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Auctioneer Wright's Auctions 802-334-6115
Auction Date Jun 30 Auction
48 Community Drive
Newport, VT
Time TBA
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Gun & Sportsman Auction

Auction Starting Saturday June 30, 2018 @ 10 a.m.

Location: 48 Community Dr. Newport Vt. 05855

Directions: Take exit 28 off I-91 (Northbound take left and Southbound take right).


 Hand Guns

Walther P38 9mm w/Holster, Taurus Ulta Lite Titanium 38spl w/Box,

Springfield XDS 45ACP w/Box, Xtra Mag & Holster , Springfield XD9 9mm w/Box and Mag,

Springfield XD 45ACP w/Box, 2Xtra Mag & Holster, Sig Sauer P938 9mm w/Box and Mag,

 S&W Mod5906 9mm, S&W Mod SW40F, S&W Mod 1905 (early 5 screw) 38spl, S&W 39-29mm,

 S&W 1906 (early 5 screw) 38spl, S&W 10-5 38spl, Ruger NRA 9mm w/2 Xtra Mags, 

Ruger New Mod 50 Single Six 22/22Mag, Ruger MK2 22LR w/Box and Xtra Mag, 

Ruger MK2 22 Annv. w/Box & Xtra Mag, Ruger Early 3 Screw Single 6 22-22mag, 

Rohm RG10 22Short, Ortgies 32ACP (7.65) w/Holster, North American Mod Guardian 32NAA

 w/Laser, Mauser 1910 6.35 25ACP, Manurhid PP 32ACP, Iver Johnson Mod 1900 32S&W, 

Hi Standard ModC 22Short, Hi Point Mod C9 9mm w/Holster, H&R "The American" Double Action

 38S&W, F/E Titan 2 380, Echasa Eibar .25 (6.35), Davis Warner WWI Co-Op Infallible 32ACP,

Dan Wesson 357mag, Colt Official Police 38spl, Colt 1892 Citizen New Army & Navy 38spl, 

Colt "Officers" Mod 1st 38spl, Charter Arms Undercoverette 32mag w/Holster & Bag of Ammo, 

Beretta PX4 Storm 40s&w


Walther Small Ring 22LR, Win High Wall Mod. 1879 22LR, Win 1894 (mfg.1909) 32spl., 

Win XTR Mod 70 Featherweight 30-06 w/Scope, Win NRA Comm 94-1991 30-30 w/Original Box,

 Win 94 NRA1871-1971 30-30 w/Box, Win Mod 74 22LR, Win Mod 70 7mmWSM w/scope(w/box), 

Win Mod 70 243WSSM, Win Mod 69 22LR, Win Mod 290 22S,L,LR, Win Mod94 32spl,

 Win Mod77 22LR, Win Mod 70 243 w/Scope, Win Mod 1900 22 S-L-LR (Butt Mark Win),

 Win Mod 02 22Short, Western Auto Mod. 200 (by Marlin) 30-30 w/scope, 

Weatherby Deluxe Mark V 243 w/Scope, US Springfield Mod 1898 30-40 Krag,

 US Springfield Mod 1894 30-40 Krag(no-ffl), US Rock Island Mod1903 Custom 243(cherry stock),

 US Mod 1884 Trapdoor 45-70 w/bayonet, Tikka Mod T3 7mmMag w/Leupold scope, 

Swiss Vetterci 41 Swiss, Sturm Ruger Mod M77 30-06 w/scope, 

Steyr Mod 1895 Mannlicher 8x56RS, Steyer Mod95 308 w/Scope, Stevens Mod 53D 22S,L,LR,

 Stevens Mod 1915 32 Long, Stevens Mod 15 22S,L,LR, Stevens Crackshot 26 22LR, 

Springfield 219 Zipper Custom Stock, Springfield 1863 58cal. LGY (mfg.Windsor VT), SKS 7.62x39,

 Savage Mod93R17 17HMR w/Scope, Savage Mod62 22LR, Savage Mod AXIS 308 w/scope, 

Savage Mod 6 22LR, Savage Mod 340E 222REM w/side mount scope, 

Savage Mod 110 30-06 w/Scope, Savage Mod 110 270 w/scope, Savage Mod 11 7mm08 w/scope,

 Savage III 30-06 w/Scope, Savage Axis 22-250, S&W SD9VE 9mm w/Holster, Xtra Mag & Ammo, 

Ruger Mod 10/22 22LR w/bull barrel +scope, Ruger M77 Lightweight 30-06 w/Nikon Scope,

 Ruger M77 (Left Handed) 30-06 w/Leupold Scope, Rem Mod 788 308 w/scope,

 Rem Mod 742 Woodmaster  30-06 w/Nikon 3-9, Rem Mod 740 Woodmaster 30-06 w/scope, 

Rem Mod 700 ADL 30-06, Rem Mod 34 22S,L,LR, Rem Mod 03A3 30-06 (barrel date 12/42),

 Rem 510 Targetmaster w/scope 22S,L,LR, Rem Nylon 66 22 w/Scope, 

Rem Mod700 300WSM w/Leupold Scope, Rem Mod522 Viper 22LR New w/Box,

 Rem Mod14 32Rem w/Weaver Scope, Rem Mod 700 30-06 w/Scope, Rem 7600 270 w/Scope,

 Rem 715 w/Scope, Rem 700 BDL 270 w/Scope, Rem 700 35 Whalen, Rem 700 22-250 w/Scope,

 Rem 513T US Military Training Match 22LR w/Peeps & Xtra Mag, Ranger R22 S-L-LR, 

Mossberg Patriot 30-06 w/Scope, Mossberg Mod320BA 22 S-L-LR, Mossberg 4x4 30-06 w/Boss, 

Mosin Nagant Russian Training Rifle 22LR, Mauser Werke Mod 1925 Patrone 22LR,

 Mauser Sweden 6.5mm w/Bayonet, Mauser Mod 98 Turkish 8mm,

 Mauser Mod 1909 Argentine 8mm, Mauser Mod 1895 7mm, Mauser 

Manlicker30-06 w/Double Trigger & Scope, Mauser ERFurt Mod K93 8mm, Mauser 98 8mm?

 w/Double Set Trigger & Lyman Receiver Sight, Marlin Mod783 22mag w/Scope, Marlin Mod60 22,

 Marlin Mod 99 22LR, Marlin Mod 60 22LR(NEW) w/box, Marlin 336 Royal Canadian 30-30,

 Marlin 336 30-30, Japanese Ariska 7.7, J.C. Higgins Mod 103.18 22S,L,LR,

 Iver Johnson ModX 22 S-L-LR, Italy Vetteri Mod 1889 11mm no-FFL, 

High Standard ModSuper King Carbine 22LR w/scope, Harrington & Richardson Mod SB2 280REM

 w/scope, H&R Mod750  22S-L-LR, Glenfield Mod 60 22LR, German Deutsche Waffen 7x57

 w/scope, Enfield 303 British Sporter, Edr Grothey Belgique 22LR, 

Daisy & Heddon 22 Caseless w/Case & Ammo, Czech VZ24 6mm w/Scope, 

CZ Mauser 30-06 w/Scope, CZ 550 243 w/2.5x10x50 Scope, Browning X-Bolt Hunter 270wsm

 w/Bushnell Elite 3x10x40, Browning Semi-Match T-Bolt 22LR New w/Box,

 Browning Medalion A-Bolt 7mm Mag w/Zeiss Diavari Scope 2.5x10x50x, 

Browning FN Grade 3 30-06 w/Scope, Browning BAR II 300win Mag w/Zeiss Scope & Boss,

 Browning BAR 300wsm Left Handed, Browning A-Bolt 243 Super Short Mag w/Bipod & 41/2

 x14VX3 Leupold Scope, Arisaka Mod38 7.7 Jap w/Bayonet, 

Arisaka Jap Military 7.7 Jap w/Bayonet & more….


Win Mod 40 Trap 12ga, Win Mod 25 12ga w/poly choke, Win Mod 1400 12ga. w/xtra barrel, 

Win Mod 12 Deluxe 12ga w/poly choke, Win Mod12 16ga 2 3/4", Win Mod12 12ga, Win Mod12

12ga, Win Mod 1400 12ga 2 3/4" Vent Rib, Valmet Mod.412 O/U Shotgun 12ga choked skeet, T.

Barker S/S 12ga, Stoeger Condor O/U 3"  20ga, Stevens Mod94B 20ga, Stevens Mod 59A 410ga 2

 1/2 or 3", Springfield Arms S/S 12ga, Spiegel Inc. Mod 228 Huntmaster 20ga., Sears+Robuck Mod

 101-7 20ga, Savage Fox Mod BSE S/S 12ga, Riverside Arms S/S 12ga, RENO-Spanish S/S 12ga., Rem

 Mod 870 Wingmaster 12ga w/xtra barrel, Rem Mod 11-87 SuperMag Camo 2 2/3,3&3 1/2, Rem

 Mod 11-48 20ga 2 3/4" chamber, Rem Mod 1100 Magnum 12ga w/xtra barrel, Rem Mod 1100

 12ga w/xtra barrel, Rem Mod 1100 12ga w/cutts choke system, Rem 870 Slug Gun 12ga., Rem 870

 12ga Slug Gun w/Scope, Rem 11-48 Semi 28ga, Rem 1100 12ga w/Box, Rem (Design Browning)

 12ga, Ranger (Browning Design) 12ga, Mossberg Silver Reserve O/U 20ga/28ga Vent Rib,

Mossberg Mod 500AG 12ga, Mossberg Maverick Mod 88 12ga, Mossberg Kayhan O/U 20ga w/3

 Xtra Chokes & Tool, LSI Escort-Mag O/U 12ga w/extra barrel, LeFever Nitro Special S/S Shotgun

 12ga., Lefever Arms Mod Field and Trap 12ga, Karl Kormes (F.W. Kessler)Shotgun Lelpzig S/S 16ga.,

 J.Stevens Single Shot 12ga, J.Stevens Mod 325 12ga., J.C. Higgins Mod 102.35 12ga, Iver Johnson

 Single Shot 12ga, Iver Johnson Mod Hercules S/S 12ga., Ithica Mod. 37 Pump Shotgun 12ga. 2 3/4

 chamber, Ithica Mod 66 12ga, Ithaca 37 Featherweight 12ga, Ithaca 37 Featherweight 12ga,

 Hopkins &Allen Mod 12ga, Harrington &Richardson Mod 490Youth 20ga, Harrington

 &Richardson  Mod 088 12ga, Greener GPMKII 2 3/4" 12ga, Fox Sterlingworth S/S Shotgun 12ga.,

Forehand &Wadsworth 12ga no-FFL, Fiocchi 48AL 12ga 2 3/4" , Browning(FN) Mod Double Auto

 12ga, Browning Mod A5 Sweet 16 16ga, Browning Mod A5 Light 12 12ga, Browning Mod A5

 Grade 2 16ga?, Browning Mod A5 12ga. Modified choke, Browning "Light 12" FN, American S/S

 12ga. Damascus no-FFL, A.Righabd S/S 12ga. No-FFL, 

Acier Garanti S/S Shotgun 12ga. and more…..

Misc. Live Auction Items:
“Custer’s Last Fight” 1896 By Anheuser Busch (Original Lithograph on Cardboard), (5) Show Cases (2 are Oak), (3)Folding Gun Displays, Elk Head, Deer Heads and more…..

Silent  Auction: 

Thursday, June 28, 2018 at 9a.m.  - Saturday, June 30, 2018 at 9 a.m.

A few highlights are : R3 Pop-Up Shade, Asst’d Leg Hold Victor Traps (Diff Sizes), Ladder Tree Stand,

 Duck & Goose Decoys (Solid Shell & Silhouette), Animal Mounts & Horns, Painted Moose Horn,

 Many lots of Ammo, Many Early Ammo Boxes, Asstd VT & NH 8+10pt Deer Horns, Trapper Basket,

 Knives, Sporting Items, Snowshoes, Prints, (2) Early Apple Peelers and much, much more……

There is to much to list please follow up on our website  for updates .


Keep watching for more details!!!

Auctioneer License Information: 057-0000105

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