Saturday June 12, 2004
Stickley Corner Cupboard brings $390,000 at Zion, PA auction.

By Steve Johnson

ZION, PA - The small Central PA town of Zion saw a flurry of activity Saturday as hundreds of bidders swarmed to the Estate
Auction of Ronald and Thelma Struble conducted by Ron Gilligan & Son Auctioneers.

Potential buyers came from all over the United States for a chance to buy the rare Gustav Stickley corner cupboard which was
being offered at the auction.  A group of potential buyers had even flown in by helicopter, with the hopes of taking home
this rare Stickley piece.

The bidding on the cupboard began at $35,000 and quickly moved to its resting price of $390,000, which is believed to be a
record for Stickley furniture.  

In a phone interview on Monday, Ron S. Gilligan indicated that the cupboard had far exceeded his pre-sale estimate.   He stated
that and his website really help for a sale like this, because they allow those potential
buyers to view the items online.

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Article on June 12th auction by Nichole Dobro Centre Daily Times