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Auctioneer Donley Auctions 815.923.7000
Auction Date Mar 17 Auction
8512 S. Union Road
Union, IL
Time 10:00AM
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Auction Listing
AuctionZip Auctioneer ID# 43401
Featuring the most outstanding selection of circassian walnut Victrolas, Zonophones, 100's of machines, quality cabinetry, vintage advertising, parts, manuals, horns and 10,000 records!  Go to to view entire catalog and bid online. 
Lot #    Lead
1    Coloring Book of Vintage Phonographs, Tim Fabrizio
2    Edison Amberola V Phonograph
3    Mag-Ni-Phone Disc Phonograph
4    United Talking Machine Disc Phonograph
5    Universal Table Top Disc Phonograph
6    Modernola Modernolette Disc Phonograph
7    Edison Amberola V in Mahogany Case
8    Lakeside Rex Cylinder Phonograph
9    Edison Type B-60 Diamond Disc Phonograph
10    Rare Edison Record Cabinet for a B-60
11    Simplex Cylinder Record Cabinet
11a    Instructions/Advertising Simplex Record Cabinet
12    Edison 2 Section Diamond Disc Record Cabinet
13    Early Columbia Oak Five Drawer Cylinder Cabinet
14    Early Columbia Style Oak Cylinder Cabinet
15    Edison P-1 Portable Needle Record Disc Phonograph
16    Standard Talking Machine Model A Disc Phonograph
17    Busy Bee Disc Phonograph
18    Aretino Disc Phonograph
19    Oak 2 Section Diamond Disc Record Cabinet
20    Early Oak Cylinder Record Cabinet-Single Door
21    Diamond Disc 3-Section Record Cabinet w/Glass Door
22    Cylinder Record Oak Cabinet
23    Glass Door Oak Counter Cabinet
24    Edison B19 "Bungalow" Disc Phonograph in Red Gum
25    Harmony Model 12 Disc Phonograph
26    Harmony Model 12 Disc Phonograph
27    Koch-O-Phone Disc Phonograph
28    Pigmy Grand Gramophone
29    Edison Amberola VIII
30    Victrola X "Spider Leg" Disc Phonograph
31    Edison B-150 Diamond Disc Upright
32    Edison A250 Mahogany Diamond Disc Phonograph
33    Davis Triangle Grand Disc Phonograph
33a    Davis Triangle Phonograph Parts Machine.
34    Davis Triangle Disc Phonograph
35    Edison Diamond Disc Model B250 Golden Oak
36    Davis Trianglephone Cabinet Phonograph
37    Blue Babson Brothers/Edison Horn
38    Hawthorne & Sheble #3-D Horn
39    A Searchlight Horn
40    Victor 19" Front Mount Horn with Elbow
41    Englewood Musicalphone Horn
42    Edison Standard Horn
43    2 Brass Phonograph Horns
44    Edison Standard Blue Flowered Horn
45    Cylinder Phonograph Horn
46    Pathe Elf Table Top Disc Phonograph
47    Tanzbar Box Player Concertina
48    Edison A275 Sheraton Diamond Disc Phonograph
49    Disc Record Oak Cabinet
50    EXTREMELY RARE Original Victor/Victrola Model XX
50a    Victrola XX Rare Companion Items
50b    Original Victor Pre-1910 Talking Machine Catalog
51    Early Single Door Disc Record Cabinet
53    Columbia BGT Cylinder Phonograph
53a    Mahogany 5-Drawer Cylinder Record Cabinet
54    Columbia N Cylinder Phonograph with Gutta Percha
55    Columbia Type A Phonograph
56    Columbia Type N Cylinder Phonograph
57    Edison Edisonic Schubert Diamond Disc Phonograph
58    Edison Cylinder Phonograph Triumph D
59    Columbia McDonald Cylinder Phonograph Type AB
60    Victor Electrola Model VE XVIII Circassian Walnut
60a    Original Operating Manual Victor XVIII Electrola
61    3-Piece Lot of Needle Tins
62    3-Piece Lot of Sears Silvertone Needle Tins
63    3-Piece Lot of Lakeside/Silvertone Needle Tins
64    3-Piece Lot of Columbia Needle Tins
65    3-Piece Lot of Victor Needle Tins
66    3-Piece Lot Victor Needle Tins
67    3-Piece Lot of Tungs Tone Needle Tins
68    Early Embossed Victor Needle Tin.
69    Lot of 3 Steel Needle Tins
70    3-Piece Lot of Needle Tins
71    Early Embossed Victor Needle Tin
72    Early Embossed Victor Needle Tin
73    Lot of Needle Box, Envelopes, Instructions
74    Western Electric Speaker Driver
75    Collection of Good Usable Phono Parts
76    6-Piece Lot of Assorted Needles/Styli
77    3-Piece Lot of Needle Tins
78    3-Piece Lot of Needle Tins and Round Wood Box
79    2-Piece Lot of Edison Mazda Bulbs in Orig. Boxes
80    3-Piece Lot of Needle Tins
81    3-Piece Lot of Needle Tins
82    3-Piece Lot of Columbia Needle Tins
83    3-Piece Lot Victor Tungs Tone Tins
84    3-Pc. Lot of Assorted Needle Tins Including Sonora
85    3-Piece Lot Needle Tins
86    4-Piece Lot of Needle Tins
87    19-Piece Lot of Asst. Pathe & Edison Jewel Styli
88    28-Piece Lot of Assorted Steel Needle Envelopes.
89    33-Piece Lot of Assorted Steel Needle Boxes/Env.
90    Victor/Victrola Model VTLA Circassian Walnut
91    Zonophone Concert Late Model
92    Zonophone D Phonograph
93    Zonophone Front Mount Disc Phonograph
94    Zonophone Model C Front Mount Disc Phonograph
95    Zonophone Front Mount Disc Phonograph
96    Victor Eldridge Johnson C
97    Roller Organ
98    Roller Organ
99    Roller Organ
100    Roller Organ
103    Lakeside Cylinder Phonograph
104    Burns and Pollock Capital Phonograph Lamp
104a    Rare Original Capital Phono Lamp Dealer Catalog
105    G. Baker Troll & Company Music Box
106    15.5" Oak Reginaphone Music Box/Phonograph Combo
107    Reginaphone Style 40 w/Hand Painted Finish
108    15.5" Regina Double Comb Music Box
109    Polyphon 14" Disc Bell Box
110    Victor/Victrola "L" Door XVI Circassian Walnut
111    Edison A100 Wicker Cabinet Disc Phonograph
112    Puritan Disc Phonograph
113    Columbia Disc Phonograph Advertising Poster
114    Framed Edison Cylinder Record Poster
115    Edison Cylinder Phonograph Advertising Poster
116    Serpentine Double Door Oak Disc Cabinet by Herzog
117    Single Door Oak Cylinder Record Cabinet
118    Large Mahogany Disc Record Cabinet with Rotating
119    Edison Model A Home with Repeating Attachment
120    Edison Amberola Model 1-A, 2-4 Min. w/Lyre Grill
121    Edison Red Gem Cylinder Phonograph
122    6-Drawer Oak Cylinder Record Cabinet
123    Oak Cylinder Record Cabinet
124    Fairy Phonograph Lamp by Endless
125    Edison Amberola Model 1B Oak Cylinder
125a    Rare Original Edison Amberola Model B Manual
126    Columbia Mahogany Horn
127    Edison Oak Music Master Horn
128    Edison Music Master Oak Horn
129    Huge Brass Cylinder Phonograph Concert Horn
130    Victor/Victrola Model 130 Circassian Walnut
131    37" Victor Phonograph Horn-Black Brass Bell
132    36" Classic Victor Nipper Dog
133    Victor P Disc Phonograph
134    Victor R Disc Phonograph
135    Victor C Disc Phonograph
136    Columbia BD Disc Phonograph
137    Columbia BI Sterling Disc Graphophone/Nickel Horn
138    Early Zonophone Record Case
139    Zonophone Needle Box
140    3-Piece Lot of Victor Needle Tins
141    Boxed Set of 5 NOS Trutone Needle Tins
142    29-Piece Lot of Assorted Steel Needle Envelopes
143    37-Piece Lot of Asst. Steel Needle Env./Boxes/Tin
144    20-Piece Lot of Assorted Steel Needle Envelopes.
145    27-Piece Lot of Assorted Steel Needle Envelopes
146    Group of Fiber Needle Related Items
147    2-Piece Lot of Needle Tin and Duster Combinations
148    8-Piece Lot Asst. Phono Metal Maker & Dealer Tags
149    3-Piece Lot Record Dusters
150    Victor/Victrola Model XVI Circassian Walnut
151    23 Key Barrel Reed Organ
152    Reed Parlor Organ Converted to Monkey Organ
153    23 Key Flute Organ Molinari & Sons
154    23 Key Barrel Organ
155    Gavioli Reed Organ
155a    40 Key 90 Pipe Concert Organ
156    H S Taylor Barrel Organ
157    46 Key Luis Bacigulupi Organ
158    43 Key Paper Roll Calliope
159    Columbia Type AD Home Grand/Combination Grand
160    Columbia Concert Cylinder Phonograph Type HG
161    Columbia AB Phonograph with Mandrel & Horn
162    Columbia Type AO/AW Cylinder Phonograph
163    Columbia Type BC Loud Speaking Graphophone
163a    Columbia BC Phonograph Horn
164    Edison Amberola Model 3 Cylinder Phonograph
165    Columbia AJ First Style Phonograph
166    Columbia AJ Disc Phonograph
167    Zonophone Concert Disc Phonograph
168    Canadian Berliner Disc Horn Phonograph
169    1050.2Ratchet Wind Front Mount Berliner Phonograph
170    Victor/Victrola Model XVI Circassian Walnut
171    Side from Edison Diamond Disc Ship Crate
172    Side from Edison Diamond Disc Ship Crate
173    Side from Edison Diamond Disc Ship Crate
174    Side from Edison Diamond Disc Ship Crate
175    Canvas Covered Horn Carrying Case
177    Wicker Horn Carrying Basket
178    Disc Phonograph Horn Wicker Crate
179    Sonora Upright Phonograph
180    Sonora Invincible II Mahogany w/Wooden Tone Arms
181    Oak Music Stand
182    Rare Remington Typewriter Table Stand
183    Oak Side Table
184    Mission Style Oak Stand
185    Oak Side Table
186    Small Lamp Table
187    Oak Barber Shop Cash Drawer Stand
188    Oak Disc Record Cabinet
189    Oak Telephone Stand
190    Lifetime Telephone Stand and Chair
191    Dealer's Revolving Cylinder Rack
192    Dealer's Wall Mounted Wire Cylinder Rack
197    Lot of 13 Assorted Busy Bee Records
198    2 Phonograph and Record Carrying Cases
199    Mahogany Cabinet Drawer for Edison Phonographs
200    Cardboard Cylinder Record Case
201    Metal Cylinder Record Carry Case
202    4 Edison Diamond Disc Records-5200 Series
203    Victor Berliner Zonophone Columbia Storage Box 7"
203a    7" Berliner Gramophone Record
203b    7" Berliner Gramophone Record
203c    7" Berliner Gramophone Record
203d    Improved 7" Berliner Gramophone Record
203e    7" Columbia Disc Record
203f    7" Victor Record
203g    7" Berliner Gramophone Record
203h    7" Zonophone Record
204    27 Little Wonder 5" Records
204a    4 Early Disc Phonograph Records
204b    7 Standard Disc Records
204c    Busy Bee and Oxford Records-7"
204d    Assortment of 50+ Edison Diamond Disc Records
204e    Assortment of 50+ Edison Diamond Disc Records
204f    Assortment of 50+ Edison Diamond Disc Records
204g    Assortment of 50+ Edison Diamond Disc Records
204h    Assortment of 50+ Edison Diamond Disc Records
204i    Assortment of 50+ Edison Diamond Disc Records
204j    Assortment of 50+ Edison Diamond Disc Records
204k    Assortment of 50+ Edison Diamond Disc Records
204l    Collection of Approx. 50+ 45 Records
204m    Collection of Approx. 50+ 45 Records
204n    Collection of Approx. 50+ 45 Records
204o    Collection of Approx. 50+ 45 Records
204p    Universal Zonophone C 5051 Record
204q    Collection of 58 Edison Diamond Disc Records
204r    Collection of 31 Edison Diamond Disc Records
204s    50 Edison Diamond Disc Records
205    24 Edison Blue Amberola Records
206    Edison Blue Amberola Concert Records-12
207    Columbia Cylinder Record Wood Shipping Crate
208    Columbia Phonograph Shipping Crate
208a    Wax Cylinder Record Storage Box
211    Edison Projecting Kinetoscope Movie Projector
212    Edison Home Kinetoscope Movie Projector
213    Victor Dealer's Canvas Banner
214    Victrola Tin Advertising Sign
215    Victor Factory Newspaper Advertisement
216    Edison Diamond Disc Double Sided Dealer's Sign
217    Orig Victrola Grand Concert Advertising Lobby Card
218    Two Original Edison 1922-23 Record Release Posters
219    Ceramic 9.5" Tall RCA Victor Dog & Quality Print
219a    RCA Victor Dealer Showroom Chair
220    Knabe 5'8" Ampico Reproducing Piano
221    Seeburg KT
222    Regina Upright Coin Op Music Box
223    27.5" Regina Changer Music Box
224    Polyphon 19.75" Double Comb Disc Music Box
225    27" Regina Folding Top "Casket Style" Music Box
226    Capital Cuff Music Box LC
226a    Victorian Oak Table with White Casters
227    Regina Music Box 15.5" Double Comb
228    15 1/2" Reginaphone Regina Music Box Complete
229    Barrel Organ 26 Key with 39 Flute Pipes
230    41 Key Barrel Organ with 93 Pipes
231    Barrel Operated Hurdy Gurdy
232    Regina 27.5" Dragon Front Changer Music Box
233    Thirty Note Mechanism of a Piano Melodico
233a    Hand Carved Whistler - Dewey
234    Regina 15-1/2" Bow Front Changer Music Box
250    Edison-Bell Commercial Phonograph Circa 1893
251    Edison Gem Phonograph Model A w/Gem Reproducer
252    Edison Spring Motor Cylinder Phonograph
253    Mega Recording Horn
254    Early 27" Conical Horn
255    Spun Brass Cylinder Phonograph Horn
256    Siegel-Myers Recording Horn
257    Japanese Lacquered Cylinder Phonograph Horn
258    Music Master Straight Oak Phonograph Horn
259    Edison Standard Phonograph Model D
261    Mahogany Cylinder Cabinet for Amberola 50
262    Victor/Columbia Oak Record Storage Cabinet
263    Small Mahogany Disc Record Cabinet
264    Serpentine Double Door Oak Disc Cabinet
265    Early Single Door Oak Cylinder Record Cabinet
266    Mahogany Record Cabinet
267    Columbia BFT Cylinder Phonograph
268    U.S. Junior Cylinder Phonograph
268a    Oak 5-Drawer Cylinder Record Cabinet.
269    Stewart Phonograph in Original Carry Case
270    Aeolian Vocalion Tropical Gramophone
271    Kolster Model K-21 Radio and Speaker w/Stand
272    Edison Home Cylinder Phonograph
273    Edison Home Cylinder Phonograph
274    Edison Cylinder Fireside Phonograph Model B
275    Edison Standard Phonograph Banner Decal
276    Edison Amberola 30 Cabinet and horn only.
277    Edison Cylinder Phonograph Cygnet Horn No. 10
278    Edison Cylinder Phonograph Cygnet No. 10
279    Edison Cylinder Phonograph Witches Hat Horn
280    Edison Columbia Cylinder Phonograph Horn (flowered
281    Edison Cylinder Phonograph Horn-Scarce Wood Grain
282    Movie Theater Speaker Horn No Driver
283    Edison Cylinder Phonograph Standard
284    Edison Cylinder Phonograph Standard Cygnet
285    Edison Cylinder Phonograph Standard
286    Edison Cylinder Phonograph Home-Repeater
287    Edison Cylinder Phonograph Standard
289    Magnavox Radio Horn
290    Cylinder Phonograph Horn-Edison and Columbia
292    Victor/Victrola 4-7
293    Victor/Victrola XVI Oak-Parts Only
294    Regina Hexaphone Model 103 Mechanism-Original
295    Regina Hexaphone Phonograph Crank-Reproduction
296    Regina Hexaphone Original Cabinet
297    Regina Hexaphone Marquee Reproduction.
298    Regina Hexaphone Cabinet-Mahogany
299    Coin-Op Cylinder Phonograph Cabinet Cail-O-Phone
300    Coin-OP Cylinder Phonograph Cabinet Rosenfeld
301    Edison Ekonowatt Electric Motor
302    Edison Ekonowatt Electric Motor
303    Edison Cylinder Cygnet Horn Crane
306    Edison Columbia Cylinder Phonograph Horn Crane
307    3-Piece Lot of Phonograph Novelty Items
308    5-Piece Collection of Phonograph Lid Logos
309    6-Piece Collection of Phonograph Lid Logos
310    3-Piece Lot Phonograph Novelty Items
311    5-Piece Lot of Nipper Items
312    4-Piece Lot of Nipper Items
313    7-Piece Lot of Various Brunswick and Columbia Item
314    Early Victor Leather Bound Index/Edison Postcard
315    Various Phonograph Related Items
316    Collection of Original Sonora Literature
317    Original Kimball Operating Instructions and Manual
318    Original 1900 Stella Music Box Disc Catalog
319    Unused Original Motrola Hardware Kit/Instructions
320    4-Piece Lot of Phonograph Related Boxes
321    Lot of Edison Amberola Reproducer Shipping Blocks
322    3-Piece Lot of Victor Reproducer Boxes
323    Lot of 3 Victor Exhibition Reproducer Boxes
324    Lot of 2 Victrola No. 2 Reproducers with Boxes
325    Lot of 3 Record Dusters
326    3-Piece Lot of Record Dusters
327    Columbia Disc Phonograph Front Mount
328    Luis Casali Hand Crank Pianola Street Piano
329    Chiappa Barbarai Barrel Organ
331    Small Hurdy Gurdy
332    Small Hurdy Gurdy
333    15.5" Regina Music Box Parts Machine
334    Regina Music Box 15.5" Coin Op-Parts Only
335    Victor Victrola X Phonograph
336    Brunswick Upright Disc Phonograph
337    50-Key German Barrel Organ
338    Victor Disc Phonograph Mahogany
339    Philco Tombstone Style Radio Model 645
340    Colonial Radio Model 21
341    Detrola Clock Radio
343    Edison Diamond Disc Table Model B19 Phonograph
344    Two Music Box Cabinets-Olympia
346    RCA Radiola 62
347    Floor Stand Horn Crane
347a    Floor Stand Horn Crane
347b    Floor Stand Horn Crane
347c    Reproduction Floor Stand Horn Crane
347d    Tea Tray Company Horn Crane Assembly
347e    H & S Horn Crane Assembly
347f    2 Cylinder Phonograph Horn Crane Parts
347g    After Market Horn Crane for Cylinder Phonograph
348    Baby Cabinet Antique Disc Phonograph
349    Early Dynamo Electrical Generator-Edison?
352    Jackpot Collection Various Phonograph Parts
361    Disc Phono Record Repeater w/Original Instructions
362    Geer Record Repeater in Original Box
363    Universal Record-Lite for Phonograph
364    2-Piece Lot of Aftermarket Phono Auto Stop & Light
365    Red Top Needle Sharpener w/Accessories
366    New In Box Universal Record-Lite for Phonograph
367    2-Fiber Needle Cutters
368    The Perfect Fiber Needle Cutter in Original Box
369    2 NOS Spacers for Vintage Phono Record Albums
370    2-Piece Lot of Fiber Needle Cutters
371    Original Ragtime Rastus With Original Mech. & Box
372    Victor Needle Cutter
373    Victor Fiber Needle Cutter
374    Original Ragtime Rastus Phonograph Toy & Mech.
375    2-Piece Lot of Edison Oil Bottles
376    4-Piece Lot of Assorted Phono Oils and Grease
377    2-Piece Lot of Edison Oil and Grease
378    Unusual Fiber Needle Cutter
379    4-Piece Lot of Phono Oil and Grease Cans
380    Lot of 2 Victor Exhibition No. 11 Reproducer Boxes
381    2-Piece Lot of Fiber Needle Cutters
382    2-Piece Lot of Fiber Needle Cutters
383    5-Piece Lot of Original Vintage Record Brushes
384    4-Piece Lot of Various Victor Needle Boxes
385    Lot of 4 Assorted Record Dusters
386    Lot of 4 Various Record Dusters
387    Lot of 4 Various Record Dusters.
388    Lot of 4 Various Record Dusters
389    Lot of 4 Various Record Dusters
390    Lot of 4 Various Record Dusters.
391    Lot of 4 Various Record Dusters
418a    2 Contemporary Music Boxes
420    Original Cheney Phonograph Literature
440    2-Pc. Lot of Victrola Phono & Sparton Radio Books
441    Complete Collection of Original Brunswick Lit.
442    1947 Edison Commemorative Medal w/Card
443    Collection of Sears Silvertone Phono Literature
444    Collection of Sonora Catalogs, Guarantee, & Index
445    6-Piece Lot of Phonograph Advertising
446    Standard Talking Machine Promotional Coupons
447    4-Piece Lot of Various Phono Lubricants and Tool
448    21 Piece Lot of Metal Phono Dealer and Makers Tags
449    4-Piece Lot of Various Monthly Record Catalogs
450    6-Piece Lot of Monthly Record Supplements, Etc.
451    Cylinder/Disc Phonograph Base Cabinet
452    Philco Predicta Table Top TV
453    Philco Predicta Table Top TV
454    Philco Predicta Table Top TV.
455    JVC Video Capsule Television
456    JVC Video Sphere TV/Tuner
457    Edison Amberola Phono Cabinet and Horn
458    4-Piece Lot of Pocket TV/Radios
459    Vintage Cathode Ray TV Tube in Original Box
460    Hand Crank Suitcase Portable Phonograph
461    Electric Phonograph Toy
462    Eveready AC Radio Receiver
463    3 Late 20th Century Mini TVs
464    Sharp Model 3LS36P Mini Color TV
465    Philco Table Top TV
466    Collection of 5 Antique Typewriters
467    Western Electric Brass Blade Fan
468    Boxed Lot of Phonograph Parts
469    2 General Electric, Electric Wall Clocks
470    Various Brunswick Receipts, Manual and Literature
471    7-Piece of 1920's Record Catalogs and Victor Index
472    Collection of Victrola Operating Manuals
473    Collection of Various Phonograph Literature
474    Lot of 5 Various Record Dusters.
475    Lot of 7 Various Record Dusters
476    Lot of 5 Various Record Dusters
477    Lot of 5 Various Record Dusters
478    Lot of 5 Various Record Dusters
479    Lot of 5 Various Record Dusters.
480    4-Piece Lot of Record Dusters
572    Ludwig Horizontal Single Piston Bugle
576    Vintage Violin w/Carrying Case
577    Ludwig Kenmore Model Plectrum Banjo
578    Washburn Plectrum Banjo
579    Bacon & Day Silverbelle Plectrum Banjo
580    Banjo Mandolin
581    Fender Telecaster Guitar
582    6-String Guitar
583    6-String Acoustical Guitar
584    12-String Acoustical Guitar
585    Czech. Copy of a Stradivarius Violin
586    Morell Accordion
588    JC Clarinet / Vavro Music Co.
589    Horizontal Single Piston Bugle
590    Schmidt Goldenrod 3 Clarinet
591    Clarinet in "Pedlar" Case
592    Rene Dumont Piccolo
593    Brass Trumpet w/ Decorative Horn
594    Wurlitzer Small Nickel Saxophone
595    Accordion with Pearl Keys
596    Olds Ambassador Trumpet
597    Brass Trumpet
598    The Gomet Special Grade M Coronet
599    Nickel Saxophone
600    Frank Holton & Co. Nickel Trombone

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