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Auctioneer Lambrecht Auction, Inc. 6078656951
Auction Date Mar 22 Auction
163 Hudson Road
New Lisbon, NY
Time TBA
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  • Lot# 1 - Preview, Payment, Pickup, and T

    Lot# 1 - Preview, Payment, Pickup, and T

  • Lot# 1a - 1996 Mallard Fleetwood Camper

    Lot# 1a - 1996 Mallard Fleetwood Camper

  • Lot# 3 - 1990 Wells Cargo Single Axle Tr

    Lot# 3 - 1990 Wells Cargo Single Axle Tr

  • Lot# 4 - 2003 Chevy Pickup

    Lot# 4 - 2003 Chevy Pickup

Auction Listing
AuctionZip Auctioneer ID# 11133
We have been commissioned to sell the real estate, tools, trucks, and household of the late Albert Kanser at Absolute Public Auction using our online bidding platform.

ONLINE BIDDING AVAILABLE - Click here for the full searchable catalog with images

1 - Preview, Payment, Pickup, and Terms PREVIEW: Sunday, March 18th from 1-3 pm PAYMENT AND PICKUP: Saturday, March 24th from 9am-Noon at 163 Hudson Road, New Lisbon. Payment by cash or check only. 10% buyers premium will be added to your bill TERMS & CONDITIONS: Payment and pickup is on the specified date and times. Anyone who does not observe the payment and pickup times will immediately have their credit card billed. Additionally, if the auction is at a location other than our Bainbridge Facility, they will have to be moved and charges commensurate with time and labor for our staff to move the item(s) to Bainbridge will be added. Any items not picked up within 30 days after any auction will be considered abandoned property and be resold without any compensation. Please pick-up and pay for your purchases. Grossly negligent offenders however, will be banned from all our future auctions. Please note our fee chart below for a breakdown of handling fees. Fee Requirements for Moving and Handling $10 per lot------------------Small items requiring only one staff member to move. $25 per lot------------------Any items requiring 2 staff members to move. $50 per lot------------------Items that would require a forklift or special equipment to move. $100 per set---------------Any cabinet sets not picked up. *Anything that would result in additional or special trucking will have a fee that will be at the auctioneers' discretion.* **DO NOT BID ON THIS LOT**

1a - 1996 Mallard Fleetwood Camper About 26' Long. The estate has had to file for a duplicate title. Hopefully it will be here before the pickup date. If it isn't we will guarantee a title. VEH. IDENT. NO. 1EF1M2629T1468818

3 - 1990 Wells Cargo Single Axle Trailer Body is 12' long plus nose cone. Some of the top rafter bars are bent from past snow load (not bad). Does not show any signs of having leaked. It was full and when we unloaded it, nothing had been wet. The side door latch doesn't work, so it'll need a bolt or padlock. The estate has filed for a duplicate title and it should be in shortly.

4 - 2003 Chevy Pickup Very rusted. V8 engine turned over but the jumper pack didn't have enough umph other than to just make it grunt. The odometer didn't light up, so we have no idea how many miles are on it. Again, it is very rusted and being sold as parts only. There will be NO title provided - just a bill of sale.

5 - 26 Ton Log splitter We gave it a sniff of starting fluid and she fired right up. Tecumseh engine smoked a little until it warmed up. Hydraulics work well. We split one block of wood that was near by. Will split vertically or horizontally.

6 - Reloading Equipment and Supplies (contents) There are two (2) shotgun presses, plus primers, shotgun shells, wadding, steel shot, powder. Over 40 boxes of 12 & 20 gauge that have already been reloaded. There's also rifle brass. .30-06 and .223 dies, and a whole bunch more. It's a bit of a mess, but you're buying everything on and around the reloading bench. Some of it's good, and some is not. Be certain to understand that this is in the basement of an unheated house, so we can't speak to how good the powder or primers still are. Use your judgement. There is a good quantity.

7 - Portable Toilet Seems in good condition. Tank still has some chemical in it. It is a little frozen in right now, but hopefully we'll have it out by sale time.

8 - 24' Aluminum Extension Ladder It was covered w/ snow the day we got there to take pictures. You can buy it to be a good ladder without any major flaws.

9 - Group of Hand Tools Shovels, brooms, etc.

10 - Little Tots Bike

11 - Hay Fork Old loose hay mow fork.

12 - Steel Stakes rounghly 2' long

13 - Two folding bag chairs Small - mid size

14 - 6 Wheeled Creeper

15 - 40' Aluminum Extension Ladder Looks to be all in good condition.

16 - Black Powder and Pellet Pistols Neither is in working order. The navy revolver has no trigger and the action is set-up. The pellet pistol's cylinder doesn't turn when you draw back the hammer. 100% as is.

17 - Metal Fence Post Puller

18 - Metal Fence Post Driver

19 - Floor Mount Tire Manual Machine Light duty, Harbor Freight type.

20 - Tamper

21 - Air Hose About 50'

22 - Pair of Small Jack Stands

23 - Plastic Fiber Car Ramps

24 - Extension Cords and Jumper Cables

25 - Plastic Saw Horses Light duty.

26 - Karcher Pressure Washer Complete. It has been stored in this unheated garage, so be a little leary - we have no idea if it was anti-freezed before it was put up or not.

27 - 4' Wooden Step Ladder

28 - 8' Werner Fiberglass Step Ladder

29 - Men's 10 spd. Mountain Bike

30 - Lifetime Plastic Folding Tables Appear almost like new. 30x72"

31 - Misc Plywood, OSB, & Lumber 1/2 & 5/8 plywood, 5/8 OSB, a few odd pieces of dimensional lumber

32 - ShopSmith 12" Planer

33 - Craftsman 10" Radial Arm Saw

34 - Small Campbell Hausfeld Compressor

35 - 2500 W/ Generator w/ Honda Engine. Started and ran on the first pull.

36 - Tool/Material Rest Telescoping stand. Top does not roll.

37 - Trailer Jack Looks like new

38 - Small Steel Table 16x31" top, 26" high

39 - Blackhawk 3 Ton Floor Jack Works perfectly. We used it to jack the camper and trailer jacks out of the frozen ground last week.

40 - Dayton 55,000 BTU Kerosene Heater

41 - Heavy Duty Extension Cord on Reel

42 - Partial Spool of Speaker Wire Red and green strands, each with 2 light gauge wires.

43 - Huskee (MTD) Garden Tractor 26 HP, Hydrostatic. He had obviously been working on this tractor. The battery was out and things are disconnected. We hooked a jumper pack to the leads and got nothing. The engine is not set up. There is a 42" snowblower and a 56 "mower deck. The mower deck has a spindle out. We found a box w/ what looks like a new electric PTO clutch. We haven't found a hood as of yet. Make no mistake, this is a project.

44 - Bath Stool

45 - Wagon Good Condition. Removable wood side racks. Bed is 39x22"

46 - Paint Striping Machine

47 - Craftsman 5 HP Rototiller This was setting outside and we pulled it in. It does turn over, but the recoil is stiff and it's definitely going to need some work to get it running. Overall it seems in OK shape. We can't see nothing broken, but again it was sitting out in the weather. 24" working width.

48 - Lawn Roller 25" Plastic roller that you fill with water. Seems in good condition

49 - Dump Trailer Light duty, Harbor Freight type. Overall in OK condition. The tailgate slots are little out of wack but again, it's a lighter duty trailer. Bed size 44x34", 12" Deep.

50 - 5/16 and 1/4" chains One is about 11', the 1/4" one is about 9' long. Both in good condition.

51 - Nylon Rope 4 spools and then the bottom of the tote is full. About 5/16" rope. Quite a bit of it.

52 - Single Bit Axe

53 - 2 Sledge Hammers 6lb & 8lb I would guess.

54 - Screwdrivers

55 - Vise Grips, Adjustable Wrenches, Etc. Also 2 filter wrenches

56 - Paint Brushes

57 - 7 Pairs of Snips

58 - Pipe Wrenches Assorted brands: Rigid, Fuller, Craftsman, Great Neck, China

59 - Gasket Hole punches Assorted sizes

60 - Assorted Wrenches

61 - 3/8 and 1/4" Drive Sockets Mostly Craftsman, some S-K. Good brands.

62 - Saws, 100' tape, Chalkline, Etc. Hacksaws, bow saw, keyhole & coping saws, etc.

63 - Splitting Wedges, Chisels, Shaker Handle

64 - Hatchet & Hammers

65 - Assorted Pliers Lineman, slip joint, snap-ring, side cutters, wire strippers, etc.

66 - Assorted 1/2" and 3/8" Sockets and Ratchets 2 Trays, one box and a lug wrench caddy. Mostly Craftsman ratchets and most of the sockets are Craftsman. Some S-K. There are some foreign made ones also, but the bulk of them are good brands.

67 - Air Tools 1/2" impact, paint gun, blow nozzles, etc.

68 - 3 Electric Drills Bosch 1/2" VSR, B&D 3/8", Chicago Electric 1/2"

69 - Assorted Drill Bits, Holes Saws, Etc. Also includes large and small mixing paddles.

70 - Riveters, Hole Punch, Epoxy Gun

71 - Jig Saw Blades, Exacto Knives

72 - C-Clamps, Nut Splitters, Etc. Also a small set of gear pullers, and some high end stereo cables

73 - Machete & Bayonet Both with sheaths.

74 - Milwaukee Drywall Gun

75 - Old Flat Iron 8" long. One piece w/ twisted handle

76 - Wheel Barrow In working order.

77 - Wheel Barrow Missing the stands, and one handle is twisted away from the tub. It's seen better days. Does have a good tire

78 - Canon SX50HS Digital Camera w/ case

79 - Nikon and Kodack Digital Cameras Nikon Coolpix, and Kodak

80 - Konica 35mm film camera and old Polaroid Konica FT-1 with what look like expensive lenses, Polaroid 210 Land Camera

81 - 300' Tape Measures

82 - Pair of Memphis Car Speakers These were new in the box. We took one out to photo. The picture of the box says more than we can

83 - Weber Portable Gas Grill Runs on propane torch tanks. Good condition, Grill top is 22" across, total width when folded out is 51"

84 - Caution Tape

85 - Ice Tongs

86 - Small Axess Flat Screen TV w/ remote and built in CD player. Right now we don't have a cord for it, hoping it may be in the camper somewhere. Apparently close to new - the protective plastic is still on much of it.

87 - 2 Large Rolls of Nylon Rope About 5/16" or 3/8" Nylon rope.

88 - Large Outdoor Speaker 20" diameter University Loudspeaker

89 - Radio Shack 100 Watt Amplifier and Speaker Also includes rolls of speaker wire, Safety vests, etc. Everything in the tub.

90 - Group of Speakers 4 Exterior horn style speakers and 2 small interior cabinet speakers

91 - 1 Gallon Sprayer

92 - X Box

93 - Stone Hammers

94 - Hammers, Tool Box Estwing and other claw hammers, small metal tool box w/ asst. hardware.

95 - Come-along

96 - Set of Scaffold Wheels 2 swivel castors and two straight. About 8" diameter

97 - Caulk guns, etc.

98 - Contents Under Table - Misc. Tools & hardware Old battery drills, trimmer line, hose clamps, chain pieces, basin wrench, solder, nails, brushes, etc.

99 - Racks for Van or Trailer Pair of hardware racks for inside of van or service body.

100 - Reese Hitch Carrier For Category 3 Hitch. Carrying surface is 19x60"

101 - Garden Hose and Reel

102 - Rubber Boots

103 - Oil, washer fluid, brake fluid, etc. Pretty full, also some odd goodies.

104 - 3 Extension Cords

105 - 2 Coolers Coleman Polylite 54 and Rubbermaid six-pack size.

106 - Tonka Shovel Truck

107 - Tonka Dump Truck

108 - Tonka Cement Truck

109 - Homelite Chainsaws A HL 240 that seems complete. Turns over. The second saw looks like it's missing some parts.

110 - B&D Sander

111 - Chicago Electric 8 1/4" Miter Saw

112 - JD Farm Toys Hydro push spreader, side rake, round baler, unloading wagon

113 - Farm Toys International Tractor, Elevator, manure spreader

114 - Vine Street Sign 20" long

115 - Organizer Lots of screws plus misc.

116 - Squares and Levels Some of the vials in the aluminum level are busted

117 - Quantity of Electrical Conduit 1" O.D. 10' long. 24 pieces

118 - Group of Toys Radio control boxes, walkie talkies, construction toys, erector sets, etc.

119 - Beach Chair

120 - Radio Flyer Wagon Bed is 34x15"

121 - Choker Cable

122 - Gas Powered Drill Turns over and has good compression

123 - Delta Belt and Disc Sander 1" Belt, 5" Disc

124 - Delta 6" Bench Grinder

125 - Senco Framing Nailer w/ Nails

126 - ACE 16" Scroll Saw

127 - Drill Sharpener

128 - 2 Small Vises 4 3/4" drill press vice and small 3.5" bench vise

129 - Delta 9" Band Saw Includes extra blades

130 - Central Machinery 8" Drill Press

131 - Conduit Bender 1/2" rigid and 3/4" thinwall

132 - Large 5" Vise

133 - Milwaukee Sawz-All w/ case

134 - Milwaukee 7 1/4" Circular Saw

135 - Assorted Power Tools Jig saw, elec. stapler, engine analizer, solder guns (2 need tips)

136 - Gas Cans 5 gallon and 2.5 gallon

137 - Shop Vac Mid-sized. 10 gallon, 4.0 HP

138 - LP Gas Tanks Empty. They do have the newer style thread.

139 - White Self Propelled Mower The throttle cable is unhooked and the air cleaner is missing. Looks like it might need a little tinkering. It is a high wheeled self propelled mower and it does turn over.

140 - 20" Portable Fireplace Still new in the box. Doesn't appear to have ever been opened.

141 - Metal shelving (6 sections) 6 Sections 30" wide, 116" tall, 11" deep. Fastened together. Will need to be taken apart.

142 - Metal shelving (3 section 3 Sections 30" wide, 116" tall, 11" deep

143 - Metal Rolling Shop Cart 33x32x16"

144 - Makita 2708 Portable Table Saw w/ rip fence, no miter gauge. Lightweight aluminum.

145 - Everstart 2-12-75 Amp Battery Charger

146 - Assorted Prybars, Cat paw, etc. The red one has a broken tooth on the hooked end.

147 - Craftsman Router 1/4" shank, with case.

148 - Schumacher Battery Charger

149 - Roll of New Air Hose

150 - Bostitch Coil Roofing Air Nailer w/ Nails

151 - Contents Under Table Brake Tools, Plano tool box w/ flaring tool, hinges, air hose, gas parts, elec. cord, drill bits & saws, etc.

152 - Group of 4 Folding Bag Chairs These all appear to be heavy duty. All are different

153 - Small Vaccuums Mini Shark and Dirt Devil

154 - Milwaukee Circular Saw

155 - Pair of Roll-Up Garden Hoses

156 - Propane Grill Looks like it has seen better days.

157 - Gooseneck magnifying light

158 - Small Halogen Light Set

159 - Craftsman Belt Sander

160 - Pair of Folding Foxhole Shovels

161 - 3 Garbage Cans

162 - 3 Plastic Water Cans

163 - Large Wooden Heavy Duty Rolling Work Bench Heavy Duty Castors. Top is 46x108", 39" High

164 - Signs, Rolling Numbers There are 4 blocks of rolling numbers. 3 digit, but the first digit isn't to 9 (forgot to look, to be exactly honest) but I think the first digit might only be to 3. Also crowd control signs.

165 - Plastic Barrel Full of Fence Posts About 50 plastic posts, and 25 fiberglass elec fence posts, plus some pipes that obviously were hammered in the ground.

166 - Quantity of Plastic Snow Fence 7 Rolls of 4' fence, 5 rolls of 2' fence (some partial)

167 - Steel Rerod Stakes about 24" long. Appx 37 pcs.

168 - Light duty metal fence posts About 24 pcs.

169 - Heavy Duty Steel T-Posts About 44 pcs. Quick count. Many aren't full length

170 - Portable Shelter Parts We unloaded all the poles, union fittings and tarps from the cargo trailer and put them under the carport. There is a large amount of painted and galvanized pipe, buckets of the union fittings that join them, and a large number of tarps. There are also a couple of outdoor speakers still attached to the poles. Many of the tarps were new in the box still, but it looked like the mice may have gotten their teeth into some of them. The pictures really don't do this pile justice. There's a small fortune in tarps alone.

171 - LP Tank Feels like it's full. Has newer style threads.

172 - Two Buckets of Tools T-Handle wrenches, trowel, vise grips, bit sets, socket set, brace, screwdriver, etc.

173 - LP Gas Domestic Water Heater This is brand new in the box. We unpacked it to get pictures. Overall size is only 14x22x5". He might have bought it to replace the one in the house, or maybe the camper ? See photo of tag for specs.

174 - Honda 3000 Watt Generator/Invertor There is no pull cord on it, so we couldn't even check to se if it turns over. The key switch acts like it's designed for electric start, but we could find no battery or place for one. It's so encased, it'll take some time just to see if it'll spin. You're buying it as it is - We just don't know.

175 - Farm Toys, Etc. Baler, wagon, chopper, cattle & machinery sheds, train, nerf balls, etc.

176 - Rolling Shop Stool

177 - 5/16 Chain w/ Bucket & Tools Chain is almost 20' long.

178 - Airplane weather vane Light duty tin. Not very heavy.

179 - Group of Fishing Poles and Reels Mostly closed face reels on small poles. We found them all tangled up in a corner and that's how we're selling them.

180 - Aluminum Entrance Cable Triplex (Alcan B 2/0 AWG 600V XPLEX) We calculate roughly 45' in the roll.

181 - Pipe Clamps, Metal Box, Pruners

182 - Class III Hitch w/ 1 7/8" ball

183 - Aluminum Folding Handtruck

184 - Stihl FS 52 String Trimmer Turns over and has good compression

185 - Lead Ladel

186 - Carpenters' Tool Box 33x18x12"

187 - Tackle Box w/ Gun Cleaning Tools, Etc. The box itself isn't much but it does have some rods & patches, some .22 and shotgun shells, and a few other goodies.

188 - Rocket Propelled Grenade ? Just guessing, but that's what it looks like.

189 - Two Compound Bows One is a simple once around string that needs a attention, the other is a true compound and appears in useable condition.

190 - Group of Arrows Mostly aluminum shafts. There are 5 in the bottom that look like new, but have no tips. Then there are some misc. ones on top that are obviously used.

191 - Target arrows Ten Arrows numbered in a wooden case w/ stands and quiver. Aluminum shafts. Only about 25" long.

192 - Pee-Vee Like new w/ long, heavy handle

193 - Log Jack

194 - Monster Maul, Pee-Vee Head, Axe

195 - Saw Blades, Levels, Etc. Teeth for a Craftsman Dado head, misc. used saw blades, levels that are usable but not in the best of condition.

196 - Husqvarna 371XP Chain Saw I cranked it over several times, but I don't believe it has enough fuel in it to start. Excellent compression. I don't think it'll take much to get it running. I believe that if you check, you'll find that this is one of Husqvarna's bigger, more expensive saws.

197 - Hard and Soft Wood Lumber Mostly 8' long with some longer. Majority of the pile is 1x4 soft wood. There are some wider boards on top.

198 - Model Control Line Airplanes, Wings 3 airplanes w/ gas engines from 28" To 42" wingspan. Also a set of wings. There is also an airplane fuselage in the garage we're going to include - it might possibly go with these wings.

199 - 4' Aluminum Stepladder

200 - DP Bench Press Machine Has its own self contained weights. Will need to be unassembled and taken out of the basement

201 - Maple Dropleaf Extension Table & 4 Chairs Table is in beautiful condition. Pictured with one dropleaf up and the other down as well as a small leaf in the extensions. There is one arm chair and 3 side chairs. One of the side chairs looks a bit off color from the others, like it may have been in the garage or somewhere less clean. All the chairs appear in solid condition. Table does have a pad for the amount of top that is up in the picture. Table is 42" wide and 84" long when fully extended, 28" long when leaves are out and down.

202 - Oak Parlor Stand Refinished, but it does have some defects in the finish on the top as seen in the photo. Solid condition. Top is 24" square.

203 - Plant Stand Solid. Has a little of the typical delamination on the top, but not too bad. Top is 16" square.

204 - Pink Depression Glass 4 footed bowl and a covered panel candy dish.

205 - Microscope and Opthalmoscope

206 - Kerosene Lamp 19" Tall

207 - Large Magnifying Glass A good quality one. 5.5" diameter

208 - Pocket and Wrist Watches One of the pocket watches is an old Elgin but it is missing the crystal and is overwound. The other is newer.

209 - Hammer, Nailpuller, Wonderbar, Scope

210 - Pushbutton Phone Pushbutton made to look like an old rotary phone.

211 - 9" Paper Cutter

212 - Pair of Fisher Sound Panel Speakers 29"x33" stereo speakers that look like pictures.

213 - Pair of Oak T-Back Chairs Some blemishes in the seats, but good solid frames w/ claw feet.4

214 - Oak T-back Chair

215 - Folding Chair and Drying Rack

216 - Lakewood Electric Heater

217 - Mens Size 11 Ice Skates Like new

218 - Electric Pencil Sharpener

219 - Roland PNC-950 Vinyl Cutter, Vinyl, Computers We don't know which computer (if any) has the correct software so we're giving them all with the deal. You know as much as we do about it. We're including all the computers, the vinyl, and the machine.

220 - DVDs and VHS Movies A huge number of both. It appears that most are action movies.

221 - Emerson Flat Screen TV 29" wide

222 - Samsung Flat Screen TV 16" Wide

223 - Pine Bedroom Suite Includes Queen bed, dresser w/ hutch, and chest of drawers. There are also two nightstands, one of which is in poor condition. Overall structure of the furniture seems pretty good, but the finish does have scratches and mars. Dresser is 66x79x20", Chest of drawers is 41x63x20".

224 - Large Wooden Trunk 62x20x20". Believe it to be plywood.

225 - Misc. Household Items Frame, silver ice bucket, Avon & othern collector plates, lights, mugs, lamp globes & shades, clock, etc.

226 - Skis, Poles & Boots 4 pairs of downhill skis, 3 pairs of poles, 2 pairs of boots

227 - Cultivator It looks like a wheelbarrow handle on it. Sure shouldn't break.

228 - Men's 3 speed bike

229 - 2 Bag Chairs We didn't take them out of the bags. They are small - mid size.

230 - Rose Print 17x21"

231 - Last Supper Print In an antique frame in very good condition. 32x16"

232 - British Warplane Print Large - 34x23" Is it a Spitfire?

233 - Wooden Slab Stool 12" Across

234 - Plymouth Camelback Clock 20" long

235 - Cast Iron Dutch Oven and 2 Lead Pots No lid for the Dutch oven. 13" diameter on the Dutch oven

236 - D&H Railroad Lantern Good Condition.

237 - D&H Railroad Lantern Good Condition.

238 - 45 & 33 RPM Records 45s appear mostly 60's era. 33s include several Grand Funk RR, several Doors, Jim Croce, 3 Dog Night, several Beatles, Kinks, Monkees, Cat Stevens, David Soul, Elvis, Lynrd Skynrd, Christmas, hit LPs, and many more.

239 - Pine Mirror

240 - Child's Train Rocker 30" long

241 - Pull Behind Sled about 32" long (not including handle)

242 - Maple Arm Chair w/ Cushion

243 - Pine Shelf 58x27x12"

244 - Pine Shelf and Old End Table Neither one are too special. Solid and functional but not pretty. Shelf is 31" long. Table is 36" long

245 - Contents Under Table - Misc. Household Iron chandelier, aquarium, shoe rack, baskets, jewelry box, glassware & china, candles, Deco ashtray stand, samplers, teddy bear, elec. Typewriter, etc.

246 - Pine Spinnet Desk & Bench Dusty, but seems in fairly good condition. Missing a little piece of wood under one drawer. 36" wide.

247 - EZ Up Tent Still in the case. We didn't try to take it out and set it up in the snow. I think it'll be OK. The size isn't marked on it, but it does say its an Express II model.

248 - Ten (10) drawer Pine Cabinets The finish on the top is not perfect, but other than that they're in nice condition. Each is 16x44x14"

249 - Folding Lounge Chair

250 - Folding Lounge Chair

251 - Mini Blinds 35"x64"

252 - Copper Boiler w/ Lid

253 - Generator Sat down in a shed. 8 HP, the pulll cord is broken but it will turn over. I would say it probably is going to have needs.

254 - Tow Behind Sweeper As of now, we have no bag for it.

255 - Tow Behind Spin Spreader Looks like new

256 - Old Tool Boxes w/ Assorted Tools Hammers, mallets, saws, etc.

257 - Peck, Mattock, Shovel, Rake

258 - Ladder jacks, peck, Misc. Also some concrete tools and an old toolbox

259 - Pile of tires

260 - Lights and Deadbolts Two new vanity Fixtures and two deadbolts - one complete, the other missing pieces.

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