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Auction Date Jun 22 Auction
1325 N. Warson Rd
St Louis, MO
Time 10:10AM
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Framed oil painting on canvas-S. Morris; Floral with sailboats; Frame is 45x33", Painting is 2 Original water color with frame (needs reframing) Palm Leaves by Tina Brown; 27x39" Un 3 Photograph on canvas; frameless; lake scene; 48x32" Unsigned 4 Print of The Shortening Winter's Day; artist signature; Joseph Farquharson RA-winter feed 5 Framed Contemporary Graphics; signed; 183/200; Repose; Truyard; Painting; 23x15"; fram 6 Framed contemporary art painting with stenciled imprints; signed; 241/275; painting 27x3 7 Framed print of watercolor bird; artist signature; print 33x22"; frame 44x35" 8 Framed print; artist Grandma Moses; Childhood Home of Anna Marie Robertson Moses; p 9 Framed print; South Levee, St.Louis in 1884 by L.Edward Fisher; signed; 205/750; print 36 10 Framed watercolor; Spectrolite by Tom McCann; frame 37x49" 11 Framed watercolor art design; A/P Water Weeds signed; watercolor 38x28"; frame 49x38 12 Framed original pastel; Two Quills; Hirth '97; pastel 15x22"; frame 26x33"; some marks on 13 Framed watercolor; EJ Thais, Architect's artist; St.Louis; of city & people; watercolor 20x2 14 Framed Contemporary Graphics ; Sarah Russell; Serigraphs, St.Louis native artist; signed; J 15 Framed Serigraphs; Sarah Russell, St. Louis native artist, signed 7/25; print 24x22"; frame 16 Framed poster; the Robert Lehman Collection; The Metropolitan Museum of Art; trees; p 17 Framed art; Containment II; artist signature; frame 27x36" 18 Framed contemporary art print; crack in glass in lower right corner; frame 40x29"; unsign 19 Framed painting; Truyard; signed; Reflectious, 118/200; frame 38x32" 20 Framed photograph of old barn by M.J. Vaughan, 1993; frame 41x31" 21 Framed art; sunset; 184/345; signed; frame 51x39" 22 Framed print; landscape; frame 45x45"; executive frame 23 Framed collage painting; CM Louise; painting 36x24"; frame 49x37"; executive frame 24 Framed landscape; landscape 53x20"; frame 62x29"; artist signature 25 Framed print; signed; Arancia; 78/200; Susan Hartenhoff; needs reframing-has dropped d 26 Framed print; Eileen Gale; 6/195; print 19x30"; executive frame 37x45"; abstract figure 27 Framed landscape; unsigned; art 23x34"; frame 33x44"; executive frame; grass field with 28 Framed watercolor; 29x39"; St. Charles; Marilyn Bradley, artist 29 Framed print; watercolor; frame 42x3"; landscape; unsigned 30 Framed print; beach and sailboats; cracked glass on bottom left; frame 40x32" 31 Two framed prints; Landscapes; Unsigned; 32x40" frames; alley and bridge 32 Framed print; 32x40"; Piet Bekaert, 1985; wisteria over walkway 33 Framed art; Georg Rauch; flowers; frame 27x33" 34 Framed poster; The Andre Meyer Galleries; The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Landscape; 35 Framed print; 38x28"; abstract art; artist signature Needs work on framing 36 Framed print; flower gardens; unsigned; small chip of glass on bottom left; 32x40" 37 Framed print; flower gardens; glass broke on bottom right side; unsigned; frame 35x32" 38 Framed poster; The Andre Meyer Galleries; The Metropolitan Museum of Art; Claude Mo 39 Framed posters; set of two; Susan Farquhar; trees; 24x36" 40 Framed poster; Impressionists and Post-Impressionists Masterpieces: The Court Auld Coll 41 Framed photograph; Chris Ucker; Blue Surgeon Fish; Photographed by Jim Cournoyer and 42 Framed print; artist signature; '89; 29x38"; stream through forest 43 Two framed prints by James Hagen; Long Grove 215/375; Long View 77/375; 23x26"; diffe 44 Framed print by David Hagerbaumer; signed; pheasants; 180/450; executive frame 45 Framed print of flowers; 21x27"; unsigned 46 Framed print; Gretchen Brigham; 130/800; 28x22"; water fountains 47 Framed print; signed; 57/100; burning bridge survivor; 21x29"; older executive wood fram 48 Two framed prints; A.P.; Flight I and Flight II; Gilmore; 25x30" 49 Framed print; signed by artist; 128/175; G.Fires; print 18x23"; frame 27x34" 50 Framed print; Piet Bekaert; 1988; 31x31"; frame has some damage; landscape 51 Framed print of lake; 29x23", unsigned 52 Framed print of quail; Brumbaugh; 30x29"; artist signature 53 Framed print; gold frame; flowers, unsigned; 21x28" 54 Framed print; flower names in latin; unsigned; 26x30" 55 Framed print; buggy in field of flowers; artist signature; 31x26" frame has skinned ma 56 Framed print; artist signature; 35x29"; frame has skinned marks landscape 57 Framed print: R. Peerman; landscape; 32x27" 58 Framed print; artist signature; trees on mountains; Soviani?; 27x33" 59 Framed print; Rod Frederick; 430/1500; snow owl; executive frame; 39x26" 60 Framed print; Katherine Liu; Louis Newman Galleries, Beverly Hills; crack in glass; artist sig 61 Framed poster; Tribute to Seurat; Marcus Uvilesky at Ryan/Johnson Gallery; Acrylic on pa 62 Framed print: Amish; Carl Valente; 22x18" 63 Framed lithograph on paper; John DeMartelly; Old Man Towne Bought a New Scythe; prin 64 Framed print; flowers; Jane Felts Mauldin; 18x21", artist signature 65 Framed print; Bertrand; print 8x10"; frame 19x21"; iris 66 Framed print of Cardinals; Paul Whitney Hunter; print 10x14"; frame 17x21" 67 Framed aerial photo of rural countryside; 21x17"; unsigned frame is skinned 68 Framed painting: Christina Davis; Arch in St. Louis, MO; 16x10"; frame 20x16" Signed 69 Framed collage art; signed Steve Strickland; glass is cracked in bottom left corner; 20x16" 70 Framed picture of fireworks over the river at the Arch in St. Louis, MO; Robert A. Dawson 71 Framed print; G. Brigham; '85; water around gazebo; 25x20" 72 Framed painting on canvas; Ampert; signed; framed in 1985; 9x11" 73 Framed print of Egyptian princesses; unsigned; 12x14" 74 Pair of framed prints; flowers with Latin names; PJ Redonte; 13x16" 75 Framed poster of SWACE; Albuquerque 99; 14x17" 76 Framed print; Unselfish Devotion to Service; Charles Erwin Rider's 1923 heroism….; 13 1/2 77 Framed print; Paris, Le mulin rouge, L.Lelong; signed; 17x15" 78 Framed print; Ocean Flowers; Michael James; 284/2500; '83; 18x24" 79 Set of 3 framed art collage prints; artist signature on 2/3; 25x21" 80 Framed poster; Ocean Wilderness Series; Photograph Thomas Cowell; 30x24" 81 Framed print of old homestead; Windberg; 23x19" 82 Framed print of flower vase; Albert Williams; gold edged frame; 27x23' 83 Framed poster; On the Llugwy North Wales; BH Leader; 1870; frame has scratches 84 Pair of framed prints; Ralph Taylor; prints of streams; print 91/2x14"; frame 20x25" 85 Framed poster of inside of hot air balloon; unsigned; 25x19" 86 Framed photograph of hull of a boat; unsigned; crack on glass; 20x24" 87 Framed art collage print; signature; 20x29" 88 Framed poster; Doors of Kansas City; Photographs by Michael Rush; For Johnson County C 89 Framed print of inside of hot air balloon, MJ Vaughan, '86; 11/125; 26x20" 90 Framed photograph, MJ Vaughan, '87; Pink flowers; 22 1/2x28 1/2" 91 Framed print; winter scene; Arnold Alaniz; '83; 26x26" Print in round insert 92 Framed poster of Constitution by Jack Zehil; 24x18"; small chip in glass in upper right corn 93 Framed print of watercolor; Garden Walk; Lanny Barnard, signature; 25 1/2x24" 94 Framed print of watercolor; Sunlight and Shadows, Kent Wallis;signature; 25x22 1/2" 95 Framed print of watercolor; Iris Pool, Michele Taylor Hayakawa; signature; 27x24" 96 Framed print of watercolor; The New York City Marathon, The 19th Running; Carolyn And 97 Framed print of watercolor countryside; unsigned; executive frame; 42x32" 98 Framed collage art print with multiple signatures; executive frame; 26x34" 99 Pair of framed prints; Signed by Eileen Gale AP; executive frame; 24print of burlap & mate 100 Framed print; High Point, James Hagen, 120/375; signed; 33x40"; needs new paper on ba 101 Framed print; James Hagen, Reflections II, 270/275; 32x40" 102 Framed print; artist signature; abstract print; 38x25" 103 Framed art collage print; absract; unsigned; 38x28" 104 Framed art collage print; abstract; artist signature; 40x30" 105 Framed abstract art print; unsigned; crack in glass; 38x27" 106 Framed abstract poster; Vicki Wilber; Series #8, 1990; Devon Editions; 26x40" 107 Framed art collage print; Jan King; 31x39"; artist signature 108 Framed print; unsigned; abstract art; 31x39" 109 Framed print; Hornbuckle, 1981; desert mesa scene; 40x32" 110 Framed watercolor print; unsigned; open gate to garden; 44x37" 111 Framed print; Still Living On the Edge; 2/75; L Stark; '86; 38x32; floral print 112 Framed print; unsigned abstract art; 27x38"; grasses and flowers in field 113 Framed watercolor print; flower garden; unsigned; 35x32" 114 Framed abstract print; Steve Strickland, signed; 32x28" 115 Framed silkscreened art; unsigned; shades of beige triangles; 30x30" 116 Framed Print of watercolor; ocean and sailboats; unsigned; 31 1/2 x 28" 117 Framed watercolor print; unsigned; back garden of house; 31x31" 118 Framed poster, Henry Howells Ming Poppies; unsigned; 35x26 119 Framed watercolor poster print, Scott Medlock; Bruce McGaw Graphics; signature; Greg N 120 Framed abstract print-Corporate Challenge 1986; artist signature; newspaper print buildin 121 Framed print of lady with water jug; unsigned; 34x28" 122 Framed poster, Vassily Kandinski-Im Blau, 1925; Dusseldorf, Kunst Sammlung Nordrhein-W 123 Framed print; unsigned; desert scene; 28x34" 124 Framed print of watercolor; Thomas Ho; 228/950; 2 girls in a boat; 36x29" 125 Pair of framed prints; unmarked; abstract sand art; continuation prints; 27x40" 126 Framed abstract print; Lawrence C Goldsmith; field of pink grasses; 35x27" 127 Pair of framed prints; flower beds and trees; unsigned; continuation prints; 27x40" 128 Framed print; Truyard; Snow-Creek; 37x32" 129 Framed print; Truyard; Forest; lipert; cracked glass; 34x44" 130 Framed photograph; Barren trees 32x14" 131 Framed print; Magic Moments; Diane Clapp Bartz; Ultra Color; 195/600; 9x25"; artist sign 132 Framed print; David Hares; Abstract blue; print 10x30"; frame 18x36" 133 Framed poster; Gary Bukovnik/watercolors; ADI Gallery/San Francisco, January 17, 1980; 134 Framed print; Birds of Paradise; Ken Rich; 6/500; 20x40" 135 Framed photograph; unsigned; pink flowers; 42x21" 136 Framed watercolor print; Baben; 465/650; seaside; print 19x16; frame 31x27 137 Framed watercolor print of man fly fishing; P/4 1/15/01; signed; 34x27" 138 Set of 3 framed photographs; Yellow, Red, White Flowers; Nature Photography & Healthc 139 Framed watercolor print; Scott Medlock; signature; Foursome at Pebble Beach; 41x31" 140 Framed print; abstract flowers in vase; Precision Moments I; 16/375; Jardine; signed; 31x

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