Auction Information
Auctioneer Giguere Auction Co. 207-892-3800
Auction Date Apr 28 Auction
945 Pequawket Trail
Route 113
Steep Falls, Me
Time 10:00AM
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  • Vintage Bull Durham Poster

    Vintage Bull Durham Poster

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    Framed Remington UMC Poster

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Auction Listing
AuctionZip Auctioneer ID# 13179

27th Annual Spring Sporting Auction

Saturday, April 28, 2018, 10:00 A.M.

Wildwood Function Center, Route 113, Steep Falls, Maine

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Giguere Auction Co. is proud to present our 27th Annual Spring Sporting Auction! This Auction will feature Outstanding Taxidermy, Wonderful Collectible Decoys & Knives, Lots of Great Guns & Fishing Equipment and Items from the Personal Collection of Mr. Duncan Barnes of Maine – Author & the Former Editor of Field & Stream Magazine. Mark Your Calendars & Plan to Join Us -- This is an Auction Event You Don’t Want to Miss!  Our Website is --

This List is as of 3/18/2018:

TAXIDERMY:  AFRICAN – FULL BODY MOUNTS  Reedbuck on Base; Ringtail Lemur;(Purshaser Must Be A Maine Resident) Ringtail Cat;  AFRICAN – HEAD MOUNTS  Guenther's Dik-Dik; (2) Blackbuck; Jackal; Hyena; (3) Waterbuck; Sable; (3) Lechwe; Greater Kudu; Kudu (SCI Rank No. 32); Addax; Zebra; (2) Hartebeeste; Hartebeest (SCI Rank No. 65); Blesbok; (2) Impala; Tsessebe; (2) Blue Wildebeest; Giant Eland; Gemsbok; Black Wildebeest; NORTH AMERICAN & OTHERAlaskan Timber Wolf Mount on Base; Black Bear Mount on Rock Base; Black Bear Half-Mount; Black Bear Head; Yearling Black Bear Mount (Walking); Turn of Century Baby Bear Mount on Burl Base; 5' Black Bear Rug; Barren Ground Caribou Rack; Double Shovel Caribou Head; (2) Barren Ground Caribou Heads; (2) Bobcat on Driftwood Wall Mounts; Alaskan Lynx Mount; African Caracal Cat Mount on Wall Rock; Mountain Lion Mount (Walking); Coyote Mount in Glass Case by Gene Bahr; Coyote Mount on Wall Rock Base; Coyote Mount; Coyote Rug; Pronghorn Antelope Head; Full Badger Mount; Full Beaver Mount; Bison Head; (2) Black Boar Heads; Fisher on Driftwood Wall Mount;  Full Grey Fox Mount; Full Red Fox Mount; Albino Mink Mount; Mink Mount on Rock Base; Baby Kangaroo Mount; 2-Toed Sloth Mount; Opossum Mount on Board; Albino Porcupine Mount; Raccoon Mount; Mouflon Ram Head; 27 Pt. Whitetail Deer Head Mount; Many Whitetail Deer Head Mounts ( 8 Pt., 9 Pt., 11 Pt., 12 Pt. & Doe Head); Many Misc. Deer Racks on Plaques; Fallow Deer Head Mount; 5 X 5 Mule Deer Head Mount; 6 X 6 New Zealand Red Stag Rack on Plaque; Moose Horns on Plaque; BIRDS, BUGS, FISH & REPTILES – (2) Bobwhite Quail Mounts on Base; Chukka Partridge Mount; Flying Pheasant Mount; Macaw on Driftwood; Framed South American Translucent Butterfly w/Others; South American (Black) Tarantula Spider in Shadow Box; South American (Reddish) Tarantula Spider in Shadow Box; (2) Horned Rhinoceros Beetle; Stag Beetle; Female Hercules Beetle; Dynastid Horned Beetle; Titan Beetle; Dynastid, Metallic Green & Scarab Beetles; Snout, Tiger Long Horned, Stag, Dynastid Horned & Long Horned Wood Boring Beetles; Desert Scorpion & Fiddler Crab in Globes; (6) Butterfly & Moth Collection; Brook Trout on Board; Tiger Shark Jaws; Alligator Mount; Monitor Lizard; 6' South American Caiman Life-Size Mount; Large Common Python Snake Mount on Base; Large Red-Tailed Boa Constrictor Snake on Base; Corn Snake Mount on Base; Common Painted Turtle Mount; Toad & Red Frog Mounts; Iguana Lizard Mount; Large Snapping Turtle Mount; 3' American Alligator Mount; Coiled Rattlesnake Mount; SKULLS & MISCELLANEOUS – Reproduction Skulls of Lesser Raptor, Dinosaur Crocodile, Homo Sapiens (Human), Large Gorilla, African Baboon, (2) Early Hominids; (Repro) Giant Sloth Claw & Mammoth Tooth; (Repro) Dinosaur Claws – Tyrannosaurus Rex, Utahraptor Ostrommaysi & Other; Small Monkey Skull; (2) Wild Boar Tusks on Plaques; Gerenuk, Beisa Oryx & Chamois Horns on Plaques; Steer Horns; Lot of Large Lobster Claw & Misc. Seashells; Conk & Misc. Seashells & Starfish & Horseshoe Crab & Ray Fish.   

GUNS:  HAND GUNS – Hi Standard Double Nine 22 Cal. Revolver w/Leather Holster; Smith & Wesson Mod. 36 Snub Nose 38 Cal. Revolver; Smith & Wesson Mod. 417 – 38 S&W Cal. Revolver w/ Leather Holster; Smith & Wesson Break-Open 38 Cal.Revolver w/Leather US Holster;  Thompson Center Arms Contender Pistol w/ (4) 10” Barrels (22 Cal. Match, 357 Mag, 44 Mag. & 30-30 Cal.) , 2nd Set of Grips & Hot Shot Extension Accessory; Colt Pocket 25 Cal. Semi-Auto Pistol w/ (2) Mags. & Holster; Colt US Army Mod. 1917 – 45 Cal. DA Revolver w/Clips & Leather Holster; Taurus Mod. 738-TCP – 380 Cal. Semi-Auto Pistol w/Accessories (NIB); Sccy Ind. Mod. CPX-2 – 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol w/Accessories (NIB); Cobra M-FS 380 – 380 Cal. Semi-Auto Pistol w/Accessories (NIB); Jimenez JA-22 – 22 Cal. Semi-Auto Pistol w/Accessories (NIB); Jimenez JA-380 – 380 Cal. Semi-Auto Pistol w/Accessories (NIB); “Sedgley” - Baby Hammerless 22 Cal. Revolver w/Folding Trigger;  

SHOTGUNS – Mossberg Mod. 500 AT – 12 Ga. Pump Shotgun; Browning (Belgium) A-5 – 16 Ga. Semi-Auto Shotgun; Browning (Belgium) Light Twelve – 12 Ga. Semi-Auto Shotgun; Winchester Mod. 1300 Defender 12 Ga. Pump Shotgun; Smith & Wesson Mod. 916T –   12 Ga. Pump Shotgun; Stevens Mod. 311A – 16 Ga. Double Barrel Shotgun; Stevens Mod. 311 A – 12 Ga. Double Barrel Shotgun; Ithaca Field Grade 12 Ga. Double Barrel Shotgun; Weatherby Orian 20 Ga. O/U Shotgun; Browning Mod. BPS – 10 Ga. Pump Shotgun; Browning A-5 Light Twenty – 20 Ga. Semi-Auto Shotgun; Browning 2000 – 12 Ga. Semi-Auto Shotgun; Remington Mod. 1148 – 28 Ga. Semi-Auto Shotgun; Remington Mod. 1100 – 12 Ga. Trap Semi-Auto Shotgun; Remington Mod. 11 (Browning Pat.) 16 Ga. Semi-Auto Shotgun; Remington Mod. 11-48 – 12 Ga. Semi-Auto Shotgun; Harsan Arms Mod. Escort AS – 12 Ga, Magnum Semi-Auto Shotgun;    

RIFLES – Winchester Mod. 1873 – 38-40 Cal. Lever Rifle; Winchester Mod. Centennial '66 – 30-30 Cal. Lever Rifle; Winchester Mod. 1894 – 32 Spl. Lever Rifle; Winchester Mod. Low Wall Falling Block Single Shot 22 Hornet Target Rifle; Winchester (SRA) Mod. 70 XTL – 270 Win. Cal. Bolt Rifle w/ Leupold Scope; Winchester Mod. 52C Bolt Target Rifle w/ Unertl Scope, Olympic Iron Sights, Wood Case, (2)  10-Round & (1) Single Shot Mags., Sights & Accessories; Winchester Mod. 100 – 308 Cal. Semi-Auto Carbine/Rifle w/Scope & (3) Mags.; Winchester Mod. Ranger 30-30 Lever Rifle w/Bushnell Scope; Remington US-03-A3 – 30-06 Cal. Bolt Rifle w/ C-Type Stock & Sling; Remington Arms Rolling Block 22 Cal. Single Shot Rifle w/Octagon Barrel; Remington Arms Mod. 24 – 22 Short Cal. Semi-Auto Rifle; Remington Mod. 550-1 – 22 Cal. Semi-Auto Rifle; Remington (Browning Pat.) Mod. 35 Rem. Semi-Auto Rifle; U.S. Remington Mod. 03-A3 – 30-06 Cal. Bolt Rifle; Remington Mod. 740 – 30-06 Rem. Semi-Auto Rifle; McMillan Mod. Talon MA – 300 Win. Mag. Bolt Rifle w/ Leupold Scope; Browning Mod. 1895 – 308 Cal. Lever Rifle; Marlin Mod. 1895 – 450 Cal. Lever Rifle; Marlin Mod. 60 SB – 22 Cal. Semi-Auto Rifle; Marlin Mod. 336 SC – 35 Rem. Cal. Lever Rifle; US Springfield 1898 Krag Jorgensen 30-40 Krag Cal. Bolt Rifle; Springfield US 1872 Trap Door 45-70 Cal. Single Shot Rifle; British Enfield 303 Brit. Bolt Rifle w/ Lyman 4X Scope & Leather Sling; Mauser Mod. GM 98-8 X 57mm Bolt Rifle; Yugoslavian Mauser M-48 - 8mm Bolt Rifle; Mossberg Mod. 321 K – 22 Cal. Bolt Rifle; Mossberg Mod. 151M – 22 Cal. Semi-Auto Rifle w/ Full Length Stock & Scope; Savage Mod. 1899 – 303 Sav. Lever Rifle; Savage Mod. 7A – 22 Cal. Semi-Auto Rifle; Italian Cacao 6.5 MM Carbine Bolt Rifle; CVA Mod. Apollo – 50 Cal. Black Powder Mountain Rifle; Thompson Center Arms In-Line Black Powder 50 Cal. Muzzle-Loader Rifle w/Stainless Barrel; Thompson Center Hawken 54 Cal. Black Powder Rifle; Vannod A. Lausanne 40 Cal. Under-Hammer Black Powder Rifle;    

AMMO & MISC. –  Original 1899 – 50-100-450 Unfired Winchester Black Powder Cartridges w/ Winchester “W” Stamped on the Primer Cap (5); (10 Boxes) Winchester Super X – 22 Cal. Ammo; (6 Boxes) 10 Ga. Heavy & Steel Shot Ammo; (13 Boxes) Misc. Manufacture 300 Win. Mag. Ammo; (23) Cal. 45-70 Ammo; (2) Gridlock Security Gun Cabinets w/Keys; (5) Early Powder Horns; Hunters View 12' - “Buddy” Tree Stand (NIB); Hercules & Peters Wood Ammo Boxes; Deer Foot Gun Rack; Sightron 1.5 X 6 Variable Scope (NIB); (2) Wood Ammo Boxes; (2) Early Brass Pistol Powder Flasks, Leather Shot Pouch, Brass Bullet Mold & Colt Caliber Gauge; (5) Match Safes, Oiler, (2) Marbles Cleaning Rod Kits & Pin-On Compass; Winchester & Misc. Gun Parts; Winchester Ammo Box, Flashlight & (2) Powder Horns; Misc. Leather Belts & Holsters; Lot of Early Powder Tins, Tobacco Tins & Cap Tins; Lots of Soft Gun Cases & Sleeves & Shot Bags; Winchester Leather, Leather & (3) Leather/Canvas Take-Down Gun Cases; Lot of Misc. Winchester & Other Items; 45-70 Reloading Tool & (3) Early Black Powder Nipple Wrenches.

CANOES & BOATING, ATV MOTORBIKE, BOWS & TRAPS:  10' 5” Native Watercraft “Canyak” Canoe/Kayak w/Removable Seat & Paddles; Vintage 15' Chestnut Cedar & Canvas (Bobs Special Model) Canoe w/Ash Paddles;17' Old Town Kevlar Canoe “Canadienne” w/ Mahogany Gunwales, Decks, Coaming & Sitka Spruce Inwales; 20' Myron Smart Cedar Guide Canoe (1975) w/ White Spruce Trim & Original Bill of Sale & Provenance; 16' Joppa Flats Duck Hunting Sculling Boat w/ Sculling Oar, Cover, Lead Weight & Trailer; 2006 Rokon-Scout 172cc - 2-Wheel ATV Motor Bike w/ Versa Hall Carrier, Helmut, Trail Kit & Accessories; 1954 Johnson 3HP O/B Motor w/ Johnson Stand (Restored) w/ Manual;  (5) Bayley Adult Immersion Suits w/Bags; Big Gamefish Fighting Chair; Old Town, L.L. Bean, Indian Brand, Canadian & Beaver Ash Canoe Paddles; (7) Misc. Early Oars & Canoe Paddles; (3) Wood & Fiberglass Kayak Paddles; (2) Mahogany Boat Hand Rails & Cane Canoe Seat; Canoe Sign; (2) Early Wood Rutters; (2) Pairs Vintage Oars (Old Paint); (2) Beavertail Canoe Paddles; Jennings Mod. 800 –   70 Lb. - 29” Draw Compound Bow w/ Cobra Sight, Balance Weight, Bow Quiver & Arrows; Bear Mod. “Black” 55 Lb. - 30” Draw Compound Bow w/ Bow Sight; PSE Graphite Mod. Game Sport 60 Lb. - 29” Draw Compound Bow w/ Proline Bow Sight, Balance Weight & Bow Quiver; Indian Mod. Spirit 25 Lb. Youth Compound Bow; Hoyt USA Mod. Raider 60 Lb. - 28” Draw Compound Bow w/ Balance Weight, Bow Sight, Bow Quiver & Hard Case; Bear Kodiak Magnum       45 Lb. Recurve Bow w/ Camo Cloth Cover; PSE Buckeye 35 Lb. Recurve Bow w/ Cobra Bow Sight; Bear Kodiak Special 35 Lb. Recurve Bow; Wing Archery “Falcon” 27 Lb. Recurve Bow; Bear Tamer Lane HC-300 – 35 Lb. Recurve Bow; Bear Bearcat  35 Lb. Recurve Bow; AFM Swift Wing 37 Lb. Recurve Bow; 1953 – York 64” - 28 Lb. Long Bow; (4) Early Youth Wood Recurve & Fiberglass Stick Bows; Misc. Bow Accessories; Misc. Lots of Aluminum Hunting & Target Arrows & Quivers;   (2) Vintage Wood Boxes w/ Vintage Wood & Aluminum Hunting/Target Arrows; Newhouse No. 6 ATC Bear Trap; Hand-Made No. 5 Bear Trap; (4) Blake & Lamb and Victor No. 4 Beaver Traps; Misc. Leg-Hold Traps; (7) Early Victor No. 14 Jump Traps w/ Teeth & (7) Victor 1 ½ Double Coil Spring Traps.   


ART, CARVINGS, BOOKS & EPHEMERA:  W/C “Goose Hunting on Tabusintac Bay, N.B. Canada” Sg. Francis Golden; O/B “Leaping Brook Trout” Sg. Hutzhy; O/C “Sunburst” Sg. S. Volavka; Early O/C “Stream Fisherman”; Oil Painting on Birdseye Panel “Walleye Pike” Sg. David A. Footer (w/ 2 Study Drawings & Magazine); (2) Mini Canoe Paddles w/ Woodcock & Brook Trout Paintings Sg. David A. Footer; Mini Canoe Paddle w/ Painting of the “Footer Special Streamer Fly” & Oil on Paper of the “Footer Special Streamer Fly” Sg. David A. Footer; L.E. DU Medallion Print “Canadas” Sg. Art LaMay; Print “1980 Freedom Defeats Australia”; Prints by Philip Goodwin (“Hunters”, “Waiting for Something to Turn Up”, “Two's Company”, “Cruisers Making a Portage”, “In a Tight Corner”, “Challenging Moments”, “Perilous Moment”, “When the Drive Goes Down”, “Woodsman All”, “Men of Mettle”); L.E. Print “Indian Squaw with Wolf” Sg. Maija; Print “Red Tailed Hawk” Sg. C. Hall; Print “Quail” Sg. John A. Ruthuen; Print “The Cherokee” Indian Chief Photo by Hoflich; L.E. Print “Silent Hunter – Red Fox” Sg. Rosemary Millette; Print “Goose Decoy” Sg. Ken Davies; Print “Squirrels” (Currier & Ives); Litho “The Price of His Robe” 1915 C.M. Russell; Print “Trouble Afoot” Sg. W.J. Welwerding; (6) Colt Pistol Prints; Sports Cartoons/Prints “Weekend Player” & “Sand Shot” Sg. Gary Patterson; Original Colored Litho “Barnum & Bailey the Greatest Show on Earth” (Strobridge Litho Co.); Early Remington  & Remington UMC Posters; Vintage Bull Durham Poster; Large Carved Bone “Turtle”; Soapstone Carving “Beaver” Sg. Al Wolf; Decorative “Moose Display”; Multi-Bird Carving; Fish Carving on Plaque; (7) Miniature Elephant & Duck Carvings; Half-Size Carved “Grouse” Sg. Hathaway; Carved/Painted “Woodcock” on Driftwood; “Hen Woodcock w/Chick” Carving Sg. Richard Morgan; “Morning Dove” Carving Sg. Vicky Smith; “Flying Woodcock” Carving; “Northern Pike” Sg. J.E. Neale (Maine Carver); Canoe Paddle w/Carved & Painted Brown Trout; Large “Char” Wood Carving; Casting from the Original Bronze “Indian in a Canoe” Sg. Robert Farrington Elwell; Framed Signed Photo of Jack Dempsey w/ Provenance; 1939 Calendar Sg. R. Harrington Elwell; Lot of Vintage Winchester Catalogs, Ads, Magazines & Misc.; Lot of Misc. Trapping/Gun/Sporting Ephemera; Leather Bound Volumes of Field & Stream Magazine – Editors Copy (1980-1997 Complete / 1998-1999 Are Missing One Vol. Each); Lots of Books (Shooters Bible, Gun Digest, Guns Illustrated, African Hunting, Alaskan Hunting, Black Powder Shooting, Guns & Gunning, Fishing, Fly Fishing, Trout, Hunting, Etc.); (16) James D. Julia Gun Auction Catalogs; Misc. Books on Collectibles & Price Guides; Marbles & Winchester Catalogs; Lot of Misc. Hunting & Fishing Magazines.     

DECOYS:  Drake & Hen Shoveler Ducks, Drake & Hen Pintail Ducks, Drake & Hen Bufflehead Ducks, Drake & Hen Ringneck Ducks, Drake & Hen Greenwing Teal Ducks, Drake Canvasback Duck & Hen Wood Duck – All Decoys Signed WRG (William R. Goenne); Black Duck & Widgeon Ducks Sg. C. Reneson; Red Breasted Merganser Sg. N. Hampton; (2) Primitive Duck Decoys Sg. Prevoir; Drake Wood Duck Sg. Wasson & Wasson; Drake Mallard Duck Sg. Tom Taber; DU Medallion Decoys Sg. T.J. Hooker (Drake Mallard & Preening Redhead); Canvas-Made Canvasback Duck Sg. Ron Vick; Greenwing Teal Sg. Paxton; Hen Canvasback Sg. Capt. Harry Jobs; Drake Canvasback Sg. F. Sawyer; DU Medallion Drake Mallard Sg. W. Vessey; Bufflehead Sg. Bean; Hen Bluewing Teal Sg. W.E.K. (Will Kirkpatrick from Mass.); Mini Loon Sg. Stan Sparrs; Drake Mallard Sg. Dorothy Brown Duck Decoys; Pintail Duck Marked Orvis; Drake Wood Duck Sg. Harbor Decoys; (Cork) Drake Wood Duck Sg. Wild Wings; Signed Drake Cinnamon Teal Duck; (2) Signed Drake Bluebill Ducks; Pratt Black Duck Decoy; Mason Bluebill Decoy; Old Squaw “Wing Duck Decoy” w/ Stand; Early Merganser Decoy; Early Canvasback Duck Decoy; Hen Bluewing Teal Duck Decoy; Bluebill Duck Decoy (Marked – Made in Japan); (2) Primitive Canvas & Paper Mache Duck Decoys; Bufflehead Duck Decoy; (4) Black Duck Decoys; Swimming Black Duck Decoy; Drake Merganser Duck Decoy; Loon Decoy; Goose & Hen Mallard Decorative Decoys; Mini Duck Decoys (Bufflehead, Hooded Merganser, Drake Wood Duck, Greenwing Teal, Black Duck & Drake Pintail); Piping Plover Shorebird, Maine Shorebird, Mini Long Bill Curleau Shorebird & Mini Sandpiper Shorebird Decoys – All Signed N. Vezeau; (2) South American Shorebird Carvings; American Cormorant w/ Fish; Shorebird Decoy; Pike Fish Decoy Sg. D.S. - Wis.; Salmon Fish Decoy Sg. R.G. (John Ganug Upstate N.Y.); Fish Decoy Sg. JEN; Red/White Fish Decoy Sg. Jim Moening; Green Fish Decoy Sg. Jim Moening; Fish Decoy Sg. F.C. (Fred Campbell Benzonia, Mi.); Misc. Other Fish Decoys.  


KNIVES, AXES, NATIVE AMERICAN ITEMS, BASKETS & SNOWSHOES:  Parker- Edwards Bowie Knife w/Damascus Blade & Leather Sheath; (13) Parker-Imai Folding Knives in Display; Hand-Carved Moose Antler Hunting Knife w/Diamond Eye; Coyote Jaw Bone Neck Knife    w/ Beaded Leather Sheath (Ed Croy); Large Deer Antler Handled Hunting Knife w/Sheath; (2) Bone Handled Piggy- Back Hunting Knife Sets w/Sheaths; Machete w/Ornate Leather Sheath; Ames Mfg. Co. Mod. 1850 Civil War Saber w/Scabbard; Cane Sword; (2) Carved & Painted Trout & Dog Handled Draw Knives; Hand-Made Knife w/ Bone Handle & Chip Glass Blade; (2) Hand-Made Knives w/Antler Handles & Chip Glass Blades; Early Remington R1173 Baby Bullet 2-Blade Folding Knife w/ Receipt (Mint); (3) Marbles Hunting Knives & Unmarked Hunting Knife w/Sheaths; (10) Remington, Schrade, Western & Misc. Silver Pocket Knives; Winchester No. 2355, 2312, 2855, 3380 & (5) Misc. Winchester Pocket Knives & (2) Winchester Grapefruit 4021 Knives & Winchester 8425 Straight Razor in Winchester Tin; (4) Scout Pocket Knives & Buck Folder; Marbles Safety Folding Hunting Knife w/Blade Guard; Camillus & Co., Germany & Other Open Pull Folding Scorps; Winchester 7 1/2” Barber Scissors & 4 1/2” Pocket Bevel Pattern Scissors; Marbles Hunting Knives (3 w/Sheaths & 3 w/No Sheaths); Marbles Plainsman Hunting Knives w/ Sheath & Box; Snow & Nealley Co. Double Bit Fellers Ax; New England Commemorative Hatchet w/ Fitted Case; Misc. Lots of Vintage Winchester Hatchets; Misc. Marbles Hatchets w/Blade Guards & Marbles Hatchet Head; (Pair) Whitetail Drop Antler Dream Catchers; Mohawk Turtle Hand Bag Sg. Paul St. John; Indian Medicine Man Turtle Amulet; Indian Beaded Leather Decorative Vessel w/Antler Feet; Hand-Carved Antler “Bear” & “Wolf” Pendants; Large Mic-Mac Ash Basket & (2) Small Baskets; Indian Quill Basket & Sweet Grass/Ash Sewing Basket; Birchbark Basket w/Kindling Wood & Small Wicker Basket w/Pine Cones; Ash & Sweet Grass Basket w/Antler Handle; Alder Basket w/Hand-Painted Fly Decoration; (2) Early Pantry Boxes; African Decorative Basket-Woven Vase; “Jibway” Indian Bear Paw Snowshoes; L.L. Bean Wood Trail Snowshoes w/New Pair of Rubber Bindings & Adapter Strap;  (2 Pair) L.L. Bean “Winter Walker” Aluminum Showshoes; 1942 & 1943 US Army 10th Mountain Division Bear Paw Snowshoes; Early Snowcraft Trail Snowshoes; Misc. Pairs of Early Maine & Penobscot & Other Snowshoes; (2 Pair) Trail Snowshoes;

(2 Pair) Early Bear Paw Snowshoes.     

FISHING:  RODS – G. Loomis 6' – 2 Pc. Graphite Bait Casting Rod w/Bag & Tube; G. Loomis IMX –   9' – 4 Pc. - 6 Wt. Graphite Fly Rod w/Bag & Tube; G. Loomis IMX 8 ½' – 2 Pc. - 5 Wt. Graphite Fly Rod w/ Bag & Tube; G. Loomis GLX – 9' – 2 Pc. - 12 Wt. Graphite Fly Rod w/Bag & Tube; G. Loomis FL4 – 9' – 4 Pc. - 4 Wt. Graphite Fly Rod w/Bag;  Orvis HLS 9' – 2 Pc. - 10 Wt. Graphite Fly Rod w/Bag & Tube; Orvis Trident TLS – 9' – 4 Pc. - 11 Wt. Graphite Fly Rod; Orvis Trident TL – 8 ½' – 7 Pc. - 5 Wt. Graphite Fly Rod w/Bag & Tube; Powell LT 9010 – 9' – 2 Pc. - 10 Wt. Graphite Fly Rod w/Removable Butt, Bag & Tube; Thomas & Thomas HS910-S – 9' – 2 Pc. - 10 Wt. Graphite Fly Rod w/Bag & Tube; Sage GFL-890-4 RPL – 9' – 4 Pc. - 8 Wt. Graphite Fly Rod w/Bag & Tube; Sage GFL1090D/S – 9' – 2 Pc. - 10 Wt. Graphite Fly Rod w/Bag & Tube; Scott G 957 – 9 ½' – 4 Pc. - 7 Wt. Graphite Fly Rod w/Bag & Tube; Deerfield Side by Side Power Pack 9 ½' – 6 Pc. - ¾ & 5/6 Wt. Graphite Fly Rod w/Bag & Tube (NIB); Deerfield Side by Side Power Pack 8 ½' – 6 Pc. - 4/5 & 6/7 Wt. Graphite Fly Rod w/Bag & Tube (NIB); Scientific Angler 8 ½' – 2 Pc. Graphite Fly Rod w/Bag & Tube; 5 Pc. Cane Fly Rod w/Cloth Case; Asbjorn Horgard 8 ½' – 3 Pc. - 1-Tip “Light Fly” Cane Rod w/Original Bag; Winchester 3 Pc. - 2-Tip Cane Fly Rod w/Bag & Tube; Winchester Steel Bait Casting Rod w/Bag & Tube; Early Cane Fly Rod & Rod Parts w/Bag & Form Case; L.L. Bean Double “LL” - 6' – 3 Pc. Graphite Ultralite Spinning Rod w/Penn No. 230 GR Spinning Reel, Spare Spool, Aluminum Tube & Bag; (3) L.L. Bean Double “LL” - 8' – 2 Pc. Graphite Fly Rod w/ Double “LL” Fly Reel/Line, Bag & Tube; Saco Bay Custom Bent Butt Tuna Rod w/ Penn International Mod. 130 ST Big Game Reel; Bent Butt Tuna Rod w/ Penn International Mod. 130 ST Big Game Reel; Bent Butt Tuna Rod w/ Penn International Mod. 130 ST Big Game Reel & 2nd Rod; REELS – Orvis Turbine IV Fly Reel w/ 7F Line & Case; Orvis CFO V Fly Reel w/ Spare Spool & Case; (2) Scientific Angler System II Fly Reels w/ (2) Spare Spools & 5/6 Line; Scientific Angler System II Fly Reel w/ (2) Spare Spools & 8/9 Line; Scientific Master Series Fly Reel w/ Spare Spool & 8/9 Line; Lampson No. 5 Fly Reel w/Spare Spool; Lampson No. 4 Fly Reel w/ (2) Spare Spools & Line; G. Loomis Current 8/9 (NIB) & GL 8/9/10 Fly Reels w/ Cases & (1) Box; (3) L.L. Bean Fly Reels; Perrine, Oren-O-Matic w/Box & Other Automatic Fly Reels; Winchester Trolling Reels (No. 2644 (x2) & No. 2826); Winchester Bait Casting Reels (No. 4331, 4228, 2142, 4231, 4250, 2292); Winchester Fly Reels (No. 1336, 1335, 1135); Winchester Trout Reels (No. 1412 (x2) & No. 1219); Winchester No. 2744 Reel & Reel Parts; 1889 Julius Vom Hofe & Pfleuger No. 1558 Trolling Reels; Hendrix, Arrow, Ajax & Pfleuger Bait Casting Reels; Bronson, Penn 209, Seaford & Shakespear (w/Box) Reels; LURES & MISCELLANEOUS – (3) Vintage Archer Spinners (NIB); Abercrombie & Fitch Fly Box w/ Early Flies; Boat Tackle Box w/ Telescoping Spinning Rod, Reel, Lures & Misc.; Tackle Box w/ New & Used Lures & Misc.; (11) Salt Water Plugs (NIB); Misc. Lots of NIB Lures & Plugs; Red Tackle Box w/ Lures & Plugs; Sears Aluminum Tackle Box w/Contents; Fenwick Tackle Box w/Contents; Green Tackle Box w/ NIB Plugs; Rebel Tackle Box w/ Saltwater Plugs & Misc.; Tackle Box w/ Saltwater Lures, Plugs & Misc.; Plano Guide Tackle Box w/ NIB Plugs; Lot of New Misc. Fishing Line, Lures, Spinners & Flies; (7) Misc. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & Other Fly Lines; (7) Misc. 8, 9, 10 & 11 Wt. Fly Lines (NIB); Early Glass Minnow Trap; (2) Wicker Fish Creels; Wicker Fish Basket; Old Box w/ Vintage Ice Fishing Traps.          


FURNISHINGS, RUGS & MISCELLANEOUS:  Early Walnut Wardrobe; Oak Round Table; Early Shaker Pine Cabinet; 19th C. Blanket Chest; Maple Kitchen Hutch; Pine Entertainment Cabinet; Knotty Pine 6-Gun Cabinet; Hickory Drop-Leaf Table (Sg. Kolfax Indiana) & (4) Chairs (Sg. Old Hickory); Indiana Hickory Porch Rocker; Early Wicker Table Lamp; (2) Twig Table Lamps; 3' 6” X     5' 6” Panda Design Rug; 7' 6” X 11' 3” Sarouk Rug; 7' 9” X 10' 6” Oriental Runner; 3' 1” X 11' 5” Hand-Knotted Persian Runner; 5' 2” X 8' 4” Hand-Knotted Wool Area Rug; 30” X   8' 2” Native American Loom-Woven Runner/Rug; (2) 31” X 4' 4” Native American Loom-Woven Accent Rugs; 43” X 65” Native American Loom-Woven Accent Rug; 32” X 58” and 21” X 49” Native American Loom-Woven Accent Rugs; 33” X 61” Asian Hand-Knotted Wool Rug; 42” X 57” North African Woven Wool Rug; Large Room-Size Sporting Rug; Dunhill Flintlock Pistol Cigarette Lighter; Early Fireplace Andirons & Log Roller; 8' Leather Bullwhip; Bear Designs Belt Buckles; Union Civil War US Belt Buckle & Belt; African Carved Animal Decorated Walking Stick; Ornate Cast Iron Wood Stove Side Plate; Early Johnson Seahorse Desk Paperweight; Cast Iron Woodcock Door Stop; Woodcock Decorated Carved Moose Antler, Plate, Tiles & Pin; (3) Winchester Padlocks w/ Keys; (2) Ritchie & Son & Corbin Iron Clad Padlocks w/ Keys; Misc. Compasses & Cigarette Lighters; Misc. Winchester Pins; Galazan Pen; Custom Ladies Full-Length Raccoon Coat; Steiner Military Marine 7 X 35 WW Binoculars; B&L 30X Spotting Scope w/ Protacs Tri-Pod; L.L. Bean Mod. 8842 – 15 X 40 X 50mm Zoom Telescope w/ Tri-Pod & Box; Celestron Travel Model D70/F400 Telescope w/ Tri-Pod & Accessories; Russian 20 X 30 X 50mm Spotting Scope w/ Tri-Pod; Hartmann Mod. 177 – 8 X 30 Binoculars w/Case; Early Paris Mfg. Marine Binoculars w/ Case; Unusual Early Military Binoculars; Early 20th C. Biascope 6-Power Compact Binoculars w/ Leather Case; W. Gadsby & Son Wicker Luncheon Basket.


PREVIEWS:  Friday, April 27, 2018, 10:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Saturday, April 28, 2018, 8:00 A.M. – 10:00 A.M.

TERMS:  Cash or Good Check. NO Credit or Debit Cards Accepted.  15% Buyers Premium.

LISTING SUBJECT TO ERROR.  5.5% Maine Sales Tax Charged on Bid Price + Buyers Premium.

Buyers Please Bring a Copy of Your Valid Resale Certificate with You!

All Local, State & Federal Firearms Regulations will be Strictly Adhered To.

ALL ITEMS SOLD AS IS.  The Hall Phone the Days of the Preview & Sale is (207) 675-3207.

CATERED.  GPS Address of Hall is 945 Pequawket Trail, Steep Falls, Maine 04085

Absentee Bids will be Accepted & Executed on a Competitive Basis.

Orders of Sale will be Available for Purchase on April 27 & April 28.


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