Auction Information
Auctioneer Gateway Gallery Auction Inc. 717-263-6512
Auction Date May 05 Auction
643 Kriner Road
Chambersburg, PA
Time 10:00AM
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Public Auction

Model Trains & Railroadiana

Will sell at GATEWAY GALLERY AUCTION - 643 Kriner Rd, Chambersburg, PA on:

Saturday – May 5 at 10:00 AM

CATALOGED MODEL TRAINS: Highlights include - Lionel American Freedom Train Set #4449 Loco/Tender, #110 President’s Baggage, #41 Liberty Bell Car, #105 Civil War Baggage, #101 Kennedy/Space Baggage Car, #205 Observation Car; Precision Craft Models: 594 Reading T-1 4-8-4 #2113 DCC Ready OB; Rivarossi 1599 4-6-6-4 Delaware Hudson Challenger #1519 OB; Broadway Limited 5167 Southern Pacific AC5 Cab-Forward 4-8-8-2 #4123 w/DC Sound & DCC Ready, Walthers SP Wood Caboose #888 OB; 051 PRR M1a 4-8-2 Locomotive/Tender #6735 OB Sound Equipped (DC/DCC), Walthers N6B PRR Caboose #981793; American Flyer 3745 Texas Pacific 374/375 GP7 Powered & Dummy Diesel Die-Cast Frame; 312 PRR 4-6-2 Loco/Tender w/312AC Tattered Box; 956 Monon Flat/AFL Piggyback Trailers OB, 926 3 Dome Gulf Tanker OB; 336 Union Pacific 4-8-4 Locomotive; T Reproductions #300 Hellgate Bridge; 444 Standard Gauge Roundhouse Section w/Mailing Carton.

CATALOGED RAILROADIANA: Highlights include Vintage B&O Crock Water Jug; Aladdin NW Railway Caboose Lamp/Shade/12" Globe; Mountain Model Imp Brass On30 K-27 Outboard Cylinder 2-8-2 Factory Painted Rio Grande #452 OB; Aristo G Gauge 22211 Pennsylvania Railroad Alco RS-3 Diesel w/Smoke & Diesel Sound Ready & much more!

UNCATALOGED: Many tray lots of American Flyer items such as 332, 342AC, 342, 321, 313 Locomotives; water tower & other accessories; track; rolling stock; switches; S scale parts; HO bridges, buildings, rolling stock and some locomotives including GG-1; parts cabinets with parts in bins; modeling supplies; catalogs; books; AFX race car sets; Plasticville; transformers; few N scale pieces; RR timetables; lantern parts; RR dishes; books; universal metal shelving for O, S & HO.

AUCTIONEER’S NOTE: (352) Cataloged items begin promptly at 10 AM. Uncataloged traylots sold after catalog items - no online bidding for uncataloged traylots. Complete catalog online. Printed catalog upon request. Online bidding available through Invaluable/AuctionZip.

Preview Friday, May 4 from 3-6 PM and Sale Day from 8 AM.

TERMS: Cash. Visa/MC/AMEX/Discover accepted. 13% buyer’s premium discounted 3% for cash or approved check. Online buyer’s premium 20%. Statements made day of sale take precedence.


May 5, 2018 - Model Trains & Railroadiana at 10 AM


1          Con-Cor: (6) 54’ Flatcars/Trailers; PRR, GN, Western Pacific, Santa Fe, Illinois Central, Wabash OB

2          Con-Cor: (5) 54’ Flatcars/Trailers; Reading, Southern Pacific, SP/REA, NYC, SP/PFE OB

3          Con-Cor: (6) 54’ Flatcars/Trailers; GN, FEC/Seaboard, SOU/TexMex, Rio Grande, UP, Seaboard OB

4          Con-Cor: (6) 54’ Flatcars/Trailers; NW, Rio Grande/Navajo, IC, TTPX/UPSZ, Cotton Belt, NYC OB

5          Atlas: Susquehanna Alco RS-1 Alco #248; Bangor and Aroostook GP-7 #562 OB

6          Atlas: (6) Rolling Stock; Norfolk & Western Caboose #557733, Nickel Plate 2 Bay Hopper, D&H 2 Bay Hopper, D&H Covered Hopper, D&H Pulpwood Flat/Load, Swift War Bonds Reefer OB

7          IHC: Northern Pacific Passenger Cars; 48191, 92, 93, 94, 96, 97; Coach, Diner, Obs, Combine, Sleeper, Vista Dome OB

8          Mantua: (4) Reefers; Baby Ruth, Dubuque, MDT, A&P; Westinghouse Flat/Crates, Susq Boxcar OB      

9          AHM: (10) Covered Hoppers; Naugatuck Plastic, Burlington, Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, Milw, Florida Tile, B&O, EJ&E, Quaker Sugar, Union Carbide OB

10        AHM: (8) New York Central Passenger Cars; Coach, Duplex, Vista Dome, Diner, RPO, Sleeper, Baggage, OBS OB

11        Rivarossi: NYC Hudson "Empire State Express" # 5446 OB           

12        Precision Craft Models: New York Central Ph2a F3A #1607 and F3B #2407 OB and Slipcase DCC and Sound Upgradeable   

13        Athearn: (6) Various Rolling Stock; PRR Mill Gon/Load, PRR Caboose, Rutland Flat/Plane, WW Covered Hopper, SF Auto-Loader, Wonder Bread Covered Hopper OB  5 with Kadees

14        Athearn: (5) 50’ Flatcars/2 Trailers; T&P, SP, CBQ, CNW, Soo Kadees and OB

15        Athearn: (5) 50’ Flatcars/2 Trailers; SF, NP, DRGW, GN, Rock Island Kadees And OB

16        Life-Like: Proto 2000 Western Maryland Fireball GP7 #22 Hi-Nose; Athearn Western Maryland 200 Ton Crane/Tender #1674/90805; Life-Like Safety Caboose 2 OB          

17        Tyco: Rolling Stock; CBQ Covered Gon, PRR Lighted Caboose, PRR Gon/Culvert, Dairyman and SF Reefers, Dupont Tanker OB

18        Tyco: W&A General 4-4-0, W&A Old Time Coach and Combine, W&A Horse Car, W&A Gondola 4 OB

19        Model Power: Metal Train; PRR and TTX Flats, BNSF And UP Quad Hoppers, White Rock and Armour Reefers, Reading Freedom Boxcar, Shell Tanker OB Kadees

20        Model Power: Metal Train; (2) SF Boxcars, PRR Quad Hopper, PRR Flat, B&A and BN Reefers, SF Caboose, Mobil Tanker OB Kadees

21        Model Power: Metal Train; SK, CN, C&O Chessie, TTX Flatcars, CP Boxcar, ATSF Tanker OB Kadees

22        Bachmann: John Bull Locomotive/Tender, 4 John Bull Coaches 3 OB

23        AHM: (7) 6120-02 Log Bogie Flatcars/Logs; Pocher Undec Combo 7 OB

24        Mantua: 325-124 2-6-6-2 Deep River Logging Co Locomotive /Tender #7 OB

25        AHM: New York Central Heavy Pacific #4530; Atlas NYC Caboose #17577 OB

26        Athearn: Rolling Stock; IC and SP Bulkhead Flats, SP, Wabash, B&O and SF/National Flats/Trailers, Erie Gon/Containers, Baby Ruth Reefer, B&O and RF&P Boxcars, SP B/W Caboose With Boxes

27        AHM: Golden Car Series (Weathered); (2) Clinchfield, Southern, and LH&ST Palace Stock Cars; (2) ACL and Central Of Georgia Watermelon Cars OB

28        AHM: Golden Car Series (Weathered); Clinchfield,(2) Southern Pacific, LH&ST and UP Palace Stock Cars; ACL and Central Of Georgia Watermelon Cars OB

29        AHM: Golden Car Series (Weathered); (3) LH&ST, (2) SP Palace Stock Cars; (2) ACL and C&IM Watermelon Cars  6 OB

30        AHM: Golden Car Series (Weathered); Clinchfield, SP, and (2) Union Pacific Palace Stock Cars, C&IM, NC&ST L, and Central Of Georgia Watermelon Cars  NOB

31        Rivarossi: Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac Passenger Cars; Vista Dome, Baggage, RPO, Coach, OBS, Duplex, Diner, Pullman OB

32        Lionel: American Freedom Train Set; #4449 Loco/Tender; #110 President’s Baggage, #41 Liberty Bell Car, #105 Civil War Baggage, #101 Kennedy/Space Baggage Car, #205 Observation Car

33        Model Power: Northern Pacific 2-8-0 Consolidation Old Time Train Set With 3 Mantua Passenger Cars and Mantua Combo Car OB

34        AHM: Built-Up 0-4-0 C&NWR Switcher, PRR Crane/Tender, PRR Derrick Flat, SF Heavy Duty Flatcar, Milw Caboose

35        AHM: GN Boxcar, Rivarossi Rdg Flat/SP Trailer, NH Gon, ART Reefer, PRR Gon/Load, Utah Coal Route Gon/Crate Load, Tyco Hershey Reefer

36        Walthers: U S Army GP-20 Locomotive and W/V Caboose, AHM United Transit Lines And Municipal Railway Trolleys, Municipal Railway Trolley Trailer 2 OB

37        Bachmann: Spectrum Western Maryland 44 Ton Switcher #75 Fireball Paint OB; (6) Gray WM Ballast Hoppers (3 W/Loads), (2) WM Hoppers/Coal Loads, Custom WM Caboose #1905

38        AHM: B&O Dockside Switcher #98 OB; LifeLike B&O Teakettle NOB; Mantua B&O Old Time Combo and 2 Coaches OB; B&O Gondola/Load; B&O Drovers Caboose

39        Bachmann: Spectrum Maryland and Pennsylvania Low Boiler 4-6-0 Locomotive #27 OB, IHC Ma & Pa Cattle Car, Boxcar, Flat/Logs, Caboose OB; (2) Mantua Ma and Pa Boxcars (1 OB); Mantua Ma And Pa Bobber Caboose OB

40        Con-Cor: 54’ CNW Flatcar/N&W Trailer, PRR/Roadway, WP/WP; SCL, DRGW, NW 3 Pack Trailers; NYC, IC GN 3 Pack Trailers OB

41        Athearn: (5) 50’ Flats/Trailers; GN/GN, CN/CN, UP/UP, PRR/PRR, Milw/Milw OB Kadees          

42        Rivarossi: (7) B&O Passenger Cars; OBS, Coach, Duplex, Diner, RPO, Baggage, Pullman OB

43        AHM: V&T "J W Bowker" 2-4-0 Loco/Tender; All V&T; (4) Coaches (2 OB); (2) Combos (1 OB); Baggage/Express Car

44        AHM: Indiana Harbor Belt Switcher 0-8-0 Loco/Tender OB; Tru-Scale Kitchen Car OB; Tru-Scale Crane, Supply Car, Bunk Car, Tool Car, (3) Ballast Gons, Roundhouse Water Tanker

45        AHM: PRR 4-6-2 Pacific Loco/Tender (DON""T MATE); Industrial Brownhoist Crane, (3) MW Flats, Tool Car, Ballast Car, Work Caboose, UP Crane Tender, M/W Boxcar, Model Power Work Caboose/Weed Control OB, Lilliput Crane OB

46        Fleischmann: (3) Heavy Duty Flats With Generator, Girder, and Pipe Loads; N&W Drop End Gon/Girder; PRR Flat/Wagon Load

47        Bachmann: Spectrum PRR Passenger Train; K-4 Loco/Tender #1361; Spectrum Combine, (3) Coaches; Diner; Observation OB

48        Lindberg: ATSF Caboose, (2) Rock Island Flat/Navy Crates; Revell UP Caboose, CB& Q Hopper, Erie Flat/Logs; Fleishmann B&O Covered Hopper; Hobbyline Monon Flat/Lumber; B&)/REAX Boxcar; Oppenheimer Reefer 2 OB

49        Tyco: (10) Rolling Stock; Morrell’s, Budweiser, Schlitz Reefers; Baby Ruth Chug Chug; Army, GN, and GAEX Boxcars; DRGW Cattle Car; PRR Lighted Caboose; PRR Floodlight Car; NYC Caboose

50        Tyco: (10) Rolling Stock; GN Flat/Semi’s; PRR Boxcar; Southern Pulpwood Flat/Load; Miller, Baby Ruth and Heinz Reefers; Western Union Cable Flat; D&H Caboose; TTX AutoLoader; Paul Revere Boxcar. 4 OB

51        Mantua: (4) Rolling Stock; DRGW Caboose, Hood Reefer, DRGW and Union Line Old Time Boxcar and Horse Car; (4) Bachmann; Phillips Tanker, B&O Boxcar, B&O Bobber Caboose, M/W Weed Sprayer Tanker; SF Boxcar and PRR Flat/Stakes

52        Athearn: (10) Rolling Stock; SBD Flat/Boat, WM Hopper/Load, (2) REA Reefers, Heinz Pickle Tank, (2) WM Boxcars, SOU Covered Gon, SP Bulkhead Flat/Pulpwood, N&W Gon/Canisters Some OB’s

53        AHM/Rivarossi: (10) Rolling Stock; Shamrock, (2) Firestone, Ethyl, and Dow Tankers, CN Hopper, (4) Cabooses; NP, ATSF, RDG, PRR  Some OB’s

54        AHM: (10) Rolling Stock; (2) Reefers KO&G and NYMX, Jefferson Lake and Thermice Tankers, (3) Boxcars; West Point Textiles, GN, A&S, (3) Flatcars/Pipe; RDG, GN, SOU  OB

55        AHM: GG-1 Electric in Conrail Commemorative Paint Scheme #4800 OB

56        AHM: (9) Crescent Limited Passenger Cars; Baggage, Baggage/RPO, Combine, (2) Coaches, Diner, Duplex, Pullman, Observation OB

57        AHM: Southern Crescent Limited 4-6-2 Pacific #1396 OB

58        Atlas: (5) Western Maryland Pulpwood Flats/Loads OB Different #’s

59        Atlas: (6) Rolling Stock; (2) WM Covered Hoppers, (3) Pulpwood Flats/Loads; (2) D&H, IC, Swift "War Bonds" Reefer OB

60        Broadway Limited: 5018 Chesapeake And Ohio T-1 2-10-4 #3023 With DC Sound (Control Module Not Included) and DCC Ready OB

61        Broadway Limited: (4) 868 PRR Stock Cars With Different #’s and Kadee’s OB

62        IHC: (4) Presidential Series Passenger Cars; Secret Service Sleeper, Staff Car Sleeper, Communications Combo, Ferdinand Magellan OBS OB

63        AHM: Old Time Freight Set; V&T ""Genoa"" 4-4-0 Loco/Tender (Reno Box); V&T Flatcar, MP & SP Boxcars, LV Stock Car, Bachmann Undec Bobber Caboose OB

64        Mantua: Twin Motored F-7 U S Army F-7 and Dummy B Unit Factory Sealed OB; (5) Army Flats/Military Loads; Deep Well Flat; Army B/W Caboose

65        Revell: (7) Rolling Stock; MSTL, GN, and EJ&E Boxcars, Swift and NYC Reefers, SP and B&O Hoppers

66        Revell: (7) Rolling Stock; MP Cattle Car, (3) Flats/Logs; SOO and (2) ACL; Heinz Pickle Vat Car, ACL Bulkhead Flat, UP Caboose 4 OB’s

67        Revell: (6) Rolling Stock; Heinz Pickle Vat Car, NYC/MDT Reefer, UP Cattle Car, Erie Flat/Logs, ACL and SOO Flat/Pulpwood OB

68        Mantua: (6) Rolling Stock; SF and NH Boxcars, MP Stock Car, B&O Flat/Crates, M/W Crew Bunk Boxcar, Burlington Caboose

69        Rivarossi: PRR GG-1 Electric #4935 in Brunswick Green/Pinstripe OB

70        MTH: (6) Rolling Stock; (4) WM PS-1Fireball Boxcars With Diff #’s, Anheuser Busch Reefer All OB; REA Reefer

71        Fox Valley Models: (5) Rolling Stock; 5 Different Wagon Top B&O Boxcars; Great States, Express Blue, Express Green, Great States Postwar, Tuscan Capital Dome OB

72        Precision Craft Models: 594 Reading T-1 4-8-4 #2113 DCC Ready OB

73        IHC: USMRR Train Gen Haupt 4-4-0 Loco/Tender, 2 Tankers, Water Car, Derrick, House Car, Boxcar, Flat/Stakes, 2 Stock Cars, 2 Cabooses, Tyco Hospital Car 10 OB

74        AHM: (7) Covered Hoppers; Wabash, Union Carbide, Great Western Malting, N&W, Milw, Jack Frost, Warp’s Plastics; TLCX Boxcar, NYC Heavy Duty Flat/Logs, N&W Covered Coil Car; 9 OB

75        IHC: Royal American Shows Circus Passenger Train; SD24 Diesel, Baggage, Coach, Diner, Baggage/Post Office, 2  Sleepers, Observation OB

76        Broadway Limited: 5167 Southern Pacific AC5 Cab-Forward 4-8-8-2 #4123 With DC Sound and DCC Ready; Walthers SP Wood Caboose #888 OB

77        Rivarossi: 10 Car Alton Limited Passenger Car Set; Baggage, RPO/Baggage, Combine, Diner, 3 Pullmans, Sleeper, Coach, and Observation

78        Rivarossi: Alton 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific Locomotive #5299 OB

79        AHM: Heisler Locomotive Undecorated (No Tender) OB; Bachmann UP Gondola, Flatcar/Logs, Old Time Coach OB; MILW Log Car, And UP Boxcar

80        Rivarossi: New York Central Empire State Express; 4-8-4 Streamlined Hudson #5429, Coach, (2) Pullmans, Diner, Observation

81        Kato: 35-6008 Baltimore And Ohio Corregated Business Car #902, Rivarossi "Lady Bird Special" Observation, AHM NYC RPO Car OB

82        Pocher: (5) Union Pacific Passenger Cars (3 Coach, 2 Combine); 3 Tyco UP Passenger Cars, (2 Coach,1 Combine)

83        Rivarossi: (2) Rio Grande Krauss-Maffei Diesels #4001 1 OB

84        Atlas: Master Locomotive Series Kansas City Southern H15-44 Diesel #41 DCC Equipped OB

85        Mantua: (7) Central Pacific Rolling Stock; 2 Boxcars, Stock Car, Gondola, Gondola/Steam Boiler Load, Water Car, Caboose 3 OB;  Bachmann Flat Car/Stakes, Water Car, Boxcar 2 OB

86        Rivarossi: 1599 4-6-6-4 Delaware And Hudson Challenger #1519 OB

87        Walthers: Maintenance-Of-Way Diner #4001, Baggage #2010, Sleeper #3003 OB

88        IHC: (6) Northern Pacific Two-Tone Green Passenger Cars; Baggage, RPO, Coach, Diner, Vista -Dome, Sleeper

89        Athearn: (6) Rolling Stock; D&H B/W Caboose, Rio grande Cupola Caboose, NYC Flat/Boat, WW Covered Hopper, Erie H/D Flat/Load, Westinghouse H/D Flat/Load

90        AHM: (10) Rolling Stock; DRGW, WM, West India, Buffalo Creek, L&N Boxcars; TLCX Reefer, AEC Helium Cylinder, CNW Cattle Car, NYC Caboose OB

91        Mantua: Milky Way Reefer, Reading Clearance Car, Reading Searchlight, Borden’s Reefer, Pluto Water OB; Mantua Kraft Cheese, Land-O-Lakes, Great Northern; WM and 2 REAX ROCO Track Cleaning Cars OB

92        Mantua: PRR 2-8-2 Camelback Loco/Tender OB; Athearn PRR REAX; 2 PRR Coaches, PRR Combine; Mantua Old Time PRR Caboose, SP Ore Jenny

93        Varney: DRGW Gondola, MKT Stock Car, PRR Stock Car, SP Boxcar, FGEX Reefer, Sinclair Tanker, Gulf Tanker, ACL Cattle Car, AHM Atlantic and Danville Boxcar

94        Model Power: (11) UP Bobber Caboose, Narragansett Ale Reefer, Water Flatcar (No Tanks), Recycled Steel Gon, Army Gon, Army Depressed Center/Tank Kadees, SF Flat/Trailer, CN Gon, IBP Reefer, PRR Caboose, SP Ore Jenny OB

95        Broadway Limited: 5104 EMD PRR F7A And F7B Diesels #9648A & B Single Stripe, Radio Antenna With DC Sound/DCC Ready (B Unit Is A Dummy) OB

96        AHM: Union Pacific 4-6-6-4 Challenger #3977; Trix UP Caboose #3763 OB

97        Rivarossi: (8) Union Pacific Two-Tone Gray Passenger Cars; Baggage, REA/Baggage, Coach, Pullman, Sleeper, Diner, Duplex, Vista-Dome OB

98        Pocher: (3) Western and Atlantic, (1) Combine Passenger Cars; Mantua W&A Boxcar, AHM W&A Flatcar, Boxcar, Bobber Caboose OB

99        Life-Like: Proto 2000 Western Maryland FA2 Diesels #303 and #304, Both Powered OB; WM Caboose #1889 OB; AHM WM Boxcar OB; AHM ATSF Flat/2 Cars OB; Cox NP Boxcar NOB; Reading Savings Bond Boxcar, WM Wood Sheathed Boxcar

100      IHC: (9) Norfolk And Western Passenger Cars; Baggage, RPO, Combine, Coach, Diner, Vista Dome, Roomette, Sleeper, Observation OB

101      Athearn: Thurston Freightliner/Trailer; Overnight Mack R Model/2 Pups; ATT Milw Rd Flat/Containers OB; SBD Flat/WM Reefer Trailer; UP Flat/UP Trailer; UPS Semi; Burlington, NYC, FGEX, SF, Navajo, Strick, Maersk Trailers

102      AHM: Virginia And Truckee Freight Train; "Reno" 4-4-0; Bachmann Water Car; Life-Like Work Caboose/Searchlight; Mantua DRGW Horse Car and Boxcar; Mantua USMRR Water Car 5 OB

103      AHM: Oliver Iron Mining Co 0-6-0 Saddle Tank Loco OB; (4) Soo Ore Jennies; Messabe, LSI, SP, and GN Ore Jennies; Staley Tanker 3 OB

104      Walthers: 2-Pack GACX REX Reefer; 2-Pack GACX REA Reefer OB

105      Walthers: 2-Pack Wonder Bread Covered Hoppers; Wonder Bread Covered Hopper; (2) PRR Express Reefer; C&O Troop Sleeper Conversion Express Car; UTRX Wood Reefer OB

106      AHM: C&O 4-6-4 Hudson #302; Atlas C&O Caboose #90255 OB

107      Walthers: Royal American Circus Cars; Stock Car #49; Flat Cars #21 and #25/5 Semi’s; Flat Cars #21 and #25/4 Pup Trailers; Flats (2) #32, #25, #38 With Semi Water Tanker OB

108      Walthers: Royal American Circus Cars; Stock Car; (6) Flat Cars; #21, #38, (2) #41, (2) #45; 6 Semi’s 4 OB’s

109      Con-Cor: Royal American Shows Rolling Stock; Flatcar; (2) Pup Trailers; (2) 2-Pack 40’ Vans; Drinking Water Tanker Trailer Only; (4) Circus Wagons/3 Tractors; Dry Vans #186 and #125; Piggyback Flatcar 4 OB

110      Con-Cor: Royal American Shows Rolling Stock; GP-40 Diesel #307 OB; (2) #12 Boxcar, Drinking Water Semi Trailer; (3) Circus Flats/Freightliner Tractor; Forklift, Circus Wagon, Caterpillar Tractor, Semi Tractor

111      Life-Like: Proto 2000 RDG Caboose 94033; Nickel Plate Gon/Large Gears; Erie Gon/Duct Work; WM Flat/Generator Load; N&W Flat/Wagon Load OB

112      AHM: (8) Tank Cars; DuPont Freon, Diamond Chemical, Mobilgas, Deep-Rock, Shell Yellow, Shell Orange, GATX, Pennzoil

113      Broadway Limited: 5161 ATSF 4-8-4 Loco #3759 With DC Sound and DCC Ready OB; Walthers ATSF Caboose #1410 OB

114      Con-Cor: Royal American Shows GP-40 Diesel OB and (3) AHM Passenger Cars; Combine, Pullman OB, Observation

115      Con-Cor: (7) TOFC With 6 OB; Burlington, NP, B&O/Dole, IC/Preferred Pool, B&O, PRR, Southern      

116      Con-Cor: (7) TOFC With 7 OB; HTTX/KCS, CNW/Strick, NP, SF, IC, SOO, SP

117      Broadway Limited: 5085 PRR J-1 2-10-4 #6165 With DC Sound and DCC Ready OB; Walthers N6B Caboose #980883 OB           

118      Broadway Limited: (2) 1479 Railway Express Reefers in Hunter Green; (2) 1480 Railway Express Reefers in Pullman Green OB            

119      Misc Rolling Stock: SP Flat/Airplane, Life-Like B&O Crane OB, Bachmann C&O Caboose, Tri-Level Poultry OB, B&A Reefer OB, Driving Golden Spike and Lindbergh Boxcars OB, Army Flat/Load, Con-Cor IC Flat/Load OB, Rivarossi Crane OB        "      

120      AHM: GN Flat/Propeller Load, B&O, NP, DRGW, GBW, A&D Boxcars, PRR And UP Cattle Cars, All OB; ATMX and MHAX Helium Cars "      

121      Misc Rolling Stock: Life-Like 4 Patriotic Boxcars OB, Mantua REA Reefer, PRR and Western Union Caboose, US Army Boxcar, WM Flat/Pipe, Mantua NYC Caboose, Hinckley And Schmidt Water Car, Pocono ATSF Flat/Girder OB, TM IBP Boxcar OB, Fleischmann Crane Platform/Light

122      Walthers: Sperry Rail Car #127 (Powered); NYC Dynamometer Car X8006 OB

123      Mantua: Weyerhaeuser Timber Company Tank Mallet Logger 2-6-6-2 #8; (3) CWWR Log Flats/Logs; Weyerhaeuser Caboose #52 OB

124      IHC: #34013 $-4-0 W&A General Loco/Tender/OB; IHC W&A Horse Car OB; Mantua (3) Horse Cars, Box Car, Flatcar, Water Car, and Caboose , All W&A

125      Misc Rolling Stock: Athearn WM, NH, NCG Boxcars, M/W Caboose, PRR Crane Tender, NKP Flat.Airplane,Erie Gon/Canisters; Cox SF Flat/Milw Trailer; B&O and SP Boxcars

126      Misc Rolling Stock: UP Helium Car, Milw Vinegar Tanker, GN,Wabash Cattle Cars, SF, D&H, NYC, Artic Works and B&O Boxcars, ART Reefer

127      Bachmann: Auto-Train Consist; (2) Boxcars; (2) Passenger Coaches 2 OB

128      Walthers: Alaska GP-20 Diesel #1802 and Caboose #1086 OB; Bachmann McKinley Explorer Full Domes Knick, Kobuk, and Kenai

129      Walthers: 2-Pack PRR N6B Cabooses; Atlas Norfolk and Western Caboose #518675; Athearn WM Caboose #1850

130      Tyco: Santa Fe 10 Wheeler Loco/Tender; Rivarossi ATSF 4 Pack Passenger Cars OB:  Model Power SF Combine and (2) Coaches; OB, Pocher Barnum Advertising Car

131      Misc Rolling Stock: Central Pacific, Koppers, Wesson Tankers; B&A, UP, B&M Boxcars; WW Covered Hopper; Roco and AHM IC Wreck Cranes, IC TenderOB; M/W Work Caboose

132      Misc Rolling Stock: (10) Flat Cars/Loads; Weatherhead & Co/Generator, Reading/Searchlight & Generator, PRR/Crates, NYC/Pipe, Milw/Trans, UP/Trans, Erie/Trans, TTX/John Deere Dozers, NYC/John Deere Dozers, Undec/McC Tractors

133      AHM: C&O 4-6-2 Heavy Pacific Loco/Tender OB

134      Misc Rolling Stock: Cox Fire Tanker, Mantua U S Navy Flat, Pocher GN Rotary Plow, M/W Plow/Wings, UP and BM Wedge Plows, Revell M/W Boxcar, Athearn SP Railroad Police B/W Caboose

135      Misc Rolling Stock: Mantua M/R 1934-1959 Boxcar, (2) Katy Stock Car, Lima Auto-Rack, Mantua Reading Bobber Caboose OB, PRR Flat/Containers, NH Boxcar, Peabody Hopper, NP Flat/Cable Reels, Rivarossi PRR Flat OB, Erie Covered Gon

136      AHM: Great Northern 2-8-2 Heavy Mikado Loco/Tender #3385 OB; Great Northern Caboose     

137      Broadway Limited: 051 PRR M1a 4-8-2 Locomotive and Tender #6735 OB Sound Equipped For DC or DCC; Walthers N6B PRR Caboose #981793

138      Gilbert: National Car Co Flat/Bordens Tank, GBW Reefer OB, Morrell Reefer, Lionel 0819-225 SF Work Caboose, Log Bogie/Logs, 0900 /milk Car Actuator

139      Marx: SP Gondola, Custom WM Caboose, WM Gon/Wire Spools, NYC Work Caboose, Lehigh Portland Covered Hopper, Rocket Fuel Tanker

140      Atlas: Western Maryland Work Train; Fireball GP-7 Diesel #23 OB, Proto 2000 WM Caboose #1897, Die-Cast WM Hopper, WM Derrick Car, WM Flat/Trackhoe, WM Bulkhead Flat/Generators, WM Flat/Machinery Load

141      Mantua: Old Time Cars; (2) W&A Combines 1 OB; (3) W&A Pass Cars 1 OB; Georgia Central Horse, Water, and Gondola, PRR Tanker; Mobilgas Tanker

142      Bachmann: Spectrum PRR K-4 Pacific #5425 OB; (6) AHM PRR Passenger Cars; Baggage, RPO, Coach, Diner, Pullman, Observation OB

143      Misc Rolling Stock: M/W Rolling Stock; Boxcar, Hopper/Load, C&O Flat/Generator, C&O Work Caboose, M/W Flatcar, M/W Gon/Speeder/Water Tank, IB Crane, M/W Flat/Lionel Generator, Flat Bogies/Searchlight/Clamshell Mounted

144      Bachmann: Spectrum Class B WVP&P Climax Loco #6 OB; M/W Hoppers/Loads; M/W Blacksmith Shop; M/W Material Boxcar; M/W Work Caboose, M/W Crane Tender

145      Misc Rolling Stock: Royal American Shows; (9) Flatcars; Flatcar Body; Walthers Circus Run Kit OB; (4) Circus Wagons/2 Tractors

146      AHM: B&O 2-8-8-0 Mallet Loco/Tender #7155 OB; B&O REA Wagon Top Blue Boxcar; Walthers B&O B/W Caboose #C-3007 OB

147      Atlas: (6) Cabooses; (2) SF 999965 and 999952; SP 324; NH C-671; N&W 557728; Proto 2000 WM 1816 and 1863 OB

148      Rivarossi: 1535 Southern Railway Heavy Pacific #1401 OB

149      AHM: 2-10-2 "Santa Fe" Class B&O S1 Loco/Tender OB; Walthers B&O Yellow Caboose #90743 OB

150      Model Power: (8) Rolling Stock; Linde, CP and NYC Boxcars,Swift Reefer, Hooker Tanker, PRR and C&O Chessie Flatcars, Alaska Quad Hopper OB

151      Rivarossi: 4-6-2 French Pacific "S.N.C.F." With Joef European Express Passenger Cars: 2nd Class Pullman, (2) Sleepers; Diner; Lima Baggage Car With OB

152      Renwall: #461 Gantry Crane With Controller and Guide Rails; Includes Instruction Booklet           

153      Life-Like: (7) #1001 Boxes Shade Trees OB; Bachmann 4 Spring Trees OB; Merten (6) Plastic Cases People OB; (12) Plastic Cases People OB   

154      MRC: (2) Rail Power 350 Tech 4 Transformers OB; (3) MRC Tech 4 Walkarounds With Direction, Brake, Stop, Rotary Throttle and Cable OB; Precision Models Quantum Engineer For Prec Craft Loco/Sound

155      MRC: Loco-Motion 2500 and RailPower 250 Transformers; Sound Station 312; All OB; City and Country Sound Station/Controller

156      On30 Scale: Bachmann Hawthorne Village Train Set Includes Spirit Of America Loco/Tender, Combine, Coach, Observation, Track, Transformer, and Passenger Platform

157      On30 Scale: Bachmann #25003 Narrow Gauge Express Pennsylvania in Set Box; Includes PRR 2-6-0 Loco/Tender, Combine and 2 Coaches, Track and Powerpack

158      Franklin Mint: 22 1/2"" X 5 1/2"" X 19"" Precision Models Display Rack (For Wall Mounting); 18 3/4" X 4 3/4" x 20" Classic Cars of The Fifties Display Rack (For Wall Mounting)

159      Bachmann: Big Hauler G Scale Golden Classic Series South Pacific Coast Limited Edition Train Set; Includes Loco/Tender, Combine, and Coach; Track and Transformer and Set Box

160      Display Case: 20 1/2" Long, 4 3/4" Wide x 6 3/4" High with 2 Sections HO Track; Mirrored Back 3 Shelf Plexi glass Case 23 3/4" x 6" x 13 1/2"

161      Danbury Mint: 1:400 Scale Model Of R.M.S Titanic Includes Dust Cover and All Original Packaging and OB’s; 8 Track Tape Titanic, 1912 Book Sinking Of The Titanic and Other Sea Disasters; "The Titanic Collection" : A Miniature Sea Chest Of 21 Repro Ephemera From The Maiden Voyage

 S Gauge until Lot 232

162      American Flyer: 301 Reading Lines Loco, 642 Boxcar, 632 LNE. Hopper, 625 Shell Tanker, 630 Reading Caboose

163      American Flyer: 302AC Reading Lines Loco, 632 LNE Hopper, 625G Gulf Tanker, 642 Boxcar, 630 Reading Caboose

164      American Flyer: 21166 Burlington Route Loco, 24329 Hooker Tanker, 24124 B&M Gondola, All Pikemaster

165      American Flyer: 283 Chicago Northwestern 4-6-2 Loco, 916 D&H Gondola, 940 Wabash Hopper, 912 Koppers Tank (New Dome Cap), 806 AFL Caboose

166      American Flyer: 302AC Reading Lines Loco, 641 Frisco Gon, 625G Gulf Tanker, 640 AFL Hopper (2 Nicks on edge), 638 AFL Caboose (Chip on Corner Of Roof)

167      American Flyer: 648 Service Car; 633 B&O Boxcar; 636 Erie Flat/Cable Reel; 628 C&NW Flat/Logs

168      American Flyer: 924 Jersey Central Covered Hopper; 911 Chesapeake and Ohio Pipe Car; 931 T&P Gondola; 930 AFL Caboose OB

169      American Flyer: 21085 C&NW 4-6-2 Loco; 300 Reading Lines Loco

170      American Flyer: 24403 IC Reefer; 925 Gulf Tanker OB; 920 Southern Gon OB; 929 MP Stock Car OB

171      American Flyer: 21105 Reading Lines Loco, 926 Gulf Tanker, 805 PRR Gondola, 24225 Santa Fe Hopper, 638 A/F Caboose (# Worn)

172      American Flyer: 803 ATSF Chief Boxcar (Some Scratches); 931 T&P Gon (Nick On Edge) OB; 909 Flat/Girder OB; 930 AFL Caboose (Small Crack in Catwalk) OB

173      American Flyer: 971 Southern Pacific Lumber Unloading  Car, 970 Seaboard Walking Brakeman (No Brakeman); 715 Vehicle Unloading Car (No Auto), 2 Control Buttons and Control Blade

174      American Flyer: 312 PRR 4-6-2 Loco and Tender With 312AC Tattered Box

175      American Flyer: New Haven Green Passenger Car Set; 651 REA, (2) 650 Coaches, Tattered OB’s

176      American Flyer: 300AC Reading Lines Loco (Some Scratches, Has Orig Wrapper), 625G Gulf Tanker OB, 632 LNE Hopper, 642 AFL Boxcar, 638 AF Caboose (Scratches, Chip on Roof)

177      American Flyer: 718 Red New Haven Operating Mail Car With Mast, Control Blade, Inst, Control Button, and 4 Mailbags

178      American Flyer: 24631 Yellow AFL Caboose (Paint Scrapes On Roof), 24058 Post Cereal Boxcar, 24533 AFL Track Cleaning Car (Some Paint Rubbed Off Surface), 25071 AF Tie Car (1 Tie), 24127 Monon Gondola All Pikemaster

179      American Flyer: 24543 AFL Industrial Brownhoist Crane; 946 Flatcar/Red Generator/Searchlight; 977 AFL Action Brakeman Caboose

180      American Flyer: 958 Mobilgas Tanker, 920 Southern Gon, 929 MP Cattle Car, 942 Seaboard Boxcar Tattered OB

181      American Flyer: 956 Monon Flat/AFL Piggyback Trailers OB; 926 3 Dome Gulf Tanker OB

182      American Flyer: 3745 Texas And Pacific 374/375 GP7 Powered and Dummy Diesel With Die-Cast Frame

183      American Flyer: 315 PRR 4-6-2 Loco With Wrapper; 629 MP Cattle Car, 640 AF Hopper, 640 AF Hopper OFF WHITE, 631 T&P Gon, 638 AF Caboose (Corner Filed Round), 1/2 Bottle JT’s Mega-Steam Hot Chocolate Smoke

184      American Flyer: 715 AFL Vehicle Unloading Car/Manoil Coupe; 716 AFL Operating Dump Car OB; Both With Control Buttons and Control Rails

185      American Flyer: 21168 Southern Loco, 24216 Union Pacific 4 Bay Hopper, 24603 AFL Caboose

186      American Flyer: 921 CB&Q Hopper OB; 942 Seaboard Boxcar Tattered OB; 920 Southern Gon OB Flap Missing; 924 Jersey Central Covered Cement Hopper

187      American Flyer: 370 AF GP-7 (AF Decal Stripe Is Chipped Off) With Link Coupler Bars

188      American Flyer: 912 Koppers Tanker OB; 922 GAEX Boxcar OB

189      American Flyer: 336 Union Pacific 4-8-4 Locomotive; 1 Rear Tender Step Needs Reattached To Tender;  REPAINT

190      American Flyer: 290 AF Loco and Bottle of Bart’s Cedar Supersmoke

191      American Flyer: 734 AF Operating Boxcar/3 Milk Cans, Control Button and Rail (Some Rust on Door Guides and Frame); 648 Track Cleaning Car

192      American Flyer: 283 Chicago Northwestern Loco; 928 NH Flat (2 Posts); 640 Wabash Hopper Tattered OB; 929 MP Cattle Car; 931 T&P Gon OB; 24627 AFL Caboose (Small Chip ON Catwalk)

193      American Flyer: 771 Operating Stockyard With 976 Operating Stock Car; Includes Control Button and 8 Cattle

194      American Flyer: 779 Oil Drum Loader With OB, Control Button, and 8 Oil Barrels (Steering Wheel Broken Off)

195      American Flyer: 571 Maroon Truss Bridge OB; 708 Air Chime Whistle/Control Box; (3) 760 Highway Flashers with Inst and 2 Contacts; 761 Semaphore (Top Of Mast Missing, Rust and Dirt)

196      American Flyer: 26 Service Kit OB; (2) 568 Whistling Billboards/Controllers (1 has Paint Wear); (2) 566 Whistling Billboards, 1 Box Remnant and 1 Controller; (4) 730 Green Bumpers

197      American Flyer: 589 Mystic Station; 577 Ringling Whistling Billboard/Controller; 766 Guilford Animated Station/Controller (No People)

198      Modern Amer Flyer: 9201 B&O Covered Hopper; 9100Gulf Tanker OB; 48500 SP Gon/Canisters OB; 9301 B&O Gon/Canisters; X9102 B&O Fuel Tanker; 49851 Gilbert Oil Storage Tank

199      Modern Amer Flyer: 49812 (755) Talking Station OB (Still Factory Packed)

200      Modern Amer Flyer: 49809 (772) Water Tower OB; 49806 (23796) Sawmill OB

201      American Flyer: 18B 190 Watt Transformer

202      American Flyer: 22090 350 Watt Transformer (Lettering and Decal Worn)

203      Modern Lionel: 12915 (164) Log Loader OB O Gauge

204      Post-War Lionel: PRR 2020/6020W Turbine Loco/Tender (Has Casey Jones Sticker), 6454 PRR Boxcar (Rust on Door Guides), 6465 Sunoco Tanker, 6462 NYC Gon, 6357 SP Caboose (Rust on Frame) O Gauge

205      Walthers: HO Amtrak Passenger Train; GP-20 Diesel #760; (4) Athearn Passenger Cars (Some May Have Windows Missing)

206      American Flyer: 12B 250 Watt Transformer; Electronic Whistle Control Box OB (Both Cords Needs Replaced)

207      Modern Lionel: 12062 Grade Crossing With Gates And Flashers OB O Gauge Fastrack

208      MTH: 455 Oil Derrick (Includes Sign But No Barrels); Lionel (2) 14111 (1531R) Controllers OB O Gauge

209      Misc HO: Life-Like Operating Switchman and Lighted Yard Tower; Tyco Signal Crossing; Cornerstone 2 Stall Engine House Factory Sealed; (4) Plasticville Gate and Fence Units; Plasticville Factory Sealed; Tru-Scale Lineside Shanty OB; (4) Blister Packs Greenlight Multipacks HO People

210      Marx: (2) 417 Bell Ringing Crossing Signal OB; 423 Twin Light Crossing Flasher Tattered OB; 423 Flasher No Bulbs and Rusty; 418 Bell Ringing Signal; 3 Spotlights; (4) Tree Sections; General Store With 1 Sign Missing OB

211      Plasticville: 1603 Aqua Ranch House; 1400 Blue Cape Cod House; 1703 Red/White Colonial Mansion; LH-4 Red/Gray Colonial House; MH-2 Blue/White New England Rancher

212      Plasticville: 1620 Loading Platform; 1504 Trailer; 1615 Water Tank; SG-3 Signal Bridge; 1619 Citizens

213      Plasticville: SC-4 School House; PO-1 Post Office; FB-1 Yellow Frosty Bar; 1603 Salmon Rancher; LH-4 Red/Gray Colonial Rancher

214      Plasticville: 1804 Greenhouse; 12408 Windmill; 1601 Barn; 1624 House Under Construction (Shovel Missing); 1623 Cattle Loading Pen (1 Crosspiece Missing)

215      Plasticville: 1619 Citizens (Contents Still Sealed); ST-1 Street Access; 1406 Playground; PH-1 Plasticville Hall

216      HO: Woodland Scenics Mountain Valley Scenery Kit OB; MRC Sound Station 312 OB

217      American Flyer: (21) Sections Wide Radius S Gauge Track With R Johnson Roadbed

218      American Flyer: (25) Sections 727 Curved Roadbed

219      American Flyer: (35) Sections 727 Curved Roadbed With Track Sections

220      American Flyer: (74) Sections Wide Radius S Gauge Track Both American Flyer and K-Line

221      American Flyer: (35) S Gauge Curve With R Johnson Roadbed; (16) S Gauge Straight With R Johnson Roadbed

222      American Flyer: (44) Sections R Johnson Curved Roadbed

223      Railroadiana: 3 Foot Wide Aluminum Highway Railroad Crossing Sign

224      American Flyer: 3-Ring Binder of American Flyer Service Manual From 1950’s; Greenberg Repro Of Service Manual Vol 1; 3-Ring Binder Of Parts Lists

225      American Flyer: 3-Ring Binder Of 7 AF Catalogs; 1962, 1951, 1954, (2) 1956, 1957, 1960; Gilbert Heritage Book; Famous American Flyer trains; Barker Repair Guide; (3) Instruction Books; (9) Instruction Sheets

226      American Flyer: (4) 720A Pairs Remote Control Switches With Controllers 1 OB

227      Mantua: HO Northern Pacific 0-8-0 Switcher #1189 OB With Smoke; Bachmann Streamlined Trolley; Penn Salt Tanker; Citi Service Double-Tanker; B&M Boxcar All OB HO Instruction Guide

228      Model Power: HO Mack Bulldog Express Train Set; Includes Set Box, Mack Since 1900 Steam Engine; Bulldog Oil Tanker, Built Like A Mack Piggyback, Into the Future Caboose, Track and Transformer; Department 56 Village Streetcar With Track and Transformer in Set Box

229      Muscle Machines: 1:18 69 Yellow Boss 302; 63 Plymouth Savoy; 55 Nomad OB

230      Muscle Machines: 1:18 69 Charger; Willys Coupe; 32 Ford Roadster; 29 Model A OB

231      Muscle Machines: 1:18 57 Chevy; 68 Dodge Hemi Dart; 33 Ford Coupe; 67 Nova OB

232      Muscle Machines: 1:18 29 Model A; 67 Nova; 47 Willys Coupe; 58 Impala OB

Scale/Gauge as Noted in Description

233      Modern Lionel: 14167 (213) Lift Bridge With OB and Mailing Carton

234      Modern Lionel: 12741 Union Pacific Mi-Jack Intermodal Crane OB

235      Pre-War Lionel: Type V 150 Watt Transformer OB With Inserts; Post-War Type KW 190 Watt Transformer FACTORY SEALED OB

236      Post-War Lionel: Type ZW 275 Watt Transformer in FACTORY SEALED OB

237      Post-War Lionel: 350 Engine Transfer Table (Some Rust Spots On Table) OB

238      Post-War Lionel: 11550 6 Unit Steam Freight With Whistle and Smoke; Includes Set Box With 239/234W Loco/Tender, 6076 Black LV Hopper, 6473 Horse Transport, 6465 Orange L/L Tanker, 6119 DLW Caboose (No Stack), Track, Transformer, and 147 Controller

239      T Reproductions: #300 Hellgate Bridge

240      MTH: 20-80002E 2000 Dealer Appreciation Program Train Set With Set Box, Indiv Boxes, and Mailing Carton; Includes PRR GG-1 With Protosound 2.0; (2) Coaches; Vista Dome; Observation

241      MTH: 20-80003D Add-On Cars For Lot 240; Baggage Car and Diner OB’s And Mailing Cartons

242      Rail-King: 30-9034 Original McDonald’s Restaurant OB and Mailing Carton

243      Rail-King: 30-9104 Speedy Operating Car Wash OB and Mailing Carton

244      Rail-King: 30-9106 ESSO Operating Gas Station OB

245      T Reproductions: 444 Standard Gauge Roundhouse Section With Mailing Carton

246      T Reproductions: 444 Standard Gauge Roundhouse Section in FACTORY SEALED CARTON

247      T Reproductions: 444 Standard Gauge Roundhouse Section in FACTORY SEALED CARTON

248      USA Trains G Gauge: R19309A Rio Grande; R19311B ACL; R19318A CP Boxcars OB

249      USA Trains G Gauge: R17023 Chicago Great Western; R17025 PRR Piggyback Flats/Trailers OB

250      USA Trains G Gauge: R19053D New Haven; R19109A Erie; R19092A GM&O Boxcars OB

251      USA Trains G Gauge: R19231C PRR; R19214C PRR Boxcars OB

252      USA Trains G Gauge: R1445A Jersey Central Boxcar ; R15020B Frisco Reefer; R16344 Cotton Belt Reefer OB (JC Water Damaged Box)

253      USA Trains G Gauge: R19218B CP; R19206C Chessie Boxcars OB

254      Piko G Gauge: 38837 Reading Offset-Side Hopper OB; 38849 Canadian National Boxcar With Mailing Carton Only   

255      Ro Trains G Gauge: 1967 Wells Fargo Boxcar, Mailing Carton Only; Bachmann 93268 Berkshire Reefer OB; 93201 UP Reefer OB

256      Spectrum On30: (2) 27323 C&S Flatcars, 27523 C&S Stock Car OB

257      Spectrum On30: 27729 DRGW Caboose; 27018 DRGW Boxcar; 27818 Highside Gondola OB

258      Spectrum On30: 27729 DRGW Caboose; 27818 Highside Gondola; 27218 DRGW Gondola OB

259      Spectrum On30: 26123 C&S Combine; 27212 B&O Gondola and Undec Flatcar; 27862 Colorado Mining Co Highside Gondola OB

260      Spectrum On30: 27018 DRGW Boxcar; 27999 2 Pack Undec Hoppers; 1 OB

261      Spectrum On30: 259999 Undecorated 2-8-0 Loco/Tender Painted Black DCC Equipped OB

262      Spectrum On30: 27523 C&S Stock Car OB; C&S Caboose #1002; 0-4-0 Undec Side Rod Diesel

263      Mountain Model Imp: Brass On30 K-27 Outboard Cylinder 2-8-2 Factory Painted Rio Grande #452 OB

264      Wiseman Model Serv: On3 Rio Grande Southern Rotary Snow Plow #2 MODEL KIT FORM to Be Assembled OB

265      Westside Model Co: On3 D&RGW Derrick OP with Idler Car OB

266      Bachmann G Gauge: 93433 Dad’s Root Beer Tanker; 93434 Lifesavers Tanker; 93465 Union Tank Car Lines Tanker; OB

267      Bachmann G Gauge: 97143 B&O Combine (Royal Blue); 97243 Lighted Coach (Royal Blue) OB

268      Bachmann G Gauge: 97219 Alaska Coach (Charlie’s Alaska Trains); 97271 Emmett Kelly Performers Car #1 OB

269      Bachmann G Gauge: 97490 PRR Liberty Bell Baggage and Lighted Coach OB

270      Bachmann G Gauge: 93251 Pepsi Reefer; 98118 DRGW Stock Car OB

271      LGB G Gauge: 42911 Coca Cola Boxcar; USA Trains R16221 Alaska Salmon Reefer OB

272      Aristo G Gauge: 46209 Borden’s Cheese Reefer; Delton 4258 Stroh’s Reefer; Kalamazoo TCA Valley Forge Boxcar

273      Aristo G Gauge: 41207 Boraxo Covered Hopper; 46202 Schlitz Beer Reefer OB

274      Aristo G Gauge: 22211 Pennsylvania Railroad Alco RS-3 Diesel With Smoke and Diesel Sound Ready

275      Life-Like G Gauge: 1964 Operating Dual Crossing Gate/Lights/Action/Sound; Model Power 3 Lite Railroad Signal; MRC 9000 Transformer With Sound and Speaker; Woodland Scenics TR1007 Trees OB

276      Bachmann G Gauge: (7) Boxes 94511 4-Pack Straight Track Sections OB

277      Bachmann G Gauge: 27 Curved and 17 Straight Track Sections

278      Bachmann G Gauge: 90095 Northern Express Train Set in Set Box; Includes White Pass 4-6-0 #10 Loco/Tender With Steam Sound and Smoke, Mobilgas Tanker, Florence and Cripple Creek Boxcar, White Pass Bobber Caboose, Track, and Transformer; (Railing on Tanker Broken But There)

279      Lionel Post-War: (8) 71 Lamp Posts; (7) Green Metal Lamp Posts; MTH Spotlight; Rail King Empty Box 2000 New Year Boxcar; 2010 Bachman Catalog

280      MTH: Z-4000 400 Watt Transformer

281      Railroadiana: Adlake Union Pacific Semaphore Lamp With Blue Lens

282      Railroadiana: (2) Adlake B&O Electric Lanterns; Justrite B&O Electric Lantern; Starlite CSX Electric Lantern

283      Railroadiana: Vintage B&O Crock Water Jug

284      Railroadiana: Brass PRR Bell 6 1/2" Wide, 5 1/2" Tall

285      Railroadiana: C&NW Lantern With Kirkman Red Globe for High Switch Mount

286      Railroadiana: Eagle N&W Oiler #61; Unmarked Eagle Oiler; N&W Kerosene Can; MKT Kerosene Can (No Cap)

287      Railroadiana: Slaymaker PRR Lock/PRR E P Key; F&S 1950 PRR Lock

288      Railroadiana: Brass F&S B&O Lock/Slaymaker B&O S Key; Brass Bohannan M C P L Co Lock

289      Railroadiana: Brass Fraim PRR Lock; Brass Western Union Tel Co Lock 1941/Key Marked 1947

290      Railroadiana: Large Burlington Route Oil Can; Butte Anaconda And Pacific ?? Water Can (Name Attached With Label Maker, No Cap); Homemade Kerosene Can (Rusty)

291      Railroadiana: Handlan MOPAC Lantern/Clear Globe; 29Handlan MoPAC Lantern/Rayo Clear Globe (Fastener Broken)

292      Railroadiana: (2) Handlan Caboose Lamps With 8 1/2" Home Sweet Home Globes

293      Railroadiana: Katy 1/2 Pint Milk Bottle; (5) B&O Water Glasses; 1981 Cumberland Loco Shop Highball Glass; PRR GG-1 Roly Poly Glass; PRR GG-1 Glass; Frisco Highball Glass; (2) Flying Scotsmen USA Tour Glass Mugs

294      Railroadiana: Handlan Frisco Lantern/Clear Globe; Adlake K C T Ry Lantern/K T C Ry Embossed Clear Globe

295      Railroadiana: CSX Orange Hard Hat With Light; Amtrak Star Marker; (2) Unmarked Star Markers

296      Railroadiana: RR China; Scammell (3) Union Pacific Small Veg Dish; Shenango Small B&O Veg Dish; (2) Syracuse B&O Saucers; Shenango Wabash Banner Blue Bowl; (2) Syracuse B&O Small Plates; (2) Syracuse Dinner Plates; Shenango SP&S Meat Plate (Pattern Worn); Syracuse NYC Meat Plate (Chipped)

297      Railroadiana: Railway Express Co Fob; Union Pacific Brass Baggage Check #826 (4) Westclox Pocket Watches With Fobs; Grove Mfg Co Shady Grove; Lorain Freeland Equip; Katy Railroad; International Hat Tractor Co Balt

298      Railroadiana: The Railroad Sock Advertising Sign 17 1/2"" x  13 1/2"" (Scrape Mark on Right Side); (7) Framed Pictures; WM Loco 208 at McCoole Station, H K Thomas Boiler Explosion, EBT Steam Passenger Train Orbisonia, Nickel Plate 759; WM Diesel Lineup, WM Caboose 1828, B&O Safety Bulletin

299      Railroadiana: C&O Grease Can; B&O Large Handlan Kerosene Can; WM Oil Can/Side Handle/Wire Handle

300      Railroadiana: Dietz B&O Lantern/Embossed B&O RR Corning Clear Globe; Adlake PRR Lantern/Etched PRR MacBeth Pearl Glass Globe (Globe is Cracked and Lantern Has Rust Holes and New Burner)

301      Railroadiana: Adlake Unmarked Lantern/Clear Globe; Adlake B&O Lantern/Embossed B&O Clear Globe (Globe Has Spawls And Lantern Has Small Rust Holes)

302      Railroadiana: Adlake C.C.C & St.L. Ry Lantern With Scratched Clear Corning CCC&St L Ry Embossed Globe (New Burner)

303      Railroadiana: Aladdin NW Railway Caboose Lamp/Shade/12" Globe

304      Railroadiana: C.V.R.R Ice Tongs

305      Railroadiana: 12 Telephone Pole Insulators; 4 With Hangers; 2 Hemingway, 4 Whitehall Tatum, Armstrong, Brookfield; 3 Small Brookfield, 1 Hemingray

306      Railroadiana: 3 Brass Switchkeys; Fraim R. Co F 10001; NY NH & H 27; Adlake JCL 31012

307      Railroadiana: 3 BrassSwitchkeys; Adlake G W Ry 197; C R I & P  S; H & T C RR  S

308      Railroadiana: 3 Brass Switchkeys; Fraim D & I RR; Adlake D&RGW; C RI & P RR 630 S

309      Railroadiana: 3 Brass Switchkeys; Adlake G M & O RR; CCC&ST L 33412; Adlake ACL 37813

310      Railroadiana: 3 Brass Switchkeys; CSXT Blue Signal; PEN CO A-11 S 7; B&O R R Co S 115215

311      Railroadiana: 3 Brass Switchkeys; Adlake ACL 29189; Adlake T & P RY 7187; W R R

312      Railroadiana: 3 Brass Switchkeys; Burlington Route; Adlake Wabash 6531; Adlake E J & E 14956

313      Railroadiana: 3 Brass Switchkeys; N Y C S; D L & W 5305; Fraim R CO F 10037

314      Railroadiana: 3 Brass Switchkeys; Adlake E.L.; Slaymaker P L E D 15; Adlake E L

315      Railroadiana:   3 Brass Switchkeys; Adlake I C G RR; A T & S F R YD; A & W Co Santa Fe

316      Railroadiana: 3 Brass Switchkeys; Adlake L & A 7930; L N B; Fraim L & N R R 17559

317      Railroadiana: 3 Brass Switchkeys; R. CO. G 3141; B. & M. R. R.; Adlake PC RR

318      Railroadiana: Railroad Keys; Keline Caboose Key; #244 Coach Key; Large Caboose Key; "Ice Box Key From B&O RR"; (5) J L H Co Coach Keys

319      Railroadiana: B & O Size 7 1/4 White Conductors Hat/Cover; Reed/Barton B&O Silver Solder Crumb Tray and Pullman Brush; Case of War Ration Booklets

320      Railroadiana: Vintage Urbana PRR Caboose Lamp 10 1/4" Globe

321      Railroadiana: Vintage Train Order Hoop "Said to Be B&O"; Folder Of 2 B&O Cumberland Div Bulletins; 29 Cumberland Issued Train Orders 1984

322      Railroadiana: (3) B&O Hatchets; B&O Chisel; RF &P Chisel; PRR Chisel; Serpentine Wrench; B&O Blacksmith Hammer

323      Railroadiana: Sherburne Caboose Whistle

323A    Railroadiana: Buckeye Brass Works Steam Whistle With Valve and Handle 14" Long

324      Railroadiana: NYC/PLE, Chessie, Frisco, Canadian Pacific, (2) PRR, Wabash, UP RR, MTA/LIRR Ash Trays; Kansas City Southern, Santa Fe, UP, Frisco Matches

325      Railroadiana: Dietz R F & P R R Lantern With Kopp Clear Globe; Dietz B&O R R Lantern With B&O RR Etched Clear Globe

326      Railroadiana: Adlake PRR Lantern With Fresnal Red Globe; Dressel Reading Co Trans Dept Lantern With Clear Globe

327      Railroadiana: Adlake PRR Lantern With Red Globe; Adlake Penn Central Lantern With Clear Globe

328      Railroadiana: Dressel L&N Lantern With Corning Adlake Kero Embossed Clear Globe; 927 Unmarked Lantern With Glasbake Clear Globe (Underside of Lantern Reads: "Last Lanterns Purchased-929 Southern"

329      Railroadiana: B&O RR Lantern With B&O Etched Clear Globe; Adlake B&O RR Lantern With Kopp 1925 B&O RR Embossed Globe

330      Railroadiana: Adams and Westlake Lantern With Red Globe and Wooden Handle (Some Rust); Adams and Westlake Santa Fe Lantern With Clear Safety First Etched Globe

331      Railroadiana: Adlake Southern RY Lantern With Southern Ry Embossed Clear Globe

332      Railroadiana: Handlan FT S & W RR Lantern With Clear Globe (Ft Smith And Western)

333      Railroadiana: Dietz I R T Lantern With Dietz Corning NYC Lines Red Globe; Nandlan PRR Lantern With PRR Etched Clear Globe

334      Railroadiana: Handlan Marker Lamp With 1 Red and 3 Blue Lenses; (2) Red Day Switch Lamp Targets 

335      Railroadiana: (2) 5" Amber Lenses; 5"" Blue Lens; 4 1/2" Amber Lense; 5 1/2 " Blue Lens; (4) Flat Lenses 1 Red,3 Blue; 5 1/2" Amber Lens; (2) 5 1/4" Blue Lenses; Yellow Round Disc

336      Railroadiana: Adlake B&O Lock/Slaymaker B&O Key S 22421; F&S B&O Lock RT 1969/Slaymaker B&O RT Key

337      Railroadiana: L&S B&O L STA Lock 1957/B&O LST Key; L&S B&O RT 1951 Lock/ Adlake B&O RR Key; F&S B&O RT Lock/Fraim B&O Key

338      Railroadiana: Adlake B&O RR Lock/Slaymaker B&O RR CO S 124384 Key; F&S 1950 PRR Lock; Lock With B&O Key 1492

339      Railroadiana: Brass B&O RR Lock/F&S B&ORRCO S C39612 Key; Brass B&O RR Lock (No Cover) /B&O STA Key

340      Railroadiana: F&S GM&O Lock/GM&O Key; Yale STLSF Lock/Yale Key?; Adlake Frisco Lock

341      Railroadiana: Adlake B&O Lock/B&O RR Key; Fraim B&O L STA Lock/ B&O LST Key

342      Railroadiana: Adlake N&W Lock/SAL Key A 9558 S; Adlake B&O Lock/B&O RR Key

343      Railroadiana: Adlake Frisco Lock/Adlake SLSF Key; CPR Lock/CPR Key

344      Railroadiana: Adlake B&O RR Lock/ Slaymaker B&O RR CO Key S 21068;LS B&O RR Lock/Slaymaker B&O RT Key; Adlake B&O Lock

345      Railroadiana: FS B&O 1942 RT Lock; FS WM RY Lock/Adlake WMRY Key 10049

346      Railroadiana: Adlake M R Y Lock/Adlake MRY Key; Adlake PC 75 Lock

347      Railroadiana: Brass Climax MRR Lock/Brass Key; Defaced Brass Lock/ Adlake B&O RR Key

348      Railroadiana: Yale Brass Wabash Signal Dept/Taylor Key; ICRR Signal Lock

349      Railroadiana: FS WMRY S 1968 Lock; FS WMRY S 1956 Lock/Slaymaker  WMRR S 7821 Key

350      Railroadiana: Adlake Frisco Lock; Adlake Frisco Lock/Key Marked M

351      Railroadiana: N&W Signal Dept Lock; Miller C&A Signal Lock; OSLRR Signal Dept Lock (Oregon Short Line)

352      Railroadiana: PRR Milk Can Ralph Ray Altoona Pa With Fairmont Pittsburgh Brass Badge


Phone (717) 263-6512, (800) 315-3265, AY002190, AH002001

Auctioneer John F. Kohler, Jr. AU000507L
Auctioneer Heather R.  Kohler AU005651

Auctioneer License Information: AH001982

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