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  • Plastic Horse made into

    Plastic Horse made into

  • Carr


  • Curio Cabinet

    Curio Cabinet

  • Two- Tier Table

    Two- Tier Table

  • Smal Dropleaf Secretary

    Smal Dropleaf Secretary

  • Entertainment Center

    Entertainment Center

  • Unusual Chest of Drawers

    Unusual Chest of Drawers

  • Bookcases


  • Wall Quilt Rack

    Wall Quilt Rack

  • Small Round Table

    Small Round Table

  • Table/Magazine Rack

    Table/Magazine Rack

  • Tall Metal Vase

    Tall Metal Vase

  • Metal Urn

    Metal Urn

  • Glass Vase

    Glass Vase

  • Stoneware & Glass Plate

    Stoneware & Glass Plate

  • Glass Hand Blown Plate

    Glass Hand Blown Plate

  • Large Glass Blown Vase

    Large Glass Blown Vase

  • {lanter


  • Tall VAse

    Tall VAse

  • Hand Made Bowl

    Hand Made Bowl

  • Glass hand blown Jewelry Try

    Glass hand blown Jewelry Try

  • Large Glass Vase

    Large Glass Vase

  • Corvet Model

    Corvet Model

  • Ceramic Box

    Ceramic Box

  • Art by Kerschner

    Art by Kerschner

  • EL Urn/Vase w Dragon

    EL Urn/Vase w Dragon

  • Asian Musical Instrument

    Asian Musical Instrument

  • Ceramic Elephand

    Ceramic Elephand

  • Ceramic Dragon

    Ceramic Dragon

  • Plate


  • Plate


  • Oriental Egg

    Oriental Egg

  • Plate


  • Plate


  • Tall Vase

    Tall Vase

  • Ginger Jar

    Ginger Jar

  • Small Tin

    Small Tin

  • Plastic birds & trees

    Plastic birds & trees

  • Statue


  • Small Planter

    Small Planter

  • Wooden Boat

    Wooden Boat

  • Ginger Jar

    Ginger Jar

  • Cake Plate w/Lid

    Cake Plate w/Lid

  • Cake Plate

    Cake Plate

  • Large Stoneware Pitcher

    Large Stoneware Pitcher

  • Tin Planter w/plastic acorns

    Tin Planter w/plastic acorns

  • Small Baker's Rack

    Small Baker's Rack

  • Glass Trivet Plate

    Glass Trivet Plate

  • Trinket Boxes - Glass

    Trinket Boxes - Glass

  • Aluminum Teapot

    Aluminum Teapot

  • Kiss's Teapot w/2 cups & tray

    Kiss's Teapot w/2 cups & tray

  • 2-step stool

    2-step stool

  • Paper Cutter

    Paper Cutter

  • Cabinet with wire shelves

    Cabinet with wire shelves

  • Oil Lamp

    Oil Lamp

  • Oil Lamp

    Oil Lamp

  • Heated Blanket Stand

    Heated Blanket Stand

  • Wicker Elephant Table

    Wicker Elephant Table

  • Mahogany Tray

    Mahogany Tray

  • Cobalt Blue Water Jug

    Cobalt Blue Water Jug

  • Plant Stand

    Plant Stand

  • Large Jinger Jar

    Large Jinger Jar

  • Ceramic Fooh Dog

    Ceramic Fooh Dog

  • Tall Planter

    Tall Planter

  • 1970s Coffee Table

    1970s Coffee Table

  • Wicker Fern Stand

    Wicker Fern Stand

  • Cobalt Blue dish w/lid

    Cobalt Blue dish w/lid

  • Pair of Wardrobes

    Pair of Wardrobes

  • Sast Iron Cornbread Pan

    Sast Iron Cornbread Pan

  • Teapot


  • Digital Photo Album

    Digital Photo Album

  • Several Golf Bags

    Several Golf Bags

  • Golf Bag Rack - metal

    Golf Bag Rack - metal

  • Clock


  • Ceramic Swans

    Ceramic Swans

  • Cobalt Blue Glass Swan

    Cobalt Blue Glass Swan

  • Murano Glass Swan

    Murano Glass Swan

  • Swan w/jam jar & spoon

    Swan w/jam jar & spoon

  • Hand Blown Glass Swans

    Hand Blown Glass Swans

  • Glass Swan Powder Jar

    Glass Swan Powder Jar

  • Painting - oriental Boat

    Painting - oriental Boat

  • White Flower Basket

    White Flower Basket

  • Cedar Full-size Bed

    Cedar Full-size Bed

  • Cedar Wardrobe

    Cedar Wardrobe

  • Cedar Chest of Drawers

    Cedar Chest of Drawers

  • Marble Top East Lake Mahogany Table

    Marble Top East Lake Mahogany Table

  • Afgan


  • Coffee Table

    Coffee Table

  • Platform Rocker & Stool

    Platform Rocker & Stool

  • wooden Stool

    wooden Stool

  • Gold Colored $100 Bank Note

    Gold Colored $100 Bank Note

  • etc.


  • etc.


  • Small New Desk

    Small New Desk

  • Recliner


  • Rocker


  • Rocker


  • Butcher block

    Butcher block

  • 1 door small Cabinet

    1 door small Cabinet

  • Doll high chair

    Doll high chair

  • Small Dresser

    Small Dresser

  • Lily Lamp

    Lily Lamp

  • Duck/Rabbit/ Swan Planters

    Duck/Rabbit/ Swan Planters

  • Biscotta Jar

    Biscotta Jar

  • Large Brandy Sniffer

    Large Brandy Sniffer

  • thermometer


  • Large Ceramic Candle Holder

    Large Ceramic Candle Holder

  • Sewing Chest

    Sewing Chest

  • Chicken Planter

    Chicken Planter

  • Wooden Chicken

    Wooden Chicken

  • Chicken w/Menu Board

    Chicken w/Menu Board

  • Metal Chicken Pic

    Metal Chicken Pic

  • Chicken Teapot

    Chicken Teapot

  • Ceramic Chicken planter

    Ceramic Chicken planter

  • Ceramic Chicken - Portugal

    Ceramic Chicken - Portugal

  • Wooden Chicken

    Wooden Chicken

  • Chicken Teapot

    Chicken Teapot

  • Chicken Dutch Oven

    Chicken Dutch Oven

  • Large Glass & Metal Holder w/apples

    Large Glass & Metal Holder w/apples

  • Small Glove

    Small Glove

  • Large Goose

    Large Goose

  • Small duck

    Small duck

  • Duck Teapot

    Duck Teapot

  • Wooden duck

    Wooden duck

  • Leaded Glass

    Leaded Glass

  • Red Glass Jar - Meal Lid

    Red Glass Jar - Meal Lid

  • Home Co Bird & Babe

    Home Co Bird & Babe

  • Mini Bird Hotel

    Mini Bird Hotel

  • Tissue Ceramic Holcer

    Tissue Ceramic Holcer

  • Carnival Glass

    Carnival Glass

  • 1970s Bread Warmer

    1970s Bread Warmer

  • Iris & Herringbone Bowl

    Iris & Herringbone Bowl

  • Brass Bug/ashtray

    Brass Bug/ashtray

  • Glass Holder w/straws

    Glass Holder w/straws

  • Cast Iron Ashtray

    Cast Iron Ashtray

  • Sewing Box

    Sewing Box

  • Organizer


  • Umbrella Stand

    Umbrella Stand

  • Stadium Seats

    Stadium Seats

  • Lots of Avon Red Cape Cod

    Lots of Avon Red Cape Cod

  • Green Stemware & Tumblers

    Green Stemware & Tumblers

  • Wire Free Standing Hanger

    Wire Free Standing Hanger

  • Metal Tea Cup Wall Decor

    Metal Tea Cup Wall Decor

  • Candle Holder

    Candle Holder

  • Metal Bread Box

    Metal Bread Box

  • Metal Can Holder

    Metal Can Holder

  • Wooden Box

    Wooden Box

  • Table/Magazine Rack

    Table/Magazine Rack

  • Animal Trap

    Animal Trap

  • New Playmobil

    New Playmobil

  • CD/VCR Shelves

    CD/VCR Shelves

  • Painted Table

    Painted Table

  • Plant Stand

    Plant Stand

  • Single Bar Stool

    Single Bar Stool

  • Metal Work Bench

    Metal Work Bench

  • 7 1/4" Craftsman Circular Saw

    7 1/4" Craftsman Circular Saw

  • Weedeater


  • Wook Bench

    Wook Bench

  • Wood Lathe

    Wood Lathe

  • Band Saw - new

    Band Saw - new

  • Chair


  • Portable Checkerboard Table

    Portable Checkerboard Table

  • Shoe Rack

    Shoe Rack

  • Mirrored Tray

    Mirrored Tray

  • Truck Model

    Truck Model

  • Star Trek Glasses

    Star Trek Glasses

  • Model-Volkswagen


  • Plastic Helicopter

    Plastic Helicopter

  • View Master

    View Master

  • Transformers


  • Old Cribbage Game

    Old Cribbage Game

  • Pick Up Sticks

    Pick Up Sticks

  • Pirates of the Carribbean

    Pirates of the Carribbean

  • Large Mixed Media Art by RW Kirshner

    Large Mixed Media Art by RW Kirshner

  • RW Kirshner

    RW Kirshner

  • RW Kirshner

    RW Kirshner

  • RW Kirsher

    RW Kirsher