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Auctioneer Brookman's Auction Service 573-220-6219
Auction Date May 12 Auction
8778 Pike County Road 478
Bowling Green, MO
Time 09:00AM
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Benefit Consignment Auction to Raise Money for the Amish School. Auction starts at 9:00am 5 rings Coins sell at 1pm

Livestock will be on a separate auction in June!!!!
Auction Item List and Photos coming soon!!!!
Coin List-- Coins Sell at 1pm
1934-A Federal Reserve Note $1000 bill on Chicago IL- good shape


1.       1814 Large Cent-Rare

2.       1840 Large Cent

3.       1842 Large Cent

4.       1845 Large Cent

5.       1847 Large Cent

6.       1847 Large Cent-Choice

7.       1852 Large Cent-nice

8.       1852 Large Cent-Nice

9.       1853 Large Cent-Choice

10.   1856 Large Cent

11.   1851 Three Cent Silver-Nice

12.   1864 Two Cent Piece-Choice+

13.   1883 Liberty Nickel-No Cents-Choice+

14.   1862 Seated Liberty Half Dime-Very Choice+

15.   1835 Bust Dime-Choice+

16.   1857 Seated Dime

17.   1875 Seated Dime

18.   1831 Bust Quarter-Full Liberty-Choice

19.   1895 Barber Quarter

20.   1908-O Barber Quarter

21.   1915-D Barber Quarter

22.   1925 Standing Quarter

23.   1925 Standing Quarter

24.   1925 Standing Quarter

25.   1926 Standing Quarter

26.   1932-D Washington Quarter Key

27.   14 Silver Certificates

28.   Three Choice Silver Certificates

29.   2- 1928 Red Seal $2 dollar bills

30.   1963 Red Seal Star Note

31.   5- Red Seal $5 Bills

32.   5- Red Seal $5 Bills

33.   90 Silver Dimes

34.   Misc Silver Coins-Some Silver

35.   16 Silver Quarters

36.   16 Silver Quarters

37.   16 Silver Quarters

38.   1989 Gem Proof Silver Eagle

39.   2011 Gem Proof Silver Eagle

40.   Three BU Buffalo Silver Rounds

41.   Three Gem Cameo Proof Barber Half Silver Rounds

42.   4- 2018 Silver Eagles

43.   1960 Silver Proof Set

44.   1962 Silver Proof Set

45.   1976- 3-Piece Silver Proof Set

46.   1979 Proof Set

47.   1968 Proof Set

48.   1969 Proof Set

49.   1831 Bust Half Dollar Choice

50.   1834 Bust Half Dollar-Nice

51.   1877-S Seated Half

52.   1893-O Barber Half Dollar-Key

53.   1915-D Barber Half Dollar-Nice

54.   1917-P Liberty Half Dollar

55.   1918-S Liberty Half Dollar

56.   1918-S Liberty Half Dollar-Nice

57.   1921-S Liberty Half Dollar-Key

58.   1923-S Liberty Half Dollar

59.   1933-S Liberty Half Dollar

60.   1934-P Liberty Half Dollar

61.   1935-S Liberty Half Dollar

62.   1942-P Liberty Half Dollar

63.   1943-P Liberty Half Dollar-Nice-Unc

64.   1944-D Liberty Half Dollar

65.   18949-D Franklin Half Dollar-Choice

66.   1950-D Franklin Half Dollar-Choice

67.   1951-Franklin Half Dollar

68.   1952-S Franklin Half Dollar-Nice

69.   1873 Seated Silver Dollar-Nice

70.   1878-CC Silver Dollar-Nice

71.   1880-CC Silver Dollar-nice

72.   1890-P Silver Dollar-Choice+

73.   1883-CC Silver Dollar

74.   1890-P Silver Dollar-Choice+

75.   1890-CC Silver Dollar-Choice

76.   1890-CC Silver Dollar-Choice +

77.   1891-P Silver Dollar-Very Nice

78.   1894-O Silver Dollar-Better Date-Nice

79.   1894-S Silver Dollar-Very Nice

80.   1896-P Silver Dollar-Nice

81.   1897-P Silver Dollar-Nice

82.   1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

83.   1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

84.   1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

85.   1922 Peace Dollar

86.   1923 Peace Dollar

87.   1923 Peace Dollar

88.   1971 proof Ike Silver Dollar

89.   1971 Proof Ike Silver Dollar

90.   1973 Proof Ike Silver Dollar

91.   1971 Blue Pack Ike Silver Dollar

92.   1972-S Choice BU Ike Silver Dollar

93.   1884-P Five Dollar Liberty Gold-choice

94.   1913-P Five Dollar Indian Gold-Choice

95.   1910-S Twenty Dollar Gold- Choice +

1899 Indian Head Cent


(2) 1913-D Wheat Pennies


1912 Wheat Penny


(2) 1943 Wheat Pennies


(3) 1909 VDB Wheat Pennies


1952 misstamped wheat Penny


1922-D Wheat Penny


1909- 1916 Wheat Penny


1776-1976 D Bicentennial Set


1940 Mexican 1 cent


(13) 1940s & 1950s Canadian Maple Leaf 1 cent


1959 Canadian 5 cents


1939 Canadian 10 cents


(2) 1960 Jefferson Nickels


1935 D Walking Liberty Half


1910-S Barber Half

 1933-S Walking Liberty Half


1920 Walking Liberty Half


1907 Barber Half


1912-D Barber Half


1902 Barber Half


1908-O Barber Half


(2) 1961-D Washington Quarters UNC


1907 Barber Quarter


1960-D Washington Quarter Unc


1935-D Washington Quarter Unc


1950-S Washington Quarter Unc


1904 Barber Quarter


(2) 1947-S Washington Quarter


1911-D Barber Time


1936-D Washington Quarter


1916 Mercury Dime


1924  Mercury Dime


1911 Barber Dime


1914 Barber Dime


1914-D Barber Dime


(2) 1944-S Mercury Dimes


1945-D Mercury Dime 1945-S Mercury Dime


1949-S Roosevelt Dime


1899-O Barber Quarter


(2) 1951-S Roosevelt Dimes


1955-S Roosevelt Dime


1897 Barber Quarter


1925 Walking Liberty Half


1943 Mercury Dime


(2) 1935-S Mercury Dimes


1935-D Mercury Dime


1931-1928-1929 Mercury Dime


1936-1939 Mercury Dime


(2) 1942-D Mercury Dimes


(2) 1926 Mercury Dimes ; 1928, 1927-*S, 1928-D Mercury Dimes


(2) 1937-D; (2) 1937-S; 1941-D Mercury Dimes


(2) 1903-V Nickels


1908-D Barber Dime


1903 Barber Dime; 1940 Mercury Dime, 1898 Barber Dime


(2) 1910-V Nickels


(2) 1936-D; 1936; (2)1937-D Buffalo Nickels


1938; (2) 1943; 1961; 1955; 1955-D Jefferson Nickels


1951-S; 1947-S; 1963; 1963 unc Jefferson Nickels


(2) 1972-D Ike Dollars


(3) 1776-1976-D Ike Dollars


1776-1976-D Kennedy Half Dollar


Misc Canadian Money


1880 Silver Dollar Replica


Box of unsearched wheat pennies


App. 14 rolls Wheat Pennies 1930s, 40s, 50s.

(will be sold by choice roll)

Book of Wheat Pennies starting 1941

Book of Jefferson Nickels starting 1938  (incomplete)

(20) Roosevelt dimes – all silver

Partial Book Buffalo Nickels

(63) Mercury Dimes (in book)

Book of 14 Washington Silver Quarters

Book of 13 Washington Silver Quarters

Book of 84 Wheat Pennies starting 1909

1883 V Nickel

2002 American Silver Eagle unc

24 Karat Gold Plated Maine Quarter

1940- 10 Yuan Bank of China Banknote

(20) Wheat Pennies in Folders 1940s and 50s

(6) Wheat Pennies

(8) Wheat Pennies 1917 -1958

Collection of 8 diff Roosevelt Dimes BU

1962 Proof Penny

1962 Proof Nickel

1964-S Proof Dime

1973-S Proof Quarter

(6) Steel War Penniies D-P-S unc

1903-1900 V Nickel

1905-1907 V Nickel

1894; 1899; 1909; 1905 V Nickels

(2)1891; 1899; 1904; 1907; 1912 V nickels

1890; 1899; 1904; 1911 V Nickels

1893 Indian Head Cent

1902 and 1906 Indian Head Cents

(8) Wheat Pennies 1939-1952

(8) Wheat Pennies 1917-1929

(8) foreign coins (sold as one Lot)

1913-V Nickel Replica

1945 Wartime silver Nickel

(2) 1972-D; 1972-P; 1974-D; (2)1971-D; 1976-D Ike Dollars (sold as one lot)

Plastic Folder of 8 Foreign Coins

(9) 1972 and 1972-D Ike Dollars

(3)1971; (2)1974; (1)1976 Ike Dollars

1905 Indian Head Penny (in case)

1968-D Kennedy Half unc

1921- AU Morgan Silver Dollar

1891 Morgan Silver Dollar

1892 Morgan Silver Dollar

1887 AU Morgan Silver Dollar

1892-O Morgan Silver Dollar Choice

1900- Morgan Silver Dollar Choice +

1890-O Morgan Silver Dollar

1890-O Morgan Silver Dollar

2002 Silver Eagle Unc

1903,1906,1910 V Nickels

1936 Walking Liberty Half

1944 Walking Liberty Half

1939-D Walking Liberty Half

1916-D Walking Liberty Half

1946 Walking Liberty Half

1906 Barber Half

1882 Shield Nickel

1910-1912 V Nickel

1930-P Lincoln Cent Unc

1934-D Lincoln Cent AU

1934-P Wheat Cent Unc

(7) 1943 Steel Pennies

1944 Wheat Penny; 1867 Shield Nickel

1943-P Silver War Nickel

1936 Walking Liberty Half Choice+

1937 Walking Liberty Half

1938-P Walking Liberty Half Choice +

1941-P Walking Liberty Half Choice +

1902 Barber Half

1943 Walking Liberty Half

1912 V Nickel

1931-D Wheat Penny Choice +

1905 Barber Dime

1895-1910-1911 V Nickels

(3) 1943 Steel Pennies P-D-S

1922 Peace Dollar Unc

1867-1868 Shield Nickels

1894 Indian Head Cent

1935 Walking Liberty Half

(3)1921-S Morgan Silver Dollar Choice +

1881 Morgan Silver Dollar

1887-O Morgan Silver Dollar Choice +

(11)1944 Wheat Pennies

1907 V Nickels

1891-O Morgan Silver Dollar



Brown Tobacco Tins

8 qt Butter Churn

4 qt Butter Churn

Set of 4 Daisy Butter Churns

Rooster Weathervane

Pig Weathervane

Metal Pig

Metal Cow

Enterprise Sausage Stuffer

3- Welcome to Ranch signs

Mailbox Birdhouse

2 Large Wooden Dough Bowls

Ice Tongs

Wooden Well Bucket

Large Oxen Yoke

Table Top Montgomery Ward Cream Separator

Several Barn Lanterns

Phillips 66 Porcelain Sign

Lot Metal Planters

WWII Bayonet

Griswold #8 Dutch Oven

Several Granite Coffee Pots

Large Metal Sheep

Large Metal Chicken and Rooster

Lot Metal Pulleys

Wire Egg Baskets

Wooden Egg Crate

Wagner Small Teapot

Small Wagner Kettle

Griswold Muffin and Cornbread pans

Cast Iron Pig Bank

Cast Iron Horse Head Ties

Lot Cast Iron Banks

Metal John Deere Cornbinder sign

Large Cast Iron Dinner Bell

#8 Griswold Pan with Lid

Cast Iron Floor Grates

Wooden Tool Boxes

Military Helmet

Lot Galvanized Tubs and Buckets

Glass and Metal Wash Boards

Mini Cast Iron Wood Cookstove Complete

Large Wooden Harness Maker Clamp

Ace Hardware #4 Vise

3-#6 Western Stoneware

#% Macomb Pottery Jug

#3 & #5 Crown Crocks

#2 Brown Crock

Several Salt Glaze Crocks

Tonka & Ertl Toys

Large Wooden Pulley

#22 Enterprise Meat Grinder

Black Hawk Corn Sheller

Copper Wash Boiler

Champion Cast Iron Seat

New Wooden Sled

Large Lot Animal Hide Stretchers

Large Lot Traps

“We Don’t Dial 911” Wall Hanger

Cast Iron Hog Catcher

Cherry Pitters

Large Crock Bowls

Skating Lanterns

Copper Ware

2 Meyer’s Hay Trolleys

Whiskey Barrels

Large Cast Iron Kettle

Large Copper Kettle

Square Metal Butter Churn

Lot Graniteware

Large Ornate Regulator Wall Clock

Egg Scales

Small Regulator Kitchen Clock

Wooden Wagon

Metal Cream Jug

Metal Water Jug

Several Meyer’s Pumps

#10 UHL Pottery Co Crock with Wooden Handles

Ruckels Sawtooth Crock Bowl

Old Session Lionhead Mantel Clock

Cuckoo Clock

Buck Saws

Splitting Wedge

Childs Rocking Horse Wooden

Large Apple Butter Stirrer

Bird Weathervane

Several Glass Ball Weathervanes

Large Green I&O Glass Jug

Metal Foldup Crib

Coleman Gas Iron

Aladdin Lamp

Lightning Rods

Old Benches and Barn Doors

3 Cast Iron Bathtubs

Several Hay Trolleys

Old Pepsi Sign

Windmill Fan-Flag-Parts

Old Wooden Pulleys

Cow Stanchions

Cross Cut Saws

Old Chicken Nests

Unique Buckboard Seat on Buggy Frame

Butter Churn Collection


New and Used 10’ Feed Bunks

46” Saw Blade

6’ x 8’ Garage Door

BBQ Grill – Char Griller

New S.S Wood Fired Water heater 45 Gallon

Window Air Conditioner

Several Bachtold Mower

Expendable Conveyor

Purple Martin Goards

Swisher 10.5 HP Pull Behind Mower 44”

Snapper 5HP 21” Self Propelled

Troy Bilt 6.75 HP 21” Mower

Buck Saw

Flower Pots

Lot Allis Chalmers Model CA Tractor Parts

Laminated Flooring

Fuel Tanks

Compost Tumbler

Several Silage Forks

8-4&5 prong manure forks

4- 3 prong pitch forks

Large straw fork

3- new 10x10 pop up tents

2 fold up wagons

2-Metal Worker Pipe Stands

Push Garden Cultivators

Stainless Steel Top Roll Around Meat Grinder with Pulley

Metal Rack with 4 Mounted Metal Gas Cans

Steel Metal Manual Metal Sheer


Small Clawfeet Drop Leaf Kitchen Table with 4 Chairs

Nice Oak Roll Top Desk

Old Wooden Roll Top Desk Needs Repair

Walnut 12-Gun Cabinet

Large Trunk

3 Drawer Chest

Large Oak Kitchen Table Round

Rebuilt Singer Sewing Machine

Large Howard Miller Grandfather Clock

Marble Top Table

Hickory Rocker New

Cedar Rocker

New Rustic Red Cedar Log Bedroom Set -Queen Bed, 2 night Stands, 5 drawer chest with mirror

48” Red Oak China Cabinet

54” Red Oak China Cabinet

36” Vanity Red Oak

60” Vanity Red Oak

Eastlake his/her Parlor Chairs

Lot New Cedar Furniture

Reclaimed Barnwood Table

Reclaimed Barnwood Pie Safe

Reclaimed Barn Wood Oak Coffee Table

Several Rustic Coffee Tables


80”x80” Double Ring

85”x85” Rainbow Color

65”x88” Rose Pattern

86”x88” Star Pattern

84” x 86” Patch work

82” x82” Double Wedding Ring

86” x 86” Maple Leaf

80” sx 98” Lonestar

88” x 88” White with Flowers

80” x 90” Dresden Plate

90” x 96” Wedding Ring

Green and Peach Log Cabin

Double Wedding Ring in Blues

7-Quilts Embroidered and Pieced

4-Log Cabin Tops Various Colors

3-Pillow case Dolls

Tiger and Zebra Throws

36” x 19” Muslin Feed Bags

Home Made Rugs

Lots of Handmade Baskets


Single Top Buggy

Fiberglass Wheels-Shafts-Brakes-Lights

Old Steel Wheeled Box Wagon

7’ x 14’ rack Wagon on Steel Wheels

Springs-Tongue (Painted)

Pioneer Cart on Rubber Shafts-Brakes-Fender


Marlin 25-06 Mod MR-7

Crossbow with Scope

50 Calibur Traditions Black Powder-New in Box

22 LR Remington Mod 597 new in box with scope


Pecan-Walnut-Oak-Red Elm Live Edge Slabs

Several Stacks Old Barn Metal

Sever Stacks Old Barn Siding

Lot Old Barn Doors


1-     10’ x 10’ joel Salatin Style Movable Chicken Pen

1-     10’ x 10’ gazebo


Pioneer Maid Cookstove w. res.

5 Burner Oil Stove - Good

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