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Auctioneer Horst Auctioneers 717-738-3080
Auction Date May 19 Auction
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Ephrata, PA
Time 09:00AM
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Lot: 1 - Greg Shooner ovoid handled redware jug

ca. 1997; ovoid jug with applied fluted handle and mottled in brown/clear glaze, signed Greg Shooner, 7"d, 9 1/4"h

Lot: 2 - 2 Greg Shooner redware bottles

ca. 1994 & 2002; bulbous flask with flowing yellow, brown and green glaze with faux chips to lip of bottle, inspired by the Shenandoah Valley, 3 1/2"d, 5 3/4"h; redware flask bottle with overall yellow glaze and brown brush stroke accent, dated 2002,

Lot: 3 - Greg Shooner crock

ca. 1995; handled bulbous crock with yellow glaze boxes on two sides of the crock and incised "Sag Harbor, Long Island, Oct. 7, 1800" and "We the right and yet the wrong we do. We know the wrong and yet the wrong pursue", signed Greg Shooner, 5

Lot: 4 - J. Bove redware jug

ca. 2000; ovoid incised redware jug with applied molded handle, high collar lip, flowing mottled glazing, signed Turtle Creek Potters, J. Bove, 2000, 7"d, 8 3/4"h

Lot: 5 - Slip decorated redware loaf dish

ca. 1997; three line slip decoration on oval loaf dish with fluted rim and clear glaze, 14 1/4"x 11 1/4"x 2 1/2"

Lot: 6 - Greg Shooner redware bank

ca. 1998; unusual form bulb top redware bank on a pedestal and pan base, topped with a hand-molded redware hen, flowing mottled glazing and signed Greg Shooner and marked #2, 5"d, 7 3/4"h

Lot: 7 - Greg Shooner redwdare storage jar

ca. 2001; bulbous redware jar with rope twisted collared flared rim, applied double arch ears, flowing mottled glaze and fitted with a tin handled dome lid, 7 1/2"d, 9 1/4"h, 2"h lid

Lot: 8 - 2 Greg Shooner redware banks

ca. 1997 & 2000; acorn tipped onion shape redware bank with brown glaze band and tulip vine decoration, 4"d, 5 1/4"h; traditional shaped redware penny bank with yellow slip stippling and line accent, yellow brush and clear glaze, 3 1/2"d, 4 1/4"h

Lot: 9 - 3 slip decorated redware pieces

ca. 1996-1998; slip decorated redware candlestick with round base, molded shaft and yellow slip accent to base, by Greg Shooner, 3 1/2"d, 3 3/4"h; green slip double tulip design plate by Greg Shooner, 6"d, 1"h; yellow and green slip decorated pan

Lot: 10 - 2 Greg Shooner redware pieces

ca. 2000 & 2006; Moravian inspired multi-color slip and glaze decorated cylinder-shaped ink bottle with green, brown and yellow slip decoration and small mouth, 3 1/4"d, 4 1/2"h; small onion shaped knob top bank with flowing mottled glazing, 2 1/2"d,

Lot: 11 - Greg Shooner rooster decorated redware plate

ca. 1997; brown and yellow redware rooster decorated plate with a pie crimp fluted edge, clear glaze and slip and manganese glaze decoration, 11"x 1 3/4"

Lot: 12 - 3 Mary Shooner redware pieces

ca. 1987-2000; small rectangular dish with running stag pattern and cream slip over brown lead glaze; small multi-color glaze and slip accented bird with yellow and redware slip decoration glaze on base; small multi-color standing dog with long tail

Lot: 13 - 2 Greg Shooner redware pieces

ca. 1987 & 2001; yellow slip decorated redware plate with clear lead glaze, two line slip decoration and signed "Turtle Creek Potters, Morrow, Ohio" "Museum Piece/ Greg Shooner", 10"d, 1 1/2"h; yellow slip and manganese decorated dome lid redware

Lot: 14 - Lester Breininger redware shaving bowl

ca. 1982; yellow slip glazed bowl with broad rim notched for chin, incised distelfink bird on tree and tulip design with German dialect inscription translated on back "God is the Physician and I his servant, when He helps me I heal right", 8 3/4"d, 2

Lot: 15 - LMH standing dog redware figure

ca. 1980-1990s; traditional standing poodle dog holding a basket in mouth with a wrapped tail, standing on a tool decorated plateau base and signed "LMH TC" in lead glaze, 5 1/4"x 3"x 4 1/2"

Lot: 16 - Shooner sgraffito relief decorated harvest jug

ca. 1999 dated; commissioned oversized jug with sgraffito relief work of a large starburst, tulips, man on the moon, smiling sun and longhorn bull vignettes with compass and pinwheel accents, a large molded handle with diamond band relief and tulip

Lot: 17 - Ray & Pat Oxenford paint decorated box

ca. 2000-2010; traditional oval Shaker style band box #6 size with swallow tail joints and copper tacks, lid painted with a David Ellinger inspired "peacock and urn of flowers" design on cream ground, bands in cream ground with grain paint accent and

Lot: 18 - Smith Miller #3 Mack ladder firetruck

ca. 1950s; large cast aluminum Mack bulldog truck in red paint with original decals, round closed grill front, aerial ladder chassis with operating ladder and rear driver wheel, 36"x 6"x 7 1/4"

Lot: 19 - Smith Miller Bank of America truck

ca. 1950s; cast aluminum short nose body on a cast aluminum chassis, pressed steel armor box with perforated grill on front and side, embossed rivets and frames and painted army green with decal "Bank of America - California's Statewide Bank" on

Lot: 20 - Buddy L pressed steel wrecker "Repair-It Unit"

ca. 1950-1960s; large red painted cab and chassis with white painted body with high sides and side decals, green painted tow lift assembly and rubber wheels, 24"x 6 1/4"x 8 1/2"

Lot: 21 - Smith Miller U.S. Army stake body truck

ca. 1950-1960s; cast aluminum Mack truck on cast aluminum long chassis, bed with high wooden sides, truck and body painted green with Smith Miller and US Army decals, 19 1/2"x 6"x 7"

Lot: 22 - Smith Miller operating dump truck

ca. 1950s; cast aluminum truck, chassis and dump body with a short nose, short single axle, rear and half-moon gear lift with hand crank wheel with truck and bed painted red with Smith Miller decal, 12"x 5 1/2"x 6"

Lot: 23 - Doepke Model Toys triumph car

ca. 1950-1960s; gray die cast model triumph car on a pressed steel chasis with rubber wheels marked "Model Toys" (Rossmoyne, Ohio)

Lot: 24 - Nylint pressed steel electronic cannon toy

ca. 1957; pressed steel body and frame on rubber wheels with swivel mounted gun with three plastic and rubber missiles and original paper advertising brochure, 23"x 6 1/2"x 9 1/2"

Lot: 25 - Cast iron red painted globe bank

ca. 1875; registered to Enterprise Mfg. Co., this two-part red painted globe bank has embossed outlines of the continents with embossed lettering and set in an arc shaped stand with round base, 2 1/2"d base; 3"d globe, 5 1/2"h

Lot: 26 - G.B.N. magic lantern

ca. 1890-1905; Gerbruder Bing Co., German tin box-style projector with four lion's paw claw feet, 1 1/2"d adjustable brass lens, tin font with original fire chamber and large stove pipe top and lamp with large set of colorized lenses and

Lot: 27 - Mamod steam operated toy tractor

ca. 1980-2000; steam operated toy tractor with diecast metal wheels and boiler cap, pressed metal roof and boiler chamber, red painted wheels, green boiler tank and white and red painted roof, 10 1/4"x 5"x 7"

Lot: 28 - Breininger sgraffito decorated bowl

ca. 8-24-1992; squat shaped bowl with exterior sgraffito flower band decoration, clear glaze interior, raised pad base and raised lip with incised line accent, 8 1/2"x 4 3/4"

Lot: 29 - 3 pieces of reproduction redware

ca. 1975-1992; 1975 Ned Foltz saucer base candlestick with applied handle and yellow sponge accent to rim, 7"d, 5 1/4"h; 1986 R. Foltz hand sculptured miniature cabin with flower place and two birds outside, 3 1/2"x 3"x 2 1/2"; 1992 Breininger

Lot: 30 - 2 Breininger sgraffito decorated redware bowls

ca. 1976 & 1979; 8-9-1976 B&L Breininger small bowl with yellow sgraffito slip and incised flower design with brown and green glaze accents, 8"x 1 3/4"; 7-31-79 "Gaudy Breininger Butterfly" sgraffito design bowl with butterfly and floral incised

Lot: 31 - James C. Seagraves redware fat lamp

ca. 1970s; black glazed two tier handled fat lamp with upper bowl having a tubular spout, distelfink bird perched on tubular central shaft and applied handle with raised thumb grasp, 8"x 5 1/2"x 9"

Lot: 32 - 3 James C. Seagraves redware mugs

ca. 1970-1997; tapered stein-shaped mug with embossed "Gluck" in central band and brown glaze accent, 3-3 3/4"d, 3 1/2"h; bulbous shaped mug with applied handle, embossed owl, flower and bearded man accents and brown glaze accent, 4"d, 4"h; love mug

Lot: 33 - 2 colorful Seagraves redware birds

ca. 1970-1990s; hollow form earthenware goose with yellow, brown and green dots and brown accent sponge spatter on a raised pedestal base, 13 1/2"x 3 1/2"x 7 1/2"; creamware hollow cast parrot on pedestal base with bright green, blue, red and yellow

Lot: 34 - 2 redware bird whistles

ca. 1960-1990s; attributed to James C. Seagraves: hand-molded hollow bird whistle on slab pottery base with embossed black glazed wings and yellow slip eyes, 5"x 1 1/2"x 3 1/2"; marked "G" bird whistle with embossed wings, brown glaze accent and

Lot: 35 - 4 pieces of Seagraves black glazed redware

ca. 1970-1990s; saucer based handled candlestick dated 1982, 5"d, 3"h; tall pedestal base candlestick, 3 1/2"d, 6 3/4"h; low pedestal base candlestick, 3"d, 5"h; flared bell base candlestick, 3 1/4"d, 8"h

Lot: 36 - 2 Seagraves whimsical bird figures

ca. 1950-1980s; tall bisque mold cast distelfink bird with high fantail base, high pitched head, glazed blue with black accent on beak and eyes, 6"x 4"x 8 1/2"; small bisque mold cast bird with cobalt flowing on turquoise glaze standing on a pad

Lot: 37 - 3 pieces of Seagraves pottery

ca. 1950-1980s; redware saucer base chamberstick with handle marked "JS" with clear glaze and black glaze accent, 5 1/2"d, 5 1/2"h; black glazed redware candlestick with hobnail accent on pedestal base, 3 3/4"d, 6 1/2"h; mold cast earthenware "Rahm"

Lot: 38 - 2 Seagraves bird figures

ca. 1950-1980s; mold cast redware distelfink-type bird on an oval pedestal base with clear glaze, green thumbprint and black accent on beak and eyes, 8 1/2"x 2 1/4"x 7 3/4"; mold cast bisque bird with open flared tail, cap on head, brown and flowing

Lot: 39 - 2 pieces of Seagraves pottery

ca. 1970-1990; redware hand thrown basket with loop handle, blue, yellow, green and black spot accent and clear glaze, 4 1/4"d, 5 1/2"h; tall potter's handled mug with colorful yellow, green and black thumbprint accent with clear glaze, 4 1/2"d, 5

Lot: 40 - 2 Seagraves bird figures

ca. 1970-1980s; mold cast redware distelfink perched on a stump pedestal base with black, turquoise and yellow accent and clear glaze, 4 1/2"x 2 3/4"x 6 3/4"; mold cast earthenware/creamware bird picking breast statue on a round base, 5 1/2"x 2 3/4"x

Lot: 41 - 3 pieces of Seagraves pottery

ca. 1950-1980s; saucer base chamberstick with applied handle, black accent and clear glaze, 4 3/4"d, 3"h; whimsical distelfink shaped bowl with extended head and fantail, embossed applied wings and finished in clear mottled glaze, 10"x 6"x 3 1/2";

Lot: 42 - Seagraves sgraffito decorated bowl

ca. 1950-1990s; signed "Seagraves" bowl with flat bottom and flared side, yellow and incised work decoration of a distelfink on floral branch with tulip and heart motif and clear glaze, 4 1/2"-6"d, 1 1/2"h

Lot: 43 - 2 Seagraves bird figures

ca. 1950-1980s; odd chalk mold-cast form eagle on flared pedestal base with opened wings, undecorated with black line at mold lines and marked "JS" with black glaze, 4 3/4"x 2"x 4 3/4"; redware perched bird on oval stump pedestal base with beak

Lot: 44 - 3 Foltz redware Santas

ca. 1986-1995; 1986 press-form Santa walking with a walking stick and sack on back in black sponge and clear glaze, 5"x 3 1/2"x 10 1/4"; 1989 press-form Santa standing with arms in sleeves on belly with yellow accent and clear glaze, 3"x 2 1/2"x 9

Lot: 45 - Match pair of Joey Jobes sleeping decoys

ca. 1992; paint decorated sleeper mallards gunning decoys with stands and heads resting on backs: drake painted with bright green head, eyes and yellow beak, round bottom with keel weight and tie ring; hen painted with a brown and tan head, yellow

Lot: 46 - Standing mallard hen carving

ca. 1990s; paint decorated wood carving of a wading mallard hen with erect head, glass eyes, brown body with white stripe accent on head, flash of blue on wings and a layer carved tail all mounted on painted metal legs with webbed feet and perched on

Lot: 47 - Pair of A.R. Hutchins canvas back gunning decoys

ca. 1979; drake decoy with cinnamon brown head, glass eyes, black beak, white and gray mid-section, black breast and tail with round bottom and maker's strike and signature, 15 1/2"x 6"x 7 1/2"; hen decoy with brown and tan head, gray body, brown

Lot: 48 - Primitive slab wood shorebird carving

ca. 1990-2000; pine slab stack carving of a wader with a band drawn shaped body and applied saw-shaped wings on a wire stand mounted on a slab wedge, 17"x 2 1/4"x 8 1/2" body, 13 3/4" overall height

Lot: 49 - 2 duck decoys

ca. 1983-1990s; signed Capt. Harry Jobes pintail drake gunning decoy with rounded bottom, brown painted head with white stripe, blue-gray beak, white breast, gray back with black accent, yellow eyes and keel weight and tie ring, 18"x 5 1/2"x 8";

Lot: 50 - Jeff Benes show carved mallard hen

ca. 1985; hen carved leaning forward with erect tail, wings overlapped and ruffled and glass inset squinting eyes mounted on a turned walnut base with charcoal accent bed, 12"x 4"x 8 1/2" duck, 10"d, 2 1/4" base

Lot: 51 - 2 shorebird carvings

ca. 2002-2006; Richard Morgan initialed and dated carving of a wading curlew with shaped body, primitive distressed paint decoration, glass eyes, long arch tapered beak all on a rod in cedar half log base, 20 1/2"x 3"x 11 3/4"; small curlew/shorebird

Lot: 52 - Mark Buck trumpeter swan decoy

ca. 1998; full size wood carved swan with head set above breast, highly arched neck, little finish detail then painted white with a black painted beak and inset glass eyes

Lot: 53 - Reproduction wrought iron rush lamp with pad feet

ca. 1990-2000s; marked "JF" with raised three pad foot base, twisted rod shaft and hinged tong rush grasp with candle cup on twisted rod arm, 6"d, 12 1/4"h

Lot: 54 - Pair of tin dish back candle sconces by Phil Kelly

ca. 1980-1990s; simple round dish reflector with fluted and wire banded strap support with candle stick on round catch tray and marked "K" on nail hanger, 10"d reflector, 5 1/2"h

Lot: 55 - 2 wrought iron rush lamps

ca. 1990s; simple raised three-foot base with twisted bar shaft, hinged tong rush grasp and tapered candle holder on bar arm, 6 1/2"d, 12 3/4"h; raised pad foot base with twisted bar shaft, hinged tong rush grasp and round candle holder on twisted

Lot: 56 - 2 Breininger redware plates

ca. 1977-2000s; 1977 Moravian inspired brown glazed bowl with yellow, green and red slip decoration, 10"d, 1 1/2"h; deep redware bowl with clear glaze, yellow-brown slip decoration and a pie crimped edge, 8 1/2"d, 2"h

Lot: 57 - Daniel & Diane Strawser bird handle walking stick

ca. 1995; twisted walking stick capped with Strawser bird carved on stick and paint decorated with polychrome paint, 42"

Lot: 58 - Group of 8 sgraffito decorated redware Easter eggs

ca. 1989-2004; seven Breininger including five small size with dogwood pattern, pussy willows, crocus, blue flowers and floral motifs and two large size with hummingbird and floral motif; one large Nolde Forest egg with incised flower, cream, red and

Lot: 59 - Russell Henry candleholder

ca. 1977; glazed earthenware candleholder by Russell Henry featuring a broad cup mounted on a reticulated cone top cylinder, dark brown exterior glaze and sea green interior glaze with some brown speckles; base incised "Left Handed Russell Henry/

Lot: 60 - G. French folkart fraktur of Adam & Eve

ca. 1990s; watercolor reproduction fraktur broadside with Adam, Eve and angel above heart script boxes listing the marriage of Heinrich Manger and Elizabeth in 1809 in German and framed in a paint decorated corner block frame, 17 1/2"x 14 1/4" framed

Lot: 61 - Framed Pam Godilbt folkart watercolor

ca. 1990-2000s; watercolor of a green parrot on a tulip in green, yellow and red decoration on hand laid paper and framed in a beaded block corner frame with rolled sponge paint decoration, 7 1/4"x 7" framed

Lot: 62 - Framed Marie DeVerter theorem painting

ca. 1978; gray hen on nest design theorem painting on felt framed in a paint accent corner block frame with pineapple design decoration, 17"x 14" framed

Lot: 63 - Dan & Diane Strawser chip carved folk art eagle

ca. 1995; chip carved eagle perched on an oval pedestal base with wings pitched back, eagle with reddish-brown base paint, yellow and black accent with eagle's wings carved separately and attached, 7"x 13 1/4"x 7 1/2"

Lot: 64 - Dan & Diane Strawser chip carved folk art eagle

ca. 1997; fine chip carved eagle on a pedestal base with spread wings, reddish-brown paint, black, yellow and red accent and wings carved separately and attached, 7"x 14 1/2"x 6"

Lot: 65 - G. French folk art ink & watercolor

ca. 20th century; bright color folk art painting on paper of two long tailed distelfink birds in blue, yellow, red and black colors perched on a cherry tree next to a large colorful blooming tulip flower and framed in a paint decorated frame, 13"x 16

Lot: 66 - Framed Dolores Hackenberger Ressler Mascot Mill

ca. 1980s; Hackenberger oil on canvas painting of the front façade of Ressler's Mascot Roller Mill, brick miller's house and yellow framed barn located in Ronks, PA and framed in a barn wood frame, 33 1/4"x 18 1/2"x 1 3/4" framed

Lot: 67 - Lester Breininger redware fish bottle

ca. 1974; redware fish shaped bottle with incised fin and body line accent and yellow glaze with green mottle accent, 12 1/2"x 2 1/4"x 3 3/4"

Lot: 68 - Don Carpentier mochaware mug

ca. 2002; fine mochaware handled mug with hobnail accent green band and brown bands and central light brown background with dark brown "seaweed" decoration, marked "SA & DO", 3"d, 2 3/4"h with 1 1/4" handle

Lot: 69 - Reproduction mocha type bowl

ca. 2000s; earthworm decorated waste bowl of wheel thrown earthen/pottery marked "SJ" with mocha style decoration of a blue, gray and black earthworm on a salmon-brown field with cat's eye accents made by Susan Skinner & Joseph Jostes of Salesville,

Lot: 70 - 3 brass wheel pie crimpers

ca. 1830-1920; wooden handled crimper with wrought iron tang mount, brass fluted pie wheel made from old clock pulley wheel and mounted with an iron pin, 1 1/2" wheel, 8"l; wooden handled crimper with a turned/tapered iron bent fork and large brass

Lot: 71 - Copper gooseneck tea kettle

ca. 1820-1850; unsigned #5 tea kettle with gooseneck spout, dovetailed construction of unmatched alloy copper sheets, small dome lid with wooden knob, formed strap swing on bow tie/winged mounts riveted with iron, 9"d, 6 1/2"h with 4" spout

Lot: 72 - 3 wooden handle pie crimpers

ca. 18th-19th century; early hand wrought tight fluted pie wheel on round eye top bevel tapered fork with turned handle and pewter collar, 1 1/2" wheel, 7 1/2"l; small fluted iron pie wheel on round eye turned shaft fork with a simple carved handle,

Lot: 73 - Smoke paint decorated domed lid storage can

ca. 1890-1920; approximately 8 quart size tin storage can with two rolled ribs, wired rim, domed lid with extended flat lip and interior band, 7 1/2"d, 8"h with 2" lid

Lot: 74 - 2 kitchen primitives

ca. early 20th century; polished brass dish pan with copper riveted wire handles, flat bottom and sloped side, 9 1/4"- 12 1/2"d, 4 3/4"h; wrought iron handled gridiron with grid rail feet rolled on front feet and split on back feet and a strap handle

Lot: 75 - 3 wooden handle pie crimpers

ca. 18th-19th century; wrought iron fluted pie wheel on split rod ball tip fork with carved handle, 1 1/2" wheel, 7 1/2"l; small pinwheel decorated fluted iron pie wheel on bent shaft fork with tool decoration and small wooden handle, 1 1/4" wheel, 6

Lot: 76 - Primitive pierced tin & wood foot warmer

ca. 1830-1880; tin box warmer with pinwheel pierced door and pinwheel hole punch in top, box mounted in simple walnut half-lap frames with mortised corner blocks, 12"x 12"x 6"

Lot: 77 - Small mahogany one drawer sewing stand

ca. 1900-1920; one drawer base with four small turned ball feet, turned pedestal spool keeper with nine original pin style spool keepers, turned round pin cushion top and drawer with small brass pull, 4"x 5"x 7 1/4"

Lot: 78 - Red painted salt box

ca. 1870; dovetailed wall box in red milk paint on poplar with single spice drawer, slant front lid with interior having two compartments and drawer with four small compartments for kitchen spices and the base having a chamfered extended edge, 11"x

Lot: 79 - 2 clear glass fluid lamps

ca. 19th & 20th century; small hexagon based flint glass fluid lamp in thumbprint design with pewter collar, 3"d, 6"h; early 20th century lead crystal hexagon based fluid lamp in thumbprint design with a nickel plated collar, 4"d, 9 1/2"h

Lot: 80 - 2 table top sewing stands

ca. 1900; grain painted poplar wood one drawer base with turned knob pull and four small ball feet, turned center spool stand with six wire spool keeper and a round needle cushion top, 4 1/4"x 5"x 7"; a similar example painted white, 4 1/4"x 5"x 7"

Lot: 81 - Child's paint decorated arm rocker

ca. 1880; Boston style child's rocker of PA white pine with red milk paint and paper stencil with gold painted grapes, pineapple and leaves design on a broad back top, seat front and back with simple stencil design similar to Soap Hollow Community or

Lot: 82 - Mustard painted peg rail

ca. 1800-1830; softwood side beaded rail with six taper turned pegs with original mustard paint, 29 1/2"x 2 1/2"x 4"

Lot: 83 - 2 wooden primitives

ca. 1870-1900; turned cylinder shaped walnut mortar with minor ornamental exterior bands and pestle with square bottom and flat top grasp; small unpainted softwood peg rail with side beaded rail and four small hand turned pegs, 17 1/2"x 2"x 3"

Lot: 84 - 3 handled market baskets

ca. 1840-1930; early hickory splint sack bottom basket with carved and steam bent fixed handle and an oval double rail rim, 16"x 13"x 14"; ash splint rectangular market basket with steam bent arch handle and flat bottom, 17"x 11 3/4"x 16"; early 20th

Lot: 85 - Wrought iron flesh fork signed R.A. Frushour

ca. early-mid 19th century; two-tine fork with rattail hanger hook, 16"

Lot: 86 - Painted tin shield form sign from Odd Fellows

ca. 1900-1920; patriotic form shield sign with U.S. flag stars and stripe pattern with "Liberty Lodge/ No 10/ I-O-O-F/ Baltimore, Maryland" painted in black, 27 1/2"x 20 1/4"

Lot: 87 - Two-tier coiled rye straw bee skep

ca. 19th century; early form two-tier bee skep made with coiled rye straw and oak splint banding: the upper skep having round steam bent oak rail banded to lowest coil; top of lower skep is flat and has a carved plug with hole to access upper small

Lot: 88 - Flat top coiled rye straw bee skep

ca. 18th-19th century; round shaped skep with flat top having a round hole and double weave lower coil with coils banded with oak splints, 13 1/2"d, 11"h

Lot: 89 - Silver painted coiled rye straw bee skep

ca. early-mid 19th century; domed coil rye straw skep with oak splint rail base, plugged hole in the top of the dome and gray/silver paint over coils and rails, 15"d, 9 1/2"h

Lot: 90 - PA slipware pie dish

ca. 1880; PA drape molded slipware pie dish with wavy manganese slip lines on a cream slip bar motif repeated three times, all on a tan brown lead glaze ground and a faintly coggled rim, 8 1/4"d

Lot: 91 - Small PA redware jug with manganese brushing

ca. 1870; small PA redware globular jug with manganese brushings on a reddish-brown lead glaze ground, flared lip with rolled rim, strap handle, incised waist ring and tooled rounded foot, 4 1/2"d, 5 1/2"h

Lot: 92 - PA slipware plate

ca. 1865; PA drape molded slipware plate with cream colored slip applied with a three-quill slip cup, central wavy line motif with surrounding corn plants and conjoined "S's" all on a reddish-brown lead glaze ground with a coggled rim, 10

Lot: 93 - PA slipware pie dish

ca. late 19th century; PA drape molded slipware pie dish with five graduated wavy line cream color slip designs on a reddish-brown lead glaze, inscribed in pencil on reverse "Bought at the sale of Mrs. Sam W Smith June 1991/ It was in the family

Lot: 94 - PA redware bank

ca. late 19th - early 20th century; PA redware acorn shaped bank with vertical coin slot, some manganese sponging on a reddish-brown lead glaze with a rounded knob finial and tooled flared foot, 3 1/2"d, 4 1/2"h

Lot: 95 - 2 PA slipware pie dishes

ca. 1870 & late 19th century; dish with three cream colored slip motifs applied with a two-quill slip cup (a pair of central elongated "S's" bracketed by a pair of "I's" - attributed to Willoughby Smith, Womelsdorf, PA) on a reddish-brown lead glaze

Lot: 96 - PA slipware dish

ca. 1860; PA drape molded slipware dish with coggled rim and three cream colored slip motifs applied with a three-quill slip cup (in center wavy cross-over design bracketed by a pair of three dot motifs and a conjoined "S" motif) all on a

Lot: 97 - 2 PA slipware pie dishes

ca. 1880; two cream colored slip motifs applied with a three-quill slip cup (pair of short wavy line motifs) on a reddish-brown lead glaze ground with a coggled rim, attributed to Berks Co., PA, 7 1/2"d, 1"deep; cream colored slip motif of

Lot: 98 - Restored slipware plate

ca. 1860; PA drape molded slipware plate with coggled rim and cream colored slip applied with a three-quill slip cup wavy cross over central motif bracketed by a pair of lines with wavy flag/banner like devices on both ends, 9"d, 1 1/2" deep

Lot: 99 - Medinger redware pitcher

ca. 1920; Medinger spread eagle redware pitcher in baluster form with applied ribbed handle, rouletted raised bead ring on neck and just below rim, tooled rounded foot, impressed spread eagle with olive branches and banner design, manganese sponging

Lot: 100 - Ovoid redware jug

ca. 1840; somewhat squat ovoid redware jug with a rounded canted rim, incised collar ring, applied ribbed handle and tooled rounded foot and yellowish-brown lead glaze with manganese applied to upper portion, 8"d, 9 1/2"h

Lot: 101 - Medinger redware pitcher

ca. 1920; PA redware pitcher in baluster form with applied ribbed handle, rouleted raised bead ring on neck and coggled ring below rim, tooled rounded foot, manganese sponging on a yellowish-brown and olive-brown lead glaze ground, attributed to

Lot: 102 - Redware flask

ca. 1855; redware flask in flatened bulbous bottle form with a rolled collared rim, tooled rounded foot and brown lead glaze, 6 3/4"x 3 1/2"x 5"

Lot: 103 - PA redware crock

ca. 1860; PA redware bulbous crock with a rounded everted rim and tooled rounded foot, pair of incised neck rings and dark brown lead glaze with slight olive tone, 6"d, 7"h

Lot: 104 - PA redware pitcher

ca. 1885; PA redware bulbous pitcher with some manganese splashes on a dark brown lead glaze with an applied ribbed handle and tooled rounded foot, 6 1/2"d, 8"h

Lot: 105 - PA bulbous redware jug

ca. 1885; PA redware bulbous jug with a tooled rounded collared rim, applied strap handle, tooled rounded foot and dark brown lead glaze, 5 1/2"d, 7"h

Lot: 106 - Schofield redware pouring pot

ca. 1930; Henry Schofield redware slightly bulbous pouring pot having a rounded rim with incised ring, tooled rounded foot with incised ing, dark brown lead glaze with slight olive tone and typical Schofield manganese glazed foot ring, 6"d, 6 3/4"h

Lot: 107 - PA redware bulbous jug

ca. 1865; PA redware bulbous jug with a tooled rounded collared rim, applied strap handle, tooled rounded foot and reddish-brown lead glaze, 5"d, 6"h

Lot: 108 - PA squat bulbous redware pitcher

ca. 1885; PA redware squat bulbous pitcher with a rounded rim with incised ring, applied ribbed handle, tooled rounded foot and dark brown lead glaze, 6"d, 6 1/4"h

Lot: 109 - PA redware creamer

ca. 1885; PA redware slightly bulbous pitcher with a rounded rim, applied rolled handle, tooled rounded foot and glossy black manganese glaze, 4"d, 4 3/4"h

Lot: 110 - 3 Kings Rose plates

ca. 1835; English Staffordshire pearlware plates with brick red King's Rose designs: pair with solid diapered borders, 7 1/2" & 7 1/4"d; plate with vine and rose border, 8 1/4"d

Lot: 111 - 2 Chinese porcelain Canton plates & Japanese Imari

ca. late 19th century-1900; two Chinese porcelain Canton plates with falling rain borders: plate, 8 1/2"d; deep dish, 8 3/4"d, 1 1/2"h; Japanese porcelain Imari bowl with scalloped rim, three panels with simple polychromal vegetative motifs in blue,

Lot: 112 - 3 Imari scalloped rim bowls

ca. late 19th-early 20th century; Japanese porcelain Imari scalloped rim bowls with polychromal decorations in blue, green, peach and red: dragons and clouds center, two sections with potted planted-budded stems and two sections with flowering

Lot: 113 - Blue transfer Staffordshire covered sugar

ca. 1835; English Staffordshire earthenware covered sugar with blue transfer of a woman and child next to a cottage feeding chickens, oblong London boat shape, 4 3/4"h, 4 1/2"x 7 1/2" total

Lot: 114 - 3 English Staffordshire covered toothbrush boxes

ca. 1855-1865; earthenware covered toothbrush boxes: unmarked oval ironstone box with distinctive bellflower finial by Elmore & Forster, 3 1/2"h, 3 1/8"x 8"; oval box with gilt detailing of roses and foliage painted in blue, brown, greens and red and

Lot: 115 - 2 pieces of spread eagle decorated Chinese Export

ca. 1825; two good pieces of American spread eagle decorated Chinese Export porcelain spread eagle with floral shield, down turned wings, eagle grasping a bare leaved olive branch, clouds above the eagles head contains stars and English style scroll

Lot: 116 - 4 miscellaneous Staffordshire items

ca. 1820-1875; creamware taper sided bowl with black, blue, green and orangey red floral border over a copper lustre corrugated band of six rings, 6 3/4"d, 3 1/4"h; earthenware deep dish with green feather transfer infilled with red and yellows, 10

Lot: 117 - 2 Japanese Imari dishes

ca. late 19th & early 20th century; scalloped rim with six panels of crudely brushed foliage in apricot, green, gray, orange and iron red, central blue medallion with some apricot and orange, 8 1/4"d; larger dish with six rim panels of fenced foliage

Lot: 118 - Chinese champlevé vase

ca. late 19th century; Chinese enamel on copper baluster form vase with bat handles and champlevé floral design with peafowl and butterfly, 8"d, 11 1/2"h

Lot: 119 - 2 Salopian type cups & saucers

ca. 1820; two English Staffordshire pearlware salopian type handleless cups and saucers, sepia transfers with polychromal infill, blue, green, orange, peach and yellow: herdsman with reclining cow and orange rim edge, 3"d, 2"h; maid on knees milking

Lot: 120 - 4 pieces of American Pattern glass

ca. 1850-1900; all uncolored: Lincoln Drape open compote on low standard, 6"d, 4 1/2"h; thumbprint covered compote with round base, flat bottom bowl and petaled rim, 8 1/2"d, 8 1/2"h; horseshoe covered compote on a high foot, 8"d, 12"h; cabbage rose

Lot: 121 - 6 cup plates

ca. 1825-1850; five scarce American uncolored pressed glass cup plates numbers 61, 65, 78, 97 and 141 based on Ruth Webb Lee and James H Rose's classification list with a rarity factor of scarce; plus one unknown, 3"-3 1/2"d

Lot: 122 - 30 American pressed glass items

ca. 1825-1850 & late 20th century; twenty-four cup plates: numbers 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 79, 95, 100-A, 269-A, 272, 275, 332, 334, 338, 340, 516, 564, 641 and 643; five sauce dishes, a small plate and a reproduction cup plate, 3 1/4"-6"d

Lot: 123 - Six bubble glass tumblers with copper wheel

ca. mid 20th century; set of six uncolored bubble glass tumblers with copper wheel engraving reminiscent of an oriental scene with a pheasant among flowering trees, 3 1/2"d, 5 1/2"h

Lot: 124 - Blown olive green glass bottle

ca. unknown; blown olive green glass bottle in flatened gobular form with a heavily folded lip, thick threading on lower neck and crude deep pontil, 9 1/4"x 3"x 7"

Lot: 125 - 3 amber glass Paine's Celery compound bottles

ca. 1900; three amber glass Paine's Celery Compound bottles with broad sloping collar above a beveled ring, square base with embossed 6, 12 or 56 with two panels embossed "Paine's" and "Celery Compound" and one having a 12 on base and two original

Lot: 126 - Large uncolored glass flip

ca. early-mid 19th century; large flip glass with scarred base, 5 1/4"d, 7 1/2"h

Lot: 127 - 2 small mirrors

ca. 1900-1950; small softwood framed mirror with a chamfer/slope frame and a modern mirror, 9 1/4"x 11 1/2"x 1"; small Chippendale reproduction framed mirror with a complex mahogany molded frame, fretwork sawn crest and apron and leaflet accents

Lot: 128 - 2 hogscraper push-up candlesticks

ca. mid 1800s; both raised disc based sticks with tubular stems, signed thumb push-ups and topped with a wash catcher that has tote; one signed Shaw's Birm, 3 3/4"d, 7"h; one unsigned, 4"d, 6 3/4"h

Lot: 129 - 3 wrought iron peels/coal shovels

ca. 18th & 19th century; ovel peel with broad pie blade mounted to dog's leg round shaft and flat to hooked hanger, 5 3/4"x 21"; tulip shaped shovel rivet mounted to a spade tipped elongated shaft and eye hanger, 5 1/2"x 21 1/2"; peel with blade

Lot: 130 - 2 wrought iron dough scrapers

ca. 18th-19th century; tapered socket handle scraper with right angle broad scraper blade, 3 1/2"x 3 1/2"x 4 1/2"; early primitive form scraper with tapered rod handle and right angle flared blade, 4"x 3 3/4"x 4"

Lot: 131 - 2 wrought iron betty lamps

ca. 18th-19th century; spouted formed sheet metal well with rimmed lid that has a swivel door, small thumb push, well mounted by rivet to arch arm and a jamb-peg hanger and pick, 2 1/2"x 4"x 4"; three part kettle font with long spout, base and hinged

Lot: 132 - English gophering iron on stand

ca. 19th century; wrought iron torpedo shaped head on rod with brass ball handle, screw threaded to a three foot arch leg original Chippendale style base, 1/2"d, 13"l iron; 7"d, 8 1/2"h base

Lot: 133 - 2 wooden kitchen primitives

ca. 18th-19th century; walnut one piece slawboard with bead molded rails, round top grasp with hanger hole and one piece board with unusual right angle brace iron, 7 3/4"x 20 1/2"x 1 1/2"; walnut utensil tray in nail construction with

Lot: 134 - 2 tin tray top candle molds

ca. 19th century; twelve hole tray top candle mold with two wire molded handles and no base, 7"x 5 1/2"x 9 1/4"; four hole tray top candle mold with molded handle and no base, 5"x 3 1/2"x 10 3/4"

Lot: 135 - Ealry blue painted butter churn

ca. 18th-19th century; early form coopered dasher style churn with tapered cylinder cask with steel bands, wooden fitted lid, dasher on shaped shaved round handle and outside of churn painted in an early wagon blue color, 12 1/2"- 9 3/4"x 21 1/2"

Lot: 136 - 4 wooden utensils

ca. 19th-20th century; walnut homemade pie lifter in paddle shape with clip and ring hanger on handle, 6 3/4"x 18 1/2"x 1/2"; left handed carved maple butter paddle scoop with hook top handle, 5 1/2"x 9 1/4"x 2 1/4"; carved walnut butter scoop with

Lot: 137 - 2 wrought iron gridirons

ca. 19th-20th century; early roasting gridiron rack with seven square grids riveted to raised foot racks, tailing rack with arch flat strap handle and a round and eye top, 8 3/4"x 8 1/4"x 2 3/4" with 11" handle; later form handled gridiron roasting

Lot: 138 - Wrought iron 3 footed spider pan

ca. 18th-19th century; long handled round bottom pan with riveted high legs/feet, homemade pouring spout and long strap handle with round and eye top, 9"d, 8"h, 16" handle

Lot: 139 - 4 wrought iron utensils

ca. mid-late 19th century; tasting ladle with rod and rounded handle with rattail hanger, 2 3/4"d, 16 1/2"l; primitive heavy ladle with flat strap handle and flared eye hanger, 3 1/2"d, 18"l; two-prong fork on arched flat and rod handle with rattail

Lot: 140 - 2 wrought iron fry pans

ca. 19th-20th century; early large form sheet metal pan with rivet mounted long chamfered edge handle with rattail hanger, 13 1/2"d pan, 36" handle; later cowboy-type fry pan with formed sheet metal pan with rivet applied and a round bottom

Lot: 141 - 4 copper/brass cookware pieces

ca. 19th-20th century; kettle shaped brass ladle with wired rim and copper rivet applied to a wrought iron handle appplied on a spade tip with hook hanger, 6"d, 3"l, 13 3/4" handle; early heavy copper handled kettle in dovetailed construction with

Lot: 142 - 2 wrought iron hearthside waffle irons

ca. 18th-early 19th century; rectangular waffle iron with raised pyramid design in rows, cast formed mold heads with long wrought iron tong handles that has loop and sawtooth hook on end of handle, 8"x 4 1/2"x 1 1/2" with 33" handle; hand wrought

Lot: 143 - 3 pieces of fireplace equipment

ca. 18th-19th century; small sawtooth and hook kettle trammel with sawtooth hanger strap with adjustable round rod hook, 20"-30"; primitive kettle tripod with three square legs and ring top with spear tip rest, 9"d, 4 1/2"l; late mass-produced coal

Lot: 144 - 2 large wooden bowls

ca. 19th century; turned softwood large bowl with raised rim, 15"-16"d, 4 1/2"h; turned maple butter bowl, 13"d, 4"h

Lot: 145 - 6 wrought iron kitchen utensils

ca. 18th-20th century; matched pair of ladle and skimmer ladle with deep bowls having a heavy squared stock handle with flared top and hanger hooks; early spatula with rattail hanger and handle with damascus layering; large spatula with tapered

Lot: 146 - Group of 5 assorted primitives

ca. 18th-20th century; early handwrought small adze with rectangular poll flat broad tail & threaded tubular handle, 2"x 3" with 4" handle; powder horn with octagon raised tapered collar and wooden plug fastened with cut nails, 2 3/4"x 1/2"-2"dx 10";

Lot: 147 - 3 gallon cobalt decorated F.A. Plaisted crock

ca. 1865; three gallon salt glazed cylindrical stoneware crock, brushed cobalt design of a stem with three buds, impressed "FA Plaisted & Co" (Francis), "Gardiner ME" and "3" with a flatened rolled rim, applied pair of molded lug ear handles, beveled

Lot: 148 - Cobalt decorated stoneware cake crock

ca. 1860; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware crock with a band of bright brushed cobalt flowers and foliage with daubs on pair of applied molded lug handles and connecting foliage arcing, flatened rim with thickened collar and band of six incised

Lot: 149 - 5 gallon cobalt decorated M&T; Miller crock

ca. 1870; five gallon salt glazed cylindrical stoneware crock with brushed cobalt design of two birds each on a stump bracketing a large flower, daubs on pair of applied molded lug handles, impressed "M&T Miller/Newport" (Michael and Theophilus

Lot: 150 - 1 gallon cobalt decorated Shenfelder crock

ca. 1885; one gallon salt glazed slightly bulbous stoneware cream crock with partial band of brushed foliage and flowers, flatened rim slightly protruding, incised shoulder ring and impressed "DP Shenfelder/Reading, PA" and "1" with an Albany slip

Lot: 151 - 3 gallon impressed cow stoneware crock

ca. 1880; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware crock with impressed "3" and cobalt infilled impressed standing cow, a tooled flatened rim with thickened collar over a band of three incised rings, pair of applied molded lug ear handles and Albany slip

Lot: 152 - 2 gallon J. Burger jug

ca. 1885; two gallon salt glazed cylindrical stoneware jug with "2" in slipped cobalt with simple flourish, impressed "J. Burger/ Rochester, NY" and an Albany slip glaze interior, 9 1/4"d, 13"h

Lot: 153 - Brady & Ryan cobalt decorated crock

ca. 1890; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware crock with a slipped cobalt floral motif, impressed "Brady & Ryan/Ellenville, NY" (Samuel Brady & John Ryan) with a flatened, thickened tooled rim, pair of applied lug ear handles, incised shoulder ring and

Lot: 154 - 3 gallon cobalt New Brighton jug

ca. 1895; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware jug with stenciled cobalt motif "3/ EP Co/ New Brighton/ PA" (Enterprise Pottery Co) and an Albany slip glaze interior, 10 1/2"d, 15 1/4"h

Lot: 155 - 3 gallon cobalt decorated ES&B; crock

ca. 1880; salt glazed squat ovoid stoneware crock with stenciled cobalt motif "3/ ES&B" with a flatened, rounded rim, incised collar ring, applied lug ear handles and Albany slip glaze interior, 11"d, 11 1/4"h

Lot: 156 - 4 gallon cobalt decorated Enterprise Pottery Co

ca. 1890; glassy salt glazed cylindrical stoneware crock with stenciled cobalt design "Enterprise Pottery Co Ltd/ New Brighton, PA" and "4" within a horseshoe, rolled rim, double incised neck rings, applied lug ear handles and Albany slip glaze

Lot: 157 - 12 gallon cobalt decorated ES&B; crock

ca. 1880; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware crock with stenciled cobalt motif "12/ ES&B/ New Brighton/PA" with a flatened, banded rim, incised collar ring, pair of applied lug ear handles and Albany slip glaze interior, 13 3/4"d, 20 1/4"h

Lot: 158 - 6 gallon cobalt decorated ES&B; crock

ca. 1880; glassy salt glazed cylindrical-type stoneware jug with stenciled cobalt motif "6/ES&B/New Brighton/PA" with a wide banded mouth with end of handle attached and Albany slip glaze interior, 12 1/2"d, 18 1/4"h

Lot: 159 - 5 gallon decorated ES&B; stoneware churn

ca. 1880; glassy salt glazed cylindrical-type stoneware butter churn with stenciled cobalt motif "5/ES&B/New Brighton/PA" with a flatened rim, wide banded collar with interior lid ledge, incised neck ring, pair of lug ear handles, Albany slip glaze

Lot: 160 - 8 gallon cobalt decorated ES&B; crock

ca. 1880; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware crock with stenciled cobalt motif "8/ES&B/New Brighton/PA" with a flatened banded rim, incised collar ring, pair of applied lug ear handles and Albany slip glaze interior, 13 1/2"d, 15"h

Lot: 161 - 20 gallon cobalt decorated ES&B; crock

ca. 1885; Bristol glazed slightly bulbous stoneware crock with stenciled cobalt motif "20/ES&B/New Brighton/PA" with a flatened, thickened, rolled rim, double incised neck rings, pair of applied lug ear handles and Albany slip glaze interior, 18"d,

Lot: 162 - Baltimore decorated stoneware jar

ca. 1860; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware jar with three brushed cobalt reversed floral designs on upper section, squared flatened rim with tooled neck and raised collar ring and attributed to Baltimore, MD, 6 1/2"d, 10 3/4"h

Lot: 163 - Stoneware harvest jug

ca. 1875; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware harvest jug in standard jug form with added conical drinking spout/nipple and Albany slip glaze interior, possibly Pennsylvania origin, 7 1/2"d, 9 1/2"h

Lot: 164 - Cobalt decorated L.B. Dilliner stoneware jar

ca. 1875; salt glazed cylindrical shaped stoneware jar with stenciled cobalt design with brushed vertical stripe on neck, stencil reading "L.B. Dilliner/ New Genevva/PA" (Leander B. Dilliner) with a flatened rolled rim, tooled neck with recessed and

Lot: 165 - 2 cobalt decorated stoneware jars

ca. 1875; two salt glazed cylindirical stoneware jars with three brushed cobalt flowered stems, squared rims, tooled necks and incised collar rings and Albany slip glaze interiors, probably of PA origin, 7"d, 10"h each

Lot: 166 - Staffordshire red transfer Asiatic Views platter

ca. 1840; English Staffordshire earthenware red transfer "Asiatic Views" oval platter with red ink backstamp "Asiatic Views/ F.D." and impressed "Dillon/16", 17 1/2"x 14 1/4"

Lot: 167 - Gaudy Dutch "Dove" wastebowl

ca. 1835; English Staffordshire pearlware waste bowl in Gaudy Dutch "Dove" pattern having apricot colored outstretched leaves and sectional border, 6 1/4"d, 3"h

Lot: 168 - Pearlware cup & saucer

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire pearlware teacup and saucer with polychromal foliage and floral decoration in blue, green, iron red and yellow with an iron red rim edge, 3"d, 1 3/4"h cup; 4 3/4"d, 1"h saucer

Lot: 169 - English Staffordshire creamware octagonal plate

ca. last quarter 18th century; English Staffordshire creamware octagonal plate with molded border of small diamonds and impressed "JW", 9 1/4" across

Lot: 170 - Historic Blue "Mendenhall Ferry" platter

ca. 1830; English Staffordshire pearlware Historic Blue transfer American scene, "Mendenall Ferry" oval platter by Joseph Stubbs, 13 1/2"x 16 1/2"

Lot: 171 - Historic Blue LaFayette at Franklin's Tomb coffee

ca. 1830; English Staffordshire pearlware Historic Blue transfer Lafayette at Franklin's Tomb coffee pot by Clews with a dome lid and beehive finial, 6 1/4"d, 11 1/2"h

Lot: 172 - English pearlware blue transfer open vegetable

ca. 1830; English Staffordshire pearlware open oval vegetable with blue transfer of leaves, 2 1/4"h, 9 3/4"x 12 1/2"

Lot: 173 - 6 pearlware Queen's Rose variant cups & saucers

ca. 1825; English Staffordshire pearlware handleless cups and saucers with overglaze enamel design of central Queen's Rose and leaves variant medallion encircled by rings and a blue bud and green leaf border (saucers) fluted body and slightly

Lot: 174 - English "Grecian Scenery" blue transfer platter

ca. 1845; English Staffordshire earthenware blue transfer rectangular platter with indented rim and blue ink back stamp "Stone China/ Grecian Scenery", 13 3/4"x 17"

Lot: 175 - "British Rivers" platter & 3 "Military Sketches"

ca. 1850 & 1870; Scottish earthenware brown transfer rectangular platter with slightly indented rim and brown ink back stamp "British Rivers/ CP Co" (Clyde Pottery Co, Greenock, Scotland), 14"x 17 3/4"; three British ironstone sepia transfer dinner

Lot: 176 - European bentwood bride's box

ca. 1850; continental bride's box made of steam bent spruce/fir with a softwood oval lid and bottom, bright orange base paint with blue, yellow and white stitch locked bands, bright floral accent on bands and lid with an applied historic print of a

Lot: 177 - Paint decorated dome lid bride's box

ca. 1800; nail constructed pine domed lid box with blue base paint and colorful flower accent to lid and front three sides, small hasp latch chest lock, wire hinges and small wire handle, attributed to France/continental Europe and inscribed with

Lot: 178 - Vintage chalkware reclining ram

ca. 1840; hollow form cast chalkware figure of a reclining ram with hobnail accented coat, yellow and red painted lower rim, green grass surface and paint accent to mouth, eyes, ears and ram's horns, 4 1/4"x 1 1/2"x 3 1/2"

Lot: 179 - Continental paint decorated bentwood box

ca. early - mid 19th century; mustard paint decorated oval lift lid band box made of steam bent fir/spruce bands, glue joint with softwood lid and bottom, large floral design on box band, vine design on rim band and village scene hand painted on lid

Lot: 180 - PA chalkware seated squirrel

ca. mid 19th century; hollow form cast chalkware figure of a seated squirrel holding nut with erect tail, base with green paint accent and colorful accent to tail and eyes, 4 3/4"x 2 3/4"x 6"

Lot: 181 - Paint decorated domed lid trinket box

ca. mid 19th century; nail constructed small domed trinket box appears to be made of quilted or quartersawn maple with quartersawn white oak bottom in blue paint with orange and white floral decoration on black inkwork fronds, wire clip hinges and

Lot: 182 - PA chalkware seated poodle

ca. mid 19th century; hollow form cast chalkware figure of a seated poodle on a paint decorated pedestal base with head facing right, hobnail accented coat and paint accent to collar, ears, nose and eyes, 4"x 2 1/2"x 6"

Lot: 183 - Painted & gilt decorated bellows

ca. mid 19th century; wooden bellow paddles in yellow paint with floral and fruit painted decoration with some giltwork to fruit, brass spout and leather tack mounted bladder, 18 1/2"x 8"x 2 3/4"

Lot: 184 - Paint decorated oval band box

ca. 1830-1880; European Douglas fir oval bentwood box painted in bright yellow with black banding and green grain dots, large urn of roses painted on lid and thin steam bent fir bands with metal staple/clip fasteners, 8 1/2"x 6 1/2"x 4 1/4"

Lot: 185 - Framed fraktur vorschrift

ca. 1790-1820; Protestant inspired religious seven verse poem of instruction on hand laid paper in a flat mahogany frame; the top two lines with broken illumination of various colors, interior script in black and red interspersed ink and a three

Lot: 186 - Framed folk art watercolor painting on paper

ca. 20th century; PA German inspired folk art watercolor of colorful bird on tulip and heart flower stem on paper leaf taken from a Bible or large imprint and mounted in a pin chamfered frame, 14"x 18"x 3/4" framed

Lot: 187 - Hand wrought dough scraper

ca. mid-late 18th century; early form dough scraper with chamfer edge blade with four punch strikes on front and a round solid rod form handle, found in Augusta Co., VA (Shenandoah Valley), 3 1/2"x 2 1/2" blade, 3 1/2" handle

Lot: 188 - 3 piece butcher utensil set

ca. Jan 26, 1886 patent dated; each impressed with "F.B.S., Canton, Ohio" strike and patent dated and have hook handles: brass and iron deep bowl ladle, 5 1/2"d x 2", 14 1/2" handle; perforated brass skimmer ladle, 5 3/4"d x 1 1/2", 14 1/2" handle;

Lot: 189 - Conestoga wagon tar bucket

ca. early-mid 19th century; crafted from a hollowed log with extended ears for leather strap, hand carved lid and recessed collar of lid sitting in the raised collar of the bucket, 5"x 6 1/2"x 9 1/2"

Lot: 190 - 3 wrought iron dough scrapers

ca. 18th-early 19th century; tombstone arch blade scraper with center fastened acorn capped solid handle, 3 1/2"x 3 1/4" with 4 1/4" handle; step-tombstone shaped blade with tight angled tapered socket handle, 3 3/4"x 4" with 4" handle; tricorne hat

Lot: 191 - Pair of brass and iron kitchen utensils

ca. Jan 26, 1886 patent dated; each impressed "F.B.S., Canton, Ohio" with patent date and hooked iron handle: brass blade spatula with brass rivets to patented shaped, 3 1/4"x 14"; brass bowl shaped tasting ladle with patented shape, 3"x 3/4"x with

Lot: 192 - Charles Parker Co. post mount coffee mill

ca. 1850-1870s; store model mill with 10" S-shaped crank handle, 4"d grinding and tin cone funnel with original brass shielded eagle holding arrows in talons, all mounted on a board, 12"x 9"x 9 1/2", 6"x 5" funnel

Lot: 193 - 2 wrought iron button hole cutters

ca. mid 18th-early 19th century; rare button hole hatchet with octagon full tapered poll, flared blade and pick bottom iron handle, 1 1/2"x 5"x 1/2"; octagon handled tombstone arch top button hole chisel, V-edged by a knife, 1/2"x 4 1/2"x 1/2"

Lot: 194 - D.L. Jaques patented "stove lantern"

ca. March 14, 1865 patent dated; combination box form lamp/foot warmer with a wooden case, three wire guarded windows, hinged top lid, box base with tin back and hinged mouse hole door that keeps a small Miller brass finger lamp

Lot: 195 - 4 wrought iron dough scrapers

ca. early-mid 19th century; triangular blade scraper with center mount tapered solid rod handle marked P.M.D. (cold strikes) and three pellets (hot strikes), 4 1/4"x 3" blade with 4" fastened handle; triangular blade scraper with tapered socket

Lot: 196 - 2 rare multi-blade button hole cutters

ca. 1800-1850; wooden handled three blade hole cutter with 1 1/8" wide blade center mounted and two wing mounted blades, 7/8" and 5/8", with wings key-hole cut out on top of opening, mounted with a walnut handle, 3 3/4"x 4";

Lot: 197 - Pair of brass and iron ladles

ca. Jan 26, 1886 patent dated; each struck "F.B.S." with patent date and iron handles with hooked hangers: deep bowl brass ladle, 3 3/4"d x 1 3/4" with 12 1/2" handle; perforated brass skimmer ladle, 4 1/4"d x 1" with 12 1/4" handle

Lot: 198 - Mahogany traveler's lap desk

ca. late 19th-early 20th century; English attributed mahogany bi-folding traveler's desk with exterior recessed corner mounts on lid and along rounded corners, small inlay plaque for owner's name on lid, handles recessed with a pointed end plate with

Lot: 199 - 4 button hole cutting tools

ca. 18th & early 19th century; two early button hole picks with chamfer edge, violin knob top handle and a molded shaft, 2 3/4"l with 1/2"w head & 2 1/2"l with 1/2"w head; fine handwrought button hole chisel with loop top handle, 4 3/4"l, 3 1/4"w;

Lot: 200 - 5 hand wrought scrapers

ca. most 19th century; heavy wrought pry bar/paint scraper with a 2 1/4" blade with right angle heavy stock handle, 2 1/4"x 1 3/4" with 6 1/2" handle; hoe type gutter scraper with rounded edge rivet set on wooden covered rod handle, 4"x 2 1/2" with 4

Lot: 201 - PA Chippendale walnut tea caddy

ca. late 18th century; fine dovetailed tea chest with Ogee bracket style feet, poplar base, small walnut till interior with lift lid and a dovetailed high coffin style lid with ornamental brass swing handle, raised cove mold, ogee molded flat top and

Lot: 202 - Pair of treenware rolling pin needle cases

ca. 1880s-1920s; patented UK design by W.S. Avery & Co. hollow turned softwood boxes in a red stain wash for storage with rolling pin handles on end and one handle molded on cap of box, 1 3/4"d, 8 1/4"l each

Lot: 203 - Grain paint decorated document box

ca. 1880-1900; faux cherry paint decorated box in cut nail constructed pine with simple chamfer mold baseboard, hinged lid with simple chamfer molding on brass butt hinges, fine paint decoration on lid of large open crotch grain completed with

Lot: 204 - 2 pair of brass candlesticks

ca. 19th century; miniature pair of hollow cast brass candlesticks with round molded base, beehive design molded shaft and small candle socket with wax catcher rim, 2"d, 4 3/4"h; large pair of push-up style candlesticks with cast brass octagon base

Lot: 205 - 2 matched pair of brass candlesticks

ca. 19th century; all matching in design with hollow cast and lathe finish, octagonal bases, diamond chalice, bell stem and candle sockets with cup style wax catchers, 3 1/4"x 3 1/4"x 9 3/4"

Lot: 206 - Spun brass domed lid coal scuttle with copper wash

ca. 1890-1910; arts and crafts era re-creation of a brass tapered kettle form skuttle in copper wash with large hoop swing handle on large rivet fastened mounts, rim of scuttle with band having copper rivets, scuttle resting on a cast brass ball and

Lot: 207 - 2 gallon cobalt decorated crock

ca. 1875; salt glazed slightly bulbous stoneware jar with brushed floral cobalt motif, upper strip and lower wavy strip all above a fancy "2", flattened rolled rim, tooled canted neck, three incised mid-section rings, Albany slip glaze interior and

Lot: 208 - 2 PA interior glazed redware crocks

ca. 1880-1890; both with interior reddish-brown lead glaze that has manganese speckling: one slightly bulbous with flatened rim, incised shoulder ring and slightly tooled rounded foot, 5 3/4"d, 6"h; one jigged taper-sided crock with coggled rim, 5"d,

Lot: 209 - Stoneware Demuth's Snuff jar

ca. 1885; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware jar with stenciled cobalt design "DeMuth's/Celebrated/ Snuff/ Established/ 1770/ Lancaster, PA", impressed "FH Cowden/ Harrisburg", flatened everted rim, incised collar and neck rings, interior lid ledge

Lot: 210 - Small R.H. Jones, Reading, PA liquor jug

ca. 1900; Bristol glazed small cylindrical stoneware liquor jug, cobalt filled impressed "RH Jones/805 Penn St/ Reading, PA" with a wide banded rim conical neck, 4 3/4"d, 7 1/4"h

Lot: 211 - Cobalt decorated stoneware snuff jar

ca. 1875; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware snuff jar with cobalt stenciled motif "Fine/MacCoboy" with flourishes, rounded shoulder, slightly flatened short rolled rim, interior lid ledge and Albany slip glaze interior, 8 1/2"d, 12 1/2"h

Lot: 212 - 3 gallon stoneware jug

ca. 1900; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware jug, cobalt stenciled "3" on neck, conical neck with incised collar ring, tall banded rim, strap handle attached to rim and shoulder and Albany slip glaze interior, 10 1/2"d, 15 1/4"h

Lot: 213 - 5 gallon stoneware jug

ca. 1900; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware jug with applied cobalt slip "5" with a flourish, thickened banded rim, strap handle attached to rim and shoulder and Albany slip glaze interior, 11 1/2"d, 18"h

Lot: 214 - PA redware jar

ca. 1880; PA redware cylindrical jar in reddish brown lead glaze with zones of olive and a flatened everted rim with interior lid ledge, 5"d, 8 1/2"h

Lot: 215 - 3 single handled redware crocks

ca. 1880; PA single handled redware slightly bulbous crocks with interior lead glazes: one wide banded rim with two incised neck rings, tooled foot and dark brown interior glaze, 6"d, 6"h; one slightly flared tooled rim with incised neck ring and

Lot: 216 - 5 PA redware items

ca. 1880; two lead glazed turkshead molds in 15 ribbed form with manganese sponged rims and open central cones: one with brown glazing and incised "10" on base, 8 1/4"d, 3"h; one in reddish-brown glazing and impressed "6" on base, 8 3/4"d, 3 1/2"h;

Lot: 217 - 3 gallon cobalt decorated Frank B Norton,

ca. 1870; three gallon salt glazed cylindrical stoneware jug with cobalt slip flowers and foliage motif impressed "3/ Frank B Norton/ Worcester Mass" with a squared banded rim and Albany slip glaze interior, 10"d, 15"h

Lot: 218 - 2 gallon cobalt decorated Evan Jones, Pittston, PA

ca. 1870; two gallon salt glazed semi-ovoid stoneware cream crock with brushed cobalt spitting tulip motif, impressed "Evan R Jones/ Pittston PA/3" with a flatened, tooled canted rim, pair of applied lug ear handles and an Albnay slip glaze interior,

Lot: 219 - Cobalt decorated stoneware jar

ca. 1875; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware jar with four brushed cobalt double feathered foliage motifs, flatened rim, tooled neck and collar and incised shoulder ring, tooled foot and Albany slip glaze interior attributed to Remmey Pottery,

Lot: 220 - Alkaline glazed stoneware jar

ca. 1870; semi-ovoid stoneware jar with banded collar, everted neck and interior lid ledge, uneven brownish speckled and blistered glaze with some olive toning of southeastern U.S. origin, 6 1/2"d, 10 1/4"h

Lot: 221 - Louis K Tomlinson redware crock

ca. 1875; small PA redware semi-ovoid crock impressed "LKT" (Louis K Tomlinson, Dryville Church, Berks Co, PA) with interior brown lead glaze and rolled mis-shapened rim, 5"h, 4 1/2"x 6" across

Lot: 222 - 4 gallon cobalt decorated jug

ca. 1865; four gallon salt glazed ovoid jug in bright brushed cobalt floral design and "4" with daubs at handle terminals, tooled fancy ringed collar, pair of open loop vertical handles and Albany slip glaze interior, of southwestern PA origin, 11

Lot: 223 - 4 gallon TF Reppert cobalt decorated crock

ca. 1885; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware crock with stenciled and brushed cobalt designs of "TF Reppert/ Greensboro, PA", four pale horizontal lines and a "4" with a flatened rolled rim, tooled neck with incised and raised rings, pair of applied

Lot: 224 - 3 gallon J Fisher cobalt decorated jug

ca. 1880; salt glazed slightly bulbous jug with slipped cobalt design of a tulip-like flower and a "3", impressed "J. Fisher & Co/ Lyons" (Jacob Fisher) with a flatened rim with collar and Albany slip glaze interior, 10 1/2"d, 16 1/4"h

Lot: 225 - 4 gallon cobalt decorated crock

ca. 1870; salt glazed slightly bulbous crock with brushed five flower design and a "4", daubs on handle terminals, flatened rolled rim, tooled collar ring, two faintly incised shoulder rings, pair of applied lug ear handles and Albany slip glaze

Lot: 226 - 7 flow blue "Chapoo" plates

ca. 1850; British Staffordshire "Chapoo" flow blue twelve-sided ironstone plates with blue ink back stamp "Ironstone/ Chapoo/ J. Wedgwood" (Josiah Wedgwood): five luncheon plates, 8 1/2" and two dinner plates, 9 1/4"

Lot: 227 - Flow blue "Singa" cup and brushed plate

ca. 1865 & 1850; two British Staffordshire flow blue ironstone items: 14 edged brushed floral motif dinner plate, 9 1/4"; two handled "Singa" cylindrical cup with blue ink back stamp "Singa/ CE&M" (Cork, Edge & Malkin), 4 1/4"d, 3 3/4"h

Lot: 228 - 8 sepia transfer ironstone serving pieces

ca. 1850; six British Staffordshire sepia transfer ironstone "Cyprus" serving pieces with sepia back stamp "Ironstone/ Cyprus/ Davenport"; plus two unknown patterns: twelve-sided covered butter dish with scalloped finial and perforated liner, 4

Lot: 229 - Grouping of sepia transfer "Cyprus" ironstone by

ca. 1850; sepia transfer ironstone with sepia ink back stamp "Ironstone/ Cyprus/ Davenport" and impressed "anchor & Davenport", each with twelve sides: seven dinner plates; two deep dishes; seven smaller dinner plates; five luncheon plates; eight

Lot: 230 - Grouping of sepia transfer "Tavoy" ironstone

ca. 1850; grouping of twelve-sided sepia transfer ironstone plates with sepia ink back stamp "T Walker/ Tavoy" or "T Walker/ Washington" and impressed "Thos Walker": one dinner plate, 10 1/4"; seven dinner plates with only one having an impressed

Lot: 231 - 8 Belgium earthenware rooster plates

ca. 1930; in brown, green and red brushed rooster design and green ink back stamp "Boch Fr LaLouviere", 8 1/4"d

Lot: 232 - English Majolica egg cup stand & 4 egg cups

ca. 1875; English earthenware Majolica egg cup stand and four egg cups in blue, brown, green, pink and yellow: oval handled basket form six socket egg cup stand on four feet, 6 1/4"h, 6 1/2"x 8 1/2" across; four egg cups on round pedestal feet, 1

Lot: 233 - Wedgwood Argenta Majolica earthenware covered

ca. 1877; Wedgwood Argenta majolica earthenware low oval form covered teapot with raised foliage and floral decorations with pastel colors, yellow sheaf of grain lid finial, impressed "Wedgwood" and code for year of 1877 on base with an upper arched

Lot: 234 - 4 miscellaneous English Staffordshire items

ca. 1835-1855; oval white ironstone platter with base impressed "T&R Boote & Co/ Sydenham Shape" with diamond registration, 13"x 17 3/4"; ironstone luncheon plate with central stylized Adams Rose motif and red stick spatter bow knot border within

Lot: 235 - Group of "Old Hall Earthenware Co" Japanese type

ca. 1875; English Staffordshire earthenware with a Japanese type pattern of red transfer infilled with black, orange and red with gilt details and many pieces impressed with "Old Hall Earthenware" marks: nest of four oval platters; oval covered

Lot: 236 - Shaker Sabbathday Lake four finger sewing carrier

ca. late 19th century - early 20th century; oval Shaker Sabbathday Lake, Maine sewing carrier in four finger construction with 16 copper tacks, bentwood maple and pine with brown stained varnish finish, swing handle with copper rivets, original pink

Lot: 237 - Tramp art pyramid shape trinket box

ca. 1890; unusual four pyramid side box with pyramid design lid made from crate material and painted red with each stacked layer of sides and lid are angle groove carved, 13"x 13"x 8 1/2"

Lot: 238 - Antique primitive rocking horse

ca. 1900; white painted carved horse with padded wooden saddle on four turned legs and mounted on a red painted cheese cutter rocker base; body and head of horse hand-carved with an open mouth and painted eyes, hair accent on mane and tail and seat

Lot: 239 - E&HT; Anthony Climax portrait studio camera

ca. 1887-1905; unusually long bed portrait studio camera with single bellows, large mahogany stationary front and rear, adjustable side carriage and pitch adjusting knobs and rear carriage mount on a mahogany rail frame, 28 1/2"x 14"x 20 1/2"

Lot: 240 - Victorian softwood 8 drawer hanging spice box

ca. 1890-1900; eight drawer wall spice box with a molded arch top hanger board, simple nail constructed drawers and drawer fronts with lathe molded indents and small wooden knob drawer pulls with light brown stain, 11"x 5 1/4"x 16 3/4"

Lot: 241 - 2 small hickory/oak splint egg baskets

ca. 1850; unusually small child's egg basket with melon shaped bottom, fixed low handle and appears to be made of splint hickory with dark patina from age, 4"d, 3 1/2"h; melon shaped child's egg basket with large loop handle having dark patina from

Lot: 242 - Late brass kerosene box style lantern

ca. 1980-later; brass and glass box style lantern with slide out brass font having a British made burner, hinged dome lid with copper hinges, vented brass bottom with unknown British maker strike and lenses protected by two bars, 7"x 7"x 15 1/2"

Lot: 243 - Rare groomer's horse tail singeing lamp/comb

ca. mid 19th century; English made tool with molded copper shell design head on a brass collar with "G. Deakin, England" marked on thumbscrew valve with valve and combhead affixed to brass stick shaped font with hanger, 4 3/4"x 3 1/2" head on 1"d,

Lot: 244 - Child's one door milk cupboard

ca. 1850; miniature one door milk cupboard in pine nailed construction finished in brown over yellow feather design graining having a three side galley top, center arch back rail on galley back, highly decorative scroll design on base of side and

Lot: 245 - Primitive salmon painted 2 drawer cupboard

ca. mid 19th century; dovetailed pine cabinet with two beaded front drawers painted brown over original red milk paint with central star decoration where brass knobs were removed and later porcelain knobs added, 9"x 9"x 9 1/2"

Lot: 246 - Folk art paint decorated wall shelf with peg rail

ca. mid 19th century; unusual southwest influenced paint decorated three-tier wall shelf with arch and column veranda front, raised stop board top and three hand-cut peg bottom featuring colorful paint decoration of flowers, compass, wheel, vines,

Lot: 247 - Henry Delicker inlaid pine trinket chest

ca. 1927 date; late trinket chest with cabriole feet, cedar drawer front with stained flower insert and diamond center band with the drawer marked "Mate by Henry Delicker in Frush Valley, PA", the chest front having colored flower insert and "EN DR"

Lot: 248 - Turned walnut mortar & pestle

ca. 1840; pedestal footed mortar with bulbous vessel, decorative exterior bands and barrel shaped interior, 5 1/2"d, 8"h; turned stomper style pestle, 3 1/4"d, 9 1/2"h

Lot: 249 - 5 various brass & iron butchering utensils

ca. 19th-20th century; match pair skimmer and ladle with arch and open rattail form handles: pinwheel perforated skimmer and matched ladle with large copper rivets and finger braced bowl; matched pair ladle and perforated skimmer ladle with collar

Lot: 250 - Brass kettle & toleware document box

ca. 1830-1900; flat bottom brass kettle with heavy wrought iron handle, sloped sides, handle mounted with large copper rivets and rim marked Bristol pattern, 9"-13"d, 5"h; dome top toleware document box with japanned/black background and red

Lot: 251 - Oscar Bowser 7 drawer spice box

ca. 1962; pine hanging spice box in dovetailed construction mounted to bead molded overshot backboard with center arch hanger, spear tip apron, dovetailed front and back drawers and tipped drawer fronts with small iron pulls, all in a satin varnish

Lot: 252 - 3 wrought iron utensils

ca. 18th-19th century; unsigned spatula with hollow punch tool decoration and hook handle, 2"x 16"; two-prong flesh fork with spear shaped handle, round eye hanger and cross hatch tool decoration, 2 1/4"x 18 1/2"; wrought iron ladle with three rivet

Lot: 253 - Child's pine stepback hutch cupboard

ca. 1900; miniature stepback hutch with tombstone arch top glass doors on top, two small dovetailed drawers with porcelain knobs and two lower blind doors with lipped rail pull, all in a clear varnish finish, 16"x 9"x 26 1/4"

Lot: 254 - Conestoga wagon toolbox

ca. mid 19th century; blue painted strap-brace toolbox with steep sloped lid, original snakes head strap and clip hinges and snakes head hasp, hardware fastened with original hand wrought nails and clip hinges mounted in wagon top rail; [ex-Sorber

Lot: 255 - Dudley Watch Co., Lancaster, PA Masonic pocket

ca. 1920-1925; 19 jewel, model 2 pocket watch (serial #2638) with a clear back case that displays works with Masonic plate accented movements, silver Bible mounted to the cover of winding pinion and sunburst design dial with gold Arabic numerals, 1

Lot: 256 - Blocks on point quilt with yellow border

ca. 1900; pieced blocks on point with yellow print border, front edge turned to back, back made of striped brown fabrics and quilting follows pattern, 80"x 78"

Lot: 257 - Pieced 49 block quilt

ca. early 20th century; 49 block pieced cotton quilt with green printed border and green and pink printed blocks separated by blue and green borders, backed with grey, white and blue checked cotton, diagonal striped quilting and back turned to front,

Lot: 258 - 64 block red, green & yellow pieced quilt

ca. late 19th century; nine block pattern of red, green and yellow cotton blocks surrounded by red borders, red and white cotton back, front edge turned to back and brown cotton quilting following pattern, 80"x 72"

Lot: 259 - 20 block appliqued quilt

ca. late 19th century; red and green appliqued blocks with red centers, green leaves and oval borders on white ground, green edging, white back and quilting in red, green and white following the design, 84"x 66"

Lot: 260 - 9 block on point pieced quilt

ca. late 19th century; nine block pattern on point alternating with green print plain blocks, surrounded by a pink and green printed border, backed with peach cotton turned to front and block and floral pattern quilting in white cotton thread, 94"x

Lot: 261 - Jacquard pattern coverlet by Joseph H Cassel

ca. 1846; jacquard pattern coverlet woven by Joseph H. Cassel, Skippeck Township, Montgomery Co., PA in 1846 in wool and cotton with bird and tree borders and star and floral central pattern, self and applied fringes and center seam, 86"x 80"

Lot: 262 - Jacquard pattern coverlet by Samuel Gilbert for

ca. 1847; red, blue and green wool and white cotton coverlet with rose and leaf borders, floral and leaf central patterns, applied fringe on bottom, self fringe on sides, rolled top hem and a center seam, 94"x 78"

Lot: 263 - Hannah Bennion sampler

ca. mid 19th century; linen sampler with fine linen and varied color cotton yarn thread stitching with green floral vine border, seven lines of various alphabet stitches and one line of numbers 1 thru 20 with inscription "Hannah Bennion Age 9, Be you

Lot: 264 - 2 pieces of check pattern fabrics

ca. late 19th - 20th century; tan linen with red and blue cross-check pattern later sewn pillowcase/bag, 25 1/2"x 33 1/2"; white cotton blue and red check fabric towel, 54"x 30"

Lot: 265 - Eliza B Leonard sampler

ca. 1882; white cotton sampler with eight lines of letters, numbers and verse "Jesus permit the gracious name to stand. As the first effort of his infant hand. And while her fingers o'er this canvas move. Engage her tender heart to see thy love" in

Lot: 266 - Vintage hooked rug

ca. 1900-1920; floral and heart design hooked rectangular rug with black and white border, gray, purple, pink and green design interior with a block of flowers in a diamond and hearts in corner of center block, all on a burlap back, 40 1/2"x 22"

Lot: 267 - Framed oil on board landscape of Rochester, NY

ca. 1930-1950s; Impressionistic styling with pastel coloring of pastures and rolling fields, a farmhouse and several red painted farm buildings, a blue-gray horizon with mountains of upper New York and framed in a modern gold leaf frame, 31 3/4"x 23

Lot: 268 - J.F. Herring Jr. attributed farm life scene

ca. pre-1907; attributed to the style of John Frederick Herring (Jr) by style of painting: this large farmyard scene with two large work horses with harnesses standing outside the door of a brick blacksmith's shop featuring a tray with contents at

Lot: 269 - C. H. Shearer oil painting

ca. 1911; oil on artist board painting of a pair of hanging quail in a walnut frame, label marked "Christopher/Shearer/1911" on reverse

Lot: 270 - Wilkes College Mirror

ca. mid 19th century; Sheraton style paint decorated tabernacle mirror with a reverse painted panel of Wilkes College, Wilkes Barre, PA; 11" x 19 1/2"

Lot: 271 - Large theorem painting

ca. early - mid 20th century; large theorem painting on velvet of a bowl of fruit with a bird; 36"x24"

Lot: 272 - Oil on canvas

ca. 1888; fishing boats on water in a gold frame, signed indistinctly and dated 1888 in lower right, 26"x 17 1/2" sight; 36"x 27 1/2" overall

Lot: 273 - Harry M. Book, Millersville, PA oil on canvas

ca. 1937; titled "Springtime at Mill Stream Lodge" in the original gold frame, signed and dated in lower right, 33 3/4"x 27 1/2" sight; 39 3/4"x 33 3/4" overall

Lot: 274 - Amronlite desk lamp

ca. 1920; adjustable green shade over a brass pedestal on a square base, 17 1/2"x 10"x 10"

Lot: 275 - Cast iron stove

ca. 1840; cast iron stove marked "Gettysburg" possibly by George Arnold, 37 1/2"x 14"x 36"

Lot: 276 - One door cupboard

ca. 1800; paint decorated built-in cupboard with picture frame molding surrounding front, door with four raised panels and H hinges in ochre paint opening to a shelved interior, 39"x 14 1/2"x 54 1/2"

Lot: 277 - One door cupboard

ca. 1800; built-in picture frame molded cupboard surrounding one door with a raised center panel and shelved interior, in an old blue paint, 34"x 15"x 41 1/2"

Lot: 278 - One drawer stand

ca. 1830; poplar with a shaped top over one drawer with glass pull on turned legs, 21 1/4"x 20 3/4"x 29 1/2"

Lot: 279 - Shopkeeper's desk

ca. 1820; large walnut desk with slant top, central area lifting to expose compartment with two drawers above a left side and right side drawer with pressed brass pulls, all resting on turned legs with front to back stretchers, 60"x 30 1/2"x 48"

Lot: 280 - Martin Shreiner, Lancaster tall clock

ca. 1810; in a cherry and crotched cherry case with broken arch top, fluted rosettes and center finial over a painted iron dial flanked by four turned posts, trunk with chamfered sides and crotched cherry door over the base with recessed crotched

Lot: 281 - Lancaster County blanket chest

ca. mid 19th century; pine dovetailed chest with red sponge on yellow paint decoration, a molded lid attached with butt hinges, and resting on green painted turned feet; 49" x 22 3/4" x 23 1/2"

Lot: 282 - Bow front chest of drawers

ca. 1820; in mahogany with a reeded top with nice overhang over four drawers with brass bale pulls and inlaid brass escutcheons and crotch mahogany veneered drawer fronts, 36 1/2"x 25"x 43 1/2"

Lot: 283 - Blind door corner cupboard

ca. 1790; in pine with a molded cornice over two blind doors with four raised panels opening to a nicely shaped three shelf interior over the base with two doors each with a raised panel, 44"x 30 1/2"x 91"

Lot: 284 - Bow back Windsor arm chair

ca. 1810; bow back over eleven spindles and knuckle arms supported by bamboo turned legs with H stretcher, 23"x 16"x 36"

Lot: 285 - Candlestand

ca. 1820; tiger maple square top over a maple urn shaped pedestal resting on three spider legs, 18"x 18"x 27 1/2"

Lot: 286 - Secretary bookcase

ca. 1850; two piece mahogany secretary with geometric molding and trim; the top with a fall front opening to a writing surface, six drawers and six pigeon holes with center lock compartment; matching base with two doors opening to a shelved

Lot: 287 - Pewter cupboard

ca. 1800; two part cupboard with a molded top over three shelves resting on a base with five drawers with brass pulls over three fluted doors opening to a shelved interior all on a straight bracket base, 61 3/4"x 17 1/2"x 85 1/4"

Lot: 288 - Chest of drawers

ca. 1810; bow front chest in walnut with form molded drawers, original bale pulls, cross banded inlay surrounding the base resting on French feet with shaped skirting on three sides, 40"x 21 1/4"x 38 1/2"

Lot: 289 - Tea table

ca. 20th century; custom made tilt top tea table with a single board scalloped top with bird cage support above a turned and ornately carved pedestal and legs ending in ball and claw feet; brass plaque under table top reads "Israel Sopinsky Cabinet

Lot: 290 - Chest of drawers

ca. 1837; softwood chest with a top having an overhang on sides and front, over four dovetailed drawers with original brasses resting on straight bracket feet and signed and dated on reverse, 40 1/2"x 20 3/4"x 37 1/4"

Lot: 291 - Milk cupboard

ca. 1780; walnut cupboard with a cove molded top over a single door with raised panel and rattail hinges, opening to a shelved interior and resting on straight bracket feet, 41 3/4"x 23"x 50 3/4"

Lot: 292 - Paint decorated chest of drawers

ca. 1860; floral and geometric painted chest including top over four drawers with wooden pulls and sides with decorated recessed panels, all resting on boldly turned feet, 42 1/2"x 20"x 45"

Lot: 293 - 2 pieces of tinware

ca. 1870-1910; red toleware hinged lock-lid tea/spice box with two compartment interior and small key operated lock system paint decorated with floral accent on front and stenciled border to rim of lid, 4"x 3 1/4"x 5 1/2"; blue painted wash boiler

Lot: 294 - 2 painted round pantry boxes

ca. 1870-1900; dark green painted pantry box with bent hickory side and softwood bottom and lid, 6 1/2"d, 3"h; yellow painted round pantry box with hickory steam bent band, softwood bottom and lid, columbine flower paint decoration on lid and

Lot: 295 - Doll & velvet pin cushion

ca. 1870-1910; early composition head doll with blonde hair, blue painted eyes, cloth body and original printed cloth dress, wool petticoat and cotton underclothes; yellow velvet peach pin cushion with red blush paint accent

Lot: 296 - Dovetailed kitchen storage box

ca. 1900; dovetailed softwood box with green over yellow paint, lid with brass butterfly surface mount hinges and white porcelain knob, 6"x 7"x 5 1/4"

Lot: 297 - 2 primitives

ca. 1870-1910; early child's tin skater's box style lantern with wire handle on vented arch top, three glass lens box with slide up front panel, mirror reflector back and small tin font with kerosene burner, 3"x 2"x 6"; one drawer pine mortised

Lot: 298 - Set of painted letter blocks

ca. 1880-1910; set of nineteen orange and white painted blocks with black stencil letters and number, 1 1/2"x 1 1/2"x 1 1/2" each

Lot: 299 - 2 kugel-type Christmas ornaments

ca. 1850-1900; medium gold color mercury glass cluster of grapes ornament on brass cup hanger, 3 1/2"d, 5"l; large silver mercury glass ball shaped kugel with brass cup hanger, 5"d

Lot: 300 - 2 pieces of wooden kitchenware

ca. 1830-1900; hand carved flat bottom bowl with pointed side grasp, 8 1/2"x 9"- 12 1/4"x 16"x 3 1/2"; turned maple/birch chalice-type mortar with raised pedestal base and turned maple masher, 4 3/4"d, 7"h mortar with 8 3/4" pestle

Lot: 301 - Tin & mirrored reflector wall sconce

ca. 1850; tin dish back wall sconce with cut applied mirror reflector, tubular arm and cup and dish candle holder, 8"d, 1 1/2" back, 1 1/2" arm

Lot: 302 - 2 oval painted decorated footstools

ca. 1830-1860; match pair of paint decorated oval footstools with rounded plank tops on four splayed turned legs, brown painted with bowl of fruit design and floral frond accent, bottoms of plank with heavy jack plane marks and one initialed "A" and

Lot: 303 - 3 iron kitchen utensils

ca. 1850-1900; S.M. Co. Pitt, PA 1 1/2 pt. handled bean kettle with tubular sheet steel socket and wooden handle, 5 3/4"d, 3 3/4"l with 23 1/2" handle; Philadelphia Tool Co. oyster shucking knife with drop-forged square handle with maker's strike,

Lot: 304 - Coopered wooden keg

ca. 1890-1900; unbranded coopered oak keg with red wash, six broad steel bands that are iron pin riveted and have secure barrel clips, side filler and small drain spout/tap, 12 1/2"-14"d, 21"h

Lot: 305 - Folk art paint decorated clock shelf

ca. 1930; fret-sawn walnut shelf with decorative apron and brace rail, then painted blue-green with red accent, 20"x 7"x 9 1/2"

Lot: 306 - 2 wrought iron hearth shovels/peels

ca. 18th-19th century; early long handled shovel with broad flat head, rounded blade and long mushroom capped handle (unsigned), 8 1/4"x 9 1/4", 48 1/2" overall length; hearth shovel with broad flat head, rounded blade and round handle with button

Lot: 307 - Georgian style dial barometer

ca. early 19th century; fine inlaid work on mahogany veneered case barometer with greenish stain and burn worked boxwood vignette inlays, upper and lower vignettes of sunflowers with a shell pattern waist, 8"d dial in tin/pewter wash on brass with a

Lot: 308 - Copper apple butter kettle

ca. 19th century; early dovetailed copper apple butter kettle with copper riveted iron hanger brackets and a wrought iron arch swing handle, 22 1/2"d, 14 1/4"h

Lot: 309 - Primitive metal rooster on log base

ca. unknown; weathervane-type cutout of a rooster with a long flowing tail, cock's comb, extended narrow beak, file work edge and rivet mounted to a modern wrought iron rod in a half log base, 20 1/2"x 7"x 20 1/2"

Lot: 310 - Milton B. Young 4 prong shaking fork

ca. 1920-1930; drawn and splint worked fork of ash/hickory with two rod brace spreaders and nail sets with the bends on the tines finely cured and the handle branded by the maker's mark, 14 1/2"x 69 1/2"

Lot: 311 - Paint decorated child's plank bottom chair signed

ca. 1880-1940s; Sheraton-styled chair with crest top, fine grain painting on plank seat with a stencil pattern of a bird with berries on a decorative crest, five interior rods and two outer rods with white and gold pinstriping, splayed leg base with

Lot: 312 - Paint decorated conductor's music stand

ca. 1920s era; arts and crafts paint decorated stand with adjustable pedestal base, ornamental scroll and cherub accent on the music rack with statement "Music A Symbolic Expression of the Worlds Meaning", a triangular three foot base, hollow turned

Lot: 313 - Rosewood faux grain painted document box

ca. 1880-1900; dovetailed poplar document box with small chest lock lid, small brass butt hinges and fine rosewood faux grain paint decoration, 14 3/4"x 9 3/4"x 6"

Lot: 314 - Chip carved wafer print

ca. early-mid 19th century; press print with chip carved sunburst design having a geometric center and two elongated handles, 3"x 10 1/2"x 2 1/2"

Lot: 315 - Continental pewter plate

ca. 1830; smooth rim pewter plate with three worn touches of an angel holding a scale and sword, 9 1/2"d

Lot: 316 - 4 Continental pewter plates

ca. early-mid 19th century; with unidentified touches: three with smooth rims, one with a single reed type rim and three have simple monogrammed borders, 8 1/2"- 9 1/4"d

Lot: 317 - Rufus Dunham Britannia teapot

ca. 1855; lighthouse form Britannia teapot with touch of Rufus Dunham, Westbrook, ME having a squat dome shaped hinged lid with black enameled metal disk finial, black enameled metal handle and gooseneck spout, 5 3/4"d, 10 1/2"h

Lot: 318 - 3 American Britannia items

ca. 1850; duel burner cylindrical font whale oil lamp on a conical pedestal, 4"d, 5 1/2"h; baluster form syrup with hinged lid, 3"d, 4 1/2"h; bulbous pitcher, 6"d, 7 1/2"h

Lot: 319 - 3 piece Vose & Co, Albany, NY Britannia tea

ca. 1840; scarce three piece Britannia tea service in octagonal panel forms, each impressed "Vose & Co/Albany/2000" on base: covered teapot with carved wooden handle and carved wooden finial disk, 9 3/4"x 6 1/4"; covered sugar with carved wooden

Lot: 320 - Blakeslee Barns pewter plate

ca. 1815; American pewter plate with touch of Blakeslee Barns, (BB and spread eagle) ("B. Barns/ Philada") Philadelphia, PA, 7 3/4"d

Lot: 321 - Wooden spoon rack with 10 Britannia spoons, a

ca. 1849, 1810 & unknown; wooden spoon rack with two Britannia tablespoons by Charles Parker, Meriden, Conn.; eight Britannia teaspoons by Charles Parker; an unidentified pewter teaspoon and a coin silver teaspoon by Cuthbert Warner, Baltimore, MD

Lot: 322 - Group of 10 English pewter dishes

ca. mid 18th-early 19th century; single reed dish with partial touch of John Ianson, 14 3/4"d; single reed dish with partial London touch, 13"d; smooth rim dish with unidentified Griffin touch, 9 1/2"d; smooth rim dish with unidentified touch, 9

Lot: 323 - Group of American Britannia spoons & continental

ca. 19th century; group of American Britannia spoons and continental pewter: 53 tablespoons/dessert spoons and 73 teaspoons in display holders; molded bowl form continental Britannia master salt on square pedestal with unidentified touch, 2 1/2"d, 2

Lot: 324 - 5 miscellaneous American Britannia items

ca. mid 19th century; twelve lobed teapot with hinged lid, scarce touch of "Crossman, West & Leonard" (Taunton, Mass circ 1830) with a black lacquered wooden finial and handle, 8 1/2"h, 6 1/2" across; open sugar, pigeon breasted bowl

Lot: 325 - 4 Connecticut Britannia teapots

ca. mid 19th century; teapot with scarce "LJ Curtiss" touch (Lemuel J. Curtiss, Meriden, Conn circ 1840), 6 1/4"d, 8 1/2"h; "IC Lewis/ No 14" touch (Isaac Lewis, Meriden, Conn circ 1845), 5 1/2"d, 7 3/4'h; tall pot with T.S. Derby touch (Thomas S

Lot: 326 - Pair of Britannia britches figural match safes

ca. 1886; pair of Britannia britches figural match safes with patent dates of "Nov 9th 1886" on inside of flip covers, 2 3/4", 1 1/4"x 3/4"

Lot: 327 - 5 New England Britannia teapots

ca. 1850-1885; two similar eight sided teapots with "Roswell Gleason" touches (Dorchester, Mass circ 1870) both marked "5" for five cup capacity with black laquered wooden finials and handles, 8 1/4"x 5"; fancy eight sided teapot with "Reed & Barton"

Lot: 328 - Miscellaneous grouping of Britannia & pewter items

ca. mid-late 19th century; tall baluster form hinged lid teapot with six ribs, marked on base "James Dixon & Sons" (Sheffield, England) with a black laquered wooden finial and handle; small urn form hinged lid teapot marked on base "Shaw &

Lot: 329 - Redware pot

ca. 1860; PA redware ovoid pot with a rolled thickened rim, tooled beveled foot and yellowish-brown lead glaze with some iron flecks, 7 3/4"d, 8 3/4"h

Lot: 330 - Painted redware coffee/teapot

ca. late 19th - early 20th century; slightly bulbous covered painted redware coffee/teapot with a slightly flared rim with interior lid ledge, short stubby spout, shaped loop handle, disk lid with thick button knob and old bronzey-green paint applied

Lot: 331 - 3 PA redware crocks

ca. 1885; two slightly bulbous crocks with dark reddish-brown interior glaze, flattened, thickened rim and incised neck ring, 7 1/2"d, 6 3/4"h; other slightly bulbous crock in brown with yellowish patches glaze, a rolled thickened rim and incised

Lot: 332 - Painted redware urn

ca. 1930; appears to be a Henry Schofield unglazed exterior two-handled urn with a later overpaint, pseudo incised markings "John" "Bell", "1853", rolled rim, strap handles, tooled foot with incised foot ring, two incised shoulder rings and interior

Lot: 333 - 2 PA redware items

ca. 1880-1890; slightly bulbous jelly jar with glossy brown lead glazed interior, rolled canted rim and incised neck ring, 5 1/4"d, 5"h; tart dish with lead interior glaze of dark streaking on brown, 6 3/4"d, 1 1/2" deep

Lot: 334 - Cobalt decorated stoneware jar

ca. 1875; salt glazed cylindrical stoneware jar with three bright brushed cobalt foliage motifs, flattened tooled rim with two incised neck rings and Albany slip glaze interior, 6"d, 8 3/4"h

Lot: 335 - Leaf form earthenware dish with cobalt dragonfly

ca. 1890; oval leaf form earthenware dish with stamped cobalt fern motif border and raised central design of a cobalt dragonfly, 8 3/4"x 11 1/2"

Lot: 336 - Cobalt decorated Shenfelder crock

ca. 1880; salt glazed slightly bulbous stoneware cream crock with a well-defined brushed cobalt typical Shenfelder tulip, flattened rim with extended collar, iron speckled glaze and Albany slip glaze interior, 8 1/4"d, 7 1/2"h

Lot: 337 - Jacob F. Sheaffer liquor advertising jug

ca. 1890; Lancaster, PA liquor advertising jug Bristol glazed stoneware cylindrical form with long neck, tooled broad flat vertical collar and black stencil design "Golden Rod/ Jacob F. Sheaffer/ Distiller/ Lancaster, PA", 6"d, 10"h

Lot: 338 - 3 gallon cobalt decorated Whites, Utica crock

ca. 1860s; three gallon salt glazed cylindrical stoneware crock with slipped cobalt design of a basket of flowers, impressed "Whites Utica" and "3" with a flattened rolled rim, applied pair of molded lug ear handles, incised shoulder ring and Albany

Lot: 339 - 2 gallon C. Hart cobalt decorated jug

ca. 1875; salt glazed slightly bulbous stoneware jug with brushed cobalt floral design, impressed "C Hart/ Sherburne/2" (Charles Hart, Sherburne, NY) with Albany slip glaze interior, 9"d, 13 1/2"h

Lot: 340 - 2 gallon J. Mantell cobalt decorated jug

ca. 1865; salt glazed slightly bulbous stoneware jug with brushed stylized floral motif and daub on bottom handle terminal, impressed "2/ J. Mantell/ Penn Yan" (James Mantell, Penn Yan, NY) with Albany slip glaze interior and incised shoulder ring, 9

Lot: 341 - 2 gallon Cowden & Wilcox cobalt decorated jug

ca. 1870; salt glazed slightly bulbous stoneware jug with brushed cobalt floral design, daubs on handle terminals, impressed "2/Cowden & Wilcox/ Harrisburg, PA" with an Albany slip glaze interior, 8 3/4"d, 13 1/2"h

Lot: 342 - 2 gallon blue decorated crock

ca. late 19th century; salt glazed slightly bulbous stoneware crock with slipped cobalt "2" with a flourish, rolled rim with interior lid ledge, tooled everted neck and collar with raised ring between a pair of incised rings and Albany slip glaze

Lot: 343 - "New Brighton" barrel form canning jar with

ca. late 19th century; brown Bristol glazed barrel form stoneware canning jar with dark brown cursive legend "New Brighton PA", formed rim to receive a lid, associated small redware lid in brown lead glaze with darker brown manganese sponging, ball

Lot: 344 - 2 two-toned "Sherwood Bros" stoneware items

ca. 1890; both with Bristol glazed bottoms and Albany slip glazed tops, black stenciled "Sherwood Bros/ New Brighton, PA/ Manufacturers" and have Albany slip glaze interiors: squat cylindrical jug with dome shaped top, 5"d, 6"h; cylindrical jar with

Lot: 345 - Enterprise Pottery Co. mug

ca. early 20th century; Bristol glazed stoneware ale mug with pair of raised bands of a cobalt ring bracketed by white rings, blue ink base stamp "EP Co/ PA/ New Brighton" (Enterprise Pottery Co), 2 3/4"d, 4 3/4"h

Lot: 346 - 2 "Sherwood Bros" stoneware items

ca. 1890; both with an oval impression "Sherwood Bros/ Pottery/ New Brighton, PA": two tone, tan conical top cylindrical beer bottle with Hutter & Lightning style stopper on a tooled sloping broad collar, 2 3/4"d, 6 3/4"h; cylindrical canning jar

Lot: 347 - Folk art carved walking stick

ca. 1890-1920; paint accented twig walking stick with broad head snake carved on the shaft of the cane painted in green/brown and grain painted on tan base paint, 35 1/2"

Lot: 348 - Folk art carved walking stick

ca. 1880-1920; bent handle cane with carved handle top, head with deep relief carving work and painted accent to eyes with some carving accent to shaft, 33"

Lot: 349 - Folk art carved walking stick

ca. 1900-1920; carved walnut square stock and tapered shaft walking stick with ten levels of various chip carved patterns of block and cross-X checking, initialed H.H.K., 3/4"x 3/4"x 36"

Lot: 350 - Folk art carved walking stick

ca. 1900-1920; spoke shaft stick in tan/gray paint featuring a dog's head carved on the top with a broad muzzle, raise carved eyes and relief carved droop ears, 1"x 2"x 1 3/4" head; 30"l

Lot: 351 - Folk art carved walking stick

ca. mid 19th century; folk art carved walking stick of a slithering snake wrapped around the shaft with tongue protruding from mouth, stain spot accent, additional stain accent to bumps on shaft and steel cup on tip, 35 1/2"

Lot: 352 - 2 twisted walking sticks

ca. 1890-1910; walking stick with woven, twisted around stem then varnished, 40"; narrow willow twig walking stick with woven banding and jack carved accent of leaves and florals and varnish coated, 37"

Lot: 353 - Folk art carved walking stick

ca. 1900; carved man with a bushy mustache wearing a flat top cap carved on the top of a maple twig walking stick with the surface sanded and applied tongue oil finish, 34"

Lot: 354 - Paint decorated doll cradle

ca. 1870-1890; softwood doll cradle with stepped scrollwork side and arched foot and headboard in unusual flat head screw construction, green painted exterior, sides accented with yellow hand-painted starbursts & gilt stencil of a woman riding

Lot: 355 - Framed pen & ink drawing

ca. 1900s; two-color ink drawing with dove holding a flower and script pennant in beak resting on feather quill with "Joseph Gerberich" in script box of pennant and framed in a small molded frame, 7 1/2"x 8 3/4" framed

Lot: 356 - Miniature red painted wooden wheelbarrow

ca. 1890-1920; red painted wheelbarrow with black accents, metal banded four spoke hub and sheet metal banded wheel and hand whittled handles and legs with metal band bracing and hardware, 11"x 4 1/2"x 4 1/2"

Lot: 357 - English Staffordshire pearlware child's cup,

ca. 1820; handleless child's cup and saucer with four color sponged and brushed peafowl motif in blue, brown, green and yellow; blue coggle banded bulbous pepper pot with blue brushed cap

Lot: 358 - Gaudy Dutch Dove pattern side dish

ca. 1835; English Staffordshire pearlware side dish with an apricot ground, 6 1/2"d

Lot: 359 - 2 stick spatter green & red holly sprig plates

ca. 1860; English Staffordshire ironstone luncheon and dinner plates with green and red stick spatter holly sprig design with central band of red pussy willow buds, four blue bands and dinner plate with faint impressed mark, 8 1/2"d luncheon & 9

Lot: 360 - Ironstone blue edged platter & "Ye Olden Times"

ca. 1865 & 1910; English Staffordshire ironstone rectangular platter with cut corners and blue shell edge, 13 1/2"x 17 3/4"; American earthenware dinner plate with infilled black transfer, browns, greens and whites, "Ye Olden Times" design and black

Lot: 361 - Copper lustre pitcher

ca. 1850; flattened sides copper lustre pitcher with two pink lustre transfers of a stag within a wreath of green feathered foliage and a clock face at 8:19, 7 3/4"h, 3 3/4"x 6 1/2" across

Lot: 362 - Grouping of spatterware items

ca. 1840; English Staffordshire earthenware spatterware: red spatter twelve-sided sauce dish with peafowl in unusual black, blue and green, 5 1/4"x 1"; cup plate in rainbow blue and faint purple, 4"d; brown spatter child's handleless cup and saucer,

Lot: 363 - 3 English Staffordshire items

ca. 1800-1840; rectangular shaped creamer with molded mid-section band of strawberries and leaves in green, red and yellow bracketed by a pair of ribbed spiral bands, a molded rim border of grape clusters and leaves in brown, green and mulberry and

Lot: 364 - Grouping of Late Adams Rose earthenware

ca. late 19th-early 20th century; two oval platters with black ink back stamp of Royal Arms and "Baker & Co Ltd/ England", 9"x 12 1/2" & 10 1/4"x 14 3/4"; four bowls with black ink back stamps of Royal Arms and "Staffordshire England" or "England", 3

Lot: 365 - Red & white sawtooth diamond pattern quilt

ca. early 20th century; red and white cotton sawtooth pattern with inner sawtooth red border and outer straight red border, front turned to back, white cotton back, quilting in cross blocks and following pattern edges using white thread, 82"x 82"

Lot: 366 - 16 block floral appliqued quilt with floral border

ca. late 1800s; three flowered tulip plants in pots, sixteen blocks surrounded by a floral and vine border, bound with green print, white back, finely quilted ground with vine borders between blocks, edged with green printed cotton, bordered with

Lot: 367 - Jacquard pattern coverlet by Henry Oberly

ca. 1838; rooster corner blocks with floral central design in red, blue and green wool and white cotton with fringe on three sides and a rolled top hem by Henry Oberly, Womelsdorf, PA, 84"x 96"

Lot: 368 - Jacquard pattern coverlet by E. Hausman

ca. 1856; floral, leaf and harp borders with inner checked border and central floral designs, fringed on three sides with rolled top hem by E. Hausman, Trexlertown, PA, 90"x 96"

Lot: 369 - Jacquard pattern coverlet by J. Brosey for J.

ca. 1855; jacquard pattern coverlet of red, black and green wool and white cotton, applied green, red and black cotton fringes on bottom, self fringe on sides, rolled top hem and center seam, 94"x 78"

Lot: 370 - Jacquard pattern coverlet by H. Stager

ca. mid 19th century; jacquard pattern coverlet "M+BY+ H + STAGER + MOUNT JOY + LANCASTER+ CO+ PA+ WARRANTED+ FAST+ COLORS + NO 1" in red, green and orange wool, white cotton, applied red, green and orange fringe on bottom, self fringe on sides and a

Lot: 371 - Appliqued quilt

ca. early 20th century; white quilt with green border and appliqued yellow and red potted tulips, 74"x 74"

Lot: 372 - 1848 family register berliner work

ca. 1848 dated; needlepoint on punched paper register with floral arch, colorful bird resting on branches in upper corners and Regiart family register "Wrought by E.R.", 9 1/2"x 11"

Lot: 373 - Roll of woven blue & gray check rag carpet

ca. 1880; traditional PA woven rag carpet runner with blue and gray check pattern and a multi-band run of various colors, 32"x 18'

Lot: 374 - Folksy hooked rug

ca. 1940; needlework hooked rug with several animals on a background with trees; 24" x 32"

Lot: 375 - PA folk art bird design hooked rug

ca. 1890-1930; hawk-type bird perched on a tree stump overlooking corn stalk and tobacco leaf design in the background with rag strips hooked in burlap backer, central colors in browns, tans and green with gray, brown and black border and

Lot: 376 - Edison cylinder record player & oak cylinder

ca. 1900; standard model cylinder player with oak case that has an ogee molded baseboard and arch top with a swing handle and horn; five drawer quarter sawn oak cabinet and two boxes of cylinder records; player 13"x9 1/4" x 11 1/2"; cabinet 18 1/2" x

Lot: 377 - Junghans Clock Co., Germany shelf clock

ca. 1910; eight day time, strike and quarter hour chime on rods in a mahogany case with inlay and double fluted columns flanking the brass dial with applied spandrels and silvered chapter ring, slow/fast and chime silent dials, 17 1/2"x 13"x 9"

Lot: 378 - "The Graphophone" Type AT cylinder record player

ca. 1900; complete with horn and twenty-four cylinders, case with original finish, good decal on front and paint decoration on iron surface and retaining the original key, 11"x 12"x 7 1/2"

Lot: 379 - Hans Waller, Austria oil on canvas

ca. 1940; bucolic scene with stream, signed in lower left with biographical information on reverse, 19 1/2"x 15 1/2" sight; 25"x 21" with frame

Lot: 380 - 2 framed engravings

ca. 1820; "The Common Wolf Trap" and "A Tiger Prowling Through a Village"; one in a thin wooden frame and the other in a rosewood grained frame, 24 1/4"x 20 1/4" largest

Lot: 381 - Bessie Leinbach, Reading, PA etching

ca. 1904; sleigh ride through the woods titled "A Winter Evening" in the original ebonized frame, 21 1/2"x 10 1/2"

Lot: 382 - Marion Dyer, York, PA chalk on paper

ca. 1918; horse and colt in the pasture in a gold frame, signed and dated in lower left, 23 3/4"x 13 3/4" sight, 26 3/4"x 16 3/4" overall

Lot: 383 - Queen Ann style wall mirror

ca. 1880; two piece mirror in a walnut frame with a shaped border surrounding mirror and a carved element on top

Lot: 384 - R.L. Albert oil on artist board

ca. 1928; a stream through the woods in a gold frame, signed and dated in lower right, 13"x 11 1/4 sight, 20"x 18" overall

Lot: 385 - Ornate wall mirror

mid 19th century; gilded frame with applied carving; 26"x 42"

Lot: 386 - Delaware Valley ladderback arm chair

ca. 1760; five slat back flanked by finial tipped stiles with nicely carved arms supported by the turned legs with a triple bulbous stretcher across the front and retains an old if not original rush seat, 24"x 32 1/2"x 41 3/4"

Lot: 387 - Chippendale tall case clock

ca. 1780; in walnut with a one day time and bell strike movement, the hood with a bold broken arch top with carved rosettes and three finials, tombstone side lights over the trunk with chamfered and fluted side and a shaped door over the base with

Lot: 388 - Ladderback rocking chair

ca. 1780; five splat back flanked by finial tipped stiles, rush seat and over turned legs with stretchers, 17 1/2"x 27 1/2"x 39"

Lot: 389 - One drawer stand

ca. 1840; mixed wood stand with a square top over one drawer with enamel pull and resting on turned legs, 20"x 20"x 29 1/2"

Lot: 390 - Paint decorated blanket chest

ca. 1830-1860; dovetailed pine chest with red milk paint and black stipple grain decoration resting on high bracket feet, interior contains a lidded till; 41" x 16" x 21 1/2"

Lot: 391 - Tapered leg farm table

ca. mid 19th century; early tapered leg table with a two board scrubbed top secured by two cross-battans resting on a base with narrow tapered legs with mortise & pinned broad rails in red milk paint; 49"x 32 3/4"x 26"

Lot: 392 - Dutch cupboard

ca. 1830; two part softwood cupboard in tiger maple paint with a molded top over two doors with twelve lights over the base, three drawers over two doors with recessed panels and matching recessed panels on the sides, all resting on turned feet, 56"x

Lot: 393 - Apple butter kettle on stand

ca. 1850; large copper kettle in dovetailed construction with a wrought iron handle resting on a cast iron stand, 29"d, 32"h

Lot: 394 - Henry F. Stauffer, Farmersville, PA Windsor fan

ca. 1927 dated; curved top over a seven rod back flanked by turned stiles over a saddle seat on tapering turned legs with an H cross stretcher and signed and dated by Stauffer underneath seat, 23 1/2"x 17"x 37 1/2"

Lot: 395 - Kitchen work table

ca. 1830; walnut table with pegged top over three drawers supported by cylindrical turned legs, 59 1/2"x 35 1/2"x 28 1/2"

Lot: 396 - Paint decorated blanket chest

ca. 1830; in pine with sponge decoration, ebonized molding surrounding top and matching molding on base and feet and the top opening to a compartment with right side till, 44"x 20"x 24 1/2"

Lot: 397 - Wood chest

ca. 1840; in poplar with an ochre colored crotch wood styled paint, lift lid top opening to a double compartment and resting on bulbous turned feet, 50"x 20"x 20"

Lot: 398 - Bench

ca. 1850; poplar with nicely shaped mortised sides, 48 1/2"x 13"x 19 1/2"

Lot: 399 - Low back Windsor arm chair

ca. 1790; curved back with thirteen spindles and two turned arm supports over a wide seat on turned legs with bamboo style H stretcher, 29"x 20"x 29"

Lot: 400 - I. Sproson brace back bow back Windsor arm chair

ca. 1800; continuous arm with a thirteen spindle back with a double spindle brace, finely turned arm supports and shaped saddle seat, resting on finely turned bulbous and tapered legs with H stretcher and signed under seat "I Sproson", 17"x 19 1/2"x

Lot: 401 - English tall case clock

ca. 1825; eight day time and bell strike weight driven movement with a square painted iron dial with brass hands in a solid mahogany case with broken arch top, fluted hood columns, trunk with round top door over the base with nicely shaped skirt and

Lot: 402 - Milk cupboard

ca. 1840; poplar cupboard in blue paint with a single door with double recessed panels resting on flat ball feet, 50"x 19 1/2"x 53"

Lot: 403 - Storage unit for parts

ca. 1910; parts storage unit with thirty-nine receptacles and painted on front "Allis-Chalmers" in salmon and blue paint, 61"x 16"x 60 1/2"

Lot: 404 - 2 vintage wooden duck decoys

ca. 1920-1960; early George Barnes-type canvas back drake with early paint having a solid carved body with round bottom, sloped sides, shallow swimming body with slight arch to back, peg set head with carved painted beak and eyes painted with clip

Lot: 405 - Green & brown painted wooden firkin

ca. 1850-1900; coopered tapered lidded bucket with steam bent swing handle and 1" wide bands with clipped and copper nailed finger joint, 9 1/2"- 10 1/4"d, 9 3/4"h

Lot: 406 - 2 hunting decoys

ca. 1900-1940; early sleeping red head duck decoy with a heavy hand-hewn and drawn work body in gray and black with two flat lead weights, band saw and carved head with glass eyes and gray beak pinned to body, 15"x 6 1/2"x 6 3/4"; vintage sheet metal

Lot: 407 - Blue painted miniature blanket chest

ca. 1880-1920; dovetailed constructed white pine chest on dovetailed bracket feet with bright blue paint, lid with mortised bead board molded ends and quarter round molding on cast iron butt hinges, 18"x 10 1/2"x 12 1/4"

Lot: 408 - Mixed wood slant lid salt box

ca. 1850-1900; walnut dovetail constructed wall box with hinged poplar slant lid and a four compartment single lower drawer with brass pull, 12 1/2"x 8 1/2"x 11"

Lot: 409 - Copper canteen & tin lunchbox

ca. 1850-1910; copper miner's canteen with oval double roll molded base, cone shaped top, pewter thread with tin lid and two strap ears with chain tote, 6"x 3 1/2"x 9 1/4"; Victorian rectangular tin lunchbox with dome Chippendale molded water vessel

Lot: 410 - Pennsylvania German round wallpaper box

ca. 1850; round cardstock box covered in decorative salmon colored wallpaper with rimmed slide-over lid with matched wallpaper and interior lined in Philadelphia German dialect newspaper, 4 1/4"d, 2 1/4"h

Lot: 411 - 4 various pie crimpers

ca. 1880-1920; pewter fluted pie wheel on cast forearm and turned wood handle, 1" wheel, 6"l; German brass fluted pie wheel on brass tang forearm and green painted wood turned handle, 1" wheel, 5 1/2"l; two German brass fluted pie wheels on cast

Lot: 412 - Oak splint egg basket & brass pan fat lamp

ca. 1850-1900; melon shaped oak splint handled egg basket with diamond weave braced handle, 8 1/2"d, 7 1/4"h; unusual cast brass spouted pan, non-lidded fat lamp with applied wrought iron strap hanger, 3"x 2"x 2 1/2"

Lot: 413 - Dome lidded rye straw bread/fruit storage basket

ca. 18th-19th century; large oval coiled rye straw basket with banded and domed slick over lid with looped ears on one side and through holes on other, raised rim base and rim on lid, 24"x 13"

Lot: 414 - Softwood green painted tool tray

ca. 1870; sloped side tool tray in simple nail construction with center divider handle, 12 3/4"x 10"x 5 3/4"

Lot: 415 - 2 softwood foot stools

ca. 1840-1920; walnut shaped leg footstool with mortised oval plank top having a compass pinwheel on underside, 16"x 9 3/4"x 7 1/2"; heart pierce-work top footstool of mixed softwoods in nail construction with broad shaped end aprons and opposing

Lot: 416 - Mahogany & rosewood shaving mirror

ca. 1890-1910; mahogany dovetailed frame mirror box with hide-away sliding panel back, on brass mount swivel in affixed to spire top turned rails, mortised to a rosewood veneer top, rectangular base with round pad feet and quarter round molded

Lot: 417 - Native American leather turtle

ca. late 19th-early 20th century; sinew stitched hide amulet in the shape of a turtle with yellow and green paint decoration, horsetail hair accent feet and hangs from a sinew band, 4 3/4"x 2 1/2"x 3/4"

Lot: 418 - Native American type gloves/moccasins

ca. 20th century; match pair of buffalo hide "drovers" mittens with beaded initials "AE", overall 15"x 5"-11"; pair of beaded wool and deerskin moccasins with a beaded floral design on blue wool upper plate, fringed outer and felt lined interior,

Lot: 419 - Native American "turtle" effigy pot

ca. unknown; hearth cured/fire molded pot with four pad feet, extended turtle head and tail, flared rim and bottom of the pot marked with felt tip ink "Yell Co. Ark.", 4 3/4"x 4"x 3"

Lot: 420 - Native American 3 footed round pot

ca. unknown; ball shaped pot on three cow udder feet having an unglazed mud surface and incised decoration of scrolls, pine trees and swag, 5 1/2"d, 5 3/4"h

Lot: 421 - Native American stone amulet of dog

ca. 19th or 20th century; carved granite-type stone effigy of a dog with elongated body, long muzzle and droopy ears on short legs with an erect tail, amulet holes drilled in legs and muzzle nose accent to carving, 4 1/2"x 3/4"x 2 1/2"

Lot: 422 - Native American stone amulet of dog

ca. 20th century; carved granite-type stone effigy of a "Scotty" type dog with long carved muzzle, rounded accented ears, erect tail and amulet holes drilled through short legs, 4 1/2"x 3/4"x 3"

Lot: 423 - Native American beadwork necklace

ca. 1940-1960s; yellow and green beadwork necklace with thunderbird design round pendant having a deer skin back over hide flexible core, 3 1/2"d pendant, 20" necklace

Lot: 424 - Southwestern style earthenware pot

ca. mid - late 20th century; bulbous coiled earthenware pot (olla) with crude polychrome motifs of deer, birds and geometrics in red and black on white, 7 3/4"d, 6 1/2"h

Lot: 425 - 3 early deeds on vellum

ca. 1747-1753; Philadelphia city deed between Robert and Susan Lindsey to John Church in Society Hill area, signed also by Charles Willing, John Reily and John Bowen, 27"x 24"; Joseph Wharton and wife to John Church in Philadelphia, signed also by

Lot: 426 - 3 printed tauf-scheins

ca. 1806-1849; framed color "angel and bird accented" taufschein printed by Johann Ritter and Co., Reading, PA in German dialect with record of Ruth Beyer, daughter of Andreas and Catherine Beyer, Bern Twp., Berks Co. dated 8-23-1806, 14 1/2"x 18

Lot: 427 - Stoneware chemical dipping basket colander

ca. late 19th - early 20th century; bulbous four quart size with strap handle, impressed "4" and Albany slip glaze, 9 1/2"d, 12"h

Lot: 428 - Cobalt decorated ovoid stoneware jug

ca. 1810; salt glazed ovoid stoneware jug with a simple brushed cobalt motif on collar and cobalt daubs on applied ribbed handle terminals and flattened rim with tooled three ring neck, 7 3/4"d, 11"h

Lot: 429 - Two-tone liquor advertising stoneware jug

ca. 1905; two-tone cylindrical stoneware advertising liquor jug with lower portion having a cobalt stencil on white Bristol glaze, glossy Albany slip glaze conical upper portion, flattened rim with attached ribbed handle and stencil reading "Chas A

Lot: 430 - Two-tone liquor advertising stoneware jug

ca. 1900; two-tone cylindrical stoneware advertising liquor jug with lower portion having a cobalt stencil on white Bristol glaze, Albany slip glaze domed upper portion, flattened rim with attached ribbed handle and stencil reading "CA Dorsheimer/

Lot: 431 - Two-tone liquor advertising stoneware jug

ca. 1905; two-tone cylindrical stoneware advertising liquor jug with lower portion having a cobalt stencil on white Bristol glaze, glossy Albany slip glaze conical upper portion, flattened rim with attached ribbed handle and stencil reading "Chas A

Lot: 432 - Cobalt decorated stoneware pitcher

ca. 1875; salt glazed slightly bulbous stoneware jar with brushed cobalt double stemed tulip design with feathered foliage motif on rim and daub on handle terminals, rounded rim, pair of twin incised rings on neck, tooled rounded foot and Albany slip

Lot: 433 - 2 cobalt decorated stoneware jars

ca. 1870; two salt glazed cylindrical stoneware jars with brushed cobalt decorations and Albany slip glaze interiors: one with five simple leaf buds or flowers design, tooled flatenned rim with pair of incised neck rings and a beveled foot, 4 3/4"d,

Lot: 434 - Cobalt decorated stoneware jar

ca. 1855; salt glazed slightly bulbous stoneware jar with brushed cobalt foliage motifs on collar, flattened rounded rim and indented neck, 5 1/2"d, 8"h

Lot: 435 - Small PA redware crock

ca. 1885; squat PA redware slightly bulbous crock in brown lead glaze with yellowish-brown spotting, rounded everted rim and tooled foot flange, 5"d, 4 1/4"h

Lot: 436 - 2 PA redware items

ca. 1880; slightly bulbous jelly jar in reddish-brown lead glaze with rounded everted rim and tooled foot flange, 4 1/2"d, 4 1/4"h; squat bulbous creamer or pouring pot in dark brown manganese glaze, everted rim, lightly incised collar rings, tooled

Lot: 437 - Incised & cobalt decorated stoneware jar

ca. early to mid 19th century; small salt glazed slight barrel form stoneware jar with incised legend "AͶCHOVIS" infilled with cobalt, flattened rolled rim, three recessed tooled collar rings with the center one cobalt infilled and scratched "4"

Lot: 438 - 1 1/2 gallon cobalt decorated jar

ca. 1860; cylindrical stoneware jar with brushed cobalt suspended floral design on top half, impressed "1 1/2", flattened tooled everted rim and raised collar ring, attributed to Baltimore, MD, 7 3/4"d, 12 1/4"h

Lot: 439 - 2 pieces of hearth cookware

ca. mid-late 19th century; pan style coffee roaster with J-hook crank handle in dome lid with hinged trap door and eye hook topped bevel edge handle, 8 3/4"d, 5 3/4"h with 11 3/4" handle; hearthside flip over toaster with small arch bracket legs,

Lot: 440 - Candelabra crafted from 3 wrought iron branding

ca. 19th century iron; each iron originally crafted with socket handles then re-purposed to use sockets as candlesticks, 9 1/2"x 4 1/2"x 16 1/4"

Lot: 441 - Wallpaper sample book from The Art Wall Paper

ca. 1902; large oak tag covered portfolio of approximately 100 samples of late Victorian Era wallpapers with many patterns of brilliant colors, large flowers, etc. and dated 1902 inside cover

Lot: 442 - Large ash splint market basket

ca. 1850; unusually large rectangular market basket with rectangular large weave base, broad steam bent handle, set with nails, double rod rail and every other splint wrapping over rail, 28"x 18"x 15 1/2"

Lot: 443 - Hair art memorial in oval walnut frame

ca. 1900-1930; central cross surrounded by oval floral wreath design hand crafted on a wrapped wire base and mounted in a molded deepwell frame and oval shadow box case, 17"x 19 1/2"x 4"

Lot: 444 - Victorian era wax flower dome

ca. 1920; hand-crafted wax flower display in a turned walnut vase with flowers on wire and mounted to a globe shaped wire frame, vase surrounded by a wreath of wax flowers, all on a turned mahogany base and under a large glass dome, 13"d base, 17

Lot: 445 - Brass lidded copper bed warmer

ca. 1840-1880; dovetailed copper pan set with a wrought iron frame, long handle with cloverleaf top, brass domed lid with spiderweb piercework decoration hinged from socket around handle, 11"d, 4 1/2"h pan, 48" overall length

Lot: 446 - Grain paint decorated arch top trunk

ca. 1820-1850; early traveler domed top trunk in softwood with red grain paint decoration, wrought iron heart shaped backs on drop handles and arch top lid with secondary wrought iron hasp and keeper, 30"x 16"x 13 1/2"

Lot: 447 - PA folk art decorated ice cream cooler

ca. 1950s; PA German folk art decorated double wall cooler made from an antique cylinder butter churn with a lift lid on a wrapped strap hinge, keeper hasp, comical PA Dutch exaggerations on lid, side of cylinder painted yellow with compass,

Lot: 448 - Cast iron tea kettle

ca. 1880-1910; four quart cast iron domed kettle with gooseneck spout, rivet fastened spade cusp fixed handle and original cast iron knob, 9 1/2"d, 5" spout, 12"h

Lot: 449 - Miniature Cleveland & Thurman campaign jug & pin

ca. 1888 election; small pottery/stoneware jug with small label "Cleveland & Thurman", 1 1/2"d, 3/4"; bowtie U.S. flag on pin, 1"x 1 1/2"

Lot: 450 - Henry Troemner 80-B 20kg steelyard scales

ca. 1900-1920s; cast iron table top scales with large iron round plate with three slide bar balance system and brass tag "PSC 3-8831" by Henry Troemner, 33 1/2"x 11"x 10"

Lot: 451 - Jydsk Danish desk phone

ca. 1930s; hand crank black tin box desk phone produced by Emil Mollers of Denmark with handset cradle on top of box, nickel plated handset with plastic grip, earpiece and horn mouthpiece with case labeled "Jydsk Telefon Aktieselskab", 7"x 5"x 13"

Lot: 452 - Rare child's potty bench

ca. 18th-19th century; unusual "two-holer" potty bench in softwood with early scrub surface and apron and back rail decoratively cut with mustache and tombstone design, 27"x 9 1/2"x 17 1/2"

Lot: 453 - 6 piece feather Christmas yard fencing set

ca. 1930-1950s; six part German made "Putz" Christmas yard fencing set with 2 1/2" high green died feather trees with red ball top mounted in 10" long pine bases with two arch gates and four straight sets, 9 3/4"x 1"x 3"- 4 1/2"

Lot: 454 - Softwood arch top traveler's chest

ca. mid 19th century; softwood traveler's chest with single piece steam bent lid, wrought iron drop handles on heart plate backs, original catch plate lock with red, brown and black graining and gold band accent, 30"x 16"x 12 1/4"

Lot: 455 - Friesian carved oak foot settle chest

ca. 17th-18th century; unusual designed Jacobean style chest with two lift lid hatch doors, spire tipped arch end boards with intricated sunflower/sunburst design and front and side panels with carved lattice design, 32"x 16"x 23 1/2"

Lot: 456 - Willow banded milled corn storage cask

ca. 1860; tapered tall cask in a similar shape to a dasher style churn with tall staves, wooden bottom and split bands, 9"-10"d, 29"h

Lot: 457 - 5 gallon spouted water can

ca. 1900; 5 gallon tin bucket with wire pail swing handle, large tapered spout, hinged, domed lid with arched tin handle and early japanning tole wash, 11 1/4"d, 16"h

Lot: 458 - 1854 bench mount flax hatchel

ca. 1850s; bench mounted hatchel for working flax to linen, having an oak board shielded with tin and a series of hand wrought spikes driven through the plank, tin plated side nail punch dated 1854 with one original bolt and nut and a small skin of

Lot: 459 - 2 part pedestal base kerosene lamp

ca. 1885; two tier molded milk glass base with brass socket lamp having a three mold clear "eyes and ties" pattern font with original "P&A Mfg. Pat. Aug 1, 1885" patent dated, burner in thread and a frosted glass floral frond design shade on a round

Lot: 460 - Red painted doll cradle

ca. 1890; homemade cradle with ornamental scroll decorated raised side, scroll top ends and runners extending beyond base of bottom, all with a varnished surface and red paint/stain wash, 27 1/2"-29 3/4"x 7 1/2"-11 1/4"x 11 1/2"

Lot: 461 - Pieced quilt in block on point pattern

ca. early 20th century; block on point pattern surrounded by purple printed cotton border, blue and white checked cotton back, front rolled to back for hem, parallel and cross hatch linen quilting with white thread and embroidered center block, 82"x

Lot: 462 - Block twill weave geometric coverlet

ca. mid 19th century; orange, black and blue wool with self fringes on sides and bottom, rolled top hem and center seam, 86"x 76"

Lot: 463 - Twill weave blue & white geometric coverlet signed

ca. mid 19th century; blue and white wool twill weave coverlet with rolled top and bottom hems and center hand sewn seam, 84"x 72"

Lot: 464 - Twill weave blanket

ca. mid 1800s; orange, yellow and blue wool twill weave blanket with center seam, self fringed sides and bottom edges and machine sewn top hem, 82"x 72"

Lot: 465 - Framed Elizabeth Barrick cotton sampler

ca. 1817; sampler with traditional upper lines of letters and artist name and panel with "Elizabeth Barrick was born… the year of our Lord 180" (unfinished) and the lower panel having ornamental flower basket and crown designs

Lot: 466 - Fine floral design hooked rug

ca. 1940; fine central oval floral design of a red and green flower vine on cream background surrounded by a gray and black oval band, floral accents in corners and consignor note "Made by Mrs. Arthur Brenize of Franklin Co., PA", 46"x 27"

Lot: 467 - "Jacob's Ladder" hooked rug

ca. 1940-1950s; rectangular rug with multi-color floral panels on each end of central "Jacob's Ladder" design with interior having individual bar lines of various colors and consignor note "Made by Mrs. Arthur Brenize of Franklin Co., PA", 45"x 26

Lot: 468 - Hooked wool "Tom Turkey" rug

ca. 1950-1970s; rag carpet hooked rug with colorful crowning turkey with a raised head, cock's comb and red beard on a gray field bound with bars design accent, 32"x 35"

Lot: 469 - Framed Mary Sagrott sampler

ca. 7-10-1835 dated; silk accent thread on linen fabric sampler by Mary Sagrott, New Market with a full floral band interior accented with tall flower baskets, swans, running stag and Adam and Eve at tree of life vignettes and central text reading

Lot: 470 - Framed muslin & silk sampler

ca. 9-15 dated; primitive form sampler on muslin/tobacco cloth with ten lines of Arabic, cursive and lowercase letters in light blue, green, brown, cream and salmon colors with 9-15 in lower left corner, initials "SP" in lower right corner and framed

Lot: 471 - 3 blue & white striped bedding fabrics

ca. mid 19th century; one heavy blue and white cotton linen with hand sewn seams and machine sewn top and bottom edges; two blue and white striped cotton ticking pieces, each open on one end

Lot: 472 - Blue & white geometric weave coverlet

ca. mid 19th century; geometric block design coverlet of blue wool and white cotton warp and weft with applied fringe to sides and bottom, rolled top hem and handsewn center seam

Lot: 473 - 2 double weave coverlets

ca. mid 19th century; double weave coverlet in white cotton and blue wool block design with a center seam; blue, red and white double weave coverlet in white cotton and red, dark and light blue wool with a center seam, rolled top edge and fringed on

Lot: 474 - Blanket chest

ca. 1800; dovetailed constructed chest with the top opening to the interior with left side till and storage compartment over two drawers and resting on the original straight bracket feet, 50"x 25"x 29 1/2"

Lot: 475 - Bench

ca. 1820; softwood with mortised top resting on shaped bootjack sides, 72 1/2"x 12 3/4"x 18"

Lot: 476 - American tall case clock

ca. 1810; eight day time and bell strike weight driven movement with painted iron dial in a walnut case with walnut veneers and crotched walnut trunk door and base, resting on French feet

Lot: 477 - Corner cupboard

ca. 1820; a two part cabinet in cherry with a cove molded top over a twelve light door with brass pull and H hinges over a single drawer over two doors with recessed panels over ogee feet, 46"x 32"x 82"

Lot: 478 - R. Drew Lausch Windsor side chair

ca. late 20th century; Ephrata, PA, finely crafted reproduction Windsor side chair with shaped crest railed terminating in volute carved ears on a seven rod back resting on a seat struck "RDL" supported by a H-stretcher base with turned legs; 23 1/2"

Lot: 479 - Walter Steely Windsor arm chair

ca. late 20th century; Lititz, PA, shaped crest rail terminating in volute carved ears on a seven spindle back mounted to a shaped seat initialed "W.S." and supported by an H-stretcher base with turned legs; 26" x 20" x 42"

Lot: 480 - John Shelly Windsor arm rocker

ca. late 20th century; Manheim, PA, shaped crest rail terminating in volute carved ears supported by 13 spindles over a bent back support that terminates in knuckled ends; signed shaped seat supported by H-stretcher base, turned legs, and cheese

Lot: 481 - Oversized harvest basket

ca. 1830-1860; oak splint rectangular basket with high sides and double splint rails fastened with round head nails; 44" x 32" x 20"

Lot: 482 - Softwood tavern table

ca. mid 18th century; three board top secured to pin constructed base containing two dovetailed drawers and resting on round legs terminating in pad feet; 36" x 31 1/2" x 30"

Lot: 483 - Walnut tapered leg stand

ca. late 18th century; single board top with simple round nosing pinned to mortise & pin constructed base with tapered legs having side bead molding; 20 1/2" x 20 1/2" x 26 1/2"

Lot: 484 - Set of 6 J. Swint Chairs

ca. mid 19th century; rod back plank bottom chairs with later dark green base paint & floral decoration; each chair is struck "J. Swint / Chairmaker / Lancaster, PA" and has a Horning Chair Shop label for the later paint decoration; 17 1/2" x 20" x

Lot: 485 - Tavern table

ca. 1790; walnut table with a rectangular top over a single drawer with bale pull over turned legs with a box stretcher base, 47 1/2"x 28 1/2"x 29"

Lot: 486 - Card table

ca. 1830; mahogany table with swing leg to support top, concave sides and serpentine front with drawer supported by boldly carved and fluted legs ending in ball feet, 35 1/4"x 18 1/2"x 29 3/4"

Lot: 487 - New England tall case clock

ca. 1810; eight day time and strike weight driven movement with a painted iron dial in a mahogany and mahogany veneered and inlaid case; the hood with fret work top and three finials over two fluted columns with brass capitals and bases over the

Lot: 488 - Decorated blanket chest

ca. 1820; lift lid chest opening to left side till and compartment, butt hinges, and resting on original bracket feet, 43"x 21"x 23"

Lot: 489 - Blanket chest

ca. 1895; salmon painted chest in nailed construction with lid opening to compartment with right side till and lined with Harper's Bazaar papers from the 1890s, all resting on bracket feet, 41"x 16 1/2"x 20"

Lot: 490 - Painted chimney cupboard

ca. late 19th century; gray/green primitive softwood cupboard with single door attached by butt hinges and sides of cupboard terminated in high feet; 24 3/8" x 13 3/4" x 58"

Lot: 491 - Set of 6 brown paint decorated chairs

ca. mid-late 19th century; boot jack back chairs in brown paint with floral decoration; 15 1/2" x 17" x 34 3/4"

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