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Auctioneer United Country Coffey Realty & Auction 812-822-3200
Auction Date Mar 20 Auction
Internet Only Bidding
Bloomington, IN
Time 03:00PM
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  • Lot# 101 - Workbench

    Lot# 101 - Workbench

  • Lot# 102 - Scrap Metal Lot

    Lot# 102 - Scrap Metal Lot

  • Lot# 103 - Minisone Tumbler

    Lot# 103 - Minisone Tumbler

  • Lot# 104 - Metal Roller Mill

    Lot# 104 - Metal Roller Mill

Auction Listing
AuctionZip Auctioneer ID# 4482
Jewelry-making and metalworking tools, artist supplies, furniture, artwork, kitchen, household, and decorative items from the estate of Sandy Taylor, a well-known local artist.

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101 - Workbench Wooden top workbench with stell legs, 30" wide x 8 feet long x 35" high; top unbolts Location: lower

102 - Scrap Metal Lot Tub (26" x 19") of various small scrap metal pieces Location: lower

103 - Minisone Tumbler "Minisone Vibrasion Tumbler, American Gem Supply", 14" x 7" Location: lower

104 - Metal Roller Mill Metal roller mill used for jewelry and similar metal work, hand crank. 16" high x 9" wide. Heavy! Location: lower

105 - Sparkie II "Reactive Metals Studio, Sparkie II Mini Fusion Welder" with booklet. 9" x 6" x 16" Location: lower

106 - Mini Tack Welder "Flash Mini Tack Welder FLA-11, carbon block, 9' x 8" Location: lower

107 - Glass Edge Grinder "Inland" glass edge grinder useful for stained glass work. 11" x 8" Location: lower

108 - Flexshaft "Rio Grande EE Flexshaft 110V .8amp A89 0009" (not tested) Location: lower

109 - Tumbler "Tasco Model 71537283 type U63" Location: lower

110 - Foredon Drill "Foredon Drill 1 amp R D840425" with box of drills Location: lower

111 - Light Box "The Light Box" by Porta-Trace 12" x 9.5" in the box, originally $45.95 Location: lower

113 - Metal Working Tools Mini anvil, steel blocks, and other items Location: lower

114 - Jewelry Tools Ring sizer and bracelet armature Location: lower

116 - Silver Flatware Lot Assorted silverplate flatware collected for crafts projects Location: lower

117 - General Tools 21" x 15" tub of assorted tools Location: lower

118 - Jewelry Tools 21" x 15" tub of assorted jeweler's tools, including hammers Location: lower

119 - Chair and Stool Rolling Green Chair and black padded bar stool Location: lower

120 - Glass Crafts Pieces 15" x 21" container with misc glass pieces Location: lower

121 - Glass & Cutter Shoebox with glass pieces and glass cutter Location: lower

122 - Brass Tubing Lot Hollow brass tubing and brass pieces for metal and craft work. Location: lower

123 - Copper Lot Copper art wire lot, one roll marked " .045 ". Location: lower

124 - Nickel Metal Four pieces of metal for crafts Location: lower

125 - Wood Scraps Box 12" x 12" x 9" of wood scraps Location: lower

126 - Craft Metal Several pieces of silver-colored metal for crafts Location: lower

127 - Gallon Bead Tub Tub of beads with Tool Box 15" x 8" x 10" and 12-compartment box Location: lower

128 - Parts Cabinets 30 and 25 drawer parts cabinets with assorted components for bead and jewelry work Location: lower

129 - Jewelry-Making Parts 22" x 16" tub of findings, beads, and similar parts Location: lower

130 - Trays of Beads Two trays (9" x 12") of cabochons, beads, and small glass gems Location: lower

131 - Tray of Rocks & Minerals 14" x 18" tray of assorted rocks and minerals for crafts work Location: lower

132 - Beads Lot Beads, findings, and plastic bags in 17" x 22" container Location: lower

133 - Wire Jig Lot Wire jig, jewelry pliers, magnets, files, clamps Location: lower

134 - Rotary Shaft Accessories With small files and "50-piece set with 1/8" shaft" Location: lower

135 - Fabric Dye Equipment Tub with assorted dye equipment Location: lower

136 - Craft Wire & Metal Lot of twisted brass wire and brass parts; brass wire from the "Milled Wire Co" Location: lower

137 - Metal Work Lot Copper wire, small copper pieces, smaller gage wire Location: lower

138 - Hammer Lot Assorted hammers and metal blocks used for anvils Location: lower

139 - Jeweler Tools Holder for small work, clamp, brass piece Location: lower

140 - Professional Mat Cutter "Framer's Edge Professional Mat Cutting System" 52" wide by 30" deep on rolling table. With assorted mat pieces. Storage drawer. Location: lower

141 - Workbench Steel frame. 5 feet x 28" x 34" high with plywood top. Location: lower

144 - Crafts Bead Tub 20" x 15" tub with beads, nickel pieces, tweezers, copper wire, earring wires Location: lower

145 - Tray with Crushed Fire Brick 12" diameter tray with heat-resistant material for torch work Location: lower

146 - Refinishing Lacquers Lot Milk crate with assorted spray cans, lacquers, enamels, finishes, acetone and respirator "NIOSH organic vapor respirator #8712" Location: lower

147 - Acrylic Media and Paints Assorted acrylic media and latex paints Location: lower

148 - Crafts Supplies Wire gage tool, bead wires, string, and "leather"cord for crafts Location: lower

149 - Stencils Lot Stencils, curves, and protractors Location: lower

150 - Decorative Items Ceramic vase 5" tall, twig basket (some damage) 7", soapstone 2", brass piece 2" Location: lower

151 - Silver Plate Assorted pieces with cloth Location: lower

152 - Safety Glasses Lot Welding goggles and safety glasses Location: lower

153 - High Quality Art Brushes Lot Brushes, brayer, rollers, scissors, adhesives, burnishers, and other assorted items Location: lower

154 - Acrylic Media and Paints Includes "liver of sulfer, boric acid, self-pickling flux" all partly used Location: lower

155 - Crafts Supplies Lot Panasonic iron, clock-making parts, glass pieces, stapler, brass and copper bits Location: lower

157 - Sketchbook & Paper Assorted art supplies Location: lower

158 - 2 Stools One padded, one wooden Location: lower

159 - Workbench Sturdy workbench measures 8 feet long x 30" wide x 34" tall Location: lower

161 - "The Times 1906" Large folio of "The Times" from 1906. The binding is broken and the book has some water damage and rough pages. 24" tall x 18" wide. Location: lower

162 - Beads & Findings Lot Container is 12" x 13" x 9" with findings, beads, sorting and other items. Location: lower

163 - Crafts Materials Assorted crafts supplies and materials. Location: lower

164 - Brass Pieces for Jewelry Mix of small brass pieces and other components for making jewelry. Location: lower

165 - 30-Drawer Mini Cabinet Includes contents, black leather cord, and assorted copper and brass beads. Location: lower

166 - Silver Wire Various gages of silver wire scraps and pieces for metal working. Location: lower

167 - Clay Tool Lot Includes a book, push molds, and stamps. Location: lower

169 - Jewelry & Crafts Tools Canvas stretcher, wire jig, hammer, ring sizer and metal block. Location: lower

170 - Jewelry Displays Black-flocked trays for displaying jewelry at craft shows. Location: lower

172 - Brush Carrier 15" x 9" folding brush carrier for artist brushes. Location: lower

173 - Acrylic Paints "Golden" fluid acrylics; 8 oz when full, most of the darker colors are full, others are nearly empty. Location: lower

175 - Mega Tool Drill Bits Small drill bits of various sizes Location: lower

176 - Art Supplies Lot Used containers of paints, fixatives, brush cleaner, and other media. Location: lower

177 - Fletcher Framer Tool "Fletcher Framer Point Tool" with assorted other crafts items. Location: lower

178 - Artist Portfolio Large, black, professional artist portfolio with some paper. 24" x 38". Handle. Location: lower

179 - Large Wooden Easel "Anco Bilt Professional Easel" made of wood. 7 feet tall. Location: lower

180 - Gesswein Ultrasonic Cleaner With heat and a timer. 10" x 6" x 9". Has some discoloration and crusted chemicals. Location: lower

181 - Ampia Pasta Maker "Ampia" paster maker. "Made in Italy." Location: lower

182 - Roller Mill Patterns Box of pattern pieces. Location: lower

183 - Helping Hand Clamp "Helping Hand" clamp, box of rubber stamps, jeweler's was. Location: lower

184 - Mini Torch Heads Heads for a mini-torch along with assorted pieces of collets for rotary tools. Location: lower

185 - Decorative Boxes Lot of small decorative boxes, a crinoid piece, small notebook, and a "Vera Curmels 2002" trivet Location: lower

186 - Box of Buffing Hardware Buffing whells, cloths, brushes, staples, and other items. Location: lower

187 - Art Supplies Box Lot Paints, brushes, stamps, cheesecloth, pens and envelope sealing wax. Location: lower

189 - Wood Desk Sorters Nice paper sorters and desk-top shelves, with 16" x 7" deep paper sorter, 20" x 9" book and papersorter,and 13" x 9" paper holder. Light wood. Location: lower

190 - Metal Shelf with Office Supplies 4-Shelf Metal Shelf with contents, including bookends, papercutter, note pads, sorters, calculator, and more. Location: lower

191 - Ironing Board & Dust Mop Lot Ironing board, dust mop, and clothes rack. Location: lower

192 - Werner Ladder Fiberglass ladder by "Werner". 6 foot. Location: garage

193 - Box lot of Desk Lamps Assorted desk lamps. Location: lower

194 - Toaster Oven Lot Old toaster oven, metal pot, and bowl Location: lower

195 - Steel Shelf Lot Pair of 38" x 87" high steel shelving unit, 4 shelves each; SHELVES ONLY - contents not included Location: utility

197 - Candle Lot Large lot of assorted candles, tealights, tapers, and holders Location: utility

198 - Craft Booth Display Items Fabric craft display 69" tall, assorted fabrics and display pieces, rolls of wrapping paper Location: utility

199 - Vinyl Records 33 rpm 2 boxes of classical records, folk songs, and assorted genres Location: utility

200 - Blue Bell Size 42-44 One-piece work coverall, with assorted denim work clothes and ladies gloves Location: utility

201 - Skates and Ski Boot Lot Size 10 "Lake Placid" skates, Size 46 Ski Boots"Blaze alpina", assorted items Location: utility

202 - Fountain Pumps & Parts Several "Rio 200 Aqua Pump Power Head", "100' 3/8 ID tubing , and fountain basin Location: utility

203 - Power Strip Box Lot Several power strips, box of wire insulators Location: utility

204 - Hardware Lot Box of assorted nails, screws, twine, wire, some heavily oxidized Location: utility

205 - Storage Containers Lot Storage containers, plastic tool holders, vacuum parts Location: utility

206 - Tool Lot 2 metal tool boxes, with lot of tools including caulk gun, crow bar, torch head, etc Location: utility

207 - Planes 3 older planes "Defiance Made in USA 14" long, "Stanley #220, green-colored plane Location: utility

208 - Hand Drill Lot Hand brace, hand drill, "Craftsman " bits and assorted parts Location: utility

209 - Clamps and Vise Assorted clamps, vise, and locking clamp Location: utility

210 - Tote Bags & Purses Lot of assorted tote bags and small coin purses, hamper, nylon dog leash, etc Location: utility

211 - Measuring Tapes Lot 2 "100' Chrome Clad The Lufkin Rule Co Steel Tape", "Melco Mark 100", old metal folding rule Location: utility

212 - Vintage Tools 18" wood level, old scribes, pulley, and calipers Location: utility

213 - Cutting Tools Assorted cutting tools and snips Location: utility

214 - Metal Workbench 48" x 24" top, 33" high, two shelves Location: utility

215 - Chairs and Stool Wooden chair (wobbly, split in seat), metal chair with green seat and back, and wooden stool Location: utility

216 - Mechanics Rolling Stool "Performax" adjustable height, rolling mechanics stool Location: utility

217 - Stanley Rolling Toolbox 22" x 13" x 16" high. On wheels, collapsible handle Location: utility

218 - Metal Workbench Stools One high back with 24" high seat; stool has 30" seat Location: utility

219 - Files and Rasps Box lot of files and rasps, some are rusty Location: utility

220 - Industrial Brushes Mixed lot of wire brushes, and some fiber brushes Location: utility

221 - Screwdriver Lot Mixed lot of screwdrivers of various types and sizes Location: utility

222 - Wrench Lot Mixed lot of wrenches, including adjustable 12" wrench Location: utility

223 - Sony DVD Player & Cables "Sony" DVD Player --unknown condition, cables, phone parts Location: utility

224 - Seifert Research Speakers Set of 2, subwoofer not included; mid with twitters; cone 5" across and 1.5" on twitter Location: utility

225 - Metal-Working Tools Large lot of metal punches, chisels, scrapers, and more Location: utility

226 - Rope, Glue Gun Assorted rope and twine, glue gun, camping inflators (not tested) Location: utility

227 - Whet Stones Various whet stones and knife sharpening stones Location: utility

228 - Small Hammers & Mallets Lot of assorted small hammers and mallets Location: utility

229 - Saws "Warrant Co Superior" 28" long, keyhole saw, "Disston" and leather "Pittsburgh" tool belt Location: utility

230 - Padlocks Vintage "AMC" and "Yale" locks with keys, assorted padlocks with keys except for 2 Location: utility

231 - Magnet Lot Large magnets, cutters, pliers (rusty) Location: utility

232 - Irwin Auger Bits "Irwin Solid Center Auger Bits" in wooden case Location: utility

233 - Handyman Lot Assorted finishers, lamp oil, weather stripping Location: utility

234 - Files and Misc Misc files, awls, screwdriver, chisels Location: utility

235 - Trowel Plus Trowel, linoleum knife, scraper, leather sewing tool Location: utility

236 - Bucket of Parts Sorters 5 Gallon bucket with plastic parts sorters (7-8) Location: utility

237 - Hammer Drill & Sander "Speedway Deluxe Hammer Drill" in case, hand sander Location: utility

238 - Sears 1" Belt Sander "Sears 1" Belt Sander and Grinder with additional belts Location: utility

239 - Metal-Working Lot Welding glasses, wire, flux, grinding stones Location: utility

240 - Metal Work Items Steel wool, wire gages, gloves, bits for rotary tools Location: utility

241 - Rockford Air Chisel "Rockford Light Duty Air Chisel" with vintage oil cans Location: utility

242 - Gear Air Drill 3/8" in box, never been opened Location: utility

243 - Rockwell 7.25 Circular Saw "Rockwell circular saw" (not tested, from workbench) Location: utility

244 - Rockford Bench Grinder "Model R-6"" "6" wheel"1/2 HP Location: utility

245 - Workbench 34" tall, 8 feet by 30" wide workbench with steel legs and wood top Location: utility

246 - Sandpaper Box Lot of assorted new sandpaper Location: utility

247 - Cardboard Parts Bins With "Mule tape 1800 lb" Location: utility

248 - Panasonic Recorder "Panasonic RQ-324S" in case with IMP 400 ohm mike" and "Cardioid Superscope condenser mike EC-5" Location: utility

249 - Square Reader Lot "square reader", 1GB Fuji Film SD XD picture card type M ($59 new), assorted cables, plugs, etc Location: utility

250 - Camping Potty Camping Potty with auger and plungers Location: utility

251 - Brass Bell Brass Bell with 8" bell diameter. Duct tape on clapper to dim sound. Location: Lower

252 - Basket Lot Large lot of baskets of various shapes and sizes.

253 - Rolling Office Chair Chair has some tears and stains on the fabric. With tall lamp, cushions, and pillows.

254 - Small 2-Drawer Stand 18" x 14" top and 26" tall; with another smaller wooden piece.

255 - Chair & Wicker Stand Nice vintage chair and wicker plant stand.

258 - Plastic Hanger Lot Two large boxes of plastic hangers.

259 - Wooden Hangers Lot of quality wooden hangers.

260 - Plastic Container Lot Plastic containers and stack of lunch trays.

261 - Desk-Top Fans Lot of plastic fans, including a mid-size "Lasko".

262 - Plastic Container Lot 2 Plastic containers of various types.

263 - Fitness Equipment Leg press operated with springs; roller; 5# dumbells.

264 - Exercise Balls 2 large blue exercise balls, matt, air pump.

265 - Rowing Machine "Tunturi" rowing machine.

266 - Clocks Lot Wooden box, small manual clocks, iron hook.

267 - Oak Dresser Nice older oak dresser with drawers and a door. 33" x 17" x 46" tall.

268 - Wooden Side Table Small wooden side table; needs a knob.

270 - Sleeping Bag Lot Sleeping bag, bulletin board, and furniture moving sliders.

271 - Coffeemakers Lot of plastic coffee makers and a muffin tin.

272 - Christmas Decorations Large lot of assorted holiday decorations including ornaments.

275 - Scarves & Belts Colorful lot of scarves, belts, and custom buckles.

276 - Bungee Cords Bucket of bungees with wallets and other items.

278 - Wooden Cabinet Large wooden cabinet with doors and storage shelves. Location: lower

279 - Walking Sticks Several walking sticks.

281 - Stained Glass Scraps 1 Excellent for crafts. Great colors or high-quality art glass. 2 boxes. Location: lower

282 - Stained Glass Scraps 2 Excellent for crafts. Great colors or high-quality art glass. 2 boxes. Location: lower

283 - Flat Art Glass Small sheets of flat glass. Location: lower

284 - Stained Glass Scraps 3 Excellent for crafts. Great colors or high-quality art glass. 3 boxes. Location: lower

285 - Wire Shelf Metal shelf (contents not included). Location: lower

287 - Crate with Frames Wooden crate with canvas frames and candles. Location: lower

288 - Frames Lot Assorted picture frames and framing glass.

289 - Wooden Canvas Frames Assorted lot of wooden canvas frames. Location: lower

290 - Framing Glass Assorted pieces of framing glass.

292 - Wooden Cabinet Wooden cabinet 41" wide; with plastic shelves Location: lower

293 - Cabinet 32" wide Location: lower

294 - Sewing Machine 24" wide Location: lower

296 - Sewing Machine Kenmore in case Location: lower

297 - White Cabinet & Shelf 23" wide. Location: lower

298 - Paper and Art Lot Paper, vinyl gloves, used watercolors, and "Gibson" signed ceramic wall art.

299 - Easter Decorations Ceramic rabbits, porcelein painted eggs, assorted small to medium wooden and papermache eggs Location: utility

300 - Wooden Display Unit Solid wood, 90" tall x 40" wide x 12" deep. Three adjustable shelves, three interior shelves. Location: Bedroom

301 - Ornate Old Easel Ornate wood vintage easel 60" tall; display shelf, 40" wide. Minor damage in one corner. Location: Bedroom

302 - Vintage Divider and Table Small hexagon-top wood side table 21" high x 15" across (top is stained); vintage wood divider with fabric panels, 60" high. Location: Bedroom

303 - Tall Wooden Wardrobe 80" tall x 32" wide x17" deep, solid wood wardrobe. 5-shelf unit with cedar boards perfect for storing wool clothing. Ornate flourishes. Lock with key. Back and top have slight separation. Location: Bedroom

304 - Vermont Tubbs Rocker Bentwood rocking chair, solid wood with woven cane seat and back, 21" wide. Location: Bedroom

305 - Entertainment Center 68" wide x 60" tall x 22" deep. Solid wood 2-piece top-over-bottom unit with pocket doors to hide media section. 12 drawers total. Comes with "Toshiba" 20" diagonal TV. Location: Bedroom

306 - Vintage Secretary 28" wide x 18" deep x 48" tall. Ornate doors with multiple interior compartments. Solid wood. Turned legs. Drawer opens. Location: Bedroom

307 - Leaded Glass Panel Hanging beveled and leaded clear-glass frame panel. 40" high x 14" wide. Location: Bedroom

308 - Pair of Arm Chairs Excellent condition. Art-print upholstery. Solid wood frames. Measure 30" wide and deep. Location: Living Room

309 - Rolling Hassock 23" x 16" x 14" rolling hassock. Lid opens for storage. Padded. Location: Living Room

310 - Goshegan Indian Rug "9-1x 6-0" geometric pattern rug featuring shades of dark red. Location: Living Room

311 - Modern Art Chair Metal arms, wood back and back legs, upholstered seat, "Paoli", 23" x 23" Location: Living Room

312 - Rolling Metal Shelves 4' x 18" x 41" pair of roling metal shelving units. Adjustable position plastic drawers. Set of 2 Location: Living Room

320 - Art Vases Porcelein art vases, one 16" across with matte finish; one 9" across with gloss glaze, both have abstract patterns. Location: Living Room

321 - Ginori Art Vase "Ginori 370-1181", 12" tall, twisted ceramic handles with relief faces; motif includes paintings of cupid and Venus. Excellent condition. Location: Living Room

322 - Vintage Floral Vase Rose floral pattern. Marked "544" with green trademark. 8" tall by 9" wide. Gold painted trim on rim opening. Location: Living Room

323 - Antique Vase "Made in Austria 1 1823 70 Royal ?alford". Looks hand-painted with gold-leaf trims. Some cracking in the glaze. 12" tall. Location: Living Room

324 - Hand-Made Glass Vase Etched and clear glass abstract pattern. 9" high "Robert Meanlow?" signature. Location: Living Room

325 - Pair of Hand-Blown Vases Glass art vases, 8" and 6" tall. Abstract pattern. Location: Living Room

327 - Hand-made Platter Hand-glazed platter signed by "Hobson", 13" x 9". Location: Living Room

328 - Hand-made Ceramics Honey pot and 10" matte platter, signed on back by artist. Location: Living Room

329 - Ceramic Vintage Platter 14" across floral platter, "1902" with green trademark. Location: Living Room

330 - Cut Glass Pitchers 6" tall and 8" tall pitchers, 6" pitcher etched and appears to be hand-made Location: Living Room

331 - Miniature Spons and Fork "Scotland, Deutschland, Holland, Schweiz, Albrecht Durer" spoons and, 4-5" Frenchplate fork" Location: Living Room

332 - Assorted Vintage Silverplate Spoons, knives and forks with various patterns. Location: Living Room

333 - Heavy Silver Plate Forks, spoons, and kinves. Different patterns. Location: Living Room

334 - Red Ceramic Plates & Bowls Two sizes of red ceramic plates, 8" and 10"; plus square bowls and round plain bowels. One bowl is chipped. Location: Living Room

335 - Artisan Glass Tumblers Hand-made art glass, 6" tall, blue swirl pattern. Location: Living Room

336 - Glass Lot Cut and pressed glass vase 8" tall with 2 platters, 6" and 8" across. Location: Living Room

337 - Villeroy & Bach Pitcher Tall 12" ceramic pitcher "Villeroy & Bach Dresden 2771", floral pattern, normal aging. Location: Living Room

338 - Madonna & Angels "Germany 46/0" white ceramic Mary 10" tall; with 2 modern angel ornaments (one has a broken wing). Location: Living Room

339 - Small Pitcher Lot Small ceramic pitchers blue "epode", glass "Ellsworth Iowa", blue glass "Shirley Temple" pitcher, all between 2 - 4" tall. Location: Living Room

340 - Artisan Pieces "Laura Ross" ceramic basket and "EOO 1992" ceramic mask. Location: Living Room

341 - Vachon Vase Lot Ceramic artisan vases, one "Vachon" ; brown ceramic with initials. Location: Living Room

342 - Bronze Flute Player Bronze flute player statue, 11" tall. Excellent condition. Location: Living Room

343 - Vintage Candeholder "Antique gate hinge made by blacksmith in the 1700 or 1800s, wood is chestnut from a barn circa 1750 near Storrs, CT" Location: Living Room

344 - Stone Coasters Lot Set of 6 stone coasters "Made in India", small ceramic piece, and glass suncatcher. Location: Living Room

345 - Assorted Ceramics Lot Several small ceramic items, small glass pitchers, and enameled metal blue dish. Location: Living Room

346 - Ceramic Tea Set "Sea Urchin" motif teapot with creamer and sugar, 7" from tip to handle for teapot, 5" tall. Location: Living Room

347 - Ceramic Vases "Gilson" 6" high vase; 9" tall vase matte finish, signed on bottom. Location: Living Room

348 - Vintage Native American Dolls Lot of native dolls and mini moccasins, papoose. Location: Living Room

349 - Vintage Wooden Game Wooden bowling pins 6" tall, with multi-colored wooden clowns, 4" high. Location: Living Room

350 - Wooden Dollhouse Furniture Assorted wooden items, including chairs and dressers. One dresser and chair missing legs. Location: Living Room

351 - Brass Dollhouse Items Table and chairs, metal stove, assorted rugs and dollhouse accessories. Location: Living Room

352 - Plastic Dollhouse Furniture Large lot of collectible plastic dollhouse furniture; many pieces are well-used. Location: Living Room

353 - Metal Child's Baking Set Collectible childs' metal baking and cooking play set, including pots and pans, potato masher, angel food pan, and more. Location: Living Room

354 - Vintage Metal Child's Plates "Snow White Ohio Art Co c 1937 Walt Disney Enterprises" 4" plate, "Mistress Mary", and other "Ohio Art" items Location: Living Room

355 - Soft-Sculpture Wedding Couple No labels, possibly hand-made?. Bride is 8"high, groom 7". Ring-bearer 5". Location: Living Room

356 - Old Dolls & Clown Older plastic; one soft doll has speaker that does not work. Location: Living Room

357 - Old Cloth Elephants, Scotty Scotty dog 11" long; fabric mulit-color elephant 14" tall with areas of wear; 5" long small fabric elephant. Location: Living Room

358 - Vintage Wooden Blocks Colorful wooden blocks 2" and 1.25", assorted styles, some paint faded with age. Location: Living Room

359 - Vintage Metal Toys Spinning top (handle and top works) 8" across and 11" tall; metal phone (dial turns); small music maker about 3.5" tall, holiday clicker. Location: Living Room

360 - "Blackie the Drummer" Pull Toy "No 785 Fisher Price Toys" circus bear; plastic plane (tail broken); assorted small items. Location: Living Room

361 - Hollywood Dolls Couple Gentleman and lady with pink and black lace dress and mantilla. With box. Location: Living Room

362 - Hollywood Dolls Bride Bride doll; has boquet. Loose arms. With box. Location: Living Room

363 - Hollywood Dolls Jumping Joan Pink dress, with box, blondish hair, "Jumping Joan". Location: Living Room

364 - Hollywood Dolls Pat a Cake Green Gingham dress, second doll in pink and yellow tulle, in box. Location: Living Room

365 - Hollywood Dolls Lot "Teeter Totter" with broken head and baby doll in yellow dress with composite head. Location: Living Room

366 - Doll Lot "Belle Pickapinny, "Wee Winsome doll" and hand-crafted doll. Location: Living Room

367 - Storybook Dolls 131 "Elsie Marley's grown up so fine. She won't get up till eight or nine. 131" Location: Living Room

368 - Storybook Dolls 116 "Little Red Riding Hood went through the woods 116" Location: Living Room

369 - Storybook Dolls 127 "Merry little maid, eyes of baby blue. Forget-Me-Nots in bloom make me think of you 127" Location: Living Room

370 - Storybook Dolls 113 "Roses are Red Violets are Blue 113" Location: Living Room

371 - Storybook Dolls 114 "Over the Hills to Grandma's House 114"

372 - Storybook Dolls 110 "Little Miss, Sweet Miss, Blessings light on you 110"

373 - Storybook Dolls 162 "Princess Rosanie 162"

374 - Storybook Dolls 183 "Thursday's Child Has Far to Go 183"

375 - Storybook Dolls 160 "Pretty Maid -- Pretty Maid. Where have you been? 160"

376 - Storybook Dolls 185 "Saturday's Child Must Work for a Living 185"

378 - Storybook Dolls 31 "Elsie Marley's grown up so fine. She won't get up till eight or nine. 31" Location: Living Room

379 - Storybook Dolls 182 "Wednesday's Child is Full of Woe 182" Location: Living Room

380 - Storybook Dolls 168 "Silk and Satin, Ribbon and Lace…168" Location: Living Room

381 - Storybook Dolls 87 "Family Series Bridesmaid 87" Location: Living Room

382 - Storybook Dolls 86 "Family Series Bride 86" Location: Living Room

383 - Storybook Dolls 173 "Polly put the kettle on. We'll all have tea. 173" Plus extra doll with legs detached. Location: Living Room

384 - Storybook Dolls 157 "Queeen of Hearts 157" Location: Living Room

385 - "Polish" Doll Blonde hair, black dress in box marked "Polish". Location: Living Room

386 - Storybook Dolls 119 "Mistress Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow? 119" some discoloration around hairline. Location: Living Room

387 - Storybook Dolls 194 "A girl for August when it's warm 194" Location: Living Room

388 - Storybook Dolls 190 "A shower girl for April 190" Location: Living Room

389 - Storybook Dolls 193 "A very Independent Lady for July 193." Box is rough, but has original pricetag on it. Location: Living Room

390 - Artisan Ceramics Bowl and flower vases. Bottoms are signed by local artists. Location: Living Room

391 - Stained Art Glass Lot Vase, holder, and suncatcher. Location: Living Room

392 - Bookends & Sadiron "Made in USA Philadelphia" metal bookends, old sadiron (rusted). Location: Living Room

393 - Bronze Worker Holding caliper, work apron, and looking at a plan. Very heavy. 17" high. Location: Living Room

394 - Atala Bronze Bust Hollow bronze bust "Atala" with daggar. Location: Living Room

395 - Brass Fire Bell Bell is 8" across, with housing about 9". Mounted on piece of old wood. Location: Living Room

396 - Copper Utility Box Lot Old copper utility box 8" x 6" x 8" with assorted hardware, door lock, and wire cover. Location: Living Room

397 - Wallace Nutting "An Overflowing Cup", see signature in photo. Framed "Wallace Nutting" 12" x 10". Location: Living Room

398 - Wallace Nutting "An Autumn Canopy", see signature in photo. Framed "Wallace Nutting" 12" x 10". Location: Living Room

399 - Depression Glass Cut to clear green decanter with stopper, 16" high; pink cake plate 11" across; 10" platter. Location: Living Room

400 - Wine Glass Lot Dozen wine glasses, assorted champagnes, tumblers; good condition, the dozen glasses are the same pattern. Thin glass. Location: Living Room

401 - Pressed Glass Miniatures Pitcher, small covered dish, and other assorted pieces. Location: Living Room

402 - Assorted Glass Lot Modern flower frogs, various glass holders, pewter napkin rings, "1898 Omaha Exposition" shell spoon. Location: Living Room

403 - White China Cups White China Cups and Saucers, number of cups and saucers does not match. Location: Living Room

404 - Etched Vintage Glass Lot Creamer, sugar, assorted glasses, pair of glass toddy glasses. Location: Living Room

405 - Candle Holder Lot Assorted candle holders and tea lights. Location: Living Room

406 - Fenton Glass Lot Several hobnail glass pieces in blue and in rose. Also blue glass bowl, 10" across, no label. Location: Living Room

407 - German China Lot German cups and saucers, sugar dish, and assorted older china items. Location: Living Room

408 - Crystal Decanters 10" and 7" high clear glass crystal. Small decanter has a chip on the side, and a broken stopper stem. Location: Living Room

409 - Etched Glass Basket Lot 11" high glass basket with decorative handle and etched floral pattern. 6" across covered etched glass dish. Great condition. Location: Living Room

410 - Etched Glass Vase Lot 10" high etched glass floral motif vase (small chip in rim), small footed dish, 3 other clear pieces. Location: Living Room

411 - Pink Glass Footed Bowl Lot 8" footed pink glass etched bowl, 13" platter, rose pressed glass dish 7" long. Location: Living Room

412 - Cut and Pressed Glass Dishes Four dishes ranging from 7" to 9" across, clear glass. Location: Living Room

413 - Cut and Pressed Glass Lot Mixed lot of glass and crystal pieces. One dish has chipped edge. All clear. Dishes about 7" across, bowl is 8". Pitcher 7". Location: Living Room

414 - Lead Crystal & Glass Lot Assorted glass and lead crystal pieces. All clear. Dish is 9" across. Small vase is 3" high. Location: Living Room

415 - Glass and Crystal Dishes Cruet is 6" tall, oblong dish 8" long, small dishes about 4" across. Location: Living Room

416 - Glass Basket & Bowl Basket is 10" high; bowl is 9" across and uses "bubble inclusion" technique. Excellent condition. Location: Living Room

417 - Erphila Czech Lot "Erphila Ardmore Czecho-slovakia" floral pitcher and creamer (4" high); 10" x 7" oblong floral dish "Royal Winton Grimwalden Made in England'", and "Rosenthal Germany" platter. Location: Living Room

418 - Ceramic European Dishes "Malmaison Bavaria" white dish with small floral pattern and deep fluted edges; 11" "JPL France" petunia design plate with handles; 10" bowl "Leuchtenberg Germany"; and square pink-color dish "MZ Austria" . Location: Living Room

419 - Ceramic Bowl & Covered Dish 14" Hand-Made bowl with handles; "Heyward Cutting Jr Staunton VA Porcelain" dish with lid. Location: Living Room

420 - Sterling Silver Service Lot "Towle Sterling Fontana" with other mixed brands. Location: Living Room

421 - Plate Wear & Florence Silver Assorted plate wear items 7", 11" , 14" long; with "Florence Silver" butter knife set. Location: Living Room

422 - Ceramic Teapots & Mug Green teapot 7", and two hand-made ceramic teapots with bamboo handles. Location: Living Room

423 - Theo Haviland Limoge "Theo Haviland Limoge France" 7" high, excellent condition. Very vivid colors. Location: Living Room

424 - Vintage China "Halls Superior Quality Kitchenware 633 Made in USA" reasonable wear for age, 6" high; "Edwin M Knowles Semi-Vitreous China. Made in U.S.A. 42-9" 4" high. Location: Living Room

425 - Decorative Vintage China Green oblong floral dish, 10" long, "Carlton Ware made in England"; 9" tall white ceramic pitcher with seashell motif and cherub. Bottom is marked. Location: Living Room

426 - Artisan Covered Crock Lot 8" signed by artist ceramic dish with lid; "Lauren Ross vase"; artisan ceramic wall sconce. Location: Living Room

427 - Porcelein China Lot 10" Pope Gosser China covered dish";"Royal Insbruck Vienna 18K gold" 8" across;"Noritake" pitcher; "German" sugar; "Rosenthal" tiny plates (one has a chipped edge0 Location: Living Room

428 - Milson & Louis Teapot Lot Colorful teapot with 2 ceramic mugs. Location: Living Room

429 - Glass Vase Lot Assorted glass vases, mostly modern, with several artisan glass plates. Location: Living Room

430 - Holiday Mugs & Bowls Two different patterns of mugs "6066" and "Salem." Several have small cracks. Location: Living Room

431 - Salt Shaker Lot Salt shakers and assorted household items. Location: Living Room

432 - Ceramic Hummels 3 "Hummels" and a "Saturday Evening Post" figure. Location: Living Room

433 - Candles & Holders Lot Several candle holders, candles, and miscellaneous art items. Location: Living Room

434 - Silk Ties & Custom Bolo Lot Hand-crafted Bolos with unusual slides, some made with mirror tiles; older silk ties. Location: Living Room

435 - Wooden Drawer & Lamps 27" long wooden drawer with 2 table lamps. Location: Living Room

436 - Metal Rolling Mill Metal rolling mill; was stored in garage for a few months, has rust, needs some TLC. Location: Living Room

437 - Oriental Rugs 78" x 32" and 78" x 29" oriental rug runners , geometric design. One is worn more than the other. Location: Living Room

438 - Tasco Binoculars "Tasco Binoculars 7mm x 33mm", in case. Location: Living Room

439 - 21" Lasko 3-Speed Fan" Lasko standing fan with 3 speeds. Black. Location: Living Room

440 - Placemats, Potholders Lot Large lot of placemats, potholders, quilt squares, aprons, with a pink lace vintage outfit from 1936, along with pillows, and other items. Location: Living Room

441 - Woven Throw and Mats Large lot of colorful woven throws, rugs, and mats. Some look hand-made by craftspersons. Location: Living Room

442 - Salt and Pepper Shakers Sewing maching theme salt and pepper shakers, metal piggy. Location: Living Room

443 - Vintage Prints in Frames Tallest is 17" high. Landscape, field worker, and little girl with puppies. Location: Living Room

444 - Vintage Prints in Frames 2 Parrish is marked "1925 Chicago" in left corner, each frame 20" longest dimension. Glass needs to be cleaned. Location: Living Room

445 - Small Vintage Prints Framed older prints of various subjects and artists. Location: Living Room

446 - 1926 Ship Prints Set of 2, no glass with frames. One saysm"Old Ironsides." Location: Living Room

447 - Children's Books Lot "Little Red Riding Hood, Mother Goose, Little Prudy, Mother West Wind, etc" Location: Living Room

448 - Anne of Green Gables Lot Books in the "Anne" series (1960s reprints) with assorted other children's works. Location: Living Room

449 - Children's Classics Two boxes of children's books, some from the 50s and 60s, some more recent. Varying conditions. Location: Living Room

450 - Cooking, Art, & Lifestyle Books Several dozen cooking books, with art hobby books, andn other assorted lifestyle titles. Location: Living Room

451 - Roald Dahl Collectible Books "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," and rare "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator". Location: Living Room

452 - 1927 Three Bears Lot "1927 Three Bears", cloth "Winnie" from 1954, "Uncle Wiggly". Location: Living Room

453 - Oh Skin-nay! 1913 Verses by "Nesbit", signed by giver in 1916, illustrations are all prints from original black ink drawings. Location: Living Room

454 - Yoga Mats, Block, Roller Get fit and be calm. Location: Living Room

455 - Health Equipment Assorted items in lot include cane. Location: Living Room

456 - P-Touch Lot P-Touch -III with tapes in box; mirror; "Nerf" ball in box; books; and a slide carousel. Location: Living Room

457 - Wooden Kitchen Items Salad bowsl, implements, cutting boards, and assorted baskets. Location: Kitchen

458 - Chest of Silverplate Mix of various brnds of silverplate service. Location: Kitchen

459 - Pots and Pans Lot Pots, frying pans, platters, strainers, vegetable cookers, lids. Location: Kitchen

460 - Baking Sheets Lot Assorted baking pans, cookie sheets, and cooling racks. Location: Kitchen

461 - Muffin Tins Lot Muffin tins, pots and pans, loaf pans. Location: Kitchen

462 - Glass Vase Lot Glass vases (modern), small depression glass pieces, miscellaneous glasses. Location: Kitchen

463 - Salad Spinner Lot Working salad spinner with smoked-glass tumblers. Location: Kitchen

464 - Plastic Storage Lot Two boxes of plastic storage containers, pitchers, ice cube trays and assorted items. Location: Kitchen

465 - Knife & Trivet Lot Decorative knife, metal trivet, small photo frames. Location: Kitchen

466 - Ceramic Dishes Lot Mixed lot of dishes and plates, most do not match. Location: Kitchen

467 - Glass Candy Jars Lot Several large glass candy jars, flower vases, and the top of a glass blender. Location: Kitchen

468 - Modern Flower Holders Lot Slate flower folder, wood flower holder, and shoe jack. Location: Kitchen

469 - Waffle Makers & Griddle "Oster" and "Vitantonio" waffle makers; flat griddle without a cord. Location: Kitchen

470 - Cuisinart Griddler "Cuisinart Griddler" large-capacity waffle maker. Location: Kitchen

471 - Crock Pots Lot of crock pots of various makes and capacities. Location: Kitchen

472 - Bella and Kitchenaid Mixers "Bella" smoothie mixer; "Kitchenaid" hand-mixer without beaters; an iron, assorted drink bottles. Location: Kitchen

473 - Small Stainless Teapot & Mugs Ceramic mugs with a small stainless teapot. Location: Kitchen

474 - Kitchen Utensils Lot Very large lot of assorted kitchen utensils and implements -- all the drawer contents. Location: Kitchen

475 - Flashlights Lot Several flashlights, phone, timer, small binoculars, and other items. Location: Kitchen

476 - Coffeemakers Three coffeemakers, assorted brands. Location: Kitchen

477 - Stonehenge Dishes "Oven to Table Stonehenge Midwinter" platter, large bowls and cups. Location: Kitchen

478 - Coins, Watches, & Jewelry Large lot of mixed coins, some European; old Roman coin; several vintage wristwatches (not tested, some are rough); 2 "Mason Rings"; and a lot of metal jewerly with pairs of earrings. Location:

479 - Mens' Shaver Lot Men's shaver kit, ladies hankies in a box, hand-held massager, and several hand mirrors. Location: Kitchen

480 - Box of Games "Taboo, Lifestyles, Yahtzee and more!" Location: Utility

481 - Christmas Decorations Ceramic Santas, jingle bells, and a large ceramic nativity set, with assorted other items. Location: Utility

482 - Fondue Pot & Vaporizer Lot Fondue pot, vaporizer, health lamp, and assorted items. Location: Utility

483 - Box of Glass Stemware Large box of assorted glass stemware, including etched pieces. Location: Utility

484 - Large Roaster Lot 17" x 14" roaster pan with lid, "Aroma Dual Warmer", and old popcorn maker with handle. Location: Utility

485 - Baroque Recorder "Ernst Stieber" baroque wooden flute in case with cleaning wand. Location: Utility

486 - 3 Violins Lot Very rough; these are not in playing condition, and were probably meant for art projects. Location: Utility

487 - Steel Shelving Lot Four pieces of steel shelving (bolted together), each 37" across by 83" high. Location: Utility

488 - Assorted Lot Mix including a stamp dispenser and desk items. Location: Utility

490 - Light Fixture Lot Lot of several 4" long light fixtures with a box of work lights. Location: Utility

491 - Flat Drawer Storage Cabinet 10-drawer metal cabinet for storing artwork, maps, paper or other items flat. 42" x 20" x 44" high. Very heavy. Drawers work well. Location: Utility

492 - Art Rubbings Six - seven paper scrolls, between 2-3 feet long, that are rubbings of bronze and stone artwork from Europe. The artist got special permission to create these on a trip to Europe. Location: Utility

493 - Ceramic Tea Set Comes with a ceramic bird. Location: Lower

495 - Neycraft Kiln With "Evenheat" unit. Nice shape! With all of the supplies shown. Location: Lower

496 - Metal Art Cabinet Art paper cabinet. 2 piece. 57" high x 40" wide total. Location: Lower

497 - Old Wooden Dresser Small dresser. Doors stick. Rough. Location: Lower

498 - Sewing Supplies. Large box lot of assorted sewing supplies. Location: Lower

499 - Metal Items Lot Metal decorative pieces, knife, hair receiver, ceramic sheep. Location: Lower

500 - Watches & Purses Assorted old wrist-watches and beaded purses. Location: Lower

501 - Mesh Coin Purse Old metal mesh coin purse. Location: Lower

502 - Box Lot Candle, wallet, soap dispenser, seahorse glass dish.

503 - Art Books Lot Large lot of 4 boxes of books on a variety of art topics.

504 - Folding Tray Holder Comes with folding metal rolling cart.

505 - Stationary Supplies Assorted items including notecards.

506 - Older 4-Drawer Dresser 41" x 18" x 39". Drawers stick and top is in rough shape.

507 - 2 Bookcases & Contents Two small bookcases and contents. Both are 48" tall; one is 20" wide, the other 24" wide.

508 - 4-Drawer Dresser 41" x 21" x 34" tall. Drawers are full of wrapping paper and related items.

509 - Canvas Bags Assorted canvas bags, blanket, nice desk lamp, and extra lamp shade.

510 - Bibles & Books Lot Various Bibles, music books, hand-held lace fan, and small figure.

511 - Yamaha Piano with Bench "Yamaha" spinet piano in very nice shape. All of the keys move and strike notes.

512 - Roling Chair & Small Bookcase Rolling office chair and small wooden bookcase.

513 - Artwork 2 pieces, including Batik and a fabric piece stretched over canvas

514 - Artwork Piece on the left is signed. The glass needs to be cleaned.

515 - Artwork "Jan Fleck 79/100" Egyptian piece plus other.

516 - Artwork Signed prints.

517 - Artwork 4 assorted decorative works

518 - Artwork "June Little" piece plus one other.

519 - Artwork 2 pieces

520 - Artwork "Annette Marie 89" plus 2 other pieces

521 - Artwork 3 items

522 - Artwork 5 items, including one wooden piece

523 - Artwork 3 matted prints

524 - Artwork "Vera Curnow" - pieces are 6" x 9", 7" x 4", and 9" x 8"

525 - Woven Rug and Rubber Mats Teal woven rug and 2 rubber mats

526 - CD Collection Large lot of CDs including a range of titles -- see the photos.

527 - Bookcase Metal bookcase and contents on shelves, 30" wide.

528 - Woodent Bookcase Wooden bookcase and contents on shelves, 36" wide.

529 - Folding Chairs & Tables 3 folding chairs, bulletin board, older card tables.

530 - Canvas and Canvas Frames Lot Large lot of canvas, paper, and canvas frames; some finished works and works in progress.

531 - Folding Plastic Tables Lightweight folding tables 4' x 2' and 26" x 18" table with sliding legs.

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