christmas ornaments
169 Group of Christmas Russian nesting dolls
170 Group of glass Christmas ornaments and Beads
171 Group of miscellaneous Christmas ornaments
172 Group of electric Christmas village buildings
173 Box of cut and assemble books
174 Group of Christmas trees and other miscellaneous pine Christmas artificial merchandise
175 Plastic electric Christmas church
176 Box of miscellaneous village style Christmas trees
177 Miscellaneous Christmas village decorations
178 Group of decorative Christmas gift boxes
179 Group of village landscape items
180 24 inch animated snowman and metal snowman
181 Ceramic nativity scene
182 American flag with pole 50 stars
183 8 foot metal step ladder
200b Terms and Conditions
301 Vintage truck
213 Valbon tripod
211 Pair of stoneware pots 6” x 8”
303 Group of books
215 Lot of eight clear glass trays and cups 11” x 6”
214 Mamiya Camera and lenses with flash attachment film shield and cases
302 Vintage Wood head board and foot board with Twin bed
305 Vintage stool
304 Shelf
306 2 chicago bulls sweatshirts
219 Japanese drinking set and decorated glassware
217 Kate Greenway gift wrapping paper and other miscellaneous
220 Scentsy heat lamp and wax 5“ x 4“
218 Boston speakers and other miscellaneous media
223 Clear glass lamp shades
221 Miscellaneous dishware featuring teapot and bowls
225 RadioShack intruder Monster truck
222 Flat of animal figurines wooden and Stone
228 Decorative ceramic state plates
224 Board games and jigsaw puzzle
212 Box of advertising mugs and coasters
227 Two luggage carriers
229 Decorative ceramic flower plates
226 Kids jigsaw puzzle’s and Domino’s
216 Flat of miscellaneous knickknacks featuring Uncle Sam
232 Aluminum baking pans
233 Camping pot and canteen with covers
234 Brass and steel decorative plates
231 Decorative ceramic state plates
235 Breg knee brace
236 Wooden candle stick holder
237 Flat of glassware featuring a vase
238 Ceramic lighthouse Ocean seen
239 Schlitz beer cans
230 Decorative ceramic state plates
241 To brass camels
280 Group of silk scarves
242 Group of 2 sad irons
243 Roger bossard bubblehead
244 Russian nesting dolls
245 Four Russian nesting dolls
246 Chicago Bulls 1991/92 cereal boxes
240 Brass menorah
247 Advertising hats
249 Black Zero zone by Wallace winterized overalls
250 Mens Buffalo Sorel winter boots and shoes
248 Travel bags
251 Winter forest scene aluminum bins
252 Hostess dolly stretcher Chicago
253 100 game play board
254 Flexible flyer red wagon
255 Radio flyer
256 Vintage doll house
257 Wood barn
258 Group of Cardboard buildings
259 Vintage rocking horse
260 Vintage crib
261 Vintage high chair
262 Heavy floor lamp
263 Amanda air conditioner
265 Group of 11 pictures
266 3 framed prints by Currier & Ives
267 Group of vintage toys
268 Group of vintage plastic dinosaurs and viking men
269 Vintage Texaco fire truck
270 Table with attached skirt
271 Pineapple Candle holder
272 Vintage “Stiffel” lamp
273 Round table with skirt
274 Vintage rocking chair
275 2 vintage chairs
276 Sheep skin rug
277 Drafting table
278 Floral ottoman
279 Fan
284 Group of 6 books
282 Group of halloween
283 Group of mexico pottery
281 Group of handmade items
288 Group of 12 steins
285 30 cup west bend coffee maker
286 Light house
289 ResMed S8 Escape System
290 Cardboard castle
291 Group of childrens books featuring Pinocchio and more
287 Group of misc glassware
292 Group of misc. items
293 Group of 2 Vintage Clown Halloween costumes
294 Group of misc. frames
295 Group of misc. sized frames
296 Group of flowers and more
297 Group of ribbons and more
298 Group of vintage games
299 Group of misc. pieces of material for quilts
300 15 “Life” magazines
300b Terms and Conditions
307 Mexico pot
309 Group of bottles and more
310 New twin sheets
314 Kling dresser
311 Glass fishbowl vase
313 Vintage lamp
316 Handmade quilt
318 Group of linens nd more
315 Kling night stand
317 Handmade quilt
322 Table top pool table
312 Copper pan and base
319 Group of 4 blankets
320 Vintage Wood head board and foot board with Twin bed
323 Whirlpool air conditioner
325 Group of frames
324 Whirlpool air conditioner
308 Group of misc items
326 Bissell carpet shampooer
330 Extending mirror
328 Group of knitting needles
321 Group of bags
333 Desk,chair and waste can
331 Basket of sand dollars and more
329 Group of easter
327 Group of buttons and more
334 Group of xmas paper, bags and more
332 Handmade framed german shepard dog
336 End table
337 Shark vacumm
338 Weaving loom
340 Group of misc craft items
339 Large group of material and more
341 Group of misc. decor
342 Group of beads nd craft items
335 Wire storage baskets
344 Wooden shelf
346 Group of binders and locks
345 Group of 2 posters
343 Group of quilting books
347 Group vintage classic comics
348 Group of hand carved statues
349 Group of hand carved ducks and more
350 Group of misc hand carved bird and more
351 Lego “Siege Tower”
352 Smokin’ Joe’s tin with matches
353 Aztek hanging picture
354 Group of tins and alumium roasters
355 Vintage “Shirley Temple” books
500 Vintage blender and popcorn maker
357 Silverfross Rootbeer Mug
358 Group of puzzles
356 Pair of wooden shoes
359 3 bags
361 Group of 7 pillows
362 Sweet Heart Dollhouse
360 Da-Lite Comet projection screen
364 Group of captain morgan poster and more
365 Group of misc. coats and more
363 Group of sleeping bags nd more
367 Group of 29 hats
368 Group of material for quilting
366 Trunk with keys
369 Bag of poly-fil
370 Group of yarn and more
371 Roaster
374 Group of 2 twin headboards
376 Group of jello molds and more
372 2 canning pots
375 Group of camping pot and pans
377 Group of kitchen appliances
378 Vintage Boot Valet
373 Group of bamboo fishing poles
382 Sterling siver Weighted compote
380 Group of 6 napkin holders
381 2 blue glass birds “signed”
384 Pair of weighted sterling silver candle stick holders
386 Room divider
385 Pair of weighted sterling silver candle stick holders
387 Vintage Taylor Roast Meat Thermometer
388 Wood bowl
379 Cutting board with strainer
383 Pair of weighted sterling silver candle stick holders
390 Sunkist milk glass juicer
391 Planters advertising glass container
389 Wood letter and keyholder
392 6 1/2 inch cast-iron skillet
393 Group of Vintage wood handled kitchen utensils
395 Cookie Gun And Pastry Decorator
394 Group of flatware and more
396 Group of glasswear
398 Ebon-ware Barbecue Accessories
399 Group of 4 colored bottles
397 Group of candle holders and mugs
400 Group of cookie jar’s and more
400b Terms and Conditions
403 6 pc. Pottery from “Mexico”
402 Hull art dish
404 Decorative glass decanter
401 Group of miscellaneous decor
406 glass French Coffee Press
405 Westmoore Redware Pottery Bowl
408 Group of miscellaneous plates
409 Group of candy molds and more
415 6 Franklin mint teddy bear plates
410 Emerson microwave
407 Group of misc. plates
412 Vintage oil lamp with wall Sconce
411 Green depression glass cake platter
414 Vintage Wall lamp
416 Group of three coolers
418 Group of 4 Oriental wood figurines
419 Group of five puppets
420 2 vintage cut out puppets
422 Aunt Jemima glass bottle
423 Group of four pewter mugs and plate
413 Vintage Slaw shredder
424 Group of misc. Miniatures
421 2 amber glass nesting hens
425 Group of misc. decor
426 Group of cups and lamp
429 Primitive wood cabinet
430 2 twin box springs
427 Vintage slaw cutter
428 Group of misc. cow bell and more
417 Holmes cool mist Humidifier
432 Vintage chair
433 Plant stand
431 Vintage side table
435 US flag balloon Wirley gig
434 Antique crock
436 Antique bench
437 Antique painted chair
438 Antique wire egg basket
439 Group of 5 wind chimes
500b Terms and Conditions
501 Group of vintage tins
502 Group of miscellaneous items
504 Wicker basket
505 Group of two toy wheelbarrels
503 Group of pots and pans
506 Vee ba rova vodka Advertising clock
507 Vintage blue star potato chips advertising tin
509 Vintage conti Virgin olive oil advertising tin
510 Group of three vintage Tonka Pressed steel construction toys
508 Vintage Wander malted milk advertising tin
511 Group of 2 vintage Tonka pressed steel toy vehicles
513 90s super soaker XP 105 with original box
516 Danby premiere dehumidifier
514 Group of to plant tables with metal bases
515 J. Roget Champagne advertising plastic shelf
517 Vintage metal high chair
512 Group of five vintage metal toy vehicles
519 Group of miscellaneous items featuring vintage nails and more
518 Group of miscellaneous items
521 Group of two vintage desk pens
522 Group of vintage poker chips
523 Vintage calumet baking powder tin
520 Group of 2 vintage asbestos cast-iron sad irons
524 Group of vintage wood drawer pulls
525 Group of miscellaneous items featuring glass horn and more
526 Group of miscellaneous vintage keys
528 Group of vintage advertising bottle openers and ice picks
529 Vintage frog trident
527 Group of vintage wood spools
531 Group of misc toys and others
533 Vintage wall hanging cloths dryer with cat design
532 Vintage pocket knife with leather sheath
535 Vintage ping pong table with net
530 Group of 2 vintage coca-cola advertising bottle openers
534 Group of six vintage shutters
537 Group of two antique wood chairs
538 Group of two antique metal ice cream chairs
539 Group of two antique ice cream chairs
540 Group of drink stirrers, shot glasses, and more
536 Group of six plastic patio chairs
542 Primitive green painted chair
543 Metal fire pit with wheels
545 Group of miscellaneous kitchen items
541 Group of two wood benches
547 Large group of painting supplies featuring brushes, rollers, Thompson water seal and more
544 Group of 13 etched and clear glass glasses
549 Primitive wood table
552 Vintage Pennzoil 120 pound advertising oil drum
546 Group of paint featuring partially full and full cans
551 Vintage Bill, Tom, Dave metal work box with handles
548 Group of three primitive wood crates
553 Vintage Kamm’s beer advertising cardboard beer box
550 Magic Chef refrigerator
554 Speed zone ahead metal street sign
555 No parking except for rest area patrons metal sign
556 No parking except for rest area patrons metal sign
557 No parking except for rest area patrons metal sign
558 No parking except for rest area patrons metal sign
559 Plywood pilgrimage information ahead sign
560 Vintage six drawer work cabinet with metal line drawers
561 Group of tins with hardware
562 Group of blue and clear vintage ball jars
563 Box lot of miscellaneous tools
566 Partially full boxes of peters and western 12 gauge shotgun shells
565 Group of vintage electrical supplies
564 Vintage metal griddle
567 Group of 4 tins
569 Group of five vintage glass shades
568 Vintage drill with drillbits
571 Group of five pipe wrenches
570 Group of 5 C clamp
574 Vintage Master mechanic 6 gallon dry wet vac
578 Quantum SR6 snapshot fishing rod and reel
573 Shelf lot of miscellaneous tools
572 Group of wrenches and sockets
576 Group of two vintage ice tongs
575 Group of miscellaneous tools
577 Corner lot of miscellaneous woodworkers hardware
580 Delta to speed 16 inch scroll saw with manual
581 Staple and hot glue gun
583 Group of six wood planes
579 Group of nails new in original boxes
582 Group of two hardware organizers
585 Toolshop 3 inch miter and corner clamp
584 Fluorescent work light and 48 inch bulbs
586 Group of five vintage hand saws
588 Delta 4 inch belt and 6 inch disc bench mount sander
587 Vintage metal weed trimmer
590 USM heavy duty pop rivet tool
591 Rockwell 7 1/2 inch circular saw with extra blades
589 Delta sanding drum kit with case
592 Craftsman cordless drill with work light, charger, in case
593 Group of two Sanders with extra sanding pads
595 Group of five pry bars
597 Vintage homemade work table
594 Homemade wood hardware organizer
596 Craftsman router table with bit set and universal adapter
599 Group of homemade wooden figurines and wood crate
600 Group of empty hardware and cigar boxes
598 Workbench with drawer
602 Sears craftsman 6 inch bench grinder
603 Delta 8 inch drill press
605 Box lot of vintage door pulls and hardware
601 Sears craftsman 4 1/8 inch jointer/planer
606 Group of cobbler’s tools, police, hammer Group of cobbler’s tools, pullys, and more
608 Two pairs of vintage Vermont Tubbs snowshoes
604 Shelf lot of miscellaneous hardware
610 Workbench
607 Workbench
609 Delta 8 1/4 compound made of Saw
612 Vintage Stanley number 45 plane with case and blades
613 Group of vintage glass furniture coasters
611 Group of two vintage meat cleavers
614 Military trench shovel
616 Vintage diamond 760 advertising oil can
617 David Backes Peoria Riverman prints on canvas
615 Group of four vintage advertising oil cans
618 Vintage work cabinet with metal line drawers
620 Vintage Pennzoil advertising 120 pounds oil can
619 Group of 12 yard tools
622 Group of vintage craft cheese boxes and others
621 Vintage cafe de Panama advertising burlap sack
624 Box lot of miscellaneous tools
625 Shelf lot of miscellaneous items
623 Vintage minnow bucket and fish cage
627 Propane camp stove with tank and cooler
626 Group of rotisserie basket
630 Mcculloch mini mac 6 Chainsaw
628 Shelf lot of miscellaneous bug killer, miracle grow, car wash, and more
631 Black & Decker 16 inch deluxe electric hedge trimmer
632 Vintage 1 gallon gas can
629 Shelf lot of miscellaneous lawn Decour items
633 Vintage 5 gallon gas can
634 Group of two plastic hardware organizers
635 Group of Six vintage wooden planters
636 Weedwhacker and trimmer
638 Group a 5 yard tools featuring sickles and trimmers
639 Vintage forge grand country lemons wood advertisement
640 Antique 1 gallon stoneware jug
641 Vintage griswold #4 cast-iron bowl
642 Vintage Ballard packing co. Marion ind. pure lard advertising 5 gallon tin
643 Group of five vintage advertising tins
644 Group of vintage miscellaneous items
645 1992 limited edition Redman chewing tobacco advertising tin
647 Corner lot of miscellaneous advertising tins and more
646 Vintage ammo box
648 Vintage zenith solid-state radio
637 Group of holiday yard decorations
650 Group of tarps
660 Group of three hack sauce
651 Group of wire garden fencing
652 Group of birdfeeders and miscellaneous
649 Group of garden hose attachments
655 Vintage metal folding table
653 24 foot aluminum extension latter
654 Group of garden hoses
656 Two rolls of chicken wire
657 Group of hanging planters
658 Group of plastic fence posts and more
661 Vintage 14 foot wood ladder
663 Snowman lawn ornament
662 6 foot aluminum step ladder
659 Group of planters
664 Vintage metal milk can
666 10 foot tree trimmer with blade
665 Vintage coal bucket
668 Wheel barrel
667 Group of two life jackets
669 Umbrella with no stand
670 Live trap
671 Liquor and aluminum folding chair
673 Vintage two man saw
674 Vintage amf junior tricycle
676 MTD yard machines 21 inch clearance electric start snowblower
677 Thermos gas grill
675 Vintage 9a Radio flyer wagon
679 Picnic table with umbrella
678 Group of eight bird houses
672 Vintage royal racer sled


Auctioneer License Information: IL 441001731

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