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Auctioneer Hatch Estate Services 6467843576
Auction Date Mar 18 Auction
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Wilton, CT
Time 10:00AM
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Lot: 1 - A. Cayne, Turtle Boy

Signed in pencil and titled on the reverse. 21 x 25

Lot: 2 - Watercolor of Two Geese, Signed Noah 1977

Signed in the lower right. 25 x 20

Lot: 3 - Rose Wagner, Abstract Study of Woman and Landscape

Initialed RAW on the lower left. Signed Rose Wagner on the reverse.28 x 2 2

Lot: 4 - Circle of Sean Scully, Oil on Canvas

Signed on the reverse by student, Wendy R. Miller 20 x 22

Lot: 5 - Diane Talent, Silkscreen on Board

Signed in the upper left. 33 x 23

Lot: 6 - Donald Allen, Oil on Canvas

Tropical scene signed in the lower left by the artist. 44 x 40

Lot: 7 - Robert Lee, Abstract Mountain Scene

Signed in the lower left. 42 x 42

Lot: 8 - Mülheim, Oil on Canvas

Castle and woodlands, signed in the lower right. 42 x 30

Lot: 9 - Manner of Neil Williams

Abstract splatter work, from New York Estate. 32 x 30

Lot: 10 - Marion Reynolds, Pencil and Watercolor

Signed lower left center. 38 x 24

Lot: 11 - Eline Martin, Watercolor Pencil and Oil on Paper

Signed upper right 26 x 19

Lot: 12 - A. Usandivares, Oil on Canvas

Signed lower right with pencil note on the reverse. 16 x 20

Lot: 13 - Prof. Sompohi Baya, Shields for Peace

Signed on the edges, made of found materials for parade and demonstration. 20 x 34

Lot: 14 - Prof. Sompohi Baya, Shields for Peace

Signed on the edges, made of found materials for parade and demonstration. 19 x 30

Lot: 15 - Prof. Sompohi Baya, Shields for Peace

Signed on the edges, made of found materials for parade and demonstration. 25 x 33

Lot: 16 - Moshe, Oil on Canvas

Lovers in embrace. Signed center and bottom. 44 x 44

Lot: 17 - School of Nonnie Moore, Abstract Sports Scene

Signed illegibly upper right. 30 x 20

Lot: 18 - Buiat, Woodland Scene

Signed lower left corner. 24 x 18

Lot: 19 - Barbara Bauer, Watercolor on Paper

Signed lower right. 21 x 17

Lot: 20 - Harold Radgiff, Pen and Watercolor on Paper

Depiction of horse race on Aqueduct Racetrack of Queens, NY. Signed lower right. 12 x 10

Lot: 21 - Darren, Pen and Watercolor on Paper

Depiction of woman with flowers. Dated 7/74 and signed lower right of main image. 14 x 11

Lot: 22 - Tribute to Piet Mondrain “Broadway Boogie

Unsigned tribute to Piet Mondrain's “Broadway Boogie Woogie” 18 x 18

Lot: 23 - Alberto, Painting on Board

Space painting of rocket launch. Signed lower center. 18 x 22

Lot: 24 - Simon, Oil on Canvas

Oil on canvas of woodland scene, signed lower right. 24 x 18

Lot: 25 - Herrera, Oil on Canvas

Oil on canvas signed lower right. 24 x 24

Lot: 26 - Signed Robbie, Religious oil on board

Signed lower right. 12 x 14

Lot: 27 - Manner of Alan Davie, Ink on Paper

Abstract ink on Paper. Signed right hand side and dated 1968. 15 x 19

Lot: 28 - J. Crofoot, Oil on Board

Signed lower left hand side. 18 x 19

Lot: 29 - Pen and Watercolor Illustration on Paper, Barbara

Contemporary artist rendition of a home scene. Signed lower right and dated 2001. 17 x 21

Lot: 30 - Attrib. To Peter Anthony Chinni (American, b.

Abstract and bright color work from artist Peter Chinni. Titled lower center, signed CHINNI and dated 1995 in lower right. 13 x 18

Lot: 31 - Martha Thomas, Oil on Canvas

Signed lower right. 23 x 20

Lot: 32 - Norman James Brown, Painting on Paper

Signed mid paper left side. 17 x 10

Lot: 33 - P. Hallar, Oil on Canvas

Mountain scene. Signed lower right. 28 x 2 4

Lot: 34 - 10-6 Mask, Kevin Auzenne (American, New York) Oil

Oil on wood painting by contemporary artist Kevin Auzenne, titled “10-6 Mask”. 30 x 26

Lot: 35 - Bryce Duffy, Airforce Rescue Parajumpers

Framed photo, titled on reverse of photo. 21 x 17

Lot: 36 - Attrib. To Hermann Gierer (b. 1931), Cast Portrait

Fiberglass relief portrait of a woman, initialed and dated lower right HG 71. 30 x 36

Lot: 37 - NLH, Framed Needlepoint

Framed needlepoint of tiger and flowers. Initialed lower right NLH. 27 x 27

Lot: 38 - Jorge Braun Tarallo, (Uruguayan b. 1951), Indian

Ink on paper drawing of Native American chief in a rope and wood frame. Signed and dated lower right BRAUN 79 32 x 27

Lot: 39 - Painting on Metal, Pueblo/Zuni Artist

Painting on pierced metal depicting a coyote in the desert. Signed illegibly and dated 85 on the reverse with title “4-Saguaro”. 30 x 24

Lot: 40 - Oppression, Oil on Canvas

Civil rights painting titled “Oppression”. Abstract depiction of front of nude woman. Signed “THEODORE” and dated 1966 lower right. 24 x 33

Lot: 41 - Depiction of Eastern woman, Oil on Canvas

Signed illegibly lower right. 20 x 22

Lot: 42 - Framed Print Block

Unsigned print block with tags on reverse. 17 x 19

Lot: 43 - Religious Scene, Oil on Canvas

Religious scene depicting what appears to be Jesus, The Father, and The Devil. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. 30 x 24

Lot: 44 - Attrib. to Bertram Hartman (American, 1882 –

Landscape watercolor on paper. Signed lower right. 30X 17

Lot: 45 - Psychadelic, Oil and Airbrush on Wood

Unsigned work. 24 x 24

Lot: 46 - Rendition of Don Quixote, Unsigned

Unsigned rendition of Don Quixote on horseback. 29 x 41

Lot: 47 - Fashion Sketch signed IRMA

Fashion sketch in pencil and ink. Signed bottom right IRMA. 24 x 30

Lot: 48 - Abstract on Canvas, unsigned

Unsigned abstract oil on canvas. 18 x 24

Lot: 49 - Innes, Oil on Canvas

Abstract oil on canvas. Signed lower center, Innes. 32 x 32

Lot: 50 - Richards, Watercolor of Israel

Watercolor of Israel, signed lower right. 35 x 27

Lot: 51 - Crandall, Oil on Board

Surrealist painting of crooked farmhouse in nightmarish scene. Signed and dated lower right '80 CRANDALL. 30 x 23

Lot: 52 - Roberta Presse, Oil on Canvas

Large painting of a panda. Signed Roberta Presse on reverse. 30 x 36

Lot: 53 - JB, Oil on Canvas

Abstract oil on canvas. Initialed JB lower right. 28 x 22

Lot: 54 - Edmund, Oil on Canvas

Depiction of volcano erupting. Signed lower right. 24 x 36

Lot: 55 - Dog General, Oil on Canvas

Dog in generals clothing. Signed illegibly lower right. 24 x 33

Lot: 56 - Lance Goldsmith (American), Absence vs. Thin Air

Oil on tarp or unstretched canvas. Signed and titled on reverse in pencil. 59 x 70

Lot: 57 - Coco Sadis, Oil on Canvas

Abstract colorful work on canvas. Signed lower right. 16 x 20

Lot: 58 - Attrib. To Marco Sassone (Italian b. 1942), Wind

Contemporary impressionist painting of a windy marsh. Oil on wood. Signed in the corner MARCO. 28 x 22

Lot: 59 - Waterfall Scene, Acrylic on Canvas

Waterfall scene, signed illegibly lower right. 24 x 30

Lot: 60 - Carter, Oil on Canvas

Thick stroke painting of flowers. Signed lower left. 36 x 24

Lot: 61 - Tombstones, Foam Core Collage in Wood Frame

Collage of photos of real tombstones from New York City on foam core in black frame. Unsigned and untitled. 21 x 32

Lot: 62 - AR, Oil on Canvas

Celtic design. Oil on canvas. Signed and dated AR '07 lower right. 24 x 30

Lot: 63 - Clowns at Poker, Oil on Canvas

Clowns at poker. Signed illegibly lower left. 30 x 24

Lot: 64 - Pam Macdonald, Portrait I

Abstract depiction of woman and extending limbs, ribbons at large. Oil on canvas. Unsigned. 36 x 24

Lot: 65 - Pam Macdonald, Portrait II

Abstract continuation of depiction of woman and extending limbs, ribbons at large. Oil on canvas. Signed on reverse. 36 x 24

Lot: 66 - Greg Copeland (American) 20th Century

Modern wall sculpture in plexiglass case by Greg Copeland. Signed lower right. 48 x 20

Lot: 67 - Canoe in Pond, Acrylic on Canvas

Signed illegibly lower right. 16 x 20

Lot: 68 - Woman with Fish, Pastel on Paper

Cubist work depicting a woman with a fish. Pastel on paper. Unsigned. 19 x 19

Lot: 69 - Framed Eastern Embroidered Tapestry

Depiction of warriors with dragon. 40 x 31

Lot: 70 - PJ, Oil on Canvas

Girl with flower basket. Initialed lower right PJ. 24 x 36

Lot: 71 - Peter Hays, Oil on Canvas

Peter Hays oil on canvas of elephant. Signed lower right. 31 x 28

Lot: 72 - Frank McCarthy (American b. 1924), Along The West

Signed and numbered 643/1000 print by Frank McCarthy. 24 x 32

Lot: 73 - A. Olook, Oil on Canvas

Lake Scene Oil on Canvas. Signed lower right. 29 x 25

Lot: 74 - Kirsis, Oil on Canvas

Abstract scene of plants and shapes. Signed on reverse. 34 x 26

Lot: 75 - Abstract Contemporary Peaks and Valleys, Oil on

Abstract modern painting on canvas with layers of paint and texture. Signed illegibly on reverse. Blues grays with white and black waves .24 x 24

Lot: 76 - Alexander, Woodland Scene, Watercolor on Paper

Attractive woodland scene in watercolor on paper of a bridge, a rocky outcrop, and quiet shade. Signed lower right. 24 x 20

Lot: 77 - Harold Radgiff, Pen and Watercolor on Paper

Depiction of the South Street Seaport museum in New York City. Signed and dated lower right. 28 x 22

Lot: 78 - Wendell Rogers (American 1890 – 1973), Oil

New England Beach Scene with grassy dune. Signed lower right. 35 x 25

Lot: 79 - Cartoon Watercolor and Pencil, 1995

Watercolor and pencil. Signed and dated lower right N Sc?el 1995. 31 x 26

Lot: 80 - Contemporary Portrayal of Hunting Scene, Oil on

Contemporary portrayal of hunting scene with dogs and Englishmen on horseback. Oil on canvas, signed illegibly lower right. 28 x 32

Lot: 81 - H. King, Oil on Canvas

Scene of a small banquet by the river. Signed lower right, H. King. Oil on canvas. 26 x 30

Lot: 82 - Ivania Orlich, Oil on Canvas

Chess, coffee and more. Signed lower right I. ORLICH. Oil on canvas. 36 x 32

Lot: 83 - Faith Dorian Wright, Oil Pencil and Ink on Canvas

Multimedia piece by Faith-Dorian Wright, renowned collector of rare artworks and items of significance. Read more online about this important woman. Signed lower right. 22 x 29

Lot: 84 - Yvonne Doysey, Oil on Board

Breakfast scene. Signed lower right. Oil on board. 9 x 7

Lot: 85 - S. Baker, Oil on Canvas

River scene with well calculated sky reflection. Signed lower right. Oil on canvas. 10 x 8

Lot: 86 - Raphael Bouganim, Pen and Watercolor on Paper

Bride with flowers. Signed lower right R. Bouganim. Pen and watercolor on paper. 9 x 10

Lot: 87 - Chataignier, Oil on Canvas

Lavender Fields of Nice, France. Signed Chataignier lower right. Oil on Canvas. 7 x 6

Lot: 88 - Omar Valdes, Pen and Watercolor on Paper

Titled “Gift Wrapped New York”. Pen and watercolor on paper. Signed with series and title, bottom. 14 x 11

Lot: 89 - Vintage Cast Iron Fireman's Wall Plaques

Five cast iron fireman’s wall plaques on wood. 17 x 8

Lot: 90 - P. Horads, Watercolor and Paper Cut Out

Paper cut out of samurai on horseback. Signed lower right P. Horads. Watercolor and paper cut out. 16 x 12

Lot: 91 - Ken, Oil on Canvas

Scene of what is likely an eastern river with farmers and crops on boats. Signed lower right Ken. Oil on canvas. 9 x 11

Lot: 92 - Wall of City, Acrylic on Canvas

Woman kneeling at what may be a grave outside a city wall. Signed Panaa and dated. 73. 4 x 10

Lot: 93 - Couple in Conversation, Acrylic on Canvas

Two people in conversation. Signed Panaa and dated. 11 x 15

Lot: 94 - Flowers in Jug with Fruit, Painting on Paper

Painting on paper, signed in pencil illegibly on reverse. 8 x 10

Lot: 95 - Jockeys in Trot, Painting on Wood

Five jockeys on horseback in trot. Painting on wood panels with hinges. Signed lower right MAISA. 12 x 11

Lot: 96 - Sailboats, Acrylic on Canvas

Four sailboats. Signed lower right CCL. 10 x 13

Lot: 97 - Hao, Vietnamese 20th Century

Human and bull in pasture. Signed lower right, HAO. 13 x 11

Lot: 98 - SEH, Village Scene

Village scene, signed lower left SEH. 14 x 11

Lot: 99 - Eastern Embroidered Tapestry

Eastern embroidered tapestry, framed. God in chariot. 12 x 11

Lot: 100 - Pair of Faces, Abstract Pastel

Two abstract faces in pastel. Unsigned. 12 x 15

Lot: 101 - T. Peters, Oil on Canvas

Man and women in field. Signed lower right with information on reverse. 8 x 10

Lot: 102 - Jasper James, Wolf and Northern Lights

Photograph of wolf superimposed on northern lights. Signed lower right with artist stamp on reverse. 10 x 8

Lot: 103 - Attrib. To Mimmo Rotella (1918-2006), Collage on

Collage on canvas. Signed on reverse M. Rotella P.A. 12 x 16

Lot: 104 - Waterlilies, Oil on Canvas

Oil on canvas. Unsigned. 14 x 11

Lot: 105 - Abstract Cat, Oil on Three Dimensional Board

Painting of a cat's face on three dimensional Board. Unsigned. 5 x 7

Lot: 106 - Three figures, Oil on Canvas

Painting of three figures and checkerboard. Unsigned. Oil on canvas. 6 x 6

Lot: 107 - Fairchild, Acrylic on Canvas

Two doves, cathedral figure pane and tree on a colorful background. Signed on the side. Acrylic on canvas. 12 x 16

Lot: 108 - Fuller, Farm Flowers and Road

Oil on canvas of a farm pasture and a fenced road with blooming flowers. Signed Fuller lower left. 20 x 16

Lot: 109 - Samy, Monochrome Oil on Canvas

Monochrome oil on canvas of faces. Signed Samy middle right. 8 x 10

Lot: 110 - Nelly Akerman Singer, Photograph under Plexiglass

Synagogue in Slovakia. Signed and dated on the reverse. 12 x 9

Lot: 111 - Mai, Vietnamese Scene

Vietnamese houses in field. Signed Mai lower right. Watercolor on paper. 15 x 13

Lot: 112 - Spider in Web, Ink on Paper

Drawing of spider under plastic. Signed lower right with quote. 14 x 11

Lot: 113 - Russell Moore, Print on Paper

Signed and dated lower right Russel Moore 2006. 11 x 14

Lot: 114 - Hue Way, Pair of Signed New York Photographs

Pair of photographs by photographer Hue Way, signed lower right with artist info on reverse. 10 x 8

Lot: 115 - Disconnected, Photographic Collage

Photographic collage of machine parts and miscellaneous items. Signed lower right illegibly and titled lower left DISCONNECTED. 8 x 10

Lot: 116 - Nicolas Cascio, New York Icons

New York artist, group of three oil on canvas pieces from LIVEARTONTHESTREET. Signed and titled on the reverse. 6 x 11

Lot: 117 - Two Brothers, Signed Lithograph

Lithograph signed illegibly lower right and numbered lower left 78/260. 11 x 9

Lot: 118 - Fungi, Oil on Board

Signed illegibly lower right. 12 x 10

Lot: 119 - Mid-Century Painting on Copper

Embossed design on copper with paint. Signed lower left illegibly. 15 x 11

Lot: 120 - Faces of Color, Oil on Board

Abstract faces with vibrant colors and bold black lines. Signed illegibly lower right. 15 x 12

Lot: 121 - Pair of Mimes, Collage and Pencil on Paper

Pair of mimes pasted on paper with pencil and ink on paper. Unsigned. 352

Lot: 122 - CB, Watercolor on Paper

Shadowy scene of trees in the woods with stark shadows. Signed upper right. 13 x 10

Lot: 123 - Harold Silvey, Watercolor and Ink on Paper

Mid century style work with yellow tones. Initialed and dated lower right. Harold Silvey. 79 x 11

Lot: 124 - Roger Favin, Watercolor on Paper

Parisian scene. Signed lower right FAVIN. Watercolor on paper. 10 x 13

Lot: 125 - Clown at Golf, Oil on Board

Work signed lower right SAM depicting clown at golf. Painting in board. 10 x 13

Lot: 126 - Aktablue, Digital Print

Framed digital print, signed lower right. 13 x 15

Lot: 127 - June Ayres, Watercolor on Paper

Watercolor on paper of yellow tulips. Signed and dated lower right JUNE AYRES 2009. 15 x 12

Lot: 128 - J. Barnes Jr., Pen and Ink on Paper

Deer in a field. Misty or rainy day. Pen and ink on paper. Signed mid page right. 11 x 12

Lot: 129 - Mountain Lion, Signed Photograph

Signed photograph of Mountain Lion. Signed illegibly lower right and dated 73. 11 x 14

Lot: 130 - Krupa, Watercolor and Pen on Paper

Kaleidoscope style ink and watercolor design on paper. Signed lower right Krupa. 11 x 11

Lot: 131 - Cubs in Tree, Ink and Paint on Paper

Border decorated work featuring two cubs in a tree. Signed KAE lower right. 13 x 13

Lot: 133 - Illustration of Houses

Illustration of houses on a lane. Initialed in corner JS. Watercolor on paper. 12 x 8

Lot: 135 - Wood Block Print of Village

Signed lower right illegibly. 10 x 12

Lot: 137 - Pen and Ink drawing of Whirling Dervish

Signed in pen illegibly lower right. 10 x 10

Lot: 138 - Parisian Scene, Oil on Canvas

Signed lower right illegibly. 11 x 9

Lot: 139 - New York View, Watercolor on Paper

Peaceful and iconic New York City view. Watercolor on paper. Signed in pen on bottom with note at the top. 10 x 13

Lot: 140 - Surreal Moment, Oil on Canvas

Surreal scene, oil on canvas. Unsigned. 18 x 18

Lot: 141 - Woman under Veil, Watercolor on Paper

Arab woman with veil possibly holding a child. Signed illegibly lower right. Watercolor on paper. 15 x 18

Lot: 142 - Pond and Trees, Acrylic on Board

Initialed lower right possibly AHA. 14 x 12

Lot: 143 - Stars in Night Sky, Oil on Canvas

Initialed lower right CJ and dated 3/4/94. 15 x 12

Lot: 144 - Tapestry in South American Theme

Framed tapestry in of Aztec/Mayan symbols. 15 x 12

Lot: 145 - African Safari Photograph, Signed Mary

Signed in pencil lower right Mary Alt?i?and titled Cluster of Oaks lower left. 15 x 12

Lot: 146 - Painting on Wood, Greek Parthenon

Painting on wood of Greek Parthenon. Unsigned. 15 x 12

Lot: 147 - Floral Still Life, Signed Zaza

Floral still life on board, signed Zaza lower right. 15 x 19

Lot: 148 - 1939, Impressionist Scene of Greenwich, CT

Signed on reverse in pencil illegibly and dated with location Greenwich June 7th, 1939. 19 x 15

Lot: 149 - Ruth Asher, Golden Collage

Collage by artist Ruth Asher. Signed and titled on the reverse. 17 x 13

Lot: 150 - Owl and Winter Bird, Acrylic on Board

Signed lower right Gloria and dated. 24 x 20

Lot: 151 - Cesare Ricciardi (American, 1892-1973), Oil on

Landscape scene. Signed lower right. Oil on board. 19 x 16

Lot: 152 - H. Wang, Oil on Board and Wood

Abstract portrait on board with painted frame. Signed in pencil on reverse. 11 x 13

Lot: 153 - Rachel Paxton (American, b. 1959), Print on Paper

Signed and numbered bottom of page. 12 x 18

Lot: 154 - Study Painting, Signed Gollapaw

Acrylic on canvas of abstract scene. 12 x 12

Lot: 155 - Jan Antonín Pacák (Jenýk),

Metal sculpture on wood board with rivets, paper and other media. Signed lower right. 8 x 15

Lot: 156 - Portrait of Man in Sombrero, Oil on Canvas Board

Vibrant portrait of a bearded man in a sombrero with a noble and dignified gaze. Signed lower right illegibly. Oil on canvas board. 9 x 11

Lot: 157 - Skull and Fruit, Acrylic on Canvas

Unsigned 12 x 16

Lot: 158 - After Pissaro, Hary Hornyear (1956)

Watercolor on paper, initialed lower right with note and signature on reverse. 13 x 10

Lot: 159 - Jona (Yona) J Mach (German/Israel 1915-1999), Oil

Venetian scene, signed lower right MACH. Oil on canvas. 16 x 12

Lot: 160 - Julie Combal (American, b. 1977), Oil on Canvas

New York artist, works can be found online for sale in the $1000-$2000 range. Abstract scene, oil on canvas. 16 x 12

Lot: 161 - After Andrew Wyeth, Mixed Media on Paper

Reminiscent of Wyeth's “Christina's World”, this piece depicts a girl in foliage with what appears to be water and an island in the distance. Signed illegibly and dated lower right. 16 x 16

Lot: 162 - Endico, Pen and Ink on Paper

Pen and ink on paper illustration of a giraffe. Signed lower right Endico. 13 x 18

Lot: 163 - Steve Keene (b. 1957), Set of Three Oil on Boards

Steve Keene, American artist by the people for the people believes in mass produced art. Three works of oil on wood. Initialed SK on each. 9 x 10, 9 x 11, 13 x 14

Lot: 164 - The Wounded, Oil on Paper

Signed and titled illegibly around the borders. 11 x 14

Lot: 165 - Woodland Scene, Watercolor on Paper

Trees and brush, Signed illegibly lower right. 13 x 10

Lot: 166 - Cubist Design, Synthetic Polymer on Board

Signed and titled on reverse and front, illegibly. 17 x 14

Lot: 167 - Impressionist Style on Board, Signed Gallia

Signed lower right Gallia and dated 87. 16 x 12

Lot: 168 - Origami on Board

Signed on reverse Eling. 18 x 15

Lot: 169 - Contemporary Pop Art, Johnny Cash

Signed and dated on the reverse Ohwhen Jones. 20 x 24

Lot: 170 - Alfred Hoch, Gate Games

Signed lower right with artist card on the reverse. 12 x 16

Lot: 171 - Pastel on Paper, 1968

Signed lower right illegibly in pencil. 22 x 16

Lot: 172 - Red and Black Curve, Contemporary Design

Contemporary oil on canvas, initialed on reverse and dated. 24 x 12

Lot: 173 - Lake Scene, Oil on Canvas

Initialed lower right JA 97. 20 x 17

Lot: 174 - After Jackson Pollock, Oil on Board

Oil on board in the manner of Pollock. Unsigned. 10 x 8

Lot: 175 - Lou Keller, Oil on Board

Signed lower right. 8 x 10

Lot: 176 - Abstract Design, Unsigned

Shades of blue and two Grey figures. 14 x 10

Lot: 177 - Mixed Media on Board

Acrylic on board, artist stamp on the reverse. 8 x 8

Lot: 178 - Oil on Canvas, Family

Family scee oil on canvas. Signed lower right illegibly. 10 x 11

Lot: 179 - Bar Sign or Wall ART

Unsigned. 7 x 15

Lot: 181 - Ink Drawing of Ballerina Antoinette Sibley

Signed illegibly with note from artist. “Antoinette Sibley, The Royal Ballet, SWAN LAKE” and dated 5/30/70. 11 x 15

Lot: 182 - Still Life, Oil on Board

Unsigned. 8 x 10

Lot: 183 - Oil painting of an Olympian on Skates, Signed

Signed lower right. 14 x 11

Lot: 184 - Attributed to Ellen Farr (20th C.), Oil on canvas

Woodland scene. Signed lower right. 18 x 14

Lot: 185 - Portrait of Cuban Woman in Cubist Style

Signed lower right Vivian S. Oil on canvas. 16 x 20

Lot: 186 - Bob Aiello, Pencil and Watercolor on Paper

Signed lower right and on reverse. Watercolor and pencil on paper. 23 x 21

Lot: 188 - Capasso, Mixed Media on Paper

Beach scene with simple colors. Signed lower right. 19 x 23

Lot: 189 - Amy Hill (American 20th C.), Portrait of Woman

Realist portrait of a woman. Signed on reverse with artist website. Oil on board. 14 x 18

Lot: 190 - Joanne Papandrea, Watercolor on Paper

Quaint watercolor of a light house. Titled center bottom “BANT POINT NANTUCKET” and signed lower right. Watercolor on paper. 12 x 16

Lot: 191 - Contemporary Yin and Yang, Oil on Canvas

Initialed lower right SG. 20 x 16

Lot: 192 - Knight on Horse, Mixed Media on Paper

Initialed lower right KM. 13 x 17

Lot: 193 - Buddha on Design, Airbrush

Signature on reverse INJOY. 12 x 14

Lot: 194 - Mixed Media Collage

Signed illegibly lower right. Brushed metal and found objects. 15 x 13

Lot: 195 - Miles Macgregor, Collage

Signed on reverse with initials lower right MAC. 14 x 11

Lot: 196 - Chinese Paper Cut Out

Original work with chop mark and small illegibly signature. Black paper.12 x 15

Lot: 197 - After Ansel Adams, Photograph

Photograph of Yosemite Falls. Signed lower right. 11 x 13

Lot: 198 - R. Roth, Oil on Canvas

Signed lower right. Oil on canvas. 10 x 8

Lot: 199 - Enoze, Painted Metal

Mice on a stem. Painted brass and aluminum carefully soldered in cloisonne style. Signed lower right. 9 x 7

Lot: 200 - Elements, Contemporary Oil on Canvas

Signed lower right illegibly. Oil on canvas. 12 x 12

Lot: 201 - Mixed Media Collage, Contemporary

Signed illegibly on reverse in sharpie. 8 x 10

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