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Auction Date Mar 26 Auction
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Bedford, NH
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  • Lot# 1 - 1868 5 Cent Fractional

    Lot# 1 - 1868 5 Cent Fractional

  • Lot# 2 - 1863 10 Cent Fractional

    Lot# 2 - 1863 10 Cent Fractional

  • Lot# 3 - 1863 25 Cent Fractional

    Lot# 3 - 1863 25 Cent Fractional

  • Lot# 4 - 1863 50 Cent Fractional

    Lot# 4 - 1863 50 Cent Fractional

Auction Listing
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Our March Online Coin & Currency Auction Features Nearly 300 Lots. Approximately 90% of the lots are unreaserved! Bidding closes on March 26th starting at 6pm Eastern. Visit us at:

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1 - 1868 5 Cent Fractional Fr.1238. Crisp UNC. Shows some micro pin holes.

2 - 1863 10 Cent Fractional Fr.1255. Nice Crisp UNC.

3 - 1863 25 Cent Fractional Fr.1283. Nice Crisp UNC.

4 - 1863 50 Cent Fractional Fr.1318. Nice Crisp UNC.

5 - 1863 50 Cent Fractional Fr.1376. Crisp UNC. Shows a couple micro pin holes.

6 - 1899 $1.00 "Black Eagle" $1.00 Silver Certificate. Nice Crisp About UNC.

7 - A 2nd 1899 $1.00 "Black Eagle" $1.00 Silver Certificate. Nice Crisp About UNC.

8 - 1917 $1.00 U.S. Note. Nice Crisp About UNC.

9 - 1923 $1.00 Silver Certificate. Crisp UNC. A nice example of this "Horse Blanket".

10 - 1935-A Hawaii $1.00 Silver Certificate. WWII Emergency Issue. Nice Crisp UNC.

11 - 1935-A Experimental $1.00 Silver Certificate. Fr.1610. "S" in red on obverse. Crisp UNC

12 - 100 Note Pack Of $1.00 Star Notes Pack of 100 Consecutive 2003 $1.00 FRN's. FRB of Atlanta. Choice to gem crisp UNC with original band.

13 - 1891 $2.00 Silver Certificate. Fr.245. Crisp About UNC. A nice example of this "Silver Dollar" note.

14 - 1st Of 3 Consecutive 1899 $2.00 Silver Certificate. Crisp UNC.

15 - 2nd Of 3 Consecutive 1899 $2.00 Silver Certificate. Crisp UNC.

16 - 3rd Of 3 Consecutive 1899 $2.00 Silver Certificate. Crisp UNC.

17 - 1917 $2.00 U.S. Note. Nice Crisp UNC.

18 - 1953-A $2.00 Star Note. Choice Crisp UNC.

19 - 3 Consecutive 1963 Red Seal $2.00's Each is Choice to Gem UNC. Total 3 pcs.

20 - 1934A North Africa $5.00 Silver Certificate. WWII Emergency Issue. Crisp About UNC.

21 - 1934 $5.00 Silver Certificate Star Note. Choice Crisp UNC. Scarce.

22 - 2 Consecutive 1963 Red Seal $5.00. Both are Choice to Gem UNC. Total 2 pcs.

23 - 1963 Red Seal $5.00 Star Note. Choice to Gem UNC.

24 - 1981 $5.00 Federal Reserve Note Error. Choice to Gem UNC. Has a cutting error which shows some of the adjacent note on the left margin.

25 - High Grade 1886 $10.00 "Tombstone" Note. Fr.293. Silver Certificate. Nice Crisp About UNC. Rare in high grades.

26 - Rare 1869 $20.00 Treasury Note. Fr.127. Very Fine. Looks even nicer but has most likely been cleaned and pressed.

27 - 1928 $20.00 Gold Certificate. Choice Crisp UNC.

28 - Small Size Silver Certificate Lot. Includes (2) 1928A $1.00 "Funny Back", VG, 1928B $1.00 "Funny Back" Fine, 1934 $1.00 "Funny Back" Very Fine, 1953 $5.00 Blue Seal Choice Crisp UNC, 1953-A $5.00 Blue Seal Crisp UNC and a 1934 $10.00 Blue Seal Very Fine. Total 7 pcs.

29 - Low Grade Paper Money Lot. 1769 Pennsylvania 18 Pence Colonial Note, 1775 $2.00 Continental Currency,1864 $20 Confederate note (torn), (2) 1863 10 Cent Fractional Notes, 1874 25 Cent Fractional Note, (2) 1928 Funny Back 1.00,1935-A $1.00 Hawaii Issue silver certificate,1935-A North Africa issue silver certificate and (3) 1953 Red Seal $2.00. As stated all these notes are low grade with the earlier notes being pretty beat up. The newer notes are generally missing a corner etc. A great flew market lot! Total 13 pcs.

30 - Pair Of Wood's Hibernia Coppers. Includes 1723 Farthing DEI Gratia Rex VF Details but with moderate to heavy porosity and a 1723 HalF Penny F-12 but with a reverse scratch. Total 2 pcs.

31 - Pair Of Interesting New England Silver Copies. Includes vintage copies of New England 3 Pence and 6 Pence. Both are holed and the 6 Pence has a test scratch. We sold a genuine New England Shilling back in 1999 for $95,000. Total 2 pcs.

32 - 9 Different "Tory" Coppers Included are 1747,51,71,73,74,75,76,77 &1778. All are typical lower grades (as made). During revolutionary times a shortage of small change inspired some enterprising individuals to strike (or cast) immitaion British Half Pennies.These coins were always made underweight and with little detail (to make them appear worn). They were readily accepted as currency in the colonies, even though some were struck with dates that didn't exsist on genuine coins! Total pcs.

33 - 15 Mixed "Tory" Coppers Includes some dated coins and some missing rhe date (usually as struck) All are generally low grade (as made) and few have minor problems. SEE DESCRIPTION OF PREVIOUS LOT. Total 15 pcs.

34 - 1804 Spiked Chin Half Cent. VG-F-10 with no dirstacting features.

35 - Certified 1793 Large Cent. Vine and Bars Edge. PCGS Certified Fine Details Environmental Damage. This piece has a nice medium brown color with a moderate porosity. Even a "Good" has a wholesale value of over $2,500.

36 - Scarce Counterstamped 1802 Large Cent. Anacs Certified Good-4. Has a "CC Dyer" counterstamp on the reverse.

37 - 1818 Matron Head Large Cent. AU-50+ Sharp and lustrous.

38 - 5 Piece Flying Eagle Cent Lot. Includes (2) 1857 and (3) 1858 Sm.Let. Grades from AG-VG but all but one has a problem. Total 5 pcs.

39 - Rare High Grade 1857 Flying Eagle Cent Variety. S-9. FS-003. ANACS Certified MS-63. Struck with dies clashed with Seated Half Dollar dies. Lustrous and fully struck with alight original tone.

40 - Rare 1873 Double Die Indian Cent. FS-009. Strong Double Liberty. ANACS Certified EF details net VF-20 Corroded. We feel with some conservation this coin could have much more eye appeal.

41 - Nice Circulated 1874 Indian Cent. VF-25. Nice chestnut brown color.

42 - Scarce 1889 Double Die Reverse Indian Cent. FS-010.81. NGC Certified AU-53 Brown. Listed in the PCGS Price Guide at $280. A real find for the Indian specialist.

43 - Choice Certified 1909 Indian Cent. NGC Certified MS-63 RB. Shows more red than brown.

44 - 1912-S Lincoln Cent. BU-60. Softly struck on the reverse. The color appears very natural but the coin mostly likely has seen a prior cleaning.

45 - Premium Matte Proof 1913 Lincoln Cent. NGC Certified MS-64 Brown. CAC. Shows a fair amount of red for a brown coin!

46 - Choice 1915 Lincoln Cent. Choice BU-63. Red & Brown. Show a lot of red as well as some minor reverse speckling which is not unusual at this grade level.

47 - Gem 1920 Lincoln Cent. Gem BU-65 R+B. Shows no noticeable marks and a high percentage of original mint red.

48 - Very Choice 1920-D Lincoln Cent. Choice BU-63 or finer. Nice red and brown color.

49 - Nice Uncirculated 1927-D Lincoln Cent. BU-62 Nice light to medium brown color.

50 - Premium Gem 1930 Lincoln Cent. NGC Certified MS-66 Red.

51 - PCGS Graded Lincoln Cent Trio Includes 1930 MS-65 Red, 1934-D MS-64 Red Brown and a 1939-S MS-66 Red. All 3 are PCGS Certified. The group is valued in the PCGS Price Guide at $111. Total 3 pcs.

52 - Set Of 1936-58 Proof Lincoln Cents. The 1936 is the brilliant type and grades Proof-63 R&B, the 1937 is Proof-62 R&B. The 1938-42 Examples are generally Proof-64 R&B. 1950-58 are choice proof-64 or better and are red. A scarce set. Total 16 pcs housed in a custom Capitol holder.

53 - Gem Proof 1939 Lincoln Cent. PCGS Certified PR-65 Red. Shows a small area of toning on the obverse.

54 - 1941 Gem Red Proof Lincoln Cent. NGC Certified Proof-65 Red.

55 - Superb 1943-D Steel Cent. NGC Certified MS-67. Has a small area of toning on the reverse. Listed in the NGC Price Guide at $165.00

56 - Premium Certified 1943-S Steel Cent. NGC Certified MS-66* (Star). A wonderful Gem that we would call Proof-Like. NGC preferred the "Star" Designation. Either way, a common coin in uncommon condition.

57 - Premium Gem 1951 Lincoln Cent NGC Certified MS-66 Red.

58 - Gem Proof 1953 Double Die Obverse Lincoln Cent. FS-021.7. NGC Certified Proof-66 Red. Spot free. This variety shows some minor doubling at the date.

59 - Certified 1955/55 Double Die Lincoln Cent. ANACS Certified MS-60 Brown. Original surfaces with medium to chocolate brown color.

60 - 1864 Small Motto Two Cent Piece G-4. Shows a few scattered marks. Very scarce.

61 - 34 Pieces Of Two Cent Pieces. This lot consists of coins with holes, culls and dateless examples. Total 34 pcs.

62 - 28 Pieces Of Cull Two Cent Pieces. All have discernable dates but are low grade or damaged. Total 28 pcs.

63 - Rare Gem 1875 Three Cent Nickel Variety. FS-3C-006.5. 1 on Neck. ICG Certified MS-66. A fully struck gem which shows the base of a "1" protruding from liberties neck. Recent auction records for this variety run to well over $8,000!

64 - 5 Different Shield Nickels Includes 1866 With Rays, 1868,1869,1873 and 1882. grades are Good to Fine with couple having some darker color.

65 - 12 Mixed Date Shield Nickels. All are low grade but have dates. Total 12 pcs.

66 - Filler 1881 Shield Nickel. G-4 Details but with a light uniform roughness. This would be a nice addition to the nearly complete set (minus the key dates such as this) we just sold in February) Just 68,800 were minted compared to over 30 million in 1867.

67 - 4 Piece Nickel Type Lot. Includes 1866 With Rays Shield Nickel F-15 old cleaning, 1883 No Cents Liberty Nickel XF-40, 1913 TI Buffalo Nickel VF-XF-35 and a 1937 Buffalo Nickel XF-AU 45/50. Total 4 pcs.

68 - Key 1885 Liberty Nickel. AG-3 Strong date.

69 - 1886 Liberty Nickel. G-VG. Shows some scattered pits.

70 - Choice 1913 Buffalo Nickel. Type I. Choice BU-63. Well struck and lustrous.

71 - 1897 Liberty Nickel. AU-50. Lightly cleaned in the past.

72 - Beautiful 1935 Buffalo Nickel. NGC Certified MS-66. Fully struck with satin luster and near flawless surfaces.

73 - 1935-S/S Buffalo Nickel. ANACS Certified MS-64. Brilliant with a typical strike for the date.

74 - Pair Of 1939-D Nickels with 1940 Reverse Both are PCGS Certified. One grades MS-63 and the other MS-64. The 1940 reverse shows slightly enhanced steps on the reverse. Total 2 pcs.

75 - Certified Jefferson Nickel Lot. Includes 24 different dated from 1946-60-D. All are PCGS Certified MS-65. A great way to acquire some gem certified coins at a very reasonable price! Total 24 pcs.

76 - 1837 No Stars Half Dime With Recut Date. Large High over low date. VF-30 With an old cleaning and some minor marks.

77 - Nicely Toned 1857 Half Dime. XF-40+. Still shows some mint luster and has a very attractive "old album" tone.

78 - Scarce 1861/0 Seated Half Dime. Breen 3102 ANACS Certified AU-55. Very sharp details. Shows a deep steel blue obverse tone with more mauve on the reverse.

79 - Uncirculated 1830 Draped Bust Dime. Medium 10 C. NGC Certified UNC Details Cleaned. Sharp with a good amount of luster present.

80 - Choice 1917 Mercury Dime. PCGS Certified MS-63 Full Bands. Brilliant.

81 - Pair Of Premium Gem Mercury Dimes. Includes 1937 and 1940-D. Both are NGC Certified MS-66 Full Bands. The 1937 shows some light tone. Total 2 pcs.

82 - Superb Gem 1937 Mercury Dime. NGC Certified MS-67 Full Bands. Nearly flawless with a light tone.

83 - 1942/1 Overdate Mercury Dime. XF-AU-45/50 Details but lightly cleaned in the past.

84 - Lot Withdrawn

85 - Gem 1950-D Double Die Reverse Roosevelt Dime. FS-014 Die 1. ANACS Certified MS-65. Brilliant. Scarce.

86 - 3 PCGS Certified Dimes. Includes 1942-S Mercury MS-64 FB, 1947-S Roosevelt MS-66 and a 1955-S Roosevelt. The 2 Roosevelt's were taken from original mint sets and show toning as such. Total 3 pcs.

87 - Near Perfect 1963 Double Die Reverse Roosevelt. FS-017.5. NGC Certified Proof-69. Brilliant white. Shows doubling on left side lettering.

88 - Pair Of Neutron Irradiated Souvenir Dimes. Includes a 1962 Roosevelt in 1964/65 Worlds Fair plastic holder and a 1956 Roosevelt in a American Museum Of Atomic Energy holder with original card. The 1956 is a real gem coin which is unusual as most you find in these holders are circulated. The original card is also seen less often. Total 2pcs.

89 - 1875 Twenty Cent. F-12. Light silver grey color with some scattered minor handling marks. Just 38,500 were minted compared to over 1 million 1875-S.

90 - 1875-S Twenty Cent. G-4. Has seen a past cleaning

91 - Mid Grade 1875-S Twenty Cent. VF-20. Original.

92 - Interesting 1818 Capped Bust Quarter. G-4 But has had a Large Cent pressed into it to give the coin a brockage error look. This action has caused a slight bend and uneven wear.

93 - 1875 Seated Quarter. AU-50. Lustrous with light silver-grey color.

94 - Semi Key 1914-S Barber Quarter. G-4. Original and problem free.

95 - Better Barber Quarter Group Includes 1898-O AG-3, 1905-S G-4, 1909-O G-4 (slight bend),1911-D G-4, 1912-S G-4 and a semi key 1914-S AG-3. Total 6 pcs.

96 - Better Quarter Type Pair. Includes 1915-S Barber G+-5 and a 1917 Type I Standing Liberty VG-8. Total 2 pcs.

97 - Borderline UNC 1932-S Washington Quarter. Borderline UNC-58. Brilliant and lustrous.

98 - Choice 1934-D Washington Quarter. Choice BU-63. Brilliant but still very original. A key date in uncirculated grades.

99 - Premium Gem 1935 Washington Quarter. NGC Certified MS-66. Lightly toned.

100 - 1939-D/S Washington Quarter. FS-012.3. ANACS Certified MS-61. Lightly toned. Appears much nicer than an MS-61. MS-64 examples have recently brought over $700.

101 - Double Die Obverse 1941 Washington Quarter. FS-012.7 Die 1. ANACS Certified MS-63. Shows noticeable doubling at "In God We Trust".

102 - Superb Gem 1944-S Washington Quarter. NGC Certified MS-67. Light to moderate original tone. Listed in the NGC Price Guide at $400.

103 - Pair Of Gem Certified Washington's Includes 1946-D NGC Certified MS-66 and a 1963 NGC Certified MS-65. Both have a moderate original tone. The pair lists in the NGC Price Guide at just over $100. Total 2 pcs.

104 - Pair Of MS-66 Certified Washington's Includes 1944-D NGC Certified MS-66 and a 1947-S NGC Certified MS-66. Both have a light to moderate original tone. The pair lists in the NGC Price Guide at $140. Total 2 pcs.

105 - Gem Proof 1952 "Superbird" Washington Quarter. Anacs Certified Proof-66 With golden brown to electric blue toning. This variety shows a tiny die flaw in the form of an "S" on the eagles chest.

106 - 1963 Double Die Obverse Washington Quarter. FS-023. NGC Certified MS-66 Blazing white. Recent auction records for this variety run as high as $300 in this grade!

107 - Choice Circulated 1812 Bust Half Dollar XF-40. Light original tone and free with choice surfaces. NOTE: What looks like small edge nicks are actually the tops of the edge letters. This was caused when the edge lettering was rolled on to the planchet.

108 - High Grade 1812 Bust Half Dollar. AU-50. Lustrous. Scarce this nice. See comments from previous lot.

109 - 1820/19 Bust Half Dollar. Curl Based 2. Sharp XF-40 or better details but has seen a light cleaning in it's distant past.

110 - Certified 1832 Bust Half Dollar. Small Let. NGC Certified AU-53. This coin is lustrous, well struck and brilliant - The triple crown of numismatic desirability!

111 - Nice Mid Grade 1834 Bust Half Dollar. VF-20. Nice original medium colored tone.

112 - 1835 Bust Half Dollar. VF-30/35. Light silver grey color. A borderline XF.

113 - 1853 Arrows & Rays Half Dollar. ANACS Certified AU-50 Details Cleaned. Has a small planchet flaw on the obverse field.

114 - 1873 Original Seated Half Dollar. With Arrows. NGC Certified XF-45. Original and problem free.

115 - Scarce Mid Grade 1901-O Barber Half. VF-20. Silver-grey color. Very scarce.

116 - Nice 1908-O Barber Half Dollar. XF-40. Original and nice.

117 - 8 Average Circulated Barber Half Dollars. Includes 1896, 1898, 1901, 1902 1908-O, 1908-D, 1911 and 1912. A typical average circulated lot. Total 8 pcs.

118 - Affordable Key 1921 Walking Liberty Half. AG/G-3+ All major design elements are present with the typical wear at the rims.

119 - Scarce 1921-D Walking Liberty Half. G-4. Original and shows a couple of small obverse rim nicks.

120 - Key 1921-S Walking Liberty Half. VF-20. Nice original example.

121 - Very Choice 1934 Walking Liberty Half. Choice BU-64. Has vibrant luster and a light original tone.

122 - Semi Key 1938-D Walking Liberty Half. F-12. Original

123 - Brilliant Gem 1948 Franklin Half Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-65 Full Bel Lines. Brilliant white.

124 - Double Die Obverse 1966 SMS Kennedy Half. FS-013.8. Special Mint Set issue NGC Certified MS-65 Cameo. A variety seldom seen with cameo contrast.

125 - Sharp 1802 Bust Dollar. NGC Certified XF Details Improperly Cleaned. Has a nice light grey color with some very light hairline swirls from a past cleaning. An uncleaned example (with perhaps no better eye appeal) could cost over $4,000.

126 - Nice 1877 Trade Dollar. XF-40. Nice original example.

127 - 1877-S Trade Dollar. F-12 Original.

128 - Attractive 1879 Morgan Dollar. NGC Certified MS-64. Has a nice original tone of mostly sea green color.

129 - Near Gem 1880-S Morgan Dollar. Choice BU-64 Brilliant white. The reverse is fully Proof Like.

130 - Wonderful Gem 1881-S Morgan Dollar. NGC Certified MS-66. Mostly brilliant. NOTE:THIS WAS PREVIOUSLY LISTED AS A 1880-S.

131 - Gem Deep Proof Like 1880/79-S Large S Morgan. Vam-9. ANACS Certified MS-65 DMPL. Light peripheral tone. Free of all but the smallest marks this example shows a nice cameo contrast. One of the top 100 Vam varieties.

132 - Colorfully Toned 1884-O Morgan Dollar. NGC Certified MS-64. Shows a multi colored obverse tone.

133 - Gem 1884-O Morgan In Tidy House Products Holder. We grade the coin MS-65 with a short crescent of rainbow tone. The coin was part of a promotional giveaway in the mid to late 1960's.

134 - Brilliant White 1885-O Morgan Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-64. With semi reflective fields.

135 - Gem 1885-O Morgan In Tidy House Products Holder. We grade the coin MS-65 with original tone. The coin was part of a promotional giveaway in the mid to late 1960's.

136 - Choice About UNC 1888-S Morgan Dollar. Choice AU-55/58. Brilliant and lustrous.

137 - 1889-S Redfield Hoard Morgan Dollar. Graded MS-65 by Paramount Int'l Coin back in the 1970's. Has a light peripheral tone.

138 - 2 Toned Morgan Dollars. Incudes 1889 Choice BU-63 and 1890 BU-62. The 1889 has a moderate tone while the 1890 is quite deep. Total 2pcs.

139 - 1890-S Redfield Hoard Morgan Dollar. Graded MS-65 by Paramount Int'l Coin back in the 1970's. Has a light peripheral tone.

140 - 1890-CC Morgan Dollar. AU-50. Sharp and lustrous but has an old cleaning.

141 - Rare Gem 1891 Morgan Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-65.Lightly toned with rose highlights. Current Greysheet bid is $3,000.

142 - Choice 1891-S Morgan Dollar. Choice BU-63 Brilliant white.

143 - 1891-S Redfield Hoard Morgan Dollar. Graded MS-65 by Paramount Int'l Coin back in the 1970's. Has a light peripheral tone.

144 - Choice 1892-O Morgan Dollar. Choice BU-64. Brilliant. Shows what appears to by a light reverse wipe, but we believe they could be mint caused striations. Would fit in the choicest of Morgan Dollar sets.

145 - Lustrous 1893 Morgan Dollar. Borderline UNC-58 or finer. Shows some light scratches across liberties cheek.

146 - 1896 Morgan With A Bar 6. Vam-20. ANACS Certified MS-63. Light peripheral tone. One of the hot 50 Vam varieties.

147 - Interesting 1898 Morgan Dollar. NGC Certified MS-64. Has a seldom seen medium mauve colored obverse tone.

148 - Near Gem 1898-O Morgan Dollar. NGC Certified MS-64. Semi reflective with some light tone.

149 - Scarce Micro O 1899-O Morgan Dollar. PCGS Certified AU-55. Original. Listed in the PCGS Price Guide at $350.

150 - Brilliant Near Gem 1902 Morgan Dollar. NGC Certified MS-64. Sharp with excellent cartwheel luster.

151 - Certified 1902-O Morgan Dollar. NGC Certified MS-63. Brilliant.

152 - A 2nd Certified 1902-O Morgan Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-63. Shows a few small toning spots.

153 - Choice 1921-S Morgan Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-63. Shows some light toning with a darker patch at the right obverse rim.

154 - Trio Of Nice UNC Morgan's. Includes 1882 MS-62,, 1882-S Choice MS-63 and a 1885-O MS-62.The 1885-O shows some toning. Total 3pcs.

155 - Pair Of Certified Morgan Dollars. Includes 1884 NGC Certified MS-63 and a 1904-O in a generic NTC holder graded MS-63 (we grade it MS-61. Total 2 pcs.

156 - Pair Of O/O Morgan Dollars. Includes 1884-O/O and 1902-O/O Vam 2. Both are NGC Certified MS-63. The 1884-O has some colorful tone. Total 2 pcs.

157 - 1921 Peace Dollar. AU-50. Shows ample mint luster with some deeper tone at 12:00 obverse.

158 - Near Gem 1922-S Peace Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-64. Light to medium mottled obverse tone. Shows a bare minimum of marks. Worth well over $1,000 in MS-65!

159 - Pair Of Premium Quality Peace Dollars. Includes 1923 and 1925. Booth are PCGS Certified MS-64 and are brilliant white. Both would not look out of place in MS-65 holders.

160 - Gem 1923 Peace Dollar. NGC Certified MS-65 Brilliant white.

161 - Borderline UNC 1924-S Peace Dollar. Borderline UNC-58. Brilliant and lustrous.

162 - Lustrous 1924-S Peace Dollar. NGC Certified MS-62 Shows a nearly full brilliance.

163 - 1925-S Peace Dollar. Borderline UNC-58. Brilliant and lustrous.

164 - 1926 Peace Dollar. BU-60+. Mostly brilliant.

165 - A 2nd 1926 Peace Dollar. BU-60+. Mostly brilliant.

166 - Uncirculated 1927 Peace Dollar. BU-60. Mostly brilliant.

167 - Uncirculated Key 1928 Peace Dollar. NGC Certified MS-62. Brilliant and lustrous.

168 - Choice 1928 Peace Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-63. Mostly brilliant but with original undipped surfaces.

169 - 1928-S Peace Dollar. AU-50. Lustrous and brilliant. Shows a small mark at liberties jaw.

170 - Uncirculated 1934-D Peace Dollar. BU-62 Mostly brilliant.

171 - Choice 1934-D Peace Dollar. Choice BU-63. Some very light mottled tone.

172 - Better Grade 1934-S Peace Dollar. XF-40. Shows nice original surfaces with some mint luster present.

173 - Choice Certified MS-63 1934-S Peace Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-63. Lustrous and well struck with a hint of tone.

174 - Pair Of Better Peace Dollars. Includes 1927 Borderline UNC-58 and a 1935 BU-60 Lightly cleaned. Total 2 pcs.

175 - 7 Different Better Peace Dollars includes 1926-D Ch.AU-55, 1927 XF-40+, 1928-S VF-30, 1934 XF-40, 1934-D AU-50, 1935 VF-20 and 1935-S XF-40. Total 7 pcs.

176 - Certified 1993 Silver Eagle. NGC Certified MS-69. As nice as example of this date as you are likely to find.

177 - Gem 1996 Silver Eagle. Gem BU-69. Certified examples have a current wholesale value of at least $100.

178 - Pair Of 2000 Silver Eagles. Both are in excellent gem condition with some reverse tone. Both are housed in Littleton Coin Co. holders. Total 2 pcs.

179 - Pair Of 2001 Silver Eagles. Another pair of gem silver eagles. Both have some reverse tone and are housed in Littleton Coin Co. holders. Total 2 pcs.

180 - Pair Of 2002 Silver Eagles. A 3rd gem pair of gem silver eagles. Both have some reverse tone and are housed in Littleton Coin Co. holders. Total 2 pcs.

181 - Perfect 2014 Silver Eagle. NGC Certified MS-70 First Releases.

182 - A 2nd Perfect 2014 Silver Eagle. NGC Certified MS-70 First Releases.

183 - 3 Certified Perfect Proof Silver Eagles. Includes a 2004-W and (2) 2006-W ICG Certified Proof-70 Ultra Cameo Silver Eagles. Current Grey Sheet bid is well over $200. Total 3pcs.

184 - 3 Certified Perfect Silver Eagles. Includes ICG Certified MS/SP-70 Examples of 2007 and (2) 2006-W. 2 out of the 3 show some light milk spots. Current Grey Sheet bid is nearly $300. Total 3pcs.

185 - Choice 1892 Columbian Commemorative. Choice BU-63 Lightly toned and semi proof like.

186 - Pair Of Columbian Commemoratives. Includes 1892 and 1893. Both grade MS-62. Total 2 pcs.

187 - 1923-S Monroe Commemorative. XF-AU-45/50

188 - 1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar. NGC Certified MS-64. Moderate to deep original tone.

189 - Gem 1949-D Booker T. Washington Half Dollar. PCGS Certified MS-65 Brilliant white. Just 6,004 were distributed.

190 - Star Spangled Banner Silver Dollar Set. 2012 Celebrates the Bicentennial of the Star Spangled Banner. Includes Proof Silver Dollar and reproduction manuscript. Housed in OGP.

191 - Trio Of Modern Commemorative Dollars. Includes Proof Examples of 2011 U.S. Army, 2016 Mark Twain and 2016 National Park service. All are housed in OGP. Total 3 pcs,

192 - Perfect 1996-W Smithsonian $5.00 Gold. NGC Certified MS-70. Perfect surfaces with nice lemon gold color.

193 - Near Perfect 1997-W Jackie Robinson $5.00 Gold. NGC Certified Proof-69 Ultra Cameo. Just 24,072 were minted.

194 - Perfect 1999-W Washington $5.00 Gold. NGC Certified MS-70. With a classic design and just 22,511 minted we feel these coin are a bargain!

195 - Lovely 1853 $1.00 Gold. Type I. NGC Certified MS-64. This piece is fully struck with excellent yellow gold luster. Examples of this quality are few and far between.

196 - Choice 1861 $1.00 Gold. Type III. NGC Certified MS-63. Scarce in higher grades and always in demand as a Civil War date.

197 - Choice 1901-S $10.00 Gold. NGC Certified MS-63. Lustrous and spot free.

198 - 2016 Gold Mercury Dime. 1/10 Ounce Centennial. Gem Uncirculated and housed in OGP.

199 - A 2nd 2016 Gold Mercury Dime. 1/10 Ounce Centennial. Gem Uncirculated and housed in OGP.

200 - Gold From The "Ship Of Gold" A "pinch" of California gold dust recovered from the wreck of the S.S. Central America. Certified by Global Certification services.

201 - Certified (1853) California Gold Quarter. BG-222. Round Liberty. A lovely little gold piece!

202 - Near Gem 1872/1 California Gold Half Dollar. BG-937. Octagonal Indian Head. NGC Certified MS-64. Shows original surfaces with Proof Like fields. The reverse is rotated 90 degrees.

203 - 1859 California Gold Token. .25 Size Indian Head Round. ICG Certified MS-66.

204 - 1875 California Gold Token With BG-933 Obverse. .50 Size Indian Head Octagonal. ICG Certified MS-60 Holed. Shows some proof like surfaces. To avoid anti counterfeiting laws of 1881 the producers of the California Fractional Gold Coins had to quickly rework dies remove the denomination on the reverse. Thus these hybrid were born.

205 - 1881 California Gold Token With BG-1069 Obverse. .50 Size Indian Head Round. ICG Certified AU-58 Details Bent. A scarce and popular token. See description of previous lot.

206 - 1885 California Gold "Eureka Token. .50 Size Round. ICG Certified MS-65 PL.

207 - 1892 California Gold "Eureka" Token .50 Size Octagonal. ICG Certified AU-55. Features a fairly crude Arms Of California with a seated Minerva design. A seldom seen date for this issue.

208 - Certified 1837 Hard Times Token. HT-66. "May 10th" NGC Certified AU-55 Brown.

209 - Scarce 1864 Lincoln Presidential Token. Brass. XF-40. "Lincoln and Union. Holed at 12:00 for suspension.

210 - 1933 Century Of Progress So-Called Dollar. HK-870. 1933 Worlds Fair. One ounce of silver from Colorado, ANACS Certified AU-53.

211 - 1862 German Federal Shooting Medal. Frankfort. XF-40 Struck in white metal.

212 - 1805 Napoleon Medal. 8 Sided Bronze. About Uncirculated. Obverse "Napoleon Emperor And King". Reverse Monogram.

213 - Vintage Dime Sized Token Die. Combes Recreation Monticello Ill. Likely early 1900's.

214 - Vintage Nickel Sized Token Die. Recreation Parlor Eaton Ohio. Early to mid 1900's

215 - Quarter Sized Good For Token Die Good For 22 (cents) in trade.

216 - A 2nd Quarter Sized Good For Token Die Good For 10 (cents) in merchandise

217 - A 3rd Quarter Sized Good For Token Die Good For 25 (cents) in trade.

218 - Vintage Quarter Sized Token Die. Zalar's Tavern.(probably Uniontown PA) Circa Mid 1900's.

219 - Dime Sized Tavern Token Die E & E Tavern. Probably 1950's

220 - Nickel Sized Tavern Token Die. Three Star Tavern 1126 No.Taylor. (probably St. Louis MO 1950's)

221 - Another Nickel Sized Tavern Token Die. Kings Highway Tavern 1401 Kings highway. Shows some light rust.

222 - Nickel Sized Token Die. The Maryland 4305 Maryland. (one would assume this was a business/tavern in Maryland, but we think that's all a little too obvious!)

223 - Nickel Sized Bar Token Die. George & Mary's Bar. (possibly was located in British Columbia)

224 - Quarter Sized Pub Token Die The Corner Pub Del's. (most likely located in La Crosse, WI (and still in business today!)

225 - Quarter Sized Liquor Store Token Die. Jake's Liquor Store And Tavern.

226 - Simple Dime Sized Tavern Token Die At Alexander's

227 - Nickel Sized Token Die. Glass & Bottle. Shows a little rust.

228 - 1964 Accent Hair Proof Set. A Gem set with the accented hair Kennedy Half. Housed in OGP

229 - A 2nd 1964 Accent Hair Proof Set. Another Gem set with the accented hair Kennedy Half. Housed in OGP

230 - A 3rd 1964 Accent Hair Proof Set. A final Gem set with the accented hair Kennedy Half. Housed in OGP

231 - 4 Silver Proof Sets. Includes 1994, 1995, 1998, and 2002 all in OGP. Total 4 sets.

232 - 1900 Canadian Dime. Sharp XF-40. Original.

233 - 10 Piece Ancient Egypt Copper Lot. Circa 200-300 BC. Includes large Ptolemy II & III and other smaller sizes. Some decent grades included. Total 10 pcs.

234 - 15 Piece Byzantine Copper Lot. Most Circa 500-600 AD. Includes follis and some larger. Some feature Christ. Better grades are included.

235 - 2009 Australian $1.00 Koala. NGC Certified Gem BU and as 1 of the first 6,000 struck.

236 - 1852 Burma 1 Kyat KM 10. Silver Peacock. XF-45. Start your collection of animals on coins today!

237 - 1818 British 1 Crown. KM 675. LIX. F-12. Rare is higher grades.

238 - 1890-1908 Chinese 20 Cents. Y-201. China Kwang-Tung Silver Dragon. 1 Mace 4.4 candareens. BU-62 Mostly brilliant.

239 - 1986 Chinese Silver 5 Yuan. USA's 1st Trip to China. Empress of China. NGC Certified Proof-66 Matte.

240 - 1969 Czechoslovakia 25 Korun. KM 67. Choice Proof-64. Slovak Uprising 25h Anniversary. Just 5,000 were struck.

241 - 1842 French Essai (Pattern) 2 Centimes. MAZ-1116. Bronze. NGC Certified MS-64 Brown. Proof Like with some attractive overtones.

242 - 1876-H German states 5 Mark. Hesse - Darmstadt. VF-20 Original. Shows a small rim bruise at about 2:00 reverse. Worth about 10 times our estimate in XF condition!

243 - 1914 German States 3 Mark. KM635. Wurttemberg. BU-62 Original.

244 - 25 Piece Group Of Early Indian Silver Drachm. 1000-1200 AD. Chalukya Dynasty. These coins feature a simple design. The obverse features a stylized head, which in part represents the souls affliction in Hell, while the reverse shows a stylized fire alter and other symbols which represent the souls journey to Heaven. Each grades extremely fine and are nicer than normally seen. Total 25 Pcs.

245 - 1856 Italian States 1 Lira. KM 142.1. Sardinia. VF-20 Original. Listed in the NGC Price Guide at $180.

246 - 1906 Italian 2 Lira KM 33. VF-20. Original. Listed in the NGC Price Guide at $230.

247 - 1751 Mexican 1 Reale KM76.1. VF-20. Original.

248 - 1795 Mexican 8 Reale. KM 109. Mexico City Mint. FM. VF-20 Original and choice.

249 - 1885 Mexican 8 Reale KM 377.13 ZS JS. Lustrous AU-50 With a couple of small Chinese chop marks.

250 - 1866 Mexican Silver Peso. KM388.1. AU-50. Has a well hidden obverse scratch and a couple of other minor marks.

251 - 1944-P Netherlands 1 Gulden Choice BU-63. Original somewhat mottled tone.

252 - 1915 Portugal 1 Escudo. KM 564. AU-50+

253 - 1914 Russian 20 Kopeks. Y-22a1. Choice BU-64 Brilliant white.

254 - 1921 Russian Rouble. Y-84. AU-50. Light original tone.

255 - 1711 Spain 2 Reales. KM PT5. Pretender Issue. VF-30 Nice original example.

256 - 1868/67 Spanish 4 Escudo Gold. Madrid. NGC Certified AU-55. Lustrous and original.

257 - 1874/3 Swedish 10 Kronor Gold. NGC Certified MS-64. Brilliant and lustrous.

258 - 1907 Straights Settlements Dollar. KM 26. AU-50. Light to moderate original tone.

259 - 4 Pieces World Silver. Includes 1929A Germany Weimar KM 63. 3 Mark. XF-45, 1933 Lebanon KM 8. 50 Piastres VF-35, 1917 Norway KM 370. 2 Kroner XF-45 and a 1927 Palestine KM 7. 100 Mils VF-20. All are nice original examples. Total 4 pcs.

260 - Original 1943 Steel Cent Roll. A choice brilliant uncirculated roll.

261 - Original 1944-S Lincoln Cent Roll. All are choice to gem red uncirculated.

262 - Original 1945-S Lincoln Cent Roll. All are choice to gem red uncirculated.

263 - Original 1946 Lincoln Cent Roll. All are choice to gem red uncirculated.

264 - Original 1946-S Lincoln Cent Roll. All are choice to gem red uncirculated.

265 - Original 1947 Lincoln Cent Roll. All are choice to gem red uncirculated.

266 - Original 1947-S Lincoln Cent Roll. All are choice to gem red uncirculated.

267 - A 2nd Original 1947-S Lincoln Cent Roll. All are choice to gem red uncirculated.

268 - Original 1948-D Lincoln Cent Roll. All are choice to gem red uncirculated.

269 - Original 1948-D Lincoln Cent Roll. All are choice to gem red uncirculated.

270 - Original 1952 Lincoln Cent Roll. All are choice to gem red uncirculated.

271 - Original 1952-S Lincoln Cent Roll. All are choice to gem red uncirculated.

272 - A 2nd Original 1952-S Lincoln Cent Roll. These are in very tight coin tubes, where they have no doubt been for decades. They appear to be nice red unc coins.

273 - 4 1954 Lincoln Cent Rolls All appear to be choice to gem BU though on roll is bank wrapped. This year is often found in poorer quality and even choice rolls are less often seen than many dates of the period. Total 4 rolls.

274 - 4 1954-D Lincoln Cent Rolls. 3 rolls are tubed and are gem rolls, 1 roll is bank wrapped and we expect that roll to be nice also. Total 4 rolls.

275 - 5 1954-S Lincoln Cent Rolls. All 5 are nice gem red rolls. Total 5 rolls.

276 - 1954-P-D-S Lincoln Rolls. All 3 are nice original gem rolls. Total 3 rolls.

277 - 4 Lincoln Cent Rolls. Includes 1943 Steel, 1944, 1946-D and a 1950-S. All are choice to gem except the 1943 roll which is more unc to choice unc. Total 4 rolls.

278 - 3 Lincoln Cent Rolls. Includes 1944-D and (2) 1947-D. All are in very tight coin tubes, where they have definitely been for decades. They all appear to be nice red unc rolls. Total 3 rolls.

279 - Original 1957 Roosevelt Dime Roll. A gem original roll.

280 - Original 1957-D Franklin Half Roll. Coin a mostly brilliant and are in choice to gem uncirculated condition.

281 - Original 1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar Roll. All are in choice or better condition. Most are brilliant with the two end coins being lightly toned.

282 - 1925 Peace Dollar Roll. Grades range from MS-60 to MS-63 with most being MS-60+. A much scarcer roll that the more oft seen 1922 &1923.

283 - 1935-84 Complete UNC/Proof Lincoln Cent. Most grade choice to gem and are red with some being Red + Brown. Includes Proofs from 1975-84. The 1970-S Small Date is not included. All 103 coins Come housed in a Dansco Album.

284 - Complete 1916-47 Walking Liberty Half Set An Average Circulated set. Most were cleaned long ago and now look nearly natural. A few of the early coins have some problems (mostly minor). Those include the 1916-D, 17-D Obv., 1918-S, and 1919-D. Total 65 pcs housed in a Whitman album.

285 - AU/UNC Walking Liberty Half Dollar "Short" Set 1941-47 P-D-S Set. Most Grade About UNC with at least 3 being fully Uncirculated. Housed in a Whitman album.

286 - 1964-08 Kennedy Half Dollar Set Complete except for 2008-P. Includes are Proof and Special Mint Set coins. Choice to Gem UNC/Proof. Total 145 pcs housed in a Dansco album.

287 - 5 Piece Lot. Includes 1857 Flying Eagle Cent VG-8 and 1915,1934,35 and a 1936 Buffalo Nickels all grading MS-60. The 1915 has been lightly cleaned.Total 5 pcs.

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