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Auction Information
Auctioneer Horst Auctioneers 717-738-3080
Auction Date Nov 18 Auction
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Ephrata, PA
Time 09:00AM
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AuctionZip Auctioneer ID# 1356

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Lot: 176 - 3 hearth cooking utensils

ca. 1700-1800s; three-footed revolving plate warmer with ball top handle, shaped revolving grid and handled three foot base, 9 1/4"d, 15 1/2"x 3 1/2"; small round revolving plate warmer with a wooden tip handled, three-foot base and four straps with

Lot: 177 - Large wood turned butter bowl

ca. 1850; turned softwood kitchen chopping bowl with light varnish finish, 16 1/4"x 5 1/4"

Lot: 178 - Red stained oak splint pantry box

ca. 1820; PA form oak splint bent wood pantry box with red stained surface, pine lid and bottom and band on lid with feather cut lap, 5 1/2"d, 3"h

Lot: 179 - 6 wrought iron kitchen utensils

ca. 1700-1900s; primitive form tulip design spatula with short straight handle, 4 1/4"x 10 1/2"; relic round tasting ladle, 2 3/4"x 16 1/2"; relic heavy spatula, 4"x 17 1/2"; dated 1756 two-tine flesh fork with round punch decoration and ball top

Lot: 180 - 3 pieces wrought iron hearth cookware

ca. 1700-1800s; small handled snakehead foot tripod with wrapped rattail handle, 7"d, 3 1/4"h; large pan handled tripod with spear center braces and round top handle, 11 1/2"d, 6 3/4"h; late combination footed and hanging plate warmer with eye hook

Lot: 181 - 2 hand wrought gridirons

ca. 1700-1900s; early fork and rack style rack with seven tine iron grid, two applied feet and rattail hanger handle, 10 1/2"x 25 1/2"x 3; later heart-handled pad foot drippings rack with catcher, half tube grid and drippings catcher tray, 10 1/2"x

Lot: 182 - 5 wooden kitchen accessories

ca. 1700-1900s; Appalachian-style hollowed log hand carved softwood milk pitcher with spout, hinged lid, reapplied bottom and tapered handled top; turned oak ball shaped pitcher with handle; maple turned and carved tall handled pitcher with spout;

Lot: 183 - 2 wrought iron primitives

ca. 1700-1800s; heavy warming rack to hang over fire crane with raised rod plate brace, 12 1/4"x 11"x 7"; combination plate warmer with snake head pad foot base and triangular hanger, 6 1/4"x 8 1/2"x 8 3/4"

Lot: 184 - 2 tin reflector ovens

ca. 1850-1930; large half round bird roaster with hand wrought spit, large molded and wired door and two tote handles; late campfire baking oven with tray on rack design, sloped roaster, triangular prop feet and a wired tote handle, 14 1/4"x 8 1/4"x

Lot: 185 - 3 adjustable kettle trammels

ca. 1700-1800s; two bar and hook style trammels with wrap over hooks, 1 3/4"x 4"x 32"-53" & 1 1/2"x 5"x 40 1/2"-71"; sawtooth rack on rod trammel with ring style hanger and wrapped strap hook, 2"x 2"x 38"-53"

Lot: 186 - 3 pieces of fireplace cookware

ca. 1700-1900s; cast iron tripod "footman" with decorative pierced round plate on tapered rod legs, 9 1/4"d, 12 1/2"h; handled dripping catcher gridiron with sloped trough shaped racks, 10 1/2"x 19 1/2"x 4"; make-do sheet metal and wrought stand

Lot: 187 - 3 small reflector ovens

ca. 1800-1930; two-part pan on rack oven with hinged lid, wired side and top handle, 10"x 4 1/2"x 7 3/4"; make-do long half round reflector with strap handle, 11 1/2"x 3 1/2"x 6"; make-do pan base three hook reflector oven with corner spouts and

Lot: 188 - 2 pieces of wrought iron

ca. 1700-1800s; early sawtooth lamp trammel with light gauge rack on adjustable strap, 2"x 26"-38"; hanging adjustable three tine roasting rack with broad hook on bar hanging on a slotted hook strap, 8 3/4"x 19 1/2"x 2 1/2"

Lot: 189 - Copper & tin stove top steam cooker

ca. 1890s; tall cylinder tin steam oven with copper pan, spout base, slide door, interior with three round tin trays and domed lid with tote handle, 11 1/2"d, 24"h

Lot: 190 - 3 pieces of wrought iron cookware

ca. 1800-1900s; large frying pan with long oblong handle and rattail hook, 14"d, 53 1/2"l; primitive coal shovel with ram's horn topped handle, 7 1/2"x 42"; modern "hell fire" sign log fork with ram's horn topped handle, 5 1/2"x 36"

Lot: 191 - 4 pieces of wrought iron cookware

ca. 1700-1900s; primitive folding salamander-style folding bowl shaped pan with wooden handle, iron upper surface tool decorated and hinge has sliding clip lock, 8"d, 56"l; flip toaster with U-shaped clip, hooks on simple eye pivot and mounted on a

Lot: 192 - Hewn log hog trough

ca. 1700-1900s; make-do hog trough hewn from a log with upper surface squared then deep trough hewn with thick tapered ends, sides straight square hewn, exterior bark removed and bottom slightly flattened, 38 1/2"x 12 1/2"x 8 1/2"

Lot: 193 - 2 wooden primitives

ca. 1800s; willow banded dasher style butter churn with bent willow bands, turned funnel center lid and X half lap dasher on drawn work yellow pine handle, 7"-10"d base, 38" dasher; push broom with corn husk bristles mounted on a 2"x 3" plank on a

Lot: 194 - Hollow log corn milling mortar & pestle

ca. 1700-1800s; barrel type log mortar with gouge chiseled interior, axe hewn exterior and a plank base, 17 1/2"d, 32"h; hand shaped double end pestle, 3 1/4"d, 45"l

Lot: 195 - Ceremonial carved mortar & pestle

ca. 1900s; poui milling mortar in hour glass shape with high relief carved exterior with extensive poui tree flower and vine design, 11 1/2"d, 30 3/4"h and matched carved pestle, 3"d, 31 1/2"h

Lot: 196 - 2 hewn log grain mortars

ca. 1700-1900s; tribal influence pedestal based milling vessel with wide bowl-shaped vessel, 17 1/2"d, 22 1/2"h; mortar with high sloped bowl in blue-green stain, 11 1/2"d, 24"h

Lot: 197 - 4 cast iron footed kettles

ca. 1800s; three ball-shaped gypsy kettles with wrought iron rod handles, 8 1/2"d & (2) 9 1/2"d; four quart round kettle with squat feet, cast iron lid and wire handle, 8 1/2"d

Lot: 198 - English vertical roasting tin reflector oven

ca. 1840-1860; reflector oven on four tubular legs with an arch top, round back with access door, tray bottom with drain cap, brass spit jack, key wind model bottle jacks marked "#20 Warranted" hanging from a three-brace hanger with an embossed star

Lot: 199 - Jerome Rice Seed Co. salesman seed display

ca. 1890s; six level seed display designed to fold flat for travel with the tray having a partial label for Rice's Seeds of Cambridge, NY, 19 1/4"x 18 1/4"x 32 1/2" open

Lot: 200 - Grouping of Late Adams Rose

ca. 1910; five handleless cups and saucers with the saucers having black ink back stamps of Royal Arms and "England" or "Staffordshire/ England" and impressed with George Jones Crescent Pottery mark; pair of luncheon plates with black ink back stamp

Lot: 201 - Group of English Staffordshire pearlware

ca. 1825-1850; four color floral decorated plate impressed "Davenport"; Early Adams Rose type small platter impressed "Hall"; Early Adams Rose handleless cup and saucer with scalloped rims and saucer impressed "Adams"; rose variant deep dish; floral

Lot: 202 - Pair of Gaudy Dutch single rose pattern cups &

ca. 1825; English pearlware handleless cups and saucers with single border of yellow buds with connecting yellow line on a blue band

Lot: 203 - 3 Salopian type cups & saucers

ca. 1825; English pearlware Salopian type transfer handleless cups and saucers: polychromal blue, green, orange and yellow colored over sepia transfer of a bird among fruits and flowers; teal green transfer of a cottage and men, blue rim edge, teal

Lot: 204 - Grouping of King Rose pattern items

ca. 1825; three handleless cups and saucers with one as a marriage: two brick red roses with four sectional pink diapered bands with floral sections cups and saucer; one pinkish red rose cup with solid diapered band and pinkish red rose saucer with

Lot: 205 - Grouping of Gem pattern blue transfer ironstone

ca. 1868; English ironstone blue transfer Gem pattern having a spread eagle with twelve-star shield, diamond and triangle stick spatter border, blue ink backstamp "R Hammersley", "Gem" and registration mark: handleless cup and saucer, luncheon plate

Lot: 206 - 5 English Gaudy Welsh items

ca. 1845-1860; earthenware Grape pattern pitcher, 5 1/2"d; earthenware Grape pattern creamer, 2 3/4"d; earthenware Cambrian Rose pattern creamer with a seven-sided base, 3 3/4"d; porcelain octagonal base creamer, 3 3/4"d; porcelain miniature pitcher,

Lot: 207 - Group of English Staffordshire Gaudy Welsh items

ca. 1850-1860; earthenware "Lyre" bowl, 5"d; earthenware "Center Piece" bowl, 6 1/2"d; porcelain handled cup and saucer in "Flower Basket" pattern, 3 3/4"d cup & 5 3/4"d saucer; four porcelain side plates in "Flower Basket" pattern, 6"d

Lot: 208 - Group of porcelain Gaudy Welsh items

ca. 1850; "Hexagon" waste bowl and handled cup and saucer; Buckle biscuit plate with scalloped rim; Buckle creamer; Tricorn pattern handled cup and saucer; unknown floral pattern creamer and handled cup and saucer

Lot: 209 - 3 pieces of stick spatter

ca. 1860; English Staffordshire ironstone holly and pussy willow stick spatter: green and red holly with green pussy willow baluster form covered teapot with blue details, 5 3/4"d; green and mulberry holly with mulberry pussy willow octagonal open

Lot: 210 - 11 cups & saucers, side plate & cup

ca. 1855-1915; pair of cup and saucers with simple red flower and green foliage, black ink back stamp of Royal Arms and "England" and impressed George Jones Crescent Pottery marks and matching side plate and cup; cup and saucer with simple brown

Lot: 211 - Pearlware grouping with Wood's rose motif

ca. 1835; covered rectangular base sugar; waste bowl; handled cup and saucer; cheese plate impressed on base "Wood" and dinner plate impressed "Wood"

Lot: 212 - Group of pearlware

ca. 1835; Early Adams Rose dinner plate; Early Adams Rose handleless cup and saucer with saucer impressed "Adams Warrented Staffordshire"; pair of three color floral motif dinner plates; four color floral motif deep dish

Lot: 213 - 12 sets of handleless cups & saucers

ca. 1835-1890; English Staffordshire earthenware handleless cups and saucers with brushed or stick spatter designs: one impressed "Wood" and another "Adams"

Lot: 214 - Stick spatter child's tea set

ca. 1860-1930; British Staffordshire earthenware child's tea set with band of blue stick spatter flowers and foliage between a pair of vertical red dots design: covered bulbous teapot, covered bulbous sugar bowl, bulbous creamer, four handled cups

Lot: 215 - 2 stick spatter cups & saucers

ca. 1855; two groupings of English Staffordshire pearlware handleless cups and saucers with stick spatter designs; group of six in an unnamed pattern with a green band of stylized flower buds bracketed by a pair of red bands of hollow diamonds each

Lot: 216 - 7 cup & saucer sets

ca. 1825-1850; English Staffordshire pearlware: five matched sets and two mismatched sets of handleless cups and saucer with one saucer impressed "Adams" and another saucer impressed "E Wood & Sons, Warrented Burslem/ Semi China"

Lot: 217 - Metal Craft Corp. Heinz pure food pressed steel

ca. 1930s; pressed steel delivery truck with Heinz trade logo on white body, green painted wheels and grill, Goodrich rubber tires, back gate and spare tire, 12"x 4 1/4"x 5 1/4"

Lot: 218 - 2 Hubley mother & foal bookends

ca. 1950s; both brown mares with small foals and mounted on bevel edge mahogany blocks attributed to Hubley of Lancaster, PA, 7 3/4"x 3 1/2"x 6"

Lot: 219 - Keystone Mfg. ride-em steam shovel

ca. 1940-1950s; red, gray and black painted pressed steel digger toy with original Marx Toy patent on label, 22"x 7"x 14 1/2"

Lot: 220 - Hubley horse doorstop

ca. 1950s; full figure #345 chestnut color horse doorstop with black mane and tail, two front legs with white accent and back standard chestnut, 12"x 10 1/2"

Lot: 221 - Buddy L pressed steel concrete mixer toy

ca. 1950-1960s; green and yellow painted pressed steel concrete mixer with hand crank, dump lever and side chute on eight hard rubber wheels marked "Buddy L Toys, East Moline, Ill", 9 1/4"x 11 1/4"x 7 3/4"

Lot: 222 - 5 Spaniel dog cast iron paper weight figures

ca. 1940-1950s; all figures appear to be catalog #428 Cocker Spaniels with various fur colors and accents, 3 1/2"x 2 1/2"

Lot: 223 - Keystone ride-em steam shovel

ca. 1920s; first generation pressed steel steam shovel on steel roller wheel in dark green and black paint with spool design crank wheel and dump bucket, 20"x 7 1/4"x 14 1/2"

Lot: 224 - 2 mare & foal bookends attributed to Hubley

ca. 1950-1960s; both bookends with chestnut color mares with black manes and tails and foals painted to match the mare both mounted to bevel edge mahogany base, 8"x 3 1/2"x 5 1/2"

Lot: 225 - Keystore ride-em locomotive

ca. 1960s; Keystone #6400 black and silver locomotive with silver plated seat, cab roof, tender, hand rail, stack and catcher assembly on a black chassis and tank with red pressed steel wheels, Keystone hard rubber tires and red painted T steering

Lot: 226 - 7 cast iron horse paperweights

ca. 1950-1960s; three palomino colors in light red and brown color; four chestnut horses with black paint on mane and tail; all attributed to Hubley, 3 1/2"x 3"

Lot: 227 - Buddy L aerial truck

ca. 1920-1930s; pressed steel red truck with operational steering front end, pressed steel wheels, swivel operating boom with two original pressed steel ladders and four aftermarket pressed steel ladders, 34"x 8 1/2"x 10"

Lot: 228 - Hubley horse figure

ca. 1960s; chestnut color thoroughbred with front hoof white socks, mane and tail with black paint, horse mounted to bevel edge mahogany block, 10 1/4"x 3 1/2"x 8 1/4"

Lot: 229 - Pressed tin Buddy L steam shovel

ca. 1940-1950s; blue and yellow painted steam shovel on hard rubber tires with an enclosed cab, boom and swing arm with bucket, 7"x 22"x 12 1/2"

Lot: 230 - Cobalt decorated stoneware jar

ca. 1870; salt glazed cylindrical jar with brushed cobalt feathered motifs, tooled flattened rim with everted neck and lower bead and Albany slip glaze interior attributed to Remmy Pottery, Phila, PA, 6"d, 8 1/2"h

Lot: 231 - 3 gallon cobalt decorated stoneware cooler

ca. 1875; cylindrical stoneware cooler with brushed floral motif and feathered foliage and impressed "3" with an extended bung hole encircled by a brushed cobalt band, tooled flattened rim with everted neck and lower bead, sloped shoulder and Albany

Lot: 232 - 3 gallon cobalt decorated stoneware crock

ca. 1865; cylindrical stoneware crock with brushed bird design on a feathered foliage branch impressed "FB Norton, Worcester, Mass" (Frank B Norton) and "3" with a flattened rolled rim, pair of lug ear handles and an Albany slip glaze interior, 11

Lot: 233 - 4 gallon cobalt decorated stoneware crock

ca. 1860-1890; salt glazed cylindrical crock with slipped cobalt "4" and flourish, flattened tooled rim over three incised rings, pair of lug ear handles and Albany slip glaze interior, 10 3/4"d, 12 1/2"h

Lot: 234 - Cobalt decorated stoneware cake crock

ca. 1865; salt glazed cylindrical cake crock with bright brushed cobalt continuous band of foliage and fuchsia type flowers, applied lug ear handles and flattened collared rim over band of six incised rings, 11 3/4"d, 6 1/2"h

Lot: 235 - 4 gallon ES&B; jug

ca. 1885; salt glazed jug with cobalt stenciled motif "4/ ES&B" with a glassy, pebbly glaze and Albany slip glaze interior, 10 3/4"d, 15 3/4"h

Lot: 236 - 2 stoneware jars with cobalt designs

ca. 1880; two salt glazed stoneware cylindrical jars with simple three stroke brushed floral motifs on three sides, tooled flattened rims and indented necks: larger jar with "1 1/2" impressed on shoulder, 7 1/2"d, 11"h; shorter jar, 6 3/4"d, 10"h

Lot: 237 - Cobalt decorated stoneware canning jar

ca. 1875; small salt glazed slightly bulbous stoneware canning jar with cobalt stenciled design of a union shield with a wreath over a brushed squiggly line and straight line all under a blurry line and faint rim line, flattened rolled and tooled rim

Lot: 238 - Sewer tile lion doorstop

ca. 1900-1930; figural doorstop of a sculptured recumbent lion on a rectangular plinth having an unglazed surface with brown paint probably of Ohio origin, 7 1/4"x 9 1/2"x 4 3/4"

Lot: 239 - Indian Maiden figural bottle

ca. 1870; deep amber glass Indian Maiden figural bottle with a tooled rounded collar, smooth bottom, single nipple and embossed "Brown's/ Celebrated/ Indian Herb Bitters" and "Patented Feb 11, 1868", 3 1/4"d, 12 1/2"h

Lot: 240 - 2 amber glass Drakes figural Plantation bitters

ca. 1870; six log Drakes figural Plantation bitters bottles: one yellow amber cabin figural bottle with a tooled plain broad sloping collar, smooth bottom, triple nipple and embossed "Drake/1860/ Plantation/ x Bitters" and "Patented 1862", 9 3/4"x 3

Lot: 241 - Dark amber glass ear of corn figural National

ca. 1870; dark amber glass ear of corn bottle embossed "National Bitter" on side and "Patent 1867" on base with a tooled, broad flat collar sloping to a heavy rounded ring and a smooth bottom, 2 3/4"d, 12 1/2"h

Lot: 242 - 2 amber glass bitters bottles

ca. 1885; deep amber figural log embossed "HH Warner & Co/Tippecanoe" on side and "Pat Nov 20, 83/ Rochester NY/6" on base with a mushroom collar, 3d, 8 3/4"h; amber sloping sided triangular base bottle embossed on side "The Great Tonic/ Dr

Lot: 243 - Amber glass Rohrer's Wild Cherry Tonic bottle

ca. 1880; deep amber glass sloping four sided bottle embossed "Rohrer's/ Expectoral Wild Cherry Tonic/ Lancaster, PA" with a tooled broad sloping collar above a beveled ring with iron pontil mark on base with dark oxide deposit, 10 1/2"x 2 1/2"x 3

Lot: 244 - 2 amber glass bitters bottles

ca. 1880 & 1925; amber glass square base bottle embossed on side "Lash's Bitters" and retaining the paper labels on two sides and a threaded cap, 9"x 2 3/4"; amber glass figural cabin bottle embossed "HP Herb/ Wild/ Cherry/ Bitters/ Reading/ PA" and

Lot: 245 - 3 amber glass items

ca. 1880-1935; amber glass figural fish bitters bottle embossed "Doctor Fisch's Bitters" and "WH Ware/ Patented 1866" with a tooled narrow ring below a rounded rolled over collar, 11 3/4"x 2 1/2"x 4 1/4"; amber glass figural fish cod liver oil bottle

Lot: 246 - 6 tonic/bitters bottles

ca. 1880-1900; one uncolored square base bottle embossed "Vermo Stomach Bitters", "Tonic and Appetizer" and bottom with "681" within a diamond and "4" having a tooled narrow ring below a plain lip, 9 1/2"x 2 3/4"; light greenish-aqua square base

Lot: 247 - 2 cobalt blue glass master ink bottles

ca. 1900-1920; two cobalt blue glass master ink bottles both with smooth bases: hexagonal base cathedral form embossed "CA/RT/ER" on foot and "CARTER'S/C101" on base, 3 1/2"w, 9 3/4"h; round base with applied pour spout embossed "S.S. Stafford's Ink/

Lot: 248 - 2 green glass cordial/bitters bottles

ca. 1870-1880; one pint bluish-green square based bottle embossed "L & C Wishart's/ Pine Tree Tax Cordial Phila" with conifer and "Patent 1859", 7 3/4"x 2 1/4"; one quart emerald green square based bottle embossed "Canteen Bitters for all disorders

Lot: 249 - 3 amber bitters bottles

ca. 1880; one embossed "Dr J. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters" and bottom embossed "62/IC COL" with a tooled plain broad sloping collar, 8 3/4"x 2 1/2"; one embossed "HE Bucklen & Co Chicago, Ill./"Electric Brand Bitters" with a plain broad sloping

Lot: 250 - 5 amber glass bottles

ca. 1870-1890; high slightly bulbous neck round base bottle embossed "Bell's/ Cocktail/ Bitters/ JAsM Bell & CO/ New York" with a tooled flat ring below plain lip; rectangular base bottle embossed "Dr Von Hoffs/ Chamberlain & Co Des Moines Iowa/

Lot: 251 - 2 barrel form amber bitters bottles

ca. 1880; both with round smooth bottoms, tooled flanged lips with flat tops and squared edges: one with an embossed legend "Old Sachem/ Bitters/ And/ Wigwam Tonic" with a whittled surface, 3 1/2"d, 9 1/4"h; one olive-amber with embossed legend

Lot: 252 - 2 aquamarine calabash bottles

ca. 1855; both with broad sloping collars: one quart plus Jenny Lind portrait flask with glass house and "S Huffsey" on reverse with an iron pontil mark and traces of black iron oxide and a whittled surface, 10 1/2"x 4 1/2"x 5 3/4"; one with large

Lot: 253 - Bluish aqua three mold glass large pickle jar

ca. 1870-1930; large pickle jar in bluish-aqua three mold glass in slight baluster form with raised relief roses and foliage design having a rounded collar with rough unfinished rim and a smooth bottom, 6 3/4"d, 15 1/2"h

Lot: 254 - Uncolored blown glass bottle with copper wheel

ca. 1840-1860; uncolored blown glass bottle having a rectangular base with concave corners and all over copper wheel engraving, one side stem with grape clusters, leaves and tendrils and other side with two columns each topped by a bird between a

Lot: 255 - Uncolored blown glass decanter with stopper

ca. 1840; uncolored slightly bulbous glass decanter with three applied neck rings, scarred base and ground pressed glass sunburst disk stopper, 4"d, 9 1/4"h

Lot: 256 - Uncolored blown glass decanter with stopper

ca. 1780-1930; uncolored taper-shaped blown glass decanter with shoulder band of copper wheel engraving, neck ring of a feathered wreath, scarred base and ground tear drop stopper with cut fluted edge and vertical band of notches, 3 3/4"d, 10 1/2"h

Lot: 257 - Sunburst 12 block pieced quilt

ca. 1875; red, green and yellow printed and pieced cotton stars on a yellow ground with blue and red print inner borders and pink print outer border and hand-stitched quilting following pattern lines, 94"x 74"

Lot: 258 - 3 various antique cloth mats

ca. 1870-1920; early round hot mat in sunburst design with stacked triangular scraps on a chintz pad, 8"d; tightly braided oval table mat in brown and tan colors, 12 3/4"x 8"; tightly braided round mat with browns, blues, reds and tans, 13 1/2"d

Lot: 259 - Daniel Baker jacquard pattern coverlet

ca. 1837; woven by Daniel Baker for Mary Staugh featuring a floral border with inner floral and star block deigns in blue and red wool and white cotton with a 2+1 weave, three self-fringed sides and a rolled top hem, 78"x 72"

Lot: 260 - Pair of framed appliqued & initialed pillow case

ca. 1850; pair of framed pillow shams with initialed centers "G.B. L.B." with applique of green and red flower pinwheel with red star ball shaped middle, [Provenance: purchased directly from Hattie Brunner by the current owner in the early 1970s], 19

Lot: 261 - 18 block pieced star quilt

ca. 1840-1860; red and white printed cotton and white cotton star pattern quilt with white ground and back, cable quilting pattern around edges, triangular and pattern following star quilting in center and a hand-sewn edge, 76"x 74"

Lot: 262 - Rectangular wool cat's tongue rug

ca. unknown; rug with wool scraps cut in cat's tongue design and band with cotton line overlap stitch border mounted to a purple and blue hemp material then mounted to a machine stitched black quilt back, 21"x 45"

Lot: 263 - Pieced block quilt

ca. 1860; eighty-eight block pieced quilt with alternating red and green printed cotton with yellow print cotton surrounded by large pink border and a red, gray, black and white geometric printed back, 76"x 64"

Lot: 264 - Quilted Mennonite privy bag

ca. 1830-1860; made of early solid and calico fabrics with urn of flowers in diamond center in blue square with a large yellow and red sawtooth border, original cloth hanger hasps at upper corners of bag, [Provenance: Purchased by the current owner

Lot: 265 - Emanuel Meily jacquard pattern coverlet

ca. 1848; woven by Emanuel Meily, Lebanon, PA for M. Light featuring a 2+1 jacquard weave in blue, red and green wool and white cotton with an applied fringe bottom edge, self-fringe sides and a rolled top hem, 94"x 84"

Lot: 266 - 2 vintage paint decorated pantry boxes

ca. 1830-1900; yellow painted round pantry box with ash tapered square lap, pine bottom and top with ash spear tip lap band, softwood lid and iron nails, 9 1/2"d, 4"h; blue painted round pantry box with tapered square lap, pine top and bottom and

Lot: 267 - Swing handle oak splint basket

ca. 1850-1900; steam bent swing handle with steam bent loop and oak splint basket with raised center, gray-green paint and a double braced rim, 8 1/2"-12"d, 7"h

Lot: 268 - C. Wilder & Son blue painted firken

ca. 1840-1860; coopered swing handle firkin in light blue milk paint with ash splint bands and band on lid, steam bent and pegged swing handle and lid press signed "C. Wilder & Son, So Hingham, Mass", 9"-10"d, 10 1/4"h

Lot: 269 - Swing handle oak splint gathering basket

ca. 1850-1900; drawn and steam bent ash handle on swing eyes with double braced rim and domed center, 15 1/4"d, 9 3/4"

Lot: 270 - Green painted pantry box with pinwheel stencil

ca. 1830; steam bent ash band box in dark green with red and black pinwheel stencil decoration, side stenciled "W.S. Eaton" with square tapered lap, iron nail row of tacks and softwood lid and bottom, 7 1/4"d, 4 3/4"h

Lot: 271 - 2 oak splint gathering baskets

ca. 1860-1920; broad slat handled basket with raised slat bottom, single rim rail, bulbous shape and shellac finish, 12"d, 11 1/2"h; field basket with domed bottom, lock rail design to handle and double railed rim, 15 1/2"d, 16"h

Lot: 272 - Mustard painted pantry box

ca. 1860; round oak band box in mustard milk paint with wooden grasp on wire swing handle, square taper overlap and thick band on softwood lid and iron tacks at overlap union, 11 1/2"d, 6 1/2"h

Lot: 273 - 2 painted pantry boxes

ca. 1830-1860; ash band box in red wash with square taper lap with four rows of copper nails, pine lid and bottom and an ash band on lid, 9 1/4"x 4 1/2"; green painted thin ash band box with single row of tacks and ash band softwood, 9"x 4 1/2"

Lot: 274 - Melon shaped table basket

ca. 1860-1910; oak splint melon shaped basket with woven pedestal rest and woven web covered handle, 12"x 10 1/2"x 11"

Lot: 275 - Red painted double band pantry box

ca. 1840-1870; steam bent ash band box in red milk paint with ash banded softwood lid and wire swing handle, 11 3/4"d, 6 1/4"h

Lot: 276 - Pair of nesting painted pantry boxes

ca. 1830-1870; medium size pantry box with early white lead paint, ash side and rim of lid with pine lid and bottom in iron tack construction, 9 1/2"x 4 3/4"; large size blue/green painted pantry box with ash side and rim on lid with fir bottom in

Lot: 277 - Large lidded yarn basket

ca. 1850-1900; large round flat bottom ash splint basket with drawn and steam bent handle with notch lock, large round lid with transitional raised weave center and basket bottom with broad slats, 15 1/2"d, 16 1/2"h

Lot: 278 - Red painted pantry box

ca. 1840; red painted pantry box in tapered flat square joint with iron tacks, steam bent ash side and rim with a softwood lid and bottom in wooden peg construction, 9 1/2"d, 5 1/2"h

Lot: 279 - Finely woven egg basket

ca. 1850-1900; expertly crafted orschbok form basket in fine oak splint webbing with flat weave and handle and rim with wide round-shaped oak slats, 6 3/4"d, 6 3/4"h

Lot: 280 - Blue painted pantry box

ca. 1850; blue painted pantry box with flat square taper joint, oak side and band on lid with the lid and bottom in pine and a wire swing handle, 9"d, 5 1/2"h

Lot: 281 - 2 painted round pantry boxes

ca. 1830-1870; early small red painted pantry box with steam bent ash band on lid and side with a softwood lid and bottom mounted with wooden pegs, 7 1/2"d, 3 1/2"h; large round band box in scrubbed green paint with ash band on lid and sides and

Lot: 282 - 2 oak splint swing handled field baskets

ca. 1800-1890; Taghkanic "bushwacker" style baskets with carved loop swing handles and raised woven bottoms: one with double rod splint rail on rim, carved flat swing handle, steam bent and nailed affixed to flat loop hanger, 15 1/2"d, 12"h; similar

Lot: 283 - Rare Jaquette #3 two handled egg beater

ca. 1893 patent; with two open cast handles and three cogged lever gear action patented by Harry Jarquette, 9 1/2" handles, 4 1/2" gear wheel

Lot: 284 - 2 egg beaters

ca. 1900-1940; pressed steel "The Moore Beater" with pin plate and cog geared mechanism in waffle design with reverse propeller operation, 3"x 10 1/2"x 1 3/4"; Holt's patent right angle hand crank beater with cast hand and gear assembly, 7"x 8 1/2"x

Lot: 285 - 2 decorative footstools

ca. 1850-1930; red grained painted footstool with center mortised legs with half-moon cutouts, beaded aprons and painted with red and brown comb decoration, 12 1/4"x 6 3/4"x 7 3/4"; softwood fancy drawered footstool with center-cut top and wide

Lot: 286 - 2 hand crank egg beaters

ca. 1880-1904; standard wire handled egg beater with small cast gear wheel, round double propeller dashers and two patent dates of 9/21/1880 and 3/8/1881, 2 3/4"x 9 3/4"x 2"; Dover "New Style" beater having a cast handle, open cast gear wheel, crank

Lot: 287 - 4 egg beaters

ca. 1900-1930; patented rotary hand crank beater with wood handle and knob, pressed metal frame, two rows of wire dashers and patent of 706803/8, 3"x 10 1/2"x 3"; A&J Mfg. pump style beater with two blades, paddle wheel dasher and wooden handle, 2

Lot: 288 - 2 child's wooden buckets

ca. 1850-1910; miniature strap beaded candy bucket with wire swing handle impressed on base "E. Murdock & Co" with patent applied for Winchendon, Mass, 4 3/4"d, 3 3/4"h; child's water bucket with brassed tin strap bands and wire swing handle mounted

Lot: 289 - 2 egg beaters

ca. 1881-1930; standard hand crank egg beater with cast iron handle, geared crank with pressed steel two-part round dasher and patent of 3/8/1881, 3"x 10 1/4"x 2"; spring operated Archimedes action beater with twisted wire shaft, pressed steel

Lot: 290 - 2 egg beaters

ca. 1880-1910; Dover pressed steel spoon-shaped egg beaters on a cast iron frame with 2 1/2" gear wheel, 2 1/2"x 9 1/4"x 2"; Lyon's patent applied for double propeller beater with cast frame, double level propeller and pressed steel dashers, 3"x 10

Lot: 291 - Egg basket & redware crock

ca. 1880; oak splint melon shaped egg basket with two slat base, 12"d, 11 1/2"h; interior and exterior glazed redware apple butter crock with raised collar rim, 5"d, 5 1/2"h

Lot: 292 - 4 Gaudy Welsh "Seeing Eye" waste bowls

ca. 1860; all British ironstone in "Seeing Eye" pattern, 5 1/4"- 5 1/2"d

Lot: 293 - 3 Gaudy Welsh "Seeing Eye" luncheon plates & 4

ca. 1856; three English Staffordshire ironstone Gaudy Welsh "Seeing Eye" pattern luncheon plates impressed "E Walley Niagara Shape" and registration mark for 1856, 8 1/2"d; four handleless cups and saucers with one in "Niagara Shape" with impressed

Lot: 294 - 6 Gaudy Welsh "Seeing Eye" plates

ca. 1856-1860; six English Staffordshire ironstone plates: toddy plate with impressed 1856 registration mark in Niagara shape, 5"d; pair of side plates impressed "E Walley Niagara Shape" and registration mark for 1856, 6 3/4"d; three ten-sided

Lot: 295 - 4 flow blue "Morning Glory & Strawberry" plates

ca. 1855; English Staffordshire flow blue ironstone plates with some lustre highlighting in "Morning Glory and Strawberry" pattern: fourteen-sided luncheon plate, 8 1/2"; twelve-sided dinner plate, 9"; pair of dinner plates, 9 1/2"d

Lot: 296 - 3 flow blue "Morning Glory" pattern items

ca. 1860; English Staffordshire flow blue with copper lustre highlighting in "Morning Glory" pattern: fourteen-sided waste bowl, 5 1/2"d; luncheon plate, 8 3/4"d; deep dish, 9 3/4"d

Lot: 297 - 5 English flow blue ironstone plates

ca. 1855 & 1856; three "Black Berry and Leaf" pattern luncheon plates impressed "E Walley Niagara Shape" and registration mark for 1856, 8 1/2"d; fourteen-sided luncheon plate with tulip-like floral design, 8 1/2"; twelve-sided dinner plate in urn

Lot: 298 - 6 English ironstone items

ca. 1860; flow black twelve-sided side plate with strawberries and foliage design; three twelve-sided sauce dishes with flow blue strawberries and foliage design; octagonal open vegetable with blue leaf and flower design; small octagonal open

Lot: 299 - 3 Gaudy earthenware items

ca. 1860-1915; English Staffordshire Gaudy Welsh child's mug in "Grape Variant" pattern, 2 3/4"d; English Staffordshire gaudy ironstone twelve-sided waste bowl, 3 1/2"x 5 1/2"; Dutch Gaudy Welsh type barrel-shaped creamer in "Grape Variant" with

Lot: 300 - 6 English Staffordshire earthenware gaudy items

ca. 1860; three unnamed gaudy ironstone luncheon plates in flower and foliage design and impressed "Ironstone"; two Gaudy Welsh handleless cups and saucers in "Urn & Flowers" pattern and also an extra cup; unnamed Gaudy Welsh type saucer with two

Lot: 301 - Group of English Staffordshire gaudy ironstone

ca. 1860; twelve-sided strawberry motif cheese plate; handleless cup and saucer in strawberry motif; unnamed handleless cup and saucer with three flowered stems bracketed by pairs of copper lustre stalks

Lot: 302 - Group of 8 English Staffordshire gaudy ironstone

ca. 1860; ten-sided cheese plate with three flowers and copper lustre stalks impressed "Pearl White"; saucer with three, three flowered stems bracketed by pairs of cobalt stalks; handleless cup with orange-red flowers and copper lustre detailed

Lot: 303 - 12 Staffordshire cups & saucers

ca. 1860-1930; all earthenware cups and saucers with four in child size and one cup is handled: pair of "Black Beauty or Regout's Flower" pattern with each saucer having a black ink backstamp "Adams/England" or motifs, "Wm Adams &

Lot: 304 - 2 blue band mocha pitchers

ca. 1850; English Staffordshire earthenware blue band mocha pitchers: two band pitcher, 6 1/2"d; teal blue band bracketed by three blue rings all under a blue band, 6"d

Lot: 305 - 12 English Staffordshire cups & saucers

ca. 1810-1855; English Staffordshire earthenware cups and saucers in mostly pearlware and handleless: full floral design in magenta and green with copper lustre highlights and scalloped rims; one blue and red transfer of rural village scenes; simple

Lot: 306 - 16 English Staffordshire children's cups, saucers

ca. 1850-1925; fourteen matching cups and saucers with some stick spatter decorated and the others brushed, one saucer is impressed "Harvey" and are green ink back stamped "Allertons/Persianware/England"

Lot: 307 - Group of English Staffordshire

ca. 1885-1915; English Staffordshire earthenware children's cups and saucers with additions: twelve Gaudy Welsh "Grape" handled cups and saucers with an extra saucer and plate with one cup and saucer having a black ink back stamp "Made in England"

Lot: 308 - 14 English Staffordshire children's cups & saucers

ca. 1835-1890; English Staffordshire earthenware children's cups and saucers with some handleless and pearlware with brushed, stick spatter, blue band mocha and black transfer motifs and two saucers impressed "Adams"; twelve matched sets and two

Lot: 309 - Chester Co. pocket watch hutch

ca. 1800s; primitive dovetail hanging slide lid box with "tombstone" window in pieboard handle sliding door with the back nailed with small cut brad nails and surface darkened with gloss varnish finish, 4"x 1 3/4"x 8"

Lot: 310 - Joseph Lehn paint decorated sewing chest

ca. 1860-1890; fine Lehn's sewing box in dovetailed construction with brown paint on a salmon base, raised panel lid, small turned feet, half round base trim with traditional pussy willow banding; sides, front and top with traditional painted faux

Lot: 311 - Chester Co. paint decorated child's chair

ca. 1830-1880; sponge/cloth paint decorated plank bottom child's chair with yellow and ochre rolled rag paint finish having turned legs, two center arrow spindle, top rail with a cabbage rose type decoration with silver paint and red accent

Lot: 312 - Paint decorated bride's box

ca. 1700-1830; polychrome decorated oval bride's box in splint pine with bands having splint stitching and decorated with large tulip flower motifs and lid with a bride in top hat wearing a tight waisted blue and red dress with white accent and

Lot: 313 - Paint decorated slant lid sewing chest

ca. 1809 dated; Scandinavian influence dovetailed white pine chest in green paint with floral motifs on lids and sides and dated 1809 in red paint with a slant lid that has a pin cushion framed on the lid, early handwrought hardware with small

Lot: 314 - Paint decorated bride's box

ca. 1800s; oval shaped bride's box with blue base featuring a man chopping a large stump scene and a German poem on the lid and the sides having blue base color and bold floral paint accent, 18 1/2"x 11 3/4"x 8 1/4"

Lot: 315 - Softwood paint decorated flour box

ca. 1800s; quarter sawn pine wall box in iron nail construction with peg hinge lid painted green with German script lettering "Mehl" (flour) on front and front sides and lid with colorful floral bouquets, 5 1/2"x 6 1/4"x 8"

Lot: 316 - Paint decorated pine bride's oval band box

ca. 1700-1800s; narrow grain pine box with sides decorated with multi-color tulip banding and lid with a ball-type rose design, 17"x 10 1/2"x 7 3/4"

Lot: 317 - 2 framed miniature memorial pictures

ca. 1840-1860; both European silk prints in cherry veneer frames: one German "Zur Erinnerung Charenton" dated in corner 1839 with hair stitched accent and silk of a couple in a boat on a narrow waterway, 6 3/4"x 5 1/2"; scene of the "Church of

Lot: 318 - Plant stand

ca. 1900; in green paint with three semi-circular shelves on shaped legs, 32"x 17"x 37 1/2"

Lot: 319 - One door cupboard

ca. 1800; paint decorated cupboard with picture frame molding surrounding front, door with four raised panels, H hinges in an ochre paint opening to shelved interior, 39"x 14 1/2"x 54 1/2"

Lot: 320 - Signed Soap Hollow corner cupboard

ca. 1860; walnut one-piece cupboard in black and reddish colored paint with darker swirls, floral decals on top molding and doors, cove molded top over a twelve-light single door with hinges opening to a robin's egg blue interior with five shelves

Lot: 321 - Soap Hollow blanket chest

ca. 1860; poplar chest with black, red and floral decoration, black lid opening to the interior with left side till, front with floral decal decoration over two drawers with matching decoration resting on straight bracket feet, PROVENANCE????????

Lot: 322 - Dough box with base

ca. 1870; cherry dough box with lid and side handles all on a base with splayed cylindrical legs, 42"x 18 1/2"x 29"

Lot: 323 - Grandfathers clock

ca. 1980s; heavily refinished clock case with German movement [Provenance: Found at the same farm as the Soap Hollow corner cupboard and blanket chest, completely refinished and new clock movement in the mid-late 1900s], weight and pendulum, 18

Lot: 324 - Cylinder roll desk

ca. 1860; mahogany diminunitive size desk with carved top, carved side moldings over the cylinder lid with raised panels and carved pulls opening to a pigeon-holed interior with two drawers over a single drawer over a base with raised burled panel,

Lot: 325 - Signed Johannes Seltzer decorated blanket chest

ca. 1807; chest with decorated lid consisting of two painted panels opening to an interior with left side till and butt hinges; the chest front retains the original vibrant colors on two panels with an urn and flowers in each, urns both signed

Lot: 326 - Blanket chest

ca. 1825; pine chest in ochre paint with blue fern-like design over entire chest, lid opens to the interior with left side till, butt hinges, keeper and lock, all resting on boldly turned feet, 44"x 19 1/2"x 23 1/2"

Lot: 327 - Bucket bench

ca. 1850; four shelf bench with three compartment top over two shelves with shaped skirted sides all in an old red wash, 45"x 13 1/2"x 42"

Lot: 328 - Blanket chest

ca. 1800; in pine with a geometrically painted surface and strap hinges on original straight bracket feet, 52 1/2"x 23"x 24"

Lot: 329 - Table top display case

ca. 1810; poplar case with old bluish-green paint in mortised, tenon and pegged construction with nine light top, three lights on each side and four lights in front, 36 1/2"x 30"x 14 1/2"

Lot: 330 - Cherry slant front desk

ca. 1820; slant lid opening to eight drawers with six pigeon hole interior over two over three drawers and recessed side panels, all resting on turned Sheraton legs, 42"x 48"x 24"

Lot: 331 - Centennial low boy chest

ca. 1880; walnut chest in a formal form having a molded top with scalloped corners over a single drawer over three smaller drawers over a shaped apron with center shell carving resting on cabriole legs with shell carved knees and trifid feet and

Lot: 332 - Chest of drawers

ca. 1800; walnut and figured walnut chest with three over four drawers, molded top, brass bale drawer pulls and resting on ogee bracket feet, 41 1/2"x 21 1/2"x 47"

Lot: 333 - Dutch cupboard

ca. 1800; cove molded top over twelve light, two door top over two drawers over two doors with raised panels resting on straight bracket feet, 49 1/2"x 20 1/2"x 83"

Lot: 334 - Sheraton chest of drawers

ca. 1815; cherry chest with rectangular top over four drawers with brass pulls and recessed sides resting on turned legs, 41"x 20"x 46"

Lot: 335 - Enterprise #9 coffee mill

ca. 7/12/90 patent; store model coffee mill with two 19 1/2" fly wheels with double compass open casting, red and blue paint and gold leaf accent paint, large hopper lid with brass eagle accent, mill housing in red paint with black accent and die-cut

Lot: 336 - Pair of iron Lebanon Co. garden fence sections

ca. 1860-1890; two ornate iron garden gates made by J.B. Lauser, Lebanon, PA with "J. Phillips & Son" across the top of one section and "J.B. Kohr & F. Light" across the top of the other, 31"x 36"

Lot: 337 - Child's miniature high boy chest

ca. 1880-1900; softwood high chest in nail construction with dark staining and light green overpaint, bracket feet, crown molding and three drawers with brass pulls, 17 1/4"x 10 1/2"x 22 1/2"

Lot: 338 - 2 wooden primitives

ca. 1850-1920; homemade winged compass with 18" legs and hand cut mortise and tenon, 18"x 9 1/2"; wooden "giant" two-part straight razor with 9 1/4" folding blade, shield/handle of razor hand shaped of softwood and painted black, 18 1/4"x 2 1/2"x 1

Lot: 339 - Pair of flint glass whale oil lamps

ca. 1700-1800s; matched pair of pedestal based fluid lamps with fancy octagon shaft, fluted font, pewter collars and two stem burners with pewter caps, 3"x 3"x 9 1/4"

Lot: 340 - English walnut veneered utensil box

ca. 1850; slanted lift lid box with serpentine front having a walnut crotch grain veneer and accented banding, 8 1/2"x 9 1/2"x 13 3/4"

Lot: 341 - Pharisee & Tax Collector iron stove plate

ca. 1742; fire plate from a jamb stove depicting the biblical account from Luke 18 of a Pharisee kneeling at the altar while the publican has clasped hands under vaulted doorway, 25 1/2"x 25"

Lot: 342 - Red painted carpenter's tool tray

ca. 1930-1950; long softwood tool tray with high pitched sides, center rail handle, interior four holes for screwdrivers and ends braced with metal bands all in red milk paint, 32"x 8 3/4"x 14 1/4"

Lot: 343 - 2 early kitchen primitives

ca. 1700-1800s; English block style sugar nipper mounted to a quarter sawn oak base with spade tip blades affixed on a turned brass stand, 14 1/2"x 3 3/4"x 6 3/4"; large turned cherry fixed handle rolling pin, 3 1/4"d, 23"h

Lot: 344 - 3 wrought iron fireplace primitives

ca. 1700-1800s; pair of small diamond faceted fire dogs/andirons with pad feet and dog's head bend on front, 8 1/4"x 15 1/2"x 11 3/4"; ember tongs with ball topped handle, 25"

Lot: 345 - 3 wrought iron fireplace primitives

ca. 1700-1800s; large pair of diamond faceted fire dogs/andirons on high feet with two level of hooks, round plate and top with bent neck and a large diamond shape facet, 11 1/2"x 19 1/4"x 21 1/4"; matching ember tongs with diamond faceted top on

Lot: 346 - Painted swing handle field basket

ca. 1900-1930; "bushwacker" type basket painted gray with high arch weave bottom, double weave rim, drawn and steam bent swing handle on a U-shape steam bent bucket and bracket lock notched into rim rail, 16 1/2"d, 12"h

Lot: 347 - Ash/oak splint fish basket

ca. 1800s; two-grasp tall basket with broad slats and webbing and nailed double rail rim, 19"d, 22 1/4"h

Lot: 348 - 2 cast iron plug tobacco cutters

ca. 1800s; "Superb" St. Louis lever operated tobacco plug cutter with 4 1/2" edge and black paint, 18"x 4 1/2"x 7"; Enterprise Mfg. Co., Phila. "The Champion Knife Improved" lever operated shear with 5" edge and black paint with red accent, 19"x 4

Lot: 349 - Enterprise #15 sausage stuffer/press

ca. July 11, 1876 patent; two-quart stuffer/press combination with two cast iron press plates, interior lard screen and lower perforated iron plate, tubular spout, crank handle with wooden knob and mounted on a wooden plank, 7 1/4"x 29" plank

Lot: 350 - 3 copper dipping kettles

ca. 1800-1900s; side handle copper kettle with spout in early form dovetailed construction with hand form tapered socket handle on a large shaped plate and riveted with copper rivets, 5 1/2"- 6 1/2"d; signed Thos. Mills & Bros. #2 three quart kettle

Lot: 351 - DeLaval porcelain trade sign

ca. 1900-1920; rectangular advertising sign for DeLaval cream separators having a yellow background with blue overlay enamel, 16"x 12"

Lot: 352 - DeLaval souvenir match safe

ca. 1908-1920; die cut and lithograph hanging match safe in the shape of a DeLaval milk separator with patent date of 7-28-08 on the bottom of the die cut with a pressed tin bucket and hopper and marked "American Art Sign Co, Brooklyn, NY" and box

Lot: 353 - 2 lithograph & die cut DeLaval cow advertising

ca. 1920s; two tin die cuts for DeLaval Milk Separators by American Art Sign Co, Brooklyn, NY featuring a Holstein cow with DeLaval on her flank, 5 1/2"x 3 1/4" and a calf with a printed track advertisement, 2 3/4"x 2"

Lot: 354 - DeLaval souvenir match safe

ca. 7/28/08 patent; lithograph and die cut tin separator shaped back with pressed tin bucket and hopper top by American Art Sign Co, 3 1/2"x 6 3/4"x 1 1/4"

Lot: 355 - Disc Bell Telephone porcelain sign

ca. 1930s; disc sign with white background and blue secondary overlay of a bell and "Public Telephone", 7"d

Lot: 356 - Sharples Cream Separator advertising pot scraper

ca. 1909; die cut and lithographed trade advertising pot scraper with advertising litho of "Sharples Tubular Cream Separator" with a dairy maid and machine in foreground and trade information on the back, 2 1/4"x 3 1/2"

Lot: 357 - Horseshoe #2 salesman sample wash wringer

ca. 1900-1910; salesman sample with 4" rubber coated rollers, hand crank and trade advertising on wooden upper and lower strips, 11"x 3 1/2x 5"

Lot: 358 - Group of English Staffordshire

ca. 1850; three English Staffordshire porcelain miniature Gaudy Welsh "Grape" pattern wash bowls and pitchers and porcelain small child's mug in unnamed pattern of orange-red centered flower with blue petals among grape-like fruits

Lot: 359 - 16 English Staffordshire children's cups & saucers

ca. 1835-1935; English Staffordshire earthenware cups and saucers with some handleless and pearlware with brushed or stick spatter motifs: three saucers have green ink back stamp "Allertons/ Persian Ware/England" and impressed crown mark and one

Lot: 360 - Set of English Staffordshire earthenware stick

ca. 1900; stick spatter with a band yellow centered blue and red flowers and green foliage with black ink back stamp of Royal Arms and "England" and impressed with George Jones Crescent Pottery mark: eleven luncheon/dinner plates; seven handleless

Lot: 361 - English Staffordshire earthenware dishes

ca. 1845; earthenware dishes with floral mulberry brush work: three toddy plates; two side dishes; two cheese plates; two deep dishes; two dinner plates

Lot: 362 - English Staffordshire pearlware dishes

ca. 1830; English Staffordshire pearlware dishes with stylized floral design with indented rims: pair of luncheon plates, 9"d; pair of deep dishes, 9"d

Lot: 363 - English Staffordshire pearlware spatter pitcher

ca. 1845; English Staffordshire pearlware spatter blue band wash bowl with bull's eye center, 11 3/4"d and baluster form pitcher, 6 1/2"d

Lot: 364 - English Staffordshire earthenware

ca. 1845-1860; dinner plate with red spatter band on rim and central red stenciled star burst motif, 9"d; child's handleless cup and saucer with all over brown spatter, 3"d cup, 4 1/2"d saucer

Lot: 365 - 3 English Staffordshire blue spatter creamers

ca. 1850; English Staffordshire earthenware blue spatter: squat bulbous form with pale blue spatter and acanthus leaf handle terminals, 3 3/4"d; bulbous form with acanthus leaf handle terminals and un-spattered foot, 3 3/4"d; eight paneled ballast

Lot: 366 - 3 English Staffordshire spatter cups & saucers

ca. 1845; handleless cups and saucers: child's blue spatter in "Thistle" pattern; wide red spatter band; wide blue spatter band; wide blue spatter band saucer with central rose motif

Lot: 367 - 4 English Staffordshire transfer dishes

ca. 1860; English Staffordshire earthenware dishes with transfers and blue spattered borders: twelve-sided blue trasnfer of fruit dinner plate, 9"; twelve-sided dinner plate with red transfer of peafowl on fountain; dinner plate with black transfer

Lot: 368 - 3 English Staffordshire cups & saucers

ca. 1850; blue spatter handleless cups and saucers: one in overall spatter; one wide rim band with central dot; coarse spatter with open center saucer

Lot: 369 - Group of English Staffordshire spatter

ca. 1860; octagonal base and paneled blue spatter creamer with two sepia transfers of a spread eagle and thirteen starred shield; handled blue spatter cup and saucer with cup having a black transfer of horsemen and horses and saucer with black

Lot: 370 - Group of English Staffordshire blue spatter

ca. 1860-1910; English Staffordshire earthenware blue spatter partial child's tea service: eight-sided columnar form covered teapot, covered sugar, creamer; two round plates with brown ink back stamp "Staffordshire/England"; seven handled cups and

Lot: 371 - Group of English Staffordshire cups & saucers

ca. 1850-1885; blue spatter cups and saucers: four children's cups (one handled and three handleless); five saucers; one regular handleless cup

Lot: 372 - Group of English Staffordshire

ca. 1835-1930; sixteen English Staffordshire earthenware cups and saucers in brushed and stick spatter motifs: eleven are child sized with matching plate with one saucer impressed "Adams", another with brown ink back stamp "Staffordshire/England" and

Lot: 373 - 4 English Staffordshire dishes

ca. 1835; earthenware dishes in Early Adams Rose and Early Adams Rose variant patterns: two dinner plates and two deep dishes

Lot: 374 - 10 English Staffordshire Early Adams Rose dishes

ca. 1830; pearlware dishes in Early Adams Rose pattern with some impressed "Adams" and some with beaded rims: pair of side dishes; deep dish; cheese plate; four various luncheon plates; two dinner plates

Lot: 375 - Stoneware butter churn & covered jar

ca. 1885; cylindrical butter churn with a tooled banded rim with interior lid ledge and period wooden cover and plunger, 7 1/4"d, 9 1/4"h, 24 1/2"h plunger; cylindrical covered jar with flattened rolled rim and interior lid ledge and disk cover with

Lot: 376 - 2 Bristol glazed stoneware items

ca. 1900-1930; cobalt washed covered cylindrical canister with four molded daisy-like flowers on a raised grid of squares, hanging lid with cobalt washed rim and outer band of raised squares grid with a recessed button knob, 7 1/2"d, 5 3/4"h; cobalt

Lot: 377 - 3 Bristol glazed stoneware items

ca. 1900-1930; tapered cylindrical pitcher with cobalt washed rim and foot and molded wild rose and foliage motif on a basket weave background, 5 1/4"d, 8 3/4"h; bulbous table pitcher with simple floral stencil on two sides and cobalt on rim edge, 6

Lot: 378 - 3 gallon stoneware jug

ca. 1860-1930; salt glazed cylindrical jug with cobalt slipped three and flourish with a wide collared band mouth and Albany slip glaze interior, 10 1/4"d, 14 1/4"h

Lot: 379 - Cobalt decorated cake crock

ca. 1870; salt glazed cylindrical crock with brushed cobalt feathered motifs and daubs at pair of lug handle terminals each connected by a squiggly line, tooled flattened rim with lower beaded ring and Albany slip glaze interior attributed to Remmy

Lot: 380 - 3 gallon C. Hart & Son cobalt decorated crock

ca. 1875; salt glazed cylindrical crock with brushed cobalt flower and foliage design, impressed "C. Hart & Son/ Sherburne" (Charles Hart, Sherburne, NY) and "3" with a flattened rolled rim, pair of lug handles, slight incised neck ring and Albany

Lot: 381 - Cobalt decorated stoneware jar

ca. 1870; salt glazed cylindrical jar with brushed cobalt feathered motifs, tooled flattened rim with beaded everted neck, slight incised neck ring and Albany slip glaze interior attributed to Remmy Pottery, Phila., PA, 7 1/4"d, 10 1/2"h

Lot: 382 - 2 yellow ware chamber pots

ca. 1855; both bulbous shaped pots with molded strap handles: one with greenish seaweed design on a cream white band bracketed by blue rings and a blue rim edge attributed to Ohio, 7 3/4"d, 5"h; one covered with white band under rim over a pair of

Lot: 383 - Yellow ware chamber pot & stoneware cuspidor

ca. 1870-1900; squat yellow ware bulbous chamber pot with flat rim, extended strap handle and beige band bracketed by brown rings, 7 1/2"d, 4 1/2"h; round cuspidor Bristol glazed stoneware with cobalt rim, neck ring and three bands of sponging, 7

Lot: 384 - 5 molded yellow ware items in Rockingham glaze

ca. 1880-1890; round cuspidor with fluted top funnel and recessed mid-section with sixteen hollow panels; small round bowl with ribbed mid-section topped by a sawtooth effect; Turks head food mold with fifteen swirled rib interior and open cone; oval

Lot: 385 - 5 molded yellow ware items in Rockingham glaze

ca. 1870-1890; oval base pitcher with molded scene of a huntsman in woods with hound and game; round base pitcher with six hollow molded panels; two similar round base pitchers in cylindrical form with slightly recessed necks; oval base creamer with

Lot: 386 - 12 earthenware piggy banks

ca. 1940-1960; herd of twelve continental earthenware piggy banks most with marbled brownish glaze on top halves and two impressed "Austria"

Lot: 387 - 2 pressed steel toy trucks

ca. 1950s & 1997; vintage Structco phone company truck in green paint with partially enclosed bed, hard rubber tires and partial labels, 12"x 5"x 5"; reproduction dump truck with red chassis and green dump bed dated 1997, 11 1/2"x 5 1/4"x 6 1/2"

Lot: 388 - 5 iron dog paperweights

ca. 1930-1950; all attributed to Hubley: three Cocker Spaniel dogs catalog #428, 3 1/2"x 2 1/2"; two wire-haired Terriers with brown, white and black paint, 3 1/4"x 2 3/4"

Lot: 389 - Marx Lumar contractor's steam shovel

ca. 1950s; pressed tin power shovel with orange paint, rubber tires, trip lever dump bucket and original decals, 12"x 6 1/4"x 8 1/2"

Lot: 390 - 2 Hubley horse bookends

ca. 1950-1960s; both attributed to Hubley and mounted on bevel edge mahogany bases: chestnut mare with black mane and tail, white on nose and matched foal with some color; black mare with front white socks, patch on nose and matched foal, 8"x 3 1/4"x

Lot: 391 - Kleistone terrier dog doorstop

ca. 1930s; cast hard rubber dog with wire hair, painted white, brown and black and retains label under belly, 14"x 4"x 10 3/4"

Lot: 392 - French basket flower doorstop

wicker basket design embossed Hubley on rear of casting with antiqued finish on basket following after #69 catalog casting, 6 1/2"x 2"x 10 3/4"

Lot: 393 - Keystone ride-em steam road roller

ca. 1920; red and black painted pressed steel road roller with corrugated sheet metal roof and wooden T handle steering wheel, 19 3/4"x 8 1/2"x 14 1/2"

Lot: 394 - 2 Hubley iron horse figures

ca. 1930-1950s; palomino mare in tan paint with white socks, tail and mane on a wood block desk, 8"x 3"x 6"; light sorrel color thoroughbred doorstop with front white socks and accent on muzzle, 11"x 8"

Lot: 395 - Keystone Railway Agency truck

ca. 1927; red and black painted pressed steel "Railway Express Agency" on #55 model truck with side rails of a flat bed, pressed steel wheel with hard rubber Keystone tires marked "Hood Balloon Tires", 25 3/4"x 8 1/2"x 8"

Lot: 396 - 2 cast iron floral doorstops

ca. 1900-1920s; doorstop with colorful leaf and fruit design in garden urn base, 4 1/2"x 5"; repainted vintage French basket of flowers on heavy pediment base, 5 1/2"x 5 3/4"

Lot: 397 - Pressed steel Buddy L dump truck

ca. 1920s; long body dump truck with chain crank dump mechanism, pressed steel and cast lead alloy wheels, 24 1/2"x 8 1/2"x 8 1/4"

Lot: 398 - 3 horse on wood figures

ca. 1950-1980; Hubley chestnut thoroughbred mare with white socks, black mane and tail and white accent muzzle; Hubley sorrel mare with foal, white socks and muzzle accent; black beauty with white on muzzle and front socks; 8"x 3"x 6" each

Lot: 399 - 3 piece Buddy L work car set

ca. 1920-1990; Buddy L marked cars to run on 3 1/4" rails with modern cast couplings: #1023 steam shovel with corrugated roof and multi-gear mechanism to operate shovel, 25"x 6 1/2"x 14"; #70836 gondola high side car with black paint and red decals,

Lot: 400 - Milk glass parlor lamp

ca. 1890-1910; gone with the wind type lamp with font top embossed in egg and dart pattern, font and ball shade with painted floral wreath and vine design and pink shading, clear chimney and a cast iron footed base, 9"d, 20"h

Lot: 401 - 4 pieces of Mary Gregory glassware

ca. 1900-1930; miscellaneous blown uncolored glass decorated in the style of Mary Gregory: two smooth bottom tumblers with white enamel designs featuring one with a boy holding a stem and one with a girl holding a stem, 3"d, 4"h; twelve panel smooth

Lot: 402 - 2 miniature kerosene lamps

ca. 1880-1910; cranberry thumbprint design ball shade miniature kerosene lamp with nutmeg burner and clear chimney, 3 1/2"d, 7 3/4"h; milk glass embossed "Cosmos" pattern lamp with matched shade having flowers painted pink, yellow and blue with a

Lot: 403 - Blown silvered glass gazing ball

ca. 1880; blown hollow form silvered glass gazing ball on a pedestal, 6"d, 9 1/2"h

Lot: 404 - Milk glass parlor lamp

ca. 1900-1920s; lamp base and shade in Manon pattern with hand painted rose vine design on pastel colors, high tapered base, cast metal scroll foot and flared brass collar top with burner assembly, attributed to Fostoria, 9"d, 28"h

Lot: 405 - 2 gold lustre vases, one signed Tiffany

ca. 1930; two similar gold lustre blown glass short vases with flared bases, wide rims, two sides folded from vertical to horizontal and one signed on foot "L.C. Tiffany 981" with a polished pontil, 3 1/2"x 4 3/4"; one unsigned, 3 1/2"x 4 1/2"

Lot: 406 - Stella music box

ca. 1890; oak case music box with a long bed, single comb with original winder and Stella logo under lid playing approximately a 9 1/2" disc, 18 1/2"x 16"x 11"

Lot: 407 - Large blown art glass whimsy pipe

ca. 1940-1960; large blown art glass whimsy pipe of large polychromal glass blue and gold banded threads with a feather pulled on a white opaque glass ground with a curved stem with large bowl, 3 1/2"d, 14 1/2"h

Lot: 408 - Cylinder music box

ca. 1880; large multi-tuned box playing on the cylinders, tambourine, drum, bells and bellos in a burled wood case with ebonized base, 38"x 17 1/2"x 13 1/2"

Lot: 409 - Cylinder music box

ca. 1880; multi-tune box in a rosewood grained case with inlaid top, 22"x 8 1/4"x 6"

Lot: 410 - Art glass table lamp

ca. 1960-1990; cast brass/bronze statuary lamp of a couple embracing on a formed wave with base and arm of light with cloth "Renaissance Art Products, Handmade in USA" tag and fitted with shade in lily and vine design with lustre iridescent, 6"x 9"x

Lot: 411 - Block on point pattern quilt

ca. 1840-1860; block on point pattern quilt with pieced blocks on point of orange patterned fabrics, teal cotton zig zag strips, red, orange and green outer border, red and white pattern cotton back with red cotton backing and quilting following

Lot: 412 - Block on point pattern quilt

ca. 1840-1860; blocks on point alternating with plain blue or gray blocks, gray border with blue cotton back turned to front as edging and quilting following the pattern with cross-stitching around edge, 76"x 72"

Lot: 413 - Block on point pattern quilt

ca. 1840; red and blue printed cotton blocks on point surrounded by brown printed chintz border with back in red and brown floral printed cotton and the back and the front pieced together, 96"x 88"

Lot: 414 - 64 block star pattern quilt

ca. 1900-1930; pieced star blocks on white ground surrounded by pink patterned border stripes and pink outer border, edged with green banding and backed with white fabric, 88"x 78"

Lot: 415 - Pieced block on point quilt

ca. 1840; block on point pieced quilt in brown printed cottons on a white ground with a white back and brown printed cotton edging, 84"x 74"

Lot: 416 - Pieced block pattern quilt

ca. 1900-1930; alternating pieced block on point solid wool and cotton fabrics decorated with feather stitching, red and black border and a green and orange back, 78"x 76"

Lot: 417 - Irish chain pattern quilt

ca. 1840-1860; blue and white printed blocks pieced on a white ground in Irish Chain pattern with sawtooth border edge and backed with white cotton, 88"x 65"

Lot: 418 - 7 cotton stenciled feed bags

ca. 1880-1910; feed bags stenciled "H.W. Metzler" in black on one side of bag and opposing side stenciled in brown with an eagle top stencil of Metzheim Farms and various stripe color accent, 19"x 39"

Lot: 419 - 3 various antique cloth mats

ca. 1930-1990; late purple and brown braided round chair mat, 10 1/2"d; vintage oval braided rag hot pad with brown, pink and tan colors, 13 1/2"x 8 1/2"; crocheted oval tan and brown color table mat, 14 1/4"x 9"

Lot: 420 - Nicole Freres 8 tune cylinder box

ca. 1880; in a rosewood grained inlaid case, 20"x 5"x 6 1/2"

Lot: 421 - Cylinder music box

ca. 1880; twelve tune box in an inlaid and rosewood grained case with tune sheet under lid, 19 3/4"x 6 1/2"x 5"

Lot: 422 - Walter Steely combback arm chair

ca. 1940-1960; traditionally made combback with curved top volute ears over a nine spindle back with curved flat arms, saddle seat and blunt arrow feet with bulbous cross-stretcher, 28"x 18 1/2"x 45"

Lot: 423 - Blanket chest

ca. 1810; salmon painted chest in pine wood, lid opening to interior with left hand till, strap hinges and grab lock all resting on ogee bracket feet, 47"x 20 1/2"x 25"

Lot: 424 - Sheraton high chest

ca. 1815; cherry with a cove molded top over three drawers over two drawers over four larger drawers with recessed sides, nicely shaped skirt and resting on turned legs, 43 1/2"x 21 1/2"x 67 1/2"

Lot: 425 - R. Drew Lausch set of 6 fan back Windsor side

ca. 1960-1990; curved back chairs with seven spindles and turned side supports, volute carved ears, saddle seat resting on blunt arrow feet with H stretcher base and each chair signed "R.D.L.", 18"x 16"x 36"

Lot: 426 - Sheraton chest of drawers

ca. 1815; mixed wood chest with cherry and crotch cherry on upper drawers and tiger maple trim around top, three over four drawers flanked by reeded front sides, recessed side panels and brass pulls on turned legs, 45"x 21 1/2"x 51"

Lot: 427 - Blanket chest

ca. 1825; pine with red paint decoration, lid opening to the interior with left side till, case front with simulated crotch mahogany with simulated line inlay surrounding, all on bold turned feet, 47"x 21 1/2"x 27 1/2"

Lot: 428 - Cherry Dutch cupboard

ca. 1825; two-piece cupboard with a cove molded top over two doors with eighteen lights surrounded by decorative incised lines opening to grooved shelving with spoon holders over the base with two drawers over two doors surrounded by similar incising

Lot: 429 - Painted stand

ca. 1810; pine with a reddish paint, rectangular top and splayed legs, 20 1/2"x 19 1/2"x 24"

Lot: 430 - Blanket chest

ca. 1830; pine wood in red paint with painted crotch wood visible under surface crazing, left side till, butt hinges, keeper and lock, recessed sides and resting on short turned feet, 37 1/2"x 18"x 20 1/2"

Lot: 431 - Library steps

ca. 1880; in cherry with three pull out steps under the rectangular top in pegged and mortised construction, 18"x 16"x 39"

Lot: 432 - Chest of drawers

ca. 1820; in cherry with three over three drawers with brass pulls, recessed sides and nicely shaped apron on turned legs, 40 1/2"x 20"x 45 1/2"

Lot: 433 - Blanket chest

ca. 1840; in pine with the dark painted lid opening to an interior with left side till, butt hinges and lock, chest with recessed side panels and three recessed front panels in an ochre, feather grained paint, all on four turned legs, 35"x 17"x 18"

Lot: 434 - Elizabethan Court cupboard

ca. 1700; two-piece mahogany cupboard with rectangular top over a single carved drawer supported by bold carved columns in front and carved figures at rear over two carved doors over the carved base with two doors, 54"x 23"x 48"

Lot: 435 - Farm table

ca. 1800; poplar table with top secured by pins into battens over two drawers on cylindrical legs with round padded feet, 66"x 35 1/2"x 30"

Lot: 436 - Assembled set of 6 bow back Windsor side chairs

ca. 1800; all with seven to nine spindle backs, five with bamboo turned legs, all with H stretcher bases and refinished to give similar appearance, 15"x 16"x 39"

Lot: 437 - Walnut blanket chest

ca. 1800; with the lid opening to the interior with right side till, strap hinges, grab lock with keeper over three drawers resting on straight bracket feet, 50"x 22 1/2"x 33"

Lot: 438 - Chip carved wafer print

ca. 1700-1800s; press print with chip carved sunburst design, geometric center and a two elongated press handle, 3"d, 10 1/2"x 2 1/2"

Lot: 439 - Cherokee basket

ca. 1900-1930; having a single drawnwork handle continuing to main slat on bottom of basket with flat bottom herringbone weave and square corners, webbing with colorized pattern in green honeysuckle accent, rim with double weave stepped down lid and

Lot: 440 - 2 folk art fish decoys

ca. unknown; carved and paint decorated spotted rainbow trout with yellow milk paint and red accent paint fins cut from old tin cans with painted eyes and screw used for weight, 9"x 2 1/2"x 1 3/4"; striped bass straight body decoy with yellow paint

Lot: 441 - Heavy grain milling mortar & pestle

ca. 1800-1900s; tribal grain milling mortar and pestle with the mortar hand carved from unspecified hardwood with shallow bowl and accent bands at center recessal band, turned maple round bottom pestle with ball top handle, 10 1/2"d, 12 1/2"h

Lot: 442 - Hand hewn & carved trencher scour box

ca. 1700-1740; early make-do trencher hand hewn from a walnut log with carved grips at ends of trencher, 25 1/2"x 13 1/2"x 5 1/2"

Lot: 443 - 2 small oak splint baskets

ca. 1800-1900s; melon shaped child's egg basket with wrapped single band rim and wrapped handle, 6 3/4"d, 6"h; trinket basket with peaked canter to flat bottom, shallow round shape with two ear handles and rim with cross over wrap, 8 3/4"d, 4"h

Lot: 444 - 2 folk art fish decoys

ca. 1920-1990; signed D.M. Ladows comical long fish decoy with red and black crackle glaze paint and white accent mouth and spots, metal fins and push pin eyes, 15"x 3"; colorful fish decoy with long narrow body, black bottom and red upper body with

Lot: 445 - 10 assorted wooden tops

ca. 1900-present; Victorian style squat shaped top with string bobbin top, 2 1/4"d; eight assorted small turned tops with metal tips and colorful paint accent, 1 1/2"- 2 1/4"d; large turnip shaped top with green paint and colorful bands, 3 1/2"x 6

Lot: 446 - Oval kitchen chopping trencher

ca. 1830-1880; hand hewn cherry oval trencher with rectangular grasps on ends, 19"x 9 3/4"x 3 1/4"

Lot: 447 - Child's grain painted table

ca. 1850-1870; Sheraton style table with turned legs in wooden pin mortised construction with faux mahogany decoration, salmon base paint, black brush stroke grain and red and green line accent paint, 17 3/4"x 13 1/2"x 13"

Lot: 448 - Large ash splint field basket

ca. 1880; melon shaped potato basket with heavy drawn and steam bent handle, flat broad shaped slats and broad webbing, heavy stock rim with flat cross-over weave and two runner slats on base, 16 1/2"d, 15"h

Lot: 449 - Gray painted pantry box

ca. 1860; steam bent oak band box in gray milk paint with softwood lid and bottom, square flat lap joint and wire handle, 11 1/2"d, 6 3/4"h

Lot: 450 - 2 painted pantry boxes

ca. 1830-1870; medium steam bent ash band box in blue paint with softwood lid and bottom and square flat taper joint with iron tacks, 10"d, 5"h; red painted large band box with oak splint steam bent side and band on lid and lid and bottom in pine, 10

Lot: 451 - Black painted pantry box

ca. 1830; steam bent ash band box with band on softwood lid and bottom, flat overlay lap with square joint, early black crackled glaze surface and bottom and lid affixed with wooden pins, 10 1/4"d, 5 3/4"h

Lot: 452 - Shaker style blue painted pantry box

ca. 1830-1860; swallow tail joint on steam bent ash splint box in light blue milk paint with linseed oil having the band of lid with iron tack nails and the lid and bottom affixed with square pegs, 7"d, 2 3/4"h

Lot: 453 - Red painted pantry box

ca. 1840; steam bent round oak box in red milk paint with steam bent ash handle, flat tapered lap nailed with copper nails and lid and bottom affixed with wooden pegs, 11 1/2"d, 6 1/4"h

Lot: 454 - Blue painted pantry box

ca. 1840; tin wall round box in light navy blue and linseed oil paint with steam bent ash side and rim of lid, square flat lap joint with copper nails and lid and base wooden pinned to bands, 7 1/2"d, 3 3/4"h

Lot: 455 - Green painted pantry box

ca. 1860; steam bent oak box in dark forest green paint with softwood lid and base affixed by iron nails, wooden grasp wire handle on cup mounts and a square flat overlay joint with many iron nails, 11 1/2"d, 6 1/2"h

Lot: 456 - Green painted pantry box

ca. 1830; steam bent hardwood box and band of rim with softwood lid and base affixed with wooden pins, square flat overlay lap with iron nails, box joint rows of iron tacks and lid interior signed "Lila Hunston", 9 3/4"d, 4 1/2"h

Lot: 457 - Red painted tool tray

ca. 1850; dovetailed carpenter's tool tray finished with red milk paint having sloped sides, center divided tote handle on later make-do two drawer base with small brass knob pulls, 27"x 14 1/4"x 11 1/2"

Lot: 458 - Decorative wrought iron pony collar

ca. 1800-1830; strap style decorative pony collar with hasp cylinder style latch, 2" wide strap with tool decoration and brass heart cut-outs, applied rivets and hasp in shape of collar cylinder lock, 2"x 12 3/4"x 6 3/4"

Lot: 459 - Lightning arrester globe & brass hand bell

ca. 1840-1890; purple colored diamond quilted pattern arrester globe for barn lightning rod, 5"d, 5 1/2"h; brass schoolmaster's bell with fine turned rosewood handle, 4 1/4"d, 8 1/4"h

Lot: 460 - 2 footstools

ca. 1800s; splayed leg mortise footstool with brown paint, bead molded legs, apron and top and half round tombstone ends, 18 1/2"x 7 3/4"x 8 1/2"; Windsor style footstool with bamboo turned legs, rod braces and modern cloth web covered top, 13"x 10"x

Lot: 461 - Early pressed tin horse weathervane

ca. 1880; press molded two-part "running horse" weathervane with partial open mouth, embossed eyes, erect ears and tail, front hoof wire shaft and vane sitting on a piece of old fence post, 9 1/2"x 1"x 7 3/4"

Lot: 462 - Duck decoy & walnut footstool

ca. 1900-1960; walnut footstool with round molded and tapered legs mortise and tenon apron affixed to a rounded corner top, 12 1/4"x 8 1/2"x 7"; working green-winged teal full-size decoy with flat bottom branded "Bayard", keel weight marked "SW",

Lot: 463 - Sewing chest

ca. 1875 dated; mahogany coffin lid sewing chest with rosewood veneer and grain paint accent panels, intricately made with half blind dovetail joint, lid with rectangular rosewood inlay and banded with yellow grain paint, sides and front with same

Lot: 464 - 3 household primitives

ca. 1840-1870; small grain painted Sheraton style softwood trinket box with rosewood faux graining and gold leaf accent paint with the interior of the lid having a paper label "EK Plank, Joanria, PA", 6"x 3 3/4"x 2 1/2"; English brass candle snuffer

Lot: 465 - 2 wooden primitives

ca. 1700-1800s; carved log stomper with carved and tapered drawn work handle, 5 3/4"d, 27 1/2"l; unknown display barrel turned from a walnut log with decorative bands and red accent paint, 13"d, 18 1/2"h

Lot: 466 - Small English pewter dish

ca. 1785; small English pewter dish with touch "B&P"/ "London", Bush & Perkins/ Bristol, UK, 4"d

Lot: 467 - 1714 Schasshausen song book

ca. 1714; two books bound into one with small format tooled leather binding with brass accent to corners and diamond center: first book featuring the book of Psalms with musical staves and notation; second book with title page printed by Johan Adam

Lot: 468 - 1711 Halle German imprint

ca. 1711; German imprint of Johann Porsts "Compendium Theologie Viatorum & Regenitorum Practice oder die Goettliche Fuhrung der Seelen und Wachsthum" with the title page having a fancy frontise of six vignettes, Metger family history, birth records

Lot: 469 - Bridgen's Atlas of Lancaster Co., Penna.

ca. 1864; large atlas format with individual maps of each township of Lancaster County published by D.S. Barre, Lancaster, PA with linen bound binding and wallpaper covered hardboard cover with a leather patch for the title, 16 1/2"x 3/4"x 16"

Lot: 470 - Group of English Staffordshire blue spatter

ca. 1880; English Staffordshire ironstone blue stick spatter in Amish Snowflake pattern: pair of handleless cups and saucers; side plate and three luncheon plates

Lot: 471 - 3 English Staffordshire pitchers

ca. 1890-1915; English Staffordshire molded earthenware tapered side pitchers: small pitcher with rim and foot bands of five petaled flowerets of copper lustre detailing on cobalt, two mid-section motifs of cobalt stylized flowers and foliage with

Lot: 472 - Group of English Staffordshire "Plum" stick

ca. 1900; stick spatter with green basket weave border, black ink back stamp "Wm Adams & Co/Estab'd 1657/ Tunstall/ England" and registration mark: sauce dish; handled cup and saucer; two dinner plates; two shallow bowls

Lot: 473 - Group of Belgian stick spatter earthenware

ca. 1900-1930; stick spatter earthenware with brushed motifs: two deep dishes with three clusters of blue stick spatter flowerets, green, red and yellow floral brush work with one having black stick spatter floral stems border and other with green

Lot: 474 - Group of English Staffordshire flow blue

ca. 1900-1930; two similar luncheon plates of eleven club devices joined by loops enclosing a ring with five pendants or six clubs all within a balustrade border, black ink back stamp of Royal Arms and "England" and impressed with George Jones

Lot: 475 - Group of flow blue Maestricht items

ca. 1900-1930; earthenware items with brushed and stick spatter decorative elements: six luncheon plates with central flower surrounded by three clusters of stick spatter flowerets and a border of stick spatter floral stems and black ink back stamp

Lot: 476 - Group of flow blue Maestricht items

ca. 1900-1930; earthenware items with brushed and stick spatter decorative elements: three bright blue dinner plates with central flower surrounded by three clusters of stick spatter flowerets and a border of stick spatter floral stems and black ink

Lot: 477 - Group of flow blue Maestricht items

ca. 1900-1930; earthenware items with brushed flower, bud and leaf motifs: pair of luncheon plates with black ink back stamp "Societe Ceramique/ Maestricht/ Made in Holland"; seven cheese dishes with one having a black ink back stamp "Petrus Regout &

Lot: 478 - 3 English Staffordshire Late Adams Rose platters

ca. 1860-1930; oval platters in Late Adams Rose pattern with black ink back stamp "Royal Arms" and "Staffordshire/England" or "England" and impressed George Jones and Sons Crescent Pottery marks

Lot: 479 - 11 English Staffordshire Late Adams Rose bowls

ca. 1860-1930; earthenware bowls with black ink back stamp of Royal Arms and "Staffordshire/England" or "England" and one impressed Geo Jones, Crescent Pottery mark, 4 3/4"- 6 1/4"d

Lot: 480 - 3 English Staffordshire Late Adams Rose platters

ca. 1860-1930; oval platters in Late Adams Rose pattern with black ink back stamp "Royal Arms" and "Staffordshire/England" or "England" and impressed George Jones and Sons Crescent Pottery marks

Lot: 481 - 10 English Staffordshire Late Adams Rose open

ca. 1860-1930; earthenware oval open vegetables in Late Adams Rose pattern with black ink back stamp of "Royal Arms" and "Staffordshire/ England" or "England" and impressed George Jones Crescent Pottery marks

Lot: 482 - Group of English Staffordshire Late Adams Rose

ca. 1860-1930; earthenware in Late Adams Rose pattern with black ink back stamp with Royal Arms and "Staffordshire/England" or "England" and impressed George Jones Crescent Pottery marks: eight handleless cups and saucers; seven cheese plates with

Lot: 483 - 5 blue sponge pitchers & creamers

ca. 1860-1930; three round base bulbous pitchers with molded scrollwork and floral rims; two oval base bulbous creamers

Lot: 484 - 5 blue sponge bowls

ca. 1860-1930; blue sponge earthenware bowls: four similar tapered sided bowls; one bowl with eight exterior molded arches

Lot: 485 - 6 blue sponge pitchers

ca. 1860-1930; pair of oval fluted side pitchers, 6"x 6 1/2"; bulbous oval base pitcher with four molded ribs and acanthus leaf on top of handle, 5"x 6 1/4"; small bulbous pitcher with round base, 4 1/2"d; bulbous round base pitcher with shallow

Lot: 486 - 7 blue sponge shallow bowls

ca. 1860-1930; earthenware molded shallow bowls: round bowl with fluted interior and scalloped rim, 8 1/4"d; round bowl with scalloped rim, 8"d; round bowl with multi-ribbed exterior, 7 1/2"d; oval with slightly scalloped rim, 6 3/4"x 8 3/4"; two

Lot: 487 - 7 blue sponge platters

ca. 1860-1930; earthenware molded platters: one slightly bowed rectangular platter; lobbed oval form; oval; lobbed oval form; three similar lobbed oval platters

Lot: 488 - 2 Wyandotte pressed steel toy airplanes

ca. 1930s; two orange wing mono-wing airplanes with black fuselage and yellow wheels with two variant sizes based on lockheed vega mono-wings, 12 1/4"x 18"x 4" & 7"x 10"x 2 1/4"

Lot: 489 - Marx pressed steel concrete mixer

ca. 1960s; mechanical hand crank drum mixer on four hard rubber wheels with cream and green painted drum and chute, dark green painted trailer and frame, yellow drum band and original label decals, 9 1/2"x 10"x 8"

Lot: 490 - Marx pressed steel power grader

ca. 1960-1970s; orange painted cab road grader with original decal toy on hard plastic wheels, adjustable blade and steering wheel behind cab controls steering axel, 16 3/4"x 6 1/2"x 7 1/4"

Lot: 491 - 2 cast papier mache cat candle lanterns

ca. 1950s; cast pulp "cat on the fence" design to hold a small candle for Halloween with open eyes, mouth and rear access: one in black paint with orange accent and one in orange paint with black accent, 6 1/2"x 6"x 7 3/4" each

Lot: 492 - Marx wind-up climbing tractor

ca. 1960s; gray and red lithograph pressed tin #5 wind-up tractor with rubber crawler tread in green, yellow and orange printed original box, 8 1/2"x 4 3/4"x 5"

Lot: 493 - Seated cat doorstop

ca. 1910-1920s; Hubley #38 model of a cat on pillow with ribbon near right ear and original white overpainted with brass radiator paint, 6"x 2"x 8"

Lot: 494 - 2 Hubley horse bookends

ca. 1950-1960s; chestnut mare and foals with black tails and manes, white socks on front feet and muzzle accent and mounted on chamfered mahogany blocks, 8"x 3 1/2"x 6"

Lot: 495 - 4 Hubley Setter dog figures

ca. 1950s; pair of Setter dog figures #363 bookends with English Setter color on an iron base, 8"x 2"x 5"; Setter dog paperweights #367 with English Setter color, 4 1/2"x 2 1/2"

Lot: 496 - German chicken coop squeak toy

ca. 1900; 1 1/2 story coop with hinged door, spring loaded chicken with feathers and glass eyes that swings and activates bellows-type squeaker, top coop with Japanese composition chicken and roof with wallpaper covering, 6 1/2"x 4"x 6 1/2"

Lot: 497 - 3 small German splint animal toys

ca. 1900s; small composition on stick mallard hen with paint decoration, 4"x 1 3/4"x 4"; Putz type wooden horse with two-wheel stone/coal wagon having wooden wheels and brown painted horse, 6 3/4"x 2 1/2"x 2 1/2"; Putz type dapple gray composition

Lot: 498 - Easter pull toy

ca. 1930s; marked German composition white rabbit with split leg and erect paper ears pulling a two-wheel splint hay cart with three cotton ball peeps, 7 3/4"x 2 3/4"x 4 1/2"

Lot: 499 - German Putz type chicken yard

ca. 1900-1920; twig in slat base yard with four paint decorated composition chickens with a twisted wire tree in the yard, 6 3/4"x 3 1/4"x 4"

Lot: 500 - 5 Putz type toys

ca. 1900-1950; composition on splint pull toy gray horse on tin wheels, 6"x 1 3/4"x 6 1/4"; peg and composition dancing German couple with wire swing joints and dressed in traditional garb, 3 1/4"h; late Italian composition ducks on lead legs, 1

Lot: 501 - Miniature cranberry satin glass lamp

ca. 1880-1900; embossed beaded drape design lamp in cranberry satin glass with matched shade and font, nutmeg burner and clear chimney, 5"d, 10 1/2"h

Lot: 502 - EM & Co. vestal student lamp

ca. 1890-1910; Edward Miller & Co model #2 VC vestal lamp with single arm burner, kerosene tank, burner slide height, 10" collar lamp, 10"d butterscotch color shade and a clear chimney, 16"x 11"x 27 1/2"

Lot: 503 - 2 brass lamps

ca. 1900+; Rayo pedestal base lamp with three arm shade stand and milk glass collar top shade, 9 3/4"d, 10"h lamp, 6 3/4"d, 12"h shade; pedestal based lamp with three arm shade stand and milk glass collar top shade, 10"d, 10"h lamp, 6 1/2"d, 12"h

Lot: 504 - Aladdin table lamp

ca. 1920; nickel plated pedestal base font with three arm shade rest and emerald on milk glass narrow ribbed shade, 6 3/4"d, 12"h lamp; 10 1/2"d, 6 1/2"h shade

Lot: 505 - Chippendale mirror

ca. 1780; horizontally oriented mirror in mahogany and mahogany veneer with nicely cut out top with crotch mahogany veneer, side ears top and bottom and lined with gold molding, 34"x 30 1/2"

Lot: 506 - Checkerboard

ca. 1860; reverse painted glass using black, gold and mother of pearl in a walnut frame, 23 1/2" square

Lot: 507 - 16 block appliqued floral pattern quilt

ca. 1840-1860; red and orange floral pattern with tan leaves, steam and top ornament surrounded by a tan border with quilting following the floral pattern, cross stitched ground and cable outer border stitching and white back turned to front and

Lot: 508 - 9 block pattern quilt

ca. 1900-1930; nine block pattern floral quilt with single red blocks, yellow print ground and borders, striped red, yellow and purple printed cotton backing, front edge turned to back as edging and quilting following the design of the quilt, 88"x

Lot: 509 - 16 block appliqued floral wreath pattern quilt

ca. 1840-1860; green, tan and orange floral blocks appliqued on a white ground surrounded by a tan inner border, floral and leaf pattern quilting throughout, white cotton back and front turned to back as edging, 80"x 78"

Lot: 510 - Block on point pattern quilt

ca. 1860-1890; twenty-four block pink and green print squares surrounded by pink and blue print cotton blocks bordered with the same blue cotton print and front edge turned to back, 80"x 80"

Lot: 511 - 20 block floral appliqued quilt

ca. 1840-1860; pieced and appliqued floral blocks of red and green plants surrounded by floral pieced and appliqued borders, quilted and in cross block pattern with applied red and green edging and a plain white back, 82"x 66"

Lot: 512 - Geometric pieced cotton quilt

ca. 1875; block on point pattern quilt with red and blue printed triangles alternating with green printed blocks on point surrounded by red and green borders with a brown printed cotton back, 82"x 78"

Lot: 513 - 36 block on point pieced quilt

ca. 1860-1890; blocks on point consisting of brown, purple and green printed fabrics with blue and tan printed ground, alternating blocks are red and white stripes and checkered squares?????????????????????????????? With a green printed border turned

Lot: 514 - Saw buck table

ca. 1925; made by the Charak Furniture Co., Boston, Mass. in cherry with medial stretcher and lower stretchers on legs and partial label under top, 66"x 29 1/2"x 28"

Lot: 515 - Slant front desk

ca. 1800; mahogany with the slant lid opening to a drawer and pigeon hole interior with brass hinges and lock over four drawers and original bale pulls on original straight bracket feet, 42"x 22"x 42 1/2"

Lot: 516 - Banister back arm chair

ca. 1760; concave top supported by four banisters flanked by finial topped turned side columns, rush seat over the sausage turned front stretchers, 22 1/2"x 19"x 42 1/2"

Lot: 517 - Kitchen table

ca. 1840; rectangular top held with pegs and battens over two convex drawers with wood pulls on bold turned cylindrical legs, 54 1/2"x 34 1/2"x 29 1/2"

Lot: 518 - 2 drawer dropleaf stand

ca. 1825; mahogany with two drawers and two drop leaves resting on turned legs, 17"x 18 1/2"x 28"

Lot: 519 - Oak hanging corner cabinet

ca. 1820; oak and quarter sawn oak with pine secondary woods, single door with two molded recessed panels opening to curved shelving, all surrounded by picture frame molding, 34"x 24"x 44 1/2"

Lot: 520 - Apple butter kettle with utensils

ca. 1850; copper apple butter kettle in dovetailed construction with band around base, 38"x 33"x 21" along with an apple butter copper strainer, 11"x 66"; copper scoop, 10 1/2"x 60" and burled wood scoop, 12"x 54"

Lot: 521 - Painted blanket chest

ca. 1825; in pine with dovetailed construction, feather grained red paint, top opening to an interior with left side till, keeper, lock and large urn butt hinges, all resting on turned bulbous feet, 41"x 22"x 24"

Lot: 522 - 2 piece Brainerd & Armstrong spool cabinet

ca. 1890; molded top with half circle molding above the case with thirty-eight glass front drawers, center mirrored door over a one drawer base all in the Eastlake style, 47"x 23"x 78 1/2"

Lot: 523 - Blanket chest

ca. 1800; in pine with the top opening to interior with keeper and lock, snipe hinges and outer surface in sponge decorated paint, 49"x 20 1/2"x 21"

Lot: 524 - Built in wall cupboard

ca. 1810; picture frame molded cupboard surrounding one door with raised center panel and shelved interior, all in old blue paint, 34"x 15"x 41 1/2"

Lot: 525 - 6 leg dropleaf table

ca. 1780; in mahogany with pegged construction, swing out legs to support leaves all resting on straight Chippendale legs, 44"x 21"x 28 1/2"

Lot: 526 - Painted plant stand

ca. 1900; in green paint with three semi-circular shelves on straight board feet, 32"x 21"x 37"

Lot: 527 - Painted stand

ca. 1820; in poplar with pegged construction, green paint and square top over tapering legs, 18"x 16"x 27 1/2"

Lot: 528 - Blanket chest

ca. 1770; in chestnut with the top opening to an interior with left side till, strap hinges, keeper and grab lock, dovetailed chest with shoe feet and large iron bale handles on each side and retains the original key, 51"x 22 1/2"x 22 1/2"

Lot: 529 - Corner cupboard

ca. 1830; two-piece case in cherry with a red wash and smoke decorated door mullions, molded top over a single door with twelve lights over the base, two doors with wood pulls and resting on four turned front legs, 43"x 32"x 83 1/2"

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