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Auction Date Apr 29 Auction
PO Box 10592
Bedford, NH
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  • Lot# 1 - Connecticut Colonial 40 Shillin

    Lot# 1 - Connecticut Colonial 40 Shillin

  • Lot# 2 - Massachusetts Colonial $2.00

    Lot# 2 - Massachusetts Colonial $2.00

  • Lot# 3 - 1863 Fractional 10 Cent.

    Lot# 3 - 1863 Fractional 10 Cent.

  • Lot# 4 - Pair Of WWII Emergency $1.00's.

    Lot# 4 - Pair Of WWII Emergency $1.00's.

Auction Listing
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Our April 2018 Auction Includes 280 Diverse Lots From Currency To World Coins. Most lots are sold unreserved! Bidding closes on April 29th starting at 6pm Eastern. Visit us at:

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1 - Connecticut Colonial 40 Shillings. June 19,1776. Good. With center fold being torn and repaired.

2 - Massachusetts Colonial $2.00 May 5th 1780. Fine. Hole cancelled with a couple of small tears at the bottom center.

3 - 1863 Fractional 10 Cent. Fr.1251. 3rd Issue. Crisp Uncirculated.

4 - Pair Of WWII Emergency $1.00's. Includes 1935-A Hawaii Brown Seal Fine and a 1935-A North Africa Yellow Seal. Both grade fine. Total 2 pcs.

5 - 4 Piece Funny Back $1.00 Lot. Includes (2) 1928-A VG-F, 1928-B Very Fine (tiny tear) and a 1934 Fine. Total 4 pcs.

6 - Trio Of WWII $1.00 Emergency Issues. Includes 1935-A Hawaii Brown Seal Fine and (2) 1935-A North Africa Yellow Seals VG-F. Total 3 pcs.

7 - Scarce 1957 $1.00 Silver Certificate Error. Very Fine. Has mismatched serial numbers. The left begins with "55" and the right with "54". Always popular!

8 - Very Affordable 1899 $5.00 Chief Note. Fine. The top left was torn off and reattched. It's a fairly crude job, but the result is a very affordable and presentable $5.00 Chief!

9 - Fantastic 1981 $5.00 Printed Tear Error. Fr.1977-G. Often referred to as a "Flag Error. PMG Certified Extremely Fine 40 EPQ. The note has since been removed from the PMG holder as the consigner didn't like they way it was presented. The PMG label with serial the notes number remains. A great example.

10 - High Grade 1901 $10.00 Bison. Fr.122. Extremely Fine of better. The note shows one center fold and is bright and crisp.

11 - Nice 1981-A 10.00 Offset Printing Error. Very Fine. The left (black) seal has been printed far too low and rests on the serial number and signature.

12 - Confederate Note Trio. Includes 1863 50 Cent, 1861 5.00 and a 1863 10.00 with the ornate blue reverse. Grades are VG-F with each showing some tape remnants at the sides. The $5.00 and $10.0 are scarcer notes. Total 3 pcs.

13 - Small Size Currency Pair. Includes 1935-D $1.00 Silver Certificate About UNC and a 1928-G 2.00 Crisp UNC. Total 2 pcs.

14 - Low Grade/Problem Currency Lot. Includes New Jersey 12 Shilling Colonial Note high grade but the missing lower right, (6) 10 Cent Fractional Notes all very tattered, Confederate $50 Note with some scattered tears, 1923 $1.00 Silver Certificate VF with some reverse tape residue and a 1870 Canadian 25 Cent note VF also with tape residue. Total 9 pcs.

15 - Scarce 1810 Half Cent. VF-20. Chestnut brown with some light reverse verdigris.

16 - 1803 Draped Bust Large Cent. Small Date / Large Fraction. ICG Certified EF-40 Details Corroded. This piece is medium to chocolate brown with light to medium porosity.

17 - Trio Of 1820's Large Cents. Includes 1820/19 and (2) 1828. All grade G-4 with nice surfaces. Total 3 pcs.

18 - Low Grade Large Cent Group. Includes some dateless and holed pieces. Does includes some earlier types such as 1812 (holed) and 1806 (well worn). Total 14 pcs.

19 - Certified 1857 Flying Eagle Cent. NGC Certified MS-62.

20 - 1879 Indian Cent. BU-62 Red Brown. Scarce.

21 - Uncirculated 1891 Indian Cent Choice BU-63 Red Brown.

22 - Near Gem 1892 Indian Cent. NGC Certified MS-64 Red Brown. Shows about and even mix of red and brown color.

23 - Premium 1893 Indian Cent. NGC Certified MS-64 Brown. This coin actually shows more red than 1895 Red Brown offered next!

24 - Near Gem 1895 Indian Cent. NGC Certified MS-64 Red Brown.

25 - Very Choice 1901 Indian Cent. Choice BU-64 Red Brown.

26 - 3 Different Uncirculated Indian Cents. Includes 1901,1904 & 1908. Each grades BU-62 Red Brown. Total 3 pcs.

27 - Key 1909-S Lincoln. VF-20. Nice brown color.

28 - Mini Hoard Of 1910 Lincoln Cents. Includes 5 pieces that all grade MS-63 Red Brown. Total 5pcs.

29 - Semi Key 1911-S Lincoln Cent. XF-40. Medium Brown.

30 - Better Grade 1911-S Lincoln Cent. BU-62 Brown. Sharp details.

31 - Choice 1912-S Lincoln Cent. Choice BU-63. Brown with some red.

32 - Uncirculated 1913-D Lincoln Cent. BU-60. Light brown/tan color.

33 - Key 1914-D Lincoln Cent. G-4. Nice light brown. Shows a light planchet lamination on the obverse field.

34 - Nice 1926-D Lincoln Cent. BU-60+. Lustrous medium brown surfaces.

35 - 7 Different Pre 1930 Uncirculated Lincoln Cents. Includes 1909 Choice BU-64 Red Brown, 1909-VDB BU-62 Red Brown, 1910 BU-60+Red Brown, 1916 Choice BU-63 Red Brown, 1920 BU-62 Brown, 1926 Choice BU-64 Red Brown and a 1928 Choice BU-63 Red Brown. Total 7 pcs.

36 - Key 1931-S Lincoln Cent. VF-20. Another key Lincoln with nice light brown color. It's time to finish your set!

37 - Fantastic Proof 1956 Lincoln Cent. NGC Certified Proof-68 Red.

38 - Earlier Lincoln Pair. Includes 1912 and 1931. Both are choice UNC and have reddish color, but were most likely dipped at some time. Total 2 pcs.

39 - Semi Key Lincoln Pair Includes 1915-S VF-20 and a 1924-D F-15. Both have nice light to medium brown color. Total 2 pcs.

40 - A 2nd Semi Key Lincoln Pair. Included are a 1921-S XF-40 and a 1922-D XF-40. Total 2 pcs.

41 - 4 Semi Key Lincoln Cents. Includes 1910-S F-12, 1911-D VF-20, 1913-S G-4 and a 1914-S F-12. Total 4 pcs.

42 - 15 Low Grade Two Cent Pieces. All are dated 1864 or 1865. Most just show light to moderate roughness.

43 - Nice 1865 Three Cent Nickel. BU-62. Shows some strong die clash by the date.

44 - Uncirculated 1866 Three Cent Nickel. BU-60. original and shows some typical die clashing.

45 - Borderline UNC 1868 Three Cent Nickel. Choice AU-58. Shows a couple of minor reverse spots.

46 - 1869 Three Cent Nickel. AU-50 Lustrous.

47 - Uncirculated 1869 Three Cent Nickel BU-60. Original.

48 - Certified Proof 1881 Three Cent NGC Certified Proof-62. Just 3,575 were minted.

49 - Scarce 1888 Liberty Nickel. AU-50 Original.

50 - Lustrous 1891 Liberty Nickel. AU-50 With nice mint luster.

51 - Borderline UNC 1897 Liberty Nickel. Choice AU-58. Brilliant.

52 - Choice 1903 Liberty Nickel. Choice BU-63 Lustrous and original.

53 - Flashy 1909 Liberty Nickel. BU-60+. Shows blazing luster with some small marks which are in keeping with the grade.

54 - Choice 1911 Liberty Nickel. Choice BU-63. Shows a light original tone along with unbroken luster and a strong strike.

55 - Nice Pair Of Liberty Nickels. Includes 1902 Borderline UNC-58 and a 1910 AU-50+. Total 2 pcs.

56 - 1913 Buffalo Nickel Trio. Includes (2) 1913 TI AU-58 & BU-60 and a 1913 TII AU-58. Total 3pcs,

57 - Very Scarce 1917-D 3 /12 Leg Buffalo. FS-901. ANACS Certified VF-30.

58 - Very Choice 1929 Buffalo Nickel. Choice BU-64. Very lustrous and free of distractions.

59 - Scarce 1936-D/D Buffalo Nickel. FS-019.5 NGC Certified MS-64.Lustrous and near gem quality,

60 - Superb Gem 1938-D Buffalo Nickel. PCGS Certified MS-67.Shows a touch of steel toning. This piece has vibrant luster and you will need some magnification and some time to find any mark on this coin!

61 - 1939 Double Die Jefferson Nickel. FS-801.Double Die reverse. XF/AU-45/50.

62 - Gem 1954-S/D Jefferson Nickel. PCGS Certified MS-65. Rare is grades higher than this.

63 - A 2nd Gem 1954-S/D Jefferson Nickel. PCGS Certified MS-65. As with the previous lot, rare is grades higher than this.

64 - 1955-D/S Jefferson Nickel. ANACS Certified MS-64. Housed in an older ANACS holder.

65 - Pair Of Premium Gem Jefferson Nickels. Includes 1939 Reverse of 1940 PCGS Certified MS-66 and a 1941-D PCGS Certified MS-66 Full Steps. The PCGS Price Guide lists the pair at $85.

66 - 1830 Bust Half Dime. BU-60. Very sharp. The surfaces are somewhat dulled probably by a past dipping.

67 - Key 1844-O Seated Half Dime. Large O. Anacs Certified G-6. problem free. Very scarce in all grades.

68 - Scarce 1865-S Seated Dime. AG-3. A well worn but otherwise problem free example.

69 - Uncirculated 1875 Seated Dime BU-60 Mostly brilliant. Shows some light hairlining.

70 - 1895 Proof Barber Dime NGC Certified Proof-62. Brilliant. Just 880 were minted. Proof strikes see strong date collector demand as business strikes can bring over $500 in high circulated grades.

71 - Barber Dime Starter Set. Includes 1893-S F-12, 1897 F-12, 1900-S F-12, 1902 VF-20, 1902-O VG-8, 1903-O F-12, 1904 XF-40, 1905 XF-40, 1906 AU-50, 1907 XF-45, 1911 XF-40, 1911-D VF-20, 1911-S VF-20, 1912 XF-45, 1912-D XF-40, 1913 AU-50, 1913-S VG-8, 1914-D VF-30, 1915 VF-20, 1915-S F-12, 1916 VF-20 & 1916-S XF-40. Total 21 pcs in an old time National Coin album.

72 - Scarce 1924-S Mercury Dime. AU-50. Lustrous.

73 - Superb Gem 1942-D Mercury Dime. NGC Certified MS-67 Full Bands. Shows nearly mark free surfaces with a splash of golden brown tone on the reverse.

74 - Certified G-4 1818 Bust Quarter. PCGS Certified G-4. A near "perfect" certified example of the Capped Bust type quarter.

75 - "Whizzed" 1861 Seated Quarter. Appears to be a lustrous mint state coin but has been mechanically cleaned to appear so. A nice AU coin would fetch $150 or so.

76 - Rare 1861-S Seated Quarter. ANACS Certified EF-40 Details Corroded - Scratched and cleaned. Because most of the distracting features are concentrated on the reverse, this is still a presentable example! Current Greet Sheet Bid in XF is $4,000 and VF is 1,600. We don’t recall having another in any grade!

77 - Nice UNC 1893 Barber Quarter NGC Certified MS-62. Lustrous and sharp. Free of distracting marks.

78 - 1900-O Barber Quarter. PCGS Certified VF-20

79 - Brilliant White 1915 Barber Quarter. NGC Certified MS-64. Displays excellent luster and brilliant white surfaces.

80 - Near Gem 1919 Standing Liberty Quarter. NGC Certified MS-64. A very nice brilliant example.

81 - Scarce 1927-S Standing Liberty Quarter. F-12. Nice light silver grey color.

82 - 1930 Standing Liberty Quarter. Borderline UNC-58. Mostly brilliant.

83 - 4 Different Standing Liberty Quarters. Includes 1925 XF-40, 1926 XF-40+, 1929 VF+-30 and a 1930 XF-40. Total 4 pcs.

84 - Borderline UNC 1935-D Washington Quarter. Choice Borderline UNC-58. Brilliant.

85 - Superb 1947-D Washington Quarter NGC Certified MS-67. Housed in an older NGC Holder. Listed in the NGC Price Guide at $325 and a $19,000 in MS-68!

86 - 1821 Bust Half Dollar. XF-40. Has a nice original color. Shows a fine scratch above the Eagles right wing.

87 - 1836 Bust Half Dollar. XF-40. Has original tone but was cleaned ions ago.

88 - Scarce 1893-O Barber Half Dollars. VG-10. Original and problem free.

89 - 1910-S Barber Half Dollar. F-VF-15. Cleaned long ago but now toned back nicely.

90 - Original 1912-D Barber Half Dollar. VF-20. With deep original tone in some of the protected areas.

91 - Brilliant 1917 Walking Liberty Half Dollar. BU-60+ Brilliant white.

92 - Mid Grade 1918-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar. VF-20. Fully original.

93 - 1928-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar. XF-40. Was cleaned and retoned. Shows a couple of tiny rim nicks at around 8:00 on the obverse. Grey Sheet bid is 155.

94 - Near Gem 1939-D Walking Liberty Half. PCGS Certified MS-64. Mostly brilliant.

95 - Certified 1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-66. Shows some light golden brown obverse tone.

96 - Terrific Gem 1943 Walking Liberty Half Dollar. NGC Certified MS-66. A blazing nearly mark free example that is as nice as most MS-67's we've seen.

97 - Gem 1946-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar. NGC Certified MS-65. Brilliant white.

98 - Premium Gem 1944 Walking Liberty Half Dollar. NGC Certified MS-66. Brilliant white.

99 - Original 1944-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-66. Mostly brilliant but still has it's original "skin"

100 - Premium Gem 1945-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-66. Brilliant.

101 - Brilliant 1946-D Walking Liberty Half Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-66. Brilliant white.

102 - Attractive Gem 1947 Walking Liberty Half Dollar. NGC Certified MS-66. Brilliant.

103 - Perfectly Original 1947-D Walking Liberty Half. NGC Certified MS-66. Shows a very light original tone.

104 - Trio Of 1948 Franklin Half Dollars. Lot includes a 1948 MS-65 Full Bell Lines, 1948-D MS-63 and a 1948-D MS-64 With colorful toning. All are ANACS Certified. Total 3 pcs.

105 - Pair Of Proof-67 Franklin Half Dollars. Includes 1957 & 1959 both are NGC Certified Proof-67. The pair lists in the NGC Price Guide at $160. Total 2pcs.

106 - Premium Choice 1878 Morgan Dollar. 7TF Reverse of '79. NGC Certified MS-63* (star) The reverse (which is shown facing front in the holder) has more that 1//3 covered in a very attractive rainbow tone. A date/variety that is seldom if ever seen with such toning!

107 - 1878 8 Tail Feather Morgan Dollar. BU-62 Brilliant.

108 - Certified 1878 8 Tail Feather Morgan Dollar. NGC Certified MS-62. Shows a couple of light toning spots.

109 - Certified 1878 Weak 7/8 Tail Feather Morgan. ICG Certified MS-65. A nice example that could possibly be assigned the same grade at one of the more recognized services.

110 - 1878-CC Morgan Dollar. VF-20. Shows a small "X" scratch at the Eagle's throat and a rim scrape at 1:00 reverse. Still a presentable Carson City dollar for those on a budget!

111 - Sharp 1878-CC Morgan Dollar. AU-50+. Lightly cleaned in the past.

112 - 1879 Morgan Dollar NGC Certified MS-64. Shows some very light tone.

113 - Proof Like 1879-S Morgan Dollar. Choice BU-63 Proof Like. Brilliant white.

114 - Certified Proof Like 1879-S Morgan Dollar. NGC Certified MS-63 PL. Brilliant white with nice cameo contrast.

115 - Premium Gem 1880 Morgan Dollar. NGC Certified MS-65. This piece shows fewer marks than normally seen on MS-65 examples. With that being the case we wouldn't be surprised if some day this coin ends up being graded MS-66. If that happens the value would triple to $1500+

116 - Lower Grade 1880-CC Morgan Dollar. Reverse of 1878. VF-20 Cleaned. Shows numerous tiny edge nicks.

117 - 1880-S Morgan Dollar With Colorful Toning. BU-62 With some rainbow crescent tone along the right reverse edge.

118 - Gem 1880-S Morgan Dollar. Gem BU MS-65. Shows a hint of tone.

119 - Deep Mirror Proof Like 1880-S Morgan Dollar. Choice BU-64 DMPL. Brilliant but shows a reverse diagonal streak.

120 - Attractive Near Gem 1881-S Morgan Dollar. Choice BU-64. Shows a nice original obverse tone.

121 - A 2nd Near Gem 1881-S Morgan Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-64. Has a very nice golden brown and blue tone.

122 - A 3rd Near Gem 1881-S Morgan Dollar. NGC Certified MS-64. Has a deep obverse reddish gold tone. We feel this coin should be in an MS-65 holder.

123 - Gem 1881-S Morgan Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-65. Shows a moderate tone and nearly mark free surfaces.

124 - Scarce 1881-CC Morgan Dollar. F-12 Cleaned. Has some minor nicks and an edge bump at around 5:00 on the reverse. Scarce in all grades in fact you are just as likely (maybe even more likely) to see an UNC coin as a VG!

125 - Gem+ 1882-S Morgan Dollar. NGC Certified MS-65+ Brilliant white.

126 - Wonderful White 1882-CC Morgan Dollar. Choice BU-64. Near gem quality with blast white surfaces.

127 - Proof Like 1882-CC Morgan Dollar. Choice BU-64 Proof Like. Brilliant white.

128 - About UNC 1883-S Morgan Dollar AU-50+ A lustrous like silver grey example.

129 - Colorful 1884-O Morgen Dollar NGC Certified MS-62 With excellent toning on both sides.

130 - About UNC 1885-S Morgan Dollar. AU-50. Lustrous with light silver grey color.

131 - Near Gem 1886 Morgan Dollar. NGC Certified MS-64+ Shows a hint of peripheral tone.

132 - About UNC 1886-O Morgan Dollar. AU-50. Nice and original.

133 - 1886-S Morgan Dollar. VF-25. Medium silver grey color.

134 - Colorful 1887 Morgan Dollar. NGC Certified MS-64. Shows sea green, electric blue and red-gold toning on both sides.

135 - 1887-S Morgan Dollar. BU-60. Lightly cleaned most notably on the obverse.

136 - Premium 1889 Morgan Dollar. NGC Certified MS-64. Housed in a earlier generation NGC holder. Has a light golden brown tone and would not look out of place if in an MS-65 holder.

137 - Low Grade 1889-CC Morgan Dollar. AG-3. The rims are worn down in the bottom of the date, but there is no question and to the year and mint of this coin.

138 - 1890-CC Morgan Dollar. G-VG Problem Free.

139 - 1893-O Morgan Dollar. VG-8. A nice circulated example of this scarce issue.

140 - Uncirculated 1896-O Morgan Dollar. BU-60.Lightly toned. The luster has been dulled some as the coin most likely had a dark tone and was dipped.

141 - About UNC 1897-O Morgan Dollar. AU-50. Light silver grey color.

142 - Premium Gem 1899-O Morgan Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-66. Brilliant white

143 - Original 1899-S Morgan Dollar. AU-50. Nice medium silver grey color.

144 - Original 1900-S Morgan Dollar. AU-50+ Original light silver grey surfaces.

145 - 1902-S Morgan Dollar. VF-30.Lightly cleaned in the past.

146 - 1904-O Morgan Dollar. BU-60+ Proof Like. Brilliant white.

147 - Proof Like 1904-O Morgan Dollar. NGC Certified MS-63 PL. Mostly brilliant with strong mirrors.

148 - Choice 1921-D Morgan Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-63

149 - Pair Of "O" Mint Morgan Dollars. Includes 1879-O AU-50 and 1887-O Borderline UNC-58. Total 2 pcs.

150 - Pair Of Choice Morgan Dollars Includes 1888-O & 1904-O. Both are NGC Certified MS-63 and both are brilliant.

151 - 5 Different BU Morgan Dollars. Includes 1883-O, 1884-O, 1885-O, 1898 & 1904-O. Grades MS-60 to 60+. Total 5 pcs.

152 - A 2nd 5 Different BU Morgan Dollars. Includes 1884-O, 1886, 1898-O, 1904-O and 1921. Grades range from MS-60 to 62. Total 5 pcs.

153 - Pair Of MS-64 Morgan Dollar. Includes 1881-S & 1883-O. Both are NGC Certified MS-64 and both are brilliant.

154 - A 2nd Pair Of MS-64 Morgan's. Includes 1881-S & 1896 Both are NGC Certified MS-64. The 1896 has a light to moderate tone. Total 2 pcs.

155 - A 3rd Pair Of MS-64 Morgan's. Includes 1881-S & 1896 (as above) Both are NGC Certified MS-64. This 1896 has a more moderate tone. Total 2 pcs.

156 - 3 Different MS-64 Morgan's. Includes 1883-O, 1884-O & 1886. All are NGC Certified MS-64 and are brilliant. Total 3 pcs.

157 - 3 Different "O" Mint Morgan Dollars. Includes 1883-O, 1898-O & 1902-O. Grades BU-60 to BU-62. Total 3 pcs.

158 - 4 Scarcer "S" Mint Morgan Dollars. Includes 1883-S VF-30, 1884-S F-12, 1885-S VF/XF-35 and a 1899-S VG-8 Cleaned. Total 4 pcs.

159 - 4 Better Date Morgan Dollars. Included are 1878 7TF Reverse of '79, 1884-S XF/AU Details, brushed, and (2) 1885-S G-VG and VF-20. Total 4pcs.

160 - Pair Of Morgans In 1st Generation PCGS Holders. Includes 1883-O PCGS Certified MS-62 and 1902-O PCGS Certified MS-63. Both appear to grade higher by today's standards.

161 - Pair Of Choice Certified Morgans. Lot Includes a 1878-S and 1879. Both are PCGS Certified MS-63. Total 2pcs.

162 - 1921 Peace Dollar. XF-40. Cleaned long ago but now toned back.

163 - About UNC 1921 Peace Dollar. Shows sharp details but was once cleaned and now retoned.

164 - Gem 1922 Peace Dollar. NGC Certified MS-65. Brilliant.

165 - Choice 1922-S Peace Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-63. Brilliant.

166 - Blazing 1925 Peace Dollar. Choice BU-64+ Brilliant white. Our assinged grade could easily turn out to conservative with eye appeal this coin has!

167 - Lustrous 1925-S Peace Dollar. NGC Certified MS-62. Brilliant white and equal to many MS-63's we see.

168 - Trio Of Near Perfect Early Silver Eagles. Lot Includes 1990,91 & 92. All are PCGS Certified MS-69. Total 3 pcs.

169 - 2013(S) Silver Eagles. PCGS Certified MS-70 First Strike.

170 - Certified 2014 Silver Eagle. NGC Certified MS-69.Brown label.

171 - 1937 P-D-S Boone Commemorative Set. Each of the three coins is brilliant and grades MS-64. Just 2,506 of these sets could possibly exist with far fewer actually left.

172 - Near Gem 1892 Columbian Half Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-64. Brilliant.

173 - 1936 Delaware Commemorative Half Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-64. Brilliant.

174 - Choice 1925 Lexington Commemorative Half Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-63.

175 - 1936 Long Island Commemorative Half Dollar. PCGS Certified UNC Details Cleaned.

176 - Lower Grade 1920 Maine Commemorative. F-12. original and problem free.

177 - 1920 Maine Commemorative BU-60. Brilliant.

178 - Choice 1920 Maine Commemorative Choice BU-63 Brilliant.

179 - 1920 Maine Centennial Commemorative Half Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-64. Mostly brilliant.

180 - Gem 1920 Pilgrim Commemorative Half Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-65. Shows excellent luster with a very light tone.

181 - Premium Gem 1921 Pilgrim Commemorative Half PCGS Certified MS-66. Shows some very light toning mostly on the reverse. Just 20,053 were minted.

182 - Certified 1925 Stone Mountain Half. PCGS Certified MS-62

183 - 1925 Ft. Vancouver Commemorative Half Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-63. Shows some light original edge tone. A scarce and popular issue.

184 - Very Choice 1927 Vermont Commemorative. PCGS Certified MS-64. Brilliant with a touch of a golden tint. As nice as many MS-65's we've seen.

185 - Certified 1936 York County Half Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-64. Has a hint of tone and is housed in a 1st generation PCGS "Rattler" holder.

186 - Pair Of PCGS Certified Commemoratives. Includes 1947 Booker T. Washington and 1953-S Washington/Carver. Both are PCGS Certified MS-64 and are housed in 1st generation PCGS holders. Total 2 pcs.

187 - 2001 2 Piece Buffalo $1.00 Set. Includes Proof & UNC. Housed in OGP.

188 - 2004 Lewis & Clark Coin & Pouch Set. Includes Proof $1.00 With Pouch by Arline Fox Muzzy from the Three Affiliated Tribes. Housed in OGP.

189 - A 2nd 2004 Lewis & Clark Coin & Pouch Set. Includes Proof $1.00 With Pouch by Arline Fox Muzzy (as previous lot) from the Three Affiliated Tribes. Housed in OGP.

190 - A 3rd 2004 Lewis & Clark Coin & Pouch Set. Includes Proof $1.00 With Pouch by (Tool-Ka) Delphine Wood from the CTUIR Tribes Housed in OGP.

191 - A 4th 2004 Lewis & Clark Coin & Pouch Set. Includes Proof $1.00 With Pouch by Alice Johnson from the Warm Springs Tribe. Housed in OGP (the outer sleave is missing).

192 - A 5th 2004 Lewis & Clark Coin & Pouch Set. Includes Proof $1.00 With Pouch by Alice Johnson (as previous lot) from the Warm Springs Tribe. Housed in OGP (the outer sleave is missing).

193 - Perfect Proof 2007 Jamestown $1.00. NGC Certified Proof-70 Ultra cameo.

194 - Perfect 2008 Bald Eagle $1.00 NGC Certified MS-70.

195 - Perfect 2012 Infantry $1.00 NGC Certified MS-70.

196 - Pair Of Perfect Star Spangled Banner $1.00's Includes NGC certified MS-70 Early Releases and NGC certified Proof-70 Ultra Cameo Early Releases.Total 2 pcs.

197 - 3 Certified Silver $1.00 Commemoratives. Included are 1986-S Statue Of Liberty, 1992-W White House and 2002-W West Point. Each is NGC Certified Proof-69 Ultra Cameo. Total 3 pcs.

198 - Pair of Holed California Gold Coins. Includes 1880 BG-885 .25 Round Indian head AU-50 Holed at 12:00 and a 1871 BG-838 .25 Round Liberty head. XF-40 larger hole at 9:00. Total 2 pcs.

199 - California Gold Token With BG-1057 Obverse. Round Indian Head .50 Size. The same obverse die was used as the BG-1057 Coins. AIU Holed. The central reverse has been scratched off no doubt to try to pass this off as coin rather than a token,

200 - Excellent Gold Love Token. 1.00 Gold Type III?. Shows a very well engraved seaport scene on one side and the initials "NIS" (or some variation of those letters) on the other. Holed for suspension. Most likely a Type III gold dollar was the host coin.

201 - Pictoral Gold Love Token. Shows a sail boat with a palm trree in the forground with intials on the other side. Looped. A 1.00 gold was possibly the host coin.

202 - Scarce 1883 Gold $1.00. PCGS Certified MS-62. Shows spot free lemon gold surfaces. Just 11,156 were minted.

203 - 1836 Classic $2.50 Gold Pin. Includes the gold piece which grades G-4 along with 4 seated half dimes which are dated 1866-S,1868-S,1869-S and 1872-S. The Half dimes Grade VF-XF but like the gold piece will have some solder damage.

204 - Very Choice 1903 $2.50 Liberty. NGC Certified MS-64. A spot free borderline gem example that we feel represents an excellent value at todays prices.

205 - Rare Uncirculated 1845-D $5.00 Liberty. NGC Certified UNC Details Cleaned. The coin is well struck and lustrous. Any cleaning was very light and done long ago. Listed in the NGC Price Guide at $9,150 in MS-60 with MS-63's commanding as much as $29,500. Branch mint gold (Charlotte & Dahlonega) are as popular as ever and we're sure this coin will see heavy competition.

206 - Uncirculated 1885 $10.00 Liberty. BU-60+.Seldom seen.

207 - Choice 1895 $20.00 Liberty. NGC Certified MS-63. A pleasing example. Though not a rare date, these bring a good premium in this grade and strong premiums in higher grades (gem can bring over $15,000.

208 - 2013-W Proof 1/4 Ounce Gold Eagle. PCGS Certified Proof-69 Deep Cameo. In a U.S. Mint Director Signature Series holder. (the signature is a facsimile)

209 - (1897) Bickford So Called Dollar. XF/AU-45/50. With U.S.Grant brass insert. Scarce.

210 - A 2nd (1897) Bickford So Called Dollar. XF-40. "republican International Dollar"

211 - Trio Of Civil War Token. Includes a scarce 1861 Store Card "'Henry C. Wells Druggist and Book Seller Waterloo NY", 1863 "Peace Forever" and a 1864 "Union Forever". All grade XF-AU. Total 3 pcs.

212 - 1961 Lincoln/Hamlin Centennial Medal. 1861-1961 Inauguration.100th Anniversary. Marked "Sterling" Uncirculated.

213 - Encased 1882-S Morgan Dollar. 1940 Buick Sales Promotion Giveaway. "You can Bet Your Bottom Dollar on 1940" The coin in VG-F and the holder is AU. Comes in the bottom half of the original box. Scarce.

214 - 10 So-Called Dollars. Sheet of 10 pieces. Various metals and grades.

215 - 10 New Hampshire Town Medals. Most are bronze. AU/UNC

216 - Abraham Lincoln Medal. Reissue of the 1908 Civil War Federal Issue. Circa 1950. XF.

217 - 1888 Seated Dime Love Token. Reverse LF or FL monogram. AU/UNC.

218 - 1928 Lord and Taylor Presidents Gift Package. Includes 1926 Bronze Centennial Paris Mint Medal with letter and booklet.

219 - Scarce Hard Rubber Transportation Token. Atwood# PA15-E.Allentown PA. NGC Certified AU-58.

220 - Rare Named Post Civil War Ladder Corps Badge. Co. F, 82nd Reg. NYV. (New York Volunteers. To Jas. J Brady. Very Fine.

221 - Engraved Masonic U.S. Large Cent. 1919 Flatbush (NY) Masonic Chapter Penny. Engraved on obverse of a large cent, owners rum bottle mark in center.

222 - Set Of 5 Good-For Tokens. G.S. Wood Mer. Co. Springville Utah. Includes 5 Cent, 10 Cent 50 Cent, $1.00 & $2.00. Aluminum Uniface XF/AU. Total 5 pcs.

223 - 5 Mounted Silver Western Mining Spoons. Demitasse size. Sterling silver. Extremely Fine.

224 - 7 Mounted 1896 and 1901 McKinley Pins. McKinley presidential pins. One shows some damage.

225 - 3 Encased Coins. Includes a 1941 Lincoln Cent Stork Club NYC. Choice Red UNC, 1944 Lincoln Cent Lincoln Oil Co. Boston Ma. Red Brown UNC and a 1953-D Roosevelt Dime March Of Dimes AU. In brass encasement. Total 3 pcs.

226 - Macerated Currency. Lincoln large size bust mounted. Scarce in this size. Fine.

227 - Rare Iowa Shell Card. Mirror Variety. J.L. Ellery, Burlington. Mirror broken. Ex-Stack's. Bowers plate example.

228 - 1777 Contemporary Counterfeit 2 Reales. Brass. Anton-Kesse-121. 3 known. Ex-Stacks, Ex-Ringo. About Good. Hammered flat to cancel.

229 - Counterstamped Washington Born In VA Restrike. Collis obverse restrike "Johnson" counterstamp for 1964 election. Rare, very limited issue.

230 - A 2nd Counterstamped Washington Restrike. Washington Born In Virginia Collis restrike. "Nixon 1960" Counterstamped for 1960 Election. Rare.

231 - 2 1939-40 Worlds Fair Elongated Coins. Includes Dancing Jitterbugs NYWE34A. Rarity 4. On Civil War Token and a Italian Pavilion on elongated Lincoln cent VF holed. Total 2 pcs.

232 - Rare Advertising Token Puzzle. 2 Phenyo Caffeine Co Worcester Mass Advertising Tokens. The tokens are part of a puzzle. This is a complete puzzle with the 2 tokens on either end. Rulau#Ma-Wc12 and 13. Rulau knew of only 2 complete puzzles!

233 - Post Civil War GAR Cross. Features General R.S. Foster. The reverse names his battles. Copper. Fine looped with ring.

234 - 2 KKK Tokens. Includes "One Country, One Flag, One Language" Brass Fine and a MIAFA (My Interests Are For America" Nickel About UNC. Total 2pcs.

235 - Scarce Hard Times Token. Bergeb Iron Works, Lakewood, NJ. HT205. Brass 21mm. Very Fine. Catalogs $100.

236 - 5 British Counterstamped Coins. Lot Includes a Lloyd's Weekly Newspaper on worn British Half Penny Brunk#L431, Robinson Culter, Oxford on 1806 Half Penny obverse, I Brewster on 1807 Penny Unlisted, C Buttle on 1855 Penny Unlisted, Keighley/Keighley on obverse and reverse of 1812 Birmingham Penny token Fine. Brunk K55.Total 5 pcs.

237 - 1864 Civil War Store Card. P.V. Fort & Co. Albany N.Y. Dealers In Fruit and Nuts.About UNC Cleaned.Fuld#NY10-B-1a. R-3

238 - (1940-45) Certified $1.00 Good For Token. Pastime Club, Wendover Utah. Brass. NGC Certified MS-64.

239 - 1810 Large Cent With Counterstamp. NGC Certified G-4 Counterstamped "L.Hommediewtore" Rare.

240 - Rare Patriotic Civil War Token 172/429a ANACS Certified VF-35. Crossed cannons obverse.

241 - Trio Of Silver Proof Sets. Includes 1957, 1960 and 1961. All are gem proofs and are housed in older Capitol holders. Total 3 sets.

242 - 5 Unopened 1961 Proof Sets All are still sealed in there original Mint envelopes.

243 - A 2nd Group of 5 Unopened 1961 Proof Sets. All are still sealed in there original Mint envelopes.

244 - 5 Unopened 1964 Proof Sets All are still sealed in there original Mint envelopes.

245 - A 2nd Group of 5 Unopened 1964 Proof Sets. All are still sealed in there original Mint envelopes.

246 - 1858 Canadian Large Cent. Choice AU-55. Nice medium brown. First Year Of Issue.

247 - Near Gem 1914 Canadian 10.00 Gold. PCGS Certified MS-64. With a Canadian Gold Reserve label. A very attractive example. Listed in the NGC Price Guide at $3000 in MS-63 only!

248 - 1999 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Lunar Issue Reverse Rabbit Privy Mark. Gem Uncirculated Special Finish. Housed in RCM plastic. Just 25,000 were minted.

249 - 2007 Australian 1 Ounce Silver Year Of The Pig Gem Uncirculated housed in a custom case that is sealed in plastic.

250 - 1621 Austria Silver Thaler. Ferdinand II. XF-40. Struck on a somewhat irregular planchet.

251 - Early 1735 British 2 Pence Maundy. NGC Certified AU-58. Original and sharp.

252 - 1800 British 1 Pence Maundy. NGC Certified MS-62. Original and sharp.

253 - Earlier British Gold Sovereign. 1891 Victoria. NGC Certified MS-61.

254 - Lustrous About UNC 1803/2 Gold 8 Escudo. Chile FJ/JJ. Lustrous AU-50. Shows evidence of a small rim bruise near 12:00. There is no evidence of solder removal or jewelry use. The highest grade listed in the NGC Price guide is XF which lists at $2250.

255 - (1901-08) China Szechuan Province Silver. Y-238.1. 7 Mace and 2 Candarens. F-12 Original.

256 - 2000 Chinese 1 Ounce Silver Panda Frosted Ring. Colorized Obverse. Gem BU Encapsulated.

257 - 1987-S Chinese 1/4 Oz Gold Panda. 25 Yuan. Gem BU Proof Like. Shows one small reverse copper spot. Housed in Mint plastic.

258 - Contemporary Counterfeit Columbia 8 Escudos. 1828 RS Columbia-Bogota Gilt Brass. Extremely Fine.

259 - German States 8 Schilling. KM.392 1738 IHL Hamburg. F-VF Original.

260 - Scarce 1877-B German 1 Mark. XF-40 Cleaned long ago. One of the lowest mintages of the series at only 48,164.

261 - 1893 Italian 10 Centesimi 1893 BI. Choice BU-63 Red Brown. Listed in the NGC Price Guide at $70 in MS-60 none of the higher grades prices.

262 - 5 Pcs 1600's Livonia Silver Solidus. Mixed dates all from the mid 1600's. Each grades about uncirculated and some show light patination.. These were struck at Riga on the Baltic sea. Total 5 pcs.

263 - A 2nd 5Pc Group Of 1600's Livonia Silver Solidus. Mixed dates all from the mid 1600's. Each grades about uncirculated and some show light patination.. These were struck at Riga on the Baltic sea. Total 5 pcs.

264 - Desirable 1794 Mexican 8 Reale. 1794 FM, Mexico City. VF-20. A near perfect original circulated coin.

265 - Original 1799 Mexican 8 Reale. KM.109. 1799 FM. Mexico City. VF/XF-30+. Shows a thin, old time scratch, otherwise choice.

266 - Nice 1840 Mexican 8 Reale. KM.377.8. Go. PJ. AU-50 Original.

267 - 1844 Mexican 8 Reale. KM 377.12. P1 AM. XF-40 Original.

268 - Trio Of Mexican 8 Reale. Includes 1893 KM.377.3 Cn.AM, XF Cleaned, 1893 KM.377.10 Mo AM XF-40 and a 1869 KM 377.13 Zs YH. VF-20. Total 3 pcs.

269 - 1950 Mexico 5 Peso. KM.466. BU-60+ Brilliant. 1/2 of the original mintage of 200,000 were melted to make the 1968 Olympic 25 Peso .

270 - Colorful 1983 Mexican Silver 1 Onza Choice Uncirculated with a multi colored obverse tone. A addition to any collection of beautifully toned coins.

271 - Certified 1727-K Russian 5 Kopeks. PCGS Certified VF-30. A rare issue especially in higher grades.

272 - Perfect 2011 Proof 1/10 S.Africa Gold Kruggerand NGC Certified Proof-70 Ultra Cameo Early Releases.

273 - 25 Coin Ancient Lot. Includes 25 Unattributed coins, some of which are larger sizes. Grades are generally on the low side, but most are seldom seen types. Includes 4 silver pieces. Total 25 pcs.

274 - 14 Pieces Of Attributed Ancients. Generally lower grades with some scarcer types. Includes some silver pieces. Total 14 pieces.

275 - 6 Piece Ancient Silver Lot. Includes Hadrian, Gordian, Probus, Faustina and 1 unknown. Also included is a lower grade Ptolemy Tertradrachm. Most are low to middle grade with the Probus piece being About UNC. Total 6 pcs.

276 - Roll Of 1923 Peace Dollars. Uncirculated 20 Coin Roll. Grades range from MS-60-63.

277 - 1959-2016 P-D-S Lincoln Memorial Cent Set. Includes UNC (no proofs) 1960 & 1970 Small dates and "P" and "S" mint proofs from 1959-2016. A well matched set that comes in a Dansco Album.

278 - Low Grade Silver Type Lot. Lot Includes a 1853 3 Cent Silver AG-3, 1853 Arrows 1/2 Dime G-4, 1875 Seated Quarter AG/G Scratches, 1830 Bust Half Dollar G-4 Scratches and a 1875 seated Half Dollar AG some rim roughness. Total 5 pcs.

279 - Pair Of 1953 Proofs. Lot Includes 1953 Lincoln Cent PCGS Certified Proof 67 Red and a 1953 Jefferson Nickel PCGS Certified Proof-66 housed in an old Rattler" holder.

280 - Trio Of Cameo Silver. Includes (2) 1961 Washington Quarters NGC Certified Proof-67 Ultra Cameo and a 1961 Franklin Half Dollar NGC Certified Proof-66 Cameo. The group lists in the NGC Price Guide at $195. Total 3 pcs.

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