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Auctioneer Sunrise Antiques 888-639-4443
Auction Date Mar 09 Auction
79 Old York Road
Chesterfield, NJ
Time 08:00AM
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Auction Listing
AuctionZip Auctioneer ID# 8669

Auction starts @ 8:00 AM on March 9th 2018.  THIS IS Friday.  Please make a note.  Bring a truck and a friend! The auction barn in Chesterfield is jam packed...There are 1000s of smalls, furniture, glassware and accessories.  We have added 30 more tables to the main building with many exciting lots!  

AUCTION STARTS AT 8:00 AM ON March 9th 2018

79 Old York Rd. Chesterfield, NJ 08515

 Preview: Friday March 9th – 7:00 AM

Thursday March 8th 3 PM – 7 PM   

Auction starts @ 8:00 AM on Friday March 9th


March 9th 2018  LIVE WEBCAST HERE!   

(will be available during preview and day of sale)

ORDER OF SALE: The outside/pavilion will be starting at 8:00AM. 

Guns will start in the main building at 9:00 AM.  Online guns will start at 9 AM.

CHEVY NOVA will sell immediately after guns!

FURNITURE will start between 10:45 and 11:00 AM.

TABLE LOTS – will start at ca. 11:45 PM

This will be a 2 ring auction, 2 auctioneers selling at the same time... 

We will be starting the auction in the pavilion / pole barn at 8:00 AM (new start time) – selling under the pavilion – tray lots, outside items…   

  • After the pavilion we will be selling all artwork in pole barn 
  • After the rugs the costume jewelry, sterling, and fine accessories will be sold in pole barn
  • After the costume jewelry all pole barn table lots will be sold pole barn  

At 9:00 AM we will be selling guns until ca. 10:30 – 10:45 AM.   

At ca. 10:45 AM furniture sale will start

At ca. 11:45 AM we will start the table lots / accessories auction in the main building 


Lot Description

Lot:1 | Make:Smith & Wesson| Model:n/a |Serial #:142156 | Type:revolver| Caliber:.32

Lot:2 | Make:U.S. Historical Society| Model:1860 Cavalry |Serial #:155 | Type:revolver| Caliber:.44

Lot:3 | Make:US Revolver Co| Model:n/a |Serial #:53208 | Type:revolver| Caliber:.32

Lot:4 | Make:Beretta (no clip)| Model:21A (no clip) |Serial #:BES22020N | Type:pistol| Caliber:.22

Lot:5 | Make:Walther (no clip)| Model:PPK |Serial #:184682 | Type:pistol| Caliber:7.65mm

Lot:6 | Make:Colt| Model:Special Combat |Serial #:SCGA0407 | Type:pistol| Caliber:.45

Lot:7 | Make:Colt| Model:MK IV Series 70 |Serial #:70S42105 | Type:pistol| Caliber:.38

Lot:8 | Make:Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum| Model:29-3 |Serial #:BAE5468 | Type:revolver| Caliber:.44

Lot:9 | Make:Colt (no clip)| Model:n/a |Serial #:360110 | Type:pistol| Caliber:.32

Lot:10 | Make:Austria| Model:Glock 27 |Serial #:TRA984 | Type:pistol| Caliber:.40

Lot:11 | Make:Smith & Wesson| Model:25-5 |Serial #:AVA2411 | Type:revolver| Caliber:.45

Lot:12 | Make:Colt| Model:Delta Gold Cup |Serial #:DG02533E | Type:pistol| Caliber:10mm

Lot:13 | Make:Colt| Model:Challenger |Serial #:60629-C | Type:pistol| Caliber:.22

Lot:14 | Make:Iver Johnson| Model:n/a |Serial #:31174 | Type:revolver| Caliber:.32

Lot:15 | Make:Smith & Wesson| Model:1 |Serial #:128541 | Type:revolver| Caliber:.22 short

Lot:16 | Make:Colt| Model:Derringer |Serial #:15967D | Type:derringer| Caliber:.22

Lot:17 | Make:Interarms| Model:Star |Serial #:1901591 | Type:pistol| Caliber:.380

Lot:18 | Make:Spikes Tactical(lower)Daniel Defense (upper)| Model:ST-15 |Serial #:SBR-02821 | Type:rifle| Caliber:5.56mm

Lot:19 | Make:Japanese| Model:Arisaka (no bolt) |Serial #:60174 | Type:rifle| Caliber:6.5mm

Lot:20 | Make:Thompson| Model:Mega Z Center |Serial #:Z103058 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.50

Lot:21 | Make:New England Firearms| Model:Ultra Slug |Serial #:284268 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.20

Lot:22 | Make:J.C. Higgins| Model:103.18 |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22

Lot:23 | Make:Remington| Model:77 Apache |Serial #:A2366720 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22

Lot:24 | Make:American Gun Co| Model:Victor |Serial #:539997 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.16

Lot:25 | Make:Marlin| Model:60 |Serial #:11366380 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22

Lot:26 | Make:Winchester| Model:68 |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22

Lot:27 | Make:Remington| Model:31 |Serial #:574861 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.16

Lot:28 | Make:Ithaca| Model:37 |Serial #:549213 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.16

Lot:29 | Make:Mossberg| Model:190 |Serial #:nsn | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.16

Lot:30 | Make:Sears| Model:200 |Serial #:P263576 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12

Lot:31 | Make:Remington| Model:1100 |Serial #:L700812M | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12

Lot:32 | Make:Mossberg| Model:835 (barrel marked Maverick Model 91) |Serial #:UM171299 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12

Lot:33 | Make:Savage Arms| Model:120A “as is” |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22

Lot:34 | Make:Glenfield| Model:60 |Serial #:24378452 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22

Lot:35 | Make:French| Model:MAS M1949 |Serial #:F35604 | Type:rifle| Caliber:7.5mm

Lot:36 | Make:Winchester| Model:68 |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22

Lot:37 | Make:Mossberg| Model:500C |Serial #:L835909 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.20

Lot:38 | Make:Benjamin Trail| Model:BT1500WNP |Serial #:113X23244 | Type:air gun| Caliber:.177

Lot:39 | Make:Antique Shotgun| Model: |Serial #: | Type:shotgun| Caliber:

Lot:40 | Make:Antique Shotgun| Model: |Serial #: | Type:rifle| Caliber:

Lot:41 | Make:U.S. Springfield Trapdoor| Model:1884 |Serial #: | Type:shotgun| Caliber:45-70

Lot:42 | Make:Antique Shotgun| Model: |Serial #: | Type:shotgun| Caliber:

Lot:43 | Make:C Sharps| Model:Antique Black Powder |Serial #: | Type:rifle| Caliber:

Lot:44 | Make:Traditions| Model:Black Powder |Serial #:320126 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.50

Lot:45 | Make:Thompson| Model:Center Arms |Serial #:108160 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.50

Lot:46 | Make:Muzzle Loading Armoury| Model:Plainsman |Serial #:87460054 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.50

Lot:47 | Make:Thompson| Model:New Englander |Serial #:R125750 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.50

Lot:48 | Make:Thompson| Model:Black Diamond |Serial #:S42601 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.50

Lot:49 | Make:Traditions| Model:Buck Stalker |Serial #:14-13-010958-11 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.50

Lot:50 | Make:Beretta| Model:AL2 |Serial #:G16558 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12

Lot:51 | Make:Ithaca| Model:37 |Serial #:771703 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12

Lot:52 | Make:Mossberg| Model:600AT |Serial #:H163101 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12

Lot:53 | Make:Stevens| Model:311 |Serial #:5100 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12

Lot:54 | Make:Springfield Arms| Model:n/a |Serial #:nsn | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12

Lot:55 | Make:Interarms| Model:62 SAC |Serial #:G357867 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22

Lot:56 | Make:Remington| Model:740 |Serial #:40623 | Type:rifle| Caliber:30-06

Lot:57 | Make:Savage| Model:720 “as is” |Serial #:78742 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12

Lot:58 | Make:Marlin| Model:90 |Serial #:1937 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12

Lot:59 | Make:Winchester Cowboy Commemorative|  Model:94 |Serial #:CB13391 | Type:rifle| Caliber:30-30

Lot:60 | Make:Armalite| Model:AR-180B |Serial #:203218 | Type:rifle| Caliber:5.56mm

Lot:61 | Make:Keltec| Model:Sub 16 |Serial #:N5696 | Type:rifle| Caliber:5.56mm

Lot:62 | Make:Mossberg| Model:144 LSA |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22

Lot:63 | Make:Mossberg| Model:M 51 |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22

Lot:64 | Make:Knight| Model:Black Powder |Serial #:18635 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.54

Lot:65 | Make:Thompson Center| Model:Thunder Hawk |Serial #:15981 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.50

Lot:66 | Make:Mossberg| Model:500 CT "as is" |Serial #:G766192 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.20

Lot:67 | Make:Western Field| Model:M820A |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22

Lot:68 | Make:J.C. Higgins| Model:5831 |Serial #:nsn | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12

Lot:69 | Make:Mossberg| Model:500 AB |Serial #:G146404 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12

Lot:70 | Make:Marlin| Model:n/a |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22

Lot:71 | Make:Stevens| Model:55 |Serial #:nsn | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22

Lot:72 | Make:Glenfield| Model:50 |Serial #:72440188 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.20

Lot:73 | Make:Stevens| Model:54B |Serial #:nsn | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.410

Lot:74 | Make:Rock River Arms| Model:Operator |Serial #:US108842 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.308

Lot:75 | Make:Special Ops Tactical| Model:5015 Cal Multi |Serial #:S0-02558 | Type:rifle| Caliber:5.56mm

Lot:76 | Make:Hi Point| Model:4095 |Serial #:H27796 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.40

Lot:77 | Make:Ithaca| Model:37 |Serial #:371067919 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.12

Lot:78 | Make:Savage| Model:93R17 |Serial #:1240757 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.17

Lot:79 | Make:Kimber| Model:Classic |Serial #:KA01737 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22

Lot:80 | Make:Winchester| Model:94 |Serial #:2718843 | Type:rifle| Caliber:30-30

Lot:81 | Make:Stevens| Model:n/a |Serial #:5100 | Type:shotgun| Caliber:.410

Lot:82 | Make: Uberti (Stoeger)| Model:1873 Uberti |Serial #:CAT4722 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.45 colt

Lot:83 | Make:Ruger| Model:10122 Carbine (no clip) |Serial #:124-86817 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.22

Lot:84 | Make:Remington| Model:03-A3 |Serial #:3771839 | Type:rifle| Caliber:30-06

Lot:85 | Make:Springfield M1 Garand | Model:U.S. Rifle |Serial #:2187226 | Type:rifle| Caliber:30-06

Lot:86 | Make:Winchester| Model:70 |Serial #:119064 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.270

Lot:87 | Make:Remington| Model:700 |Serial #:267080 | Type:rifle| Caliber:.243

Lot:88 | 1971 Chevrolet Nova SS 2 door hardtop, 454 CVIN Richmond 5 SP, Dana 60 rear - 355 gears, power steering & brakes, AC, frame connected nd welded, automatic, metallic red lacquer, 22,669 miles


87 guns to include handguns, longuns, shotguns, black powder and antiques, 1971 Chevy Nova SS antique car, nice selection of antique and contemporary furniture, marble top dressers, antique bookcase, kitchen and dining tables, set of Stickley chairs, dressers, knock down cupboard, antique couch, roll top desk, dry sink, leather couch and chairs, gun cases, compound bow, Edison record players, many mirrors WWI military posters, land contract dated 1794, galvanized items, oak tables, marble top coffee table, desk and chair, military items, gasoline collectibles, a very large clock collection to include mantel and wall clocks, huge carved cuckoo clock, tree stands, carriage lamps, stick telephones, collection of vintage and antique radios, advertising, advertising signs, lighters, vintage tools, lamps and lighting, 50s television, highly carved beds, collection of vintage and antique car items, license plates, hat boxes, weather vane, likened, quilts, planters jars, musical instruments, bottle lots, advertising boxes, agatware, beer advertising, top hats, retro and vintage kitchenware, sad irons, oak crank telephone, Avon, antique telephones, ephemera, slot machine, Edison records, dishes, orientalia, beer steins, military lots, lanterns, type set trays, stained glass, advertising clocks, apothecary lots, blue decorated ovoid crock, decoys, Metal eagle, Dean Martin statue, porcelain stove, retro clocks, stoneware, trunks, room divider, marbles, table top Edison phonographs, ammo boxes, ammunition, primitives, mid-century lamps, toys, Lionel lots, egg carrier, vintage and retro lots, oak file cabinet, transistor radios, wood lots, books, display case, brass, cast iron, copper lots, telescope, saddle, grain scale, folk art whale, tap and dye set, Interstate battery sign, corn seeder and farm related implements, medicine bottles, speed limit sign, radio control chimp, tins, wooden school desks, 1950s Hong Kong suitcase, wooden foundry mold, vintage and abntique tools, jewelry, costume jewelry, signed artwork, antique coffee grinder, the pavilion is overflowing with unique finds and pole barn is jam packed with many quality smalls and tray lots, many quality pieces of artwork some named artists… 1000’s of items, boxes are still being unpacked, who knows what else will come in before the auction, questions please go to or call or text us at 888-639-4443…  

subject to errors and omissions 

  PA - AU005859, VA - 2907004132 


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Auctioneer License Information: PA - AU005859, VA - 2907004132

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