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Auctioneer Holabird Western Americana 775-851-1859
Auction Date Mar 18 Auction
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Reno, NV
Time 08:00AM
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Lot: 4000 - Union Soda Works, Tombstone Bottle

This is the great Tombstone blob (applied top) from the Steve Elliott Collection, the private museum in Tombstone, Arizona. It has been professionally restored by Lou Lambert. Light aqua, loads of "whittle", a bit of case wear along the base edges, a

Lot: 4001 - The First A. B. Stewart Bottle, c1879, Bodie,

A. B. Stewart/ Druggist/ Bodie, Cal // Base: Smooth, and early. Clear, square collar lip, tooled top. 4.75" in size. This is the rarest version of the Stewart bottle, not listed in the book, " Ghost Towns & Medicines" , by Fred N. Holabird . This

Lot: 4002 - A.B. Stewart Billhead, Bodie, California

Stewart: Dealer in drugs, chemicals, medicines, toilet articles, paints oils, glass wines, liquors, etc. Printed by O'Neal Brothers of San Jose. Bill for B. H. Miller. Miller was the county clerk and lived in Bridgeport according to the 1880 census.

Lot: 4003 - Pearson Bros. Soda Bottle, Bodie, California

Pearson Bros. ( au) / Bodie // Very rare and desirable soda bottle. Nice deep blue aqua , and from a real Ghost Town !! Great condition and color. But there is a 1/4" flake on the base. Other wise perfect. Gravitating Stopper, slope shouldered,

Lot: 4004 - Pearson Soda Bottle, Bodie, California

Fine Pearson Soda bottle, circa 1880 with glass stopper inside. This piece has a resin repair at the base, barely visible. A fine example from America's most famous ghost town. PLEASE ASK CONDITION QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING. ALL BOTTLE SALES FINAL.

Lot: 4005 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: Kimball &

Kimball & Co.( 1853-1856 ) : Medium to deep, cobalt blue. Bad, 3/4" ding w/ bruise in top. Bold Embossing. Clean and shiny with, hundreds of small bubble, scattered through out the body of the bottle. Unusually light, metallic pontil w/ dot in

Lot: 4006 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: Kimball & Co.,

Kimball & Co // ( 1853-1856 ) : Light cobalt blue. Medium to light, scattered wear, pro cleaned. Clean and shiny. No chips or dings. Nice light whittle. Nice 3" stretch marks that move from the shoulder area, up under the blob top. A nice

Lot: 4007 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: M. R.,

M. R. / Sacramento // ( 1851-1863 ) : Medium cobalt blue. Light overall wear, but very nice. No chips or cracks. But, does have a 3/4 " x 5/8 " size, inside open bubble , behind the letter " O" in Sacramento" Needs polishing to really sparkle, but

Lot: 4008 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: Sacramento

Eagle Soda ( With embossed eagle, facing right), slug plate variant (1852-1863): Nice, medium Teal Color. Overall excellent body condition. 3/8" inside lip bruise. Very unusual, rough pontil, but not a Open Pontil . It is a flattened ring pontil,

Lot: 4009 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: Boley & Co,

Boley & Co/ Sac City // ( 1850-1862 ) - Medium cobalt blue. Near mint, with 7 minute ( in- manufactured ) fissures in top. Not, considered to be damaged. Pro cleaned, with a little haze and a few pits. Vivid color. Date: Location: Sacramento,

Lot: 4010 - California Gold Rush Soda: A. W Cudworth & Co, San

A.W. Cudworth / & Co / San Francisco / ( No Cal ): Pale Aqua, smooth base .. Super mint condition, ultra minute, 1/16" superficial at base. A beautiful specimen... Date: Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 30134 PLEASE ASK CONDITION

Lot: 4011 - California Gold Rush Soda: A.W. Cudworth & Co.,

A. W. Cudworth / & Co/ San Francisco, / cal. ( 1856- 1861): Medium green, smooth base. Overall, medium case wear, but would clean up nice. No chips, cracks, dings, etc. Date: Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 30402 PLEASE ASK CONDITION

Lot: 4012 - California Gold Rush Soda: A.W. Cudworth, San

A. W. Cudworth / ( No "& Co") / San Francisco // 1870's... Pale aqua, smooth base. Nice slope shoulder variant, with a 1" bubble, in the left front shoulder. Need a little inside cleaning, and has light wear. Date: Location: San Francisco,

Lot: 4013 - California Gold Rush Soda: Golden Gate

Golden Gate ( In an Arch ) 1850's - 1860's... Light teal, smooth base . Very clean and shiny. Light overall wear, with good texture to the glass, with swirls. Two lower front base dings, 1/8" in size. Very nice bubble, 1"x 1/4" , in the left rear

Lot: 4014 - Golden Gate Green Soda Bottle

Golden Gate. Nice medium green, applied top soda, original as found. Appears mint. Large letters. Rare. Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 47347 PLEASE ASK CONDITION QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING. ALL BOTTLE SALES FINAL.

Lot: 4015 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: B & G, San

B & G / San Francisco // ( 1852-1856 ) : Light cobalt blue. Dug bottle, that is stained and in rough condition. Needs cleaning, and has a 3/8"-1/2" chip in top of blob. Plus, a 3/8" side open bubble. Date: Location: San Francisco, California

Lot: 4016 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: B & G, San

B & G / San Francisco // ( 1852-1856) : Beautiful medium cobalt blue, with nice size, donut top. Super mint condition, with some nice scattered bubbles, right over the embossing in front. Nice deep, metallic pontil. Date: Location: San Francisco,

Lot: 4017 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: Babb & Co.,

Babb & Co / San Francisco / Cal. // ( 1852-1854 ) Brilliant aqua, hammer whittled, and a lot of tiny bubbles. Giant 1" bubble left front shoulder, Rare in aqua. But, there is 2, 3/8" inside lip bruises. Nice display item. Date: Location: San

Lot: 4018 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: Babb & Co.,

Babb & Co / San Francisco / Cal // ( 1852-1854) ...Dug w/ minor imperfections, needs cleaning. Badly damaged top, with large chips and 2 inside bruises. Also, 1/2" pot stone in front, under the letter "C" in Sac Francisco, " No Radiations". Nice

Lot: 4019 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: Chase & Co.,

Chase & Co / ( 1853-1855) Light green , near perfect condition. No chips, dings, or bruises. Light scratching. No other problems. Nice , 1/2' bubble on the left side, in the shoulder area. Very nice item Date: Location: San Francisco, California

Lot: 4020 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: Chase & Co /

Chase & Co / San Francisco / Stockton & / Marysville / Cal : ( 1853-1855) : Medium green. Nice color , and very light case wear and scratching. Would clean up very well. But, there is a 1/4" crack in the blob top, on the front side of the

Lot: 4021 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: Italian Soda

Italian / Soda Water / Manufactory / San Francisco // Reveres side unembossed ( 1856-1863 ) : Medium to deep green. Pro cleaned, with light wear remaining. Nice top , with a little dripping. No chips or cracks or pitting. Rough metallic pontil. Very

Lot: 4022 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: Italian Soda

Italian/ Soda Water / Manufactory / San Francisco // Reverse; Union Glass Works/ Phila //: ( 1856-1863): Medium To Deep Teal color. Light - medium wear. No chips or cracks. Tiny, 1/8" base flake, hard to see. Needs polishing, but would display

Lot: 4023 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: Italian Soda

Italian / Soda Water/ Manufactory / San Francisco // No embossing on the reverse ( 1856-1863 ) : Deep cobalt blue. Pro cleaned, with medium wear. Large 3/8" chip on inside of lip, a 1/ 4"' chip on the outside of the blob, in the same location .Medium

Lot: 4024 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: Lynde &

Lynde & Putnam / Mineral Waters / San Francisco / Cal ( 1850-1851) : Bright, medium teal blue. Exceptionally rare specimen . This specimen, is chocked full of bubbles, and is what is know as " Early Morning glass". That is the glass, drawn of the

Lot: 4025 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: J . Monier &

J Monier & Co / CL FR Na // ( 1856-1858 ): Pale aqua . Clean, with nice whittle and a medium amount of body wear. Numerous , 1/4" stress marks in the neck of the bottle.No chips or cracks.An outside polishing, would improve this specimen , a lot.

Lot: 4026 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: Taylor & Co.,

Taylor & Co. / Soda Waters / San Francisco / Eureka // 1850's : Light blue. Heavy wear, and 2/3 of the top, badly chipped. No other chips or cracks. A good cleaning , and repair job, would improve this item greatly.. Date: Location: San

Lot: 4027 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: Lippincott &

L & V ( 1852-1857) : Medium forest green. Dug bottle with a little staining. Would respond well, to cleaning. Slight flaking on the ampersand. There is a 1/4" chip at the right side, near the base., and a 1/2' flash behind it. Date: Location:

Lot: 4028 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: Lippincott &

L& V ( 1852-1857): Medium - deep, forest green. Has been pro cleaned. Looks really nice. Perfect top, with a few ultra minute, stress marks in the neck. Small 1/8" in making bubble on the right side. No chips or cracks, looks like new. Date:

Lot: 4029 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: Lippincott &

L & V ( 1852-1857) : Medium forest green. A little cloudy, with a few pits, but nice. No Chips or cracks. Would respond very well to cleaning. Date: Location: Stockton & Marysville, California HWAC# 29777 PLEASE ASK CONDITION QUESTIONS BEFORE

Lot: 4030 - Pontiled California Gold Rush Soda: Taylor & Co.,

Taylor & Co / Valparaiso / Chile // Reverse: Soda Water // 1850's : Medium teal color, very clean. Exceptionally light wear...but a beautiful specimen. There is a 1 1/2" teardrop bubble in front , over the embossing. Also, a 3/4" teardrop bubble

Lot: 4031 - For Pike's Peak Historical Flask

Aquamarine 8.5" tall. Very rare with smooth base. Raised image of a miner beneath FOR PIKE'S PEAK. Rear has an eagle with arrows in its claw and a banner in its beak. Bottom not stable (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location:

Lot: 4032 - Picture Soda: Eagle, On Shield, With Draping Flags

Eagle Soda ( Monogram- embossed eagle under sun rays, facing left sitting on a shield, within laurel branches, surrounded by draped American flags.) Reverse: Superior/ Soda water , embossed vertically . Fantastic soda bottle, 1850's. This specimen,

Lot: 4033 - Historical Bottles from Dahlonega Region

Group of 14, mostly better old bottles from the Georgia region. This group contains at least five significant bottles. Large Buffalo Lithia water, approximately 12 inches high, aqua; two Amber canning jars, both pint, with original top enclosures;

Lot: 4034 - Old Bottles From Dahlonega Region

Historical bottles from the Georgia mining region. Approximately 25 bottles dating from the 1870s through approximately 1915 found in the Georgia mining region around the Dahlonega region. The group includes three black glass ales from the early

Lot: 4035 - H.G. Prenger & Co. Soda Bottle, Louisville,

H. G. Prenger & Co. / 13 Bullitt's St. / Louisville, Ky // 1860's : Nice aqua soda, 10 paneled with corresponding dot, at the shoulder of each panel. Clean and shiny. Tapered body, with nice light green swirl, in the back of the top. Date:

Lot: 4036 - Three Different B. F. Foster Carson City Drug

Foster operated a drugstore in Carson from 1874-1881. 1) : B. F. Foster / Carson City, Nev.// Base : W. T & Co / H ( embossed, upside down ! // Penn. Oval, Circa 1879-1881 .Variety 1, Clear, Tooled top. Slight over all haze, and 2 lip

Lot: 4037 - Two B. F. Foster, Carson City Drug Bottles

( Lot of 2 ) : Item # 1 of 2: B . F. Foster / Carson City, Nev. // Base: Flat w/ #6. Penn. Oval .Variety, 1.. Circa 1874-1878. Tooled top, Perfect, like brand new. Item #2 of 2: Same embossing, and style. Smaller bottle, and later made. Tooled top,

Lot: 4038 - G.C. Thaxter Druggist Bottle (Carson City, Nevada)

G. C. Thaxter ( au) / Motif : Mortar & Pestle, surrounded by sun-rays / Druggist / Carson( sd) //. 1880-1886. 16oz. size , 8 1/4" x 2 1/2". Pale aqua, Super mint, except on the right rear bevel, an extra piece of glass, from the previous

Lot: 4039 - G.C. Thaxter (Millville Round) Bottle (Carson

G. C . Thaxter ( au) / Motif: Mortar & pestle, surrounded by sun-rays. / Druggist / Carson // 1878: 4/8" x 1 3/4" , Perfect... tooled top, sca. Millville Round, base embossed , W.T. & Co./ Pat Jan / 22 78/ B // Date: Location: Carson City,

Lot: 4040 - Thaxter's Drug Store Bottle (Carson City, Nevada)

Thaxter's Drug Store / Cor. Carson & King Sts. / Carson City, Nevada. // 1890-1900 : 4 1/8"x 1 7/8", Tooled Top, Sca, Perfect, super mint. ! Date: Location: Carson City, Nevada HWAC# 57772 PLEASE ASK CONDITION QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING. ALL BOTTLE

Lot: 4041 - The Thaxter Drug Store Bottle (Carson City,

Monogram : Large " T " encircled. / The Thaxter (au) / Drug Store / opp. capital. Carson, Nev. Base : A. M F & CO / 124 / . Tooled top, 5 1/2" x 2 1/8" . Sca, good condition, except for light staining the neck area. No other type of problems.

Lot: 4042 - Two G.C. Thaxter Druggist Bottles (Carson City,

( Lot of 2 ). C. G. Thaxter (au) / Motif: Mortar& Pestle , surrounded by sun-rays. / Druggist / Carson ( Millville round ) // : ( Lot #1 of 2 ) : Clear, tooled top, 6 1/8" x 2/3/8", Base: W.T & CO/ S / . Perfect, with ultra light stress lines

Lot: 4043 - Two Geo. C Thaxter Apothecary Bottles (Carson

( Lot of 2) : Lot#1 of 2 : Monogram G .C. T ( With Bottom Ornament ) : Geo. C. Thaxter / Apothecary / Carson City , Nev // Tooled top, 5 3/16" x 2 1/4" , Base: 9 / : Very early Bottle...1878-1880. Super mint, needs a tiny amount of cleaning,

Lot: 4044 - G. C. Thaxter Druggist (Redlands) Bottle

G. C. Thaxter / Druggist / Redlands, Cal //(All embossing, slants to the left) : 1895-1900. Clear , tooled top. Base : A.M F. CO ( au) / 232 // Super mint condition. Date: Location: Redlands, California HWAC# 57771 PLEASE ASK CONDITION QUESTIONS

Lot: 4045 - F. F. Muller, Elko, Nev. Bottle

F. F. Muller / Elko, Nev. // Penn. Oval. 1876-1879. Large, 7 1/2" x 3 1/8". Tooled Top, light sca. perfect except for some light haze. Nice display piece. Date: Location: Elko, Nevada HWAC# 57779 PLEASE ASK CONDITION QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING. ALL

Lot: 4046 - Clark's Drug Bottles (Ely / McGill, Nevada)

Two different Clark bottles, the two-city version with Ely-McGill (4.5") and the maverick (4oz, 4.75"), used at both locations. some stain, no chips or cracks evident. Date: Location: Ely, Nevada HWAC# 6116 PLEASE ASK CONDITION QUESTIONS BEFORE

Lot: 4047 - Three Lewis Co. Drug Bottles (Ely, Nevada)

7", 5", 4.5" clear drug bottles two of which are turning purple. The large one is one of the largest Lewis bottles known, and is a beauty. the small bottle has significant stain. no chips or cracks evident. Date: Location: Ely, Nevada HWAC# 61165

Lot: 4048 - J. Jones Jr. Druggist Bottle (Gold Hill, Nevada)

Variety 2, Ribbon Pattern, Sca. Tooled top. 6 1/4" x 2" in size. base flat.1865--1875. Pretty good condition, except for left front corner base chip, 1/4" in size. No other damage. Date: Location: Gold Hill, Nevada HWAC# 59206 PLEASE ASK CONDITION

Lot: 4049 - Two J. Jones, Jr. Drug Store Bottles (Gold Hill,

( Lot of 2 ) , Variety 4, (JJ Monogram ) Lot #1 of 2: J. J. Jones, JR. / Gold Hill, Nev. // Base: V / W. T & Co./ large Star ( all embossed upside down !.) // Tooled Top, clear, 5 5/8" x 1 7/8" in size Near mint with shoulder stain , and some

Lot: 4050 - Dalton, Clifford & Wilson Co. Druggists Bottle

(3 Viii ) , On front shoulder.) / Dalton, Clifford & Wilson CO / Druggists / Reno, Nevada// Base: Diamond. // Circa 1906-1910. Clear, tooled top. Good condition, except for a light stain on the rear inside of bottle. this bottle was never

Lot: 4051 - Dalton, Clifford, & Wilson Co. Druggist Bottle

( Lot of 2 ) : Lot #1 of 2 : ( 3 oz) Dalton, Clifford & Wilson Co. / Druggist / Reno, Nevada.// Base: Sheldon( Embossed upside down ! ) Variant 1 , 5 " x 1 /5/16 " in size, Clear. tooled top. Perfect, with light haze, in the rear body. Will clean

Lot: 4052 - 3 Hilp's Prescriptions Drug Store Bottles (Reno,

( Lot of 3 ) : Hilp's / Prescriptions / Drug Store / Reno : 1890-1900 : lot#1 of 3 : 6 /1/2" x 1 7/8", Lot #2 of 3: 5 " x 1 3/4", and Lot #3 of 3 : 3 1/2" x 1". All are good , and have a very light haze, otherwise no damage. A nice trio , for

Lot: 4053 - " From ( su) / Hodgkinson" , Druggist Bottle

" From ( su) Hodgkinson / Druggist / Reno , Nev.// Base : W. T. Co. / AM // Pen Oval, 1890-1895. Tooled top, with 1/32" stress flash, almost invisible. Has a tiny bit of stain, otherwise no defects. Scarce mold. Date: Location: Reno, Nevada HWAC#

Lot: 4054 - Two S. J. Hodgkinson Druggist Bottles (Reno,

S. J Hodgkinson Druggist ( Lot of 2 ) Paper Labeled Only. Both are Tooled tops. One has a little contents , in the base area. One has a sunburst on the base, and the other is embossed : "Rex". Also, on one of the labels is the address: 233 Virginia

Lot: 4055 - Four S.J Hodgkinson Bottles, Reno, Nev.

" Druggist / S. J. Hodgkinson (su) / Reno, Nev // ( Lot of 4) " . 1900-1910, all are tooled tops.. ( Note: how this bottle, resembles the face of the red Cross Drug Store logo). Lot #1 of 4: Clear light stain , Base: W.T Co. / 7/ U. S. A. // . Lot #2

Lot: 4056 - S. J. Hodgkinson Druggist Bottle, Reno, Nevada

S. J. Hodgkinson / Druggist / Reno, Nev // Knickerbocker Oval. 1888-1892. Extremely rare, large size, 8 1/8" x 3 1/8" in size. Super mint, with tiny stain in rear inside base area. This bottle, has never been buried. Great looking. Date: Location:

Lot: 4057 - S.J. Hodgkinson & Co. Bottle (Reno, Nevada)

S. J. Hodgkinson & Co. / Reno, Nev. // On Base : W.T. & Co/ AE : Penn Oval, 1884-1888. 5 1/4" x 2 3/16" in size. Tooled top. Light, sca. Has a 1/4" -3/ 8" lip chip, and some overall light body stain. Would clean well. No other kind of damage.

Lot: 4058 - Two S.J. Hodgkinson Druggist Bottles (Reno,

S. J. Hodgkinson / Druggist / Reno, Nev. // Knickerbocker oval . 1897-1905. Lot of 2. Item #1 of 2 : 4 3/4" x 2 1/16" Clear, tooled top. Light stain, and a 3/8" x 1/4" in manufacture mold chip, right side on the neck, never taken off when tooled. No

Lot: 4059 - Two S.J. Hodgkinson & Co. Bottles (Reno, Nevada)

S. J. Hodgkinson & Co / Reno, Nev. // Penn Oval / Base Embossed: W. T & Co.: 1884-1888 .Item #1 of 2 : Clear color, tooled top, 3 5/8" x 1 1/2" in size, perfect. Item #2 of 2: same size, sca, One , 1/8" base chip, otherwise perfect. Nice lot

Lot: 4060 - J. B. McCullough Druggist & Apothecary Bottle

J. B. Mc Cullough / Druggist & Apothecary / Reno , Nevada // Flat Base with acorn..Variety 3, 1891-1900. Bold embossing, super mint, Tolled top, minor in making roughness on neck , never smoothed out...not damage. A great looking bottle! Date:

Lot: 4061 - J. B. McCullough Druggist & Apothecary Bottle

J. B . Mc Cullough / Druggist & Apothecary / Reno , Nevada // Base : 1 // Variety 3, circa 1891-1900. Extremely rare , large, rectangular, Tooled top, 16 ounce size, 8" x 2 7/8".. Super mint, perfect, like a brand new bottle, except for a tiny

Lot: 4062 - Large Sized McCullough Drug Bottles (Reno, Nevada)

Three McCullough clear drug bottles in the script pattern. This group includes two large bottles, 8.75" and 7.75" plus a 5" specimen. some stain, no chips or cracks visible. Date: Location: Reno, Nevada HWAC# 61164 PLEASE ASK CONDITION QUESTIONS

Lot: 4063 - McCullough Pharmacy Citrate Bottle (Reno, Nevada)

Embossed within a circle, on the front of the bottle is: Mc Cullough ( su) / Pharmacy ( su ) / Reno, Nevada ) (su) // Circa: 1895-1905 .Extremely rare, Large 8" , Citrate of Magnesia bottle. Long tapered collar, tooled top. Made for less than one

Lot: 4064 - McCullough's Pharmacy Bottle, In script (Reno,

( Monogram, J.B. Mc C) : Mc Cullough's / Pharmacy / Reno, Nevada ( all embossing in script) : Base: A. M. F. Co ( au), embossed upside down, as well !! //Variety 6, Large , 8 3/8 " x 3 1/8" in size, Extremely rare in this size, 16 oz.. . Clear.

Lot: 4065 - McCullough's Pharmacy Bottle, In script (Reno,

( Monogram, J. B. Mc C ): Mc Cullough's / Pharmacy / Reno, Nevada. // Base ; Flat n plain.( All embossing in script ) Variety 4 $, 1895-1900. Large, 7 1/2" x 3" in size. Very rare. Tooled top, flint glass specimen. Super mint, with nice large 3/4"

Lot: 4066 - Six Bottles: McCullough Block Letter Suite (Reno,

Suite of six different sizes of the McCullough clear drug bottles with the block lettering. 6.5", 6", 5.5", 5", 4.5", 3.75". All circa 1890, some stain, no chips or cracks visible. Date: Location: Reno, Nevada HWAC# 61163 PLEASE ASK CONDITION

Lot: 4067 - J. F. Myers Druggist Bottle (Reno, Nevada)

( Monogram ) / J. F Meyers / Druggist / Reno, Nev. / base : W.T & Co ( au) / T //. Clear, tooled top , 1890- 1900. Really nice, with a tiny bit of stain. Otherwise, perfect Date: Location: Reno, Nevada HWAC# 57774 PLEASE ASK CONDITION QUESTIONS

Lot: 4068 - Four N. E . Wilson Co. Bottles (Reno, Nevada)

( Lot of 4. ) Lots #1, 2#, #3 of 4... N. E. Wilson Co.. Inc /Pharmacists / Virginia St. OPP. P.O. / Phone 425 / Reno Nev. // Penn Ovals.. Tooled tops, 2 clean n mint, one medium overall inside stain. No other damage on these 3 lots. Lot #4 of 4: same

Lot: 4069 - 16 Oz Osburn & Shoemaker Drug Bottle (Reno,

Unquestionably the largest Chicago Oval Os & Shoe drug bottle. 16 oz, 8.25" tall, clear, slightly purple, light stain, ultra tiny bruise at left rear base edge, epoxy repair to lip. Date: Location: Reno, Nevada HWAC# 61160 PLEASE ASK CONDITION

Lot: 4070 - Three Different Style Osburn & Shoemaker Drug

Square, 6", no monogram (resin lip repair); Millville round, 4.75"; 5" Penn Oval. no other damage. Nice group. Date: Location: Reno, Nevada HWAC# 61162 PLEASE ASK CONDITION QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING. ALL BOTTLE SALES FINAL.

Lot: 4071 - Three Osburn & Shoemaker Drug Bottles (Reno,

Three different sized clear drug bottles, 7", 6", 4". Each with some stain, but no visible chips or cracks. a nice group from this historic company. Date: Location: Reno, Nevada HWAC# 61161 PLEASE ASK CONDITION QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING. ALL BOTTLE

Lot: 4072 - R. E Queen Druggist Bottle (Reno, Nevada)

(Monogram : Scales / Surrounded by wreaths ) R. E. Queen/ Druggist / Reno, Nev. // Base: W. T. & CO / A M , embossed upside down ! ) 4 1/4" x 1 1/4" in size. Clear, Tolled top. Perfect , like a new bottle. Date: Location: Reno, Nevada HWAC# 59205

Lot: 4073 - Shoemaker & Ruth Druggist Bottle (Reno, Nevada)

Shoemaker & Ruth / Druggist / Reno , Nev// ( One of the Crescent shaped bottles, called the " Chicago Oval"). Extremely rare , 1 of 4 known. 1890-1891. 4 1/4" x 1 3/ 4". Perfect, except for a very tiny amount of cloudiness. Would clean easy...

Lot: 4074 - Chas. M. Fassitt Druggist Bottle (Ruby Hill,

( Monogram) Chas M Fassitt / Druggist / Ruby Hill, Nev. Base: W.T & Co / AA // Clear, Tooled top, 5 1/8" x 2 3/16" in size.. Pre-1883. Super mint , the only perfect example in existence, best one on the planet !!. Very desirable, and extremely

Lot: 4075 - A. M. Cole Apothecary Amber Bottle (Virginia City,

A. M Cole / Apothecary / Virginia City, Nev. // 1878-1880. 5 7/8" x 2 3/8" Tooled top, light yellow amber..Base: W.T. & Co./ U.S.A. // One of only two Nevada drug bottles produced in amber ! Very rare . 3/8" lip chip in top, the rest of the

Lot: 4076 - A. M. Cole Druggist Bottle (Virginia City, Nevada)

A. M. Cole / Druggist / Virginia. // 1863-1865. Variant 1: Square, 8 1/4" x 2 3/8 ". Clear...FLINT GLASS. Tooled top. One of his, earliest bottles !! Perfect , super mint, like a new bottle !! No defects of any kind. Date: Location: Virginia City,

Lot: 4077 - A. M. Cole Apothecary Bottle (Virginia City,

A. M Cole / Apothecary / Virginia , Nev. // : 1870's... Large square, 8 1/8" x 2 3/8". Tooled top, sca, with overall inside haze. Also, a large 1", lip chip, Date: Location: Virginia City, Nevada HWAC# 57731 PLEASE ASK CONDITION QUESTIONS BEFORE

Lot: 4078 - Two A. M. Cole Bottles (Virginia City, Nevada)

( Lot of 2 ) Item #1 of 2: A. M. Cole / Virginia, Nev. // 1870-1878. Ribbon Pattern #1. : 5 3/4" x 1 3/4" , Flint glass, tooled top. Perfect, like the day it was made. Small , indentation on base, but not damage. Item #2 of 2. : Same as Item #1, but

Lot: 4079 - Five A. M. Cole Apothecary Bottles (Virginia City,

( Lot of 5 ) A. M. Cole / Apothecary / Virginia City , Nev // Lot #1 of 5: 1880's..Variety #14. 3 11/16" x 1 1/4", perfect , tooled top, clear w/ light haze. Lot#2 of 5 : Variety #10: 4 14/16" x 2'.. Clear Script cream bottle, flat face, Blake

Lot: 4080 - Two Dr. J. B. B. Lefevre Druggist Bottles

( Lot of 2). Lot# 1 of 2 : Dr. J. B. B. Lefevre / Druggist / Virginia City, Nev. // Base: P // 1875- 1878. Square, Tooled top, 6 1/2" x 2" sca. Perfect except for a pinhead on lip. Lot #2 of 2: Same as lot #1, except smaller size. Tooled top, 5" x 1

Lot: 4081 - Two Dr. J. B. B. Lefevre Druggist Bottles

( Lot of 2 ) : Lot #1 of 2: Dr. J. B. B. Lefevre / Druggist / Virginia City, Nev. 1875-1878. Square, Light, sca, Tooled top, Clean and shiny, one 1/4", and one 1/16' lip flakes . Lot #2 of 2: Same embossing , oval. 6 3/4" x 2 5/8" . Tooled top, sca,

Lot: 4082 - M. Webster Druggist Bottle (Virginia City, Nevada)

M. Webster / Druggist / Virginia City // Base: Mc C ( Stands for : William Mc Culley & Co / Pittsburgh.) // Square, Clear, tooled top, 5 7/8" x 1 7/8" in size. Perfect, like a brand new bottle. Nice flared lip, Rare bottle. Date: Location:

Lot: 4083 - Two W. A. Perkins Drug Store Bottles (Virginia

( Lot of Two ) Lot#1 of 2: W. A. Perkins / Virginia Nev. // Flat base : letter" P ". Clear , tooled top, flint glass. BLOCK LETTERS , 5 3/4" x 1 7/8 . perfect, like brand new. Lot #2 of 2 : Same embossing , only smaller bottle. 4 7/8 " x 1 5/ 8 ".

Lot: 4084 - W. A. Perkins Drug Store Bottle, c.1878 (Virginia

W. A. Perkins / Virginia City.// : Made for only one year, in 1878, Extremely rare , only one specimen known, and this is it!! Clear, tooled top, Base: W. T. Co //. Flint glass. 8 1/ 4" x 3 1/4" in size. Fairly clean , and in good condition. But ,

Lot: 4085 - B. F. Shaw Citrate Of Magnesia, Virginia City,

Solution ( au) / Citrate of Magnesia / Dose For Adults/ One Half To One Full Bottle // ---- Children---- / In Proportion To Age / . Embossed on a circle : B . F. Shaw ( au) / Virginia City, Nev.(Ad) // Base : W. T. Co. (au) / 1 / U.S. A. ( ad) //:

Lot: 4086 - Four B. F. Shaw Bottles (Virginia City, Nevada)

( Lot of 4 ) #1 of 4: B .F Shaw / Virginia City, Nev. ( Fluted Shoulder, Drug Store Bottle) 1897-1905. Penn Oval, 7 1/4" x 2 1/2 ". Clear, tooled top. Base : W. T. Co.( au) / B / U. S. A.( ad) // . Perfect condition, just a hint of outside haze , in

Lot: 4087 - A. B. Stewart & Co. Druggist Bottle (Virginia

( Monogram ) A. B Stewart & Co. / Druggist / Virginia City, Nev. // Base Flat, very early, # 5. Extremely Rare , 1877 ONLY!! Variant 1, Penn Oval. Clear, tooled top. 6 3/4"x 2 5/8" in size. Super mint, like a new bottle !! Probably the best

Lot: 4088 - Twiaba / Warranted Bottle

Twiaba // F //Warranted / F // : Circa 1871-1873. Great Bottle ! Rectangular with bevels, square collar, applied top. 7" x 2 7/8" in size. Crude bottle, early morning glass. Medium to pale aqua. Clean and shiny, perfect except for an in making,

Lot: 4089 - Virginia City, Nevada Druggist Bottle Collection

Five different Comstock druggist bottles plus one extra from when one of the druggists was practicing in California. Cole, Lernhart, Shaw, Webster, and Woodliff. This would be a great starter collection! 1) Rare, early (c.1865) AM Cole. 3.5" bottle.

Lot: 4090 - Apothecary Milk Glass Show Bottle

Rare apothecary show bottle in milk glass with open pontil. Patent 88105 by Henry Whitney. Made for drug stores. Approx 14" x 6". Date: c. 1860's-1870's Location: HWAC# 60805 PLEASE ASK CONDITION QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING. ALL BOTTLE SALES FINAL.

Lot: 4091 - Three Drug Store Bottles

Cobalt SYR. SARSAP. CO. with stopper, 10" tall. Clear AC. SALICYCLIC with stopper and bluish liquid. 9.5" tall. Clear rectangular THE SINGER MANFG CO. C 1900-1910 5" TALL. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 56522 PLEASE

Lot: 4092 - Bottle Related Trade Cards

Lot of twenty three. Includes Alexandre Eyquem Bordeaux, Thorns Hop Compound Bitters, Gold Coin, Florida water, Columbian Expo California Fig Syrup, malt bitters food medicine, Pond's Extract cure all, eye water, cologne, vanilla, Piso's Cure, hair

Lot: 4093 - Old Ale Bottle

Open pontil lime green ale bottle of the type often used on hips due to the wide and flat stable bottom. Surface scuffs on body, no visible chips or cracks. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: c. 1830-1860 Location: HWAC# 58662 PLEASE

Lot: 4094 - Two Matching Amber Lightning Canning Jars with

Quart and half-gallon. Putnam 227 embossed on the bottom of the quart and Putnam 138 embossed on the bottom of the half-gallon. Both mint. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 56473 PLEASE ASK CONDITION QUESTIONS BEFORE

Lot: 4095 - Western Rail Road Co. of Alabama Pass, 1873

Pass No. 563 issued for 1873 to H.N. Hotchkiss of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. Signed by superintendent G.S. Foreacre. Black print, green background vignette. Locations printed in corner: Montgomery, Selma, West Point, and Columbus. Some

Lot: 4096 - Western Rail Road Co. of Alabama Pass, 1874

Pass No. 206, issued for 1874 to N.H. Hotchkiss, trav. agent for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. Signed by Chas. O. Ball, superintendent. Black print, red underprint. Soiling to front of pass, reverse mostly covered by paper residue. Created as

Lot: 4097 - Four Alabama Railroad Passes

1) Three are for the Alabama Great Southern Railroad Company. Issued 1925 and 1926 to W.R. Scott, president of the SP Lines, and 1935 to V.H. William, C&IM Railway. Some wear, overall a nice group. 2) 1925 pass for the Alabama and Vicksburg

Lot: 4098 - Four Mobile Railroad Passes

1) Three passes for the Mobile and Ohio Railroad Company. 1915, 1925, and 1926. The first is issued to RC Hebbs (GM of KC&M Railway). The latter two are issued to W.R. Scott, president of Southern Pacific Lines. The 1925 pass is heavily faded.

Lot: 4099 - Selma, Rome & Dalton Railroad Pass, 1876

Pass No. 486, issued to NH Hotchikiss (Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad) for the 1876 season. Signed by general superintendent M. Stenton. Printed by Hosford & Sons, NY. Reverse has glue residue. The Selma, Rome and Dalton Railroad Company was

Lot: 4100 - South & North Alabama Railroad Pass, 1876

No. 3007, issued for 1876 to N.H. Hotchkiss of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. Signed by DWC Rowland, general superintendent. Black print on light green cardstock. Glue residue on reverse. Chartered in 1854. Planned to have Louisville and

Lot: 4101 - Maricopa & Phoenix and Salt River Valley Railroad

No. 284, issued for 1897 to S.N. Baird. Account of EEMC Railway. Signed by the president, Masten. Printed on blue cardstock with red/orange print. Minor wear. Founded in 1886, completed in 1887. Connected Phoenix with Southern Pacific's Sunset Route

Lot: 4102 - Arizona Eastern Railroad Passes (1920 & 1924)

Two different: 1920 and 1924. Both are issued to W.R. Scott, president of the Southern Pacific Lines in Texas and Louisiana. Signed by two different presidents.Light soiling/toning. The Arizona Eastern Railway was chartered as the Gila Valley, Globe

Lot: 4103 - El Paso & Southwestern Railroad Co. Annual Pass

Lot of 4. Passes include 1913, two for 1918, and one for 1924. Three of the passes are issued to W.R. Scott (first as vp and GM for Southern Pacific Lines, then as president). The other pass is issued to A.W. Finn, Jr., Dist. Equip Supervisor for

Lot: 4104 - Ray & Gila Valley Railroad Company Annual Pass,

No. 134, issued for 1926 to W.R. Scott, Car, Five Officers & Employees, president of the Southern Pacific Lines in Texas. Signed by the vice-president. Very good condition. This railroad was started by the Ray Consolidated Copper Company in 1910

Lot: 4105 - Hudson River Lumber Co. Railway Pass, 1901,

One of the most attractive railroad passes we've come across. No. 817, issued for 1901 to Milton McMillan. Printed signature of general manager CB Sweet. Color vignette of pine cone with miniature locomotive scene inside. Reverse has large vignette

Lot: 4106 - Mill Valley & Mt. Tamalpais Scenic Railway Pass

Railway pass card for the Mill Valley & Mt. Tamalpais Scenic Railway, No.85, issued to MR. M. F.W. Thompson & wife (G.A., Chicago, R.I. & Pacific). Printed signature of the president. Countersigned by H. W. Carothers, General Manager on

Lot: 4107 - Mt. Tamalpais & Muir Woods Railway Annual Pass,

No. 67, issued to W.R. Scott, president of the Southern Pacific Lines in Texas for 1926. Signed by Harvey Petrie, president. Not signed on the reverse. Orange paper, red and black print. "The Crookedest Railroad in the World." Very good condition.

Lot: 4108 - San Francisco-Sacramento Railroad Co. Passes

Lot of 7. One issued 1920 to Mrs. W.R. Scott & maid (wife of Southern Pacific Railroad administrator). Plus six unissued Employee's Quarterly Passes for 1922. The trolley-wire-powered "South End" operated from Sacramento south through farmland,

Lot: 4109 - San Diego & Arizona Eastern Railway Co. Pass, 1937

No. 158. Issued for 1937 to Mr. N. Kinell, Asst. Genl. Pass. Agent for Southern Pacific Company. Signed by the president and general manger. Green with red and back print. Founded in 1906 as the San Diego & Arizona Railway (SD&A) by sugar

Lot: 4110 - Yosemite Transportation System Passes

Lot of 2: 1935-36 and 1937-8, both issued to N. Kinell and wife, asst. general passenger agent for Southern Pacific Company. Green and tan colored. Both countersigned by F. Morris. Signed by Kinell on reverses. Operated by Yosemite Park and Curry

Lot: 4111 - Three California Railroad Passes

1) 1918 for Sacramento Northern Railroad. Issued to W.R. Scott, federal manager of the Southern Pacific Lines & Western Pacific Railroad. 2) Sacramento Northern Railway. Issued 1939-40 to JJ Duggan, trainmaster for Western Pacific Railroad. 3)

Lot: 4112 - Rocky Mountain Parks Transportation Co. Pass, 1935

Rare Rocky Mountain National Park pass. No. 4628, issued for 1935 to N. Kinell, asst. GPA for Pacific Lines, Los Angeles. Signed by president Roe Emery. Signed by Kinell. Yellow pass. Very good condition. According to a 1935 brochure : "The trip

Lot: 4113 - Manitou & Pike's Peak Railway Co. Passes

Lot of 2. "Cog Wheel Route." This company was founded in 1889. Highest railway in North America by a considerable margin. It was built and is operated for the tourist trade. Included: 1906 and 1912 issued to F.W. Thompson, signed by C.W. Sells as

Lot: 4114 - Colorado & Southern Railway Co. Pass Collection

Lot of 7 different. Included: 1908 to FW Thompson, agent for St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad; 1920, 1924, 1925 to W.R. Scott, president of Southern Pacific; 1921 to LA Wood, general wire chief for CB&Q Railroad; 1938 to LA Anderson,

Lot: 4115 - Atlanta, Birmingham & Atlantic Railway Co. Passes

Lot of 4. Included: two different 1924 passes and a 1925 pass, all issued to W.R. Scott, President of the Southern Pacific Lines.All signed by B.L. Bugg, receiver. Plus one pass that says "annual passes, including car and party, will be honored for

Lot: 4116 - Central of Georgia Railway Passes

Lot of five. All are in excellent condition and issued to W. R. Scott, president of the Southern Pacific Railroad. 1932 pass issued to Mrs. E. C. Clark, wife of freight traffic manainter of the Minneapolis, Saint Paul & Sault Sainte Marie

Lot: 4117 - Chicago & North Western Railway Pass, 1882

Pass No. 5799 issued to N.H. Hotchkiss, car. agent for Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Co. Signed by general superintendent J.D. Layng. On the side it lists Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Dakota. Ornate logo and border. Black print

Lot: 4118 - Chicago, Burlington, & Quincy Railroad Pass, 1872

No. 756, issued to T.J. Charlesworth of the LJ&M Railway for the year 1872. Corporate signature of R. Hauis (?). Written in purple ink. Some stains/smudges. This name was adopted in 1856. First railroad in this line was the Aurora Branch Railroad

Lot: 4119 - Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway Pass, 1882,

No. C416, issued for 1882 to N.H. Hotchkiss, car agent for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. Signed by R.R. Cable, vice president and general manager. Three vignettes: Chicago bird's-eye, Rock Island, and Golden Gate sunrise. Printed on cardstock

Lot: 4120 - Wabash, Chester & Western Railroad Co. Pass, 1887

Pass No. 447, issued for 1887 to Chas. D Haines, president of the Seneca Falls & Cayuga Lake Railroad. Signed by vice-president Cole. Black print on yellow cardstock. Light wear. Founded in 1878. Ran northeasterly from Menard, near Chester, to

Lot: 4121 - Louisville, New Albany & Chicago Railway Pass,

No. 1807, issued to T.J. Charlesworth, superintendent of Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Co. Signed by general superintendent M Sloat. Yellow floral border, ornate logo. Some soiling. This line later became the Monon Railroad, operating

Lot: 4122 - Louisville, New Albany & Chicago Railway Pass,

No. 896, issued for 1877 to C.M. Higginson, passenger agent for C.B.& Q. RR. Signed by superintendent Jno. Day. Dark gray print on lighter gray background. Pass in very good condition. This line later became the Monon Railroad, operating within

Lot: 4123 - Chicago, Dubuque & Minnesota and Chicago, Clinton

No. 352, issued to NH Hotchkiss (Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad) for 1876. Signed by the receiver & general superintendent (Carvil?). Printed on green cardstock. Some glue residue on reverse. Successor to the Dubuque & Minnesota RR. The main

Lot: 4124 - Louisville, Cincinnati & Lexington Railroad Pass,

No. 427, issued for 1876 to N.H. Hotchkiss, freight solicitor of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. Signed by Geo. Macloud as general superintendent (and receiver). Vignette of locomotive right below logo. Tan cardstock with ornate border. Printed

Lot: 4125 - Five New Orleans Great Northern Railroad Company

All are issued to W.R. Scott, president of Southern Pacific Lines. One for New Orleans & Northeastern, 1926. Four for New Orleans Great Northern: Two for 1924, one 1925, and one for 1926. None are signed on the back by Scott. All have printed

Lot: 4126 - New Orleans, Mobile & Texas Railroad Pass, 1873

No. 1010, issued for 1873 to N.H. Hotchkiss, traveling agent for Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. Signed by general superintendent JH Scranton. Some wear to front. Reverse is largely covered by paper residue. This was an 1873 reorganization of the New

Lot: 4127 - Six Louisiana Railroad Passes

Two different lines. All issued to W.R. Scott, president of Souther Pacific Lines (Louisiana and Texas). 1) Three passes for the Louisiana Railway & Navigation Company of Texas. Two for 1926 and one for 1925. None are endorsed on the back. 2)

Lot: 4128 - Three Ann Arbor Railroad Company Passes

Three different. Issued for 1920 to C.D. Trueman (supt. of stations & transfers of Pennsylvania System); 1924 and 1926 to W.R. Scott, president of Southern Pacific Lines (Texas & Louisiana). Different corporate signatures on each pass. Very

Lot: 4129 - Chicago & Michigan Lake Shore Railroad Clergyman's

Clergyman's Half-Fare Ticket issued to James Draper for one-half regular fare for 1872. Printed and live signature of AH Morrison, general manager. Light wear. Operated in Michigan between 1869 and 1878, and as the Chicago and West Michigan Railroad

Lot: 4130 - Michigan Central Railroad Passes incl. 1859

Lot of five passes. Best is an 1859 pass issued to Hon. B.F. Graves. Signed by General Supt. Rice. The other 4 passes are 1918 to W.R. Scott, vp and gm of Southern Pacific Co.; two 1920 passes (C.D. Trueman on Penn. System and Mrs. E.G. Clark, wife

Lot: 4131 - Michigan Southern & Northern Indiana Railroad Pass

Lot of 6 passes. Five are issued for 1868 and one is issued for 1869. Five different styles! Two of them have a map on the reverse! All list Charles Hatch as general superintendent. Good to very good condition. In 1855, the Michigan Southern Railroad

Lot: 4132 - Pere Marquette Railway Company Passes (5)

Lot of five different years. Issued 1918, 1920, 1924, 1925, and 1926. Four are issued to W.R. Scott, president of the Southern Pacific Lines (none signed by Scott), and one is issued to C.D. Trueman, Pennsylvania System (signed on back). The 1918

Lot: 4133 - Five Wabash Railway Company Passes

Lot of 5 passes. Included: 1918 to W.R .Scott, VP of Souther Pacific Co.; 1920 to C.D. Trueman, supt. stations & transfers for Pennsylvania System; 1925 to Scott; and two different style passes that aren't dated with a printed message from

Lot: 4134 - Vicksburg and Meridian Railroad Company Pass, 1873

Pass No. 938, issued for 1873 to N.H. Hotchkiss of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. Signed by E.F. Raworth as general superintendent. Some soiling on front. Reverse of pass covered by paper residue. An 1867 reorganization of the Southern Railroad

Lot: 4135 - Vicksburg and Meridian Railroad Company Pass, 1874

No. 562, issued for 1874 to N.H. Hotchkiss, traveling agent for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. Signed by E.F. Raworth, general superintendent. Soiling to front. Reverse has paper and glue residue. An 1867 reorganization of the Southern Railroad

Lot: 4136 - Vicksburg and Meridian Railroad Company Pass, 1876

Pass No. 431 issued for 1876 to N.H. Hotchkiss, freight solicitor for C&O. RR. Signed by E.F. Raworth, general superintendent. Stains on front. Glue residue on reverse. An 1867 reorganization of the Southern Railroad of Mississippi. Reorganized

Lot: 4137 - Two Mississippi Railroad Passes

1) Mississippi & Tennessee Railroad. Number 533 in 1887 to Charles D Haines, President of the Seneca Falls & Cayuga Lake RR. Excellent condition. The Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad was constructed in the 1850s, connecting Memphis,

Lot: 4138 - St. Louis & Iron Mountain Railroad Pass, 1874

No. 937, issued for 1874 to J.B. Gallaway esq., purchasing agent for the Memphis & Charleston Railway. Signed by the general superintendent, T. McKissock. Some soiling front and back. Designed to deliver iron ore from Iron Mountain, Missouri to

Lot: 4139 - Three Nevada Northern Railway Company Passes

Lot of 3 different years. All are issued to W.R. Scott (or his wife), president of Southern Pacific Lines. Included: 1919, 1925, and 1926. Signed by three different vice presidents. Generally very good condition. The Nevada Northern Railway operated

Lot: 4140 - Tonopah & Goldfield Railroad Co. Pass Collection

Six passes issued for 1918, 1920, 1924 (2), 1925, and 1926. Five are issued to W.R. Scott, president of the Southern Pacific Lines. The other pass is issued to M.F. Van Horn, dist. passenger rep. for Pennsylvania Railroad System. Half have preprinted

Lot: 4141 - Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad Pass Trio

Lot of 3. 1) 1918 pass for Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad / Death Valley Railroad. Issued to W.R. Scott, vice-president and gen. manager of Southern Pacific Company. Printed signature of John Ryan as president and general manager. Countersigned by

Lot: 4142 - Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburgh Railway Co. Pass,

Very nice looking pictorial pass with two vignettes (locomotive and factory) printed on blue cardstock. No. 1194, issued for 1886 to T.C. Power, general manager of the Benton Transportation Co. Signed by the general manager. Very good condition.

Lot: 4143 - Three New York Railroad Passes

1) Two different for The New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad Company. Issued in 1897 and 1900, signed by different presidents. Green and purple cardstock. Some toning/soiling. 2) A 1918 pass for The New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad.

Lot: 4144 - Two 1880s Troy & Boston Railroad Passes

Issued in 1886 and 1887 to the same person, Charles Haines, president of the Hoosac Valley RR Co. Both are signed by the superintendent (illegible). Some soiling. One pass has paper loss on the reverse. Chartered April 4, 1848 and organized November

Lot: 4145 - West Shore Railroad Pass, 1888

New York Central an Hudson River Railroad lessee. Pass No. A2870, issued for 1888 to JH Whiteman, agent for New Jersey Short Line. Signed by general manager J.D. Layng. Ornate logo, Brown and tan print. ABN. Some soiling. Ran from Weehawken, New

Lot: 4146 - Raleigh and Gaston & Raleigh and Augusta Air Line

No. 643, issued in 1874 to N.H. Hatchkiss, esq., traveling agent for C & O RR. Signed by supt. Andrews. Pass is soiled, and has paper/glue residue on reverse from being attached in an album. The Raleigh and Augusta Air Line Railroad dates back to

Lot: 4147 - Cleveland, Mt. Vernon & Delaware Railroad Pass,

Includes Massillon Branch. Pass No. 308, issued for 1876 to N.H. Hotchkiss, freight solicitor for Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. Printed signature of G.A. Jones, superintendent. Countersigned by J.A. Tilton. Reverse has significant glue and paper

Lot: 4148 - Two 1870s Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati &

1) Low No. 7 issued for 1873 to W.W. Walker, chief engineer for Burl. C.R. & Minn. RR. Printed signature of general superintendent E.J. Flint. Red font. Some soiling. 2) 1876 issued pass to N.H. Hotchkiss, freight solicitor for Chesapeake &

Lot: 4149 - Oregon Pacific & Eastern Railway Co. Pass, 1930

Low No. 9 issued for 1930 to Ward Wire, general manager of the Colorado & Wyoming Railroad. Printed signature and live signature of president S.M. Anderson. Printed on light brown paper. Very good condition. Began in 1904 as the Oregon and

Lot: 4150 - Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railway Co.

Special Ticket (United State Military Ticket crossed out). Destination is New York. Good over Penn. Central Railroad from Pittsburgh to Harrisburg for two officers and men. Stamped on reverse June 14, 1866. 2 x 3" Some glue residue on the reverse.

Lot: 4151 - Youghiogheny Railroad Pass, 1886, w/ Map on

No. 998, issued for 1886 to Chas. D. Haines, president of the Seneca Falls Cayuga Railroad. Signed by John F. Wolf as superintendent. Reverse of the pass has a map of the line! Some toning. From the map, the line appeared to run from Sewickley to

Lot: 4152 - Old Colony & Newport Railway Company Pass, 1872

Issued to TJ Charlesworth, supt. of Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway. Signed by J.R. Kendrick, superintendent. Ornate logo and border. Some soiling and toning. Formed in July 1863 when the Old Colony and Fall River Railroad merged with the

Lot: 4153 - 1876 Galveston, Houston and Henderson Railroad

Number 635 to N. H. Hotchkiss, solicitor of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. 1876. Front is in excellent condition with one small stain middle right. Back has paper glued to it. Major Hotchkiss was born in New York and moved to Virginia about

Lot: 4154 - Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio Railway Pass

Number 444 to NH Hotchkiss, travel agent, Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. Major Hotchkiss was born in New York and moved to Virginia about 1859. He is best known for his connection with the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. He was a pioneer in the

Lot: 4155 - Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railway

Number 434 to NH Hotchkiss, solicitor, Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. 1876. Major Hotchkiss was born in New York and moved to Virginia about 1859. He is best known for his connection with the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. He was a pioneer in the

Lot: 4156 - Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway Co. Pass

Lot of 18 passes. Includes: 1908, 1911, 1912, 1915, two 1916 (one with stamp), 1917, 1920, 1922, two different 1923, two different 1924, three different 1925, and two different 1926. Range in condition from good to very good. Created in 1865 as the

Lot: 4157 - Quanah, Acme & Pacific Railway Company Pass, 1926

No. A68, issued for 1926 to W.R. Scott (president of Southern Pacific Lines in Texas & Louisiana), car officers and employees. Signed by the president, Samuel Lazarus. Very good condition. Consisted of a 117-mile (188 km) freight railroad that

Lot: 4158 - Texas & Pacific Railway Annual Pass (1876)

No. 635, issued for 1876 to N.H. Hotchkiss, freight solicitor for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. Signed by George Noble as general superintendent. Printed on cardstock by Hosford & Sons, NY. Some soiling to front. Large area of paper residue

Lot: 4159 - Texas Railroad Pass Collection

Lot of 8 passes from 3 railroads. All but one of the passes are issued to W.R. Scott, president of the Southern Pacific Lines. 1) Three passes for the Texas Midland Railroad: 1924, 1925, and 1926. 2) Four passes for the Texas & Pacific Railway

Lot: 4160 - Utah, Idaho Central Railroad Company Pass, 1918

Cache Valley Route. Pass No. A25, issued for 1918 to W.R. Scott, vice-president & general manager of Southern Pacific Company. Printed signature of M.S. browning, president, counter-signed by W.A. Whitney. Very good condition. This railroad was

Lot: 4161 - Six Utah Railroad Passes

Six passes from three different Utah rails. All but one are issued to W.R. Scott, president of Southern Pacific Lines (he does not sign the back of any). The other pass is issued to JP Bowers, agent for the Oregon Short Line Railroad Co. Included:

Lot: 4162 - Burlington & Lamoille Railroad Pass, 1887

No. 1251, issued to Chas. D. Haines, general manager of the Seneca Falls & Cayuga Lake Railroad. Printed signature of the general manager, DC Linsley. Good condition. The Burlington & Lamoille Railroad Company was chartered to connect the

Lot: 4163 - Vermont Central Railroad Pass, 1872, Pictorial

No. 1937, issued for 1872 to Charlesworth, supt. of Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway. Signed by J. Gregory Smith, president. Reverse of pass has vignette of train station and lists all of the leased lines of the company. Soiling, ink is

Lot: 4164 - Orange, Alexandria & Manassas Railroad Co. Pass,

Reconstruction era pass for this railroad that was very important during the Civil War. Pass issued in 1869 to Hotchkiss, traveling agent for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. Signed by H.W. Vadengrift, chief engineer and general superintendent.

Lot: 4165 - Three Norfolk Railroad Passes

1) Norfolk & Western, 1924. To WR Scott president of the Southern Pacific. Signed by Scott on reverse. 2) Same. 1925. Not signed by Scott. This was an 1881 reorganized railroad of the Atlantic, Mississippi & Ohio. 3) Norfolk Southern

Lot: 4166 - Petersburg Railroad Pass, 1874

Issued for 1874 to N.H. Hotchkiss, traveling agent for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. Signed by Reuben Raglans, president. Black print, gray border. Reverse has paper and glue residue. Ran from Petersburg, Virginia, south to Garysburg, North

Lot: 4167 - 1870s Richmond, Virginia Railroad Pass Collection

Lot of 5 different. 1) Richmond, York River, and Chesapeake Rail Road & Connecting Steamers. Pass No. 17 issued for 1873 to S.F. McCricle. Signed by the superintendent. Reverse of pass has paper residue. 2) Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac

Lot: 4168 - Richmond & Alleghany Railroad Pictorial Pass, 1882

Pass No. 1028 issued for 1882 to N.H. Hotchkiss (Car Agent, C&O RR). Signed by Decatur Axtell, general manager. Black print on green cardstock with archway/canyon vignette. Reverse is covered by paper and glue residue from being attached in an

Lot: 4169 - Richmond & Danville Railroad Company Pass, 1874

Richmond & Danville, Piedmont & North Carolina Railroads. No. 82, issued for 1874 to N.H. Hotchkiss, C&O R.R. Signed by T.M.R. Talcott, engineer and superintendent. Ornate logo and border, blue underprint. Soiling. Reverse has paper

Lot: 4170 - Richmond Transfer Company Pass, 1874, No. 1

Pass No. 1, issued for 1874 to N.H. Hotchkiss. Signed by president A.W. Garber. Red and green print with ornate border. Some soiling. Reverse has paper residue. According to "The City on the James," 1893, the company "of which Major A. W. Garber is

Lot: 4171 - Richmond, Fredricksburg & Potomac Railroad and

Richmond, Fred'burg & Potomac Railroad and Potomac Steamboat Companies. No. 599, issued for 1872 in Richmond to N.H. Hotchkiss, traveling agent, C&O RR Co. Signed by the general superintendent and general ticket agent. Black print, light

Lot: 4172 - Richmond, York River & Chesapeake Railroad Co.

Issued to H.N. Hotchkiss, traveling agent for the Ches. & Ohio R.R. Signed by superintendent Folger. "Good on Connecting Steamers." Green and orange print. Reverse has paper & glue residue. The Richmond and York River Railroad Company was

Lot: 4173 - Rainier National Park Company Railroad Passes

Lot of 4 different color passes. Issued 1934-35, 1936-37, 1937-38, and 1938-39. All are issued to N. Kinell, A.G.P.A. for Southern Pacific Lines. All have printed signature of the general manager and are counter-signed by F.R. Griffiths. Wear to

Lot: 4174 - Abilene & Southern Railway Company

This is a nice grouping. Passes number 5 in 1925 and 1926 were issued to the president of the Southern Pacific. It was for himself, officers and employees. Also are 1925 and 1926 passes made out to W. R. Scott for personal use. The Abilene and

Lot: 4175 - Gulf Coast Railroad Passes

Lot of three. 1-2) Two Gulf Coast Lines. 1920 and 1924. One made out to the president of the Southern Pacific, W. R. Scott. One to his wife and maid. The Gulf Coast Lines was the name of a railroad system comprising three principal railroads, as well

Lot: 4176 - Passes for Thirteen Different Southern Railroads

1) Houston & Brazos Valley Ry. 1920. 2) Tremont & Gulf Railway. 1924. 3) Trinity & Brazos Valley Railway. 1926. 4) Abilene & Southern Railway. 1924. Number 5. Condition issues. 5) Missouri-Kansas-Texas Lines. 1927. 6) Arkansas Harbor

Lot: 4177 - Central Pacific Railroad Dutch Flat Stereoview by

Central Pacific Railroad series #63 Dutch Flat, Placer County 67 miles from Sacramento ñ The Dutch Flat district is located in north-central Placer County. The district includes the Alta and Towle areas. The Gold Run district was just to the

Lot: 4178 - Sutro Railroad Letters

Fabulous lot: Charles Crocker signature, Sutro Railroad and Sutro Baths letterheads, and an agreement between the railroad and baths, etc. Lot of three. 1) 1893 small letterhead from the Southern Pacific Railroad. From Charles Crocker. He tells Mr.W.

Lot: 4179 - Sutro Railroad Articles of Incorporation: Framed

Large, beautifully framed piece with the seal of The Great State of California Has the original frame (26" x 32.5") that hung in Sutro's Office. The Sutro Baths, a remarkable wood-and-glass Victorian confection at the western edge of the continent

Lot: 4180 - Shasta Springs with Steam Train: Mounted Photo

Fabulous photo of a steam train (steam coming from engine) in front of the small Shasta Springs stop. Large geyser is seen on the right side of the photo. Light, but very strong contrast. 4.5 x 6.5". 7 x 9" mounted. Photo by Waters. (Potter

Lot: 4181 - Map of California Railroads

Lithography by Rand, McNally showing dozens of California railroads, hand color, page 325. The railroads are from Oregon Border to Mexican Border. On Mat Boards (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats are shipped then additional shipping may

Lot: 4182 - Jacksonville, Tampa, & Key West Railway Co. Bond,

Pristine $1,000 bond no. 3307 issued in 1890. All 100 coupons still attached. Vignette of railroad station and locomotives, as well as allegorical vignettes incorporated into the border. Signed by president Robert Coleman and the company secretary

Lot: 4183 - Two different Atlanta and Charlotte Air Line

Same stock certificate, two decades apart in two different colors. 1) Brown. 1882. Number 735 fro 20 shares to Sherburne Waddell and George Campbell. Signed by CH Pierce(?) and S Winner(?). 2) Green. Number 659 for 100 shares to Henry M Alexander et

Lot: 4184 - Georgia Rail Road & Banking Company Stock

Number 1711 for 75 shares to Robert Stafford & Andrew J Miller trustees HB Bacon. Signed by cashier JW WIlde and Jonathan P King. April 13, 1849. Incorporated in 1833. Simple very early steam locomotive pulling cars through the countryside as a

Lot: 4185 - Two Marietta Railroad: Stock and Bond

1) Stock certificate for the Marietta & North Georgia Rail-Road. Number 189 for 34 shares to George R Eager. Signed on back by Eager. He was involved with other railroads. Signed by secretary HH Hammett (?) and HM (?) president. 1887. Pinholes.

Lot: 4186 - Marietta & North Georgia Rail-Road Company Stock

Number 89 for 160 shares to George R Eager in 1883. Signed by HH Hamett and Joseph Kinsey. Eagr signs on back. Some pinholes and light discoloration. Nice condition. The Ellijay Railroad, incorporated in 1854, was the first attempt to build a rail

Lot: 4187 - Marietta and North Georgia Railway Company Gold

Number 616. $1000. Not signed. 92 of 100 coupons still attached. Issued? Three pages each measuring 15 x 9". Vignette of Steam Locomotive in front of a southern depot. The Ellijay Railroad, incorporated in 1854, was the first attempt to build a rail

Lot: 4188 - Tallulah Falls Railway Co. Stock Certificate &

Lot of 2. 1) Inc. in Georgia. No. 15, issued for 164 shares to the company president on Aug. 12th, 1902. Punch cancelled thru signatures. Three small vignettes: locomotive, arm with hammer, and ship. Folds, toning. 2) The Tallulah Falls Railroad: A

Lot: 4189 - 2 Georgia and 1 South Carolina Railroad Line Bonds

1) Bond number 6!!! For the Blue Ridge Railroad Company. 1869. Signed by president JW Harrison and secretary (?). It was originally chartered in 1852 as the Blue Ridge Railroad of South Carolina. Original plans were for a 195-mile line from Anderson,

Lot: 4190 - Columbus Southern Railway Company Stock

SHORT-LIVED railroad stock. Number 26 (EARLY) for 100 shares to the Chattahoochie Brick Company. Signed by president TJ Pearce and treasurer Cliff B Grimes(?). Vignette of a steam train going under a bridge. Some small edge issues. Large rip top

Lot: 4191 - Savannah & Charleston Railroad Bond

1871. $500. Number 113. Coupons 6 through 40 attached. Signed by S Fisher, Alexander Isaacs, HH Delury, Edwin Bates, and A Simoreds (names are approximate). The last three were trustees. Early! Chartered in 1854, this 120-mile line was built to serve

Lot: 4192 - Three Georgia Railroad Stocks and Bonds

1) Marietta and North Georgia Railway Company stock. 1887. $1,000. Sold in England. English one pound and English one shilling imprinted. Number 643. Coupons 9 through 100 still attached. Vignette of train at station. Very nice condition. 2) Unused

Lot: 4193 - Two Different Central of Georgia Railway Company

1) Number 3442. Coupons 22 to 50 attached. Seriously hole punch cancelled. Brown. 2) Green. Number 43 to Robert F Fleming (through executrix Mary E Fleming. No coupons. 1900. Names heavily hole punched. Edge issues. The Central Rail Road & Canal

Lot: 4194 - Map of Illinois Railroad by Counties, 1883

Illinois by Rand, McNally engraved & hand colored by Lithography. Vivid colors, very good condition. On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats are shipped then additional shipping may apply. 17" x 28". (Potter Collection) Date: 1883

Lot: 4195 - Kansas Railroad & Express Map, 1888, Rand McNally

Double Truck, hand color, pp. 280 & 281, of Railroad & Express map by Lithography. Good condition. On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats are shipped then additional shipping may apply. 27.25" x 20.5". (Potter Collection)

Lot: 4196 - Allen Mining, Smelting & Railroad Company Stock

Extremely early and very rare. Number 4 for 1,000 shares to WA Gibb in 1906. Signed by secretary Gibb and president Leach. Incorporated in Georgia. Three mining vignettes: two underground and one of a mill with a coal train rolling past. Newspapers

Lot: 4197 - Map of Railroads & Express in Michigan, 1895

Map color & litho by Rand,McNally, double truck, with list of Michigan Southern Peninsula Railroads from Ann Arbor American Express to Watervale & Benzie Valley. Excellent condition. On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats are

Lot: 4198 - Corbett - Fitzsimmons Fight and the V&T Railroad

This has three histories: boxing, film making, and railroad. One is the fight itself. On January 29, 1897 Nevada Legalized prize fighting. In March the Corbett - Fitzsimmons fight was headed to Carson City. It was the most anticipated prize fight of

Lot: 4199 - Billhead for Engines for the Sutro Tunnel

1873 pictorial letterhead from Porter, Bell & Company. Picture of steam engine. Sent to Adolph Sutro in Washington D. C. This would be the time frame where he was trying to get federal funds to build the Sutro Tunnel. Sutro seems to have given

Lot: 4200 - Las Vegas and Tonopah Railroad Brochure

Time table, officers, and description of route through Johnnie, Beatty, Rhyolite, Bonnie Clare, Goldfield, Tonopah, Manhattan and Hornsilver in 1910. Pictures of the Montgomery Shoshone Mine in Rhyolite and burros ready to head out! Full page map on

Lot: 4201 - Carson & Colorado Railroad Timetable 1882, Reprint

Reprint. Time Table No. 7. To Take Effect on Sunday, Jan. 1st, 1882. For the Government and Information of Employees only. Lists times and stops for the Bodie & Candelaria Express and the San Francisco & Virginia Express. Starts at Mound

Lot: 4202 - Comstock & Other Nevada Railroad Ephemera

Lot of 6 items from three different Nevada railroads: Nevada & California; Carson & Colorado; and Virginia & Truckee. 1) Rare letterhead from the General Office of the Nevada and California Railroad. Dateline Reno, Nev., June 18, 1889.

Lot: 4203 - Two Virginia & Truckee Railroad Pay Cards, 1876

1) Issued Aug. 23rd, 1876 for a laborer who worked 19 days ($3 a day). Signed by the foreman. Back says E.J. Page, Va. Yard Gang. 2) Issued Oct. 5th, 1876 to L.B. Dukes for work as a brick mason ($6 per day). Signed by foreman White. Reverse says for

Lot: 4204 - Virginia & Truckee Railroad Press Book from 1884

One of a kind! A full 498 copies of letters sent by D. A. Bender to various people as secretary of the VIrginia & Truckee Railroad. Includes an index. Letters went to people like H. J. Crocker (13 letters, San Francisco businessman, West Side

Lot: 4205 - Nevada Railroad & County Map, 1881

Beautiful hand colored double truck map of Nevada Railroad & County Map. Color & Lithography by Cram. Excellent condition. On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats are shipped then additional shipping may apply. 17.5 x 23.

Lot: 4206 - Plans for Western Pacific Railroad Depots in the

Three blueprints, 18 x 24" made for the Western Pacific Railway of a standard 20 x 32' Desert Depot. This standard plan was to be made for the stops between San Francisco and Salt Lake, thus the Nevada desert. These three blueprints include side

Lot: 4207 - Rand McNally Pocket Railroad Map of Nevada, 1905

12pp with index with foldout map. Front cover has a 1" tear (Potter Collection) Date: 1905 Location: Nevada HWAC# 58950

Lot: 4208 - New Jersey Junction Railroad Co. Bond Signed by

Very rare autograph piece! $1,000 bond No. 2015 issued June 30th, 1886. Signed by the president, vice-president and secretary on the front. Signed by J.P. Morgan and Harris C. Fahnestock as trustees on the reverse. Vignette of ships in harbor on

Lot: 4209 - Framed Boston Hartford & Erie RR Bond with RNs

Large framed bond, 18 x 23". $1000 bond signed by John S. Eldridge as presidient. W.(?) N. Otis as Secretary.The bond is very attractive with three imprinted revenue stamps, W2 in the middle, flanked by two P5 Date: Location: New York, New York HWAC#

Lot: 4210 - Panama Rail Road Co. Revenue-Imprinted Stock

No. 15875, issued for 10 shares to Jno. O'Brien on Sept. 26, 1872. Signed by president Moadley and treasurer Smith. Punch cancelled. Printed by Benjamin F. Corlies, 31 Nassau St., N.Y. No vignette. Scott Type T4 revenue imprint (not punched). 4 x

Lot: 4211 - Panama Railroad Company Ephemera

Lot of 3. 1) Revenue imprinted stock certificate issued in 1872. Punch and stamp cancelled. RN-U1. 2) Commissary Store coupon book issued in 1907 by the Isthmian Canal Commission. Eleven coupons remaining. Heavy wear. 3) Black and white photograph of

Lot: 4212 - Railroad & County Map of Oregon, 1891

By Rand, McNally & Co.'s, 1891 with Color by Lithography. Hand colored, double truck, pp. 318,319. Has Oregon Railroads from Astoria & Portland to Washington & Columbia River. Norther Pacific Express. Very good condition. On Mat Board

Lot: 4213 - Set of First and Second of Exchanges; South

Although common, this is a change to own both the first and second of exchanges! The real beginning of the railroads into southwestern Georgia officially began with the South Western Railroad, its charter being granted in December 1845. Like many of

Lot: 4214 - Two Blue Ridge Railroad Bonds

Both are for $1000 or 200 pounds. (Must be seeking overseas help!) One has an imprinted $1.00 RN on obverse and two impinted 5 cent RN's on reverse! We do not see this very often. 1) Number 890 signed by president JW Harrison and secretary

Lot: 4215 - Morgan's Louisiana & Texas RR and Steamship

This is one piece. The paper has a broadside 12 x 9.5". It advertises the Steamship rout from New York to New Orleans that runs semi-weekly. THe stamers include the Algiers, Morgan City, Lone Star, Excelsior, Chalmette, and New York. The train runs

Lot: 4216 - Waumandee Railway Co. Book of Stock Certs

Hardcover stock certificate book of unissued certificates. #60-83. (Potter Collection) Date: c. 1900's Location: Wisconsin HWAC# 571547

Lot: 4217 - Northern Pacific Railroad Booklet w/ Map, 1869

This 1869 booklet is 9 x 6" and 31 pages long. "The Policy of Extending Government Aid to Additional Railroads to the Pacific" This report was made by William Stewart to the United States Senate. It was written in aid of the proposed Northern Pacific

Lot: 4218 - American Railway Express Sign

American Railway Express wood sign, 10.5" x 70". Fabulous condition. The Railway Express Agency (REA) was a national monopoly set up by the United States federal government in 1917. Rail express services provided small package and parcel

Lot: 4219 - Historic Railroad Resource: "Valuable Extinct

This 1927 lists securities that still have value, but are no longer functioning. Although, it includes many types of companies, railroads must be 90% of those listed. A small example found by randomly opening to a page include: Caezenovia &

Lot: 4220 - Two Antique Men's Railroad Pocket Watches

1) Hamilton 992, 21 jewels, visible back, working Railway pocket watch. 2) Illinois Watch Co large men's Railway pocket watch. Date: Location: HWAC# 58804

Lot: 4221 - Large Railroad Lamp

Railroad lamp with large reflector and glass globe. 15" x 12" (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 56507

Lot: 4222 - Railroad or Outside Wick Lamps (2)

2 glass globe wick lamps with handles. Belknap Hardware(missing top hang tab), and Ham's Advance with brass base. Both 14" tall. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 56524

Lot: 4223 - Sketch of the Life of General John W. Geary

"A sketch of the early life and of the civil and military services of Maj. Gen. John W. Geary, candidate of the National Union Party for governor of Pennsylvania. 1866". Condition: Fair. Philadelphia: King & Baird, 1866. Campaign pamphlet. 32

Lot: 4224 - Map of Florida During the Civil War

Map with Topography, Battlefield, Forts & Military Routes & Railroads are Identified.Hand colored, double truck. On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats are shipped then additional shipping may apply. 29" x 18.5" (Potter

Lot: 4225 - 1862 'Due 10' Atlanta Cover to Dahlonega, Georgia

Confederate States October 2, 1862 Atlanta Cover. Stamped with 'DUE 10.' Addressed to Miss Fannie Boyd of Dahlonega, Ga. Letters have surfaced from Fannie Boyd of Dahlonega to here father Colonel Wier Boyd. This very well may have held a letter from

Lot: 4226 - Civil War Letter from Castle Hill (Postmarked

Dated April 25, 1862. Addressed to Isaac Cowl of Dahlonega. Letter sheet. 2+ pages of great content. "Back to use of flax and hemp so that slaves will be of little value....", The condition of the country is deplorable...", "I sent yesterday to (?)

Lot: 4227 - Manuscript Dahlonega Cover with large Advertising

Addressed to the Honorable A. H. Stephens of Georgia at Washington City, D. C. Back has a note in pen stating this cover came from "David W. Lewis of Dahlonega, Georgia / January 17, 1874 / Acknowledges receipt of the Civil Rights speeches sent him

Lot: 4228 - Five Confederate Stamped Envelopes

Five different stamps and combinations. All addressed to Isaac Cowl of Dahlonega. Cowl was a mining man and owned a one fourth interest in lot of land number seven hundred and nine fifth district first section of Lumpkin County. 1) Ten cent green die

Lot: 4229 - Confederate States Mail Line, 1865

Dated March 17, 1865 (Lee's surrender at Appomattox was on April 9th). The run was from Thomasville, Georgia to Monticello, Florida. On that day two seats were purchased: by Whitmore and Camel(?). Minor folds and some toning. (Potter Collection)

Lot: 4230 - Georgia Civil War Books (4)

4 hardcovers. The Battle of Atlanta and the Georgia Campaign by Key, Rebel Georgia by Boney, The McCook-Stoneman Raid by Mathews, Charged with Treason by Hitt. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: Georgia HWAC# 58608

Lot: 4231 - Fort Dodge, Iowa Correspondence

Two letters, two letters with covers and one cover addressed to Fort Dodge. Much of the content is personal, but as always there are gems. "The most of Company A have returned home. Capt. [George] Ringland arrived here a short time since , but I

Lot: 4232 - Ohio River Civil War Letter with Great Content

Dated May 18, 1862, Comes with a cover with a double circle Cairo Illinois postmark. Countryside is beautiful. Lt. Wilkins would not mind coming back when the war was over. We expect to be fired on before we reach our destination of Pittsburg

Lot: 4233 - Six Civil War Steamboat Bills of Lading

These paddle wheels sailed from Natchez to Vicksburg, Roberts to New Orleans and Robinson to New Orleans. Steam boats (as they were called on the documents) included Natchez, Roberts, Roberts, Sallie Robinson, etc. Loaded with cotton, sugar,

Lot: 4234 - Charles Johnson, United States Colored Troops,

IN 1867 Charles Johnson or Greenville, Maryland has appeared in front of a Notary Public to ascertain he is the Charles Johnson of Company K of the 39th Regiment of the U. S. C. T. (United States Colored Troops). His identity is sworn by Lloyd Banks

Lot: 4235 - Civil War Soldier's Letter Describing the Battle

Great Civil War letter! The Battle of New Berne was fought on 14 March 1862, near the city of New Bern, North Carolina, as part of the Burnside Expedition of the American Civil War. The US Army's Coast Division, led by Brigadier General Ambrose

Lot: 4236 - Civil War Patriotic Cover with handwritten "Death

This envelope has a lot going for it. 1) Handwritten "Lairdsville / June 20." It is addressed to Bouckville in New York, so I assume this must be the New York, Lairdsville. 2) Hand cancelled stamp. 3) "Death to Traitors" is written above the American

Lot: 4237 - Civil War Books (3)

1 paperback & 2 hardback books of the Civil War. 1)A Long Shadow Jefferson Davis and the Final Days of the Confederacy by Michael B. Ballard. About 200 pp. 2)Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation the End of Slavery in America, Allen C. Guelzo, 332

Lot: 4238 - 1863 Confederate Loan - Framed

Criswell Number 73. Lithographer B. Duncan. $500. Number issued - 2,484. Issued January 15, 1863. Number 440. $500. Due the first day of January, 1880. Entered by LBG and recorded by JNW(?). 18 coupons attached. Edge issues. Some foxing. Hunter

Lot: 4239 - Southern Express Company: Richmond to Jackson

This express package was at risk. General Sherman had just entered Atlanta and destroyed its railroads and warehouses. Within the month he would be in Savannah. The Rebel army in Tennessee is about to be crushed. Richmond is under siege! This package

Lot: 4240 - Confederate States of America Bond, 1862, Richmond

Authorized by the Act of Congress C.S.A. of August 18, 1861. $500 bond issued Nov. 1, 1862 in Richmond. Allegorical vignette. 21 coupons remaining. Many folds and creases, some staining & foxing, wear to edges. Please inspect. (Al Adams Gold Rush

Lot: 4241 - Commissioning Certificate of Brigadier General

John Wynn Davidson (August 14, 1825 ñ June 26, 1881) was a brigadier general in the United States Army during the American Civil War and an American Indian fighter. In 1866, he received Brevet grade appointments as a major general of volunteers

Lot: 4242 - Civil War Letter Written from the Camp at White

This is a three page letter (7 x 4.5") from a soldier, L. N. Pollack to Miss Anna. Written on June 13, 1864. "P. S. The boys are all well. We are laying within twenty miles of RIchmond. We have marching orders but I don't know where we are going."He

Lot: 4243 - Illustrated Civil War Letter Sheet and a Civil War

1) Patriotic Civil War Letter sheet with large American flag and quote on "And the Star Spangled Banner in triumph shall wave o'er the land of the Free and the home of the Brave." Written from Apple Creek. Beginning of letter is very faded over the

Lot: 4244 - Two Civil War Letters

1) Patriotic (roughly torn) cover with patriotic American Flag stationary. "What exciting times we are having in the usually quiet United States. Brother fighting against brother. It seems dreadful this Civil War, yet I wouldn't stop it now if I

Lot: 4245 - Ten Patriotic Civil War Covers

All pictorial. 1) Includes a nice Major General Fremont pictorial by Magee. Rare Boson received postmark . Strong. Stamped 'PAID'. 2) Old Point Comfort, Elizabeth City County, Virginia. General Mansfield by Magee. Others include, "Oh! Massa Jeff, dis

Lot: 4246 - Union Soldier CDV Collection

Lot of fifteen. Includes General Jack McDowell by Brady, Major General Sheridan (condition issues), Lt. Hunter by JH Heering of San Jose, Major General George Thomas, General E Sumner, Major General Winfield Hancock, Major General Darius Couch,

Lot: 4247 - Union Soldier Cabinet Cards (2)

Union soldier with sword by Naughton, Champaign, Ills. c. 1864. Studio pose of a Corporal probably from Fort Omaha with C 2 and crossed rifle insignia on his cap, by McKay, Omaha, NE (Potter Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 58945

Lot: 4248 - Civil War Artifacts Display

Approx 12" x 18" plastic/wood display case with Civil War artifacts including a bullet embedded in wood found in Bentonville, NC, a soldier's pocket knife, Minnie Balls and buckshot, 2 Eagle Buttons, 2 grape shot, 4 3 ring bullets-one spent. (Al

Lot: 4249 - Collection of Civil War Battlefield Bullets of New

The New Market, Va. battle of May 15, 1864 was a defeat of Union forces. The Confederate Army used cadets from nearby Virginia Military Institute VMI to supplement their seasoned troop line. These artifacts from the New Market battle are as follows:

Lot: 4250 - Life & Death in Rebel Prisons First Edition

This is a first edition copy of Robert H. Kellogg's Life and Death in Rebel Prisons. The account is taken from Kellogg's journal that he kept while a prisoner at Andersonville. Volume shows its age, with some torn pages and ragged edges. In poor

Lot: 4251 - Battles of the American Civil War (9) Books

9 hardback books depicting battles & campaigns of the Civil War: 1) Battles of the American Civil War by Jonathan Sutherland (paperback, 2002); 2)The Taking of Texas by Franklin Madis (c.2002); 3) The Battle of Atlanta and the Georgia Campaign by

Lot: 4252 - Confederate Finance Books (2)

Financial Failure and Confederate Defeat by Ball, Confederate Finance by Todd (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 58602

Lot: 4253 - Confederate Books (3)

3 hardcovers. Lifeline of the Confederacy by Wise, Southern History of the War by Pollard, Co. Aytch The First Tennessee Regiment or a Sideshow to the Big Show by Watkins (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 58617

Lot: 4254 - Civil War Battle Books (5)

How the North Won by Hattaway, The Battle of Chickamauga by Tucker, Lookout by Wilson, Illustrated Tales of the Civil War by Shavin, Harper's Pictorial History of The Civil War (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 58618

Lot: 4255 - Civil War Collector's Books (4)

The Flags of the Confederacy by Cannon, Civil War Collectors' Price Guide, Confederate Belt Buckles & Plates by Mullinax, Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia by Lord (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 58636

Lot: 4256 - Civil War Generals and Leaders: Sketches from

Includes Lt. General A. P. Stewart, General Jonathan Williams, Rear Admiral Samuel F. Dupont, Maj. General ALex S. Webb, Brigadier General Adoniham J. Warner, Lt. General A. P. Stewart, Maj. General E. A. Hitchcock, General G. T. Beauregard,

Lot: 4257 - Two Key References on Civil War Covers (2)

Two key references on Civil War covers. The catalog of Union Civil War patriotic covers by William Weiss Junior, hardbound, 1995 reprint of the 1928 original, 839 pages. Contains illustrations of all the spectacular Civil War patriotic covers. The

Lot: 4258 - Civil War Reference Group, 6 Volumes

Civil War reference group. War Between the States; Autographs and Biographical Sketches by Jim Hayes, signed, 1989, hardbound, 464 pages. Five volumes from Miller's photographic History of the Civil War; volumes 1-10 in five books, complete. (Potter

Lot: 4259 - World War I Ephemera, c1918-25

Original World War I suitcase with newspapers and catalogs of the period. Inside papers date from World War I through approximately 1930. They include the Stars & Stripes, published in France for Americans at war in Europe, a facsimile of the San

Lot: 4260 - Original Pawnee Bill Poster

Original Pawnee Bill poster mounted on linen. 30" x 40", ready to frame. "Pawnee Bill's Great Far East combined with Buffalo Bill's Wild West". "Mons. Alfredo Rossi's Marvelous Musical Elephants". Copyrighted and printed by The Strobridge Litho Co.,

Lot: 4261 - Pawnee Bill's Historic Wild West Poster

Pawnee Bill's Historic Wild West Poster, 30" x 40", mounted on linen. "Captain Keller's Wonderful Zouave Girls Direct from England..." Poster is in great condition. After courting for two years, Lillie married May Manning in 1886, a petite Quaker

Lot: 4262 - North American Elk

North American Elk shoulder mount. The rack is 35" tall and 35" wide, six point. Great looking trophy. Date: c.1940's Location: HWAC# 57820

Lot: 4263 - Winchester .44 cal. flat rim-fire cartridges

This extremely rare and desirable green label picture box of Winchester .44 flat Henry rounds is an extremely rare find. This two piece box is labeled "Winchester rifle model 1866". These cartridges were used both for the Henry rifle and the model

Lot: 4264 - Two right hand shoulder Holsters

The first shoulder holster is for a Colt single action revolver with up to a 7 1/2 in. barrel. The holster is lined very supple and in fine condition. The second shoulder holster is for a Colt model 1878 Alaska model revolver and will fit up to a 7

Lot: 4265 - Left hand Holster for Colt SAA

This holster is left handed with two Mexican loops in a saddle tan colored leather. It was built for a Colt single action or similar large framed gun with a 7 1/2 in. barrel. It is stamped "Sportsman's Store San Louis Obispo 97" on the back. The

Lot: 4266 - Buscadero Gun Rig for Colt 7 1/2 SAA

This buscadero gun rig is for a right hand draw. The holster will fit a Colt with a 7 1/2 in. barrel or clone for fast draw. The belt and holster are both lined and tooled in the chestnut color. This rig is for 45. 44. 38 caliber Colt single action

Lot: 4267 - Indian Wars era US Army holster, belt and pouch

This is an Indian Wars era US Army pistol holster, belt and cartridge pouch. Each piece is historically significant. The belt is black leather with the rectangular "US" solid-brass buckle with an unusual small brass loop containing an original saber

Lot: 4268 - Buffalo horn powder horn

This buffalo horn powder horn is 14 in. overall length with a 33 in. beaded carry strap. The date of origin is believed to be 20th century. It could have been made earlier however this horn has never been used and was probably built as a trade goods

Lot: 4269 - Black Powder Poke

7.5" black powder poke, no cap (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: c. 1860-1880 Location: HWAC# 58707

Lot: 4270 - 18th Century Round Poll Camp Ax

This is an original poll camp ax with the incuse stamps of "JAP", a circle incuse of "N" dot above and below; and a square incuse stamp "N" dot above and below. These axes were used in the American colonies around camp and farm for clearing and rough

Lot: 4271 - Round Poll Ax of French origin and Oneida Tribe

This poll ax has its origin in the French Bay of Biscay to be a trade goods item in the Americas. This Bay of Biscay pattern round poll ax has maker's marks associated with the Jesuits of the Biscay region of France; (1575 at the Cameron Oneida

Lot: 4272 - U.S. Army Percussion Pistol Model 1842

This is a Model 1842 Army pistol made at the Palmetto Armory in Columbia, South Carolina. This piece is dated 1849 on the tang. The gun has an 8 1/2 in. round smooth bore barrel with attached ramrod swivel. The lock is a factory replacement G.

Lot: 4273 - Fake East India Flintlock Pistol

A beautiful Ivory style trade gun, replicating the East Indies Trade Company. This is a beautiful rendition of an 18th century large caliber single shot handgun used shipboard typically. NON FIRING RELICA meant for office or den display. Excellent

Lot: 4274 - Bacon first model revolver .31 caliber

Bacon Manufacturing Co. was a competitor to Colt Firearms Man. in the 1850's. Their fame is in making revolvers once the original Colt patents ran out. This first model Bacon revolver is in .31 caliber. Designed by Thomas Bacon after leaving the

Lot: 4275 - Smith & Wesson Model 3 American

This Smith and Wesson Model 3 American is chambered for 44 American. This series from Smith & Wesson was made between 1871 to 1874 for total production at 20000 pieces. This gun comes with the factory letter from S&W and confirms that the gun

Lot: 4276 - Lot Withdrawn

Lot Withdrawn Date: Location: HWAC# 56228

Lot: 4277 - Lot Withdrawn

Lot Withdrawn Date: Location: HWAC# 56230

Lot: 4278 - Rogers & Spencer .44 cal. revolver

This is a rare Rogers & Spencer Army Model .44 caliber revolver of which only 5800 were originally made during and following the Civil War. (c.1863-1865).This one has a period correct metallic cartridge conversion making it even more rare (about

Lot: 4279 - Civil War Colt 1849 Pocket pistol 1863

This is a true Civil War Colt model 1849 pocket pistol. It is .31 caliber with a 4 in. barrel. It is marked "ADDRESS COL. COLT NEW-YORK U.S.A." on one line. The serial number is 21839X made in 1863 mid-year. It retains the original oil finished grips

Lot: 4280 - Colt 1849 Pocket pistol parts gun

This is a Colt model 1849 pocket pistol that has seen some action and abuse. The frame and trigger guard are of the same serial number S/N 22999X and the barrel is marked S/N 200075. The address on the top flat is "Address Saml. Colt Hartford, CT".

Lot: 4281 - Colt 1849 Pocket pistol 1866

This is a Colt model 1849 pocket pistol marked on the trigger guard as.31 caliber for 6 shots. All serial numbers match as S/N 28489X including the wedge built in 1866. The barrel is 5 in. long with a latch style loading lever and a brass bead front

Lot: 4282 - Colt 1849 Pocket pistol 1860's

This Civil War Colt model 1849 pocket pistol is .31 caliber, 5 shot, and with a 4 in. barrel. It is marked "ADDRESS SAMl. COLT NEW-YORK " on two lines. The serial number is 17158X made in 1860. The grips are varnish finished (civilian model) with

Lot: 4283 - Colt .45 caliber Frontier double action model

This wonderful piece is the Frontier model 1878 large frame, double-action, .45 Colt with birds-head grip S/N 1651X. This 5 1/2 in. .45 was made in 1886 and retains 85% original Colt bluing with polished sides of the hammer with top and back

Lot: 4284 - CVA replica 1851 Confederate Navy .44 cal.

This replica Confederate Navy is chambered in .44 cal. with a 7 3/8 in. octagon barrel and rebated cylinder. This gun is S/N 42960X date coded to 1999. It is as new condition without being fired and no box. The frame is brass and the gun deeply

Lot: 4285 - Replica 1851 Confederate Navy pistol .44 cal.

This replica Confederate Navy is chambered in .44 cal. with a 7 1/2 in. octagon barrel and rebated cylinder. This gun is S/N D4340X date coded to 1992. It is as new condition without being fired and no box. The frame is highly polished brass and the

Lot: 4286 - Replica 1851 Confederate Navy pistol .44 cal.

This replica Confederate Navy is chambered in .44 cal. with a 7 3/8 in. octagon barrel and rebated cylinder. This gun is S/N 55978X date coded to 2008 made by Pietta. It is as new condition without being fired and no box. The frame is brass and the

Lot: 4287 - Replica 1851 Confederate Navy pistol .44 cal.

This replica Confederate Navy is chambered in .44 cal. with a 7 3/8 in. octagon barrel and rebated cylinder. This gun is S/N 50036X date coded to 2003 made by Pietta for Connecticut Valley Arms. . It is as new condition without being fired and no

Lot: 4288 - Replica 1851 Colt Navy pistol .44 cal.

This replica Colt Navy is chambered in .44 cal. with a 7 3/8 in. octagon barrel and rebated cylinder. This gun is S/N 54793X date coded to 2007 made by Pietta. It is as new condition without being fired and no box. The frame is case hardened steel

Lot: 4289 - Colt 1851 Navy 2nd Generation

This 2nd generation (2nd model) Colt Navy is chambered in .36 cal. with a 7 1/2 in. octagon barrel and straight cylinder. This gun is S/N 2131X date of manufacture is 1971 and all numbers match. It has not been fired and without a box. The frame is

Lot: 4290 - replica 1860 Colt Army 4 screw frame

This replica Colt Army is chambered in .44 cal. with an 8 in. barrel and rebated cylinder. This gun is S/N 2533X date coded to 1992 made by Pietta. It is in used condition. This 4 screw frame is case hardened steel with color loss on both sides but

Lot: 4291 - replica 1858 Remington .44 cal. revolver

This replica Remington model 1858 revolver is in as new un-fired condition. It has an 8 in. barrel with an all blued frame. The S/N 11961X indicates it was made in 1990 for "Cabela's" marked on the top of the octagon barrel. The grips are satin

Lot: 4292 - replica Charleville .69 cal. flintlock pistol

This replica Charleville flintlock pistol is in .69 cal. with a steel barrel 7 1/2 in. long. This pistol is new and un-fired; the frizzen has never been struck by a rock. The lock and frame are brass while the hammer is blued steel. The ramrod is on

Lot: 4293 - replica Kentucky flintlock pistol

This replica Kentucky flintlock pistol is in .69 caliber. The barrel is 9 in. long; half octagon and half round at the muzzle and is smooth bore. The flintlock is a crudely marked with the American eagle over U.S. THe stock is walnut with brass

Lot: 4294 - Single shot .54 cal. Percussion traveler's pistol

This is an antique .54 caliber single shot traveler's pistol. The barrel is 9 in. long and marked St. Ettienne and proofed on the right side. The action is still operational. The gun has walnut grips and has five kill marks on the left side at the

Lot: 4295 - non-firing flintlock blunderbuss pistol

This is a replica non-firing blunderbuss flintlock pistol. The parts appear to have been made from an original British lock-plate and built around that piece. The piece is 15 3/4 in. overall length. THe stock is of walnut and finished in brass

Lot: 4296 - A Pair of reproduction Kentucky Pistols

This is a matching pair of Kentucky pistols; the first 1) made in flintlock ignition S/N 028742 and the second, 2) made in percussion ignition S/N 029072. Both pistols are made at 15 1/2 in. overall length with barrel lengths of 10 3/8 in. long with

Lot: 4297 - Double barrel pin-fire derringer .44 caliber

This is a beautiful walnut stocked two barrel traveler's derringer. It has hidden triggers that drop when the hammers are pulled to full cock position. The barrels appear to be chambered for a pin-fire type of cartridge bullet where the pin extends

Lot: 4298 - Lot Withdrawn

Lot Withdrawn Date: Location: HWAC# 56234

Lot: 4299 - Model 1842 I.N. Johnson percussion pistol

This model 1842 percussion pistol was made by I.N. Johnson by U.S. military contract in 1855. The overall length of the gun is 14 in. The lock is marked "U.S. I.N. Johnson, MIDDtn CONN. 1855". The barrel is marked "NWP" with the initial "P" below;

Lot: 4300 - Remington rolling block .22 caliber rifle

This Remington rolling-block rifle id chambered in .22 caliber Black Powder, an early production S/N 71X made in 1890. It sports a 24 1/2 in. tapered octagon barrel. It is a model 1873 rolling block #4. The walnut stocks are old original with nicks,

Lot: 4301 - Enfield rifle-musket model 1853

This is an original model 1852 Enfield rifled musket. It is .58 caliber and is a three band musket. The lock is stamped 1862 TOWER. The barrel has numerous Bermingham proof marks at the breach along with "R+B". The stock shows signs of wear nicks and

Lot: 4302 - Model 1884 Trapdoor Springfield RIfle

This Trapdoor Springfield is a model 1884 S/N 48775X which places it late in production about 1890. Springfield made roughly 200,000 copies of this gun between 1885-1890. This rifle has the Springfield Armory cartouche on the left side of the stock

Lot: 4303 - .42 cal. Alvan Pratt Percussion target rifle

This is a .42 caliber Pratt target rifle marked from Concord, Mass. The barrel is 32 in. overall length with a patent hook breach for cleaning. It is 1 1/4 in. across the flats with a round turned muzzle to accommodate a false muzzle now missing. The

Lot: 4304 - Stevens Favorite model .22 cal. falling block

This Stevens model Favorite is chambered for 22 long rifle S/N 51X is marked "J. Stevens Arms Company, Chicopee Falls, Mass 22-Long Rifle". This early production boy's rifle has a take-down screw in front of the receiver. The stock is walnut and the

Lot: 4305 - Stevens Favorite Model 22 cal. rifle

This Stevens Favorite model 22 cal. is marked "J. Stevens A & T Co. Chicopee Falls, Mass. U.S.A. Pat. April 17, 94". The barrel is octagon to round with no factory finish left but a bright grey patination. The S/N Y 926 indicates an early

Lot: 4306 - .50 cal. Lancaster replica Long Rifle

This .50 caliber Kentucky long rifle is made with a half-octagon half-round barrel 36 in. long; 51 in. overall length The stock is a half stock with one oval inlay at the barrel mounts and the tiger stripe is spectacular. The nose cap is brass and

Lot: 4307 - Christoph Suhl Combination rifle/gun

This Christoph Funk rifle combination shotgun is chambered for 2X16/65 and 9.3 mm X 72R. The serial number is 1679X estimated date of manufacture is in the 1880's. This is an antique Black Powder gun. The LOP is at 13 5/8 in. to the front trigger and

Lot: 4308 - Henry Rifle model 1860

The gun came on the market in 1862, and about 13,000-14,000 were manufactured. First guns were presented to government officials, but were not as much purchased by the government as by private individuals. However, about 3/4 of the production saw

Lot: 4309 - Elk hide rifle scabbard

This is an Elk hide gun scabbard roughly 48 in. long. This was built in the 20th C. for a muzzloading rifle or vintage Winchester type lever action gun. The hide is vegetable tanned and is two piece to obtain the desired length of case. The case has

Lot: 4310 - 16 Gauge K. Schefer Zurich Side X Side shotgun

This is a "K. Schefer Zurich" made side by side shotgun; Black Powder vintage antique. S/N 1423X. The barrels are true Damascus that are heavily patinated brown; only upon close examination can the twist be seen. The gun is marked 16.8 indicating a

Lot: 4311 - J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co. .44-40 black powder

This Stevens break action gun is marked .44 Shot (.44-40 black powder shot shell) and is chambered for the early black powder .410 shotgun shell. The barrel is 25 1/2 in. long and is smooth bore. The gun is marked "J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co.

Lot: 4312 - Militia Light Cavalry Saber

This saber is unmarked but follows the British pattern for light cavalry of 1796. It has a bronze hilt and guard with with three branches executed with a floral pattern design. The hilt is made of ebony wood and only two bands of twisted wire remain.

Lot: 4313 - Light Infantry Sword by S & K Soligen, Germany

This light infantry sword is made by S & K (Schnitzler & Kirschbaun of Soligen, Germany (1822-1865). The blade is 31 1/2 in. long and the overall length is 36 1/2 in. long overall.Both sides of the blade are gold wash with some gold

Lot: 4314 - Brass grip short sword

This is a brass grip short sword 23 in. overall length. The blade is 16 in. and not sharpened. The framed guard has a Roman or Grecian figure cast into it. The blade is patinated and never used. The scabbard is of steel and has a button for a hang

Lot: 4315 - Model 1833 US Dragoon Saber

This model 1833 U.S. Dragoon Ames sword is without scabbard and is T-shaped in profile. The sword is hand engraved to Ames Cutlery Springfield, Mass. 1836 (not stamped). This marking is hand engraved correctly in its time period. Interestingly it is

Lot: 4316 - A General Description of the State of Alabama"

Compiled by the Department of Agriculture. Timber, farm, animals and small section on minerals and railroads. 142 pages with lots of charts. No soft covers and missing color map. Pages still well connected, but outside pages starting to detach. Still

Lot: 4317 - Juneau Alaska Postcard Collection

Approx 73 postcards from Juneau. Chromoliyho, b/w color, and RPC. Views of totems, New Cain Hotel, Governor's Mansion, Capitol Building, Log Cabin Church, waterfront, Red Dog Saloon, streets and more. Date: Location: Juneau, Alaska HWAC# 58721

Lot: 4318 - Large Ketchikan Alaska Postcard Collection

Approx 123 postcards of various themes which appear to be different including RPC's and chromolitho. Impressive 9 lb record king salmon, Ward Cove Creek, many totems, Ingersoll Hotel , 101 yer old native, Eddystone Rock, New Town Harbor, Thomas Basin

Lot: 4319 - Nome Related Books, (3)

1) Nome Gold, "An Alaskan Canine Chorus Line" by Kutz, hardback; 2) The Northern Gold Fleet, Twentieth Century Gold Dredging in Alaska by Spence, hardback, black and white pictures; 3) Nome "City of the Golden Beaches" nicely illustrated, many black

Lot: 4320 - Large Sitka Alaska Postcard Collection

Approx 100 postcards of Sitka, Alaska, mostly chromolitho, some b/w and RPC's. Views of totems, Russian Church, streets, Sitka Hotel, the harbor, Pyramid Mt., Mt. Edgecumb, Thingit Village, Indian Town and wharf, Indians Selling Curios, Indian Burial

Lot: 4321 - Large Wrangell Alaska Postcard Collection

Approx 130 posta cards including color, chromolitho and RPC's. Views of many totems, Alaska Natives, government buildings, harbor ships, streets Shake's Grave, Can-Can Girls, High School Pep Band and more. Date: Location: Wrangell, Alaska HWAC# 58725

Lot: 4322 - Rare Set of Alaska American-Souvenir-Card

10 Alaska American-Souvenir-Card Postcards of Skagway, Sitka Bay, Juneau, Muir Glacier, Kasa-An Village, Fort Wrangell, Taku Bay, Paradise Bay, miner's log cabin, Date: Location: Alaska HWAC# 58722

Lot: 4323 - Map of Alaska by Cram

This map is double truck, hand Color & Cartography by Lithography, c. 1900. Published by Geo. F.Cram, Chicago, Illinois. This map shows the gold rush regions of Alaska. Good condition. On Mat Boards (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats are

Lot: 4324 - Alaska Gold Rush Newspaper Reprints (2)

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer July 17, 1897 and The Klondike News April 1,1898, both are reprints c. 1963. Great reading content of period news! Date: Location: Alaska HWAC# 57953

Lot: 4325 - Alaska Literature Books (2)

Hardcovers. The Call of the Wild, White Fang, The Sea Wolf, 40 Short Stories by Jack London. The Best of Robert Service by Running Press. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: Alaska HWAC# 55768

Lot: 4326 - Alaska Photo Reprints Approx 70

Approx 70 b/w photos, mostly 6.5" x 8.5" of Alaskan scenes c. 1900-1910 reprinted in 950's. Many outdoor snowy scenes including dogsleds, Valdez, mining, Bridal veil Falls, Shoups's Glacier, lakes, fish, bear and more. Nice group. Date: c. 1950's

Lot: 4327 - Alaska Prints (2)

1) Dewing Publishing Co. Photogravure, The Davidson Glacier by Thomas Hill 2) Photo etching, General View of Sitka by Victor Perard. Both 12" x 16". (Potter Collection) Date: c. 1888 Location: Alaska HWAC# 571546

Lot: 4328 - Alaska RPC, Photo and Booklet.

Trimmed photo of Alaskan workers in front of a log cabin, c. 1890's. c. 1920's booklet with history of the Gold Rush of 1897, mining, Soapy Smith and more. 55 pp with lots of photos. RPC of an Alaskan woman with 1 breast exposed, unused 1906, photo

Lot: 4329 - Vintage Iditarod Dog Sled

Vintage Iditarod Malamute wood dog sled from Alaska. This Dog Sled is an antique, but may have been used up into modern times, hence the nylon struts. Awesome rare piece. This is a real dog sled, not just a decorative piece. Get your dogs ready!

Lot: 4330 - Morenci in the Twilight Mounted Photograph

Even though this is taken at twilight, the photo shows great contrast: smoke coming out of chimney, woman at side of photo, buildings are crisp and clear. Morenci is a company town in Greenlee County, Arizona, United States. The biggest employer in

Lot: 4331 - Benton Turn-of-the-Century Ephemera

Lot of four. All addressed to Carson City Banks. 1) 1900 letter from Benton Station for enclosed chicks. Signed by Charles E Watson. 2) Second 1900 letter from Watson for enclosed checks. 3) 1887 Lady Washington Consolidated Company billhead (Stamped

Lot: 4332 - Bodie Trotting Stallion Broadside, c.1879

Never seen by us before! 19 x 12" broadside advertising piece for Major Mono. This high bred trotting stallion will serve mares this season. Terms: $15.00. Major Mono was sired by Pacific, he by Niagara, he by Tom Wheeler, he by Tom Chowder, a son of

Lot: 4333 - Framed Bodie Stagecoach Ephemera Display

Framed Bodie stagecoach documents. Approximate 20 x 24" frame with documents, not adhered, currently slipped inside the frame. Includes Bodie and Lundy stage line 1908; Southern Transportation Company, Bodie 1880; Big Meadows and Bodie Wagon Road

Lot: 4334 - Walker Lake and Bodie Toll Road Receipt Tallies

Walker Lake & Bodie Toll Road Co. Two receipt tallies filled in and signed by the Toll Keeper F. W. White, Nov. 1-7, 1897. The tallies list the teamsters, vehicle (wagon or buggy or cart), # animals and the associated toll. One of the two sheets

Lot: 4335 - Bodie Knights Templar Framed Display

Ornate and beautifully framed Bodie ephemera from the Knights Templar Lodge. Approximate 20 x 30" wood frame, matted. 1) Left side has five of the very fancy engraved Knights Templar cards. The cards are from prominent Bodie citizens: Edwin F Bert,

Lot: 4336 - 1883 Bodie Knights Templar Silk Ribbon

Knights of Templar Silk Ribbon, Bodie, California, 1883. The Knights of Templar was a secret society founded in 1096. Many fraternal organizations sprang up quickly in western mining camps including Bodie. In 1883, Bodie's Templar lodge was thriving

Lot: 4337 - Three Commandery Cards from Bodie (one in gold

All are for the Triennial Conclave of the Knights Templar in San Francisco in 1883. All are Bodie Cards. 1) Fancy card for John Gillson. Edges in gold and vignette is in color. Gillson was an immigrant from Canada and became a citizen in Mono County

Lot: 4338 - Bodie Lodge Records

Six monthly reports for an unnamed lodge. It is number 143 which would be Ancient Order of United Workmen. Members in good standing were 35 or 36. Names of people suspended or reinstated include EV Upton, WE Carder, JE Patten, Curt Blanchard, JB

Lot: 4339 - 1904 Fireman's Ball Admission Ticket

This is truly a striking piece. Background green vignette of a logo. Held at the Miner's Union Hall (which you can still visit today). Friday March 17, 1904. Twenty-sixth anniversary. Admission: two dollars. 8 x 11". (The fire building is still

Lot: 4340 - Very Rare Blue Bodie Bank Revenue Check, 1880

Scarcest of the Bodie checks. No. 13355, issued to McNeil Bros. on Dec. 8th, 1880. Signed by W.H. Pope, Cashier. RN-G revenue imprint. Black print on blue paper. Allegorical vignette. Cut cancel. Date: Location: Bodie, California HWAC# 60377

Lot: 4341 - Bodie and Benton Railway Letter

Bodie & Benton Railway & Commercial Co. Letter from Bodie & Bodie operator E. L. Reese on the letterhead of the B&B addressed to H. M. Yerington in Carson City, Apr 29, 1890. The letter discusses interaction with the Carson &

Lot: 4342 - Bodie, California Lumber Shipment via Carson &

Handwritten account of lumber shipped by D.W. Earl & Co.'s team to Hawthorne to be shipped via the C&C.R.R. (Carson & Colorado Railroad) to Laws, Inyo County, Cal. Dateline Bodie, Cal, Oct. 24, 1890. Sixteen entries. Shipped Oct. 18th by

Lot: 4343 - Bodie & Mono County Ephemera

Lot of 28. Includes: 1) 1890 letterhead from the SF office of the Mono Gold Mining Company to the Bullion Exchange Bank in Carson City re: assessment. Balch describes this company in detail. The company owned the south 750 feet of the same claims as

Lot: 4344 - Bodie Banker and Banking Collection

Lot of seven, 1) Letterhead for EL Benedict, banker. 1889. Signed by Benedict. 2) Letterhead for George W Penter, banker. 1888. Signed by EL Benedict as cashier. 3-7) Five JS Cain letterheads - four different. Two signed by Cain. THis is a nice

Lot: 4345 - Bodie Banking Group

Ten items. 1) 1886 letter from George Penter to the Bullion & Exchange Bank per John Wagner. 2) B&E letterhead to George Penter in 1889. Signed by his cashier Benedict. 3) EL Benedict, banker, letterhead in 1891. 4) B&E letterhead to JS

Lot: 4346 - Nine Bodie Banking Documents

One small George W Penter, Banker letterhead. Please send me by express $600 in gold coin, 20's and $400 in smaller gold coin. Six J. S. Cain banking ledgers. Stamped from the State Bank & Trust or Bullion & Exchange Bank. Two J. S. Cain

Lot: 4347 - Bodie Collection: lot of 19 pieces

1) Bodie cancel from April 15, 1905. Has an additional 2c stamp as the envelope was stamped "Due 2c. See photo for condition issues. 2) George W. Penter, Banker letterhead. 3-4) 1879. Two Bodie Bank purchases for stock. One is for 10 shares of the

Lot: 4348 - Bodie Consolidated Mining Company Assessment,

1) Formed in 1863, this was the district's first corporation. This receipt from The Bullion & Exchange Bank stating that Assessment No. 6 for $328.50 is enclosed for 657 shares. The receipt is printed by Dutton & Partridge, 206 California,

Lot: 4349 - Framed Bodie Standard Newspaper

Bodie standard, volume 1 number 24, July 6, 1878. Framed newspaper. The entire front page tells the story of the great Fourth of July parade in 1878 was quite an event. Framed; approximately 20 x 30" Date: 1878 Location: Bodie, California HWAC# 60648

Lot: 4350 - J.S. Cain Archive

Approximately 170 pieces. Find famous names like RK Colcord (Nevada governor), Tasker Oddie (Nevada Governor), Isador Cohn, AC Pratt, Adams & Miller, Burkham & Son, George Kitzmeyer, JP Woodbury, EB Yerington, etc. Half are correspondence

Lot: 4351 - J.S. Cain Business Letters (Mostly Mining)

These are all letters addressed to JS Cain or letters or duplicates of letters from JS Cain (with his signature) to mining and businessmen around the state of Nevada. 1) Olympic Mines Company letterhead from OMCO. 1918. Asking for suggestions about

Lot: 4352 - Small J. S. Cain Collection

Lot of five. Includes a letterhead from the Bullion & Exchange Bank to Cain, three small Cain letterheads, and one full page bank statement to Cain from the State Bank & Trust Company. Although Cain was not an early arrival in Bodie, he would

Lot: 4353 - Bodie, CA Library

Six volumes, all excellent condition, all with original dust jacket and protection. Ghost towns and mining camps of California by Remi Nadeau, 1965. Bodie Bonanza, by Warren Lewis, 1971. Mining Camp Days by Emil Philip, 1968. Bodie by Ella Kane,

Lot: 4354 - Bridgeport Ephemera Collection

Lot of twenty-nine. 1) The premier piece is an 1863 is justice court case. AM Wengate is asking $200 judgement against Daniel Nysmanger(?). To be held for damages received. SIgned by WM Barney justice of the peace, Charles H Dodey and Charles W

Lot: 4355 - 1857 Calaveras County Land Deed

For James Gnathouse and his wife Lucinda for property on Coyote Creek at Vallecito, Calaveras County. Purchased from Eli Mull. (Mull was a private in the North Carolina Cavalry and was called "an old and highly respected resident of Vallecto" in the

Lot: 4356 - Copperopolis One Day Promissory Note, Payable in

Interesting and quite unique promissory note. "One day after date I promise to pay to the order of Horace E Johanson seventy dollars in U. S. coin..." Date is November 27, 1865. Signed by TA Davis. Witnessed by by H Halsey. 5 cent United States

Lot: 4357 - Prospectus for Willows Fruit Company, c.1891

Located in Colusa County, California. Each Share Represents One Acre of Land and Ten Shares Represent a Subdivision of a Ten-Acre Home. Office at 415 Montgomery St., San Francisco. 7 pages with two maps. 8.5 x 11" String bound. Some toning and light

Lot: 4358 - River Road Company Tollkeeper Payment to the

JR Keefe, tollkeeper, of the River Road Company is paying El Dorado County $10.00 for one box of mails and candles. Signed by M Stoddard. (Potter Collection) Date: 1867 Location: El Dorado County, California HWAC# 59401

Lot: 4359 - Three El Dorado Covers with Contents

1) Manuscript Fair Play. Manuscript killer. Written in purple. Smudged. "Can't pay the rent", "it was the way of big money", 'don't have anything.' 2) 1879 Placerville. Letter datelined Fair Play. Much easier to read. "snow", "the mountains look

Lot: 4360 - 1854 Liquor License at Fosters Bar for John Sing

Fosters Bar was located on the North Fork of the Yuba River. It is now covered by the Bullards Bar Reservoir. It was one of the earliest and best known Yuba diggings. The place was named after William M. Foster, miner and merchant, who opened a store

Lot: 4361 - Sierra Nevada Wood and Lumber Co. Archive

Wonderful and historic archive of the Sierra Nevada Wood & Lumber Company, Truckee/Hobart Mills, CA. Large lot. Very good condition. 1. Daily Reports of Logs Measured, June 1901. 80+ pages. 2. Rules and Regulations, March 15, 1917. George D.

Lot: 4362 - Very Rare Idlewild and Coast Stage Line Trip

A very rare and previously unseen by us item. Unused and crisp! (Potter Collection) Date: c. 1900's Location: Idlewild, California HWAC# 59720

Lot: 4363 - Inyo by W Chalfant

The story of Inyo by W Chalfant, 1933 edition, hardbound, generally fine. Key reference on the history of Inyo County. This work has been reprinted many times, this is the second edition. (Potter Collection) Date: Location: Inyo County, California

Lot: 4364 - Calaveras County / Archie Stevenot Glass Negative

These three boxes of glass negatives are from Archie Stevenot. Eight large negatives (5x7) includes the Pabst Administrative Mansion and the inside of an electrical plant. Many water scenes. Eighteen smaller negatives (4x5): one set says Knights

Lot: 4365 - Lake Tahoe Postcard Collection Plus Early Tahoe

55 items. 1) Lot of 46 postcards, most early, including 14 real photo. Real photo include a very rare view of Meyers in the 1940s; a rare shot of the golf course at Glenbrook; an early fishing scene; plus multiple shots of Tallac, Emerald Bay, two of

Lot: 4366 - Tahoe Tattler: Volume 1, Number 47

Tahoe's premium newspaper collectable. It is most noted for its advertisements (Steamer Leland Stanford, Grand Central Hotel, Tahoe Market, Tallac House, Tahoe House, R. E. Wood photography, etc.) and jottings (fire at Parker's lodging house, Capt.

Lot: 4367 - Chinese Artifacts and Ephemera from Locke

Lot of eight. Most (all) of these items seem to have come from a Chinese Herb shop. Included are Chinese Herb Labels, Chinese lottery tickets with a holder, Chinese letter or broadside (20 x 5") and Chinese booklets stitched with thread - presumably

Lot: 4368 - Certificate of Knights Templar Induction

Beautiful Certificate with gold seal Greeting Sir Sidney Allcutt Butler a Member of this Commandery Five Shares of the Capital Stock of the Masonic Temple Association, A Life Member. In 1889 he was made agent of the Wells Fargo Company of Los

Lot: 4369 - Los Angeles, CA Area Prints (5)

Five 12" x 16" prints from Dewing Publishing Co. 1) Photogravure, Los Angeles by Thomas Hill 2) Under The Fan Palms by Albert Sterner-left creases 3) Eucalyptus Avenue by WC Fitler-lower stains and creases 4) A Vista in the Valley by EJ Meeker-lower

Lot: 4370 - Los Angeles 1854 Letter Sheet

Written to JW Britton of San Francisco and asking for supplies. Stamped "Adams & Co. / Express / Los Angeles" oval. Sent a $100 Adams draft! From S. A. Knox & Company. This company of SA Knox and M Whisler would dissolve in 1856. [Los Angeles

Lot: 4371 - Spanish 1854 Note

Date Los Angeles November 25, 1854. Mentions Don Bernardo Yorba, dicha cantidad cenitida de San Francisco per Don Jose P Thompson. Bernardo Yorba was a Californio (a native of Spanish/Mexican California), son of Spanish soldier JosÈ Antonio

Lot: 4372 - 1855 Letter to John C. Marshall from WIlliam

This transcribed letter is for the sale of beef. When one thinks of the Gold Rush, one thinks of miners. But ranchers and farmer were equally important, as this rush of men had to eat. They often got top dollar for their products. Geller was a doctor

Lot: 4373 - Unique 1854 Marysville Liquor License for an

This 1854 liquor license is for Galnie (Gabriel) Simms. He opened the Franklin House on First Street near a cluster of other black owned businesses. This was the only known African American hotel in the region in the 1850's. He got his money as one

Lot: 4374 - Two 1854 Marysville Liquor and Billiards Licenses.

1) Liquor license for G. Woodward. 2) Liquor License for Brotherton & Bain. Signed by county treasurer John A. Paxton. This is the same John A. Paxton who was a noted banker in Nevada (Virginia City, Eureka and Austin). Date: 1854 Location:

Lot: 4375 - Early 1900's Yuba County Billheads

A nice selection of early 1900's bill heads from Yuba County. Some date from as early as 1881. there are also a few handwritten orders from the Hotel Elwood inn Wheatland ordering various liquor items. Also included is a judges order, allowing 1

Lot: 4376 - Zamorano Press 1843 Letterhead

This is pre-Gold Rush. "Departmento de las Californias" By Manuel Castanares. Castanares was of some importance. He was the administrator of the Customs House in Monterey. Small folio headed "Sello Primero Ocho Pesos." and reading "Habilitado

Lot: 4377 - Napa, CA Ephemera

The Napa Hotel letterhead 1889. Tax Payer record for Napa Township, Capel? Valley Improvements on blue paper. Signed by Napa tax collector. (Potter Collection) Date: 1862-1889 Location: Napa, California HWAC# 571533

Lot: 4378 - Napa-Sonoma, CA Region Prints (3)

3 Dewing Publishing Co. Photogravures, 12" x 16" 1)Napa Soda Springs by Thomas Moessner 2) Russian River Valley by Thomas Moessner -some edge tonings 3)The Geysers by Julian Rix-edge toning (Potter Collection) Date: c. 1888 Location: Napa Area,

Lot: 4379 - 1858 New Idria note from noted California 49er

This is an early 1858 note associated with early California mercury mining. Note to David Gibb of San Francisco to pay Mary Davis for $50. Signed by William Neely Thompson. Thompson was a true California 49er. He came to California on May 18th, 1849

Lot: 4380 - Nevada City and Grass Valley, CA Documents (3)

Nevada Daily Gazette Jan. 1 1865 billhead. Centennial Mining Co, Nevada City. June 6, 1886 receipt. Gold Savings Works June 19, 1888 letter. Date: 1865-1888 Location: Nevada City and Grass Valley, California HWAC# 58655

Lot: 4381 - Rare Nicolaus, CA Steamship Billhead

Rare Billhead from San Francisco to Nicolaus, Calif. June 3, 1889 to Steamers DE Knight and Knight for 7 Bales bags. Nicolaus is in Sutter County and is now part of Yuba City. It was an important stop on the Feather River for steamers and was the

Lot: 4382 - 1854 Liquor License for Hanna & framsey of Parks

A party of prospectors led by Dr. John Marsh discovered gold at Parks Bar in 1848, and the site became known as Marsh Diggings. Later in 1848, David Parks opened a store there and the site became known as Parks Bar. It had its own post office from

Lot: 4383 - 1864 Legal Complaint for Todd Valley, Placer

Dated Dec. 15, 1864 in the District Court of Boise, Idaho Territory. Complaint is between Mr. and Mrs. L.M. Ball, who were married in Todd Valley, Placer County in 1857 and lived there until moving to Boise in 1864. Mrs. Ball is suing her husband for

Lot: 4384 - Placerville (and area) Postal History

The premier piece in this lot is the Placerville 1866 legal sized envelope. Dated August 10, 1866 (date is derived from note). Inside was a deed from R. E. Brown for property in Pilot Hill, El Dorado, California. There was gold here, but not much

Lot: 4385 - Rich Bar Certificate #8 from the F&AM in 1869

Printed Rich Bar. That has been scratched out and Taylorsville has been hand written. J. T. T. has paid yearly dues to the Sincerity Lodge of the Free and Accepted Masons. Signed by AJ Gifford and GW Boyden. This is certificate number 8, so one

Lot: 4386 - 1868 Citizenship Papers from John Parsons

John Parsons was a farmer in Sacramento County in the 1870 census. He was born about 1826 in England. He passed away on 26 September 1911 and is buried in the Sylvan Cemetery in Citrus Heights. Signed by clerk WBC Brown and deputy clerk Harrison. 14

Lot: 4387 - Chas. H. Holling Billhead with Pictorial of

Great Chinese Piece. Holling is charging the Public Administrator $28.32. Presumably for Blanchard & Williams who went bankrupt. Wonderful pictorial of a Chinese merchant standing on boxes of Young Hyson Fine Black Tea. Young Hyson is considered

Lot: 4388 - John Bigler 1856 Mortgage for Sacramento Property

John Bigler (1803-1871) was the first elected governor of the State of California (1852-1856). Bigler ran a newspaper in Pennsylvania through 1835, when he left to go to Law School. He came to California in 1849. He worked odd jobs in Sacramento,

Lot: 4389 - Map of Pre - Gold Rush California Sutters Fort

Map of California Military , 1847 Locations & Staffing by P.S. Duval. This is black & white & shows distances & number of men. There is a note reading "In the number of men stated at the several posts, the Mormon Battallion are not

Lot: 4390 - Map of Suisun & Vallejo Bays

Very interesting map of Suisun & Vallejo Bays with the Confluence of the Rivers Sacramento and San Joaquin California. The map has an old town by the name of New York of the Pacific, Martinez & Benecia as well as the town of Suisun. There are

Lot: 4391 - c.1850 Chart of the Sacramento River

Map of the Sacramento River from Suisun City of the American River by Cadwalader Ringgold, Commander U.S. Navy. This charts the American River all the way to Suisun City. This map has 3 beautiful vignettes of boats going up river showing the West

Lot: 4392 - Alta California Telegraph Company 1853 Stock

Very rare! Pre-Transcontinental Telegraph! Certificate No. 616. Signed by Justin E. Strong, president and H Hawkins, secretary. Not issued to anyone, though the certificate is dated Dec. 1st, 1853 in Sacramento City. Not cancelled. No vignette. 9.5"

Lot: 4393 - Tax bill for the estate of Aramata, 1858

Bill came to $906. Signed by William Tarleton for Sheriff James W Mitchell. Mitchell did not last a year as the District Attorney was ordered to begin proceedings against him for delinquent taxes! (Potter Collection) Date: 1858 Location: San

Lot: 4394 - 1849 San Francisco Property Grant

This is a property grant for a real 49er. It was for a piece of land on Post Street between James and Taylor and sold at public auction. Sold to Ard. Reynolds. Reynolds was the original Recording Clerk. Also signed by J Heron Foster and HL Dodge.

Lot: 4395 - Rare California Territorial Document

This is an Extremely Rare, printed ìCalifornia Territoryî document. In the beginning of 1849, after the expiration of the town council governance of San Francisco expired, new laws were necessary to incorporate the immense influx of new

Lot: 4396 - 1854 View Map of San Francisco and the Bay

A highly appealing view map of San Francisco dating to 1854. Published for the "History of the World" by Henry Bill. Taken from the original 1852 printing. Framed. Print is 15.75 x 9". Folds - some with staining and creasing. Appears to be one small

Lot: 4397 - 1859 Indenture of Sale for Land in San Francisco

Between Paul R Dugan and William F Flick. On Howard Street 250 feet from Fourth Street. Has original signed notary public of Sam Hermann with faded red seal. 17 x 10". Four pages - first two are used. Date: 1859 Location: San Francisco, California

Lot: 4398 - Five 1850's San Francisco Billheads (Two

1) Rutherford, Harris & Company. 1854(?). Leather and calf skins. For sole leather. 2) SW Moore. 1857. Seeds, garden implements, drugs, etc. 3) Pictorial Deeth & Star. "First premium Golden State Bread..." VIgnette of steamer on left and bale

Lot: 4399 - Six James M. Moore 1850's San Francisco Billheads

Six pieces in various condition. Moore & Company had a store at 110 California Street between Montgomery and Sansome. They were dealers in field and garden seeds, perfumery, drugs & dye stuff. All made out to Thomas Swain for things like

Lot: 4400 - Four 1860 San Francisco Billheads

1) Reynolds & Howell of 79 Davis Street. Produce commissioners according to the 860 San Francisco Directory. 2) JK Prior, gas fixture and plumbing. And like most early billheads almost anything else you can think of. For Mr. Dexter. 3) James

Lot: 4401 - James King of William signed 'San Francisco City

Two RARE San Francisco City Stocks Certificates. Signed by King James of William, John W Geary, PA Morse, CJ Tallant, and William Hooper. Both are glued on a piece of paper, back-to-back. Both have all of their coupons. All coupons have been redeemed

Lot: 4402 - James King of William Gold Rush Ephemera with

James King of William (1822-1856) was a crusading San Francisco, California newspaper editor whose shooting death in 1856 resulted in the establishment of the second San Francisco Vigilance Committee and changed the politics of the city. King was

Lot: 4403 - Join the Clipper Ship Fearless on a voyage to San

The Fearless is leaving Boston and headed to San Francisco.It includes one box of machinery? The box has been sent by Denio & Roberts. An ad in the Boston Directory show us that this was a Safe! It was picked up by HW Pierce. From the Glidden

Lot: 4404 - Clipper Card for the Alice M. Minott with Howes,

George D. Sutton's Clipper Line. New Extra-Built Clipper Ship. ON HER SECOND VOYAGE TO SAN FRANCISCO. (This would have been a good sell as it wouldn't be as beat up as other ships who made multiple trips!) Pier 13, East River, New York. Will set sail

Lot: 4405 - Clipper Card for the Asia with Cowen at the

First Clipper for San Francisco. Only 896 tons registered. Will sail full or not full. Small, sharp strictly first-class clipper ship. Loading on pier 11 on the East River, New York. Cowen is the Commander. Cornelius Comstock & Company. Agents in

Lot: 4406 - Steamer Vanderbilt - The Pride of the American

This is a coverless, stampless letter. It was sent on November 2, 1858 from Glasgow, scotland to Daniel Gibbs & Company of San Francisco. Has two stamps: "PAID" and a circle "PAID / D / GLASGOW / NO2 / 58". Inside is a letter on letterhead for

Lot: 4407 - Streamer Broadspire 'Bound for San Francisco'

North American Steamship Company. Leaves from Pier 29 on the North River in New York. Travel on the Fulton, Oregonian, Nevada, America, Dakota, Santiago de Cuba, etc. Via Aspinwall and Panama. Contact D. N. Carrington, agent. VIgnette of a steamship.

Lot: 4408 - San Francisco Gold Rush Letter Re: Clipper Ship

Datelined San Francisco, Dec. 22, 1854. Addressed to a firm in Boston, the letter discusses two cases of merchandise consigned on the ship "Witchcraft" by Abernathy, Clark & Co. that went missing from the ship. Signed by Flint, Peabody & Co.

Lot: 4409 - Shipping Receipt for the Steamer "Gold Hunter'

This is a pay load for the ship "Gold Hunter." What a great name! It is for 353 bundles of iron and 98 bars of iron. Together they weighed 21,800 pounds. Cost to ship: $132.85. Shipped by the company Hanfor & Company. This was a round the horn

Lot: 4410 - Shipping Receipts from H. & W. Pierce (4)

4 shipping receipts from H. &W. Pierce to Liverpool, England on the steamships Alexander, Detroit and Heried for wheat shipments. Date: 1868-1869 Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 58660

Lot: 4411 - Sloop P. M. Randall Jr. headed to San Francisco

Delivering 1920 sacks of wheat. Lewis Pierce Company. Master is Amos Hewitt. Rare to have a sloop. Vignette. 1865. (Potter Collection) Date: 1865 Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 59462

Lot: 4412 - 1852 San Francisco Steamer Heath Certificate for

"This is to certify that the bearer ____ was a passenger on Board the Mail Steamship _____ that he has paid the Health Fee of One Dollar, required by city ordinance No. 215". With this certificate the holder is entitled to admission to the hospital

Lot: 4413 - Steamship Agent License

1897 steamship agent license in San Francisco. 1" left tear, top chip missing, water stain mostly visible on rear. Date: 1897 Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 58654

Lot: 4414 - Three Shipping Documents for Ships Headed to San

The ship Brother mastered by Reid. Anchored in the Thames. Heading to San Francisco. This is forty twenty cases of alkali. 2) Ship Lookout mastered by August. Anchored i New York. Contains axes, shoes, scales, boots, hardware, etc. Lookout made 16

Lot: 4415 - Pacific Land Company Stock Certificate, 1863

Inc. February 26th, 1863, less than a month before this certificate was issued. No. 64, issued for 5 shares to Mary Woodruff Parker on March 17, 1863. Signed by the president, J. Rowell, and secretary, H. White. Not cancelled. Vignette of allegorical

Lot: 4416 - San Francisco Savings Union Archive, 1862-c1915

Rarely does an original western banking archive come out of the woodwork, and one has here. Not only that, it is an important "first" as well. The San Francisco Savings Union was the first banking corporation formed after the Act of February, 1862,

Lot: 4417 - San Francisco, CA Post Office Framed Lithograph

Lithograph of the San Francisco post office, 19th-century. Entitled post office, San Francisco, California. By HF Cox of Delaware, lithograph of William Endicott and Company New York. The print measures 14 x 18", matted, in 21 x 25" frame. Nice

Lot: 4418 - California Gold Rush Collection

Lot of four. 1) 1858 treasurer's report from Santa Clara County, To William Daniel. 2) 1862 State Land Office to Alfred M Jamison for 20% down on 320 acres of STATE SCHOOL LAND. Stockton. 3-4) Unused 186- Alfred J Moulder San Francisco controller

Lot: 4419 - California Gold Rush Cover with Rare Stamp Usage

October 1865 mailed cover to Cornwall, England from San Francisco. "Via Panama" written in upper left. Unusual vertical pair of 24 cent stamps, Scott #78, both attached upside down. Cover has soiling and was opened roughly. 3 x 5.5" (Al Adams Gold

Lot: 4420 - Fort Vigilant Pictorial Letter Sheet: Baird 83

Shows two scenes. The first is the rooms used by the Vigilance committee on Sacramento Street. Gunnybags in front, soldier and cannons on roof, sign for Brown & Crowell, sign for Mills & Vantine stoves, etc. The second is a mass meeting where

Lot: 4421 - Springfield, Tuolumne County pictorial Letter

Very nice condition with no apparent issues. G. H. Goddard (appears as C. H. Goddard) of Sonora. Lithograph by Britton & Rey of San Francisco. Shows main street with a church at the far end, town square, scattered dwellings, goats on a knoll,

Lot: 4422 - Baird's Book "California's Pictorial Letter

The go-to guide for collecting and researching California Pictorial Letter Sheets. From Mud Springs to James King of William, from Fort Vigilance to El Dorado, from Bidwell's Bar to Sacramento, from Sackett's Hotel to Michigan City - it is all here.

Lot: 4423 - Mercantile Gazette & Shipping Register

No. 37. San Francisco, December 4th, 1857. Per Mail Steamer Golden Age. Covers: Wholesale Prices & Duties; a Review of the Market ("Candles and American Spirits continue exceedingly depressed..."); Produce Market Review; Money Market ("Since the

Lot: 4424 - Letter addressed to 16 Year Old Working on a Ship

1851 letter from a father to his 16 year old son working on a ship out of San Francisco. In care of GN Shaw & Company. This company was Commission Merchants. And father's advince, "Have a good look out for yourself after earning money and keep it

Lot: 4425 - 1851 California Gold Rush Letter

2+ page letter from a lawyer asking the recipient to be prepared to pay "John" what is due him. There is mention of a $5,000 Ward & Company bill for one thing. It starts "Before this reaches you, I trust that you have arrived in San F. and it is

Lot: 4426 - Palmer, Cook & Company and Grand Theft

Palmer, Cook & Company was established in 1849. It is said that no pirate or thief ever matched this company for the amount of money that was stolen. Without bonding laws the bank set up its own insurance subsidiary enhancing its growing power.

Lot: 4427 - Putís Original California Songster

Published by D. Appleton & Co. San Francisco, 1868. Soiled cover, all pages in tact. A marvelous 64 page compendium of gold rush songs about the mining camps, drinking, gambling, getting lost, greenhorns, etc. The preface was written in 1855 and

Lot: 4428 - San Francisco Savings and Loan 1859 Installment

You don't see this everyday. Number 21. Published by Gillespie & Gray. Installment fo $52,60 on $1280.60. Signed by G. Street. Pictorial of building. Very fragile with rips and tears. Date: 1859 Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 57405

Lot: 4429 - Two Gold Rush San Francisco Newspapers

Both are San Francisco Daily Herald. Both are typically fragile for newsprint this old, and include small rips (1" or less) at fold intersections. 1) November 13, 1853. Main article is on real estate in San Francisco. Ads are a must! My favorite is

Lot: 4430 - Two Rare Gold Rush Newspapers

1) Daily Alta. August 11, 1852. Main article is on the immigration of Americans from Panama and San Juan del Sud. "With every new case of suffering and wanton destruction of human life, we have a violent outburst of public indignation...." City

Lot: 4431 - The California Star; Reprint of First Year

What a great early, pre-Gold Rush California reference work. This was published by Howell-North Books of Berkeley in 1965. Yerba Buena was the first name that San Francisco went by. Earliest volumes are datelined Yerba Buena and the later ones San

Lot: 4432 - Original Will and Fink Barbers Chair

Will & Fink was one of the West's finest cutlery manufacturers. This Will & Fink chair, 19th century, has been beautifully refinished and reupholster with velvet purple upholstery. The chair has all of the original features intact including

Lot: 4433 - Shreve & Company 20" Mirrored Tray

This incredible piece from one of San Francisco's most renowned silversmiths measures 20" from candle holder to candle holder. Incorporated in 1894 by George Rodman and Albert J. Lewis; it is considered the oldest commercial establishment in San

Lot: 4434 - William Sharon's Palace Hotel , 2 Stereoviews by

William Sharon's Palace Hotel . One exterior and one interior from the Watkins' Pacific Coast collection of stereo views. The Palace Hotel was built by San Francisco banker and entrepreneur William Chapman Ralston who heavily depended on his shaky

Lot: 4435 - William Sharon's Palace Hotel Stereoview by

Exterior view, left image foxing. Date: Location: San Francisco, California HWAC# 61212

Lot: 4436 - Controller's 1851 Receipt (when the Capital was in

In 1851 the state capital was in San Jose! Number 2579 from the State Treasurer's office. For $136.70. For James B Devoe on April 15, 1851. On March 31, 1851 Devoe was appointed state printer and held the office for one year. This document is printed

Lot: 4437 - State Capital, State Printer, State Controller

J. Winchester was the state printer in 1850. And San Jose was the capital of California in 1850 and 1851. He is being paide $100. John S Houston was the first controller of the state of California holding the position from 1849 to 1852. San Jose was

Lot: 4438 - San Mateo Coursing Association Stock Certificate,

Coursing is the pursuit of game or other animals by dogsóchiefly greyhounds and other sighthoundsócatching their prey by speed, running by sight, but not by scent. Coursing was a common hunting technique, practised by the nobility, the

Lot: 4439 - Jose L Sepulveda Signature

Dated July 6, 1866. Signed by the former mayor of Los Angeles and owner of the Palos Verdes estate. Addressed to Mr. Aug W. Timms of San Pedro. One of the Sepulveda family, Diego Sepulveda, constructed a wharf on a point of land just below the

Lot: 4440 - Jose L. Sepulveda Spanish Note

Jose Loreto Sepulveda was the mayor of Los Angeles from 1837 to 1848. He was the Grantee of the Rancho de los Palos Verde. Note is dated July 10, 1866. This is an important and historic California signature. (Potter Collection) Date: 1866 Location:

Lot: 4441 - Letter signed by Jose L. Sepulveda (In Spanish)

Jose Loreto Sepulveda was the mayor of Los Angeles from 1837 to 1848. He was the Grantee of the Rancho de los Palos Verde. Note is dated June 14, 1866. This is an important and historic California signature. Date: 1866 Location: San Pedro, California

Lot: 4442 - Dramatic Abel Stearns Signed Note in Spanish

Very historical piece of paper signed by Abel Stearns. In Spanish makes this even more interesting! Abel Stearns (1798 ñ 1871) was a trader who came to the Pueblo de Los Angeles, Alta California in 1829 and became a major landowner, cattle

Lot: 4443 - 1876 Patent for Santa Cruz Saw Mill

No. 147. Office of the U.S. Assistant Treasurer. Dateline San Francisco, Sept. 27, 1876. James S. Howe of Santa Cruz has deposited $15 on account of Patent Fees for a Saw Mill. Signed by Wm. Freeman, U.S. Assistant Treasurer. 4.5 x 8" Stamped on the

Lot: 4444 - Scott Valley Land Purchase for ranch where the

O Asa White is selling his share of the ranch of White & Hartstrand to PA Hartstrand. The Hartstrand Ranch was located three miles east of Etna. In 1868 Hartstrand sold his ranch to Charles Klapper who started the Etna Brewery on this ranch

Lot: 4445 - Stereoview of Sierra City

#159 Sierra City, Cal. View from above town. Staining on right side of mat does not encroach on view & faint foxing on stereoview. Date: Location: Sierra City, California HWAC# 59675

Lot: 4446 - Smith's Flat Toll Road Manuscript Receipt

Received from WN Harvey $200 on account collected on the Smith's Flat Toll Road. Signed by JL Perkins for GW Swan. March 1, 1864. Harvey must have been the toll keeper for this road and this is the money made (minus his salary?) in February of 1864.

Lot: 4447 - Smith's Flat Toll Road Taxes (1866) near

This is for the "Two and one half miles of Toll Road beginning at the Toll House on Smiths flat and running E. to the Five Mile House. Also 2 mules, 2 harness & 1 wagon." Valued at $4,520. Taxed at $143.73.6 See other Smith's Flat Piece for

Lot: 4448 - IOOF Stockton 1850's Paperwork

Lot of eight. Four receipts (William Olison, LJ Kellen, JY Brown, Charles O Borton) for weekly dues. One 1853 certificate for Richard Fowler that he had attained fourth and fifth degrees. Two receipts for services rendered to George Sanderson,

Lot: 4449 - Swans Toll Road in Strawberry Valley

El Dorado County tax receipt for Swans Toll Road in Strawberry Valley. The road was appraised at $44,065.00 and the tax was $4189.75. It ran east from the Western Summit Toll House to the valley; a distance of ten miles. Elliot Lord [Comstock Mining

Lot: 4450 - Schooner Pictorial Billhead in 1868 from Suisun to

Lewis Pierce Pictorial 1868 billhead. The schooner W. E. Anderson is carrying wheat from the central valley (Suisun) to San Francisco. Peter Anderson Master. Date: 1868 Location: Suisun, California HWAC# 57370

Lot: 4451 - Fabulous Topaz Archive: Rickey Cattle Company

Large archive of Rickey Material. Includes Rickey Land and Cattle Company and Kirman & Rickey. Sixty items. All addressed to the State Bank & Trust of Carson City, Nevada. This material is for their general merchandise store in Topaz. Thomas

Lot: 4452 - Stereoview American Views ñ Truckee City,

Unknown Photographer, slight staining on right margin with slight foxing on stereo view. Date: Location: Truckee City, California HWAC# 59676

Lot: 4453 - Historic Wilmington Billhead from Banning &

Banning & Company, forwarding and commission merchants. Received of JM Sanchez 10 bales of wool. Banning, California is named for Phineas Banning, stagecoach line owner and the "Father of the Port of Los Angeles." He was one of the founders of

Lot: 4454 - Import Document from JE Rene of San Francisco for

U. S. 25c Revenue Stamp is tied by a strong "J. E. Rene / San Francisco" oval stamp. The 1865 San Francisco Directory lists J Ernest Rene as an importer and agent of the French Board Underwriters at 716 Montgomery. Document is in French. One rip at

Lot: 4455 - Wine Country Tax Record

This 1862 Tax Record is for Boone Fly for $209.69. He had land on Carneros Creek. Fly was a rancher. Boone Fly was the first person to grow grapes on this land. He was a man of some importance as Fly's Landing was named after him. Today it is known

Lot: 4456 - Yosemite Region Prints (5)

5 Dewing Publishing Co. Photogravures, 1) The Yosemite Falls by CD Robinson .5" left tear 2) Among the Big Trees of California by Henry Ihlefeld 3) Chilnooalna Falls Near Wawona, Yosemite by Thomas Hill, upper toning 4) The Sentinel by Julian Rix 5)

Lot: 4457 - 1854 Youngs Hill Liquor License for GW Barns.

1854 Youngs Hill was located on Beaver Creek, three miles north of Camptonville. Named for William Young, the first claimant in 1851. In 1852 it was mentioned as a big camp. In 1855 it had three hotels, four saloons (one owned by Barnes?) , three

Lot: 4458 - 1854 Yuba County Peddlers License

Issued to Jacob Weil. "sell' has been crossed out and 'Peddle' has been handwritten in. Signed by treasurer, and soon to be Virginia City, Nevada Banker, John A Paxton. Date: 1854 Location: Yuba County, California HWAC# 57376

Lot: 4459 - Gold Seekers Protection Knife

This 11" knife with a 6" blade is famous for its use by California Gold Rush gold seekers. Beautiful etched design on one side of knife. Etching near tip is worn. Signed "Joseph Elliot / Sheffield". Joseph Elliot was a Sheffield, UK, maker of quality

Lot: 4460 - Original Currier and Ives California Color Print

Original mid-1850s print by Currier and Ives entitled on the Coast of California. The view shows a cliff region with mountains surrounding, ships in the harbor in a village at the edge of the mountain. The print is approximately 11" x 15" in a frame

Lot: 4461 - Currier & Ives Pictorial Reference

The world of Currier and Ives by Roy King and Burke Davis. Large-format, 1.5 x 2', 139 pages, indexed, full-size pictorial reference to the fabulous Currier and Ives prints. This is a key reference for any researcher on Currier and Ives. Rare. (Al

Lot: 4462 - 1846 Map of Upper or New California

This map was produced before the California Gold Rush and after 1840. Walker Pass is mention (c 1830). No gold rush locations are mention (c1849). Lake Tahoe is still referred to as "Mountain Lake." "Sierra Nevada or Snowy Range." This seems to be

Lot: 4463 - Map, "California Gold & Quicksilver Mining Survey,

This is a choice early California Gold Rush Map. The map points out three rivers where gold was found at this point: Feather River, American River was far as Mountain Lake (Lake Tahoe), and Rio de los Cosumes. Gold was found on these streams: Duckey

Lot: 4464 - Map of Oregon & Upper California, Gold Rush, 1848

Map of Oregon & Upper California from the surveys of John Charles Fremont and other authorities, "This important and beautifully drawn map became the model for many of the later gold region maps." by Carl I. Wheat, Maps of the California Gold

Lot: 4465 - Map of Exploration of the West, 1854

Map of Exploration of the West by John Charles Fremont, Engraving by A. Zeese, 1854. This map was Drawn and Engraved Expressly for Fremont's Memoirs. Beautiful map with Emigrant Route that is know known as Hwy.88 area. Lake Tahoe is not on this map.

Lot: 4466 - Map of Public Surveys in California, 1854

Map has a reproduced signature of California Surveyor General John (Coffee) Hays. This map was produced after the Mexican War of 1846-1848. This interesting map is without reference to gold regions, (Sonora, Placerville & other notable gold rush

Lot: 4467 - Map of California by County, 1855

Map engraving & color by J.H. Colton. Vivid color, nice condition, only slight tearing at bottom of map, does not encroach on map. This map has an inset of San Francisco showing blocks & roads. Interestingly reads "Vill. Diggings & Co.

Lot: 4468 - Map of California by Counties, 1860

Engraved & hand colored by Mitchell, p. 41, vivid color, very good condition (only slight tearing at left of map outside of the border, does not encroach on map). This interesting map shows a different spelling for Truckee Pass. It shows

Lot: 4469 - Map of California, Nevada, Utah & Colorado, 1860

Rare! Choice, shows western forts & military preferred routes.Cartography & Color by Lithography, 1860, beautiful condition. "Bureau of Topograph of the War Department chiefly for Military purposes."On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic

Lot: 4470 - Map of Public Surveys in California & Nevada

Map of public surveys in California & Nevada : to Accompany Report of Surveyor Genl., 1863. Lith. of J. Bien, N.Y. Surveyor General's Office, San Francisco, California, June 30th, 1863. E.F. Beale, U.S. Survr. Genl. Cal.. 37 x 31" Scale: 18 miles

Lot: 4471 - Map of California & Nevada, 1875

Engraved & Hand Colored by Gray, double truck pp. 118 & 119. Map has Yosemite Inset, rare map. Very good condition. On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats are shipped then additional shipping may apply. 17.5" x 27.5". (Potter

Lot: 4472 - Central Northern California Topo Maps, c1894-1915

Group of 24 older topo maps of the mother lode region and surrounds.most are the older 1:125,000 series, but a few qre 1:62,500. Includes: Lassen Peak, Bidwell Bar, Sierraville, Pyramid Peak, Colfax, Sonora, etc. A great group of the older maps,

Lot: 4473 - Coastal and Misc. California Old Topo Maps,

Group of 24 of the old 1:125,000 series topo maps, circa 1894-1915. Only a few are 1:62,500, and those are from the first period (1915-47). This is a wide variety of places, from the Pasadena area to Napa and San Francisco. Includes: red Bluff,

Lot: 4474 - Map of California & Nevada, c.1900

Multi color map dated 1900 by Geo. F. Cram, Engraver and Publisher, from Chicago, Illinois. This is a beautiful map with vibrant color in excellent condition. The only blemish is far left portion of map with hole 2" x 2" that enters the coastal

Lot: 4475 - Maps of the California Gold Regions by Wheat

A biblio-cartography of an important decade. Hardcover, 153pp with index. (Potter Collection) Date: 1942 Location: California HWAC# 59361

Lot: 4476 - Western Gold Rush Prints

Four beautifully framed with cloth mats images of the goldrush. All of these are from the 1855 railroad reports. Prints include panorama of San Francisco; entrance of Livermore's pass; Valley of Bill Williams (Arizona); Valley of la Questa real. A

Lot: 4477 - Clifford Collection Sale: The Most Important Gold

This is a must have resource for any serious California Gold Rush collector. Four items. 1) Hard cover "California Pictorial Letter Sheets." Back cover shows miner warping. Excellent! 2) Soft cover of same. Includes prices and handwritten notes by

Lot: 4478 - Gold Fever by Ken Kutz

Gold Fever by Ken Kutz, 1987. Hardbound with original dust jacket, 400 pages, indexed a great discussion of the Gold Rush using original philatelic postal covers and letters. Excellent condition (Potter Collection) Date: Location: California HWAC#

Lot: 4479 - Gold Rush Books by Ship (3)

1) The Log of Apollo, Joseph Perkins Beach's Journal of the Voyage of the Ship Apollo, hardback; 2) Gold Fleet for California, by Bateson, hardback; 3) California Gold Rush Voyages, hardback. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date:

Lot: 4480 - Holden's Dollar Magazine Book (California Gold

Holden's Dollar Magazine of criticisms biographies, sketches and essays. Volumes three and four, 1849, William Dietz publisher New York. This key volume contains a number of articles related to the California Gold Rush including original sketches.

Lot: 4481 - Letters of Gold by Jesse Coburn

Letters of Gold by Jesse Coburn, 1984, hardbound, 389 pages, original dust jacket. Early compendium of Goldrush covers, a classic and critical reference for any collector of them. (Potter Collection) Date: Location: California HWAC# 59364

Lot: 4482 - Paddlewheel Days in California by Jerry McMullen

Paddlewheel Days in California by Jerry McMullen with original dust jacket, Stanford press, 1944, second printing. Excellent condition. Key reference for the steamers of California. Pictured on the cover is the Antelope, an important steamer in

Lot: 4483 - "A Live Woman in the Mines; or Pike County Ahead!"

A Local Play in Two Acts. By "Old Block ", (pseudonym for Alonzo Delano). No. CXXX. The Minor [sic.] Drama. 36 pp. New York: Samuel French & Son, ca 1857. Covers loose and chipped. Pages corners are chipping and paper is becoming brittle. Alonzo

Lot: 4484 - "Pull Away Cheerily! (The Gold Diggers Song)"

Written and sung by Harry Lee Carter, in his entertainment of "The Two lands of Gold." Also sung by George Henry Russell. Composed by Henry Russell. Pull away cheerily Not slow or wearily Rocking your cradles boys fast to and fro Working the hand

Lot: 4485 - "The California Gold Diggers" Gold Rush Song

Original sheet music printed in 1849, ìThe California Gold Diggersî Song and chorus as sung by the Hutchinsons and Barkers with rapturous applause the words by Jesse Hutchinson Jr. Music adapted and arranged by Nathan Barker. S. W. Marsh

Lot: 4486 - California Gold Rush Books (2)

2 hardcovers. A Stroll Through The Diggings of California by Kelly, 1950, 206pp, first edition. Gold Rush April 2, 1849-July 20, 1851 by Read & Gaines, 1949 794pp with index. Date: Location: California HWAC# 59772

Lot: 4487 - California Gold Rush Ephemera

1851 Sacrament receipt with large stain. 3 1854 Auditor of Marysville Yuba County license receipts.1853 Charity Lodge check. 1858 Anderson and Co.Petaluma 1850 pictorial shipping receipt. billhead. 1854 Adams and Co. San Francisco 1854 bank deposit

Lot: 4488 - Gold Rush Songs Book

Put's Golden Songster, "Containing the largest and most popular collection of California Songs ever Published". Some songs are Sacramento Gals; He's the Man for Me; California Bank Robbers; California Stage Company; and so many more songs. This is

Lot: 4489 - Two Books of California Gold Rush Images

Silver and Gold, cased images of the California gold rush. 1998. California Heritage, Oscar Lewis, 1949. Two classic California gold rush visual image reference books. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: California HWAC# 56303

Lot: 4490 - The Zamorano Eighty by Kraus

Hardcover reprint of first edition. 1969. 66pp. "The Zamorano 80: A Selection of Distinguished California Books Made by Members of the Zamorano Club. Los Angeles: Zamorano Club, 1945. At the time of its founding in 1928, the purpose of the Zamorano

Lot: 4491 - A Tramp Through the Bret Hart Country by Beasley,

Rare private press printing with rag edge. Inscribed RL Fulton 1914. From the collection of the former President of the Nevada Historical Society, Robert L. Fulton. Date: 1914 Location: California HWAC# 60813

Lot: 4492 - California History Book Set

Extremely important set of Bancroft's works on the history of California, in seven volumes, 1542 to 1890. This seven volume set is the 1963 reprint with original dust jackets and protective plastic covers. It also comes with the Zambrano club index

Lot: 4493 - California Sterling Silver Souvenir Spoons (8)

8 California souvenir spoons-teaspoon, Capistrano Mission. 7 small-San Gabriel Mission, Santa Barbara, Catalina, Santa Barbara Mission, Hotel del Coronado, Mission San Luis Obispo, San Gabriel Mission Date: Location: California HWAC# 59754

Lot: 4494 - Great Collection of California Postmarks on USPOD

29 different postmarks from 22 different locations. Best are Coarse Gold Gulch 1892 (1878-1895), early Greenwood, 1881 purple Amador County Volcano, 1891 fancy Groveland. Others are 1892 Merced, 1888 Hornitos, 1892 Fresno Flats with star killer,

Lot: 4495 - Interesting, Miscellaneous Early 1860's California

1) Lot of three. 1) Letter from Marysville, California in 1863. Acknowledging check received for $300/ From Marcus(?) Brothers to JW Brown. 2) 1862 Peters & Jackson Commission Agent billhead. Stockton, California. 3) 1862 Alta California

Lot: 4496 - Land Affidavit Documents 1860's

This is a small group of land affidavits and a declaration statement dated 1865/1867. They are handwritten and signed by Registrar S.B Ayer. Nice readable condition despite the age. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location:

Lot: 4497 - Postcards (3) & Anniversary Admission to Society

3 postcards,(1 with note on back to person in Gardnerville, NV dated 1911); 1 Admission to 30th Anniversary of Society of California Pioneers program dated 1880. Good condition. Date: 1880 Location: California HWAC# 56742

Lot: 4498 - Set of Lithographic Views of California Towns and

3 different sets of ephemera from The Book Club of California. 1) Lithographic Views of California Towns 1875-1889, 10 sheets including Red Bluff, Napa, Healdsburg, San Jose, Santa Cruz, Merced, San Buenaventure, San Diego, 10 1+978 Keepsake Series

Lot: 4499 - Three Early Hand Written California Receipts

1) April 17, 1851 receipt issued to Henry Teschachaer during the liquidation of Simmins Hutchins & Company. Signed by a clerk named Walls. 2) 1862 Forest Hill. Receipt for 9,762 pounds of barley. Payment to Hardy Garrison and signed by Elijah

Lot: 4500 - Two California Corner Advertising Covers

1) Preston K. Woodside / Notary Public / 87 Merchant Street / San Francisco. Stamped San Francisco Wells Fargo cancel sith an oval "PAID'. 2) Arcade Hotel / @d St. bet. J & K / Sacramento / Thos Guinan, Prop. San F. & Ogden railroad cancel.

Lot: 4501 - Two Interesting California Postal History

1) Depositions in the case of Frank K Lightstone vs. Henry Laurencil and Pedro Lainsevain (names approximate). Bold San Francisco circular postmark with a "PAID 12" stamp. Back has the seal of 'Armand Guyol, Notary Public'. Addressed to Joseph P

Lot: 4502 - Original c1910 Postcard Albums

Two original postcard albums from the historic Ayers family of Virginia City and Reno. Each album contains approximately 100 pages with approximately three postcards per page, though many are missing or were never in place. Most of the cards are mint

Lot: 4503 - Reagan 1974 Stamps on Sheets

79 sheets of 20 each of Reagan's Presidential stamp portraits on 37 cent US stamps from 1974. Unused, mint, never touched. Collected in Reagan's home city of Santa Barbara. $584.60 in face value. Date: Location: California HWAC# 56443

Lot: 4504 - Colorado Gold Rush Books (3)

3 hardback books: 1) Gold Country 1828-1858 by Elma Dill Russell Spencer c. 1958, 256 pp. 2) The Mines of Colorado by Ovando J. Hollister 450 pp.; 3)A Pioneer Denver Mint by Nolie Mumey, has black, white and color photos 87 pp. 4) Pamphlet entitled

Lot: 4505 - San Luis Valley Irrigation Land & Power Co. Stock

Inc. in Colorado. No. 83, issued for 2,400 shares to M.F. Stark on Jan. 22, 1906. Signed by S.S. Bernard, president, and secretary Jordan. Not cancelled. Locomotive vignette. Folds. Good condition. Organized in 1904. Meant to address the issue of the

Lot: 4506 - Colorado History Books (4)

Here They Dug the Gold by Willison, Cinders and Smoke by Osterwald, The New Eldorado by Dorset, The Carbonate Camp Called Leadville by Griswold (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: Colorado HWAC# 58628

Lot: 4507 - Colorado Territorial and Pre-territorial Postmarks

Colorado Territorial and Pre-territorial Postmarks by David Jarrett, 1976. Choice reference of Colorado postal history, 207 pages, hardbound, excellent condition and rare (Potter Collection) Date: Location: Colorado HWAC# 58972

Lot: 4508 - Rare Dakota Philatelic Cover with Advertising

The Wolsey post office was established December 31, 1883. This legal sized cover was postmarked September 15, 1886. There is a corner advertising circular stamp for W. S. Farrington / Druggist, Books, Stationary. Wolsey is in South Dakota today. The

Lot: 4509 - Office of Secretary of U. S. Senate Letterhead

Very hard to read letter which seems to be the second part. Signed by Hansen. There was no Hansen that was ever Secretary of the Senate, so it must have been someone who worked in that office. Three pages 8 x 5". Someone with time can decipher it

Lot: 4509A - Introduction to Georgia Land Grants

Most of the fifteen Georgia Land Grants in this collection were purchased by Mr. Adams separately over an approximate thirty year period. They came from various sources, with no attendant information on the properties. Original Land grants, whether

Lot: 4510 - Georgia Land Grant: Lot 517, Appling County

1821. Lot for lot 517, surveyed April 10, 1821, 490 acres in the 13th district, Appling County, awarded to Thomas Taylor of Bibb County, signed by Georgia Governor George Towns in 1848 and surveyor general PM Compton. The survey shows Florida Creek

Lot: 4511 - Georgia Land Grant: Lot 221, Cherokee County

Lot 221 in the 16th District, First section, Cherokee County, now part of Union County, near Blairsville in far north-central Georgia. The 3rd class lot of chestnut and hickory was won by Mark Desabaye who lived in Burke County, east of the original

Lot: 4512 - Georgia Land Grant: Lot 301, Cherokee County

Survey date, May 31, 1832, 160 acre lot in the 22nd District, 2nd section, Cherokee County, Lot 301. The 3rd class lot with oak and hickory (O & H) was awarded to William B. Parker. The survey is signed by J. M. Compton, the Surveyor General and

Lot: 4513 - Georgia Land Grant: Lot 564, Little River,

Survey date June 9, 1832 for Lot 564, a 40 acre parcel in the 16th District, 2nd Section of ìthird qualityî land of oak and Hickory trees (O & H). Signed on the bottom fold boldly and in large letters, by Wilson Lumpkin, the Georgia

Lot: 4514 - Georgia Land Grant: Lot 757, Cherokee County

1832. Lot 757, 40 acres, first district, second section in Cherokee County (today) won by James Fielding, a resident of Dobbs in Hall County. This is a classic gold lottery lot, with the gold gravels sketched into the survey map along an unnamed

Lot: 4515 - Georgia Land Grant: Lot 823, Cherokee County

Two documents tied by pink ribbon and die struck Georgia medallion. Date of survey August 9, 1832, lot 823, 40 acres (gold lottery), first district, second section, Cherokee County for land of 2nd quality. Two creeks run thorugh this 40 acres. Signed

Lot: 4516 - Georgia Land Grant: Lot 791, Cherokee County (now

1832. Lot 791, 1st district, 2nd section, now part of Cobb County just north of the Chattahoochee River. 40 acre parcel of 2nd quality land as shown on the survey. Creeks flow through the land. This parcel was in an area where it may have been

Lot: 4517 - Georgia Land Grant: Lot 889, Cherokee County (now

Lot 889, 40 acres of 2nd quality land, awarded to Jackson Gregory of Cobb County in 1st district, second section, now part of Cobb County just north of the Chattahoochee River. Signed by Georgia Governor George Crawford in 1845, according to the

Lot: 4518 - Georgia Land Grant: Lot 93, Cherokee County (now

1832. Lot 93, 40 acres, First District, third section Cherokee County (Cobb County today), won by William Jackson. The survey is dated May 8, 1832, deeded in 1837 and signed by Georgia Governor George R. Gilmer, namesake of Gilmer County, in 1837,

Lot: 4519 - Georgia Land Grant: Lot 135, Cherokee County

1832. Two documents tied by white ribbon and medallion. Lot 135, Fifth District, First section, Cherokee County (now Gilmer), 40 acres, ì3rd quality O & H (oak & hickory) landî Drawn by A. F. Sherwood of Bibb County in the center of

Lot: 4520 - Georgia Land Grant: Lot 301, Lumpkin County

Lot 301 surveyed July 6, 1832 for a 160 acre lot in the 17th district, First section, Cherokee County. Today in northeastern Lumpkin County. Two creeks flow one these 40 acres. Trees include red oak, pine, and chestnut. Possible that the creeks

Lot: 4521 - Georgia Land Grant: Lot 295, LaGrange, Troup

Survey date: January 13, 1827. Map scale: 20 chains to the inch. Lot 295, fifth district, third section, Troup County. Signed by Samuel Reid, surveyor. The 2nd quality oak and hickory lot was drawn at lottery to Charlotte Lockhart, a widow living in

Lot: 4522 - Georgia Land Grant: Lot 135, Troup County

1827. Lot 296 for 202.5 acres awarded to Jesse Berry of Habersham County for land in the fifth district, third section of Troup county, near or under Lake Lapoint today. Upland oak & hickory. Signed by Georgia Governor G. M. Troup in 1827, and

Lot: 4523 - Georgia Land Grant: Lot 307, Troup County

1827. Lot 307, 220.5 acres, fifth district, Troup County for second quality oak and hickory land, as noted on the survey. The lot is somewhat near the town of LaGrange, Troup County on the western border of Georgia along the road from Atlanta to

Lot: 4524 - Georgia Land Grant: Lot 219, Wilkinson County

1807. Lot 219 for 202.5 acres located in the tenth district of Wilkinson County near the center of Georgia, possibly near Irwinton. The survey shows a north trending river at the center of the lot, possibly identified as the ìLittle Ocmulgee

Lot: 4525 - Georgia Gold Lottery Ticket 1

These may be the only 'key' gold lottery tickets extant in private hands! ìGold Lottery, Lot No. 898, 17th District, 3rd Section, drawn by OM Prattî, 40 acres ìsituated æ of a mile s(outh) of the Etowah River and 2 miles from the

Lot: 4526 - Georgia Gold Lottery Ticket 2

ìGold Lottery, Lot No. 548, 15th District, 2nd Section, drawn by A. I. Prattî 40 acres, showing an unnamed watercourse through the center. ìSituated 1 Ω miles s(outh) of the Alabama Road and 5 miles south of the Etowah River and

Lot: 4527 - Georgia Gold Lottery Ticket 3

ìGold Lottery, Lot 647, 3rd District, 2nd Section drawn by A. Pratt.î 40 acres with an unnamed watercourse drawn diagonally through the center from upper left to lower right. ìSituated within 1/8th of a mile of the Etowah River a creek

Lot: 4528 - Georgia Gold Lottery Ticket 4

ìGold Lottery, Lot No. 566, 17th District, 2nd Section drawn by James Conroy.î 40 acres, with numerous unnamed watercourses bisecting the west half of the property. ìSituated 3 Ω miles from Powers Ferry on the Chattahoochee a road

Lot: 4529 - Georgia Gold Lottery Ticket 5

ìLand Lottery, Lot No. 154, 11th District, 2nd Section drawn by CM Prattî 160 acres with an unnamed watercourse bisecting the center of the lot from north to south. ìSituated within Ω mile of the Ellefoy River a road to the upper

Lot: 4530 - Fort Gaines Academy Lottery Winners

8.5 x 10.5". 1856. Ticket 12951 was a winner. So was 28,070. A total of ten winning tickets are listed. Signed by manager (?) and approved by the State of Georgia. Fort Gaines was first established as an outpost on the western border of Georgia about

Lot: 4531 - Georgia Land Lottery Books (4)

The 1833 Land Lottery of Georgia, The Third or 1820 Land Lottery of Georgia, The 1832 Gold Lottery of Georgia, The 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery of Georgia, The Neighborhood Mint by Head. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location:

Lot: 4532 - Three Carvings by Mike Collier

Three basswood carvings by Mike Collier. All are Indian figures: 1) "Indian Medicine Man", in wolf headdress, 13" x 7" x 4"; 2) "Indian Brave", 13" x 6" x 3"; 3) Native American, 16" x 8" x 5". (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: 2001

Lot: 4533 - Auraria Stampless Letter from JBC Quillian to MP

August 1, 1839. Stampless Postal Letter without cover. John is telling his brother that "the Bank" would be better off waiting until October when he could pay his debt than suing him and waiting 18 months for the suit to clear the courts. He goes on

Lot: 4534 - Three Deeds for the same Property in Cobb County

This file of deeds well illustrates the title problems of the South. Record keeping was problematic, and a systematic approach was not universal from county to county, and each county recorder started the records in their own way. As a place on the

Lot: 4535 - Georgia Doctor's Bag & Ephemera

Doctor's Bag with many pieces of ephemera owned by Dr. James L. Gurley of College Park, Georgia. Bag is made of leather and metal clasps to close the bag. Well worn, it looks to have been used for many years. Marriage License enclosed of his marriage

Lot: 4536 - A North Georgia Journal of History (4 Books)

Lot of 4 books including 3 hardbacks, "A North Georgia Journal of History" by Olin Jackson; Observations from a Peak in Lumpkin County by W. B. Townsend 467 pp. All in good condition. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location:

Lot: 4537 - Dahlonega History Group (9)

Numismatic Theatre Presentation on VHS tape, The Gold of Dahlonega by Harshaw, Golden Memories of Dahlonega by Gaddis, The Best of I Remember Dahlonega by Amerson, Dahlonega Georgia by Amerson, Jamers Boisclair and His "Free Jim" Gold Mine by Worick,

Lot: 4538 - Dahlonega Postcard Collection

Lot of four. 1) A tri-fold [ost card cancelled in 1912. Two sections are a bird's eye view of Dahlonega and the third section shows the N. G. A. College (Northern Georgia Agricultural). As one would expect, heavy folds, but strongly in tact. 2) Hand

Lot: 4539 - Dahlonega, GA History Books (4)

I Remember Dahlonega By Amerson Volumes 1-4, softcovers. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: Dahlonega, Georgia HWAC# 58638

Lot: 4540 - Dahlonega, Georgia History Books (5)

The Gold of Dahlonega by Harshaw, Dahlonega's Historic Public Square by Amerson, The Darien Bank by Sullivan, Numismatic Theatre Presentation on VHS, The Neighborhood Mint by Head. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location:

Lot: 4541 - Dahlonega, Georgia, Books (5)

4 paperback books by Anne Dismukes Amerson; 4 Volumes, "I Remember Dahlongega" & a hardback book "The Neighborhood Mint" by Sylvia Gailey Head & Elizabeth W. Etheridge. 206 pp. Good condition. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date:

Lot: 4542 - Harrison W. Riley (Scoundrel or Entrepreneur) Bill

Harrison Riley was well known in Dahlonega and the area. The court records are full of Riley's trickery and gambling on his road to riches. One man sued the "General" for getting him drunk in a social way and buying his land for nothing. A hog drover

Lot: 4543 - Prints Signed, Spring & Winter in Dahlonega

Nice prints on watercolor paper. Framed and matted prints signed by Loraine Brewer marked 85/250, dated 12/19/1999. Frame of Spring in Dahlonega is 19" x 29" the print is 11.75" x 21.25"; The framed Winter in Dahlonega is 19" x 27.75" the print is

Lot: 4544 - 4 Different Dahlonega Framed Prints

Rectangular street view signed by Winslow Crannel, 13" X 25.5". Rectangular color Doors of Dohlonega-January 2000 with 3 levels of color doors in a collage. 14.5" x 29". Photo of an old brick building with red, white and blue bunting. 15.5" x 20".

Lot: 4545 - 4 Different Signed Dahlonega Prints

4 color prints, all are signed by artists. Gold Digger Road-Auraria-1834, #171/300 by John Kollack, 13 x 19". "The Glory Hole"-Consolidated Gold Mine 1904, #659/1000 by John Kollack, 13" x 19". Dahlonega snowy street scene with gold museum and other

Lot: 4546 - Vintage Large Copper Still from Georgia

62" tall hand built and hand soldered copper still with an outboard copper double column for unknown purposes. There is a 36" copper downspout. This still was purchased at an antique auction in 1990 on the Lumpkin and White county line. Probably

Lot: 4547 - 1857 W.W. Woodruff & Co. Carriage Co. Lettersheet

Illustrated lettersheet advertising the various coaches offered by the W.W. Woodruff Carriage Repository in Griffin, Georgia. Includes a handwritten message to George W. Gordon, esq, dated February 1857. Comes with illustrated corner advertising

Lot: 4548 - Bank of Clayton County Stock Certificate

Number 69 for three shares to LZ Gilbert and signed by president Gilbert and secretary King. Bank seems to have been incorporated c1909 and run until at least 1919. One pin hole where seal was applied heaviely. Left side has part of receipt from

Lot: 4549 - 1836 Lexington, Georgia Stampless letter sheet

Marked strongly with a reddish brown canceland a '10' with the '0' written over with a '2'. Addressed to George W Paschal of Auraria. It would probably not be long before Paschal would move to the county seat of Dahlonega like Milton H Gathright (see

Lot: 4550 - Heritage of Lumpkin County, Georgia 1832-1996

Hardcover 273pp (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: Lumpkin County, Georgia HWAC# 58609

Lot: 4551 - Lumpkin County Georgia History Books (3)

Hardcovers. Observations From a Peak in Lumpkin by Dean, History of Lumpkin County for the First Hundred Years by Cain, The Neighborhood Mint by Head (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: Lumpkin County, Georgia HWAC# 58629

Lot: 4552 - Lumpkin County, Georgia History Books (4)

Lumpkin County Cemeteries by Brooke, History of Lumpkin County for the First Hundred Years by Cain, The Neighborhood Mint by Head, Lumpkin County Pictorial History Vol. 2 (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: Lumpkin County,

Lot: 4553 - Milledgeville 1843 Stampless Cover to Pigeon

This stampless letter sheet was sent on December 28, 1843 from Brown of Midgeville to Mllton H. Gathright of Dahlonega. Cast was '12' as written on the letter sheet. Mr. Brown has been offered lot 466om the 15th district. He has learned that it is a

Lot: 4554 - Color Print of Tallapoosa, GA

Framed color print of 1892 Tallapoosa, GA looking northwest. Bird's eye view and notable town buildings including Piedmont Glass Works, Tallapoosa Furnace, Lithia Springs Hotel and More. 25" x 32.5". Frame has signs of wear. (Al Adams Gold Rush

Lot: 4555 - A History of White County, Georgia 1857-1980

Hardcover 389p (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: White County, Georgia HWAC# 58610

Lot: 4556 - 1851 Cowperthwait Map of Georgia

Thomas Cowperthwait map. Philadelphia. Excellent example of Cowperthwait's map of Georgia, colored by county and showing towns, rivers, canals, roads, railroads etc. Also lists steamship routes and distances. Includes Clinch County which became a

Lot: 4557 - Mammouth Print of a 19th Century House

Mammoth print of an old house possibly 1870's. Possible Georgia location. The house has a white picket fence, an elevated birdhouse and many family members posing. Wood frame 20" x 24", photo 11.5" 16". Frame has signs of wear. (Al Adams Gold Rush

Lot: 4558 - "Booger Masks" by Johnny Chattin

"Booger Masks" represents animals, people used as part of a 'Booger Dance' while going from house to house spring, joking and home purification. These two are hand carved poplar each about 17" x 9" x 6", by Johnny Chattin. Chattin's claim to be

Lot: 4559 - Georgia History Books

Dahlonega's Blue Ridge Ranges in the Civil War by O'Kelley, The Neighborhood Mint by Head, The Civil War in Georgia by Lenz, Ghost Trains & Depots of Georgia (1833-1933) by Winn (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: Georgia

Lot: 4560 - North Georgia (4 Books)

3 Volumes of "A North Georgia Journal of History" by Olin Jackson; & a hardback book "The Neighborhood Mint", Dahlonega in the Age of Jackson, all 4 books in very nice condition. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: 1989-1996

Lot: 4561 - Sketches of Georgia by Ralph Mitchell

This binder contains 189 sketches by artist Ralph Mitchell in c1980. Mitchell's subject for this portfolio is the state of Georgia. These pencil sketches capture fine details and the atmosphere of the Old South. A wonderful, historical collection.

Lot: 4562 - Map of Kansas & Nebraska, 1857, Colton

Map of Kansas & Nebraska, hand colored by Colton, double truck. This map shows the route to Platte River & Pikes Peak. Slight staining on upper right of map. On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats are shipped then additional

Lot: 4563 - Map of Kansas & Nebraska, Colorado & Idaho, 1861

This map was made at the beginning of Colorado Gold rush and shows Colorado Territory. Engraving & color by Mitchell. Beautiful condition. Vibrant color. Ornate border. On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers.If mats are shipped then

Lot: 4564 - Map of Maine, 1888

Rand, McNally's Maine, graphics & color by Lithography. Shows mining districts in Maine. Excellent condition, vivid color. On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats are shipped then additional shipping may apply. 14.5" x 21".

Lot: 4565 - Convention in Boston Opposed to the Annexation of

This is an anti-slavery document! Original 18 page document from Eastburn's Press, Boston. This is the official publication of a convention on January 29th, 1845 of delegates within Massachusetts opposing the proposed Texas annexation. Fascinating

Lot: 4566 - Four Page Letter about the Changes after the Civil

Dated Laurel Brook, April 4, 1866. (This is almost one year to the date of General Robert E Lee's surrender at Appomattox Court House.) Things are changing in the South at this time; especially when it comes to the slaves. "...all of Negroes left

Lot: 4567 - Sale of a Twelve Year Old Negro Boy (Slave Sale)

On February 9, 1845 H Hull sold to John H Newton a boy about twelve year sold for $400.00. (Potter Collection) Date: 1845 Location: HWAC# 56064

Lot: 4568 - Original Ledger Book from Westfield Massachusets

Original ledger book from Westfield Massachusetts, 1873 to 1874, used for the business of A. J. Warren. This book contains hundreds of original bill heads, receipts, etc., mostly adhered into the book. A few of the bill heads have red coloration in

Lot: 4569 - Lewis Publishing Company Stock Certificate with

Number 1885 for 5 shares to Thomas Essex in 1902. Signed by WE Miller and E(dward) G(ardner) Lewis president. Three vignettes. Middle shows the octagonal five story building. The other two show their major publications: "The Woman's Magazine" and

Lot: 4570 - Articles of Association of the Coulson Land

The Colson Land Association was formed to market a large land parcel at or near Billings, Montana. It involved land held by the Northern Pacific Railroad north of Clarks Fork River, in the 1880s. From the Newbold estate, but we don't see the name

Lot: 4571 - Large Butte, MT Building Photo

Photo of 2 Butte, MT storefronts with men and children posing. Possibly a liquor or drug store. Photo 9.25" x 7.25". Mat 11" x 10" edge stains. (Potter Collection) Date: Location: Butte, Montana HWAC# 571522

Lot: 4572 - Wickes: Mining Ghost Town American Yeomen Records

Brotherhood of American Yeomen Homestead No. 777 dues book records for some of the people in the silver mining ghost town of Wickes Montana. About 25% used, and spans from 1907-1910. Wickes was one of Montana's first boom towns and the location of

Lot: 4573 - Aurora, Nevada 1865 Receipt

Dateline Aurora, Dec. 1st, 1865. Addressed to Wm. P. Barrett, ìPlease pay J. McMillan & Co. all money you may have in your hands belonging to me after deducting your charges for collection and take their receipt for the same.î Signed J.

Lot: 4574 - 1867 Deed for the Exchange Stable in Aurora,

Very rare document for this town which was once situated in both California and Nevada (near Bodie). A three-page document made on the 15th of January, 1867 between James C. Burnett of Bridgeport, Mono County, CA and S. G. Cobb of Aurora for property

Lot: 4575 - Compiled Laws of Nevada, 1873, "Office of District

This is a professionally rebound copy of the first volume on Nevada laws. The front cover states "Co. Assessor / Office of District Attorney / Property of Esmeralda County." D. Thompson is stamped on the inside. In the brief time Thompson was the

Lot: 4576 - Framed Esmeralda Herald Newspaper

Volumes 4, Number 8. May 31, 1879. Datelined Aurora, Esmeralda County, Nevada. Framed newspaper approximately 18 x 30". Excellent conditio. Front page talks about a new blasting compound and the death of Major Foot; as well as other articles on

Lot: 4577 - Colorful Austin Billhead of Reese River Reveille

Green, yellow, blue and red on white. Manhattan Mining Company has been crossed out and American Mining Company has been handwritten. Receipt for money to run an ad in the newspaper. The Reese River Reveille (Austin's first newspaper) was one of the

Lot: 4578 - Candelaria, Nevada Correspondence

Candelaria, Nevada. Correspondence, billheads, time-rolls, etc. of the Carson & Colorado Railroad at Candelaria, NV, 1882-1896. Five items. The White Mountain Water Co. charged the CArson & Colorado RR 1/2 cents per gallon for water use for

Lot: 4579 - Truckee River Pollution Incident, 1908

Long letter adressing pollution at Floriston caused by the lumber mill there that killed fish, caused serious environmental damage, and was the subject of a major lawsuit. Eight-page letter from San Francisco attorney W. E. F. Deal addressed to

Lot: 4580 - Goldfield Brewing Company Stock Certificate,

Extremely rare! Goldfield was known for mining. But with miners came gambling, women, and alcohol. This stock certificate is to the later. It is number 3 for 500 shares to Louis Lienemann in 1905. Signed by Lienemann as president and DH Kehoe as

Lot: 4581 - Mason Player Piano with 300 Music Rolls

Mason Player Piano, beautifully refinished with light color finish. Comes with a stool and 300 music rolls!! The Mason upright was a standard player piano in early honky-tonk bars and saloons. The music rolls attest to this, with many jazz, blues and

Lot: 4582 - Original Hanging Dinner Bell Found in Pine Grove,

Made from drill steel in the old-style, this classic Western mining camp dinner bell is the quintessential Nevada mining artifact. 18 inch triangle. Located in Lyon County, gold & silver was discovered in Pine Grove in 1866. Date: Location: Pine

Lot: 4583 - Reno, Nevada Billhead Collection

Lot of 28. Includes: 1899 letterhead for S. Jacobs Gent's Furnishing Goods with message to Tuscarora regarding property taxes; 1898 for C. Novacovich; 190- for Star Barrel House (Liquors & Cigars); pictorial cover and letterhead for The Riverside

Lot: 4584 - Ayer Ranch Ephemera

A group of antiques from the Jerome Ayer ranch in Reno, which was located on Alameda, now North Wells. This group of antiques appears to date from the 1890s to about 1910. Ayres ran a commercial ranch, where he sold hay grain feed, rabbits, chickens

Lot: 4585 - Reno City Directory, 1915

Nevada Directory Publishing Company. Directory of Reno and Sparks. With a Business Directory of Carson, Gardnerville, Minden, Virginia City and Fallon, Nevada. 1915. Reno, Nevada: Nevada Directory Publishing Company, 1915. 188 pp. 8vo. OP. Paher

Lot: 4586 - Washoe County Directory, 1932

Skaggs, Owen M. Washoe County A to Z Directory and Guide Book, 1932-1932. Reno, Nevada: A to Z Directory Publishers, 1932. 88 pp. 8vo. Softbound. Paher #1805. Fine condition. Rare. Date: Location: Reno, Nevada HWAC# 59510

Lot: 4587 - Virginia City & Gold Hill, Nevada Firefighting

Lot of 3. 1) Fantastic group of 4 documents glued together that detail the transport of 2 box hose cart from Reno to the Yellow Jacket Engine Co. in Gold Hill, Nevada, 1879. Top document is a V&T shipping bill, dateline Gold Hill, to McMartin for

Lot: 4588 - Large Correspondence Collection of Jack Greenbaugh

Much of this centers around his years as the manager of the Joseph Fredericks Comstock Garage, Joseph Fredericks Paint and Hardware Store, his association with the oddfellows, and personal letters. Includes Virginia City Bank checks, John Shaw Field

Lot: 4589 - Reprint of Virginia City, Nevada Panorama by GT

Circa 1990 reprint in black-and-white. About 18 x 24", this classic Birdseye view, the original of which was about 3.5 x 5', has about 30 of the businesses surrounding the Birdseye view itself. It's one of the all-time great lithos! (Al Adams Gold

Lot: 4590 - Territorial Enterprise Insurance Policy

Territorial Enterprise, Virginia City, NV. Hartford $1,000 fire insurance policy, Dec 14, 1896, on the office furniture, type cases, stands, imprinting stones, the two-story building and basement of the Enterprise Publishing Co. at 23 South

Lot: 4591 - Two Interesting Comstock Letters incl. a Letter of

1) Letter addressed to George Senf, agent for the Western Union Telegraph Company in Virginia City. From San Francisco. Please see to a "party of prominent Mexicans to see the mines on the great Comstock Lode."With corner advertising envelope. 2) "I

Lot: 4592 - Map of Humboldt River Valley to the Mud Lakes,

Interesting map showing Pyramid Lake, Walker Lake, Humboldt River, Hastings Road. After the start of the gold rush survey was made to look for best railroad route. This map was made by the War Department of the Explorations & Surveys for a

Lot: 4593 - Map of Public Surveys in Nevada Territory, 1862

Map shows Franktown, Washoe City, Virginia City, Gold Hill, Genoa. This is the first map that shows the boundary between the 2 towns of Bodie & Aurora. The first time they surveyed they found the boundary was too far north. This map shows Lake

Lot: 4594 - Pre-1909 Nevada Map

Dated by the absence of Clark County. Probably turn of the Century. Basalt is listed. Had a post office in 1906. Canon City is listed. Lost its post office in 1867. Hand colored. 13.5 x 11". Excellent condition. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia

Lot: 4595 - Antique Buttons from Nevada Mining Camps

This lot consists of several antique buttons discovered at various Nevada mining sites. Buttons are made from various materials and are in a variety of sizes. A gold mine for re-enactors.. Date: Location: Nevada HWAC# 56433

Lot: 4596 - Eleven Ribbons and Papers Relating to Senator Key

Political ribbons and paperwork. Four pieces of paper. Three are for Key Pittman (United States Senator from Nevada) for hunting and fishing licenses in Maryland, South Carolina and Wyoming. Fourth paper is from a Chinese pharmacy for Mrs. Pittman.

Lot: 4597 - 1857 New York Port Warden's Receipts

Two receipts. One for August 19, 1857 and one for August 21, 1857. One for $1.00 for certificate of rice paper and one for $2,00 for survey of flour on boats. By 1763 a Board of Wardens was created to regulate and license pilots and to strengthen

Lot: 4598 - Steamer Oregon Lettersheet Cover

This letter sheet is addressed to Edward D Sohier of Boston. It is sent from Whitward(?). Oval stamp "STEAMER / 5 / OREGON" with a straight line "PAID." Note written in pencil says that this came from New York to Boston via the Long Island Sound. The

Lot: 4599 - Cerro Gordo Manuscript Cancel and Letter

Letter is proclaiming the great joy of Cerrogordo [sic] at the election of two Democratic senators. Also, please appoint Samuel Strickland as Justice of the Peace. (Other names are mentioned.) Signed N.L. Williamson. ìCerro Gordoî was a

Lot: 4600 - Manuscript 'GOLD REGION' North Carolina Postmark

Gold Region received a post office in 1844 and it continued until 1866 when the name was changed to Carters Mills. Manuscript. Manuscript paid '5'. To Miss Sarah E Smith, Fernaly(?) College, Greensboro, North Carolina. Letter envelope. Contents

Lot: 4601 - Wooden keg from the G. Bauer Co., North Carolina

14 inch diameter at the top, 16 inch diameter at center, 18 inches tall. Wood stave constructed oak barrel with four concentric iron rings. Head of the barrel marked ìG. Bauer, 227.î Three bungholes. G Bauer was the founder of the American

Lot: 4602 - 1837 Hard Times Handbill

A handbill from broker Geo. D. Lounsbury of Circleville, Ohio that he is buying "Bank Notes on most all of the old Southern their depreciated value. These institutions are all closing up, and those holding bills should hand them in before

Lot: 4603 - 1838 Whig Letter

This letter is written to the Honorable John H James. Nine citizens of Knox County are petitioning Mr. James to ignore a letter sent by Mr. Brown. The undersigned 'whigs' of Knox County help us identify what Knox County. According to the 1840 United

Lot: 4604 - First National Bank, Zanesville, Ohio Bowls (2)

2 6" brown bank centennial bowls in original pictorial boxes. Zanesville, OH is famous for its pottery. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: 1963 Location: Zanesville, Ohio HWAC# 57974

Lot: 4605 - Statutes of Oklahoma 1893

This is an over 1300-page volume containing the statutes and laws of the Oklahoma Indian Territory in the year 1893. Very worn and missing its spine, with some frayed pages. Though there are condition issues, this historical volume is well worth

Lot: 4606 - Larrabee & Edmonds Attorneys writing to Milwaukee

Two letters on Larrabee & Edmonds, Attorneys, Portland, Oregon. The first is dated April 18, 1867 on steamship Henry Chauncey near Aspinwall (drop off for passengers heading to the west on the coast of Panama). This is a three page letter written

Lot: 4607 - History of the Pacific States by Bancroft (2)

History of the Pacific States, 24 Oregon Vol. 1 1834-48 789pp, 1886. Vol. XXV Oregon Vol II 1848-1888, 808pp, 1888. Rebound. Contains early history of Oregon (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: Oregon HWAC# 55762

Lot: 4608 - Map of the Surveyed Portions of Oregon Territory,

This map was made during the gold rush period, it was signed by Surveyor General B. Preston. Litho By Al Hoen & Co. This shows Marysville & Albany in the South & Columbia Slough in the North. Very nice detail in this map. Black & gray

Lot: 4609 - John Thorp 1855 United States Citizenship Papers

Oath of allegiance sworn before prothonotary James Gibson. Thorp's signature is large and bold as if to show how proud he was. 8.5 x 14". Rips at fold edges as long as one inch. Date: 1855 Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania HWAC# 57427

Lot: 4610 - Philadelphia & Lancaster Turnpike Road Stock

This is an incredible stock with large historical significance. No. 117. Issued March 16th, 1795 for one share to Joseph Burd of the County of Dauphin. Signed by the company president William Bingham and the treasurer (illegible). Reverse has

Lot: 4611 - 1829 Pennsylvania Will (Possible Newbold Estate)

Four page legal document dated December 1829. Last will and testament of Benjamin Hartley of Washington County Pennsylvania. Three pages. Possibly from the Newbold estate, with an unknown tie to John Newbold. Date: Location: Pennsylvania HWAC# 56341

Lot: 4612 - 1851 Pennsylvania Legal Document, Matthias Aspden

Large legal document, Doan and family and Matthias Aspden of Philadelphia, September 1851. Aspden was from a very wealthy Philadelphia family from a self-made fortune. When he died, the will was contested by various relatives and became subject of a

Lot: 4613 - 1841 Texas Naval Appropriation.

City of Austin granting boatswain John Brown (signature on back) $25 when the first appropriations are made. Texas was a sovereign country at this time (1837-1847). Dated April 23, 1841. Perhaps for the Santa Fe Expedition. "The last Naval

Lot: 4614 - George Wilson Billheads and Receipts (5)

c. 1860-1866, includes multi colored and pictorial furniture and piano items. (Potter Collection) Date: Location: Memphis, Tennessee HWAC# 58944

Lot: 4615 - Medotopes Container

Metal canister 3 1/2 inches tall, 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Engraved on the top is "Medotopes / Squibb." The ziploc bag provided by the consignor is labeled "From Oak Ridge TN Nuclear Facility." The container appears to not be radioactive. (Al Adams

Lot: 4616 - Mormon Letter

Letter from Samuel Russell to Dr,. Brother regarding coming 200 miles from a Mormon camp in Mexico to Smithville, a settlement on the Gila River in AZ, (Potter Collection) Date: 1886 Location: Utah HWAC# 58954

Lot: 4617 - A Visit to Salt Lake, Chandless, 1857

Rare Gold Rush era volume on a "journey across the Plains" by Chandless, published by Smith, Elder & Co., London. 346pp and 16pp of ads. Set to Print in April, 1857. Map opposite title page, 8 x 14", showing St Joe Missouri to the California

Lot: 4618 - Soldier's Trip to the Couer d'Alene Mission

Datelined Couer d Lane (sic), W. T. September 16, 1860. Three pages. Small size. "We should reach Fort Walla Walla in a few days." "We were two months on steamboats on the missouri RIver." "...encamped a month at Fort Benton." "We have been about

Lot: 4619 - Walla Walla Washington letter with local news

Three and 1/3 pages of news. Much of this letter is personal, but there are gems that point to the history of America's Westward Expansion. The author is hoping to see a friend again, but imagines if he comes west again that he will go to California

Lot: 4620 - Ringling Bros. Circus and Barnum & Bailey Combined

Uniussed, very colorful and pictorial. Pass for the 1953 season. "The Greatest Show on Earth." Vignette of elephants, a clown and a horse. Gilt edges, thick cardstock. Very good condition. 2.5 x 3.75" (Potter Collection) Date: Location: Baraboo,

Lot: 4621 - Original (Discovery Piece?) Letter about an

Four page letter on legal sized paper to W. T. Williams dated February 20, 1835. Difficult to read, but we can give you a glimpse as to what is inside. "The state of Ohio affords no parallel illustration", "Mr. Ellis and myself would like to get in

Lot: 4622 - Map of Michigan & Wisconsin, 1844

Beautiful map engraved & hand colored by Robinson. Map of Michigan, Wisconsin & part of Iowa. To illustrate Olney's School of Geography. This map does not show early mines in remote areas of Wisconsin & Michigan. Vivid color, no condition

Lot: 4623 - Map of Wisconsin & Michigan, 1864

Double truck, hand color pp. 49 & 50, this map is showing the Quina Peninsula & has a vignette showing the Straits of Mackinaw. On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats are shipped then additional shipping may apply. 26.5" x

Lot: 4624 - Map of Wyoming, 1883

Lithography & color by Hardesty, p. 156. Slight tear at bottom left, does not encroach on map. On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats are shipped then additional shipping may apply. 14.5" x 11.5". (Potter Collection) Date: 1883

Lot: 4625 - Yellowstone Survey Map by FV Hayden, 1871

Yellowstone topo survey map by FV Hayden, US Geologist, approx 10.25" x 9.25". 4 folds and left border issues. Date: 1871 Location: Yellowstone , Wyoming HWAC# 571573

Lot: 4626 - Bird's Eye View of Stewart, British Columbia

This photo was taken by Evans in July of 1910. It shows the entire town at the base of great mountains. Stewart was the shipping point for Canadian gold in the 1910's. Frame has a few condition issues. Photo gas one light spot in bottom center. 8 x

Lot: 4627 - Photograph of Fifth Street Stewart Under

July 1910 photo by Evans. Obviously as the town is being built as there is construction everywhere!!! One can identify the Hotel King Edward, Portland Cafe, pool room, etc on left side of street and Dubic Cigar, The Big Store, Al Franconer

Lot: 4628 - Photograph of North side of 5th street in Stewart,

The Portland Canal was first explored and named in July 1793 by Captain George Vancouver in honor of William Henry Cavendish Bentinck, 3rd Duke of Portland (1738-1808), Home Secretary from 1794 to 1801. The area around the Portland Canal was again

Lot: 4629 - Stewart, British Columbia Photograph by Evans

Identify The Big Store, Dubec Cigar, McMillan transfer, DeMills transfer, Portland Magazine, Stewart gents tore, etc. Shows the left side of Fifth Street with many citizens posing for the Evans Photograph. 1910. Foxing throughout and some border

Lot: 4630 - 1810 Engraving of Three Rivers, Ontario

Framed engraving of Three Rivers. 11 x 14" overall, print 4.5 x 7.5" in excellent condition. By J. Lambert, Del.t. (Delta, Ontario). Provenance: Ben-Tschavtschavadze collection of Ontario. Date: Location: Three Rivers, zCanada HWAC# 56868

Lot: 4631 - Panama Canal Construction Real Photo Postcards

Lot of 4 different RPPC, c.1912. One shows people crossing a covered pier; another show three boats in the canal; another shows men working in a ditch; and the final shows dredging. All unmailed. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date:

Lot: 4632 - Collection of Material relating to William Walker

Includes two eyewitness letters! San Juan del Sud was an important stop for steamers heading to and from California. It had a rather nasty reputation so William Walker, backed by wealthy American capitalists, raised a small army to take over the

Lot: 4633 - Foreign and Others Sterling Silver Spoons (8)

Large Norge. Smaller assorted including Habana, Mexico, turquoise topped and others Date: Location: HWAC# 59752

Lot: 4634 - Bicentennial Covers

This is a collection of 18 American Bicentennial Covers, along with historical reference. All is contained in a binder for presentation. Like new condition. Date: 1976-1983 Location: HWAC# 56645

Lot: 4635 - William McKinley Inauguration Mug

William McKinley Presidential Inauguration mug. FOR GOLD / MARCH 4TH 1897 / AND OUR COUNTRY'S HONOR. He endorsed the gold standard. Approx 4.25" tall with an eagle carrying a red, white and blue shield. 2 blue trim bands. Date: 1897 Location: HWAC#

Lot: 4636 - CDV Collection

Lot of eighteen. Photographers include Notman of Montreal, Cora Pearl by Disderi of London, PE Chappnis by Elliott & Fry of London, C Addison by Lacy of London, AH Davenport by Fredricks of New York, unknown by Sherman of Milwaukee, unknown of

Lot: 4637 - Fantasy Metal Belt Buckle Group (32)

Approx 32 fantasy metal belt buckles, mostly made in the 1960's for a California Dealer. Approx 2.5" x 3.5". Includes VW, Las Vegas Brothel Inspector, Pepsi, Dodge Bros, Ford, American Express Co, Delahaye, Rolls Royce, Barnum and Bailey Circus,

Lot: 4638 - 1933 Fortune Magazine: Cigar Box Label Art

Outside of light wear at corners, this is a pristine 1933 magazine. Article on the new USS Indianapolis, Hartford's, Caribbean, Bank of U. S, Charleston. But the PREMIER article is on Cigar box labels. It includes a four page bright

Lot: 4639 - Engraved Printer Proofs, Framing Plates (11)

6 approx 3.75" x 5" printers proof on 8" x 10" mat, multimast sailboats. 4 small assorted horse prints on 8" x 10" mats. 8.5" x 10.75 print on 12" x 16" mat of a bald eagle from the 81st convention of Int'l Plate Printer, Die Stampers, Ottawa, Canada

Lot: 4640 - Northwestern Prints (5)

5 Dewing Publishing Co. Photogravures, 12"x 16" 1) After the Hop Harvest by John Durkin-toning spots 2) Salmon Fishing on the Columbia by A Hencke 3)The Nisqually Glacier by George Spiel 5) Tatoosh Mountains by Victor Perard, corner creas and right

Lot: 4641 - Print of In Honor of General Stand Watie

Colorful print of scenes from "The Life of Stand Watie". Copyright 1993, P.J. Mason. Inset of Gen. Stand Watie and appears to be insets of 4 small children, and inset of woman. It reads Cherokee Braves at left of print and burning home at bottom

Lot: 4642 - Western Prints (4)

1) J Dewing Publishing Co, The Western Rockies and the Pacific Slope, c. 1888 featuring a giant tree 16" x 12", small stains 2) Photogravure, Stock Ranges on the Upper San Joaquin by Spiel and Perard 16" x 12", note staining 3) Photogravure, The

Lot: 4643 - Bronze/Brass National Cash Register.

Gorgeous bronze/brass national cash register. Serial number 618588. Single drawer. Patented October 4, 1904. External works in excellent condition. This is of particular high quality. Chas DeLay on reverse of the vertical top brass sign. Original

Lot: 4644 - National Cash Register Autograph Register

Rare National Cash Register Autograph Register. Model 53 in original oak case. Includes 2 plus rolls of paper. Paper emerges from a slot likely for the purpose of the buyer signing for his items. Approx 20" x 16" x 9". Has a strange round window, its

Lot: 4645 - Counter Top Display Case

Counter top display case. 56" long, 24" wide, 33" high. the top part is an 8" high glass display area. Underneath in the back are 9 drawers. Some wear. We have three of these in the sale. Date: Location: HWAC# 32734

Lot: 4646 - Counter Top Display Case

Counter top display case. 56" long, 24" wide, 33" high. the top part is an 8" high glass display area. Underneath in the back are 9 drawers. Some wear. We have three of these in the sale. Date: Location: HWAC# 32735

Lot: 4647 - Counter Top Display Case

Counter top display case. 56" long, 24" wide, 33" high. the top part is an 8" high glass display area. Underneath in the back are 9 drawers. Some wear. We have three of these in the sale. Date: Location: HWAC# 32736

Lot: 4648 - Antique Oil Automotive Cans (2)

1 quart shiny plated with wear, rusty 4 quart with cut down spout, possible for coolant. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 58669

Lot: 4649 - 1920s Auto Radiator Water Can

This is a radiator water can for a 1920's era automobile. Can measures 13"x 19" and has an eagle and flag decal affixed. Usual number of paint scraps and dents with age. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 56424

Lot: 4650 - The Baker Castor Oil Co. 40# Tin

Red tin with handle, front and side lower dents (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 58704

Lot: 4651 - Linseed Tin and 2 Radiator tins

Kelloggs & Miller Linseed Replacement Oil 5 gallon, rusty and side dent. Approx 12" tall rusty trash can style radiator can with cap and handle, small dents on dome. Red 4 Qt. radiator can with flex neck, Approx 13" tall, small side dent. (Al

Lot: 4652 - Ford Model T Oil Lamps

A pair of Ford Model T oil lamps. Brass and black with glass. Stamped "made for Ford by Corcoran Lamp Co." One brass top had a small dent, overall nice condition. Please inspect. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 58708

Lot: 4653 - Pittsburgh Saloon Lamp

1890's Pittsburgh lamp. Approximately 36 inches tall, brass kerosene base is approximately 10 inches in diameter, base unit itself approximately 11 inches tall. The reflector hat is about 22 inches in diameter and the lamp is embossed The Pittsburgh.

Lot: 4654 - 2 Oil Lamps with Glass Globes

Nickel? over brass lamp 10" tall. Brass lamp with fake Wells Fargo plaque, 25.5" tall. Has short threaded rod extensions on bottom, does not sit level. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 56520

Lot: 4655 - Cooking Stove Salesman Sample, c1890

Circa 1890-1900 salesman sample cooking stove. Royal brand. A choice salesman sample from the Ayers family collection of Virginia City and Reno. Complete except for two stove top covers. A very nice salesman sample that's been kept in this storied

Lot: 4656 - 19th Century Small Lamp Stove

9.25" tall IRON CLAD WICK STOCK. Hinged top, patented 1855. Fuel cap missing, front lens? damaged. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 58705

Lot: 4657 - 19th Century Coffee Grinder

19th century coffee grinder from The Bell Company, Hillsboro Ohio, model number 1.5. 14 inches tall, 12 inch diameter wheel with wood handle. All original, nice condition with 50% red paint still remaining. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection)

Lot: 4658 - Vintage Commercial Coffee Mill

Vintage rusted red cast iron commercial coffee mill. 19" x 15" x 11". Some parts missing. Date: Location: HWAC# 37250

Lot: 4659 - The Clipper Grain, Seed and Bean Cleaner

Early 1900's Clipper grain, seed and bean cleaner. Measures 28" long, 19" tall, and 13.5" wide. Made in Saginaw, Michigan. This is a still working piece that comes with 12 inter-changeable trays for different gauge product. This is in very great and

Lot: 4660 - Dr. Johnson's Educator Cracker Tin

Gold tin with black lettering and hinged top. Dents on top, rear and left side. Some base rust. 5.5" x 5.5" x 5.5" (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 56506

Lot: 4661 - Early Dial Telephone with Headset

Circa 1930. Perfect for your modern office. No makers mark. Measures 12 inches tall, 7 inches wide. Excellent condition. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 56814

Lot: 4662 - High-Quality Cast Iron Book Press

Cast iron book press, high quality. Measures 18 inches long x 11 1/2 inches wide x 13 inches tall. Classic screw press design. 19th century. Nice condition. No makers marks. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 56347

Lot: 4663 - Set of 15 Childrens Toy Soldiers and Cannon

The march of the cardboard soldiers! 15 red jacketed cardboard soldiers on bases, nearly 7" tall. Small toy wooden cannon with broken cardboard back. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 56521

Lot: 4664 - Antique Jewett Humidor

19th C. "The Jewett" Humidor Buffalo, NY. Great humidor crafted of oak, steel, brass & milk glass with two doors (most models have a single door).The inside sides and top are glass lined. Wire racks on bottom to place the cigars on. The humidor

Lot: 4665 - Champion Knife Improved Tobacco Plug Cutter

Patented July 25, 1871, Enterprise Manufacturing Company, Philadelphia. Excellent condition; still has gold and red paint on top of black cast-iron. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania HWAC# 56357

Lot: 4666 - Classic Tobacco Plug Cutter

Star Tobacco. Embossed lettering, no patent date, cast iron. Very little original black paint remaining. Please inspect. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 56358

Lot: 4667 - Tobacco Tins (4) and a Cigar Box

Tins- 2 from Half and Half, Burley and Bright Tobacco. Humo- wear on lid. Top Cigarette Tobacco. Cardboard box from Prospero de Nobili & C!.` (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 58719

Lot: 4668 - General Store Tins (3)

Red and gold Richlieu Crystalized Ginger-small front dent. Red round Saurel Butter Crackers. red and gold Swee-Touch-Nee-Tea Date: Location: HWAC# 58706

Lot: 4669 - General Store Tins (5)

2 different size Edgeworth Pipe Tobacco-small one has dented top. Cardboard box Prospero de Nobili Sigari box. Small red Swee-Touch-Nee. Mayo's Cut Plug Tobacco-front and rear dents. Jacob & Cos. Cream crackers-top dent. (Al Adams Gold Rush

Lot: 4670 - Oxen Yoke

Oxen Yoke, including two bows. This measures 41"x 7" and looks to be hand made. A wonderful piece of barn art, or, should have a pair of oxen and no yoke, you're set. Very old, very historic, very affordable. Date: Location: HWAC# 56603

Lot: 4671 - Fairbank's Gold Dust Washing Powder Group

"Fairbank's Gold Dust washing products was a line of all-purpose cleaning agents researched and developed in the late 1880s by the N. K. Fairbank Soap Manufacturing Company.[1] First introduced to the American consumer in 1889, Gold Dust Washing

Lot: 4672 - Blacksmith tool collection

28î long two handled iron tools, Rusty. Plus 5 miscellaneous tools including shears. The handles on the long tools are generally 18 to 24î. Most of the tools are all different; there are only a few pieces that are duplicated. Also comes

Lot: 4673 - Blacksmith Tools

This is a second lot of long handled blacksmith tools. 13 examples present, mostly with long handles approximately 36î, though the shortest here is about 20î. A nice group to complement the original collection (Al Adams Gold Rush

Lot: 4674 - Foundry Pot and Ladle

5" tall cast iron pot with handle and 12.5" ladle. Used in a foundry possibly for melting lead. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 58667

Lot: 4675 - Hay Hooks (3)

3 rusty hay hooks, 2 approx 12", 1 approx 10" with wood grip. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 58664

Lot: 4676 - Old Blow Torches (3)

3 rusty old blow torches. Approx 6", 10" and 11". (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 58676

Lot: 4677 - Old Bunion Shoe Stretcher and Ice Hook

Shoe stretcher is 17", ice hook is 11.5"` (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 58666

Lot: 4678 - Old Pulleys (3)

3 rusty old pulleys ranging from approx 8" to 10". The 2 small ones with wood side panels. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 58668

Lot: 4679 - Antique Bar Arm Scale

Antique bar arm scale. Manufacturers name in white stencil paint difficult to read. Circa 1875 to 1880, probably used through post 1900. Has a New York City approved decal applied. Weighs up to 400 pounds. Sign with it says cotton scale as would've

Lot: 4680 - Green-Green Anvil

Blacksmith anvil. 18 and half inches long, 9 inches tall, 7 inches wide at the base. It has writing punched on one side: Green/ Green/ Warranted; and on the other side: 037. Old and well used. Choice blacksmith piece. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia

Lot: 4681 - Metal Electric Desk Lamp

Cast iron appearing ornate base with pivoting bulb top and chain power switch. 15" tall (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 56523

Lot: 4682 - Jeweler's Desk Magnifier

13" tall brass appearing jewelers magnifier with pivoting arm with glass. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 58665

Lot: 4683 - Vintage Bead Weaving Tools

Two small wooden weaving tools, 4.5" x 2.25" each. Very interesting pieces. Date: Location: HWAC# 58862

Lot: 4684 - 1755 Georgia, Virginia, Carolina, Maryland, etc.

Pre-east coast gold rush. Printed for R Baldwin in 1755. 11 x 9". Shows provinces, coastal towns and a few frontier settlements, Indian villages and tribal territory, English "Factories" among the Indians, mines, rivers, numerous place-names. Covers

Lot: 4685 - Map of Thompson's America, 1823

Thompson's America, Copper Engraving with Hand Color. Double truck, page 52 taken from Thompson's New General Atlas. Has slight seam fold. On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats are shipped then additional shipping may apply. 29.5" x

Lot: 4686 - Map of the United States of 1838

Map engraved and hand colored by Bradford. "While the discovery in Georgia in 1828 was the event that led to what is called the "Georgia Gold Rush", there were reports of gold in the North Georgia Mountains much earlier. Since the 16th century,

Lot: 4687 - Map of North America (Pre Gold Rush), 1844

Engraved & Hand Colored by Robinson. This map was made to illustrate Olney's School Geography. Vivid color, nice condition has only slight stain at top right that does not encroach on map.On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats

Lot: 4688 - Old North America Framed Map

Interesting pictorial map of Amerique Septentriopnale from Atlas Universal Ilustre by V.Levasseur, illustration of pineapples, cotton bale, a lady with dog, birds, deer, buffalo, alligator and more by Raimond Bonheur. Lists populations of the day.

Lot: 4689 - Map of Territories & Pacific States, 1863

Interesting map showing odd location in La Plata in Churchill County. Hand colored by Goldthwait, 1863. Has tear at lower right to mid of border. Does not encroach on map. On Mat Boards (not adhered) with plastic covers. On Mat Boards (not adhered)

Lot: 4690 - Johnson 1864 Map of CA, NV, UT, CO, NM, and AZ

Johnson's California, With Territories of Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. To give one a perspective on this map, one only needs to look at Nevada. There is no White Pine County. There is not even an Elko County. The southern tip of

Lot: 4691 - Map of Western States & Territories, 1864

Johnson's California with Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona. Double truck, hand color by Johnson & Ward, pp. 66 &67. On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers. Slight tearing at left that does not encroach on map. Approx. 2"

Lot: 4692 - JH Colton's Atlas

Circa 1865 Atlas by JH Coulton, called the American School Quarto Geography. Published in New York. 118 pages plus appendix. Many many maps. The book dates to approximately 1865, though the maps date to 1860, as shown printed at the base of the map.

Lot: 4693 - Map of U.S. & Territories, 1873

U.S. Territories Map engraved cartography with hand color by Asher & Adams. Reno is not shown on this map. There is an inset of Alaska at left lower corner. Slight tearing at left margin, not encroaching on map. On Mat Board (not adhered) with

Lot: 4694 - Map of United States, 1872

Map of U.S. Hand Colored by Asher & Adams. Double truck, no condition issues noted. On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats are shipped then additional shipping may apply. 25" x 17.5". (Potter Collection) Date: 1872 Location:

Lot: 4695 - Map of Six Western States & Territories, 1873

Hand colored, double truck, cartography engraved. Colton's California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona & New Mexico. Good Condition, only small tear at upper right that does not encroach on map and 1" tear at bottom that does not encroach. On Mat

Lot: 4696 - Map of United States, 1895

Map of U.S. Color & Litho by Rand, McNally, 1895. Double truck, pages 6 & 7. Nice map in very good condition. On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats are shipped,then additional shipping may apply.28" x 21". (Potter

Lot: 4697 - Map of North America, 1879

Beautiful map engraved with Lithographic Color by Black. Shows all of North America of 1879. On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats are shipped then additional shipping may apply. 17.5" x 23". (Potter Collection) Date: 1879 Location:

Lot: 4698 - Map of World in Mercator's Projection, c.1820

This map is 2 double trucks, Intaglio printed & hand colored by Lizars. This is pre-American Gold Rushes. This does not show Quivira or Cibola, & also does not show California as an island. It shows Australia as "New Holland". It shows the

Lot: 4699 - 1844 World Atlas, Chapman & Hill

Atlas, world. "Maps of the society for the diffusion of useful knowledge". In two volumes. Chapman and Hall, London, 1844 approximately 14 x 18". Covers well used as might be expected. No maps missing to our knowledge. A very nice two-volume world

Lot: 4700 - Gaskell's Atlas of the World, 1888

Atlas. Gaskell's Popular Atlas of the world, 1888, indexed. Approximately 14 x 16". Severe wear at binding edges as might be expected, published by Fairbanks & Palmer, Chicago. Atlas with attendant text throughout, well illustrated nearly 600

Lot: 4701 - Map of Columbia & Guayana, c.1820

Engraved & Hand colored by Lizars. Shows early gold deposits at Cotopaxi which was a very important Spanish Mines. Slight stain on bottom center. On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats are shipped then additional shipping may

Lot: 4702 - Map of South Africa & Madagascar, c.1820

Interesting map, engraved & hand colored by Lizars. This shows Cape of Good Hope. This was very dangerous seas. Gold Rush travelers dared not stop there! Very nice condition. Slight fold down center of map,does not impede on reading of map. Vivid

Lot: 4703 - Map of South America, 1863

Double truck, 73,74. Engraved Cartography with hand color by A.J. Johnson. Vivid color. This shows Panama railroad for gold region bound pioneers. Many gold rush bound pioneers traveled from the east coast of the United States around Cape Horn at the

Lot: 4704 - Map of Spain & Portugal, c.1820

Intaglio engraved, printed & hand colored by Lizars, beautiful condition. This is world gold mining in Southern Spain. Shows Majorca, Ivica & Minorca. On Mat Board (not adhered) with plastic covers. If mats are shipped then additional

Lot: 4705 - Map of West Indies, 1864

This map shows Greater Caribbean Sea, Lesser Antilles Windward Islands & much more. Havana was a stop for gold rush bound pioneers before going to Panama. Vivid color. Hand colored map by Johnson. Slight amount of staining on right side margin,

Lot: 4706 - 3 Guide Books

Hardcovers. Gregory's Guide for California Travelers by Gregory,limited to 300 copies. Bigelow's Life of Colonel Freemont by Jackson 1856. The Gold Mines of California, Two Guidebooks, reprinted, by Robinson and Street. (Al Adams Gold Rush

Lot: 4707 - 3 Signed John Kollock Books

3 hardcovers signed by author. These Gentle Hills. Watercolor Memories of the Hills. Seasons of Light in the Hills. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 56115

Lot: 4708 - American West Books (4)

Across the Continent by Bowles, 1865 with large hand colored folding map of US. Marvels of the New West by Thayer 1890. Assortment of modern Wells Fargo Ephemera. US West, The Saga of Wells Fargo by Beebe. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection)

Lot: 4709 - American West Books (6)

Great Stories of American Businessmen by American Heritage. The 50 Great Pioneers of American Industry. Trail Wild West by Walker. The Mining History Journal 1995. The American Frontier by Davis. The Art of the Old West by Rossi. (Al Adams Gold Rush

Lot: 4710 - Gold Rush Books (10)

Lot of 10 Gold Rush Books ranging from 1) Ghost Town and Mining Camps of New Mexico (with pictures); 2) Gold Rushes and Mining Camps of the Early American West (hardback) with illustrations and pictures; 3) The Gold Crusades by Fetherling, and 7 more

Lot: 4711 - History of the Pacific States by Bancroft Vol.

Hardcover with detaching spine. VOL XXVI, Washington, Idaho and Montana. 1845-1889. 1890 836pp. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 56118

Lot: 4712 - Insider's Guide to Antique Securities

3 ring binder bound Insider's Guide to Antique Securities by Garrison. Rare item with binder cover and many photos of securities. (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 56111

Lot: 4713 - The Life of William McKinley (Book); The Life of

1) Hardback book, slight tearing in spine of book and some wear on outside cover. Many pictures of homes, parties, men in uniform, together with a Life Sketch of Theodore Roosevelt and many more pictures. 503 pp., 9" x 7". 2) Hardback book of The

Lot: 4714 - The Monitor Guide to Post Offices and Railroad

This is a reprint of the Monitor guide which was established by E.W. Bullinger in 1876. 231 pp. 10.5" x 7". (Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia Collection) Date: Location: HWAC# 55114

Lot: 4715 - Western History Books (2)

Hardcovers. Kit Carson by Abbott, 1873 348pp. Wear consistent with age. Our New West by Boules , 1869 524pp, rear cover is detaching. From the collection of the former President of the Nevada Historical Society, Robert L. Fulton. Date: Location:

Lot: 4716 - Western US Book Group of 5

Geology of Wyoming's Precious Metal Lode and placer Deposits by Hausel, The Battle of Glorieta Pass-The Colorado Volunteers in the Civil War by Whitford, Madrid Revisited by Melzer, Dig here! by Pennfield, Roadside History of New Mexico by Fugate (Al

Lot: 4717 - Harper's Magazine, 13 Bound Volumes

Thirteen professionally bound volumes of Harper's Magazine, 1906-1918, but not a complete run for this date series. Includes volumes: 113-2, 114-1, 118, 119, 120-1, 122-1, 123-2, 130, 131, 132, 134, 135, 136. Excellent condition. This magazine was

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